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international assignment in spanish


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Assignment noun ( plural: assignments ) —, asignación f ( plural: asignaciones f ), tarea f ( plural: tareas f ), assign (~ sb. , ~ sb. sth. ) verb ( assigned , assigned ) —, designar a algn. v, assign sth. to sb. verb —, asignar algo a algn. v, transferir algo a algn. v, work assignment n —, assignment of rights n —, assignment of receivables n —, new assignment n —, field assignment n —, terminal assignment n —, assignment of responsibilities n —, research assignment n —, assignment conditions pl —, address assignment n —, subsequent assignment n —, frequency assignment n —, assignment procedure n —, single assignment n —, source assignment n —, clear assignment n —, channel assignment n —, last assignment n —, cost accounting assignment n —, assign resources v —, assign n —, ▾ external sources (not reviewed).

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international assignment in spanish

assignment translation | English-Spanish dictionary

international assignment in spanish

assign , assignee , alignment , assignation

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international assignment in spanish



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  1. international assignment - Spanish translation – Linguee

    Dictionary English-Spanish internationalassignmentnoun— cesión internacionalf less common: asignación internacionalf See also: assignmentn— cesiónf asignaciónf tareaf misiónf designaciónf trabajom destinom transferenciaf encargom nombramientom cometidom traspasom funciónf atribuciónf adjudicaciónf encomiendaf laborf recadom

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    Translate International assignment. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.

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    Translations in context of "International assignments" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: Short-term and Long-term International assignments (permanent transfers, local hiring of foreign workers, transfers without local hiring)

  4. Assignment in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation ...

    assignment ( uh - sayn - mihnt ) noun 1. (allocation) a. la asignación (F) The manager is in charge of making the project assignments.El director está a cargo de la asignación de los proyectos. 2. (task) a. la tarea (F) We have gathered the data we needed for the school assignment.

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    Dictionary English-Spanish assignment noun (plural: assignments) asignación f (plural: asignaciones f) The assignment of resources is done according to the needs of each department. La asignación de recursos se hace según las necesidades de cada departamento. tarea f (plural: tareas f) I still have not finished the assignment.

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    An international assignment is an overseas task set by a company to an employee. Companies that engage in international assignments are mainly multinational corporations (MNCs). MNCs send employees from the home country to a different country for business operations at overseas offices or subsidiaries. [1] These employees are called expatriates.

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    You are learning Spanish and you and your amigo/a want to go on vacation for spring break (to use your Spanish skills). It is approaching fast. You have decided to research all of the Spanish speaking countries to see which one you want to go to most. I will assign you 2 countries and you must follow ALL guidelines!! Requirements:

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    assignment translation in English - Spanish Reverso dictionary, see also 'assign',assignee',alignment',assignation', examples, definition, conjugation