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Teachers have many different ways of measuring student progress and comprehension in the classroom, from homework assignments and pop quizzes to student self-assessments. Many of these opportunities to “check in” require time-consuming grading, while others are simply reviewed to assess student effort and/or assignment completion.

Often, even when homework papers are scored for accuracy, the results are still only used for informational purposes rather than for inclusion in determining a final grade calculation. In other words, not all homework is the same, because not all homework is technically “graded,” and not all grades are officially “counted.” While some assignments may be recorded on a “credit/no credit” basis, others may be assigned number values or letter grades even though they ultimately have no impact on the students’ overall class grade.

Given the ubiquity of homework assignments and the volume of work that must be checked, it is no wonder that homework apps are one of the most commonly sought-after classroom apps for teachers. And regardless of whether or not a teacher is utilizing homework as part of cumulative grade determination, the feedback that homework assignments are able to provide can still be immensely helpful in a number of different ways.

One obvious benefit of homework assignments is the chance to assess a student’s capabilities when working independently. It is not uncommon for students to seemingly understand content in the moment, only to then find it more challenging later on at home. Knowing when students may need to linger longer over some lessons, or are clearly ready to move on with others, is helpful for building skill sets and avoiding setbacks further along in the curriculum. It is almost always easier to spend more time on a lesson than to try to catch students up later when foundational material is not mastered.

Another useful reason for giving homework is that it provides an opportunity for students to learn through repetitive practice that is difficult to accomplish during class due to time limitations. For instance, a teacher may walk students through several examples of a similar math or science problem before moving on to a different type problem. When moving quickly, the lessons won’t always be retained. However, when students are able to repeat those steps even more at home, it can serve to more effectively lock the process into their memory.

In addition to assessing comprehension and ensuring retention, teachers sometimes even create homework assignments for the purpose of allowing students to explore their creativity, practice their writing skills, and even demonstrate personal responsibility. Journaling is a common example. Rarely is this type of work the subject of detailed grading for grammar, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, etc. More often than not, it is recorded on a credit/no credit basis or using a teacher-completed rubric that factors in various elements such as degree of completion, effort exhibited, on-time submission, etc.


Much like with assessments, the downside to homework assignments given by teachers is the time required to check, review, and/or grade such a high volume of assignments on an ongoing basis. Specifically, processing student papers in a timely enough manner to gather information while it’s still actionable is a real challenge. This is an area where a homework app could be most helpful. Obviously, bubble form grading apps have revolutionized the scoring of assessments, but their capabilities often don’t translate to processing homework assignments as easily.

Unlike most assessments featuring multiple choice type questions that can be scanned and scored to clearly determine correct and incorrect answers, homework assignments often require a different approach. For a homework app to be beneficial, it would need to be able to accommodate a different set of options. In some cases, teachers may simply be checking to see if a student put in the effort to complete the assignment and demonstrated the responsibility of turning it in on time. The “correctness” of the work may not be the focus.

In other situations, a teacher may be looking at a range of different performance measures, like meeting basic requirements, showing creativity, using proper punctuation and grammar, etc. This may require the teacher to observe a presentation, review an essay, or experience an art project in order to complete a grading rubric by hand. For instance, a bubble form can’t scan an essay, proof the writing, check the formatting, and verify the word count.

These are just a few of the challenges that arise with apps intended to assist teachers with handling student homework assignments. Fortunately, there are ways to make even seemingly un-automatable processes easier and more efficient. It just requires a little insight and foresight on the part of the app developers. The fact that GradeCam was created by teachers, for teachers, is perhaps the biggest reason that it offers such flexibility.


homework check online

Teachers think of GradeCam first and foremost as a test grading app. And, sure, it’s a fast and affordable option for creating custom assessments that can be printed on plain paper and scanned using regular mobile, desktop, or document cameras. But it’s also flexible enough to do a great deal more than simply scan ordinary bubble sheets. GradeCam goes beyond static multiple choice and true/false answer types to include fully customizable bubble content, number grids, handwriting recognition, and even teacher-completed rubrics.

Additionally, GradeCam allows grades to be weighted which can be enormously helpful when a teacher wants to prioritize some assignment types over others or even grade certain types of assignments for informational purposes only. In the case of homework, this means it is possible to check assignments on a credit/no credit basis by simply scanning or not scanning the student’s form. It also means that teachers can check work for accuracy in a formative classroom setting without having the score impact the student’s grade. It even means that teachers can fill in rubric bubble forms to quickly score student work by hand and then quickly scan it to generate data. GradeCam makes it possible to automatically record grades from homework, lab work, papers and presentations, into any digital gradebook with the touch of a button.

When using GradeCam’s Student Portal, students are even able to grade their own papers as they turn them in for immediate feedback. (Of course, the teacher is able to control whether students are able to view their missed items or only their final scores.) Nonetheless, the fact that assignment checking for an entire class can be completed the moment the last one is turned in – without the teacher ever touching them – is a pretty remarkable thing to experience.

GradeCam allows teachers to link questions to state and custom standards for tracking purposes and automatically generate flexible reports that can be shared in a variety of ways – for parent/teacher conferences, Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), administrative reviews, mandated reporting requirements, and more.

The diverse functionality that GradeCam offers empowers teachers to simplify and streamline every step in the process of administering and measuring student work – including homework. it turns out that perhaps the best homework app is one whose usefulness isn’t limited to just homework. GradeCam offers a solution that addresses an array of common classroom challenges by simply helping teachers do what they do already.

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homework check online

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homework check online

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Tool for checking homework online?

homework check online

Hello! Does anyone know any service or software that would let teachers review and make corrections to students' essays and other written assignment online? I'm looking for the ways of making the "hand in - check - hand out" chain easier for both the teacher and the students.

I know there is "Track changes" mode in Microsoft Word, and Google Docs can be used for such purposes as well. But I wonder if there is some tool tailored more to the needs of education.

Thanks in advance!

' src=

I think the more tailored you get, the more costly things become. I like using Google Docs and then not using track changes. When I comment on student work, I use the comment feature. Then, after the first round of comments, I have students make all changes in a new color (so, if first draft was all black, revisions after first comments are in, say, blue). Then we repeat as many times as that assignment can handle (2 or 3 times, so their drafts usually have black for first draft, blue for second, green for third, and purple for conventions and surface features). It's really neat for them to visually see where their draft started and ended. And you have a record of comments. (If I need a final draft turned in, I have them copy/paste just the final version into a new doc and print in regular black ink.)

I know that's not exactly what you asked, but maybe it's helpful as a way to think through free platforms.

(I also like that it saves automatically and that students can turn in their stuff immediately by putting it in the correct Google Drive folder.)

If you're looking to spend money, you could check out Eli Review ( elireview.com ) as a more direct answer to your question.

Yes to all this. Additionally, you can download a free add-on for Google docs/sheets/etc. called Goobric where you can create a rubric for any assignment, grade the student work, and email it back to them with their grade and your comments and the rubric embedded in their document. This is also good if you want to give a work in progress grade and let them revise based on a rubric. Hope I explained that well! It’s revolutionized my grading and kids’ reflecting.

Google classroom. Make an assignment, and you can see students working on it in real time and make comments/edits that they can accept or reject or reply to. They also turn it in, at which point you can enter a grade, make comments and feedback, and return it.

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EDITABLE Weekly Homework Check Form

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4th Grade Math Review Packet | Summer Math, Test Prep, Homework, Assessments

3rd Grade Math Review Packet | Assessments, Homework, Morning Work, Test Prep

3rd Grade Math Review Packet | Assessments, Homework, Morning Work, Test Prep

3rd Grade Homework Bundle - Weekly Homework Folder with Cover Label - 40 Weeks

3rd Grade Homework Bundle - Weekly Homework Folder with Cover Label - 40 Weeks

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Why college homework help.

College life is about a lot of fun with friends and a ton of homework from professors. For a college student, a lot of what happens in classes is case study review and discussion followed by homework assignments.

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1. Attempting to do the homework assignment independently.

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But typically, the first three options don’t work well when college homework consists of a difficult assignment. Friends are also clueless and scared about solving the assignment and on top of it the clock keep ticking. Free tools fail as either you can’t find the solution for such a difficult homework question online or the free tools mostly give the incorrect answer to homework questions. In this scenario the best most reliable and fastest way to meet the deadline along with learning even more than what was taught in class is to seek college homework help from homework solvers.

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For teachers in school & college, homework is an effective way to reinforce the concepts taught in school and one is expected to always attempt to do a homework assignment independently. But it can seem overwhelming at times regardless of the amount of attention paid in class, notes taken by a student as each topic is different and we all have our strength area and gaps.

So, for school and college students looking for homework help one easy option offered by TutorEye is online homework help. Designed to help students on homework assignments that they find hard and save them from falling behind in class is our online homework help.

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Also asking a classmate or a friend is not very reliable option as one time ask may seem fine but what if you need help on an ongoing basis with homework questions then it feels awkward to ask for favors all the time.

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Benefits of Homework Help for K-12 to College level students:

Let us take care of your homework needs in the fastest and most efficient way. This way you can spend your study time in actually understanding the concepts and building a strong foundation. Listed below are some key benefits of getting homework guidance from our experts:

Plagiarism Inspection & Rigorous Quality Checks

we take a lot of pride and always stand behind the quality of answers given by our homework helper. (+)

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If you are facing any difficulty and need guidance on topics where you are stuck, we have a pool of highly qualified homework helper at TutorEye. Our tutors are experts, who have years of experience in the field of academics.

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Interested in learning more about homework help by Subject?

Math homework help.

Google your math homework questions and you will be able to find the right answers. But you will struggle to find the method used for arriving at the answer.

At TutorEye, we have real math experts who are passionate about helping you with your math homework and will also show you how to arrive at the answer. This way, we ensure that you are set for long-term success and ready to score better grades in tests and exams.

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How to get answers for homework online.

Taking help with homework online is easy, simple and convenient as you can avail it anytime, anywhere. You are not bound by any time constraints and you can opt for it whenever you want. It’s so easy to connect with a certified tutor and resolve the niggling doubts and problems. What’s more, a personalized session with an expert by your side, instills confidence in the students. So get ready to resolve your doubts by getting step-by-step explanations and answers for the toughest questions and give your grades a boost today.

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Getting homework help at TutorEye is very easy. Chat with our experts and discuss your problem. Discuss the proposal with your tutor in detail and finalize your budget. Our experts will provide you with detailed solutions to help you gain conceptual clarity. You can master the toughest questions by getting step-by-step instructions from a professional. Upgrade with the best helpers today!

What to do if you have a lot of homework?

When you have a lot of homework, you need to calm down and create a plan. Identify your problem areas and mark them for review. Avoid the urge to procrastinate and simply attack the problem by finishing off the easier subjects first. After that, you can revise the concepts and fundamentals, by consulting your peers and textbooks. In case you are still grappling with the problems, you can simply connect with our expert and put your homework-related queries to rest. Beat the homework blues by seeking help with homework online and get a study boost whenever you need it.

What is the difference between homework and assignment?

There is a thin line when it comes to homework and assignment and how it is interpreted worldwide. Homework is usually assigned by a teacher and it has to be completed outside the classroom setting, usually at home. An assignment is any task that is allotted by someone in an authority position. It is usually a piece of work that a student undertakes during the course of their study. So, be it an assignment or homework, you can always count on our experts to provide you 24/7 homework help from trusted experts.

How can you get the best help with homework?

The first step to get the best help with homework is to inculcate good homework habits. At TutorEye, we have a team of homework helpers to help you develop self-confidence and succeed academically. For grades K-12 to College level, we have experts who have Masters and PhDs in the discipline, to assist you. To get homework help, the students simply need to register themselves, type the homework question and select a tutor. You can either take a whiteboard enabled Live Study session or our Written Help service, to get step-by-step guidance for your homework problems. With us, you will never miss a submission deadline.

Who invented homework?

The jury is still out on this one. Many claim that it was an Italian educator, Roberto Nevilis, who is credited to invent ‘homework’ to punish lazy students. But there are many disputing the claim and some crediting German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte as the father of modern homework. But what one can safely assume is that homework has always existed since the earliest civilizations, but thanks to technology we have now online homework help. No matter who invented homework, TutorEye is here to help you with your homework anytime, anywhere.

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homework check online

Teaching approaches: First lessons

Teaching approaches: checking-homework Challenge

By Jane Sjoberg

These are just a few ideas of how to make the whole-class correction of homework less of a chore and more of an active challenge. The suggestions given are specifically geared to be used when correcting exercises set from a workbook or worksheet as homework but some ideas may also be used when giving feedback for tasks set in class.

Remember: students quickly tune in to the mood of their teacher. If the teacher presents homework correction as a valid and interesting part of the learning process it will be infectious and homework corrections need never be boring again!

Photo of business students in a class or simply business students.

Teaching approaches: computer assisted language learning

Teaching approaches: content-based teaching, teaching approaches: functional approaches in efl/ esol.

Photo of students doing an activity together in the classroom.

Teaching approaches: task-based learning

Photo of students speaking to each other in the classroom.

Teaching approaches: the communicative classroom

Teaching approaches: the grammar-translation method, teaching approaches: the negotiated syllabus, teaching approaches: total physical response, teaching approaches: translation as a language learning tool, teaching approaches: using l1 in class, teaching approaches: what is "suggestopedia", teaching approaches: what is audiolingualism, teaching approaches: what is the silent way, related articles, first steps into …classroom technologies.

How do you know which classroom technologies to choose? Daniel Barber and Brian Bennett suggest a framework for assessing what’s right … and what’s just hype.

First steps into ...student collaboration in and out of the classroom

How can you encourage students to collaborate both in and outside the classroom? Daniel Barber and Brian Bennett suggest building online communities for project work.

First steps into ...making digital work for you

There are a plethora of digital tools available to help you manage your classes and the tasks you have to do outside of the classroom. Where do you begin? Daniel Barber provides some tips on making digital work for you.

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Only registered users can comment on this article., more methodology: the world of elt.

Communicative Language Teaching

Communicative Language Teaching

Read about the benefits and the practice of Communicative Language Teaching.

How to write

Learn new skills with this series of articles from the  Learn to Write ELT materials course.

Photo of a teacher writing or reading something, can be on a computer too if it's easier to find.

Applied linguistics: Research methods for language teaching

Netta Avineri, Assistant Professor of TESOL at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, offers a step-by-step guide to conducting research in the language classroom.

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With more than 700,000 registered users in over 100 countries around the world, Onestopenglish is the number one resource site for English language teachers, providing access to thousands of resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, audio, video and flashcards.

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