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The 12 best academic planners to help students crush their goals in 2023, according to experts

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Whether a student is out to make a major jump in class rank or wa already nabbing straight As but could still benefit from a bit more organization, an academic planner is pretty much the key to success.

But a paper planner , really? For a group that does literally everything on their phones? Absolutely. Sales of paper planners are soaring with students. “Despite being digitally native, Gen Z are looking for alternatives to the screens which dominate their lives,” reports Taymoor Atighetchi, founder and CEO of Papier . “In fact, Gen Z are five times more likely to take a digital detox than any other generation, and we’re seeing that in sales of our paper products, particularly planners for those going to college.”

That makes sense. Today’s students are busy in a way even full-fledged adults aren’t, feeling more pressure to excel than their parents may have. They keep unique schedules, balancing schoolwork with sports and clubs, jobs, family obligations and, hopefully, some semblance of a social life, observes Wendy L. Patrick, a lecturer at San Diego State University who works with her students on time management. Read on for some of the best planners to help high school and college students conquer the academic year ahead.

StriveZen 18-Month Planner

$19.99 at amazon.

StriveZen 18-Month Planner

This spiral-bound hardcover covers through December 2023, and allows for scheduling at 15-minute intervals. “If overwhelmed by a big project, break it down into more specific tasks, ideally things that can be completed in half an hour or less,” advises Anita Williams Woolley, professor of organizational behavior and theory at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. “And schedule them on your calendar.”

Passion Planner Weekly Academic Hardcover

$50.99 from $38.24 at passion planner.

Passion Planner

The Passion Planner kept popping up in our chats with experts and students. “We hear from Gen Z students every day on our education platform, and this is one planner that’s very popular among them,” shares Kevin Joey Chen, content director at Studyverse, a virtual study hall. “Students tell us the Passion Planner is practical, but also inspirational, because it begins with the Passion Roadmap, where students brainstorm goals for various milestones.”

Rocketbook Reusable Academic Planner

From $39.99 at amazon.

Rocketbook Reusable Academic Planner

This planner merges analog with digital seamlessly, and is the top pick of Kelly P. Dillon, an associate professor of communication and digital media at Wittenberg University. Students take lecture notes, plan projects, brainstorm — essentially anything. Then, with the free Rocketbook app, they can digitize the pages, sending them to classmates or teachers through the cloud. It can even transcribe and search keywords when looking for specific files.

Sugarx Studio To Do Today 24-Hour Daily Planner

$7.99 at amazon.

Sugarx Studio To Do Today 24-Hour Daily Planner

This budget-friendly option includes space for daily goals, a to-do checklist and notes in a 24-hour format. Why would being able to schedule out the middle of the night matter? Because something very important should be happening then. “It is incredibly easy for students to get into an irregular sleep pattern, where they are staying up late at night, making it very difficult to get up for and do well in classes,” says Woolley. For students who do struggle with that common pattern, actually scheduling in time to sleep, as simple as it sounds, can help.

Ditsy Icon Composition Notebook

$14 at urban outfitters.

Ditsy Icon Composition Notebook

Not all planners have to be, well, actual planners, insists organization expert Marie Kondo , star of the Netflix show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” “Every student has their own working style and their own way of thinking,” Kondo says. “Choosing a plain notebook gives each individual the chance to discover which organizational methods work best for them, and to go off the beaten path whenever creativity strikes.” We love the rounded edges on this kitschy notebook.

Blue Sky Day Designer

$39.99 $28.99 at amazon.

Blue Sky Day Designer

“This is my absolute favorite planner,” says Christina Garrett, a time management coach for students at California State University Long Beach. She likes that its structure allows the student to easily assign different levels of importance to tasks. “True impact comes from knowing what is worth spending the most time on,” she says. This snappy pick comes with a bookmark and handy pockets.

Papier Brain Food Academic Year Planner

$32 at papier.

Papier Brain Food Academic Year Planner

How cute is this? Very. But this hardback planner is super useful too, with finance and meal plan trackers and handy term timetables.  And whether a night owl, an early bird or neither, strategizing to capitalize on the time of day when one is ready to think is crucial. “Creating a timetable is the only way to accomplish this balancing act,” says Patrick. “Trying to concentrate during the wrong window is a literal waste of time.”

Post-it Self-Care Planning Notes

$8.99 at target.

Post-it Self-Care Planning Notes

For the students who get so immersed in their breakneck days that they sometimes forget to eat, enter these plan-ahead sticky notes. “It’s silly of adults to think that our students are managing less stress than we are,” says Garrett. “Flexibility and leaving space for mental health breaks and self-care is paramount to meeting goals.”

Clever Fox Weekly Pocket Planner

$17.99 at amazon.

Clever Fox Pocket Planner

In a bright color that’s easy to spot and sizing up at just 3.7 by 6.7 inches, this portable planner is sure to be taken everywhere it needs to be, which is essential. “The planner needs to be with the student at all times,” says Frank Buck, author of “ Get Organized! ” and a former school principal. “But making that happen is often a challenge.”

Notebook Paper Dry-Erase Peel-and-Stick Giant Wall Decals

$39 at urban outfitters.

Notebook Paper Dry Erase Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals

In that same spirit of making sure a planner is always within reach, we found these awesome wall decals. For students who really just want to see what’s coming up next at a glance, this four-piece set will let them start each day in the know. The decals are easily removed from walls, so they’re good to go in dorms.

Order Out of Chaos Academic Planner

Out of Order Chaos Planner

The unique layout of this planner, which was vetted by students, lets you see when assignments are due and extracurriculars are happening alongside free blocks of time. Why is that important? “It’s not enough to know what you have to do,” says Leslie Josel, an academic coach for teens with learning challenges based in New York. “You need to see when you have the time to do it.”

Rifle Paper Co. 12-Month Academic Planner

$18 at rifle paper co..

Rifle Paper Co. 12-Month Academic Planner

This pretty planner is foil-embossed, has thread-stitched binding and, most importantly, offers up loads of space for spontaneous notes above and beyond everyday details. That’s a must, says Garrett. “While we may have to-do lists for every day of the week, it’s vital to remember why we are putting forth the effort. A great planner looks at the big picture,” she says.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers' listed price at the time of publication.

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10 Student Planners That Will Make This Year Their Most Productive One Yet

Screen-free planning ahead.

three different planners for students stacked on top of each other

Best Planners

Planner 2022-2023

Best Overall

Planner 2022-2023.

2022 Monthly & Weekly Academic Planner Kit

Best System

2022 monthly & weekly academic planner kit.

2022-2023 Academic Year Weekly and Monthly Planner

Easy Spread Design

2022-2023 academic year weekly and monthly planner.

The Jag Academic Planner

Gorgeous Design

The jag academic planner.

Panda Reusable Academic Daily Planner

Rewritable Planner

Panda reusable academic daily planner.

Medium Planner 2022-2023

Easy to Label

Medium planner 2022-2023.

Simple Elephant Planner 2020-2021

Great for Creative Students

Simple elephant planner 2020-2021.

Tie Dye Metallic Academic Planner

Tie Dye Metallic Academic Planner

Hardcover Daily Planner 2022-2023

Sturdy and Open

Hardcover daily planner 2022-2023.

Planner Set

Colorful and Fun

Planner set, what to consider.

Choosing the right planner for the right person is no small task, especially for college students dealing with the beginning of their life as an adult. There's a lot to jot down when you consider work and school schedules that include not only term-long projects, but also goals for the future, grade calculations, and important notes about prerequisites and scheduling.

You want something that has space not only for assignments, but also for schedules, notes, and important email addresses and numbers like the Blue Sky planner has. It's also a good idea to give yourself the option of having multiple views of the dates — a month at a glance, a week, and a daily breakdown. It's not 100% necessary, but it is extremely useful.

You also want it to be durable, just like the Feela planner system , because planners get pretty beaten up over time. Think about it — they're thrown in backpacks , tossed into desk drawers, and even jammed into lockers, so they need to stand up to some knocking around. Flimsy is fine for something that stays at home, but not for an academic planner that needs to travel.

Getting on board with using a planner might be quite the task, as most of us are used to clicking and tapping our notes into digital devices . Luckily for you, we've rounded up the best academic planners to transform even the most tech-obsessed person into a planner pro. From agendas designed to optimize your academic life to options that keep track of busy school and extracurricular schedules, these planners will help start the school year off right.

This student planner combines old-school sophistication with modern convenience. The cover design is classically minimal, with an elastic-band closure and pen holder at the spine to keep everything neatly together.

The interior page layout is similarly straightforward, offering weekly and monthly page views with plenty of lined and blank space to write, cross out, and rewrite.

More: 20 High-Quality Backpacks That'll Actually Last All Year

2022 Monthly & Weekly Academic Planner Kit

There's so much to love about this extremely durable zippered planner starting with the fact that it's not just an undated planner — it's an entire planner system.

Fine-liner pens , sticky notes, tabs, note stickers, and highlighters are all included. That means that you can color-code by program or activity, highlight deadlines, coordinate your needs, and get everything put down exactly when you need to begin because you are the one filling in the date.

This notebook-sized student planner from Blue Sky helps plan out projects by week while also including a bird's-eye view of the entire month when opened to each tab.

It also provides more than enough space for writing down due dates and monthly appointments, and it lays everything out neatly on a clean-lined spread.

What we love about this one is that it's a smaller size, perfect for the front pocket of a backpack. There's even a section for jotting down yearly goals for the academic year to stay on track through the semesters.

Whether you're a consistent planner user or go weeks without writing down anything, this gorgeous, blank weekly planner is perfect. It feels grown up and ready for adulthood. Each page allows you to fill in the year and the date so that you can plan their way.

With generous space to write down daily tasks, assignments, and social engagements, you'll never miss a beat. Thanks to the sections for goals, important dates, and to-do lists, you'll be the image of productivity and organization.

Undated planners are gaining popularity, and this one keeps track of way more than just your day-to-day schedule.

The top-rated Panda Planner includes daily, weekly, and monthly pages, all designed with the goal-oriented user in mind. It helps break big goals into smaller tasks and lets users get as granular as they'd like with long-term planning. This means that you can plan their semester by the week, month, or the whole chunk.

The best part is that the cloud-integrated planner is totally reusable as users can jot down tasks and notes with the smudgeproof pen, scan them with the compatible app, and erase the notes with the included cloth. It'll likely be the only planner-and-notebook combo that you'll ever need.

With weekly practices designed to inspire and encourage self-care, you will find this planner to be incredibly useful. Its lined pages are the perfect place to jot down notes, how you're feeling, or your progress and goals for that month. The weekly and monthly view allows you to write down detailed daily plans and broader monthly events.

The color-coded sections make finding a specific month quick and easy. You can design their planner to look as trendy as you want with the chic included sticker pack.

Straight to the point and focused on productivity, the Simple Elephant Planner is designed to keep you motivated and ready to achieve your goals.

School is far more than just going to class and going home. The Elephant Planner is designed for everything in between. With weekly and monthly pages, you can keep track of your bigger and smaller assignments.

Your will be setting and completing goals like a pro with the yearly goal tracker. The gratitude and affirmation pages help you shape a mindfulness practice while keeping you focused on what you want to achieve during the academic year. Plus, the mindmap pages allow you to create a mini vision board to engage with your more creative side, which is great for art majors or students involved in theatre.

In the planner community, many would hail Erin Condren as the brand that ushered them into organization obsession .

Designed with students in mind, this academic planner has a section to manage projects and exams, pages for notes, and the standard weekly/monthly calendar grid. Customize this planner with your name in eye-catching metallic gold for an added pop.

Erin Condren's planner keeps everything from sorority parties to work study and dissertation dates in their place. It's also easy to find what you need when you need it, thanks to the specific tabbing on the sides.

Some of us are all about the low-key aesthetic, and this planner fits the bill. Simple and small enough to toss in your backpack, this planner will get plenty of use.

The weekly planning pages feature boxes to an open plan for dates, allowing maximum customization. Structured to last, the simple planner has a sleek look that is truly unisex and mature.

Who says that using a planner has to be boring? This colorful set comes with everything you need to become a planning pro.

Complete with stickers, pens, and markers, you will be able to customize their agenda to your exact taste. Each month starts with a page for you to jot down reminders, like phone calls to make and texts to return.

The weekly and monthly view will keep you on top of your assignments, while the included accessories will make writing down homework due dates a bit more fun.

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Medea Giordano Gear Team

Our Favorite Paper Planners for Crossing Tasks Off Your List

If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more . Please also consider subscribing to WIRED

Happy Planner open with notes taken next to pen and plant

The Nearly Perfect Planner The Happy Planner Read more

Class Tracker College Edition weekly planner

Ideal for Students Class Tracker Ultimate Student Planner Read more

Bright Days Kids Daily Planners next to pencils and pencil shavings

Best for Kids Bright Day Kids Daily Checklist Read more


An Investment Worth Making Erin Condren Coiled Weekly LifePlanner Read more

Buying a new planner gives me an endorphin rush like no other, whether it’s for a new school semester, work year, or a much-needed fresh start. A good one should help you stay on track without overwhelming you. Some folks in WIRED's Gear team prefer paper planners over digital tools. Plus, writing things down has the added benefit of improving retention. 

Everyone has their own preferences, types of tasks, and degrees of willingness to scribble and organize, so we don't have one best overall planner. I grilled WIRED staff for their favorites and have tested a ton on my own. Once you’ve found something that works for you, check out our Work From Home Gear , Best Smart Pens and Tablets , and Best Laptop Backpacks guides for more.

Updated January 2023: We’ve added Bright Day Kids and Papier, plus updated prices throughout.

Special offer for Gear readers: Get a 1-year subscription to WIRED for $5 ($25 off) . This includes unlimited access to WIRED. com and our print magazine (if you'd like). Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

The Nearly Perfect Planner

The Happy Planner is a good place to start if you aren't sure what kind of planner you need. It's the preferred planner for a few WIRED writers. There are a few frilly bells and whistles, but not enough for it to feel overwhelming, as WIRED writer Louryn Strampe says. The divider tabs are cute and sometimes include phrases and quotes, but they aren't unbearably corny.

The Happy Planner is almost infinitely customizable. Choose between horizontal and vertical layouts—I prefer vertical— Classic , Mini , or Big sizes, dated or undated pages. Each planner has monthly calendars plus weekly layouts with margins for note-taking and to-do lists. You can get extension packs to add a few more months or to keep track of things like your budget and fitness goals. If you need it, the Happy Planner probably has it. 

Ideal for Students

I still have nightmares of being in school with no idea what my next class is, or showing up having missed the last six weeks because I didn't know where the classroom was. Class Tracker's first three pages are designated for outlining your semester schedule from Monday to Sunday, 6 am to midnight. Hopefully, I'll be dreaming of that from now on.

Like most planners, there are monthly calendars, but the weekly pages shine. Each day gets a section for things to remember, tests, papers, or projects due that day, and larger spots for assignments and a daily plan. There's a “Self-Care Corner” for non-school things you should focus on, and a countdown box for something you're looking forward to. The only thing I'd change is adding tabs for easily sifting through months. The planner pictured here is the college version, but there are middle school and high school options, too.

Best for Kids

A lot of schools provide planners for students, but ours doesn’t. Even second-graders need (or want) to remember things! I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my 7-year-old’s planner. I wanted a simple format but not a plain notebook, because she would instantly fill it full of drawings of space and aliens and throw it away. This Daily Checklist fits the bill. She can write in the dates herself, so she doesn’t waste pages, and the to-do list area is small, since small kids honestly don’t have a lot of responsibilities. It’s also sturdy and has held up for several weeks under aggressively rough treatment in her backpack. —Adrienne So  

An Investment Worth Making

The Erin Condren LifePlanner (ECLP for short) is the Rolex of paper planners. With tight coil binding, three size options, three layout options—horizontal, vertical, or hourly—and more bonus features than are really necessary, it's one of the most popular planners for weekly-spread enthusiasts. The layouts are gorgeous—I especially like the vertical weekly—and there’s room all over the place to jot down notes or doodle.

You can personalize your planner with monogrammed covers, special sections for goals, and more. There are extra touches, like a storage pocket and snap-in ruler. Together, these features aren’t cheap (or lightweight), but I’ve used an ECLP for the past three years. It’s my favorite system of them all (and it makes a great gift). —Louryn Strampe


Keep It Simple

At some point, my to-do app got too overwhelming. The gridded paper of the Hobonichi Techo (Japanese for “planner”) helped me actually get things done. I made a check box. I wrote a task down. I did the task. I checked the box. But I had to have something with just the right flourishes. The English version of the Hobo has a distinctive black cover stamped with gold foil. The Tomoe River paper resists bleeding from your fountain pen . Each day gets its own page, along with a quote that always manages to be thought-provoking without being too trite. Dates, weeks, and calendars are displayed in a way that just makes sense. And the year is stamped on the planner’s spine, so once you’re finished with it you can display it as a tribute to all the things big and small that you’ve accomplished.

The Hobo is the perfect size, small enough to fit in a bag and hold information but also able to lie flat on a desk. It's a daily planner, and each day is gridded, so you can organize your to-dos either by time or by theme. There’s even a little checklist at the top so you can emphasize your top five priorities. The Hobo can be a little expensive and hard to find. A new version is available every year starting in September, and sometimes they sell out. If you don’t speak Japanese, just make sure you buy the English version so you can enjoy the daily food for thought. —Adrienne So

Day Designer daily planner opened up

A Large Daily Tracker

The Day Designer has come for Happy Planner's throne. I always preferred weekly views instead of a page dedicated to each day, but this one is thorough and perfect for those of us who really need to get our butts on track. Each page is divided into a schedule from 5 am to 9 pm to outline meetings or appointments and to-do items, making it easier to keep track of assignments and other tasks. The top of each day page has a box for planning dinner and keeping track of bills due that day, plus your top three of the day (whatever that means for you, be it assignments to get in or important emails to answer). There's a notes area at the bottom too.

It's big—something I prefer in a planner so I never have to cram—so you might not want to lug it around every day, but if you can keep it at your desk, you will benefit from its organization. Also, it arrives in a nice box, making the entire thing feel like a fancy little ritual.


A Classic Notebook

Missing days in a planner with dates in it makes me feel super guilty, so over the past couple of years, I’ve opted to go with a blank notebook. After trying dozens, my all-time favorite has to be Midori’s MD Notebook with paper made from cotton pulp (just like money!).

Midori’s notebooks are designed to fit inside notebook or journal covers (which you can find all over Etsy). There’s just something meditative about turning over a blank page at the beginning of each week and carefully jotting down my schedule, plans, and workload. The pages are a subtle off-white and have a weight and texture that draws you in. The soft cotton paper makes drawing, sketching, and plain old writing an absolute joy. I can’t recommend it highly enough. —Jaina Grey

best assignment planner


Person wearing augmented reality goggles and working at a desk with augmented reality computer screens in front of them

Brenda Stolyar

best assignment planner

Adrienne So

best assignment planner

If You Prefer Dots

I like to think that my planner should be able to evolve as my priorities and obligations shift. When the Covid-19 pandemic forced many people to work from home, I relied on my planner to help make sense of my newly nebulous days. When I adopted my dog, I had to map out our new routines. Pages of calendars are too prescriptive, and blank is too daunting. A planner should transform according to the shape of your life.

This Muji journal is the Proteus of planners. I’ve been using these journals since college, and over the years they’ve been a class schedule, daily planner, to-do list, and angsty diary all in one. The cover is durable enough to withstand a beating in a book bag and the occasional coffee spill. But the secret to its super versatility is the dots . They’re the perfect medium between the limitations of lines and the void of blank paper. Dotted paper is just structured enough to let you draw the calendars and lists you need—then remake them when life, inevitably, upends itself again. —Pia Ceres


A Cult Favorite

I’ve tried every digital to-do scheme in existence, but nothing encodes plans in my brain the way writing them down does. The notebook that works best for me is the Moleskine Pro Weekly Vertical because I can subdivide the page layout into elaborate arrangements of daily and category to-dos. I feel like I’ve accomplished something even before I start ticking off tasks. —Maryn McKenna

Blue Sky weekly planned opened up

Made for Mother Nature

Several members of our team like Blue Sky. I tried its Thoughtful Journal for a quarantine pick-me-up , but it's been discontinued. WIRED reviewer Louryn Strampe recommends the monthly planner. This affordable weekly planner is similar, well-made, and gives you space to jot down tasks without overwhelming you with prompts. It's also a good size—much easier to tote around than some on this list.

As with the Happy Planner, you can find different layouts, sizes, and formats to suit you, and there's a collaboration with Day Designer, another favorite mentioned above. One thing I like about this particular collab with One Tree Planted is that the planner is sustainably made and recyclable. The cover is durable and has a nice texture to it, plus there's no plastic coating (not even on the month tabs!). 

Appointed weekly planner

A Monogrammed Top-Bound Planner

Appointed Weekly Planners show a full week on one page, with each day getting lines from 8 am to 6 pm for you to schedule. On the opposite page is a large section for notes, as well as that week's top priorities and a check-box to-do list. I prefer the daily structure of the Day Designer, but I also really like that this planner opens up—the spiral is at the top, rather than on the left like a standard book, giving each page more room. 

The textured cover is lovely—the green color is especially nice—as are the stiff monthly dividers. You can even get it monogrammed for a bit of elegance. It looks nice and simple too. Appointed Products are also made in the US. 


For Monthly Planning

Monthly planners are fantastic for folks who want a broad overview of tracking tasks or appointments. Blue Sky's are affordable and unburdened by extra junk—we recommend a weekly version above too. Each day of the month has a few lines for jotting down multiple bullet points, and there’s a notes section for anything that would require more writing room. The yearly overview lets you track from an eagle-eyed perspective. —Louryn Strampe

Papier Checkmate Daily Planner on desk next to pencils pens and other notebooks

The Prettiest Covers

Papier has incredible cover design options to match nearly any style or mood. For layouts, I like the undated Daily Productivity planner best. Each week has a box per day, lines for notes, areas for three priorities, a long to-do list, and a habit tracker. Plus, there's a meal planner and shopping list for every week that I like. There are also a few pages dedicated to outlining each individual day's schedule. I didn't need these pages as much during my usual week, but people with rotating weekly schedules might appreciate it.

I don't like the layout of Papier's yearly planners, which feature all the month calendars first, then an overview for each month with goals and to-do lists, and then the weeks. This kind of scramble just doesn't work for my brain.

index cards

When a Traditional Planner Won't Do

I don't really use a planner, but each day I write down the handful of things I'm going to do on a single 3-by-5 index card. The index card with this to-do list lives in my pocket, along with a small notebook where I jot down notes throughout the day—often the source of the following day's to-do list. The notebook and index cards fit inside this very cool waxed canvas notebook cover .

I copied this system from one of the most successful people I've known, and after nearly 20 years, it's still better for me than any other system I've tried. It's cheap—you can grab 300 index cards for under $10 , some little notebooks for $13 , and a nice cover for $14 —lightweight, and easy to manage. —Scott Gilbertson

Notion app displayed on smartphone

If You Need a Digital Supplement

If you're here, you probably are a pen-and-paper person, but sometimes going digital is more convenient. A good digital planner can complement your analog one, instead of replacing it.

Notion is a multipurpose productivity tool with tons of powerful and customizable features. I use it as an endless to-do list, with tasks separated into categories like Work and Long-Term Goals, but it can be used as a team database, a budget spreadsheet, a habit tracker, and more. There are tons of templates to choose from, including planners that range from monthly at-a-glance views to granular hour-by-hour days. It even syncs across devices. The best part? It's free. —Louryn Strampe


Deck Them Out

Planner stickers are a slippery, delightful slope. Once you make your first “ spread ” (a collection of themed stickers on a planner page, similar to a scrapbook), you will never go back. Etsy is the central hub of planner stickers. You can order printed stickers or buy digital files and print and cut them yourself. You can also opt for a full kit (an entire spread’s worth of stickers) or just the individual components you like the most.

Make sure your purchase will fit the layout of the planner you have.  Many planning enthusiasts swear by PipSticks ; I like the shops SimplyWatercolorCo and CricketPaperCo , but there are hundreds of shops. You can also get sticker books at craft stores, but the variety pack usually lands you with some stinkers, and the cost can add up. For example, if you’re spending $15 on a booklet mainly for its 31 hydration-tracking stickers, you might be able to get a year’s worth of those elsewhere for a lower price. —Louryn Strampe

planner and accessories

More Planner Perfecting Tools

Maybe all you need is paper and a good pen and you're good to go. But we like to get creative.

best assignment planner

Julian Chokkattu

best assignment planner


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