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Why does MATLAB not allow this assignment with the + operator?

Daniel Bridges

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Andrew Newell




Walter Roberson



Daniel Bridges


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Walter Roberson

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Star Strider


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assignment operator on matlab

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2.8. Assignment Statement

General form of an assignment statement is given as follows:

When an assignment statement is executed, the value of the expression to the right of the equality sign is first computed and the result obtained is assigned to the variable mentioned on the left of the equality sign.

Example 2.5.

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assignment operator on matlab

assignment operator on matlab

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assignment operator on matlab

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Assignment ( = )

Assignment ( = ) — Set a variable or resource field to a value, possibly using mathematical expressions

Script Syntax


The assignment command (in the GUI, the Equation command) allows you to set a resource field or parameter to a value, possibly using mathematical expressions. GMAT uses the assignment operator ('=') to indicate an assignment command. The assignment operator uses the following syntax, where LHS denotes the left-hand side of the operator, and RHS denotes the right-hand side of the operator:

In this expression, the left-hand side ( LHS ) is being set to the value of the right-hand side ( RHS ). The syntax of the LHS and RHS expressions vary, but both must evaluate to compatible data types for the command to succeed.

Left-hand side

The left-hand side of the assignment command must be a single item of any of the following types:

allowed resource (e.g. Spacecraft , Variable , Array )

resource field for allowed resources (e.g. Spacecraft . Epoch , Spacecraft . DateFormat )

settable resource parameter (e.g. Spacecraft . X , ReportFile . Precision )

Array or Array element

See the documentation for a particular resource to determine which fields and parameters can be set.

Right-hand side

The right-hand side of the assignment command can consist of any of the following:

literal value

resource (e.g. Spacecraft , Variable , Array )

resource field (e.g. Spacecraft . Epoch , Spacecraft . DateFormat )

resource parameter (e.g. Spacecraft . X , ChemicalThruster . K1 )

mathematical expression (see below)

MATLAB function calls are considered distinct from the assignment command. See the reference pages for more information.

The assignment command in the script language corresponds to the Equation command in the GUI. The Equation properties box allows you to input both sides of the expression into free-form text boxes. The default values on each side are “ Not_Set ”; these are placeholders only, and are not valid during the mission run. You can type into each box the same syntax described above for the script language. When you click OK or Apply , GMAT validates each side of the expression and provides feedback for any warnings or errors.

Data type compatibility

In general, the data types of the left-hand side and the right-hand side must match after all expressions are evaluated. This means that a Spacecraft resource can only be set to another Spacecraft resource, numeric parameters can only be set to numeric values, and String resources can only be set to string values. Additionally, the dimension of Array instances must match for the command to succeed. For numeric quantities, the assignment command does not distinguish between integers and floating-point values.

Parameters can be used on either side of an assignment command, but there may be certain restrictions.

On the right-hand side of the command, any parameter can be used. If a parameter accepts a dependency (such as Spacecraft . CoordinateSystem . X ) and the dependency is omitted, a default dependency value will be used. For coordinate-system-dependent parameters, the default is EarthMJ2000Eq . For central-body-dependent parameters, the default is Earth .

On the left-hand side, only settable (writable) parameters can be used. Furthermore, no dependency can be specified, except in the special case that the dependencies on both sides of the assignment command are equivalent. On the left-hand side, the default values of omitted dependencies are automatically taken to be the current values of the CoordinateSystem field of the referenced Spacecraft and its origin.

These examples show valid and invalid usage of parameters:

Mathematical Expressions

The assignment command supports the use of inline mathematical expressions on the right-hand side of the command. These expressions follow the general syntax rules of MATLAB expressions, and can use a variety of operators and built-in functions.

Mathematical expressions are recognized by the presence of any of the operators or built-in functions described below. Before execution, all white space (e.g. spaces and tabs) is removed from the expression.

Mathematical expressions operate on numeric values (integers or floating-point numbers). This includes the following:

literal values

numeric resources ( Variable , Array )

gettable resource parameters (e.g. Spacecraft . X , ChemicalThruster . K1 )

Array elements

calculation parameters (e.g. Spacecraft . OrbitPeriod )

nested mathematical expressions

Several of GMAT’s operators and functions are vectorized, so they operate on full Array resources as well as scalar numeric values.

When multiple expressions are combined, GMAT uses the following order of operations. Operations begin with those operators at the top of the list and and continue downwards. Within each level, operations proceed left-to-right.

parentheses ()

transpose ( ' ), power ( ^ )

unary plus ( + ), unary minus ( - )

multiplication ( * ), division ( / )

addition ( + ), subtraction ( - )

Built-in Functions

GMAT supports the following built-in functions in mathematical expressions. Supported functions include common scalar functions, meaning they accept a single value only, such as sin and cos, matrix functions that operate on an entire matrix or vector, and string functions.

Evaluate a basic algebraic equation:

Matrix manipulation:

Cloning a resource:

Using built-in functions:


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