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Research Writing is a highly sought after skill in various fields. It is a type of writing that involves deep analysis and examination of the data and facts to get to a meaningful conclusion. A Research Writer, armed with the right professional skills, provides research support by collecting data from various sources, carefully selecting the content for their projects, and editing and proofreading their final drafts. They are experts at finding reliable sources of information and presenting it in an organized, concise, and clear manner.

Here's some projects that our expert Research Writers made real:

  • Manufacturing detailed business plans for technology-based products
  • Analyzing literary works with pinpoint accuracy
  • Translating specialized concepts into written masterpieces
  • Crafting captivating magazine articles
  • Compiling comprehensive research papers on a variety of topics
  • Editing medical documents to adhere to high standards
  • Generating well informed essays on English drama
  • Rewriting existing documents to fit the customer's need

Research Writing is an effective tool to bridge the information gap and bring forth ideas into paper. With's experienced professionals from various fields and academic backgrounds, you can make sure your projects reaches its intended purpose effectively. Post your project now and find the perfect Research Writer for your requirements!

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Write a 3000 word research essay on economics, the correlation between fertilizer subsidy in Indonesia and primary output. The essay needs to include analysis of at least 3 economic diagrams. Main analysis of fertilizer subsidy on primary output in Indonesia using data from the last 5 years only. Data should only be from the year 2017-2021. All data and theory used in the essay should be clearly relevant and appropriate to the research question. should not use generic diagrams from secondary sources. Must place the diagrams into the context of the essay by using relevant labels and numbers. Important to construct the discussion by weaving together economic theory and real world evidence to present a well-supported answer to the research question. Necessary to include bibliography in alph...

Help me write a resume as a software developer

Before applying for the job, check out the blogs & news articles on the website. Login to the website and check out the interface you’ll have to work on. Carefully see the format of blogs and all it’s categories. Also view Premium subscription offered by WeBharat. After Logging in & viewing all the sections of the website, then consider applying. Note: Non-website members will not be considered as Content Writer. So, please make sure you login before hand. Website: YouTube: @webharat1 Needs to hire 5 Freelancers We already have 5 Writers and we’re in search for more. Content Writers with good English skills Basic knowledge of SEO & custom codes Laptop ownership is compulsory Consistency is necessary

We are seeking a passionate and enthusiastic HR & Payroll Assistant to join our team on a permanent part-time will be working under the support and guidance of the HR & Payroll Administrator, the successful applicant will be responsible for processing all aspects of the Company’s HR & Payroll related administrative functions. Duties & Responsibilities Support the timely delivery of payroll processing for fortnightly payroll activities, including payroll inputs. Process remuneration related adiministrative tasks. Recruitment, onboarding and induction Administrative tasks. Assist with high level record keeping. Assist with administrative and accounts payable tasks. Role Requirements Minimum of 1 years appropriate experience in Accounting/Payroll. Minimum of 1 years&r...

Looking skilled individuals in the field of all any research write-up

Looking for an Employee Handbook Template for the country of Trinidad and Tobago. Templates must include all country labor/employment law compliance expectations.

1. What is your rationale for applying to this course, and why do you think you are a suitable candidate for a place on the course? 2. What elements of the course are you drawn to, what made you choose this particular programme? 3. What previous experience, either practical or academic, do you have that is relevant to the programme you are applying to? 4. What are your future aspirations, either career or academic, and how you see this programme benefitting these aspirations? 5. Please explain and demonstrate your motivation for applying to this course? 6. What attracted you to want to study at the University of Nottingham?

We are looking for freelancers in different time zones that have multiple skills and have a good profile to demonstrate their previous works. We will pay 2 USD per hour and in future based on your performance, we may increase it to 3 USD per hour. You will be paid by task per hour depending on how many hours we agree to. Don't use spam proposals and make sure vou read and understand we are in need of someone that is excellent in English Language Communication and can avoid mistakes while writing.

explains how gatsby is representing the american dream with 3 main points, gatsby shops to earn success, his parties, his love for dasey. needs an introduction, three body paragraphs that represent each main point showing how he represents the american dream, and a concluding paragraph, all properly cited, 500 word minimum.

Owned three very profitable businesses started from scratch over past 40+ years. Retired for the last two years and desire to return as a professional executive.

I need a 2-page article about Differential (Incremental) MapReduce-based DBSCAN to be used as a section in a research paper. This article should be based on the three attached papers. The article must be clear and concise with algorithms and equations for Differential (Incremental) DBSCAN.

Job Description: I need a written letter head about my Wall and Floor tiling and Waterproofing company. It needs to be super professional and English must be spot on. We are targeting some very high end clients so it needs to be written well. It will tell them about what we do and how we will go over and beyond to meet their needs if they choose our company to do any future works for them.

There is a partially completed research proposal on NLP. More details will be shared with the selected freelancer.

Go through the Guidelines: I want you to write the state of the art on T-sne and its application in industry. All sources must come from IEEE explore. Link: The text must be academic/scholarly and at least 1000 words. Please use at least 10 sources and indicate which text belongs to which source and on which page it can be found and if possible underline the text in the source. The purpose of this paper is to develop the quality of welding in production and use T-sne to represent and study the variables and find a way to improve the quality of welding using this model. I will give a brief summary of what we are studying to help you understand the task. Mr. Schulze from WeldAG company has observed occasional quality assurance problems with their welding connections. The WeldAG company...

I'm looking for an experienced Applied Research Assistant to assist with a research project focused on detecting and analyzing disinformation campaigns on social media platforms. You will develop and apply machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret data. For this project, you need to have a strong background in machine learning, with experience in programming using Python, and the ability to write scientific papers. The scope of this project is the first paper of a total of three papers. After the first paper is accepted, we can discuss follow-up projects for the second and the third paper. Responsibilities will include: - Developing and implementing machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret data - Design and execute experiments - Writing scientific papers to c...

To write articles and analysis

In search of someone that can create a digital guide with lots of color and content for my nursing guide. Along with illustrations/pictures reflecting core fundamentals and medical conditions examples: respiratory disorder, cardiac system, endocrine system, renal system etc.

I want someone to help me in my PHD proposal in law I have the topic I want someone to help to apply for uk university

We have a business plan that is now two years old. Many things have changed since we drafted the first version. Looking to raise funds and need someone to help us rewrite the business plan for our current business model, along with the new services we will soon be offering.

I’d like to have relevant industry content to share twice a week in my LinkedIn profile. Material related to new business acquisitions, business expansion, lead time reduction or extension and breaking news.

We're a B2B content agency looking for subject matter expert writers for various topics such as technology, manufacturing, cybersecurity, leadership, finance, law, and more. You're a great fit for us if: • You're looking for long-term, regular monthly work • You understand how to effectively write from different brand voices and tones • You take the time to dive in and truly understand a brand and its audience • You can seamlessly integrate keywords into content • You can write engaging content without 'fluff' If you feel that you're the right fit, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

Any writer can work on this project both professionally and new freelancer We await your bids.

I need to research a company that provides auto-scheduling of interviews. Need to research their offerings, features, their major clients using their services, their 2-3 competitors and finally a comparison between them to know the best among them. Need this all in a PPT format, maximum 5-6 slides.

it's about the "Does patent pool enhance innovation? "A case study of Avanci patent pool

I need someone to evaluate a paper in accordance with my reviewing guide in 100% human writing, as I have a reviewing guide and a reviewing assignment.

What are the interventions for stigma reduction in HIV and HIV prevention designed to improve treatment adherence and/or uptake?

Looking for someone to do an assignment about Advocacy and Rights in Social Care. Message me for more details

This writing is from the Spanish language that all can do for the project

Native English speaker Experience in publishing in peer reviewed journals

Responsibilities Support the development and implementation of HR initiatives and systems Provide counseling on policies and procedures Be actively involved in recruitment by preparing job descriptions, posting ads and managing the hiring process Create and implement effective onboarding plans Develop training and development programs Assist in performance management processes Support the management of disciplinary and grievance issues Maintain employee records (attendance, EEO data etc.) according to policy and legal requirements Review employment and working conditions to ensure legal compliance Requirements and skills Proven experience as HR officer, administrator or other HR position Knowledge of HR functions (pay & benefits, recruitment, training & development etc.) Understand...

This project is only for personal use, not for commercial . It needs to be implemented with Spring+SpringMVC+MyBatis framework The platform aims to conduct customer market analysis and management, and can well combine user needs. The system mainly includes the following functions: 1. Customer market analysis software: 1) Accept the market data pushed by the market server, filter out the distorted market data according to certain rules, and organize it into market point value data and combined time chart, which customers can use according to certain business logic. 2) The customer counter management system can allocate funds to sub-accounts, and order and settle contracts; To sum up: market and transaction are customers 2. Main functions: customer counter management system: 1) Sub-acc...

i have to make power point presentation for a company to to get the contact

The successful candidate will be expected to contribute flexibly across the full range of language teaching at undergraduate level, in specialist and non-specialist units taught on campus. They will also support the language team in Modern Languages in developing up-to-date teaching methods and materials, especially for digital delivery. They will ensure that the Portugese curriculum continues to be innovative and forward-looking in its approach to the challenges of language learning in the 21st century, including effective teaching for large groups

I want to write a research report on Business Model in the Video game Industry. This is the project of bba third year. I have attached demo and guidance. Demo is for another topic so dont copy them. And if you use other site to copy please do rephrase. Data collection, Data analysis is must important chapter.

Need a content writer to write article on numerology niche The content must be seo optimised and relevant for the keyword Able to come up with creative and High CTR meta title and description Need relevant images as well Each blog will be in details so long form blog

I need 20 reports written as quickly as possible. These reports are from a youtube playlist with plenty of options but If chosen you will need to select any church service video from the playlist (about 30 min total length) and write a report from it. I will provide a guideline instruction document as well as a template from a previously written report so you have an idea of how to write them.

looking for assignments writer who can write 2500 words per assignments i have around 11 in my hand now

Hi! I would need help with our project as our grant writer has been seriously sick and we are running out of time. Could you please check what do you think about our project and let me know, how much it would be for you to help us write it on time for SCH small-scale partnership to be applied in Finland. Here is our brief and more described versions of the project Could you give us an estimate how long it would take and how much it would cost?

Dissertation about effect of different dietary interventions on diabetes treatment Meta analysis

Requiring a company or researcher with understanding of healthcare in UK. A deep dive into areas of demand in the british healthcare system and what Medtech companies are doing in the space. Best practice from other countries to be part of this I have 4 domain areas in healthcare sector(UK) that are areas where there is a need for digital interventions . I need to conduct a research to understand more about the need in those areas as well as what Medtech companies are offering in UK to innovate and provide solutions . In addition to best practice examples from US and Europe maybe Japan , korea etc

We need a professional business plan written for an animal sanctuary in Scotland to get approved for planning permission

I need some one to write a short story of some one who travelled to Korea, and also try to see how you can make the story very interesting.

I need the following formatting help for the dissertation based on APA 7th edition: a. Creation of a Table of contents with page numbers. b. List of tables with titles and page numbers. c. List of figures with titles and page numbers.

IF YOU ARE NOT OK WITH $2 Per Hour Rate, THEN DO NOT APPLY TO THIS JOB ---------- I need someone with a vague amount of real estate knowledge that can research and find potential Investors that are rich & wealthy, that are in the state of Ohio (ohio is a state in the United States) and the surrounding states.

 I have some properties that I am looking to help someone sell. And I need to find millionaire investors that might be interested in the property.

You will put all investors in excel spreadsheet.
I will also need you to explain to me why you think the investor is rich. Your searching will be on Google, Instagram, and Tik Tok. You need to have very good experience in all areas.

You will need to be very creative in your searching. You will need to come up with related keywor...

I need researched information provided to me, which is historical facts. The facts that I want provided or to have verified mostly deals with "firsts" in English literature, like "What is the first English dictionary?" "What is the earliest surving book (or whatever kind of text) in the English language for teaching math?" "What is the oldest known text in the English Language on the history of the English Language?" "Who was the first author to write an English publication about the civilization of Sumer?" This task is the kind suited for a qualified historian or another type of profession who is a researcher of and studies the history of literature. This includes studies of literature about a particular topic. Academic qualifications...

Approximately 10-12 page (font size 12) literature review on a topic with in-text citation and reference list at the end in APA format. (Field: Natural Science) Topic and a few example papers whose structure may be followed, will be provided. Needs to be free of plagiarism/use of AI

Need someone who will write down the IT Project Manager

Our company is looking for a hard-working Billing Clerk to perform day-to-day tasks. Your duties include preparing invoices, credit memos and keeping a record of all the payments that have been made. The ideal candidate should be reliable and accurate in managing all the records. The major goal is to keep all the financial data organized and secure the company’s revenue. If you think skills match the criteria for this job, then please do apply now.

I have a reviewing guide .. and i have to review a paper .. so i need someone to follow the instructions and do it with 100% human writing

Banking & Finance Decision Making Expert Work

research article writing jobs

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research article writing jobs

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Research Paper Writer

Laguna Beach, California, United States

Content Writing |Copywriter | Blogs

Top Guru Assistants content strategist with 12+ years of industry experience, We create personalized content roadmaps for clients across the board. Writing content and social media that enhances the visibility of any brand and helps them position themselves in the best possible way is our forte. A passionate health and wellness writer too, we have now added writing well-researched articles on medical cannabis/marijuana to our arsenal. Understanding your business/product/service and what you wish... View more

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Hadley, Massachusetts, United States

Brochure Copywriting _ 20+ Years

I write marketing and sales copy that gets noticed, gets read, and gets responses. I''ve provided trusted freelance copywriting support for everyone from small local businesses to marketing directors at global corporations since 2001, praised for my creativity, attention to detail, research skills, and refined work process. Even if you''re not sure where to start, I guide the process by asking important questions and gathering all of the information from you that I''ll need. I can help you determin... View more

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Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan

Internet research & report writing

Are you looking for a 100 percent original, high-quality, well-researched blog post related to health and wellness (mental or physical)? I''m your girl! I have many repeat clients and have written hundreds of blog posts. I know how to craft a top-notch article that is engaging and easy for your readers to absorb. Why hire me? I''m a professional writer with a bachelor''s degree in journalism from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and 10+ years of writing experience. I have written professionally for magazin... View more

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Alexander, North Carolina, United States

White Papers / Case Studies

“You really do amaze me. This is exactly what I wanted. Great work!” Mike Laurie, CEO, PlanIT Engineering Co., Toronto “Great work, really understands what the customer wants.” Frankfurt Partners, Inc. View more

View Service Offered By Smart Bussiness

White Papers

I will handle your research and white paper tasks with the professionalism you are looking for! I will provide accurate, well-researched content formatted and referenced properly as required. I am very versatile, meaning I am not limited to a specific research or white paper subject/topic. You will get a 100% unique and perfect white paper or research content, delivered on time. Talk to me about your research or white paper task now; I'm available and ready! View more

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Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Scientific Research| Biology| Chemistry

Some prominent companies I have worked with:  -American plants and Equipment  -Leaf and hives  -Pyrite Trading Company  -Rapid Relief  -Boster Biologics I have my Masters in biochemistry. I have learned chemistry and biology till my bachelor. Therefore, I have a strong background in  Biology,  Chemistry,  Biochemistry,  Molecular Biology,  Bioinformatics  I have a knack for working on innovative and novel ideas and projects. My experience and expertise add to it. I have worked on several innovat... View more

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Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan

Essay and Research paper writer

Hello sir/madam you are welcome here I am a professional research paper and article or essay writer with more than two years of experience in the field. My persuasive writing skills help the clients to magnetize more readers and/or pursue their goals with good grades.   My service will help you with Plagiarism-free writing Perfectly punctuated Error-free Grammatically correct Accurate spellings Novelty in work Timely delivery Low cost Easy to understand Research-based descriptions Note: ... View more

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Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

APA and MLA Research Papers

I deliver original, articulate and high-quality APA, MLA Research Papers in the following desciplines: Business I.T Environmental Science Pharmacy Medicine Literature Human resource Management Economics Psychology Sociology History Nursing Political science, Law and Criminology etc I will also deliver on-point articles, blogs, and articles View more

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Taunsa, Punjab, Pakistan

I will write you research paper

Hello Dear, My name is Salman Habib. I am M.phil scholar in Management sciences from a well reputed university. i have a vast experience in Research Paper writing. I have three international research publication in best journals around the world. i can write a research paper for you. i can review your manuscript before publications. i will provide you 100% plagiarism free research content. View more

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Jatoi, Punjab, Pakistan

Thesis, Reports & Research Paper Writing

Writing the research is not so easy but don''t worry, i''ll do. i am experienced research paper, thesis and research based writing freelancer since 2010. I have practical hands on it and did lot of researches before writing. I offer plagiarism free research writing. You can find my research based writing stuff samples including thesis, papers, reports, articles, blogs and essays in my portfolio. i''ll offer negotiable services depending on work time limit, quantity and quality. I am available for ... View more

View Service Offered By Atta ur rehman 19

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

writing research,articles and essays

I am a writer who can write research papers, articles,essays,social media posts,websites articles as best as possible in Arabic and Urdu. I have most experience in this field and completed a lot of projects at many platforms of freelancing. Author of two book. In the result of above mentioned skills achieved experience in data entry and typing. View more

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Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Research Paper Writing and editing

I've written an edited several research papers and book chapters and know how to get it done. I can do the writing work based on the given references and results. I've been there and know how tedious it gets to the writing and referencing after going through the turmoil of finding the desired results conclusions. I can help you get the writing work done in a short duration while you can focus on your research or other things. View more

View Service Offered By Md Towhidul Islam Talukdar

Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Good day, I have completed my own research paper previously about " Renewable energy". Now, I think I will help people out there to help them to write their own research papers. # Educational background:- B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. # Previously done:- Paper on renewable energy. (I am uploading it on portfolio) #Service I am offering: Table of content creation # I will help you to find out a suitable topic to have a go. ## Most importantly I have a good precise and concise hand on some si... View more

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Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

Research Paper and Academic Writing

Hi, I am providing assignment writing, research paper writing, research article writing and all kinds of academic writing services. Kind Regards View more

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Ar Rayyan, Ar Rayyan, Qatar

Research article, dissertation, proposal

Hello everyone, Do you need help in writing research articles, dissertations, thesis, proposals, blogs, etc then you are in the right place? I will assist you in the completion of your tasks. If you are busy with jobs or any other activity and don''t have time to manage your writing tasks, then I am here to help you out with quality work. Do not hesitate to contact me and discuss with me your tasks. The writing will be unique, innovative, and professional. I always provide professional, unique, a... View more

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Research Paper/ Dissertations/ Essays

Having more than 10 years of experience working as a Research writer on different platforms makes me stand out of the box. I have a great passion and love for writing which pushes me to write on diverse topics and subjects. I''m a proficient Research/Academic writer and can write top-quality Research papers, Essays, Reports, Dissertations, and Blogs. I can show you hundreds of my previous work samples and you will really get impressed. Reach me out and I will show you my work and you will have no... View more

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Jhang Sadar, Punjab, Pakistan

Qualitative Research Writer

I will write a hundred percent original document (be it an research project, research writing, netnography social media research, review of articles ) that has been effectively accurate.  I have well experience of doing anthropological research writings. I have done multiple research projects based on villages, shrines and madrasahs as you can see my portfolio. I am willing to do work on any topic that is needed to be cover. If you need any services related to it, feel free to contact me. View more

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Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

Academic and Research Writing

I am an experienced researcher working with a reputed organization. I have done many projects related to academic writing, research writing, technical writing, and documentation. I can write high-quality original content that captures the attention of readers in an effective way. I always make sure that every work completed will be an example of my Best Work. The services which I can provide are: Research projects that I have submitted are " Characterization of Microbial Corrosion of AISI 4330... View more

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Academic writing

If you want help in academic writing. I’ll be there for you and write 100% unique and well-researched content for you. List of services Essay writing Research paper Educational blog post Assignments Report Writing prompt Proofreading and Editing Please feel free to contact me for detailed discussion about your project. View more

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Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan

Writing (Academic and Professional)

Welcome... If you are looking for writing services regarding your research papers, Research Articles or any academic as well as professional writing service, then you are at the right platform. I am providing all kind of writing services with optimized level of satisfaction. The Services that i Provide includes; - Medical Writing - Research Writing - Blog Writing - Website content Writing - Academic Writing - Article Writing - Review Article Writing - Article Rewriti... View more

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Research paper writing is a form of academic writing which details the outcomes of a research study. It is done as a part of scholarly research, course assignments and sample surveys. The goal of professional research paper writers is to describe how the research was carried out and report the findings of the research. Students, academicians and research organizations require research paper writers for hire to help them write professional research papers. They help in performing big data collation that is further used in research papers, pre-thesis drafts and theses. Conducting research takes a lot of effort, so outsourcing the task of writing a research paper can help you save a great amount of time.

You can get the best research paper writers who are specialized in your field of research. All you have to do is provide a short brief and share the materials and data pertaining to your research. If you want to keep your research data confidential, you can ask your writer to sign a non-disclosure agreement before proceeding with your project.

What Do Freelance Online Research Paper Writers Do?

Research paper writers thoroughly work on each and every aspect of your research. They go through your notes and data to gain insights about your research methodology. Typically, the best research paper writers start by writing an abstract which briefly explains the purpose of the research. The abstract is then followed by an introduction which provides some background information on the research.  A major part of the research paper is dedicated to writing about materials and methodology. The final section of a research paper presents the results and findings of data. Research specialists make sure that every reference is properly cited and that a bibliography section is present at the end of the research paper.

If you want to write a research paper or dissertation for reporting your research findings, you can consider research paper writers for hire on the top freelance marketplaces, like Guru. Before hiring an online research paper writer, you need to ensure that your freelancer has:

Good skills in scientific reporting and is familiar with the format and terminologies used in research papers and documents.

Capability to conduct a literature review and use credible sources of information for the same.

Ability to follow specific criteria set by universities or journal editorial committees for writing different sections and presenting diagrams, tables and charts.

Familiarity with different citation styles such as APA, MLA and Harvard.

Capability to follow a particular style for in-text citations as well as bibliography as specified by the client.

Qualifications of Freelance Research Paper Writers

It is ideal that your freelancer has:

Professional education and training in writing and communication, and knowledge of a particular scientific discipline.

Knowledge of credible sources of information such as peer-reviewed journal articles, government documents and global guidelines.

Strong command of the English language and knowledge of appropriate scientific terminology.

Extensive portfolio of several research papers and dissertations written for different clients.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Research Paper Writers

Hire a research paper writer and get your work done:

You can hire a freelancer online for helping you compile all your research findings in a well-formatted document.

They can help you prepare flowcharts, process diagrams and relationship diagrams.

They can organize and compile your data in the form of tables, graphs and charts.

They can prepare accurate references and appendix sections pertaining to the specific requirements.

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Working online gives you the freedom to take breaks whenever you want, skip the grueling commute through heavy traffic each day, and in the case of, work as much or as little as you want, part time or full time. We offer you the opportunity to choose how many papers you want to do based on whatever you feel most comfortable with. With our research writing jobs online, you’re the boss when it comes to your schedule. You are always in charge of your schedule once you are hired no matter what. You will never have to worry about being late again if you become a freelancer for our company.

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10 Things to Consider for Article Writing Jobs


article writing jobs for freelancers

Table of contents

Freelancing – article writing jobs, pros of freelance writing, cons of freelance writing, what does article writing jobs pay, how to become a freelance writer, 10 things to consider for freelance writer job, 1. research before starting a freelance writing career, 2. working alone, 3. do not forget marketing, 4. versatility, 5. try to be an organized person, 6. lack of predictability, 7. working in a network, 8. practice writing, 9. is freelance writing career right for you, 10. confidence level.

Article writing jobs writing is project-based writing for a self-employed individual. Being a freelancer, you do this job as a non-employee of a person who has hired you. And you work to deliver the written content you agreed upon.

There are many benefits to working as a freelance writer. For instance, it is a type of work that can give you freedom, wideness, and lucrative if you are good. Furthermore, freelancers experience a high level of job satisfaction. They can experience more flexibility and control over their day to day working environment.

article writing jobs for freelancing

Just like other types of business, freelance writing has its good sides. So, a list of freelance pros has been provided here.

i. Independence

ii. No boss

iii. Creativity

iv. Working remotely

v. Freedom to do what you love

Here a list of not good side os freelance writing is available; check it before starting your career as a freelance writer.

i. Unpredictable

ii. Unsteady income

iii. No working hours

iv. No employment benefits like a retirement fund

While everyone is saying goodbye to a 9 to 5 model of work, and it is quite common these days, no one can guarantee you will have enough work or money to support your freelance career. So, it all depends on your determination and willingness to start your writing career. The sky is the limit if you do.

You can earn what you want in this career, and it is one of the best things about freelance writing. It is simple, the more you write, the more money you can make. You can receive from $20 to $100 for the same post, depending on the client and your writing level.

The price or amount you will get for article writing jobs varies, and it depends on the type of business. For instance, the company that needs hundreds of small posts or asks for articles with specific keywords usually pays up to $5 for a copy of 5oo words.

Keep in mind all those sites which ask for quick and small posts will pay you less. It can be a hectic job, as put a lot of energy, but the amount you are getting is quite less.

Stats for freelance writing jobs.

* Courtesy of websitebuilder

How to become a freelance writer and pick up many article writing jobs ? It will be the very first question that will come into your mind before starting your career. If you are willing to start your career as a freelance writer, start it today and practice it every day. It can make you a successful freelance writer. Practice makes a man perfect, as they say.

You can learn and improve your writing skills with time. Just to take the first step, you can write small stories. You can write about anything about which you are passionate. On the next step, you can write about several things about whom you know nothing. It will help you a lot.

After practicing, select a niche. It will help you to choose your writing path. It can facilitate you to gain excellent and relevant clients. Do not waste your time by writing about those things about who you nothing.

You can also start a blog, and it is the most crucial step in your freelance writing career. You need to show your writing skills to your clients, and you can do it by showing them your portfolio.

You can also polish your skills and can attract clients by learning the relevant skills. You will manage everything alone, and you will have to get solid knowledge about marketing, management, and finance.

Even though you are a beginner, the amount you will charge is something you need to start your career. So, define your rate before starting the work, and it can be per hour, per word, or project. Consider what suits you the most and determine your price.

Now you are ready to get the audience and to start your career as a freelance writer.

These days than ever before, people are turning to freelance work. According to a report, 35% of workers in the United States are working as freelancers.

Now you can find a large number of freelance job opportunities around. Well, the most well-known among all is freelance writing.

Have you ever thought about being a freelance writer? Here, you can read the ten most important facts you must consider before starting your freelance writing career.

It would be best if you researched freelance writing before stating it as a career. You can find freelance writers, can read their blogs , and look at their websites. Try to learn about this business as much as you can.

You need to understand how to write blog posts. You can contact with other writers and try to find what kind of jobs are there for freelancers. Furthermore, you can also ask them how to set the rates.

article writing jobs - research

Some people start freelancing writing and then found that they are entirely alone. If you love to work with colleagues and spend time with them, switching to freelancing can be a tough decision for you.

Well, there ways to overcome this issue. For instance, either you can go to a coffee shop or can find a co-working space, though both of these options can cost you a lot of money over time. You will need to budget appropriately. And maybe all of your writing paychecks go to the co-working memberships or expensive lattes.

Freelance writers need to promote themselves. If you are not good at talking up your work and demonstrating your values, you can be get passed over for someone else.

The freelance community is growing day by day. And every freelancer is trying to make a name for himself within the industry. If you are willing to stand out and land jobs, you will need to work on writing pitches and making connections. You need to show what makes you distinctive from all other writers.

article writing jobs independently

The freelance community is growing day by day. And every freelancer is trying to make a name for himself within the industry. If you are willing to stand out and land jobs, you will need to work on your abilities to write pitches and make connections. You need to show what makes you distinctive from all other writers.

article writing jobs promoting yourself

After working for an extended period as a freelance writer, you can get a lot more control over the type of writing you do. For instance, you can decide that you will do SEO writing for the whole of your career.

Well, in the beginning, you need to select all types of work that you will get. A freelance writer should be versatile in his work to adopt the different writing styles and preferences according to the demands of the clients.

Remember that you have to write according to clients’ requirements and focus on what they need or want. Unfortunately, what you want to write about is not important here. If you are not adaptable to different writing styles, you may struggle as a freelance writer.

article writing jobs - versatility

When you are working as a freelance writer, you do not have a receptionist or a bookkeeper. So, either it is an organization of client’s information or tax payment, you need to handle all these alone. At the start of a career, you will have to work hard to keep everything organized.

If you were struggling with organization and failed to keep the record, you may have difficulty building a freelance writing career. You can purchase different tools which help you in organizing things. But you will have to make room for them in your budget. And this can’t be easy when you are unpredictable about paychecks.

article writing jobs - stay organized

When you are going to start a freelance writing career, keep in mind one thing that you will not be predictable about your paychecks.

While in the freelance writing career, you would not always have a steady stream of work coming in. And this will happen especially at the start of your job. So, you may not receive a regular amount of money coming in.

The freelance career is unpredictable, so you need to plan things. If you are not good at budgeting, you may face a hard time in your freelance writing career.

article writing jobs - keep budget in mind

Some people choose freelance writing as their career because they love to work alone. It is true, being freelance, you will spend most of your time alone.

Beside it, if you are not good at reaching out and communicating with others, it can be a difficult job for you. Excellent communication skills are quite necessary to attract clients.

A right freelancer knows how to communicate with the clients. And if it is not easy for you to work in a network, you need to improve your networking skills; before you take freelance as a full-time job.

article writing jobs - networking

It is not an issue if English is not your first language. Many freelance writers do not have English as their primary language. And they are earning through freelance writing.

So, it is also possible for you to make earnings from freelancing, but you will have to work a little harder to polish your writing skills. And if you are a reasonably good writer, then you will need a little practice to improve your writing.

You can practice by adding sensory details, remove filler words, and honing your craft. And you can do all this by starting your blog. You need to learn that there is a difference between blogging and content writing.

Only reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary and world knowledge. You can read different blogs related to your niche, and reading a book in your free time can be a good option too.

I never stop learning. If you want to enhance the value of your work, try to read as much as you can. And as a result, more money you can earn.

Will freelance writing be a good option for you as a career? It would help if you considered it seriously before diving into it. If freelance writing or freelance editing fits your needs and it is going to be a good option as a career, go with it.

But there are few not so right sides of freelance writing too. Like, fickle income, weird working hours, and unmitigated refrigerator access. Working for yourself is quite strange, and sometimes it can be dangerous also.

Lastly, you will need to prepare yourself financially for several things. For example, managing income flow and expenses, buying your health care, paying taxes, and funding your retirement. Even for the best writers, clients come and go so, and you should prepare yourself for those inevitable dry periods.

Are you ready to face all these hardships and passionate about pursuing your career as a freelancer? The way is open, go, and start your freelance writing career.

article writing jobs - as career

Put yourself out there, and trying to land writing the gigs can be tough. You can be get rejected, turned down, or some clients may walk all over you.

For a successful freelance writing career, you need to be a confident person and try to lose the fear of pitching. It can be quite hard for you. That’s okay; eventually, you are going to get the reward of your hard work.

article writing jobs - confidence

Just like all other best things in life, it will not be a comfortable journey for you. The best thing you can do as a freelance writer is to continue learning. Whether it’s the writing tips, pitching tips, or business tips, try to learn them all from trained persons of this field.

To become a successful freelance writer, you need to be a dedicated and passionate person about this profession. Only if you are insensitive to rejections and have boundless curiosity, you can gain popularity as a top freelance writer.

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