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Definition of given

 (Entry 1 of 3)

Definition of given  (Entry 2 of 3)

Definition of given  (Entry 3 of 3)

Example Sentences

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'given.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback .

Word History

Middle English yiven, given "presented as a gift, freely bestowed," from past participle of given "to give entry 1 "

14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2

1879, in the meaning defined above


1904, in the meaning defined above

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Kids definition of given.

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Kids Definition of given  (Entry 2 of 2)

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Given sentence example

Do you think they may have given up?

Given all this, do you really believe this disease still has a chance?

I'm here in one piece, sort of, and you've given me a clean slate to begin act two of my life.

The diploma was given to her in the privacy of the principle's office.

The king's cupbearer, Sarcas, was very much offended because he was not given a share of the feast.

She had a most beautiful doll given her.

The balmy weather of Thanksgiving Day had given way to a frosty day after.

A last minute invitation was given to Howie.

Every day I find how little I know, but I do not feel discouraged since God has given me an eternity in which to learn more.

It was a foolish thing to say, given the circumstances, but she was up to her eyeballs with this lingering bad mood.

It was possible that his father had given up on him.

I can never tell you how much pleasure they have given us.

Carmen had given Josh no encouragement.

Similarly profound considerations are given for his retreat from Smolensk to Orsha.

She hadn't been given that much consideration.

It's like a gift I've been given and I'm supposed to do something with it and if I don't, I'm...

The case, as represented by the offended parties, was that, after seizing the transports, Major Denisov, being drunk, went to the chief quartermaster and without any provocation called him a thief, threatened to strike him, and on being led out had rushed into the office and given two officials a thrashing, and dislocated the arm of one of them.

Of course, Howard had talked to Len – even given him instructions to the Giddon house.

She poured sand over the fire and waited long enough to make it appear she had given his invitation consideration.

Dad would have given her anything she wanted.

I don't want to abuse what's been given to me but I'm half sick with worry and I can't think straight.

A brother would make the most sense, given the age difference.

He hasn't given us any reason to distrust him.

It was as much as I could hope for given the circumstances.

He was puzzled by the question given that she had written most of the plans.

The name was then given to the famous revolutionary song, composed in 1792, the tune of which, and the wild dance which accompanied it, may have also been brought into France by the Piedmontese.

Fermat, Roberval and Desargues took exception in their various ways to the methods employed in the geometry, and to the demonstrations of the laws of refraction given in the Dioptrics and Meteors.

The problem of the curves is solved by their reduction to a problem of straight lines; and the locus of any point is determined by its distance from two given straight lines - the axes of co-ordinates.

We have therefore the idea of an infinite, perfect and all-powerful being - an idea which cannot be the creation of ourselves, and must be given by some being who really possesses all that we in idea attribute to him.

Perhaps the soldiers had given up their plan.

Given perfect information, frictionless markets, and other theoretical impossibilities, a finite amount of utility can be achieved in that way.

The examination papers were given out at nine o'clock at Harvard and brought to Radcliffe by a special messenger.

Indeed, you can never know all the comfort you have given us.

Miss Keller has two watches, which have been given her.

The improvement they cannot help seeing in their child has given them more confidence in me.

In any case many great rewards would have to be given for tomorrow's action, and new men would come to the front.

A husband was given her and he gave her a family.

In fact, he had given her strict orders not to lift anything.

Alex wouldn't lie, but if he was given enough time to think about it, he could certainly evade the issue.

Certainly she had given him no reason to believe she would.

Feeling guilty, she used the card Len had given her and dialed his number.

Our self-imposed prohibition against pursuing our tips once given limited our learning which sources produced the best results.

Quinn, who was our resident computer and electronic guru, was given information about protecting our security.

Brenda was given a few days off and the dust settled.

Once back in Surry, I wasted no time in telephoning the number Brennan had given me to reach him.

He minimized the situation and thanked us for the excitement we'd given to the start of his retirement.

Given that she had no money or belongings that might possibly be of interest to the people of this planet, how could she bribe or pay someone to take her home?

Dean had given Fred the business the entire trip from Parkside but the old man remained undeterred.

He'd given me 20 years of marriage.

You've given up warning me off?

He liked her, more than he should, given she was working on betraying him.

Not only had he given her the power over the world, but he'd decided he wanted to sleep with her twice.

Though he disclaims being a follower of Herbart, his formal definition of philosophy and his conception of the object of metaphysics are similar to those of Herbart, who defines philosophy as an attempt to remodel the notions given by experience.

Exact information in regard to the period of gestation of the female is still lacking, the length of the period being given from eighteen to twenty-two months by different authorities.

Dalton, who was a mathematical physicist even more than a chemist, had given much thought to the study of gases.

The law of reciprocal proportion, of which some examples have been already given , is part of a larger law of equivalence that underlies most of our chemical methods and calculations.

The specific name was given on account of the extraordinary swiftness of the animal.

A new paper was started, to which was given the name of Kossuth Hirlapia, so that from the first it was Kossuth rather than the Palatine or the president of the ministry whose name was in the minds of the people associated with the new government.

Siward held the earldom till his death in 1055, when it was given to Tostig, son of earl Godwine, and after his banishment to Morkere, son of iElfgar, earl of Mercia.

General Grant had served two terms (1869-1877), and the unwritten law of custom condemned his being given another.

The physical divisions of the Mediterranean given above hold good in describing the form of the sea-bed.

The anatomical construction of these plants presents many peculiarities which have given rise to discussion as to the allocation of the order among the dicotyledons or among the monocotyledons, the general balance of opinion being in favour of the former view.

In a preface to a later edition she tells us how the novel came to be written, and, though it anticipates events, this revelation of herself may best be given here.

George Sand soon tired of her new love, and even before she had given him his conge was dying to be on again with the old.

It is by no means certain that he made the remark often attributed to him, "Let us enjoy the papacy since God has given it to us," but there is little doubt that he was by nature devoid of moral earnestness or deep religious feeling.

The revolutionary and imperial epoch had seen a great development of Italian patriotism, and Santarosa was aggrieved by the great extension given to the Austrian power in Italy in 1815, which reduced his own country to a position of inferiority.

In the first place, with a given size of particles, the direction of complete polarization indicated by (23) is a function of the colour of the light, the value of 0 being 3 or 4 times as large for the violet as for the red end of the spectrum.

Escaping to South America in 1836, he was given letters of marque by the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which had revolted against Brazil.

By early writers the word was generally given as an equivalent of the Linnaean Loxia, but that genus has been found to include many forms not now placed in the same family.

The following are samples from a number of days' results, given in le Cadet's book.

From observations during twelve balloon ascents, Linke concludes that below the 1500-metre level there are numerous sources of disturbance, the gradient at any given height varying much from day to day and hour to hour; but at greater heights there is much more uniformity.

The charge given up to the inner cylinder is known from its loss of potential.

After two hours' exposure, it is wrapped round a frame supported in a given position relative to Elster and Geitel's dissipation apparatus, and the loss of charge is noted.

Simspon concluded that for a given wind velocity dissipation is practically a linear function of ionization.

It was in the latter temple that the statue of the god by Myron stood; it had probably been carried off to Carthage, was given to the temple by P. Scipio Africanus from the spoils of that city and aroused the cupidity of Verres.

A still further facility was given to the use of the filar micrometer by the introduction of clockwork, which caused the telescope automatically to follow the diurnal motion of a star, and left the observer's hands entirely at liberty.'

The end-plane of this cylinder receives the pressure of the micrometer screw, so that by turning the small drum-head the coincidence-reading of the movable web with the fixed web can be changed, and thus any given angle can be measured with different FIG.

The illumination of the field is given by a lamp near the object glass, controlled by a switch near the micrometer.

An English translation of this paper is given in the Astrophysical Journal, xxiv.

He was given the right to dispense justice, to coin money and to appoint the bishops in Bavaria.

In 938 it was given by the German king, Otto I., the Great, to Arnulf's brother, Bertold I., with greatly reduced privileges.

As for infallibility, this was a direct grace of God, given only to the few.

A full list of Collier's writings is given by the Rev. Wm.

In 1865, however, it was suppressed, and one half of the beni ademprivili was assigned to the state, the other half being given to the communes, with the obligation of compensating those who claimed rights over these lands.

In 238 B.C. the Carthaginian mercenaries revolted, and the Romans took advantage of the fact to demand that the island should be given period.

In 1164 Barisone, giudice of Arborea, was given the title of king of the whole island by Frederick Barbarossa, but his supremacy was never effective.

They may make certain concessions or privileges once given without any corresponding obligation; they constitute for a given country a special ecclesiastical law; and it is thus that writers have sometimes spoken of concordats as privileges.

His father had given him powers to treat, but afterwards threw him over and rejected the terms of accommodation that he had proposed.

Wide as were Virchow's studies, and successful as he was in all, yet the foremost place must be given to his achievements in pathological investigation.

In 1672, having finished his philosophy course, he was given a scholarship at the college of St Michel at Paris by Jean, marquis de Pompadour, lieutenant-general of the Limousin.

The characteristic by which we recognize the fundamental element in a series is its intuitive or self-evident character; it is given by "the evident conception of a healthy and attentive mind so clear and distinct that no doubt is left."

This theory, he believed, would afford an explanation of every phenomenon whatever, and in nearly every department of knowledge he has given specimens of its power.

And before 1725, readings, both public and private, were given from Cartesian texts in some of the Parisian colleges.

Henry More, who had given it a modified sympathy in the lifetime of the author, became its opponent in later years; and Cudworth differed from it in most essential points.

But Muratori, reproducing the account given by one of Thomas's friends, gives no hint of foul play.

Accrington (Akerenton, Alkerington, Akerington) was granted by Henry de Lacy to Hugh son of Leofwine in Henry II.'s reign, but came again into the hands of the Lacys, and was given by them about 1200 to the monks of Kirkstall, who converted it into a grange.

Three points are given to the bowl that trails the jack over both lines into the semicircle and goes over them itself.

Garvie, The Ritschlian Theology (Edinburgh, 1899), in both of which the bibliography of the movement is given .

His strange title is given him in the chronicles on the strength of a story that he put two brothers of the name of Carvajal to death tyrannically, and was given a time, a plazo, by them in which to answer for his crime in the next world.

The treaty of Tubingen is the name given in German history to an arrangement made in 1514 between Duke Ulrich and his subjects, by which the latter acquired various rights and privileges on condition of relieving the former of his debts.

Later charters were given by Henry II., by John in 1204 (who also granted an annual fair of three days' duration, 29th of October, at the feast of St Modwen, and a weekly market on Thursday), by Henry III.

For a short period the day was changed to Tuesday, but the market was given up before 1888.

The picture given of Jerusalemite morals is an appalling one.

It is now more usually given to polytheistic races, thus excluding Mahommedans.

His French poems met with little success, but a description in Latin verse of a tournament (carrousel, circus regius), given by Louis XIV.

Outside England the title justiciar was given under Henry II.

The population of the vilayet of Scutari is given as 237,000, that of the vilayet of Iannina as 552,000.

There are Turkish primary and secondary schools in some of the towns; in the village mosques instruction in the Koran is given by the imams, but neither reading nor writing is taught.

Its population was given in 1894 as 135,232, but its area has been largely reduced since then.

The episode of Melchizedek, though connected with the main narrative by the epithets given to Yahweh in Gen.

By 1665 the Dutch possessed rough charts of almost the whole of the western littoral, while to the mainland itself they had given the name of New Holland.

The constitution, parliament and laws of each state, subject to the federal constitution, retained their authority; state rights were carefully safeguarded, and an inter-state commission was given powers of adjudication and of administration of the laws relating to trade, transport and other matters.

It supports the government as the power alone capable of promoting legislation, but its support is given only so long as the measures of the government are consistent with the Labour policy.

In all this legislation one of the most hotly contested points was whether the arbitration court should be given power to lay it down that workers who were members of a trade union should be employed in preference to non-unionists.

This power Ad was given to the tribunal in New South Wales, but was 1904.

Eisenstein, who had also given without demonstration some of the results for five squares.

He was known to be truthful, upright and God-fearing; if he had neglected his studies it was to devote himself to manly sports and exercises; and in the pursuit of his favourite pastime, bear-hunting, he had already given proofs of the most splendid courage.

He purchased from the family of Neleus of Skepsis in the Troad manuscripts of the works of Aristotle and Theophrastus (including their libraries), which had been given to Neleus by Theophrastus himself, whose pupil Neleus had been.

Youssouff acknowledged this protection given by a Frenchman by distinguishing himself in the ranks of the French army at the time of the conquest of Algeria.

In 1833 Ferdinand de Lesseps was sent as consul to Cairo, and soon afterwards given the management of the consulategeneral at Alexandria, a post that he held until 1837.

And every day since you showed me the book, he has given me a lesson.

He has given you clothing both warm and beautiful.

One night he left the beautiful palace which his father had given to him and went out into the world to do good and to help his fellow men.

It requires knowing what you should do in a given situation.

Trade and the division of labor have given us vast amounts of wealth.

Indeed, only such explanations should be given as are really essential.

Reviewing his impressions of the recent battle, picturing pleasantly to himself the impression his news of a victory would create, or recalling the send-off given him by the commander-in-chief and his fellow officers, Prince Andrew was galloping along in a post chaise enjoying the feelings of a man who has at length begun to attain a long-desired happiness.

Prince Andrew listened attentively to Bagration's colloquies with the commanding officers and the orders he gave them and, to his surprise, found that no orders were really given , but that Prince Bagration tried to make it appear that everything done by necessity, by accident, or by the will of subordinate commanders was done, if not by his direct command, at least in accord with his intentions.

Captain Tushin, having given orders to his company, sent a soldier to find a dressing station or a doctor for the cadet, and sat down by a bonfire the soldiers had kindled on the road.

Bonaparte riding over the battlefield had given final orders to strengthen the batteries firing at the Augesd Dam and was looking at the killed and wounded left on the field.

It is good for me, bad for another traveler, and for himself it's unavoidable, because he needs money for food; the man said an officer had once given him a thrashing for letting a private traveler have the courier horses.

About 80,000 went in payments on all the estates to the Land Bank, about 30,000 went for the upkeep of the estate near Moscow, the town house, and the allowance to the three princesses; about 15,000 was given in pensions and the same amount for asylums; 150,000 alimony was sent to the countess; about 70,000 went for interest on debts.

Kochubey said a few words about the reception Arakcheev had given Bolkonski.

This comforting dream and hope were given her by God's folk-- the half-witted and other pilgrims who visited her without the prince's knowledge.

Yes, she's a good dog, gets what she's after, answered Ilagin indifferently, of the red-spotted bitch Erza, for which, a year before, he had given a neighbor three families of house serfs.

I've given it up.

It was only by the keener wind that met them and the jerks given by the side horses who pulled harder--ever increasing their gallop--that one noticed how fast the troyka was flying.

Balaga was a famous troyka driver who had known Dolokhov and Anatole some six years and had given them good service with his troykas.

The very day that Napoleon issued the order to cross the Niemen, and his vanguard, driving off the Cossacks, crossed the Russian frontier, Alexander spent the evening at the entertainment given by his aides-de- camp at Bennigsen's country house.

The arrival of Dolokhov diverted Petya's attention from the drummer boy, to whom Denisov had had some mutton and vodka given , and whom he had had dressed in a Russian coat so that he might be kept with their band and not sent away with the other prisoners.

Destiny wanted to wear some jewelry too, so she let her wear the white pearl choker necklace that her mother had given her.

Of course, she had never given it much thought, either.

I couldn't live with myself if I wasted this gift I've been given .

I knew to right the train on the track apologies needed be given .

The police responded and I was taken to a hospital where proper care was being given .

They'll use those names we were all given .

She dug through the pockets in her jeans and pulled out the stash of one dollar bills she'd been given for trips to the candy machine down the hall.

The effort of healing him had given her a headache.

Dusty should have given you a means of contacting someone in an emergency, he said with disapproval.

You shouldn't have given Jonny a gun.

Her fingers brushed the folded paper Jake had given her.

Thousands of years hadn't given him much insight into a woman's way of thinking, but this he knew without a doubt.

The seat of honor was given to Sasha.

She pulled out the cell he'd given her and called the only number in it.

He offered a small smile, not nearly as large as the one he'd given her the day he gave her the advice that ended up condemning her.

Darkyn's bond has given you insight.

She'd given relationship advice to the woman who condemned her to Hell, advice meant to help snag the heart of a man she hadn't stopped loving.

You've never given us cause to punish you.

They had given Martha a telephone card and asked she contact them as soon and as often as she could.

I'm gonna print this list on my computer, given you're always bellyaching about my writing.

While there was a comment that father Joe Calvia hadn't taken the news well, no details were given , and no calls from a hospital emergency room followed.

God, he would have given both arms, his manhood, and his Captain Midnight whistle for one day as a pro, regardless of the language of the cheering fans.

While Dean distrusted the Dawkins, given their mutual animosity toward one another, any collective effort on their part—on any project—seemed questionable, if not impossible.

The level of interest everyone is showing in some remote acreage is all out of whack, given its questionable value.

Sure, Dean thought, I'll put it on the list, right after food, clothing and shelter, all of which were tough enough to fund given Bird Song's present budget.

She explained how a Bird Song guest, Brandon Westlake, who was a first-class photographer, had given her pointers.

We were so damned settled it was a given we'd be holding hands in our wheel chairs.

His face must have given away his thoughts.

You're just afraid I'll clean out your pocket book, given enough time.

He would have killed me if I'd given him half a chance.

This Ancient Immortal hadn't given up his soul without a struggle.

On it was one soul, that of his brother Kris, who had given up his life to get Katie out of Death's underworld.

The sky was given the status of something pure and clean, the earth sort of a dirty wasteland, and anything below water level or the ground considered Hellish.

I've yet to meet someone who couldn't be handled, given the right approach.

The Oracle had given him nothing, and he didn't feel able to sit still and drink tea with Daniela, the headmistress of the order of nuns who managed this Sanctuary.

Gabriel hadn't given Darkyn's bond to his mate a second thought.

He had given up being a salesman to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a veterinarian.

Alex had given her no reason to think he would be unfaithful.

She didn't want the baby, but at least she had given it to someone who wanted it desperately.

The only advice she was given was to talk to him.

I've never given him any reason to think anything like that, and I don't think I have any reason to apologize for having morals.

It had given them no trouble, though.

Any gratitude he felt for the fact that she had given them a daughter was overshadowed by the danger she had put them all in.

Lori didn't deserve what he did to her, but she hadn't exactly given him a reason to respect her, either.

He'd given it to her hundreds of years ago.

As sweet as she is, I almost wish I'd given her something a little less lethal.

I thought it fitting, given the amount of misery she caused men like us.

I gave her three months, but it's probably generous, given her sunny nature.

He'd given her something to think about, but her instincts were screaming at her not to have anything to do with this creature.

The look he'd given her after she told him she was leaving made more sense.

Or, it might, given it means more to you than it does to me.

What reason have you given me to trust you?

Also, no surprise, given his origins.

Rhyn was being given a second chance, and Gabriel hoped he killed Sasha before the sands in the hourglass were gone.

She attached the prescriptions to the fridge with another cartoon magnet and smoothed out the paperwork she'd been given from the police station.

If they wanted her dead, she'd given them the best target imaginable.

The old man, Liam, had fed her and given her a handful of euro coins before putting her on the ferry.

He sat beside her and reached for her, his gaze on the newest scars given to her by Kris.

Hannah, dear, please instruct the servants that Rhyn and Katherine are given whatever they ask for.

Kris had given them to him weeks ago as payment for two assassinations.

Kris has a scientist named Ully who likely been given the vial.

Said he.d done what they told him and given them you and the castle so they.d leave him alone.

She'd given up trying to convince him they were real.

He'd done his part to agitate Kisolm and received every bit as much as he'd given .

I've given up on finding a nishani for my planet.

Given her first chance to rest in over two days, she sighed, exhausted and irritated at having to dig her own clothing out of a box.

Given his guard of four warriors and his unfriendly gaze, maybe she should be grateful someone wrenched her arm off to get her away from him.

Romas had then been given the painful job of explaining to Kisolm that Kiera would most likely not meld well with their traditions, and Kisolm would have to be disappointed.

Why was she worried about upsetting her friend when her friend hadn't given her the same consideration?

He knew what she was, and he was content to call her nishani, the title given to a warrior's lifemate.

Given his experience and lauding as one of the most capable strategic battle planners in the Five Galaxies-- the only reason he hadn't been driven out by the Yirkin despite his tiny army-- he found himself learning a tidbit here and there.

No woman had given birth in many sun-cycles, because the planet's spirit was severed without the dhjan and the nishani.

While he had given them permission to speak to her, he found opportunists distasteful, however loyal they were.

If she proved to be as he suspected she was, she might find herself the first woman in his society given the official position of strategy battle planner, a position traditionally held by the dhjan alone.

Jetr crossed to the door and closed it before asking, "Have you given any thought to what I warned you of a few weeks ago?"

Rather, more so than you do me, given your usual behavior.

He hadn't thought she would be so eager, given her skill at avoiding all her regular nishani duties.

He seemed to assume she was staying for good, and she didn't know how to tell him A'Ran had given her a choice she hadn't yet made.

She'd never given him an answer about staying with him on Anshan.

Cynthia cooked something quick and Italian for dinner, small white things that looked as they would suddenly explode into butterflies, given sufficient time.

I haven't given it a thought.

Much of the climbing activity was taking place in an area called The Schoolroom, with various routes classified and given names— Verminator, Duncan's Delight and Bloody Sunday.

God has given me a second undeserved chance at happiness!

She writes so differently than what you'd expect, given her circumstances—where she is and what she's doing.

That, and given the fact she was in the wrong line when they were passing out brains makes me think we're missing something.

He owed Fred a "gotcha" after the hard time he'd given the old man about his electronic sales adventures.

It was noon by the time the rig was hitched, lessons given , and Deans, mittened and mufflered, were on their way.

Yes, I think I could kill someone, given the right circumstances.

Cynthia would go alone—that was a given with Bird Song requiring Dean's attention.

Now, given that, wouldn't you say whoever did the cutting might suspect it would cause Mr. Shipton a bit of bodily harm?

If Dean had given any thought to how that statement sounded before he opened his big fat mouth, he would have practiced a little restraint and kept it shut.

Has your sister given any indication Shipton might have told her the truth about Annie Quincy?

Given what he's hearing and seeing now, it makes a heap of sense.

Given enough time, I could eat Corday and Fitzgerald for lunch.

Dean couldn't bring himself to think of any of them seriously, given their lack of reasonable motive.

He answered by instinct, yet, in spite of not thinking of his answer, had he been given more time to consider, it would have remained the same.

Cynthia had given him such an instrument at the time the couple signed papers acquiring Bird Song.

What a perfect way to kill someone when they've conveniently given you a suicide note indisputably in their handwriting!

But given the pair of parents the boy was forced to live with, it's a wonder he's as well adjusted as he is.

Gabriel had spoken of immortality, but Jackson had not given much thought to it, until hearing these words.

They may try to ban you from day trading given the current climate.

She had given up years ago trying to convince him to let the rest of the world see that side.

I am so sorry about that, but you never would have given me a chance if you knew from the beginning.

If nothing else, all this upheaval had given him back his musical voice.

Although he wouldn't have given up those days for anything, he felt this to be more like a family, closer to what life had been like as a human.

If you had given me a second before ripping me a new one, I would have explained that I do not want her 'to do my bidding' as you so eloquently put it.

He had given instructions for them to be left near the back door, so didn't need to meet them.

He chuckled, " Given your understanding at breakfast yesterday, I guess I am going to have to accept that."

I have given up.

You won't be given another chance to find her.

The nickname had been given him by three other salesmen at the office.

I haven't given up on that horse ranch dream yet.

You sound like you've given the idea a lot of thought.

Warmth crawled up her neck at the thought of the impression she must have given Alex.

In fact, he must have given the goat a good deal of attention to be able to identify her from the other Toggenburgs.

I haven't given you enough to keep the office entertained for a while?

Apparently he had given her a car, bought clothes for her and generally made a fool out of himself over her.

What she wouldn't have given to see Alex walk into the barn at that moment.

If he had known what was happening, Josh would have unselfishly given his instant support.

Alex might have given up on her, but Josh had doubled his efforts.

Oh Alex, I can't help but wonder if some day when I'm bloated and cranky, you'll wish you hadn't given up your freedom.

Dan had given her a jacket, but their slow crawl through the forest had left her soaked and shivering.

The Horsemen was the tongue in cheek name given to the government program that placed a series of devices across the world, both in enemy and friendly countries.

He still recalled the look she'd given him before they left in the ill-fated helo.

The same voice that got her into this mess and told her to drown herself had given her this reminder twice.  Katie sensed she wasn't safe where she was, but she didn't want to travel without Gabriel.

Gabe leaned across her to grab the bag with his weapons' polishing supplies.  A necklace with two emeralds – identical to the one he'd given her to wear – dangled above her.

The one he'd given her was tucked safely against her skin.

Katie ate her food and water cubes, waiting for Gabriel.  She fingered the second necklace he'd given her, not convinced Andre was wrong.  The beads felt like plastic, and something about Gabe had changed.

If you get Katie back and the world goes to shit, all you've done is given her an Immortality of hell on earth.

Kris and Kiki both looked towards the sky when the thunder began.  They'd both given their jackets to Hannah, whose step was growing slower the farther they went into the jungle.  Kiki muttered but didn't openly bitch, probably knowing Kris had no patience for anyone insulting his mate.

She pulled, and he ran.  Katie felt the ground shake beneath them as the demons pursued.  Several flew overhead and dropped directly in their path.  She stopped and shoved Toby behind her, drawing the knife Gabe had given her.  Before long, they were surrounded.

They were given reasonable service and whispered offers to, "Stay three nights, the next one's free, and we'll give you a receipt for four."

I suppose any of us might act stupid, given the circumstances.

Given more time, he'd have preferred to put the bike on the car's rack and chew up some countryside miles, tour­ing the hills and farm lands that surrounded Parkside.

He appar­ently was given a whiff of the bigs in a losing September when a few fortunate minor leaguers get a peek of how the other side lives.

Murder seems a real stretch, given lack of motive—nothing missing, no evidence or anything else usual to a homicide.

I appreciate all the help you've given mom.

It looks like she's too goody-goody to sue any­body, but I haven't given up yet.

Dean waited until he was home before looking at the address Rudman had given him.

Dean hadn't given that much thought but he remembered what Vinnie Baratto had said about the Maryland eastern shore and explained it was across the Chesapeake Bay.

Given the weather, that might not be easy, especially near the air­port.

He knew she was on borrowed time given the alcohol's delayed reaction.

I thought he might want a refund on his unused rent, not that I'd have given it to him, but he didn't even ask.

That was not to say Fred had given up on amateur detecting.

But Dean's denial of Cynthia's implication appeared well founded given her reaction to the discovery of the body in Norfolk.

Dean spent the balance of Friday wading through paperwork, a chore made more depressing than usual because yesterday's driz­zle had given birth to a storybook spring day.

Dean glanced at his watch and threaded his way through the crowd to the bar, hoping Cynthia had not given up.

After a series of phone calls to Denver and some monstrous lies, Dean managed to finagle a slot on the bike tour, not an easy accomplishment given the short time before the popular event.

He had covered only 23 miles but each mile had given him a sense of accomplishment that astonished him.

We're 'officially' given a job to do and then the brass leaves the room while we discuss how to 'unofficial­ly' get it done.

Before Alex came along, Carmen had never given much thought to a father – only that she wanted children.

Carmen made a face and continued eating, her mind on the information he had given her.

She wasn't ready for that yet and she hadn't completely given up the idea of biological children.

If it was none of his business, why had she explained - given him proof?

Then again, maybe he had given a lot of thought to her argument.

Whatever he wanted – he had given her the money for it.

He had given her no reason to feel this way.

Certainly Alex had given her no reason to be afraid - so far.

Climbing into the car he purchased for her, she headed out with the new bank account he had given her to do some guilt free shopping.

It wasn't as if he hadn't given her time to correct the problem.

To be honest, she hadn't given it much thought or effort.

Grabbing a paper towel, she began wiping the eggs off and putting them in cartons people had given her.

Alex had given her more than a roof over her head and food.

He had given her respect, consideration and love.

He was probably upset that she didn't answer her cell phone, but he had given her strict orders not to use it when she was driving.

She should have walked away and given him a chance to think about it, instead of slapping that awful word from his mouth?

She always seemed to know what was going on inside people's heads, and to anticipate how a person would react to a given circumstance.

Things were uncomfortable between them, but they hadn't given up.

It doesn't look like you've given any of this much thought.

She hadn't given it much thought until now, but Katie was right.

It was the first directive he'd given her since she came home from the hospital.

He had given her in death what he denied her in life.

Given the circumstances, she could forgive him.

Jonny hadn't given them any direction, she assessed.

She'd given it to Talia before she left then reclaimed it after the first wave of the Schism ripped through the Immortal world.

He'd given no more details, a sign something was up.

She finally recognized the shape of the necklace she'd given Darian the day before.

Jonny's words bounced around in her thoughts as she recalled the look Darian had given the portal they stumbled upon.

She'd never forgiven herself for leaving her family, and she'd never given herself permission to move on and be happy.

She didn't move away from him, the first sign she'd given that maybe she had come to terms with their relationship moving to the next level.

Darian had given her the power to choose.

Darian saw the fury cross Jenn's face, and her next strikes were fast and hard enough they might've given her the upper hand she needed.

If given a choice between trusting him and walking away from him, she'd trust him.

He'd left her sleeping and assumed she'd given up whatever game she played.

My king, I've given you the city, haven't I?

Other than that, she had given his gun little use.

She had given his rifle to Josh before she met Alex.

After Josh died, Lori had given it back to her.

Alex had taught Jonathan to shoot the first year after they had adopted him, but today he still got the same precautionary lecture that her father had given her.

If he had been scouting around, he had given no indication.

I have given you a little information on the wildlife you might see during your stay here.

Had he given Brutus something for that purpose?

If Alex had given Brutus something to put him down, it was because he was afraid she didn't have the courage to make that decision.

She was referred through several people and finally given a number.

No, I want you to respect the clothing you are given and not destroy them.

Obviously the answer she had given him in the beginning hadn't satisfied his need.

What he would do about any given situation at this point was a mystery.

Carmen and Alex were given a room upstairs.

They hadn't given him the opportunity to adjust to the idea before they were bombarding him with life altering decisions.

He glanced up at their picture over the mantle, and then at the painting he had given her of her parents.

They would enjoy each day that had been given them as a gift.

Regardless, he had given his word and no matter how it came out, there was no turning back at this point.

Given free rein to improvise as he saw fit, the law student had found the employee and created his own sting.

Even after she had returned his ring, he hadn't given up.

He had given her a week to get her head on straight.

It appears you have given this matter a great deal of thought - and planning.

Scott Muldrow must have given Dad a copy of the map.

Had Dad given him instructions to the place, or...

If he had been afraid, he had given no indication.

For the first time she spoke his given name.

In the time that she had known him, he had given no indication that he was impressed by money or people with important positions.

They were her, as if he'd been given access to her at the deepest levels.

Really useful, given that Xander is a master at messing with people's minds.

The great Conde was given , for a victory gained near this place, the right to use the style of Enghien among his subsidiary titles.

The full title of this first work of Napier's is given below.'

Of this singular contract, which is signed, "Robert Logane of Restalrige" and "Jhone Neper, Fear of Merchiston," and is dated July 1594, a facsimile is given in Mark Napier's Memoirs.

An account of the contents of these manuscripts was given by Mark Napier in the appendix to his Memoirs of John Napier, and the manuscripts themselves were edited in their entirety by him in 1839 under the title De Arte Logistica Joannis Naperi Merchistonii Baronis Libri qui supersunt.

These rules were published in the Canonis Descriptio (1614), and Napier has there given a figure, and indicated.a method, by means of which they may be proved directly.

Only one of the four analogies is actually given by Napier, the other three being added by Briggs in the remarks which are appended to Napier's results.

In some of the early books of order a few forms of prayer were given , but their use was not compulsory.

The people, however, might object, and if their objection was considered valid redress was given .

The history of the Church from the passing of the edict of Nantes till its revocation in 1685 cannot be given here.

Great attention is given to the education of the ministry, a considerable number of whom, in recent years, have taken arts degrees at Oxford and Cambridge.

Much interesting material on the Mendelssohn family is given in Hensel's Die Familie Mendelssohn (translated into English, 1881).

Of the immigrant arrivals for the forty-seven years given , 1,331,536 were Italians, 4 1 4,973 Spaniards, 170,293 French, 37,953 Austrians, 35,435 British, 30,699 Germans, 25,775 Swiss, 19,521 Belgians, and the others of diverse nationalities, so that Argentina is in no danger of losing her Latin character through immigration.

This university was founded in 1621 and the university of Buenos Aires in 1821, but although Bonpland and some other European scientists were members of the faculty of Buenos Aires in its early years, neither there nor at Cordoba was any marked attention given to the natural sciences until President Sarmiento (official term, 1868-1874) initiated scientific instruction at the university of Cordoba under the eminent German naturalist, Dr Hermann Burmeister (1807-1892), and founded the National Observatory at Cordoba and placed it under the direction of ' There are two distinct statistical offices compiling immigration returns and their totals do not agree, owing in part to the traffic between Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

In 1906 the president announced that permission had been given by the German emperor for 30 Argentine officers to enter the German army each year and to serve eighteen months, and also for five officers to attend the Berlin Military Academy.

The name of Buenos Aires was given to the country by Sancho del.

He was shot (December 9, 1828), by the order of Lavalle, and during the year 1828 the country was given up to the horrors of civil war.

He had been absent from Argentina on a journey to Europe, and on his return in April 1891, a popular reception was given to him at which 50,000 persons attended.

At their conference all difficulties were discussed and settled, and an undertaking was given on both sides to put a stop to warlike preparations.

The decision of the representative of the United States was given in April 1899.

The poorer grazing lands on the upper levels of the Alps, Pyrenees, Jura and Vosges, the Landes, the more outlying regions of the central plateau, southern Brittany, Sologne, Berry, ChampagnePouilleuse, the Crau and the Carnargue, these districts being given over for the most part to sheep-raising.

He may only stand for one, and all votes given for him in any other than that specified in the declaration are void.

Mention may also be made of the Tribunal des Conflits, a special court whose function it is to decide which is the competent tribunal when an administration and a judicial court both claim or refuse to deal with a given case.

The verdict is given by a simple majority.

The active army, then, at a given moment, say November 1, 1908, is composed of all the young men, not legally exempted, who have reached the age of twenty in the years 1906 and 1907.

The total personnel of the armee de mer in 1909 Is given as 56,800 officers and men.

As to the number of vessels, which fluctuates from month to month, little can be said that is wholly accurate at any given moment, but, very roughly, the French navy in 1909 included 25 battleships, 7 coast defence ironclads, 19 armoured cruisers, 36 protected cruisers, 22 s1oops, gunboats, &c., 45 destroyers, 319 torpedo boats, 71 submersibles and submarines and 8 auxiliary cruisers.

Secondary Education.Secondary education is given by the state in lyces, by the communes in colleges and by private individuals and associations in private secondary schools.

Higher education is given by the state in the universities, and in special higher schools; and, since the law of 1875 established the freedom of higher education, by private individuals and bodies in private schools and faculties (facultis libres).

Commercial and technical instruction is given in various institutions comprising national establishments such as the icoles nalionales professionnelles of Armentires, Vierzon, Voiron and Nantes for the education of working men; the more advanced coles darts et mtiers of Chlons, Angers, Aix, Lille and Cluny; and the Central School of Arts and Manufactures at Paris; schools depending on the communes and state in combination, e.g.

The year of acquisition in the table, when one date only is given , indicates the period when the country or some part of it first fell under French influence, and does not imply continuous possession since.

In India the franchise is exercised without distinction of color or nationality; in Senegal the electors are the inhabitants (black and white) of the communes which have been given full powers.

In various speeches he sounded a note of conciliation with Indian progressive feelings, and it was agreed on his return to England that valuable help had been given by his utterances to the work of self-government in India under the new regime.

The prose comedy, El Café ó la comedic nueva, given at the same theatre six years afterwards, at once became popular.

The English names of the individual islands were probably given by buccaneers, for whom the group formed a convenient retreat.

The origin and development of these conditions, in islands so distinctly oceanic as the Galapagos, have given its chief importance to this archipelago since it was visited by Darwin in the "Beagle."

In compliment to King Philip, the general command of the league's fleet was given to his natural brother, Don John of Austria.

An older inquisition of 1526 is given by R.G.

The one case in which jurisdiction has been given to it by statute is to enforce forfeitures under the statute of 1538.

Jugurtha fell into the trap and was given up to Sulla.

In 1727 he gained the prize given by the Academie des Sciences for his paper "On the best manner of forming and distributing the masts of ships"; and two other prizes, one for his dissertation "On the best method of observing the altitude of stars at sea," the other for his paper "On the best method of observing the variation of the compass at sea."

We have no information regarding Jerusalem during the period of the captivity, but fortunately Nehemiah, who was permitted to return and rebuild the defences about 445 B.C., has given a fairly clear description of the line of the wall which enables us to obtain a good idea of the extent of the city at this period.

The description given by Procopius does not indicate clearly where this church was situated.

Good sketches, chiefly after Flandin, are given by C. Kossowicz, Inscriptiones palaeopersicae (St Petersburg, 1872).

With these names must clearly be judged the forms Tusci and Etrusci, although these forms must not be regarded as anything but the names given to the Etruscans by the folk among whom they settled.

To this belief, many and good as are the arguments which can be advanced for it, a confident certainty is given by Christian faith in the Risen Lord, and the life and immortality which he has brought to light in his Gospel.

There followed a long conflict, with alternations of success and defeat, which was not terminated till the death of the prince of Viana, perhaps by poison given him by his stepmother, in 1461.

References to the chief sources of information regarding the states is given under each of them.

The discovery as fossil, in South America, of primitive or ancestral forms of marsupials has given it much support.

But the Transvaal War of 1899-1902, to which Australia sent 6310 volunteers (principally mounted rifles), and the gradual increase of military sentiment, brought the question more to the front, and more and more attention was given to making Australian defence a matter of local concern.

Under the Constitution Act the Commonwealth is given the control of the postal and telegraph departments, public defence and several other services, as well as the power of levying customs and excise duties; its powers of taxation are unrestricted, but so far no taxes Dave been imposed other than those just mentioned.

Perhaps his energy would not have been sufficient to sustain him against these repeated blows of destiny if, in 1854, the accession to the viceroyalty of Egypt of his old friend, Said Pacha, had not given a new impulse to the ideas that had haunted him for the last twenty-two years concerning the Suez Canal.

Given any propositions involving any number of terms, Boole showed how, by the purely symbolic treatment of the premises, to draw any conclusion logically contained in those premises.

The second part of the Laws of Thought contained a corresponding attempt to discover a general method in probabilities, which should enable us from the given probabilities of any system of events to determine the consequent probability of any other event logically connected with the given events.

He was marked by the modesty of true genius, and his life was given to the single-minded pursuit of truth.

The popular support given to the Union of Brussels forced Don John to yield.

Ulster (Uladh) was one of the early provincial kingdoms of Ireland, formed, according to the legendary chronicles, at the Milesian conquest of the island ten centuries before Christ, and given to the descendants of Ir, one of the sons of Mileadh.

One of the chief names for the priest was baru - literally the "inspector" - which was given to him because of the prominence of his function as an inspector of livers for the purpose of divining the intention of the gods.

With this in view, omens given in the reigns of prominent rulers were preserved with special care as guides to the priests.

A second expedition of Lothair expelled Roger of Sicily (to whom Anacletus had given the title of king in return for his support) from southern Italy, but a quarrel with Innocent prevented the emperor attacking Rome.

The formation during recent years of such lectureships as the "Lyman Beecher" course at Yale University has resulted in increased attention being given to homiletics, and the published volumes of this series are the best contribution to the subject.

The family of Thun-Hohenstein, one of the wealthiest of the Austrian nobility, which has for more than 200 years settled at Tetschen, in Bohemia, has given several distinguished members to the Austrian public service.

In 1914 his preeminence had become so evident that a special position was created for him in Berlin, where he was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and given a sufficient stipend to enable him to devote all his time to research without any restrictions or duties whatsoever.

Its matter is olive oil, blessed by a bishop. It shall not be given except to a sick person whose death is apprehended.

There is also a lycee in which the instruction is similar to that given in France, and in which Christians, Jews and Mahommedans are educated together.

This stroke, which would most probably have given the victory to the king, was prevented by the "Eastern Association," a union of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, constituted in December 1642 and augmented in 1643 by Huntingdonshire and Lincolnshire, of which Cromwell was the leading spirit.

The Protector and the council together were given a life tenure of office, with a large army and a settled revenue sufficient for public needs in time of peace; while the clauses relating to religion "are remarkable as laying down for the first time with authority a principle of toleration," 2 though this toleration did not apply to Roman Catholics and Anglicans.

In particular, his acceptance of the crown would have guaranteed his followers, under the act of Henry VII., from liability in the future to the charge of high treason for having given allegiance to himself as a de facto king.

In these troughs the depth is seldom much less than 3000 fathoms, and this is exceeded in a series of patches to which Murray has given the name of "Deeps."

Camille Lemonnier has given in one of his Causeries a striking picture of this faded scene of former greatness, now a solitude in which the few residents seem spectres rather than living figures.

Views of the castle are given by Heuglin, Raffray and Powell-Cotton.

Much prominence is also given to the cult of saints and martyrs.

Fresh scope was given to his activity in 1517 by archbishop Albrecht of Mainz.

In several passages the interpretation is bound up with that of Mizraim, and depends in general upon the question whether Ethiopia at a given time enjoyed the prominence given to it.

The express declaration of these antinomian principles is said to have been given by Epiphanes.

Herodotus mentions the temple dedicated to "Perseus" and asserts that Chemmis was remarkable for the celebration of games in honour of that hero, after the manner of the Greeks, at which prizes were given ; as a matter of fact some representations are known of Nubians and people of Puoni (Somalic coast) clambering up poles before the god Min.

Togo, which has given its name to the country, is a town on the south-eastern shores of the Togo lagoon.

In 1789 he was given the command of a battalion of the National Guard, and took part in the storming of the Bastille.

Possibly the lamentable events of the campaigns of 1589 in Gex and Chablais have been applied to the ' This, at least, is the account given by Catholic authorities.

St Vincent scarcely left him, and has given the most extraordinary testimonies (as yet unpublished) of his heroic virtues.

It was given about the end of the 18th century as based on some experiments, but with a footnote stating that little reliance could be placed on it.

Hence he inferred that the amount of heat given up to the condenser of an engine when the engine is doing work must be less than when the same amount of steam is blown through the engine without doing any work.

The ratio of the portion of the energy of a system which can under given conditions be converted into mechanical work to the whole amount of energy operated upon may be called the "availability" of the energy.

It generally happens that to obtain the greatest possible amount of work from a given supply of energy, and to obtain it at the greatest rate, are conflicting interests.

Machines used for lifting only are not called cranes, but winches, lifts or hoists, while the term elevator or conveyor is commonly given to appliances which continuously, not in separate loads, move materials like grain or coal in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction.

For many years the best workshop travellers were those driven by quick running ropes; these performed admirable service, but they have given place to the more modern electric traveller.

The so-called " contracts," including a great variety of deeds, conveyances, bonds, receipts, accounts and, most important of all, the actual legal decisions given by the judges in the law courts, exist in thousands.

Sale was the delivery of the purchase (in the case of real estate symbolized by a staff, a key, or deed of conveyance) in return for the purchase money, receipts being given for both.

Personal guarantees were often given that the debtor would repay or the guarantor become liable himself.

The warehouseman took all risks, paid double for all shortage, but no claim could be made .unless he had given a properly witnessed receipt.

It remained the wife's for life, descending to her children, if any; otherwise returning to her family, when the husband could deduct the bride-price if it had not been given to her, or return it, if it had.

The judges might be satisfied of its existence and terms by the evidence of the witnesses to it, and then issue an order that whenever found it should be given up. Contracts annulled were ordered to be broken.

The decision given was embodied in writing, sealed and witnessed by the judges, the elders, witnesses and a scribe.

In 1802 the island was given to France by the peace of Amiens.

The galvanometer being so adjusted that a current of definite strength through one of the coils gives a definite deflection of the needle, the amount of leakage expressed in terms of the insulation resistance of the wires is given by the formula.

Theoretically for a given outside diameter of core the greatest speed of signalling through a cable is obtained when the diameter of the conductor is 606 (1/,/e) the diameter of the core, but this ratio makes the thickness of the guttapercha covering insufficient for mechanical strength.

The steamer on reaching the given position lowers one, or perhaps two, mark buoys, mooring them by mushroom anchor, chain and rope.

Since each letter is represented by a specific combination of positive and negative currents, it is possible, by means of the combinations, to close a local circuit at any given interval, and so cause the paper to be pressed against the periphery of the type-wheel at the time when the letter required is opposite.

The record of the signals given by this instrument was an undulating line of fine perforations or spots, and the character and succession of the undulations were used to interpret the signals desired to be sent.

The speed of a cable is given in words per minute, the conventional number of five letters per word being understood, though in actual practice, owing to the extensive use of special codes, the number of letters per word is really between eight and nine; and this forms a considerable factor in lowering the earning capacity of a cable.

By the use of a key in the battery circuit as well as an interrupter or current reverser, signals can be given by breaking up the continuous hum in the telephone into long and short periods.

A full account of the development of his system was given by him in an article published in the Fortnightly Review for June 1902; see also a paper by him in the Journ.

Marconi's successes and the demonstrations he had given of the thoroughly practical character of this system of electric wave telegraphy stimulated other inventors to enter the same field of labour, whilst theorists began to study carefully the nature of the physical operations involved.

The only other suggested solution of the problem of isolation in connexion with wireless telegraph stations was given by Anders Bull (Electrician, 1901, 46, p. 573).

These suggestions were to some extent an anticipation of the work of Reis; but the conditions to be fulfilled before the sounds given out at the receiving station can be similar in pitch, quality and relative intensity to those produced at the transmitting station are not stated, and do not seem to have been appreciated.

In Reis's lecture an apparatus was described which has given rise to much discussion as to priority in the invention of the telephone.

Each subscriber was given the exclusive use of a circuit as in other systems, and shared a call-wire with a number of other subscribers.

Various derivations are given by the ancient grammarians - one from the town of Aegae; another from Aegea, a queen of the Amazons who perished in this sea; and a third from Aegeus, the father of Theseus, who, supposing his son dead, drowned himself in it.

In its fourth year its training as a beast of burden begins, when it is taught to kneel and to rise at a given signal, and is gradually accustomed to bear increasing loads.

Unfortunately several of these fertile tracts suffer severely from malaria (q.v.), and especially the great plain adjoining the Gulf of Tarentum, which in the early ages of history was surrounded by a girdle of Greek cities—some of which attained to almost unexampled prosperity—has for centuries past been given up to almost complete desolation.

The population given in the foregoing table is the resident or "legal" population, which is also given for the individual towns.

The population of towns over 100,000 is given in the following table according to the estimates for 1906.

Handlooms and small spinTextiles ning establishments have, in the silk industry, given place to large establishments with steam looms. The production of raw silk at least tripled itself between 1875 and 1900, and the value of the silks woven in Italy, estimated in 1890 to be 2,200,000, is now, on account of the development of the export trade calculated to be almost 4,000,000.

The regulations provide that if there is a greater weight of correspondence (including bookpackets) than 13/4 lb for any individual by any one delivery, notice shall be given him that it is lying at the post office, he being then obliged to arrange for fetching it.

In the principal towns letters may be posted in special boxes at the head office just before the departure of any given mail train, and are conveyed direct to the travelling post office.

Part of these sums is given to hospitals, and part spent directly by the communal and provincial authorities.

No candidate can be returned unless he obtains more than half the votes given and more than one-sixth of the total number on the register; otherwise a second ballot must be 1898-1899.19021903.

Emmanuel Philibert, duke of Savoy, represented the oldest and not the least illustrious reigning house in Europe, and his descendants were destined to achieve for Italy the independence which no other power or prince had given her since the fall of ancient Rome.

Here again he cited the action of Charlemagne, his august predecessor, who had merely given certain domains to the bishops of Rome as fiefs, though Rome did not thereby cease to be part of his empire.

The duchy of Lucca was given to Marie Louise of BourbonParma, who, at the death of Marie Louise of Austria, would return to Parma, when Lucca would be handed over to Tuscany.

When war seemed imminent volunteers from all parts of Italy, especially from Lombardy, had come pouring into Piedmont to enrol themselves in the army or in the specially raised volunteer corps (the cornrnand of which was given to Garibaldi), and to go to Piedmont became a test of patriotism throughout the country.

The advent of Thiers, his attitude towards the petition of French bishops on behalf of the pope, the recall of Senard, the French minister at Florencewho had written to congratulate Victor Emmanuel on the capture of Romeand the instructions given to his successor, the comte de Choiseul, to absent himself from Italy at the moment of the kings official entry into the new capital (2nd July 1871), together with the haste displayed in appointing a French ambassador to the Holy See, rapidly cooled the cordiality of Franco-Italian relations, and reassured Bismarck on the score of any dangerous intimacy between the two governments.

Meanwhile Thiers had given place to Marshal Macmahon, who effected a decided improvement in Franco-Italian relations by recalling from Civitavecchia the cruiser Ornoque, which since 1870 had been stationed in that port at the disposal of the pope in case he should desire to quit Rome.

As a precaution against an eventual French attempt to restore the temporal power, orders were hurriedly given to complete the defences of Rome, but in other respects the Italian government maintained its subservient attitude.

The Irredentist agitation had left profound traces at Berlin as well as at Vienna, and had given rise to a distrust of Depretis which nothing had yet occurred to allay.

In order to diminish the gold premium, which under Giolitti had risen to 16%, forced currency was given to the existing notes of the banks of Italy, Naples and Sicily, while special state notes were issued to meet immediate currency needs.

The fall of Signor Sonnino, the disappointment caused by the non-fulfilment of the expectations to which his advent to power had given rise throughout Italy and the dearth of influential statesmen, made the return to power of Signor Giolitti inevitable.

In practice, however, when the council has suppressed religious instruction no such facilities are given .

Decisions favourable to the object of the king were given on these questions, though even the despotism of the most despotic of the Tudors failed to secure absolute unanimity.

There is evidence that the request was prompted by the king, and his consent was given as a matter of course.

The key to his character is well given in what Hooper said of him in a letter to Bullinger, that he was " too fearful about what might happen to him."

At this point we must also call to mind the wide currency given to the term theology by Abelard, and his editors or copyists.

Here then characteristically intuitionalism occupies a half-way house between empiricism, with its appeal to real given fact, and idealism, with its appeal to necessity.

Given certain linear and angular measurements, the area must be so and so.

It is a problem for empiricism; given a world where nothing but phenomenal sequences exist, to account for moral ideals.

The fixed given points of intuitionalism furnish Hamilton with one of his arguments in his unexpected development towards a sceptical or " faith philosophy."

It is no ultimate given point of departure; it is due to the reaction of thought upon sensation.

Duty must be accepted as a given certainty, or it is vindicated - unsatisfactorily enough, perhaps - in the way just explained.

Kant then has broken away from intuitionalism by substituting one system of necessity for the many necessary truths or given experiences from which intuitionalism takes its start.

The great critic of scepticism has diverged from idealism toward scepticism again, or has given his idealism a sceptical colour, mitigated - but only mitigated - by faith in the moral consciousness.

It is not the first runnings of the stream of religious thinking which have given the world its theistic philosophies.

Mere given fact may be the starting-point; but it is sublimated.

If our grouping of philosophies, as given above, is sound, every idealist scheme contains potentially an ontologi cal argument.

On the whole then Butler in personal conviction is an intuitionalist, wavering towards the idealism of his age; but in argument he is an empiricist, trying to reason every question as one of given facts.

Whatever one may think of the cogency of such arguments, it seems safe to conclude that thinkers, who dislike constructive idealism, but accept time and space as boundless given quanta, reach in that way the thought of infinity, and if they are theists, necessarily connect their theism with reflexions on the nature of Time and Space.

If the God of the Design argument seems a limited being, working as an artist upon given materials,' he is hardly God at all.

Whether he had really given any grounds for suspicion is unknown; but there is no doubt, so great was his popularity with the soldiers and such the hatred felt for Nero, that he could easily have seized the throne.

Green calls this king, had not, however, given up the struggle, and he was still in the field when he was taken ill, dying in Newark castle on the 19th of October 1216.

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given to in a sentence

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given in a sentence

We were being given music lessons.

She is given only two chapatis a day by her daughter-in-law and her son.

I have given him every assurance of timely help.

Quotations are usually given in single or double inverted commas.

Education, if given in a proper way, can make the life of a child.

Give your best to what you are doing at any given moment.

She has given path-breaking performances in several critically acclaimed movies.

He has given vent to his feelings.

I have already given my assent to your proposal.

We must make the best use of every minute given to us by God.

We have given the result in a tabular form.

We were given a grand dinner.

We were given a nice feast.

Have you given him our books ?

He hanged himself using the belt that Mary had given him.

He has given us useful knowledge.

To how many students have you given the highest grade?

Food and blankets were given to the refugees.

You haven’t given me what I asked for.

He has squandered every opportunity I’ve given him.

You’ll be given the report when it is written.

Technology has given us immense power.

The plan was given up under the pressure of public opinion.

See the example given above.

The farewell party will be given next week.

I’ve given my best for the company.

The prisoner was given his freedom.

A reception was given for the Japanese foreign minister.

A dinner will be given next Saturday.

He rescued a girl from drowning and was given a reward.

He should be given preference over the others.

I have given several representations to the government, but to no avail.

It is a God given gift.

Polio vaccine is usually given in childhood.

Proper training should be given to new drivers.

Each of them was given a prize.

Should he be given another chance

Each person was given enough food and clothing.

Your have given us new hope.

I’ve given up eating meat.

I was given a new jacket.

You’ve given me your cold.

You’ve given me good advice.

He was given a problem that was impossible to solve.

I was given this watch by my uncle.

I have recently given up smoking.

The number of students is decreasing.

Each man and woman was given a gift.

You may use the points given below

He was given a separate room when he joined the university.

Five awards will be given under this scheme viz.

The doctor has given me medicine which I must take.

Read the examples given below.

The doctor has given me medicine to take.

Meals are given to the poor.

Had the Minister given away the prizes ?

He was given a book by me.

In the end, prizes were given away to the winners.

Complete it with the hints given below

Below is given a sample of filled-up e-mail format.

Has he given his consent ?

He was given a break in service.

Benefit will be given to experienced hand.

Each of the boys was given a book.

They had given her up for lost.

It is true that she has given birth to a son.

They are being given an English lesson.

Why have you given him my book ?

Students should be given encouragement to start their own units, with government assistance.

Has the judge given his verdict ?

The answers you gave are given below.

She has given the idea up.

Every year an evening concert was given by the music school.

It may have to be given up by the company.

Let her be given a chance.

Four hundred francs will be given to you by me.

Explain in English the meanings of any two of the words given below

Fill in the blanks by choosing appropriate words from the given passage

Is the beggar being given a coin by you ?

Agriculture will be given the highest priority.

Have you given him your umbrella ?

You had not given me your book.

This job should be given to a man.

Put appropriate prepositions in the appropriate places in the given passage.

They were given books as prizes by the Headmaster.

All the boys were given sweets.

The jury has given its verdict.

Each boy was given a sweet.

You were given a chance on the Moon.

The farmer must be given better treatment and facilities.

He must be given due respect, regard and status in society.

Which of the following is the most suitable title for the given passage?

Each boy and each girl was given a reward.

He was given corporal punishment.

Complete the following sentences as per direction given in the brackets

Read the given passage, more than once, to understand it clearly.

I’ve given up smoking.

He’s always given money to charity.

Have they given you the money yet?

An apple was given to me.

It is not given to many men

He said he’d given up smoking the week before.

I have read a few books given by you.

The little milk given by you has gone waste.

I have read the few books given by you.

Complete the passage with either the Active or Passive forms of the verbs given in the box .

Besides books, she was given fee concession.

I was given an apple.

You’ve never given me flowers before.

I was given a glass of this preparation.

The girl who stood first was given a prize.

The winners were given prizes by the Deputy Commissioner.

This type of sentence should be given under separate heading.

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Given in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Given

having been provided or supplied with something

Examples of Given in a sentence

The boy was given a used car as a 16th birthday present.  🔊

Although he was given a ticket by the police officer, the driver didn’t stop speeding.  🔊

I now have the diamond ring that was given to my grandmother on her wedding day.  🔊

Given a chance to compete, Carlos was sure he’d win first place.  🔊

Medicine was given to the sick girl so that she could get over her illness.  🔊

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  1. Given to Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    given to idiom used to say that a person often behaves in a specified way a man (very) much given to swearing/profanity She is given to behaving selfishly. Dictionary Entries Near given to given the circumstances given to give off See More Nearby Entries Cite this Entry Style “Given to.”

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    The Treveran territories on the right bank of the Rhine were secularized and given to Nassau-Weilburg in 1803, and in 1814 nearly the whole of the former electoral dominions were given to Prussia. 0 A word must be given to one of Bruno's contemporary compatriots, namely Campanella, who gave poetic expression to that system of universal vitalism ...

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    I presume you are translating ‘given’ as a sort of abbreviation for “having established that such and such is true,” always with a comma since what you are about to say in the rest of the sentence will be largely supported by what you have already said (or agreed upon) is true. N.B.

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    Given in a Sentence Definition of Given having been provided or supplied with something Examples of Given in a sentence The boy was given a used car as a 16th birthday present. Although he was given a ticket by the police officer, the driver didn’t stop speeding. I now have the diamond ring that was given to my grandmother on her wedding day.