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Alternative festive homework ideas for the school Christmas holidays

We think school Christmas holidays should be a time for reflection, relaxation and ridiculously fun activities — for teachers and children alike! With this in mind, we’ve created an alternative list of homework activities for teachers to set their class. It’s the perfect balance of super-fun activities, memory making tasks and educational skills. Below you'll find a printable sheet with 15 festive, fun activities to send home with your class to help them channel that festive excitement into some meaningful and enjoyable missions.

They can choose their favourites to do or complete them all if they wish!

Download your copy

Here are 16 fun, festive homework ideas for the Christmas holidays:

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fun christmas homework

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fun christmas homework

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christmas holiday homework

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fun christmas homework

Holiday and Christmas No Homework Pass - Editable

fun christmas homework

Christmas Holiday Homework Pass EDITABLE

fun christmas homework

Winter Holidays Christmas Around the World Reading Comprehension Passages

fun christmas homework

  • Easel Activity

fun christmas homework

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Grade Christmas Holiday Homework Pass Gift Idea

fun christmas homework

NORTH POLE, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Christmas Activities, Holidays , Homework

fun christmas homework

  • Internet Activities

fun christmas homework

Student Christmas Gift | Holiday Homework Pass | Gift Tag for Class Gifts

fun christmas homework

School Break / Holiday Reading Homework Challenges: Christmas and Winter Breaks

fun christmas homework

Winter Break BINGO | Holiday Homework for Christmas Break | Multiple Versions

fun christmas homework

2nd Grade Winter Holiday Christmas Break Homework Classwork Packet

fun christmas homework

Christmas Homework Passes Holiday

fun christmas homework

Free Christmas and Holiday Homework Pass

fun christmas homework

“ Christmas Tree Cookie” Homework Pass – Holiday FUN! (full color version)

fun christmas homework

Kindergarten December Homework | Christmas | Holidays around the World

fun christmas homework

Holiday / Christmas Homework Pass

fun christmas homework

Christmas Holiday THANK YOU cards and NO HOMEWORK Pass - Easy Class Gifts

fun christmas homework

Holiday /Winter/ Christmas Vacation Homework

fun christmas homework

Parent Writing Homework { Holiday Traditions - Christmas , Chanukah, Kwanzaa}

fun christmas homework

“ Christmas Tree” Homework Pass – Holiday FUN! (full color version)

fun christmas homework

Winter and Christmas Multiplication Math Worksheets | Math Homework for Holiday

fun christmas homework

Christmas / Winter Holiday / Student Gift Homework Pass! EDITABLE

fun christmas homework

  • Word Document File

fun christmas homework

Christmas Winter Holiday Math Packet Elementary Grades Assessment Homework

fun christmas homework

“ Christmas Owl with Santa Hat” Homework Pass – Holiday FUN! (full color version)

fun christmas homework

December Morning Work for Kindergarten Christmas Math and Reading - Homework

fun christmas homework

December Passages w/ CCSS Text Based Questions Close Reading Weekly Homework

fun christmas homework

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Christmas Homework

Christmas Homework

Subject: Personal, social and health education

Age range: 7 - 14

Resource type: Worksheet/Activity

Carl Farrant

Last updated

21 December 2017

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20 Fun Christmas Science Experiments

Are you a planner, a Christmas fanatic, or even a last-minute project setter upper? We have everything you need to make the Christmas holidays amazing for your kids with the best Christmas science experiments! These Christmas science activities are easy to do at home or school and will truly make the holiday season extra special. Also, make sure to join in with our 25 Days of Christmas STEM Countdown !


Fun and simple BEST Christmas Science Activities for kids to do this holiday season including Christmas chemistry and Christmas physics!


Our Christmas science activities are fun, easy to set up and not time-consuming. You can pick up all the materials you need when you do your Christmas shopping!

These awesome choices for Christmas science experiments for kindergarten to elementary can be turned into a fun countdown to Christmas. You will find more about this below.


Any holiday is a perfect opportunity for creating simple but AMAZING theme science activities . Christmas has so many fun opportunities for kids to explore science and STEM all month long.  From candy canes to Christmas trees, and gingerbread men to Santa himself!

  • Kids love theme science and it gets them learning and loving science! You can easy explore similar topics all year with different themes!
  • Theme science can still work with the NGSS (Next generation Science Standards ).
  • Our Christmas science activities work well for kids ages kindergarten through to elementary.
  • Explore Christmas chemistry and physics with easy-to-set up and inexpensive science ideas.

YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Printable Christmas Science Worksheets


Kids are curious and always looking to explore, discover, check out, and experiment to find out why things do what they do, move as they move, or change as they change! Indoors or outdoors , science is definitely amazing! Holidays like Christmas just make science all the more fun to try!

Science surrounds us, inside and out. Kids love checking things out with magnifying glasses, creating chemical reactions with kitchen ingredients, and of course exploring stored energy!

Check out these awesome science activities for preschoolers to get started any time of the year including the other “big” days.

Science starts early, and you can be a part of that with setting up science at home with everyday materials. Or you can bring easy science to a group of kids! We find a ton of value in cheap science activities and experiments.

Looking for easy-to-print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

Click here to get your FREE STEM Activities For Christmas

fun christmas homework


Click on the links below in red to learn more about each of these easy Christmas science experiments, including supplies needed, set up instructions, and simple science information. And if you need us, send us an email. We are here to help!


Christmas science with fizzing Christmas trees. We put a bit of spin on the classic baking soda and vinegar science activity! Watch the video and check out the directions.

Fizzing Christmas Tree experiment


Turn chemistry into a Christmas tree ornament when you learn about solutions, mixtures, and growing crystals. These look beautiful hanging on the tree and are sturdy. We have kept ours for several years now!

Crystal Candy Cane for Christmas Science Activities


This is an easy Christmas science experiment to set up with the kids and offers room for exploration as you test different liquids or different temperatures of water. What about even testing different colored candy canes?

fun christmas homework


Although we have a whole collection of Christmas slime recipes to choose from, I have highlighted a few in this Christmas science list as well. Slime is science and does fit into the NGSS science standards especially for states of matter.

fun christmas homework


We make Christmas slime in so many fun ways that it may be hard to choose which one to try first! From fluffy to glittery and gingerbread scented to Santa themed….

fun christmas homework


This easy Christmas science lab is an awesome example of water density, and kids will love the fascinating candy science! This candy science experiment uses a classic candy, Skittles in fun Christmas colors.

fun christmas homework


These are very similar to our crystal candy canes above and perfect if you have a favorite gingerbread man theme book you want to pair with a science activity too.

fun christmas homework


Baking is all about chemistry and is perfect for Christmas science. Although we aren’t baking cookies here, we are testing out an alternative to baking soda and vinegar reactions. Ever wonder how cookies get their lift?

fun christmas homework


Another fun way to grow crystals is with salt! This is perfect for the youngest scientists because all you need is salt and water. These will take longer to form then the borax crystal ideas above, but it’s a terrific process just the same.

fun christmas homework


Another favorite slime recipe for the holiday season because of it’s incredible smell! Of course you can mix it up with pumpkin pie spice or just plain cinnamon .

fun christmas homework


Another fun Christmas science activity, dissolving gingerbread man cookies to pair with a favorite Christmas book!

fun christmas homework


Building a simple catapult is a great way to explore physics through play! Newton’s laws of motion pair nicely with this homemade STEM activity for Christmas.

Christmas STEM Catapult


The kids are always amazed by this one, and it’s really easy to set up! Help melt Santa’s frozen hands with simple science.

fun christmas homework


Explore the power of magnetism with Christmas ornaments and magnetic and non-magnetic objects. Have the kids guess yes or no, and test their answers!

fun christmas homework


We had fun naming this Santa’s science lab for the senses where we explore taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell all with Christmas theme items and goodies.

fun christmas homework


One of the must fun Christmas science activities to date! Watching these ornaments erupt is always a blast. This is classic baking soda and vinegar with a Christmas twist.

fun christmas homework


We had fun exploring colored water and other translucent items with a homemade light box!

fun christmas homework


Another easy version of a classic science activity. Switch out the cups for Christmas shape cookie cutters!

fun christmas homework


This is a classic science experiment the kids love because of the amazing results! We know Santa is sure to have magic milk during the holidays.

Christmas Magic Milk Science


A science and craft activity all in one, especially if you have a reluctant crafter!

fun christmas homework


Science christmas ornaments.

When you want an alternative to the usual Christmas crafts, why not try these cool scientific decorations for kids to make.

Magnetic Christmas Sensory Bin

Explore magnets and sensory play together! Look around the kitchen and in the craft supply box.

Christmas Oil and Water {3  ways to play}

Do oil and water mix? check out what happens when you put the two together. We tested it out in several different ways.

Peppermint Oobleck

Young kids love this Christmas science activity with peppermints or candy canes! A great kitchen science experiment using only 2 basic ingredients plus the peppermints and candy canes of course!

Peppermint Water Science Experiment 

How fast do peppermints and candy canes dissolve in water? Plus you are left with a wonderfully scented water sensory bin. This activity is perfect for the youngest scientist to explore as it is also taste-safe.

Cookie Cutter Baking Soda and Vinegar Science

You will love classic and simple Christmas baking soda science. Your kids will want to do this awesome chemical reaction every day. It’s true kitchen science right down to the cookie cutters we used. Christmas science activities don’t get any better than this.

Christmas Color Mixing

This is a simple Christmas science experiment that explores color theory science using plastic ornaments!

Christmas Tree STEM Ideas

How many ways can you build a Christmas tree? We know of at least 10! You can check them out here. We have included ideas for science, technology, engineering, and math with simple materials.

Gum Drop STEM Ideas

Kids love building with gumdrops, exploring heat changes, and dissolving gumdrops . This is a classic Christmas candy for STEM and science activities!

Grinch Slime

Do you love the Grinch? You can help the grinch grow his heart with our homemade slime. Plus the confetti hearts are fun!

Exploring reflections

We really enjoy simple mirror play with our Christmas themed items. Your kids can explore light and reflection using Christmas decorations you already have around the house or classroom.


What will you put in their stockings this year. Make it the gift of science with our science stocking stuffers ! Pack a stocking full of fun activities!

Make your own LEGO Advent Calendar with these cool ideas and free printable LEGO Christmas Calendar .

Try these fun  Christmas Math Activities.

FREE Hot Cocoa States of Matter Christmas Printable

fun christmas homework

 Christmas 5 Senses

This can be as easy to set up as grabbing a tray or plate and finding some Christmas-themed materials to add to it…good choices include jingle bells, cinnamon sticks, Christmas cookies or candy, glittery bows, evergreen branches… anything to explore sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Download and print the sheet below , and kids can write about their experiences with each item or write in what goes with each category. Depending on the age group, the activity can be organized in a few ways.

fun christmas homework


Christmas tree slime…just the name alone makes me want to try this one!

These ideas are so much fun! Now to decide which one to try first! 🙂

Can you use anything in place of the Borax? I work in a elementary autism room and some of our students are very oral. They put their hands in their mouths quite often. I would love to make the crystal ornaments with them.

Check out our salt crystal activities instead. You could make paper candy cane cutouts. These will at least be taste-safe.

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~ Projects to Try Now! ~

fun christmas homework

fun christmas homework

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Rock Your Homeschool

Ultimate List of Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure statement . Thanks for visiting!

This Ultimate List of Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities will help you get ready for tons of holiday learning fun with your kids.

You’ll find a variety of ideas and tips for enjoying easy holiday fun in your homeschool without the stress and mess.

Get excited for making this the best homeschool holiday season ever!

Easily enjoy holiday learning fun with your kids using this Ultimate List of Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities.

Easily Rock Your Homeschool This Christmas Season

You’ll find suggestions for a bunch of Christmas homeschool fun activities for:

Create special memories with your kids in your homeschool this Christmas! Find ideas and inspiration for ways to celebrate the holidays in homeschool math, writing, science, & more. Suggestions were carefully selected to be as mess-free & stress-free as possible so you can enjoy holiday celebrations with your kids.

These select activities were chosen to be as mess-free and stress-free as possible.

Also, activities were chosen to be able to use with different ages and stages.

Ooh! And make sure to check out our Christmas Activity Packs ! Simple yet super cool ways to enjoy learning fun with holiday themes . Like, use the Ugly Christmas Sweater pack to have a special event.

These Christmas Activity Packs with 5 cool themes are amazing ways to enjoy holiday fun for kids.

Crafts for Christmas Homeschool Fun

My boys and I love to make crafts. 

So, I know how important it is to keep homeschool craft time as mess-free and stress-free as possible .

Your schedule is busy and working with different ages and stages can be a challenge. I tried to add Christmas crafts that I know to be easy to prepare, do, and clean up.

Throw a Christmas Craft Party : If your kids love DIY crafts, it’s the perfect time of year to get them engaged in creating beautiful Christmas-themed craft activities.

Free Paper Snowman Craft: Cute Christmas Decor Your Kids & You Will Love (Rock Your Homeschool): This printable kit includes step-by-step directions for making this adorable paper craft. Print multiple sets because you’ll want to make more than one for your home and for frugal gifts!

free printable snowman craft with the letters J-O-Y

3 Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags for a Cute & Creative Holiday Touch (Rock Your Homeschool): Print-and-go Christmas craft for adorable gift tags. Just add candy canes and you’ll have an awesome activity!

This set of 3 free printable Christmas gift tags with candy cane holders features cute critters (deer, owl, mouse) for super fun and frugal gift giving.

Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Figures (Rock Your Homeschool):  With this free set, all you need are some empty toilet paper rolls, scissors, and glue! Super simple, mess-free, and hands-on activity that your kids can use for creative play and more.

These free Christmas toilet paper roll figures are fantastic frugal ways to enjoy simple holiday fun with your kids.

Free Gingerbread House Printables (Rock Your Homeschool): Fantastic frugal ways to enjoy gingerbread fun with your kids. Available in color and black-and-white!

Enjoy special and frugal holiday fun with your kids! This free gingerbread house printables pack has both color and black-and-white styles so you\'ll have a variety of ways to get creative.

Paper Plate Santa (Arty Crafty Kids):  Adorable craft that requires only a few materials. If you are up for a bit of messy fun, use paint. If you need as mess-free as possible, use your Kwik Stix !

Paper Plate Christmas Ornaments (Crafty Morning):  Another easy-to-make craft using paper plates, tissue paper, scissors, and glue.

DIY Handprint Christmas Tree Cards (Blitsy):  This super cute craft is a great way to make a special memory craft that’s relatively mess-free. A variation would be to trace all family member’s handprints and make a large picture, like a Christmas tree farm.

Melted Bead Ornaments (One Little Project):  Fun activity that makes crafts that you’ll want to keep forever. Make great gifts, too!

Decorate a Gingerbread Man Collage Craft (Mom Inspired Life):  Great Christmas activity that you can prep ahead of time. Customize by using whatever materials you have at home.

Make a Jingle Bell Necklace (PreKinders):  Easy and mess-free activity! Great for all ages. Little ones build fine motor skills. Challenge older kids with patterns.

Dish Brush Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids (Crafty Morning):  This craft might be a bit messier (paint). Make sure to put down old newspaper or plastic tablecloth for easy cleanup.

Icicle Ornaments with Beads and Pipe Cleaners (Happy Hooligans):  Easy to make craft that looks pretty on your Christmas tree. My boys have made tons of these ornaments!

Paint Chip Christmas Garland (A Girl and A Glue Gun):  You could customize this craft for really any Christmas-theme! Awesome for practicing scissor skills!

Spiral Tree Ornament (Parents):  Find this easy-to-make craft and more! You will need green construction paper or cardstock, glitter glue, and scissors.

Brother and sister are smiling as they wear blue sparkly sunglasses & red Santa hats as they lay on a white wooden floor with Christmas tree decorations, gold present. The brother is is giving a thumbs up sign as his sister holds a blue paper mitten.

Art for Christmas Fun Activities

Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Art for Kids (Buggy and Buddy):  Simple art project that only uses chalk and black paper.

A STEAM Christmas Art Project for Kids  (Kids STEAM Lab):  Fun approach to a Christmas art project!

5 Days of Mixed Media Christmas Art for Kids (Table Life Blog):  Fabulous art project ideas for Christmas!

Christmas Lights Art Tutorial (HodgePodge):  Discover how to use your chalk pastels for this beautiful Christmas art project.

Give the Gift of Art

Christmas Video Art Lessons (Chalk Pastel):  Maybe you’re like me and can barely draw a stick person? If so, you can still enjoy Christmas art with your kids with these video lessons. My boys highly recommend these lessons with Nana!

Christmas Tree Winter Art (I Heart Crafty Things):  Cute art project for making a Christmas tree scene.

Sleigh Bell Holiday Art Project (Deep Space Sparkle):  This art project has a few steps to it but very worth it!

Bleeding Tissue Paper Gifts (The Pinterested Parent):  Cool art activity using tissue paper to color your project.

Holiday Sweaters (Jamestown Art):  Have your kids design and decorate a variety of holiday sweaters.

Colourful Christmas Trees (Kids Artists):  Beautiful project that uses watercolor paints.

Colorful Christmas Tree 3D Craft (I Heart Crafty Things):  Includes a free template to make this super cute Christmas craft with your kids.

Keep the learning fun going during the holidays with this Ultimate List of Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities.

Games & Activities for Christmas Homeschool Fun

Free Printable Christmas Game for Interactive Holiday Fun for Kids (Rock Your Homeschool): Fantastic activity that you can enjoy again and again . This printable game is like a cool mix of a treasure hunt and Battleship!

This free printable Christmas game can be played again and again. It\'s so much fun and the perfect addition to your Christmas homeschool fun activities list.

Candy Canes & Ladders Game (Rock Your Homeschool):  Free game that’s print-and-go. Perfect for when you need something fast for holiday fun!

Enjoy a simple printable Christmas game featuring candy canes and ladders for fantastic holiday fun.

Holiday Fitness Activities with Creative Prompts (Rock Your Homeschool):  Free set of super fun prompts with holiday themes to get your kids up and moving . When you need an easy way to help your kids burn off Christmas energy and excitement , grab these fitness activities. Great for brain breaks, too 😉

These free holiday fitness activities for awesome for active Christmas fun with your kids.

Free Christmas Bingo Game  (Rock Your Homeschool):  Wonderful way to enjoy interactive holiday fun with your kids.

This free Christmas Bingo Game is a wonderful printable set that can help you have easy holiday fun with kids.

Free Christmas I Spy Activities (Rock Your Homeschool):  Fantastic fun for kids! Great for practicing counting, differentiation, and more!

Enjoy an easy holiday fun activity with your kids using this free Christmas I Spy printable.

Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt  (Rock Your Homeschool):  Practice observation skills and recording with this fun and free printable activity.

Enjoy easy holiday fun with kids using this free printable Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt.

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt  (Rock Your Homeschool):  Another awesome way to practice observation skills! You can play this fun activity in the car during your holiday travels or on a walk around your neighborhood.

Have easy holiday fun with your family using this free printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt.

Christmas Word Search  (Rock Your Homeschool):  Free printable acitivity for a fun holiday-themed word puzzle.

Enjoy an easy activity for holiday fun with this Christmas Word Search.

Christmas Memory Game (Rock Your Homeschool): This free printable Christmas game is fantastic for kids of all ages.

This Christmas Memory Game for Kids is an excellent way to enjoy open-and-go holiday fun.

Christmas Alphabet Game (Rock Your Homeschool):  Challenge your kids to think of a holiday-themed word for each letter of the alphabet with this fun game.

This free printable Christmas Alphabet Game is an awesome activity for your holiday fun with kids.

Jingle Bell Toss (Playground Park Bench):  Fun Christmas game that only requires plastic cups and jingle bells. Great for building hand-eye coordination!

Christmas Party Game:  The Magnet Party Game (Teach Beside Me):  Very cool game using jingle bells and magnets.

12 Days of Christmas Activity Pack (Rock Your Homeschool):  Free printable pack with game to help you celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas.

Roll a Gingerbread Man (Teach Beside Me):  The post indicated preschool game but I think all ages could having fun with this Christmas game.

Online Christmas Games (Amy’s Wandering):  List of fun Christmas games that you can play online.

North Pole Mix-Up Printable Christmas Game (Line Upon Line Learning):  You can play this game with ages 2+ !

Free Printable Christmas Bingo (Crazy Little Projects):  Adorable Bingo game for Christmas! And December is the month of Bingo 😉

Snowman Slam Game (Growing a Jeweled Rose):  Hands-on game that helps kids build hand-eye coordination.

How to Do a Candy Cane Hunt (Party Delights):  Great Christmas game to help kids burn energy as they search for candy canes.

Roll-a-Reindeer Printable Game (Inspiration Made Simple):  Easy to play game using dice and this free printable.

Do You Want to Build a Snow Globe? Fun (Rock Your Homeschool):  Free printable non-competitive game and coloring page.

Pin the heart on the Grinch (Homemade Heather): Use this cute free printable game for fantastic holiday fun! You can read How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Then, let your kids try to pin the heart on (like pin the tail on the donkey). Fun ways to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas.

Brother & sister wearing red Santa hats as they work on Christmas crafts with paint & paper with a Christmas tree in background

Coloring Pages for Homeschool Fun Activities with Christmas Themes

Coloring Christmas Countdown Calendar for Holiday Fun (Free Printable) : This set (in black-and-white so printer friendly!) of 4 styles of Christmas countdown calendars are perfect ways to give your kids simple yet fun activities as they wait for the big day.

Get this free coloring Christmas countdown calendar for simple holiday fun your kids can enjoy every day.

Free Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids (Rock Your Homeschool): Get a printable pack of 12 FREE coloring pages with Christmas themes.

Enjoy these 12 free Christmas Coloring pages for easy holiday fun with kids.

Free Christmas Color by Number Worksheets for Fantastic Holiday Fun (Rock Your Homeschool):  Grab this pack for super cool coloring fun this holiday season.

This free pack of 7 Christmas color by number printables is a fantastic way to enjoy simple holiday fun for kids.

7 Elf Activities (Plus Ideas List) in a Free Printable Pack for Holiday Fun (Rock Your Homeschool): Super fun pack featuring elf activities and more!

Get this free printable set of elf activities for super holiday fun.

Free Gingerbread Coloring Pages (Rock Your Homeschool): Fun set of coloring pages with gingerbread themes.

These free Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages are wonderful ways to enjoy easy holiday fun with kids.

Free Christmas Activities for Kids Pack (Rock Your Homeschool): Variety of ways to have Christmas homeschool fun! Includes coloring pages, writing prompts, games, and more.

Grab this free Christmas activities pack for super special ways to enjoy holiday fun for kids.

Free Christmas Coloring Pages (A Diligent Heart):  Free instant download of adorable Christmas-themed coloring pages.

Free Christmas Coloring Sheets (Merry About Town):  Two free instant downloads with coloring pages for older kids.

Christmas Coloring Pages (Embark on the Journey):  52 cute Christmas-themed coloring pages for kids.

Christian Rosetti Christmas Poems to Color (Amy’s Wandering):  7 delightful coloring pages with Christmas-themed poems.

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages (Crazy Little Projects):  More cute coloring sheets that kids will love!

Free Coloring Cards & Gift Tags For Christmas  (Squishy-Cute Designs):  Printable cards and gift tags that your kids can color.

Christmas Bible Coloring Pages (The Crafty Classroom):  Coloring pages with Bible verses and helpful reminders for kids to remember the true reason for the season.

Nutcracker Coloring Pages (Cool2B Kids):  Variety of Nutcracker-themed coloring pages for kids.

Christmas Doodle Coloring Pages (1+1+1=1):  These coloring sheets are detailed so definitely a challenge!

Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids (Itsy Bitsy Fun):  More fun coloring pages with Christmas themes for kids.

Variety of Christmas-themed items like gingerbread cookies, Santa, ornaments, ribbon, beads, and pine needles to feature the amazing ideas you\'ll find in this ultimate list of Christmas homeschool fun activities to make holiday learning fun

Movies to Enjoy in Your Homeschool

Here are some of our favorite family-friendly Christmas movies that your kids can enjoy in your homeschool. Sometimes, you just need to take a breather or get something done during the holidays and these movies can help!

Polar Express :  We read this book every year and then enjoy the movie.

The Polar Express

Stick Man :  This adorable movie, based on the book by  Julia Donaldson , is a new family favorite. My boys and I went on a nature walk after our first viewing of this movie to see if we could find Stick Man and his family. We now have the book and absolute adore this special man and his family!

~ Stick Man Gift Edition Board Book

A Charlie Brown Christmas :  This classic movie has always been a hit in our homeschool. My boys like to talk about the different characters and the special ending.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (Remastered Deluxe Edition)

Frosty the Snowman :  We love this movie based on a friendly snowman. My boys like to go outside and try to create their own Frosty if we are lucky enough to have snow on the ground. If no real snow, the boys will use white playdough to make pretend snowmen.

Frosty the Snowman Big Golden Book (Frosty the Snowman)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer :  Another classic Christmas movie that we like to pair with fun reindeer crafts.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Classic Board Books)

Dr. Seuss’:  How the Grinch Stole Christmas :  We enjoy this Christmas movie every year. My boys like to use our printable Dr. Seuss Pals activities after watching this movie.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Ultimate Edition (BD) [Blu-ray]

The Muppet Christmas Carol :  I love watching this Christmas movie with my boys.  So much holiday fun with the Muppets!

The Muppet Christmas Carol

It’s a Wonderful Life :  Beautiful classic movie that you can enjoy with your kids in your homeschool.

It's a Wonderful Life (BD Remastered) [Blu-ray] [2019] [Region Free]

Mickey’s Magical Christmas :  Fun Christmas movie featuring famous Disney characters.

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

Miracle on 34th Street :  Another classic Christmas movie to enjoy in your homeschool.

Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas Homeschool Writing Fun Activities

Free Printable Christmas Writing Prompts (Rock Your Homeschool): Creative writing prompts with holiday themes.

This free set of Christmas writing prompts has 10 pages to help your kids enjoy creative learning fun this holiday season.

Bardsy’s Famous Story Spinner :  Super fun online writing prompt generator with holiday themes. I KNOW this will be a huge hit with my boys 🙂

Roll a Silly Christmas Sentence (Royal Baloo):  Fantastic printable game for silly writing fun.

Free Christmas Carol Copywork and Handwriting Pages (Embark on the Journey):  Help your kids get in the Christmas spirit with these writing printables.

Simple Christmas Writing Prompts and Activites (Sallie Borrink):  Awesome ideas to boost writing fun around Christmas.

Christmas Writing Prompts (Royal Baloo):  Free printable writing prompts for Christmas fun.

Christmas Writing Activity-How to Decorate a Christmas Tree (A is for Adventures of Homeschool):  Free printable found on TeachersPayTeachers.

Teaching Kindness at Christmas (Fun in First):  Great writing activities to encourage kids to think about spreading kindness at Christmas.

5 Senses Christmas Writing Prompt (The Research Based Classroom):  Free printable found on TeachersPayTeachers. Fun activity to get kids exploring all of their senses during the holiday season.

Christmas Roll-A-Story (Create Teach Share):  Another awesome free printable found on TeachersPayTeachers.

December Writing Crafts (Miss Giraffe’s Classroom):  Fun writing prompts and drawing activities for Christmas.

Christmas Card Writing Station (A Little Delightful):  Prepare this Christmas writing fun station and have your kids create custom cards.

Black chalkboard with pine needles, pine cone, candy cane, and ribbon to feature the super cool ways you can enjoy holiday learning fun with your kids using these ideas found in this ultimate list of Christmas homeschool fun activities

Math for Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities

Free Christmas Math Activities  (Rock Your Homeschool):  Your elementary students will have a blast with these holiday-themed math activities.

These free printable Christmas math activities are wonderful ways to enjoy holiday learning fun with kids.

Santa’s Helper-Christmas Subtraction Game (Royal Baloo):  Fun printable game to practice subtraction around the holidays.

Hands-On Christmas Place Value Practice (Royal Baloo):  Another awesome printable game to help your kids practice place value.

Pascal’s Triangle Christmas Tree Math (Teach Beside Me):  Cool printable to have Christmas math fun as you learn about Pascal’s triangle.

50 Christmas Math Games for Upper and Lower Elementary Level (You’ve Got This Math):  Amazing list of math games your kids will love around Christmas.

Minecraft Christmas Math Quiz (The Usual Mayhem):  Your Minecraft lovers will love this math game challenge.

Christmas Tree Match-A Roman Numeral Math Lesson Plan (Mama Teaches):  Hands-on math activity to teach your kids about roman numerals.

Free Elapsed Time Word Problem with a Christmas Twist (You’ve Got This Math): Super cool printable activity to help your kids determine when Santa will arrive.

Gingerbread House Graph (Free4Classrooms):  Free printable graph to count gingerbread house pieces. Make your own gingerbread house and graph those pieces, too.

Fun & Easy Holiday Math Activity-Christmas Tree Fractions (Teach Beside Me):  Hands-on way to teach fractions using a Christmas tree shape.

20  Fun Christmas Math Activities Games (Creative Family Fun):  Great list of hands-on math fun for Christmas.

Christmas craft supplies with paints, decorations, paint brushes, markers, and more

Christmas Homeschool Science Fun

5 Days of Christmas Science (Geek Families):  5 ways to rock your Christmas science with chemistry, biology, geography, botany, and astronomy.

15 Christmas Experiments and Activities (The Homeschool Post):  List of fun Christmas science activities to do with kids.

Christmas Science-What You Should Know About Reindeer (Geek Families):  Interesting facts about reindeer to share with your kids.

Christmas STEM-Pointsettia pH Experiment (Teach Beside Me):  Super cool science activity to learn about the pH scale around the holidays.

Christmas Tree Science (Starts At Eight):  Fabulous resources for studying conifers in your homeschool.

Top Ten Candy Cane Experiments (Preschool Powol Packets):  Use those candy canes for some cool science activities.

Christmas Cup Tower STEM Challenge Tree (Little Bins for Little Hands):  Great hands-on activity that gets kids thinking.

The Sweet Smells of Christmas (Rainy Day Mum):  Fun activity for exploring your sense of smell at Christmas.

Holiday Science Experiment for Kids (KC Edventures):  Fun sink or float activity using Christmas materials.

Best Christmas Science Experiments and Activities for Kids (Little Bins for Little Hands):  Magnificent list of Christmas science experiments and activities.

craft snowman and red tinsel Christmas tree and boy smiling as he is having fun with a Christmas game

Christmas Homeschool Fun with Baking & Cooking

Christmas Sweets & Treats that are Super Easy (Family Schooling):  Love this list of easy-to-make recipes for Christmas!

Santa Munch Popcorn Snack Mix {with Free Printable} (Crazy for Crust):   Yummy snack to make with your kids.

21 Christmas Cookies Kids Can Bake (Letters from Santa):  Amazing recipes for Christmas baking fun with kids.

No-Bake Sugar Cookie Truffles (If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen):  Easy-to-make cookies that kids will love to make and eat!

Reindeer Rice Krispies (Thirty Handmade Days): Cute treats for Christmas with kids.

Funfetti Shortbread Bites (Cooking Classy):  Colorful treats for Christmas.

12 Cute Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids (Blessed Beyond Crazy):  Enjoy some Christmas baking in the morning!

Grinch Christmas Cookie Recipe (Mom Dot):  These cookies would be perfect for a viewing of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Easy White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge (Simply Being Mommy):  Simple candy that you can make with kids.

Christmas Muddy Buddies (Plain Chicken):  Another yummy treat to make for a snack with kids.

Music for Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities

Christmas Karaok e: Let your kids enjoy singing their favorite holiday tunes and host a karaoke show. Your role is to encourage them, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Unique Christmas Music (Humility and Doxology):  You’ve got to check out these fun and fresh sounds to enjoy in your homeschool this holiday season.

Christmas Songs (Fantastic Fun and Learning):  Fun songs and dance movements with suggested materials to use.

Christmas Music Theory Worksheets (My Fun Piano Studio):  Free printable pages to help you add a bit of Christmas to your homeschool music.

Free Christmas Music Listening Worksheets (Cori Bloom):  Printable found on TeachersPayTeachers to use when you are listening to Christmas songs.

Five Little Elves Christmas Song – Free Printable Puppets (Picklebums):  Cute song to sing with kids!

Christmas Songs Book for Kids (A Mom’s Take):  Includes a free printable songbook.

Memorize: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas  (Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke):  Cute printable and fun for this Christmas song.

Easy Piano Music Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer  (Let’s Play Kids Music):  Have Christmas music fun with this classic song.

Christmas Music (Castle View Academy):  Printables to help you enjoy Christmas music in your homeschool.

Free Handel’s Messiah Lesson Plan and 10-page Printable Pack (I Choose Joy):  Celebrate the Christmas season with this beautiful music.

The Nutcracker Ballet Unit Study  (Piwi Kids):  More than 60 free resources to learn about The Nutcracker!

Make special memories with your kids in your homeschool this Christmas! Find ideas and inspiration for ways to celebrate the holidays in homeschool math, writing, science, & more. Suggestions were carefully selected to be as mess-free & stress-free as possible so you can enjoy holiday celebrations with your kids.

I will continue to add to this Ultimate List of Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities . I’d love to read your suggestions in the comments below.

How do YOU plan on having Christmas Homeschool Fun with your kids?

Hot chocolate with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles in glass mug with rainbow candy cane & scarf, dried orange slice, Christmas cookies, pine, pine cones, lace doily

Sharing is caring!

As a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys, Amy loves to use all that she learned as a mental health therapist to positively make life + learning fun. She shares easy-to-use and creative resources, tips, and tools so you can make the most of this special time with your kids.

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Christmas gift guide to Moscow surroundings

fun christmas homework

Visitors from America and Western Europe might be surprised to discover that Russia celebrates Christmas on January 7th. That’s because the Russian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar. After the end of the Soviet Union, some Russians have begun celebrating Christmas on December 25 in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. But many Russians still observe the tradition of fasting on January 6th, breaking the fast with a large feast on Christmas Eve after the first star has appeared in the sky.

During the Soviet era, Christmas and religious traditions were banned in Russia. Santa Claus was replaced by Ded Moroz, or, Grandfather Frost, an old man with a long white beard who would bring gifts to children on New Year’s instead of Christmas. According to Russian tradition, Ded Moroz is accompanied by his granddaughter, Snegurochka, the Snowmaiden, who helps him on his journey to give presents to children.

Although the tradition of having a Christmas tree, known as a yolka in Russian, was also banned during Soviet times, Russians got around this by having New Year’s trees from which they hung homemade decorations. Today, the restrictions of the Soviet Union have faded into history, and during the Christmas season visitors to Russia can even purchase Christmas ornaments in the shape of matryoshka dolls, or religious icons that depict nativity scenes.

Heading counterclockwise around the Golden Ring this holiday season, northeast of Moscow, your first stop will most likely be the city of Vladimir, home to some of Russia’s most striking churches and cathedrals. The Vladimir region is known for its fine crystal. Stop by the Crystal, Lacquer Miniatures, and Embroidery Museum ( 2 Bolshaya Moskovskaya ) for an overview of traditional crafts before visiting the gift shop in the museum to browse the crystal selection. Vladimir Chic ( 2 Dvoryanskaya ) also sells local glass and crystal work.

Typical souvenirs are also for sale in Vladimir’s old town, especially by the Golden Gate, a triumphal arch and defensive tower that is one of the last-remaining parts of the wall that once surrounded ancient Vladimir and a sure stop on any tour of the Golden Ring.

Just 63 kilometers from Vladimir lays the nearby city of Gus-Khrustalny , the ‘Crystal Goose,’ also home to a rich glass and crystal making tradition. You can visit the glassmaking factory in Gus-Khrustalny and buy gifts ranging from plates and vases to decanters, or visit the outlet store back in Moscow ( 4 Ilyinka ) just east of the Kremlin.

North of Vladimir, you’ll arrive in Suzdal, one of the Golden Ring route’s more tranquil towns. Suzdal boasts a number of small bazaars and stands outside the main tourist sites where visitors can purchase local honey mead, called medovukha, along with traditional crafts, like a pair valenki, or Russian woolen boots, which make an ideal Christmas gift for friends and family back home. The shopping stands outside Suzdal’s Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life ( Ul. Pushkarskaya ) are also highly recommended. Market Square ( Torgovaya Pl ) houses a number of shops where visitors can search for arts and crafts.

Following the Golden Ring north of Suzdal, many tours will stop in the city of Kostroma, a former trading outpost on the immense Volga River. One of the city’s highlights is the Museum of Linen and Birchbark ( 38 Tereshkova ), where visitors can view exhibits on traditional Russian crafts woven from flax and bark. A gift shop in the basement sells tablecloths, napkins, baskets, linen dolls, and traditional clothing typical of the region.

South from Kostroma, stop in the city of Rostov-Veliky for enamel jewelry, a craft which allows artists to produce small paintings on metal that are then fired to produce a thin glaze over the image. Rostov became famous for its tradition of enamel work. Today, visitors can purchase rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and jewelry boxes in the gift shop of the Rostov Enamel factory ( 3 Borisoglebskoye Highway ).

While you’re in Rostov, visit the House of Crafts ( 16 Vtoraya Tolstovskaya Naberezhnaya ) for local pottery and the Souvenirs shop ( 5 Ul. Kamennyi Most ) for ushanka hats—Russian fur caps with earflaps—paintings, and samovars for tea lovers.

The last two stops on a tour of the Golden Ring are the cities of Pereslavl-Zalesskiy and Sergiev Posad. Pereslavl is most famous for its embroidery work, available at the Art Salon ( 12 Ul. Sovetskaya ) along with souvenirs made of wood and stone. Nearby Sergiev Posad is considered the place where Russia’s matryoshka dolls were first invented, and was the chief production center of the dolls before Soviet times. Visit the city’s Toy Museum ( 123 Pr. Krasny Armii ) to get a better sense of the birthplace of one of Russia’s most recognizable toys, then head over to the market alongside the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius—one of the city’s most important sites—to load up on matryoshka dolls, painted eggs, and icons before going home.

If you’ll be in the Golden Ring during New Years, the city of Vladimir hosts an impressive Christmas fair, with an iceskating rink and performances by local artists, in the main square ( Sobornaya Pl ). In most other Golden Ring cities you’ll find similar events in the center square as Christmas nears.

Most shops and markets in the Golden Ring are open year round. If you’re coming to Russia for a short period of time, whether in winter or summer, consider a trip to this stunning part of the country, and bring an extra bag if you plan to go shopping for Christmas gifts.

All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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fun christmas homework

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    File previews. docx, 1.12 MB. Homework given to pupils over the Christmas period. Children are set 15 festive tasks to complete with each being allocated certain points. An adult must sign the homework to confirm that the task has been completed. Encourages the children to become better citizens, encourages them to spend quality time with loved ...

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    This KS2 Christmas Homework ideas kit is jam-packed fun of useful teacher-made resources to keep your child busy during the Christmas period.On download, you'll find;Instructions to make an origami frog that will reinforce fine motor skills and allow them to have a lovely crafting afternoon with their families.Prefix and Suffix Worksheets so the children can continue to develop their ...

  9. KS2 Christmas Holiday Homework Ideas Pack

    This KS2 Christmas Homework Ideas Pack contains loads of fun and useful teacher-made resources to keep your child busy during the Christmas period. On download, you'll find; Instructions to make an origami frog that will reinforce fine motor skills and have a lovely crafting afternoon with their families. Prefix and suffix worksheets so the ...

  10. Christmas Activities and Lesson Plans

    Make the head nice and round. Using a tad of water, join and pinch. The 1/4 left is now halved again. One of the 1/4s is for the two ears. One of the 1/4s is for the four paws (the bear is facing you, 4 paws toward you). Use cloves for the eyes and the belly button and a little piece of roundish dough for the snout.

  11. 20 Fun Christmas Science Experiments

    7. CRYSTAL GINGERBREAD MAN ORNAMENTS. These are very similar to our crystal candy canes above and perfect if you have a favorite gingerbread man theme book you want to pair with a science activity too. 8. GINGERBREAD MAN SCIENCE ACTIVITY. Baking is all about chemistry and is perfect for Christmas science.

  12. Ultimate List of Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities

    Fun activity to get kids exploring all of their senses during the holiday season. Christmas Roll-A-Story (Create Teach Share): Another awesome free printable found on TeachersPayTeachers. December Writing Crafts (Miss Giraffe's Classroom): Fun writing prompts and drawing activities for Christmas.

  13. Fun Christmas Homework Ideas

    Fun Christmas Homework Ideas, Vu Assignment Help, Critical Discussion Case Study, The Night In Question Essay, Performing Subcutaneous Injections A Literature Review, Including References Ina Resume, You will also benefit from finding out the different views of historians about the same issue. The first point that we want to address is whether ...

  14. Christmas gift guide to Moscow surroundings

    During the Soviet era, Christmas and religious traditions were banned in Russia. Santa Claus was replaced by Ded Moroz, or, Grandfather Frost, an old man with a long white beard who would bring ...

  15. Moscow Metro

    Along with the journey through the Golden Ring of Russia, every travel guide includes a trip to another interesting ring. The ring of Moscow metro stations. We have collected for you the best metro stations of Moscow. Just look for yourself at what amazing art is presented in underground area.

  16. Christmas Toys Factory Iney (Pavlovsky Posad)

    Hotels near Christmas Toys Factory Iney: (8.01 mi) Serebryany Rodnik (7.87 mi) Guest House on Shchorsa 20 (9.31 mi) Maksim Hotel (8.30 mi) Gostevoi Domik Pavlovskiy Posad (6.21 mi) Green Corner; View all hotels near Christmas Toys Factory Iney on Tripadvisor

  17. Local Furniture Stores in Elektrostal'

    Have fun creating spaces that reflect your personality and style preferences. The main factor in dressing up any room is the furniture, while accessories like decorative wall shelves and lighting are like a room's jewelry. Whatever your style, surround yourself with accessories and products that you'll enjoy.