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Week One Assignment Database Management System IT510

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International Research Week 2004 Salford Manchester UK

Ümit Işıkdağ

dbms assignment pdf

Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering

Mahmoud Halfawy

Automation in Construction

Infrastructure systems typically comprise complex and highly interdependent networks, and therefore, the need to adopt integrated approaches to infrastructure management is widely recognized. However, successful implementation of such approaches largely depends on the ability to integrate and share disparate data and software resources distributed across different departments and, possibly, organizations. The development of integrated information models and software environments in various infrastructure domains, the key enablers for realizing the desired integration, are currently becoming the focus of many research efforts. This paper describes the development of integrated municipal information models, based on ISO spatial data standards, to support efficient data integration, sharing, and management. It also presents a federated multi-tier reference architecture to facilitate the development and deployment of integrated infrastructure management environments (IIME). Implementation of a prototype IIME that integrates heterogeneous data sources and applications into an open, coherent, and interoperable environment is also discussed. The prototype environment integrated a number of distributed data sources and applications to support several processes typically conducted within municipal sewer and water departments.

Pericles Loucopoulos

Turbulence is in the nature of business environments. Changes brought about because of different requirements such as social, political, technical and economic, exert pressures on organisations to respond in a timely and cost effective way to these challenges. In such an unstable environment information system developers are challenged to develop systems that can meet the requirements of modern organisations.

Cornelia Boldyreff

Abstract We describe a software artefact repository that provides its contents with some awareness of their own creation." Active" artefacts are distinguished from their passive counterparts by their enriched meta-data model which reflects the work-flow process that created them, the actors responsible, the actions taken to change the artefact, and various other pieces of organisational knowledge.

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Assignment 1 - Database Management System

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dbms assignment pdf


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