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Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Guide

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Guide

The Woman In The Red Dress - Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Guide

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The PC, Wii and PS2 versions of Resident Evil 4 come with some additional features, modes, costumes and special unlockables that didn’t originally appear in the GameCube version of Resident Evil 4 . One of the new modes is called Separate Ways, and it features a brief story-mode set of missions involving the double-agent Ada Wong…probably better known to most gamers as “the woman in the red dress”.

This Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways guide will briefly go over a few things when playing through the extra mode on the game, as well as a few hints on surviving through the brutally difficult campaign.

Chapter 1: Ring The Bell

The village that leads to the church

The very first mission that Ada must carry out involves ringing the church bell in order to save Leon from the hordes of villagers attacking him. This sounds like an easy task, and in some ways, it is kind of easy, however the difficulty for Ada has been greatly enhanced in comparison to playing as Leon. Still, the upside to playing as Ada is that she’s slightly quicker and performs her moves effortlessly enough to make quick work of the not-so-zombified villagers.

It’s important to never keep your back to the villagers for long, as they move rather quickly when fighting against Ada and it’s important to take them out as fast as possible, otherwise they can become overwhelming.

Getting up top to grab the key

After taking out a number of villagers, a key will drop from a chicken on top of the roof across from the large house. Use the grappling hook to get up there and snag the key and then head through the church door.

Head up behind the church to grab the door key…but before doing so you’ll need a replacement item. Before completing the puzzle to take the door key you’ll need a gem to put into the socket. Head across the rickety bridge after defeating one of the chainsaw sisters, and go into the next section where you’ll find the gem to work as a replacement for the Los Illuminados church key symbol.

Church key acquired

Bring the gem back to the tombstone puzzle behind the church. The combination for getting it open is the same as the one from the main game with Leon: The ‘M’ symbol, the ‘Z’ symbol and the ‘T’ looking symbol. Alternatively, it’s all the symbols of the dead twins in the graveyard just in front of the church.

Grab the church symbol key and head inside. You’ll need to dispatch a few of the cult groups and then head upstairs where Ashley is. You won’t be freeing Ashley, though, you’ll be locking the cage around her door and ringing the church bell by completing the stain glass light puzzle.

Chapter 2: Save Sera

Meeting with the Mysterious Merchant

Ada isn’t just all about dropping in and out of situations unexpectedly to provide gamers with eye-candy every once in a while during Leon’s campaign, she actually has some serious objectives to accomplish just like Jill in Resident Evil 5 . One of those objectives includes saving Sera in order to retrieve the sample from Saddler. After ringing the church bell Ada has to save Leon again by following him to the house where he’s captured. Like before, the area is riddled with fast-moving villagers who seemingly pop out of nowhere. After making quick work of them you’ll need to head back to the house where Leon briefly encountered the village chief. Ada will eventually get captured and taken to the sacrificial cave near the cargo lift. You’ll have to find your way back to the house where Leon and Luis have to defend it against the horde of angry villagers.

Taking down some zombies

Follow the path down to the house where the Chief is and gather up some supplies and the lift access key, but not before first taking out a chainsaw wielding villager. Take out the rest of the villagers who block your path and then use the lift key to turn the lift on and head back up where you’ll have to face off against an El Gigante.

There are a few gems and supplies located on top of the platforms. Simply stand underneath them and use the grappling hook to get up top and resupply.

At the end of the doorway you’ll face off against the El Gigante. A combination of TMP fire to the face and sniper rifle shots to the Plagas in his back will make quick work of him. Exit the door and meet up with Luis.

Chapter 3: Castle’s Pardox

Make sure you have the right weapons for the castle

This chapter only has a few difficult segments but it’s nowhere near as challenging as Chapter 4 and the awfully difficult ship segments. Unlike Leon, Ada starts the stage after she meets him and heads into the garden to talk to Wesker. From there it’s a matter of getting out of the garden maze and facing off against a lot of dangerous cultists with Las Plagas heads . Keeping up high helps a lot in being able to pick off some of the cultists as they traverse the maze.

Head through the castle while avoiding Leon. You’ll need to find the hourglass to place inside of the treasure box located in the cage with the Garrador. This can be found in the treasure room outside along the castle walls where the Broken Butterfly is originally located in Leon’s game.

Chapter 4: Save Leon

Wesker wants Ada to kill Leon

After ringing the church bell, saving Luis Sera and traversing through the castle, it’s time to save Leon…again. This time he’s facing off against the formidable, drug enhanced Jack Krauser. Ada starts in the tunnels where Ashley gets captured by Saddler. This is a completely original stage environment and requires careful footing. This is a difficult area to get through mainly because of the tanker at the end of the chapter.

Head through the tunnel segments and remember to keep an eye out for treasures. After heading through the tunnel areas and clearing out the baddies, it’s time to deal with the tanker. This is by all means a very difficult area to deal with due to the turret cannons. You’ll need access cards to active counter turrets in order to blow up the enemy turrets. The blue card is over in a corner, which activates the first turret.

The second turret is a lot harder to gain control over. You’ll need to watch your step once you get to the end because there are a handful of turrets that pop up on the final gate. Just remember to get to the edge of the platform and use the grappling hook to hop back to the other side of the docks and grab the red key to use for the second turret and blow up the turrets before proceeding to the next segment. There’s a limited amount of time so it’s best to just pass by all the enemies up until the end.

Chapter 5: Retrieve The Sample

A crossbow is essential for chapter 5

All right, this is it…the final chapter. This one here is extremely difficult and will require some serious skills to get through. The early goings of the chapter sees Ada following behind Mike the helicopter pilot and finishing off a few of the remaining mercenary las plagas.

The only hard part at the start of the chapter is fighting the two mini-gun wielding soldiers once you reach the door for entering the compound. One will jump down in front of the switch to unlock the door and can prove difficult to fight. The best thing to do is hop down and find cover below while waiting to get an open shot and using the sniper rifle to pick them off.

Leon is disappointed he didn’t finish Krauser

After getting through the door you’ll end up in the jail cell where you can save the game and trade supplies from the mysterious merchant. Be sure to stock up on TMP ammo and shotgun ammo because you’ll have to face off against Krauser…yes, Krauser. He’s easier and harder; easier because he doesn’t have a lot of room to dodge and that means you can quickly pump bullets into him without him moving around too much. He’s, of course, harder because you won’t have a lot of room to dodge either. Just use the TMP to aim for his feet and then shoot him in the head when he kneels down. Also, be sure to grab supplies while you’re up on the rooftops because Ada will automatically grapple to the next segment after you dispose of Krauser.

Equipping the right weapons for the final segment

The second-to-last part of the Separate Ways campaign involves fighting Saddler in his robed version after Ashley and Leon get out of his lab. Basically, the crossbow works perfect for this situation and you can just keep shooting him until the yellow eye in his mouth appears. When it does, run up close and press the attack button to strike him. Two or three times of this and he’ll be finished. Be sure to grab as many supplies as you can while you’re in the lab.

The very final segment of Separate Ways sees Ada having to help Leon, yet again. This time she has to get him the special rocket launcher from on top of one of the construction sites. This is a timed mission and it’s best to just run past as many enemies as possible…shooting only those who genuinely get in your way. You’ll have a very limited amount of time to complete this segment so don’t waste time fighting anyone you don’t have to. Once you get to the top of the structure, grapple over and grab the rocket launcher to toss to Leon. After that, you’re done.

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4. Resident Evil 4 (Xbox One) Separate Ways

Separate Ways is a great side campaign which places you in the heels of Ada Wong as she wreaks her own havoc over the course of Resident Evil 4. After the intro scene, you're thrown into the village fray as Leon fights for his life in the houses. Stay in the center and just fight, running into a house on the left for a grenade when you can. After enough Ganados are killed, a chicken lays the insignia key on the roof above the grenade house. Go near it to get a hook shot prompt, so use it and grab the key. Drop down and run to the right in order to unlock the insignia door.

Our mercantile friend is on the right, and he has a TMP for sale. I suggest buying it, maybe even selling your Blacktail to ease the burden a bit. When you're done with him, go through the door and break the barrel for an herb. Open the hatch and jump down, taking the ammo along the way and running to the door the merchant was originally standing by. Open it on the Ganado trying to enter, then run past him to the ladder up. There's a woman with a knife at the top of the ladder, so put her down and shoot the grenade out of the nest above you. Run through the cemetery, keeping right as you enter the church yard and down the wooden walkway. Either kill the enemies here or run past them, continuing down the path until you reach one of the Bella sisters at the end. We were able to avoid them while playing the main game as Leon, but unfortunately you can't this time. Pull out your shotgun and blast her until she falls back, grabbing the catseye from the ground and running back the way you came. Keep going until you're in the chucrh yard, going around to the back of the church and examining the wheel here. The code is 3,3,3,4,4,4,3 once again, allowing you to take the insignia symbol and spawn in more Ganados behind you. Turn around and put the catseye into the puzzle before turning again to face the incoming enemies. Kill these 2 and run out of this area, making a right to find the church doors. Use the insignia on them to enter, running to the ladder on the left, being wary of the Ganado waiting here. Ascend the ladder and run around the balcony, disabling the enemies up here as you go. Examine the control for the lights, turning red 3 times, green once, and blue twice before hitting combine and ending the chapter.

Go through the door in front of you and down the stairs, raiding the house of ammo, supplies, and eggs in the oven. Leaving this area you will meet our friend Salvador once again, but since this is a harder fight to slip past I suggest using grenades and your shotgun to put him down and collect the money from his corpse. Kill every enemy down this path, as it can be pretty dangerous. There is also ammo and health in the shacks and the nests scattered around here. At the end of the path enter the village once again, moving into the center and then making a right. Take the left path this time, down into the farm area after going through some houses for supplies if you wish. Run straight ahead and down the right path, totally avoiding everything and into the double doors down here. No boulder will chase you down this time, so go down the path and through the tunnel without fear. Go around the house again, shooting the dynamite wielding enemy through the window in order to clear the house. Enter it and grab supplies, getting a notice that Leon must have been moved. Now it's time to backtrack, so go back through the tunnel, running right past the Ganados here and the ones dropping down from the bridge. Go back through the farm, the village, and up the path to Menendez' house. This will start a cutscene that ends in a QTE.

It's now night, and you're surrounded by enemies. Go left and drop down, avoiding everything as they fling dynamite at you. Jump the barrier and reach the area outside, going up the stairs and into the gondola control room. Take the iron key from the desk here, grabbing any supplies you need, and visiting the merchant if you desire. Exit the room and go down the stairs, avoiding the enemies still chasing you, then go down another flight of stairs. There's some ammo close to where the merchant was in the main game down this path on the left, grab it and use the iron key on the door ahead.

Enter the doors ahead of you for a Bella sister fight, so lay waste to her and her friends with your shotgun and TMP, same way you would do to Salvador. There is ammo and pickups littering the area, so explore this barn thoroughly. Killing the Bella sister leaves you with the lift activation key, so grab it and leave. Back up the path are some more enemies, so either dodge or kill them before going through the doors. Your path up to the lift is now crawling with Ganados, and I recommend killing most of them. Clear a path and run back up to the gondola control room, using the lift activation key to get it working. Jump over the broken window here and work your way around, grabbing the ammo on the right before boarding the lift and riding it up.

Go through this area, past the eye-door that leads to the castle, down a hill and into the shed here for extra ammo and health. Once done, go to the door next to the stairs where you fought the 2nd Gigante in the main game and hook shot over it. The huts still contain some items and there's a red herb along the path, so continue down this way until the Gigante drops in front of you. You can easily run past it, grab the herb on the right, and run through the doors before it can attack you. Go up to the house to get a cutscene.

After the scene, go to the stairs and take a detour right, picking up the TMP ammo from inside the chest. Turn around and use a grenade to clear out the number of cultists down here with you, running up the stairs and across the bridge, going down and left at the bottom to retrieve more ammo from the chest here, disabling the red robed cultist while you're at it. Go back, running all the way down from around this corner before making a right, then keep running straight, making a right when you get to the path which leads you to the fountain. Once up here, drop down to the right, going through the door in front of you quickly enough to disable the cultists trying to get in through the gates. Run by them all and then right up the stairs, past the moonstone door, and through the left door at the end of the path.

Kill the shield and crossbow cultists here, then run ahead and go left, examining the door to the room where you got the Butterfly in the campaign. Ada will mention that it won't open, so back up and hookshot to the open window. Kill the cultist in here before raiding all the chests, the main item being the hourglass. Hookshot back out of here, killing the crossbower out here. Run straight and then left, going through the door here to be greeted by another cultist. Shoot or dodge him, run to the bottom of the steps, through the door, then through another door on the left. This room is packed with treasures and ammo, so raid it thoroughly before going through the other door in here. There are more cultists in here, so run by them and into the cage room on the right. Examine the open chest in here, opening a hidden bottom of the chest. Put your hourglass in here, then quickly TMP the lock on the cage door to break it. Kick it down and run left, snagging the green herb on the floor before exiting the room.

Proceed on in here, running across the bridge. Open the door to catch a few cultists by surprise, slipping past them to find another shield/crossbow combo. Disable them both before cracking open the vases here, then go through the door. Proceed into the room a bit to get a cutscene and chapter end.

This area of the game is absolutely swarming with enemies, so keep fighting to the bare minimum here if possible. Go past all the wreckage, disabling the big enemy up the road a bit. Go left and through the door, dodging the enemies until 2 burst through a door on the right. Take them down and take the TMP ammo from the tire on the left. Leave this room and hookshot up as soon as possible. Put a shot into the crossbow guy next to you and run down the catwalk to the door. Once inside, go down the steps for some TMP ammo. Go down more stairs for a cutscene and a bad situation.

Toss a grenade into the crowd, then run behind the ladder for the blue activation card. Turn around and run back, snapping up the first aid spray from the container on the right. Run up the stairs and pick up another grenade from the barrels on the left. Turn right and examine the large gatling gun here, using the blue card on it. Destroy the 3 other gun emplacements on the ship, all on your level, before being ejected from the gun. Back downstairs you go, taking the flash grenade from the boxes next to the ladder before climbing it. Turn left and get onto the lift. It'll rotate around, so jump off once you reach the other side. Go all the way left, taking the herb at the dead end before taking the ladder to the right. There are a few enemies in your way here, so work on disabling them with the TMP before carrying on. Climb the ladder here and take out the enemies here, running forward for a cutscene.

Quickly back up and hookshot before you get hit. Take the red card from the crate next to you and hookshot across immediately, taking the herb in front of you before turning right for an AA gun to get into. Take out the first gatling across the way to start a countdown, then move right and take out another slightly below you. There are a few more emplacements scattered around the ship, so take them all out before getting off the gun. Drop down and get on another lift, getting off on the other side. Run left again, going up the ladder and dodging the enemies. Jump the gap and go back up the ladder, running to the end and opening the gate to watch the ship explode. Turn right and take the ammo near the stairs. Follow them up and around, past the merchant and going into the doors on the left.

Run down this catwalk, dropping down to the right as soon as you can. Go left and run past a bridge, dropping down right as soon as you pass it. Turn right and run until you can hookshot up, taking the ladder on your left once you do. Follow this path, dodging enemies and opening doors on them until you go down some stairs. Hang left and continue to run ahead, crossing the bridge when you come to it. Jump down and take the grenade and yellow herb in front of you, going right cautiously to avoid being hit by the shield guys, which you should kill. Go around the corner and run right to the ladder out of this area.

Go up the right stairs and through the left door, taking the ammo from across the way. At the bottom of the stairs are some enemies, so take them out before they become a problem. Go through the door down here and run right, past all the enemies, into the door at the end of the boiler room. Run straight, grab the item here, then hookshot up for a cutscene which ends with a QTE. Hit it to end this chapter.

Run straight, banking left to go into a tent for a grenade. Leave and go left, spraying at the crowd to disable a few enemies before running through to the gated door. Take the herb in here and get ready for a fight. Pull out your shotty and camp in the corner, blasting Ganados as they drop from the ceiling. There will be 4-5 waves, including shielded guys who you can kill before they stand up to make your life easier. With them dead, raid this room for supplies and continue up the hill. Blow up the barrel next to the crossbower, then take the stairs to the top. Use the zipline and grab the item up here before dropping down, turning left again to open the door. Drop down once more, go around the wire and into the once-gatling area. Go left and up the ladder, making a rightand throwing a flash grenade once you reach the hole in the floor. Kick down the gate and run to the end, hitting the switch before JJ can recover. Turn around and drop down once you can, running through the tunnel to get to the ladder. Climb it and follow this path around, throwing another flash grenade near the gate. Kick it down, hit the switch, turn around and jump down before going through the now opened doors. If you don't have flashes, your best bet is regular grenades or a shotgun blast to disable JJ long enough to hit the switch. You don't really want to be fighting him twice in such close quarters.

Go up the stairs and around the enemy here. If you so desire, you can kill the RPG carrying Ganado looking at the wreckage in order to avenge Mike. Continue down the path, disabling or killing the crossbowers so you can easily reach the doors at the end. Grab the ammo on the right before dropping down, going ahead for a cutscene. Continue through the doors here, running straight ahead and picking up the red herb from in front of the stairs, climbing up on the left and quickly exiting the room. Take the ammo here and go down the steps, making a right to gather more supplies before moving forward for a cutscene. Our old friend has returned, in a more annoying scenario. Stick to the shotgun here, aiming for his legs or exposed body after a QTE attack fails. Each "island" has supplies strewn about, so collect these after each phase of the fight. Aim down as he rushes you, try to trip him and blast him with the shotty. After a few shots, he'll jump to another area, leaving you to follow with the hookshot. This process occurs 3 times, the last one killing him for good. Hookshot up again, following the path around for the a merchant appearance and some items in barrels. Hookshot up for another boss fight.

Saddler is very difficult to kill under normal circumstances, but there is a very effective trick that can do the job. Take out your shotgun and run to him, blasting him in the head. This should expose his mouth-eye, which you can now stab. That's the entire process. Keep close, use QTE's at every opportunity to avoid his attacks, blasting the top of his head only with the shotgun, stabbing the eye immediately after. There is ammo scattered around the area, go for it if you run low. Avoid using the TMP on him, as he can absorb the bullets into his body and shoot them back at you. Keep up the pressure with the shotgun, stabbing his eye after every hit, and eventually he will die and trigger a cutscene.

Take the first aid spray immediately in front of you and hookshot over the area. Make a right and run around the area, dropping down when you can. Turn around, following the path left, dropping down again at the end of it. Turn around here, disable the large enemy with a physical attack, hookshotting over immediately after. Go left and take the herb, disabling the enemy around the corner and run up the slope. Go left, grab the ammo from the crate, and climb the ladder here. Go left up the slope and shoot the large enemy here, following the path right to hookshot across to the area where Leon is fighting Saddler. Jump down and take the rocket launcher to initiate the end cutscene. Completing this campaign will earn you 2 new costumes in the campaign, also unlocking:

Acquire all of the costumes in the game.

The S Stands for Stylish!!

With that costume unlocked, you can start the main game on Professional. Select "Special 2" on the costume screen, this gives Ashley a suit of armor that makes her nearly invincible. The strategies on the previous page are written for Professional, so follow that if you run into trouble. After completing the game on Professional you unlock the P.R.L. 412 as well as:

Clear the game on the highest difficulty.

A Heart of Steel

Congrats on completing Resident Evil 4!

resident evil 4 separate ways walkthrough

resident evil 4 (2005)

resident evil 4 separate ways walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 – Guides and FAQs

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resident evil 4 separate ways walkthrough

Resident Evil 4/Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Resident Evil 4 is separated into 5 different chapters, each one containing 3 or 4 sub-chapters. The following walkthrough will provide you with directions on where to go and what to do, and also bring you some strategic tips and tricks, all with the least amount of spoilers as possible.

Before you begin, please make sure you familiarize yourself with the control scheme . Being able to control both Leon and Ashley are important factors of your survival.

To jump directly to a specific chapter, please use the Table of Contents .

Important: This walkthrough is not designed to be spoiler-free. Do not continue if you don't want certain parts of the game to be spoiled for you.

The Beginning [ edit ]

resident evil 4 separate ways walkthrough

To start a new game, choose 'New' from the main menu. If this isn't your first time playing, you'll be asked what difficulty you the game to be in (Normal or Professional), and if you want to change costumes (Normal or Special).

After starting a new game from the main menu, you'll be treated to a short movie summarizing most of the events in the Resident Evil universe so far (at least from Leon's perspective). If you aren't too familiar with the Resident Evil universe, you may want to watch it, but it doesn't contain any new or exciting information.

Then the first in-game cutscenes will begin. It is now 6 years since the events in Raccoon City and you (Leon) have a new job protecting the president and his family. But before actually starting the president's daughter Ashley was kidnapped. So you're being driven to a remote village in Spain to investigate reports that Ashley was seen there. Two local police officers are assigned to help you, but when they arrive they send you off on your own. When you get out of the car you hear your communicator and Hunnigan introduces herself. She will be your contact while you're in the field.

Soon after, the horror begins.

Navigation menu

Something New

Resident evil 4's remake seems to make a major change - & that's great.

Its apparent Capcom wants to revisit the milestone title simply because there is more fun to ring out of its characters and gameplay.

With so many of Capcom's Resident Evil remakes being met with glowing acclaim, fans figured it was just a matter of time until the developer opted to remake Resident Evil 4 . While Capcom's recent works speak for themselves in terms of quality, many fans are worried this remake will taint the legacy of the original release. Many feel Resident Evil 4 is not only the best game in the franchise, but one of the best games ever created. With genuine moments of horror, white-knuckle action, and a story that knew when to not take itself too seriously, Resident Evil 4 solidified itself as a mainstay in the cultural zeitgeist of gaming as a whole.

To make the task even tougher, the original Resident Evil 4 was a landmark title that revolutionized the survival horror genre with its emphasis on action and the third-person shooter genre thanks to Capcom's decision to forgo fixed camera angles for an over-the-shoulder point of view. Resident Evil 4 has already cemented its status as one of the most important releases of all time, making some question the need for a remake . Luckily for fans, the recent Sony State of Play featured a new look at Resident Evil 4 that makes it clear Capcom is making the most of this remake by finding places to expand it characters and gameplay.

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Resident Evil 4 Gives More Screen Time to Suave Spaniard Luis Sera

The original Resident Evil 4 was loaded with memorable moments and characters, but one person who never got the screen time he quite deserved was Luis Sera. In the original, the character disappears from the last two-thirds of the story. While it doesn't affect the overall quality of the game, his laissez-faire charm and restrained wittiness is sorely missed as the charismatic foil to Leon's overly-serious, good-boy demeanor.

One thing the remake's trailer made abundantly clear is that Luis is sticking around and aiding Leon outside the iconic cabin raid in chapter 2-2. Luis is seen zipping around in mine carts with Leon and helping Leon fight a chainsaw-wielding Ganado in an area eerily similar to one seen at the end of the original game. With Leon and Ashley being the emotional crux of the original, it makes sense that Capcom would want to explore a different character dynamic rather than rehash a story that has already been told. If all goes right, this one change could help solidify the remake as a companion piece to the original, one that fleshes out its characters and world while also allowing it to feel like its own unique entity.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Feels Like a Buddy Cop Movie

Luis's expanded role will help solidify Resident Evil 4 Remake as its own game since his expanded presence in the trailer helps announce the larger change in tone. The tone of the new trailer feels more like a buddy cop movie with Luis and Leon quipping back and forth as partners rather than two people whose larger goals happen to coincide. While there is always the risk of Luis fatigue with his expanded role, simply rehashing the same story and relationships from the original wouldn't help separate the remake as its own game.

Resident Evil 4 is inherently a silly game with mutated catfish, a Napoleon cosplayer with hormone growth deficiency disorder, and a chase sequence with a giant statue. In 2005, these things were surprises as the game subtly shifted from claustrophobic horror to an '80s action romp, and that's why its important Capcom establishes the tone for the remake early while still holding some surprises up its sleeve.

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Resident Evil 4's Remake Can Match Its Sillier Moments With Even More Scares

Expanding Luis' role signals to players that the cheese-filled camp will still be there without the need to sacrifice the action or intensity. The trailer also showed expanded gameplay that featured the likes of new monsters as well as the ability to both walk and shoot at the same time. Resident Evil 4 at its best felt oppressive. Enemies crept in while the player had to stand their ground and hold them back.

With the remake, Capcom appears to ramp up the intensity with even more enemies while also giving the player more tools to deal with the increased tension. Players can dodge enemy attacks, allowing them to be more active in the action rather than being forced to stand still and fire away. Capcom ostensibly ramped up the core philosophies that made the original game unique and polished the excess with modern innovations .

What was considered to be an impossible task is shaping up to become something worthy of the Resident Evil 4 moniker. Simply recreating such a milestone title would feel cheap for longtime fans and new ones looking to experience the game for the first time. For both of those demographics, Capcom is gearing up to release a game that can recapture what made the original so great. Capcom also appears to be making a worthy companion to the original as the company continues gracefully balance the line of horror and cheese the franchise has been built on. In Resident Evil remake tradition, Capcom looks to reinvent a beloved title without losing sight of what made the original so special.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Content Explained

Resident Evil 4 is already a big game, but when it was ported to the PS2 it added Separate Ways, a brand-new side adventure starring Ada Wong.

Despite a lengthy and troubled development history, Resident Evil 4 took the gaming industry by storm when it hit the GameCube in early 2005. Considered a revolutionary third person action horror experience , Resident Evil 4 went on to influence other similar entries in the genre for years to come. This success was a big win for Nintendo, as Resident Evil 4 was at the time, part of a deal known as the "Capcom Five". This deal granted Nintendo exclusivity to five big titles from Capcom, which would only be available on the GameCube, with Resident Evil 4 being the most notable of the bunch.

However, after its record breaking success and impressive sales numbers, Capcom wanted to further capitalize on Resident Evil 4 by making it available on other consoles. It shortly thereafter received a release on the PlayStation 2, the most popular console from that generation. Despite the PS2 being graphically inferior to the GameCube, Capcom made up for this by adding extra content into the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4 . The standout inclusions was a brand new side story called "Separate Ways" starring Ada Wong, which would fill in narrative gaps and provide more information on the Resident Evil universe.

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Resident Evil 4 - Ada's Journey

A quick summary of the plot of Resident Evil 4 is as follows: Leon Kennedy is tasked with venturing into a rural part of Europe to search for the President's missing daughter. In his search, he discovers a cult, new biological virus, and more horror than he could have possibly imagined. During the game, players occasionally cross paths with Ada Wong, a mysterious spy who is on a mission of her own. Details aren't made completely clear in the base game, but Ada is after a sampel of the Las Plagas virus, which she will return to an unknown third party.

Separate Ways was an appealing addition to Resident Evil 4 , because now players could have more clarity on just what Ada was up to. It turns out, Ada was working for Albert Wesker , a longtime antagonist in the franchise. Under Wesker's orders, Ada was to locate and retrieve samples of the Las Plagas for Wesker, which he would weaponize and use for his own nefarious agenda. Ada travels to many of the same locations that Leon does in the main game, but there are interesting spins on previous scenarios to still keep fans on their toes.

Separate Ways - A New Perspective

As stated above, the most enjoyable aspect of Separate Ways is being able to revisit iconic moments from the main game but from a different perspective. For example, in the infamous opening village set piece, while controlling Ada, players can see Leon Kennedy running away from Ganados in the background. This also happens later on in Saddler's castle, showing that Ada was never far behind Leon during the course of the adventure.

While it's a shorter experience than Resident Evil 4 's main campaign , Separate Ways does include a few extra goodies to reward players and keep them coming back for more. Upon completion, new content is added to "Ada's Report", a list of documents that provide further insight into her true motives and place in the overall story. Furthermore, the Chicago Typewriter weapon is unlocked to wreak absolute havoc on the enemies in game. Last but not least, some extra costumes are available for Leon and Ashley for another playthrough of the main game.

All in all, between a short and sweet adventure, new weapons, and more bonus unlockables, Separate Ways is a solid inclusion to the Resident Evil 4 experience. Because of its warm reception, Capcom has since included this mode in every subsequent remaster and port of Resident Evil 4 that has come out in the years since.

Resident Evil 4 is available now for GameCube, PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, PC, Switch, Wii, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Hourglass w/ Gold Decor

The Hourglass w/ Gold Decor is an item in Resident Evil 4 . [1] It is a small but beautiful hourglass.

It is sold to the merchant for 12,000₧ in the main game. In Separate Ways, Ada must use it to unlock the door in the room containing the cage trap by examining the chest Leon originally found it in and placing it in an indentation at the bottom of the chest.

In the maingame, it is a treasure item and is found in chest Chapter 3-3 , during a fight with a Garrador .

In Separate Ways , it is a key item in Chapter 3. It is found in a chest in the same the locked room on the castle balcony.

Further notes

In the Mercenaries mode, the model for this treasure is used for both time pickups (in which case the wooden part is blue) and bonus time (in an orange-brown color).


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