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fast food restaurant business plan in pakistan

How To Start Your Own Fast Food Business In Pakistan

Fast food is an industry that is growing at a tremendous pace in every part of the world. It promises to deliver food to customers at affordable prices with extra benefits like customer service, loyalty cards, etc. 

There are many variations being introduced in fast-food chains and restaurants nowadays. However, with rising competition in terms of factors like design, atmospherics, and ambiance, Pakistan is one such country that lives up to expectations for excelling in the fast-food business. But, there are many things to understand for starting a food brand in the country. The guide below gives a detailed overview of ‘how to start fast food business in Pakistan’. 

The Rapid Growth Of The Fast Food Industry In Pakistan

Growth In Fast Food Industry In Pakistan

A Bird’s-Eye View

The fast-food industry has grown at an impressive rate in Pakistan in the past few decades. People from different parts have shown a particular preference for Pakistani cuisine due to its variety and unique taste. 

However, the increase in fast food chains and Multinational Chains (MNCs) such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, Mcdonald’s, Subway, etc., have also contributed to the growth of this industry. But since these outlets are present worldwide, local competitors have made up to the level of these franchises to deliver similar food types at a much lower price. 

The most popular local fast-food restaurants are found in Pakistani cities like Kolachi, Mirage, Usmania, Kababjees, Bundu Khan, etc. These provide more specific and regional taste, which gives purity to the food. 

With the rapid increase in population, the growth is also visible in demand for fast food. The number of people employed in the food restaurant business is also remarkable, with more women getting jobs in the sector.

Another reason for this rise is consumer convenience. Various fast food outlets are structured in shopping malls, public transportation stops and stands, etc. These added utilities have provided competitive people to work better in a fast-paced environment. 

Popular Fast Food Choices

Different Fast Food Choices In Pakistan

It is vital for you to tap the existing and popular markets in the region. There are various pre-existing fast-food giants in Pakistan like Dominos, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and many others. 

Therefore, consumers have brand loyalty toward these big franchises. There are two options for you to start a fast-food startup in Pakistan. One is that you can offer the same kind of food these MNCs offer, like burgers, pizzas, rolls, etc. The other is that you can compete in an entirely different market by offering local cuisine, which can reap high rewards with additional risks.

Furthermore, you should understand the merits and demerits of both options before arriving at the final decision. However, the most popular fast food choices in the country can be summed up as follows:

Preparation For Fast Food Business

Fast Food Business Preparation

After scanning through the market and the popular fast food preferences of the customers, it is crucial to follow a standard procedure for launching the fast-food business. You should also consider a target market for your offerings as it will help in providing special offers to specific classes. 

Food & Menu

The first and foremost thing to decide is the food item the food startup will offer. You should think from the customer’s perspective and derive their preferences. On the basis of the food, the top-level or management decides the menu. The menu should be broken down into different cuisine types like burgers, pizzas, etc. 

The decision for choosing a suitable food option involves researching the market, competitors, customer preferences, geographical location, demand, supply, and many such factors. 


Competitors determine how a fast food restaurant will be set up in Pakistan. A proper competitor analysis will help sort out confusion and chaos in the minds of a business planner. Moreover, it will give direction as competitors are the primary benchmark setters. 

Customer Preferences

Detailed analysis and profiling of customers will help clear out which items to include and avoid. As they are the king and the ultimate revenue sources, it is important to prioritize them. Even if the trend for some particular fast food is rising in a particular location, it might not work well with the customers in your business area. 

Geographical Location

Understanding the customers in the setup area will determine the priorities of the fast-food restaurant and human resource management. For example, a pizza startup in the XYZ location might result in sales and revenue increment. In contrast, another branch of the same business dealing in pizzas might not work in the ABC location due to the different volume of target customers and their preferences. 

Demand & Supply

Market forces of demand and supply are the key to establishing a successful fast food business in Pakistan. Economic phases control these market forces. As a result, it increases the purchasing power of people for some specific fast food choices, while decreases for others. 

Evaluating Restaurant Size

Restaurant size is another factor to analyze and interpret for initiating a restaurant. It might seem an easy process to understand the total area of the business and allocate specific dimensions to departments within the restaurant. But, it requires systematic planning using different tools and techniques. 

The first thing is to get the measurement of the whole working space. It is crucial to utilize the entire space for the business purpose, directly or indirectly. Interior designers can be a good option for your business for understanding the restaurant size and minimizing the wastage of resources. 

A crucial aspect in determining the actual available restaurant size is to create a floor plan. Approximate measurements of the cash counter, dining area, cooking section, etc., can relieve you and your team from last-minute problems. 

Another thing to consider is the length, width, and height of the tables, chairs, and other fixtures. The ideal dimensions of a fast-food restaurant or startup are 11 to 14 square feet. Any addition to this size is a bonus for the business. 

A Nice Place

Suitable Location For Fast-Food Business

The location of a fast-food restaurant is the most significant factor that decides the profit-earning capacity of the fast-food restaurant. It is a basic saying that when the food or taste of the cuisine is excellent, it doesn’t matter where the fast-food chain is located. 

However, it does not hold true all the time. It creates a burden on the restaurant setter to set the food standards high. When expectations rise, the chances of under-delivery also increase. On the other hand, when the taste of the food you offer is average, people will consider other options like restaurants that offer the same item with better taste. 

Therefore, it is recommended to select a restaurant location that is feasible and easily reachable by the target customers. It should have all the essential facilities nearby. A prime location for a fast food business in Pakistan will cost a bit more, but ROI is also high at such locations. 

Moreover, the restaurant should be situated where there is decent nightlife. For example, a place that gets closed by 8 or 9 pm will not be the first option for food lovers as most people prefer to have pizza, burgers, and other fast foods late at night while hanging around. Following are some basic features of a successful fast food business location.

Brand Name & Registration

The most neglected factor in a business is the brand name. Quite often, people do not research well while choosing a brand name for their startup. However, a brand name is one of the most initial things that captures a customer’s mind. 

Unique and attractive brand names are important for starting a food brand in Pakistan. A decent brand name backed with a tagline can be a perfect match for a successful fast food restro. Apart from the brand name, you should also look after the registration and legal requirements for setting up a fast-food business. 

The most common licenses for establishing the business are – 

The license can be obtained by signing into the official website, i.e., After logging in, the applicant will be required to fill in their details. 

More To Consider

Ambience As A Factor To Consider

Apart from the essentials mentioned above, there are many other things that determine the success and preparation of a fast food business in Pakistan. The above things outline the basics of a restaurant. The following factors are one step ahead of designing and creating a full-fledged fast food business. 

In-Store Decoration

In-Store Decoration Of Restaurant

The atmosphere of any business plays a vital role in today’s competitive world. Atmospherics refer to the elements of the store that attracts the customers and makes them feel comfortable. These include visual and psychological elements. 

Initially, you should plan out the theme of the physical store outlet. You should consider the layout and brainstorm various ideas around the same. These could be different color palettes or combinations, patterns, designs, wallpapers, graphics, arrangement of chairs and tables, lighting, sound system, natural odor in the store, etc. 

The most important thing to understand while designing or decorating the restaurant is to remain competitive and modern. The designers should adapt to the trends, and incorporate elements that are in demand by the customers. The ambiance creates a difference between a good restaurant and a memorable restaurant. The simplest process to excel in store decoration is shown below. 

The ultimate aim of focussing on the design and decoration of the restaurant is to make customers sit for long hours and attain customer loyalty. The most highlighting importance of atmospherics is that it creates a unique identification of the business, not only through the food or cuisine but through the decoration. 

The human resource department holds more importance when it comes to the hospitality industry. They create a critical impression on the customers. The manners, behavior, and professionalism determine the response or reaction of the customers. 

When a staff greets the customers with impressive etiquette, it increases the chances of customers visiting the restaurant again in the future. Similarly, an ill-mannered staff will receive negative criticism, which will dwindle the restaurant’s profits and lose customer loyalty. 

Therefore, proper training is necessary to control what the waiters convey to the guests or customers. Even the slightest facial expressions can demean someone. Apart from the servants or waiters, there are many other people involved in the business, such as managers, cooks, servers, busboys, dishwashers, and cleaners. 

These indirectly affect the image of the restaurant. For example, chefs will determine the quality of the food; dishwashers will control the tangible cleanliness of the dishes, etc. These impact the preferences and perceptions of people toward the fast-food business. Along with you, the managers and higher authorities should clear out the duties and responsibilities of every staff member. 

Food Catering & Serving Containers

Fast Food Business Serving Options

One of the most vital components of any food business is to ensure the quality of the food. Due to rising infections and diseases, hygiene has become a crucial factor in attracting customers. Food catering should be done keeping in mind the correct procedure.

Responsible personnel should clean the kitchen counters regularly to avoid pungent or unpleasant smells. The quality inspectors should also check the containers in which the food is served. Even the raw material containers should be inspected before using them.

Any stain or mark on the plates, bowls, or cutlery can be seen as a loss of a loyal customer. You will not only lose a customer, but will also experience a dip in brand value or recognition. It is a good idea to use machines for cleaning dishes. However, this way will incur huge costs, but will be a profitable option in the long run indirectly. 

Food Delivery Service

Food Delivery Service

Serving food is the final step from the restaurant’s end of creating a long-lasting impression on customers. As mentioned earlier, the waiters come in direct contact with the customer. They hold the power to move customers positively. They can ask for water or more food whenever they sense an opportunity. 

Apart from serving food, they are also responsible for ensuring the safety of the people. For example, when a sizzler is served, they should warn or ask the guests to beware of the plate. They can give advice gently so that they do not hurt themselves. If they see a child or baby having a fork or knife in their hands, they can alert them. In such ways, a servant can make a good impression. 

In many cases, the fast food outlets operate in a self-service model. People are required to order their food and pick up their orders from the counter themselves. This works well when there are a massive number of pending orders. Fast food giants like Mcdonald’s work in this mode at specific locations due to the high volume of orders. Remember to use safe and green take out packaging, especially hot food like burgers .

Marketing & Advertisements

Pushing the restaurant to the customers is useful to enhance the business profitability in a short time. Marketing and advertising will help the startup to be easily visible to the public. If the budget is enough to create an effective marketing plan, you should go for hoardings, influencers, and pamphlets distribution. 

You can also spread positive word of mouth through the network of waiters, chefs, friends, relatives, and other sources. Influencer marketing is also an impactful option for promoting the food business through professional chefs and celebrities. 

More Tips For Opening A Fast Food Restaurant In Pakistan

Tips For Setting A Fast Food Restaurant

There are many hacks and tricks to excel in operating fast-food restaurants in Pakistan. The following points highlight some essential tips for opening a fast-food business. 

How To Hire The Right Employees

Hiring the right employees for the right kind of job is a big challenge for your business. Recruitment, selection, training, development, appraisal, compensation, etc., are critical areas in determining a successful human resource system. 

Labor is not an issue for a fast-food startup. The real problem is recruiting qualified personnel. In order to realize valuable employees, create a system for feedback and motivation. Moreover, research the competitor’s compensation model and decide on the employment rates. The most crucial staff members in this business are cooks, chefs, and servers/waiters. 

Cook & Chef

Initially, most fast-food restaurants require three or four cooks. Among these, one should be the leader under whom the other chefs will work. Responsibilities can also be divided according to shifts like morning, afternoon, and evening. 

You can divide these responsibilities in terms of specialization; For instance, cooks can choose their specialization dishes like soups, bread, etc., and be allotted to one chef, while other delicacies can be designated to other chefs. This division can also be done according to rush hours. For example, all cooks will work during rush hours, while during non-peak hours, only one or two will work. 

As mentioned earlier, basic etiquettes and manners are a must for the servers. Training holds a crucial place while recruiting the waiters. Patience is another trait waiters should possess. They should be able to handle customer fury and problems. You should fix their working hours, giving them proper rest hours. 

How To Lower Budget

There are many ways of reducing the budget of a fast-food business. These are listed below.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Nowadays, consumers have become more environmentally conscious about the products or services they use. It has given rise to sustainability awareness. Businesses have identified this as a key opportunity and introduced environment-friendliness as a significant brand booster. 

Therefore, the final stage in setting up a fast food business in Pakistan is to ensure you operate with minimal wastage of resources. You should involve techniques that do not affect the environment. Your business can use recyclable products in carrying out business activities. 

Another unique way to be eco-friendly is to serve food on environmentally-friendly plates or dishes. You should ideate regularly to think of such innovative solutions to be socially responsible. 

Key Takeaways

Pakistan has always been one of the most food-loving countries. There are many regions in the country where people consume fast food on a daily basis. It is not surprising that this industry is one of the top contributing sectors to the country’s economy. 

The above guide gives a complete understanding of the different ways and steps of starting a food business in Pakistan. The central component of any fast food business is market research. Therefore, it is important to research everything before launching into this startup line. 

As mentioned earlier, packaging can be the first impression booster for any fast food business. YoonPak is an established market player for getting the right packaging material and container for your business needs. You can contact us if you have any doubts or queries regarding our products and services. 

Fast Food Business

Table of Contents

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fast food restaurant business plan in pakistan

How to Start Your Restaurant Business in Pakistan?

Restaurant business in Pakistan is one of those businesses that capture a lot of interest and seeks passion. Opening a fast food joint or a multi-cuisine restaurant, both are lucrative business options in many aspects.

But opening up a restaurant in metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore and, Islamabad needs a well-researched business plan that covers every aspect of making the restaurant successful.

How to start with a restaurant business?

Restaurant Business in Pakistan

There are plenty of questions that one may have in mind before getting into the restaurant business such as; how much investment is required? What should be the location of my restaurant? How can I reach more foodies? Should I work with web designing companies in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad for my website promotion and brand building ? Should I take bookings online? etc.

To tackle such questions, it is best to do the research beforehand in order to increase the chances of success for your restaurant. Here we are going to provide you a detail guide to improve your chances of building a successful restaurant.

How much investment is required for restaurant business in Pakistan?

A well-established restaurant needs quite a lot of investment, to begin with. However, a rough estimate would be at least 1 million to anywhere up to 50 million rupees.

This is just an estimate of investment that would be required to start a small to medium scale restaurant. The investment for a restaurant business also depends upon a few of the factors such as,

Types of restaurant business that you can run

There are various business models that you can adopt when it comes to capital investment. Here we are going to explain 3 business models that are easy to adopt.

1. Sole Proprietorship

This is the best business model to work with as you become the sole owner of the business. You can hire an administration team that runs the restaurant under your supervision.

Similarly, you can hire a restaurant manager who can look after the administration of the restaurant. You are the one who is going to invest his money and resources to start a restaurant.

2. Partnership

For the investment, if you lack funding then you can also start a restaurant with partnership business model.

In such a business model, you can either take funds from a sleeping partner who would invest in your restaurant business or you can invest in the business and join hands with someone who has the expertise to run a restaurant.

3. Franchise

You can also invest in a franchise business model that gives you the right to use a well-established brand name that is already popular amongst the masses.

However, you should remember that for a franchise business model, you will be required to operate under the terms and conditions of the franchisee.

How to register for a restaurant in Pakistan?

To register your restaurant business in Pakistan, you may have to fulfill the legal requirements of the government. Here are few of the steps that you should follow to register a restaurant in Pakistan,

Related: How to Register a Business in Pakistan?

How to attract customers to your restaurant?

1. traditional media.

The traditional media includes newspaper and TV. These offline marketing channels require a lot of marketing budget but one of the downsides of marketing through traditional mediums is that it lacks analytical accountability. You don’t know exactly how many people have come across your ad and how many actually took an action.

Read Also: 10 Simple Tips for Advertising in Print Media

2. Digital Media

The modern digital mediums allow you to track the interests and actions of your target audience. It includes Facebook marketing , website promotion, pay per click advertising campaigns or seo services in Pakistan.

All these digital mediums are effective in building a profitable business . However, the best approach for your restaurant business would be to start a Facebook campaign and invest in an attractive website.

3. Facebook Marketing

With Facebook marketing, you are able to see how many people have engaged with your ad, how many have taken an action such as commented to ask for more details or even book a table.

But that’s not it,

Facebook marketing also allows you to re-target the people who have shown interest in your offering but due to the overload of information they didn’t take an action. You can also design a re-targeting campaign for such people.

If you don’t have time to develop the Facebook campaigns for your business then you can hire digital marketing companies that can strategically build a Facebook campaign which ensures an increase in your restaurant’s footfall.

For instance, in your grand launch campaign, you asked people to like your Facebook page to get 20% off on the menu for the first time. Some people saw this ad, commented and asked about the discount in the post or liked the post but they didn’t like your Facebook page.

After a week of the launch of your restaurant, you can design another re-targeting campaign for such people who didn’t like your Facebook page (but commented/engaged on the post), offering them an exclusive discount on the menu in exchange of liking your Facebook page.

Such strategies work great for increasing brand awareness and online followers for your restaurant.

4. Website Promotion

By developing a website, you build your digital footprint. Many people explore the menu, ingredients, prices and book reservations through the website. With the help of a website, you can also promote online delivery and bookings for your restaurant.

A restaurant without a website doesn’t seem to be serious about the business that is why it is important to invest in your online footprint so that people know that you are following the modern trends and technologies to promote your restaurant.

5. Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is another digital strategy to promote your restaurant by targeting the right audience. By investing in SEO, your website comes in front of people when they search for nearby restaurants in their cities. This enhances credibility and brand image of your restaurant. SEO seems to be an integral part of the digital marketing strategy for businesses.

These are some of the unique ways to promote your restaurant business in Pakistan. Many of us dream of opening a restaurant but when it comes to promotion, we head over to traditional advertising mediums . But, if you are thinking over to start a restaurant business in Pakistan, then follow the modern trends and invest in a brand image that can sparkle the interests of your target audience.

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Author Bio:   Aisha Alia is a web developer at  Brand AdvoKates  for 2 years. She is an energetic person who believes in getting things right the first time. She has a solid understanding of how to design websites that converts visitors into clients. Alia loves to write and share her insights so other can learn from her own experiences. 


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fast food restaurant business plan in pakistan

Fast Food Business Plan Template

Business Plan Outline

Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan & Template

You’ve come to the right place to create your fast food business plan.

We have helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs and business owners create business plans and many have used them to start or grow their fast food businesses.

Below are links to each section of your fast food business plan template:

Next Section: Executive Summary >

Fast Food Business Plan FAQs

What is a fast food business plan.

A fast food business plan is a plan to start and/or grow your fast food restaurant. Among other things, it outlines your business concept, identifies your target customers, presents your marketing plan and details your financial projections.

You can  easily complete your fast food business plan using our Fast Food Business Plan Template here .

What Are the Main Types of Fast Food Businesses?

There are many types of fast food businesses. The most common fast food restaurants serve hamburgers, fries, and soft drinks. Other common fast food establishments serve chicken, Chinese food, Mexican food, and pizza. There is a recent trend in fast food restaurants serving healthier options such as smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, and salads. A fast food restaurant can be centered around any food genre that is able to be prepared fast and in large quantities to serve multiple customers daily.

What Are the Main Sources of Revenue and Expenses for a Fast Food Business?

The primary source of revenue for a fast food restaurant are the food and drink items sold at the establishment.

The key expenses for a fast food restaurant are the costs to source the ingredients for the menu items, kitchen equipment and supplies, overhead expenses for the staff and rent, and any marketing costs the restaurant chooses to partake in.

What is the Difference Between a Franchise and Non-Franchise Fast Food Business?

A franchise fast food restaurant is a business that is owned and operated by someone who has a contract with a larger company. That company provides the products, training, and marketing for the smaller business. A non-franchise fast food restaurant is a business that is independently owned and operated.

Franchise fast-food restaurants have a set of guidelines and standards to which they must adhere in order to use the franchise name. Non-franchise fast food restaurants do not have these guidelines and can vary greatly in terms of quality, cleanliness, and customer service.

How Do You Get Funding for Your Fast Food Business?

Fast food businesses are most likely to receive funding from banks. Typically you will find a local bank and present your business plan to them. Another option for a fast food business is to obtain a small business loan. SBA loans are a popular option as they offer longer loan terms with lower interest rates. Outside investors, crowdfunding, and/or friends or family are other typical funding options.

What are the Steps To Start a Fast Food Business?

Starting a fast food business can be an exciting endeavor. Having a clear roadmap of the steps to start a business will help you stay focused on your goals and get started faster.

1. Develop A Fast Food Business Plan - The first step in starting a business is to create a detailed fast food business plan that outlines all aspects of the venture. This should include potential market size and target customers, the services or products you will offer, pricing strategies and a detailed financial forecast.  

2. Choose Your Legal Structure - It's important to select an appropriate legal entity for your fast food business. This could be a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks so it’s important to do research and choose wisely so that your fast food business is in compliance with local laws.

3. Register Your Fast Food Business - Once you have chosen a legal structure, the next step is to register your fast food business with the government or state where you’re operating from. This includes obtaining licenses and permits as required by federal, state, and local laws. 

4. Identify Financing Options - It’s likely that you’ll need some capital to start your fast food business, so take some time to identify what financing options are available such as bank loans, investor funding, grants, or crowdfunding platforms. 

5. Choose a Location - Whether you plan on operating out of a physical location or not, you should always have an idea of where you’ll be based should it become necessary in the future as well as what kind of space would be suitable for your operations. 

6. Hire Employees - There are several ways to find qualified employees including job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed as well as hiring agencies if needed – depending on what type of employees you need it might also be more effective to reach out directly through networking events. 

7. Acquire Necessary Fast Food Equipment & Supplies - In order to start your fast food business, you'll need to purchase all of the necessary equipment and supplies to run a successful operation. 

8. Market & Promote Your Business - Once you have all the necessary pieces in place, it’s time to start promoting and marketing your fast food business. This includes creating a website, utilizing social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and having an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. You should also consider traditional marketing techniques such as radio or print advertising.

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    There are two options for you to start a fast-food startup in Pakistan. One is that you can offer the same kind of food these MNCs offer, like burgers, pizzas, rolls, etc. The other is that you can compete in an entirely different market by offering local cuisine, which can reap high rewards with additional risks.

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