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How to Do a Reverse Address Lookup

CocoFinder - Reverse address lookup – CocoFinder's easy user interface and an extensive database enable you to make a free address lookup

By Caroline Lee • Jan 13, 2022

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Address lookup is generally more accurate than you would think. Assume you want to sell a house without contacting a broker. Enter the address of the property and acquire all relevant information. Reverse address lookup allows you to see the property and the individuals who previously resided there. All you have to do is input an address. This is especially useful for real estate agents or people who need to shift their locations every few years due to nature of their jobs. With the growth of Multi-National Companies, people have left their hometowns to search for better opportunities in top cities of the world.

According to a report by McKinsey , managed corporate-travel spending in the United States increased by 71 percent, or $94 billion in the year 2020 itself. The pandemic plays a role as well. Since work from home opportunities have increased, people have utilized the flexibility and shifted homes for various reasons including cheaper rents, staying closer to family, better facilities, safer zones, better health care facilities, etc. Even organizations are supporting the employees to elevate their comfort zones. Many companies are reevaluating working and organizational arrangements to accommodate the newfound flexibility and adopt permanent or semi-permanent remote-working arrangements for a subset of the workforce.

With the rapid shifts as well as recurring lockdowns, the professionals face two issues – finding a good property as well as interacting with the local communities. Reverse Address Lookups list all current and prior owners and their contact information, estimated house worth, and even refinancing information. This method aids in narrowing down the findings to the appropriate individuals.

What is Reverse Address Lookup?

A reverse address lookup, also known as a reverse address search, is the process of locating information about the current or previous inhabitants, or property owner, of a home or company by utilizing a specific street address.

It used to be quite hard to find out who lived in a house with a street address. Although street addresses were recorded in actual phone books alongside names and phone numbers, directories were ordered by last name or business name, making it very difficult to tie an address to a name in any meaningful way. Thanks to updated technology, this is no longer the case.

Click here to know more about Reverse Address Lookup>>

How Does a Reverse Address Lookup Work?

The fact that there are so many different worldwide address formats and alignments is one obstacle to conducting business globally. Every day, new addresses are added to the list of nations and territories worldwide.

Behind the scenes, a global data set consolidates various reference data sources into a consistent and dependable single-best-record. As a result, businesses worldwide have immediate access to complete, correct, and confirmed addresses. The accurate address lookup tool will curate official postal authority, mapping, geospatial data sources, and other essential datasets for an area.

Technical Procedure

Two significant API queries make up an address lookup: A "Find request" is used to narrow down a possible list of addresses. In contrast, an "Obtain request" is used to retrieve an adequately formatted address that meets the postal criteria.

A typical address search consists of many Find requests followed by a Retrieve based on the user's decision. An address ID is provided when an address (including street number/name, city, state, and ZIP code) is given to the API.

You should then use the address ID to get a correctly formatted address using the Retrieve service. The user is given a list of matching addresses to choose the desired address.

Companies may use this capacity to guarantee the scale of their operations with their worldwide presence and client base.

Click here to start to do a reverse address lookup>>

How to Do a Reverse Address Lookup with CocoFinder?

Public records and internet data help locate a lot of useful information, including a person's address records. They do, however, contain a large quantity of data. As a result, you will require tools to make the procedure easier. One such tool is CocoFinder Reverse Address Lookup. You may access the utility through its parent website. It is also straightforward to use and requires no registration or money. A reverse address lookup is direct and takes very little time. Here's how to go about it.

Step 1: you may do the reverse address lookup immediately on the website. Open CocoFinder's main page and select the ' Address Lookup ' option above the homepage search box.

wake county school assignment address lookup

The tool's database is made up of many categories of documents. Its database contains public records, criminal records, social media, and other sources. As a result, you may anticipate receiving every central and small data record you require.

5.1 Determining the Property's Value

Much of the information is kept hidden by the real estate agents. When purchasing a new home, it is critical to understand the property thoroughly. These programs can determine the property's current value, size, and other pertinent information.

5.2 Free of cost

CocoFinder provides a free reverse address lookup service. The user can enter an unknown address into the reverse address number lookup service. It then provides all relevant information, such as the target's name, acquaintances and family, and previous residences.

5.3 Professional Affiliations

CocoFinder is the best address lookup service. It is a simple platform that you may utilize to acquire crucial information about a property you are interested in. The site displays information such as the person's full name, additional addresses, current and previous phone numbers, known relatives, as well as professional affiliations.

Caroline Lee is the co-founder of CocoSign, a web-based electronic signature solution that helps SMBs and professionals get contracts signed right and 5x faster. 

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Counties Near Wake County

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wake county school assignment address lookup

A student's base schools are based on the residence of the student. Enter the street number and a few characters of the street name in the search box below. When you see your address in the list, click it to view the assigned base schools.

Wake County Public School System Logo

Find Base School Assignment by Address

A student's base schools are based on the residence of the student. Please enter the street number and a few characters of the street name in the box below. When you see your address in the list, click it to view the assigned base schools.


All the information you need to register for school or change schools is located in this section of our website. If you need any help, give us a call at (919) 431-7333 or contact us online . 

Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved.


Relocation Resources

Enroll in wcpss, introduction to schools in wake county.

Enrolling in the Wake County Public School System is done online and finalized through your base school. Visit the link below to learn how to enroll and locate your base school. 

WCPSS Base Attendance Zones

You can find a comprehensive map of base attendance zones below. Beneath the map you will find middle school and high school maps as well. Please note this is not consistently updated and check your address on the address lookup tool it is the only guarantee.

Wake County Magnet Schools

Wake County has a nationally recognized magnet program. Though selections for Magnet Schools are completed by the end of January, families relocating to Wake County can move into the base area for a magnet school and take advantage of these amazing programs. Follow the link below to find out more about magnet options in Wake County. 

Magnets Map

Sometimes seeing it all on a map can really help you narrow down your choices. See the magnet elementary school map here  and the magnet middle school map here .

Charter Schools Map

Wake County has a robust charter school community. See top charter schools on the link below to see where they are located.  A full list of charter schools by town can be found under the school section on the menu. 

Best Private Schools in Raleigh

NICHE's list of top-ranked private schools in the Raleigh area. Click here to see their most recent rankings for K-12 private schools.

2021 Best Charter Elementary and Middle Schools

NICHE's 2021 list of top-ranked charter K-8 schools in the Raleigh area. Click the link below to see their most recent rankings for charter schools.

School Performance Results

The link below has the most recent school report cards for Wake County. All public charter and traditional public schools get state report cards so you can compare them apples to apples.  

Compare High School SAT Scores

Trying to find the best high schools? DPI releases a yearly SAT report for area high schools. Take a look  at Wake County and see which schools have the most impressive results. 

Looking for additional support and guidance?

I'd love to help!

​  WCPSS: Wake County Public School  System  information:   This page is a compilation of facts and links for my clients to make their best decisions about public schools in Wake County.  Two most frequent topics are " g ood " schools and Assignment.  This is NOT a current events/update page on COVID or hot news items. I suggest y'all follow Keung [email protected]  from News & Observer on twitter.  Check out: Board meeting schedule & minutes (& attachments!!)                  I.  "Good":  Please remember it is important how EACH child learns and grows so potential of YOUR child/ren is reached. ​ ​ If a school or system does not score well overall, it does not mean the school is not "good."  I don't rely on social web pages of either angsty personal posts or PTA cheerleaders. I can't ethically steer you to/from a school based on my opinions on each school but I can surely send you to the facts for you to make your own decisions!  I've put in many many volunteer hours in education of our youth (& a small state level paid consulting project) and I am here to help you with alphabet soup of all the acronyms and info out there.  Just ask me.... and as many times or in any areas until you feel comfortable with your decision.    Best suggestion is to go tour the school when possible and talk to the Principal to see if it is a "fit" for your student/s.  Also, check out the school  (upper left corner "View Our Schools") and PTA page and see what each school offers before making your own judgments. See below for High school options.  Search   HERE  for a school's student aggregate performance.  WCPSS  Key data and charts   (< remember to scroll down that link for lots of info!)

Ii.  school assignment coolest thing ever: >>>>>  check out these assignment maps  <<<<<<<<  .


Map of Wake County, North Carolina Elementary School Attendance Zones

Change map:.

Related Maps:

Player Eligibility

Eligibility to play in the Wake County Club Baseball League is determined by three separate critera:

These criteria are described below.

1. School Eligibility

All players in the Wake County Club Baseball League must play for the school that they attend, with the following exceptions:

Middle School Partnerships

WCCBL recognizes the same Middle School Partnerships recognized by the Wake County Public School System:

Private School / Charter School Students

Any student residing in Wake County that attends a charter school or private school that DOES NOT have a baseball program, is eligible to try out and play for the team that is their Wake County Public School System Base School assignment. A WCCBL team can have at most 2 players on their roster from charter/private/home schools. The WCPSS Base School assignment is defined by the Address Lookup Tool on the WCPSS website. There is only one Base Middle School defined per address. If the student's Base School assignment does not have a club baseball program, then that student is NOT eligible to play in the league. Students CANNOT play at any of the Application Schools that are returned by the Address Lookup Tool.

Home Schooled Students

Home Schooled Students that reside in Wake County can only play for the Home School Warriors team(s). Exceptions:

Home schooled students that do not reside in Wake County CANNOT play in the Wake County Club Baseball League. WCCBL teams (other than the Home School Warriors) can have at most 2 players on their roster from charter/private/home schools.

Non-Participating Schools

The following table lists the Wake County Public School System middle schools that do NOT currently partipate in the Wake County Club Baseball League. If you attend a non-partipating school, you are not eligible to play in the WCCBL. Specifically, if you attend any WCPSS non-participating school, you are NOT eligible to play for any other school that does participate in the WCCBL. Parents and students that attend non-partipating WCPSS schools are urged to form a club baseball program at their school and join the WCCBL. The deadline for applications to join the WCCBL is December 15th of each year in order to play in the WCCBL season that begins the following March. Please Contact Us for helpful information on forming a club baseball program at your school.

2. Grade/Age Eligibility

Varsity Division

All varsity players must be in the 7th or 8th grade, and must not turn 15 on or before August 31 of the current school year. Exception:

JV Division

All JV players must be in the 6th or 7th grade, and must not turn 14 on or before August 31 of the current school year.

Note: The WCPSS school year runs from July 1 to June 30.

3. WCCBL Career Eligibility

Career eligibility in the WCCBL is determined by the grade level reported to the league in the player's first year of participation in the league. Players first reported as 6th graders are eligible to participate in the league for a period of three (3) consecutive seasons. Players first reported as 7th graders are eligible to participate in the league for a period of two (2) consecutive seasons. Players first reported as 8th graders are eligible to participate in the league for one (1) season.

wake county school assignment address lookup

Frontline Applicant Tracking - Wake County Public Schools

wake county school assignment address lookup

Our Homepage

Frontline Education logo, home page

wake county school assignment address lookup

Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with Wake County Public Schools. Please click on the appropriate link below to start an application for employment. If your experience and qualifications match our needs, you may be contacted for further information and an interview. In the event that several applicants for the same position are equally qualified and suitable for a position, employees within the school system will be given strong consideration. If you have already submitted an application through AppliTrack and wish to  apply for another position  use this process:

Questions/Assistance: If you need technical assistance with your application, please use the Request Technical Help link at the bottom of this page. After clicking to the link you'll be directed to a page with help topics and at the bottom of the page you can select "Submit a Request" for additional support. If you receive an error message that your "SSN is already in use" then you have previously created an account and will be required to login using the existing user name and password. After browsing the categories on the Help Site  and following the Request Technical Help link and if you continue to need assistance, email  [email protected] . When emailing be please provide your full name, last 4 of your SSN, and any email addresses you may have previously used when applying.   This email account is for technical support only; questions regarding the status of an application or status of specific job postings should be directed to the schools/departments that posted the position.

External Applicants

wake county school assignment address lookup

Current Employees

wake county school assignment address lookup

Need Help? Consult our "Frequently Asked Questions" document here .

The Best Cary Neighborhoods

The best neighborhoods in Cary,NC

Cary, Apex, Holly Springs Public Schools

I’m not including magnet and charter schools because they are often lottery based.

Other Cary School Links from

Capped Schools

Cary High Schools vs Chapel Hill High Schools

2019-2020 New schools and the reassignment plan

Cary is in Wake County NC and is in the Wake County School District.

Apex Friendship Middle School

This means that Cary doesn’t have its own school system, it’s part of the much larger Raleigh/Wake County School System. Wake County is the 15th largest school district in the US. The schools located in Cary are rated very highly because the people living in the town are well educated and involved with the schools. The good schools are drawing people to Cary from all over the world and big new homes are being built on former pastures and woodland.

Overcrowded and capping

Overcrowding and capped schools

Even though new schools are constantly being built there is still over crowding and some of the schools in the most popular neighborhood areas have enrollment caps. New families moving in to these neighborhoods will be assigned to overflow schools. The overflow schools are good too, it’s just that some of the children in a neighborhood will go to a different school and there may be a longer bus ride.

Cary address, Apex school

When you think of Cary schools it may be a good idea to consider Apex, Morrisville and Holly Springs too because they share the same Wake County school district and you could have a Morrisville address and go to a school in Cary or be in Cary and go to a school with an Apex address. Some neighborhoods in Holly Springs go to Apex Friendship High. The new Green Level High will serve West Cary and parts of Apex.

NC School Report Cards  

North Carolina ranks it schools on lots of different criteria like performance in different subject areas, teacher experience, graduation rates and college course completion, standardized test score performance and many others factors. The NC Report Cards site gives each school a letter grade and numerical score based on 80% performance and 20% on academic growth. You can select and compare schools on this site. 

I like the site because it is based on information directly from North Carolina Public Schools and it is easy to directly compare schools and also see how the schools compare based on what is important to you. If it’s biology, math, arts, test scores

I have a page that gets into more detail about capped schools.

Call me if you want to talk about it. It’s confusing! 919-274-4365

Cary Schools

If a home is located within 1.5 miles of a school there is no bus transportation unless there is only an unsafe route for walking. A walk zone is good because the students living in one may not be redistricted. The 1.5 miles for school assignment is determined by the routing on Google Maps. Some homes may be within 1.5 miles through a path in the woods but longer by the road. Only the road route was used to determine assignment and bus routing. This was a big issue a couple of years ago when there was another assignment plan in place and neighborhood schools were full. That’s something to check on if you are buying a home for a particular school. Wake County is always changing assignment plans.

What the Teachers Think about their School

The North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Survey is given anonymously every 2 years by the state.

What are the best schools in Cary?

If you ask me the most sought after schools in Cary I would say it’s Green Hope Elementary, Davis Drive Middle School and Green Hope High. The schools in Cary are all good but this is the “word on the street”. That’s because the test scores are high and the elementary and high schools have never been capped. Davis Drive Middle was capped for a couple of years but in 2019 is not.

The school rankings change from year to year and if the scores are off by a few points it isn’t really significant. So, a school may be an A one year and a B the next.

The highest ranked schools (A rated) in the Cary/Apex/Holly Springs area by NC Public Schools

Elementary schools.

Davis Drive Elementary

Mills Park Elementary

Middle schools

Davis Drive Middle

Apex Friendship Middle.

High Schools

Panther Creek

Davis Drive Middle School

Year around and traditional schools, sometimes you have a choice.

carpenter elementary

There are no guarantees with the schools. Every student is assigned to a base school based on their address. Here is a link to the address lookup tool.   If your base school is capped you will have to go to an overflow school. Some middle and elementary schools in Cary are year around and some are traditional calendar. In a year around school vacation days are spread around in more equal segments throughout the year.  

If you want a calendar option different from your base school you can apply for a different calendar option. There is a deadline to apply so if you move in the summer it will be too late to change. Whenever you apply there are no guarantees.

 It’s confusing, I know!

I think the bottom line is that the schools in Cary are good, the attendance areas will change with new schools being built every year, and that is what happens when you live in a popular town with a great lifestyle. There really aren’t any bad areas of Cary and if you look on the map you will see the schools are quite close together so your kids will know other kids not just from school but sports and other activities after school.

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Curious about the best Chapel Hill neighborhoods?

How i get paid as a buyers agent.

WakeEd Partnership

WCPSS Student Assignment Affecting Fewer Families

Gone are the days of sweeping student assignment plans in Wake County Public Schools, but that doesn’t mean families are still concerned about where their kids go to school.

The Wake County School Board heard from WCPSS staff on Sept. 6 about changes coming to assignment plans around the opening of two new elementary schools, one new middle school, and a new application-only high school in the 2017-18 school year. Staff emphasized that reassignment was necessary when new schools open, but that four factors are considered when making plans for assignment zones: Student Achievement, Stability, Proximity, and Operational Efficiency.

Parents from Mills Park Elementary School in Cary were very concerned about the proposed assignment plan and took to the microphone during the public comment period at the Sept. 20 school board meeting. Mills Park Elementary has a capped enrollment because it is at capacity, and many students will be reassigned to the new Hortons Creek Elementary School when it opens next year.

Many parents suggested the cut-off for the Hortons Creek assignment should be Carpenter Fire Station Road, which is just north of the Cary Park neighborhood. A few suggested that if proximity is a priority, then Cary Park should remain in the Mills Park assignment zone since the neighborhood sits across Green Level Church Road from Mills Park.

One parent pointed out that the assignment plan as proposed would also remove all students who receive free and reduced federal lunch subsidies from Mills Park Elementary.

The other two schools scheduled to open next year which will have new assignment zones are Rogers Lane Elementary, which will open just east of downtown Raleigh, and River Bend Middle School, which will open near River Bend Elementary in the I-540 and US 401 area near the 5401 North neighborhood.

Rogers Lane will draw from Hodge Road, Walnut Creek, Barwell and Knightdale elementary schools. River Bend Middle will draw from Rolesville, East Millbrook, Durant Road, East Wake, and Wendell. The new middle school was supposed to open as a year-round school to match River Bend Elementary, but it is likely the elementary school will convert to traditional and the middle school will open as traditional, too.

The fourth school opening next school year will not affect assignment zones. Known for now as the CTE North High School, the new school will be a collaboration between WCPSS and Wake Tech Community College, similar to, but smaller than, the Vernon Malone College and Career Academy. It will be housed in the former Wakefield High School Ninth Grade Center on Durham Road in Wake Forest.

The new high school will serve fewer than 500 students and offer four to five career and technical education programs. Students who wish to attend will have to apply.

WCPSS is taking public comments on the new school assignment plan via its website .

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  1. Wake County School Assignment Map

    wake county school assignment address lookup

  2. Wake County School Assignment Map

    wake county school assignment address lookup

  3. Wake County school board approves 2018-19 assignment plan

    wake county school assignment address lookup

  4. Wake County releases first draft of 2020-21 school assignment proposal

    wake county school assignment address lookup

  5. Wake County school board criticizes state’s new maps for district

    wake county school assignment address lookup

  6. Wake County School Assignment Map

    wake county school assignment address lookup


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    CocoFinder - Reverse address lookup – CocoFinder's easy user interface and an extensive database enable you to make a free address lookup Signing out of account, Standby... CocoFinder - Reverse address lookup – CocoFinder's easy user interf...

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  4. Find Base School Assignment by Address

    Wake County Public School System

  5. Student Assignment

    Find your Base School Use our address look-up tool to find your base school. 2023-24 Application Dates and Events. 2023-24 Release from WCPSS Submit a

  6. Relocation Resources

    and check your address on the address lookup tool it is the only guarantee.

  7. Wake County Public Schools

    Summary. Current Wake County Public School Locations and Future Sites. Wake County Public Schools and Future Schools Sites. This dataset is from

  8. Parents: Wait lists...

    If you have questions, please email student assignment -- [email protected] Have a great weekend.

  9. WCPSS Facts

    Children are usually assigned by residence ADDRESS LOOK-UP tool for your base school assignment.

  10. Map of Wake County, North Carolina Elementary School Attendance

    List of Elementary Schools in Wake County North Carolina. Map Key, School Name, School District, City, Total Students. Abbotts Creek Elementary

  11. Player Eligibility

    The WCPSS Base School assignment is defined by the Address Lookup Tool on the WCPSS website. There is only one Base Middle School defined

  12. Wake County Public Schools

    Log in to your existing application. Apply to the new position(s) by placing a check in the box next to the job vacancy or desired position(s)

  13. Cary, Apex, Holly Springs Public Schools

    Wake County is always changing assignment plans. ... Here is a link to the address lookup tool.

  14. WCPSS Student Assignment Affecting Fewer Families

    The Wake County School Board heard from WCPSS staff on Sept. 6 about changes coming to assignment plans around the opening of two new elementary schools, one