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Show My Homework

Assign and monitor homework online with the market-leading homework solution that integrates with Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom , engages students, involves parents, facilitates distance learning and saves teachers time.

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What is Show My Homework?

Show My Homework is the market-leading homework software, used by 1 in 3 UK secondary schools, that integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams . Made up of easy-to-use features that involve all key stakeholders in the homework process, Show My Homework provides schools with the tools they need to support home-learning in the most simple and effective way.

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Here's what our customers have to say about us

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"It was a lifesaver in Lockdown. The company quickly adapted further tools. Now it's a comprehensive site."

"Saves time, allows me to send web links and the huge variety of types of homework. Amazing support during lockdown and..."

"It is very efficient; allows parental access; archives tasks; allows 2 way communication between pupils and teachers; keeps records..."

"Very professional, rapid answer to issues, constantly updating in response to feedback - new facilities added regularly"

"I have found it incredibly useful during this period of lockdown, however I was using it to enter homework as well and that has..."

"It makes setting Homework easy and you know everyone in the class is informed."

Facilitate blended learning

With Show My Homework your school has immediate access to powerful distance learning tools, making it easy to combine in-person teaching with online-centred learning. Teachers can set remote Classwork instantly, notifying learners of work to complete via Satchel One.

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Because Satchel One is such a flexible platform, we were able to offer a blended approach. We were still teaching physical lessons, but we also had students joining in via Google Meet.


While we did most of our communication with pupils via Microsoft Teams, we found that posting on Satchel One was key in keeping parents informed.

Used by 1 in 3 UK secondary schools

We’re partners to 1 in 3 secondary schools across the UK, join the Satchel One community today.

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Award winning software

Our innovation and development has garnered industry recognition and, since 2014, we’ve been award-winning every year.

2020 Winners School Business Category

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2019 Winners Edtech Innovator of the Year

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2018 Winners Whole School Aids for Learning, Teaching & Assessment

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2017 Winners Secondary Resource or Equipment - Including ICT

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2017 Winners Education Company of the Year

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2017 Winners Digital Innovation in the Public Sector

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2016 Winners Upscale

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2016 Winners EdtechXRise All Stars award

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Case studies

Haydon School case study where the school discuss their use of Show My Homework, part of Satchel One

The Power of Paperless Homework

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Whole-school Homework Progress

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Engaging Students & Quality Assuring Homework

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Speak to the team today!

Whether you’re looking for pricing, a quick demo and login details or more detailed information about getting your school set up, the team will be on hand to help. Fill in the form or give us a call on 020 7197 9550 option 1.


In This Section…

Students Guide to Show My Homework

To view a presentation showing instructions on how to use Show My Homework click here .

A tutorial video can also be found here .

Alternatively follow the instructions below…

Logging in with the PIN

The school will give you a letter with your PIN to log in for the first time. Keep this PIN safe, as you can use this to reset your password in the future.

In your browser

To log in with the pin, follow the steps below:.

  On the  Show My Homework login page , click  I’ve been given a PIN to get into my account  

Your account is now set up. Moving forward you can access your account using your email or username and password combination.

In your app

Forgot your password?

Reset password using email address – If you have an email address linked to your student account, you can request a new password to be sent to your email address.

Reset password using PIN – If you have been given a PIN by the school, you will be able to use this here to change your password.

Parents Guide to Show My Homework

To view a presentation showing instructions on how to use Show My Homework  click here .

A tutorial Video can also be found  here .

Logging in as a parent

As a parent, you will receive a login letter from your child’s school with a code that you will need to use to access your Show My Homework parent account. 

Logging in on a browser

To log in on your computer, follow the steps below:

On the next screen, add your contact details and choose a password. Press  Update details  when you’re done.

Your account is now set up. Moving forward you can access your account using your email and password combination.

Logging in on the app

To log in on your phone via the Show My Homework app for  iOS  or  Android , follow the steps below:

Forgotten Password

You can request a password reset email to the email you’ve registered with us by clicking  Forgot password?  on the  Show My Homework login page . Once you have entered your email, a password reset email will be sent to you. If you do not see the password reset email in your inbox, you may want to check your junk or spam folder. Simply follow the instructions in that email to reset your password and regain access to your account.

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My Homework Done

Expert Writing Services

Homework is easy with expert tips and advice. And even easier when you have an expert to do it for you.

Show My Homework: Digital Student Planner

Owing to the success of Show My Homework, more and more high schools and colleges are adopting this online homework platform. Consequently, more students and parents are searching for information about this software. This is precisely why we have written this lengthy blog post. If you want to learn what it is and how you use SMHW, you will find all the information on this page. This includes a description of the software and its plans, as well as short guides on how to use the application.

show my homework

What Is Show My Homework?

So, what is Show My Homework?

It is an online homework software, also called an online student planner. It has been developed by Satchel and includes tools for both teachers and students (as well as their parents). The main goal of the platform is to help students better manage their time and to make it easier for them to find their homework and submit it on time.

The parent logins on the Show My Homework app provide a plethora of information to parents, such as the homework progress and the homework submission dates. This enables parents to keep track of their children’s school chores more efficiently.

Teachers have their dedicated section in the SMHW app, where they can set homework tasks, create assignments and quizzes, upload attachments, and even grade homework. They can leave comments and even reuse homework assignments (this saves the teacher valuable time).

Is Show My Homework Free?

The software is not free, of course. However, the good news is that it doesn’t cost students and parents anything to use it. The costs are covered by the school and depend on the size of the institution and the number of students served. Larger schools should expect to pay more for an SMHW subscription.

There are several other competitors, like Google Classroom, that are offering this same service, but their prices are almost the same. Also, the adoption of the system depends on the specific needs of the school. If your school has started using the Show My Homework app, you are probably interested to learn more about how to use the platform. So let’s delve into the mechanics of the software and show you how you can make effective use of it.

How to Use Show My Homework

In our experience, using the Show My Homework app is relatively easy. There are almost no glitches or bugs and the servers are very fast to respond. All in all, the user experience is very good. The interface is very pleasant as well. If you are a student, here are the basic steps you need to take to start using the app:

How to Submit Homework on SMHW

Can it do more than just show me my homework? Yes, of course. The SMHW platform also makes it easy for you to turn in the homework and show your best homework solution . There are two ways to do this actually: via the Web browser on your computer or using the Show My Homework app.

To submit homework using the Web browser, follow these simple steps:

To submit homework using the Show My Homework app, follow these quick steps:

How Do You Do Homework on SMHW?

The tricky part is that you don’t actually do your homework on the SMHW platform. The Show My Homework app is only used to turn in the homework. You will do your homework on your computer using any software you like (Microsoft Work is recommended). Alternatively, you can write your homework down in a notebook and then take a photo of the notebook using your phone. You can attach images in the smartphone app, so you can quickly send the photo to your teacher.

If you are a parent, you will find that the SMHW platform has a lot to offer. Parents can set up email and push notifications to get real-time updates on their children’s activity. Also, parents can view the activity of their children, the School Calendar, important announcements, events, and even the gradebook.

In conclusion, SMHW has been demonstrated to motivate students to submit their homework on time. The Show My Homework app greatly improves collaboration between teachers, students, and parents. It makes it easy for teachers to assign homework, it helps students quickly submit their homework, and it allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s progress in school. However, this software won’t do your homework itself. If you think you need professional help, we advise you to contact seasoned homework writers, or even buy assignments online.


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