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What Does HR Mean, and What Do They Do?

research papers in hr

Practically every store or company has an HR department or employee, depending on the size. It’s often the first person or department you talk to when you apply for a job as well as the person who helps you when you have questions about your benefits or some other aspect of the company. It’s also the first person or department you talk to when you leave the job and need to get your paperwork together. So, who exactly are these HR employees, and what do they do?

1. What is HR?

HR is short for human resources. It’s the department within a company that handles hiring, employee well-being, firing, benefits and keeping up to date with important laws regarding taxes and other business-related issues. Whether you’re a small business of just 10 people or you’re a large Fortune 500 company, the person or people in charge of your human resources are critical to your ability to thrive. They can keep you out of legal trouble, both with your current and previous employees and the state and federal governments, and they help keep track of things like payroll so that you are free to run the other important aspects of your business. The term “human resource” dates back to 1893 when it was used in the book “The Distribution of Wealth” by John R. Commons.

2. What Does the HR Department DO?

Accurately named, the HR department in a company is literally a resource for the people who work for you. It ensures they have the tools they need to be productive and happy employees. Some of these tasks may include: Administering training programs for new employees or to boost the skills of current employees Managing payroll for the entire company Handling all things benefits, ranging from health and life insurance to wellness programs and cafeteria access Accepting applications for new employees along with conducting background checks and contacting references Interviewing potential employees to ensure they meet the company’s qualifications Conducting orientations for new employees Processing paperwork for new hires and people who leave the company Working as a mediator when problems arise between employees and managers Staying on top of laws and practices regarding taxes, sexual harassment, equal opportunity employment and more and advise management on these issues

3. Does Every Business Have an HR Department?

Whether or not a company has an HR department typically depends on the size of the company. Larger businesses almost always do because there simply isn’t enough time for management and executives to handle these tasks. Smaller and medium businesses may have a small department or a single person who handles all HR tasks. Some small businesses may choose to outsource some or all of their HR duties. As a matter of fact, it’s also becoming common for larger companies to outsource a few HR duties, like payroll, background checks, exit interviews, risk management, and dispute resolution, to free up their HR departments to handle bigger and more important tasks that add more value to the company.

4. What are Some Positions Within an HR Department?

If you do end up working in an HR department at a company, there are several rolls that may interest you. The most common is an HR specialist. These are the people who handle job interviews, payroll and benefits if that work is not outsourced, and they may specialize in one aspect of the job. HR managers oversee the department and coordinate all administrative duties of a company. Training and development managers typically handle all training and skill development for new and current employees. More specialized jobs include executive recruiter which is a person will help a company find senior-level employees. A global HR specialist will handle the hiring of employees for a company’s overseas endeavors.

5. How Do You Get a Job in HR?

If you like working with people in a business environment, HR may be a career option for you. For entry-level positions, you most likely need a high school diploma, though some people opt to get an associate’s degree or certificate. If you plan to work your way up or want to start out as an HR manager in a larger company, consider getting a bachelor’s degree in a subject like business administration, human resources, marketing, finance, management or economics. Many schools even offer an MBA with a focus on HR. When it comes to skills and personality traits you’ll need to work in HR, some of them include: Excellent communication skills, both written and oral The ability to work towards goals and solution s Project management Extroversion Networking skills The ability to negotiate The ability to understand business practices and laws


research papers in hr

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Analysis of human resource management challenges in implementation of industry 4.0 in Indian automobile industry

Top management green commitment and green intellectual capital as enablers of hotel environmental performance: the mediating role of green human resource management, the study of knowledge employee voice among the knowledge-based companies: the case of an emerging economy.

PurposeA review of previous studies on the voices of employees and knowledge workers clarifies that paying attention to employees' voice is critical in human resource management. However, limited studies have been conducted on it, and much less emphasis has been placed compared to other human resource management activities such as human resource planning. Therefore, the voice of knowledge employees has been one of the critical issues that have attracted a great deal of attention recently. Nonetheless, there is no evidence of various comprehensive and integrated voice mechanisms. As a result, this study aims to design knowledge workers' voice patterns in knowledge-based companies specialising in information and communication technology (ICT) in Iran in May and June 2020.Design/methodology/approachThis study is a qualitative grounded theory research. We collected the data from a target sample of 15 experts in knowledge-based ICT companies using in-depth semi-structured interviews. Since all the participants had practised the employee voice process, they were regarded as useful data sources. Data analysis was also performed using three-step coding (open, axial and selective) by Atlas T8, which eventually led to identifying 14 components and 38 selected codes. We placed identified components in a paradigm model, including Personality Characteristics, Job Factors, Economic Factors, Cultural Factors, Organisational Policies, Organisational Structure, Climate Of Voice in the Organisation, Management Factors, Emotional Events, Communications and Networking, Contrast and Conflict and, etc. Then, the voice pattern of the knowledge staff was drawn.FindingsThe results showed that constructive knowledge voice influences the recognition of environmental opportunities and, additionally, it helps the competitive advantages among the employees. By forming the concept of knowledge staff voice, it can be concluded that paying attention to knowledge staff voice leads to presenting creative solutions to do affairs in critical situations. The presentation of these solutions by knowledge workers results in the acceptance of environmental changes, recognition and exploitation of new chances and ideas, and sharing experiences in Iranian knowledge-based companies.Practical implicationsStrengthening and expanding the voice of employees in knowledge-oriented companies can pave the way to growth and development towards a higher future that prevents the waste of tangible and intangible assets.Originality/valueCompanies' ability to engage in knowledge workers is a vital factor in human resource management and strategic management. However, the employee voice has not been involved integrally in the context of corporate.

Achieving Human Resource Management Sustainability in Universities

The sustainability of human resource management (HRM) is the basis for an organization’s future growth and success. This study aims to investigate achieving HRM sustainability in universities. We use a quantitative research method design to investigate the factors that affect HRM sustainability at universities. The study was conducted during the spring and summer of 2020 at Iranian state universities. As the study’s statistical population included 2543 employees, a sample size of 334 employees was calculated using the Cochran formula. A questionnaire with 32 statements based on a 5-point Likert scale was used to collect the data, which were analyzed using PLS3 software. The findings show that human resource practices, social factors, psychological factors, employer branding, and economic factors have positive and significant effects on HRM sustainability at universities. Findings indicate that it is essential to consider the implementation of adequate HRM practices and related socio-economic and psychological supports for HRM sustainability in universities that can lead to the competitiveness of the higher education institutions such as universities.

Relationship Model between Human Resource Management Activities and Performance Based on LMBP Algorithm

The research on the relationship between human resource management activities and performance is an important topic of enterprise human resource management research. There are some errors between the relationship between human resource management activities and performance and the real situation, so it is impossible to accurately predict the performance fluctuation. Therefore, the relationship model between human resource management activities and performance based on the LMBP algorithm is constructed. Using the Levenberg–Marquardt (LM) algorithm and BP (back-propagation) neural network algorithm to establish a new LMBP algorithm, control the convergence of the new algorithm, optimize the accuracy of the algorithm, and then apply the LMBP algorithm to predict the risk of performance fluctuation under human resource management activities of enterprises, the indicators of human resource management activities of enterprises are determined, to complete the mining of enterprise performance data, the grey correlation analysis is combined, and the relationship model between human resource management activities and performance is built. The experimental samples are selected from CSMAR database, and the simulation experiment is designed. Using different algorithms to forecast the fluctuation of enterprise performance, the experimental results show that the LMBP algorithm can more accurately reflect the relationship between enterprise HRM and performance.

Inclusive human resource management in freelancers' employment relationships: The role of organizational needs and freelancers' psychological contracts

Student leadership programme: igniting the young minds.

Learning outcomes This case will help students to understand the following: Develop a basic understanding of competency building processes. Learn about the mentoring process and its application in leadership development. Develop awareness about the methodology for assessment of the effectiveness of training. Case overview/synopsis Dr A. R. K. Pillai founded the Indian Leprosy Foundation in 1970 in response to the national call by late Mrs Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India, to the public-spirited people to take up leprosy eradication. It collaborated with international agencies to reduce leprosy drastically in India from four million, in 1982 to around a hundred thousand cases in 2006. In 2006, the Indian Leprosy Foundation was renamed as Indian Development Foundation (IDF) as the trustees decided to expand the work of IDF in the areas of health, children’s education and women’s empowerment. Dr Narayan Iyer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IDF initiated a leadership development intervention called the Students’ leadership programme (SLP) for children in the age group of 12 to 14, from the urban poor households in 2014. It was a structured mentoring programme spanning over three months in collaboration with the schools. It aimed at incubating skills in the areas of leadership, teamwork, personality, behavioural traits and provided career guidance. It had a humble beginning in 2014 with a coverage of 50 students. Initially, IDF welcomed executives from the corporate sector as mentors. As there was a need to rapidly expand the scope of SLP to the other cities of India, IDF tied up with the graduate colleges and invited the students to be the mentors. The other objective behind this move was to create social awareness among the students from more affluent strata of society. IDF was able to dramatically increase the participation of the students through SLP by approximately up to 100,000 by 2020. However, rapid progress threw up multiple challenges. The teachers complained about the non-availability of the students for regular classes to teach the syllabus as the students were busy with SLP. The schools forced IDF to shorten the duration of SLP to two months. Also, many undergraduate mentors were unable to coach the participants due to lack of maturity and found wanting to strike a rapport with them. There was a shortage of corporate executives who volunteered for the mentoring, due to work pressures. Dr Narayan, CEO & National Coordinator and Ms Mallika Ramchandran, the project head of SLP at IDF, were worried about the desired impact of SLP on the participants and its sustainability due to these challenges. So, with the support of Dr Narayan, she initiated a detailed survey to assess the ground-level impact of SLP. The objective was to get clarity about what was working for SLP and what aspects needed to improve, to make the programme more effective. Overall feedback from the survey was very positive. The mothers had seen very positive changes in the participants’ behaviour post-SLP. The teachers had specific concerns about the effectiveness of undergraduate mentors. The need for a refresher course to inculcate ethical behaviour and the inadequacy of the two-month duration of the SLP to reinforce values were highlighted. Respondents also voiced the requirement to build responsible citizenship behaviours among the participants. Mallika was all for preparing a model to further enhance the effectiveness of SLP. Dr Narayan and Mallika embraced the challenge and they were raring to go to develop SLP as a cutting-edge leadership programme and to take it to new heights. Complexity academic level This case can be used in courses on human resource management in postgraduate and graduate management programmes. It can also be used in the general and development management courses and during executive education programmes to teach methodologies for evaluating the effectiveness of the training interventions, with emphasis on the voluntary sector. Supplementary materials Teaching notes are available for educators only. Subject code CSS 6: Human Resource Management.

Sustainable human resource management: six defining characteristics

Socially responsible human resource management and employee ethical voice: roles of employee ethical self‐efficacy and organizational identification, feasibility of implementing the human resource payroll management system based on cloud computing.

PurposeThe present study is descriptive research in terms of purpose, descriptive analysis in terms of nature and cross-sectional research in terms of time. The study’s statistical population includes all employees and managers of the China City Organization selected as sample members using random sampling method and Krejcie table of 242 people. The questionnaire was modified and revised based on the goals, tasks and mission of the target organization to collect information. In data analysis, due to the normality of data distribution, the structural equation modeling method is used to evaluate the causal model, reliability and validity of the measurement model. Evaluation and validation of the model are done through the structural equation model. Questionnaire-based model and data are analyzed using Smart PLS 3.0. The main purpose of this study is to assess the feasibility of implementing the human resource payroll management system based on cloud computing technology.Design/methodology/approachNew technologies require innovative approaches for creating valuable opportunities in an organization to integrate the physical flows of goods and services and financial information. Today, cloud computing is an emerging mechanism for high-level computing as a storage system. It is used to connect to network hosts, infrastructure and applications and provide reliable services. Due to advances in this field, cloud computing is used to perform operations related to human resources. The role, importance and application of cloud computing in human resource management, such as reducing the cost of hardware and information software in hiring, job planning, employee selection, employee socialization, payroll, employee performance appraisal, rewards, etc., is raised. This way, human resource management teams can easily view resumes, sort candidates and observe and analyze their performance. Cloud computing is effective in implementing human resource payroll management systems. Therefore, the primary purpose of this study is to assess the feasibility of implementing the human resource payroll management system based on cloud computing technology.FindingsTesting the research hypotheses shows that the dimension desirability of ability and acceptance is provided in dimensions related to the minimum conditions required to implement cloud computing technology in the organization. For this reason, the feasibility of implementing the systems based on cloud computing in companies must be considered.Research limitations/implicationsThis study also has some limitations that need to be considered in evaluating the results. The study is limited to one region. It cannot be assured that the factors examined in other areas are effective. The research design for this study is a cross-sectional study. It represents the static relationship between the variables. Since cross-sectional data from variable relationships are taken at a single point in time, they are collected in other periods. As a proposal, future researchers intend to investigate the impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems based on cloud computing.Practical implicationsThe research also includes companies, departments and individuals associated with systems based on cloud computing.Originality/valueIn this paper, the feasibility of implementing the human resource payroll management system based on cloud computing is pointed out, and the approach to resolve the problem is applied to a practical example. The presented model in this article provides a complete framework to investigate the feasibility of implementing the human resource payroll management system based on cloud computing.

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Best 203 Human Resources Research Topics and Ideas To Consider

Table of Contents

What are Human Resources Research Topics?

Human resource is a division of an organization or a business that deals with the recruitment, administration, and training of employees. If you are a student who is pursuing a course in human resource management, MBA, or any behavioral science courses, then you will often be asked to write human resource management assignments that include research papers, essays, term papers , dissertations, research reports, and thesis on HR topics.

Right now, do you want to write an informative human resources research paper? Are you searching for the best HR research topics? If yes, for writing an excellent HR research paper, you can consider any topic from HRM, recruitment and selection, risk management, career development, performance management, workplace safety, and so on.

In general, human resource is a broad subject with plenty of research areas to focus on. Therefore, to help you to identify the best topic for writing a brilliant HR research paper, in this blog post, we have provided significant tips on how to choose a good HR research topic as well as provide the humanities dissertation help for those students who are facing problems to choose the good research topic. Also, we have shared a list of the best human resources research topics in various categories.

Continue reading this blog post and get the necessary academic benefits.

Human Resources Research Topics

How to Choose a Good Human Resources Research Topic?

Whenever you are assigned a task to write a research paper, identifying a research paper topic is the first step you should follow. You may think that topic selection is an easy step to cross. But, actually, it is not. When it comes to writing human resources research papers, you may search and find an endless list of HR research topics. But out of them all, it is really challenging to identify a particular HR research paper topic.

As we already know how difficult it is to identify a good research topic, in order to ease the searching process and guide you, here we have shared a few tips for you to keep in mind during the HR research paper topic selection. Follow the below-mentioned tips and spot a good HR research topic.

List of HR Research Topics and Ideas

In general, when assigning the research paper writing task, professors will either propose a list of research paper ideas for you to consider, or they will ask you to come up with the best research topic on your own.

If you are asked to choose an HR research paper topic of your choice, then you can go through the list of the best human resources research paper topics and ideas suggested below on various categories such as HR management, talent management, recruitment and selection, risk management, career development, performance management, workplace safety, etc. and identify an ideal topic that will help you earn an A+ grade.

Human Resources Management Research Topics

Human Resources Management Topics for Research Paper

HR Management Topics for Study

HR Research Topics on Recruitment

HR Research Topics on Job Selection

Equal Employment Opportunity HR Research Topics

Talent Management HR Research Topics

Career Development Human Resources Research Topics

HR Research Topics on Performance Management and Appraisal

Research Topics on Worker Protection and Workplace Safety

Research Topics on Risk Management

Interesting HR Research Topics

Good Human Resources Research Topics

Outstanding Human Resources Research Topics

Amazing HR Research Topics

The Bottom Line

From the comprehensive list of human resources research paper topics and ideas featured in this blog post, you can choose any topic that fits your perfectly. In case, you are not satisfied with the list of HR research ideas mentioned here or if you are not sure what topic to choose for your research paper, then take help from us. From topic selection to research paper writing, we provide reliable assignment help to the students who are struggling to prepare academic papers on any subject topic.

In particular, we have a team of professional writers who are masters in the field of business studies and human resource management to assist you in writing an excellent human resources research paper on the best HR research topics. If you want instant academic assistance or paper writing service from us, quickly place your order by writing your requirements. We will craft a top-quality, plagiarism-free research paper as per your requirements and will deliver the completed document to you without any delay.

research papers in hr

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150 Outstanding Big Data Research Topics for Every Student to Explore

Social Issues Topics

198 Captivating Social Issues Topics for Essay or Research Paper

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146 Best Geology Research Topics for Academic Writing

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Psychological safety: A systematic review of the literature

Alexander Newman, Ross Donohue, Nathan Eva September 2017

Inclusive talent development as a key talent management approach: A systematic literature review

Maniam Kaliannan, Darshana Darmalinggam, Magiswary Dorasamy, Mathew Abraham Open Access March 2023

Common Good HRM: A paradigm shift in Sustainable HRM?

Ina Aust, Brian Matthews, Michael Muller-Camen Open Access September 2020

About and beyond leading uniqueness and belongingness: A systematic review of inclusive leadership research

Ayfer Veli Korkmaz, Marloes L. van Engen, Lena Knappert, René Schalk Open Access December 2022

An artificial intelligence algorithmic approach to ethical decision-making in human resource management processes

Waymond Rodgers, James M. Murray and 3 more Open Access March 2023

Inclusive workplaces: A review and model

Lynn M. Shore, Jeanette N. Cleveland, Diana Sanchez June 2018

Talent management: A critical review

Robert E. Lewis, Robert J. Heckman June 2006

Corporate social responsibility and human resource management: A systematic review and conceptual analysis

Christian Voegtlin, Michelle Greenwood September 2016

Inclusive leadership: Realizing positive outcomes through belongingness and being valued for uniqueness

Amy E. Randel, Benjamin M. Galvin and 5 more June 2018

Performance management and employee engagement

Jamie A. Gruman, Alan M. Saks June 2011

Dynamizing human resources: An integrative review of SHRM and dynamic capabilities research

Paula Apascaritei, Marta M. Elvira Open Access December 2022

Unlocking the value of artificial intelligence in human resource management through AI capability framework

Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Prasanta Dey and 5 more March 2023

Human resource management research and practice in Asia: Past, present and future

Fang Lee Cooke, Randall Schuler, Arup Varma December 2020

Strategic talent management: A review and research agenda

David G. Collings, Kamel Mellahi December 2009

Cross-boundary teaming for innovation: Integrating research on teams and knowledge in organizations

Amy C. Edmondson, Jean-François Harvey Open Access December 2018

Navigating the shifting landscapes of HRM

Brian Harney, David G. Collings Open Access December 2021

The duality of algorithmic management: Toward a research agenda on HRM algorithms, autonomy and value creation

Jeroen Meijerink, Tanya Bondarouk Open Access March 2023

Skills-based volunteering: A systematic literature review of the intersection of skills and employee volunteering

Kiera Dempsey-Brench, Amanda Shantz Open Access December 2022

Making sense of different perspectives on career transitions: A review and agenda for future research

Sherry E. Sullivan, Akram Al Ariss Open Access March 2021

Caring human resources management and employee engagement

Alan M. Saks September 2022

The norm of norms in HRM research: A review and suggestions for future studies

Jannick Friis Christensen, Bontu Lucie Guschke, Kai Inga Liehr Storm, Sara Louise Muhr Open Access December 2022

“Your health and safety is of utmost importance to us”: A review of research on the occupational health and safety of international employees

Helen De Cieri, Mila Lazarova December 2021

A systematic literature review on the impact of artificial intelligence on workplace outcomes: A multi-process perspective

Vijay Pereira, Elias Hadjielias, Michael Christofi, Demetris Vrontis March 2023

An integrative literature review of employee engagement and innovative behavior: Revisiting the JD-R model

Kibum Kwon, Taesung Kim June 2020

Human resources analytics: A systematization of research topics and directions for future research

Alessandro Margherita June 2022


Best Human Resources Management Research Topics

Human Resources Research topics -Evergreen

If you are studying human resource management, you would agree that it is too broad a subject to underate. The value of human resources cannot be ruled out. Human capital is the most crucial asset in the business world. For this reason, students studying HRM write human resource management assignments such as essays, research reports, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and theses. As a business student or studying behavioral sciences or pursuing an MBA, you probably need to select the best human resources topics to write about, primarily when the assignment prompt does not provide any.

This article covers a rich list of trending, hot, and exciting human resources topics to get you started. Unlike other lists you probably have come across, we believe ours is good because we have categorized the topics based on the human resource areas such as training, talent management, professional and career development, leadership, change management, compensation, performance management, training, and development, to mention a few.

Equal Employment Opportunity HR Research Topics

Talent Management Research Topics

Here are some talent management research topic ideas that you can use for your HR essay, research paper, term paper, or dissertation.

HRIS topics for Dissertations, Essays, and Research Paper

Professional/Career Development HR Research Topics

Performance Management and Appraisal Topics

Recruitment and Selection Research Topics

If you are interested in either recruiting and labor markets or selecting in human resources, you can choose a list of interesting research topics.

Risk Management and Worker Protection HR Topics

General/ Interesting Human Resource Research Topics

Trending Research Topics in Human Resources

Related Reading:

Now that we have ourselves a comprehensive list of current and trending human resources management research topics, what happens when you finally settle on one? If you are writing an essay, learn how to write the best one from our experts. We have an essay writing guide for any academic level.

If you are writing a research paper, our quick research paper writing guide can also come in handy. If you are writing a research proposal or dissertation , our blog section is full of helpful material.

When all you need is peace of mind while you pay someone to write your HR paper , you can trust our website. We have expert writers whom you can hire to work on your papers.

Hiring a professional writing service guarantees that you will get a well-researched, formatted, and organized sample HR paper on any topic. You can use the same to write your assignment better.

research papers in hr

Gradecrest is a professional writing service that provides original model papers. We offer personalized services along with research materials for assistance purposes only. All the materials from our website should be used with proper references. See our Terms of Use Page for proper details.

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research papers in hr

Human Resources Research Paper Topics For 2023

02 May 2022

Quick Navigation

✍️How to choose a Human Resources topic for your project?

Human Resources is one of the most popular and essential topics for the business minded. If you remember your basic economics, you may remember that the basic components necessary for production in any kind of economy are Land, Capital, and Labor.

Human labor is an essential resource that keeps a business running. Like any other resource, it must be managed. This is where the term “Human Resources” and Human resources research topics come in.

Having relevant data for research paper is easy if you know where to look. There are lots of online sources and books in libraries to use in your task. Make sure you spend enough time on planning before writing your task.

Need help with writing a research paper?

Get your paper written by a professional writer

How to choose a Human Resources topic for your project?

Selecting research topics in human resource management is not as simple as simply choosing the title and proceeding to write it. In order to get a good grade, the paper must be original and well researched. It needs to cover all relevant aspects of the chosen HR topics. Writing a hr related research topics is a very structured and analytical process. This is true for all fields, including human resources research topics.

The first step is topic selection. This is where we can help you. This page features a list of over 90 human resources topics. If you are having problems coming up with your own ideas, please choose hr related research topics from this list instead.

These titled papers all have a great deal of material about human resource management research topics out there. They are each trending topics in hrm topics for research and have plenty of resources available out there on the internet. Each of them is also relevant to the actual field of human resources management.

So, while writing a hr related research topics is not a typical or common activity for an HR employee, it will give you a lot of insights and information. These insights could give you a leg up in the future when you have graduated from School and College.

Human Resources Management Research Topics

At most large companies, ‘Human Resources’ is an entire department of its own. Most other departments at the company typically deal with producing a good or service. Others, like the public relations department, work with the media and other external affairs. Hence, there are many ways to approach HR research topics.

Stuck with finding the right title?

Get plenty of fresh and catchy topic ideas and pick the perfect one with PapersOwl Title Generator.

Equal Employment Opportunity HR Research Topics

Career Development HR Research Topics

Those who are interested in working in the field could take their first steps by writing a paper on human resource management topics. There is a huge variety of possible human resource topics for research papers, so it is likely that everyone will find some aspect of it they enjoy.

Research Topics on Recruitment and Selection

Studying human resources is a crucial part of management studies. Whether you are a college or university student, you can buy paper online to save time and effort. There are lots of reputable services that can provide excellent assignments to boost your academic performance.

Build your thesis statement

This is AI-powered online tool that lets you create a thesis statement about any topic you need.

HR Risk Management Topics

With so many moving parts working together in one company, it is natural for confusion or conflicts to arise. In order to make sure all these departments, employees, and managers work together, Human Resources is essential. In companies with hundreds of employees, their job simply cannot be understated.

Workplace Safety HR Topics

Trending HR Topics

HR is one of the most dynamic fields of work currently available. It is at the crossroads of psychology, sociology, accounting, and business. In the last few years, there have been many exciting changes in how human resources are handled, due to the rise of virtual platforms and working from home.

Only time will tell if these changes are temporary or permanent. But whichever way they go, our list of HR topics for research project 2023 will always be here for perusal.

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Top 50 Human Resource Research Topics

When an average college student faces the necessity to deal with human resource management topics, the chances are high that it may sound confusing. Even if you are provided with a good essay prompt, it is still necessary to come up with a competitive topic where you can narrow things down and provide due analysis. By doing so, you will be able to focus on something specific. In simple terms, human resource management relates to organizational aspects where the company's department approaches hiring, management, and training of the staff. It also strives to ensure the best work practices regardless of objectives or available funds. Therefore, the list of possible human resource topics for research paper topics can stretch from compensation and benefits to employment laws and workplace bullying.

HR research topics

The trick is to choose something that you know well, subjects that inspire you and let you make a significant contribution to your chosen subject. If you are already provided with a prompt by your college professor, it is still possible to adjust it a little bit based on your sources. You can start by browsing through various ideas to see what sounds good based on the list of sources you have encountered before. Both methods are quite helpful and will make it easier to complete your HRM research paper on time.

Human Resource Management Research Paper Topics​

It must be noted that human resource management is quickly becoming a proper science with a clear distinction. Starting with the list of complex business outcomes that it brings up to the use of various intelligence tools and innovations, it makes it possible to expand the academic scope.

As a rule, choosing HR research topics becomes an even broader task. For example, it becomes possible to understand and estimate (predict) organizational changes and behavior types. Since one deals with people and organizations through the lens of social and economic turbulence, HR as science must ensure all the expectations are properly written down and analyzed. Still, topics for business research differ significantly, as they are less concentrated on a human constituent. 

Here are some HRM topics to consider:

Of course, these are only some starting points for you. As you pay to write research paper , you can consider some other topics based on subjects like HR management specifics in Texas or why the talent agencies are more popular in California and Florida states. In either case, feel free to explore the topics provided and always start with the list of relevant sources or arguments that support your thesis.

The List of Interesting Human Resources Research Topics

As you are looking for a competitive human resource research topic, it is vital to understand that it also deals with the social and ethical issues as well regarding the workplace and the hiring processes. For example, we have freelance employees and bullying conflicts based on certain factors. Next, we are dealing with social media management and the representation of the company's data and private files. All of it makes it necessary to study all the current HRM trends.

Here are some interesting HR topics to consider:

As you are looking for a cheap research paper , it is still important to consider interesting human resource management research paper topics that will not only inspire you but will also force your audience to read further. Remember to think over your thesis and come up with an argument that fully reflects your subject.

Another important aspect related to HR research paper writing is avoiding plagiarism, which means that you should reference every idea that is not yours. The same relates to proofreading and accuracy. Consider custom research paper writing to handle such issues and never have to worry about not getting things done on time. Time is always a critical factor, which is why do not think twice as you reach out for academic success!

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25 Cool Ideas of Human Resource Paper Topics

Not everyone likes the name Human Resources – we are not resources, we are unique personalities after all! – but still, HR is a very important area of any management and a subject of intense studies. It is natural that you were tasked to write a research paper on it. Feel free to use some tips from us, we hope you will write a really great paper.

The principles of human resource management are basically the same everywhere, but before choosing the topic it would be great to decide whether you want to write about big companies, with the strict code and set of rules, or small, almost family businesses. Usually, when the manager has hundreds of employees to work with, they have no option than to strictly follow the rules, when in the small companies HR managers can afford themselves to step away from the rules sometimes to be more humane and understanding. If you need to buy custom term paper you are in the right place!

Human Resource Management is a discipline that deals with psychology, sociology, economics and, actually, management. Nevertheless, it has a set of strict rules and regulations that should be followed to achieve the best performance of the staff. The different approaches to HR management (psychological, economical, etc.) can make a great subject for the research paper. Another possible direction to go is the changes in human resources management that happen due to the rapid growth of economics, changing the very principles of work (online offices, freelance, outsourcing) and the demands of the modern employees.

Whatever you choose, always pay attention to the context human resources are managed in. The international company will usually have very general standards that are comfortable for the employees all over the world when local businesses are often very influenced by the cultural context to the point that outsiders may feel very uncomfortable there.

You’re welcome to read through our sample topics! Hope they will give you some ideas for your own research paper on human resources. Good luck!

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