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Assignment on Market Research

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Our first assignment in our first year at university Our Market Research was carried out in Teleservices Ltd, which is a subsidiary company of Mauritius Telecom. Our objective was to find out about the working condition, job satisfaction mostly everything that connects the worker with its work…

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market research report assignment

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Market Research Assignment

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market research report assignment

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market research report assignment

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market research report assignment

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market research report assignment

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market research report assignment

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Assignment help in Australia

How To Plan A Market Research Assignment

market research report assignment

Market research is a vital part of any B-school curriculum. Students often have to write research-based assignments and reports as part of their semester syllabus. Now, conducting a market research assessment is no piece of cake. You need meticulous planning, a reliable database, and some killer analyzing skills.

Read on to know all about how to plan market research assignments for your next project.

market research report assignment

Types of market research

With market research, students get a holistic picture of the industry and the different brands that contribute to it. Also, the study is then narrowed down to one company/service, giving you deeper insights into its functioning and overall performance

However, before we move on to discuss the various steps of preparing a marketing research project, there’s something else to know. There are two main types of market research

Quantitative research : quantitative analysis collects data on a massive scale as the name suggests. The crux of qualitative research is to collect data from the ground level. This would involve customer surveys, feedback, and questionnaire.  

Qualitative research : qualitative research has more nuance and niche when compared to its counterpart. But qualitative research depends on the data collected from the former. This research model is more exploratory in nature. It focuses on smaller groups and is usually conducted after the quantitative research is done.

Steps involve in market research

Market research is not an overnight process. Multiple steps consist in getting this study right- 7 to be precise. Here, I will try to expand upon these steps and provide simple tips and tricks for your convenience.

Data collection

Identify the reasons to conduct this market research

The first thing that you need to do is to identify the reasons to conduct this market research. Every assessment, at its core, deals with an issue or problem that the company faces. The purpose of the market research assignment is to find a solution for the said problem

The problem statement is usually mentioned in the abstract of the research report. Keep this section as clear and concise as you can. You must define the essential pointers and research methodology here as well.  

Research statement

The research statement comes next, where you state the intent and purpose of the research. Note that the research statement is different from the above problem statement. The problem statement highlights the key issues you cover in the paper. The research statement discusses the educational value of your research.

Students can also mention the critical hypothesis, which the market research builds upon. A hypothesis is not a question but a logical statement. The entire point of your paper is then to prove or disprove the theory based on the facts presented. 

Market research structure

The structure of a market research assignment is quite simple. It follows the standard template of a beginning, middle and an ending. Note that the abstract, research methodology and hypothesis statement come before the introduction.

The introduction is where you set the background and context of your paper. It tells the reader all about the industry you will elaborate on later in the article. The body of the paper is where you discuss facts and use infographics to substantiate them.

The conclusion comes, at last, giving the student the space to tie all the loose ends together. It is not mandatory to have a definitive resolution. You can end your research assignment with a section outlining the future prospects of the sector.

Sample layout

The sample layout is the part where you design a blueprint for market research. Here are some questions you can address in this section

Up until this point, all your plans were on paper. Marketing students also have a lot of practical exercises and activities. This is the part where you conduct surveys, prepare stat-based reports, and conduct detailed studies.

Customer surveys, questionnaires, interviews etc. are some research tools encouraged in most universities. Also, read up and refer to other market research programs and studies. This gives you better insight into the subject and also reduces the risk of accidental plagiarism

Data processing

Data processing is the section where you analyze the data collected from surveys and studies. Here, the student has to sort through the raw data and arrange it logically. Data processing is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of your paper.

For, with data processing, you can put forth your critical points in a constructive way. It also gives you the space to provide your insights and take on the topic.

Keep the language academic and easy to comprehend

This is the section where you try to tie the loose ends of your market research and remind the reader of the critical points of the paper. It also allows you to explore the future prospects and potential of the market you write about

Ensure that you add a section citing all your sources. I usually recommend students to follow the APA or Harvard in-text referencing style. Here you can mention the sources in the body of the paper and then expand upon it in a Reference List towards the end.

In-text referencing is excellent for scientific journals, stat-based studies, and market research reports. Consult your peers and professors about the citation style before proceeding, though.

Additional tips for creating market research

Market research is an extensive process that involves several elements and steps. We have already talked about the steps above. Let us now elaborate on the aspects of a market research study. Here are some other simple tips that you can follow to make your market research assignment foolproof.

Keep the user-persona simple

Most market research assignments you complete in B-schools are on a fictional user-base. You don’t actually have to go out a conducted survey but create your own customer demographic. For the sake of convenience, keep the user-personal uncomplicated and straightforward.

Conduct individual interviews

There are multiple ways to present the data and sort it. Personal interviews, hypothetical scenarios, observations, survey questions are but some of how you can tackle the market research. Do not include a great question set, about 5-10 items per survey is more than enough for a market research paper.

Personal interviews are the best and easiest ways because they focus on fewer people and hence is better manageable. Also, it gives you market research a more personalized touch.

Keep the user-personal uncomplicated and straightforward

The language and formatting

The style must always be professional and in the third person. Of course, when you are recording the responses of the user-base, you have to use first-person pronouns. Other than that, keep the language academic and easy to comprehend. Follow the standard structure of beginning, middle and an ending as discussed above.

Data analysis models

There are different ways to graphically present the information. With infographics, you can visually appeal to the reader and transmit data in a more natural, more comprehensive form. Data analysis models make your work a lot simpler. And instead of having to write lengthy paragraphs, you can just have a flowchart or a diagram, do all the explanation.

Here are some basic data analysis models that you can apply to your paper.

market research report assignment

The flow model is when the student uses a flowchart to depict the flow of information from one section to another. The model is used to track the communication channel between the buyer and the seller. It can also be used to outline the communication between the different departments within the organization.

The flow model in this market research assignment can be used for a visual representation of how the brand interacts with the user and vice versa.

Affinity diagram

The affinity diagram is often used to graph out vast volumes of data and make it simpler to understand. Here, you can use it for quantitative market research. It also helps you show the market leanings and customer buying tendencies prevalent to your inquiry.

The affinity diagram is useful for your paper because it helps in categorizing the data into different logical sections. You can divide the customer-base, for instance, into multiple categories based on their age, gender, or profession. This makes market research more niche and quicker.

market research report assignment

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Hypothesis testing in market research

In-text referencing guide for market research

market research report assignment

Learn How To Write Better Assignments For Your University Course

market research report assignment

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market research report assignment

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Writing a Marketing Research Report

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, you will be able to:

The Research Report

What is the research report.

A research report is an oral or written presentation to management detailing a research project's objectives, methodology, findings, and recommendations. Typically, written reports are more detailed that an oral report, which presenters usually deliver in an hour or an hour-and-a-half.

Objectives of the Research Report T

he objective of a research report is to provide a clear, accurate and complete report of the research project. It should help clarify the research issues so management can use the findings as an aid to decision-making.

Good research reports are clearly written and presented. The authors avoid using unnecessary jargon. Experienced report writers know that their audience, while composed of marketers, may not be experts in all aspects of marketing research. Good reports present an honest, accurate, and unbiased review of the research objectives, methodology, and findings. And, good reports present a complete review of the data gathered. Reports should include appendices that show all data. It is very common for executives from the client's organization and its promotion agencies to study these data with great care to see if alternate conclusions can be supported.

Elements of the Written Report

While the elements of actual reports may vary slightly, a basic research report has three sections:

Section I:     Introduction

Section II:   Body of the Report

Section III: Appendices

Here is an outline of a standard written research report. Actual reports may vary somewhat from this outline:

Section I of the Research Report: Introduction

The first page of the research report is the Title Page. This page should include the following elements:

Transmittal Letter

The transmittal letter is a one-page letter or memo written by the lead person on the team that prepared the report. This letter is usually written on official letterhead, which includes the name of the marketing research firm responsible for the report and the name and contact information of the lead person from that firm

The letter serves as proof that the report was sent to the client. It:

Authorization Letter

This is a letter written by the client to the marketing research firm. This letter acknowledges receipt of the research proposal made by the market research firm. And, it authorizes the marketing researcher to conduct a research project. It is written on corporate letterhead. It includes the name, title, and contact information of the author. The fee structure and delivery dates for the research are clearly spelled out. The letter concludes with a statement that the client looks forward to the successful conclusion of the study and suggests a follow-up telephone call should the lead marketing researcher have any questions or concerns.

Table of Contents

The table of contents is based on the final outline of the report. It includes a list of the report's sections and sub-sections, and their respective page numbers.

Executive Summary

The executive summary is a short synopsis of the research report. Some might even call it the mini-report. It is typically no more than four pages long. It is intended to provide busy senior executives with the highlights of the study. An effective Executive Report includes the following elements:


Section II of the Research Report: Body of the Report

The body of the marketing research report includes the following sections:


This section of the report reviews the objectives of the research. It summarizes the research proposal and highlights any changes to the research design that were agreed to after the client approved the proposal. Please Note: It is highly unprofessional for market researchers to change the research design without getting their client's expressed approval. 

This section covers a review of the literature and secondary research. And, if relevant, this section cites primary research sponsored by the client on similar issues.

In the case of Exploratory Research, this section lists the research questions. With Descriptive or Causal Research, the null and alternate hypotheses are spelled out.

This is the most technical section of the research report. It includes the following sections:

Research Design : This includes a statement of the type of research conducted: Exploratory, Descriptive, or Causal. Secondary research sources are mentioned along with a description of how primary data were collected. And, the authors should include a rationale for why the research design is appropriate for achieving the research objectives and answering the research questions. In an appendix, the authors of the report include any discussion guides, questionnaires or observation forms.

Sample Design : This section includes:

Details about the samples and calculations used in the sampling should be included in the appendices.

Data Collection and Fieldwork : This section reviews how the fieldwork was conducted. It states the number and types of fieldworkers, how they were trained and supervised, and how the accuracy of their work was verified.

Statistical Analysis :

A review of the statistical methods employed in the analysis. This section provides a rationale for these methods, but the actual analysis is not presented.

A glossary may be included to define any technical terms that might be unknown to experienced managers.

The findings section is the longest part of the research report. It is where the results of the study are reported in detail. This section should include supporting tables and graphs. Tables and graphs make the report easier to read and more memorable. To avoid overwhelming the reader, the findings should refer the reader to the detailed data, which should be in an appendix.

Limitations of the Study

No research design is perfect; they all have their limitations. Good researchers always state the limitations of their research. 

Conclusions and Recommendations

After the findings are presented, the researchers present their conclusions and recommendations, including conducting further research.

[1] A sampling frame defines a set of elements from which a researcher can select a sample of the target population. Source:

[2] Sampling units are the individual items—people or households—included in a sample.

Section III of the Research Report: Appendices

The appendices of the marketing research report include all technical materials and data related to specific parts of the study. These materials may be of interest to only a few readers. Materials posted in one of the appendices may not deal directly with the research objectives. 

The appendices include the following:

Important research attracts the interest a managers. Good researchers and good clients are skeptical. After reading the report and attending the presentation, many executives may have serious questions. These executives often spend hours pouring over the appendices. They may raise questions about the validity, reliability, logic, and conclusions of the research. Good marketing research expect and welcome these inquiries.

Presenting the Research Report

Research reports are presented in writing and in oral presentations. 

Written presentations are far more detailed than oral presentations. Oral presentations are often done with presentation software like PowerPoint. Oral presentations cannot cover all of the details covered in the written presentations. There is simply not enough time to read the entire report at a presentation. Reading slides with multiple sentences is a sure way of boring your audience. PowerPoint slides should have few words. Each slide should focus on a single idea supported with a picture, table, or chart. Good presenters know what they want to communicate. They rehearse. And, they connect with their audience by making eye contact.

Tables and Charts

 Researchers use tables and charts to communicate their ideas.

Tables are a useful way of presenting numerical data.   The numbers are presented in vertical columns and horizontal rows. Tables can organize the data longitudinally or by cross section.

Cross sectional data divides the data into its component parts. Here us an example of cross sectional data:

Longitudinal data shows how the data changes over time. Here us an example of longitudinal data:

Cross sectional and longitudinal data can be combined in a single table:

A good table should have:

Charts provide a graphic representation of data. Just like tables, a chart should have:

Bar or Column Charts

Bar charts are used to present cross sectional data. The heights of the columns depict the size or magnitude of each section

Chart 1: Bar or Column Chart

Pie charts are used to present cross sectional data. They show the proportion of each section

Chart 2: Pie Chart

Line Charts

Line charts are used to present longitudinal data.

Chart 3: Line Chart

market research report assignment

Market Research Assignment

Market research.

Market research can be defined as act of gathering and analyzing data for understanding customer preference and behavior for particular product or business. Market research is component of Market analysis only, however due to its importance corporate entity are taking it as independent operation. For introduction of any marketing strategy for particular product market research is very important. We have experienced experts on board who have been working for best corporate since long time and will help you out to understand the importance of Market research.



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market research report assignment

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