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Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Keep your kids busy doing something fun and creative by printing out free coloring pages. There are tons of great resources for free printable color pages online. Plus, it’s an easy way to celebrate each season or special holidays.

Crayola Website

When it comes to coloring, many people immediately think of Crayola crayons. It’s fitting then, that they offer a large treasure trove of coloring pages for kids that you can print for free.

Best of all, Crayola offers Disney-themed coloring pages. From fairies to scenes from popular movies, there’s sure to be several pages that your kids will love. Plus, they offer adult coloring pages, which are also great for kids who are into more challenging coloring pages.

In addition, the website has educational pages to teach kids about states, plants, animals and more things of interest.


If you have toddlers who love to color, check out the Fisher-Price website for coloring pages that you can print. These feature Little People, and you can easily find what you want thanks to the search function on the left column. This allows you to look for coloring pages based on certain holidays and seasons. offers a wide range of free printable coloring pages, which include fun categories that are hard to find elsewhere. This includes topics from “Doodle Art,” which are fun, creative drawings to “Art Coloring Pages,” which gives you the chance to color in famous paintings by artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Claude Monet.

There’s also coloring pages from popular DreamWorks movies like Shrek and The Ice Age franchise. And the movie-themed pages don’t just end there. Other unforgettable fan favorites like The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are also available for free.

Check out for all the latest in free printable coloring pages. They have fun categories like emojis and fantasy. And if you’re looking for very simple coloring pages, check out their “Simple Shapes” category. These offer basic outlines of many objects, which gives kids the chance to fill in the blank areas with their imagination.

Teachers will also enjoy the “School” section, which is filled with education-related images to give out during class.

Free Coloring Pages offers thousands of pages that you can print for free. These pages are more generic and aren’t tied to any specific brands. It’s one of the best places to find coloring pages for specific animals and transportation needs. Plus, they offer color-by-number pages, connect-the-dots and channel mazes to keep your little ones entertained.


front page design for assignment printable

Edit a front page for project

Free Cover Page templates

Create impressive cover pages for your assignments and projects online in just a click. choose from hundreds of free templates and customize them with

Create impressive cover pages in a few minutes with, and give your projects and  assignments a professional and unique touch . A well-designed title page or project  front page  can positively impact your professor's opinion of your homework, which can improve your final grade!

work cover blue marketing

Create a personalized report cover page

After writing the whole report, dissertation, or paper, which is the hardest part, you should now create a cover page that suits the rest of the project. Part of the grade for your work depends on the first impression of the teacher who corrects it.

We know not everyone is a professional designer, and that's why wants to help you. Having a professional title page can give the impression you've put a great deal of time and effort into your assignment, as well as the impression you take the subject very seriously. Thanks to, everyone can become a professional designer. This way, you'll only have to worry about doing a great job on your assignment.

On the editor, you will also find free resume templates  and other educational and professional designs.

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Customize an essay cover page with

final proyect cover

Free editable templates for title pages

As you can see, it's simple to create cover pages for schoolwork and it won’t take much time. We recommend using the same colors on the cover as the ones you used for your essay titles to create a cohesive design. It’s also crucial to add the name and logo of the institution for which you are doing the essay. A visually attractive project is likely to be graded very well, so taking care of the small details will make your work look professional.

On, you can also reuse all your designs and adapt them to different projects. Thanks to the users' internal memory, you can access and edit old templates anytime and anywhere.

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Take a look at other options we propose on the site. helps design flyers, business cards, and other designs useful in the workplace. The platform was created so you don't need to have previous design knowledge to achieve a spectacular cover page! Start your cover page design now.

Free templates for assignment cover page design

Edit a front page for project

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Free sign design for your business

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Tumblr Banners

Youtube channel art, storyboards, email signatures, album covers, comic strips, business cards, youtube thumbnails, social media, twitter headers.

Free Cover Maker

Cover Pages

Select any template to create custom cover pages. Replace the dummy text with your text and/or add additional text. You can also add a logo. Download and/or print. Your printable cover page will be ready in under a minute!


Select Cover Page Template


Edit / Add Text


Add Logo / Image


Download / Print

front page design for assignment printable

Cover Page Example

Each cover page example has a title, a subtitle and your name and date. You can edit all of the text so your text does not have to look like the example.

How to Make a Custom Cover Page

How to edit the text?

Next to each line of text is a text box. Type the text that you would like to appear in the text box instead of the dummy text. You can also double click on the text and replace it.

How to change the font color?

Click on the little black box next to each line of text and select a new color. Click on select.

Is there any charge?

No, you can use our software to create free cover pages with no limitations. However, if you want to place them on any other website then you are required to link back to this website.

What can the printables be used for?

You can use the title pages for personal, professional or academic use.

You can create:

What information you should include in your cover page?

If really depends on your document.

The cover page of a document displays the title and other information that you are required to or want to add.

If you are writing an academic paper then you will probably want to include your name, your contact information, due date or date you submit, name of the educational institution (university or school) and the teacher’s name.

If you are writing a business report then you will probably want to include your name and title or the name of your business unit, company’s name and logo.

For some documents you might also want to include copyright information.

Special Requests

If there are any covers that you would like us to add then please leave a comment below.

Privacy Policy

MS Word Cover Page Templates

Download, personalize & print.

A cover page also called a title page, is the first page of a book, thesis, research paper, project, assignment, proposal or any such document. The purpose of the inclusion of a cover page is to provide the general information about the document.

It provides a quick understanding of what the book or paper is about by stating the topic covered and introduces the document to the reading audience.

One may not need to go through the whole document if the topic is not of one’s concern. Therefore, a cover page is helpful in telling the reader about the main information about the document.

The cover page may include some of the following information:

The information on the cover page may vary depending on the citation style being used by the author such as APA, MLA, etc. Some styles do not even require any separate cover page and the title has to be added on the top of the first page.

Cover page template

Business Report Cover Pages

Report cover page design template

MS Word Report Cover Pages

Cover page template for ms word

Printable Cover Pages

Professional Cover Page Template

Professional Cover Pages

Book Cover Page Sample

Book Cover Page Templates

Editable book title page template

Book Title Page Templates

Computer assignment cover page sample

Computer Assignment Cover Pages

Engineering assignment cover page sample

Engineering Assignments Cover Pages

Physics assignment cover page

Physics Assignment Cover Pages

Chemistry assignment cover page

Chemistry Assignment Cover Pages

Biology assignment cover page

Biology Assignment Cover Pages

University assignment cover page template

University Assignment Cover Pages

Mathematics Assignment Cover Pages

Mathematics Assignment Cover Pages

English assignment cover page

English Assignment Cover Pages

Social studies assignment cover page

Social Study Assignment Cover Pages

In addition, the information may vary depending on the type of document. For instance, if a cover page is being used for a book, the edition may have to be added which is not a requirement for a project or an assignment cover page.

Moreover, another factor that may affect the information included on the cover page is the scope of the document. For instance, if a cover page is being designed for a university assignment, the main details of the name of the student, title, course title, etc. may be sufficient. However, for a research paper that is to be published, more information might have to be added as well.

When including cover pages in the documents, an author may choose an available template and customize it or design it himself completely.

There are many online available templates as well as many programs or applications that offer templates for cover pages that are easily customizable.

One of such programs that offer customizable templates is MS Word . It has many templates available that may be used as cover pages and may be easily customized as well. By inserting the cover page template, one can add the required text in the sample text area.

A cover page needs to be attractive in addition to the offering of general information about the document. The cover page has to be formal especially for books, research papers, thesis, etc. However, for university assignments or projects, it can be slightly informal with different fonts (if allowed by the citation style or the instructor).

As the cover page is the first impression on the audience, it should be comprehensive, formal, attractive and should serve the purpose of a cover page.

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Cover Page Designs & Templates

 - 93,178 royalty free vector graphics and clipart matching cover page.


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Microsoft Word Cover Page Templates

7+ free printable blank cover page template design in ms word.

We have several distinct cover page templates specified as their name on our website. But people look forward to such templates that will allow them to create them as per their hook. So you can get the templates that are blank yet become accessible. So we call it blank cover page templates.

This kind of cover page is majorly utilized by the professionals who like to create their matters using templates. It is easy and convenient for them to get something ready-made with a proper design without any particular formatting style. With these templates, you can put up your matter and make it exactly how you imagine it to be. If you have a team, they would work on it and make it up to the vision.

What is a Blank Cover Page?

A blank cover page is the outer covering of any project, proposal, or book. It covers fundamental information concerning the subject so people can easily comprehend the matter. It is the first page of any document presented in front of people, therefore only the preliminary details come in here.

The blank cover page has a design and a place to write the title only. The rest of the things are kept simple so that users can incorporate their own touch into it. Whether it is a business proposal , an academic report , a thesis, an IT project, or a book , you can easily use these blank cover pages, add some design and information.

Adding cover pages to every book and project has been made compulsory since it creates an impression and convinces people. Most significantly, it creates an impression of the author who has built the document. So without speaking much about the matter, you can depict your thoughts and ideas with the help of the cover page. People would easily understand your professionalism and presentation skills the way you present the cover page of your document. This is why it is advised to only go for the professional or business formatting style unless it is an informal case.

What to Include in the Blank Cover Page?

The elements that could be incorporated into the cover page would be done according to the subject you are working on. The basic element that comes in every kind of cover page is:

Free Printable Blank Cover Page Template:

The term blank cover page does have a literal meaning. But it is not entirely empty. You get the designs on the template. You just need to put in the title on the blank cover page, some more designs if you wish to, and arrange the entire template in the way of your vision. You or the team must have thought the cover page to be in a certain way and you can easily achieve it by downloading some blank MS Word cover pages.

Printable Blank Cover Page Template : MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013 File Size : 1.1MB License:   [Only for personal use]

Free Download

Blank cover page in word

Usually, the blank cover pages become less restrictive which is why people are quite inclined to these kinds of templates. If you have the same interest then you can definitely click on the link given below and get access to our free blank cover page template.

As you can see our 2nd blank cover page template has a combination of colors overlapping each other. It is a professional-looking cover page that could easily go on a business proposal, thesis, or any project. Build it up according to your own requirement and you’re good to go.

Printable Blank Cover Page Template : MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013 File Size : 900KB License:   [Only for personal use]

Blank Cover Page Design

Creating your template is always good, but the amount of time it consumes is exactly what people are looking forward to skipping now. And for this, we thought to bring in some readymade blank front page templates you get the access to make it up to your imagination.

The theme templates are available, but some people like to bring in their own designs in the template having a little one, so we have this range for them. So how do you like our 3rd cover page template? It has bright colors that make it more up to the mark and appropriate.

Blank cover page for fax

Our fourth blank cover page template is equally beneficial as other cover pages would be. If you see, it has borders all around in blue. If you wish, you can change the color as well. Just put the elements in the middle of the template, and you’re good to go. If you want to explore some other templates from our website, go for it since they are free.

Blank Front Page Template in MS Word Format

We have come to our fifth and final blank cover page template. This template has similarities with the previous one, but iron is something different that you would find. But want to become a user of these templates, we can be sure that you can edit and customize them according to your own requirement. And instead of creating it from scratch, it is always better to get a template as it becomes convenient and easy.

Printable Blank title Page Template : MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013 File Size : 900KB License:   [Only for personal use]

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