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summer school projects

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summer school projects


The best choice for your pm skills improvements, shots, frames, emotions, lectures and interactions: browse our gallery that encloses the most significant moments of the the past ispm editions photos that give you an idea of what it means being part of such a challenging and rewarding experience., make an appointment, donec pulvinar magna id leoersi pellentesque impered dignissim rhoncus euismod.

Join the International Summer School on Project Management, specifically addressed to research projects. Organized by ECLAT, in collaboration with the Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of Harm Reduction (CoEHAR), the 2nd edition of the Summer School hosted 30 young professionals and postgraduates from 20 to 25 September 2021 in one of the most beautiful seaside resort in Sicily. The ISPM aim is to train participants in the creation and management of projects, with a specific focus on research projects surrounding the concept of tobacco harm reduction.

The ISPM 2021 had the free patronage of the University of Catania and of the Project Management Institute-Southern Italy Chapter (PMI-SIC). Call for applications closed on 9th August 2020.

summer school projects

Read more about ISPM 2021

Committee and speakers, detailed programm, why learn with us, challenging.

Specifically addressed to health research projects, the ISPM will give the opportunity to learn in a multicultural context.


Hold in one of the most beautiful seaside resort in Sicily, the ISPM will offer unique experiences of social activities and cultural trips.

World Class Community

Thanks to its Committee and Speakers, the ISPM will give the opportunity to enter in contact with an international network of project managers.

What will you learn?

Hear what they say

summer school projects

I learned the theory on the frameworks and methodologies of project management. I have always worked as a practitioner since I was 18 years old and ISPM helped me to better understand and consolidate my everyday activities as project manager. Viktoria

summer school projects

I definitely learnt how to manage myself better, how to manage the time better and I also learnt how to interact with people, work with people, manage a team and at the same time projects as well. Usha

summer school projects

Definitely the range of subjects that we talked about is so broad that we can grab so much information, but also we can dig deeper into the subjects we love the most, inside project management scope. Hubert

summer school projects

I learnt how to interact with people from different backgrounds and how to learn from them and also from the experts who have been really helpful in sharing with us all these nice tips that will be really helpful for my professional future. Margarita

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ISPM 2021

ISPM 2021: the future project managers focused on Harm Reduction awarded in Taormina

summer school projects

Taormina – The second edition of ISPM kicks off in Taormina from 20th to 25th September

summer school projects

Project management and emerging working context: an interview with Paola Mosca, president of PMI-Sic

Join our community of project managers, forum, personal profiles and much more.

We believe that one of the key elements to increase the chances of having a positive result is Networking

The  ISPMCommunity  for project managers enables members to connect with like-minded people, ask questions, share their opinions, improve skills and find career opportunities.

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summer school projects

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Summer Projects

Summer Packets

Our packet this week has many summer ideas, but here are a few websites and links for others:

  • Outdoor Tic Tac Toe ( )
  • 50+ Super Fun and Creative Rock Painting Ideas ( )
  • Backyard Obstacle Course ( )
  • Dinosaur Garden for Kids ( )
  • Lego Boats ( )

Also, you can find a list of suggestions for favorite summer books at .

Mr. Rogers Quote:

“Some days, doing the best we can still fall short of what we would like to be able to do, but life isn’t perfect on any front – and doing what we can with what we have is the most we should expect of ourselves or anyone else.”  -Mr. Rogers

With love, Stephanie

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National Summer Learning Project

Young female student writes in her notebook

Summer learning programs are a promising way to narrow the large achievement gap between children of the lowest and highest income families. Many school districts across the country offer voluntary summer learning programs to students to promote academic achievement, provide enrichment experiences, and help narrow the achievement and opportunity gaps between children of the lowest and highest income families. But simply offering a program does not guarantee results.

To identify what works, RAND conducted one of the largest and most definitive studies to date of summer learning programs. The project and the resulting study were called the National Summer Learning Project.

What We Found

RAND led the first randomized controlled trial to test whether voluntary, district-run summer learning programs can improve academic, behavioral, and social and emotional learning (SEL) outcomes for low-income, urban youth. It involved five urban school districts’ academic summer programs. RAND found that offering a summer program to students produced a modest near-term benefit in mathematics that dissipated by the next fall. But there was no causal evidence that the programs produced benefits in language arts, social emotional outcomes, or student attendance or grades during the school year.

However, there is promising evidence that, after two consecutive summers, students with high attendance (defined as 20 or more days per summer) outperformed peers in math, ELA, and SEL. Those students who received a minimum of 25 hours of math, and 34 hours of ELA in the second summer performed better on the subsequent state math and ELA tests than their peers.

Over the course of six years—from summer 2011 through summer 2014—RAND researchers administered more than 20,000 assessments to elementary grade students; collected more than 1,200 surveys of summer instructors and 10,000 surveys of elementary grade students; conducted 900 interviews; and observed more than 2,000 hours of classroom and enrichment activities. We draw on these as well as student administrative data to identify detailed implementation lessons and the effects of these programs on students.

Overview of the National Summer Learning Project

The Wallace Foundation launched the National Summer Learning Project in 2011, providing support to public school districts and community partners in Boston; Dallas; Duval County, Florida; Pittsburgh; and Rochester, New York. Each of these districts offered a five- or six-week full-day summer program that served students rising from third into fourth grade; most districts served other grade levels as well. The programs all focused on reading, mathematics, and enrichment activities (such as arts, sports, and science exploration).

The Wallace Foundation asked RAND to conduct formative evaluations of the programs over two summers so that districts could make successive improvements to their programs before 2013, when RAND launched a randomized controlled trial. The randomized controlled trial involved slightly more than 5,600 students who had applied to attend two consecutive summers (2013 and 2014) of these five districts’ programs. RAND also continued to provide formative feedback to each district during summers 2013 and 2014.

To date, RAND has published five reports so far in the Summer Learning Series, with four more coming. See our publications below.

National Summer Learning Project Research Reports

Cover: Summer for All

Summer for All: Building Coordinated Networks to Promote Access to Quality Summer Learning and Enrichment Opportunities Across a Community 2021

Catherine H. Augustine , Jennifer Sloan McCombs , Garrett Baker

In this eighth report in RAND's Summer Learning Series, the authors chronicle early efforts in four communities to create coordinated approaches to summer programming, noting their challenges, enablers, and early outcomes.

Cover: Getting Support for Summer Learning

Getting Support for Summer Learning: How Federal, State, City, and District Policies Affect Summer Learning Programs 2020

Catherine H. Augustine , Lindsey E. Thompson

The authors consider how policy environments affect school districts' attempts to scale and sustain quality summer programs. This report, the sixth in a series, is intended to help program leaders navigate local, state, and federal policy contexts.

Cover: Getting to Work on Summer Learning

Getting to Work on Summer Learning: Recommended Practices for Success, 2nd Ed. 2018

Heather L. Schwartz , Jennifer Sloan McCombs , Catherine H. Augustine , Jennifer T. Leschitz

The RAND Corporation's six-year study of the National Summer Learning Project culminates in this final report about district implementation of summer learning programs and presents the best available guidance about how to establish and sustain them.

Cover: Making Summer Last

Making Summer Last: Integrating Summer Programming into Core District Priorities and Operations 2017

This report examines the efforts by summer leaders in Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Rochester to integrate their summer learning programs into the core priorities and operations of the larger school district as a strategy to increase sustainability.

Cover: Learning from Summer

Learning from Summer: Effects of Voluntary Summer Learning Programs on Low-Income Urban Youth 2016

Catherine H. Augustine , Jennifer Sloan McCombs , John F. Pane , Heather L. Schwartz , Jonathan Schweig , Andrew McEachin , Kyle Siler-Evans

RAND researchers assess voluntary, district-led summer learning programs for low-income, urban elementary students. This third report in a series examines student outcomes after one and two summers of programming.

Cover: Ready for Fall?

Ready for Fall? Near-Term Effects of Voluntary Summer Learning Programs on Low-Income Students' Learning Opportunities and Outcomes 2014

Jennifer Sloan McCombs , John F. Pane , Catherine H. Augustine , Heather L. Schwartz , Paco Martorell , Laura Zakaras

As part of a randomized controlled trial study assessing the effect of district-run voluntary summer programs, this second report in a series looks at how summer programs affected student performance in certain categories in fall 2013.

Getting to Work on Summer Learning: Recommended Practices for Success, 1st Ed. 2013

Catherine H. Augustine , Jennifer Sloan McCombs , Heather L. Schwartz , Laura Zakaras

RAND is conducting a longitudinal study that examines the implementation and effectiveness of voluntary summer learning programs. This second report in the series provides research-based advice for school district leaders developing summer programs.

National Summer Learning Project Related Content

Kids walking to school

Kids Benefit from Voluntary Summer Learning Programs

Fourth graders who attended at least 20 days of summer learning programs benefited in mathematics and language arts achievement. When voluntary summer learning programs are effective, what factors are associated with success?

Student writing math problem on chalkboard, photo by Isaiah Love/Adobe Stock

Learning from Summer

Kids with high attendance performed better in math and reading after two summers compared with students in the control group, who were not invited to participate in the programs.

Students sitting outside under a tree with their teacher

Summer Learning Day: Stopping the Summer Slide

RAND is conducting the first-ever assessment of large-scale, voluntary, district-run, summer learning programs serving low-income elementary students. The results may help districts, educators, and policymakers make better decisions about funding and implementing programs to stop summer learning loss.

Teachers and students on a science class field trip in a greenhouse

First Outcomes from the National Summer Learning Study

Five urban school districts are offering voluntary summer learning programs free of charge to struggling elementary students as part of a project to determine whether these kinds of programs improve low-income student outcomes.

Teacher and preschool students reading outside

Ask Me Anything: Catherine Augustine on Summer Learning

With summer now underway, RAND's Catherine Augustine hosted an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit, answering questions about year-round schooling, how to get the most out of summer learning programs, and more.

Four happy students with a teacher outside

Early Planning Key to Effective Summer Learning Programs

RAND education experts Jennifer McCombs and Catherine Augustine hosted a news media conference call to discuss the best steps school districts can take to provide the most effective and rewarding summer learning programs.

children reading outside

How to Get the Most out of a Summer Learning Program

Summer learning programs may help close the achievement gap between low- and higher-income children if done well, but they are sometimes an afterthought or not offered at all, especially when education budgets are tight. Starting the planning process early, hiring the right teachers, and other best practices can help ensure success.

Call with the Experts

Media Conference Call on Getting to Work on Summer Learning

RAND education experts Jennifer McCombs and Catherine Augustine hosted a news media conference call to discuss the best steps school districts can take to provide the most effective and rewarding summer learning programs. Ann Stone, who leads the summer learning initiatives at The Wallace Foundation, which funded the study, also participated. The call was moderated by RAND Media Relations Officer Joe Dougherty.

summer school projects

Making Summer Count

RAND experts Catherine Augustine and Jennifer McCombs discuss the loss of knowledge and educational skills during summer, how summer programs can disrupt this loss, and how students who attend these programs perform better than peers who do not.

Other RAND Reports on Summer Learning

Cover: The Big Lift Implementation Study

The Big Lift Implementation Study: Final Report 2018

Susannah Faxon-Mills , Anamarie A. Whitaker , Jill S. Cannon , Celia J. Gomez , Lynn A. Karoly

The Big Lift, a learning initiative extending from preschool to third grade initiative in San Mateo County, aims to increase third grade reading proficiency in the county. As part of a Big Lift evaluation, this report focused on collective impact design and activity pillars.

Cover: The Value of Out-of-School Time Programs

The Value of Out-of-School Time Programs 2017

Jennifer Sloan McCombs , Anamarie A. Whitaker , Paul Youngmin Yoo

To better understand the value and effectiveness of out-of-school-time programs, RAND researchers examined programs through the lenses of content, dosage (the hours of content provided), and outcomes measured.

Cover: Big Lift Participation and School Entry Indicators

Big Lift Participation and School Entry Indicators: Findings for the 2016–2017 Kindergarten Class 2017

Celia J. Gomez , Jill S. Cannon , Anamarie A. Whitaker , Lynn A. Karoly

The Big Lift is a learning initiative extending from preschool to third grade in San Mateo County, California. This report provides descriptive analyses of participation in Big Lift programs along with measures of kindergarten-readiness at school entry.

Cover: Summer Learning in Pittsburgh

Summer Learning in Pittsburgh: Exploring Programming Gaps and Opportunities 2017

This report investigates summer program opportunities in Pittsburgh, focusing on free or low-cost programs that provide academic instruction for at least five weeks during the summer.

The Impact of Summer Learning Loss on Measures of School Performance 2016

Andrew McEachin , Allison Atteberry

State and federal accountability policies are predicated on the ability to estimate valid and reliable measures of school impacts on student learning. Results raise questions about the design of performance-based education policies, as well as schools' role in the production of students' achievement.

Cover: Making Summer Count

Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs Can Boost Children's Learning 2011

Jennifer Sloan McCombs , Catherine H. Augustine , Heather L. Schwartz , Susan J. Bodilly , Brian McInnis , Dahlia S. Lichter , Amanda Brown Cross

Students typically lose knowledge and skills during the summer, particularly low-income students. Districts and private providers can benefit from the evidence on summer programming to maximize program effectiveness, quality, reach, and funding.


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