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Recommended resources and topics if you have limited time to teach about the Holocaust

Explore the ID Cards to learn more about personal experiences during the Holocaust

Timeline of Events

Explore a timeline of events that occurred before, during, and after the Holocaust.

  • Introduction to the Holocaust
  • Women during the Holocaust
  • Nazi Territorial Aggression: The Anschluss
  • Antisemitism
  • Ravensbrück
  • The Enabling Act
  • Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment
  • World War II: In Depth

<p>Jews carrying their possessions during deportation to the <a href="/narrative/3852">Chelmno</a> killing center. Most of the people seen here had previously been deported to Lodz from central Europe. Lodz, Poland, January–April 1942.</p>

An Overview of the Holocaust: Topics to Teach

Recommended resources and topics if you have limited time to teach about the Holocaust.

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The objective of teaching any subject is  to  engage the intellectual curiosity of students in order  to  inspire critical thought and personal growth. With this in mind, it is helpful  to  structure a   lesson plan on the Holocaust by considering questions of rationale or purpose. Find more information on why to teach about the Holocaust . 

Historical Background

The Path to Nazi Genocide  provides general background information on the Holocaust for the instructor and for classroom use. 

This 38-minute film examines the Nazis’ rise and consolidation of power in Germany. Using rare footage, the film explores their ideology, propaganda, and persecution of Jews and other victims. It also outlines the path by which the Nazis and their collaborators led a state to war and to the murder of millions of people. By providing a concise overview of the Holocaust and those involved, this resource is intended to provoke reflection and discussion about the role of ordinary people, institutions, and nations between 1918 and 1945.

[caption=9d75bfc0-bcb4-4f5e-a0a1-73b3cda83c71] - [credit=9d75bfc0-bcb4-4f5e-a0a1-73b3cda83c71]

This film is intended for adult viewers, but selected segments may be appropriate for younger audiences. The final 8 minutes of the film present very graphic material.

Start with  Overview of the Holocaust (PDF)  for  materials and discussion questions that provide students with an introduction to the history of the Holocaust.

The encyclopedia articles below provide background and more context on the Holocaust. 

Context for Understanding the Holocaust

If You Have One Class Period

Provide a historical overview of the history through use of the Path to Nazi Genocide film or other materials.

Based on your rationale, choose one or more topics to highlight. Include personal testimonies from the Museum's ID Cards  or oral history excerpts as appropriate.

Critical Thinking Questions

The most visited articles in the Holocaust Encyclopedia include critical thinking questions to encourage reflection on connections to contemporary events and genocide prevention, analysis of the range of motivations and behaviors, and further research on key topics.

The following are examples of articles with critical thinking questions. You'll find these questions at the foot of each page:  

Discussion Questions

New in the Holocaust Encyclopedia, these Discussion Questions aim to provide a framework for understanding how and why the Holocaust was possible. 

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We would like to thank Crown Family Philanthropies and the Abe and Ida Cooper Foundation for supporting the ongoing work to create content and resources for the Holocaust Encyclopedia. View the list of all donors .

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95 Holocaust Research Topics That Might Shock You

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What do you know about the Holocaust? What do you know about the Nazi regime, which killed more than 18 million people? What do you know about the 6 million Jews who didn’t survive WWII?

We should never forget about this tragedy. We should never let it happen again. The more we know, the less likely a repetition of this catastrophe will occur. Read the list of Holocaust research paper topics prepared by our essay writers below, and pick one of the Holocaust topics to think about.

Argumentative Holocaust research paper topics

Cause and effect Holocaust essay topics

Compare and contrast Holocaust research topics

Analytical Holocaust research paper topics

Holocaust topics in art

We hope that our list of Holocaust topics will make you think about something more important than your daily routines. Anyway, the best way to honor the memory of the victims is to be grateful for a chance to live a better life today.

Photo by RJPP from Pixabay

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90 Holocaust Essay Topics

🏆 best essay topics on holocaust, 🎓 most interesting holocaust research titles, 💡 simple holocaust essay ideas, ❓ holocaust questions for essays.

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StudyCorgi. (2023, January 25). 90 Holocaust Essay Topics.

"90 Holocaust Essay Topics." StudyCorgi , 25 Jan. 2023,

1. StudyCorgi . "90 Holocaust Essay Topics." January 25, 2023.


StudyCorgi . "90 Holocaust Essay Topics." January 25, 2023.

StudyCorgi . 2023. "90 Holocaust Essay Topics." January 25, 2023.

StudyCorgi . (2023) '90 Holocaust Essay Topics'. 25 January.

143 Holocaust Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for good titles for a Holocaust project? This is one of the most tragic parts of WW2 that is definitely worth studying.

🔝 Top 10 Holocaust Questions for Essays

📝 holocaust essay: how to write, 🏆 holocaust essay examples & topics, 📌 holocaust thesis ideas, 💡 most interesting holocaust topics to write about, ❓ holocaust essay questions, 💯 free holocaust essay topic generator.

The most popular Holocaust essay topics are:

Below you can find much more ideas. In this article, we’ve collected Holocaust thesis ideas and questions for essays. They will suite for middle school, high school, and college-level assignments. You’ll also find tips on writing your introduction, conclusion, and formulating a thesis statement, together with Holocaust essay examples. Write an ️A+ paper with us!

The Holocaust has affected millions of people around the world. It is one of the most tragic and problematic topics of history. Holocaust essays help students to understand the issue better, analyzing its causes and consequences. Organizing an essay on the Holocaust may be challenging, as there are many aspects to cover. We have developed some tips to help you through the process. First, choose the Holocaust issue you want to discuss. Select one of the titles to work on. Some of the Holocaust essay topics include:

You can choose one of these holocaust essay questions or ask your professor for suggestions. Once that you have selected the topic of your essay, you can start working on the paper. A well-developed structure is highly significant for an outstanding essay. Here are some tips on how to develop a structure for the paper:

Remember to look at the samples on our website to get some ideas for your excellent paper!

IvyPanda. (2023, February 2). 143 Holocaust Essay Topics & Examples.

IvyPanda. (2023, February 2). 143 Holocaust Essay Topics & Examples. Retrieved from

"143 Holocaust Essay Topics & Examples." IvyPanda , 2 Feb. 2023,

1. IvyPanda . "143 Holocaust Essay Topics & Examples." February 2, 2023.


IvyPanda . "143 Holocaust Essay Topics & Examples." February 2, 2023.

IvyPanda . 2023. "143 Holocaust Essay Topics & Examples." February 2, 2023.

IvyPanda . (2023) '143 Holocaust Essay Topics & Examples'. 2 February.

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80 Deep Holocaust Research Topics To Explore

Holocaust Research Topics

Be it history or the sciences, the holocaust has played a key role in shaping theories and ideologies. How do you make your paper on the holocaust standout? What is it that you would be keen to know and research on? If you are finding it hard to put things in perspective, here is a list of topics on concentration camp research paper. It aims to help students and create a resource they can consult for writing research papers on the holocaust.

Classic Holocaust Topics for Research

These holocaust research paper topics have inspired many students across the world. Go through these questions or topics to get inspired. They are sure to help you create interesting papers on the event.

To write a holocaust research paper use these topics as a foundation to start with and build upon.

Holocaust Argumentative Essay Topics

These holocaust research questions present two perspectives of a given topic. They focus on the concentration research camp paper, as well as, the papers on arts and science during the holocaust. The argumentative holocaust paper topics give you a lot of scope for research.

Holocaust Writing Prompts for Cause and Effect

These holocaust research topics look into the massive effects of the Holocaust. Some of these can be felt even today.

Topics for Comparison and Contrast

These holocaust research topics compare similar events and ideologies that are connected to the holocaust.

Art-Based Research Papers on Holocaust

These holocaust research questions delve into the artistic representation of the Holocaust.

For more prompts and writing help in various styles, get in touch with our skilled professionals today.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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research paper topics holocaust

Top 80 Strong Holocaust Research Paper Topics 2022

Holocaust Research Paper Topics

History college students will hardly miss such an assignment in the course of their study. The gruesome historical event that took place between 1933 and 1945 saw the mass murder of millions of European Jews. Professors will expect the scholars to come up with original and exciting holocaust research paper topics.

However, not all students can achieve this mind-intriguing task. That is why our expert writers have come up with these fantastic holocaust writing prompts for you! Students can also find a customized holocaust thesis statement by contacting our friendly customer support service.

Before the Holocaust Research Topics

The Nazi-Revolution Period Holocaust Paper Topics

Holocaust Argumentative Essay Topics For the Beginning of War (1939-1940)

Holocaust Research Questions Leading to the ‘Final Solution’

Death Camps Holocaust Topics for Research

End of Nazi Rule Paper on the Holocaust

Bonus Holocaust Research Topics

Holocaust topics for research are not limited to the few listed above. The length and devastating effects of the event make it momentous among many Historians.

Our team of over 5000 essay experts toils day and night to offer writing help on any assignments . Improve your grades by trying our services today!

Macbeth Research Paper Topics

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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25 Attention-Grabbing Research Paper Topics On The Holocaust

The Holocaust devastated an entire nation and to this day is still talked about amongst people. We are taught about this momentous event in our history classes and usually are asked to write a paper or two on it. Instead of writing the same boring paper like everyone else, why not try one of these attention-grabbing topics to wow your teacher and get the class talking.

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25 attention-grabbing topics

These are just a few topics to get you started on your journey to writing an amazing research paper on the Holocaust. Always remember to think outside the box, do as much research as you can, and ask for help when needed. The Holocaust was an event that you can never read too much on and having great and insightful assignments come out of learning about it only helps us in the future.

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