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Angles (Including Parallel Lines)

Prior Content: 

Possible Next Steps: Angles in Polygons , Circle Theorems , Constructions , Similar Shapes , Pie Charts

1.1.1 Drawing & Measuring Angles

1.1.2 angle notation, 1.2 types of angles, 2.1 angles around a point, 2.2 angles on a straight line, 2.3 bearings, 3.1 vertically opposite angles, 3.2 angles between parallel lines, whole topic summary resources (including past paper questions), teaching videos, exercises & activities, tutorial videos.

Dlugoszwesterly Drawing & Measuring Reflex Angles

Corbettmaths Drawing Angles

Corbett Maths Estimating Angles

Corbett Maths Measuring Angles

Online Platforms (with Videos & Exercises)

Activities & Resources

Dr Frost Resources

Dr frost video.

K101:  Estimate the Size of an Angle.

Dr Frost Slides & Activities

Extra Questions

Note all numbers are subject to change and will be updated once all key skills have been finished by Dr Frost

Angles  Key Skills Section (for selecting more than one)

Extension Materials

Online platforms.

Hegarty Maths

K102:  Use the Three-Letter Angle Notation.

Angles  (for selecting more than one)


Acute, Obtuse and Reflex Angles | 101 Computing


Corbett Maths Types of Angle

Dr Frost resources

Dr frost videos.

Whole Topic Video

K99:  Identify the Type of Different Angles.

Further Practice


Corbettmaths Angles at a Point

Courtesy of Maths Genie (From 4:14 to 7:07)

Whole Topic Video (Up to 2:08)

K104: Angles About a Point.

Corbettmaths Angles in a Straight Line

Corbett Maths Angles in a Right Angle

Courtesy of Maths Genie (up to 4:14)

K103: Angles on a Line.

Corbett Maths Bearings

Corbett Maths Position if Bearings from Two Points

Corbett Maths Back Bearings

Corbett Maths Compass Directions

Courtesy of Maths Genie

K324: Calculate a Bearing Given an Angle.

Corbettmaths Vertically Opposite Angles

Whole Topic Video (Including Parallel Lines)

K307: Vertically Opposite Angles.

Corbett Maths Angles: Parallel Lines

Whole Topic Video (Including vertically opposite)

K303:  Identify Pairs of Perpendicular and Parallel Lines.

K305: Alternate Angles on Parallel Lines.

K306: Corresponding Angles on Parallel Lines.

K308: Cointerior (Allied) Angles on Parallel Lines.

K325: Calculate a Bearing With Parallel Lines.

Topic Tests

Brilliant's 100 day challenge has begun! Day 1: In this diagram, the grey angles have the same measure. How are x, y, and z related? A. x = y = z B. x + y + z = 180 C. y + z = x D. 2z = x+y — (@brilliantorg) May 29, 2020

Download Angles PPQs as WW Powerpoint for Edexcel IGCSE , AQA GCSE , Edexcel GCSE or OCR GCSE (or all GCSE together )

Other Whole Topic Resources

Corbettmaths Primary

Corbettmaths Primary

Primary 5-a-day, videos, worksheets and more, types of angles questions.


Identify and Label Angles and Lengths

Identify and Label Angles and Lengths

Subject: Mathematics

Age range: 11-14

Resource type: Other


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3 November 2014

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