funny test answers horse

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Are you a zombie, other's responses.

That, ladies and gents, is what we call an epic [forced] fail.

FAKE. you can tell because he talks about the legs. Fake. lame. Probably some 43 year old virgin made it. Yeh, that's right -- i called ya out ya loser.

"my daddy wants hores but my mom says no." LMAO

That, ladies and gents, is what we call an epic win.

anyone that thinks this is real is just as lame as the douchehat that made it... you can obviously tell it's fake as shiat.

Can I buy a "W"?

FAKE. you can tell because he talks about the legs. Fake lame.

Replace it with the true meant word horse and read it. You'll see it makes zero sense. Forced fail. Get a brain, 'morans'.

...f*ck you and the hores you rode in on.

This kid must be a real player. LAWL

It's not fake. When they mention the legs they're talking about how a horse rears up and puts its legs in the air. Apparently some of you have never seen a horse before.


Hores make you feel good. Major lulz


I like this one. she mixes up hores with horses

I wonder if this was written by my ex

actually i have a little sister who i was speaking to on aim...she is only 8 and when she was telling me that she was at horse world she said "i had fun at hores world. i got to ride the little hores and it was fun"

A pimp in the making BAHAHAHAHAHA!

hores like carrots. lawl.

Haha. (w)Hores.

Hores means Whores !!? ROFLMAO

oh my this looks like somwething I wrote years ago lol

I count seven sentences with four spelling errors in tota. Grammar and style are really good. There are three more spelling errors apart from the one with the horses. So, who is to blame? The child took her assignement seriously and the teacher thought it was ok to to make a ridicule of it on this website. He better ought to teach his pupils proper English or find proper treatment if the child were dyslexic.

By "They can put their legs straight up!", he/she means that they can get on their hind legs -.-

Horses or hares?

Kids grow up so fast these days.

I vape tah thayt

Obviously photoshopped. You can tell by the pixels.

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i fucking love this. "i like hores" me to me to(; you just have to love little children

this is fxcking awesome!!!!!!!

It may be fake, but I still think it's funny.

I like hores, too.

Hahaha :D There's no sexual reference here... you guys just have dirty minds

It wasn't fake. Horses can fall asleep standing up.

Looks real to me, I must be a "douchehat" then.



might be fake but still funny lol

fake or not, its funny

Yeah,I am sure you will

It's hilarious, a half of above comments state that it is obviously not fake and noone yet has commented it is! I lol'd... twice.

It's funny how this picture was on the Graham Norton show.... I do wonder if this is real though.........

Gee whiz, there's a few in here that can't even spell, not alone write a clear sentence. What happened to the Education System? There's none... Other than a brainwashing system, for you to follow the Masters of Deceit and Stupidity ? From the horses mouth !

I want hores too, i love hores, yesterday i saw hores flying but it was just a dream :[

I like hores. Hores make you feel good

i got my hores on amazon

well fuck that!

haha wtevs if this is fake. its funny. xD

lol maybe its whores beceause his mom dont like whores

"You wouldn't think they could, but they can put their legs straight up" If I were this kid's teacher, I would've laughed by *** off!

omg i didnt get this the first time i read it but then i figured out they spelled "horse" wrong lol!! my daddy wants a hores but my mommy says no... love it

This is really funny but the mistake it isn't spelled right. It is spelt "whores" rather than "hores".

Horse, not hores you dumbo and why teacher never mark

where i live is full on hores.

"I want hores too, i love hores, yesterday i saw hores flying but it was just a dream :[ " WIN

fuck that kid! he isn't getting any of the hores! they're my hores and he can find his own... or borrow his dads hores!

Where do you buy these 'hores'? Can I ride and own one?

Hores Make you feel good? HA HA HA!!!


"Hores"? "Carots"? dont you get it people???

Freaking Hilarious!!!! LMAO!!!!

Might as well be hares, which are related to rabbits (more slender and wild too).

hores like carrots. LMFAO

thought it was writing whores...

thats the whole point. to say its fake. even whens it not! its to piss ppl off, and it is working!!! lol! xD

is it dreperssing that that kid has got better handwritting then me and probly better spelling

"Hores make you feel good" XD

TOTAL WIN> i would buy my kid a hores after this....i know i spelled it wrong

Did you know hores can stick there legs straight up? and can make you feel good!

i want whores :D

not fake the legs in the air thing is when the horse goes on its back legs you know in like films and stuff before the cowboy rides off into the distance

I sea hores on the top scren!

Indeed Whores do like Carrots=)

Hores make you feel good. Oh, how I love Lulzworthy spelling mistakes

" When I'm 16 or 20 I will buy my own hores " LOL

I like hores too dX

i dont get it, why is it a fake?

ha ur all faggots kys

16 or twenty? So he will not be buying any in those four years? How unfortunate. (FYI: Captcha is Luigi vs... which is completely appropriate, because his italian accent would scare away all contenders)

My 7-year old daughter spelled horse the same way. Too funny

does it matter if its fake or not, it still funny!

so obviouslyNOT fake.. it looks like little kid writing!!

i just hope that this kid is a boy

This lame piece of fakery didn't even cause me to crack a smile.

i like whores

i like the horse pic on the top :) -ilovehorseyrides

Everyone who calls it FAKE because of the leg thing IS fake, since its true. But not the way you might think of it.

pahaha i love this :')

Totally fake!! they can use correct punctuation on "wouldn't" but can't spell horse????come on!!?? But yes it is a funny thought though. And the comment on who cares if it is fake or just bothers me to think an adult wrote it in a childs handwriting bothers me for some reason....when it is a genuine child saying or writing makes it even funnier to me

my fiance is watching Last of the Mohicans and Im rolling around on the lounge laughing at this. He doesnt look impressed LMFAO

this can't be for real

Who cares if it is fake? It is freaking funny!

haha at first i didnt get it... but when i reread it i figured out that "horse" (whores?) is spelled wrong!! i love it... so amusing what a little kid can spell wrong!!

bwakakaka.. WTF..www ^_^

That poor child. -_-

kid knows how to put an apostrephe on "wouldn't" but can't spell horse, FAKE

I had to read this twice jsut to make sure this kid spelled it that way! Daddy wants a hores buy Mommy said no. That made laugh so hard!

its fake because if a *AHEM* "kid" was writing this they would at least know to make it plural so if he spelled it right it would say "I like horses" but instead it would just say "I like horse" it makes no sense so it is therefore a fake.

you faggots stop whining. also, if it isn't fake; referring to the legs part, the child could be talking about when a horse stands on 2 feets and neighs or smth shit like that.

he must be Indian!

"You woudn't think they coud but they can put thir legs strait up." ROFL.

i want hores too (lol captcha: "good afternoon" the internet speaks to me)

I think he really does want a whore! They do make you feel good an can put their legs straight up! Maybe his dad wants one too?

i think what they mean by the legs thing is that horses can sleep standing up cuz they lock their knees. ?

seriously who cares if its fake? its awesome even if a old perv wrote it

This reminds me of when I paused Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" right after the first two syllables of "loves horses". I guess more people than I thought like wh*res

Hores have LOTS of other hores frinds. ^_^

That is

no other ages are good for? i still like em at 40

photoshopped, you can tell by the pixels

Hardest i laugh all week LOL Epic Fail

instead of constantly fucking complaining but its lame why dont you not waste your time and do somthing with your lives and IT IS FUNNY

funny test answers horse

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11 Funny Kid Test Answers That Left Teachers Rolling

Hero image

Being a teacher is a lot of work … but sometimes that work comes with a little bit of very-much-needed levity. Ever sat down to grade papers, taken one look at the answer a student wrote, and laughed so hard you nearly fell out of the chair? Welcome to funny kid test answers … Teach Starter edition!

We know kids don’t just say the darndest things. They also write them as answers on their tests, providing teachers with endless entertainment. Here are some of our very favorites!

Funny Kid Test Answers

Funny kid test answer write five words you can spell

Always follow directions, kids. Always.

Kid Funny Test Answer Take Out Centi

Image via Imgur

This kid truly redefined what we mean by math word problems!

See our favorite testing gifts to give your students a boost during state testing!

Funny Kid Test Answer Maze

This a-maze-ing student is going the distance … but only the shortest one.

funny kid test answer dede

Hey, Marina isn’t WRONG, y’all.

funny kid test answer who is your hero afraid of

Sounds like Mom’s the brave one here …

funny kid test answer i thinked

A lot of thought went into the preparation of this funny kid test answer.

funny kid test answer horse and hoarse

The homophone usage is A-plus quality here.

funny kid test answer omg why

Ever sat down to grade spelling tests and asked yourself OMG, why? Yeah, us neither.

funny kid test answer covid 19

We can stop worrying about the next generation now.

funny kid test answer defend your answer

In our defense, this funny kid test answer made us snort out loud.

funny kid test answer

We’re not sure if we feel worse for Rodney or Mom!

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Find out our teacher team’s f avorite ways to help kids feel calm on testing days .

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21 Dec 100 Horse Trivia Questions And Answers

funny test answers horse

Questions and Answers for Horse Trivia

Are you planning a trivia night with your group of horse-loving friends? Or are you wanting to test your own horse knowledge? Either way, you have come to the right place. Below you will find 100 of the best horse trivia questions and answers.

Questions About Horse History

Question : The tallest horse on record, Sampson , was how many hands high?

Answer : Sampson was 21.2 hands high.

Question : How tall was Thumbelina , the smallest horse on record?

Answer : Thumbelina was only 17.5 inches tall.

Question : The highest jump on record made by a horse consisted of how many feet?

Answer : The record for the highest jump a horse has made was 8 feet.

Question : How tall was Eohippus, the earliest known ancestor to the modern horse?

Answer : Eohippus only stood around 13 inches tall.

Question : Where did horses originate?

Answer : Horses originated in North America.

To learn more about the origination of horses, visit my article Where Did Horses Originate? What the Evidence Says .

Question : To which location did Christopher Columbus bring horses back to North America in 1493?

Answer : The Virgin Islands

Question : For how much money was Fusaichi Pegasus , a Kentucky Derby winner, sold for at auction in 2001?

Answer : $70 million

Question : What is the fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse?

Answer : 55 mph.

Question : How many pounds did Sampson, the largest horse on record, weigh?

Answer : 3,360 pounds

Question : To what age did Old Billy, the oldest horse on record, live?

Answer : 62 years old

Questions About Horse Terminology

Question : In the horse world, what does “OTTB” mean?

Answer : off-the-track Thoroughbred

Question : The gait between a trot and a gallop is called a Canter in English. What is it called in Western?

Answer : A Lope

Question : What is the name used for riding equipment?

Answer : Riding equipment is called “tack”.

Question : What term is used for a horse that has just started under-saddle training?

Answer “green-broke”

Question : What is the term used for a horse’s small outdoor enclosure?

Answer : A paddock

Question : What is the term used for an enclosed riding area?

Answer : An arena

Question : What is the term used for a castrated male horse?

Answer : A gelding

Question : What is the term for the offspring of a horse and a donkey?

Answer : A mule

Question : For how long is a young horse referred to as a foal?

Answer : A foal is a horse up to the age of 1.

Question : What is the term for a female horse under the age of 4 years?

Answer : A filly

Question : What is the name used for the person who shoes or trims your horse’s feet?

Answer : A farrier

Question : What is the name of the person who rides a racehorse?

Answer : A jockey

Question : What is the term used for a horseback rider or anyone involved with horses?

Answer : An equestrian

Questions About Horse Health & Anatomy

Question : Where are the horse’s two blind spots?

Answer : Directly in front of his nose, and directly behind his tail.

Question : What is the name of the spongy triangular pad at the bottom of a horse’s hoof?

Answer : The frog

Question : What is the range that a horse can rotate its ears?

Answer : Horses can rotate their ears 180 degrees.

Question : In feet, what was the length of the longest horsetail on record?

Answer : 12 feet

Question : To which body part do you measure a horse?

Answer : The withers

Question : List the four basic horse colors, from which all variations originate.

Answer : Bay, brown, black, and chestnut.

Question : How many muscles are in a horse’s ear?

Answer : 10

Question : What is the maximum force of a horse kick?

Answer : A horse kick can have a force of up to 2,000 psi.

Question : How many eyelids does a horse have?

Question : How many blood types do horses have?

Question : What is the name of the response used by a horse when he pulls his lips back to sniff?

Answer : The Flehmen response

Question : Which color can horses not see?

Answer : Red

Question : How many stomachs does a horse have?

Answer : Horses only have one stomach, making them non-ruminants.

Question : What is the leading cause of death in horses of almost all ages?

Answer : Colic

Question : You should pick out your horse’s hooves before and after which activity?

Answer : Riding

Question : At what age is a horse considered fully developed, physically?

Answer : 6 years of age

Question : Which body part is most commonly the cause of lameness?

Answer : The hoof

Question : At what age is a horse considered a senior?

Answer : 15 years of age

Question : In months, what is the average gestation for a pregnant mare?

Answer : 11 months

Question : What is the range of vision of a horse?

Answer : A horse’s range of vision is an impressive 350 degrees.

Question : In terms of horse measurement, how many inches is equivalent to one hand?

Answer : One hand equals four inches.

Question : How many bones does a horse have?

Answer : 205

Question : Of which material is a horse’s hoof made from?

Answer : Keratin – the same material from which our nails are made.

Question : A pony is a horse that is less than how many hands high?

Answer : 14.2 

Questions About Horse Breeds

Question : Which is the most popular horse breed in the United States?

Answer : The American Quarter Horse

Question : Of which breed was Sampson, the tallest horse on record?

Answer : Shire

Question : Of which breed was Fusaichi Pegasus, the most expensive horse ever sold?

Answer : A Thoroughbred

Question : Of which breed was the horse that broke the sprinting speed record?

Question : Which breed is known as the “people-sized draft horse”?

Answer : Gypsy Vanner

Question : Which breed of horse is known for its “metallic” coat sheen?

Answer : The Akhal-Teke horse

Question : In which country did Thoroughbred originate?

Answer : The Thoroughbred originated in England.

Question : In which country did Clydesdales originate?

Answer : Scotland

Question : Which breed of horse has 1 fewer vertebra in its spine than other breeds?

Answer : The Arabian horse

Question : What is the smallest breed of horse?

Answer : The Falabella

Question : On which breed might you see a mustache?

Answer : The Gypsy Vanner

Question : Which breed of horse has the oldest horse breed registry in the world?

Question : What is the term used for a horse with unknown parentage or pedigree?

Answer : This is called a “grade horse”.

Question : What is the breed that is known to be the smoothest horse to ride?

Answer : The Paso Fino

True or False Horse Questions

Question : True or False – Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal.

Answer : True

Question : True or False – Horses only sleep standing up.

Answer : False – horses can sleep both standing up and lying down.

Question : True or False – Male horses have more teeth than females.

Answer : True – male horses have 40 teeth, while females have only 36.

Question : True or False – Horses will often burp when they are experiencing digestive upset.

Answer : False – horses cannot burp.

Question : True or False – a horse brain is only half the weight of a human brain.

Question : True or False: Horses are healthiest when living in a barn stall.

Answer : False – in most climates, horses are healthier (and happier) when turned out 24/7, so long as they have a simple shelter from which to escape the extreme elements.

Question : True or False – horses will “pant” and breathe through their mouth when they are overheating.

Answer : False – horses cannot breathe through their mouths; only through their noses.

Question : True or False – pound for pound, ponies are stronger than horses.

Question : True or False – all horses have to wear shoes

Answer : False – many horses are ridden barefoot.

Question : True or False – foals can stand up and walk within hours of birth.

Questions About Feral Horses

Question : What is the name of the largest feral horse population in Australia?

Answer : The Brumby horse

Question : Which US state boasts the largest Mustang population?

Answer : Nevada

Question : Who manages the feral Mustang population in the United States?

Answer : The federal government’s Bureau of Land Management

Question : What is the name of the only surviving species of wild horse?

Answer : Przewalski’s horses

Question : Are mustangs truly wild horses, or feral horses?

Answer : Mustangs are feral because they are descendants of domesticated horses.

Question : What is the name of the largest population of feral horses in North America?

Answer : Mustangs

Questions About Horse Tack

Question : From which material are most saddles made?

Answer : Leather

Question : From which material are most saddle pads made?

Answer : Wool

Question : In which country did the modern stirrup originate?

Answer : The modern stirrup was invented in China.

Questions About Horse Sports

Question : How many horses are on the field at one time in the sport Polo?

Answer : There are 8 horses on the field in Polo.

Question : Which three equestrian sports are included in the Olympics?

Answer : Dressage, show jumping, and 3-day eventing

Question : What are the names of the two main riding styles?

Answer : English and Western

Question : In which sport do horses perform the famous “sliding stop”?

Answer : Reining

Question : What is the birthday used for all racehorses in the Northern Hemisphere?

Answer : January 1

Question : What are the three categories of physical cues that you use to direct your horse?

Answer : Through your reins, through your legs, and through your seat

Question : Which riding style is known as the “cowboy” riding style?

Answer : Western

Question : In which riding style is discipline dressage practiced?

Answer : English

Question : In which riding style is the discipline roping practiced?

Question : Of how many beats is the canter, or lope?

Answer : The canter is a 3-beat gait

Question : How long is the Mongol Derby , the world’s longest horse race?

Answer : 1,000 km, or 621 miles

Question : What are the two gaits used in harness racing?

Answer : The trot and the pace

Question : In barrel racing, around how many barrels does the horse need to maneuver?

Answer : 3 barrels

Question : From which side do equestrians traditionally mount their horses?

Answer : The left side.

Bonus Horse Questions

Question : Name the 4 main gaits of a horse.

Answer : Walk, Trot, Canter (or Lope), Gallop

Question : According to a 2013 study, which two genres of music do horses prefer?

Answer : Classical and country

Question : According to this same study, which two genres of music do horses dislike?

Answer : Jazz and rock

Question : How many hours of sleep do horses need per day?

Answer : Between 2 and 3 hours per day

Question : In which position must a horse sleep to achieve REM sleep?

Answer : Laying down – when standing up a horse cannot achieve REM sleep.

Question : Which country has the largest horse population?

Answer : The United States

Want to learn some more facts about horses? Visit my article Horse Facts: 50 Fun Horse Facts You Haven’t Heard .

P.S. Save this article to your “Horse Lifestyle” board!

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Top5 » 100 Funny Kids That May Have All the Answers in Life (#83 Had Us In Tears)

100 Funny Kids That May Have All the Answers in Life (#83 Had Us In Tears)

100 Funny Kids That May Have All the Answers in Life (#83 Had Us In Tears)

Kids truly do and say the darnedest things, don’t they? Sometimes they’ll make your jaw drop and sometimes they’ll have moments of brilliance. On the other hand, you’ll scratch your head and think – what on earth is going on in that tiny little brain of theirs? These funny kids have a keen understanding of how to make their teachers heads spin. Of course, what else is going to brighten up a teacher’s day by giving them a giggle while marking endless tests? These funny kids might not be getting straight A’s but they’re on track to being a show-stopping comedian. Take a look at our top hundred responses from students who drove their teachers crazy

This Color Would Surely Kick Off Down Under

Kids nowadays are clever.

Especially when they know celebrities.

Why Are Adults So Polite?

This kid is quick to pick up on different social cues.

It’s okay not to be “good.”

Not Sure If This Would Be a Hit At Your Next Party

Did they watch Indiana Jones ?

Brains aren’t tasty.

Totally Legit, What Gives?

funny kids

They aren’t wrong.

The teacher should have given them half points!

Everybody Loves Me

funny kids

“This is me.

I am buff.”

The Correct Answer: H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

funny kids

Hey, we’ve got some bad news for ya:

School get’s worse.

She’s Looking For Her Cubs

funny kids

Bear, why would you be in the way?

Get out of here.

Break It Out


Plants being in a cell is sad.

10/10 deserves all points.

The Sexism Is Strong With This One

funny kids

Who taught the kid this?

This is just wrong.

Glug, Glug, Glug

funny kids

Every mom wants wine for Christmas.

Can you imagine having kids?

Ice, Ice, Baby

funny kids

Ice is what you put in your drink to cool it down.

Sometimes you eat it.

Love The Teacher’s Response

funny kids

Now put your hands up!

Saturn deserves ALL the rings.

1, 2, 3, 4 Components, Spot On

funny kids

Let’s run away!

20 Minutes Tony’s Never Going To Get Back

funny kids

Only nerds are talented.

Am I right?

His Answer Clearly Holds More Weight

funny kids

You are smart, kid!

We are so proud.

Keep Livin’ The Dream

funny kids

Frankie, have your parents called you this before?

Poor little guy.

Sound Logic

funny kids

This is a math class.

But the answer is for English and you would have gotten an A!

funny kids

Hey, don’t be mean to the picture!

He isn’t chubby.

Ghostbusters: The True Story

funny kids

Ghosts are real.

They are on the paper!

He Should Become a DJ

funny kids

The song is stuck in your head now.

You’re welcome.

Sounds Like Heff Not Matthew


That’s a lot of girlfriends.

Matthew needs to learn respect and values.

Imaginary Friends?


Are they her friends?

It’s okay, those are the cool kids.

She’s Not Wrong


The picture is misleading!

It does look like poop.

That’s a Proper Reflection


Yeah, you thought wrong.

We did too.

A Bit Pessimistic


Liam, you might live past 100!

You never know.

We Agree With This Little Romantic


The teacher needs to lighten up!

Love is the strongest emotion on earth.

The Other 4 Letter F-word


Why is there yellow coming out from the butt?

So many questions that we are scared to get the answer to.

A For Effort


They tried.

That’s all that matters.


Romance is on this kid’s mind.

It’s sweet but kinda weird.

Thankfully The Image Was There For Clarification


Please teach this kid how to spell horses.

It’s an important detail.


I don’t think your mom will be happy reading about this.

Please keep your mouth shut.

Honesty Is The Best Policy


Some children get to the point where they don’t care.

This student is learning young.

No Confidence Problems Here


No, you are not.

Morgan Freeman is God.


Tables don’t have feelings, but it’s okay!

We’d Be Mad


You are right, Lola, hot dogs are gross.

Pizza is the way to go!

Fashionist In Training


Shopaholic at an early age.

Wait until they find online shopping.

No Shame In Using Your Fingers


Do what makes you feel smart, kid.

No shame in that!

Is He Wrong? Technically Not


Yes, you are right.

You did use math.

A+ For Critical Thinking


What kind of question is that?

Of course, a student will give you that answer.

Honest Mistake


Teachers need to be more specific in their directions

Mistakes like these happen!

Not Everyone’s an Artist


Some children hate drawing.

Don’t force them to draw if they don’t want to.

Walter White


Uh, someone call the English teacher!

I think they mean “math.”

Looks Correct To Us


All the points go to……


Pure Genius


That is the right answer.

The logic does not make sense though.

He’s Over It


See you later!

Way To Look For The Positive Here


The bus ride is where you can hang with friends!

The show DID probably get boring.

We Love The Mom’s Response


Mrs. Smith, no need to explain.

Your kid needs to draw better!


Mom, do you have a problem?

When Kids Learn ‘Bad’ Words


Butt is a bad word?

When did that happen?

This Kid Deserves an A+


He did what you told him to do!

Don’t punish him.

Forgery at Its Finest


Hmm, Mrs. Power looks like she is having a rough day.

That doesn’t look like her handwriting.

And Drunk Driving Is Bad


Wait, is he a beaver?

That would explain a lot.

Well, They Aren’t Wrong


Teachers need to ask better questions.

The student is OBVIOUSLY correct.

This Kid Is Bringing Awareness To a Good Cause



That’s a Bold Strategy



That’s What We Would Have Said


That seems like the correct answer.

A student should not have this responsibility on their shoulders


Why are we asking children this?

That’s not right.

One Is The Loneliest Number


I am lonely,

Oh so lonely.

We Think That Is Creative Enough


That’s a simple answer!

That’s a Real Head Scratcher


Scratch your head.

It looks like he was thinking hard on this.

That’s Correct


That’s a word.

Give them the points1

Standing On a Throne Would Just Be Weird


The queen doesn’t have to do anything else!


Wow, the teacher is a noob.

The Body Has Real Chemistry


The student is creative.

We love it.

We Hope Not


Uh, sweetie.

Don’t you mean math?

What The Duck


It’s so funny when little kids curse.

It’s fine, that’s the right answer.

It’s Not A Threat, It’s A Promise


Is that a pony?

It looks more like a potato.


Why does Bob have so many candy bars?


Don’t Go, Lincoln


“Never go to the play, Lincoln.

You will regret it.”

Meme Thinks It’s Funny


They put more effort into a drawing then the problem.

What a win!

The Teacher Rick Rolled The Class


How does that make you feel?

We hope that every kid got it right.

This Kid Deserves The A+


The questions seem to be all over the place.

What is this class?

Remember Kids, Always Hit The Save Button


Did your DS survive?

That seems traumatic.

The Biggest Burp Award Goes To


Candy is delicious.

Toys are fun.

I Wish This Was My Kid

Are they talking about the dad or the kid?

The world may never know.

Honesty Is Key


A rocket ship!

Be creative.

Tetris > Math


The game is fun.

Math is not fun.


The award for smartest kid goes to…

I Would Bank On an A


“Bank” is the right answer.


We all do, kid.

Giraffes Deserve Bonus Points


More points for the giraffe, please!

A+ for you!

Nothing Is Wrong Here


The drawing looks like he is going to the bathroom.

Yay for creativity.

What a Load of Barnacles


Seahorses are better.

Enough of your barnacles!


That is a jerk move to pull!

We don’t get it.

Dolla Dolla Bills


Money for everyone!

Boom, Roasted


Why are you making your mama jokes?

That’s not nice.

High School Is The Worst


People are terrible throughout the world.

Don’t worry.

There’s a Thing Called Technology


Yeah, Steve.

Stop being lazy.

Agreed. Dogs Deserve Hugs


Don’t teach violence!

Dogs are amazing creatures.

This Kid Is Going Places


What a smarty pants.

They deserve an award.

All The Points


Now you can’t be wrong.

That’s The Spirit


What a tough guy/girl!

Great Advice


Survival mood will always kick in.

This kid knows what’s up.

Emma Knows Safe Sex Is Great Sex


Hopefully, this prom kid knew what to do.

Emma, we hope they didn’t let you down.

The Eiffel Tower Is Huge


Yay, you are right!

I Hope They Got Extra Points


That’s a great picture.

The Magic Penguin Would Know


The magical penguin let you down.

You will not pass the class now.

We Definitely Sang This In Our Heads

big bang theory

The Big Bang Theory is a great show.

This student obviously watches it.

There Is Something Suspicious Here


Marcus is a liar and should not compete.

My Mom Says The Same Thing


Yeah, clean up after yourself ya gross kid!

Are you laughing yet? We hope so! Which one was your favorite? Are you the parent or teacher of some funny kids? We’d love to see more if you have some snaps from genius kids giving all the “right” answers on your tests.

We hoped you liked this article. Most photos were found on  College Humor and we just couldn’t resist sharing.

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funny test answers horse

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funny test answers horse

What's hard water? It's ice... my Mummy's a pole dancer and heartless giraffes: Teachers reveal funniest exam answers EVER

By Nick Enoch Updated: 13:02 EST, 29 February 2012

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For years, the 'Kung Fu' gland somehow escaped the attention of endocrinologists.

But one student has clearly found it... according to his hilarious answer to a biology exam question (complete with surreal sketch).

And what about the meaning of the term 'hermaphrodite'. That would, apparently, be 'Lady Gaga'.

Welcome to the wonderful world of - a website crammed with astonishingly bad answers given by students in both the UK and US.

Discovery of the legendary 'Kung Fu' gland, according to one student on

Discovery of the legendary 'Kung Fu' gland, according to one student on

See the top right corner, so that you're quite clear they're talking about a 'horse'...

See the top right corner, so that you're quite clear they're talking about a 'horse'...

Now that's a 'hard' exam question

Now that's a 'hard' exam question

Teachers have so far submitted hundreds of 'epic fail' responses by pupils, covering maths, science and just about every other subject on the curriculum.

And it does make you wonder what exactly is being taught in schools.


funny test answers horse

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One pupil had the perfect answer to: 'Briefly explain what hard water is'.

They wrote 'Ice'.

Taken from website

Equally amusing are the comments made by exasperated teachers.

Take this 'feelings' study below - where 'Enough is enough Judy!' has been written on the naughty pupil's answer sheet. Well, they did call the poor boy ugly.

It is not clear whether all the exam answers are genuine.

Indeed, all references to the schools in question have been censored, so it would be impossible to authenticate them.

taken from website

The teachers' submissions have all been rated and you can filter the pupils' answers by newest, most popular or just random.

Ranking is determined by the number of thumbs-up by 'huffers'.

And it seems to be a popular pastime - as some have received more than 2,000 votes.

Taken from website

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funny test answers horse

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funny test answers horse

funny test answers horse

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funny test answers horse

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Horsey Hooves

20 True or False Horse Quiz Questions

By: Author Henrietta Szathmary

Posted on Last updated: 09/18/2021

20 True or False Horse Quiz Questions

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Horses are not only beautiful, but also fascinating animals. There’s so much to learn about them, and no matter how much you think you know, they will always teach you something new.

Do you think you have good general knowledge about horses? Our true and false horse quiz is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and find out how much of an expert you really are.

Test your knowledge now with our fun horse quiz!

Share the quiz to show your results !

Subscribe to see your results, i got %%score%% of %%total%% right.

Also, take our other fun horse quizzes here . We have a horse general knowledge quiz , horse breeds quiz , horse movies trivia , and many more!

Tuesday 31st of January 2023

I got 20 out of 20!!!!!!

Abigail Craft

Thursday 29th of December 2022

Well... I got all of them correct and I don't even own horses! My friends pushed me to do it since I hate horses. I honestly did not even think I would get one correct! I am thinking of now getting a horse for me and my children honestly! LOL!!

Wednesday 14th of December 2022

i got 20 out of 20 i am so smart not i dum in school good about horses

Wednesday 7th of December 2022

I got 15/we, I know all of the answers in Chinese, but not all in English.

Wednesday 30th of November 2022

i got 19 out of 20 i have 5 horses (one each for my family) 👩👨🧑👧👧

We Love Quizzes

41 horse quiz questions and answers: equestrian, trivia horse quiz questions and answers, 1. colic is a problem for horses because…, 2. an intact male horse over two years old is called a…, 3. a well-cared-for horse can live…, 4. the most popular breed of horse is the…, 5. behaviorally, horses most prefer to…, 6. the original horse was called…, 7. full-sized horses and standard ponies are measured in…, 8. a female horse over two years old is called a…, 9. horses usually sleep…, 10. when you are buying a horse, the best way to determine its age by…, 11. miniature horses are measured in…, 12. a newborn horse of either gender is called a…, 13. horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and zebras are all…, 14. according to art in egyptian pyramids, horses have been domesticated for …, 15. arabian horses have an unusual physique because…, 16. a weaned female foal is called a…, 17. the withers is the….

A. Highest point of a horse’s back

18. Crosses between different types of equines produce hybrids that are usually…

19. a cross between a zebra and an appaloosa has…, 20. an excessively rich diet can cause problems with…, 21. a weaned male foal is called a…, 22. pound-for-pound, the strongest equine is the….

A. Draft horse

23. Gray horses are usually born…

24. the mother of a horse is called its…, 25. equines are …, 26. horses’ evolutionary ancestors include…, 27. a female horse used entirely for breeding is called a…, 28. a neutered male horse over two years old is called a…, 29. well-trained ponies are good for…, 30. an “easy-keeper”…, 31. the father of a horse is called its…, 32. a healthy ____ usually has the longest, thickest mane and tail., 33. a cross between a donkey and a zebra is called a…, 34. the animal that was first domesticated is the…, 35. which of these equines generally lives longer, 36. how old is a 28 year old horse in human years.

A. 40 years

37. What is the name of Lucky Luke’s horse?

38. what is actually a trojan horse.

A. A golden horse

39. In which country can you find Przewalskis horses?

40. which animal is descended from a type of horse called african wild ass, 41. which country leads the country medalist rankings in equestrian at the summer olympics.

For all the animal lovers who are keen to learn even more, we have prepared this donkey trivia quiz or this quiz about dogs , which I’m sure you will love. If you want to learn more about horse racing, check out this quiz .

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28 famous animal quiz questions and answers: famed creatures, 49 dog quiz questions and answers: furry friends, vicky crider, leave a reply cancel reply.

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40+ Horse Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Won't Leave You With A Long Face

Team Kidadl

on 08 January 2021

on 23 November 2022

Sub-edited by

Isobel Murphy

5 mins to read

Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Published on Jan 08, 2021

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All kids love horses, right?

We have put together this horse trivia for kids to discover and test their knowledge of some lesser-known facts about these captivating creatures. With both easy and hard horse trivia questions and answers, and even some horse riding quiz questions and answers, kids will love this quiz! For more quizzes, check out our animal trivia and biology trivia .

Basic Questions And Answers About Horses

Everyone can enjoy a horse ride!

Before we dive into specific horse trivia quiz questions such as Arabian horse trivia or race horse trivia, let us first go through a set of easy horse trivia games and horse trivia facts to warm up! Test your knowledge in this horse trivia quiz!

1. Question: How long have horses existed?

Answer: Horses have been existence for around 45 to 55 million years.

2. Question: What do horses eat?

Answer: Grass, hay, concentrates, fruits and vegetables.

3. Question: How do you care for horses?

Answer: You must establishing a daily stable management and horse care routine including feeding them and replacing their bedding on a regular basis.

4. Question: How difficult is horse riding ?

Answer: Horse riding is a demanding sport and can be a difficult skill to master.

5. Question: Do horses make good pets?

Answer: Yes, but there is a lot of work involved in looking after them.

6. Question: How big can horses get?

Answer: An adult horse weighs between 380 and 1000 kilos and reaches a height of 2.4 metres.

7. Question: What are some popular horse breeds?

Answer: Arabian, Mustang, Appaloosa, Shire, Clydesdale and Friesian.

8. Question: How long do horses live?

Answer: 25-30 years.

9. Question: What is an adult female horse called?

Answer: A mare.

10. Question: Which country has the highest population of horses?

Answer: The USA.

Horse Trivia Through Time

These horse quiz questions and horse trivia with answers test your knowledge of horses throughout history!

11. Question: Who was the oldest horse to ever live?

Answer: Old Billy, who lived until he was 62.

12. Question: In what century did the world's biggest horse live?

Answer: The 19th century. It was 219 cm high and weighed 1524 kg.

13. Question: What surprising part of a horse keeps growing as long as they're alive?

Answer: Hooves.

14. Question: What color can horses not see?

Answer: Red.

15. Question: When did humans first start domesticating horses?

Answer: Around 4000 BC.

16. Question: Which class of painters during the 19th century used horses as their muses?

Answer: Impressionist painters.

17. Questions: When was the last wild Przewalski's horse seen in Mongolia?

Answer: 1968.

18. Question: True of false: horses have the largest eyes among all land mammals?

Answer: True.

19. Question: When was the first instance of horse cloning recorded?

Answer: In Italy in 2003.

20. Question: What is the name of the unit in which a horse's height is measured?

Answer: Hands.

Famous Horse Trivia

Horses are social creatures.

Here is a trivia quiz all about the most famous horses, how many do you know?

21. Question: What was the name of the horse that was owned by Alexander The Great?

Answer: Bucephalus.

22. Question: Which horse was the only survivor of Custer's division at the battle of Little Bighorn?

Answer: Comanche.

23. Question: What was the name of George Washington's horse on whom he was mounted during the surrender of the British?

Answer: Nelson.

24. Question: What is the name of the horse that Elizabeth Taylor entered and won the Grand National on in the 1944  movie 'Velvet Nation'?

Answer: The Piebald.

25. Question: Jimmy Driftwood wrote a song about which horse that was first popularized by Eddy Arnold?

Answer: Tennessee Stud.

26. Question: Which 19th century children's classic novel written by Anna Sewell has a horse as its title character?

Answer: ' Black Beauty '.

27. Question: What was the mid-20th century TV show that starred a talking horse?

Answer: 'Mr. Ed'.

28. Question: Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's best known horse was named what?

Answer: Traveller.

29. Question: What is the name of the magical horse with eight legs that Norse God Odin rode?

Answer: Sleipnir.

30. Question: To which mythology does the winged horse Pegasus belong?

Answer: Greek.

31. Question: Which Disney princess was the owner of a horse named Major?

Answer: Cinderella.

32. Question: Which holiday is the hobby horse Mari Lwyd a part of in Wales?

Answer: Christmas.

33. Question: In 1983, which successful race horse disappeared from a stud farm?

Answer: Shergar

34. Question: In Scandinavian folklore, a horse lives in a river. What is it known as?

Answer: The Neck.

35. Question:  In the 1982 novel ' War Horse ', who was the horse?

Answer: Joey.

36. Question: The Uffington White Horse of White Horse is supposed to have been made in which age?

Answer: The Bronze Age.

37. Question: The words, "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse?" were uttered by which popular Shakespeare character?

Answer: Richard III.

38. Question: Which horse was first to win the Melbourne Cup?

Answer: Archer.

39. Question: Tonto, who was the sidekick of Lone Ranger Potawatomi, had a horse named what?

Answer: Scout.

40. Question: Which horse was jokingly nominated by Rome's third Emperor, Caligula, as a Roman Consul?

Answer: Incitatus.

41. Question: What was the name of the wonder horse that was nicknamed  'Big Red'?

Answer: Man O'War.

42. Question: In the year 1973, which horse won the triple crown?

Answer: Secretariat.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for horse trivia, then why not take a look at this shark trivia , or anatomy trivia for more?

The Kidadl Team is made up of people from different walks of life, from different families and backgrounds, each with unique experiences and nuggets of wisdom to share with you. From lino cutting to surfing to children’s mental health, their hobbies and interests range far and wide. They are passionate about turning your everyday moments into memories and bringing you inspiring ideas to have fun with your family.

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funny test answers horse

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