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For each of the following separate cases, prepare the required December 31 year-end adjusting entries.

c. The company received $3.000 cash in advance for sustainability consulting work. As of December 31,one-third of the sustainability consulting work had been performed.

Berkwild Company is authorized to issue 2,000,000 shares of common stock. At the beginning of 2019, Berkwild had 248,000 issued and outstanding shares. On July 2, 2019, Berkwild repurchased 4,610 shares of its common stock at $28 per share. On March 1 and September 1, Berkwild declared a cash dividend of$1.10 per share. The dividends were paid on April 1 and October 1.

Prepare the journal entries to record the payment of the two dividends.

Clint’s Stonework Corporation was organized on January 1, 2011. For its first two years of operations, it reported the following:

Net income for 2011 $ 31,000 Net income for 2012 42,000 Dividends for 2011 14,200 Dividends for 2012 18,700 Total assets at the end of 2011 130,000 Total assets at the end of 2012 130,000 \begin{array} {lrrrrr} \text{Net income for 2011}& \hspace{10pt}\text{\$\hspace{10pt}31,000}&\\ \text{Net income for 2012}& \hspace{10pt}\text{42,000}&\\ \text{Dividends for 2011}& \text{14,200}&\\ \text{Dividends for 2012}& \hspace{10pt}\text{18,700}&\\ \text{Total assets at the end of 2011}& \hspace{10pt}\text{130,000}&\\ \text{Total assets at the end of 2012}& \text{130,000}&\\ \end{array} Net income for 2011 Net income for 2012 Dividends for 2011 Dividends for 2012 Total assets at the end of 2011 Total assets at the end of 2012 ​ $ 31,000 42,000 14,200 18,700 130,000 130,000 ​ ​

On the basis of the data given, prepare a statement of retained earnings for 2012. Show computations.

Jalbert Furniture Company has asked you to determine whether the company’s ability to pay its current liabilities and long-term debts improved or deteriorated during 2018. To answer this question, calculate the following ratios for 2018 and 2017.

2018 2017 Cash $ 50 , 000 $ 49 , 000 Short-term investments 29 , 000 11 , 000 Net receivables  123 , 000 129 , 000 Inventory 239 , 000 266 , 000 Prepaid expenses 20 , 000 4 , 000 Total assets 560 , 000 470 , 000 Total current liabilities 217 , 000 262 , 000 Long-term debt 77 , 000 104 , 000 Income from operations  250 , 000 148 , 000 Interest expense 40 , 000 38 , 000 \begin{array}{lrr} & \textbf{2018} & \textbf{2017}\\ \\ \text{Cash} & \$\hspace{5pt}50,000 & \$ \hspace{5pt} 49,000\\ \text{Short-term investments} & 29,000 & 11,000\\ \text{Net receivables } & 123,000 & 129,000\\ \text{Inventory} & 239,000 & 266,000\\ \text{Prepaid expenses} & 20,000 & 4,000\\ \text{Total assets} & 560,000 & 470,000\\ \text{Total current liabilities} & 217,000 & 262,000\\ \text{Long-term debt} & 77,000 & 104,000\\ \text{Income from operations } & 250,000 & 148,000\\ \text{Interest expense} & 40,000 & 38,000\\ \end{array} Cash Short-term investments Net receivables  Inventory Prepaid expenses Total assets Total current liabilities Long-term debt Income from operations  Interest expense ​ 2018 $ 50 , 000 29 , 000 123 , 000 239 , 000 20 , 000 560 , 000 217 , 000 77 , 000 250 , 000 40 , 000 ​ 2017 $ 49 , 000 11 , 000 129 , 000 266 , 000 4 , 000 470 , 000 262 , 000 104 , 000 148 , 000 38 , 000 ​

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FBS310 LA4 Relevant costing

Multiple Choice

Answers will vary but should include factors such as starting salaries, value of fringe benefits, cost of living, and other monetary factors.

Answers will vary but should include considerations such as price, convenience, features, ease of purchase, availability, and other decision-making factors.

Responses should comment on the growth Netflix has experienced. Although this may have been due to subscription price increases, the biggest driver of these increases is the number of subscriptions. While this is only a few data points, it does appear likely that Netflix will continue to grow sales in the next year or so. Factors influencing this prediction would be competition, changes in the streaming market, and economic considerations.

Answers will vary, but responses should state, in a sentence or two, the primary purpose of the entity. The goal of this exercise is to have students clearly communicate why the entity exists, the stakeholders served by the entity, and the role accounting plays in the organization.

Answers will vary but should highlight aspects of each model: Brick-and-mortar : higher investment in physical storefront, interior, etc., to attain visual appeal; insurance and regulatory requirements; space/storage considerations; lower delivery costs; no delivery time. Online : less overhead costs, higher delivery costs, higher website and technology costs, competition.

Manufacturer: movies; service: hotels, restaurants, waste removal, entertainment; retail: shopDisney, clothes and apparel.

Answers will vary but should include the key services of the SEC related to regulation and enforcement. You may be particularly interested to explore the SEC’s whistle-blowing initiatives. Responses regarding required filings for publicly traded companies should include a discussion about the relationship between transparency and protecting the public interest. The significant amount of invested capital by the investing public is also relevant to the discussion.

Answers will vary but should include the increase in popularity of energy drinks and Monster’s partnership with the Coca-Cola Company (which now owns close to a 17% stake in Monster). Considerations as to whether or not to purchase Monster shares today would include the estimated future performance of the company, the energy drink market, purchasing at a high point, etc.

Answers will vary but should include a discussion of the importance for accountants to provide information that is unbiased. Accountants have an obligation to protect the public interest by reporting information that is useful for decision-making but does not sway the user in a particular way. Accountants are in a unique position where they serve many stakeholders, including their employer, clients, and the public. The interests of all stakeholders must be considered while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

Answers will vary and may include certifications/licensing in nursing, information technology, engineering, human resources management, counseling, medicine, and many other occupations.

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Get 100% Accurate Cengage Answer keys and Cengage Homework Answers- January 2023

Cengage answer keys

by Creative Savants

September 7, 2022, in student guide , study help, no comments.

With technological advancement, the trend of online education via digital platforms has increased. For effective and well-engaging learning experiences, teachers and students are more inclined toward using digital platforms like Cengage. Cengage is also among the top and most widely used learning platforms, which unites teachers and students to achieve effective learning and pedagogical objectives. However, students often face challenges regarding solving Cengage answer keys and Cengage homework and quiz answers. Educators and students need extra help to tackle their difficulties regarding their assignments, quizzes, and homework. So, here is the solution. This blog will help out students searching for the online Cengage answers key, particularly the ones who want to complete the courses at Cengage successfully. Let’s learn about the non-risky ways of getting reliable answers for myhome Cengage.

Table of Contents

What is Cengage?

Cengage is providing a new digital educational platform for students and educators to learn and teach academic courses. It is an online space for students to learn different courses and move on to their academic achievements with confidence and success. Moreover, the Cengage gateway connects teachers and students by providing effective, useful, and advanced online tools that help them create exciting Cengage quizzes and tests according to their students’ requirements. It provides trustworthy and unmistakable solutions for students , making Cengage a handy online tool.

Read More: Turnitin Plagiarism Software It needs only one subscription, which provides the user access to the digital library, consisting of 15,000 plus textbooks, different study tools, and courseware platforms like MindTap, Samcengage, Web assign, and Cengage. However, it is never easy to complete the courses at Cengage, because it assesses the students at different levels, and works on providing them with complete knowledge and practice about the subjects.

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It is where most students try to find the Cengage answer keys and Cengage Mindtap answer keys to move forward successfully. But these students need not worry now, as they can quickly get accurate and reliable Cengage solutions to confirm an easy academic ride.

cengage accounting chapter 1 homework answers

Why get help with Cengage answers?

Learning with no understanding can lead a student towards demotivation. To cope with these inabilities, a mentor always tries to keep the student’s interest in the course. However, every subject or field poses different challenges for the students and can demotivate them.

So, when they get stuck solving any Mindtap answers or solving any Cengage answer keys quizzes, they find ways to cheat on Cengage Mindtap. However, these ways can cost much to the students because of the risks attached.

Cengage answer keys can help students to learn every aspect of the nature of the course. However, the real question is: how can students secure accurate Cengage answer keys to ace their assignments, quizzes and courses? Getting the Cengage answer keys might not be a problem now, as many online companies and platforms are offering assistance for Cengage. But do these Cengage answer keys help and safe to use?

Read More: Webassign Online Answers and Hack The truth is that you are never going to find an accurate one, as Cengage changes questions and numbers almost every time, which means that you will never find the exact solutions for your Cengage answer keys.

Cengage courses

How to find the Cengage answer keys online?

It is one of the most searched questions by students who get enroll in Cengage courses. How to find the Cengage answer keys? The answer is that Creative Savants is offering the best services in town, and are experts are available to help you find answers to Cengage courses and assignments without any hassle.

Read More: Canvas Instructor Guide Whether it is Cengage math answers or Cengage accounting answers, our professional helpers are there to handle your academic queries and problems. We understand that students are on the lookout for someone who can help them complete their tasks efficiently- someone who is also trustworthy. So, the answer to all your queries is ‘Creative Savants.’

“Creative Savants” provides Cengage answer keys for its users as well as offers complete guidance for Citrus College courses, WebAssign and Canvas  just to name a few. We are known as one of the most reliable and successful academic writing agencies in town, with a clientele spreading across different continents. So what you are waiting for, contact us now to get Cengage answer keys for accounting, chemistry and other related subjects and courses.

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Is there any way to cheat on Cengage?

When you have to submit a bulk of assignments or appear in several Cengage quizzes, you often look for ways to solve everything through cheating, which is not a good idea and is not encouraged by teachers. Students often ask, ‘Can Cengage detect cheating? So, the answer is yes. Cengage’s online academic tool is an anti-cheating program and learners must follow a straight academic path to the next level. Cengage can readily detect assignment and quiz cheating through its proctored and well-secured browser. So, cheating while solving the Cengage quizzes or while solving Cengage questions can be highly risky. However, students need professional help to complete the Cengage test answers, learn problematic concepts, prepare Cengage assignments, and pass their Cengage exams and quizzes. Don’t worry; Creative Savants is your ultimate savior, as our experts are available 24/7 to offer timely assistance.

Read More: Cengage Mindtap Resources

What is MindTap Cengage?

MindTap is one of the courseware in Cengage, more like a portal for students and educators, where they can get access to online curriculum, textbooks, and learning and teaching tools. Educators and students can choose Mindtap Cengage to get started with enhanced learning and teaching experiences, as a wide array of platforms and courseware are available for diverse audiences. Like other Cengage courseware and courses, completing the learning process at Cengage Mindtap can be challenging for the students. But don’t be worried, as we have experts who can help you solve the MindTap Cengage answer keys. If you are stuck in any assignment and cannot complete a task by yourself, you will find the most reliable solutions here. Get reliable MindTap Cengage answer keys from the experts to move forward with success, as getting accurate Mindtap Cengage quiz answers is just a few clicks away now.

cengage accounting chapter 1 homework answers

How to get MindTap Cengage answer keys?

Cengage MindTap is one of the best educational tools available in town, as it helps students to learn in the comfort of their homes. However, when it becomes challenging to answer tricky questions, students require a tutor or expert to help them complete the tasks at Cengage. There are different ways to get MindTap Cengage answer keys. The first one is to avail an expert’s help, as they are professionals and can give the best learning strategies to students. With the help of the experts, the students can effectively solve MindTap economics answers and get the solutions related to any MindTap homework answers.

Cengage dashboard

Read More:  Learn everything about Edgenuity Answers and Courses- August 2022

How to get Sam Cengage answer keys?

SAM Cengage is an online program included in MindTap and help students to become more efficient in using Microsoft office software. Sam Cengage learning help students to get ample information on the excel and word files quickly. Also, Sam Cengage’s free trial allows students to check their abilities independently.

Are you facing trouble using this program? Then don’t worry, Creative Savants are allowing all the students to join us in the journey to learn how to use these online programs. Our experts are available 24/7 to assist you in every aspect.

We offer Sam Cengage answer keys help to elevate your confidence so you can solve Sam’s excel exam answers and much more. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to Creative Savants to get Sam Cengage answer keys as we are here to provide you ample training and assistance to ace your assignments, quizzes and much more.

So forget about Sam Cengage cheats and get reliable Sam Cengage answer keys without getting stuck at any point.

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What services are Creative Savants providing regarding Cengage answer keys?

If you are tired of spending your money on online websites and not getting many benefits, stop wasting your precious time and money and come to us. ‘Creative savants’ provides all Cengage services at cheaper rates, along with the guarantee of good grades.

We provide many services to our customers at highly affordable rates, with 100 percent guarantee. Our professional writers and tutors have expertise in their relevant subjects and can handle every Cengage assignment or homework with utmost diligence.

Remember, we are just a click away. Reach out to us on our website and get assistance for Cengage Mindtap answers, Cengage brain answers and Sam’s Cengage answers.

Creative Savant is offering customized services related to the following subjects and areas:

Cengage homework answers

While using Cengage, sometimes students feel that the assignments and quizzes are a bit challenging to solve independently. In such situations, students need experts who can take care of their assignments and give their best.

Creative Savants has a team of qualified tutors who can help you secure Cengage answer keys and score good grades in Cengage courses. Moreover, you can also get Sam Cengage homework answers and MindTap answers.

Read More:  How to secure Webassign Answers Online and Hack Webassign Answers Key- July 2022

Cengage math answers

Get customized assistance related to solving Cengage math assignments and quizzes. Our experts are giving their best to all customers by providing them with Cengage math answers. Now students can solve their math problems independently or get our help to solve challenging equations. Get aplia assignments answers related to mathematics and other subjects from us, to complete the courses with good grades.

Cengage maths

Cengage chemistry answers and Cengage physics answers

Learning challenging courses and doing assignments and quizzes on their own, sometimes become challenging for students, especially for those who dislike science courses. Get Cengage chemistry answers and even Cengage brain quiz answers from Creative Savants.

We make it easy for you to pass the challenging level efficiently and quickly. Get solutions to science subjects, including Cengage physics answers and learn complex concepts from our highly competent tutors and experts.

Cengage accounting answers and Cengage economics answers

The best way to learn new things is to enjoy the course while learning. Creative Savants allows you to learn new things with more dedication and excitement.

We provide our customers with 100% reliable Cengage accounting and MindTap economics answer keys. Share your concerns with us, and we will provide you with the assignments of your choice. Let’s make learning an exciting thing to do.

Moreover, you can share your Cengage login with us to submit your assignments before the due dates. Also, passing your Cengage accounting quizzes, getting Mindtap finance answers, or solving the Cengage economics exam is not difficult now, as our experts can do your quizzes and exams for you.

cengage accounting

Cengage quiz and test answers

Many students search for the Cengage quiz answers and Cengage exam answers. But it is a point to be noted that each time a student attempts any quiz, they change the questions. So, a student cannot see repeating questions at all, which makes Cengage quizzes even more challenging for them to pass.

Read More:  Learn everything about Edgenuity Answers and Courses

Moreover, as already discussed above, cheating while appearing on Cengage quizzes or exams is impossible, as your educator or instructor can monitor your activities during exams and quizzes. So, stop counting on the risky ways and get reliable solutions.

Creative savant is providing Cengage answer keys for learners all across the globe. We have a team of experts who can do your work for you and provide you with the best Cengage exam and quiz answer keys.

What is Cengage used for?

Cengage is an online software or platform that offers students and educators different courseware. The courseware provides access to a digital library, online learning and assessment tools, and an online space for the instructors and students to interact and to achieve their learning and pedagogical objectives.

Can Cengage detect cheating?

Yes! Cengage uses a highly proctored and strict lockdown browser, while the students attempt the quizzes and Cengage exams. The students get a unique ID for getting started with the quiz, in which the new tabs cannot be opened. So, there is no chance of opening any cheating material during the quiz or exam.

Where can I find Mindtap Cengage answer keys?

Getting reliable Mindtap Cengage answer keys is not an issue now. At Creative Savants, students can quickly get Cengage Mindtap homework answers within hours. Similarly, passing Mindtap quizzes is not a challenge anymore, once you get the assistance of our experts. Our experts can provide you with accurate Mindtap history answers, Cengage math answers, and answers related to any Mindtap assignment or course.

How to get Cengage WebAssign quiz answers and WebAssign homework answers?

Getting reliable WebAssign assignment answers or hiring someone to complete Cengage WebAssign quizzes is highly possible now. Get the assistance of our expert writers and tutors and ace your Cengage homework, quizzes and courses.

How do I get answers on Cengage?

Visit our website to learn about the customized services we are offering for Cengage learners and chose the service of your choice to score good grades.

How to get good grades at Cengage?

Getting good grades at Cengage requires the students to effectively submit all assignments and projects on time, attempt all the quizzes with good grades, and pass the Cengage exams with good scores. However, even after much effort, students sometimes face challenges in proceeding efficiently on Cengage. So, try our services and forget about missing deadlines, failing quizzes, or getting bad grades.

Creative Savants

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