Is Chegg Worth it? Is Chegg Study Pack worth paying for: 2021

Is Chegg Worth it

Chegg is an online platform that helps the student to study and get affordable textbooks. As a student, it is vital to know how it charges its service. For this case, there is a monthly subscription of $ 14.95.

Is Chegg Worth It

I have used Chegg for 4 years now and based on my experience, and I think the price is quite reflective of the service. In my view, the value that the subscriber gets is considered a fair amount in terms of pricing by Chegg.

A unique platform

As an online service, it is worth it by providing the paid products to its users. Also, Chegg is a legit website that provides its services uniquely. What makes it legit is that it is effective, fast and efficient.

Is Chegg Study Pack Worth it?

For further clarifications, you have the privilege to access a team of experts who will offer you practical solutions to all your questions within no time.

Yes, this Chegg study pack is worth your attention because it offers you relevant concepts supporting your coursework. And by the way, anything that adds to your grade is worth investing in.

Is Chegg Tutoring Worth it?

In addition, the payment of 14.95 is fair because the lessons are always at par with your course syllabus. Chegg hires experts who must prove that they have the relevant knowledge of respective subjects.

Interacting with Expert Tutors

Whenever you missed a lesson with your teacher or professor and would want some clarifications, the present tutor can prepare a thirty-minute session where you have a chance to benefit from his teachings.

Is Chegg Worthy the Subscription Money

However, every coin has two sides. One of its notable downsides is that being a tutor is very competitive.


Study help tailored to your courses

Expert learning support, study smarter & save on food.


Expert Q&As

Access millions of expert solutions designed for your best study sessions. Learn by seeing each clear & concise step.


Textbook Solutions

Understand your tough textbook problems. Walk through each part of the solution step by step.


FREE DashPass Student membership with your Chegg Study Pack 1

Prices starting at $15.95/mo., cancel anytime

94% of Chegg customers say they get better grades when they use Chegg to understand their coursework 2


Designed for you

Get a personalized dashboard that knows where you are in your courses and recommends what to study next.

Here for every moment


Homework help

Study with 84+ million step-by-step explanations, Expert Q&As & math support.


Exam prep & practice

Figure out what you don’t know & get ready for test day with practice exams. 3


Understand a topic

Simplify the toughest concepts with digestible topic breakdowns & videos. 3


Writing & citations

Find plagiarism checks, expert proofreading & instant citations all in one place.

Course Help

1. ^   DashPass Student membership offer: promotion valid until 8/1/2023 for current Chegg Study Pack subscribers who are at least 18 years old, reside in the U.S., and are enrolled in an accredited college or university in the U.S. Access to one DashPass for Students Membership per Chegg Study Pack account holder. You may only be enrolled in one DashPass plan at a time; current DashPass subscribers will need to cancel their current subscription to redeem this offer. If you cancel your Chegg Study Pack subscription or upon termination of the offer and 30 days’ notice from DoorDash, you will continue to be enrolled in the DashPass for Students membership and will be charged the DashPass subscription auto-renews at $4.99/month after you cancel Chegg Study Pack or upon 30 days’ notice DashPass for Students membership fee (plus any applicable taxes) on a recurring basis until you cancel your DashPass for Students membership. Any payment method designated in your DoorDash account may be charged. DashPass benefits apply only to eligible orders that meet the minimum subtotal requirement listed on DoorDash for each participating merchant. Other fees (including service fee), taxes, and gratuity may apply on your DashPass orders. Offer subject to change and may be modified or terminated at any time. No cash value. Not transferable. See full offer terms and conditions here and full DashPass terms and conditions here .

2. ^   Chegg survey fielded between April 23-April 25, 2021 among customers who used Chegg Study and Chegg Study Pack in Q1 2020 and Q2 2021. Respondent base (n=745) among approximately 144,000 invites. Individual results may vary. Survey respondents (up to 500,000 respondents total) were entered into a drawing to win 1 of 10 $500 e-gift cards.

3.   a   b   Not available for all subjects.

4. ^   Calm Premium offer: This offer is provided at no cost to subscribers of Chegg Study Pack. No cash value. Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit  here  for complete details.

Recently Asked Questions

Is chegg study worth it?

chegg homework help vs study pack

I've been debating on whether or not chegg is worth it as an engineering student (2nd year) Any thoughts/reccomendations?

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I've had it for the last 5 years, totally worth it IMO. More useful than a lot of my textbooks, but make sure you use it responsibly. A lot of my classmates have hurt their own learning (and gotten themselves into trouble) by just blindly copying answers instead of using it as a tool to get unstuck on homework and check answers.

It depends on the class atmosphere and your own self-discipline. In some classes with bad professors, it can be nearly impossible to understand how to solve homework problems without using chegg. However, if you become dependent on chegg to do the homework, you will perform poorly on exams and end up with a poor grade in the class.

Worth it! I like to use it as a guide. Sometimes I get stuck on a problem and the instructors or tutors aren’t always available. Especially with all this online stuff going on now.

Don’t use your real name, create a burner email account and don’t use school/emails with your name, don’t use your real university, use a VPN, pay with PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay to mask your name from ever touching that website.

People that use it just as you probably will for simply furthering learning or learning more than is currently available or for tutoring, etc. have been screwed by professors thinking it is “cheating” even if you don’t use it to access any course material or do not post or even if you access content and do not use it.

Basically be careful and ensure if a professor notes not to use chegg explicitly, they are the type to use it to entrap students who make the poor decisions to actually cheat and end up screwing those who do not and use it responsibly.

But yeah it’s a great learning tool, if used wisely. Don’t get addicted to it or you won’t learn a thing and will get yourself in a hot mess.

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chegg homework help vs study pack

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Chegg vs Bartleby: Which Study Platform Wins The Battle in 2023?

Learning from electronic devices at our own pace is the most preferable choice by many people across the world.

Physical textbooks and workbooks are not likely to purchase and gaining knowledge is the old theory and as online learning platforms came into existence to provide textbooks and so you can easily store them on your device and learn from it whenever you want.

Today, we have two online platforms which are online learning platforms named Chegg and Bartleby.

Chegg vs Bartleby: Indepth comparison

Signup On Chegg Now – Get First Week Trial

Both of these platforms are online education service providers with premium quality and also extremely user-friendly. You can see that both offer the students from free materials to paid textbooks and you’re going to learn each subject step by step with in-depth explanations with the help of theirs experts.

If you’re in confusion to pick the right one, then we are here to compare Chegg vs Bartleby, and from this, you can decide and select according to your choice.

👍 What is Chegg?


Chegg is an online education service provider where you can get digital textbooks, online tutoring, scholarships, internships, and clearly, it helps high school and college students. You can learn everything from Chegg as it provides textbook solutions, Expert Q&A, Practice problems, and Video Explanations. The mission of Chegg is to help every student to achieve their best in school and college.

😚 Pros and Cons of Chegg

👍 What is Bartleby?


Bartleby is an online education platform that provides access to textbook solutions, expert Q&A sessions, every subject expert, and you can learn better than ever before.

Because of its step-by-step explanations, you can learn the subject with ease and the experts provide answers 24/7. Another advantage of Bartleby is it offers writing assistance for all kinds of students. At your own pace, you can learn any subject at any time as you want and there are no restrictions to learn the subject in a particular period of time.

Signup On Bartleby Now – Get Discount

😚 Pros and Cons of Bartleby

😍 What Chegg and Bartleby Offers us?

These two online education platforms offers video explanations, and guide properly to the students every subject with ease. Look at the comparision of Chegg vs Bartleby and what are the functionalities it provides us.

✔️ Chegg Review

Chegg offers various textbooks, and so you can study easily at your own pace. Let’s see more in detail what’s inside the Chegg.

Chegg Books

In Chegg, your textbooks will come with an offer and there is a possibility to save up to 90%, and if you likely to dropping or shipping classes then don’t worry Chegg returns the money within 21 days. At the same time, it offers 4 weeks trial period and so it’ll be easy to analyze exactly its textbook solutions, assignments, and all other important things.

You can rent or purchase a book with Chegg, and it is up to you, you can return the book as well according to the prepaid shipping label. You can highlight the points in the book but you’re not allowed to write anything on the book. Chegg is the ideal homework companion where you can get perfect solutions and from this, you can boost your grades too.

Chegg Study

In Chegg study, you’ll get textbook solutions as well as expert Q & A, and find out more

Chegg Writing

Chegg will help you to write the content from beginning to end as it provides Plagiarism scans, expert writing help 24/7, and automatic citations.

What are the inclusions in Chegg writing subscription are:

You’ll get the writing help of the Grammar including with Plagiarism checker, Grammar check, and Essay checker.

Chegg Flashcards

If you want to conquer any course then this Flashcards at Chegg is for you, just jump into the free flashcards and select the subjects that are perfect for you to study what you want. Find cards, Flip, and the work is done.

If you’re getting ready for your exams then study with the Chegg experts to achieve your goals. Flashcards are available for every subject and pick which is suitable for you.

Math Solver

Chegg Math Solver

In less time you can understand the math problems as they provide easy steps to learn and follow. If your primary subject is maths then Chegg is best in this as compare to Bartleby.

✔️ Bartleby Review

Now, let’s have a look into what exactly Bartleby offers to us

Bartleby Learn

Bartleby Learn

If you want to study smarter then Bartleby allows you to access millions of a searchable digital base of homework solutions, textbook solutions, and the subject matter experts will available 24/7 to help you out with your homework whenever you want.

Bartleby Write

Bartleby Write

Avoid looking at an empty screen or empty paper as Bartleby is for you to make it easier to write the essay compositions with its new favorite plagiarism checker and grammar checker. Bartleby’s all in one writing tool will help you write the essay as it is designed to reduce the mistakes while writing the content or essays and also helps to improve in writing habits at the same time transform your essays that are perfect into stellar ones. You can submit your essay papers which are okay with confidence and the price for all is only $9.99/month.

Bartleby Tutor

Bartleby Tutor

If you have any doubt about your homework question or a one-time question, you’ll get a private study session at Bartleby. The team Bartleby will provide live tutors and they are available 24/7 and it is a great thing to make and understand the problem solving methods with ease. Now, get started with a 15-minute session with Bartleby and you’ll understand how their team is dedicated to explain the problems in easy methods at any time.

🎁 Pricing Plans of Bartleby vs Chegg

Bartleby Pricing Plans

The subscription plan for Bartleby for the period of seven days is $4.99 and you can start your trial now. If you’re satisfied with Bartleby means, you can go with a monthly subscription plan and this plan costs $9.99. In this, you’ll get

After the trial period, Bartleby will automatically renew the monthly subscription plan and you can cancel at any time you want. Buy the plan and enjoy uninterrupted learning with automatic renewal and convenient billing terms.

When compared to Bartleby, the Chegg pricing plan is a little bit higher.

Chegg Pricing Plans

Chegg Study subscription plan costs $14.95 monthly and it includes

Chegg Math solver costs $9.95/month and in this, you’ll get

Chegg writing subscription plan costs $9.95/month and you’ll get in this plan are

If you want to take all the packs together then Chegg offers the Chegg Study Pack and the price of this plan is $19.95/month .

✌️ Students Reviews on Chegg vs Bartleby

The students who learn from these two platforms are provided their reviews and their reviews tell us that they are extremely happy by learning with Chegg and Bartleby. Not only the students but some of the top universities are also provided their reviews on Bartleby and from this, we can analyze on these platforms are attracting the students to learn at their own pace. You just not only learn as you will get clarity to solve the questions in detail procedures because these are very crucial platforms that will explain the questions in a step by step manner and it helps throughout the learning process.

The expert’s high-quality video tutorials are the main advantage of these platforms to solve your questions of any subject. Look on the below screenshot how Chegg and Bartleby helps the students in their words

Chegg Students Review

🔥 Final words on Chegg vs Bartleby 🔥

We have discussed Chegg vs Bartleby, as they both are online education platforms that will help the students to teach the problem solving questions. These platforms have the efficiency in providing benefits for the students in all ways and both are good to use. If you want to pick the best one means it completely depends on reviewing the price, features, and more. Each platform has both advantages and disadvantages and from this, you have to check, identify your needs, and select any of them.

Compared to Bartleby’s pricing plan with Chegg, Bartleby costs lesser than Chegg. If you’re looking for accurate solutions for your math problem then Chegg is for you and you shouldn’t miss it because it provides the maths solving with deeper insights. On the other side, Bartleby is popular for paper writing and if you’re the one to write a full-fledged research paper without any mistakes or errors then Bartleby is for you.

But if we observe both having the same functionalities like providing answers for your homework questions within 30 minutes, the experts of Chegg and Bartleby are available at any time and anywhere as you want. For more real-time engagement they connect the students with the help of messages or collaborate through audio. These are the main functionalities that attract the audiences to pick and use the platform. So, it’s your turn, pick the right platform & start learning.

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

✌️ what is chegg & bartleby q&a.

Chegg and Bartleby Q&A means the service as you are allowed to ask academic questions and you'll receive step-by-step solutions from the experts as fast as possible.

😇 How to attach an image to the question in both the platforms Chegg and Bartleby?

Typing the question is the difficult part, so you can attach the image by taking a screenshot and attach to your homework questions. Be sure that the image must be clear, and the experts will take your question and solve it in a step by step by guide.

👊 What is Plagiarism and how these platforms will help you out from plagiarism?

Plagiarism means copying someone's work and representing it as your own work. In order to avoid this, Chegg and Bartleby scan your paperwork to avoid such things.

🤗 Is it possible to use expert Q&A for essay or paper writing to help?

Expert Q&A is not meant for writing help, so for your essay writing or paper writing help, you have to contact the support system and they'll guide you for more details. If you submit your writings to expert Q&A then there might be delay in your assignments and projects.

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chegg homework help vs study pack

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Saving broke students one textbook at a time, Chegg seeks to remove the obstacles standing in the way of your education by offering educational services at low prices. Get access to the answers you need, do things your way, and save your money for the more important things by using our coupons. 

With deals available for your entire list this coming school year and our selection of Chegg coupons, you’ll never have to pay full price for textbooks again.

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Chegg Coupons March 2023

$5.99 your 1st month with this Chegg discount code (70% off)

Chegg coupon: 25% off the first month of your subscription, chegg coupon for 20% off your first month, free shipping on your order over $35 with this chegg coupon, free shipping, 25% off chegg promo code with the student discount, up to 90% off all used textbooks + free shipping over $35, textbook rentals for up to 90% off, 30-90% off various college textbooks, unlimited rental time with $6.99 ebooks subscription, science books for over 20% off, free ebooks while you wait for your textbook to arrive, limited time: free calm premium with study pack subscription, free subscription, at least 20% off business and economics books, free solution manuals with chegg study, chegg study subscription for $15.95 a month, free doordash pass included with your subscription - limited time, proofreading, grammar checks and more with chegg writing for $9.95/mo, money back guarantee on all your orders, chegg study pack membership for up to 20% off (now $19.95 per month), etextbooks starting from $5, digital access codes starting from $11.99, from $11.99, unlimited math solver for $9.95/mo, study with free flash cards or create your own, free resources, check for plagiarism on all your papers for free, free grammar checker tool, cite your work with this free tool, free citation, free ereader app to read your ebooks on-the-go, free returns on all textbooks, free returns, free skips and cancellations anytime, free cancellation, previously popular chegg coupon codes, chegg coupon: 50% off both subscription packs, 25-30% off your subscription using this chegg coupon, exclusive: $5 off your first month using this chegg coupon, chegg coupon: free shipping on orders of $35 or more, chegg coupon for 20% off textbook rentals or purchases, 70% off your first month with this chegg promo code - limited time, 70% off chegg study or study pack subscription with this chegg promo code, 20% off your first month of chegg study using this chegg coupon, chegg coupon: 10% off your first month of chegg study, free shipping on orders of $35 or more with this chegg coupon, free shipping when you spend $35 or more, free standard shipping on $45+ orders, free shipping on books over $40 - limited time, free shipping on all orders over $45, free shipping on $50 orders, faqs for chegg, does chegg have a student discount.

While they don't currently offer a student discount, they offer 24/7 study help from experts with Chegg Study.

Can I get a free trial of Chegg?

Yes, you can enjoy a 4 week free trial of Chegg Study that comes with step-by-step assistance with your courses and access to the professional tutors.

Does Chegg have free shipping?

Yes! All textbooks purchased from the Chegg website come with free shipping when you spend at least $35 on your purchase.

How do I redeem a Chegg coupon?

To save money on your subscription or textbook order, you can apply one of our Chegg coupons at checkout. After entering your payment information, look for the "Got coupon?" link underneath to apply your code.

Does Chegg have a free trial?

While the brand doesn't always offer a free trial, they occasionally allow new customers to try out Chegg Study at no cost for a limited time. Check back to this page to see when the free trial is available next!

Does Chegg allow coupon stacking?

Unfortunately, the brand does not allow coupon stacking. Customers may apply only one valid Chegg promo code per order. However, consider placing separate orders to use both coupons; remember, orders above $35 receive free shipping.

How can I use the cancellation or return policy at Chegg?

You can access a return shipping label in your Chegg account within 21 days of renting a textbook. The cancellation or return policy states that you will receive a full refund minus the cost of shipping the original order.

Does Chegg have sales?

Chegg will always have discounts on textbooks but does not offer regular clearance sales. Used textbooks are up to 90% cheaper at Chegg, and there will be plenty of promo codes and coupons to use on a subscription.

Does Chegg have a rewards program?

Signing up for the Chegg rewards program requires paying for a subscription. The Study Pack gives you access to multiple perks, such as textbook support, free expert help, and free Calm Premium.

More Affordable Textbooks

If you want the most affordable textbook option, buying or renting used copies is the way. And if you have used textbooks from previous classes not from Chegg, the brand has partnered with GoTextbooks so you can sell your textbook and get paid in cash. Plus the shipping is free, so you’ll be able to put that cash directly into your savings.

You can check the site under the “Coupon” section, to find even better discounts. Or, if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, come back to this page to find the latest Chegg promotions, and grab a coupon code to use towards your next order or membership subscription.

Plus, Chegg offers additional services like textbook solutions from experts. When you get stuck on your Immunology question, professionals assist you when you sign up for a membership. With our promotional codes, you can sign up for a membership at a discounted price - making getting the help you need even more affordable!

Find a Chegg Tutor

Believing that all students should get the help they need without spending a fortune, Chegg offers online tutors at affordable prices so you can feel better about the extra assistance. Available in a wide array of subjects and topics to help you wherever you need, Chegg tutors are available 24/7 and are ready to fit seamlessly into your schedule. Answers to your most complex problems are always just a few clicks away. 

Chegg also offers writing services such as helping you format those MLA or APA citations on your latest essay, or exam prep to help you prepare for that upcoming test. Plus you can take advantage of plagiarism checks and proofreading services to ensure your writing is clear.

Learn on the Go

The brand offers a selection of mobile apps to help you get the most out of your subscription. No matter what you’re studying, you are sure to find something on the app that will help you no matter where you are. You can even access tutors 24/7, and it’s as easy as simply taking a picture of what you’re struggling with. Download the Chegg apps to suit your needs on your iOS or Android device today.

Shop for Used Textbooks Worry-Free

The prices of new textbooks are sky-high. Thankfully, Chegg offers used textbooks at highly discounted prices. You do not have to use a Chegg coupon to take advantage of the low prices. Simply enter the textbook’s ISBN or title to compare a new textbook's cost to a Chegg textbook's cost.

Used textbooks also qualify for free shipping on orders over $35. The company also offers a lengthy return policy on its used textbooks. All used books qualify for a 21-day return period. All returns processed during this time are provided with a free return shipping label.

Unlock Access to Calm Premium

The Study Pack offers exclusive access to several apps, including Door Dash and Calm Premium. Calm Premium is the top-rated app to help you sleep better and relax. You can relieve stress or improve your focus by using guided meditation sessions, breathwork training, or stretching exercises. There are hundreds of guided meditation classes available on the Calm Premium app.

Pricing for the Chegg Study Pack starts at  $15.95 per month, and you can cancel anytime with no hidden fees. The $0 delivery fees with the DashPass Student Membership, as well as free access to Calm Premium, more than pays for the subscription cost.

Return Policy

If you no longer need the textbook you ordered, you have 21 days from the day you placed your order to return your physical books for a full refund. Just take your prepaid UPS return label, pack your items, and drop them off at your nearby UPS location. If you want to return an eTextbook, you can easily cancel it within 14 days. If it has been longer than 21 or 14 days, depending on your order, call or chat with the Chegg customer service team, and they’ll help you figure it out.

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  2. Is Chegg Worth it? Is Chegg Study Pack worth paying for: 2021

    Chegg Study Pack is worth it due to the uniqueness of the solutions the subscriber gets and the exactness of the answers to questions asked. What makes the study pack worth the $19.95 subscription is the ability to get specific answers to your questions. Getting cheap book rentals also makes Chegg a service worth paying for.

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    Chegg Study Pack represents a $14.90 monthly savings over individual subscriptions to Chegg Study ($14.95), Math Solver ($9.95) and Writing ($9.95), which add up to $34.95 purchased separately. You can purchase additional Expert Q&A questions if you use more than 20 in a month.

  5. Is chegg study worth it? : r/EngineeringStudents - reddit

    However, if you become dependent on chegg to do the homework, you will perform poorly on exams and end up with a poor grade in the class. Worth it! I like to use it as a guide. Sometimes I get stuck on a problem and the instructors or tutors aren’t always available. Especially with all this online stuff going on now.

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    Chegg Basic Services $14.95/per month 21-day purchased book return Up to 90% discount on textbooks One-month free access to Chegg Study Pack Post 20 questions per month (to Q&A experts) visit website Chegg Study Pack $19.95/per month All basic services Instructor-made materials Practice sets Plagiarism checker visit website

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    Study Pack – The study pack in Chegg will help the students to get better grades as it has more tools like homework solutions, expert Q&A, video solving solutions, offers practice problems, and plagiarism checkers. Another advantage is you can learn the subjects at any time and anywhere from core classes to upper classes and so the tools will ...

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    Chegg Coupon: 50% off both subscription packs Whether you're looking for homework help or need a little extra help in specific courses like math, writing, and more, choose your perfect...