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For businesses and some individuals, minimizing the effects or damages becomes a number one priority when uncontrollable forces disrupt business operations and tasks. When problems such as natural disasters and security breaches strike the enterprise, business owners, together with their team, come up with approaches to amend the situation. In many cases, entrepreneurs look at emergency contingency plans as the action plan for the current predicament. This tool aligns methods to lessen possible business losses and other dilemmas. Learn more about the contingency planning process with this article.

Contingency Plan Example

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In simple terms, a contingency plan contains the list of solutions to probable incidents that may happen throughout the implementation of business plans and marketing plans . The document serves as a guideline on how to survive certain catastrophic events and minor mishaps. Companies with contingency plans at their disposal save sufficient time and maximize the implementation of the risk management plans .

Besides businesses, governments also utilize the contingency plan during certain emergencies. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to horrify different countries, some politicians and their teams have contingency plans in case of particular situations. According to Business Insider, the British government had contingency plans ready if their prime minister succumbs to death while battling the virus infection. As Boris Johnson’s health deteriorated, the government made sure that possible resorts were taken into consideration. However, the prime minister survived the disease and returned to work a few weeks later. Indeed, contingency plans, even when it can sound harsh sometimes, have benefits.

The contingency plan for businesses concentrates on the preparedness for possible predicaments and uncertainties in the field. In reality, being “too prepared” is better than not being cautious at all. This document, as the backup plan or recovery plan for the company, should have all the necessary information to ensure the continuation of the enterprise. So, what are the steps in making a detailed plan?

In creating the emergency response plan , you should begin by listing down possible situations that may cause harm or delay the business processes. For the most part, such scenarios are not limited to calamities only. Instead, it also considers situations where the public questions the business’ integrity and reliability. Hence, you could include circumstances that threaten different aspects of the company.

When you have the complete list, proceed to the next step. Here, the planners formulate countermeasures to reduce the impact of the event. Some circumstances can have more than two solutions or alternative routes. As much as possible, write different versions of the fallback plan or risk plans .

In crisis management , the planners have to analyze the effectiveness of the plans and proposals. Aside from the countermeasures created by the planners, you also have to recognize the results from risk assessment reports . If some parts of the disaster plan are fuzzy, revise the content.

You can notice the importance of contingency planning by observing the recovery process of business utilizing the tool. When the enterprise has preparations, it can easily move forward after the collision with delays and dysfunctions. If the risk management strategy is complete, the planners should take time to assemble the necessary equipment, tool kits, and materials.

The business contingency plan focuses on how a company copes with the uncertainties at hand. In making an effective disaster recovery plan , you have to follow these five simple steps.

1. Establishing Management Protocols 2. Planning Processes 3. Implementing the Procedures in the Plan 4. Testing the Practicability of the Contingency Plan 5. Improving the Material

In most cases, the plans in the document depend on the needs of the company.

A useful contingency plan answers three essential questions, which, in turn, becomes the elemental composition of the document.

1. What are the scenarios? 2. How will an individual or company respond to the threat? 3. How can the business implement the emergency care plan ?

These three things become the basis when formulating the contents of the contingency plan.

In general, the contingency plan has different purposes, depending on the creator’s preferences. Right now, there are three examples of contingency plans: event contingency plans, operational contingency plans, and business continuity plans . The first type concentrates on official events and procedures in managing mishaps, while the second focuses on the manufacturing and management side of the enterprise. And last, the third type centers on the resumption of paused business operations.

Strategic planning plays an essential role in managing plausible problems in the industry. When companies utilize strategic plans , particularly focused on business disaster planning, the enterprise can quickly overturn the situation towards their advantage. With that, having contingency plans not only benefits the company during the occurrences but also safeguards the firm’s future. So, include this emergency action plan in your business plans.

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FREE 14+ Contingency Plan Templates in PDF | MS Word | Pages | Google Docs

No matter how well you prepare for the future, unexpected events might happen along the way that may end up bringing everything crashing down. That is why you should have an extra budget besides the mainstream ones; which is called the emergency or contingency plan . We have the right plan templates you need to make your job a lot easier. Take a look!

contingency plan template

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contingency plan template

Step 1: Assess the Risks

Step 2: prioritize the risks, step 3: timeframe, step 4: essentials to reduce risks, step 5: revisit and edit.

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