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51 Best Low Investment Business Ideas for Delhi [2023] | 51 Small Business Ideas In Delhi For 2023 [100% Profit Making]

Delhi is the capital of India. There are many types of businesses that you can start in Delhi.

I have also given some special business ideas that will work extremely well in Delhi.

In this post, you will get the 51 best small business ideas for Delhi. 

These business ideas will also work outside Delhi.

If you want to start a business in Delhi then this post is very useful for you. So read this post completely.

I also have given some useful information about each of these business ideas so this post will become more useful for you.

After reading this post, you will also understand how these business ideas are perfect for Delhi.

So let’s get started –

51 Best Small Business Ideas for Delhi

1. delhi vlog.

Delhi is one of the biggest cities in India. You can start a Delhi Vlog .

In this Delhi Vlog , you can travel and show all the tourist places of Delhi, Vegetarian Food In Delhi, the History of different places in Delhi and lots of other things.

You can also show your lifestyle in this Vlog as a Delhi person. You have to upload these videos on platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

The success of your youtube channel or Facebook page depends on your personality. It is not just about ‘showing Delhi’ but ‘ how you show ?’ is more important.

You can make your videos entertaining and humorous to attract and engage more people.

Your blog will be seen not just by Delhi people but also will be seen by other people who are interested in visiting Delhi.

You can start a youtube channel and a Facebook page, where you can publish your videos. There are many, such types of channels on youtube & they are earning good money from this business. 

2. Street Food Business

Street food vendors make huge money in the cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

You may have seen many street food businesses that are making lakhs of rupees per month in Delhi.

The street food business looks small but makes huge money.

You can sell many types of traditional or famous food dishes in your shop.

To make some innovations in your street food business, you can learn famous food recipes from different areas & different states of India & you can give those food recipes in Delhi.

You can also use some unique-looking dishes and some unique tools & equipment so it will feel unique. You also have to make your food super healthy so it will become more useful for your customers.

You can make good money from the street food business in Delhi.

3. Sell Products Online

Delhi is a big wholesale market. You will get many things wholesale in Delhi. 

It is a very big opportunity for people who live in Delhi or near Delhi. You can easily sell those things online on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart or eBay.

Amazon India has launched a new seller program for people who live in India. Most of the people who sell products online have a big problem with sourcing products.

They do not have perfect wholesale suppliers but the people who live in Delhi have this big opportunity.

You have many options for wholesale suppliers & you can easily get many wholesale suppliers for the products you want to sell online.

In Delhi, there are wholesale suppliers for nearly every product so you can sell those products online and make a good income from that.

4. Website & App Developer

Those days every business or organization needs a website or app to grow their business.

These days, every business or organization should have an online presence. A website or app is very useful for business. To generate leads, Sales or create a brand, a website is needed.

Many businesses are totally dependent on websites or apps. So you have a huge opportunity. You can learn website development or app development & then give this service to other businesses & organizations. 

5. Tax Consultant or Chartered Accountant

You can also make good money as a tax consultant in Delhi. Delhi is one of the biggest cities in India. There are many businesses in Delhi.

Every business needs a tax consultant and a Chartered Accountant. You will get many customers in Delhi. One of the main benefits of this business is that you will get repeat customers. 

There are also many government employees and corporate employees in Delhi who need this service.

You can easily get all the necessary education required for this business.

You can become a chartered accountant or a tax consultant. Both businesses are profitable. You can also give both services.

6. Delhi Tour Organizer

Many people visit Delhi to see the different locations and tourist places in Delhi. There are many tourist places in Delhi so it becomes very hard to visit all of those places. 

Travellers and tourists also need a tourist guide. They also need guidance in the things like accommodation, food, and opening and closing time of tourist places.

There are many things in which they need help. You can become a Delhi tour organizer. You can give a complete package to those travellers which include everything needed for a successful tour.

You can charge a fixed amount for this service.

7. Photography & Videography

Photography and videography are also booming industries. Those days videos have become extremely important. You can start a photography and videography business.

You will get to work at weddings, birthdays, corporate events & many other events. You can also sell your photos and videos online on stock photo websites.

You will get many customers in Delhi. 

You can also start a youtube channel where you can teach photography and videography. Many people are looking to start a youtube channel so your youtube videos will become very helpful for them. 

Billions of people use Facebook and Instagram & images and videos are the most popular content on these platforms.

8. Selling Old Things Digitally

You can sell old things digitally like old bikes, old cars, old tv, old household tools and appliances.

You can earn a very good commission in this business. You can sell those products at any price. You will get a good margin in this business.

You can do this business as a side business or a main business. 

There are many people in Delhi, who want to sell their old products & there are also many people, who want to purchase those old products. 

9. Sell Properties Digitally

You can sell properties like land, house, and flat digitally. You can work as a real estate agent. 

It is very easy to sell those properties digitally. There are many websites on the internet, where you can sell those properties.

Delhi is a developed city. There are many properties in Delhi which need to be sold. Property developers are unable to sell those properties but you can sell those properties digitally & earn a commission over it.

Properties are expensive. So your commission will be bigger. You can earn good money from this business.

10. Create & Sell Courses Online

Those days, people are interested in learning online. There are courses on everything. If you are good at something then you can create and sell an online course. 

You can create courses on many things like public speaking, communication skills, digital marketing, academic courses, dance courses & many more.

You can also create a Facebook page or youtube channel to market your courses. You can also use Facebook ads, youtube ads to sell your courses over the internet.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most famous ways to make money on the internet.

In affiliate marketing, when you sell products and services of other companies then you will get a commission.

There are so many big companies that provide affiliate programs. You can work with companies like amazon, Flipkart, Hostinger, site ground.

You just have to sign up for their program and then you will get an affiliate link. When someone purchases from this link then you get a commission.

12. Social Media Marketing Agency

You can start a social media marketing agency in Delhi. There are many businesses in Delhi that want to do social media marketing. You can give them this service.

Billions of people are using social media. You have a huge opportunity in this business.

You can also provide other digital marketing services with this one.

13. Printed T-shirt Business

You can start a printed t-shirt business. Nowadays, people like to wear a t-shirt with a cool print on it.

You can start a print-on-demand business. You can also sell those printed t-shirts online on marketplaces like amazon and Flipkart.

You can also create your own e-commerce store & sell those printed t-shirts.

14. Food Truck

You can start your own food truck in Delhi. Delhi is a big city and you can make good money from a food truck business. 

This type of business is new in India. There is very less competition for this business compared to the hotel business.

You should select some best food dishes before starting this business. There is no need to sell lots of food dishes on your food truck. Only two to three food dishes are sufficient for your business.

This is one of the best business ideas in Delhi so you can also take advantage of this business idea.

15. Paying Guest Services

Everyone needs a home. There are many people in Delhi who do not have their homes. Many people come from small villages and other cities to Delhi for jobs or studies.

You can rent your room or start a paying guest service and make a passive and regular income from this business.

This is one of the perfect business ideas for Delhi. Paying guest business works extremely well in cities like Delhi.

16. Car Cleaning & Detailing Business

This business looks small but you can really make huge money from this business. 

There are lakhs of cars and car owners in Delhi & everyone likes to keep their car as clean as possible.

You can start a car cleaning and detailing business. This is one of the best low-investment and high-profit business ideas in Delhi.

17. Shops Cleaning

You can start a shop cleaning business in Delhi. People are already doing this type of business and making huge money from it.

You can provide cleaning services to shops in Delhi. You can start this business at an extremely low investment.

18. Corporate Cleaning

Similar to a shop cleaning business you can also start a corporate cleaning business.

You can start from small manufacturing plants and small companies & then scale your business to big corporates in Delhi.

You can make lots of money from the corporate cleaning business.

19. House cleaning

You can also start a house cleaning business. Many people are doing this business successfully.

This is one of the best business ideas in Delhi with low investment. There are a huge number of houses in Delhi. Everyone likes to keep their home clean.

You can provide a house cleaning service in Delhi. You have to target the right customer to become successful in this business. This is an extremely profitable business idea in Delhi.

20. Event Management

These days, Every small thing becomes an event. India is a country of events.

You can start an event management business. You can give different related services of event management like a wedding hall, decoration, music service, catering service and much more.

People spend lots of money in the events so you can also make huge money from the event management business.

21. Organic Fruits & Vegetable Seller

80% to 90% of our health is dependent on the food that we eat. Nowadays, we are eating food that is full of chemicals.

The biggest reason for today’s health problems is the food that we are eating. The best solution for this problem is organic food. 

The organic fruits and vegetable market has a very bright future. You can become an organic fruits and vegetable seller.

22. Provide Home Garden Service

Delhi is an extremely polluted city. This pollution is extremely dangerous for the health.

Research shows that we spend almost 90% of our time indoors. We spend our time in places like homes, offices & companies.

Most people think that pollution is only on the outside or outdoors but that is not the case, our indoor locations are also extremely polluted.

Research also shows that some home plants can reduce indoor pollution. You have to make people aware of it. You can provide home garden services in Delhi. You study this research and start this business.

Your service will become extremely useful for the people who live in Delhi.

23. Alternative Therapies Centre

These days, everyone is facing health issues like back problems, digestion issues, and acidity problems. You can start an alternative therapy centre in Delhi.

Nowadays, people spend all their time sitting & hence they suffer many health issues like back pain, obesity, digestion problems, headache, neck pain and many more.

Alternative therapies are a very good solution for many health problems.

Acupressure, Color Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Naturopathy, and Sujok are some famous alternative therapies in India.

You can take the necessary education and experience and then start this business in Delhi.

24. Become A Mobile & Smartphone Doctor

You can start a mobile repairing service. Everyone is using a mobile or a smartphone.

Every new day, the number of mobile users is increasing. Businesses related to mobile and smartphones are also growing very fast.

You can start a mobile repair shop in Delhi and make good money out of it.

25. Niche YouTube Channel

You can start a youtube channel. More than 200 crore people are using youtube worldwide.

If you have the knowledge and the internet on the specific topic then you can start a youtube channel on that topic. You can start a youtube channel on nearly any topic.

Videos are the most popular type of content on the internet. You can make good money from this business. In the beginning, you can start a youtube channel part-time.

26. Start A Gift Store

You can start a gift store in Delhi. At every event, people give gifts to each other.

You can sell unique gifts in your shop. Uniqueness is extremely important to become successful in your business.

There are many types of gifts that you can sell in your gift store. You can also sell corporate gifts in your shop.

27. Become Ola / Uber Partner

Ola and uber are one of the biggest cab companies in the world. These companies are making huge money in the cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai.

The biggest thing about these companies is that these companies do not own a single taxi. All the taxis in these companies are owned by normal people.

You can also connect your car with these companies. If you don’t have a car then there are many other ways to make money with the companies. 

These cab companies have a big customer base all over India.

28. Deliver Amazon/ Flipkart Products

You can become an amazon and Flipkart delivery partner. There are a huge number of people who place orders on e-commerce platforms like amazon and Flipkart.

Shipping and delivery are extremely important for every e-commerce company.

These companies are always trying to increase the speed and quality of delivery.

You have a big opportunity in this business.

29. Software Development 

You can become a software developer. You can do this business with a website development business. 

Nowadays, everyone is using technology to make their life and work easier. You have a big opportunity in technology-based businesses.

You can create & sell much software like billing software, and customer management software. You can develop customized software for other businesses.

You can do website development & software development business together.

30. DTP & Graphic Design Service

You can start a DTP & Graphic Design Service in Delhi. Visuals have become extremely important in today’s time.

In almost every sector visuals are useful. You can provide services like logo design, banner design, advertising designing, product package design, event design and much more.

You have a huge opportunity in this business. You can also provide this service online the internet because nearly every online business needs a graphic design service.

31. Wedding Planner

There are around 1 crore marriages that happen in India every year. You have a big opportunity in this business.

You can become a wedding planner in Delhi. You can also provide related services like catering services, wedding hall, music services service and many more.

You can start with small marriages and eventually you can scale your business & you can also provide your services to bigger and royal marriages in Delhi & all over India.

32. Micro Niche Blogging

Blogging is one of the most famous ways to make money online. You can start a micro niche blog.

There are many ways to make money from blogging. If you have knowledge and interest on any topic then you can start a blog on that topic.

You should understand one important thing, you should start a micro niche blog, you have to start a blog on a specific topic. In this business, you can work from home and earn good money.

33. Ladies Beauty Parlor

You can start a lady’s beauty parlour. It is a very popular business. Many women are running this business very successfully. 

You can start an organic beauty parlour to add uniqueness to your business. You give some natural beauty services to look good naturally.

34. Men’s Hair Salon

It is an extremely important service for every man. You can start a Men’s Hair Salon business in Delhi.

Every man needs this service. You can start from a single shop and then scale to the hundreds of shops across Delhi. You can add some uniqueness to your business.

This business has a huge market. You can earn lots of money from the salon business.

You can start this business with an extremely low investment.

35. Interior Designing 

You can start an interior designing business in Delhi. Everyone likes to make their home or office unique. People spend huge amounts of money on the interior of their homes or office.

You have a big opportunity in this sector.

You take the required education and experience and start this business. You can start this business with a very low investment.

36. Security Services

Security is becoming more and more important. Everyone needs security. Every business and organization needs security services.

You can supply security guards to businesses and organizations. 

You can supply security guards to hospitals, malls, companies, schools, and colleges. This service has a very big market. You can earn huge money from the ‘security services business.

37. Nursing Services

This is an era of health problems. People are visiting hospitals more than ever.

You can provide nursing services. You can supply nurses to hospitals.

You can give employment to lots of people from this business. You can earn good money from this business.

38. Zumba Classes

Zumba Classes are making good money in the cities. You can start Zumba classes in Delhi. There is a big market for business. Lots of women and girls are joining these classes.

If you are a woman then you can learn Zumba and start this business.

You can easily start this business from your home. This is a very low investment business idea for Delhi.

39. Start Hobby Classes

Hobby classes are also doing very good in big cities. You can start hobby classes like drawing, painting, dance, and music.

Observe your surroundings and you will find there are many types of hobby classes that you can start.

You can start this business from your home. 

40. Become a Yoga Trainer

The biggest problem in the world is health problems. Everyone is facing health and fitness issues.

Our lifestyle is changed. People spend all of their days just sitting in one place. 

These days, yoga has become extremely important. You can easily start your yoga centre business.

The yoga training centre is a perfect business idea for Delhi. You can start this business from your home and with a low investment. 

41. Small Garage

You can start a small garage in Delhi. Everyone is using vehicles. Automobile marketing is growing very fast in India. Businesses related to the automobile industry are also growing.

You just have to take the required education and experience to start this business.

You can easily start your small garage with a very low investment.

42. Sell Imitation Jewellery

Nowadays,  people like to wear imitation or artificial jewellery. There are many benefits of this jewellery over gold and silver jewellery. 

People can purchase this jewellery at a very low price, it is safer than gold jewellery. 

You can start an imitation jewellery shop in Delhi. Women are always interested in buying jewellery. You will get a huge number of customers.

You can also sell imitation jewellery on e-commerce platforms like amazon, Flipkart or eBay. You can also create your own e-commerce website to sell that jewellery.

43. Small Hotel

You can start a small hotel in Delhi. There is no need to sell thousands of food dishes or food recipes in your hotel.

You can just sell one or two best food dishes and make huge money from this hotel business.

The need for a hotel is never going to end. This business has a very bright future. You just have to give healthy and tasty food in your hotel.

44. Village Experience Park

People who live in cities like Delhi and Mumbai are always interested in village life.

You can start a village experience park. Where you can give them a complete package of a village experience.

If you have a farm or land near Delhi then you can start this business and make good money from it.

45. Electronic Appliances Retail Shop

Nowadays, everyone needs electronic appliances. People can’t imagine their life without those electronic appliances.

You can start an electronic appliance retail shop.

You can sell different types of electronic appliances in your shop. You can make huge money from this business.

46. Electronic Appliances Repairing

Delhi is a huge city & a huge number of people are living in Delhi. Everyone uses electronic appliances in their home or office. 

Nowadays, people can’t imagine their life without those electronic appliances. 

You can start an electronic appliance repair business. You can make good money from this business.

47. Courier Service Business

Courier service is an extremely important service. You can start a courier service in Delhi. 

There are many businesses in Delhi, that need courier services. Everyone needs this service. 

You can take a small shop on the rent and start this business. You can give this service, especially in Delhi.  You can also give this service from Delhi to the cities and villages near Delhi.

48. Women’s / Girls Self Defence Classes

In cities like Delhi & Mumbai, there is a huge issue of women’s & girls’ security. You can start a women & girls self-defence class. 

You can teach them different methods and techniques as well as you can give them different types of training.

You also have to give them practical training. This is an extremely useful business for Delhi. 

49. Auto Rickshaw Service

You can provide a Rickshaw service in Delhi. 

Delhi is a big city. Every day lakhs of people need this taxi service. You can make good money from the auto-rickshaw service. 

You can buy a second-hand auto rickshaw or you can also get an auto-rickshaw for rent.

This is a good business for a beginner. You can make good money from this business.

50. Homemade Food Service

In cities like Delhi & Mumbai, people come from outside these cities for jobs or education. 

Everyone needs good food. You can start a homemade food service business. 

You can provide healthy homemade food service. You can start this business from your home.

51. Start A Freelancer Business

Companies are interested in working with freelancers. As a freelancer, you can do different types of work like website development, data entry, copyrighting and much more.

Freelancers are those peoples who work separately or independently. They are not employees of the company.

When a company hires employees then the company needs to spend lots of money on these employees but when they work with freelancers then they pay freelancers according to their work.

This is useful for both freelancers and companies.

You can get work online or offline. To get work online you can visit websites like , , and There are many freelancer websites available on the internet.

I hope this list of business ideas in Delhi will become useful for you. Let me know which business idea you like the most.

If you have any questions about business, marketing, or wealth creation then feel free to ask your question in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which business is most profitable in Delhi?

Ans – There are many profitable business ideas in Delhi. It depends on you. Many times we only see the profit but not the investment needed to make that profit. You can make any small business idea profitable. So it is not the business ideas but it is you that make a business idea profitable. If you want the list of profitable business ideas in Delhi then you can read the above post.

2. Can I Start a Business In 10k?

Ans – Yes, Definitely. You can start many businesses in the 10k. In the above list of small business ideas in Delhi, you will get many businesses that you can start for under 10k. 

3. Best Manufacturing business ideas in Delhi?

Ans – As I said before. There is no best business idea in the world. You can manufacture those products and services which should be sold easily around Delhi. These types of manufacturing business ideas will be good in Delhi. Ex- Organic Foods Making Business will work well in Delhi. First, you have to research the Delhi market and have to find the need in this market. Then you can easily find the best manufacturing business ideas in Delhi

4. Best Business Ideas In Delhi After Lockdown?

Ans – Online businesses will work better after Lockdown. Youtube, Blogging, Online Selling, Online Education, Health-related business, Fitness related business, organic food, organic fruits and vegetable business are some businesses that will work well after lockdown.

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According to  IBEF , in the year 2020-2021, the value of the Gross Domestic Product of Delhi was INR 7.98 trillion. The state's GSDP increased at a compound annual growth rate of 7.70% between 2015-2016 and 2020-2021.

The government of Delhi is committed towards creating a progressive business environment.

Is Delhi a Good Place to Start a Business?

The most important question to be answered initially is, 'Is Delhi a good place to start a business?' To answer that, we have some survey reports to provide you with a clear idea of the data provided.

According to the most recent Economic survey 2021-22,  Delhi has surpassed Bangalore  as India's startup capital. Delhi's net domestic product has been steadily increasing since 2012, and it was expected to reach 7.2 trillion rupees in 2021.

Stand up moment

The capital position and the volume of footfall it receives, when combined, create the most sustainable environment for new firms and businesses. Delhi is the national capital, and with this designation comes many advantages. For ages, it has been known for its bazaars, markets, unique items, and business hub. Chandani Chowk is the best example to clarify the facts more.

Employment growth

It also has a lot of resources available when it comes to business as it is centralized. Transportation services, crafts, technology, ancient arts, etc., can easily be available in Delhi. Now, we shortlisted some of the best ideas for setting up a business in Delhi. Please have a look at them and keep the entrepreneur in you alive.

1. Handmade Gifting Items and Decorations

Gifts bags are placed on the table

Thrift stores in Delhi are an excellent market for upcycling garbage and handmade things such as jewelry, embroidered clothing, decoupage items, paper, ethnic items, decorative items, kitsch apparel, designer purses, and so on. ‍ You can sell these goods online and in person at local stores, galleries, or studios. Boost your revenue by holding regular workshops showcasing your handiwork and artisanal talent. You may be sure the Delhi crowds enjoy showing off their beautiful things and vintage collections of one-of-a-kind handmade products

2. Handmade soaps and organic healthcare items

A soap placed inside the glass bowl on a pink towel.

People have become more conscious of their health and well-being in recent years. As a result, there has been a boom in the consumption of organic food items and natural products used to promote good health and hygiene. ‍ Make homemade soaps using simple ingredients available at home and sell them to individuals who prefer personal hygiene products that are not mass-produced. You can also use resources online to reach customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

3. A Fitness Centre at Home

A boy performing fitness exercise wearing black shoes on a mat.

This cost-effective solution is ideal for Delhi, where people spend thousands of rupees on gyms and fitness centers to stay fit. You can start fitness programs like yoga or dancing at home if you have a hall or a spare room. ‍ You can rent a spot if you don't have your own, as the outcome is much more profitable. You can use Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to promote your services effectively.

According to the article of  Entrepreneur India , the data of the year 2020 showed an almost 60% increase compared to the survey of 2019 in activities like yoga, cardio, etc. Indian millennials spend an average of INR 4,000 monthly on wellness services and products. India's fitness industry is increasing rapidly and is expected to reach 32 billion USD by next year.

4. Small Scale Water Filtration Service

A water purifier placed on the table along with a full glass of water on its side.

This is a fantastic business idea for Delhi. Water in some regions of Delhi is less clean than in others. Because there is a great need for clean water in this area, you can provide filtered water cans to offices, gyms, and paying guests (PGs). People who rent flats prefer to purchase clean drinking water from service providers. It is Delhi's best local business idea.

5. Tiffin and Meal Service

A tiffin box filled with fresh fruits, biscuits and sandwiches.

Many floating personnel come to Delhi to pursue a profession, gain better positions, or finish their studies. These children require nutritious and delicious food, and a food service business is a fantastic way to meet their needs. ‍ Food services are also in high demand in Paying-Guest (PG) houses, business offices, and hostels, among other places. In Delhi, this is a viable side business opportunity. You can learn the skill from Mumbai's dabbawallas to provide these services at a reasonable price. ‍

Besides, taking care of your personal cooking needs, this opportunity also provides jobs for others and is a low-investment venture that requires the assistance of a few individuals

The reports of  Report Linker  have mentioned that from 2014 to 2019, the meal kits market registered a compound annual growth of 14.88% with a sales value of INR 325.98 million in 2019, an increase of 12.22% compared to 2018.  ‍

6. Online Tuitions Services

A women attending online meeting in a laptop.

Online tutoring  is one of the most trending and effective business strategies. People tend to believe that online tuitions have more effectiveness and less trouble in learning things online. Professionals can teach a language, teach someone to play an instrument, teach them a subject, and so on.

Professionals can concentrate on content delivery and student engagement more effectively when they teach online. The per-student cost is also significantly lower. The online teaching sector can be profitable with minimal investment in the right online tools.

Get here How to Start an Online Tuition at Home .

7. Printed Clothing Enterprise

Shirts and t-shirts hanged on a pipe in a store.

Delhi is a fashion and statement-clothing hotspot. T-shirts with designs are popular among today's youth. They are drawn to printing a quote, someone's name, or their favorite character on clothes.

It's a simple but profitable business concept. In Delhi, clothes are more than just everyday attire. You can  sell these items online  through your website or popular e-commerce sites. You can contact businesses, schools, and other organizations to secure orders for offline sales.

low investment business plan in delhi

8. E -commerce Business

A hand holding mobile phone showing screen of ecommerce market.

This is an excellent time to start an e-commerce business in India. The customer base has increased by leaps and bounds. With internet penetration increasing, many people are looking at shopping online. ‍ Studies show that more than 60% of shoppers turn to e-commerce before shopping. E-commerce today has evolved into a full-fledged business that you can start with little capital. You don’t need ample office space or employees working under you.

9. Running A Boarding House or Hostel

A room with bed, sofa, chairs and some furniture.

Delhi is a hub for educational and career coaching institutes, with a large student population from all over India. They require coaching and instruction in competitive exams and accommodation and career guidance services, resulting in an excellent foundation that can be addressed as a small-scale business in Delhi. It is a one-time investment that will grow with your reputation for providing the best accommodation and food.

10.Work as a Dietician or Nutritionist

A man is explaning nutritionist chart to the lady

If you have a nutrition and food sciences degree, you could start an online nutrition advice and planning business for Delhi's health-conscious citizens. Consider ways and means to creatively apply your degree as a counselor, music teacher, dance teacher, online lawyer, online teacher, online recruiter, and more, depending on your area of expertise. COVID-19 times are an excellent opportunity to sell services online, via social media, and so on.

11. Running an Online Store

A women packing black and white shoes to sell it online

After COVID-19 stroke us with its hazardous effects, online stores have become a standard online income option. Nowadays, people run businesses through online portals and social media platforms.

They even go for their websites to give customers more transparency and good service.  Fynd Platform  took a great initiative to help businesses to establish their online presence effectively and efficiently.

12. Provide Soft Skill Training

A lady writing in a book with a laptop, phone and coffee on the table.

In these times filled with extreme competition, soft skills are necessary to excel professionally and personally. Soft skills training is provided to both students and young professionals entering the professional world. It includes preparation for job interviews, communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills, among other things.

13. Start a Fashion Store

A store with clothes, shoes and purse.

Every woman with a passion for fashion and sewing skills fantasizes about opening her boutique. Even if you don't know how to sew, you can hire someone to do the stitching for you while you concentrate on creating unique designs and attracting customers to your online catalog. It is an excellent way for women to enter the business without affecting their everyday routines.

Get here How to Start Online Saree Business from Home .

14. Start with Homestays

A empty room with green colour walls and white colour window

Commercial hotels and resorts are always noisier and less safe than homestays. They make you feel at ease even when you're away from home. You must obtain a homestay license and register your business with the tourism department to start a homestay business. ‍ Homestay businesses must always follow safety protocols and government regulations. To promote the unique features of your lodging, you must have an online presence.

15. Selling Homemade Chocolates

Different chocolates placed inside a glass bowl.

Chocolate is popular among millennials. Chocolate retail sales in India are expected to reach nearly $1.9 billion by the end of 2020. Chocolatiers can start a successful business with little money. ‍ The chocolate business in Delhi can be a great hit because of its flavors and innovative packaging that fuel chocolate business ideas in Delhi. Also, home-based chocolatiers can get a piece of the big pie by starting an online business.

16. Work as a Freelancer

Laptop, book and some papers placed on the table.

Following the pandemic and movement restrictions, the WFH (work-from-home) culture has become the new normal. Start an online business in Delhi, such as freelance content writing, translation services, or searching for digital assistant jobs online. ‍ These businesses can keep you busy while also allowing you to earn a good living and put your writing or secretarial skills to use. Because of the large number of offices, the freelancer market in Delhi is always wide open to lucrative content and secretarial services. ‍

17. Begin an IAS Or JEE Coaching Centre.

A man with black suit teaching some students on white boards.

Every year, the number of students taking the UPSC and JEE exams grows, as does the demand for coaching centers specializing in preparation for these exams. Delhi is a hub for students who want to excel at such exams. However, this is not a business to be taken lightly, as many students taking these exams rely entirely on the coaching they receive.

low investment business plan in delhi

18. Organic Gardening Business

A women planting in pots with many plants in the background.

It is a fun and cost-effective business idea. Many health-conscious people in and around Delhi regularly consume organic fruits and vegetables. Consumers who practice healthy eating habits will be interested in purchasing from you. The vegan population in Delhi is large and eager to consume your products.

19. Start a Company that Handles Events.

Chairs and tables with glass and flowers placed on the table for an event.

If you enjoy throwing parties, Delhi is the place for large birthday celebrations, weddings, corporate events, well-attended kitty parties, and various other functions. Begin small and work your way up. This is not a one-person show; it thrives only when a solid creative team is assembled, and it necessitates significant upfront investments. ‍ Use your creative skills at various events, such as kitty parties featuring a hairdressing demonstration or a saree-wearing session. Birthday parties in a park with sports facilities or corporate events with fun, creative games can be educational. ‍ Again, aggressive market promotions, your online presence, and creative offline ways to make your business known must be used frequently to develop and maintain the initial stages of any business in Delhi.

20. Freelance Videographer

A Videographer taking footage of a girl playing violin

Video production necessitates an upfront investment in equipment, which is expensive. But that is also what distinguishes your services. Make sure you have a reel of your work or  create a website  with several examples for viewers. Starting a video production company has no educational or licensing requirements. It pays to specialize, as it does with writing and other creative arts.

Real estate videos are not the same as wedding videos; wedding videos are not the same as in-studio interviews or testimonials. You can target a particular customer who will benefit the most from your services by specializing, and you can also improve your skills in one shooting style more effectively.

21. Open a Mobile Library

Peoples are buying books in the store

Delhi is filled with a population interested in literature and reading books. But, many places in Delhi have yet to be blessed by the presence of a library. Nowadays, everything is available in “on the wheels” functionality. ‍ So, why not a library? A mobile library is an excellent business idea and has the potential to gain more attention towards itself due to its unique features and different functionality.

22. Food Truck

A Food Truck is selling ice-creams on the side of a road.

Delhi is famous for its authentic and spicy food. The Food Truck Business In India has recently progressed toward becoming a significant Factor in the advancing Food Industry In India. ‍ The benefit of versatility in the Food Truck arrangement gives proprietors access to various areas at a lower underlying capital than required to open a restaurant business in India or some other configuration. As a result, it is not surprising that food entrepreneurs prefer to invest in a Food Truck rather than a Restaurant or another food-related business in India.

23. Opening A Daycare Centre

A person holding hand of a child making him walk and play.

The demand for clean, safe, and dependable daycare facilities is always high in a metropolitan area where both parents are required to work from the office. Starting a daycare center may require a more significant initial investment due to renting a space, hiring professionals with childcare experience, installing a security system, and so on. The return on investment, on the other hand, is very high. As a result, this is a fantastic business opportunity to start.

24. A Playschool

A child drawing something on a paper with different colours.

Playschools and daycare centers are frequently found combined. If you need more time or resources to provide long-term daycare services, starting with a preschool or Montessori is a good idea. Preschools are typically open for only 4-5 hours per day. You will need to hire trained teachers and create a school-like environment for the children. Start as small as required, and you can always scale up.

25. Provide Transcription Service

Buttons of some electronic gadgets.

A transcription service would allow you to work from home with a flexible schedule if you have a good ear and can type quickly. Medical transcription services are becoming increasingly crucial as voice recognition technology for healthcare provider dictation spreads. ‍ If you don't want to start all at once, or if you're going to keep your day job for the time being, you can accept as few or as many transcription jobs as you want. Consider becoming a certified transcriptionist and delving into a few specialties to boost your business prospects and justify charging more.

26. Homecare Service

A women holding hand of a old man playing with a ball.

A background in care and hospitality can greatly assist housebound seniors who require in-home care. It's also a service that's only going to get more popular. According to the National Institute on Aging, the 85-and-over population is expected to grow 351 percent globally between 2010 and 2050, while the global number of centenarians (those over the age of 100) is expected to grow tenfold. ‍ Many will require care and assistance, often in the comfort of their own homes. Fortunately, you don't need a background in healthcare to help seniors while also growing a successful business, though those skills will be in high demand. ‍ Many seniors require assistance with various tasks, such as errands or home repairs. With some experience, consider expanding your business to assist seniors in transitioning from their homes to assisted living facilities by providing services such as packing, transporting, setting up, or storing their furniture and belongings.

Get here 70+ Small Scale Business Ideas .

27. Drop-shipping Service

Four people discussing something looking at computer and papers.

Only some businesses that sell products keep them on hand. E-commerce site owners who use dropshipping send all orders to a third party. A wholesale retailer or another company that runs a warehouse and shipping operation is a third party.  Dropshipping is a great start-up idea if you're concerned about overhead costs and physical space because it only requires a small amount of inventory and tools.

28. Rideshare Driving

A man driving rickshaw on road with a taxi in the background.

If starting your own business seems too daunting or risky, you can always become a rideshare driver. The rideshare service bears the cost and responsibility of running the business, allowing you to work as much or as little as you want. ‍ Uber and Lyft, for example, allow people to start side hustles that pay well and require little more than a willingness to drive people to their destinations and engage in friendly conversation on occasion. ‍ Rideshare drivers enjoy the independence of a small business owner without the burden of managing back-end logistics. If any other business ideas require too much time or money upfront, ridesharing could be the way.

29. Real Estate Business

An office with desks, chairs, furniture and cabins.

For many people, navigating the housing market is a daunting task. As a real estate agent, you can assist people in finding their dream homes at a price that fits their budget. ‍ To become a real estate agent in many states, you only need to complete a few months of classes and pass an exam. Remember that, even with a certification, you'll need strong social skills, so if you're not a people person, there may be a better path for you.

30. Graphic Designing

A women designing something on ipad looking at laptop on a table.

Corporations, small businesses, and sole proprietors require eye-catching promotional materials, but only some have a keen sense of aesthetics. Start a graphic design business if you have an artistic streak and know how to organize content into a visually appealing format. You can provide flyers, digital ads, posters, and other engaging visual materials. Aside from a laptop and a desk, graphic design requires few physical tools.

31. Providing Translation Service

A person with a pencil in hand is finding something in book.

According to IBISWorld research, the translation services industry declined in 2020, as did many other industries; however, IBISWorld predicts a "major uptick" over the next five years. That projected growth is not surprising, given how the internet has connected entrepreneurs in other countries to English-speaking markets and vice versa. ‍ This trend has created an opportunity for multilingual speakers to provide specific services such as document translation and website information translation into languages used in other markets. If you are fluent in multiple languages, you can carve out a niche in the translation services industry.

32. Digital Marketing

Someone's hand holding tablet with laptop placed on table in the background.

The internet's importance grows daily, but it also becomes more difficult for businesses to cut through the online clutter and adequately market themselves. Digital marketing services are always in high demand, and many small and midsize businesses would prefer to outsource them rather than establish an expensive in-house team. ‍ Suppose you are skilled in SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, web development, or social media management. In that case, you can take advantage of a business opportunity that allows you to work from home. ‍ Because digital marketing is an essential component of any brand, you'll need to respond to changes in your client's marketing strategies. Social media management entails constantly monitoring for comments and messages rather than simply scheduling posts and forgetting about them.

33. Professional Organizer

A laptop, book and a pen is placed on the table

Do you enjoy organizing? Are you looking for a way to make money from home? Consider starting a professional organizing business if this is the case. There are numerous reasons why this business could succeed. ‍ For starters, it is a new and developing field. Second, it is something that anybody can do anywhere in the world. Finally, professional organizers typically charge absurdly high fees for their services.

34. You Can Open a Channel on YouTube

A mobile phone showing youtube logo on its display.

Delhi is full of historical monuments and has a good space for modern architecture and art. You can grab your chance and spread the word about its beautiful culture by making videos and posting them on YouTube. ‍ YouTube is a popular online platform for broadcasting and sharing video content. Millions of users watch YouTube videos daily, and many YouTube channels have become very successful due to their innovative monetization strategies.

Get here 22+ Most Profitable Business In India .

35. Beauty Salon

A women doing some hair treatment of another women sitting on chair inside the salon.

Beauty salons have grown in popularity as disposable income has increased. Salons are as much a social institution as they are a way for customers to improve their appearance. ‍ Delhi has excellent scope in this industry as there is a very high number of potential customers interested in makeup, beauty, etc. The beauty industry generated $62.46 billion in 2016 alone, and its figures have steadily increased over the last 13 years.

36. Financial Consulting

A man is explainng something to the man and women

Nowadays there is a huge demand for financial consultants in metro cities as many people are involved in trading, investments, etc also they want to know how to manage their money efficiently.

A financial consulting firm assists individuals and small businesses with wealth management and growth. Although you are more likely to serve individuals rather than large corporations, your small business should be prepared to do both.

Clients will look to you for detailed financial information, accurate financial forecasting, and investment strategies to help them achieve their short- and long-term objectives. You can even provide people with online courses and make them understand how it works.

37. Virtual Assistant

A women and a man working on a laptop placed on the table.

Consider becoming a virtual assistant if you have strong organizational skills and an eye for detail. It is a simple way to start a business. As a virtual assistant, you can assist business owners who are too busy or need more time to do everything themselves. You can manage schedules, book travel, answer emails, and do other things. ‍

38. Yoga Instructor

Two women performing some yoga exercises on a yoga mat.

If you teach yoga, you can start a business to make money while doing something you enjoy. It's important to note that opening a yoga studio can be costly—you'll need to invest in equipment and rent or buy space. However, if you have the right connections and are willing to put in the time and effort, you could be on your way to a profitable business venture.

39. App development Services

The screen of a laptop showing calculator and some coding.

The global app market is projected to grow from a $77 billion industry today to a $152 billion industry by 2020. With that kind of growth, apps are sure to become an even more popular way to make money. As part of your due diligence, investigate what it takes to start making money as an app developer. ‍ You'll need solid programming skills, an eye for design, and marketing savvy. This may seem daunting, but plenty of online courses are available for aspiring developers (and marketing ninjas). And like any good entrepreneur, you'll need to be able to sell yourself and your vision—so be ready with some business cards!

40. Software Engineer

Someone's hand wearing wrist watch doing some coding on laptop.

Are you looking for a small business idea? It would help if you considered opening a software engineering firm. Software engineers build, test, and implement computer programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment opportunities will grow by 21 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is much faster than average, according to O*Net Online. If you have basic programming skills or can learn them independently, check out these courses on Udemy to gain expertise.

41. Carpet Cleaning

A person cleaning floor using vaccum cleaner.

We all know that one person who has carpets so clean you can practically eat off of them. Rugs aren’t cheap, and if you have a house full of them, it only makes sense to pay someone else to keep them fresh and stain-free. This can be a great part-time gig for college students or stay-at-home moms looking to make extra cash. ‍ I found several sites listing prices between $65-$80 per room. If you’re comfortable with traditional sales, consider contacting family and friends first as a test case. You might not need their referrals, but if it turns into regular work, why not get paid something?

42. Pet Care

A women cutting nails of a pet dog.

Do you love animals? There are various careers related to animals, from becoming a vet or an animal trainer to starting your pet shop or grooming business. Jobs like these aren’t limited to larger cities, so if you want to run your own small business and work with animals, consider setting up a shop in a place like Delhi. ‍ Animal lovers flock here all year round, and many pets require care at all times of the day. If you love animals, owning your pet-care business is one way to pursue that passion and put it on display. ‍ Research what type of venture makes sense based on where you live; another consideration is whether your services can be done independently or would require some veterinary assistance.

43. Book Counter

The pages of the book moving due to air, placed on the table

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of book you’re going to write. There are three main types: fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. It’s probably best to start with a non-fiction book as it will be less time-consuming and easier to write. If you have never written a book before, you must choose a topic that has a large audience, some of whom may want or need your product.

44. Recruiting Agency 

An office with some desks, working employees and lighting.

If you’re a tech-savvy person, you might want to look into becoming a recruiting agency. You must build relationships with businesses and find out if they need any new staff. ‍ If they do, they will contact you back and give you all their hiring details and expectations. Some employers may even go as far as interviewing candidates before reaching out to them.

45. Grocery Store with Delivery Facilities

A lady is sitting on the scooty in front of the market

One of my favorite business ideas is to start a grocery store with delivery facilities. If you want to be an entrepreneur, try and create your online shop. ‍ Food delivery services are highly demanded, so starting a delivery service is an excellent idea. The good news is that now there are many websites where you can easily place orders for food and groceries online, both from within India and abroad.

46. Photography or Cinematography

A women wearing wrist watch is holding the camera.

You can get paid for your photos if you're good with a camera. You can access numerous stock photo websites and other websites to sell pictures online. ‍ Many businesses also look for photographers or videographers to help them create promotional materials, ad campaigns, and more. Whether you're taking photos of landscapes, cityscapes, or creative portraits of local people and businesses, selling your photos online can earn extra money.

47. Healthy Fast Food with Delivery Service

Burgers, fries and beverages all together placed inside a box.

The business idea here is to develop a chain of fast-food restaurants that offer healthy items under one roof and add a delivery service so that clients can enjoy their food at home. Home deliveries will further increase your business’s revenues.

48. Think About Organic Food Corner

Some plastic bags filled with dry fruits and namkeens.

If you think about it, organic food products need to be sold at a premium. This is because farmers who raise crops with non-GMO seeds don’t have access to advanced farming techniques that make mass production possible. ‍ Organic farms are generally less efficient than their traditional counterparts, making organic food more expensive and difficult to come by. Creating an organic corner or aisle can help improve sales of all these items—and offer a higher profit margin from each sale.

49. Catering Business

Food placed in a buffet server bowl in straight line.

This is a great business to start if you love to cook and take pride in serving good food. If you want your business to grow, buy a truck or van with built-in coolers and stoves, hire some people, purchase an affordable catering permit from your local health department and advertise. ‍ For example, if you live in New York City, it may cost $871 per year to get a license that allows you to serve food within four blocks of Central Park South; other districts have different fees.

50. Tailoring

A man is doing something with sewing machine.

Do you have a talent for sewing? Consider becoming a tailor. Some tailors work on commission, and some charge per item sewn. Tailoring may not be your ideal career, but it’s an excellent way to make some side cash while allowing you to develop your skills or fill time in your day. You can either set up shop at home or look into purchasing space at an existing tailoring company. ‍

51. Paying Guest Services

Two girls standing at reception wearing bags, writing something in a book

While you may be tempted to rent your primary residence, it's usually not a good idea. Why? Because if you live there, you're responsible for paying property taxes on it, and if significant improvements are made to that property—say, adding an office or another room—you have to adjust your tax assessment. This can lead to some hefty fines from the IRS and more hassle than it's worth.

52. Social Media Influencer

Some social media apps displayed on the screen of a phone.

No one can deny the influence of social media these days. If you think social media is a waste of time, think again because knowing to operate social media tools can make you earn a hefty amount. You can be a social media influencer, attract people through your talent and skill, and make money out of it. What is better than this, right? You’ll be able to attract people because they see your work being promoted.

53. Gutter Cleaning

A man cleaning floor with the help of a mop.

When you own a house, there will inevitably be little messes here and there. Instead of tackling these small cleanups with a broom or vacuum, consider hiring a professional gutter cleaning service. ‍ These experts can come to your home once every year or two and thoroughly clean out all those hard-to-reach places to make sure your gutters are flowing correctly and keeping excess water away from your foundation.

54. Floral Business

Different colours of flowers placed in the bucket.

If you live in a big city, there’s a good chance you can sell flowers on your street. You can take advantage of that and create your own florist business. If you want to start making more money, hire people to help you with it – though make sure to keep things running well. When running your own business, there’s only so much time you have – so hire other people when needed. This will also help them learn new skills.

55. Cleaning Service

A man cleaning glass with the help of a viper.

While it’s possible to clean your own home, you may have a growing to-do list. Cleaning companies charge between $40 and $60 per hour, but that doesn’t include their cleaning supplies. For an extra fee, many will even do your shopping for you. So, why not opt for it as a business venture?

56. Handyman Services

A man drilling in wooden plant with the help of a drill machine.

If you can swing a hammer, you can start your handyperson service. With all of today’s DIY shows, there is no better time to jump into action than now. You can get training at your local community college and advertise so that you do not go under. ‍ For example, if someone has a coffee table they want to be repaired or painted, they might pay far more than they expected when they need it fixed last minute and everyone else is booked.

57. Interior Decoration

An empty room with sofa, chairs, tv, curtains, lights and painting on the wall.

This is a great business idea if you have a flair for aesthetics and design. Interior decoration is about creating more attractive surroundings, more comfortable living spaces, or simply updating your house. ‍ If you know how to match colors, what kind of paints should be used in certain rooms, and what type of lighting is preferred by most people inside a room, interior decoration might be just what you’re looking for.

58. Tattoo Parlor

A man making tattoo on the hands on a standing women.

Body art is experiencing a surge in popularity right now. Why not capitalize on it? Tattoo parlors can do big business, especially if you’re willing to set up shop in or near an area with a lot of foot traffic. There are plenty of other small business ideas to choose from, but why not go with something that caters to people’s love of ink?

59. CCTV Installation

CCTV placed on the wall of the road.

As a homeowner, one of your primary concerns is protecting your family and keeping watch over your property. A sound CCTV system is an easy way to ensure that you’re doing just that; installing cameras around your home lets, you keep track of who comes and goes. Considering installing CCTV is indeed a good idea

60. Travel Agency

A women wearing blue jeans is carrying trolley on the airport.

There’s a good chance you know someone who’s always jetting off on exotic vacations. And you might even know someone who quit their job to travel full-time. And while that may seem like an enviable life, plenty of people don’t have time or money to take weeks—or months—off to travel abroad; in such a scenario, starting your travel agency could be a fantastic business idea. ‍

61. Disc jockey

A man is controlling some sound system of a party.

A disc jockey, or DJ, is a person who has extensive knowledge of musical genres and can introduce new songs to an audience. In addition to mixing various songs on their turntables and providing entertainment, People may also hire DJs to provide music lessons. Salaries vary widely based on experience, skills, and location. A professional DJ could earn anywhere from $20,000 to more than $200,000 annually.

62. Accounting Firm

A women with a pencil in hand writing something in paper looking at computer.

Setting up an accounting business might be a good idea if you have an accounting background. You can consult companies on handling their finances and keeping track of income and expenses.

‍ If you are good with numbers, becoming an accountant is something you should look into. You could pick up some clients while doing so, which could become long-term money-makers when you build your practice later on down the road.

63. Personal Laundry Service

Two women working in laundry with washing machines in the background.

A laundry service is a great small business if you want to make extra cash from home. To start, figure out how much time you want to commit to running your laundry service. Do you want to do laundry every day? ‍ Once a week? Is there an area of town that is less densely populated where people are willing to travel farther distances for services like yours? If so, what neighborhood should you set up shop in, and what marketing will work best there? ‍ ‍

64. Vlogging

A mobile is attached with tripod and recording vlog of three persons.

Making a video may be your best potential, but if you don’t want to write a regular post and are not into photography or art. Choose a topic or title (10 Things That You Didn’t Know About Goats, But Will Soon) and record yourself talking about it. Just remember to make it sound exciting or funny; as long as you do, people will usually watch your video.

65. Juice Corner

A glass of orange juice is placed on table along with orange peel.

Investing in a juice or smoothie corner is a great way to earn extra cash at your party or event. Charge Rs 50 per glass of juice/smoothie and set up a table with chairs next to it.

Make sure you have enough stock and place all items that require refrigeration there. If you’re catering an outdoor event, ensure you protect your drinks from sunlight by using an umbrella/awning over your stand.

66. Packaging and Moving

A person is packing something in brown cover placing on the floor.

If you have a knack for organization, there are opportunities to make money by doing someone else’s packing and moving. Pro Services may include assembling your Ikea furniture and loading your U-Haul boxes before you depart, so consider these optional valuables if you don’t want to do it yourself.

67. Thrift Store

Different shirts and t-shirts are hanged on a pipe in a store.

Buying clothing and accessories from a thrift store can save you a fortune, but it can also be risky. Thrift stores often accept donations that haven’t been carefully sorted so that you can walk away with clothing covered in grime or bedbugs. ‍ Inspect all donated clothing before purchasing to ensure it’s clean and undamaged. Donate your unwanted clothes to a thrift store—you could even make some extra cash by donating them.

68. Cold Storage

An empty cold storage with some furniture and lighting.

As an owner of a small business, one of your responsibilities is safeguarding your customers’ personal information. In other words, you need to find a cold storage provider with facilities like biometric access control, 24-hour monitoring and surveillance, safety mechanisms, and more. ‍ Your business can only suffer from data breaches or loss if appropriately ensured. Cold storage providers also provide disaster recovery solutions to safeguard data from fire or natural calamities.

These were the best and most exceptional thoughts to launch your business. To begin a business implies you need to keep your eyes on every side of the company. Open doors are unending. ‍ There are changes related to each move a businessperson takes. One should be adequately cautious about enduring the good and less promising times related to the endeavor. ‍ There are many sources from which you can gain business help. Numerous new companies and youthful internet business sites are in the market to help assume you're new to this.

Delhi, the capital of India, is considered the heart of India. The most crowded city Delhi is known for its good connectivity of transportation. The famous Delhi metro is known as 'Delhi's lifeline.' Here are some of the best business Ideas in Delhi which can 100% help you to make a profit.

Which is the best business to start in Delhi?

Delhi is the national capital of India and is very suitable for any kind of business. Though for the best of best we have prepared a list of business ideas that are very suitable to start up in Delhi. All of them are mentioned and explained point by point in the above article.

What industries are in high demand?

The Most Popular Small Business Concepts to Consider When Starting Your Own

What can I sell to easily make money from home?

There are many options to make money sitting at home by selling things. Some of the ideas are:

·     Thrifting or selling old clothes

·     Make some jewellery.

·     Recycle old phones.

·     Make some pretty coffee mugs.

·     Make some t-shirts.

·     Sell your furniture.

·     Make a planner or a PDF.

·     Earn money by writing.

How can I start my own business if I don't have any money?

You don't need money to start a small business. The first step in starting a business with no money is to keep your current job and initially launch your small business as a side project. Then, create a business plan and research your customer base, market, and potential challenges. Near the end of the planning process, you'll have a better idea of how much money you'll need to make your business a full-time job. This money can be obtained through crowdfunding platforms and investors. Take out a business loan only as a last resort.

What are the most successful small businesses?

Small businesses that use website design, a subset of digital marketing, are among the most profitable. People learn about businesses more frequently on the internet than through other channels, so finding clients and a consistent income stream isn't as difficult. Cleaning services and real estate businesses are also doing well, which makes sense given that everyone needs a place to live and prefers it to be clean.

Which business is most profitable in Delhi?

Depending on your niche, there are several different business ideas you can consider. From dog walking to tutoring, landscaping to personal training – whatever your area of expertise may be, there’s always someone out there looking for your services. What separates a profitable small business from an unprofitable one is simply put: market demand. 

Before getting into which small businesses will thrive in Delhi, let’s briefly talk about supply and demand. Understanding these basic economic principles will help you choose a service that no one else is offering and target a consumer base that’s eager to purchase it.

low investment business plan in delhi

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Lio Blog

25 Small Business ideas in Delhi with low investment

The nation’s capital territory is a hotbed for economic activity. Several Fortune 500 companies have made Delhi home to their headquarters in India. The city has also given birth to some of the most successful companies in recent history. BoAt, Snapdeal, Paytm, Ecom Express, Nearbuy, Hike, etc., are some of the most notable ones.

This doesn’t mean that Delhi is just for businesses that need huge investments. Even small businesses with low offers enjoy success in Delhi. 

In the last two years, Delhi has grown so much when it comes to startups. In fact, Delhi replaced Bengaluru as the startup capital.

As per an economic survey, 4,514 start-ups were added in Bengaluru while over 5,000 recognised start-ups were started in Delhi between April 2019 to December 2021. Delhi’s Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) has touched  Rs 9,23,967 crore in 2021-22 , a growth of 17.65% as compared to last year.

This article will discuss some of the best business ideas in Delhi with low investment that entrepreneurs from all over the country can consider if they wish to make Delhi their hub. 

Why Consider Delhi as a Business Location

Delhi is a great place to start a business. The following are some of the main reasons why:

Thinking of starting a business in Delhi?

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How To Start a Business In Delhi

For any business that you start, there are a few things that you should be knowing or do beforehand. Mostly these things are all the same but they also are dependent on the place where you want to start your business. So if you are planning to start your business in the capital, there here’s what you need to do:

Small Business Ideas in Delhi 

The following are some of the best small business ideas in Delhi that have been seeing tremendous success – 

#1 Home-Fitness Center

People these days are becoming more health-conscious than they were before COVID-19 took over. However, going to the gym is no longer viable. Good gyms are expensive, scarce, and require a bit of traveling within the city.

This is a problem that can be solved by a home-fitness center. A spare room in an apartment or a house can be used to start yoga, karate, ball exercises, Zumba, and more. Clients can be acquired by promoting the center on social media or by spreading the word in the immediate neighborhood.

Home-Fitness Center 

#2 Handmade Products

Thrift shops are trendy in Delhi. There are thrift shops in the city specializing in refurbished handmade products like jewellery, ethnic items, embroidered clothes, decorative items, designer handbags, and more.

Since the city is a tourist hotspot, there will be local and international customers as well. Someone entering this line of business can choose to sell their offerings online and offline as well.

If the business owner is an artists themselves, they can improve their income by using regular workshops to display their creations.  

Handmade Products Business Idea in Delhi

#3 Organic Gardening 

Like in many parts of the country, Delhiites are becoming health conscious, especially with the high level of pollution looming over the city. Delhi is also home to many vegetarians, and there is also a growing demand for vegetables and fruits that are completely chemical-free.

These people are ready to pay a premium too. Starting a small organic farming business in the home garden is a great business opportunity to earn passive part-time income. Customers can be attracted and retained by providing timely home delivery of produce. 

 Organic Gardening Business Idea in Delhi

#4 Event Management 

Delhi is no stranger to celebrations and events, including weddings, birthday parties, and everything else. Managing events is tricky because there are many moving parts, and it takes an expert to get everything right.

Anyone who wishes to be an event planner can get started by managing small events like house parties and then work their way up to bigger events.

Creativity is what sets apart a great event manager from the rest because people want events to be different and hence they partner with the right vendors. 

Event Management Business Idea in Delhi

#5 Solar Products

Delhi is an expensive city to live in, and inflation is not doing anything good for its residents. This, along with notions of the impact that non-renewable sources of energy have on the environment, is driving more people to turn to solar energy.

Home solar panels can be installed on the roof or in the yard and can provide stable power to run most electronics. Power generated can also be stored in a battery.

Make A Successful Start

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There are also other solar products like solar fans, solar LED bulbs, and solar power packs that are seeing growth in Delhi. Starting a solar panel distribution business will be a very profitable one as the demand is only set to increase in the future. 

 Solar Products Business Idea in Delhi

#6 Home Salon/Beauty Care Service

Life in Delhi is busy, and people simply do not have the time to go to a salon or beauty parlour to make themselves look better. Then, why not take the service to them? Home salon/beauty care services have become popular because they are readily available on platforms like Urban Company.

People interested in this business can build a brand for themselves using social media. More specialized services like bridal makeup are in high demand, and they pay really well.  

 Home Salon/ Beauty Care Services Business Idea in Delhi

#7 Jewelry Making 

Delhi is one of the wealthiest cities in India, with a lot of people who love jewellery. The demand for jewellery is stable. It is primarily driven by weddings.

A jewellery maker who can roll out innovative designs will enjoy more success. Gold is not the only metal you can use. Demand is also high for metals like silver and platinum.  

Jewelry Making Business Idea in Delhi

#8 Home Forest

Although this may seem like a new concept, this has been around for a long time. Their popularity is steadily climbing back up. With pollution levels on the rise in Delhi, many people are resorting to installing vertical green walls at their homes and offices in an effort to breathe fresh air.

Indoor plants and lawns are also popular. Entrepreneurs interested in this business can get started by sourcing materials from the right vendors. It is also essential for sellers to educate their clients about how they are to take care of the home forest. 

 Home Forest Business Idea in Delhi

#9 Daycare 

Delhi is home to many career-focused working professionals who do not have the time to give complete attention and care to their kid’s needs.

This doesn’t mean they don’t want what’s best for their kids. Daycare centres exist to serve this purpose.

They ensure that kids are taken care of when their parents are away. A nutritional diet, safety, and a productive learning experience are all part of what a daycare should provide.

To see if they are fit for this business, people can volunteer to take care of kids who belong to parents in their immediate circle.

#10 Real Estate Agent    

Delhi has a massive influx of people from all over the country and from other countries who come here to advance their careers and for other reasons. These people often struggle to find an excellent place to call their home for the time they are in Delhi.

Even people from Delhi struggle when they have to move to a different apartment/house. Solving this problem as a real estate agent will enable anyone to earn a sizeable income. Real estate agents earn between 2% and 5% of the value of the property sold. 

 Real Estate Agent Business Idea in Delhi

#11 Car Rental

As mentioned earlier in this article, Delhi is a tourist hotspot. Most tourists are beginning to realize that it is more economical to rent a car for the duration of their stay than to call a cab every time they need to go somewhere.

The rental car business is growing and can be expected to grow in the years to come. It is not necessary to get brand-new cars to start this business. Business owners can save a lot of money by purchasing used cars. Car rentals can also be a good side income for people who own cars but don’t use them that much. 

 Car Rental Business Idea in Delhi

#12 Self-Defense Training  

Self-defense training is becoming increasingly popular in Delhi, and for a good reason. The security of individuals, especially women, children, and senior citizens, has taken top priority today.

This is another business venture that can be run part-time or full-time. Anyone interested in this business will first have to undergo training.

It would be even better if they could get themselves certified. Such certifications will help craft courses to meet the specific needs of a group of customers.   

 Self Defense Training Business Idea in Delhi

#13 Dietician

As made clear in the article earlier, the residents of Delhi are a health-conscious bunch. Although they exercise on almost a daily basis, they don’t know what diet is perfect for their fitness goals.

Anyone with knowledge and background in food & nutrition can start an online business specializing in planning diets.

The target audience can be people who work out at home instead of going to the gym. Social media is a great place to meet potential clients. Also, spread the word using the immediate network of friends and family.

 Dietician Business Idea in Delhi

#14 Tiffin Service

This is another business opportunity that has arisen because of the fast past paced lifestyle of people living in Delhi. Youngsters especially do not cook their own food at home because of time constraints and other reasons.

The demand for quality food is always high. The service can be made available in hostels and PGs and too. Reasonable pricing, along with quality, is what most customers are looking for. A tiffin service can be started as a small business initially with a small customer base and then expanded once it picks up speed.

Tiffin Services Business Idea in Delhi

#15 Water Purification

It is no secret that the water quality in cities is far from good. It is the same case in Delhi as well, with some parts of the city getting access to water that is not fit for use right out of the ground. Because of this, most people in the city resort to buying filtered water cans.

People interested in the purified water business can provide filtered water to offices, gyms, hostels, and other such establishments where demand is high. Servicing homes, restaurants, and small businesses in the immediate neighborhood is an excellent way to get started with this business.

Bigger filtering units can be installed as per demand. It is one of the simplest manufacturing business ideas in Delhi to turn into a flourishing business.

Water Purification Business idea in Delhi

#16 Printed Clothing

Delhi is considered to be a hub for fashion and statement clothing. Clothes are not just clothes for the people of Delhi; it’s an emotion. Many people, especially youngsters, love clothing that help them make a statement.

It is quite common for people to inscribe someone’s name, quotes, and designs on their clothing . This is a small yet profitable business . Clothes can be sold offline or online using a website or popular e-commerce sites . Bulk orders can be taken from companies, schools, offices, and other places. 

Printed Clothing Business idea in Delhi

#17 Travel and Adventure

There are a lot of people in Delhi who want to travel and experience every location the country has to offer. Popular tourist spots like Shimla, Manali, and Haridwar are close to Delhi.

A travel and adventure agency is an excellent business opportunity for someone who can excel in managing tours. This business requires establishing good business relationships with hotels, resorts, cab operators, etc. 

Travel and adventure Business idea in Delhi

#18 Car Cleaning

It is not uncommon to find dust-covered cars driving around the busy roads of Delhi. It is not that people don’t want their cars to look clean.

Most of them do not have the time to clean their cars themselves. A good car wash service is hard to come by. Consider starting a car wash near residential areas that are less congested.   

Manage your Car Expenses

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#19 cleaning services .

These days, it is not just the commercial establishments that are in need of cleaning services. Even households in Delhi are equally demanding quality cleaning services.

The main reason for this is the fast-paced life people lead in Delhi, where they barely have time for themselves. Setting up a home cleaning services business is a straightforward process – onboard enough employees and find clients. 

#20 Dry Cleaning Service

Like cooking and cleaning, laundry is another task that a lot of people in Delhi struggle with. There is also stable demand in the residential and hospitality sectors.

Entrepreneurs can start this business as a franchise of a reputed brand. They can also start this business from home with doorstep service. This can be a very profitable business with the right planning and execution. 

Dry Cleaning Services Business idea in Delhi

#21 Recruitment Agency 

A vast majority of employed individuals and recent graduates are always on the lookout for better career opportunities. Employers are also in the job market looking for top talent to hire.

A recruitment agency business can provide a stable source of income for entrepreneurs. There is, however, a general perception about recruitment agencies being untrustworthy. The way to overcome this is by only considering top-quality candidates and job openings from genuine employers. 

Recruitment Agency Business Idea in Delhi

#22 Storage Services

Many businesses in Delhi operate from small workplaces. The last thing they want to do is use the very little space they have to store records and other things.

A dedicated storage facility is something that most of these businesses would be happy to pay for. Even an extra room at home can be used to run this business on a small scale with budget pricing. 

Storage Services Business Idea in Delhi

#23 Grocery Store with Delivery Service 

Home delivery from grocery stores is slowly becoming normal. People have gotten used to getting things delivered to their homes. Households are not the only target audience. Grocery store owners can slowly expand the business to include restaurants and fast-food joints.

Opening such a store will require renting commercial space at a convenient location if entrepreneurs don’t own their own space. Such a location should ideally be in a market area to be accessible to more customers. Maintaining inventory and tailoring services based on customer demands is the key to succeeding in this business.

Grocery Services with Delivery Services Business Idea in Delhi

#24 Freelancing

And this is probably one of the business ideas in Delhi without investment. There is an increasing trend where people opt to freelance their skills rather than work for someone else. It is better from a financial perspective and also from a job satisfaction level.

Someone with a skill that can be freelanced, for example, content writing and designing, can start freelancing part-time and later do it full-time. Clients can be sourced from platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr, and also from groups on social media.  

#25 Social Media Manager

Delhi NCR consists of several successful as well as budding businesses that are very diversified. You can find a business in absolutely each niche. Budding companies are always on the lookout for someone to manage their social media pages. If you are someone who loves social media and knows your way around it, then this is the perfect job for you.

You can help the brand reach new heights by targeting a larger audience, getting more visibility, and helping them in creating a buzz around social media.

Freelancing Business Ideas in Delhi

Government Schemes In Delhi For New Businesses

There are many policies that are created by the Delhi government in support of start-ups. The government wants to support each and every business and build that confidence in entrepreneurs. The idea of these policies is to make the capital a hub of start-ups by 2030. They want to provide them with non-fiscal and fiscal incentives, free consultancy from lawyers, experts, CA and collateral-free loans.

The Government of Delhi will pay up to 50% of the pitch in for a portion of the salaries that these startups will pay to their employees or rent of a startup’s office lease. They have also announced to reimburse the costs incurred in applying for copyrights, patents and trademarks.

Top Business Ideas Statewise

How Lio Can Help With Business In Delhi

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If you are using Lio Automation for your business processes consider all your data safe and secure all the time. Not only is the data saved in the cloud, but it also offers a data versioning feature in which you can actually see the many changes the document or file has gone through and who has made those changes. You can save the version of the file as required by you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What businesses can one start in delhi with low investment.

There are many businesses that one can start with low investments in Delhi and they are:

– Printing and Binding – Food Kiosk – Organic Gardening – Home Based Fitness Centre etc.

Is Delhi A good place to start a business?

Delhi is definitely one of the best locations and cities in India to start a business of your own as it offers many entrepreneurial opportunities and the government provides various schemes to help the start-ups.

How much does it cost to register a company in Delhi?

The cost of registering a proprietorship firm in the capital, Delhi, is  INR.   5980/-

Which is the best bank for an import/export business in Delhi?

Private banks like Kotak Mahindra/ HDFC/ICICI/CITY are really good for this purpose. Please note that Private Banks charge more for executing International transactions but they provide good services while Public Banks charge less but the risk of any misshaping is high and the level of co-operation is Low .

It is evident that despite the rush and development, Delhi is still a very fertile ground for businesses of all sizes. The above-mentioned ideas are the best considering the latest economic trends and other facts.

There are many more niche business ideas that can earn passive income for entrepreneurs. It all comes down to choosing the right idea and taking a few calculated risks. 

Accurate data on your business’s progress gives you a distinct advantage in almost all aspects related to future planning. This includes inventory planning, hiring plans, and budgeting, among others. Small businesses can do this by using spreadsheets powered by the right templates like the ones provided by Lio. I hope you find this article beneficial for you and that you learn something about business ideas in Delhi.

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Do you think Delhi’s land is fertile enough for organic farming?

Hi Pratibha, thankyou for the question. Yes, Delhi’s land is fertile for organic farming. Farmers have even completely switched to organic farming in a village called Khera Khalan located in the outer regions of Delhi. Cultivators are also being provided with the necessary agricultural equipment and subsidy to purchase seeds.

Do I have to pay tax for a solar business in Delhi or are there any subsidies provided by the government?

Hi Sumit, thankyou for the question. Depending on the kilowatts, there are different subsidies. Since solar panels are qualifying assets, one has to pay corporation tax on operation profits minus 50% of the value of the solar investment. Thoroughly research and study more for deeper understanding.

I’m preparing to launch a staffing firm. Do I need to register somewhere? If so, kindly be brief.

Hello Khushi, A recruitment company can be established as a proprietorship, partnership firm, limited liability partnership, private limited company, or LLP.

Business registration, tax registration, ESI/PF registration, and a recruiting agent licence are a few of the necessary registrations. Please do your research before moving forward.

Trading Business Ideas in India: 8 Lucrative Options

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Слой 2 (1)

28 Extremely Low-Cost Small Business Ideas for Delhi, India

Delhi is the major commercial center in northern India with information technology, telecommunications, hotels, banking, media, and tourism as the main industries. There are many small business ideas for Delhi due to its burgeoning, entrepreneurial spirit.  Construction, power, health, and community services also play a vital role in the city’s economy.

Being the hub of the largest and fastest-growing retail industries, Delhi has extensive small business opportunities for those who want to be their own bosses.

Before we proceed, I think it’s best to warn you of the  danger of not  using a VPN  in managing your business. Leaking important information online does not only risk your strategy but can hurt your finances as well. Make sure you b rowse in privacy and encrypt your subscription using VPN.  Sign up  here . 


Here I am going to list small business ideas for Delhi that could potentially do very well.

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Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Delhi

28 Extremely Low-Cost (Micro) Small Business Ideas for Delhi

1- small trading company ;.

Most popular and highly demanded items in such business include readymade garments, toys, gifts, flowers, stationery, but you can add more as per the demand of your locality.

Before we proceed to discuss the next ideas, you might as well want to earn passively through survey apps like PrizeRebel , SurveyJunkie, and the like. Inviting your friends to join you in doing this fun will also give you some bucks for your business.

2- Food Kiosk:  

It’s probably an idea that can work just anywhere, so why not try in Delhi. Start with a kiosk of sandwiches, pani-puri, samosa plate, paratha, and whatever else you can offer!

low investment business plan in delhi

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3- Printing & Binding:

Well, this kind of business works better in the areas with more business activities, i.e. offices etc. or nearby government offices. Start small with Xerox center and print out & binding and grow it as it starts paying off.

How to Start Your Own Printed T-Shirts Business in 3 Steps

4- Small Garage:

Almost every vehicle has to get some fixing multiple times in a year and if you know the automotive engineering well, your own auto workshop can be the best business!

5 Marketing Ideas for Small Motor Trade Garages

5- e-Rickshaw Fleet:

An e-Rickshaw can come under 100,000 which you can rent out and can earn handsome monthly profits with which you can buy another one and so can build up your own fleet!

6- Mobile Beauty Parlour:

All you need is to have basic accessories and equipment and can offer at home service!

7- Organic Gardening:

It’s one good business idea for those who have space to grow plants. Organic items are much in demand in almost every big grocery shop, so selling them is not a problem!

Organic Food Trading; Bringing a Healthy Food Option

8- Home Based Fitness Center:

Even if you have a single available room in your house, you can turn it into a fitness center, i.e. either as a small gym or else as a Yoga center or dance classes etc.

9- Coaching Classes :

It can be anything that you are an expert in, i.e. English Language, Accounting, Cooking, Music, Arts etc. Coaching others in your skill is one of the greatest small business ideas for Delhi, India. 

10- Handmade Stuff:

These are much in demand almost everywhere, let it be decorative items, handicrafts, bags, stitching, embroidered clothes etc.

11- Baking on Order:

Birthdays, anniversaries and many other such events that cannot be complete without a cake happen on daily basis. If you are good at making custom cakes, it’s going to earn you really good money!

How to Start a Home Based Bakery Business

12- Photographer on Demand:

If you’re much in photography, it can prove to be a very good revenue system. All you need to invest is buying a professional camera and start photographing weddings to take more orders right from there.

How to Start a Photography Business with No Money

trading business in delhi

13- Technical Support:

If you’re trained in computer hardware, approaching local schools, colleges, local public etc. can actually make it a full time business for you. Offer them to service their machines via Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) and everyone will be happy while you’ll get a steady cash flow.

14- Targeted Ecommerce Site:

launching a targeted e-commerce site is one of the best small business ideas for Delhi. By targeted, I mean something that sells just one a few items only, i.e. custom T-shirts, printed mugs, unique photo frames, etc. You may also consider the dropshipping business model to avoid setup costs.

15- Event Management Company:

Staring a small event management company is a wise idea for those who love this kind of outdoor and on-the-go work. Starting small by organizing a local festival can get you on the go and then you can grow it big with time.

16- Online Marketing Company:

As the businesses in Delhi are growing online, the websites needs to constantly come up with new things to maintain their popularity, thereby providing opportunities to online entrepreneurs and marketers. Being online, you do not have access just to the local markets but also to worldwide clients.

How to Start SEO, Social Media or an Online Marketing Company

17- Tech/Gadgets Repair Shop:

There is a big market for tech and gadgets at every place throughout the world and they get problems as well. If you know the solutions and can fix things up, turn your skill into proper business.

5 Important Considerations before Starting Computer Repair Business

18- Travel & Adventure:

Delhi is full of people who are keen to see the most beautiful places and if you excel in managing tours and trips then starting an adventure travel company seems like a very viable idea. Showcase the people how beautiful the world is using your services.

5 No Cost Business Ideas for Travel Lovers

19- Paying Guest Service :

Delhi hosts a lot of people from other cities who are here either for work or for study and they need affordable living with a feeling of home. Majority of the paying guest services lack professionalism and if you are able to do it right, it can transform into a good business for you.

20- Car Cleaning/Valeting:

It can turn out to be a good business if you start specialized car cleaning and valet services. However, you must guarantee them best quality services.

21- Catering :

You really don’t require any formal qualification to get start this business. Just produce and deliver good food and you are done.

22- Flower Delivery Service:

Thousands of people have birthdays daily and more number of people want to wish them. Try offering them flower delivery service for the same and they’ll surely like the idea!

10 Tips to Start & Run a Successful Florist Business

23- Handyman Services:

If you know your toolkit in detail, there is no big deal in starting this business.

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How to Buy the Right Tool Box for Your Handyman Business

List of Tools & Equipment Required to Start a Handyman Business

24- Niche Blogging :

Just like any other big city, niche blogging can prove to be a successful business in Delhi too. All you need to do is to write about your expertise and publish it online and people will follow your blog and money will pour in.

25- Website Designing & Development:

As the World Wide Web is spreading, web designing and development has emerged as one of the fastest-growing businesses. If you have knowledge of online tools and website development, consider doing it full time as it can be a profitable business.

26- Bridal Shop

For many cities in India, a bridal shop is always a good idea. Obviously, you should do some extensive research before starting an endeavor like this, but marriage ceremonies will consistently be in demand. Thus, wedding attire will also be in demand! For Indian weddings, a special attire is required, so you could offer a good selection and become the top bridal shop in your area. 

A great thing about bridal shops is that you don’t need to restrict your offerings—sure, wedding attire is a must, but you could also sell general formalwear. There will always be events that require dressing up, whether public or private. So, consider opening a shop to sell this type of clothing!

27- Game Store

One thing that is very common in Delhi, India and other cities is gaming. Whether it be on consoles or PCs, companies are constantly coming out with new games and equipment for tons of different devices. So, if you open up a gaming shop, you could become a prominent seller of these games. Most of your marketing could be done for you once you garner some loyal customers, so consider this business idea!

28- Freelance Writing

Post-2020, working from home has become an insanely popular option. Why not get in on it early? If you have some writing skills that you’re proud of, you could potentially market those to online customers. People who own blogs or websites are in constant need of new content creation, and if you can write, you could be helpful to them.

Once you gain your first clients, it will get easier to gain more and inevitably, charge more money. Freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great places to start this career.

5 Things Indian Startups Should Know about Filing GST Return

Step by Step Guide to Set up a Small Business Startup in India

The Bottom Line:

Let it be Delhi or any other city, the most important factor for small business success is that what are you interested in and how much effort you can incur in it! No matter if you do not have any prior business experience, starting of small in your locality by carefully looking at options that fit your interests and picking one with your own analysis will grant you success.

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Best 27 Profitable Business Ideas in Delhi for 2023

Are you looking to set up a small business in Delhi?  If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we list down the most profitable small business ideas and investment business opportunities in Delhi NCR.

The population of New Delhi has increased rapidly in the last 10 years. From a figure of 4 million in the year 1901, the population of Delhi has increased to around 32 million in the year 2021. There has seen tremendous development in transport, education, healthcare, and other facilities offered by the government and other agencies here.

The population of Delhi is expected to rise by 40% by the year 2020. Better roads and a good living standard here creates attractive investment opportunities for Business Owners. The business climate provides a lot of  Small Scale Business Opportunities here.  Not only are locals visiting the capital, but tourists from all over the world have also made their way to the capital of India.

Is Starting a Business in Delhi Profitable?

It is without saying, Delhi happens to be one of the favorite cities in India to start a business. The three important reasons that make Delhi a lucrative business destination are the following:

If you are looking to build a business in India, Delhi is a place you should consider with utmost importance.

27 Small Business Ideas in Delhi

1. air protection mask.

Delhi happens to be the 6th most polluted city in the world. The city suffers from air pollution mainly from road dust and industry. In addition to this, vehicles powered by diesel engines add more to the problem. The citizens in Delhi as a result looking for ways and means of tackling the situation. The demand for air protection masks is increasing day by day.

You can address the problem of pollution by manufacturing or selling air protection caps to Delhites.

2. Solar Product Distribution

More people in Delhi are looking for energy alternatives. The pollution factor is adding to this demand. Starting a solar product distribution is a potentially profit-making business in Delhi at present.

3. Tour & Travel Business

Delhi with its rich heritage has a lot to offer to foreign tourists.  With the number of domestic and international tourists rising every year, tourism  is one hot sector entrepreneurs must focus on.

4  E-Waste Management

According to a UN study, computer waste in India alone will be growing by 500 percent from 2007 levels by 2020. E-waste is expected to escalate to alarming proportions in the developing world in the near future. The recycling and E-Waste sector opens a tremendous business opportunity for entrepreneurs in terms of e-waste management and disposal.

5. Buffet Restaurant

Buffet-only restaurant is one of the most trending food business ideas. People always love to have a meal according to their own choice and enjoy selecting from many options. The right location and proper marketing strategy are important in starting a buffet restaurant.

6. Digital Printing

There are plenty of small and medium businesses in  Delhi and its adjoining tech hub city Gurugram. Starting a digital printing business is, therefore, a no-brainer. You can check a detailed post here on the list of Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas.

7. Car Rental

Renting a car is a profitable business idea in a city like Delhi. Tourists from all around the world visit Delhi. Domestic demand for car rentals is also increasing. If you own a car or planning to buy one, you must consider this business in Delhi.

8. Real Estate Consultancy

A real estate agency is a still profitable business in this digital era. You can start a real estate business in Delhi with your local properties. Start with every type of property such as new, resale, and rental property that needs clients.

9. Man Power Resourcing

As Delhi is one of the biggest business hubs in India, manpower demand is always there. Manpower resourcing is a profitable business option in Delhi.

10.  Event Management

Event management agency business demands superior organizational and planning skills. Graduating from college in events management or a related major is a plus, but it’s not a required necessity. In the event management consulting business your major customers are large corporations, educational institutes, married couples, religious organizations, political parties and candidates, NGOs, and many others.

11. Gift Item Shoppe

People from all around the world visit Delhi as it is the capital of India. Most of them would love to buy gifts for their loved ones. Running a gift shop in Delhi is a good option for money-making.

12.  Security Agency

Starting a security agency is a profitable business. Many organizations want to keep security personnel on a contract basis. You can start this business with almost zero investment.

13.  Self-Defense Training

In Delhi self-defense training courses becoming increasingly popular. The security of individuals is a critical issue in Delhi. With proper knowledge and expertise, you can craft courses, especially for children, women, or seniors. In this business, you can establish a self-defense training school or you can go for individual training in their places

14. Yoga Practicing Center

Yoga is gaining popularity day by day. There is a good demand for yoga trainers in the city. You can start a yoga training center in Delhi and make good money.

15.  IT Security Consulting

IT security consulting is one of the most trending and profitable businesses to start in a capital city like Delhi. Having skill and knowledge about IT security one can initiate this business with low startup capital.

16.  Wedding Consulting

The wedding consulting business comes naturally to a person who is organized, focused on details, and loves to coordinate events. Your creativity can make others’ wedding days memorable for a lifetime. You can start this home-based business with low startup capital with the help of online promotion.

17.  Finance Consulting

Finance consulting includes various different finance-related services. Having proper expertise and knowledge, any individual can start this business home-based also. It includes insurance, investment planning, tax consulting, bookkeeping, business consulting, collection agency, expense reduction analysis, etc.

18.  Image Consulting

If you love pulling together the perfect outfit, you may want to consider becoming a fashion or image consultant. While it may not be obvious at first, the reasons that people may need an image consultant are quite varied.

19. Start a Franchise

There are plenty of franchise business opportunities offered by reputed brands in Delhi. And for new entrepreneurs, it is always better to start a business as a franchise partner of an established company. Some of the lucrative segments are food retail, beauty, fashion, clothing, education, etc.

20. Printer Cartridge Refilling

Any can initiate a cartridge refilling business based at home with low capital investment. As the business grows you can turn this into a retail store. You can also buy a franchisee of a reputed cartridge refilling brand.

21. Start a Blog

If you are looking for a legitimate home-based business opportunity in Delhi with a nominal investment that has the potential of making millions of Rupees, think of starting a blog.  There are plenty of blog niches that are yet to be unexplored here in this part of India.

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22. Fitness Center

Since Delhi is a cosmopolitan city, most people are health conscious. There is a good demand for professional fitness centers here. If you want to get into the fitness industry with low investment and high profit, consider opening a fitness studio.

23. Start a Dropshipping Business in Delhi

There is no shortage of suppliers and wholesalers of products in and around Delhi. The challenge for most suppliers is to sell their products. If you are one who does not want to take the hassles of stocking products but make money selling third-party products, dropshipping is just the right business for you.

Read:   How To Start A Drop Shipping Business 

24.  T-Shirt Printing Business

At present, t-shirt printing is one of the most profitable businesses. There are many in Delhi who are making good money out of this business. One reason to start is that it requires very low investment and the profit margin is quite good. You can even start a t-shirt printing business from home with an investment as low as Rs. 50,000 in Delhi.

25. Start a Web Designing Business

As the country is getting more digitalized, the need for professional web designers is on the rise. You can get into the web designing business and make good money.

26. Open a Grocery Shop

A grocery shop is one business that will surely bring good profit here in Delhi. If you have a retail space with expected good footfall, consider opening a grocery store.

27. Mobile Phone Repairing Shop

There is a huge demand for professional mobile phone repair services in the city of Delhi. If you have the required skills and a little retail space, opening a mobile phone or smartphone repair shop will fetch you good money here in this capital city of India. You can add more profit by selling mobile accessories and phones.

Steps to Start a Legally Compliant Business in Delhi

After deciding on what business to start, one needs to take some necessary steps to legally launch a small company in Delhi. Some of them are the following:

So, here was our list of the best small businesses and a basic startup guide to starting a company in Delhi. Find the one which suits you most and start your business right now.

About the Author: led by Rupak Chakrabarty is committed to helping beginners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in starting, managing, and growing their business. Our aim is to educate the entrepreneur on the various stages of entrepreneurship.

small business ideas in delhi

Top 35 Business Ideas in Delhi for 2023 with Small Investment

Do you want to start a business in Delhi? Here in this post we have researched in-depth and provided you with the topmost profitable small business ideas in Delhi that are popular and have good demand.

Delhi accommodates the head offices of some of the biggest multinational companies in India. Delhi happens to be comparatively better placed to do business in India. A recent world bank study reveals the city of Delhi is the easiest to do business in India.

List of 35  Small Business Ideas in Delhi

1. food & beverage restaurant.

The city of Delhi has witnessed tremendous growth in the eatery business in the recent past. People from all around the world come to Delhi for one reason or the other, being the capital city of India. As a result, the demand for good and versatile food items is at an all-time high. If you have a passion for food, starting a food and beverage retail restaurant has the potential of making good money.

2. Start a Blog

Blogging can be done from home, in the comfort of your couch. The best part about this is the flexible working hours. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to start a blog and earn money.

3. Tattoo Parlor

Secondly, people in Delhi are known to be fashion-conscious. Tattoos are expensive to get done and even small ones can cost a person anything between Rs. 1000-2000. Thus you can eventually recover the cost of setting up a tattoo parlor is pretty simple, and the profits are huge.

4. Gym & Fitness Center

Delhi is a fast city. Every other citizen here is fitness-savvy. More and more people are flocking to the gym and fitness centers. Starting a gym and fitness center is a profitable business proposition in Delhi.

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5. Party Planner

Delhi is the life of the party. Arranging a part in the high-functioning life night of the city is a great business idea. Moreover, parties in Delhi involve a huge sum of money, making this one of the most profitable businesses in the city.

6. Recruitment Services

A simple local business idea in Delhi is recruiting people who can be hired by other companies. You don’t have to spend any money here.  One just needs to find the correct people with the right skill set.

7. Social Media Manager

Social Media has become one of the major fronts of a company’s PR. Handling the social media handles of various large companies requires just a computer with an internet connection.

8. Coaching Centres

Indian parents are crazy about making their children excel in academics. Thus coaching tutors have a high market value.

9. Translation Services

The world is a global village and being an Indian, you are specialized in at least 2 languages. In other words, you can act as a translator and a bridge for various foreign people trying to contact the locals.

10. Space Renting

Buying a house in Delhi is way out of the budget for many. So if you have extra unused space in your house, you can rent it out for commercial or residential purposes.

11. Travel Guide

Presumably, you own a car, thus you can take tourists on a tour of the national capital of your country. A tour guide can be a hugely lucrative business in Delhi as tourists from all around the country and outside come here for some of the unique heritage destinations.

12. Cab service

Alternatively, if you own a car, you can start a cab service like Uber , and help those citizens stranded in the long queue of the metro.

13. Dietician

People these days are conscious of what they eat. If you know anything about nutrition, this is your dream job.

14. Mobile Repair Shop

Opening a mobile repair shop in Delhi is quite a profitable business. In fact, cheap repair stores are always preferred to buying a completely new phone.

15. Auto modification

People buy imported cars. They wish to have them personalized according to their needs. Consequently, opening up a business in automobile modification will help you create very good relations with the upper strata of Delhi’s society.

16. Driving School

Opening a driving school in any city anywhere in the world is a profitable business. Especially in a city like Delhi, where private cars are very important, learning to drive is of big importance.

17. Dance Classes

If you are good at dancing, you can give classes to people in your neighborhood. Even if your house does not have space, you can always give classes at your nearby community center. This business requires next to no investment and is a test of your skill.

18. Courier Services

Courier services are an age-old business. For centuries, ever since the idea of privatization of posts became a reality, courier services became a booming business opportunity.

19. Car Pool

Again, if you already own a car, you can carpool kids to their schools. The various DPS present in Delhi is proof that Dehlite parents care for their child’s education, providing you which a huge business opportunity.

20. Green Consultancy

Delhi is the greenest city in India, and one of the greenest capitals in the world. Opening an energy-saving firm can bring huge profit to you as the Government in Delhi is quite concerned about the environment, thus electricity bills are quite high. In conclusion, an energy-saving gadget would come as a breather to these citizens.

21. Fashion Boutique

Fashion boutiques are a great idea among the fashion-conscious crowd in the capital. If you can open the boutique in a prominent place like CP or Haus Khaz, where the creme de la creme of Delhi’s elite is frequent, you will have a good market you can cater to.

22. Organic Products Store

More and more people in Delhi are looking for organic products to buy. If you can find suppliers who can provide you with quality organic products, you can try this business.

23. Pet care

If you like animals, you can take care of pets while the family is away. Furthermore, you can open an NGO that takes care of stray, injured, or abandoned animals.

24. Cybersecurity

If you know anything about programming and hacking, this is arguably one of the most favorable local business ideas in Delhi for you. You can provide your services to high-end companies and add to their cybersecurity.

25. Detective Agency

With the advent of westernization, private detectives have an increasing demand. Therefore, you could try your hand out in this field.

26. Matrimonial Services

India still believes in arranged marriages. Matrimonials are especially important in a North Indian culture like Delhi’s. Thus this is a profitable business with a lot of opportunities in it. Clients are willing to pay high amounts of money just to get the correct match for their children.

As a matter of fact, if you can create enough names for yourself, you never have to worry about trying to keep the business up, as the importance of matrimonial services will never die.

27. Real Estate Agent

Delhi ‘Havelis’ is well known throughout the country. Any people who wish to buy houses and apartments in Delhi. Being a real estate broker and guiding them through the process of selecting a house is one of the best local business ideas in Delhi.

28. Travel Agent

Planning and guiding tours have been a flourishing business ever since the last three decades or so. Opening a Travel Agency is one of the best things you can do. Not only do you plan each and everything that the family does, but being a travel agent means that you can go on trips often too. Imagine your whole life being a vacation!

29. Cooking Class

If you are good at cooking, you can teach others and make an income from it. Now, instead of just cooking for your family, you can actually boast about your skills in public.

30. Photographer

If you are good behind the lens, you can become a professional photographer. With a little bit of training and experience, you can make a decent living from it in the city of Delhi. All you need to do is invest a tad bit in your equipment, camera, lenses, lighting, studio, etc.

The perks of a photography business are flexible working hours. You can become an event photographer, a news photographer, a wedding photographer, or simply a vlogger. The scope of photography is limitless and you can let your imagination run wild.

31.   Fitness Center

If you have a retail space in an upmarket locality, starting a fitness center in Delhi is a wise decision. You just need to buy some basic equipment to start.

32.  Car Rental

Renting a car is a profitable business idea in a city like Delhi. Tourists from all around the world visit Delhi. Domestic demand for car rentals is also increasing. If you own a car or planning to buy one, you must consider this business in Delhi.

33.  Yoga Practicing Center 

The demand for yoga classes is increasing day by day in the city of Delhi. If you have the necessary skills, you can start your own Yoga Studio from your residence. You can also buy a franchise from reputed Yoga Studio companies.

34.  Cartridge Refilling Center

Most home business owners and small business owners in Delhi like any other city in India prefer refilling finished printing cartridges for cost benefits. You can start a cartridge refilling shop if you have the required skills or you can buy a franchise of reputed brands.

35.  Kid’s Playschool

Like any other place in India, parents in Delhi too always keen to provide good education to their kids. If you love teaching and have a passion for child education, think of starting a playschool . You can also consider buying a franchise of reputed play-school brands. like TreeHouse, Kidzee, etc.

In conclusion, these are the various ways you can start a local business in Delhi. Competition may be hard at first, but do not lose hope. Perseverance is the key to success. However, whatever you chose to do, make sure it is something you wholeheartedly like to engage in. Running a business requires a lot of dedication and effort. If not handled seriously enough can lead you to incur major debts.

low investment business plan in delhi

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low investment business plan in delhi

20 Best Business Ideas In Delhi For 2023

Delhi – the city of rallies, the national capital, and the heart of India, is a Union Territory in the northern part of India. The city needs no description, no introduction. It is a personality of its own. Delhi is India’s political, social, cultural, and economic hub. People from all parts of the country and the world come to Delhi for educational, economic, and leisure purposes. Delhi is known for its diverse population, great cuisine, tourist attractions, and, best of all, its people.

Delhi Population Graph

The city houses more than 32.9M people who belong from several parts of the world and come from all walks of life. Delhi is not just another city; it is the centre of sports, business, politics, employment, transportation, and much more. We could go on and on. But today, let us talk about the business aspect of Delhi. Let us discuss why Delhi is a preferred place for businesses to set up shop and which may be the top businesses you can choose from. So, let’s begin.

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Top Low-Investment Business Ideas in Delhi

On this page:

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. location critic, 3. property broker, 4. daycares, 5. educational coaching and counselling, 6. online store, 7. social media manager, 8. freelancing, 9. blogging, 10. website and app developer, 2. food outlets, 3. recruitment consultant , 4. handmade jewellery, 5. vehicle rentals, 6. management agency, 7. digital marketing, 8. at-home fitness centre, 9. tiffin service, 10. printed clothing, why should you start a business in delhi.

Delhi can be a great place for both lucrative and low-investment ideas. We recommend a healthy mix of both these types of business so that you can choose for yourself based on your budget and ambition.

affiliate marketing illustration

Affiliate marketing, one of the more recent and quickly developing types of marketing, is a partnership between an affiliate (marketer) and an online retailer. The affiliate receives a percentage as a commission for boosting the sales of online stores. Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest and quickest ways to make money in Delhi. Most residents of the tech-savvy metropolis own smartphones. The educated population, large youth percentage, and tech-friendly citizens are some factors in favour of starting an affiliate marketing business in Delhi. You can begin producing content online, build a following, and market products to your audience.

One of the niche forms of content creation, location criticism can be a lucrative business in Delhi. Since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of locations that the public can visit, it becomes a confusing decision for newer residents and outsiders. Location critics visit different locations to try out the culture, service, and ambience and give their honest opinion to the public regarding their experience. Businesses pay huge amounts of money to famous critics to leave positive reviews of their location. You can be a food critic, shopping critic, or anything else.

Delhi is small but houses more than three crore people. This leads to an immense requirement for housing space. Brokers are responsible for networking and creating connections with builders and constructors to bring customers to their housing facility. Brokers can earn by charging brokerage from their clients and commission from builders for marketing their buildings. Brokerages typically deal in apartments, PGs, land, or even cars. If you have a knack for it, you can easily become a broker since no major investment is involved.

Delhi residents have fast-paced lives. Everyone has a job to do. Some build a business, some take up employment, and some go freelance. Either way, the citizens are busy. Amidst this busy schedule, couples who become newer parents find it difficult to manage the well-being of their children while keeping their job. Daycares provide infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, with the necessary care they deserve. Daycares can be started in your own home, in the home of relative or other caregivers, or in a centre-based facility. These centres provide services for children’s mental and physical development, cognitive development, and overall well-being. This can be a great low-investment business opportunity for anyone who knows how to handle young kids.

coaching centre illustration

Students from all across India come to Delhi to become successful. They visit Delhi to learn from the best. Delhi has a huge coaching market at locations like Laxmi Nagar, GTB Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, etc., with institutions providing coaching for UPSC, SSC, CA, CS, LLB, MBA, and much more. Coaching institutes also provide career counselling to children to clear their doubts regarding life goals and provide them with a clearer life path based on their cognitive ability. You can start small with a couple of students and build your business through strong word-of-mouth. Educators can also think about bringing in other professional educators to support them. You can also expand coaching institutions online once you get the hang of the industry.

Online Store Illustration

Opening an online store is a profitable business idea in Delhi. With an online store, you can sell anything from apparel to electronics to groceries.

Follow the steps below to set up your online store today!

Social Media Management Illustration

Social media has become an integral part of any business whether big or small to create a strong presence online. Hence the demand for social media managers is always on the rise. Delhi is a hub for so many start-ups in India that are always on the lookout for someone to manage their social profiles.

If you have the knowledge of social media algorithms and know your way around them then this can be the perfect job for you.

Freelance Content Writer Illustration

You can begin a freelancing business if you have expertise in a certain field. You can do different types of freelance work like content writing, data entry, website development, photography and so much more.

As a freelancer, you will have the flexibility to choose the projects you want to do and in how much time. There are several websites out there that offer freelance work like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc.

You can sign up on these websites and offer your services in exchange for money.

Blog Illustration

Making money with blogging is another profitable business idea in Delhi. You can start a micro niche blog. A micro niche blog covers specific topics and targets a close group of people. These blogs are usually small and have limited content.

Blogging offers flexibility and can be done according to your time and convenience. However, it might take some time to build a decent audience base and earn money from it.

Website and App Development Illustration

Having a website or an app has become a crucial part of any business these days. If you have expertise in website and app development, then you can offer your services to budding businesses.

As a developer, you can create aesthetically pleasing and fundamentally strong websites and apps and help elevate brands’ presence online.

List of Top Small Business Ideas in Delhi

India Gate

Delhi is a top spot for foreign and domestic travellers. The city offers a taste of history in the form of monuments like Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, Red Fort, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Jantar Mantar, etc., a taste of culture through areas like Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazar, Sadar Bazaar, etc., shopping hubs like Sarojini Market, Lajpat Nagar, nightlife in areas like Hauz Khas, Satya Niketan, Connaught Place which offer choices for countless cafes and clubs, along with the natural beauty of Central Park, Lodhi Garden, etc. The list is long. The point remains. Delhi has so much to offer to tourists. You can start a business in the tourism industry, from travel guides and tour agencies to hotels, cafes, B&Bs, and restaurants.

Moreover, if you are looking to start a business from your village but don’t know where to start? Here is our list of some of the easiest village business ideas in India. Do check it out.

food outlets

There is zero doubt about the fact that Delhiites are food lovers. The place is a one-stop destination to find all international and national cuisines. People of different tastes enjoy street food, elegant restaurants, and aesthetic cafes according to their preferences. You can start a decent food outlet as a food truck, a boutique restaurant, or a uniquely designed café and start providing delicious regional delicacies to the public. However, keep in mind that Delhi’s market can be very competitive. So, you should only enter this industry if you think you have a unique idea and can execute it.

Other Business Ideas:

recruitment agency illustration

A large number of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) have offices in Gurgaon and Delhi. These corporations are in constant requirement of personnel hiring and training. However, dedicating their resources to this process can take time, which is why companies hire recruitment agencies. These companies are responsible for finding the best talent, performing background checks, screening processes, interviews, etc. You can start small by hiring for small and medium businesses and working your way to the top.

handmade jewelry

Delhi has no shortage of shopping lovers. Areas like Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Market are famous for their affordable clothing, footwear, and jewelry markets. Handmade jewelry is an all-time favourite for shoppers. You can create attractive, eco-friendly, handcrafted bangles, chains, bracelets, rings, and much more and easily create a profitable business at a low investment cost.

car rental illustration

Delhi has recently seen a surge of interest in the vehicle renting industry. Employees, employers, and students, all kinds of people have started preferring renting a vehicle instead of owning one. You can create a successful rental business to provide cars, bikes, scooters, and bicycles for intracity and interstate travel. This business may require investment since you must maintain an inventory of well-conditioned vehicles.

Many of the top content creators in India today are from Delhi. These artists include Bhuvan Bam, Harsh Beniwal, Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, and many more. Not just content creators, Delhi is also home to a large number of professional singers, dancers, actors, athletes, and much more. Management agencies are always involved in the success of these artists. These agencies are responsible for handling the day-to-day business for their clients, setting up appointments, bringing in new deals, and overall, working towards the betterment of their clients, both professionally and financially. You can start a successful management agency if you have the confidence and the mentality to bump shoulders in the big leagues and have a strong network-building capability.

digital marketing illustration

Digital Marketing is a great business to start in Delhi that you can start individually or with a group of professionals. It involves different aspects like Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Video Editing, and much more. Believe it or not, Affiliate Marketing also comes under the umbrella of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketers help companies build a web presence by creating marketing campaigns for different platforms and increasing the company’s following. Learning Digital Marketing is neither hard nor expensive, as several top-notch, affordable courses are available online. It requires almost no investment for you to become a successful affiliate marketer in Delhi.

At-home Fitness Centre

As people are moving towards a healthy lifestyle now more than ever, opening an at-home fitness centre is a viable option. A fitness centre is not always a gym. There are countless possibilities, including starting a Zumba class, aerobics class, CrossFit, or cardio. Depending on your demands, you can establish the fitness centre at a location that you own or rent out.

Tiffin Service

Due to the fast-paced lifestyle of people in Delhi, the demand for tiffin services has been on the rise. People who migrate to Delhi to finish their studies or pursue a profession often struggle with getting high-quality food.

You can start a tiffin service and offer high-quality, nutritious food in PGs, hostels, and corporate offices among other places. A tiffin business can be a profitable venture that can be started by renting a small space.

Printed Clothing

Starting a clothing business in Delhi can be a lucrative option. Delhi is regarded as a centre for fashion and trendy clothing. For the people of Delhi, clothing is more than just an article of clothing. Many people, especially young people, adore attire that allows them to express themselves.

With this small yet profitable business, you can offer printed quotes, abstract designs or customized options.

1. Heart of India

Due to its unique geography, Delhi is placed right at the heart of India, which makes it one of the most connected, diverse, and busiest places in the country. Every business can flourish due to the diverse demography of this region.

2. Startup Capital

In 2022, Delhi has beaten Bengaluru to become the startup capital of India. This means that the Union Territory provides excellent infrastructure, investment, and a business-friendly climate to entrepreneurs so they can succeed in their ventures. The city has great technology, money, and big-hearted people. If you have an idea, Delhi has the resources for you.

3. Spending Potential

Even though it is not an accurate measure, Delhi is the home to more than 40 billionaires, next only to Mumbai, which has 61. The city has excellent economic statistics. With a GDP of $272.603 Billion and per capita GDP of ₹598,922 , Delhi has an excellent customer base ready to spend its money on the right product.

4. Educational Hub

Several distinguished institutions, like IIT Delhi , University of Delhi , Indraprastha University , etc., are located in different parts of the city. Not just that, Delhi has more than 5,500 schools, including both public and private institutions. The Union Territory is a hub for youngsters from all parts of the world and ranks highly in the education sector. A better-educated population proves to be a better potential customer for any new business.

5. Choice of Business

If you are not an innovator but still want to get a piece of cake Delhi provides in the form of profitable businesses, you can always venture into existing industries and businesses. Delhi provides opportunities in many industries like agriculture, manufacturing, education, health and sanitation, IT, financial services, etc.

There are opportunities for entrepreneurs in Delhi. What you need to do is find the right opportunity for yourself. Figure out what you want, what the customer wants, and what you can provide to the public. Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be on your way to building a successful business in no time.

Some of the best businesses to start in Delhi are Affiliate Marketing, Tourism, Location critic, Brokerage, Food Outlets, Daycares, Digital Marketing, Coaching centre and Recruitment Agencies.

Industries that are high in demand include Senior Care Services, Smart Product Development, Organic Beauty Products, Healthy Fast Food, Healthcare Consulting, Crowdfunding, and Consulting.

There are many various through which you can make money from home. Some of them are Thrifting or selling old clothes, Making some jewellery, Recycling old phones, Making some pretty coffee mugs, Making some t-shirts, Selling your furniture, Making a planner or a PDF and Earning money by writing.

Delhi is undoubtedly one of the greatest places and cities in India to start your own company because it offers a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities, and the government supports a number of programs to support start-ups.

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20 Low Investment Business Ideas in India under 10,000

Low Investment Business Ideas in India: There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of young professionals who are in search of business ideas in India with low investment. They have all the potential and abilities to turn into aspiring entrepreneurs, ready to change the face of Indian economy. Yet, most of the times these talented youth do not have enough capital to kick-start a flourishing business. Hence, here are the top 20 business ideas that you can start with a low investment. Scroll down to find them out.

coworking spaces

20 Profitable Low Investment Business Ideas in India

The top 20 profitable low investment business ideas in India are explained below:

1. Social Media Management Services

how to become a social media manager in India

In the current scenario, social media has redefined how business functions. Companies are frantically looking for reliable social media handles to manage their advertising through digital marketing. A good social media service provider is one who targets potential digital users and audience through clever storytelling and promotional techniques.

The market is flooded with Social Media apps and the numbers are only expected to increase. To become a successful Social Media provider, along with a unique idea to bring more business, you need an ability to pick up the trends and roll with it quickly. The startup cost involves minimal cost depending on your scalability. While you can hire a few people to create and curate content, manage social media accounts, this idea requires the least resources. However, one needs to be on their toes to learn new hacks and techniques as there’s always something new coming on Facebook or Instagram Marketing . The info graph on social media clearly makes it one of the best business ideas in India with low investment.

2. Blogging

How to become a blogger in India

Blogging is a minimum startup business that can be extremely profitable. Over the last few decades, companies are in a hunt for bloggers who help them to create a web-based platform for their business and reach to a global audience through the means of online posts and contents. In this era of the digital age, blogging has evolved to become the backbone for successful businesses and bloggers are looked upon as online influencers.

Blogging is a great startup idea that earns you income as well as respect. If you have the keenness to write, a quest for reading and a dedication to never give up, you have the perfect ingredients to become a good blogger. There are countless free blogging guides available online, to help beginners create impactful blogs. With an initial cost of investing in a hosting space and domain name, you are geared up to succeed in one of the most lucrative business ideas in India.

3. Travel Agency

how to run a travel agency in India

Travel Industry in India is at its peak. While the desire for ‘wanderlust’ is umpteen, there are never enough resources for meticulous packing. So if you have a fervour for travelling , this profession can make you rich. Like a good travel agent, you must be able to plan a great itinerary for clients that offer superb arrangements in the most pocket-friendly way.

There is no initial startup cost for opening a travel agency, other than getting a high-speed internet connection. Your job might also require you to function as a tour guide for your clients and travel with them to breathtaking locales around the world. Isn’t it exciting enough to get started?

4. Photography

photography business ideas in India

Photography is a business in itself. A photographer is always in demand in personal as well as professional life. Whether there is a corporate seminar, wedding functions, promotions, book launches or exhibitions, it is important to be clicked. If you have a passion for photography, then it is the right field for you to invest your time and energy.

The initial cost in this startup business is buying a good digital camera, good pair of lenses, a tool that can help you easily convert pictures to videos , and a tripod stand if needed for your business. You can either choose to work as a freelance photographer or tie-up with reputed photography organizations.

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5. Tiffin Service

how to start tiffin services business ideas in India

Tiffin Service has turned out to be a profitable startup with low investment, especially for women. The ‘eating out’ trend has been replaced with ‘eating in’. And whilst most of the young Indian couples are working, the demand for tiffin service has increased manifold. People are willing to pay well for healthy tiffin service.

Tiffin service requires no startup cost as it can begin right from your home using the ingredients in your kitchen shelf. A right mix of taste and healthy ingredients can turn it into a highly profitable business.

6. Fruit Juice Kiosk Business in India

startup ideas in India

The urban Indian crowd is becoming more conscious of what they eat and drink. Staying fit and healthy is a top priority now and this turned the idea of opening a fruit juice kiosk into one of the most successful business ideas in India. Nothing can be more refreshing than a glass of fresh fruit juice on a sultry summer afternoon.

There has been a rapid increase in the number of fruit juice kiosk popping up in metropolitan cities across India. To open a kiosk, you first need to seek a permit in your chosen locality and rent a small space. Other than the monthly rent you only need to invest in the purchase of raw materials and basic supplies for the kiosk.

7. Online Fitness Instructors

Fitness instructors career in India- low investment business ideas

In the 21 st century, being fit is highly crucial. While most of us desire to stay healthy, there is never enough time to visit a gymnasium or attend fitness classes. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have someone visit your home to help you get in shape or get fitness classes online, any time of the day? That’s exactly what an online fitness instructor does for clients.

Becoming an online fitness instructor is a new rage today. If you are a fitness freak, you simply need to upload your fitness tutorials on social media and get people following you there. If you are good at your work you can easily make a strong online presence and become a great fitness instructor without renting any studio space.

8. Event Management

event management low investment business ideas in India

The ‘big fat Indian weddings’ have made event management one of the most profitable business ideas in India with low investment. Planning an event, either on a professional or personal scale requires looking after minute details to make it super successful. Event hosts mostly do not have the time for execution and hire event managers to take charge of the situation.

Panache for creativity and the right networking can take you places in the event management business without making a big investment.

9. Tuition and Coaching Centres

Tution and coaching classes- low investment business ideas in India

This is another lucrative business option for those with capital constraints. Tuitions classes or coaching centres can begin right from your home, eliminating the need for any rented space. The classes can be taken individually or in larger groups. With a strong knowledge in the field, you excel will help to spread your popularity by word-of-mouth.

Slowly, as the business grows you can hire professionals in other fields and start working from a rented place.

10. Food Trucks

low investment business ideas- food trucks

The concept of healthy food on wheels is working well in the urban cities of India. Food trucks are the new-age ‘thellas’ that serves hot, delicious and healthy food. These mobile eating joints present you with delectable cuisines from around the world at a fairly reasonable price. The USP of food trucks is their mobility.

You can conveniently park them outside the school during the afternoon and later travel to office areas during the late evening. Opening your food trucks is an ideal business startup if you have a budget of 10k. With no real-estate investments required, you only need a functional truck, basic equipment and few staffs to get your business kick-started. The current trend in the Indian economy makes it an ideal ground for ambitious entrepreneurs. These remarkable startup ideas with only 10,000 budget will enable newbies to turn into flourishing entrepreneurs. These low investment business ideas in India prove that capital can never be a roadblock on your journey to achieve BIG in life!

11. DIY Home Decor & Crafts Business Ideas in India

Home decor business ideas in India- low investment business ideas

Ever paid attention to the Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) sessions at school? Well, if you did and are creative enough to turn junk into marvellous art pieces, then this won’t cost you more than few pennies. And to the world around, they sell like hot cakes for home decor purposes and landscaping.

Such quirky pieces made of unconventional ideas amuse people from all walks of life. If you have a tint of creativity and a gang of the like-minded workforce, you can come up with such projects on an experimental basis initially. For which you won’t require much money to be put in, and if your ideas appease some of the people around then you can go about monetizing the venture at large.

12. Backyard/Garden Landscaping Expert

Backyard landscape expert- low investment business ideas

There are a host of backyard/ garden landscaping ideas available online. If you dig in deeper, you would come across free tutorials to understand the aesthetic requirements of any space as well. So all you need to do is come up with something similar at your place and for which you won’t need to shell out a fortune as well.

For there are a number of flea markets and recycled goods stores present in major cities. You can also upcycle old furniture to come up with mix and match styles of decor. Once you’re done posing across the newly landscaped backyard or garden of yours, just post it online for marketing it across. And don’t go anywhere but your existing social media handles to showcase your work. When you’ve successfully created a buzz around your newly acquired skills, it will be time to cash things in by taking up projects. Over which you won’t need to spend a single penny, take cuts from margins in furniture or decor items, over the usual consultation fee you may charge for your expertise.

13. Youtube Cooking Tutorials

Food blogging business ideas in India- low investment business ideas

Our mothers have always been the best cooks ever. We always wonder how they cook delicious food so effortlessly and within no time. Coming up with these quick recipes and vlogging them are quite popular among the YouTube community. One of the easiest low investment business ideas, becoming a YouTuber is not just about recognition.

A number of proficient users have been able to monetize it as well. Coming up with such a channel would open new horizons in this field. People are often approached by larger marketing hubs for content distributional purposes, which in turn yield revenue for these individuals as well.

14. Custom Gift Shop

low investment business plan in delhi

Receiving a gift will make anyone happy regardless of the amount, and a personally customized one will leave a deep impression on your loved ones. With the onset of technological advancements in today’s world, it is possible to customize almost anything. Hence, the customization business is booming. One of the most original concepts is opening a gift shop. Giving customers what they require will undoubtedly help your business and boost revenues.

15. Yoga Classes

low investment business plan in delhi

In India, the wellness sector is expanding. People want to take time for themselves and find calm in today’s fast-paced world. With just a small investment, you can start yoga lessons at home and teach others how to lead healthy lives. You can also rent a studio or a community centre and teach yoga to the people gathered there. As most people enjoy doing things in groups, they would motivate each other to keep continuing with their lessons.

16. Freelance Software Development

If you are interested in software engineering and have good coding skills, then look no further and simply start software development. There are many businesses that are switching online and in need of new software as per their demands.

To start a software development business, all you need are clients. Look for potential clients who are in need of your services and deliver the work accordingly. Initially, you can develop the software for your clients from home, and you don’t even need any equipment except for your laptop and WiFi.

When you get enough clients, you can hire people who are specialised in software development to help grow your business.

17. Landscaping

If you are someone who has a love for nature and has enough creativity, then landscaping is the right business for you. Now days, the Indian government is turning many remote places into tourist spots, and the demand for landscaping at these places is extremely high.

To turn the existing plain land into creative land by adding colourful plants, trees, living items, and other types of attractive gardening items is known as “landscaping.”

When many remote places are declared tourist spots, a lot of hotels, restaurants, and sight-seeing places boom, and all these places require landscaping. As a result, if you have enough creative gardening skills, you can start a landscaping business.

18. Lawn Care

The lawn care business is one of the booming ones. All you have to do is purchase the right equipment to get started with lawn care. Many high-end hotels maintain lawns but do not have in-house staff to manage them. Hence, from time to time, they outsource the lawncare services, and you can grab this opportunity.

You can have an agreement with your clients to offer your services regularly and earn a good profit through your lawn care business.

19. Pet Sitting

It’s no surprise that pets are treated like children, siblings, grandchildren, and even their closest family members. However, these people are always too busy to spend enough time with their pets due to their busy schedules, so they require an expert to take care of them and spend time with them.

Hence, starting a pet sitting business is not bad, and you can make a decent amount of money through it. All you have to do is identify the clients who are in need of these pet-sitting services and start engaging with them.

20. Tea Stall

One of the most consumed beverages by Indians is tea. The love for tea is unimaginable when it comes to Indians. Thus, starting a tea stall out of offices is the best idea. Employees love to grab tea breaks to detox their stress, and hence take at least 3 to 4 tea breaks on an average day.

The best part about the tea business is that you will start making money right away.

FAQs on Low-Investment Businesses Ideas in India

What are some of the 10k business ideas in india.

The top 10 business ideas in India are drop shipping and YouTube. You will need a website to sell the sellers’ products when drop shipping. Whereas through YouTube, you can make trending videos and videos on the topics that users will be interested in, and that’s it; you can start earning the money.

What are the best low-investment businesses? 

A few of the best low-investment businesses are: 

What is the most low-budget business to start? 

Some very low-budget business ideas are: 

What businesses can I start with just Rs 10,000? 

With just  Rs 10,000, a few business ideas would be Blogging, Event Planning, Youtube Cooking Tutorials, Babysitting services, Handyman services and more.  

What is the fastest way to make money? 

Freelancing would be the fastest way to earn money. 

What businesses can I start on my own? 

A few businesses that you can start on your own would be freelancing, a tutoring business, graphic design and illustration, home repair services and more. 

When you choose to break free from the dreary 9-5 job and wish to become your own boss, it’s going to be a long and onerous journey. And this journey of a thousand miles begins with implementing that game-changing startup idea, which will eventually bring you closer to your dream. A good startup idea has immense potential to give you maximum returns with minimal setup costs, as low as 10k.

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Small Business Ideas in India – 2023

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Do you want to start your own new business? Start it Now. Do not get confused over the thought of what business or industry sector shall be chosen. Every business has its pros and cons, it’s just about the best business ideas to make money. It is just about which business you have the passion and zeal to crack. Your skillset also matters a lot in achieving the target. You should be confident enough to implement the skills you possess and manage to overcome the upcoming challenges. Further, let’s discuss some small and low-cost business ideas for you to pick that match your skill set and experience.

List of 21 Most Successful Small Scale Business Ideas in India – March 2023

1. breakfast joint/takeaway counter.

Food is one of the three basic necessities of life making it a top choice for people to indulge in and open up a business in the F&B (Food & Beverage) Industry. This is why as a small-scale business idea, food joints will never run out of customers, as long they serve delectable food. Of course, a start-up business does not need to be a full-fledged restaurant from the start. One can start with only a few key dishes such as a wholesome traditional breakfast with optional snacks as an add-on.

2. Juice Point/Shakes or Smoothies Corner

As more and more Indians grow health-conscious, fresh juices without preservatives are emerging as a popular healthy alternative to cold drinks. This is why the humble juice bar has made this small business ideas list for India as a top option for a potentially successful venture. While one is at it, diversification into related drinks especially (perhaps less healthy) summer drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, and lassi might also work out well for this small business. Of course, one can decide to go the whole hog and get started with a fully-loaded food truck instead. As long as the food/drinks provided are of high quality and all the requisite permits are in order, ensuring the success of this business idea should not be too hard.

low investment business plan in delhi

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3. Tailoring/Embroidery Shop

As far as successful business ideas go, this one is based on another basic requirement of life – clothing, so the size of the market includes well, everyone. As start-up businesses, tailoring and embroidery have been around for decades and most are usually home-based businesses that receive and complete orders on behalf of small boutiques. But being a tried and tested idea does improve its chances of emerging as a successful future business, especially in larger cities where tailoring services are in high demand. Obviously one needs to undergo the requisite training and ideally should have sufficient experience in order to improve the chances of succeeding in this small-scale business venture.

4. Business related to e-commerce

Small business ideas have the potential to grow into huge businesses over time and the emergence of the Internet along with related technologies can definitely help out. It is proven that small businesses with an online footprint tend to do better than those that do not have an online footprint. So amazingly, this start-up business idea is focused on providing a range of online services to various small and medium businesses. This is the reason why social media experts, influencers, YouTubers, critics, SEO experts, website designers, and developers are in high demand these days. Such businesses require only smartphones, basic computers, software, and a high-speed internet connection.

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5. Blogging/Vlogging

If one has to pick a single money-making idea from a list of internet-based small businesses from home, blogging, and vlogging (video blogging) have the potential to be money-spinners. As long as it is interesting, it does not matter what one writes or makes a video about. Even many top-rated performance artists, including stand-up comedians, have considered this as a potential way to expand their reach. The goal is of course to maximize the number of views or readers of the vlog or blog through the creation of interesting content. In the case of certain vlog platforms, one gets paid based on the number of views while in the case of most blogs adverting revenues generated through Google AdSense helps the business make money.

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6. Cookery Classes – Online/In-person

In case a skillful professional cook does not fancy the idea of slogging it out at a restaurant or food truck business, there is an alternative – cookery class. This is a unique trend that’s catching on among urban and semi-urban families in India, as something that people create something that’s delicious yet healthy. What’s more, it is even possible to carry out these classes both in-person and online or one could make a vlog teaching others the intricacies of culinary skills. The scope to expand and monetize from potential market segments that one might not be able to reach otherwise increases manifold by taking advantage of the online route.

7. Daycare Services/Baby Sitters/Creches

In today’s modern India, the concept of crèches in the office for working mothers is yet to catch on and as more women enter into and stay on in the workforce even after marriage, it is obvious that the demand for daycare services will continue to rise in the near future. As a full-time occupation, daycare services, crèches, and even babysitting have been around for years, if not decades, especially in the larger cities that have a larger number of working women and nuclear families.

8. Dance Classes/Centre

If you are a good dancer or choreographer, you can easily start your own dance center by taking space for rent or if you own some place or area. Marketing your dance academy is the only investment required. If you do not dance well, still you can still run a dance center by hiring good choreographers, dance teachers, etc.

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9. Photography Studio

Sometimes your hobby can make you earn money, you just need to spend some extra time on your hobby to make it a profession and further into a business. Photography is one of those hobbies that turned into a profession for numerous professionals. The better the camera and lenses will be, the more enriched the pictures it will capture. Rest all in your precision and skill in taking pictures that will make you a good photographer and earn rewards and money.

10. Yoga Instructor

Knowledge of Yoga and the habit of self-practicing all the ‘Yoga Asanas’ make a good yoga instructor. Yoga is considered to be above all stress buster practices and has proven results worldwide. Yoga instructors are well-paid and in high demand in India, as well as abroad. 100% knowledge and nominal investment is required to start this business.

11. Wedding Bureau

Weddings are made in heaven but arranged down here. Besides marriage online portals, wedding bureaus are more prevalent in small cities and towns. Families consider meeting other families in person before coming up with any decision. Therefore, small office space, 1-2 staff members, a registration certificate, and contacts can make you a successful businessman.

12. Tour Operators/Travel Agency

A couple of certifications and an attractive office at a prime location can help you start and run a travel agency or to become a tour operator. A successful travel agent is one who can make others travel at ease and convenience for its customers. Good knowledge of domestic and worldwide itineraries, sightseeing, flight fares, and hotel rates, can be really helpful.

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13. Salon/Beauty Parlour

Opening a salon  or beauty parlor is and has always been the most trending business option in metro cities. The youth of young India is more cautious about looking presentable and groomed. Therefore, almost every salon has decent customers irrespective of location. Salon owners make huge profits during festive or marriage seasons, especially in metro cities.

14. Real Estate Office

If you are a good salesperson with knowledge and strong convincing power, then this business can turn your financial condition for good. Office space with a good location is the only investment required with experience/knowledge of types of properties and documentation processes. Honest public relations and impressive communication will help you become a successful real estate agent/broker/builder/financer, etc.

15. HR/Recruitment Business

Human Resource (HR) is an integral and important vertical in an organization and good recruitment makes a company grow and grow further. So having tie-ups with reputed organizations and placing good employees with them makes it a low-cost placement business.

16. Ice cream Parlour

Despite being a seasonal business, still, ice cream parlor is a big hit in terms of small businesses. Investment required in doing this manufacturing business is buying the franchise of any specific ice cream brand and secondly having a shop to place the counter in the desired location.

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17. Retail shop for Arts and Handicrafts

The Government of India has started promoting the sale of handicraft products in numerous cities and states. Steps are been taken to make handicraft products reach every home in India. Some of these products include metalware, paintings, shawls, carpets, woodware, earthenware, embroidered goods, bronze and marble sculptures, etc.

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18. Coaching/Tuition Classes – Online/In-person

Education is a field of diversity and a good low-cost business idea. Financial break-even is easily achieved and it’s not a full-time business.

19. Counselling/Consultancy Services

Almost every sector requires consultants to assist in its development and growth. People with decent knowledge of IT, finance, marketing, HR, accounts, law, healthcare, social media, etc. can open their own consultancy company and tie up with big corporates to make good money.

20. Boutique

One of the traditional small-scale businesses of the nation. Women who like stitching clothes and are updated with the latest fashion trends can run a boutique store anywhere. The boutique  store can be managed from home itself and the only investment required is the sewing machine with apparel to sell.

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21. Catering Business

Catering business requires investment in just hiring labor, buying raw materials, and owning tents, tables, chairs, and utensils. The rest depends on your contacts, marketing techniques, and the quality of the food being prepared and served.

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Low-Cost Small Business Ideas – March 2023

Let’s further discuss some low-cost business ideas for start-up companies and first-time business owners.

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All the above-mentioned small businesses can be started and managed in leading metropolitan cities like Delhi (Gurugram, Faridabad) Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata, and other Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, as well.

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