EU/ILO present preliminary feasibility assessment on Unemployment Protection in Bangladesh

research paper on unemployment in bangladesh

A high-level tripartite-plus consultation organised on 31st March 2022 presented the preliminary feasibility assessment and roadmap for further developing unemployment insurance in Bangladesh , supported by the project ‘ Building institutional mechanisms for the gradual extension of social protection in Bangladesh ’.  

The event was designed to engage the government, employers, and workers organisations, as well as relevant social partners, UN sister agencies, and civil society organisations, in sharing the findings from the research  ‘Towards Improved Unemployment Protection in Bangladesh: A Preliminary Feasibility Assessment’. 

The consultation is expected to guide the way forward for appropriate policy actions to foster conducive unemployment protection measures in line with National Social Security Strategy (NSSS).   

Speaking at the event,   the Chief Guest,  Mr Md. Ehsan-E-Elahi, Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of Bangladesh,  thanked the ILO for conducting this preliminary study on Unemployment Insurance. He said  the government would be ready to start an Unemployment Protection Scheme with the technical support of the ILO and development partners . Mr Md. Ehsan-E-Elahi highlighted several ongoing similar programmes by the Ministry of Labour & Employment, particularly the pilot Employment Injury Scheme (EIS) with the technical support of the ILO & GIZ, and the Employment Retention Scheme with financing from the European Union (EU). He said these schemes could pave the way for the government to implement an UI Scheme soon.  

Mr Tuomo Poutiainen, Director of ILO-CO-Bangladesh , highlighted   ILO’s approach to improved social protection for workers in Bangladesh. He mentioned that unemployment insurance is critical, particularly in crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. He expressed commitment to protect Bangladeshi workers in the event of sudden unemployment and requested support from the government, employers, workers, and donors. 

Speaking at the   event, the Special Guest,  Mr Koen Everaert, Head of Cooperation (Acting)   European Union,  said that  the government and the EU are already implementing an unemployment protection programme to protect workers in the aftermath of the pandemic . He emphasised adopting an ‘incremental’ approach for new social protection schemes.  He assured support from the EU Delegation on improving social protection systems, including adopting digital workers databases.  

Dr M. A. Razzaque, a leading National Economist, presented findings from the ILO working paper on the preliminary feasibility assessment.

The ILO facilitated a panel discussion with senior officials from the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Cabinet Division, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Bangladesh Employers Federation, NCCWE, UNDP, and academia. The panel members highlighted several initiatives which support the initiation of an Unemployment Insurance Scheme. However, they also identified some areas to be further discussed and finalised before implementing an insurance scheme.  

The ILO will continue to facilitate social dialogue to promote further engagement for an extensive technical and knowledgeable discussion on social insurance and contribute to Bangladesh’s national social insurance scheme (NSIS). 

Unemployment protection in Bangladesh

The  provision of unemployment protection measures is an integral part of the human right to social security and the right to work . Providing income security protection (through insurance) and employment promotion measures (with temporary income support, skill development training, job searching and matching services, etc.) in the event of job loss can safeguard the workers against falling into poverty and sudden deprivation as well as promote the formalisation of workers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers were forced into job disruptions, further highlighting the need for unemployment insurance.  In Bangladesh, employers’ and workers’ representatives have raised the need to establish an Unemployment Fund to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic or any other employment disruptors.  

Against this background,  the ILO conducted a detailed preliminary feasibility assessment of Unemployment Insurance in Bangladesh in partnership with the European Union DG INTPA (Directorate-General for International Partnerships, European Commission). This assessment is expected to help design a framework for an Unemployment Insurance Scheme contributing to the roadmap by the Government of Bangladesh, submitted to the ILO Governing Body and the 2nd Phase Action Plan of the National Social Security Strategy (NSSS).

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Bangladesh Unemployment Rate (I:BURUY)

Level Chart

Historical data.

research paper on unemployment in bangladesh

Unemployment in Bangladesh

In this current era Unemployment is the situation in which one don’t even have any opportunity to do the job and earn. An without a job person cannot earn his or her living. S/He has to rely on others. He is thought as being a burden to the whole family also in the society. And so, it is regarded as being a vast problem in Bangladesh.

Unemployment is one of the major problem in Bangladesh and common problem all around the world. No country on the globe is completely is totally free of it. But Bangladesh face a big trouble for this problem. Instead, this problem is very serious within our country. Many people are badly experiencing the curse of lack of employment and because of this problem many corruption are occur.

There are various direct or indirect reasons behind unemployment. They are the following: Our country is in excess of population. The rate of population growth is incredibly high. So the present career facilities cannot keep pace using the growing population. Although, our country isn’t developed in industries and agriculture. Industry can absorb only a limited number of people and many of this employee are not satisfy with their job and salary. Yet again, our education system is very defective and worst situation. It is traditional and is determined by memorization. It does not cause them to become self-reliant and self-dependent. There is less chance of vocational training in our education. So, only the memorized bookish knowledge doesn’t help students in the job field also life.

Also, our students have the negative sense of prestige to be officers. They hanker after limited to official related jobs. So these people remain unemployed. Then, there exists serious lack of competent manpower. This limits the actual scope of jobs. We have a lot of natural resources but most of us cannot use these correctly. Which causes the problems gradually increased. Ultimately, many illiterate people trust a false notion for instance “What is looted can not be blotted”. This negative take on life creates unemployed people.

Unemployed people neglect to maintain themselves and their families also society. They lose their psychological peace and social position. We know that a idle brain is devil’s working area. So they commit quite a few crimes. This is growing social crimes and hampering interpersonal peace in our society. Political damage and unethical value and crime are increased because of unemployment.

To control this problem government also we should bring our population growth under control. New mills and factories should be increase in outside the city and practical based education should be develop.

Annual Report 2013-2014 of Hindalco Industries Limited (Aditya Birla Group)

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Youth Unemployment in Bangladesh

Youth Unemployment in Bangladesh

According to International Labour Organization, Youth unemployment refers to the share of the labor force aged 15-24 without work but available for and seeking employment. In 2005 total youth unemployment in Bangladesh was 9.3%. A joint study of Bangladesh Planning Commission and the United Nations Development Programme states throughout the country than 2 million youths were unemployed in 2009.

The issue of youth unemployment in Bangladesh is very crucial for the overall development of the country. Due to the rapid growth of population, the country fails to create adequate opportunities for the youth in accordance with their educational qualifications and it has a profound impact on the socioeconomic development of the country. The education system is not adjusted to the needs of the labour market. Thus fresh graduates are not getting suitable jobs in the market. Youths here are doing well in their studies and passing out with good grades but in most of the cases their qualifications do not fit with the existing market demand and it causes the youth unemployment rate to increase. Many youths become disappointed and become tired of searching for jobs in the proper way. Most of the cases it is seen that bribe and links are largely influential for getting a job. Corruption, in the shape of favoritism in the selection process of jobs, has made the situation even worse.  Many of the youths are leading a vagabond lifestyle after being frustrated in their attempts to secure work. Unfortunately, some of them become involved in various anti-social activities and ruin their lives.

On the other side of the coin, nowadays youths are largely involving themselves in ICT sectors, especially in outsourcing through which they are trying to be entrepreneurs. The number of freelancers is growing gradually as youths performing outstandingly in this sector. Moreover after finishing their university studies many youths abroad and find better jobs with better reputations.  The less educated youths are now involving themselves in vocational trainings sectors with the aim of becoming self-employed.  For the last decade, the involvement of the youths in social activities has been noteworthy and it has been seen that youths are doing voluntary works along with their studies that makes their skill sharper and develops their ability to be more suitable for the existing market demand. To tackle the adverse situation of unemployment, youths are engaging themselves in various sectors of the society and the matter of hope is, they are also doing well in facing the challenges.

The Government along with some NGOs are working to reduce the unemployment rate through several projects and providing trainings to the young people.  Government is planning to create 10 million jobs under the five-year plan up to 2015, due to growth in manufacturing, construction and the service sectors. Technical education, vocational education, entrepreneurship, small scale business can reduce the unemployment rate of Bangladesh in the near future. More skilled based opportunities need to be initiated. Last but not the least, the most important issue is to standardise the education system to harmonise it with the market demand.

This article was written by Md. Sariful Islam. Sariful is the Director of The International Youth Council of Bangladesh

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