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pre calculus worksheet pdf

Precalculus MAT 206–0801

Spring 2020 BMCC Prof. Dr. Ivan Retamoso

Relations and Functions

Evaluations of Functions

The Horizontal Line Test

Finding the Domain of a Function

Finding the Domain and Range of a Function from its Graph

Piecewise Functions

Average Rate of Change of a Function

Increasing and Decreasing Functions

Relative Maxima or Minima

Arithmetic Operations with Functions

Compositions of Functions

Transformation of Functions

Absolute Value Functions

Inverse Functions

Linear Functions

Graph of Linear Functions

Modeling with Linear Functions

Operations with Complex Numbers

Vertex and Axis of Symmetry of a Parabola

Minimum or Maximum of a Parabola

Polynomial Functions of Higher Degree

Polynomial and Synthetic Division

The Reminder and Factor Theorem

The Rational Zero Theorem

Zeros of a Polynomial Function

Rational Functions

Graphing Rational Functions

Slant Asymptote

Exponential Functions

Logarithmic Functions

Properties of Logarithms

Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Radian and Degree Measure

Right Triangle Trigonometry

Trigonometric Functions of any Angle

The Unit Circle

Graph of Trigonometric Functions

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Sum and Difference Identities

Double-Angle and Half-Angle Formulas

Product to Sum and Sum to Product Formulas

Solving Trigonometric Equations

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Precalculus Worksheets

Precalculus worksheets listed alphabetically:.

Math Skills You Should Master Before Learning Calculus?

What is Calculus? Calculus is another branch of mathematics which helps us understand changes between the values that may be related by a function. Calculus is used in a lot of areas in physics, biology, astronomy, economy, engineering, sociology and even medicine. The use of calculus is to create mathematical models to arrive at an optimal solution. You may take physics as an example and notice how the concepts of calculus are used that include motion, electricity, light and heat, harmonics, astronomy and dynamics. When you start calculus to make sure you go through algebra again because you’ll have to solve equations, and systems, that also include logarithmic equations and their inverse functions. Calculus is just one additional step beyond algebra and trigonometry. Skills You Must Know - A few steps to start learning calculus are first to memorize formulas, but there's much more to know than just that. Factoring - Many of the problems in calculus will involve finding roots of function, so you need to be able to factor expressions and equations even in your sleep. Basic Function And Transformation - You need to study the basic functions and transformation of those essential functions. You should be able to recognize and apply the change and essential functions. Simplify - You will find yourself simplifying the results of the expressions obtained most of your time. You must know how to combine and solve them as quick as possible. Use Of Calculator - You need to be able to graph functions and get a proper viewing window. You should be able to use all the options available on your calculator to solve calculus. You should know how to use table mood on your calculator and the calc menu to find roots, intersections and more. Develop these skills before you start calculus and notice how easy calculus will become for you.


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