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How to Write a Sports Betting Business Plan [Sample Template]

Are you about starting a sports betting business? If YES, here is a complete sample sports betting business plan template and feasibility report you can use for FREE . Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a sports betting business. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample sports betting business marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for sports betting businesses. So let’s proceed to the business planning section.

Table of Content

Why Start a Sports Betting Business?

1. industry overview, 3. our products and services, 4. our mission and vision statement, 5. job roles and responsibilities, 6. swot analysis, 8. our target market, 9. sales and marketing strategy, 10. sales forecast, 11. publicity and advertising strategy, 12. our pricing strategy, 14. sustainability and expansion strategy.

It is very important to note that building a sports betting business in the united states is risky because it is termed illegal. Since it is illegal to bet on sports in most states in the United States, you must consult first the services of a lawyer to make sure that it is legal to start a sports betting business in your state. Even in the united kingdom or any other country, you need to make proper research before you start this business.

It is a known fact that betting on sports can be sometimes confusing because sports bookers have their own terminologies. Familiarizing your self with these terminologies before even starting your sports betting business is a must. Also seeking advice from individuals in the industry will help you in learning the dos and don’ts in doing a sports betting business. Certainly you shouldn’t expect competitors to give you good advice because that will be the last thing that they want to do. If they give you good advice, that would mean less profit for them and intense competition.

This business can be lucrative but deadly if it’s illegal. Some people see sports betting as an art because it involves complex processes and techniques that consume time to actually learn, master and play. If you do not understand the sports betting industry, you would end up being unsuccessful that is why it is very important to know most, if not all, of the things involved in sports betting or alternatively you can hire somebody who will run your sports betting business for you.

A Sample Sports Betting Business Plan Template

Without doubt the value of the global sports betting market is very hard to estimate because of the lack of consistency on how it is regulated in some countries. Few of the analysis  put the value of the sports betting industry at between 700 billion U.S. dollars and 1,000 billion U.S. dollars. But it is known that Illegal sports betting alone could be worth 500 billion U.S. dollars according to some experts.

It is good to know that sports betting make up about 13 percent of the global gambling market, which also includes lotteries, casinos, gaming machines, bingo and other gaming paraphernalia. Estimation puts the gross win of the global gambling industry at more than 400 billion U.S. dollars.

Gross win from gambling is actually the amount of money the gambling operation keeps from the customer’s stakes, wagers, bets etc, less the winning paid out to the customer and before deducting operating expenses. Asia is the biggest market for gambling and sports betting in particular.

The online/interactive category is probably the fastest growing segment of the industry. Worldwide gross win from online gambling was at around 41 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 and is projected to reach 57 billion U.S. dollars by 2018. Gross win from online sports betting reached about 21 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. An estimate from several years back projected a gross win of only around 6 billion U.S. dollars. Within 2012 to 2016, sports betting generated more than 50 percent of the total worldwide online gross win.

2. Executive Summary

FavourBet  is a standard, licensed and well-functioning sports betting company that will be located in one of the busiest streets; the entertainment hub of London,UK. We at FavourBet have been able to secure a standard facility in the central and easy to locate Regent Street in London.

We have made sure that we are well equipped to service the whole football community. We believe that our bet company is going to become the number one betting destination for all sports lovers in the United Kingdom. We have been able to get all necessary documents to make our business legal and formal.

We at FavourBet have been able to conduct thorough market research and feasibility studies and we came to the conclusion that Regent Street in the centre hub of London is the right place to start our Bet company. We at FavourBet believe that our client’s best interest would always be our utmost priority, and all our activities will be guided by our values and professional ethics. We also hope to hire professionals who are well experienced in the betting industry.

We at FavourBet plan to be open for 24 hours in a day during weekends (Fridays to Sundays) and from 6:00 am to 12 midnight from Mondays to Thursdays in order for us to provide the best services in the industry. This is the reason why we have been able to make adequate provisions for floodlight system and also to recruit enough staff to run shift amongst our workforce.

We at FavourBet will at all times show our unadulterated commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a firm, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible. Our management are always ready to hold themselves responsible to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely. We will cultivate a working environment that provides sustainable approach to earning a living, and living in our world, for our partners, employees and for our clients.

FavourBet is a family business owned by Thomas Nuffield and his immediate family members. The business will be managed by Thomas Nuffield and his son Maxi Nuffield. Peter McAlister has well over 22 years of experience in the betting industry, after having a successful football career and gaining a recognised business management certificate from the University of Birmingham. He is well known and noted as an upright man who gave his all to Everton Football Club during his young days.

FavourBet is a betting industry that aims to provide good betting system and odds for sports lovers all over the world, which is why we have put up a facility that can help us achieve this goal. We at FavourBet are positive that anyone who leverages on our business will remain happy and interested.

These are the services and amenities that will be made available to our clients;

Our Business Structure

Our business structure at FavourBet is built to be a flexible version of a normal business structure. We understand that a cross-functional workforce is key to our success. We also plan to make sure that the  leadership or any staff team community of our business must be able to perform related tasks when the need or technical crises arise. Listed below are the portfolios we wish to start FavourBet with;

Internet Commerce Manager

Marketing and Brand Manger

Company lawyer

Chief Technology Officer

Technical and infrastructural manager

Application and Content Developer

Security guard

Indeed the journey of a thousand miles start with a step and nothing good comes easy. We at FavourBet have made concrete decisions not to make mistakes right from the very foundation of our business. We also employed the services of a well known consultancy firm know for its marketing and business promotion ideas to aid us with our SWOT Analysis.

This consultancy firm during the time of their research were very thorough and straight. The Consultancy firm had to make use of our available workforce to really understand how eager and competent they are to the success of FavourBet. Properly summarized below is the result of their SWOT Analysis for FavourBet;

According to the SWOT Analysis  our strengths lies on our zeal, publicity budget and our workforce. It is believed that we have a standard A list team with excellent qualifications and experience in their various niche areas in the gambling, betting and computer programming industry. They believe that our workforce is made up of competent, result driven, eager and well educative individuals.

It was very easy to note in the SWOT Analysis that the sports betting industry is very competitive. Our SWOT Analysis also explained that our weakness include the time it might take us to  development an identity and consumer brand acceptance, develop and execute effective marketing communications, identify and execute ongoing affiliate revenue generation, advertising, and ecommerce revenue stream. We believe all these are issues we can handle properly and very fast.

It was also noted categorically that the opportunity available in the social media industry is so large. Sports is actually an act or a hobby that brings people of different race together and will forever remain relevant in our world. We understand how eager people are to gain more money or supplement their income.

The SWOT Analysis conducted for us also pointed out the threats we might be facing in the industry. It pointed out clearly that we may encounter threats like acquiring strategic investment and consistent funding stream, enforcing a technological and strategic site development and content planning, developing of content/link generation, user functionality and programming development and execution, the vast nature of the industry, and the level of competition in the sports betting industry.


In the world of betting, the use of a mobile phone or tablet to place a bet has made it a lot easier and accessible. But just as the global in-play markets have grown rapidly in recent years, the problems posed by illegal gambling and match-fixing are very real and growing ones.  Below are the very important trends in the industry.

There have been various cases of match fixing in most sports in the sports industry. Fixing the final outcome of a match is not considered the major threat to sport in the UK these days, but what is seen as the major threat to sports is fixing a part of a match or performance which may not affect the final result – what is known as “spot-fixing”.

In the UK, you can bet on an individual player being cautioned during a match, but gamblers are confined to small stakes for fear that such betting opportunities can be manipulated. And it is a known fact that bribed players can make a fortune from gambling from bets placed with illegal bookmakers around the globe such as South Asia where gambling occurs outside the control of UK sports authorities.

Quite close to match fixing, an alarming concern for bookmakers is the proliferation of illegal betting. It has been estimated that the industry could be worth as much as $500bn per year. While it is vastly believed that most function in Asia, it is very hard to put a figure on the size and manner of illegal gambling because there are no official figures there. Also analysis holds it that Illegal betting syndicates often offer better odds for a sporting event by making sure that the pay out for a winning bet is more lucrative and attractive.

Technology has actually brought about the biggest change in this industry. Indeed betting companies continue to sell punters a conviction or feeling; punters can place their bet remotely. In the industry now, there is no longer need to make a trip to the betting shop or physically attend a horse race. The global remote betting market alone was worth more than £18 billion in 2010.  The widespread use of internet and mobile phones for placing  a bet has also made the industry ever more lucrative as quick access to odds ensures betting  is highly accessible.

Our Target Market at FavourBet cuts across people of different walks of life. Different people have different instincts for different sports. We at FavourBet will work towards providing services, facilities and environment that will help us reach out to our target market. These are the category of people that we intend marketing;

Our competitive advantage

We at FavourBet understand that what attracts people to betting companies are the various games, business location and interesting odds that they offer. FavourBet  is centrally located in the ever busy Regent Street in the happening hub of London; this is obviously going to give us an edge amongst our competitors.

FavourBet can also boast of having a team of highly qualified professionals who will work with all our clients and make it easy and comfortable for them in all the sports betting we offer and also our odds are the very best in the industry.

We at FavourBet will be open 24 hours in a day during weekends (Fridays to Sundays) and from 6:00 am to 12 midnight from Mondays to Thursdays in order for us to accommodate people with different time preference. We will also make sure that our employees will be well taken care of, and their welfare package will be among the best within our category.

It is important to note that FavourBet is a business we believe will reach all continents of the world and we have plans of using our own funds. Our source of income is focused strictly on the business niche of the industry. We hope to get our income and maximize profits by offering the following services;

We at FavourBet have researched the industry extensively and a prototype site has been developed and is up and running in a privately hosted environment and prospective customer and partner lists have been developed and several have been contacted for establishing an emerging business relationship. FavourBet has also built agreement with several vendor partners to offer ecommerce opportunities within the online community

FavourBet can also boast of a business management team consisting of business and technical professionals. Also, focus groups have been established and are currently providing ongoing insight and consumer end-user feedback into the online community development cycle.

Initial market acceptance tests have indicated a warm welcome of the concept. This to show that we are bent on making FavourBet the best. Below is the sales forecast of FavourBet within the next three years;

Note : it is worthwhile to note that this sales forecast was done based on what is obtainable in the industry and with the assumption that all our threats will be a stepping stone for us.

We at FavourBet don’t have plans of leaving any stone unturned to become and remain the best in the industry. We have through extensive research understood how competitive the industry is and we hope to make it our hub and zone. We at FavourBet hope to employ our sales and marketing team  based on their vast experience in the industry and they will be trained on a regular basis so as to be well equipped to meet their target and the overall business goal of FavourBet.

We hope to make use of the following strategies to become the king of the Betting industry;

We at FavourBet have created unique and well budgeted publicity strategies to boost our business. We have stated many times already in this business plan that our publicity budget gives us nothing less that a 70% chance of survival in this industry.

Our publicity and awareness strategies at FavourBet will rely on the power of targeted online messaging tools, strategies, and word-of-mouth references, followed up with directed traditional media promotional strategies, such as outdoor advertising, periodicals, and network and cable sponsorship.

Outlined below are the strategies we hope to adopt at FavourBet

We at FavourBet hope to keep our odds for now above the average market rate to attract customers and clients. We will also inculcate promos in all our fees and payment for the main time. FavourBet we believe will grow to what we dream it to be and we hope to be part of the future of the Betting industry.

We at FavourBet understand the nook and crannies of the industry, and we believe in what we can do. We hope to provide distinctive services that will shake the sports betting industry from its roots.

FavourBet is a business we hope would take over the world and as such, we have substantial payment options that will favour all our customers right from the south of Africa up to the Antarctica. We at FavourBet will be creating online payment options that will be very secured and easy to access. We have partnered with a well known bank in the United Kingdom to make sure we provide the following services;

13. Startup Expenditure (Budget)

In starting FavourBet, the price or cost depends explicitly on the approach and size, which we believe will be very large. We understand that finance is needed in any business venture; funds are needed for renting office space, buying equipment, advertising et al, and any start-up can either be low or high depending on the goals, vision and aspirations for the business. We believe we will earn back every cent we spend as start up capital.

Listed below are the ways we expect to spend our start up capital;

From our detailed analysis above, we will needing £1,303,150 to start FavourBet. This business will be a world class business that will reach all the corners of the world.

Generating Funding / Start up Capital for FavourBet

FavourBet is the idea and sole business of two astounding business tycoons. The business being a huge business won’t be easy for just one man to fund, which is why we hope to attract more funds. These are the areas we intend generating our start–up capital;

Note : We are hoping to raise $1 million – $1.5 million for the development, launch, and 5-year ongoing expense outlook of the company. Additional funding requirements will potentially be required for additional consumer brands and currently unseen partnership development opportunities.

It is our sole plan to build is a global business that will surpass the territories of the United Kingdom; we will expand FavourBet to all the ends of the world. We at FavourBet plan to start it’s expansion by next three years when we must have built a first class corporate identity.

FavourBet will also ensure that we constantly engage in continuous capacity building for our workforce; we will not relent in training and re–training of all our employees. FavourBet also plans to create good incentives that will keep them with us and not just only that, but give their best to the business. We have made sure that our workforce will remain the best in the coupon industry.

Our tactical execution activities at FavourBet will continue as follows in support of what is obtainable in the industry. Our website will be launched no later than mid October. FavourBet website will have an estimated 75 percent portion of initial “look and feel” issues resolved, 75-90 percent portion of content/links available, 70 percent of interactive functional issues resolved, and 80 percent of revenue-generating affiliate partner programs in activation.


More on Sports Sector

How to start a successful sport betting business in 2023

Sports betting is one of the popular gambling activities. Its popularity also makes it one of the most lucrative businesses. If you are looking forward to venturing into the sector in 2023, here are a few tips on how to go about it.

How to start a successful sport betting business in 2023

If starting a business was one of the New Year’s resolutions and you had sports betting in mind, do not procrastinate on the idea any further. Start planning and, within a few weeks from now, have it running.

Recommended articles

The sports betting business is one of the most lucrative ventures in 2023. If you start one today and run it well, you are in for a fruitful 2023. Sports betting experts providing tips on creating business reveal that those who have taken the sports betting route have recorded great strides quickly.

They observe that most UK betting sites started from a humble beginning and have become some of the most recognized brands in the gambling sector. In the UK betting sites list , sports betting experts add that after a thorough analysis of more than half, they have found that a majority are less than five years old, and they have recorded phenomenal growth due to proper planning. Those who would like to start a successful sports business in 2023 can actualize their dreams as the sector is still yearning for more. Borrowing insights from sports betting experts, we will explore how one can start a successful venture in 2023.

What are the sports betting business?

Let’s start by explaining what it is all about for those who may not be conversant with the sports betting business. This is a business where punters can place bets on various sporting events. It can be an online venture through a betting exchange or a bookmaker. As a way of diversification, the business can be offered alongside other services, such as providing tips to bettors. From the onset, it is essential to know that the business can be very lucrative and risky. Therefore, when starting, you should consider all the critical factors.

Here are steps that you can follow when starting your sports betting business

Business plan

You need to lay out the goals and objectives of your sports betting business. This is done through the creation of a business plan . In the plan, you will outline the strategies, goals, revenues, expenditures, or costs and conduct a market analysis. The business plan will also indicate the viability of the business. The market analysis will help you identify areas where you can compete effectively and the type of products that can help you succeed. If you are not familiar with the preparation of the business plan, consult experts.

They can help you come up with one. Work closely with the experts to ensure that they provide a workable plan. Some provide generic plans, which may be challenging when fitting into your situation. A good business plan should provide information on your current situation, the requirements, the capabilities, what is required, and the general business environment, among other essential details. When drawn correctly, a business plan can provide a solid foundation allowing you to start on a high note and guiding you through the process.

Once you have a good business plan, ensure you fulfill all the legal requirements. One of the legal requirements when starting a sports betting business is registration. It is such an essential process that it can influence the company's running. Depending on your country of operation, obtain the necessary licenses. This is what will allow you to operate legally. Most customers coming to your business will first establish your license status. If it is in the order, they will move ahead, but if there are issues with licensing, they will shun the business. Therefore, get it right from the beginning, obtain the necessary licenses and increase your chances of success.

Create a website

Nowadays, most sports betting activities are happening online. Therefore, having a responsive, navigable, and secure website will propel you to greater heights. It will not just be enough to have a website; your business should also be available on mobile phones as a compatible website or an app. Consult the services of a professional web designer and developer so that you can get it right. Provide features that will attract and keep punters on your site.

You can have a good plan and do everything else right, but if you fail to market your platform, that is the end. With the stiff-neck competition that characterizes the industry, you need to register your presence and get identified by punters. To achieve this, you need to market your business. You can use different strategies to promote your site. They include:

With these steps, you are in for a solid start; however, resilience, patience, reinvention, and constant engagement are required to make it in the competitive world. Sports betting is a fast-growing sector with lots of prospects and potential. Take advantage of the lucrativeness of the industry to make gains, and start the business in 2023.

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betting business plan in kenya

How to Start a Successful Sports Betting Business in 2023

Sports Betting

Table of contents.

Know About Different Bet Types in Sports Betting

Starting a successful betting business: important points, how to start a successful sports betting business.

Don’t Miss These Additional Benefits

Know about countries with legal sports betting, now, why choose gammastack for your betting business, faqs - how to start a successful sports betting business in 2023.

How to Start a Successful Sports Betting Business


Over a few decades, an increased prevalence of betting on sports and even the smallest games has become the latest trend. This is gaining attention as a new profitable sector for many businesses and operators across the globe. A list of business entities and companies is set up in this domain to offer users access to such sports and gaming, which means opening sports betting business in 2023.

A portion of the population still finds it difficult to exactly define sports betting, so we’re here to help you. Well, sports betting refers to placing bets on different sports like football, cricket, volleyball, tennis, and many more based on the probability of wins, and thus getting wins or losses out of it.

Sports betting came into existence in historic times when people used to do it for fun, which gradually turned into a domain filled with wins and mints, and therefore gained popularity. As per a recent survey, the current global sports betting market stands strong at $99.20 billion in 2022 which is expected to surpass $144.34 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 9.83%.


Online Casino Software

Parlays betting means linking more bets in one so that every single win leads to bigger wins at the end.

Straight Bets

As the name suggests, straight bets include placing a single bet on an event in the simplest way for easy wins.

Outright bets are the ones that are directly placed on expected outcomes or wins of the event, tournament, etc.

Under the over/under, the bettor places a bet on either over or under a set number range based on the probability of winning.

Moneyline is the most straightforward betting style where bettors place bets on direct winning outcomes of a team or player.

Putting challenges to the easier players, i.e. putting a positive event happening in ‘handicap’ to make the wins challenges.

Trebles is a betting style where you can make three outright selections of bets which sums up as one multiple bet.

Pool Betting

Commonly known as pari-mutuel betting, pool bets include the generation of pools where similar bets are placed and thus accordingly divide the outcomes.

When looking for a moderately challenging bet, each way is the one which uses two different bets - win and set - both leading to at least some wins.


Win or lose, there is nothing in between when it comes to using the head-to-head betting strategy.

Starting A Successful Betting Business

Legal Factors

Knowing that sports betting is a matter of legal approvals, knowing and understanding the legal concerns is another important part to know about how to set up an online sports betting business. Many regions like the UK, the USA, and many more have legally accepted and regulated it, whereas, many countries still seek its legalisation.


Sometimes knowing the competition while starting a business becomes vital to analyse the profitability ratio and business potential. Never forget, there’s always a strong reason why your competitors push certain offerings majorly. Analyzing the competition can be frugal from the view of knowing the market strengths and also understanding the kind of offerings to throw when starting a betting business.

Market & Geographies

You would already be knowing that the market of sports betting is very extensive and is also enlarging with time. Based on the locations you look forward to serving your betting services, it is important to understand the kind of sports, markets, events, and games that prevail. Hence, always ensure to ask yourself the question ‘can I start sports betting business with all or specific coverages in the location?’ For instance, if cricket is more popular in any specific country than any other sport, your sports betting business plan must be efficient enough to have cricket as the first sports betting option for the same.

When searching for answers for how to start a betting company or business, especially in the international domains, don’t you think language can be a factor to give considerable focus? It is, henceforth, always essential to know about different languages and the ways to eradicate this barrier. One of the best solutions to the issue is to get your betting business platform in multiple languages as per the location.

Finance & Budget

The shortest answer to ‘how to start my sports betting business?’ is ‘lots of finances’! Well, this is undeniably correct that opening a betting business in 2023 is in no way pocket-friendly. The rising trends of betting businesses have led to increased financial requirements, which means you need to allocate more finance and other resources for a leading business startup.

Licensing & Regulations

You must be knowing already that the sports betting industry is regulated and legally authorised, which means you too will need to brainstorm it while starting your own betting business. For instance, European countries, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, China, Canada, Nigeria, Peru, New Zealand, New Jersey, etc. are legally regulating the sports betting domain which means your business can float. So, let’s not forget taking a license for your business!


How Sports Betting Mobile Apps are Revolutionizing Online Gambling – 2023

How Sports Betting Mobile Apps are Revolutionizing Online Gambling – 2023

Top 10 Payment Methods for Sports Betting Software 2023

Top 10 Payment Methods for Sports Betting Software 2023

Sports Betting Sites Checklist: Must-have Features of Sports Betting Sites that Drive Success

Sports Betting Sites Checklist: Must-have Features of Sports Betting Sites that Drive Success

How To Start a Successful Sports Betting Business

Business Planning

The beginning of how to open a sports betting business comes from understanding the business needs. This may include planning the type of business, size and scale, national and international scales, and so on.

Searching Providers

The next stage to starting a sports betting business is searching for development companies and providers that can fully understand and curate the best solutions for your business. GammaStack is one such successful sports betting software development company which offers the classiest and most unique business development ideas which takes startups to top positions.

Understanding Requirements

The process does not end at finalising the providers but understanding, analysing, and allocating the requirements. When starting an online sports betting business, one needs to understand whether a custom sports betting business model is needed or a ready-to-launch sports betting platform . A custom betting platform can bring uniqueness whereas ready-to-launch offers quickest market entries with standard solution.

Legal Factor Analysis

Get the resources ready, but before this, not to forget about the legal aspects. The best answer to ‘how to open a betting business?’ is that legal analysis and gathering the license can ge your business opened.


The next step is to get the solutions developed for your business enunciation. This may include allocating the resources, generating finances and budgets, keeping eye on designing and creation, and so on.

Yeah! So you business has reached the execution stage, which means it is ready to be live. Moreover, this part also doesn’t end, but comes with another post-launch process. Now, all you need is to keep a track of post-launch activities, marketing, upgradation, and maintenance regularly to keep the platform competitively running.

Know About Range Of Sports To Add In Your Offerings

BasketBall Betting Software


American Football Betting Software

American Football

Fantasy Baseball Software

Arena of Valor


Call of Duty

Counter Strike



League of Legends

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege



Rocket League

Rocket League

Want to start a successful sports betting business.

How To Start a Successful Sports Betting Business

Post-Launch Help

Worried about how to setup online sports betting business even after the launch? We are here to help you! Get the complete kit of development, execution, and post-execution support from GammaStack where we keep a track of and monitor all your post needs efficiently along with the marketing.

Hiring Of Developers

If you already have a team of developers but look for some upgradation needs, feel free to ask us for hiring assistance. GammaStack is one such provider that offer easy hiring and staffing of developers to help you grow.

More Gaming Combinations

Not just betting, but many other similar interests like online casinos, lotteries, fantasy games, etc. are seeing sky-high business. So, let’s diversify your portfolio with more of such gaming configurations and get ahead in all races.



Lottery Blogs


eSports Blogs

GammaStack is one of those sports betting software development companies that not only develop the best solutions but also help many businesses to grow and come above by using the most versatile offerings. We have been in the industry for more than 8 years and many businesses have fully been scaled using our business development skills and ideas.

Equipped with the latest technologies and superior algorithms, GammaStack offers sports betting software development services that are uniquely crafted for your business. From understanding the needs to sketching, designing, developing, executing, and even post-execution monitoring; we cover everything that you need.

So, why go anywhere else than GammaStack if you can get everything covered under one roof?

Sports betting business accompanies a range of sports and events where users can put bets using your business platform, and generate good wins. The betting business, here, earns great from user registration and payments.

Well, this depends on the type and scale of your business aim. For instance, if you look for a custom sports betting business model, the budget needs to be higher than any ready-to-launch ones.

Yes, with GammaStack you can get everything customised for your betting business.

This depends on the development company chosen and their terms. GammaStack never believes in taking revenue shares from its clients.

Go nowhere than GammaStack and ask all your queries related to starting a successful betting business. We will give our best answers to resolve all your doubts.

Yes, GammaStack offers a ready-to-launch sports betting business model which helps businesses to open sports betting businesses in the shortest time.


Our team has recently been informed about certain entities or persons who are doing online frauds by falsely positioning themselves as representatives of our organisation. These individuals have used different social messaging channels such as Skype for doing frauds & acquiring online payments via crypto from a few individuals. Read More..

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betting business plan in kenya

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    betting business plan in kenya

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    betting business plan in kenya



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  1. How to Write a Sports Betting Business Plan [Sample Template]

    Familiarizing your self with these terminologies before even starting your sports betting business is a must. Also seeking advice from individuals in the

  2. Sports Betting Plan

    Marketing Plan & Strategy · STRATEGY: · The single objective is to position Jockey Club of Kenya as the premier place for betting.

  3. How to start a successful sport betting business in 2023

    You can have a good plan and do everything else right, but if you fail to market your platform, that is the end. With the stiff-neck competition

  4. Business Plan On Betting

    1 · 1.4 Mission Statement · 2. MARKET ENVIRONMENT (INDUSTRY ANALYSIS) · 2.2 Customer Analysis · 3.1.1 Payment options · 1. President (General Manger) · 3. Application


    xi) A business plan showing the minimum investment and Sources of funding. xii) Submit a broad statement on the choice of Kenya for the licenses applied.

  6. How to Start a successful sports betting business in 2023

    READERS OF THIS BLOG ALSO READ · Business Planning. The beginning of how to open a sports betting business comes from understanding the business

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    According to statistics from GeoPoll, SportPesa is by far the most popular betting platform in Kenya, with 82% of Kenyan gamblers reporting that

  8. 7 things you need to run a successful betting agency

    As part of the approval process, agents are required to part with a security deposit. Betting firm Betin Kenya pegs its deposit at Sh150,000, of which Sh100,000

  9. How much money do I need to start an online sports betting business?

    Finding out the complete finances involved in starting up any business is a long and tedious process. Business financial planning involves consideration of

  10. Market Penetration Strategies Used By Football Betting Firms In Kenya

    Munyoki, PhD,. Associate Professor,. Department of Business Administration,. University of Nairobi. Page 3. iii. DEDICATION. To God Almighty, from whom all good