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40 Unique Health Research Paper Topics

The paper on Health Research can cover everything: from healthy lifestyle, to child care, to rehabilitation after traumas. Humanity invents lots of ways to live longer and healthier, so you have thousands of choices for health research topics. Still, because there are so many ideas to improve one’s health, not all of them are tested and proved properly. Here are some suggestions that may help you to make an outstanding paper that will be accepted both by those who support and who reject your chosen idea.

Use the respected sources of statistics

Unfortunately, even the clinical researches can be falsificated. The more serious source of statistic and figures you use (and the more sources that prove each other) the more credibility will your paper have. Even those who disagree with your main thesis will have to admit that you use true facts and they have to deal with it.

Remember that nothing is equally good for everyone

No matter how devoted you are to your idea and how good it is for the majority, there will always be some people for which it doesn’t work. Vaccinations save people from horrible diseases, but there are people with allergies or immunity disorders. Going vegan can be great for ethics and health, but there are kids who still need meat and milk to grow and so on. It is okay that panacea doesn’t exist, so when you are describing a method to enhance your health, always think about the possible drawbacks.

Read also: Learn how to organize a research paper .

Do not follow the fashion

The advertising influences us greatly. You may hear a lot about the new revolutionary method of improving your health. Everyone uses it. Hollywood celebrities use it. It perfectly fits everyone. But despite all this you should study this method as if it was invented yesterday and you are the scientist who decides whether it should be released.

You may use some of our sample topics for the research paper to come up with your own. Good luck!

40 Best Medical Research Topic

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Explore the Best Medical and Health Research Topics Ideas

Updated Aug 2021 In such a complex and broad field as medicine, writing an original and compelling research paper is a daunting task. From investigating public care concerns to cancer treatment studies, each student decides where his interests lie. Our goal is to help students find new angles to study and focus on relevant topics. With our resources, you can write an engaging and rigorous paper.

How to Choose Medical Research Paper Topics

Choosing good research paper topics is often more challenging than the writing process itself. You need to select a captivating subject matter that will grab the reader’s attention, showcase your knowledge of a specific field, help you progress in your studies, and perhaps even inspire future research.

Research Paper Topics

To accomplish that, you need to start with brainstorming, followed by thorough research. Here are some great tips to follow:

To help you on that quest, we’ve compiled a list of topics that you could use or that might inspire you to come up with something unique. Let’s dive in.

New Medical Research Paper Topics

Are you interested in the newest and most interesting developments in medicine? We put hours of effort into identifying the current trends in health research so we could provide you with these examples of topics. Whether you hire a research paper writing service for students  or write a paper by yourself, you need an appealing topic to focus on.

Medical Research Topics for College Students

health related research paper topics

You don’t know where to start with your medical research paper? There are so many things you could write about that the greatest challenge is to narrow them down. This is why we decided to help.

Controversial Medical Topics for Research Paper

In healthcare, new discoveries can change people’s lives in the blink of an eye. This is also the reason why there are so many controversial topics in medicine, which involve anything from religion to ethics or social responsibility. Read on to discover our top controversial research topics.

Health Research Topics

Students conducting health research struggle with finding good ideas related to their medical interests. If you want to write interesting college papers, you can select a good topic for our list.

Medicine Research Topics

Regardless of the requirements in your research assignment, you can write about something that is both engaging and useful in your future career. Choose a topic from below.

Healthcare Research Topics

Healthcare research includes political and social aspects, besides medical. For college students who want to explore how medicine is affected by society’s values or principles, we provide examples of topics for papers. Select yours from the list below.

Public Health Research Topics

For current examples of public health topics, browse our list. We provide only original, researchable examples for which you can easily find supporting data and evidence.

Mental Health Research Paper Topics

Mental health is one of the most complex areas of medicine, where things are never as clear as with other medical issues. This increases the research potential of the field with plenty of topics left for debate.

Anatomy Research Topics

Anatomy covers everything about the human body and how it works. If you find that intriguing and want to pay for medical research paper , start by selecting a topic.

Biomedical Research Topics

Biology and medicine often work together. For the newest changes in the biomedical field, check our topics.

Bioethics Research Topics

A controversial area of medicine, bioethics is where you get the chance to add personal input to a research topic and come up with new insights. You could consider these subjects.

Cancer Research Topics

Are you writing a paper related to cancer causes, diagnosis, treatment or effects? Look below for a hot topic that it’s easy to research and important for medical advance.

Clinical Research Topics

Learn more about clinical medicine by conducting more in-depth research. We prepared for you a list of relevant issues to touch upon.

Critical Care Research Topics

Critical care is a key area in medical studies. Explore these topics in your research paper to gain more valuable knowledge in this field. You can also get in contact with nursing research paper writers .

Pediatric Research Topics

Any topic that refers to health care for children, pregnant women, mothers, and adolescents goes under pediatric care.

Dental Research Topics Ideas

Choose a topic on oral health or dental care from this list of the most interesting topics in the field.

Dermatology Research Topics

Find the best research topic for your dermatology paper among our examples.

Primary Care Research Topics

Write a primary care paper that can demonstrate your research skills and interest in powerful scientific findings.

Pharmaceutical Research Topics

Pharma students who need paper topics can use one from our list. We include all things related to pharmacy life.

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Medical anthropology unites different areas of human knowledge. Find powerful ideas for a paper below.

Paramedic Research Paper Topics

Topics for paramedic research must be based on evidence, data, statistics, or practical experience. Just like ours.

Surgery Research Topics

Discover all the intricacies of surgeries that save lives by writing about our topics.

Radiology Research Paper Topics

Find a radiology topic related to your academic interests to write a successful paper.

Anatomy and Physiology Research Paper Topics

Any ideas for a medical research paper? We have included the most important topics for an anatomy and physiology paper.

Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics

There are numerous topics you could write about when it comes to healthcare management. There’s a wide range of options to pick, from infrastructure, staff, and financial management to HR and patient management. Here are some of the top healthcare management research paper options.

Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics

Medical ethics is a field that opens the door to numerous compelling topics for research papers. Here are some of the most appealing ones you could tackle.

If you need further assistance with your medical research paper, StudyClerk is here for you. Our expert writers can provide you with top-notch research and help you write an impressive paper. Contact us anytime, pick your writer, tell them more about your topic, and get a unique, plagiarism-free research paper with impeccable grammar and formatting.

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health related research paper topics

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Global Health Research Topics

Subscribe to Fogarty's Global Health Matters newsletter , and weekly funding news for global health researchers .

man seated enters data on a handheld device, woman faces him sitting on wooden steps in doorway

The Fogarty International Center and its NIH partners invest in research on a variety of topics vital to global health. For each of these global health research topics, find an in-depth collection of news, resources and funding from Fogarty, the NIH, other U.S. government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and others.

Health Topic Information

Updated January 2021

My Paper Done

health related research paper topics

244 Brilliant Health Research Paper Topics

health Research Paper Topics

Health is one of the core tenets of human survival. It is impossible to go a day without hearing or reading news on various aspects of human health. With the global coronavirus pandemic, health discussions have become more intensified in the recent past. Nonetheless, this is not a guarantee that you will find useful health-related topics for the research paper. That is why we have put together this informative article to help you identify quality writing ideas for your health paper.

What Is A Health Research Paper?

It is an academic piece of writing that deals with diseases, their causes, prevention, and cure. Health is a complex subject with various dimensions – it is a vital science beyond the normal check-up and diagnosis in your local clinic.

To have a captivating research paper in health, you need to be well-versed in this field’s different concepts. As if that is not enough, you also have to relate how man’s different activities contribute to health problems or solutions.

Knowing how to write health papers will therefore take time and effort. It is not like a normal high school essay where you will tell the tutor about yourself and score highly – no! Students will have to involve in intensive research to come up with captivating health research papers.

Students pursuing health-related courses in college or university sometimes spend countless research hours coming up with health topics for research papers. However, our professional writing experts have collated a list of interesting health topics for your inspiration.

Easy Health Related Topics For Research Paper

Health Research Topics On COVID-19

Interesting Health Topics

Nursing Health Related Topics For Research Paper

Mental Health Research Paper Topics

Women’s Health Research Paper Topics

Hot Healthcare Research Paper Topics

Interesting Health Topics To Research In College

Convincing Health Topics To Write About

Manageable Health Project Topics

Public Health Topics For Research Paper

Controversial Health Topics For Research Paper

Health Informatics Research Paper Topics

Top-Notch Health-Related Research Topics

Creative Public Health Research Topic Ideas

Additional Medical Controversies Topics

Health Argument Topics

Mental Health Argumentative Essay Topics

Health And Fitness Topics

We offer cheap research paper writing help for high school and college students. Place your order today!

Food Research Paper Topics

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322 Best Health Research Topics for You to Explore

Table of Contents

What are Health Research Topics?

Medicine is a broad and complex field, possibly writing a real and captivating paper might appear daunting as well. Similarly, examining public health issues in cancer treatment studies might make it difficult for students to choose their preferred topic. However, our objective here is to provide new study perspectives to the students and concentrate on important health research topics.

Health Research Topics

How to Use Health Research Topics?

Besides, selecting good health research topics might appear more challenging as compared to the writing part itself. Moreover, you might have to choose an intriguing subject matter that will drive the reader’s attention to the core. Also, you might need to demonstrate your specific subject knowledge that will help you advance in your study effectively.

Thus, to achieve the above, you might need to follow the guidelines given below:

How to Write Health Research Topics?

Perhaps, to make your health research paper exemplary, you might have to follow few guidelines as given below:

List of Health Research Topics

Simple and basic health research topics.

High-Quality Health Research Topics

Good research topics on mental health

Read more: Trending Nursing Research Topics for a High-Scoring Paper

Prospective Health Research Topics

Comprehensive Health Research Topics

Mental health research topics for Exam

Mental health research topics

Read more: Neuroscience Research Topics You can Choose From!

Eye-Catching Health Research Topics

Miscellaneous Health Research Topics

Highly Informational Health Research Topics

Some Lucrative Health Research Topics

Public health topics to research

Health Research Topics for the experts

Read more:   Best Epidemiology Research Topics for you to explore and Write

Highly-Significant Health Research Topics

Public health topics for research

Public health research topics 2023

Final List of Health Research Topics  

Top List of Health Research Paper Topics

Trending List of Health Research Topics

List of health research topics for academics.

Health Research Topics for University:

If you have decided on the health research topics for yourself, possibly, you might have liked the ideas of our blog. Also, you might have a good research scope and perhaps score good marks, if you choose from our topics list.

health related research paper topics

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Big Data Research Topics

150 Outstanding Big Data Research Topics for Every Student to Explore

Social Issues Topics

198 Captivating Social Issues Topics for Essay or Research Paper

About author.

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Top 140 Bioethics Topics To Consider For Writing a Research Paper

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232 Strong Health Research Topics To Explore and Write About

Table of Contents

What are the best health research topics? If you are searching this question, then probably you might be stuck with your health assignment because of the difficulties in finding a great health research topic. In general, health is one of the vast disciplines with plenty of research topics to focus on. But when you have numerous topics and ideas, it is really tough to identify a specific topic from them. So, to help you with the research paper topic selection, here we have shared a few tips on how to select a good health research topic. Also, We have compiled a list of the best health research topics and ideas that will help you earn an A+.

Health Research Topics

What is a Health Research?

Health research is a kind of medical or clinical research that is performed to learn more about human health. The ultimate aim of health research is to find better ways to improve medical care and to prevent and treat the disease. Most importantly, without health research, no new medical treatments and cures would happen.

Often, health research is conducted to gain more knowledge about illness and the working of the human body and health by covering various health research questions. In order to answer the research questions properly according to the best methods or to deal with the health research topics, you should have a detailed research plan and protocol.

Medicine is a wide area of study with endless health research topics to choose from. If you are a medical volunteer or a medical student asked to complete a research paper, then you can choose any health research topics for your academic writing.

How to Choose a Strong Health Research Topic?

The first step in the research paper writing process is to identify a good research topic. As health is a broad and complex area to explore, choosing a health research paper topic from them will seem to be challenging because of the effort and time it consumes to generate the research paper topics or ideas.

For gaining more health research topic ideas, you can explore medicine journals, reputed health-related websites, scholarly books in medicine, and credible health-based blogs. But out of them all, to write a brilliant health research paper, one unique and engaging health research topic is what you need the most

So, how to identify a good health research topic? Cool! Here are a few important tips for you to choose an excellent topic.

During the topic selection process, always remember that the health research topic you choose should

If the health research topic you have selected satisfies all the above-mentioned tips and stands in line with your instructor’s guidelines, then without any second thought, you can finalize your topic and start writing the research paper by structuring the content with essential elements like the introduction, body, and conclusion.

List of Health Research Topics and Ideas

List of Health Research Topics

As said earlier, health is a popular research area with limitless research topics to explore. When it comes to writing a health research paper, you can look upon the topics from public health, mental health, child health, or any other categories.

To help you in making your research paper topic selection process easier, here, we have grouped several categories and have compiled a list of strong health research topics and ideas for you to consider. Check the below-mentioned entire list and pick an ideal health research topic that will get you high grades.

Simple Health Research Paper Topics

Basic Health Research Topics

Interesting Health Research Topics

Health Research Topics

Great Health Research Paper Topics

Read more: Good Health Essay Topics and Ideas To Focus On

Women’s Health Research Topics

Mental Health Research Topics

Research Topics on Mental Health

Public Health Research Topics

Research Paper Topics on Fitness

Good Research Paper Topics on Health

Health Project Topics for Research

Unique Health Research Paper Topics

Top-quality Health Research Topics

Best Scoring Health Research Topics

Good Health Research Topics for Students

Read more topic: Great Nursing Research Topics for Impressive Content

Final Words

From the list of excellent health research topics suggested in this blog post, you can pick any topic of your choice and craft a brilliant research topic. In case, you haven’t identified a perfect health topic, or you are not sure how to write an engaging and informative health research paper, reach out to us for health economics assignment help . We have a team of academic writers who are experts in the field of health and medical science to assist you in identifying a good research topic and completing a high-quality, plagiarism-free health research paper as per your requirements without skipping the deadline. Without any dilemma, quickly place your order and enjoy the benefits of our assignment writing service at a cheaper rate.

health related research paper topics

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Learn the Essential Literary Techniques to Improve Your Writing

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Jacob Smith

I am an Academic Writer and have affection to share my knowledge through posts’. I do not feel tiredness while research and analyzing the things. Sometime, I write down hundred of research topics as per the students requirements. I want to share solution oriented content to the students.

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health related research paper topics

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Before diving into the principles of a health research paper we'd like you to know that we can help you with any subject of any complexity and any deadline. Ordering to write my research paper from us will get you a brilliant paper, written by top writers in health.

What's health research paper about?

The purpose of a health research paper is to research and explain why disease happens, the way a human body works, and what can affect one’s health. When you’re picking the topic, you can choose from the two types of medical research. The first one focuses on the origin of a disease and how to prevent getting sick. The other one is aimed to improve the way of disease treatment.

Writing a health research paper

A medical research paper follows the same structure as any other research paper. You have to choose a relevant and engaging topic, find and utilize reliable and trustworthy services, state your arguments clearly and in a well-organized manner, and use proper formatting. Starting with an outline will help you greatly in keeping your research paper logical and up-to-the-point.

Best health research paper topics:

Mental health research paper topics include:

Healthcare management research paper topics include:

Controversial health topics for a research paper include:

Health informatics research paper topics include:

Health and wellness research paper topics include:

Health economics research paper topics include:

Other Research Paper Topics

While health studies may be your primary subject there are still others you have to cope with. This list of great research paper topics will help you find the right one:

History research paper topics

Psychology research paper topics

College Research Paper Topics

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Controversial Research Paper Topics

Sports Research Paper Topics

Sociological research paper topics

High School Research Paper Topics

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

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health related research paper topics

Find the best tips and advice to improve your writing. Or, have a top expert write your paper.

213 Best Health Research Topics For Thesis Writing

health research topics

Are you stuck with your university health assignment because getting a good topic is challenging? We know it can be tough, but there is no need to worry because we are here to help. In this post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best health research paper topics for top grades. So, whether you are looking for top-rated nursing topics , public health topics, or mental health argumentative essay topics, check them out to identify the best option for your work.

Interesting Health Topics to Research

If you want to enjoy doing your assignments in health, it is advisable to always go with interesting topics. So, here are some of the best health topics for research paper for you assignment.

Easy Health Related Topics for Research Paper

The following easy health research topics will make you develop better attachment to your work, enjoy more, and rake impressive grades.

Women’s Health Research Paper Topics

If you want to stand out with your papers on women health, here are some excellent healthcare research paper topics to consider for your work.

Interesting Health Project Topics for Your Paper

Doing a project can be pretty tough, but you will find the paper very enjoyable to prepare by selecting the right topics. Here are some impressive health topics to write about.

Mental Health Research Paper Topics

The following health related research topics can help you to dig deeper into mental issues and get top grades.

Health and Fitness Topics

Health and fitness papers can be pretty interesting to work on. So, health related topics for research paper in the fitness field. Go ahead and pick the one you consider most interesting:

Controversial Health Topics for Research Paper

Medical controversies that have happened in history provide you with an opportunity to explore them and even get answers to some of them. The following are some of the best medical controversies topics that you can consider for your paper.

Awesome Public Health Research Topic Suggestions

If you are studying public health, it is a great idea to pick good ideas to help you not only rake good topics, but also learn more about the subject. Here are some great public health topics for research paper to consider.

Seek Research Paper Writing Help

Once you have picked the best ideas for your work, be they on mental health, nursing, women health or health informatics research paper topics, it signals the start of your writing journey. At this point, you need good research and writing skills to craft a good paper. However, you should not give up on getting the best grade. The best idea is seeking expert research paper writing help.

Our online writing service is offered by research helpers who know how to write the best papers and guarantee you the best grades no matter the topic of choice. From definition to health argument topics, no task is too tough for our writers. Our services are also cheap and we can handle even the papers with tight deadlines. See – no need for stress at all!

research methods in psychology

Make PhD experience your own

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Health Research Paper Topics

Table of Contents

Health Research Paper Topics for Original Writing

The medical field is a diverse discipline covering numerous subjects in institutions of higher learning. Professors often assign students health research papers to evaluate their grasp of the course program they are undertaking. Health research papers entail various scientific studies that aim to assess ideas, solve problems, enhance treatment methods, and impact more knowledge about human health conditions.

Health research papers cover aspects such as child care, lifestyle diseases, mental health, nutrition, among many other subjects. Thus, most medical students feel overwhelmed with the numerous assignments and workload in school. But they must complete academic papers to graduate college and start practicing the medical courses.

To write an exceptional paper, you must select relevant and successful research paper topics about health. Due to the diversity, you have a wide array of topics to choose from to compose an excellent paper.

This article provides a compilation of the best health research topic ideas to help you know where to begin your writing process.

How to Select the Best Health Research Paper Topics?

Your health research paper will stand out if you select a topic you are passionate about because you know what it entails. Picking a familiar topic makes your research phase easier since you can build relevant arguments. Conversely, you can also pick an exciting subject and conduct in-depth research to learn more and get significant points.

While many learners think that it is good to choose a broad topic, it is not. Select a topic that has available academic resources for research purposes to avoid wasting time in deep analysis. It is essential to search for supporting evidence that validates your arguments.

Write down all the significant points to help you remember what to write. It acts as a mind map that guides you during the writing process.  Whatever topic you choose, ensure it is interesting to grab the reader’s attention. For instance, you can select a modern-day health problem and turn it into an insightful research paper.

Since many students have writing challenges, they opt to search for academic writing assistance from expert writers. We have a team of competent authors on board, read to help medical students compose original research papers, right from topic selection to the citation section.

Here are reasons why you should choose us:

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with health-related assignments, reach out to us immediately, and we will link you with a qualified tutor. Trust us with your academics, and we will tackle each paper with professionalism.

List of Health Research Paper Topics – 15 BEST Ideas

The following is a compilation of exciting health research topic ideas to help you write an excellent thesis:

15 Health-Related Topics for Research Paper

10 Mental Health Research Paper Topics

10 Health Science Research Paper Topics

10 Research Paper Topics Health Care

10 Health Research Paper Ideas for Easy Writing

5 Ways to Enhance Creativity and Motivation

Writing is a skill that few possess, and many students are willing to learn. Academic writing is mandatory in schools since it forms part of the course program. Therefore, you must find ways to enhance your creativity and motivate yourself to write.

Below are tried and tested methods to improve your writing.

As a student, you must commit yourself to attain academic success. One way is to improve your writing skills through practice and study. Commitment towards your academics will motivate you to become a better academic writer because you will jeopardize your future with substandard grades.

Having the best research skills will help you get information more efficiently; thus, saving time to accomplish other assignments. Knowing where to search relevant academic resources online and in the college library is essential in composing well-researched papers.

Most learners underestimate the power of reading books and other resources. Reading helps you to build vocabulary, improve grammar and enhance creativity. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a habit of regularly reading books.

College life is quite hectic, and you must plan your schedule. Prioritizing your schoolwork is essential to help you focus on what is essential. You will get time to study and complete research papers on time.


Make sure you identify a quiet and serene spot to write. Avoid distractions and public places since they will overwhelm your writing. Picking the proper environment is essential in delivering exceptional papers.

BONUS Advice

While research paper writing may prove challenging to many students, it can be pretty easy with practice and a few strategies. Choosing appropriate research paper topics about health will help you in developing concrete arguments. Don’t forget to conduct a thorough edit to eliminate all errors and improper sentence structures. Editing and proofreading is a vital phase that most students often neglect. Thus, proofread your paper thoroughly and make sure every comma is in its place.

If you are still grappling with your health paper, talk to us and get impressive results from our pro essay writers .

George Lynch

301 Best Health & Medical Research Topics

The importance of health research can’t be underestimated. It helps move medicine forward and save millions of people. It also promotes various preventive techniques that help us live longer and safer lives.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

Health research covers many different areas. The development of new drugs and treatments is only a small part of it. There is also plenty of research on the root causes and mechanisms of diseases so that we can understand them better. Preventive medicine is one of the frontiers of health research. It helps us avoid the risks of dangerous conditions.

Information-based research, personalized medicine, deep learning techniques, and more – all this makes health research exciting as well as valuable.

Stuck choosing your medical research topic? Take a look at the collection that Custom-writing.org experts have prepared! Find there your perfect idea or just get inspired and formulate your own research question.

🧑‍⚕️ Top 10 Research Topics for Medical Students

🔝 top 10 health research topics.

💡 Medical Research Topics & Ideas

Here’s the list with some topic examples for a medical research paper:

⚛️ Genetics Research Topics

Brad Pitt quote.

3d dna strands.

🐣 Pediatric Research Topics

Pediatric Research Topics.

Dr Seuss quote.

❤️ Anatomy Research Topics

Anatomy Research Areas.

💉 Biomedical Research Topics

Woman pipetting biomedical laboratory.

🙆 Mental Health Research Topics

David Satcher quote.

😷 Public Health Research Topics

Medical thermomether pills other medical appliences first aid kit.

🏥 Medical Anthropology Research Topics

⁉️ Controversial Medical Topics for a Research Paper

📑 Medical Research: Types of Study

Before you write your research, it is necessary to decide on the study design. It is usually determined by the topic of the research. The methods of your research will depend on the chosen type of study.

There are two main types of study: primary and secondary. Primary studies are focused on new research, while secondary ones deal with the analysis of already available data.

Primary Medical Research.

Primary research can be further classified into:

Secondary research usually consists of literature reviews and meta-analysis.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, some intervention studies are impossible to carry out for ethical reasons. Observational studies are safer, but also less reliable that interventional studies.

Choose the design that fits you best and write your perfect medical research paper!

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

🤔 Medical Research FAQ

Medical research is a cross-disciplinary investigation of various diseases, including their mechanisms, treatment, and prevention techniques. It can be based on data analysis or clinical trials conducted on animals or volunteers. Medical research is essential in the development of new treatments, as well as raising awareness of various health-related topics.

Research is what moves medicine forward. Medical research helps us learn more about diseases, discover new treatments, and improve our quality of life. It also makes possible prevent and diagnose various diseases at early stages, as well as test the efficacy and adverse effects of new medicines before they become available to a larger population.

Research experience is not mandatory for admission in the majority of med schools. However, it is a very valuable experience that helps you develop essential skills.

If you are interested in medical research, you can go into an MD program. This will enable you to work in a laboratory of a research institute and participate in groundbreaking discoveries.

Most of the federally funded biomedical research is conducted at The National Institutes of Health (NIH). It consists of 27 separate institutes located in different parts of the US.

The NIH is responsible for many important discoveries. This includes the use of lithium for bipolar disorder treatment, numerous vaccines, and gene therapy.

This is a step by step guide:

You might also be interested in:

🔎 References

Comprar Cialis Valparaiso

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290 Good Nursing Research Topics & Questions

290 Good Nursing Research Topics & Questions

Florence Nightingale is called “the mother of modern nursing.” She was the first one who started incorporating research into her practice. While providing patients with health care and support, nurses observe things that may need further investigation. This way, they become not only caretakers but also scientists. Research topics in...

Research Proposal Topics: 503 Ideas, Sample, & Guide [2023]

Research Proposal Topics: 503 Ideas, Sample, & Guide [2023]

Do you have to write a research proposal and can’t choose one from the professor’s list? This article may be exactly what you need. We will provide you with the most up-to-date undergraduate and postgraduate topic ideas. Moreover, we will share the secrets of the winning research proposal writing. Here,...

208 Interesting History Essay Topics and Events to Write about

208 Interesting History Essay Topics and Events to Write about

A history class can become a jumble of years, dates, odd moments, and names of people who have been dead for centuries. Despite this, you’ll still need to find history topics to write about. You may have no choice! But once in a while, your instructor may let you pick...

Gun Control Argumentative Essay: 160 Topics + How-to Guide [2023]

Gun Control Argumentative Essay: 160 Topics + How-to Guide [2023]

After the recent heartbreaking mass shootings, the gun control debate has reached its boiling point. Do we need stricter gun control laws? Should everyone get a weapon to oppose crime? Or should guns be banned overall? You have the opportunity to air your opinion in a gun control argumentative essay....

Best Childhood Memories Essay Ideas: 94 Narrative Topics [2023]

Best Childhood Memories Essay Ideas: 94 Narrative Topics [2023]

Many people believe that childhood is the happiest period in a person’s life. It’s not hard to see why. Kids have nothing to care or worry about, have almost no duties or problems, and can hang out with their friends all day long. An essay about childhood gives an opportunity...


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