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Making a Risk Management Plan for Your Business

It’s impossible to eliminate all business risk. Therefore, it’s essential for having a plan for its management. You’ll be developing one covering compliance, environmental, financial, operational and reputation risk management. These guidelines are for making a risk management plan for your business.

Developing Your Executive Summary

When you start the risk management plan with an executive summary, you’re breaking apart what it will be compromised of into easy to understand chunks. Even though this summary is the project’s high-level overview, the goal is describing the risk management plan’s approach and scope. In doing so, you’re informing all stakeholders regarding what to expect when they’re reviewing these plans so that they can set their expectations appropriately.

Who Are the Stakeholders and What Potential Problems Need Identifying?

During this phase of making the risk management plan, you’re going to need to have a team meeting. Every member of the team must be vocal regarding what they believe could be potential problems or risks. Stakeholders should also be involved in this meeting as well to help you collect ideas regarding what could become a potential risk. All who are participating should look at past projects, what went wrong, what is going wrong in current projects and what everyone hopes to achieve from what they learned from these experiences. During this session, you’ll be creating a sample risk management plan that begins to outline risk management standards and risk management strategies.

Evaluate the Potential Risks Identified

A myriad of internal and external sources can pose as risks including commercial, management and technical, for example. When you’re identifying what these potential risks are and have your list complete, the next step is organizing it according to importance and likelihood. Categorize each risk according to how it could impact your project. For example, does the risk threaten to throw off timelines or budgets? Using a risk breakdown structure is an effective way to help ensure all potential risks are effectively categorized and considered. Use of this risk management plan template keeps everything organized and paints a clear picture of everything you’re identifying.

Assign Ownership and Create Responses

It’s essential to ensure a team member is overseeing each potential risk. That way, they can jump into action should an issue occur. Those who are assigned a risk, as well as the project manager, should work as a team to develop responses before problems arise. That way, if there are issues, the person overseeing the risk can refer to the response that was predetermined.

Have a System for Monitoring

Having effective risk management companies plans includes having a system for monitoring. It’s not wise to develop a security risk management or compliance risk management plan, for example, without having a system for monitoring. What this means is there’s a system for monitoring in place to ensure risk doesn’t occur until the project is finished. In doing so, you’re ensuring no new risks will potentially surface. If one does, like during the IT risk management process, for example, your team will know how to react.


business visit plan template

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Business Travel Itinerary Template

Planning a business trip? Help employees and executives keep track of travel arrangements and appointments with Jotform’s Business Itinerary PDF Template. Important travel details will be instantly converted into a mobile-friendly PDF itinerary that can be easily accessed on any device — with or without internet — and printed out if needed.

This itinerary template contains flight, transportation, and lodging information along with scheduled activities. Using Jotform’s PDF Editor, you can rearrange the template layout, add form fields, include conference or meeting times, and even plan a little extra time for sightseeing. By transforming travel details into polished, professional PDFs, you can make every upcoming business trip a success.

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Plane Ticket

Plane Ticket

A plane ticket template is used by airlines to book tickets for their customers online. Are you a travel agent, booking company, or airline looking for a way to sell tickets online? Our free Plane Ticket Template is the perfect way to create polished plane tickets for your clients. Just enter each traveler’s flight and personal details and this sample airline ticket will automatically generate personalized PDF plane tickets, great for domestic or international travel. Download or print them for your records, or email them to clients as an itinerary or travel document to bring on the day.You’ll get off to a flying start with our readymade Plane Ticket Template — but if you’d like to customize the template, Jotform’s drag-and-drop Form Builder ensures you won’t be flying blind when it comes to design. Simply drag-and-drop elements to add your logo, outline flight details, and update terms and conditions. Why not integrate the attached form with one of our payment gateways to accept secure payments online? Try our Plane Ticket Template today to instantly generate professional, uniform plane tickets — it can save you time, organize your records, and help your travel business reach new heights.

Trip Itinerary

Trip Itinerary

Flight booked? Check. Passport? Check. Trip itinerary? Easily create one with JotForm. Whether you’re going on a business trip or organizing a big family vacation, you’ll want an itinerary to keep you organized. Simply attach your existing form to our Trip Itinerary PDF Template to instantly convert submitted information into beautiful PDF documents. You can then instantly download them on your phone, or print them out to take with you on your adventures.We know you’re super excited about your trip. Good news — your Trip Itinerary PDF Template can be exciting too! Customize colors, fonts, or images at the touch of a button. Why not add a nice photo of you and your fellow travelers? Jotform PDF Editor lets you drag and drop form fields to easily personalize activities, times, and trip length. The result is a beautiful travel itinerary, perfect for sharing, printing, or viewing on any device. Make sure everything goes according to plan with our Trip Itinerary PDF Template — and don’t forget to have fun!

Vacation Itinerary

Vacation Itinerary

Whether you run a travel agency company or just someone who loves to travel and wants to have a detailed plan documented, a Vacation Itinerary Template is always necessary. Having a ready-made itinerary PDF template will help you in planning for your travels and will maximize your time and expenditures. Try this sample Vacation Itinerary Template from Jotform. This template is designed to suit any kind of vacations but feels free to modify it. It has basic information such as the destination, date and time of arrival, places to visit, estimated cost and many more. You can change this information or add more if you want.

Itinerary Templates

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step — or one carefully thought-out itinerary. Whether you’re a travel agent, event coordinator, wedding planner, or someone organizing an annual family road trip, you can instantly create detailed schedules for any upcoming occasion with Jotform’s Itinerary PDF Templates.

Using our drag-and-drop PDF Editor, you can reorganize the itinerary template layout and include additional activity fields to help you plan every moment. When users fill out your customized itinerary form, their information will automatically be saved as PDFs that can easily be printed or sent electronically to everyone on the guest list. Once downloaded, these mobile-friendly PDF itineraries can quickly be accessed on phones, so even when internet isn’t available, everything can still go according to plan.

Use our free Plane Ticket Template to create customized domestic or international plane tickets fast. Download, print, or send as PDFs in a single click.

This sample itinerary template contains the duration of the trip, destination, time and activities for each day. The PDF template only shows 3 days but you can use the PDF Editor to duplicate these elements and add more days.

Try this sample Vacation Itinerary Template from Jotform. This sample is designed to suit any kind of vacations but feels free to modify it. It has basic information such as the destination and date and time of arrival.

Business Travel Itinerary

Business Travel Itinerary

Planning a business trip? Help employees and executives keep track of travel arrangements and appointments with Jotform’s Business Itinerary PDF Template. Using Jotform’s PDF Editor, you can edit this sample.

Flight Itinerary

Flight Itinerary

Build your flight itinerary anywhere and easily! Use this Flight Itinerary PDF template built under the Jotform PDF editor and you bring your flight itinerary in your computer of mobile device!

Daily Itinerary

Daily Itinerary

A Daily Itinerary Template is a document that will help you organize your daily tasks by planning it ahead of time. This will definitely help you establish a habit and a plan to achieve your goal. This document can be used by students to prioritize the things that they need to do for a school like study habits and reviewing for upcoming exams. For adults, a daily itinerary is useful to prevent procrastination. It can also be used in travel activities in order to maximize vacation time.This Daily Itinerary Template shows the activities that you will follow for 7 days. Each day shows the time, activity description, and status. This template is utilizing the Configurable List widget where they can add activity information dynamically as needed. This PDF template can be edited easily via the PDF Editor where you can insert images, change font format, or change the theme color.

Itinerary Planner

Itinerary Planner

Create personalized schedules for your next trip with this free Itinerary Planner PDF Template. Download, share, and print custom itineraries in seconds!

Bachelorette Itinerary

Bachelorette Itinerary

Instantly create PDFs itineraries for a bachelorette party. Easy to customize for any theme. Download, print, and share in just one click. No coding required!

Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary

A travel itinerary document composed of two pages providing the travel location, dates and contact details with the travel, accommodation and activities schedule with all necessary details included.

Birthday Itinerary

Birthday Itinerary

If you are organizing a huge birthday party, this Birthday Itinerary would help you inform your guests about the party schedule with all location, date and time information included. All submission data will be automatically generated as a pdf document with this design, that would allow you to send personalized itinerary for all your guests. You can fully change the template and create your own birthday itinerary, change the document alignment, background, fonts, colors and add more fields by simply dragging and dropping elements.

Event Itinerary

Event Itinerary

Create a downloadable, printable PDF event itinerary with our free Event Itinerary Template. Easy drag-and-drop customization. Send out itineraries via autoresponder!

Road Trip Itinerary

Road Trip Itinerary

Conference Itinerary

Conference Itinerary

Organize a professional corporate or educational conference by using this Conference Itinerary Template. This simple PDF template is easy to use and can be customized based on your event.

Wedding Itinerary

Wedding Itinerary

You’ll have the option to change any graphic element, list additional activities, include venue information, and even add photos of the happy couple.

Meeting Itinerary

Meeting Itinerary

Impress your colleagues by showing your organizational skills with the help of this Meeting Itinerary Template. This template is easy to use and can be edited conveniently via the PDF Editor.

Cruise Itinerary

Cruise Itinerary

Inform your passengers of the arrival and destination of the cruise by using this Cruise Itinerary Template. This document displays the destination, departure time, and arrival time.

Formal Itinerary

Formal Itinerary

Save time, money, and effort by using this Formal Itinerary Template in order to manage your event. This is one of the key elements in order to have a successful formal event.

Camping Trip Itinerary

Camping Trip Itinerary

Create your Camping Itinerary straight out from Jotform with the use of this Camping Trip Itinerary Template! Stop figuring out how to start your camping itinerary document. Use this Camping Trip Itinerary PDF Template instead!

School Itinerary

School Itinerary

Organizing a school event can be a daunting task. Use this School Itinerary template in order to plan a fruitful and memorable school event. This is a simple PDF but can be very engaging.

Music Tour Itinerary

Music Tour Itinerary

Produce your Music Tour Itinerary documents using this Music Tour Itinerary PDF template by Jotform! Create your music tour schedule easily and publish a document by providing the information for your itinerary to your delegates.



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Family vacation itinerary

Nail down the details and plan a perfect getaway with travel itinerary templates

Is travel in your future? Make sure to download a Microsoft itinerary template before you go. A template for itinerary is a great tool to keep track of your reservations, addresses, activities, and more. If you’re traveling for business, use a free itinerary template to organize your travel schedule and note flights and hotels. A business travel itinerary template can also include separate pages for meeting dates, times, and locations. When the travel is for pleasure, a vacation itinerary template puts all your travel plans at your fingertips. Family itinerary templates have space to list family member’s names and blood types, good information to have in case of an accident or emergency. You can also choose a trip planner in Excel with tabs for transportation, packing lists, and emergency contacts. No matter what the purpose of your travel, it’s a wise idea to download a travel itinerary template and personal data form to record your medical and financial information. Keep a copy and leave one with a friend or family member so that your information is safe and accessible. Explore the collection before your next trip.

Get Access to ALL Templates & Editors for Just $2 a month.

pricing crown

9+ Business Itinerary Template – DOC, PDF, Excel

Business itinerary refers to a schedule to be followed in a business. It could be an itinerary for or a business tour and so on. A strategically arranged itinerary offers proper precise information about the tasks to be completed within set hours.It motivates the employees to stick to a proper schedule and fulfill the mentioned duties accordingly within the set timeline. But if you do not know how to create a business itinerary. You can also see Trip Itinerary Templates. A business itinerary template is like a pre-made business itinerary form where you are just needed to input information in designated boxes. There is no need to create the entire itinerary framework from scratch. There are many online sites from where you can get a business Itinerary Template.

business itinerary template

Business Itinerary Template Free Download

sample business itinerary template free download

Business Itinerary Template Download

business itinerary template download

Business Project Plan

business project plan

Site Visit Agenda Template

site visit agenda 3 day 2010

At Home Schedule Itinerary

copy of at home student schedule

Daily schedule Itinerary template

daily schedule itinerary template

Business Event Schedule Itinerary

business event schedule format

Business Unit Size Schedule Itinerary

business unit size schedule

More in Itinerary Templates

Get access to ALL Templates, Designs & Documents

15+ FREE & Premium Business Itinerary - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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How to create a business travel itinerary + free template for 2023

30 Dec 2022 2 MIN READ

Brought to you by TravelPerk , the #1 business travel platform.

If you need to manage business trips you’ll know that a travel itinerary is an absolute must . 

You’ll need it as a travel manager to quickly and easily compile travel information for traveling employees. A complete and straightforward itinerary makes business trips that much easier. 

A good business travel itinerary includes:

This printable business trip itinerary is great to have when you’re not using a travel management platform—but a travel management platform takes your travel itinerary management to the next level. 

A travel management company takes care of your travel itinerary by taking details from the booking you make and manage from within the platform. It enables travel managers to quickly create business travel itineraries for traveling employees–which can be printed off or accessed via the available app.

Alongside the benefits a TMC has when creating a travel itinerary, it’s also useful when things don’t go to plan. Travel management companies often offer around-the-clock support for employees —meaning they’re able to come to the rescue if there are unexpected issues. Plus, the software makes post-trip reporting a whole lot easier, too!

If you’re ready to start optimizing your business travel with a travel management platform, try TravelPerk today . Otherwise, take a look at our traditional business travel itinerary template for your team to use on business trips.

business visit plan template

Make business travel simpler. Forever.

See our platform in action . Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, TravelPerk makes business travel simpler to manage with more flexibility, full control of spending with easy reporting, and options to offset your carbon footprint.

Find hundreds of resources on all things business travel, from tips on traveling more sustainably, to advice on setting up a business travel policy, and managing your expenses. Our latest e-books   and  blog posts  have you covered.

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Essential Business Travel Itinerary Templates for Successful Trips


Planning travel itineraries is one important aspect of an Executive Assistant’s work. Executives usually travel to meet key business partners, pursue game-changing deals, and attend high-profile conferences and meetings. The success of these mission-critical travel plans rests in the hands of smart, capable Executive Assistants (EAs).

To help EAs ace every trip, we’ve created business travel itinerary templates that steamline the travel planning process and establish a consistent standard itinerary that executives will love receiving again and again.

Many of these templates came straight from our Facebook groups for Executive Assistants ! See what nuggets of wisdom our community has to offer and jump into the conversation.   

Want to become a better professional in just 5 minutes?

Conference Travel Itinerary

To have the most successful conference experience possible, executives must follow a military-precise schedule. Conferences demand careful planning over spontaneity; if an attendee wants to network with certain people and attend certain sessions, then they have to follow a carefully engineered itinerary that heavily focuses on logistics.

Must-have details for a conference travel itinerary:

Conference travel itinerary template

Media tour itinerary.


Unlike conference itineraries, media tour itineraries rely on flexibility and leeway. Plan an itinerary with plenty of breathing room in between media meetings to accommodate and even encourage the possibility that meetings will run over time. In the world of the media tour, a long-running meeting might simply mean an executive is building solid relationships with media professionals.

Must-have details for a media tour itinerary:

Media tour itinerary template

International travel itinerary.


The success of an international travel itinerary hinges on preparation designed to give travelers the tools they need to understand the basics of communicating and navigating through different countries.

Must-have details for an international travel itinerary:

International travel itinerary template

Sales roadshow travel itinerary.


Don’t ever hit the road without a well-planned sales roadshow itinerary.

Must-have details for a sales roadshow itinerary:

Sales roadshow itinerary template

Personal vacation travel itinerary.


Even relaxed personal vacations can benefit from structured itineraries.

Must-have details for a personal vacation itinerary:

Personal vacation itinerary template

Which itinerary would help you? Let us know in the comment section below!

P.S. Many of these templates came straight from our  Facebook groups for Executive Assistants ! See what nuggets of wisdom our community has to offer and jump into the conversation. 

Interested in a content partnership? Let’s chat!

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business visit plan template

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business visit plan template

SnackNation is a healthy office snack delivery service that makes healthy snacking fun, life more productive, and workplaces awesome. We provide a monthly, curated selection of healthy snacks from the hottest, most innovative natural food brands in the industry, giving our members a hassle-free experience and delivering joy to their offices.

business visit plan template

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Great concepts here. Great from those who do a lot of corporate traveling!

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My husband travels often for his work here in Cardiff, and he asked me to find him tips on how to help with his executive travel. We love how you talked about having all the times and details on hand and making sure that you are easily able to skim and find crucial information. We will keep these tips in mind in addition to getting a professional who can help my husband as he travels.

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Corporate Travel Itinerary Templates For A Successful Trip


Planning every detail always leads to effective business travel management. Thorough planning can help companies ensure employees’ safety and give them a good trip experience. Hence, all organizations should lay out the details regarding their employees’ transportation and accommodation before every business trip by creating a corporate travel itinerary. 

A corporate travel itinerary can help your employees be extra prepared for a business trip. It can help them keep all pertinent information at hand –  they can note their travel dates, flight number, hotel name, etc., on the travel itinerary. 

Here is an infographic showing the details that travel managers should include in a corporate travel itinerary.

corporate travel itinerary for a business trip

If you would like to know more about creating a travel itinerary and get free, customizable copies of corporate travel itinerary templates suitable for different types of business trips, please read on.

What Should A Corporate Travel Itinerary Include

A well-built business travel itinerary should accomplish two goals. First, it should have all the details about a business trip. Seconds, it should also be simple to read and easy to follow. To create such an itinerary, you must include the following essential elements:

1. Details about the hotel/accommodation

Include the details of the check-in and check-out time along with the address of the hotel. You can also add some more details, like the amenities they can expect at the hotel to make their trip more enjoyable. 

2. Transportation time and details

Include the overall trip’s transportation details, like the arrival and departure times and the terminals. When does the employee leave home for the airport/station? How will the employee travel from the airport to the hotel? Details of the car rental service, if any.  Are there any layovers in between? You can also include the parking details for personal vehicles. 

3. Day-to-day schedule details

Include any places your employees would be visiting for client meetings. How much time would they give for snack breaks and meals? You can also suggest if they would need to wear formal clothes, the weather forecast, travel packing suggestions, etc.

Apart from this, ensure your travel itinerary includes your company’s name and logo and your employee’s name, designation, & department. 

Corporate Travel Itinerary Templates That You Can Start Using Right Away

You must create different business travel itineraries depending on the type of business trip. For instance, an international itinerary might require additional details like the time-zone difference, which might not be necessary for a domestic itinerary.

Hence, to accommodate all the necessary details, you can use pre-built business travel itinerary templates. Here are a few examples of conference travel itinerary templates, international travel itinerary templates, and media tour itinerary templates. 

Conference travel itinerary template (Domestic travel)




International travel itinerary template



Media tour itinerary template 

Optimize your time with corporate travel itinerary templates.

A business travel itinerary template can help your employees stay more organized and manage their time effectively.  On the other hand, you, as a travel manager , get an idea about the budget for the entire trip. It’s a win-win for both you and your employees.

However, as the corporate travel itinerary template has several details, always make sure you proofread it at least thrice before sending it to your employees.  

We have created a customizable business travel itinerary template you can use to plan any trip in your company. To grab your free copy, click on the button below.

New call-to-action

Manage Your Travel Better With ITILITE

While travel itineraries are very useful to keep track of your activities, it is a thing of the past. A SaaS-based travel management platform like ITILITE helps your employees manage and update the travel itineraries with ease.

With ITILITE , your employees can quickly take care of all their bookings, expense reporting, and much more, so they have time to invest in health, wellness, and productivity. To know more, book a demo with our product expert today! 

business visit plan template

Get the FREE demo of ITILITE to try these features yourself.  

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