Being A Soccer Player Research Paper

research paper on soccer player

Show More Being a soccer player would be an excellent job. There are many reasons why it is a great job, but the best reason is that it is fun. Being a soccer player has a lot of beneficial things. They’re helpful things about being a professional soccer player. First of all, soccer helps you build communication and teamwork skills, and this is good which could help you later in life. Soccer can teach you discipline. It is good that soccer teaches you discipline because you will encounter a hard problem in your life. Soccer encourages a good work ethic, develops leadership, and sportsmanship. (Reason Why Soccer is Good For You) Also, soccer is excellent for your health . A professional soccer player has a few hours of physical training, running, and

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Research paper on becoming a soccer player.

pursuing of my dream of becoming a pro soccer player 1. I am going to be talking about what I have been researching about the last week. In this research paper, I will be talking about my future career as an adult. The career I have been researching about has been a soccer player. Being a soccer player has always been my dream, ever since I was a little kid. As a kid whenever I would watch the games, I would always try to imagine myself in the games as a player playing there. I am glad I got to learn…

Intrinsic And Extrinsic Factors Of Sports Injury

which has an effect on a social, economic, and personal level (Hutchison, 2017a). Sport injury incidence rates can vary from 23.7/1000 hours of game exposure for male floorball players (Snellman et al., 2001), or 7.7/1000 hours of exposure for male soccer players and 5.5/1000 hours of exposure for female soccer players (Hãgglund, Walden, & Ekstrand, 2009) or 1.05/1000 hours for female gymnasts (Hootman, Dick, & Agel, 2007). Although incidence rates vary between sports, the rates are still high and…

Brand Image In Professional Sports Case Study

sports: The case of French soccer teams. European Sport Management Quartely, 5(1), 23-46. In the sporting industry, teams happen to generate very strong emotional responses from its fans when compared to the industries. As a result of the high emotions that the teams bring out of their fans, majority tend to place themselves as brands by their selves. Therefore, this paper tried to examine the different approaches as well as actions that have been employed by four different soccer teams from French for…

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research paper on soccer player

Soccer Player Research Papers

All eyes are on you. About 1 billion pairs, if you’re one for numbers. It is the World Cup Final, the biggest game in professional football, and the most watched event on the earth. You and ten other men step onto a green field, with two goal posts on each side.Your home, your job, your life. The game finishes extra time 1-1. The score is 4-3 on penalties, with your team winning. You step up to take it. The crowd goes silent, with your country’s hope resting on your shoulders. You run up to the ball and place it into the corner of the goal, sending the goalie the other way. GOAL!!! Your home, your job, your life. To become a professional soccer player takes very much dedication, sacrifice, and determination, but the rewards are well worth it. There a different parts of the career, like what you are responsible for, what training you need, and your personal traits you need to succeed. When I grow up, the job I would like to have is that of a professional soccer player. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Soccer player special are their personal traits. For example a pro. Must be determined and persistent. They must be determined because in pretty much every player who has made it to the top, has had setbacks, and a persistent player will be able to get through those setbacks. Another amazing trait that successful players have are that they work hard and are dedicated. A professional player must spend THOUSANDS of hours on the game playing to make it to that top level. They must also work very hard during that time, which, in my opinion, shows a lot of dedication. Finally, I think that the trait that really sets a good player and a great player apart is their love and passion for the game. The best professionals don’t care about how much they get paid, (And I don’t care about my salary as long as I can buy some good food!) ,they are just thrilled they can play the game for a living, and enjoy the game as professionally as


Becoming A Soccer Player Research Paper

Essay on self confidence.

At the age of ten I was the most energetic, go-lucky, confident girl. I excelled at my beloved sport, soccer. I had been playing since I was just a mere five years old, far longer than the other girls. Playing so long had helped me be at a higher level of skill than most of the other players on my team.

Soccer Memoir

As a young girl, I was introduced to soccer by my father. I think I was about eight at the time when I first played on a recreational team, and I remember that I had always wanted to play goalkeeper. In soccer, the goalkeeper is the last defensive player, but is also the first offensive player once the play turns. The idea of playing such an important position thrilled me, and it didn’t hurt that the goalkeeper gets the opportunity to use their hands as well as punt the ball across the field. From the age of nine until the age of eleven, I played competitive and recreational soccer as a goalkeeper, and stopped in the sixth grade. I picked the sport back up as a freshman in high school, after my younger sister had urged me to join the school

High School Athletes Should Not Be Paid

Ever since I could remember, soccer had been in my life. If there was a soccer team that needed a coach, my father was always the first to volunteer. There were almost too many strenuous weekends spent hours away from home for soccer tournaments to count. My entire family, consisting of my parents, my siblings, my dog, and myself, packed in a mini-van heading to a city that I had never heard of for soccer games. But when I entered high school, all that would soon go away. I kept playing the same sport that I always had, although now I had to wake up at five in the morning for six hours of high school soccer practice in the smoldering summer heat in order to make the high school team. High School sports were more competitive than anything I had done before. I put in as much effort as I could to make the Varsity High School team, staying out past dinner to practice even longer. I was utterly divulged in soccer and trying to be the best I could be. Soon, I would regret placing a game over spending time with my family.

Soccer Narrative

As I was getting ready for the most important game of my eleven year soccer career, I began recollecting on how my love of soccer began.

Soccer Scholarship

I’ve been playing soccer for so long that sometimes I wonder if the kicks my mom felt during her pregnancy were from my practice penalty shots within her womb. I had become so involved with the world of soccer, that when I made the decision to close that old chapter of my life, I was originally unsure of how to start writing the next page.

Soccer : My Favorite Game : The Influence Of Soccer

Soccer is my favorite sport, no I don’t watch it on tv, nor do I have a favorite soccer team. So, it all started when I was eight years old I believe I told my mom that I didn’t want to do a certain thing anymore and that I wanted to play a sport a.k.a soccer. She of course told me sure. So she signed me up for soccer a couple of days later. I was so happy I was jumping up and down with excitement. Little did I know that I would love the sport. So, the day of the first soccer practice I was nervous I never done anything with the team and I had these questions running in my head like what if no one likes you here? Or what if you like the sport? Or what if you aren’t even good enough ? but I let these questions slide and I had learned how to play the sport. In that amount of time I thought no more like Challenged myself and said “ Cassie you can do this you are going to be apart of this team and you are going to be the best.” From then on I challenged myself, I practiced almost all the

Soccer Narrative Essay

Soccer was a huge thing in my community so when one of my friends named Julio invited me to join his soccer team i got so happy i went to go buy new pairs of shoes to show them off and to this day i will never forget what those shoes were they were these blue and grey nike mercurial shoes. I went to my first game and that's when i met more people that also loved soccer like i did but they went to different schools so i didn't really know them. My team won the league and also the finals i was 8 years old when all this happened and as an award for winning the finals my team was rewarded with a huge trophy. What made that day the most memorable day of all is when i received a separate trophy and on the trophy it had written “Star player” that's when i

Fox Run Research Paper

The game of soccer is like a roller coaster. From laughter, during Thursday night pasta nights to tears, as we fought a hard loss, we will never know what to expect. That is the beauty of the sport and life because we have to be ready for anything that comes our way. We see how soccer is not black or white or win or lose. A loss where the team played their hearts out is more acceptable then a win won luckily without sportsmanship. As soccer is a team sport, we have to play until the buzzer rings. Life is full of surprises, like the buzzer winning goal I scored in a golden goal overtime to win the championship. I never will forget the feeling when the entire team rushed the field and the crowd went wild as tears swarmed our eyes and our screams of joy filled the air. The challenges I faced on Fox Run will help me endure through obstacles I face in our lifetime and to be determined until the end of my

Personal Narrative: The Dulles Varsity Soccer Team

Soccer had taught me many things in life. It showed me the significance of family in all forms, to be responsible and appreciative of my peers and elders. I will never forget that day, no matter how old I am, because I had learned an essential lesson, to never give

Rough Draft Of Soccer Research Paper

Soccer always been a great part of my life. I play it since, I was three years old. My greatest moment was the final game of the district tournament. It was the first time for me and my teammates to make it that far. I had to act like I got it all under control since I was the captain of the team but I was shaking until the game started. The game went by fast, it was the minute 89 and it was a draw one to ne after my friend’s header goal from the corner kick. We had two minutes before we go to extra time and everyone in the field already so exhausted. The other team had the ball, and I was at the center back, I ran and cut the ball from the other team, I began running as fast as I can. I was not sure either to pass it or keep

Personal Narrative: Pike High School Football

I was getting of the bus at Pike High School to start my high school soccer career. I remember being extremely excited and happy to finally get the season started. The team stepped off the bus and formed two lines to walk to the fields to warm up. I began my warm up feeling fresh. I got plenty of sleep the night before and I was not too nervous.

High School Football Research Paper

Every year the game got more and more serious and now the team wanted to win just as much as they wanted to have fun. When I entered High School soccer I was very nervous because I was in the youngest age group. There was a lot of older and more experienced players on the team. The summer before the season started the team went to a soccer camp to play against opposing teams, and as a new player I was very nervous to play. It was my first year playing High School Soccer, with no experience. The team played a couple games, and I was put on varsity to play. I was so nervous. I did not think I could keep up with the pace and the intensity of the game. The team ended up winning the tournament in that camp. When the real season started, I was starting on varsity my freshman year. I felt like I had no room for mistakes or I would get yelled at and taken out of the game. During the first two years of High School soccer, I also played basketball and club soccer. I decided that I really wanted to take my soccer career further. I decided not to play basketball anymore and just focus on soccer. I attended a recruiting session, which sets up your profile so colleges

Personal Narrative: Soccer Is A Competitive Sports

From the minute I started kicking in my mother’s stomach my father made it his mission to teach me soccer. Three year old me would be kicking soccer balls like my life depended on it. Later in life at age 8 I started playing on teams. We went from being the worst in the league to champions twice in a row. Being champions can really get in someone’s head, and suddenly you think your skills are superior to those of people around you.

My First Season Of Recreational Soccer

It all began back when I was three years old at my first season of recreational soccer. The YMCA was where the love and passion for soccer started. I later moved to the big leagues of Big Sun recreational soccer to me it was like the professional league. I met the best coach ever, Coach Judd Davis. He inspired me to be the player and introduced me to competitive soccer. So that next year I played on a U12 team as a fourth grader. When I made this team it was at that moment my dream to play professionally was born. I worked harder than anyone on my team and tried to soak up as much knowledge about the game there was told to me. My parents helped me along the way by continuously encouraging me throughout difficult times. So I thought I was ready to take on harder challenges.

Why Soccer is my Passion

We were all set up on the field ready for the game, I remember closing my eyes forabout a minute before the game started, that minute felt like 10 years, I froze and thought aboutmyself when I was 3 years old and how I first fell in love with the game and how my ultimatedream was to become pro, I remember the hours of pain and suffering I put myself through tobecome the player I was today, I remembered waking up at 4 a.m. on school mornings to go forruns so that I could run longer in games,I remember skipping parties and hanging with friendsso that I could train, I remembered everything, but one thing truly hit me was how much soccerwas there for me growing up my parents argued a lot and when I was feeling sad and lonely Iwould go train at the fields and it would hell my sorrow. Growing up in a household when yourparents are constantly fighting is difficult, but soccer was my out lit it was my therapist. Duringthe time of their divorce I felt like I had no one but soccer so I decided I need to give back to thegame. Soccer did so much for me, so I wanted to prove to it that it wasn't a waste of time andthat I would make something out of the game. I opened my eyes and didn't feel human anymore Ididn't feel in control of my own body the sport had taken over me for the better. I remembermoments when I was running and it didn't even feel like my feet were touching the floor

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If you need to write a paper or prepare a speech about soccer (globally known as football), then our soccer essay topics with research paper and speech ideas will surprise and amaze you. Each section contains ideas that will be helpful to you. All of these interesting ideas for different purposes can be adopted by you and used when necessary.

Soccer topics for research papers

Soccer argumentative essay topics

Descriptive soccer essay ideas

Informative speech topics on soccer

Interesting facts about soccer

Soccer rightfully takes the place of the most popular team sport in the world. Soccer matches attract thousands of fans in stadiums, and millions gather at TV screens. This game is distinguished by the importance of not only the physical training of the participants, but also the need to carefully consider the strategy of matches.

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These topics for research papers related to soccer with speech and essay ideas will help you to create interesting essays. However, if you find out that you don’t have the necessary skills for writing a quality paper, let us help you. Our writers have a proper command of English and stick to the academic standards while writing all papers. Become a successful student with professional essay writing help from EssayShark.

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Soccer Players in Washington Park My Observation Research Paper

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Soccer Players in Washington Park My Observation Assignment

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Biosensors in Soccer Players’ Preparation Research Paper

Development and history of biosensors in sports training, how biosensors help in soccer training, the biosensors framework, the efficiency of biosensors in soccer training, how soccer training works, advantages and disadvantages of current soccer training, works cited.

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Virtual reality (VR) innovation is going to be part of the daily lives shortly. It demonstrates an assortment of changes in research, occupation, and diversion. Preparation is dependably an imperative part in soccer matches. The nature of the preparation impacts the players’ change, as well as their execution in sports. This proposition concentrates on how biosensors can offer soccer players some assistance with improving themselves. Likewise, it examines a few issues in soccer preparation like harm and physical breaking point. Biosensors could give soccer players considerable measure advantages. Also, the change of players means a great deal to the club.

Researchers have created numerous frameworks and techniques to assess the most critical parameters in games execution—especially in areas, for example, biomechanics, physiology, and behavioral neuroscience. Biomechanical investigations provide mentors with kinematic and dynamic information to advance specific developments or embrace new methods through quality and molding preparing programs. Physiological investigations depict the fiery expense of human development and how a person’s metabolism system adjusts to training. Behavioral neuroscience can clarify the vital decisions that sportsmen make amid sports, for example, foreseeing a rival’s activities or ideally moving to block a ball. A biosensor is a scientific gadget that changes over a biological reaction into an electrical sign. The expression “biosensor” is regularly used to cover sensor gadgets utilized as a part of a request to decide the convergence of substances and different parameters of organic interest even where they do not use a natural framework straightforwardly. Biosensors stand for a quickly extending field, at present, with an expected 60% yearly development rate; the real driving force originating from the social insurance industry yet with some weight from different territories, for example, food quality evaluation and ecological checking. The evaluated world diagnostic business sector is around 12,000,000,000 year of which 30% is in the social insurance territory. There is a tremendous business sector extension potential as under 0.1% of this business sector is now utilizing biosensors. The majority of this present effort concerns potentiometric and amperometric biosensors and colorimetric paper catalyst strips. In any case, all the fundamental transducer sorts are prone to be altogether analyzed, for biosensors utilization, throughout the following couple of years. An effective biosensor is a must-have in any event a portion of the useful components. The biocatalyst must be very particular with the end goal of the investigations, be steady under ordinary stockpiling conditions and, aside from on account of colorimetric compound strips and dipsticks, demonstrate great security over countless assays. The response ought to be as autonomous of such physical parameters as mixing, pH and temperature as is sensible. This would permit the investigation of tests with insignificant pre-treatment. On the off chance that the response includes cofactors or coenzymes, these ought to, ideally, likewise be co-immobilized with the compound. The reaction ought to be exact, on point, reproducible and direct over the helpful diagnostic extent, without weakening or focus. The part of biosensors in soccer training is a theme that has been effectively talked about in the course of the most recent couple of years, and a portion of the advancements that have been as of late discharged can be used to make such methodologies fruitful. Besides, the nature of virtual situations has likewise been expanding, and they are to a great degree reasonable. Moreover, it ought to be seen as an exceptional open door since this region is generally unexplored and numerous innovations that can be utilized to enhance the biosensor experience are at present being created. Above all else, it is important to add to an arrangement of targets and gather the information. The virtual environment must be designed accordingly and then put away on a hard drive. Additionally, this system should be introduced on PC/tablets. A player will utilize a head-mounted presentation and a feedback gadget to cooperate with VR, and his or her execution might be broken down with the utilization of an LCD projector. The evaluation of the player’s execution in soccer with the utilization of biosensors can be partitioned into three stages. The initial phase of this examination is associated with the activity of catching the development of the players in soccer or game preparation. These activities do not just make a premise for the liveliness of virtual players; additionally, they offer an approach to looking at the activities of the player in simulated and genuine circumstances. The second step is associated with the formation of the movements and their absorption to specific imperatives in a situation where a few alterations will be required. Ultimately, the third step in the biosensor examination is connected to the genuine presentation of the virtual environment. Be that as it may, video playback is constrained because the perspective is settled to the camera position amid recording. This averts intuitiveness—something critical if the player wishes to move to better get important data. Additionally, video playback relies on which moves were made at a particular time. Inferable from changes in innovation and processing power, virtual reality (VR) can defeat these constraints by giving numerical reenactments and immersive, intelligent situations.

Biosensors are utilized to ponder the perception-activity circle in competitors: how observation impacts decisions about which activity to undertake, and how those decisions impact resulting recognition. We research which perceptual data is imperative by requesting that players anticipate what will happen in specific situations—for example, the direction the ball will take when the ball is tossed. At that point, we acquaint the activity part to complete the circle. To execute such analyzes, we planned a system that uses computer game innovation, including an advanced animation motor. We utilized this structure to direct two contextual analyzes: The first was an observation just to assess rugby players’ capacity to distinguish beguiling movements. The second entailed a recognition activity undertaking to evaluate handball goalkeepers’ reactions (activity) when confronting distinctive ball directions (discernment). These contextual investigations show the benefits of utilizing biosensors to better comprehend the observation activity circle and in this manner to examine sports execution.

Utilizing the innovation of biosensors to break down game execution includes a three-stage process. The initial step includes catching competitors’ activities in a particular game. These activities are helpful for the virtual characters’ simulation as well as to give an approach to analyzing the subject’s developments in genuine and drenched circumstances. The second step entails the simulation of the virtual humanoids and their adjustment to particular limitations to alter just a part of the reenactment. The third step entails the presentation of the virtual environment. Although the initial two stages are regular for every one of the applications we exhibit here, the third relies on the particular application since each immersive showcase framework has its particular points of interest and burdens. As of late, there has been an expanded interest in the improvement of game science. This range is perceived as a scholarly scope and as a legitimate sector of expert practice. The utilization of the advancements permits players to assess their execution by focusing on the circumstance from a viewer’s point of view. Virtual reality advancements have increased real acknowledgment in the territory of game recreations. An assortment of new applications and projects are being made for soccer matches. The accompanying work will concentrate on the examination of the utilization of biosensors in the preparation of soccer players.

Keeping in mind the end goal to assess the most noteworthy games execution parameters, researchers have concocted an assortment of techniques and frameworks. Such frameworks were produced to assess the execution in the ranges of physiology, behavioral neuroscience, and biomechanics. The physiological investigation can help in comprehension the human developments and their lively costs; the behavioral neuroscience can assess the vital decisions players make amid the diversion while biomechanics can offer elements and kinematic information for the advancement of specific developments of the players. Notwithstanding the way that there has been almost no exact writing that investigated the utilization of biosensors advancements in games; a group of PC researchers from the University of Michigan has made an imaginative framework for preparing American football players utilizing such innovation. Biosensors can provide experts an assortment of open doors for creating reasonable preparation motivation later on. Some professional football teams are attempting to put virtual reality into their preparation. This turns into an improvement inclination in competitions, so soccer clubs ought to focus and check whether they can make virtual reality into great use.

The part of programming is essential for this situation since situations must be fantastically reasonable and various inward and outer components ought to be considered amid the procedure of improvement. Security vulnerabilities likewise ought to be considered because opponent groups might access essential data about the soccer training programs and methodologies that are utilized. The significance of equipment additionally ought not to be neglected, and various advances are utilized to exchange the information and improve the experience of a person. It is likewise basic to concentrate on such viewpoints as the rate and productivity. The general objective of this methodology is to guarantee that a player is given all the essential apparatus for soccer training and the level of coordination is huge. Also, a few gadgets ought to be utilized to record and store the information since it might be unfathomably important. Creative instruments identified with haptic criticism must be utilized because other info gadgets are obsolete for this situation. They additionally build the viability of soccer training because an individual might feel an effect (Bales 440). Because of the way that there are mechanical constraints in programming and equipment, the video playback technique has been the best and straightforward strategy in investigating the players’ conduct in a soccer game. In any case, the video playback technique is just restricted to the perspective of the camera amid the genuine recording which brings about the absence of intuitiveness. VR is the technique for defeating the impediments the video playback strategy has by offering a virtual domain with the numerical recreations. The idea of Virtual reality assigns an arrangement of systems and standards utilized as a part of the outline and production of programming that will change the way a man sees the encompassing reality. Utilizing the video playback as a part of physical action setting is new and considered having awesome potential. One point of interest in utilizing video playbacks is to dispose of the danger of getting injured during soccer training. Another point of preference is to give learners the data that is not promptly obvious or accessible when learning in this present reality, yet that can assume an imperative part of learning. Even though video playback is new and has a considerable measure of clear parts in Soccer training, a few organizations begin to chip away at it. An illustration for this is the way that the English Premier League team, Manchester United has marked an agreement with an organization called Beyond Sports that represents considerable authority in the reproduction of games in the video playback environment. They are making a training manual on the premise of the reproduced matches with the utilization of the latest technology. The expenses would be another that needs focus and emphasis.

Even though it is still in its earliest stages, biosensors will substantially affect future trends in soccer. VR as of now has gained astonishing ground in the realm of sports execution, and it is anticipated to tremendously affect regular life also. VR, when more accessible, will have different utilizations running from diversion to fundamental correspondence. The uses of VR in football, occupations, and examination will have both positive and negative consequences for the general public. VR in soccer can be characterized as an innovation that empowers the footballers to enter into a PC created universes and interface in a 3-D format through sight, sound, and touch (Peterson 8). Virtual reality consolidates PC recreation and perception into a solitary, lucid entire (Newquist 93). Analysts say it typifies an endeavor to wipe out the conventional qualification between the player and the machine. VR is proposed to give a method for normally and astutely communicating with data. VR is fighting to be the interface without bounds, permitting normal clients to utilize their senses to connect with complex information. A biosensor is another innovation utilizing progressed and complex hardware. The video playback takes into consideration for the players to go a long way past just focusing on the PC screen. These fiber-optic sensors can decipher body movements. This gear considers the player’s finished transformation into a 3-D PC-created model of reality (Carr 37). The utilization of two-way information exchange is the thing that empowers this cooperation with a substitute reality to happen. Fiber-optic and electronic links are connected to the biosensor hardware with a specific end goal to record the client’s developments (Newquist 93). The representation in the model is transformed when the motion data is transmitted via the links. The new data is then remitted to the player’s headgear, showing a realistic and sound world that conforms to his or her developments. It is a direct result of this cabling process that the activity/response data is constantly overhauled. Keeping in mind the end goal to adequately make a 3-D environment for the players, virtual reality joins the components of engagement and intuitiveness. Engagement is the player’s communication with the biosensor technology with all the relevant senses as would be prudent. The sense of touch, the sense of hearing and the sense of sight are included. The level of a player’s immersion into a substitute world relies on what number of senses is connected with the VR gear. Intuitiveness incorporates the idea that the player can move around, feel things, and make a speech in this virtual environment (Carr 39). Together these components make conceivable the impact of a reasonable environment. VR has come a long way past the enthusiasm of just PC researchers and designers. It has additionally created enthusiasm for some different fields including soccer training, correspondence and telecom sector, specialists, the entertainment business, the sports field, the military, and significant organizations and commercial enterprises. While once accepted to exceed expectations in predominantly types of entertainment like innovative computer games, VR is quickly turning into a propelled mode for correspondence. The VR innovation takes into account for the players to watch and get to data in various ways. It is this angle that is progressively speaking to expansive organizations and enterprises. VR once idealized, will have across the board use in these specific fields. A portion of the positive ramifications of biosensors will be utilized as a part of a request to avert slip-up or experimentation. For instance, in football training simulated games would serve in the preparation of both amateur and professional expert players. Experimentation with new systems on simulated games could get to be conceivable too. In soccer, the utilization of simulated games has been a practice for a considerable length of time. The utilization of biosensors would give significantly more progressed, sensible circumstances for soccer training in the field and off the field. VR in football teams and football clubs would give a gigantic method for correspondence and equivalent access to information. For instance, as opposed to searching through file organizers on a PC desktop, the client will have the capacity to open the record drawers and flip through the documents in person (Carr 40). There are likewise a few disadvantages to this innovative development and its predicted broad consolidation into the general public. The present expense and the inconveniences with the biosensor gear are two of the fundamental setbacks confronting researchers. For instance, the headgear in some cases cannot stay in the position with the constant movements of the player’s head and body (Biocca 14). It is significant to our presence that we keep up a humanistic mentality and not get to be invaded by an innovation drenched world. The video playback technology, if as across the board as anticipated, could bring about a noteworthy lessening in human communication in this present reality. It’s beneficial for building more grounded teams in organizations; yet what will our general public transform into if everybody is strolling around in goggles and gloves imagining they are someplace that is like a fantasy world?

The significance of biosensors in training is a theme that has been effectively talked about in the course of the most recent couple of years, and a portion of the advances that have been as of late discharged can be used to make such methodologies fruitful. Additionally, the nature of virtual situations has likewise been expanding, and they are to a great degree sensible. Moreover, it ought to be seen as an exceptional open door since this region is moderately unexplored and numerous innovations that can be utilized to enhance VR experience are right now being produced. As a matter of first importance, it is important to add to an arrangement of targets and gather the information. The virtual environment must be designed and then put away on a hard drive. Besides, this system should be introduced on PC/portable workstations. A player will utilize a head-mounted showcase and a feedback gadget to associate with VR, and his or her execution might be investigated with the utilization of an LCD projector. The objective of this paper is to give biosensors innovation’s future in soccer preparation. It offers an assortment of preparing choices for soccer players. VR innovation demonstrates a few focal points in soccer preparation. It can diminish the frequency of player injuries on the training ground. Players do not need to be anxious as it spends them an excessive amount of stamina. However the expenses of VR may not be modest, but rather with the development of the players, the soccer team could get a ton of advantages.

Bales, Fred. “Task roles and social roles in problem-solving groups.” Readings in social psychology 2:4 (2008): 437-47. Print. Biocca, Frank. “Communicating Within Virtual Reality: Creating a Space for Research.” Journal of Communication 42.4 (2002): 5-22. Print. Carr, Clay. “Is Virtual Reality Virtually Here?” Training and Development 46.10 (2012): 36-41. Print. Newquist, Harvey. “Virtual Reality’s Commercial Reality.” Computerworld 30.1 (2012): 93-95. Print. Peterson, Ivars. “Looking Glass Worlds.” Science News 4.2 (1992): 8-10. Print.

Need a custom Research Paper sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you?

IvyPanda. (2020, July 15). Biosensors in Soccer Players' Preparation.

IvyPanda. (2020, July 15). Biosensors in Soccer Players' Preparation. Retrieved from

"Biosensors in Soccer Players' Preparation." IvyPanda , 15 July 2020,

1. IvyPanda . "Biosensors in Soccer Players' Preparation." July 15, 2020.


IvyPanda . "Biosensors in Soccer Players' Preparation." July 15, 2020.

IvyPanda . 2020. "Biosensors in Soccer Players' Preparation." July 15, 2020.

IvyPanda . (2020) 'Biosensors in Soccer Players' Preparation'. 15 July.


research paper on soccer player

Soccer Research Paper

Chapter 4-one by mia hamm.

Heading is a very unique skill to soccer, and many times a head ball is won by the defense which the starts the attack, allowing forwards to retreat. If you head the ball properly, it will be painless and fun. To head the ball properly, the ball must come in contact with the sweet spot on your head. There are two types of headings: defensive heading and offensive heading. Defensive heading is a direct ball that is aimed towards a teammate so you can maintain possession. Offensive heading is heading the ball down so it bounces on the goal lines and goes into the back of the net. Every player must remember that if they have good technique but bad timing it will decrease their chance to succeed. The ideal players learn not to flinch when the ball is coming at them and to always keep their eyes open, heads up and mouths closed. To improve heading, practice heading progression, chip and head to score or clear drill and two versus two heading drill. Goalkeeping is the most difficult and important position played on the field. Mia Hamm has played goalkeeper in one of her games because the U.S. team used all their substitutes, so Hamm knows how pressured goalies feel during games. The goalkeeper’s reaction to a flying ball can determine the outcome of the game. Goalkeepers must always have concentration and be good with their eyes and mouth. An important quote that caught my eye is when Hamm says,

How Has Soccer Changed

Soccer has drastically changed since the inception of the sport. Not only the rules have changed, but so have the various play styles. In the early days, the main focus in soccer was on scoring goals. Teams would use up to seven attackers, and only one or two defenders. This often resulted in very high score lines, with many games ending with ten or more goals. It wasn’t until the 1940’s when teams started shifting their focus. The way to win shifted from scoring the most goals to conceding the least. As such, teams started playing with three defenders and two defensive midfielders. This trend has continued until today, with the most common formation being the 4-2-3-1, which features four defenders and two defensive midfielders, and some teams

Why Is Football Better Than Soccer

Soccer is a game played by two teams with 11 players each on a field with a goal for each team. It’s the most popular team sport in the world a fast gamed paced game with few breaks and one simple aim to score a goal.On some continents the game’s called football on others it’s called soccer.

Argumentative Essay: How To Kick A Soccer Ball

How to kick a soccer ball is very difficult if you haven’t played soccer or anything near soccer it will be difficult to learn. I’m doing this because there are some people out there that still don’t know how to kick a soccer ball.This has been from a sport that dates back to the 19th century, where England had the idea. It is a sport played all around the world it is a really famous port in England, Mexico, Spain, and Brazil. This isn’t the only thing you need to know to play soccer there is passing, defending and obviously shooting. The is a World Cup that every country has a soccer team and then they compete against each other but it only happens four years apart.

How Soccer Changed My Life Essay

“I learned about life with a ball at my feet.” What do you first think about when you hear the word soccer? Do you think about the coolest goal ever made? Or maybe the best jukes you’ve ever seen? Well there’s more to soccer than scoring goals and juking people. To some people, there’s a meaning to every goal, kick, and pass. Soccer has a meaning. To some people, soccer is just a dumb and , boring sport that is completely useless. But to others it’s a lifestyle because, it revolves around their everyday life. There’s people passionate about this sport, and I’m one of them.

Elizabethan Era Sports

The popularity of sports and activities played during the Renaissance influenced the evolution of modern sports and how they are now played. Sports played during the Elizabethan era evolved from the idea of “harmonious fusion of the mind and body” (Covington). From tennis to soccer, the popularity of sports grew and included people of all social classes, an occurrence which eventually influenced and eradicated status boundaries that restricted social mobility. Of the many sports played during the Renaissance, some became obsolete while others evolved into popular sports played today.

Soccer Is Better Than Football Essay

When it comes to football and soccer one is definitely more physical than the other while in football the main point is to viciously collide into each other to prevent an opponent's play or to try to make a play but all football players are equipped with the gear to take the hits while soccer players have no gear but shin pads and some goalkeepers wear protective head bands but that is very uncommon. So if a soccer player is to collide with an opposing

Why Is Soccer Important In History

“Early evidence of soccer being played as a sport finds occurrence in China during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC.” according to It’s a very interesting fact , i didn’t know that soccer originated in China. Did you?

Why Soccer Is Important

Teams are groups of people who come together to reach a desired goal. In my life, I am part of many teams like in soccer, school, and my family. From these teams I have formed my belief about the importance of working with others. I have recognized that a team player is a person who can form good chemistry, can contribute to a team, and can help their fellow teammates. I believe that from my experience in soccer, school, and with my family, that being a team player is essential for success in life.

Benefits Of Soccer Essay

Soccer is an international sport that is for many centuries and decades. It helps to release the stress from the job, homework and college. Also, preserve the children from negative influences such as drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. The children will grow with a healthy lifestyle. Soccer is a sport that includes eleven members in the team and soccer rules are the same in each country likewise it is played outside in the yard or the club. Soccer is not only about kicking the ball that most of us can do, but the soccer is complex game to play. It has some rules to obey it. However, soccer beginners can improve their skills by practicing. Soccer will improve your health, be fun play with your friends and give you chances to be successful in your life.

Football 12-4-1 Research Paper

“Football is like life it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” - Vince Lombardi. With Football there are many positions offensively and defensively which are best to be known for playing or watching and especially coaching. Football started out as the AFL and then merged with the NFL which formed the Super Bowl. But let 's not forget the small amount of women in powder puff football. With football being so famous more and more rules are developed. But the main part that makes football so interesting is its history without it, you would have never know how the super bowl came to be and the wonderful coaches that made the game competitive and filled with life long experiences.

Argumentative Essay: Why Basketball Is Better Than Soccer

Both basketball and soccer are very good sports, however I think that basketball is better. In this, I will explain why basketball is better than soccer.

Explain How To Play Soccer Essay

Before I started playing soccer, I thought it was just kicking a black and white ball into a goal. I quickly realized that you have an entire athletic language to learn in order to play soccer. There are different positions, terms, and ways of doing things in soccer. You also have a large variety of terms and hand signals used by the referee to communicate with the players and coaches. In order for you to play on the field, you need to understand what role you play and how you will go about

Argumentative Essay: Why Soccer Is A Sport In The World

Soccer isn’t a one guy sport, it is a team sport. Soccer has a basic rules; First, we can’t touch the ball with our hand; only the goalkeeper can; Second, there are two cards; one is a yellow card, and the other is a red card; yellow card means if we got the yellow card warns us did another foul we will get another yellow card, if we get the second yellow card, the referee will give us a red card, and a red card means, we will not continue the match, and can’t play the next match. There’s two type of soccer; one of them is the normal soccer, and the other one is the beach soccer. Normal soccer we play in the stadium; the beach soccer, we will play at the beach with sand. We can’t start a match without our eleven players on our team. I started playing soccer when I was four years old. At seven, I started in a club; it was fun, especially when we enter the stadium. Soccer was created in China. Believe it or not, soccer is the famous sport in the United Kingdom now, but in 1394, their king banned soccer! Soccer isn’t a sport for me; it is a way of life.

Personal Narrative: My Brother I Spent With Soccer

My brother just started playing soccer. This was his first time and he didn’t know that much about it. I had played when I was little and I knew somethings about soccer so I figured I could teach him what I knew. We started and he so caught on.

More about Soccer Research Paper

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Soccer Career Research Paper

research paper on soccer player

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How to play soccer essay.

Soccer or football is a sport that is played primarily with the players’ feet with the exception of the goalkeeper who can use their hands. The first game of soccer can be found back in 1858 in Melbourne Australia. Soccer is a tough sport to play you have to know the history and rules of it and have the know how to play.…

Narrative Essay About Soccer

There I am standing on what is perfect grass, and with the world at my fingertips. On either side , my teammates are doing the same, but my eyes aren't on them. No, they are locked ahead, glaring not at but through the opposition, conceptualizing my goal. On this day I am optimistic and adamant , but I wasn't always like this.…

Tahlequah High School Soccer Research Paper

Soccer now ranking third in girls’ sports, has become one of the most popular sports played by adolescents in America. (Shane Monaghan). Organized woman sports teams started in the nineteen-seventies and ever since the growth of soccer for females has dramatically increased. Although the women’s teams were mostly national or college level, it spiked the interests of many teens. The total number of American high school soccer players has more than doubled since the nineties (David Litterer). Because of America national soccer teams ranking highly, and video games like FIFA, Soccer has become one of the fastest growing sports in America (Matthias Kunz). Now there are over three million players between ages five and…

Soccer Heading Research Paper

“Heading is when a player propels the ball using their head”(Sports Definitions). “There are four main types of heading that occur in the game – the defensive header, used to clear the ball from the defensive area; the glancing header, used as a “pass” to advance the ball; the flick-on header which uses the back of the head to direct the ball; and the dramatic diving header, used to attack or to score a goal” (Pimlott). With each of these types of headers in soccer each one must be properly learned otherwise there will be a greater chance of risk and harm to players.. If players are taught the proper and basic fundamentals of soccer then they will be able to safely head a ball. When players…

Process Essay- Elite Athletes

Many wonder how athletes arrive at the professional level. There is a process that soccer players must undergo to perform the way that they do; whether it be at practice or in a game. These athletes have to be physically and mentally ready to become the elite soccer player. These steps can help increase your chance of becoming the soccer player of your dreams, but it all comes from how far one is willing to go and the mentality one possesses.…

Process Analysis

Playing soccer in my opinion is a difficult task, not everyone has the natural talent to be good at this game; but to play soccer there are basic qualities that you must possess to start learning to play. A player must be very dedicated and committed to learning the sport. For example, it took me a couple of years to play competitively in the local leagues. To play soccer competitively, you must have good physical condition, ball control, and to play your position.…

How Soccer Is Played Essay

So you're wondering where soccer is played? Well soccer can pretty much be played anywhere, indoor or outdoor. If you're on a soccer team, your soccer team plays outdoor in the summer/spring time.You can play on any grassy field. As it becomes winter, some teams play indoors. If you're not on a team and you just wanna play for fun, you can play anywhere. A field in your town, the park, a gym, anywhere!…

Soccer Injuries Research Paper

Soccer injuries are prone to happen. These accidents happen yearly and we must be cautious or we can seriously be hurt. You can get: cuts, bruises, sprains, knee injuries,and even concussions. I know that most of us in here love soccer and all of don’t want to get hurt so we need to be aware of ways to prevent them. We should always stretch before a game, wear shin guards, condition, and check the field top make sure it is safe to play on.…

Professional Football Players Review Essay

When you are sitting there at your computer and you draft your team, you are basing your knowledge off of last year. Off of Devonta Freeman blowing up last year and that maybe he won’t be great because Tevin Coleman is back. But now that we are 2 weeks into football, we can start thinking about how people are performing. Now through these 2 weeks we have seen some sleepers, busts, and a lot of potential. To find these players, the ones who will win your fantasy football league for you, go to the waiver wire.…

Amateur and Professional Soccer Players

Adidas +F50s series is targeted specifically to a soccer audience. Their target market is strictly soccer players that are looking for the best soccer boots in the market. Soccer involves fashion and technology; therefore, there is always some innovative products created to satisfy the players needs. +F50s come from a series of “F” Adidas soccer boots. Before the +F50s there were F10s, and F30s. The +F50 series are aimed to an older market, people who are 15 to 30 years old. As we know, in soccer shoes are the most important part of a player’s gear, as a result, companies spend big amounts of money developing new technologies that can be used in their shoes. Also, we know customers who are older than 18 years of age are more likely to have a higher income; thus, they are willing to spend in a high price premium quality pair of shoes. Adidas +F50 are unisex so women can experience this technology as well. This is important because women soccer is growing rapidly therefore they are also part of the F50 series target audience.…

Soccer Vs Football Research Paper

The football versus soccer fight rages on for years now and has sparked quite some controversy. Most people say that soccer is the sport of the world, but however football is considered to be the most entertaining sport yet. There are many differences and similarities which part these two topics.…

Personal Essay: My Passion For Soccer Practice

“Max hurry your going to be late for soccer practice” said my mom hastily as she caught 10 year old me working assiduously on my math home work and studying my extremely detailed anatomy flash cards. I quickly get my worn-out red soccer bag and sprint to the car thinking about pythagorean theorem and skeletal system and its properties. As my mom is driving I'm sitting in the back seat proclaiming my new learned knowledge about the cranium like Archimedes discovering the value of “pi”. Finally my mom arrives at the Woods Avenue Park and see’s other little boys playing with soccer balls dribbling and wearing their favorite professional soccer heroes jerseys. I give my mom heartfelt hug and say goodbye. I run to my coach to say hello and soon practice begins. After finishing warming up I get my tiny and colorful green…

Growing Up as a Soccer Player

Soccer has been the sport of my choice since I have been four years old. It was the love of my life. I loved everything about it from the sweet smell of the grass to the most exhilarating feeling of scoring a goal. The sport of soccer was what motivated me to do better in everything. I grew up in a family that lived, breathed, and played soccer. My Dad coached soccer and both of my older brothers played soccer through High School, so when it came to me I had no choice but to play.…

Personal Narrative: The Varsity Soccer Team

It was a frigid, windy, Friday night in October. The only light was the bright and beaming illumination of the stadium lights projecting over the soccer field. The bleachers were full, it seemed as if the whole school was there, and as a freshman with anxiety, it made it hard to cope with the fact, that I was going to be a starter for the varsity soccer team.…

Warriors Soccer Camp Research Paper

The Warriors Soccer Camp (WSC) is a new summer camp located in Mississauga, Ontario, more specifically St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School which is also a community center. The Warriors Soccer camp is a youth camp for both genders ages 6-12. In our program we verse other soccer camps from different cities, WSC is the only camp in Mississauga which we have organized to play against other soccer camps in the region, such as Titans soccer club in Oakville. We are a 7 hour camp and offer facilities such as showers and pools which are found in the community center. We really want to go over the top for our soccer camp as well as exceed our children’s expectations for our camp. In order to fulfil our camp needs, we kindly ask to borrow $25, 000.…

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research paper on soccer player

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Player chemistry: striving for a perfectly balanced soccer team.

Lotte Bransen, Lead Data Scientist at SciSports, Netherlands Jan Van Haaren, Chief Product & Technology Officer at SciSports and Research Fellow at KU Leuven, Belgium

Soccer scouts typically ignore the team balance and team chemistry when evaluating potential signings for their teams. Instead, they focus on the individual qualities of the players in isolation. To overcome this limitation of their recruitment process, this paper takes a first step towards objectively providing insight into the question: How well does a team of soccer players gel? We address that question in both an observational and a predictive setting. In the former setting, we observe the chemistry between players who have actually played together, which is relevant when selecting the best possible line-up for a match. In the latter setting, we predict the chemistry between players who have never played together before, which is particularly relevant to assess the fit of a potential signing with the players who are already on the team.

We introduce two chemistry metrics that measure the offensive and defensive chemistry for a pair of players, respectively. The offensive chemistry metric measures the pair’s joint performance in terms of scoring goals, whereas the defensive chemistry metric measures their joint performance in preventing their opponents from scoring goals. We compute our metrics for 361 seasons in 106 different competitions and present a number of concrete use cases. For instance, we show that the partnership between Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino in Liverpool’s 2017/2018 Champions League campaign exhibited the highest mutual chemistry between two players. Furthermore, we show that Mesut Özil’s chemistry has rapidly started declining following Alexis Sánchez’ departure to Manchester United in 2018.

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Cigarette rolling paper market is highly fragmented with top global and regional players, cigarette rolling paper market in-depth anlaysis spreads in 123 pages with 150 tables and figures [chemical & material sector].

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Mar 03, 2023 (The Expresswire) -- " Cigarette Rolling Paper Market " Size, Scope, and Forecast 2023-2030 report has been added to the Market Research Archive of Kingpin Market Research. Industry experts and researchers have offered an authoritative and concise analysis of the Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market with respect to various aspects such as growth factors, challenges, restraints, developments, trends, and opportunities for growth. This report will surely be a handy tool for market players to come up with effective strategies with the aim of strengthening their positions in the market.

What is theCigarette Rolling Paper market growth?

Cigarette Rolling PaperMarket Size is projected to Reach Multimillion USD by 2030, In comparison to 2023, at unexpected CAGR during the forecast Period 2023-2030.

Browse Detailed TOC, Tables and Figures with Charts which is spread across 123 Pages that provides exclusive data, information, vital statistics, trends, and competitive landscape details in this niche sector.

Client Focus 1. Does this report consider the impact of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war on the Cigarette Rolling Paper market? Yes. As the COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war are profoundly affecting the global supply chain relationship and raw material price system, we have definitely taken them into consideration throughout the research, in Chapters, we elaborate at full length on the impact of the pandemic and the war on the Cigarette Rolling Paper Industry

Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of Russia-Ukraine War and COVID-19 on this Cigarette Rolling Paper Industry.


This report provides a pin-point analysis of changing dynamics and emerging trends in the Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market. Additionally, it provides a futuristic perspective on various factors that are likely to fuel the growth of the Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market in the coming years. Further, the authors of the report have shed light on the factors that may hinder the growth of the Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market.

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Cigarette Rolling Paper Market - Competitive and Segmentation Analysis:

2. How do you determine the list of the key players included in the report? With the aim of clearly revealing the competitive situation of the industry, we concretely analyze not only the leading enterprises that have a voice on a global scale, but also the regional small and medium-sized companies that play key roles and have plenty of potential growth.

Top Key Players of the Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market

● ● Leading players of Cigarette Rolling Paper including: ● SWM ● Delfort ● Glatz ● BMJ ● Republic Technologies ● Hengfeng ● Hunan Xiangfeng ● MCM ● Hongta Blue Eagle Paper ● Hangzhou Huafeng ● CTM ● Jiaxing Min Feng ● ITC ● Mopac ● Surya Zigzag

Short Description About Cigarette Rolling Paper Market:

The Global Cigarette Rolling Paper market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period, between 2023 and 2030. In 2021, the market is growing at a steady rate and with the rising adoption of strategies by key players, the market is expected to rise over the projected horizon.

This report studies the Cigarette Rolling Paper market, covering market size for segment by type (High-end Cigarette Rolling Paper, Low-end Cigarette Rolling Paper, etc.), by application (Low Tar Cigarettes, High Tar Cigarettes, etc.), by sales channel (Direct Channel, Distribution Channel), by player (SWM, Delfort, Glatz, BMJ, Republic Technologies, etc.) and by region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Middle East and Africa).

This report provides detailed historical analysis of global market for Cigarette Rolling Paper from 2016-2021, and provides extensive market forecasts from 2022-2030 by region/country and subsectors. It covers the sales/revenue/value, gross margin, historical growth and future perspectives in the Cigarette Rolling Paper market.

Moreover, the impact of COVID-19 is also concerned. Since outbreak in December 2019, the COVID-19 virus has spread to all around the world and caused huge losses of lives and economy, and the global manufacturing, tourism and financial markets have been hit hard, while the online market/industry increase. Fortunately, with the development of vaccine and other effort by global governments and organizations, the negative impact of COVID-19 is expected to subside and the global economy is expected to recover.

This research covers COVID-19 impacts on the upstream, midstream and downstream industries. Moreover, this research provides an in-depth market evaluation by highlighting information on various aspects covering market dynamics like drivers, barriers, opportunities, threats, and industry news and trends. In the end, this report also provides in-depth analysis and professional advices on how to face the post COIVD-19 period.

The research methodology used to estimate and forecast this market begins by capturing the revenues of the key players and their shares in the market. Various secondary sources such as press releases, annual reports, non-profit organizations, industry associations, governmental agencies and customs data, have been used to identify and collect information useful for this extensive commercial study of the market. Calculations based on this led to the overall market size. After arriving at the overall market size, the total market has been split into several segments and subsegments, which have then been verified through primary research by conducting extensive interviews with industry experts such as CEOs, VPs, directors, and executives. The data triangulation and market breakdown procedures have been employed to complete the overall market engineering process and arrive at the exact statistics for all segments and subsegments.

Get a Sample Copy of the Cigarette Rolling Paper Report 2022

3. What are your main data sources? Both Primary and Secondary data sources are being used while compiling the report. Primary sources include extensive interviews of key opinion leaders and industry experts (such as experienced front-line staff, directors, CEOs, and marketing executives), downstream distributors, as well as end-users.Secondary sources include the research of the annual and financial reports of the top companies, public files, new journals, etc. We also cooperate with some third-party databases.

Geographically, the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate, historical data and forecast (2017-2030) of the following regions are covered in Chapter 4 and Chapter 7:

Please find a more complete list of data sources in Chapters

1.To study and analyze the global Cigarette Rolling Paper consumption (value) by key regions/countries, product type and application

2.To understand the structure of Cigarette Rolling Paper Market by identifying its various sub segments.

3.Focuses on the key global Cigarette Rolling Paper manufacturers, to define, describe and analyze the value, market share, market competition landscape, Porter's five forces analysis, SWOT analysis and development plans in next few years.

4.To analyze the Cigarette Rolling Paper with respect to individual growth trends, future prospects, and their contribution to the total market.

5.To share detailed information about the key factors influencing the growth of the market (growth potential, opportunities, drivers, industry-specific challenges and risks).

6.To project the consumption of Cigarette Rolling Paper submarkets, with respect to key regions (along with their respective key countries).

7.To analyze competitive developments such as expansions, agreements, new product launches, and acquisitions in the market.

8.To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their growth strategies.

Customization of the Report

4. Can I modify the scope of the report and customize it to suit my requirements? Yes. Customized requirements of multi-dimensional, deep-level and high-quality can help our customers precisely grasp market opportunities, effortlessly confront market challenges, properly formulate market strategies and act promptly, thus to win them sufficient time and space for market competition.

Inquire more and share questions if any before the purchase on this report at -

Detailed TOC of Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Insights and Forecast to 2028

Chapter 1 Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Overview

1.1 Cigarette Rolling Paper Definition 1.2 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size Status and Outlook (2015-2030) 1.3 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size Comparison by Region (2015-2030) 1.4 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size Comparison by Type (2015-2030) 1.5 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size Comparison by Application (2015-2030) 1.6 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size Comparison by Sales Channel (2015-2030) 1.7 Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Dynamics (COVID-19 Impacts) 1.7.1 Market Drivers/Opportunities 1.7.2 Market Challenges/Risks 1.7.3 Market News (Mergers/Acquisitions/Expansion) 1.7.4 COVID-19 Impacts on Current Market 1.7.5 Post-Strategies of COVID-19 Outbreak

Chapter 2 Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Segment Analysis by Player 2.1 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Sales and Market Share by Player (2018-2020) 2.2 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Revenue and Market Share by Player (2018-2020) 2.3 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Average Price by Player (2018-2020) 2.4 Players Competition Situation and Trends 2.5 Conclusion of Segment by Player

Chapter 3 Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Segment Analysis by Type 3.1 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market by Type 3.2 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Sales and Market Share by Type (2015-2020) 3.3 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Revenue and Market Share by Type (2015-2020) 3.4 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Average Price by Type (2015-2020) 3.5 Leading Players of Cigarette Rolling Paper by Type in 2020 3.6 Conclusion of Segment by Type

Chapter 4 Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Segment Analysis by Application 4.1 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market by Application

4.2 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Revenue and Market Share by Application (2015-2020) 4.3 Leading Consumers of Cigarette Rolling Paper by Application in 2020 4.4 Conclusion of Segment by Application

Chapter 5 Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Segment Analysis by Sales Channel 5.1 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market by Sales Channel 5.1.1 Direct Channel 5.1.2 Distribution Channel 5.2 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Revenue and Market Share by Sales Channel (2015-2020) 5.3 Leading Distributors/Dealers of Cigarette Rolling Paper by Sales Channel in 2020 5.4 Conclusion of Segment by Sales Channel

Chapter 6 Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Segment Analysis by Region 6.1 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size and CAGR by Region (2015-2030) 6.2 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Sales and Market Share by Region (2015-2020) 6.3 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Revenue and Market Share by Region (2015-2020) 6.4 North America 6.5 Europe 6.6 Asia-Pacific 6.7 South America 6.8 Middle East and Africa 6.9 Conclusion of Segment by Region

Chapter 7 Profile of Leading Cigarette Rolling Paper Players 7.1 FireKing Security Group 7.1.1 Company Snapshot 7.1.2 Product/Service Offered 7.1.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share) 7.1.4 COVID-19 Impact on FireKing Security Group

Chapter 8 Upstream and Downstream Analysis of Cigarette Rolling Paper 8.1 Industrial Chain of Cigarette Rolling Paper 8.2 Upstream of Cigarette Rolling Paper 8.2.1 Raw Materials 8.2.2 Labor Cost 8.2.3 Manufacturing Expenses 8.2.4 Manufacturing Cost Structure 8.2.5 Manufacturing Process 8.3 Downstream of Cigarette Rolling Paper 8.3.1 Leading Distributors/Dealers of Cigarette Rolling Paper 8.3.2 Leading Consumers of Cigarette Rolling Paper

Chapter 9 Development Trend of Cigarette Rolling Paper (2021-2030) 9.1 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size (Sales and Revenue) Forecast (2021-2030) 9.2 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Region (2021-2030) 9.3 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Type (2021-2030) 9.4 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Application (2021-2030) 9.5 Global Cigarette Rolling Paper Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Sales Channel (2021-2030)

Chapter 10 Appendix 10.1 Research Methodology 10.2 Data Sources 10.3 Disclaimer 10.4 Analysts Certification

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NFL Players Who Experienced Concussion Symptoms During Careers Show Reduced Cognitive Performance Decades After Retirement

Summary: Retired football players who experienced concussions during their careers performed worse on cognitive tests than non-players. The findings add to the growing body of evidence that suggests head injuries experienced by football players accelerate cognitive aging. Researchers say the results underlie the importance of tracking concussion symptoms in football players as opposed to concussion diagnosis.

Source: Mass General

Former professional football players who reported experiencing concussion symptoms during their playing careers were found to perform worse on a battery of cognitive tests than non-players, according to a study led by Mass General Brigham investigators from McLean Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Network.

Results of the study are published March 2 nd   in   Archives of Clinical Neuropsycholog y.

Of the more than 350 former National Football League (NFL) players who were studied an average of 29 years after their playing career ended, those who reported experiencing concussion symptoms during their careers scored worse on assessments of episodic memory, sustained attention, processing speed and vocabulary.

However, the number of concussions diagnosed by a medical professional or length of playing career had no observed effect on cognition.

A follow-up analysis compared the former players to more than 5,000 male volunteers in the general population who did not play professional football, which found that cognitive performance was generally worse for former players than nonplayers.

While younger former players outperformed nonplayers on some tests, older retired players more likely to perform worse than controls on cognitive tasks.

The researchers who led the study said that their results underline the importance of tracking concussion symptoms as opposed to diagnosed concussions in research. This work also adds evidence to the impact a professional football career can have on accelerating cognitive aging. 

“It is well-established that in the hours and days after a concussion, people experience some cognitive impairment. However, when you look decades out, the data on the long-term impact have been mixed,” said study senior author Laura Germine, PhD, director of the Laboratory for Brain and Cognitive Health Technology at McLean Hospital  and associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

“These new findings from the largest study of its kind show that professional football players can still experience cognitive difficulties associated with head injuries decades after they have retired from the sport.”

Concussion Symptoms Linked to Cognitive Performance

For the study, 353 retired NFL players completed hour-long neuropsychological tests through an online platform called TestMyBrain, which is supported by McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Players were fully remote and completed tests on a laptop or desktop that included assessments that measured processing speed, visual-spatial and working memory, and aspects of short- and long-term memory and vocabulary. 

Recollected concussion symptoms were measured by asking the players the number of times they experienced any one of the following symptoms following a blow to the head during play or practice: headaches, nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness, memory problems, disorientation, confusion, seizure, visual problems or feeling unsteady on their feet.

They were also asked whether they lost consciousness during their careers, and whether they were ever diagnosed with a concussion by a medical professional.

The results showed that the former players’ cognitive performance (for example, on memory tasks) was associated with recalled football concussion symptoms. For example, differences observed in visual memory scores between former players with the highest and lowest reported concussion symptoms were equivalent to the differences in cognitive performance between a typical 35-year-old and 60-year-old.

However, poor cognitive performance was not associated with diagnosed concussions, years of professional play or age of first football exposure. The researchers noted that many head injuries or sub-concussive blows may not have been diagnosed as concussions due to a lack of awareness at the time or underreporting of symptoms by players. 

When comparing the retired players to a group of 5,086 men who did not play football, cognitive performance was generally worse for former players. On two tests of processing speed, age-related differences in cognitive performance were larger among the former player group than the nonplayer group, with older players performing worse.

These comparison data suggest that football exposure might accelerate age-related cognitive declines and produce greater disadvantages at older ages, according to the researchers, who added that more studies are needed to track cognitive performance in former players as they age.

Another possibility is that improved awareness and management of head injuries may have spared younger retired players more than older ones.

This is a drawing of a football player

The researchers also noted that this comparative finding is limited by a lack of data on cognition prior to head injuries, and that more research is needed that closely matches former players and nonplayers and measures their cognitive performances across their lifetimes.

“For both former players and researchers, we can glean some important takeaways from this study,” said principal investigator of the Football Players Health Study, Ross Zafonte, DO. “Former players can support their cognitive health as they age by taking proactive steps, and continuing to consult with their providers and educate themselves on symptoms of head injury.

“For researchers and providers, these findings support efforts to develop ways to enhance diagnosis and define long-term sequalae of concussion.”

Zafonte is president of Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, a Mass General Brigham sports medicine physician, and the Earle P. and Ida S. Charlton Professor and Chair of the Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

“The Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach taken in this study is where this field is heading,” said Germine. “We are grateful to the players and how much they have taught us. It would not have been possible to do a study like this without engaging and deeply involving their community.”

Research Driven by Input from Former NFL Players

The Football Players Health Study at Harvard University, launched in 2014, is a comprehensive research program dedicated to examining the multifactorial causes that impact the health of former NFL players.

The research has been informed by the players themselves, who have provided input on the health concerns and conditions they face after a career in football. An interdisciplinary team of researchers from Harvard University and Harvard Medical School and its affiliated teaching hospitals, including those in the Mass General Brigham system, conduct research from neurology, cardiology, sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine, chronic pain and public health.

While concussion and head injury are of paramount concern, the study examines all aspects of player health across the life span.

Former players can find important resources to support their health in  this section  of the study’s website.

This shows a psychedelic brain

The Concept of Belief Changes Related to Psychedelic Experiences

Funding: This work was supported by the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University, which is funded by the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). The content is solely the responsibility of the authors, and does not necessarily represent the official views of Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, and its affiliated academic healthcare centers.

The NFLPA had no role in the design and conduct of the study; collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of the data; preparation, review, or approval of the manuscript; and the decision to submit the manuscript for publication.

In addition to Drs. Germine and Zafonte, other investigators on the study included Roger W. Strong, PhD, Rachel Grashow, PhD, MS, Andrea L. Roberts, PhD, Eliza Passell, BA, Luke Scheuer, BA, Douglas P. Terry, PhD, Sarah Cohan, PMP, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD and Marc G. Weisskopf PhD, ScD.

About this sports concussion and cognition research news

Author: Ryan Jaslow Source: Mass General Contact: Ryan Jaslow – Mass General Image: The image is in the public domain

Original Research: Closed access. “ Association of Retrospectively Reported Concussion Symptoms with Objective Cognitive Performance in Former American-Style Football Players ” by Laura T Germine et al. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

Association of Retrospectively Reported Concussion Symptoms with Objective Cognitive Performance in Former American-Style Football Players

Sustaining concussions has been linked to health issues later in life, yet evidence for associations between contact sports exposure and long-term cognitive performance is mixed. This cross-sectional study of former professional American-style football players tested the association of several measures of football exposure with later life cognitive performance, while also comparing the cognitive performance of former players to nonplayers.

In total, 353 former professional football players ( M age  = 54.3) completed both (1) an online cognitive test battery measuring objective cognitive performance and (2) a survey querying demographic information, current health conditions, and measures of past football exposure, including recollected concussion symptoms playing professional football, diagnosed concussions, years of professional play, and age of first football exposure. Testing occurred an average of 29 years after former players’ final season of professional play. In addition, a comparison sample of 5,086 male participants (nonplayers) completed one or more cognitive tests.

Former players’ cognitive performance was associated with retrospectively reported football concussion symptoms (r p  = −0.19, 95% CI −0.09 to −0.29;  p  < 0.001), but not with diagnosed concussions, years of professional play, or age of first football exposure. This association could be due to differences in pre-concussion cognitive functioning, however, which could not be estimated based on available data.


Future investigations of the long-term outcomes of contact sports exposure should include measures of sports-related concussion symptoms, which were more sensitive to objective cognitive performance than other football exposure measures, including self-reported diagnosed concussions.

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