25 Business Ideas to Start in Spain as an Expat

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Business Ideas to Start in Spain as an Expat

The entrepreneur spirit has risen among citizens from all regions in the world. And the truth is that starting your company and becoming your own boss is now easier than ever before. In that sense, Spain is the perfect place to initiate your own project . Hence, many foreigners start their new life in the country so that they can pursue their new business goals. But the vast majority don’t know how to start. The most difficult question to answer is: which kind of company should I create? Which are the best business and investment opportunities? In this post, we will clear those doubts forever. We will show you 25 business ideas to start in Spain as an expat that you can start today with little or no money . Are you ready to learn our company suggestions?


Before starting with our company and investment suggestions , let’s start first talking about the main characteristics that the business you start in Spain must have in order to become successful. Keep these 3 principles in mind , and living out of your own project will be simple:


Let’s now dive deep into the top 25 business ideas that can make any expat successful in Spain . The vast majority of the following ideas are characterized by requiring low levels of knowledge/expertise and investment. And that is due to the high level of opportunities that the online world brings to the table. 

business to start in Spain


There’s no denying the fact that Spain attracts thousands and thousands of tourists throughout the year. Some will visit Barcelona, others Madrid. Some will go hiking, and others will embark on a gastronomical tour. But there is one activity that they will all do for sure: go souvenir shopping.  That is why, if you are a bit strategic and choose the right location, you will have a high level of demand guaranteed. You must strike a balance between having a centric enough location vs getting the lowest possible rental price for the store in which you will be based. 

The other upside of this business idea is that you don’t need to be really creative. There is no need to create a new and innovative product . You will just need to contact the same manufactures that fill the shelves of the other souvenir shops in the city, buy from them and then sell applying your markup. 

And, as Spain is a country with a wide range of traditions and typical things, you will be able to offer a big assortment of souvenirs to satisfy the needs and wantings of all the tourists that will be entering into your shop. 


A content website is one of the cheapest business ideas you can start in Spain , and with the possibility to work from home!

You will first need to choose a niche that is not really competitive and full of blog posts from other websites, and start writing content. After some time being creative with the topics you choose, providing enough value and applying some SEO techniques, you will start getting traffic to your website. Then, you will be able to monetize your visitors with Google Adsense or to sell your advertising space to companies who are interested. 

All the costs you will have are:

And that’s it!


It’s completely obvious. What has an expat living in Spain to offer to the labor market that a national can’t? His or her language, something that will be really unique or difficult to find depending on the country of origin. That is why becoming a language teacher is a great solution for many foreigners.

English is still the number one language that Spaniards try to learn. Nevertheless, nowadays many individuals in the country try to learn an additional one. Hence, if you can speak German, Chinese, Japanese, Araba, Hindi, French, Italian or any other language, you will easily find students willing to learn it. 

You just need to sign up into platforms such as Preply , and you are set to go!


Everyone loves traveling. And all travelers have something in common: they want to spend as less money as possible while having an amazing experience. Furthermore, people don’t buy products or services anymore, they buy experiences. If you combine both facts, you have a more than worth it business idea: a low-cost experience travel agency.  

As an expat, you can take advantage of your situation and offer tourist packages for individuals from all around the world wishing to visit Spain . You know exactly what are their needs and desires, and what impressed you the most. Besides, the understanding of the country that you will gather while living in it will make you able to create the perfect experiences. And, due to how diverse the Spanish territory is and the culture & history its regions have, you will see an infinite amount of possibilities to start off. 


As difficult to believe it may sound, there are several companies nowadays still don’t have a website. And, a big part of those that have do not devote the required levels of attention to their social media profiles (or they simply don’t do it well). That is why the role of the social media manager is something that any company needs today . 

And the truth is that you can do it at 0 cost ust with a laptop & internet connection, and without a lot of expertise or knowledge in the field. You use Photoshop or online sites like Canva to create your designs and easily obtain an esthetic look. 

How to find a job in Spain as a freelance social media manager? You can go to platforms such as Fiverr or Freelancer and publish your services for free. 


Cleaning services are something which is also in demand today. Our advice would be not to focus on the personal housecleaning segment but t arget office buildings or other types of commercial properties . That will guarantee bigger profitability to your activities with the mop and rag. 

The most difficult part will be to start. Once you have done a couple or three services and, provided that you did a great job, word of mouth will be your best ally in terms of advertising, without the need to spend a dime on it. 


If you have achieved success in your home country in any field, you have now the option to share it with others in Spain and make a living out of it. For example, if you created one or two companies successfully and consider that you are now in the position to share what you learned with beginners who are struggling, becoming an online coach will be the right fit. 

You can d o your coaching sessions online via Skype, so there is no need to pay for an actual office . Furthermore, if you charge a decent amount of money and do not position yourself as a low-cost coach, the amount of effort your clients will make due to the high price paid to you will be higher, therefore their level of satisfaction with what you have taught them will be dramatically bigger. This will grant you new clients through recommendations. 

You can’t imagine how helpful your advice could be to those who are starting out. Just choose what you are good at or think about any situation you have overcome in your life which was difficult, and start teaching it to others. The most common path is becoming a business coach , but there are thousands of other options such as dating coach, overcoming breakups coaches or coaches that help you raise your children properly. 


Think about it: how many websites need quality photos for their product pages? How many Instagram models need amazing pictures to grow their profiles? The answer is simple: A LOT. If you always had a reflex camera and don’t know what to do with it, you now have a business idea that can help you make a lot of money: becoming a professional photographer. 

The thing is that many business owners do not have the time or the camera to take the photos they need. That is why you, with your effort, can become the perfect solution. If you are not a complete professional, you will find thousands of photography and edition courses online that will enable you to improve as time goes by.


In such a stressful society we live in, everybody needs a massage . Because there is nothing better than that after a long working week. You will probably need to take some courses before starting, but that won’t require much time and money. 

And one of the main upsides is that you don’t need to have a specific massage place or local . You can visit your clients at their homes or wherever they tell you, reducing your costs immensely. 


Taxes are a real headache. But companies and self-employed individuals must go through that hell. Due to how boring it is to file a tax declaration or to know how to optimize your business taxes , you will there find a need to be covered. In the end, any company or freelancer wants to specialize in what they do best: the core of their activity. And does not involve running the monthly accounting. Therefore, they tend to delegate that. 

If you are good with numbers and specialize in expat taxes (something you will also need to go through yourself), you can be that reliable tax accountant that anyone would need to hire . That tax accountant that speaks their language and that is from the same country. And, just to niche down, focusing on freelancers and newly created startups will be a wise course of action to take. 


You create a website that includes certain types of products or services from different companies. You rank that site. Once a user ends up buying those products or services via your site, you get a commission from the seller. That is how affiliate marketing works, and you can achieve success with it easily. Again, the c osts behind this business idea will mainly be your time and effort. 


Healthy food is nowadays a trend. A trend that is really successful worldwide and that is starting to spread fiercely inside Spain right now. That is why you can make yourself a place inside the healthy market by starting a healthy food restaurant or cafeteria. 

Our advice would be to open it on one of the big cities in Spain, such as Barcelona or Madrid. Then, take amazing pictures of your dishes and upload them to your website and Instagram, try to rank high on platforms such as Tripadvisor , and you are ready to serve healthy recipes!


Many Spanish citizens are out of shape. They would really like to lose some weight or gain muscle, but 1) they don’t have the required willpower to do it, or 2) they don’t know how. But a personal fitness trainer or coach can be everything they need. 

You can go to the gym with your clients and train them there, or organize street workouts. Complement that with meal plans adapted to the needs of every client, and you will have enough work to make a living as a fitness coach !


No need to buy an amazing camera. You just need the one on your mobile phone. Click to the recording button, and start talking. Create your unique and creative touch, and you have become a Youtuber . It will probably take time until you reach the top, but if you keep it consistent and try to make collaborations with other Youtubers, you will gain exposure fast. 


Every year, Spain attracts tourists from all around the world. And there is no denying the fact that all of them prefer to talk in their native language. That is why you will find great opportunities as a translator . In that sense, you can become a translator for any activity that tourist embark on, but you have other options which are also really interesting.  

Because being a freelance translator will also open many doors to you. You can translate website content or other types of texts contained in promotional material, for example. 


If you are someone who is into fashion and have an eye for improving people’s image, the market of image consulting is waiting for you . You can become a stylist and make daily recommendations regarding what to wear on different occasions to your clients, or you can be a personal shopper assistant and directly go shopping with them. 


Artificial intelligence is the future . And that is due to the huge improvements that its implementation can yield to companies. The problem is that many times, they don’t realize that. Hence, if you have experience in this field, you can clearly impact and improve companies with AI implementation . Selling to B2B is a bit more complicated and costly, but if you elaborate a value proposition that is good enough, you have a huge market to sell to. Nearly no one has AI implemented!


Just walk down through the center of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or any big city in Spain, and you will be surrounded by free tours . Hundreds of routes are organized each day so tourists can explore the city with an expert who explains to them everything they should know about the history and culture of what they are seeing. The thing is that, as they can take those tours in their native language, the whole deal is much more appealing. 

You will just need to study some history of the place you will be touring and you will have become a tour guide in Spain . The most important part will be the way in which you organize and execute your explanations. Why? Because you will live out of tips. Therefore, you must make sure to have satisfied tourists!


Maybe this is one of the most capital intensive business ideas in this list , but it is worth it nevertheless. You can start with a bed & breakfast option in order to invest a lower amount of money. The thing is that tourists are switching from big cities to smaller ones in Spain, therefore you have a nice opportunity to find your niche in cities with not that much competition and open a successful hotel business .  

You just need to offer a high-quality service and get your guests to leave positive reviews both on your Google My Business Profile and on booking platforms, and you will get a nice stream of customers!


Many young students have no idea at all about what to do with their lives. They finish high school, and they have no direction on what to do next. Should I study a career? If yes, which one? That is why, inside all that mess, you can be the perfect solution as a career coach . These jobs consist mainly in first of all understanding the Spanish labor market to see which are the different possibilities any student has . Then, you will need to be good at identifying your clients (young individuals) weaknesses and strengths , so you can create a detailed path for them to follow. Trust us, this is something many Spanish young students need!


No matter where you live, a laundry service will be a good business idea . It requires a really low level of capital investment, therefore profitability levels are high. Everything you should do is to be strategic with the location. Go to Google Maps, start searching for laundries in the cities in which you will be based, and there where you detect an area with not many competition, open one. 

Just to make it even better, try to target a specific segment of the market, like a laundry service for tourists or foreign students . Then make sure to open your store close to where they are. 


Giving a present to someone is something really complicated. How to make sure the person receiving the gift will like it? Personalized gifts can solve this situation, especially in a time in which generic and mainstream presents won’t be valued as much. But whenever you include that personalization touch, your chances of buying the right thing dramatically increase. 

That is why opening a personalized online gift store can really work out for you. You can sell mugs with the name of the person on it, blankets with photos printed, or personalized diaries. The options are infinite!


Probably one of the best sources of passive income . You can do it via your own website using the subscription-based business model (membership site), or just go to Udemy and do it there. Creating online courses is an easy way to get some money by just recording yourself and editing the resulting videos. 

There are thousands of fields you can start teaching on, and you can go as deep as you want in finding the right topics. Just think about providing value to someone who is starting in his or her journey. 


No one would dispute that today every company can benefit and improve its profitability by implementing technological solutions. That is why you can specialize in exactly that: helping companies become more efficient and effective by the use of technology. In that sense, as a technology consultant , you can focus more on logistics, back end, online processes or any other aspect that can be better off once an innovative approach is implemented. If you can promise an increase in the company’s profits… you will get hired!


If you are into the economy and really enjoy being up to date with the last business and international economic news, day trading can be a really profitable source of income for you. Even though the possibility to earn thousands of euros is indisputable, the risks involved are also high. How the economy evolves is not something you can predict with an algorithm, therefore you will need to trust your intuition many times. 


We have offered you a list of the 25 of the best business ideas you can start as an expat in the Spanish territory . Now it’s your time to choose the one that best adapts to your knowledge, experience, and interests, and start developing it. 

The entrepreneurial process of opening a company in a foreign country won’t be easy. You will encounter many pitfalls for sure. But our business lawyers are here to make it as easy as possible for you. We will help you out establishing your company, manage your taxes in Spain, and making your business successful. 


I am thinking of moving to Spain quite soon just looked at your ideas for businesses your advice would be great many thanks Tony.

If you send us an email to [email protected] , our business lawyers will get in touch with you so you can have a talk about it.

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30 Profitable small business ideas in Spain

profitable business idea in Spain

Table of Contents

How easy is it to start a small business in Spain?

Looking for small business ideas in Spain? Spain was ranked 28th out of 190 countries in the 2018 World Bank Ease of Doing Business Survey, indicating that doing business here is significantly more straightforward than in most bordering countries. It takes only around 15 days to establish a business in Spain.

Is Spain a good business place?

It is one of the most incredible places in Europe to establish a business because of its developed economy, stable socio-political climate, and beneficial policies in place to assure the success of all investments made in the country. Businesses established in Spain benefit from free transit and logistics of goods and services throughout the European Union, with no extra formalities, such as exchange rate swings or processing expenses.

How can a foreigner start a business in Spain?

To start a business as a foreigner, you’ll need the following;

Business ideas to start in Spain without money

Work as a language instructor.

It’s unmistakably evident. What does a foreigner living in Spain have to offer the labour market that a Spaniard doesn’t? Their native tongue will be extremely rare or difficult to get by, depending on the country of origin. For many foreigners, becoming a language instructor is an excellent option. Spanish remains the most popular language for Spaniards to study. However, many people in the country are increasingly attempting to learn a second language. As a result, if you know German, Chinese, Japanese, Araba, Hindi, French, Italian, or any other language, you will have no trouble finding pupils eager to study it.


Cleaning services are also in high demand these days. Our recommendation is to focus on office buildings or other business properties rather than the personal house cleaning industry. Your mop and rag activities will be more profitable due to this.


If you’ve had success in your home country in any field, you now have the opportunity to share it with others in Spain and earn a living. For example, if you’ve successfully launched one or two businesses and believe you’re now in a position to share what you’ve learned with struggling novices, being an online coach is a good fit.


Consider this: how many websites require high-quality images for their product pages? How many Instagram models rely on stunning images to boost their followings? The answer is straightforward: a great deal. If you’ve always owned a reflex camera but don’t know what to do with it, you now have a lucrative business idea: becoming a professional photographer.


Everyone requires a massage in today’s stressed culture. After a tough week at work, there’s nothing better than that. Before you start, you’ll need to take some classes, but they won’t take up much of your time or money. One of the most significant advantages is that you don’t have to go to a specific massage facility or stay in a specific area. You can visit your clients at their homes or wherever they request, significantly lowering your costs.

Franchise opportunities for small business ideas in Spain

Some of the franchise opportunities for small business ideas in Spain include;

FocalPoint International

FocalPoint Business Coaching is the world’s leading coaching and business skills training organisation. They focus on performance coaching and training for company owners and executives through training and one-on-one coaching in a setting that emphasises lifelong learning, positive support, and results-oriented responsibility. The minimum cash required to join this franchise is 65,950 euros.

TTQ Franchising ltd

The Tasting Quarter (founded in 2002) is a UK-based pilot franchise that organises and hosts in-person, virtual, and hybrid drink and culinary events for the blue-chip corporate market. It requires minimum cash of 60,000 euros. Websites to find the business of the sale in Spain LOGANIX Website We target these reference sources (business directories) for clients who need to compete in Spain. With ordinary classifieds and some highly-selective Spanish business directories, it’s a rather diverse collection.

Expat Website is the leading website dedicated to making your ex-pat project a success. It invites ex-pats and expats-to-be to share their experiences and provide free information and guidance. Our purpose is to assist all individuals who reside or wish to live abroad: everyone is welcome to join!

Bizpages Website

Bizpages is a trademark of an international firm whose primary purpose is to assist and promote businesses worldwide by promoting their websites, products, services, and employees. A group of IT sector professionals launched the company in 2019.

Tech business opportunities in Spain

Graphic design.

Graphic design is a profession and academic discipline that creates visual communications to transmit particular messages to specific social groups. A graphic designer earns up to 1,880 Euros per month.

Blogging is the process of creating and managing blog material. You write content that answers the questions and provides useful information on what people are looking for, and you can generate revenue by applying for Google Adsense or joining and promoting different affiliate products. If you are a consultant, you can use this method to drive traffic to your website and sell your consulting services. A blogger earns upto 2,480 euros in a month.


Computer programming is creating and executing an executable computer program to execute a specific computation. Programming entails analysis, algorithm generation, profiling algorithm accuracy and resource usage, and algorithm implementation. A programmer earns 2,510 euros in a month.

Benefits of doing business in Spain

Trade partnerships and a strategic location.

With access to the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) markets, relationships, and economic links with Latin America, Spain has a solid strategic location and deep trade partnerships. Spain is also a member of the European Union (EU), which gives it preferential access to the world’s largest common market, which has a population of 500 million people and a per capita income of about 33,535 euros.

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign direct investment is likewise welcomed in Spain and plays a vital role in economic relations between the United States and Spain. The Spanish government has taken a pro-free-trade and pro-investment stance, lowering business rules and creating incentives to attract international enterprises and investment. According to the UNCTAD World Investment Report, these actions have helped Spain climb to ninth place internationally in terms of foreign investment.

The infrastructure is excellent.

Spain’s infrastructure has advanced fast in recent decades, and the country currently possesses some of the best rail and subway systems in the world. With 46 state-owned ports on Spain’s coasts, the country also has a thriving maritime economy. Spain features three of Europe’s top 10 container ports and world-class port infrastructure. Spain also boasts a thriving technological sector, with over 70 technology parks and multiple fibre optic cable deployment, allowing for high-speed Internet access.

Willingness to reform

As previously stated, Spain has implemented several necessary structural reforms. Giving local governments more authority, leveraging innovation to help diversify the national economy, boosting national employment conditions, enhancing social welfare programs, and investing in national research and development capabilities are just a few examples.

Minimal procedures and the tax burden.

If you think of starting a business as a foreign entrepreneur in Spain, you have different ways of achieving that objective. There is no problem if you do not wish to incorporate a branch or subsidiary firm of your own company (located in another country) with all the difficulties, procedures, and costs.

The most OK location in terms of communication

The physical location is undoubtedly one of the most attractive advantages of establishing a business in Spain. The Iberian Peninsula is strategically positioned, making it the “entry gate” to America (particularly Latin America, where shared culture and language generate hundreds of investment opportunities), Africa, and Europe. Our country is ideal for various industries, including import-export, tourism, and communication. In fact, in 2017, Spanish products exports to third nations were roughly 277.000 million Euros… And here’s another intriguing information: foreign businesses formed in Spain generated 43% of this total.

Challenges of starting a business in Spain

How to Start a Business According to the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, Spain ranks 136th in the world for ease of starting a business. There are eleven procedures to follow, each with numerous phases, which can be intimidating for foreign companies. Obtaining certification of uniqueness, for example, or granting a public deed of incorporation before a public notary, are both exceptional requirements.

Dealing with Building Permits Construction licences in Spain take 182 days to get, with many certificates and inspections required as part of the procedure. Companies may also need to obtain an operating licence before the building’s registration can be completed, and the property may be made operational with water, power, and telecommunications.

Obtaining Electrical Power Companies can spend a lot of money to get access to power. The processes to connect to the national grid are quite expensive. Obtaining the necessary papers from the local government before contracting a private company to complete the connection work can take some time.

Getting Credit and Registering Your Property The execution and delivery of the public deed of purchase of Spain are ranked 53rd in the world in terms of obtaining credit by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, which is lower than most of its European competitors.

Investor Protection The Commission Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) maintains market transparency and protects investors in Spain. It verifies and licences the items sold to investors through commercial networks but leaves much of the regulation to the private sector. Spain is ranked 100th in the world by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation for investor protection, significantly behind its European peers.

Taxes to be Paid Paying taxes is a time-consuming process that can take up to 167 hours to complete eight special payments every year. Earnings tax is modest, but labour taxes and contributions are substantially higher than the OECD average, implying that the total tax rate as a profit percentage remains high.

Cross-Border Trading When trading across borders in Spain, the main problem is cost; importing is roughly 186 euros more expensive per container than the OECD average while exporting is nearly 280 euros more expensive.

Contract Enforcement Contract enforcement takes 510 days and 40 processes. The enforcement of a judgement takes a long time, and the legal fees associated with the claim might be reasonably high.

Getting Out of Debt Insolvency takes 1.5 years to resolve and costs 11% of the estate. From this perspective, the World Bank and the IFC place Spain in a relatively good position.

Culture Spain has a diverse culture, and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for doing business in different parts of the country. The cultural diversity of Spain has resulted in a strong sense of individualism, as seen by strong relationships and a sense of identity among the numerous ethnic groups. On a corporate level, there is a high emphasis on interpersonal interactions.

30 profitable small business ideas in Spain

1. establish a dentistry clinic.

The health sector might be difficult to break into because you must be highly knowledgeable in your speciality to stand out. As a result, businesses like dental clinics are solely run by specialists. If you’re a dentist, it’s clear that you’ll need to open your dental practice. To practice your area in Spain, you will need a licence from the government; therefore, it is advisable to be patient and provide enough time to accomplish all legal duties before launching any health-related business. If you’re interested in this profession, you should also consider public liability insurance.

2. Start a car-rental business.

Some people are self-reliant and would want to drive themselves around regardless of where they are on the planet at any time. When they visit new places, these groups of people will always want to rent a car to explore the surroundings on their way. You may create a car rental business to accommodate visitors who prefer to drive themselves. You can rent inexpensive and costly automobiles in your rental service, as well as motorbikes and bicycles, to suit everyone’s budget.

3. A retail store

Another successful business idea you can consider is opening a rental shop in Spain. You can sell various items, but make sure that the product you choose has a strong demand. If you’re selling imported goods, things can get a little tricky because you’ll have to deal with many things at once. Reselling things created in Spain is easier since there are many suppliers. Before you begin, be cautious and conduct a simple survey to determine demand.

4. Designer of Interiors

Working for yourself as an interior designer is a terrific opportunity to take control of your time while making the world (or at least wealthy people’s homes) more lovely if you have a way with frames, fabric, and fabulousness. To find clients, you don’t need a college diploma; you only need the necessary experience and perhaps an extensive portfolio of designs and works. Working as an interior designer in Spain might be lucrative.

5. Spa services are available.

A spa is a business that offers a variety of services aimed at enhancing health, beauty, and relaxation via the use of personal care treatments. Among the services offered by spas are manicures, hair care, seaweed wraps, aromatherapy, facials, waxing, acupuncture, and face and full-body massages. People need to unwind and pamper themselves after working so hard during the week. Thus these services are almost mandatory. If you have the necessary expertise, you can open a spa in your area and attract tourists for more revenue.

6. Adult daycare is available.

Every country on the planet has a sizable elderly population. Many Spaniards choose to keep their elderly parents and relatives at home rather than putting them in nursing institutions, but they will want assistance to care for them when they must leave for extended periods. In a professionally managed group environment, an adult day care centre is often a non-residential facility that addresses adults’ health, nutritional, social, and daily living requirements.

7. Services for Carpooling

If you live in Spain, you should also consider starting a car-sharing company. It is because owning and maintaining a personal vehicle is exceedingly expensive, and many low-wage workers would instead use ride-sharing services. If you own a car and work in a specific region, you can start a ride-sharing business for your neighbourhood to make additional money.

8. Business of bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a type of financial accounting that entails keeping and keeping track of business activities. Bookkeepers ensure that a company’s financial records are accurate and thorough. Enterprises of all sizes, large and small, must keep accurate records in case of taxes or other unforeseen circumstances, and businesses in Spain are no exception. Although several software tools for performing bookkeeping responsibilities are now available, they will never be able to take the position of a competent bookkeeper.

9. Collaborating/Sharing Office Space

New enterprises are constantly forming in Spain, and they all want office space. Most of these new entrepreneurs cannot afford the expensive rates required to obtain office space; thus, they must rely on office sharing. If you have the funds to construct an office, you can begin renting out space to persons who require offices but cannot afford a separate address. Note that this is a capital-intensive business, but if you can construct a sufficient office space to rent out, you’ve created a cash cow.

10. Keeping bees

Agriculture is one of Spain’s economic powerhouses. You might start farming bees to take advantage of this sector. Since the beginning of time, this foul-tempered insect has been servicing the requirements of humanity. The medicinal benefits of honey, a bee by-product, have been widely discussed. Honey’s popularity has risen as people become more aware of its health benefits. Bees are trained for their honey and other by-products such as beeswax, and it’s a lucrative business that is started with very little money.

11. Start your travel agency.

With so many tourist attractions in Spain, a travel agency is a real business to establish. A travel agency is a private retailer or government service that sells travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of providers such as airlines, vehicle rental companies, cruise lines, hotels, trains, and travel insurance companies. It is a commonly known fact that Spain’s tourism industry is booming, and tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful country all year.

12. Open a smoothie and ice cream shop.

Everyone loves desserts, and because Spain is such a hot country due to its proximity to the desert, the temperature is nearly always ideal for ice cream. A proper business or project plan is necessary when starting an ice cream shop. Because ice cream comes in various flavours, you must choose which ones to sell. Determine the store’s location, products, and marketing strategy.

13. Rental of a home

There has been a tremendous property boom in Spain, and the real estate market has improved significantly. Property rentals are an excellent idea for young entrepreneurs or anyone looking to supplement their income because the situation is considerably different now than it was a few years ago. You can rent out houses to a variety of demographics and for a variety of reasons. The most important thing to remember here is to offer something unique to the public and ensure that the service you provide is good enough to attract new customers.

14. Begin a hotel venture

Every country with tourist destinations requires hotels. When people travel, they always need a place to stay, and one strategy to attract tourists is establishing hotels. Adding breakfast to your menu may help you attract more customers, as it is well documented that people prefer hotels that serve meals to those that do not. Because this is a capital-intensive enterprise, you must plan accordingly.

15. Start a craft company.

A craft is a skill-based activity that involves manufacturing items by hand. If you have any artistic abilities or crafty hobbies, you may have one of the essential building blocks for a successful business, especially if you live in a tourist destination where visitors respect indigenous goods. If you have an extensive collection of handcrafted items, you can open a modest shop in the city to sell them.

16. Designer of Fashion

One of the businesses you might start in Spain is as a fashion designer if you have a lot of creativity with fabrics. Many fashion designers who present their masterpieces on the runway are from Spain, and it is never too late to start. Even if you aren’t planning on putting on a runway show during Fashion Week, plenty of off-the-rack garments need to be designed – without you putting in the long hours and working with even crazier people.

17. Automobiles for Sale

The vehicle sector in Spain is quite profitable, and you may profit from it by selling autos. You can start selling car parts like batteries and promoting automobiles for manufacturers. Spain has an ample supply of lithium, an essential component in the production of batteries. Another automobile-related business you can start in Spain is making or selling hands-free gadgets for drivers so they can do other things while driving without endangering their own or others’ lives.

18. Provide services for senior hair care

The hairdressing industry in Spain is quite competitive, so if you want to carve out a place for yourself, start providing senior hair care services. You can either offer your services to seniors in retirement homes or set up a plan in which you go to their homes at a predetermined time to care for their hair. You can charge extra for your services because you can serve these elders at their homes.

19. Make a career as a language instructor.

You can work as a language instructor in Spain if you have a strong command of any language, such as English, Japanese, or Chinese. Just be cautious and make sure there are enough people who want to learn the languages you know. Learning fluent Spanish for communication is also recommended to gain more supporters because many individuals are willing to learn a second language such as English.

20. Establish a fitness centre

Getting in shape is the new cool. Everyone wants firm abs, bulging biceps, and fit as a fiddle. Fitness centres will never go out of style because of this. If you have the necessary funds, you can open a fitness centre in Spain and assist individuals in your community to become in shape. If you don’t have the funds to open a full-fledged gym, you can record your workouts and sell them on YouTube. Another approach to generating money in the fitness industry is to publish your workout videos on YouTube and earn money when people watch them.

21. Learn how to work as an insurance underwriter.

Insurance is something that both enterprises and the general public in Spain require. Insurance, of course, necessitates the presence of insurance underwriters. Underwriters serve as the primary link between an insurance company and its agents. Insurance underwriters utilise computer tools to decide whether or not to accept an applicant’s insurance application. They enter information about a client into a computer program to make coverage and premium recommendations.

22. Become a Personal Assistant or Concierge.

A concierge is a person who assists others. This company is looking for someone that is highly efficient and can get things done. People who hire you will want things when they want them, and you must be able to deliver what they want with a personal touch and a friendly grin. The most likely clients for a concierge service are top executives who are at work by 7 a.m. and stay until 9 p.m. most nights, leaving them with very little time to do all the things that must be done during those hours.

23. Make a living as a tour guide.

Spain has a diverse range of tourist attractions that draw millions of visitors annually. As a tour guide, you can assist travellers in visiting these historically significant locations. If you live in a part of the country where there are a lot of tourist attractions, becoming a tour guide is a prominent business to start. When starting this business, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Simply create an excellent website that explains what services you do and how organisations and individuals may benefit from your assistance. You’ll need to invest in a solid website with excellent SEO to drive organic traffic.

24. Establish a Meat Processing Company

Meat processing is preparing and packaging meat for sale using the equipment. Because all processed meat products must be physically and chemically handled in some way, commercial meat processing is a capital-intensive business. Before starting a firm, you must also have suitable distribution and marketing strategies.

25. Service of laundry

Laundry is something that everyone does; thus, starting a laundry service anywhere, even in Spain, is a fantastic idea. This business takes relatively little start-up capital and skills, even if it is profitable. All you have to do now is choose a suitable spot and acquire the necessary supplies. If you spread the word about your business throughout your community, you will undoubtedly attract customers if you provide excellent service.

26. Become a copywriter for marketing

You can make a lot of money in this profession by developing a copy that makes people want to buy what your client has to offer. Because Spain has many company concerns, providing this service could earn you a lot of money in a short period if you can provide it in the correct places.

27. Begin a destination wedding business

Destination weddings, or being married in a remote area, are a growing trend among adventurous couples. As a result, Spain has a few beautiful settings where infatuated couples can tie the knot. Starting a destination wedding service might be a good idea if you live on a tropical island with pristine lakes, snow-capped mountains, and scenic views. You may provide wedding planning services or assist couples who decide to marry on the spur of the moment while on vacation with the necessary paperwork, such as finding an officiant, a location, and photographers.

28. Start a Recycling Company

Recycling is another business that you may start in Spain and benefit from. A recycling centre collects plastic, paper, and glass from garbage sites and recycles them. Following separating and sorting these materials, operators refine them into usable goods, which they sell to wholesalers and manufacturers. In Spain, you can open a small recycling plant to recycle paper, plastic, metals, and other materials. Recycling is a significant business; the best part is that you can get started with little money.

29. Set up a Curio shop

People on vacation usually look for keepsakes to bring back to their families. You can meet this demand by opening a curio shop in your neighbourhood in Spain. In this business, you must offer your consumers a diverse range of artefacts while also avoiding charging extravagant costs that will drive them away from your competition. Every piece of art has a story, and if you explain the cultural significance of each one to your customers with a welcoming grin, they will find it difficult to resist buying from you, expanding your curio business.

30. Service for raising funds

With so many new enterprises sprouting up in Spain, it’s clear that businesses will be needed to help them generate capital. A fundraising service is a company that assists individuals and organisations in generating donations for a good cause. A professional fundraiser assists charities, charitable organisations, schools, groups, and political organisations in raising their required funds. Given the large number of such enterprises in Spain that require assistance obtaining funds, a fundraising service might do well in the country. Commissions from the funds you raise will be your source of revenue.

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50 Best Business Investment Opportunities in Spain for 2023

Do you want to start a business in Spain but you lack ideas? If Yes, here are 50 best small business ideas & investment opportunities in Spain for 2023. Spain is a country on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula. It includes 17 autonomous regions with diverse geography and cultures. The climate in Spain is predominantly Mediterranean. For this reason, the country experiences mild winters and very hot summers, especially in the coastal areas, with high rainfall in the Cantabrian area.

In the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada, the climate is alpine, whereas the south eastern part of the country is semi-arid and the Canary Islands are subtropical. This shows that Spain is basically a warm country. Historically, Spain’s primary industrial sectors have been food, textile, electronics production, highly developed machinery, including automobile plants, railroad foundries and workshops, diesel, electrical engineering and industrial equipment plants.

If you want to start a business in Spain but you are not sure of how to proceed, here are 50 best business ideas that are guaranteed to be lucrative in Spain.

Become a Tour guide

Spain can boast of quite a number of tourist destinations, and these areas attract visitors yearly. If you live in an area with a lot of tourist activities in the country, one obvious business to do is to become a tour guide. As a tour guide, you can help take visitors around to these historical areas.

You do not need to spend much when setting up this business. Just launch an effective website explaining what services you offer and how businesses and individuals can use your help. You will have to invest money into a good website with proper SEO to drive organic traffic. You will need an impressive portfolio and at least five testimonials received from happy customers.

Start a hotel business

Every country that has tourist destinations need hotels, and good ones for that matter. People always need where to stay when they are away from home, and building hotels are one way to draw in tourists.

Adding breakfast to your offerings may help you get frequent patronage because it is on record that people prefer hotels that offer meals than ones that don’t. This business is very capital intensive, so you have to prepare for it. You can equally skip the hassles of building a big hotel and just start a small and manageable bed and breakfast that you can run with your family.

3. Bookkeeping business

Bookkeeping is a branch of financial accounting that involves keeping and maintaining records of business transactions. Bookkeepers keep the financial record of a business accurate and complete.

Businesses, both small and large need to maintain updated records in case of taxes and other eventualities, and businesses in Spain are not an exception. Although many software packages are now available for handling bookkeeping tasks, but they never replace the role of a qualified bookkeeper. Working as bookkeeper requires both education and experience.

4. Start a destination wedding service

A popular trend for adventurous couples is destination weddings, or getting married in a faraway location. Spain, for such, can boast of a couple of scenic locations that smitten couples can get married at. If you reside in places like tropical islands with pristine lakes, snow capped mountains and scenic views, a destination wedding service may be a smart business for you to start.

You can offer wedding planning, or help couples who decide to get married on the spur of the moment during their vacation get the necessary paperwork they need, including an officiant, a location, photographers etc.

5. Become an Insurance Underwriter

If there is one thing businesses and the general populace in Spain need, it is insurance. And with insurance comes insurance underwriters. These underwriters are the main link between an insurance company and an insurance agent.

Insurance underwriters use computer software programs to determine whether to approve an applicants insurance application or not. They enter information about a client into a computer program in order to provide recommendations on coverage and premiums.

Underwriters evaluate these recommendations and decide whether to approve or reject an insurance application. Setting up a business as an insurance underwriter is sure to yield good profits as there are a lot of businesses that need your services.

6. Laundry service

Everyone does laundry, and as such a laundry service is a good business to start anywhere including Spain. This business, even as it is lucrative requires very little startup capital and expertise. All you need to do is find a good location and gather the required equipment. Spread word of your business all over your neighborhood and you will surely get clients provided you offer quality service. You can equally decide to focus on tourists to get that market share.

Start a Recycling Business

Another business that you can set up and profit from in Spain is a recycling business. A recycling facility engages in the recycling of plastic, paper and glass from waste locations. Once these materials have been separated and sorted, operators go ahead to refine them into useable products and then sell them to wholesalers as well as manufacturers.

You can run a small recycling plant in Spain where you can recycle either paper, plastic, metals or the likes. Recycling is big business and the interesting part is that you can start with small initial startup capital.

Adult day care

An adult daycare center is typically a non-residential facility that supports the health, nutritional, social, and daily living needs of adults in a professionally staffed, group setting. Every country in this world has an appreciable aged population.

A lot of people in Spain prefer to keep their aged parents and relatives at home instead of sending them to nursing homes, but they would need help to care for them when they need to go out for extended periods. With the right facilities and staff, you can easily carve a niche for yourself in the adult day care industry.

Start a travel agency

With tourist destinations in Spain, one viable business one can start in the country is a travel agency. A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance etc.

It is a fact universally acknowledged that Spain has a booming tourism sector and people from all over the world visit this beautiful country all year round.

There are a number of tourism focused businesses that you can open up to earn a sizable profit. If you like hospitality and have a passion for serving people, then a travel agency is an excellent idea to get started on. You can help tourists arrange their trips, accommodation and tours for the duration of their stay.

Start a car rental service

Some people are very independent and would always want to drive themselves around no matter which continent they are at any particular point in time. This set of people would always want to rent cars when they arrive at new places in order to explore the scenery the way they want.

You can start a car rental service to cater to visitors who would prefer to ride themselves. You can make available cheap as well as expensive cars in your rental service and you can as well rent motorcycles and bicycles to cater to every pocket.

Start a craft business

A craft is an activity involving skill in making things by hand. If you have any artistic skills or crafty hobbies, you might just have one of the essential building blocks of a successful business, especially if you reside in a tourist location because visitors always value indigenous crafts.

If you have accumulated quite a number of handmade crafts, you can set up a small shop in the city where you get to sell your crafts. You can also approach other crafts people and offer to market their products too.

Open a Curio shop

People on vacation are always seeking to purchase souvenirs for those back home. To fill this need, you can open a curio shop in your area in Spain. In this business, you need to provide your customers a variety of artifacts to choose from as well as making sure not to charge exorbitant prices that are likely to drive them away to your competitors.

Every piece of art has a story and if you make known to your customers the cultural value of each one of them, with a friendly smile, it will be difficult for them to resist buying from you and thus, boosting your curio business.

Fundraising service

A fundraising service is a business that helps individuals and businesses to raise funds for their cause. With Spain having a lot of budding businesses, they would sure need businesses to help them raise funds. A professional fundraiser works with charities, nonprofit organizations, schools, groups and political groups to help each organization raise the money it needs.

Being that there are a lot of such businesses that need help raising funds in Spain, so a fundraising service would do well in the country. You will get your income from commissions from the funds you raise.

14. Open an ice cream and smoothie bar

Everybody love treats, and with Spain being an incredibly warm country because of its location close to the desert, their weather is almost always suited for ice cream. In initiating an ice cream store, proper business plan or project plan is required. Ice cream comes in many different qualities, so you need to decide which ones you want to sell. Decide the store space, products, and marketing plan. You can start your ice cream store business in two ways.

One is through buying the franchise of an established brand or by having your own store. If you are starting the business with no experience, then buying a franchise would be the most prudent decision. Calculate your monthly fixed overhead cost and make a financial planning with ROI calculations.

The sale will increase as per the location you choose and which target audience you select. Make sure that your location will be a crowded place such as playgrounds, malls, offices, and markets etc. You equally need to hire experienced people who have either worked with an ice cream company or who know a thing or two about the business.

Spa service

A spa is a business that provides a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatments. Spas offer a variety of services such as manicures, pedicures, hair care, seaweed wraps, aromatherapy, facials, waxing, acupuncture, facial and full body massages.

These services are almost essential because people need to relax and pamper themselves after working so hard during the week. If you have the skills, you can set up a spa service in your area and target tourists for better income.

Mobile food truck

A food truck is a large vehicle equipped to cook and sell food. Some, including ice cream trucks, sell frozen or prepackaged food; others have on-board kitchens and prepare food from scratch. The mobile food truck is quite profitable especially when set up near construction sites, or where blue collar workers abound in Spain.

You can sell sandwiches, hamburgers, French fries, and other regional fast food fare. With the warm climate usually experienced in Spain, people would be more likely to eat out.

Cleaning business

If you are quite comfortable with the mop and rag, then you could start a cleaning service in Spain. You can easily start your own cleaning business, or if you have saved up enough money, you could buy a cleaning franchise . You can focus on retail businesses and keep your customers clumped into one or two blocks. If you provide great services, it would serve as a mode of advertising for you because your customers will come by word of mouth.

Coffee Shop

A lot of people love coffee, and would always stop over for freshly brewed coffee every once in a while whether the weather is hot or not. Setting up a coffee shop in a busy area will attract many customers during office break times and in the mornings. You can add donuts, pretzels or bagels etc as coffee accompaniment.

Bakery business

Think of warm croissants, doughnuts, pies, cakes, bagels etc whenever you are taking your morning coffee, and you would know why bakeries are an essential part of the society. Note that you can easily run a small bakery where you can bake to satisfy your neighborhood and still make profit. It is also possible to bake from home and distribute your fare to grocery stores, but you have to make sure that your city would allow you to run such a business from home.

Running your own mobile spa is a great way to go into business for yourself and offer a service people will want to buy. With a mobile spa service, you can give people spa treatments in their homes, at hotels, during conferences, at festivals — anywhere, really.

For a mobile spa to find success, it’s helpful if the services it provides are wider ranging than just skin care, although offering facials, skin care consultancy, microdermabrasion treatments, and esthetician services is a great place to start. If you can also offer massage, manicure and pedicure services, bridal party hair and makeup, and the like, however, you’ll find wider ranging sales and client possibilities.

Veterinary business

Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals. The scope of veterinary medicine is wide, covering all animal species, both domesticated and wild, and it takes care of a wide range of conditions which can affect different species. In Spain, people take good care of their pets and as such a vet doctor would not have a problem sustaining his or her business.

Vacation rental business

There are a lot of good sights and places of interest in Spain, making it a nice tourist destination. In order to take advantage of what the country has to offer, you can start renting out vacation homes to tourists and visitors. Since vacations do peak at summer, so your business may likely be a seasonal business, but the profits you would make during the season may likely carry you to the next if you work hard enough.

Specialty food distribution

Specialty food are basically unique and high value food items made in small quantities from high-quality ingredients. Consumers typically pay higher prices for specialty foods, and may perceive them as having various benefits when compared to non-specialty foods. You can decide to start distributing such food items in Spain either directly to consumers or to restaurants.

Ornamental Fish Farming

Ornamental fish are flashy fishes that are kept in aquariums in homes as pets. About 7.2 million houses in the USA and 3.2 million in the European Union have an aquarium and the number is increasing day by day throughout the world.

There is also a high statistic of people who own aquariums in Spain. Today, Ornamental fish farming has become one of the most profitable business ventures in the world. This is a kind of small-scale fish farming that can be done in a backyard and one can still make some good bucks out of it.

Fumigation Services

A typical agro allied related service business that an aspiring entrepreneur who is considering starting a business in Spain should consider starting is fumigation services. Fumigation is done to eliminate unwanted insects, weeds etc. This business is easy to set up and you can equally run it from the comfort of your home. Note that you have to be knowledgeable about the various chemicals in use, and you have to apply and get the required licenses before you can be allowed to operate this business.

Becoming a Translation or Interpreter

Spain is a great attraction for tourists. Every year a huge number of tourists visit the country. For them, it is difficult to understand the local languages of the country. Moreover, the locals also prefer to speak in their own language. So, if you know English, Spanish and some other local languages, you can start your business by making the communication between the tourists and the locals much more effective. You can set up your hourly rates and then earn accordingly. This can prove to be a successful business in Spain.

Start Greenhouse Commercial Farming

Spain is an agriculture inclined country and one business you can start in this regard is a commercial greenhouse farm. Greenhouse farming gives room for greater control over the growing environment of various crops. Dependent upon the technicality and specification of a greenhouse design, some of the important factors which may be controlled include temperature, levels of light and shade, irrigation, fertilizer application, and atmospheric humidity et al.

Basically, Greenhouses are used to overcome shortcomings in the growing qualities of a piece of land, such as a short growing season or poor light levels. In essence, they are designed to improve food production in marginal environments like deserts.

Start a Renewable Energy Company

A renewable energy company is one of the best business ideas to start in Spain. The industry of renewable energy is booming in Spain and lots of people are contributing towards this kind of business. It is one of the great business ideas in Barcelona and some other parts of the country. There are various options available for the renewable energy business, and it includes the businesses related to wing energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, etc.

eBay Selling Business

The popularity of eBay has been exploding continuously. Almost everyone buys products from eBay these days. If you have the ability for producing a product that has a demand in market, you can also sell this product through eBay. This is one business you can run from any part of the world, including Spain, and still make good profits from it.

The best thing about this business is that you can sell anything. Suppose you are a designer and you make some perfect shirts and tops for girls, you an easily sell them on eBay. This business is also growing in Spain. Through this, you can easily start your Online business with a small capital.

Restaurant and Bar Business

In any area people live, one essential business to start there is a restaurant and bar. This is because, regardless of the nature of the economy, people must surely eat. This is a very profitable business in Spain, but at the same time it is a competitive business.

So, for that, you have to provide best quality delicious food. Your workers should also be well-trained. Initially you can start your business on a small scale and then you can expand it if you start making some good profit. It is one of the amazing business opportunities in Spain if you start it with proper planning.

Event Planning

Wherever people organize events, there are need for event planners. If you are an organized person and you can follow the deadlines with flexibility, then the business of event planning is the right choice for you. However, there are some skills that you need to have in order to excel in this kind of business and they include excellent communication skills, marketing and being up-to-date. You don’t need to have a particular degree to start this type of business in Spain.

Become a Private Detective

Recently, there has been a marked increase of people who demand the services of private investigators in Spain. People utilize the services of private detectors for various reasons ranging from employment to debt collection, and even having spouses followed.

It is a unique small business to start in Spain if you have the skills and training. The detectives help in solving different crimes, assist the business owners for investigating their business partners and employees and provide some other services.

These services are sensitive and critical; that is the reason the private detectives earn a great amount of money if they prove to be beneficial for their employers.

Recruitment Services

Spain is an emerging economic hub, with new businesses springing up on a daily basis. These businesses and organisations need employees to help run them. This is the reason why recruitment agencies do good business in the country. This business about assisting the small-scaled and medium-scaled companies in providing recruitment services and hiring the right people for their companies.

Become a Yoga Instructor

If you are yoga pro and you love to teach, there wouldn’t be any better business idea for you to pursue. It is one of the wonderful business opportunities that can be started in Spain. You just need to have a place to start the yoga classes.

Initially, you can take the place on rent, then later on you can buy your own place when you start making considerable profit. Another way to up your earning potential in the yoga industry is to organize yoga retreats where people have to pay for to participate.

Marketing and Public Relations Services

You don’t make money in business by setting up that business; you make money by creating awareness for the business. Marketing and public relations in business is very essential for every business. Some services you can render in Spain include market research services, SEO services; E-mail marketing, Call centers and social media marketing. You would not find it difficult to gain traction in the market if you are always showing results.

Property Rental

There has been a significant property boom in Spain and the real estate market has significantly improved. The scenario now is very different from what it was a few years ago and therefore property rentals are an excellent idea for budding entrepreneurs or people willing to earn some extra money.

You can rent out properties to different demographics and for different purposes. The key point here is to provide something unique to the people and make sure that the service you provide is good enough to get you more clients in the future. Invest in Spain because you also do not need any special kind of license to get into property rentals and only need to focus on advertising your services.

Retail Shop

Opening up a rental shop in Spain is another profitable business idea that you can look into. There are a number of things that you can sell but do make sure that the product you choose has a good demand.

If you are selling imported goods, then it might get a little complicated because there are a number of things that you will have to handle at once. Reselling goods made in Spain is an easier option as you will easily get suppliers. Be careful and conduct a basic survey and find out the demand before getting started.

Become a language teacher

If you have an excellent command over any language like English, Japanese, Chinese etc then you can also become a language teacher in Spain. Just be careful and check if there are enough people willing to learn the languages that you are fluent in.

Learning fluent Spanish for communication is also advisable to get more people on your side because there are many people who are willing to learn an additional language like English. It may sound easy but because of more supply than demand, you will have to stand out and be the best in your field to survive in this sector.

Open a dental clinic

Health sector can be a little tricky to get into because you need to be really qualified in your field to stand out. This is why businesses such as dental clinics are left only to professionals. If you are a dentist, then it goes to show that you have to start your own dental clinic.

You will require a license from the authorities in Spain to practice your field, therefore it is advisable to be patient and give an appropriate amount of time to fulfill all the legal obligations before starting any kind of business related to the health sector. Also look into insurance for public liability if you are interested in this field.

Ride Sharing Services

Car sharing administrations is another business you ought to consider if you live in Spain. This is because keeping up or maintaining an individual auto is extremely costly and a great deal of low salary workers would rather go in for ride sharing services. If you have a car and you work at a certain area, you can set up a ride sharing service for your neighborhood in order to earn extra cash.

Sell Automobiles

The automobile industry in Spain in indeed lucrative, and, and you can cash into this industry by selling automobiles. In addition to marketing automobiles for the manufacturers, you can equally start selling car accessories like batteries.

Spain has a rich hold of lithium which is a noteworthy element for battery making. Another business you can start in Spain in the automobile industry is to begin assembling or offering hands free gadgets for drivers so they can do other things while driving without endangering their lives and those of others.

Open a  Fitness center

Being fit is the new cool, and everybody in town wants to have taut abs, bulging biceps and be as fit a two fiddles. This is the reason why fitness centers can never go out of fashion. If you have the related capital, you can set up a fitness center in Spain, and help people in your area get into shape.

If you do not have the capital to set up a proper gym, you can decide to record your work out videos and put them up for sell. Another way to make profit in this industry is to upload your fitness videos on YouTube so that you get to earn money when people watch your videos. You can also encourage people to subscribe to our website so that they can get daily workout videos.

Collaborating/Office Sharing

New businesses keep springing up Spain and they all need office spaces. Most of these new entrepreneurs cannot afford the exorbitant fees paid to get office spaces, so they usually rely on office sharing. If you have the funds to build an office, you can start renting out spaces to people who need offices but cannot afford to get an independent address. Note that this business is capital intensive but if you are able to build yourself a suitable office space that you can rent out, you have gotten yourself a cash cow.

44.  Bee keeping

One of the economic hubs of Spain is agriculture. To take good advantage of this sector, you can start to farm bees. This foul tempered insect has been serving the needs of humans since the beginning of time. A lot has been said about the healing properties of honey, which is a bee by-product.

With the increasing awareness of the health benefits of honey, the demand has increased exponentially. Bees are reared for their honey and other by-products like beeswax , and this is a profitable venture that can be started with very minimal startup capital. You don’t need to have land or any establishment to start the beekeeping business, but the business demands day-to-day monitoring with close supervision of the bees.

45.  Start a Meat Processing business

Meat processing is the use of machines to process and package meat that is to be taken to the market. Commercial meat processing is a capital-intensive business, because all processed meat products must in one way or another be physically and/or chemically treated. Additionally, you must have proper distribution and marketing strategies before initiating the business.

46.  Interior Designer

If you have a way with frames, fabric and fabulousness, working for yourself as an interior designer is a great way to take control of your time while making the world (or at least wealthy people’s homes) a more beautiful place. You do not need a college degree to find clients; all you need is the requisite experience and maybe a rich catalogue of designs and creations. Being an interior designer in Spain would net you good profits.

47.  Fashion Designer

If you are very creative with fabrics, one of the businesses you can start in Spain is to become a fashion designer. A lot of fashion designers that show their creations on the runway are from Spain, so you can be one of them, and it is never too late to start. But even if you are not going for a runway show during Fashion Week, there are many off-the-rack clothings that need designing — without you putting in the crazy hours and working with even crazier personalities.

48. Offer senior hair care services

The hair dressing industry in Spain is very competitive, and for you to carve a niche for yourself, you can start offering hair care services for seniors. You can choose to offer your services to seniors in retirement homes, or you can set up a schedule where you get to go to their homes at an appointed time to take care of their hair.

Because you get to serve these seniors at home, you get to charge more for your services. You can equally get a physical salon where the stronger seniors can come and have their hair made. Know that you have the gentlest of hands and use the gentlest of products so you would not have any complaints that can ruin your business.

49. Become a Personal Concierge/Assistant

A concierge provides assistant services to people. This business is for someone who is supremely efficient and has the ability to make things happen. People who hire you will expect things when they want them and you need to be able to come through with not only what they want, but with a personal touch and a smile on your face.

The most likely clients for a concierge service are top executives who find themselves at the office by 7 a.m. and are there most nights until 9 p.m., leaving them very little time to do all those things that often need to be done during those very hours.

50. Become a Marketing copy writer

If you can write copy that gets people excited about purchasing what your client has to sell, you can make good money in this business. Because Spain has a lot of business concerns, so offering this service would get you good money in a short while if you are able to offer your service in the right places.

More Profitable Business ideas & Investment Opportunities in Spain

51. automobile industry.

There are a lot of very lucrative businesses in the auto mobile industry in Spain. Some of the top businesses in the Spanish automobile industry include-:

52. Renewable Energy Industry

The renewable energy industry in Spain is growing and you can also join this attractive moving train. You can go into Biofuel production as a way to help people save energy costs. You can also consider other renewable energy options like Solar, Geothermal, Biogas and wind energy. I am certain that a lot of business owners and home owners who are tired of rising energy costs would welcome your business.

53. Marketing and Public Relations Services

You don’t make money in business by setting up that business; you make money by creating awareness for the business. Marketing and public relations in business is very essential. Some services you can render in Spain include market research services, SEO services ; E-mail marketing, Call centers and social media marketing .

54. Private Detective

Private detectives are not only used to solve crimes, they are also used by business owners to investigate potential business partners, employees, suppliers and even consultants. Private detectives earn a lot of money not just in Spain but all around the world.

55. Co-working/Office Sharing

This is a business that can serve everyone but could be targeted at foreigners. A lot of foreigners who wish to start their own businesses may not be able to afford the luxury of renting an office space. Co-working makes it possible for several people to come together to share an office space to carry out their businesses. As a Co-working service provider, you would provide the space and collect rent from interested persons.

56. Translation/ Interpreter

Spain is a tourist country. A lot of tourists troop in and out of Spain every year. If you are very good with the language, you can serve as an interpreter for visitors who do not understand the language, so as to allow for effective communication and enable them enjoy their stay.

57. Hotels / Bed & Breakfast

This business is targeted at the tourists too. You can set up a hotel or even a bed and breakfast place to provide accommodation and feeding to the dozens of tourists and business visitors trooping in and out of Spain yearly.

58. Recruitment Services

You can assist small and medium sized companies to recruit good hands to assist them in their business.

59. Restaurant and Bar

This is one of the most lucrative but highly competitive businesses in Spain. However, you can make your own restaurant and bar business stand out by researching niches that a less competitive; trust me, you will find a lot of them.

60. Property Management

You can also make money from managing people’s estate or developing your own properties and letting it out to others.

More on Europe

Best 25 Small Business Ideas in Spain for 2023

Starting a new business in Spain is a good idea for young startups. It has a developed economy and stable government and policies that make it an ideal destination for starting your business. Here in this article, you will find a list of the most profitable small business ideas in Spain that can be started with little money.

Spain is ranked among the first 30 nations regarding the ease of doing business. Therefore you won’t find it much difficult to start your business in this country.

Spain is the fourth-largest economy in the European Union and the fourteenth-largest globally. This means you will have a lot of opportunities in starting your business in Spain.

The transport and communication network in Spain is well-developed. Hence you will have the great advantage of the movement of goods or products thereby growing your business well.

List of 25 Business Ideas in Spain

1. sustainable power.

Sustainable power is a priority area in Spain. Hence you can start your business in any one of the sustainable energy fields. Manufacturing or selling solar panels , selling wind turbines, or setting up a biogas unit is a viable and profitable option for you. Research the local demand before choosing your option.

2. Interpreter

Interpreters have great income opportunities in Spain. If you know Spanish as well as English, French, and some other languages, you can start your business as an interpreter. Your main clientele would be foreign tourists who are unable to understand the local language. As an interpreter, you can help them by playing the role of an interpreter or a communication bridge between the locals and the tourists.

3. Private Detective

The demand for private detectives is increasing in Spain. If you have investigative skills or training, you can start your business as a private detective. This business has many areas to work for.

You can investigate for business houses to find the secrets of the partners or for banks for debt recovery even for people who want to keep an eye on their spouses or partners. One successful case will give you more clients. Apart from that, you need good networking and publicity for your private detective business.

4. Travel Agency

Tourism is an important industry in Spain. Hence the business of a travel agency can be a good business idea for you. As a travel agent, you have to book tickets and arrange for accommodation and local tours for the tourists. You need a certain license and permit for operating a travel agency business. Moreover, you have to invest in online and offline marketing and a good website.

5. Language Teacher

Language teaching is a great business idea in Spain. If you are conversant in English and other languages like French, German, Italian, or Chinese, you can start your business as a language teacher. Many people are interested in learning languages and hence there will be no shortage of interested students. You can teach students from home, in a rented classroom, or online. Good marketing, as well as advertising, is necessary for your business of language teaching.

6. Car Rental

The car rental business has a good demand in Spain. You can start your car rental business with your car and gradually increase the number of cars. Car rental services are most wanted by tourists. Collaborate with local hotels and resorts or tour operators to rent out your car for tourists and local trips. Good marketing along with cars in good condition are key factors for the success of your business.

7. Photography

Photography is a prospective business for you in Spain. Your photography business can be tourist-centric where you will click photographs of tourists and places of tourist attraction. On the other hand, you can be a news photographer or event photographer where you will click photos of newsworthy topics or different corporate as well as social events. Good marketing and publicity are necessary for your photography business.

8. Advertising and PR Agency

In a developed economy like Spain, there is a great scope for advertising and Public Relations agencies. If you have a good idea of advertising and PR, you can start your advertising and PR agency. Your clientele will comprise different corporates, medium and small-scale business enterprises, etc.

The responsibility of your advertising and PR agency will include preparing and releasing different kinds of online and offline ad materials, publicity through print and audiovisual media as well as social media marketing. Apart from that preparing newsletters, and publicity brochures, conducting e-mail marketing, and keeping in contact with the media are also part of your job.

9. Open a Restaurant in Spain

The restaurant business is very profitable. You have to find a suitable place for your restaurant and have good décor. The food at your restaurant may be local or international. Restaurants have a good demand among tourists as well as locals. You need to serve good quality food and do strategic marketing and publicity for your restaurant.

The bakery business has good income potential. If you know a bakery this is a good business for you. You can start your bakery shop at a good location and serve common bakery items like bread, cakes, cookies, pastries, etc. However, try to be innovative and introduce new baked food in your shop to build your niche. You can add doorstep delivery services and sell against online orders to increase your income. Good quality food, as well as efficient marketing, is the main pillars of your bakery business.

11. Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers have a good demand in Spain as people are becoming more fitness conscious now. If you have formal training as a fitness expert, you can start your business as a fitness trainer. As a personal fitness trainer, you will train your client in the fitness regime suitable for him/her. Apart from that, you have to chalk out the diet plan and suggest the necessary equipment for exercise and guide them in using them. You need a good personal network to get more clients as a fitness trainer. Social media marketing also helps.

12. Fashion Designer

Fashion design is a great business idea in Spain. You can start this business as an independent designer or open your boutique. Focus on fashion trends and preferences but try to be innovative in the designs. Do good online marketing, especially social media publicity for your designed clothes. Also, create a good website for your designer clothes and enable online selling and payment options.

13. Salon and Spa

Salons and spas have a universal demand. Choose a good location and invest in a cool and comfortable décor as well as lighting arrangements. Hire experienced and efficient beauticians for your salon and spa. Good marketing and widespread advertising are essential for the success of your business. Offer discounts during festivals and special occasions like marriage etc.

14. IT Services and Cybersecurity

The digitization of business enterprises needs a proper system of IT services and cybersecurity. If you are trained in hardware maintenance and software, this is an ideal business for you. In the business of IT Services and cybersecurity, you are supposed to provide services like hardware maintenance, software up-gradation, training of manpower, protection of the system from viruses and ransomware, etc. Online marketing and a good website are very important for your IT services and cybersecurity business.

15. Event Planning

Event planning is a very good business in Spain. If you have good organizing skills and aesthetic sense you can start your event planning business. There are various kinds of events that need the service of event planning companies.

For example corporate events, social events like marriages and different kinds of parties, etc. You need good manpower and have to provide immaculate as well as punctual service. The website of your event planning company and a good marketing network will fetch you more clients.

16. Accounting Services

Accounting services are much sought after in Spain. If you are a qualified accountant you can go ahead with your accounting services business. You will get business organizations of different sizes and operations as your client. In accounting services, you have to provide services like bookkeeping, tax planning, and preparation, bank reconciliation, financial planning, and projection. Online and offline marketing is important for the growth of your business.

17. Property Management

Property management is a popular business idea in Spain. There are many properties like houses or buildings that need to be managed properly due to the absence of their owners. You can start your business of property management and manage as well as maintain the properties for a charge. On the other hand, if you have enough capital you can invest in properties and rent them out to others and earn regular income.

18. Home Cleaning

The cleaning business has good demand everywhere. You can start your home cleaning business and earn a good income. Locate your business in a good location where there is a demand for home cleaning services. Hire a couple of assistants to help you with cleaning. Use good quality cleaners and also provide disinfection and sanitization service along with home cleaning which is in much demand after the pandemic. Good public relations, as well as publicity and good reviews, will fetch you more clients.

19. Laundry Service

Laundry services are a low-investment business idea for you that have a good demand in a busy country like Spain. You can start from your home also. Find a place where you don’t have many competitors. Campaign about your services through flyers, posters, and doorsteps. Good and prompt services along with doorstep delivery of cleaned laundry are the plus points of our laundry service business.

20. GPS Services

The automobile industry is very developed in Spain. That is why automobile-related business ideas are very lucrative here. You can opt for GPS services in cars. The tracking system of GPS is immensely helpful for tourists as well as the locals to find out the right direction along with tracking. GPS installation and maintenance along with troubleshooting can be a profitable business idea for you.

21. Car Batteries

In perfect synchronization with the automobile industry, the car battery business is also very profitable. You can be a distributor or exporter of car batteries that have a good demand in the market. If you want to operate on a larger scale, you can start your car battery manufacturing unit.

22. Recruitment Agency

Different organizations need good employees. Along with that, job seekers are always in search of a good opening. Co-ordinating both parties, you can start your business as a recruitment agency where you will help both parties to find the right candidate as well as the right placements. Your contact along with online and offline marketing and an active website will help you get more clients and get paid for your service.

23. Artificial Intelligence Implementation

Artificial intelligence is the future of digitization. If you are trained in artificial intelligence and its application you can start your business of artificial intelligence implementation in various areas of business. AI can be used in accounting, customer service, market information, and supply chain management for immaculate output. It is used in various industries like healthcare, electronic trading, remote sensing, etc.I

24. Fintech Company

Fintech companies are the priority sectors in Spain. Therefore you can start your fintech company business wherein the payment method can be easy and hassle-free done through smartphones. Linking the bank account with the payment services and making digital payments easily is the essence of the fintech company business. You need a good idea of the operations of fintech companies along with the programming knowledge to develop a digital payment portal.

25. Online Coaching

Teaching different types of professional courses online is a good business option for you in Spain. You can start your teaching portal and conduct various courses online. The courses include programming, coding, web designing , web hosting, graphic designing, etc. These online courses have a good demand among aspiring entrepreneurs as well as job seekers. You need good online and offline marketing to promote your online coaching business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is spain a good place to start a business.

There are many advantages to starting a new business in Spain. The country has a stable and growing economy, a strategic location by sea route, and a supply of cheap labor.

Can a foreigner start a business in Spain?

Yes. People from outside the country are highly encouraged to invest in the country. However, foreigners interested to open a business in Spain must have a residence and a self-employed work permit.

What are the best cities to start a business in Spain?

The three best cities to start a business and work in Spain are Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga.

Which is the easiest form of business organization to start a business in Spain?

Starting as a sole trader or freelance professional is the easiest form to start your business in Spain.

No business is difficult or easy. It all depends on your skill, hard work, and determination. Spain offers you many areas of the business to grow. Now it’s your turn to start your business and earn profits.

About the Author: led by Rupak Chakrabarty is committed to helping beginners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in starting, managing, and growing their business. Our aim is to educate the entrepreneur on the various stages of entrepreneurship.

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Profitable business in spain 2022.

Starting your own business requires proper planning and constant work, but the big challenge comes when you seek to position yourself in the market and obtain satisfactory profits. Would you like to know which are the most profitable businesses in Spain for this 2022? Stay with us and continue reading to discover them!

What is a profitable business?

best business ideas spain

If you are thinking of starting your own business in Spain, you are probably interested in making it profitable, aren’t you? But what does it really mean for a business to be profitable?

When we talk about profitability, we refer to the fact that something may be able to generate certain benefits that in relation to the effort made to obtain it is convenient.

In this sense, the idea is that you focus on a business that can produce adequate profits and reward all the time and dedication previously invested.

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Why start a business in Spain?

best business ideas spain

More and more people are encouraged to start their own businesses in Spain or to update the strategies in their companies to make them profitable, and with the advent of the digital era, many entrepreneurs have excelled in this field.

Spain is an attractive country for foreigners to start a new business idea, as it offers an undeniable quality of life, a solid economic, industrial, commercial and urban infrastructure.

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 What are the most profitable businesses in 2022?

So, are we already convincing you and you like the idea of starting your own business? You won’t regret it! Here are the 5 sectors that are at the top of the trends for this year and some ideas you can take.

best business ideas spain

The food industry is estimated to be one of the most viable options for 2022, because in addition to satisfying a physiological need, the idea of living a gastronomic experience and sharing with family and friends is attractive to us.

Therefore, businesses that involve healthy food and craft beers are an excellent option.  In addition, food bikes are an alternative that has become very popular in recent years, as they combine the ecological, economic and urban within reach of two wheels.

best business ideas spain

And of course digital transformation makes the technology sector a profitable and booming business. Any ideas you can start? Here are four of our favorites:

Mobile application development

best business ideas spain

Nowadays, most companies have an app related to their commerce, so why not make their job easier and dedicate yourself to this business model?

Virtual assistance

best business ideas spain

This profile is increasingly in demand in Spanish companies. In addition, with the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic, teleworking gained more strength and the presence of virtual assistants was highly demanded.

So, you consider yourself an organized, responsible and proactive person? Offering this service could be your opportunity.


best business ideas spain

Digital assets have become fashionable, but the lack of knowledge on the subject and the risk associated with them means that for many people it is not a profitable idea.

However, if you have the right skills then this is your opportunity to help the population and profit by offering services such as: cryptocurrency trader or cryptocurrency advisor for financial companies.

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best business ideas spain

If e-commerce sounds appealing to you, then dropshipping is the variant you need. This technique is associated with great profitability, as you will be an intermediary between the end customer and the supplier of the product.

You can start with a low investment and save on employee and management costs. However, you must be sure to find the right partners and keep your orders well organized so as not to disappoint your customers.

3. Art and design

best business ideas spain

For those who have that creative streak, the artistic world will be a good idea to generate income.

You will be able to redesign objects, create customized products, and even offer services such as photography and video production, which are in high demand in the country today.

4. Fashion and textile

best business ideas spain

The textile industry is definitely appealing to the Spanish population, so we bring you a business idea that you can apply: focus on vintage and sustainable fashion.

This concept is moving more and more people, because it involves taking care of the environment and makes you look fantastic. Let’s say it combines the best of both worlds!

And of course, don’t overlook the sports move; margins are usually very good and there will always be a market to offer that style of clothing (or rather, lifestyle).

5. Logistics and transportation

best business ideas spain

Immediacy is one of the main demands of today’s consumers, which makes the transportation and logistics sector the perfect partner for several businesses, by speeding up the purchasing process.

But what could you do? Simple! Offer services as a driver for home delivery of packages or become the food delivery that everyone asks for because it arrives faster than the rest.

And, if you’re thinking big, you can run your own transportation chain and track online deliveries to your audience.

Now that we have given you all these fantastic ideas, do you dare to start a business and invest in Spain? What are you waiting for? Are you worried about the legal formalities? Visit our website and check out our business services, we make your days easier and help your business grow!

best business ideas spain

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small business ideas in Spain

Small business ideas in Spain

10 Small business ideas in Spain are discussed for the new young entrepreneurs to startup. Spanish culture has impacted the world enormously before. At one time Spain controlled in South America, the Caribbean and as far east as the Philippines. Because of this extensive provincial impact and the development of Spanish as a moment dialect, Spanish is viewed as the second most talked dialect around the world.

The Spanish Overseas Empire step by step fallen. Just in 1975, after the autocracy of General Franco, did Spain make a noteworthy rebound on to the world stage. The nation grew quickly as a worldwide practical power, yet Spain has endured monetarily as of late after the Global Financial Crisis.

Numerous post-frontier ties on an administration level and a wealth of family ties crosswise over seas offer the nation favorable position in working together around the world.

Spain has 17 self-governing districts which as far as culture vary gigantically. Spaniards recognize themselves first with their area and besides with the nation. Thus, dependably discover the inceptions of your new customers.

GPS Services-: You can offer GPS establishment and following administrations. There are a ton of outsiders and sightseers going by Spain yearly and asides that, there are likewise heaps of local people that can profit by the security and heading that an auto GPS tracker offers. An especially fascinating sort of GPS benefit you can offer in Spain is helping individuals find appropriate parking spaces particularly in urban zones to counteract being punished for illicit stopping.

Auto Sharing Services-: Car sharing administrations is another business you ought to consider. Keeping up an individual auto is extremely costly and a great deal of low salary workers would rather buy in for auto sharing administrations.

Auto Batteries-: You can likewise go into deals and fare of auto batteries. Or on the other hand in the event that you have enough capital, begin fabricating auto batteries as well. Spain has a rich hold of lithium which is a noteworthy element for battery making. If you have a plan of company registration in Spain is requested to contact us.

Hands free gadgets: Another thought is to begin assembling or offering hands free gadgets for drivers so they can take crisis or vital approaches directing without imperiling their lives and those of others. Although this is under big but might good plan to start as small business ideas in Spain.

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5 Easy ideas to start up a Business in Spain

The Spanish terrain is suitable for expats from all over the world who  want to establish their own business. Cities like Barcelona or Madrid or  Valencia are the finest places to start since they have ideal  infrastructures, global talent, and an entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Undoubtedly, Spain has evolved into a true European economic hub  in recent years.  

C3S Business School supports and acts as a catalyst to the pragmatic  learning and developing the necessary skillset for all those who want  to pursue their dream of becoming an entrepreneur and venture into  one of their own.  

In this regard, the following are the key advantages, shared by some  of the successful C3S alumni , of establishing your business in Spain: 

When it comes to setting up a business in Spain, the country has a lot  of flexibility. Whether you are a foreigner or a native, the country does  not discriminate. Its popularity in the European region is boosted by  the notion that anybody may start a business. You will, however, need  to be a legal resident before you start your firm. 

Our alumni have been successful over the years in establishing variety  of businesses as they sought from their areas of interests and the  degree they graduated with; however, we did a sample survey to find  out that post pandemic which business ideas can really kick off well  and turn profitable, generating ROI in shorter duration. Here’s the list  of eight most recommended easy business ideas to start up with in the  tourist-magnet country.

1. A budget-friendly travel experience company

Everyone enjoys going on vacation. And all travelers have one goal:  to spend as little money as possible while enjoying an unforgettable  experience. Furthermore, individuals no longer purchase goods or 

services; instead, they purchase experiences. When all realities are  combined, you have a fantastic company idea: a Budget-friendly  travel experience agency. 

One of our #C3Sians happened to take advantage of her status as  an expat and provides tourism packages to people from all over the  world who want to visit Spain. She knows precisely what their wants  and desires are, as well as what has most impressed her.  

Furthermore, the familiarity about the nation that you will get while  living here will enable you to create the finest experiences. And, given  how diverse the Spanish land is, as well as the culture and history of its  many areas, you will have an endless multitude of opportunities to  choose from.

2. Organic Meals Café/Resto

Nowadays, eating healthy is fashionable. An international craze that  is currently spreading ferociously throughout Spain. As a result, you  may carve out a niche for yourself in the healthy market by opening  a healthy cuisine restaurant or cafeteria. 

Our recommendation is to open it in one of Spain’s major cities, such  as Barcelona or Madrid. A few of our students who graduated with their Master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management ,  teamed up to start a vegan restaurant serving Vegan Lebanese cuisine. They are doing great for themselves, and when asked as to  what an ideal profit-making strategy would be, one of them said  “ Choose a happening location, hire a good chef, then, take stunning  photos of your meals and post them to your website and Instagram,  aim to rank well on platforms like Tripadvisor, and you’re ready to  deliver nutritious food to your customers!”

3. Build a Business as a Translator:

Every year, people from all over the world go to Spain. The tourism  sector has been coping rigorously post pandemic and has begun to  boom. And there’s no refuting that they all prefer to communicate in  their native language. As a result, you will have a lot of chances as a  translator. In that context, you may work as a translator for any tourist  activity, but you also have other choices that are quite intriguing. 

Because working as a freelance translation opens a lot of  opportunities for you. For example, you can translate website content  or other forms of texts featured in adverts.

And eventually you can hire more and more people with the same  skillset and commercialize your work as an organization. 

Students from Gulf countries, South-Asian communities, parts of Africa,  and many more can take this up as a legit career as the scalability  ratio is magnanimous.

4. Work As A Language Instructor

It’s unmistakably evident. What does a foreigner residing in Spain have  to offer the labor market that a Spaniard doesn’t? His or her native  tongue, which will be either extremely rare or extremely difficult to get  by depending on the country of origin. For many foreigners, being a  language instructor is an excellent option. 

Spanish still remains the most popular language for Spaniards to study.  However, many people in the nation are increasingly attempting to  acquire a second language. As a result, if you know German, Chinese,  Japanese, Araba, Hindi, French, Italian , or any other language , you  will have no trouble finding pupils eager to study it. 

All you have to do now is join up for sites like Preply and you’re ready  to go!

5. Digital Marketing Agency

This is one of the most thriving businesses globally, and many of our  graduated students vouch by this business idea as they share the  ground reality that, as unbelievable as it may seem, there are still a  number of businesses who do not have a website. And a large portion  of those who have do not spend the necessary attention to their social  media presence (or do it poorly). As a result, each firm nowadays  need the expertise of a social media marketer, thus, there is a lot of  scope for tapping this untapped zone. 

One of our graduated students currently works for many SMEs and  shared the ease with which he got started. 

“The reality is that you can do it for zero investment if you have a  laptop and an internet connection, and you don’t need much  experience or understanding in the industry. You may simply get an  aesthetic style by using Photoshop or web services like Canva to make  your graphics.  

How to get a job as a freelance social media manager in Spain? You  may list your services for free on networks like Fiverr or Freelancer.”

We’ve put together a list of the top five business ideas that you may  start in Spain. It’s now up to you to pick the one that best fits your  expertise, experience, and interests, and to start working on it. 

We recommend you to grab a good hold of the theoretical aspects  of doing business so as to apply it seamlessly in the corporate world.  

Contact us at [email protected] and take an inquiry to learn more about a  program that best matches your dream.

Written By:

Written By:

Pooja Shah is more than a decade old in the education industry with roles ranging from Professor at a B-School to Foreign language facilitator in China to Content Strategist for an education giant. She is passionate about educating and inspiring the world with generic and specific topics relating to her industry with authentic and accurate information. She heads the Digital Content and Engagement department at C3S Business School.

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