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Modelling of salt intake reduction by incorporation of umami substances into Japanese foods: a cross-sectional study

Evidence has demonstrated that excess sodium intake is associated with development of several non-communicable diseases. The main source of sodium is salt. Therefore, reducing salt intake in foods is an import...

Discrepancies between workers with disabilities and their supervisors in reported work accommodations and associations with return to work

The aims of this study were: (1) to explore the frequency of discrepancies in work accommodations reported by workers and their supervisors, and (2) to investigate whether these discrepancies are associated wi...

The COVID-19 Pandemic in the Nawalparasi District of Nepal: a mixed methods assessment of increased alcohol use and violence against women

In Nepal and across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has primed an environment for increased rates of violence against women (VAW). This paper explores pandemic-driven economic insecurity and increased alcohol...

Video-based e-learning program for schoolteachers to support children of parents with mental illness: a cluster randomized trial

Some children of parents with mental illness need support. This study aimed to develop and test the effectiveness of an e-learning program for training elementary schoolteachers to support children of parents ...

Associations of parents’ and adolescents’ active travel behavior across various destinations – a sex/gender analysis

Active travel behavior such as walking and cycling is associated with several health benefits. Especially the family environment seems to be important for active travel in children and adolescents. Currently, ...

Stigmatization in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: a survey experiment using attribution theory and the familiarity hypothesis

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global health crisis, leading to stigmatization and discriminatory behaviors against people who have contracted or are suspected of having contracted the virus. Yet the caus...

Race/ethnicity-specific associations between breastfeeding information source and breastfeeding rates among U.S. women

Despite evidence of the impact of breastfeeding information on breastfeeding rates, it is unknown if information sources and impact vary by race/ethnicity, thus this study assessed race/ethnicity-specific asso...

"When they are all grown, I will tell them”: Experience and perceptions of parental self-disclosure of HIV status to children in Nairobi, Kenya

There is mixed evidence on the influence of self-disclosure of one’s HIV status on mental health, health behaviours and clinical outcomes. We studied the patterns of self-disclosure among parents living with H...

Walkability and urban built environments—a systematic review of health impact assessments (HIA)

Urban environments are important determinants of human health. The term walkability summarizes features of the urban built environment that promote walking and other types of physical activity. While the benef...

Expected reasons for leaving the labour market and loss of paid employment among older workers: prospective cohort study

Surveying expected reasons for retirement may be a useful strategy to maintain labor market affiliation. The aim was to investigate the prospective association between self-reported expected reasons for leavin...

Politics of COVID-19 vaccination in Japan: how governing incumbents’ representation affected regional rollout variation

Despite initial delay, Japan’s COVID-19 vaccination accelerated remarkably from May to September 2021 under the leadership of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. His “campaign” for vaccination, however, did not yie...

Cross-sectional study of the relationship between trait emotional intelligence and career adaptability of Chinese youths

Young people often experience dramatic changes, both psychologically and physically, as they are transiting from students to working adults. However, there is still a lack of empirical studies on the relations...

Study protocol for an efficacy trial of the “PrEP for Health” intervention to increase HIV PrEP use among people who inject drugs

HIV incidence has recently increased among people who inject drugs (PWID) across the United States, with outbreaks occurring in states with long-standing syringe service programs (SSPs) including Massachusetts...

A qualitative exploration of Chinese rural older adults’ adaption experience to disability in Henan Province

The global population is ageing in a serious way and the number of disabled elderly people is increasing. Disability is a combination of physical and functional impairments, activity limitations, and social pa...

The immune evasion ability of Delta variant is comparable to that of Beta variant in South Africa

The high immune evasion ability of SARS-COV-2 Omicron variant surprised the world and appears to be far stronger than any previous variant. Previous to Omicron it has been difficult to assess and compare immun...

How is parental education associated with infant and young child feeding in Bangladesh? a systematic literature review

Education is expected to bring about positive behavioral changes which could lead to improved health behaviors. Parental education is a primary determinant of child health and development. However, some eviden...

Paternal preconception modifiable risk factors for adverse pregnancy and offspring outcomes: a review of contemporary evidence from observational studies

The preconception period represents transgenerational opportunities to optimize modifiable risk factors associated with both short and long-term adverse health outcomes for women, men, and children. As such, p...

Epidemiological and spatiotemporal analysis of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in Eastern China, 2011–2021

Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS) is an emerging infectious disease, which is caused by severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus (SFTSV) with high fatality. Recently, the incidence of...

Health seeking behaviours, dengue prevention behaviours and community capacity for sustainable dengue prevention in a highly dengue endemic area, Sri Lanka

Dengue has become a major health problem in globally as well as locally. The delay in health-seeking is significantly associated with complications leading to severe dengue and active engagement of communitie...

Impact of national-scale targeted point-of-care symptomatic lateral flow testing on trends in COVID-19 infections, hospitalisations and deaths during the second epidemic wave in Austria (REAP3)

In October 2020, amidst the second COVID-19 epidemic wave and before the second-national lockdown, Austria introduced a policy of population-wide point-of-care lateral flow antigen testing (POC-LFT). This stud...

STI and HIV testing: examining factors that influence uptake among domestic Australian-born, domestic overseas-born and international tertiary students studying in Australia

Sexual health knowledge among international students in Australia is lower than domestic students, however, little is known about what factors affect the uptake of STI testing, nor if there are differences for...

A qualitative exploration into the presence of TB stigmatization across three districts in South Africa

Tuberculosis (TB) stigma is a barrier to active case finding and delivery of care in fighting the TB epidemic. As part of a project exploring different models for delivery of TB contact tracing, we conducted a...

Temporal relationship between sleep duration and obesity among Chinese Han people and ethnic minorities

No studies have assessed the association between sleep duration and obesity in Chinese ethnic minorities. Whether the relationship between sleep duration and obesity is different between Chinese Han people and...

Association of physical activity, smoking, and socioeconomic factors on health checkup participation in community-dwelling stroke survivors aged 50 years or older

We investigated the sociodemographic and health-related factors associated with health checkup participation in community-dwelling stroke survivors.

Changing attitudes towards HIV testing and treatment among three generations of men in Cameroon: a qualitative analysis using the Fogg Behavior Model

Men are less likely than women to test for HIV and promptly initiate antiretroviral treatment, resulting in advanced HIV disease and increased mortality rates among them.

Evolution of smoking rates among immigrants in France in the context of comprehensive tobacco control measures, and a decrease in the overall prevalence

The evolution of smoking rates according to migrant status has not been examined in France, despite a recent reduction in overall smoking rates.

Spatiotemporal distribution and bivariate binary analysis of antenatal and delivery care utilizations in Ethiopia: EDHS 2000–2016

Antenatal care (ANC) is a maternal health care service given by skilled health professionals to pregnant women. Women may give birth at home or in health institutions. Home delivery care (DC) increases the lik...

A natural experiment to assess how urban interventions in lower socioeconomic areas influence health behaviors: the UrbASanté study

Mechanisms underlying the associations between changes in the urban environment and changes in health-related outcomes are complex and their study requires specific approaches. We describe the protocol of the ...

Factors influencing adherence to anti-retroviral therapy in amazonian indigenous people living with HIV/AIDS

Indigenous communities in Peru has been historically affected by high mortality rates attributable to HIV-AIDS infection, associated with a low access to health services, and socio-cultural barriers. In this c...

Evaluation of real-time monitored ozone concentration from Abuja, Nigeria

Real-time ozone (O 3 ) concentration is vital for accurate analysis of O 3 to inform the public about O 3 concentrations that may have an adverse effect on health. Few studies have analysed air pollution in Abuja, Ni...

The 15-year national trends of genital cancer incidence among Iranian men and women; 2005–2020

Cancer is a major health problem and cause of mortality worldwide. Despite the prevalence of other cancers in males and females, genital cancers are especially important because of their psychological effects ...

Psychotropic consumption before and during COVID-19 in Asturias, Spain

Spain as multiple other countries has been experiencing an increasing and sustained trend in the use of psychotropic medications since the mid 90s. Recent studies show public health measures implemented to con...

Utilization of adolescent health services during the COVID-19 pandemic: evidence on impact and adaptations from a rapid assessment survey in the Philippines

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many challenges in adolescent health have been exacerbated including increased cases of early marriages, domestic violence, higher rates of anxiety and depression, and reduced acc...

Interventions addressing maternal and child health among the urban poor and homeless: an overview of systematic reviews

Inequalities in access to and utilization of maternal and child health (MCH) care are hampering progress on the path to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. In a number of Low- and Middle-Income Countr...

Correction to: a temporal analysis on patient and health service delays in pulmonary tuberculosis in Portugal: inter and intra‑regional differences and in(equalities) between gender and age

The original article was published in BMC Public Health 2022 22 :1830

Predictors of receiving COVID-19 vaccine among adult population in Iran: an observational study

Vaccination is one of the best ways to stop the transmission of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In this regard, uunderstanding the features related to the intention of different populations to receive the...

Muscle quality index is associated with trouble sleeping: a cross-sectional population based study

Trouble sleeping is one of the major health issues nowadays. Current evidence on the correlation between muscle quality and trouble sleeping is limited.

Utility of patient information leaflet and perceived impact of its use on medication adherence

Although patients frequently use patient information leaflets (PILs) to obtain information about medicine, their confidence in using it may be diminished after reading it. This study aimed to assess the public...

COVID-19 mitigation behaviors among English-Speaking Hmong Americans

COVID-19 mitigation strategies such as masking, social distancing, avoiding group gatherings, and vaccination uptake are crucial interventions to preventing the spread of COVID-19. At present, COVID-19 data ar...

Promoting HPV vaccination at school: a mixed methods study exploring knowledge, beliefs and attitudes of French school staff

HPV vaccine coverage in France remained lower than in most other high-income countries. Within the diagnostic phase of the national PrevHPV program, we carried out a mixed methods study among school staff to a...

“ Honestly, this problem has affected me a lot”: a qualitative exploration of the lived experiences of people with chronic respiratory disease in Sudan and Tanzania

Over 500 million people live with chronic respiratory diseases globally and approximately 4 million of these, mostly from the low- and middle-income countries including sub-Saharan Africa, die prematurely ever...

An intergenerational reading of climate change-health concern nexus: a qualitative study of the Millennials’ and Gen Z participants’ perceptions

The study of climate change through a generational lens is meaningful when one considers the distinct attitudes, behaviors, values, and motivations of each generation. Individuals born between 1980 and 1999, r...

Exploring medical and veterinary student perceptions and communication preferences related to antimicrobial resistance in Ontario, Canada using qualitative methods

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens our ability to treat and prevent infectious diseases worldwide. A significant driver of AMR is antimicrobial use (AMU) in human and veterinary medicine. Therefore, educ...

Mental health promotion in youth sporting clubs: predictors of stakeholder participation

Young people are disproportionately affected by poor mental health. Youth sport settings hold immense potential to improve the mental health outcomes of this demographic. Efforts to leverage youth sport settin...

The relationship between diabetes-related knowledge and kidney disease knowledge, attitudes, and practices: a cross-sectional study

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the main noncommunicable diseases encountered in primary health care clinics. DM is considered one of the most common causes of chronic kidney disease (CKD). In this study, we ...

Social determination of alcohol consumption among Indigenous peoples in Colombia: a qualitative meta-synthesis

Alcohol consumption is a social phenomenon that involves society, groups, and individuals from different cultures around the world. Among some Indigenous groups located in Colombia, South America, alcohol cons...

Prevalence and risk factors of cardiovascular disease among people living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific region: a systematic review

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) due to atherosclerosis have become one of the major causes of death among people living with HIV (PLHIV) since effective antiretroviral therapy (ART) has been available throughout...

The association between tea consumption and blood pressure in the adult population in Southwest China

Prior research on the effect of tea consumption on blood pressure (BP) generated inconsistent findings. The objective of this study was to explore the effects of different types of tea consumption on BP.

Depressive symptoms among Thai male seafarers during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study

Prevalence of depressive symptoms among seafarers is higher than the general population because of their unique work conditions. Factors that can be changed must be considered and promptly addressed in order t...

Parity and hypertension risk in couples: does number of parity matter: findings from Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study

As reported, hypertension (HTN) plays a leading role in explaining mortality worldwide, but it still has many confounding factors. This study explored whether the number of parity and age matters for HTN among...

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Sexual reproductive health service utilization and associated factors among undergraduate students of Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia

Making clinical services attractive to the younger generation has remained a challenge. Students in higher education continue to underutilize sexual and reproductive health services. This group is exposed to a...

Hotspots of un-iodized salt availability among Ethiopian households, evidence from the national survey data

Universal salt iodization was started before decades but there are communities using the un-iodized salt till now. More than one-tenth of the Ethiopian community uses un-iodized salt.

Future of myocardial infarction mortality in Iran: a scenario-based study

This study defines futures myocardial infarction landscapes and proposes a few policy options to reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases using the scenario development method. We identified the effective ...

Falls leading to fracture and nutrition among older adults: a case–control study

Injurious falls, especially those leading to bone fracture, are major causes of death and disability among older people. Our aim was to measure the association of nutritional factors and physical activity with...

Prevalence of undernutrition among pregnant women and its differences across relevant subgroups in rural Ethiopia: a community-based cross-sectional study

Maternal undernutrition is one of the commonest public health problems in many low- and middle-income countries where generally more than 20% of women are undernourished. It is more common in rural areas due t...

Association between ESR1 rs2234693 single nucleotide polymorphism and uterine fibroids in Taiwanese premenopausal and postmenopausal women

Uterine fibroids (UFs) are uterine smooth muscle neoplasms that affect women, especially during the reproductive stage. Both genetic and lifestyle factors affect the onset of the disease. We examined the assoc...

Healthcare providers’ knowledge, attitude, and practice on quality of nutrition care in hospitals from a developing country: a multicenter experience

Despite the fact that malnutrition can affect both recovery and outcome in acute care patients, little is known about malnutrition in Palestine, and even less is known about the assessment of malnutrition know...

Food insecurity among families with infants born during the COVID-19 pandemic in Fortaleza, Northeast Brazil

To assess the prevalence of food insecurity (FI) among families with infants born during the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated factors in Fortaleza, the fifth largest city in Brazil.

Validation of a Thai semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire (semi-FFQ) for people at risk of metabolic syndrome

Food frequency questionnaires (FFQ) are a useful dietary assessment tool to determine relationships between diet and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Our purpose was to validate a semiquantitative FFQ (semi-F...

Dietary intake and socio-economic predictors of inadequate energy and nutrient intake among women of childbearing age in Karamoja sub-region of Uganda

Karamoja sub-region is the most food insecure part of Eastern Africa. The poor status of food security in the sub-region is reflected in the high rate of undernutrition among women of childbearing age (WCBA) a...

The COVID-19 pandemic: knowledge, attitudes and practices of coronavirus (COVID-19) among patients with type 2 diabetes

It is necessary to evaluate COVID-19 data on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) to confirm effective protective practice and to reduce risk in society. Hence, the study was carried out to determine KAP t...

Time to recovery and its predictors among children 6–59 months with acute malnutrition admitted to community inpatient therapeutic feeding centers in Katsina State, Northwest Nigeria: a retrospective review of health records (2010–2016)

Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) among children under five years of age remains a huge public health and economic burden in Sub-Saharan Africa. We investigated time to recovery and its predictors among children...

Factors associated with the severity of premenstrual symptoms in women with central obesity: a cross-sectional study

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a common condition that affects social and psychological well-being of women. The risk of PMS is higher among obese women. The aim of this study was to identify the factors that ...

Economic barriers and gaps to reach the desirable consumption of salt, sugar, and fat in Iran: a qualitative study

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), also known as chronic diseases, specifically cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancers, respiratory diseases, and diabetes are the main reason for more than two-thirds of global ...

Association between maternal stature and household-level double burden of malnutrition: findings from a comprehensive analysis of Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey

Undernutrition among under-five children is one of the intractable public health problems in Ethiopia. More recently, Ethiopia faced a rising problem of the double burden of malnutrition—where a mother may be ...

Local resource mobilization for malaria vector control among Rwandan rice farmers: a pilot study into the role of community ownership

Evidence suggests a vicious cycle between rice cultivation and malaria control in Rwanda. Rice fields offer an attractive breeding ground for malaria vectors, which increases the disease burden in rice farming...

Childhood obesity risk increases with increased screen time: a systematic review and dose–response meta-analysis

The role of screen time in promoting obesity among children has been reported in previous studies. However, the effects of different screen types and the dose–response association between screen time and obesi...

Determinants of complementary feeding practices among children aged 6–24 months in urban slums of Pune, Maharashtra, in India

Inequalities in child feeding practices are evident in urban slums in developing nations. Our study identified the determinants of complementary feeding (CF) practices in the informal settings of Pune, India, ...

Mapping the output of the global literature on the links between gut microbiota and COVID-19

The term “human microbiota” refers to populations of microorganisms that live harmoniously in co-existence with humans. They contribute significantly to the host's immunological response when confronted with a...

Does the high dietary diversity score predict dietary micronutrients adequacy in children under 5 years old? A systematic review

Undiversified and monotonous diets can lead to deficiency disease, named micronutrient deficiency, more specifically among young children. Dietary diversity (DD) has been known as a valid indicator to assess m...

Food hygiene research: a bibliometric comparison in Iranian and international “Environmental Health” journals

Food hygiene is one of the specialized fields of environmental health, and despite the problems associated with foodborne illnesses, there is no evaluation available that would focus on specialized environment...

Knowledge and practices on childhood anaemia, thalassaemia and iron deficiency among mothers of children aged between 6 and 59 months in a suburban area of Sri Lanka

Childhood anaemia is one of the most common public health problems worldwide. Here, we aim to describe the knowledge and practices on childhood anaemia, thalassaemia and iron deficiency among mothers of childr...

The association between dietary acid load and body composition in physical education students aged 18–25 years

To find the association between dietary acid load (DAL) and body composition in physical education students.

Main actors in the new population policy with a growing trend in Iran: a stakeholder analysis

The total fertility rate in Iran has declined to below replacement level recently, and a new approach has been taken to tackle this issue. Thus, this study aimed to identify the involved stakeholders and their...

Ecological analysis of demographic-, nutritional- and housing-related factors associated with anaemia among women of reproductive age group in Nigeria

Anaemia remains a major public health concern, particularly, in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), where it is one of the causes of maternal death. The most common cause of maternal anaemia is iron deficiency or malnut...

Pooled prevalence of food away from home (FAFH) and associated non-communicable disease (NCD) markers: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Food away from home (FAFH) is an ‘eating behavior’ widely practiced across nations, more common in developed nations. Likewise, in developing countries an increase of close to 50% indicates an upsurge in FAFH ...

Incidence and predictors of attrition rate after children started inpatient treatments for complicated severe acute malnutrition in North West Ethiopia

Retaining children for inpatient treatment of complicated severe acute malnutrition (SAM) is a growing challenge until achieved the reference weight of a child. In Ethiopia, there is limited information regard...

Effectiveness of home-based “egg-suji” diet in management of severe acute malnutrition of Rohingya refugee children

Prevalence of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) among Rohingya children aged 6–59 months who took shelter in refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh, was found to be 7.5%.

Effect of cup, syringe, and finger feeding on time of oral feeding of preterm neonate’s: a randomized controlled clinical trial

The oral nutrition is big challenge for preterm neonates. Since the best oral feeding method for preterm neonates is not yet known, the present study aimed to evaluate the effect of cup, syringe, and finger fe...

A qualitative study to explore dietary knowledge, beliefs, and practices among pregnant women in a rural health zone in the Democratic Republic of Congo

A nutritious and healthy diet during pregnancy is essential for the health of both mother and baby. Inadequate dietary intake during pregnancy contributes to maternal malnutrition and can have lifelong effects...

Evaluation of nutrients in bread: a systematic review

A balanced and optimized amount of nutrients in bread, which is the main food in many countries, is necessary to maintain human health. Considering the importance of nutritional values of bread in the food bas...

Emigration as a social and economic determinant of health in low-income urban Zimbabwe

The negative consequences of medical professionals’ emigration on the health systems of nations are well documented in the literature. However, there is a dearth of evidence on the impact of emigration in gene...

Severe acute malnutrition’s recovery rate still below the minimum standard: predictors of time to recovery among 6- to 59-month-old children in the healthcare setting of Southwest Ethiopia

Despite currently available, scientifically proven treatments and national guideline, the SAM recovery rate is still considerably behind expectations, and it continues to have a devastating impact on under-fiv...

Which factors promote and prohibit successful implementation and normalization of a healthy school lunch program at primary schools in the Netherlands?

A school provided healthy lunch might help to improve the nutritional quality of children’s lunches. However, in the Netherlands, school lunch programs are not common. The aim of this study was to identify fac...

Sex of household head and other household determinants of childhood anaemia among households in Ghana: regression analysis of the 2019 Malaria Indicator Survey

Childhood anaemia is still a major public health concern. Although the prevalence of anaemia among children under age five is reducing in Ghana, the severity level is still worsening. This study sought to exam...

Long-term effects of caesarean delivery on health and behavioural outcomes of the mother and child in Bangladesh

Medically unnecessary caesarean section (CS) is now an ongoing concern worldwide including in Bangladesh. This intensifies the occurrence of adverse maternal and child health outcomes. We investigated the asso...

Description of a telephone and Internet-based intervention to improve community responses to COVID-19 spread

This paper describes the process and results of a health promotion intervention to engage lay communities using telephone and online communication, to improve their current responses to the spread of COVID-19.

The trend in mean height of Guatemalan women born between 1945 and 1995: a century behind

Adult height is a cumulative indicator of living standards with mean height increasing with a greater socio-economic level. Guatemalan adult women have the lowest mean height worldwide. The country’s populatio...

A combination of moderate and vigorous physical activities reduces the burden of multimorbidity: findings from Longitudinal Ageing Study in India

Physical inactivity is a significant factor contributing to the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The objective of this study is to examine the association between physical activity and multimorb...

The association of food insecurity and cardiometabolic risk factors was independent of body mass index in Iranian women

Investigations on food insecurity have shown that food insecurity is inversely associated with health. We examined the association of food insecurity and cardiometabolic risk factors in women living in Shiraz,...

Family sports interventions for the treatment of obesity in childhood: a meta-analysis

Obesity in children has become one of the key concerns of the World Health Organization, and the incidence of related non-communicable diseases is also rising. This study evaluates the effect of family sports ...

Married men’s sexual and reproductive health concerns and related health-seeking behavior in Bangladesh: A mixed methods study

In Bangladesh, men’s sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs and related services are often neglected. Little is known of men’s SRH concerns, and of the phenomenal growth of the informal and private health ...

Determinants of postnatal care service utilization among married women in rural areas in western Ethiopia

Worldwide studies have shown that three-fourths of the total deaths during the neonatal period occur in the first week of the postnatal period. However, most of these deaths can be prevented with care during p...

The role of probiotics in the treatment of adult atopic dermatitis: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is chronic inflammatory skin disease that is relapsing and a serious condition that disrupts the quality of life of affected individuals. Probiotics are an immunomodulator that can enhan...

Hunger and its associated factors in the western Brazilian Amazon: a population-based study

Hunger affects millions of people worldwide. In the current pandemic scenario of coronavirus Brazil has experienced an epidemic peak of hunger, amplifying existing prepandemic vulnerabilities, mainly in the No...

Activity of erythrocyte antioxidant enzymes in healthy women depends on age, BMI, physical activity, and diet

Antioxidant enzymes protect the human body against the harmful effects of oxidative stress. The activity of antioxidant enzymes changes with age and depends on dietary nutrients such as fats and vitamins, whic...

Barriers to breastfeeding are shaped by sociocultural context: an exploratory qualitative study in Bangladesh

Breastfeeding practice is still not optimum in Bangladesh. Understanding barriers to breastfeeding is needed to prevent harmful practices. This study aimed to understand barriers to breastfeeding among infants...

Quality of the diet during the COVID-19 pandemic in 11 Latin-American countries

The confinement by COVID-19 has affected the food chain and environments, which added to factors such as anxiety, frustration, fear and stress have modified the quality of the diet in the population around the...

Knowledge on anaemia and benefit of iron–folic acid supplementation among pregnant mothers attending antenatal care in Woldia town, Northeastern Ethiopia: a facility-based cross-sectional study

Anaemia in pregnancy is the leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality and poor birth outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. The most common cause of anaemia during pregnancy is acute blood loss ...

COVID-19 epidemic lockdown-induced changes of cereals and animal protein foods consumption of Iran population: the first nationwide survey

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected diverse issues of life including economy, health and nutrition. This nationwide study was conducted to evaluate the effects of the epidemic lockdown-induced socio-economic ch...

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Defining health and health inequalities

G. McCartney, F. Popham, R. McMaster, A. Cumbers Open Access July 2019

The Dahlgren-Whitehead model of health determinants: 30 years on and still chasing rainbows

Göran Dahlgren, Margaret Whitehead October 2021

Vaccine hesitancy in the era of COVID-19

G. Troiano, A. Nardi May 2021

Why is changing health-related behaviour so difficult?

Michael P. Kelly, Mary Barker Open Access July 2016

The Skagit County choir COVID-19 outbreak – have we got it wrong?

C.J. Axon, R. Dingwall, S. Evans, J.A. Cassell Open Access January 2023

Exposing some important barriers to health care access in the rural USA

N. Douthit, S. Kiv, T. Dwolatzky, S. Biswas June 2015

An overview of systematic reviews on the public health consequences of social isolation and loneliness

N. Leigh-Hunt, D. Bagguley and 5 more November 2017

Health promotion: the Tannahill model revisited

Andrew Tannahill May 2009

Who is lonely in lockdown? Cross-cohort analyses of predictors of loneliness before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

F. Bu, A. Steptoe, D. Fancourt Open Access September 2020

Social determinants and lifestyles: integrating environmental and public health perspectives

H. Graham, P.C.L. White Open Access December 2016

An ecological study investigating the association between access to urban green space and mental health

D. Nutsford, A.L. Pearson, S. Kingham November 2013

ANTi-Vax: a novel Twitter dataset for COVID-19 vaccine misinformation detection

K. Hayawi, S. Shahriar and 3 more February 2022

Public health in practice: the three domains of public health

S. Griffiths, T. Jewell, P. Donnelly October 2005

Measuring the relationships between adverse childhood experiences and educational and employment success in England and Wales: findings from a retrospective study

K. Hardcastle, M.A. Bellis and 4 more Open Access December 2018

Making Every Contact Count: an evaluation

A. Nelson, C. de Normanville, K. Payne, M.P. Kelly Open Access July 2013

Gambling and online trading: emerging risks of real-time stock and cryptocurrency trading platforms

A. Oksanen, E. Mantere, I. Vuorinen, I. Savolainen Open Access April 2022

A national study of Indigenous youth homelessness in Canada

S.A. Kidd, J. Thistle and 3 more November 2019

A conceptual framework for public health: NICE's emerging approach

M.P. Kelly, E. Stewart and 5 more Open Access January 2009

Health policy analysis: a simple tool for policy makers

T. Collins March 2005

Socio-economic status and COVID-19–related cases and fatalities

R.B. Hawkins, E.J. Charles, J.H. Mehaffey December 2020

Real-time surveillance of severe acute respiratory infections in Scottish hospitals: an electronic register-based approach, 2017–2022

J. Wells, J.J. Young and 8 more December 2022

The association between migraine and dementia – a national register-based matched cohort study

S. Islamoska, J.M. Hansen and 4 more Open Access December 2022

Cervical cancer screening uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis

N.B. Yimer, M.A. Mohammed and 7 more Open Access June 2021

Half of children entitled to free school meals did not have access to the scheme during COVID-19 lockdown in the UK

J.C. Parnham, A.A. Laverty, A. Majeed, E.P. Vamos October 2020

The health, well-being and future opportunities of young carers: a population approach

O.M.E.F. Robison, G. Inglis, J. Egan Open Access August 2020

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Journal of Healthcare Management. 68(1):15-24, January/February 2023.

Leadership in Healthcare: Transitioning From Clinical Professional to Healthcare Leader

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Healthcare is a Team Sport: Stress, Resilience, and Correlates of Well-Being Among Health System Employees in a Crisis

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A Seat at the Table: An Examination of Hospital Governing Board Diversity, 2011–2021

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Assessing Professional Fulfillment and Burnout Among CEOs and Other Healthcare Administrative Leaders in the United States

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When States Mandate Hospital Community Benefit Reports, Provision Increases

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Implementation of a Virtual Asynchronous Scribe Program to Reduce Physician Burnout

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Social Determinants of Health: What’s a Healthcare System to Do?

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The Early Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Hospital Finances

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Professional Behavior and Value Erosion: A Qualitative Study of Physicians and the Electronic Health Record

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Why Focusing on Professional Burnout Is Not Enough

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Hospital-Wide Intervention in Billing and Coding to Capture Complexity of Care at an Academic Referral Center

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You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

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Work–Life Balance: It’s All About Relationships

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Sprint Teams Lead the Way to Rapid Improvement of Quality Indicators

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Journal of Healthcare Management. 63(6):357-359, November-December 2018.

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