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Essay on How to Protect the Environment

Everything that surrounds us is defined as the environment; therefore, the natural resource around us on earth is our environment. It sustains life on the planet and provides abundance of resources.

Short and Long Essay on How to Protect the Environment in English

I have given below three essays of varying word lengths of 100 - 120 Words, 250 Words, 400 Words, 500 Words and 600 Words on the theme – ‘How to protect the environment’. Let's start reading and getting one of yours:

How to Protect the Environment Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words)

1) We can protect the environment by reducing the usage of plastics.

2) Saving natural resources is a way to save the environment.

3) Choosing organic fertilizers instead of chemical pesticides will also be helpful.

4) Banning deforestation is a way to save our environment.

5) Opting bicycles in place of vehicles that produce air pollution.

6) Proper garbage and sewage treatment will be helpful for a good environment.

7) By campaigning and generating awareness among people, you can save the environment.

8) You can save the environment by opting 3Rs that are Recycle, Reduce, and Recycle.

9) Make use of renewable resources instead of limited resources.

10) Save electricity by switching off lights and choosing electric saver bulbs.

Essay 1 (250 Words) - How to Protect the Environment


It is very essential for our environment to stay clean and life-sustaining. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The environment we live in is being damaged by our own deeds. There is an urgent need to take proactive measures for environmental protection and involve the younger generation in it.

Steps for Environmental Protection

Below listed are some vital points to ensure that our environment stays out of harm’s way –

Role of Students in Environment Protection

Students play a very significant role in environmental protection. They are sensitive, receptive, and take any advice, suggestion, generously. There are several schools that actively take participate in cleanliness campaigns.

Students are filled with energy and enthusiasm and their contribution to such campaigns is incomparable. Also, a student who understands the value of the environment will teach the same to younger and elders in his/her family.

It is very important that we keep our environment safe and free from pollution. Roping in young students for the same will work wonders for the cause.

Essay 2 (400 Words) - How to Improve Environmental Health

Everything that surrounds us is described as our environment. Going by this definition, our natural environment consists of – air, soil, water, forests, plants, hills, oceans, water bodies, etc. It is therefore in our own interest to protect the environment. In this essay, we will discuss on ways to improve the environment and the role of students in environmental protection.

How to Improve Environmental Health

There are many ways to improve the condition of the environment, but the most important ones are listed below –

A lot of waste that pollutes the environment consists of dumped household materials that are no longer in use, like - plastic and glass bottles, tin cans, broken computers, or other plastic items, clothes, etc. These waste materials reach the soil and water and could stay there for years, polluting them and reducing their quality. If we just take a simple step of recycling the waste instead of throwing it into the environment, we would be doing a great job of saving the environment.

Trees are the lungs of the planet; therefore, very essential members of the environment. They act as filters too and keep the air quality index of a place high. They consume carbon dioxide and emit life-essential oxygen. No need to mention the millions of life forms that the trees sustain – birds, insects, reptiles, etc. The more threes we save, we would be doing a great deal towards improving environmental health.

How many of you have noticed plastic bags, bottles, food packages, etc. littered around at places like beaches, monuments, and market places. The litter is the most damaging to the environment for it simply rots and pollutes it. The best we can do to save the environment is to not litter. Make it a habit to dispose of the waste properly in a dust bin. If you don’t see one around you then wait until you see one.

We should educate and make others aware of the environment and how can it be preserved. Special stress should be given on teaching the youngsters and the children. When young children are taught about the value of the environment, they will acknowledge its significance when they grow up. We should also inspire others by planting trees and organizing cleanliness campaigns.

The protection of the environment is in the hands of humans. Only humans can take initiative and save the environment, thereby saving lives on the planet.

Essay on How to Protect the Environment

Essay 3 (500 - 600 Words) - Reasons and Ways to Protect the Environment

In simple words, the environment refers to everything that surrounds us. The trees, plants, forests, rivers, and all are our natural environment. Unfortunately, this natural environment of ours is under threat due to human activities. Humans are damaging the environment on a daily basis, pressing the need for its protection. In this essay, we will discuss on why in the first place we need to protect the environment and the ways we can do so.

Why do we Need to Protect the Environment?

The environment is our home. This is where we live. In fact, it is the most essential requirement for life. Below listed are some main reasons of why should we protect the environment.

Our environment is the prime source of food that we eat. Everything from grains, cereals to fruits, vegetables, etc. is produced in the environment. Will it be possible for such a huge population to survive without such an abundant food supply? By damaging the environment we are only impeding our own food supply.

The environment gives us the two very essential elements, necessary for life – air and water. We all need air to live, be it animals, plants, or even aquatic animals need oxygen and fresh air. Water is another basic life-sustaining element. If we damage our environment, we are cutting our own supplies of clean air and water.

Billions of people throughout the globe depend on the environment for their livelihood. They have taken up business out of so many resources that the environment provides. Farmers, fruit sellers, fishermen, etc., all depend on the environment for a living.

A balanced and non-damaged environment supports the complete ecosystem in such a way that the planet becomes supportive of life. With a balanced ecosystem, life flourishes, and species expand.

How can we Protect the Environment – 5 Simple Ways?

Below we will go through five simple ways to protect the environment -

Improper disposal of waste is the main problem that threatens the environment today. The waste just spreads into the environment, getting into the soil, water, and air and polluting them. Proper waste disposal techniques must be employed to reduce environmental damage.

Water, either surface or underground water, is an essential resource that impacts the overall health of the environment. If the water runs dry, so would the environment. Rainwater harvesting is a good option to save water and the environment as well.

It would be in the best interest of the environment, for us to become environment savvy. We can do that by using bio-degradable carry bags instead of plastic, using paper bags, planting trees, taking part in cleanliness campaigns, and a lot more.

Avoid the use of chemicals as far as possible, primarily in the agriculture sector. If it cannot be avoided then at least make sure that no chemical reaches the environment and is neutralized after use.

Vehicles today have become the main source of environmental pollution. The exhaust emits poisonous and harmful gases into the environment. If we chose to use vehicles only when it is unavoidable, then we would be helping the environment become clean and healthy.

The environment is the place where we live in and making it dirty would be the last thing you would like to do. It is our duty to keep the environment clean and safe for life – not our own but also of other living species as well.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on How to Protect the Environment

Ans . World Environment Day was established by United Nations Assembly in 1972.

Ans . Sunderlal Bahuguna was the starter of the Chipko movement to impose a ban on the cutting of trees.

Ans . Wangari Maathai was the founder of the Green Belt movement in Africa.

Ans . Rainforests absorb carbon dioxide that is a greenhouse gas and thus helps in reducing climate change.

Ans . Kenya is the country that has imposed the toughest law against using plastic bags.

Why Learning English is Important Essay

Essay on winter season.

' src=

Akash Gupta

I am a writer with no particular genre of choice. Though, I like to write on issues that concern the general populace. I also love to know people, communities and cultures from close quarters. I write to satisfy the writer in me and also to keep you updated on several topics.

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write an assignment about protect nature

Essay on Conservation of Nature

Conservation of Nature is one of the most important essays writing topics for students of all classes. The need for conservation of nature and various measures for conservation of natural resources are included in the academic syllabus for almost all classes. Our subject matter experts at Vedantu have prepared an informative essay on the topic of Conservation of Nature, which will act as a guideline for the practice purpose of kids and students. The essay is written in an easy-to-understand manner, so as to help the kids to learn and remember the important points for writing this essay. 

Essay 1: Nature is a blessing 

Nature is the source of energy, source of light, source of oxygen, and in turn, source of life. We are nothing without nature and its components. With an increase in human growth and science, we tend to focus on everything but nature. Building bridges, cities, buildings are not only development but also a setback for nature because all we end up doing is cutting off trees, erasing the environment, and creating a ruckus for nature.

Nature has been providing us with everything, be it water, rain, sunlight, oxygen, shelter, or whatnot. In short, nature is the solution to almost all problems. All we need to do is prevent the human race from obliterating to further obliterate nature. The process of doing this is generally known as conservation. We need to conserve nature, we need to conserve life.

Conserving nature is one way of storing something fruitful for our future self, or the future generation. It is like investing money in a bank, which in turn lets you have more than what you invested eventually. 

To conserve nature would be equal to conversing with the human race. We need to start thinking about it. It might seem like a small or negligent topic to talk about but honestly, nature is getting worse with every passing day and we have to start preserving it today.

There is not much needed to conserve nature. We don't have to give in our everything or leave other things to achieve this one goal, no. All we have to do is take small steps, every day. Small steps like trying to save even one ounce of water each day, or trying to plant at least one plant from your side, or trying to lessen air pollution from your side. Nature doesn't ask much from us.

To achieve this goal, we also need to know to have knowledge about a few other things such as our natural resources. Natural resources are classified into two groups, named, Renewable and Non-RenewableNon Renewable resources. 

Renewable resources are those resources that can be recharged, such as solar panels, geothermal, and so on. On the other hand, Non-renewable petrol renewable resources are the ones that cannot be recharged such as fuels, patrol, and so on. We need to let renewable resources overpower non-renewable resources.

The other thing is being aware of the 3Rs technique, i.e., Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. If we pledge to follow these small rules and live by them, we can achieve a lot more than just nature's conservation.  

With an increase in human growth and science, we tend to focus on everything but not nature. Nature is the source of energy, source of light, source of oxygen, and in turn, source of life. We are nothing without nature and its components. Humans are constantly Building bridges, cities, buildings are not only development but also a setback for nature because all we end up doing is cutting off trees, erasing the environment, and creating a ruckus for nature. When we do something to conserve and protect nature, nature will give tremendous benefits for the survival of human beings on Earth. 

Essay 2: Conservation of Nature

‘In every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks.’ Nature is the best surprise gift received from God. Nature has blessed us with a variety of things like water, food, shelter, rain, sunlight, oxygen, and countless other things. These things assist humans in the betterment of their lives. Life is unpredictable and it's very difficult to tackle adverse situations, in such times nature is the solution to all the problems. Conservation is having a straightforward meaning of preservation and protection. 

Conserving nature is just similar to adding or keeping cash in the pocket. Nature is the best friend of a human. Have you ever heard of naturotherapy techniques to cure the patient? Patients are advised to take or spend some time in the native place of animals. There they can keep themselves calm and comfortable so that they feel relaxed at the time of surgeries. Many of the medicines have their ingredients collected directly from the forest. 

Have you ever thought about the amount of water we waste in a day? A great amount of water is wasted in our daily chores which could be helpful at the time of droughts. Also, keeping the water clean by not throwing any garbage in it, is the best way to conserve nature. Things made up of plastic should not be thrown off into water bodies as it never decomposes. 

Natural resources can be classified into two categories which are renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable natural resources are those which can be replenished, like solar, wind, geothermal while on the other hand non-renewable are those which cannot be replenished easily over a short span of time. Non-renewable resources like fuels, petrol, and carbon are available in significant quantities. Renewable natural resources are available in good and significant quantities but their proper and effective use can vanish the utilization of non-renewable natural resources. Such as, electricity can be generated with the help of wind or water. Solar cars can reduce the use of petrol cars. This helps in keeping our earth an evergreen place to live. The conversion of one energy form into another is the best possible way to stop the consumption of non-renewable resources and to start making the best use of renewable energy. 

Urbanization increases the rate of the population on concrete homes and decreases the reserves of natural utilities. 

Nature has a lot to give, but there must be a proper way to store and reuse it. the 3R technique (Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse) proves the best method for conservation purposes. It states first try to reduce the use, or recycle the material or reuse it for other purposes. Many NGOs are spreading awareness among the people regarding this, but in the end, it's up to the self to take an initiative to make a change. As far as possible avoiding the use of non-renewable resources is the best possible way to maintain the reserves. Even keeping the water potable is a way of conservation. We have to start it someday, so why is that someday not today? Taking a step towards conserving nature is just like taking the step to success.

Final Thoughts

In your essay on Conservation of Nature, you should emphasize the need to conserve natural resources and the measures that can be taken for conservation. In the introduction paragraph, you may write about the gifts of nature and how nature actively supports the survival of living beings. For the body of your essay, you may write one or two paragraphs, stating the types of natural resources and how they are beneficial to humans. Also, write about the overuse of natural resources, leading to a faster rate of depletion than they can be replenished. In the concluding paragraph, write about the measures that can be taken to conserve natural resources. You can refer to the essay on this topic available on Vedantu to get a better idea.

write an assignment about protect nature

FAQs on Conservation of Nature Essay

1. What are the main points to be written in an essay on the Conservation of Nature?

An essay on Conservation of Nature has to be informative and the points in it have to be relevant to most of the readers. The below-given questions will help you frame your essay on the Conservation of Nature.

What are the gifts of nature to living beings?

How does nature help us in rejuvenation?

What are the benefits drawn from natural resources, in our daily lives?

Is there any medicinal benefit that can be derived from nature?

How many types of natural resources are there? What are they?

How can we conserve renewable natural resources?

How can we save our nature from pollution?

What is the 3R technique?

2. How to write an essay on Conservation of Nature?

In your essay on Conservation of Nature you should emphasize the need to conserve natural resources and the measures that can be taken for conservation. In the introduction paragraph, you may write about the gifts of nature and how nature actively supports the survival of living beings. For the body of your essay, you may write one or two paragraphs, stating the types of natural resources and how they are beneficial to humans. Also, write about the overuse of natural resources, leading to a faster rate of depletion than they can be replenished. In the concluding paragraph, write about the measures that can be taken to conserve natural resources. You can refer to the essay on this topic available on Vedantu to get a better idea.

3. What is the 3R principle?

The 3R’s stand for ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’, and ‘recycle’, it is more often referred to as the three R’s of sustainability. The objective of these three R’s is conserving natural resources by cutting down their waste. Recycling and reusing manufacturing wastes and raw materials are meant to reduce the wastage of resources and the energy derived from these resources.

4. Is it important to write about the 3R principle in the essay on Conservation of Nature?

Yes, it is important to write about the 3R principle in your essay on the Conservation of Nature. It is one of the most effective measures to conserve natural resources and is being practiced all over the world. This will make your essay even more informative from the readers’ perspective.

5. Why is the conservation of nature necessary?

The conservation of nature is important because without nature there won’t be life possible on our planet. Nature gives us the necessary value to live our life. It provides us food to eat, eater to drink, and air to breathe. Nature has been providing us with everything, be it water, rain, sunlight, oxygen, shelter, or whatnot. In short, nature is the solution to almost all problems. Also, it provides us with a shelter to live in, and those valuable things that help us to live a good life. 

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Save Nature Essay

write an assignment about protect nature


We are always happy to get gifts from others as they make us feel special and valued. Nature is such a gift given to us that it must be treated equally like any other gift. We might think that since nature and its resources are available free of cost, we can utilise them in whichever way we want. This approach towards nature is not good, and this is what is discussed in this save our nature essay.

The minute we step out of our homes, we are entering the space of nature and everything we see around forms a part of it. The plants, trees, flowers, sky, soil, water, sun, insects, and wind all fall under nature. Therefore, we must keep our nature as beautiful as it is.

Importance of Saving Nature

Even though nature has a significant role in supporting our lives, each component has a specific role in maintaining the balance of nature. While we get food to eat, air to breathe and water to drink from nature, we also enjoy the natural beauty and sounds as they lift our moods. Nature provides us with many resources, and we return its kindness by overexploiting and harming nature. Thus, as people living on Earth, we need to be conscious of our actions on surroundings that disrupt its natural flow.

Human activities are the main villain that harms nature. Earlier, it was not evident the dangerous effects of human exploitation on nature. When we think that we have only cut down a single tree, which might not damage nature, remember that there would be hundreds of others who think like you. So, one tree becomes hundreds, thousands and millions. At this pace, nature will soon exhaust its resources and we will be suffering from various natural disasters and diseases. To put it simply, our mere existence would be threatened. This is why we need to preserve nature. In this how to save nature essay, we explore a few ways to coexist with nature.

Ways to Save Nature

Firstly, we must be mindful of the fact that though nature has infinite resources, they will soon get depleted if we use them carelessly. As people started moving to cities, this led to the clearance of land and deforestation. The impact is environmental threats, such as green gas emissions, global warming, extinction of natural flora and fauna etc. And the price we will have to pay will be huge.

To save ourselves from natural calamities and protect nature, let us move towards sustainable practices. By using eco-friendly products and discarding plastic and other non-degradable materials, we are doing a huge favour to our nature. We can also join our hands to reduce pollution by segregating wastes, using public transport and avoiding the use of pesticides. This save our nature essay from BYJU’s will be helpful for children to understand that if we take care of these trivial things, we can ensure the long life of nature.

What is meant by nature?

The things that we see around which are not made by man constitute nature. It includes all living and nonliving things like air, water, sun, wind, animals, trees, mountains, oceans etc.

What are some of the ways to save nature?

We can save nature if we stop over utilising the resources given to us by nature. We must preserve our environment as it is and not loot its materials. Moreover, we must take an environment-friendly approach, which must be reflected in our actions.

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write an assignment about protect nature

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Persuasive Essay On How To Protect The Environment

Persuasive essay on global warming.

    Global warming is one big issue going on in this world for the past 250 years, it has gotten worse due to us humans. Yet us humans, are not paying much attention to the issue, letting the issue slip out of our hands. Global warming is to the point that it is solveable, but with us not taking precautions and not caring one bit, later the problem will be to big to handle.

Global warming. It’s a highly controversial and well-known topic brought to the attention of many for the past few years. Global warming is an issue that is currently destroying our entire planet. But because humans are selfish, global warming is something we should avoid addressing. In fact, we should consider supporting this so-called “issue”, as its benefits for mankind outweigh the damages on the entire planet. Global warming is here to help mankind in many different ways. A non-stop beneficial lifestyle comes from the increased temperatures of the world, outrageously rising water levels and an atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide.

Sustainability Revolution : Earth, The Plant We Call Home

Insights gained from the course: The four sessions on sustainability during the two weekends have given me a deep insight into what sustainability is all about, and the responsibilities organizations and individuals have, in their capacities, to preserve what Nature has given us, and pass them on to our next generation. I have understood that the Sustainability study involves the transformation of our civilization toward a regenerative system that promotes healthy and stable ecosystems, consumes natural resources no faster than they can replenish, releases toxic pollutants into our habitat no faster than they can be absorbed, fosters healthy and cohesive habitats that can coexist and continue long time in the future. Sustainability initiatives work to change the world by changing our activities in our personal and professional lives to achieve these objectives.

Persuasive Essay On Air Pollution

Pollution is a highly increasing, man- made issue that is continually degrading the quality of the environment. Ocean pollution, industrialization and air pollution are intertwining significant causes to large degradation of the health status of our oceans, air, and people. Polluting one landmark of the Earth creates an even more dangerous lasting impact on the others. Pollution is continually becoming an issue that could potentially become irreversible if immediate actions are not taken. It is urgent that people unite in helping save our planet through recycling, reducing carbon dioxide in the air, and conserving energy.

My College Admissions Essay: My Journey To The United States

Along with my love for the environment came a pain in watching it suffer around the world as human development encroached onto once untouched regions. I felt powerless and desperate to somehow use my individual influence, no matter how small, to slow the damage to the planet and lessen the impact a growing population was having as we dive deeper for resources.

Anna's Impact On The Environment Analysis

The statistics and facts I learned from that class were really eye openers to the world around me.” On the outside of a educational setting, people are still trying to promote the change towards bettering the environment. Carol, a mother, teaches her children and others to, “respect the value of our natural resources, and for all things in life.” Carol uses her experience with education to help teach others about respecting and valuing the earth.

How To Save The World's Rainforest Persuasive Essay

With that in mind, if one want to live in world in there is nothing better than taking beautiful hike or going camping with the family. Those vacation days camping makes one forget about all the troubles in the world. So get this if as people we continues living the way we are all of that is going to be gone and our kids are not going to be able to experience that nature. Not even that but almost half of the biodiversity is diminished in numbers more animals are going extinct faster than previous years. One important step that I liked from 50 Simple Steps to save the World’s Rainforest and that is to get angry. Henderson describes how in order to have a positive outcome, we need to get angry about the things we love or else action won’t take

Shnurr Sustainability

To begin with, on September 17th, the first ESS lecture was performed by Mind Shift organization, who presented the concept of sustainability to the audience through a play. It started with a scene in a spaceship called “Earth”. The audience witnessed the earth is destroyed by its passengers- human. The story was told through an accelerated world and reports every decade, which happens from the 20th century to the mid of the 21st century. During the century, exponentially increasing population and pollution affect the human habitat significantly, the human habitat continuously becomes more inhospitable. After “2015”, the

I have noticed that climate change has been a big issue this year. I think it's very important to talk about Global warming and be aware of the causes of it. We all should want to take care of this earth, because we are the ones living here. We should make people more aware of the greenhouse effect and how it can affect us.

The Call Of Wild Analysis

The piece of some the assigned reading that interest me the most is the effect of greediness and behaviors impacting the environment. As such, in ‘Eco Defense”, however the writer pointed out the imperative for one’s to take action to preserve the environment. Addition, in “The call of Wild” the author highlights the behaviors of humankind destroying everything; such as, earth and naturel resources, and as well as animals, trees and plant are being affected by the disruption of the human. Basically my topic will be on the environment and what other aspect that are destroying the planet and also what can be done to educate the new generation about it. Not only I believe it is a patriotic thing to preserve the planet and also believe that it

How To Save Species Persuasive Essay

The natural selection process leaves the so called “unfit” to die, but is it possible to have an entire species be “unfit”? Well, yes it is possible because it has happened before but it leaves us asking how that happened. It can happen because of extreme environmental changes or even a natural disaster, but they can also all be killed off by humans or their predators. We are able to save species from extinction in many different ways. One way to save species from extinction is sanctuaries. These sanctuaries can have a few animals from an endangered species in case that extinction does happen, these animals in the sanctuaries can reproduce and save the species. Another approach to saving animals from extinction is protecting and rebuilding

The Importance Of Efs: Transformative Learning

The hyper-connected world we live in is rapidly changing. It is through EfS, a transformative learning process equipping learners, teachers, and education systems with the knowledge required to achieve economic prosperity and responsible citizenship, which will prepare people of all ages to assume responsibly for creating a more sustainable future (Department of Environment and Heritage [DEH], 2005). Taking into consideration the range, complexity and immediacy of issues such as climate change, pollution and water security, an improved coordinated national effort on EfS is now needed (Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts [DEWHA], 2009). Ecologising education and incorporating sustainability into the curriculum, encourages students to view the world holistically and think systematically about the contexts and interconnections involved in the challenges of meeting future requirements (DEWHA, 2009). It is more than

Persuasive Essay On Pollution

Your day has been great so far. You went on vacation, you found a dollar bill on the floor, you ate your favorite dish, nothing can be better than this. As soon as you walk on the boardwalk you are hoping to see big waves and fish in the sea, instead, you see dead fish and some animals floating in the water next to old car tires, trash, and fertilizer. Now you feel terrible and want to go home. Pollution is devastating. The reason why I researched this topic is that I do not want my family nor my planet to get sick. Pollution can be stopped very easily, it’s just that people “don’t know” how to stop or they just don’t care, which is a serious problem. I want people to see that pollution is mainly caused by humans, and also for them to see that it is a horrible thing that is happening. Some kids litter because they see their parents and their whole family doing it. When I was researching this topic, I noticed that I needed to find out more information, so I asked questions to myself. When did pollution get so bad? How many animals have gone extinct because of pollution? How many people die each year because of pollution? How much does everyone on the planet pollute each year? What is the best way to stop pollution? Can just one person make a difference? After a lot of research, I found out lots of ways that we can stop pollution, so it is possible to end it. Or at least improve the air.

As humans, it is our duty to protect our environment. With rising temperatures, global warming has started to make its mark on our atmosphere and climate. Even though we have evidence of global warming, people still insist that it is nothing more than a hoax and see no logical reason to take action against global warming. Although it is viewed as a hoax, we need to acknowledge global warming as an actual issue or else we could suffer major consequences.

Ozone Depletion Essay

Environmental issues have been a cause of a lot of debate in the recent past. Governments and nongovernmental organizations have been in constant consultations on how to help protect the environment. Apparently, as a result of man’s many actions, the natural environment is getting torn apart so quickly that the coming generations will not enjoy this kind of environment, unless a

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Essay on Save Environment | Save Environment Esssay for Students and Children in English

March 6, 2023 by Prasanna

Essay on Saving the Environment: Our environment is our surrounding area and something that sustains us. It is the natural condition in which an organism, plant, or animal grows and prospers. Our environment shields us and helps us grow into individual beings. Saving our environment is vital for sustaining humanity because, without a clean environment, none of us will survive.

In this article, we have provided an Essay on Save Environment and a short essay, along with ten lines on the topic, to help students write this essay in examinations.

You can read more  Essay Writing  about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more.

Long and Short Essays on Save Environment for Students and Kids in English

Given below is an Essay on Save Environment composed of about 500 words and a short piece comprising 100-150 words on Save Environment in English.

Long Essay on Save Environment 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Save Environment is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

The environment is our natural foundation, and we have to take care of it. Our environment plays a massive role in the kind of person we grow up to be. There are a lot of valid reasons for which we need to save our environment. Our environment has suffered significant threats in the last few decades. The ever increasing vehicles and pollution have transformed our environment into a mass of smoky mess. Enormous corruption has almost stripped it of fresh air.

A healthy environment has fresh and bacteria-free air and is not the breeding ground for diseases. To protect our environment, we need to know what we should defend. Humankind has advanced in many ways, but in our race, we have compromised our natural environment and become the most intelligent and technologically superior species on earth. Large areas of the forest have been cut down to provide residential places to humans. We have cut down trees at our will to make paper and furniture. Valuable timber and trees with medicinal properties have fallen prey to the slash and burn farming culture.

Nomadic tribes have practiced shifting ax cultivation that has cost us the valuable fertility of the soil. Due to the rapid growth of factories and industrial sectors, chemicals and smoke are regularly released in water and air. This causes water and air pollution. Humans have also neglected their responsibilities and have dumped garbage anywhere they could. This leads to land pollution and diseases as insects like flies carry the filth to our bodies and spread harmful viruses.

There are a lot of ways to protect the environment. We must save our environment because of the lack of fresh air, and oxygen will be toxic for us. If we don’t take care of our planet, soon, humankind will be in grave danger. To start with, we must carry out simple measures to protect and replenish our environment. Change begins when we step up and volunteer to work towards it. We can plant small saplings at our homes and balconies to make up for the enormous loss of trees. Conducting tree plantation campaigns in schools also helps as the school lawns are used for planting a variety of trees.

Every year, innumerable birds and sea animals die from the pollution at sea. Marine life is in grave danger as we have allegedly deposited trash and filth on seashores and into the ocean itself. Marine animals have died due to consuming plastic. An excellent way to protect the environment would be to minimize or, rather, completely stop using plastic. Using cloth or paper bags to carry or dispose of things would be an excellent remedy. Disposing garbage properly, in garbage cans, and separating the biodegradable waste from the non-biodegradable wastes is an excellent way to decrease pollution levels. Worn-out substances must be recycled so that they can be reused.

Short Essay on Save Environment 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Save Environment is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Our environment needs to be protected and conserved. Conservation of our natural energy is significant as it sustains us. There are multiple ways of protecting our environment, the first being to decrease the levels of pollution. Since the smoke emitted by vehicles causes a lot of pollution, using Natural Gas as a fuel for cars will reduce the emission of smoke. Battery-driven automobiles are also eco-friendly. We can also use solar energy to protect our natural resources. Solar energy is renewable and causes no pollution.

We must refrain from duping waste and factory remnants into the waters. A program like Namami Gange aims to clean rivers and is a step forward towards a healthier environment. It is essential to be responsible and do our parts in protecting our environment.

10 Lines on Essay on Save Environment in English

write an assignment about protect nature

FAQ’s on Save Environment Essay

Question 1. What is a clean environment?

Answer: A clean environment is characterized by fresh and clean air, water, and land. It refers to less pollution and diseases.

Question 2. How can we prevent air pollution?

Answer: Using battery-driven cars and natural gas as fuels in automobiles is the right way of controlling air pollution. We should stop the combustion of waste, which exerts a lot of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Question 3. What is the use of jute?

Answer: Jute bags and carriers are handy as they do no cause pollution like plastic and are eco-friendly.

Question 4. What is solar energy?

Answer: Solar energy is the energy given out by the sun. We can harness solar power by using solar panels and use it for cooking food, heat water, etc.

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Writing an A+ Environmental Protection Essay

By: Henrique Bertulino

Writing an A+ Environmental Protection Essay

Essay Example - Importance of Environmental Protection

Absence of statistics, usage of "i", absence of clear sections and bullet points, no clear solution, sources to use in the essay, important points to remember.

Many exams would require you to write a piece about the environment. It aims to assess the candidates' understanding of different environmental problems and their consequences. Here is an example essay to get you started. Students must, however, hold the discussed points in mind before beginning their essays. If they incorporate these points into their work, they will get higher grades on their tests or examinations.

We are not prepared for climate change, which is escalating at an alarming pace. Because of the greatest threat that the world's ecosystems face right now, natural environment conservation is of the highest importance. The damage is massive, and it's beyond the point of no return. We can't erase the damage that has already been done due to global warming, no matter how hard we try. As a result, we must make every effort to reduce the effects of human activities on the environment.

The lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere are all part of the ecosystem. The lithosphere is the ground that surrounds us. The hydrosphere is all of the water bodies that surround us. And the atmosphere is all of the gaseous fluids that surround us. The key cause of environmental degradation is land pollution, air pollution, and water pollution.

Taking note of and rescuing the natural resources is what environmental conservation entails. First, environmental sustainability should be made more well known; everyone should be mindful of the importance and standards of environmental protection. In certain cases, environmental pollution and deterioration can be slowed.

Changes to biophysical environments, wildlife, biodiversity, and natural capital are all examples of human impact on the environment, also known as the anthropogenic impact on the environment - caused by humans, either directly or indirectly, such as global warming, environmental destruction, mass extinction, and biodiversity depletion, ecological catastrophe and ecological degradation, etc.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States is in charge of safeguarding public health and the environment. Another cornerstone is waste management. Waste management entails adequate garbage treatment. 

It is important to encourage people to plant trees. For agricultural and building purposes, vast swaths of forest and woodland are being cleared. It has largely resulted in the loss of forest wealth. The number of trees has drastically decreased. 

Clearing trees and plants results in deforestation and a decrease in the amount of oxygen available in the air; trees and plants are our main source of oxygen on the planet; clearing trees and plants results in depletion and a decrease in the amount of oxygen available in the air.

As a result of human activity, increased carbon dioxide emissions, and unplanned technological growth, numerous environmental issues have arisen in recent decades, interfering with habitats. As a result, a conflict has arisen around the world between the importance of biodiversity conservation and preservation in order to protect the environment and the necessity of satisfying human desires by sacrificing the environment.

Pollution, the greenhouse effect, global warming, and soil degradation are only a few of the negative impacts of human activity on the atmosphere that can endanger human health, wellbeing, economics, natural capital, and biodiversity gene pools. Environmentalists should advocate for a cleaner world, and deforestation caused by the combustion of fossil fuels causes serious environmental issues such as acid rain due to the development of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen monoxide (NO).

This leaves the whole human race in jeopardy. The greenery can be restored by encouraging tree growth. There is a way to make up for the deficit. 

Through this short essay, I can say that it is evident if proper steps on sustainable development are taken, then our future generations may have a better air quality to maintain, fewer pollutants to reduce, and a healing ozone layer to witness. Steps may include adopting an effective environmental law, introducing environmental sciences into school studies, analyzing effective steps on the protection of the environment, practically educating human beings on small daily lifestyle changes that can help to save the environment, etc.

Essay Analysis

The above essay is a great piece that seems to include important aspects of essay writing. However, there are major sections and points that are still lacking. Following are the points that should have been included:

Always remember to include statistics. Statistical information aids in the collection of evidence, the application of correct analyses, and the successful presentation of findings. Statistics is an important part of how we make scientific discoveries, make data-driven decisions, and make forecasts. 

For instance, the above essay can include the following point:

Air pollution is one of the greatest scourges of our day, not just because of its effect on climate change but also because of its impact on environmental and human health due to increased morbidity and mortality. Some toxins are significant contributors to human illness. Particulate Matter (PM), a kind of particle with a variable but very small diameter that enters the respiratory system by inhalation and causes respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, reproductive and central nervous system dysfunctions, and cancer, is one of them. Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro have   the highest rate of emissions , followed by Milan, Ankara, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Moscow. 

Also, to include a specific statistic, it would be best to write a related paragraph before or after it.

The above example essay contains a personal statement. Instead, the sentence can be framed as "Through this short essay, it can be said that if proper steps on sustainable development are taken then, our future generations may have a better air quality to maintain..."

The sample essay lacks a proper structure. There are no sections, sub-headings, numeric lists, or bullet points for a clear understanding of the essay's flow and outline.

Since conservation of the environment is a hot topic not only in debates but also in governments, several solutions have been proposed. The sample essay, however, lacks solid solutions to the environmental issues discussed. 

The essay could have covered the following points:

Following are some good research papers you can include and cite to collect good marks:

Once you have   written your essay , you should ensure the following points are covered:

You can check out Studybay for professional   essay help   in writing your essay.

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write an assignment about protect nature

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write an assignment about protect nature

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Essay Service Examples Environment Natural Environment

Protecting the Natural Environment Essay

Whether we should think about the future of the environment as a matter of doing justice to future generations, is based upon the grounds to which we should be obliged to work to protect the environment. The protection of the environment is a basic human duty and a natural law to which we all depend upon to live from day-to-day. It is a duty by individuals, organisations and governments to incorporate policy approaches to fulfill this. As part of the Intergenerational Justice concept, the extents and limits of Social Justice regarding the need to protect the natural environment, justify the basis to which we owe duties, to us and the future generations to follow.

This essay will discuss whether we should be obliged to work today to protect the environment, for the needs and interests of future generations. On the other hand, whether it comes down to the basic deep ecological view that nature is intrinsically valuable. Furthermore, considerations will be addressed on protecting the environment as a matter of Justice to future generations, and if so, on what grounds.

The global nature of threats to the environment and the necessity of international cooperation were first recognized in the UN’s Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm in 1972. The Stockholm Declaration issued by the conference recognized the right to a healthy environment, on the part of both present and future generations, and called for countries to preserve nonrenewable resources and to prevent damage to ecosystems and to the earth’s atmosphere. Environmental intergenerational duties and natural law are two theories used to weigh up the extent to which we have a duty to protect the natural environment. The extents and limits of social justice in the intergenerational concept justify the basis of how and why we owe our duties.

Northcott argues the location of the origins of the current environmental crisis in the rise of modernist science and economics, and emphasises that a solution to the issues lies in the Christian tradition of Natural Law ethics. Northcott also emphasises the non-religious, natural law abiding reasoning for the basis of protecting the natural environment, through social and anthropological arguments – as well as evaluating Natural Law precepts are found under all religious denominations in the Modern Society. Whether this gives grounds for protecting the environment is up to debate. There is an emphasis that Natural Law and intergenerational duties cover all humans. Thus, we all have the duty to protect and not just exploit with disregard for the future generations.

A just account of the environment will take into consideration both the fact that people have legitimate interests, and there must be limits on people’s environmental impacts. The Egalitarian concept presses the position of equality of opportunity requires us to protect the natural environment, through our ability to live a good life should not be undermined by unchosen circumstances – factors beyond our control. Such factors would be that of future generations who have to live a limited life due to a damaged environment. People both in the present and the future must have sufficient resources so that there is equal opportunity to live a good life.

write an assignment about protect nature

Protecting the environment for future generations must incorporate whole society movements and changes to everyday life to ensure that the natural environment is protected from today, so forth for future generations. Since the 1980s, the concept of sustainability has been adopted to describe a compromise between the need for economic development and the protection of resources for future generations. Schumacher takes the principle challenge through the Buddhist economic approach on the principle of ‘right livelihood’. This illustrates the types of radical changes and challenges to individual economies, which cannot be sustained by the poor nations. Further to this the challenges in protecting the natural environment as a matter of justice. Industrial development is the temporary cushion and developments which can offer medium-term benefits to poor countries, and coordinated through international action; though proves difficult under such circumstances. Bridging the gap between global coordinationcommunication and individuals lifestyle choices, could have the ability to create the grounds for the radical change necessary at this point.

Deep Ecology has shaped the understanding of Arne Naess and Val Plumwood, forming the foundational argument on the basis of why the natural environment has to be protected for future generations. That nature does not need protection, but requires protection. From the deep ecology perspective, the natural world must be preserved due to its inherent value and humans should only affect it to protect vital needs. In this argument humans should not seek to protect the environment, rather that nature is intrinsically valuable. In Reasons and Person (1984) Derek Parfit illustrates the problem with an influential basic observation, Future persons cannot be rendered worse off by our unsustainable living. Rather, the particular people who will exist in the future will do so as a result of how we decide to live our lives. John Rawls goes further to suggest environmental degradation threatens political stability and access to goods upon which many rights depend. However, as Richard Hiskes argues, the modern dilemma inquiries humans to look after the environment as a matter of moral obligation, rather than an actual requirement of Justice.

Through the concept of Human Rights another approach is addressed. As a key moral value, endorsed by adherents to a wide variety of different philosophical perspectives. Through a human rights perspective the environment matters, at least in part, because environmental degradation undermines core human rights to food and water, to health, and to life. The Libertarian case brings an unusual approach. Libertarian theorists are in favour of robust private property rights, and individuals should not be expected to transfer their property or spend their income or resources for their protection. As Liebell explains, environmental degradation is a problem for liberalism, but through John Locke’s work linked the values of freedom, fairness, and equality to the natural world. A libertarian would think that there is no injustice if the harms wholly arose from natural phenomena, and were not caused by humans. At this present time, climate change, biodiversity loss, or acid rain, are key examples of the environmental impact of human behaviour. Thus, it is justified for a liberalitarian to intercept individual freedoms.

Boulding argues that Humans have traditionally acted as though they live in a Cowboy Economy – an economy with unlimited opportunities – suggesting that this type of Human behaviour towards, what essentially is the environment, has encouraged exploitative, and violent behaviour. In support of this, the Utilitarian principle argues that we should always choose the course of actions that will maximise the amount of happiness or well-being in the world. The Utilitarian case questions why the well-being of future generations should be considered in our calculation to those who live now, and through accepting this premise, then there is clearly an obligation to protect and save natural resources for the future.

To conclude, the natural environment should be protected for future generations based on a moral duty, and a matter of intergenerational justice. The intrinsic value of nature for human life, should be preserved through the equality of opportunity for future generations to have the same opportunities as those today. Further to this the liberal view demonstrates that what is left (through property means) should be enough and as good for others. Therefore, protecting the natural environment, not only benefits the individual but future generations that will follow.

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By nature, humans and the environment are deeply connected. Similarly, a lot of creativity relies on inspiration from the environment, and our role as environmental stewards. For many creative individuals, being in nature is one of the most influential avenues for opening their creative landscape. Fortunately, nature is in fact a key player in stimulating the mind toward these particular ways of thinking, which promote creativity and can cause a deeper connection between the individual and nature. So—how does time...

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12 ways you can protect the environment

Why should we protect the environment well, we only have one earth … so let’s do right by it.

Unfortunately, humans have not been very good stewards of the Earth over the years. To protect the environment and preserve the planet for our children and future generations, we all need to take proactive steps toward cleaner living habits.

Most of the damage to our environment stems from consumption: what we consume, how much we consume and how often.

Whether it’s gas, food, clothing, cars, furniture, water, toys, electronics, knick-knacks or other goods, we are all consumers. The key is not to stop consuming, but to start being mindful of our consumption habits and how each purchase or action affects the ecosystem.

The good news is that it’s often not too difficult, expensive, or inconvenient to become more environmentally friendly. It can even be a fun challenge to implement among your family or coworkers. And though small changes at the individual level may seem trivial, just think how much cleaner the planet would be if everyone adopted even a few of the following behavior modifications.

So here are 12 ways you can start to protect the environment today:

write an assignment about protect nature

1. Consume less.

Curbing consumption can have a huge impact on the environment. The three "R's"—reduce, reuse and recycle— get a lot of attention, but the planet could benefit from some focus on the most important and most underrepresented "R": refuse.

When you refuse, you say "no," which is not always easy. Freebies at events, cheap goods on clearance, the hot new children's toys or the latest gadgets that promise to make your life better—none of these are essential. And they almost always end up either in the trash or forgotten in the back of a closet. Next time you’re tempted to purchase or accept a non-essential item, think about whether it would truly improve your life. If not, it's ok to just say, "No, thanks!"

Bonus: Refusing to allow unneeded items into your life can save you money and reduce the amount of clutter in your home.

2. Compost.

Another “R” that doesn’t get much attention but has important environmental implications is “rot.” As in, let your food and yard waste rot naturally in the soil instead of sending it to the landfill. In other words: compost.

Composting your food scraps and yard waste offers double rewards: it keeps an incredible amount of trash out of the waste stream, and it produces free, rich soil to use in your garden. Some cities now pick up organic waste alongside regular trash and recycling pick up. If your area doesn’t offer this service, no worries— you can set up a low-maintenance compost pile in your backyard.

write an assignment about protect nature

3. Choose reusable over single-use

Think about how many people you see each day drinking beverages from disposable cups or disposable bottles, sipping from disposable straws, carrying disposable grocery bags, eating from disposable plates or containers and using disposable utensils. All that single-use plastic has to go somewhere, and it’s had a devastating effect on our soil, oceans and marine life.

All of the above items (and more) have more environmentally responsible counterparts. Switch to reusable items and make a commitment to use them as often as possible. You’ll have less trash piling up at your curb, and you’ll be helping to protect the environment in a major way.

4. Upcycle more.

Get creative with your useless or unwanted items by upcycling—basically, turning trash into treasure. Creating something new such as artwork, toys or jewelry is both satisfying and one of the best ways to protect the environment. Not only does it keep items out of the trash, it can prevent having to purchase new items, which require lots of resources to produce. Children love making things; so instead of heading to the craft store, check out your recycle bin first and let their imaginations soar!

write an assignment about protect nature

5. Recycle properly.

If you can’t refuse it…and you can’t rot it…and you can’t reduce it…and you can’t upcycle or reuse it…then it’s time to turn to the final “R”—recycling. Educate yourself on what can and cannot be recycled in your bins at home. Throwing the wrong items in the recycle bin can result in an entire load being rejected, which means … back to the landfill.

You can also easily find out how to recycle special items such as electronics, batteries and appliances. Check with your local municipality for drop-off sites, and make an effort to get your items to the proper disposal sites.

6. Shop secondhand.

Did you know it takes over 700 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make just one plain t-shirt?

Instead of heading to the mall to buy new clothes, consider looking first in a thrift store or vintage shop, or trading clothes with friends. You can breathe new life into your wardrobe without wasting the precious resources needed to produce new clothing.

Shopping secondhand also applies for many other categories of consumer goods: children’s games and toys, shoes, appliances, furniture, cars and more.

write an assignment about protect nature

7. Buy local.

While we’re on the topic of shopping, it’s important to think about the path your stuff takes just to get to you. All that packaging, combined with the fuel needed for delivery, really takes a toll on the environment. Instead, check out your local farmers market for fresh, package-free food; try eating at a farm-to-table restaurant; and buy from local artists, clothing makers, and retailers before you click for that two-day shipping.

8. Use fewer chemicals.

Want to protect the environment? Use fewer harmful chemicals and you’ll be on the right track. It’s hard to be sure about the long-term negative effects chemicals can have, both on our bodies and on the planet, so it’s best to avoid them if possible. Opt for chemical-free lawn and garden care; all-natural beauty and hygiene items; natural household cleaners; and organic food. The Earth will thank you!

write an assignment about protect nature

9. Walk, bike or carpool.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. 1 Any amount of that we can cut back on will help. For short trips, try walking or biking—you’ll also get a healthy dose of exercise in, without setting foot in a gym. If travelling on foot or two wheels isn’t feasible, try carpooling with a friend, neighbor or coworker to a mutual destination. And if all else fails and you need to drive your car, line up errands in the most efficient route to save time and miles driven.

10. Use less water.

Conserving water at home is one of the easiest ways to protect the environment. Think of all the times you consume water, both inside and outside your home; then, make adjustments as you can. For example:

These are just the basics—you can get really creative when it comes to conserving water.

write an assignment about protect nature

11. Use your purchasing power for good.

The positive thing about being a consumer is that we have the power to choose where we spend our hard-earned dollars. Think of your money as your voice and your vote for a cleaner planet. Spend it wisely on goods, services and experiences that leave a smaller carbon footprint. Choose to do business with companies that support sustainability efforts, utilize renewable energy sources and walk the walk when it comes to protecting the environment.

Money talks—if enough people use their purchasing power for the good of the Earth, it will create a demand for sustainable practices. Businesses will either have to comply … or be left behind.

12. Conserve electricity.

As you can guess, we’re quite fond of this method of protecting the environment! Anytime you can use less electricity, it’s a win for the planet. Try some of these quick ways to conserve energy around your home:

1 This assumes the average gasoline vehicle on the road today has a fuel economy of about 22.0 miles per gallon and drives around 11,500 miles per year. Every gallon of gasoline burned creates about 8,887 grams of CO 2 .

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