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Understanding the changes that are taken place on Earth is a critical aspect of living on it. All human activities are dictated by what is happening in their environment. Understanding the natural phenomenon involved in these changes is why this is such an important branch of science. Our civilization is entirely reliant on natural resources that are available to us to perform essential activities. Being able to take data and understand weather and climate changes is essential to our own wellness. We learn about the rock that we have lived on, as a species, for just over 6,000 years. The Earth is made up of many layers that we are learning more about every week. Did you know that human made erosion is accelerating at an unprecedented pace? The Earth has a lot of cool things like geysers. These can be thought of as Earth's sweat glands. The only difference is that some geysers can shoot water at a pressure that is enough to tear your skin off.

These worksheets will begin by helping students learn to name and identify many natural structures and help them understand their function and purpose. We will then take a dive into the planet itself. We will look and the layers of the Earth and learn what takes place at each level. We will look at the concepts of hemispheres and the result of natural phenomena that is created as a result. We end off by looking at the gaseous layers of the atmosphere and explore the current scientific community thinking of those layers. Worksheets range from simple navigation of the ocean floor, underground water deposits, landforms, layers of Earth, hemispheres, and atmospheric layers.

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Print earth science worksheets, click the buttons to print each worksheet and associated answer key., water found underground.

We can construct artesian wells to tap this water and bring it to the surface for drinking.

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The Ocean Floor

The ocean floor stretches from the seashore all the way to the middle of the ocean and has a variety of features with names that describe them.


Landforms in the United States

Identify each of these regions by providing the name of the region on the diagram below using the terms that are provided.

Earth's Layers

In addition to the water and land on the surface, the Earth has four layers from the outside to the inside.

More About Earth's Layers

If you imagine the Earth to be like an apple or an orange, you could cut a section out and look inside. If you did this, you would see four layers.

Earth's Hemispheres

The Earth is a giant sphere and can be divided into halves of equal sizes called hemispheres.

Two Hemispeheres

Everyone lives in more than one hemisphere. You can't live in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres at the same time or the Eastern and Western Hemisphere at the same time.

Layers of the Atomosphere

Each layer has different features and things that can be seen there.

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High School Earth Science Worksheets and Answer Keys, Study Guides and Vocabulary Sets.

Earth Science encompasses four main branches of study which include geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy.

Earth Science Worksheets and Study Guides High School

Our solar system, stars, galaxies, and the universe, earth's waters, weathering and erosion, exploring planet earth, earth's crust, earth's surface, lab investigations, maps as models of the earth, minerals ii, the history of earth, the rock cycle, the science of earth science, weather and climate, earth`s climate, the atmosphere, newpath learning resources are fully aligned to us education standards. select a standard below to view aligned activities for your selected subject and grade:.

Earth Science Worksheets

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The name types of indicates that it is only about our planet, but there are many different aspects that you will discover as you study this field. It begins with geology which studies the stuff that makes up the Earth. Within this particular field we will often study the two things that help shape landforms across the planet and those are earthquakes or plate shifting and volcanoes. After we are done investigating the Earth itself, we look to things that surround it mainly the atmosphere. This includes air pressure, humidity, wind, and temperature. All of these variables affect weather patterns and ultimately the climate within certain regions. Just over seventy percent of the planet is covered in water, mostly in the form of ocean water. This is another area where we require a great deal of consideration and study. The last thing to explore are the structures beyond this world in space and astronomy is that field. We explore how other bodies such as the sun, the moon, and other planets affect Earth.

Sun's Composition

We breakdown key features of the Earth and sun. We also explore the space shuttle.

Food Chains

We take a look at how living things interact with their environment which includes nutrition, biomes, food chains and nature webs.


Erosion & Weathering

We look at how Mother Nature grooms herself and land forms and evolves over time.

Fossil Record

We learn how to gauge the relative age of a fossil based on the fossil record.

Vocabulary Sheet

Earth & Physical Science Vocabulary

Relevant words form students that are studying this topic.

Earth's Layers

Plate Tectonics

We look at how Earth's plates interact to form new landforms and we look inside the Earth itself and break it down into layers.


Rocks & Minerals

Students explore the different types of rocks and how they form. They will also explore the concept of the rock cycle.


Solar System

Students explore their own galaxy. They look at how the planets orbit and revolve. We also look at how angles of sun coverage forms seasons.

Topographic Map

Students learn how to read topographical maps and create, use, and manipulate benchmarks.

The Cycle

Water Cycle

Students observe and identify all stages of this cycle and grab an understanding of where it fits in.

Weather Data

We learn how long periods of weather is forecasted and predicted.

earth science worksheets pdf

  Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Section 2 Notes  (PDF 3.15 MB)

  Chp 2 and 3: Maps and Models and Earth's Movements Notes  (PDF 9.74 MB)

  Chps 4 and 5 Atoms to Minerals Notes  (PDF 7.08 MB)

  Chp 6: Rock Notes  (PDF 2.18 MB)

  Chp 14: Weathering, Soils, and Mass Wasting Notes  (PDF 7.53 MB)

  Chp 15 & 16: Surface water and Groundwater Notes  (PDF 4.87 MB)

  Chapter 10 Plate Tectonics  (PDF 4.05 MB)

  Chapter 12 and 13 Earthquakes and Volcanoes  (PDF 7.54 MB)

  Astronomy History Notes  (PDF 58 KB)

  Constellation Notes  (PDF 42 KB)


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