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homework class work activity

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homework class work activity

20+ creative alternative homework ideas for teachers

homework class work activity

When giving homework, it must always be based on learning goals your students have to reach, just like in your lessons. But it’s sad to see that lots of teachers are using homework as extra lesson time. Of course, as a teacher, you’re on a clock. But that doesn’t mean your students have to suffer from it and keep working on those boring textbooks and worksheets at home.

Consider goals like attitudes, real-life experiences, and practice, physical exercise, social encounters, creative solutions, and philanthropy as crucial as your lesson goals. These are things students don’t just pick up in your classroom. These are things they pick up in life.

In this blog post, I’ll give you some innovative homework ideas that will engage your students more. These alternatives to traditional homework will thereby also teach your students new things that can’t be taught in the classroom. You will find a variety of homework ideas: online and offline.

I will mention homework alternatives for primary school and high school. Some of these ideas can be changed a little bit, so they are the perfect fit for the right audience.

20 Creative homework ideas

You can divide homework tasks into the following themes or categories:

💡 Good to know : all the ready-to-use homework activities are created with BookWidgets . You can easily create activities like these yourself or duplicate an activity below for free, edit it if needed, and share it with your students. You can do so in the examples separately, or you can find all the homework examples in the BookWidgets Blog group folder .

Crafts and arts homework

1. prepare a dish from a recipe book.

homework class work activity

2. Make a board game

homework class work activity

3. Create a birdhouse

homework class work activity

4. Transform a fictional book character into a hand puppet

homework class work activity

Outdoor homework activities and outings

5. coupon game.

homework class work activity

Students can also go grocery shopping with their parents. Here, they have to read the ingredients of the products and help their parents choose the healthiest products for the best prices, figure out the best deal between the sizes of items, …

6. Visit the zoo

homework class work activity

7. Visit the local dumping ground or container park

homework class work activity

8. Build a tree house

homework class work activity

Games and activities as homework

9. bookwidgets games.

homework class work activity

10. Minecraft

homework class work activity

11. Play Cards

homework class work activity

12. Play Zoo Tycoon or Rollercoaster Tycoon

homework class work activity

Physical homework activities

13. rope skipping.

homework class work activity

Many rope-skipping songs let your students do different tricks while rope-skipping. This is an excellent opportunity for homework as well. Ask your students to transform a rope skipping song into a song with lesson content. Let them count or spell or even sum up the different states or capitals. To engage their lifestyles even harder, you can additionally give them the assignment to create a TikTok in which they are jumping and singing.

Click here to see how you can get Tiktok more involved in the classroom.

14. Walking quest

homework class work activity

If there aren’t any walking quests in the neighborhood, you could ask your students to create a walking quest like this for their fellow students. What a fun day it will be!

15. Obstacle Quiz

homework class work activity

In order for students to answer the questions, they have to run and pass a challenging parkour. This is a fun homework exercise, and in the end, it’s a great lesson starter or lesson end.

16. Swimming games

homework class work activity

After the activity, they can fill out an Exit Slip:

Swimming games

Digital or computer homework activities

17. create a picture album.

homework class work activity

This teaches them to handle the online software, add pictures and write without spelling mistakes. And of course, creating memories is so much fun!

18. Video job application

homework class work activity

19. Your life in 10 minutes - video

homework class work activity

20. Email pen-pals

homework class work activity

Is it still too complicated? Read the messages from your students, before they send them, and provide them with some feedback.

Email pen-pals

Philanthropy and social homework

21. grow a community garden.

homework class work activity

22. Help in a retirement home

homework class work activity

23. Help at a homeless shelter

homework class work activity

24. Collect litter

homework class work activity

Here’s another homework tip: Don’t call homework “homework”. Call it a challenge. Homework has become a negative word for students, and I bet they start rolling their eyes as you even mention the word.

Still looking for more inspiration? Check out the blog on short films and lesson activities that spice up your Google Classroom . Tip: even if you don’t use Google Classroom, there is a lot of inspiration back here.

Above you have read single assignments. But, you also have the option to involve your homework in a project. Find out more here .

So, as I mentioned earlier, there are many fun alternatives to traditional homework. Now it’s up to you to apply this in the classroom as well. In this folder , you will find all the examples you have come across.

Which idea do you or perhaps your students like the most? Let us know on Twitter . Of course, there are many more alternatives. If you have other ideas, you are always welcome to share it with other teachers in our Facebook group .

One more thing: don’t forget to say hi👋 on LikedIn .

20+ creative homework alternatives

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homework class work activity

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Maintaining A Positive Work-Life Balance As A Teacher

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Early Careers Framework Reforms: The Impact On Schools & Teachers

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Your Career• 3 Min read

6th September 2020

Creative Homework Ideas

How can you create homework assignments that build on the day’s lessons and encourage creative, student-led learning? It’s a challenge for most teachers, especially as motivating pupils to complete homework can add a whole extra layer to your lesson plans. But it’s essential to bridge the gap between teacher and student learning –  the skills gained through independent study reinforces knowledge from your class, as well as a host of other benefits:

Tips For Setting Creative Homework

Creative Homework Ideas For All Ages

Coming up with innovative ways for students to reinforce their knowledge at home can be difficult – many of these ideas would be suitable for lots of subjects with a little tweaking!

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fun homework

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Fun and Learning in English and Spanish

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Class Work and Homework Reward System┃Homework Lottery

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Kindergarten Monthly Homework Calendars {12 Calendars Full of Homework Fun}

Julie Shope

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Editable Spelling Menus & Choice Boards for Homework and Word Work

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As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework?

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Expert Answers

Who are the experts? Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions. Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.

Educator since 2010

15,886 answers

Teachers need to use a combination of in-class work and homework.  You are never going to get everything done in class.  But you should not let students do everything at home, because you can't control the environment or how original the work is.

Educator since 2011

4,614 answers

While I remember having lots of homework as a high school student (early 90s), my children (7th and 8th graders) do not. I also, as a teacher, do not assign much homework. I have a few reasons for this.  First, when my children actually have homework, I find it relatively difficult to remember how to do some of the things they are working on.  I cannot tell you how many times I have called a fellow teacher, in a field outside of mine, to help ME with my childrens' homework.  Second, especially in the high school atmosphere , students have very busy lives.  Work, extra-curricular activities, and social activities take up much of our children and students' lives.  Lastly, I find that work is completed better if it is actually done in the classroom.  Students can ask questions and get immediate answers.  While some may disagree, I believe that homework is something to be completed if they could not complete the work in class.

309 answers

I generally prefer classwork to homework, because then I am available to answer questions and help students when they get stuck.

I am intrigued by the new philosophy from companies like the Khan Academy.  Their idea is to "flip" the traditional classroom model so that the lectures are watched at home through video links like Youtube, and then the homework is done in class so that instructors will be available to help.  This solves the problem of the student who goes home and gets lost and does it wrong and is twice as confused when he gets back to school the next day.

I will start to implement that next year in my classroom partially, because the idea makes sense to me. Just think of all the reteaching time we could save if we could catch misconceptions in the classroom right after the first question on the topic!

Educator since 2009

Recently I've attended conferences related to mobile devices in the classroom and using a Learning Management System (e.g. Moodle). Teachers are really moving into online learning within the classroom. It seems like students benefit more by viewing the lesson at home through a LMS and then having homework help in class by the teacher/assistants, etc. No one in my school has tried that, but next year we are doing a 1 to 1 iPad initiative for our 4th grade students and they'll do more online learning-viewing the lessons at home, communicating through Moodle, homework in school.

171 answers

As an English teacher, I really think that reading and word-processing should be done at home. Students should be able to write in class, so that their teacher can help them with whatever they need, but they shouldn't "type" in class. That is something that can be done at home.

As far as reading goes, I think the students should be able to read now and again for big chunks of time - at least 25 -30 minutes, depending on the interest and maturity of the kids. That is something that has to be gauged by the teacher.

As a math teacher, both classwork and homework have equal value.  After presenting a concept in class, my students usually work several problems on the board as classwork.  Then, if time permits, they begin their homework.  The goal, however, is not to finish the assignment before leaving.  It simply gives students  time to ask a few questions after they have started their homework independently.

I think that homework is a MUST in any subject.  It gives the student an opportunity to "digest" the material that was presented in class.  It informs the student, parents, and teacher of the student's long range understanding of the concept(s).

Well, grade level is key. Personally I've never been a fan of homework. If you have enough time in class, I say finish up the lesson in the room.

I say leave the homework to the projects and outside reading

2,387 answers

I tend to think the work we do together as a class is the most important, but if students aren't reading and interacting with the world of books and writing on their own, it is very difficult to accomplish what we hope to in class.  I just hesitate to place too much emphasis on homework because I think there are too many demands on our students' time already.

242 answers

As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework?

Definitely in class work. My classroom is the primary place for the students to be learning the content I have been assigned. In the classroom they have the benefit of my knowledge as well as the ideas and cooperation of their peers. In addition some of the basic resources that are available in my classroom (dictionaries and reference materials, computers, even art supplies) just are available in the homes of many of my students. While homework is a useful tool, I think the more we become determined to do our job in the classroom, not relying on their parents or that time outside, but doing my job in the time alloted, the better teacher I become. I want my students also to be well rounded and they need their time at home to be with family and friends and participating extracurricular activities. I think it is a bigger challenge for teachers to teach their content without relying on homework, but I think it makes for better teaching and learning.

There is a fundamental difference in purpose between homework and classwork.  I believe that class time is a precious scarce resource, and anything done in class has to be carefully chosen.  I use class time for assignments in which I want to guide my students, or when I want to be able to provide support as they work independently.  I also use classwork when I want to give students the option of working together or helping one another. 

Another reason for using classwork is to ensure that it is the student’s own work.  In class, you can control the access to resources and watch the process.  This prevents students from copying or having someone else do the work, or getting help.  If I grade an assignment, I want to know the conditions in which it was created.

I think homework should be used for activities that need extensive resources, or that require more time than can be taken in class.  Homework should be practice, and should be able to be done independently.  Homework that a student cannot do on his or her own defeats the purpose.  It only reinforces errors and creates negative feelings and stress for the student.

I believe the best learning occurs within the classroom environment.  Students can share knowledge with one another and help one another to greater understanding.  Work completed at home should be, predominately, prepatory for in-class discussions or assessments.  The other use of homework is for practice of skills.  In class students are taught to do a skill and then they are asked to practice it at home at night.  Real learning, though, happens in the classroom where students have access to a teacher to aid their learning and to challenge their thinking. 

At the elementary level, students should have the opportunity to practice during class with the guidance of a teacher.  After a skill is taught and practiced with the guidance of a teacher, the students can be asked to do the skill independently.  Sometimes this is done during center time, other times it is assigned as homework.  With homework, it can be difficult to know if the student is actually the one who does the assignment.  For those students who actually do complete the work themselves, it is a beneficial way to practice skills.

100 answers

I agree that this decision depends on the grade level; it also depends on the level of engagement of the class, the project or activity, and the ability of the class.  Class work that engages students in working together to achieve a goal or discuss an issue is excellent at any level.  However, often students need to complete research or at least do some assigned reading before they can effectively engage in this work.  In some classes, it makes sense even to supervise reading or writing, but as students progress, they will need to do some of this reading or writing outside of class.

I am aware that some writing instructors require all writing to be done in class, at the very least the rough draft, in order to prevent plagiarism or other kinds of cheating.  Certainly some writing should be done in class so that that teacher becomes aware of the student's writing ability or even sees how some students struggle to begin an essay .  But requiring all written work to be completed in class prevents students with a flair for writing or an interest in being creative from doing their best work.  They may need time to linger, time to daydream, and time to hesitate and start over before they can do their best writing.  I know that as a student I would have hated having to complete all my essays in class.  (I am referring to high school and middle school here.)  At the college level, of course, it just isn't practical to have students complete their writing in class.

My writing example is only one small example; there are many more depending on the subject matter and often depending on the school and the class.  The answer to the original question depends on a myriad of factors.  It is crucially important for the teacher to know his or her students well and to know what they are capable.  We should certainly hold the bar high and expect students who are capable of doing so to put in time outside class.  But we also need to understand the needs of those students who need our help and who need the nurturing environment of the classroom in order to even begin the work.

I prefer class work over assigning homework. Traditionally, I have discovered that the students who truly need to practice for improvement of their comprehension and skills neither utilize the time, nor the opportunity to seek such an improvement. These students simply copy, or attempt to copy, the answers provided by those students who do not necessarily need the additional opportunities. Even when I assign complete synthesis-level work, students still manage to exhaust significant energy attempting to modify another student's work in hopes of passing it off as their own. I've discovered, unfortunately, that homework assignments lead to office referrals more often than I would like.

I also believe that class work is not only advantageous for students, but is also an optimal time for teacher assessment and evaluation. Much can be discerned by simply watching the facial expressions and body language of a student attempting to work through a grammar exercise or literary analysis. A teacher can read the cues from the boy or girl in need and use that time as an opportunity to provide him or her with much needed individual engagement.

Lastly, class work allows teachers to create a forum-based instructional atmosphere. When students are allowed to work in cooperative environments (similar to real-life), they are provided with learning opportunities that are unmatched elsewhere. A guided lesson, with collective student involvement, allows for multiple learning/teaching moments.

1,856 answers

The issue of classwork or homework must turn on the level of difficulty the course itself presents. For gifted or advanced placement students, a certain amount of self directed study is paramount to success. In those instances, a substantial amount of homework should be assigned; but it must not be "busy" work; it must be directed towards a meaningful learning experience that can augment lessons taught during class.

For less motivated or less gifted students; homework serves little purpose other than "drill and practice." Such work quickly becomes boring, and it is easy for kids to procrastinate. Also, there is not the opportunity for interaction with the teacher should questions present themselves.  In such a situation, homework should be kept to a respectable minimum.  Under such a circumstance, failure to complete homework or failure to submit correct homework should not on its own be grounds for failure.

Neither in-class work nor homework can be summarily dismissed from the teacher/learner arsenal but for me the chief emphasis must fall on in-class work. There the engagement is (hopefully) immediate and concrete (as in everyone is in the room or space together) and there is collaborative work being done. But as has been ably said in other posts high school students need more time and independent space in which to reflect on what is being learned... so work at home which connects and seques from that in class expereince is probably mandated. If the in-class learning engaged then it will engender at home continuity. It may even prompt extension learning and enquiry.

What is anathema to me is homework that simply exists in isolation or is designed to enable students to cover the curriculum content that has not been dealt with properly in class. Homework cannot compensate for a lack of in class engagement. Heaven forfend homework as extra credit.

I too prefer a healthy dose of classwork because it engages the student in activities during class and takes the onus off of me to be giving information while they passively sit and supposedly sponge it up.

Homework is necessary as some items must be completed on students time.  While all the observations about the copying and source of work stand as obstacles, the reality is that a healthy balance between class and home work is the best way that I have found for my class.

Different types of work are more effective in different scenerios. I teach college so the classroom is used for lecture and discussion. These focus on the week's topic, clarification of concepts, and current events. Written assignments and reading of relevant material in preparation for class are best done outside of the classroom. Giving a brief in-class writing assignment early in the semester is helpful so that you have a "sample" of each student's writing ability to compare to out-of-class writing assignments to ensure that each student is doing his own work.

I think that they are both very valuable. Yes, with in-class work you are there to help. You see immediately who struggles and where he/she struggles. You get the instant feedback. Homework is fantastic if used correctly. Too many people view homework as busy work. For me, it is an opportunity for students to think on their own. They do not have or the other students for help. They need to know where and how to get help if they need. They need to figure the work out on their own! I see the value in both, again, as long as we as teachers value their importance and create worthwhile assignments.

I am a firm believer that in-class work is more effective. I feel this way because I've done both! In my first few years of teaching I relied HEAVILY on homework, and though I had good intentions of going over it again in class, I found that classtime got away from me often.

I now use in class work more often. This is better for the following reasons:

1) It allows the students to do the work immediately after hearing the lesson, increasing the chances that they will connect the practical use of that knowledge to their prior knowledge.

2) It allows for me to interact with them and help them in the moment of their question.

3) It allows for the option of group work, and we all know that collaborative learning is key for students.

The only downfall to this, in my opinion, is with large class numbers. I have used this with classes of 11 and with classes of 34, and it works well with both, but the larger classes do require more management during work time.

1,341 answers

In the UK, math work undertaken at home or in free time has been completely abandoned for math qualifications at age 16. (GCSE) Results were going higher and higher and there was no certainty about how much help the candidates were getting. Also, when you think about it, it might not be the fairest system - for example some students had parents rich enough to pay for tutors to help their kids. Now it's class work and exam only.

1,786 answers

No matter what it is, homework or classwork, it is important to remember to collect and grade and give immediate feedback to the students. It must be meaningful and not busy work. Most importantly, the students need practice in writing and reading for meaning. So, no matter what is assigned, it is good for the students to gain practice in those areas.

I feel that both are important to building not only knowledge and classroom skills, but basic life skills. Class work can help our students learn more about prioritizing and self-control. "I can't talk to Suzy right now because this assignment is due at the end of the period." Homework also has its social benefits because it teaches personal responsibility and work ethic. Students learn that their education is in their hands as well and that putting things off to the last minute is not in their best interest. Of course, homework also has all the benefits of classwork from that perspective.

I feel that another important benefit of classwork, however, is that students who don't understand the material don't have to flounder on their own. The teacher, being present, can assist and answer questions, redirect distracted students back to the task at hand, and there is little to no chance of them losing or "losing" the work, so it can be handed in with little or no trouble.

However, I do feel that the amount of classwork you assign should be less than the amount of homework you assign. I cannot stress enough how important it is that students learn to depend on themselves and not on teachers or parents as a sole source of information. Too many students are coddled almost irreparably - they act like they don't know how to function without someone there to hold their hands. It's crazy!

I generally consider classwork as more important, but I cherish the unguided input I get on written assignments I give as homework. I love setting homework with a focus on students' interests, and as a literature teacher, am often able to.

I now find myself setting more and more of my written assignments during class however, for the above reasons of plagiarism (when the question is more related to the specific text than personal opinion), and also because of academic pressure. I work in a private school, and the students do have a lot of homework; I'm now resorting to capping the time students should spend on assignments, as some students are spending such excessive amounts of time on them (not that many though! :)

4,094 answers

Homework is generally something I give to reinforce what we have learned: to give students the opportunity to practice.

In theory, I like classwork better because I can be there to provide some support and guidance, and sometimes "teachable moments" present themselves in discussion that makes the material in the lesson more memorable. Tying new information to the debate of an idea with other students allows that material to attach itself more easily to our long-term memory.

Different students will interpret work (I teach English) in different ways; this is not to say they are wrong, but interpretation is a wonderful thing in English class. We can study a character and with the input of others during discussion, realizes things about a character or a plot that might not have occurred to us on our own.

It also gives us a chance to know each other better as people and develop a class identity.

Homework, when it is completed by the student, helps instill the content more deeply within the student's memory (we hope), and allows that student to think independently. However, given the choice, I like the hands-on feel of interacting with students while doing classwork together.

623 answers

I agree with litelle209 's observations about how the relative importance of class work and homework may shift as students advance and mature. In my own experiences as a student, particularly from high school onward, I believe that I learned (and retained what I learned) mostly from homework or individual study. 

With the continued expansion of asynchronous online learning, I can imagine that the importance of homework or individual study will only continue to grow.

This seems to depend on the grade level, doesn't it? In elementary school, when we learn things elementary like writing and reading, it seem to make more sense to have supervised practice in the basic skills that still require us to use developing motor-skills ( the scissor and glue projects). High schoolers are more independent, and if we shift into college (my class room), we often have a high percentage of students who may take a course because its required and they may be only interested to do the amount of work that it takes to pass. Homework is a good way to give students who want to excel the opportunity to shine and invest extra time in something that interests them, while others may really be just pragmatic in their approach. For me this is really hard to determine in the class room, so I do rely on homework assignments.

And then there are always different learning styles and some students learn better in class than others who may be quiet or shy. But, hey, there is always extra-credit homework if in doubt.

In general, I prefer classwork, though I do assign homework. There have been some strong arguments for classwork and concerns raised about homework.

One argument against homework that has always stuck with me was expressed on Dan Meyer's blog, found here: http://blog.mrmeyer.com/?p=133.

He points out that the kids that are most likely to do the homework are the ones that are least likely to need the practice.

Hope this helps,

Educator since 2012

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I generally feel the need to give enough homework to start the next day with some anticipation of things to come.  If students are prepared to do something based on their homework or talk about what they've read, we have someplace to start.  Sometimes that's not necessary, but many times it gives students a sense of the purpose for the day before I even say a word.  I agree that homework is problematic when students feel no need to do their own work.  This lack of confidence and trust is one of the most discouraging changes in teaching I've experienced. 

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In recent years, I have tended to focus more on in class work, and towards almost entirely essay questions.  For one thing, I can monitor their progress and tutor individuals for concept retention and understanding, that way I can tell where the class is at.  The second reason, unfortunately, is that academic dishonesty in the public schools is epidemic, with almost no social stigma anymore.  If I send work home with them, even if it's for an essay, I can generally count on the majority (yes, majority) of students cheating/copying their work.

It's an unfortunate reality in the modern school, so rather than turn my assignments into what Theodore Sizer called "The conspiracy of the least", where they pretend to learn, and we pretend we're teaching them, I like to keep my work in class.

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Both kinds of work clearly have their benefits and their drawbacks.  I tend to like classwork better when I am teaching lower-level students and homework more for higher-level (in terms of skills) students.

The great thing about classwork is that students cannot simply copy it from one another.  This is a major drawback with homework.  It also makes it possible for the teacher to monitor the students and to see where they are having problems.

The good thing about homework is that it does not deprive you of precious class time.  You can actually do more in class that will enrich your students.  Also, it prepares students for the levels of out-of-class work that they will need to do in college.

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1447 Worksheets

"Reading" pictures #1

Draw a circle around each word you see! In this early reading worksheet, your child draws circles around the word under each picture and then guesses what the word might mean based on the picture.

"Reading" pictures #2

Where's the word? In this early reading worksheet, your child draws circles around the word under each picture and then guesses what the word might mean based on the picture.

1 more or 1 less?

Each piece of candy has a number on it. This coloring math worksheet gives your child practice finding 1 more and 1 less than numbers up to 20.

1 more or 1 less? #2

Each flower has a number on it. This coloring math worksheet gives your child practice finding 1 more and 1 less than numbers up to 100.

10 more or 10 less?

Draw a line to connect each number on the rocketship with the number that's 10 more or 10 less.

10 times tables

This coloring math worksheet helps your third grader conceptualize counting and multiplying by 10.

2 pairs of feet

How many pairs of feet do you see? This coloring math worksheet introduces your third grader to multiplying by 2 with cute pictures of feet.

2 times tables

This coloring math worksheet helps your third grader conceptualize counting and multiplying by 2.

2nd grade spelling words (list #1 of 38)

This is the first of our weekly spelling lists to help your second grader become a spelling star.

2nd grade spelling words (list #10 of 38)

This is our 10th weekly spelling list to help your second grader become a spelling star.

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Teach Starter Teach Starter

10 helpful homework ideas and tips for primary school teachers.

Hero image

Homework ideas… Yep, I’m going there! It is always a hot topic of debate between everyone involved in the education field. Here at Teach Starter , we want to help you ensure that the homework you set meaningful and manageable  for your students, their parents and yourself! Deciding on how to set homework, or whether to set homework at all, can be hard when there are so many different opinions and factors pushing and pulling against it.

Parents, either love it or hate it! Principals and leadership teams, either love it or hate it! Teachers are usually the ones stuck in the middle, trying to balance these external pressures with their own beliefs about homework and what is best for the children in their class. We know that it can be a tricky position to be in…

It’s very easy for teachers and schools to say, the research states that homework is not beneficial so no work will be going home! However, there are definitely aspects of the ‘homework’ concept that are beneficial to children and their parents. This blog will outline some helpful homework ideas and concepts that are suitable for primary teachers.

Homework Ideas for Teachers

Here you’ll find practical ideas, homework activities and printable resources. This collection of homework ideas will help you to send your students home with tailored homework activities that will be beneficial to their learning, reinforcing and practising the skills and knowledge they are currently exploring in class. They are homework activities that will help to inform you about student understanding and ensure that students experience success and a degree of independence, which is so great for their confidence as young learners!

Reading is Essential

Reading for homework each night is a no-brainer! All children should be given the opportunity to take home something to read. This means weekly readers for lower years students to read with their parents and a library book or another appropriate book from home for middle and upper years students.

When I was teaching in the lower years, I provided the students in my class with a homework activity sheet, home readers and sight words at their level. I would always reinforce with parents that if only one thing gets done in the after school chaos that I now know (having school-aged children myself), it’s reading! Reading was always the highest priority.

I found that if students were held accountable for their reading by having to log each time they read with a parent, they were more inclined to do it. Middle and upper years students may also benefit from maintaining a home reading log. Check out our Home Reading Journal  to send home with your students.

Homework Apps

In this day and age, most children will have access to either a home computer or an iPad.

Why not encourage your children to practise their maths and reading skills at home, using apps that they are already exposed to in your classroom?

Mathletics for Homework

Mathletics is a web-based homework scheme that a lot of primary schools are utilising. This app empowers classroom teachers to set activities for homework which their students must complete before students can then go on to choose their own activities. This enables the teachers to set mathematics tasks that are suitable to each students level of ability which is so important when it comes to setting meaningful homework.

Reading Eggs

More and more Australian schools are adopting the use of the Reading Eggs scheme as a homework option. The multi-award winning online reading program for school students has been designed by Australian literacy experts and makes learning essential reading and phonics skills easy and fun. The online reading lessons, activities and books are sequenced to ensure students are working at their level!

Homework Activity Baskets

This idea came to me after writing about English rotations and Mathematics rotations for other blog posts. Why not create a similar concept, but for homework activities? Yes, it would take some time to collate the activities and set up them up, but what a fantastic way to engage your students in levelled homework activities!

Check out our homework basket activities collection  for a range of great hands-on activities that would suit this style of homework set up.

homework class work activity

Homework Grids

Homework grids have been around for a number of years now! This is a fantastic concept that can usually take a lot of time for teachers to plan and set up…

Editable Curriculum Aligned Homework Grids

Well, we have done the hard work for you! Check out our editable homework grids, each with matching activities that link with the Australian Curriculum for every year level.

homework class work activity

teaching resource

Homework activities matrix - year 1.

An editable matrix of literacy and numeracy homework activities linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Image of Homework Activities Matrix - Year 2

Homework Activities Matrix - Year 2

Image of Homework Activities Matrix - Year 3

Homework Activities Matrix - Year 3

An editable matrix of over 100 homework activities linked to the Australian Curriculum for a range of learning areas.

Image of Homework Activities Matrix - Year 4

Homework Activities Matrix - Year 4

Image of Homework Activities Matrix - Year 5

Homework Activities Matrix - Year 5

Image of Homework Activities Matrix - Year 6

Homework Activities Matrix - Year 6

Image of Weekly Spelling Words and Activity Grid - Lower Years

Weekly Spelling Words and Activity Grid - Lower Years

20 pages of weekly spelling words, extension words and activities.

Image of Family Homework Grid

Family Homework Grid

A family themed homework grid with 20 different activities and chores.

Editable Spelling Activity Grids

Our editable  spelling activity grids are another fantastic way for students to engage with their spelling words without simply writing them out on a piece of paper or rote learning them.

homework class work activity

Homework Folders

Creating homework folders for your students to keep their important homework information in is a fantastic way to encourage a sense of ownership and develop their independence.

Below is an example of what you might like to include in a lower years homework folder including a ring of sight words for students to practise at home.

Middle and upper years homework folders may include their homework grid, reading log and other relevant learning prompts such as editing guidelines, generic comprehension questions, times tables and grammar and punctuation reminders.

homework class work activity

Homework Task Cards

Sending home a challenge or a task card with one activity for students to do that week is another way to engage kids in a meaningful task that they can complete with their family members.

We have a range of task cards that could suit this homework style and make great additions to the levelled homework baskets described above.

homework class work activity

English Homework Task Cards and Worksheets - Lower Primary

A set of 12 task cards and matching worksheets for literacy and English homework. Suitable for lower primary grades.

Image of Money Task Cards - Australian Currency

Money Task Cards - Australian Currency

A set of 12 task cards relating to simple financial transactions.

Create Homework Booklets Using Teach Starter Widgets

Tailored activities aside, if the above homework ideas don’t really suit what you need for your class and a traditional homework booklet/worksheet is something that you would prefer, we do have a few options that suit your needs! Our Maths Mentals widget can be used to create weekly maths questions for specific year levels. These are a great way for students to practise their all-important mental maths in a homework booklet style.

Maths Mentals Booklet

Communicate to Parents

Sending home a homework information sheet.

After deciding how your homework will look in your classroom, it is important that you communicate this to the parents of your students, especially in the early years. Sending home an information sheet at the beginning of the year will empower your students’ parents and carers, helping them to feel comfortable with how the year will look and what they can expect to be doing with their kids at home.

You may like to use our Editable Homework Information Sheet to give you an idea of what information to send home to parents.

Editable Homework Information Sheet

Include Homework Information in Classroom Newsletters

Another way to communicate to parents is by sending home weekly classroom newsletters. Although this seems like a lot of work, once you have the template ready to go, it really doesn’t take long to fill in the bits of information for the week.

By including a simple homework task in your classroom newsletter, you can steer away from the traditional homework sheet, instead providing a relevant and engaging task for your students to complete that week.

You may even wish to set up a show and tell timetable for the students to present their findings or talk about their experiences from homework task each week. This also encourages them to talk in front of the peers and gives you more opportunities to sort out that speaking mark for report cards!

Use our editable classroom newsletter which is available in colour and black and white.

Weekly Classroom Newsletter

Do you prefer traditional homework styles or new concepts?

Let us know in the comments section of this blog..


Soph Allison

Yes Sarah. LOVE IT!!!

Sarah France

Would love there to be a button here where I can download all the resources at once rather than go into each activity and download it separately.


Hi Sarah, This is an awesome idea and we are discussing ways to implement this for our future blog posts. We really appreciate your feedback. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Cindy Linser

I never considered the idea of homework baskets based on ability level! What a great idea, especially with the push to differentiate for ability levels. I will have to take some time to work this idea out based on our curriculum but I think this would be a wonderful way to make homework easier to manage. (I know this sounds backwards) Thanks for the idea and for the resources to get myself started!

Thank you for your lovely comment. I am so glad you are enjoying our resources.

vanessa simiele

I would love to use this kit, however, my school as told by Amanda in previous comments uses the term 'Home Learning,' so I would love to send out the parent information sheet, however, could there possibly be a change in title from homework to home learning? I would really appreciate this! Thank you :)

Holly (Teach Starter)

Hey Vanessa, thanks so much for your comment. This is a great idea. I'll add one of our fantastic designers onto creating another version with Home Learning as the heading. I'll let you know when it is finished!

Amanda Worthington

Some really excellent ideas! I look forward to using them in my class! I particularly liked your idea of using Learning Baskets! Hands-on materials students can borrow for the week. Just an idea for future resources, a number of teachers at our school now refer to homework as Home Learning after the idea was raised at a Growth Mindset conference we attended earlier in the year. The play on words helps parents and students to see it as Learning at home rather than "hard work". Just a thought!

Thanks for your comment, Amanda. What a fantastic term. We will definitely consider using this in future resources and blog articles about learning at home! Love it!

Elizabeth Briske

Thank you Teach Starter for this! I LOVE IT! And can’t wait to develop a fantastic homework pack with these resources.

You're most welcome Elizabeth. I'm so glad you found this blog useful!

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How to Plan a Homework Schedule

Last Updated: May 14, 2021 References Approved

This article was co-authored by Ronitte Libedinsky, MS . Ronitte Libedinsky is an Academic Tutor and the Founder of Brighter Minds SF, a San Francisco, California based company that provides one-on-one and small group tutoring. Specializing in tutoring mathematics (pre-algebra, algebra I/II, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus) and science (chemistry, biology), Ronitte has over 10 years of experience tutoring to middle school, high school, and college students. She also tutors in SSAT, Terra Nova, HSPT, SAT, and ACT test prep. Ronitte holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MS in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 86% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 466,666 times.

It feels like homework never stops getting piled on, and keeping track of it all can feel a little chaotic. That’s where a homework schedule comes in. With a good schedule, you won’t have to worry about missing homework assignments or not having enough time to finish them, and it’s surprisingly easy to put one together. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry—we’ll walk you through what to do step-by-step below!

Setting Up a Homework Schedule

Image titled Plan a Homework Schedule Step 1

Creating a Homework Space

Image titled Plan a Homework Schedule Step 7

Understanding What Needs To Get Done

Image titled Plan a Homework Schedule Step 9

Getting All of Your Homework Done

Image titled Plan a Homework Schedule Step 11

Image titled Plan a Homework Schedule Step 13

Image titled Plan a Homework Schedule Step 14

Expert Q&A

homework class work activity

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Write a Test Plan

About This Article

Ronitte Libedinsky, MS

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13 Fun Homework Ideas: The Best Ways To Make Homework Fun For Kids Quickly & Easily

Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams

Figuring out how to make homework fun can be a tricky task for parents.

Does it feel like you’re constantly nagging your kids to do their homework? If your answer is yes then worry not as we’ve all been there! It’s natural for parents to want their children to progress and do well in school, but after an entire day of paper, pencils, and books many youngsters will resist getting on with their homework – and that’s putting it mildly!

Top Tips To Make Homework Fun:

Thankfully, there are ways of making homework less boring and that little bit more fun for your child. Whether they need to practice spellings, learn their times tables or revise for an important exam, our top fun homework ideas will help you to magically take the ‘work’ out of homework.

KS2 Maths Games and Activities Pack

KS2 Maths Games and Activities Pack

A FREE downloadable games and activity pack, including 20 home learning maths activities for KS2 children to complete on their own or with a partner.

1. Work together

Fun Homework Ideas

Adults often work best in the company of others, and the same can be said of kids, so why not sit with your child while they’re studying and get on with some of your own work or life admin?

Whether you’re returning emails, doing your online banking or organising the next primary school PTA fundraiser, creating a shared workspace and modelling focused work is a great way to spend quality time together while they complete their homework. Win-win!

Quick win : Whilst your child is tackling their fractions homework, you could sit down with them and take a look through your finances or even test yourself on the work that your child will be doing in their SATs .

2. Use rewards and incentives

Rewards and incentives are great when it comes to getting your children to follow your household rules and routines, and homework is no different. Things like stickers or the promise of time on their iPad or games console for slightly older children can all work wonders in getting them to do their homework without a battle.

Quick win: For every few questions they answer they could get a minute of screen time!

3. Sort them a snack

Fun Homework ideas

Let’s face it: A hungry child is an unfocused, unmotivated and unhappy child.

Most children come out of school ravenous, so let them nibble on a nutritious after-school snack while they get on with homework; things like popcorn, apple slices, grapes, flapjacks, or crackers and cheese are all great snack options.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, Netmums has a list of healthy after-school snack ideas and recipes to try.

Quick win: One of the best brain foods for kids is a nice and crispy apple! So when your child is craving something sweet just cut up an apple and let them munch away.

4. Make it visual

Help to eliminate the late night ‘Oh, I forgot to do that’, and create a weekly homework chart so your child can see what they have to do each day and check off each homework ‘To Do’ as it’s been completed.

Again, Pinterest has some great free printables to help keep kids organised. Get them involved by letting them colour it, or decorate it with their favourite stickers, and pin it up somewhere at their height, where they will see it easily every day as a reminder. Some exciting new stationery and colourful pens might help too.

Quick win: An easy way to make homework fun is to grab a piece of paper and get your child to draw out and decorate a ‘homework chart’ consisting of 5 days. Stick it on the fridge and add a sticker to each day after they’ve done their homework, when they’ve collected 5 stickers they get a treat!

5. Try different learning apps

Make Homework Fun

If your child prefers to be online, there are some great online apps around that children will have fun using, yet encourage learning too. Here are our favourite free maths websites for example. Speak to your child’s teacher too and see which apps the children use in school so you can support what they’re doing at home.

Quick win: One of our favourite apps that makes homework fun is Times Tables Rockstars!

6. Set up a homework play date

Holding a homework playdate where your child can invite one of their best school buddies over to do homework together can be a great way for them to learn and make sure the work gets done, especially slightly older primary children.

Plus, it’s likely that their parents will be delighted!

Younger children may need a bit more support and guidance but can still gain a lot from the experience of learning together with a friend – think of this as a mini-educational play date for them – with a special tea afterwards of course!

Quick win: Let your child and their friend play for a while, and then get them to work through their homework with the incentive of a yummy ‘tea party’ when they’ve completed all of their homework.

7. Go outside

Fun Homework Ideas

If the weather allows, create a comfortable outside study space and allow your child to do their homework outdoors.

The fresh air can help kids with their concentration if they’ve been stuck in a classroom all day, and studies also show that being outside, closer to nature, can increase productivity. The reward of a quick game of Frisbee or a kick-around of a football between tasks will help them stay motivated too.

Quick win: Check out this fun outdoor maths activity for some inspiration of ways you can make homework fun. 

8. Turn it into a game

Who said home learning had to be boring? If children enjoy what they’re learning, they’re more likely to remember what they’re being taught, so turn their learning into a fun game. Using sweets like Smarties to help with maths and number work can turn the experience from a chore into a treat. If they get the right answer, they get to eat some!

Another trick that you can use when your child is learning spellings is to write them in foam or in magnetic letters. It sounds simple, but  we can guarantee that it will make homework a lot more fun for your child.

These maths games for kids and times tables games are a great place to start.

Quick win: If you’re looking for some fun homework ideas then check out this simple multiplication activity you can do at home, it’ll even get in one of your child’s five a day!

9. Let them play teacher

Make another fun homework game by creating your own mini-classroom and letting your child step into the role of teacher.

Have your child explain a concept to you as a teacher, as you, or their sibling, plays the role of the student. This game works particularly well with subjects that require theory, like Science for example, as it will improve their understanding of the concept and build logic and reasoning skills.

Quick win: Make homework fun by getting your child to choose their favourite teddys and toys and setting them up in their own mini classroom. Start off with registration, ‘mummy’ ‘present’, ‘mr teddy’ ‘here’ etc. You’ll soon notice that your child is growing in confidence regardless of the topic as children love playing teacher!

Ideas to make homework fun

10. Use a timer

Some children may have difficulty working for prolonged periods of time without a break, so using a timer can be great for getting them to complete homework without the whining. For example, if your child is given 20 maths problems for homework, you can say “Complete the first 10 questions then we’ll take a 5-minute break, then complete the next 10 questions”.

Many children will need a mental break and will work more effectively when given the opportunity to take one. At the end of the task, they get to pick an activity of their choice. If your child gets easily distracted, a timer game can work well to keep them focused on the task in hand.

Quick win: Put the timer on your phone so that your child can see the countdown whilst they’re working.

11. Create a special homework space

A special study space can make homework more fun and help motivate your child to get it done! Choose a space in your house that’s least likely to distract your child, and create a simple, organised, and kid-friendly homework HQ.

You could hang up some of their artwork above the desk, and have all their school essentials nearby so everything is close to hand.

Quick win: Make sure that they aren’t surrounded by things that will distract them. Televisions and iPads are a no go at homework time!

12. Remember to be positive

Remember to always be upbeat and positive about school and the importance of their homework. Give your child lots of praise and encouragement about how well they’re doing to help them stay motivated and on track.

Quick win: After every homework session spend five minutes talking through what your child has accomplished. If you’re running out of activities to do, have a look at our list of home learning packs – all free to download.

13. Get help if you need it

Homework can be frustrating if your child doesn’t understand the material or gets bored easily. If your child is struggling, get them some expert help!

Quick win:  Third Space Learning has plenty of advice on learning maths for kids and parents but if you need more support, our primary school maths tutors are easy to organise and very affordable.

Online 1-to-1 maths lessons trusted by schools and teachers Every week Third Space Learning’s maths specialist tutors support thousands of primary school children with weekly online 1-to-1 lessons and maths interventions . Since 2013 we’ve helped over 130,000 children become more confident, able mathematicians. Learn more or request a personalised quote to speak to us about your needs and how we can help.

Maths tuition for 5 to 12-year-olds focused on the national curriculum and delivered online

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home learning packs

FREE KS2 maths SATs practice papers

Get ready for SATs with this set of 6 maths SATs practice papers designed to help your Year 6 pupils improve test skills and build confidence.

Includes: - 2 arithmetic and 4 reasoning papers that follow the National Curriculum Assessments. - Mark schemes to diagnose and assess where your pupils need extra support.

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Homework Workbooks

Because differences are our greatest strength

Finding an afterschool program with good homework help

homework class work activity

By Kate Kelly

homework class work activity

At a glance

Afterschool programs can help kids get into good homework habits.

It’s important that the staff let you know how your child is doing with homework.

Many programs allow kids who struggle in school to use accommodations for homework.

When looking for an afterschool program for kids who struggle in school, it’s important to look at how the program handles homework. Homework is one of the keys to thriving at school. Getting it done takes organization and time management skills. And those areas are exactly where many struggling students need help.

How can you tell if a program offers enough support to make your child’s homework time productive? Here’s what to look for.

A dedicated space for homework

The area set aside for doing homework needs to be quiet and well lit. It should contain a few distinct areas:

A structured homework routine

A good program dedicates a specified amount of time for kids to complete their homework. That may mean about 30 minutes a day for grade-schoolers. And it could mean as much as two hours a day for high school students. 

If kids finish their homework early, good programs will allow them to move on to a new activity. It could be something more challenging or playing a game that uses math skills.

Some programs may give kids a snack after school. Some allow them to play outside for a while before requiring them to start homework. If the timing makes a difference for your child, make sure you ask how homework fits into the schedule.

Assistance to help your child with homework

Good programs have staff to monitor homework and provide help when needed. This person may be a certified teacher. (This is likely if the program is school based.) Some programs may hire college students.

A process to communicate with parents

Kids who struggle in school do better when their parents and afterschool staff keep in touch. Ask if the staff alerts parents when your child:

It’s good to find out if they send home notes or if parents are expected to check in with staff at pickup.

A willingness to work with systems you or the school have created

Kids with learning and thinking differences can benefit from systems that help them track their work. For example, you and your child’s teacher may have created a  homework contract . It might outline expectations that your child will meet. It will also include consequences if your child doesn’t follow through, and a reward for following through. The afterschool program staff needs to be willing to enforce the contract, if possible.

Or you might have a homework log that your child uses for keeping track of assignments. If it requires a signature, the staff should be willing to sign it.

Assistance for accommodations

It’s important that an afterschool program can provide accommodations your child needs. For example, kids who struggle with writing might need to dictate their ideas rather than writing them. In such cases, the programs need to provide access to voice-to-text software or to staff who can write down students’ words. 

Completing homework on a regular basis can improve your child’s self-confidence at school. A good afterschool homework program can help. And don’t forget there are other topics to consider when looking at afterschool programs.

Key takeaways

Find out if the staff will communicate regularly with you about your child.

Ask about whether they offer separate areas for homework and play.

Remember that a strong afterschool program will help make your child feel more confident at school.

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About the author.

Kate Kelly has been writing and editing for more than 20 years, with a focus on parenting.

Reviewed by

homework class work activity

Sheldon H. Horowitz, EdD is senior director of learning resources and research at the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

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Getting Homework Help in 2023: What, Where, and How?

Dealing with homework is getting tougher at the moment. This is due to the quarantine and pandemic pressure that students have felt starting from March: most of the time, they have been stuck at home, participating in online classes and preparing their projects and writing assignments. Such a way of life appeared to be inconvenient not only because students lacked live communication with their professors, but also because of the inability to stay connected with their classmates.

The absence of live teamwork during the quarantine turned out to be a disaster since the amount of homework got bigger and students had to do it on their own. They could not visit their peers anymore to prepare for classes together, but still, they had to carry out their assignments on time. The majority of them got exhausted quickly and asked us: “Can you help me with my homework?”. We could not stay aside, so we launched our service.

Who Needs Homework Help in 2022 And Why?

The pandemic made us change a lot of our daily activities: attending schools and colleges, visiting our relatives, even having a walk before sleep (now, we cannot do that without our masks on). The way students prepare their homework has also changed: more and more tasks must be done on the laptop and be presented either online or submitted via studying apps or educational platforms. Students cannot spend so much time sitting in front of the screens since they risk getting hypodynamia and oxygen deprivation because of poor physical activity and fresh air in their tiny rooms.

The excessively fast pace of modern life has had its effect not only on the work and personal spheres but also on the learning process. Today’s students must not only be efficient at all times but also demonstrate high levels of success, even in subjects that are not crucial to their future careers. This puts too much pressure on students and threatens to cause unpleasant memories for everyone involved in the learning process. You can alleviate the pressure and workload with an essay writing service . The experts at the service will help keep a clear head and mental balance even in the most difficult circumstances – all you have to do is leave an application.

We have been cooperating with an essay writing service to provide homework help for students lately, so why should you suffer through all this writing? Do not hesitate to find out who we are and how we can help with homework below.

We Cooperate With Professional Tutors To Provide You With Homework Help Online

Once you decide to hire us for your homework help, you will be impressed by the quality we can offer. This is due to our tutors who will work closely with you from the moment you ordered an assignment till the time you have it completed. These people are not just experts in their jobs, they are also passionate researchers of their subject areas. Each homework helper has either a Master’s diploma or a Ph.D. degree in their majors. Besides that, they are proficient essay writers who can express themselves in academic English language perfectly. Hence, if you decide to cooperate with us and get online homework help, you will receive professional advice on your tasks, as well as experience of communication with an expert in the field you are interested in. Who knows, maybe our tutors will encourage you to dive deeper into your college major?

Studying at the university requires some effort. To successfully study and always be in a good mood, you need to try very hard. Indeed, in student years, as in life in general, unexpected peaks of workload occur. All students are well aware that, for example, before the session, you need to include additional turns in order to pass everything successfully. However, many people have big troubles during excessive loads. The workload on students is increasing, and they do not always have time to complete all the tasks on their own. It is a great opportunity to choose payforessay service for getting your work done for you.

Homework Help For High School And College: We Do It All

“What if I need my homework help for high school or a certificate program?”, you might ask. No problem! At Homework Suite, we offer hw help and advice for any study level and program. To make it possible, we cooperate with experts from all fields of study that are taught in schools, colleges, and universities. Below, you can see what we offer at our essay helper service:

All these services are offered in the most popular subjects. If you need homework help online for interdisciplinary subjects, do not worry. We will find a tutor who will be able to assist you.

Why Should You Get Homework Help From Us?

We would not know how to answer your question if we were newbies on the homework helper market, but our experience speaks for itself. Here is what we can provide you with:

Personal Approach

Our help on homework service does not tackle all requests and orders in the same way. Even when we receive similar tasks to work on, we assess the topic from different points of view because we understand that every student and every assignment is unique. Therefore, you do not need to worry about getting a trivial approach to your task solution. We know how to make your essay , research paper, or report stand out;

Friendly Interface

Students who need help with homework usually have no time for filling out lengthy questionnaires and registration forms to join homework helper websites. That is the reason why we made the sign-up and order making process easy to understand. Also, we removed all ads from our app so that you could concentrate on cooperation with a tutor instead of turning off the advertising pop-up messages all the time;

Fast Sign-up

To join our app, you only need to create a username and password or register with your social network account. We do not need much of your personal information to offer you homework help. Thus, the registration process takes less than a minute;

24/7 Customer Support

The other feature you will appreciate is constant Customer Support. We are here for you anytime from Saturday through Sunday. Feel free to call us, drop us a line through the feedback form, or talk to us in chat;

Reasonable Prices

Got no money to order those overpriced services on the web? No problem. You will not have to spend your last penny on our assistance. Before launching our homework helper service, we found out the affordable level of prices for students, and have been sticking to it ever since;

High-Quality Homework Help

The proficiency of our tutors will ensure a high grade and a deep understanding of your assignment. Once you get assistance from us on a single task, you will be able to resolve similar problems easily. As you can see, we not only help you to prepare an assignment but also understand the approach to tackling similar tasks;

Finally, we guarantee your customer satisfaction from the moment of your registration to getting the homework help. You can reach out to us at any stage of cooperation with a tutor if you have any trouble with our service. We will be happy to provide additional clarifications and resolve any dispute.

Our Homework Help Features

Before you start using our homework helper service, we would like you to know more about our unique features:

Syllabus importing

We developed a brand new tool that will allow you to import all your current syllabus information and store it in a single place. Thus, your schedule will be properly organized and you will not miss deadlines anymore;

Calendar synchronization

Fond of using Google Calendar to track your classes and homework hours? Our app will sync with it to send your reminders every time you need to switch classes or activities.

Adding pictures to your assignments

If you are uncomfortable taking notes solely on your smartphone and prefer doing it on paper, our app can help too: just take a picture of your handwritten essay details or professor’s guidelines, upload it to your task card in our app, and not a single note will be lost!

Designing your dashboard

If you like highlighting things when writing in a notebook, you are likely to love our design options in the app. Choose different fonts for headlines, colors for your classes or tasks. Make your study bright!

Do you friends often ask you, “Will you help me with my homework?” because they lost their notes or missed the class? Just share your dashboard with them so they can see how organized and responsible you are. Also, they will be able to copy your assignment instructions from your dashboard once you share it with them.

How Our Homework Helper Works?

Finally, it’s time to know how to use our homework help app. First of all, you need to download it from the App Store or Play Market to use it on the go or just load the website if you prefer a desktop version.

Then, click on the ‘Sign up’ button and input your email. Below, you can see a field for entering your password. When it’s done, press the button at the bottom to continue. Now, you are a member of our homework help community.

If you already need help with a certain order, click on the ‘Place order’ button. You will be redirected to the order form, where you will need to fill out every field carefully. Copy the task guidelines from your dashboard and make sure that all the necessary fields are completed. Proceed to the payment page and choose the convenient payment method.

Once you paid for your homework help, we will start searching for a tutor to assist you. When they get your order, you will be notified by email and in the app. At this stage, the live chat with the tutor becomes accessible, so don’t hesitate to contact your tutor for any details. If everything is clear to them, they will start working on your order immediately.

During the tutor’s work, you will be notified from time to time if the order status changes. When the tutor finishes working, you will be able to see the results on the order tab of your dashboard. If you are satisfied with the quality of assistance offered to you, the money will be released to the tutor and you will be able to leave feedback.

Throughout your work with your tutor, our Customer Support is ready to answer your questions that relate to our homework helper service functioning. If your order is finished but you are not satisfied with the assistance provided, you can report your order to our Quality Assurance Department for review. Just type: “I need help with my homework quality” and press the ‘Report’ button to let us know about your problem, and our homework advisors will review your case.

Is taking homework help online legal?

Of course, it is. We provide you with professional advice on how to do your homework so that you could use it for your real assignments. We also offer writing samples to help you get inspired and create your own pieces of writing.

Can you cover any topic for online homework help?

Yes, we can. Our tutors can assist you in any topic within their areas of expertise, be it direct questions for short essays or tricky topics for your thesis writing. Also, we can assist you with the references’ selection for your writing tasks.

How much time will it take to get homework help?

It depends on the complexity of your task and the deadline you set when making the order on our platform. However, the shortest possible due time is three hours, so please take it into account before placing your order.

Can I chat with the homework helper directly?

Yes, you can! Once your order is placed and the tutor is assigned, you can enter the chat with them and communicate until everything is clear for you.

How will you know what my professor actually wants?

We cannot read thoughts, but we can stick to all your professor’s guidelines to help you complete your assignment. All we need is clear instructions on how your assignment should be completed, so do not hesitate to share all details with us.

How does the payment system work for getting homework help?

We accept online payments through PayPal and credit cards, as well as bank transfers. If you are unsure about the payment process, feel free to reach out to us by phone, email, or via chat.


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