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Learn programming with curated Web development projects

Bridge the gap between theory and real-world code by working on curated web development projects. Use DevProjects as practice or enhance your portfolio with these fun web development project ideas. From beginner web development projects to more advanced ones, find your next coding project now.

Web development project ideas

Alpaca image generator website.

At DevProjects, we love alpacas! It's our mascot, and we'd love for you to have your own alpaca profile photo. With that said, this project is not just about alpacas. Allowing users to generate and download avatars are common in many interactive websites. In this project, you'll learn how to create an image generator website that allows users to generate, combine, and download images. This project should take you approximately 8 hours to complete.

Build a screenshot pipeline

Set up a CI/CD workflow which will produce a screenshot of your homepage and keep it updated as you keep changing the code. This kind of always-up-to-date screenshot can be useful for your README or as the basis of marketing materials that include screenshots of your website. You can even use these images to perform [visual regression testing](!

Random number generator web app

There are various use cases for a random number generator. You could do a random dice roll or get a random quote. Most of the time, the implementation is relatively straightforward and similar to this project’s approach. In this project, we will create a dice roll simulation.

Link shortener website

In this project, you'll learn how to build a website that shortens URLs. Optimizing the length of your website's URLs is useful on space-sensitive forums, helps websites rank better in search results, and are also easier for users to type out.

Build a custom google maps theme

In this project, you’ll be creating and styling a Google Map with a theme and custom marker images. You’ll use Google Cloud Platform to create the map, and also use the Google Maps JavaScript API to load the map on a website. I’ve created a Super Mario themed map here but you are welcome to use any style you’d like!

Mortgage calculator web app

Taking out loans and calculating monthly EMI can be confusing and stressful. However, with the help of a mortgage calculator, anyone can easily plan their mortgages out. You will build a mortgage calculator in this project!

Appointment management system

An appointment management system is a software used by companies and service providers to streamline their service appointments. By using the system, potential customers can know and choose their preferred appointment times according to the companies and service providers' available time slots. This project does not include a B2C marketplace-like interface for customers to browse different service providers.

Joke telling bot web app

Whether it's smartphones, cars, or speakers, voice assistants are becoming more and more integral to our everyday lives. Not only so, voice assistants are gaining traction in companies to help streamline operations like Customer Service. In this project, you'll build a full-fledged Joke telling robot web app using Web Speech APIs, which can be applied to both web apps and mobile apps.

Road trip planner

As travelling restrictions are beginning to be lifted globally, maybe it’s finally time for you to plan that roadtrip! In this project, you’ll give users the opportunity to list out the destinations they want to visit, let users order them, and display the best route between destinations. There are many ways you can enhance this project and share it with friends and family. Depending on how much extra challenge you take on, this project should take around 20 hours.

Random color palette generator web app

In today's world, design is everything. Choosing the right color palette for a product or website will help evoke different emotions you'd like your audience to experience. You'll build a full-fledged random color palette generator web app using Colormind API, which can be used for both web apps and mobile apps.

Create a fast and secure blog using JAMStack

With performance being at the forefront of developers minds, you’ll be creating a site using JAMStack, which means your website will be super fast and will have better security, among other benefits. You’ll be using a Static Site Generator (SSG) to create a personal blog, including featured articles on the homepage, an articles page with pagination to older content, and individual blog posts, all without a database.

Speed typing game

Speed typing test websites are useful for people who want to learn to type faster, type without looking at their keyboards, practice typing specific sets of entries (think numeric tests, address test, emoji test?), or get used to a new keyboard. This project will take 20 to 40 hours, depending on your coding experience and how much searching you need to do.

Daily sleep tracker web app

Irregular sleeping patterns are a common problem. This web app will fulfill the user's needs in tracking their sleeping patterns, including duration and timings. You will create a web app to track three parameters: sleep time, wake up time, and sleep duration. Users can add, edit, or remove any sleep entries.

Medicine dose tracker web app

You’ll build a web app with a simple UI where a user can sign up for an account. Once logged in, the user is presented with a simple form to add medicine name, dosages, and frequency. After adding those details, the user can view, edit, or delete this information. The rough estimate for this project is 20 hours.

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What is web development and why should I learn it?

Web development involves building a website on the Internet. While developing a website often involves creating designs, information architecture, and content, web development only focuses on the programming side. Many products are web-based and some mobile apps are built with web technologies as well. As such, learning web development is crucial. There are three types of web developers: front end, backend, and fullstack. A front end web developer is responsible for the behavior and visuals on the user-facing browser, while a backend web developer deals with the servers. Some of the commonly used languages for front end web development includes JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and backend includes JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, and Ruby. A fullstack web developer covers both front end and backend. There’s a lot of debate on front end vs back end. The debate mostly centers on the earning potential of web programmers. On average, a backend web programmer earns more than a frontend web programmer. While salary is a realistic factor to consider, your background and interest should also be considered. They will play important roles in kick starting and sustaining your web development career. As to the question “how long does it take to learn web development?”, to get the basics down, it only takes a couple of months! But to master web development is a life-long journey.

Why should I practice web development by building projects?

Project-based learning is a method of learning where you learn a skill through working on a project. This type of learning allows you to learn not only the theory, but also how to apply those skills. By building a web development project, you'll practice the high-level logic of your code and project, and see how each individual line can impact your application. You will also gain problem-solving skills and how to fix it. With so many web development projects available, finding an idea that interests you will make the learning process more fun and sustainable. When you finish building a project, you will have learned and practiced web development techniques, gained problem solving skills, learned how to ask questions, and have a finished project to show off.

How do I know which web development projects are best for learning web development?

The best way to learn web development is to practice web development by building as many projects as possible. There are three factors you should consider when picking the right web development project: your skill level, goals, and interest. You want to have a good idea of your skill level and choose web development practice projects that are not too easy or too hard for you. If you work on web development projects that are too easy, you won’t progress in your coding abilities. However, if you choose projects that are too difficult, you may get stuck, never finish the project, and feel discouraged. Therefore, you want to choose web development projects that are just a little bit above your current skill level. Now, you also want to build web development projects that not only allows you to practice web development, but also lets you show off your skills on your portfolio. So think about the types of web development projects you want to put on your portfolio and jobs you’re interested in as a developer. Think about what your long-term goals are and pick web development projects that align with them. Lastly, you definitely want to choose web development projects that you’re actually interested in and feel connected to. Learning by building web development projects you’re interested in will help you stay motivated. You’ll also be more likely to want to go above and beyond to make your web development project stand out in the crowd.

Can web development beginners learn by building web development projects?

web development projects are a great way for beginners to learn. Two major obstacles beginners face when learning web development are not knowing why you’re learning web development and losing motivation. By learning web development through building projects, you will be able to overcome both hurdles. When you’re learning web development, you may not know how to apply web development theories in the real world. But when working on beginner web development projects, you immediately learn how each line of code impacts your project. By giving theory context, you’ll understand how to apply theories and find more resources to complete your web development project. These web development projects for beginners can also help you build up your portfolio early on. Each web development project you finish can be incorporated into your portfolio to demonstrate your new skills. Another issue that often comes up for beginners is losing motivation. However, when it comes to projects, you can pick a beginner web development project that you’re interested in. Not only will you be more motivated when you work on something interesting, you’ll also want to continue to improve the project. As your web development project comes together, the sense of accomplishment will give you the momentum to keep going, even when things get hard. Additionally, you’ll learn how to approach problems from multiple angles and teach yourself how to search for answers. The ability to problem-solve is arguably one of the most important skills a developer should have.

12 intriguing web development projects (beginner + intermediate)

web development projects report

Becoming an in-demand web developer takes more than book knowledge. While it’s great that you made it through your first courses, experience is what it will take to succeed in the field. When you go in for an interview, you're almost guaranteed to be asked about what you’ve built outside the classroom.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of web development projects you can dive into and expand your current skill set. The more you practice what you’ve learned, the easier it will be to translate that to real-world requests from employers and clients. Below is a list of excellent web development project ideas for beginning and intermediate developers.

Why is it important for beginners to work with multiple web development projects?

Learning to build a variety of web projects helps prepare you to handle anything. It’s impossible to master every language or back-end framework. But exposing yourself to different project types and languages enables you to refine the most important skill a developer can have, problem-solving.

It pays to put in the work to grow your development muscles. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the demand for web developers is expected to grow by 23% through 2031. The great thing about web development is that you don’t need a fancy degree to get into the field — only a commitment to improving and the drive to push through challenges.

Everything on our list below teaches you skills to apply to various other projects. You’ll better understand web design workflow and when to apply certain concepts. Use what’s here to sharpen your skills, then move on to more challenging development to continue testing your skills!


What skills are needed to become a web developer?

Web developers who excel have a good grasp of front-end and back-end languages. You’ll also need to have a good understanding of the following:

Developing web content

Working with client- and server-side scripting

Securing websites

Web developers are responsible for building web page layouts. Today’s websites need user-friendly designs that adapt to different screen sizes. You’ll need to understand how to troubleshoot your websites using your problem-solving skills.

Below is the fundamental knowledge you'll need to have as a web developer:


Using version control software like GitHub

Working with databases and servers

Back-end programming consists of two types of programming languages. Popular object-oriented languages include C#, Java, and Python. Functional languages widely in use by web developers include F# and Clojure.

Many web developers also know how to build mobile applications using languages like React Native, which is handy if you want to add Android development to your wheelhouse.

12 beginner web development projects to fine-tune your skills

The following project ideas will help enhance your software development skills. You can build these projects from scratch, seek tutorials that walk you through the intricacies of each application, or look for open-source projects to modify. It helps to find ways to work in other coding paradigms, like working with algorithms, data structures, and different database types like MongoDB.

Keep in mind that there are many plugins available to help enhance your web development projects. You should also try to work in popular front-endJavaScript frameworks like ReactJS and Angular. Full-stack web development is an essential skill sought by organizations in various industries. Make sure you invest in a quality integrated development environment (IDE). There are also many online code editors you can practice with, like JSFiddle .

Keep your web development projects organized with project planning software. See how Teamwork’s world-class solution is ideal for your team !

1) Build a one-page layout

Single-page layout pages contain only one HTML page. You won’t find an About page or anything other than a Home page. Many developers go with single-page layouts to make the user experience more fluid and continuous for users. They move from one spot on the page to another using navigation links or scrolling down to look at different content sections.

Clients might hire you to design a single-page layout for a portfolio or event website. Businesses may call upon you to add a new page to their site. New coders can do this easily using vanilla JavaScript, PHP, HTML, or CSS.

Building single-page layouts lets you practice basic web layout skills like setting up columns, dividing pages into sections, and working with headers and footers. You also get the chance to use some creativity using images and color pallets. How you pad and align various elements makes a big difference in the look of your page.

2) Create mock landing pages

Landing pages are where you land whenever you click on a hyperlink. These standalone pages are designed to provoke a response from a visitor. For example, an e-commerce site might have a landing page for a project with visual prompts designed to encourage you to make a purchase. Other actions you might want from visitors include:

Downloading documents

Signing up for free product trials

Registering for webinars

Home pages are not the same as landing pages. The former typically contains navigation menus to help visitors get around the site. Landing pages usually have no menus at all. Visitors are encouraged to remain longer and click on a call-to-action button. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are essential skills for designing landing pages.

The main goal of landing pages is to convert site visitors based on a company’s goals. Some think of a conversion as getting someone to provide their email address, while others strictly look at purchases. Designing mock landing pages gives you a better sense of how to help companies achieve their stated conversion goals.

3) Make a background generator

The nice thing about designing a background generator project is that it is fun and not labor-intensive. Creating something like this helps you understand the basics of manipulating the DOM and making websites look more dynamic.

Every development project you tackle doesn’t need to be complicated. A background generator project is something you can use more than once. As a full-time developer, you might be called upon to build similar applications multiple times for different clients. Once you get the logic down through practice, it becomes a core skill you can set up quickly.

4) Create a Netflix clone using React

The best way to get used to a new JavaScript framework is by building something familiar. Netflix is one of the most well-known brands in the world. You can use your new React skills by building a clone of their site. Tackling this project helps you become more familiar with concepts like:

React elements

React components

React Router

Event handling

Form handling

Synthetic events

Make the project more challenging by deploying your React Netflix clone using Firebase, a Backend-as-a-Service tool that helps developers build quality applications. Learning to work with tools like Firebase is a bonus when making the React app.

web development projects report

5) Build a multiplayer game of Connect Four

One language beginners should practice as much as JavaScript is Python. You can do that by using the language to build a Connect Four multiplayer game. It helps to think about what you want to achieve, then work out the steps you’ll need before typing out your first line of code. That’s a good motto for any development project.

You get the chance to practice Python concepts like using Lists and the input() function. The challenge also comes from learning to apply your computational and creative skills to a web project. You’ll have to figure out how to structure data to make it easier to determine a winner. Other considerations include deciding which bits of logic need an individual function.

The versatility of the Python language makes it optimal to learn as a first language alongside JavaScript. The language is concise, reads easily, and looks great when you include it as part of your programmer stack. Python is also great for building data science and software applications.

6) Create a URL-shortening tool

Building a URL-shortening tool is an excellent way to learn to work with third-party application programming interfaces (APIs). Essentially, a user enters a valid URL, then clicks a button or link requesting to shorten it. The final shortened URL should display back to the user.

The basic presentation elements of the project include the following:

A text input for the user to add their URL

A button or link that triggers the action to “shorten” the link

A display area for the shortened link for the user to copy and use as needed

Choose a web development language or framework you wish to become more adept at using. You can use stacks like Angular, React, and Vue to call your choice of API to shorten the URL. To make it harder, you can develop unique logic to shorten the URL within your web application. You can also build your URL-shortening tool using JavaScript or Python.

7) Make a quiz/study app

Building quizzes or study apps are good ways to master a new language. You can use PHP, HTML, and CSS to develop your project. Use PHP to design the page template with a question-and-answer form for your questions and answers. You’ll need a second form to present solutions back to a user and a score.

Again, PHP is only a recommendation. You could do the same in another language like Python, Java (NOT JavaScript), or Rust. It’s about expanding your skillset and becoming comfortable with building different types of projects.

8) Build and launch a login authenticator

Login authenticators are essential to helping businesses protect their servers and keep out unauthorized users. It’s probably one of the critical skills you’ll need if you plan to focus on business website development. Authenticators make users complete an authentication process to prove their identity. They are only allowed access once they provide the correct information.

It’s up to you which language you choose for the project. JavaScript is always a great choice if you’re looking to expand your skills in that area. However, you can use any back-end language to build your login authenticator, including C# and PHP. Your goal should be to keep anyone out of a site if they can’t prove their identity.


9) Make a JavaScript quiz game

Try building a quiz game using only JavaScript. Building the basic game framework from scratch can be a challenge for beginners. Creating a quiz game is one of the worthiest projects you can tackle. You’ll have to build a web page containing multiple-choice options for answers. Users must make their selections, submit answers, and see them displayed back.

You can use HTML for structure and CSS to make it interactive and appealing. Use JavaScript to build your detection engine. It should be able to determine if users picked the correct answer and show them the results. A JavaScript quiz game is also an excellent opportunity for beginning developers to get more familiar with using arrays, DOM manipulation, and setting up event listeners.

Notice a theme here? As you can see, JavaScript is an awesome and flexible language. We consider it a core skill for any developer to learn. It’s hard to think of anything you can’t build using JavaScript.

10) Build an SEO-friendly website

Search engine optimized (SEO) websites get more visibility in organic search results. The goal is to have a website pop up when a user enters specific phrases into a search engine like Google or Bing. Getting to the top of search results draws more traffic, representing an opportunity for businesses to achieve more conversions through their websites.

Developers typically focus on the look of a site and its functionality. While you don’t have to become a full-blown marketing guru, it pays to have a basic grasp of SEO and how to apply it to websites . Use this project to practice setting up user-friendly URLs, integrate responsive design, and include technical SEO elements to help strengthen a brand’s online presence.

Need some additional website planning support? Check out Teamwork’s website project plan to streamline your process.

11) Create a “two-truth and a lie” game with Slackbot

Building a Slackbot project offers a nice change of pace from standard website development. You can program Slackbots, or Slack chatbots, to handle queries from people, including the two truths and a lie game you will be building.

You’ll also need to know JavaScript and NodeJS to build your application. The goal is to initiate a game whenever someone new joins a Slack channel. Your new Slackbot will need to support the following functions to encourage everyone in the channel to get to know each other better.

Send notifications when a new user joins a channel.

Prompt the new user to tell everyone two truths and a lie.

Ask other users to identify the lie in the new user’s statement.

Send notifications to all members about whether they had the correct guess.

12) Build a weather forecasting app using APIs

Get more practice with APIs by building a weather forecasting app using JavaScript. Building this project will also give you more familiarity with using AJAX components. You’ll also get another chance to practice your JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML layout skills.

Below are the basics of what the user should be able to accomplish with your weather app:

Enter the name of a city.

Provide a specific location.

Click a button or link to generate the action.

Call a weather API and bring back results for the user.

Organize your web development projects with Teamwork

A critical aspect of web development is the ability to organize your tasks. Teamwork lets you see everything your development team is working on — all in a centralized location. You can communicate with each other and ensure that projects remain on track. See the benefits of Teamwork in action: Sign up for free today !

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mLearn Project 2012 Full Report

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web development projects report

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Web development on web was part of a project in the final year of Engineering to demonstrate the implementation and application of SaaS using Microsoft Silverlight. The application facilitated creation of web pages without having a need to install any HTML editor based software.


web development projects report

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Project Report of Website Development Project management

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The project report has been prepared based on available data, forecasts provided by experts and other project management tools. The real life situation can be little different depending on the circumstances. The project is considered as not for profit. The members working in the team will get fixed amount at the end of the project. Any inclusion or deduction is possible as we have enough buffer time. Risks has been estimated based on common issues faced by this type of project. CPM method has been used to estimate time and creating Gantt chart. Spreadsheet (EXCEL) analysis has been used to do CPM. A detailed network diagram has been drawn to describe every step clearly. A register form is included in the appendix section to monitor the project through its lifespan. Risk register should be updated at every meeting. Full effort has been given to complete each and every pros and cons, so that they are taken into account. However, the report isn’t full proof. There is always room for improvement.

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    Web development on web was part of a project in the final year of Engineering to demonstrate the implementation and application of SaaS using Microsoft Silverlight. The application facilitated creation of web pages without having a need to install any HTML editor based software. Milind Gokhale Follow

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