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27 Best Business Ideas for Pakistan

General business landscape in pakistan.

Pakistan’s economy is complex. There are some thriving industries and some that are struggling due to corruption in the government. However, there are still lots of new business ideas for the people in Pakistan, as there are a lot of talented and skilled workers. From the footwear industry to providing meals to the poor and car parts manufacturing, there is a business idea in there for you.

Best Business Ideas for Pakistan

1. meal sharing company.

If you’re looking to help people by providing the most basic necessities such as food, then consider this business idea. The Meal Sharing Company works with existing restaurants to provide meals for the poor. The existing restaurant will usually choose a meal they sell that has a high margin and then share a chunk of that margin with the Meal Sharing Company to provide another meal to the poor. This is a great way for other restaurants to differentiate their offering and can be a great way to help your community too.

2. Import and Export Specialization Company

Pakistan has a large import and export economy with neighboring nations as well as many international countries. This business idea would involve helping local companies with their import and export documentation, tracking, and other duties so the client can focus on their work. Helping international clients could also be a possibility as they may want to expand their manufacturing operations to Pakistan due to the lower costs and high quality of labor performed. To make money, you could charge a fee per hour or per import/ export project.

3. Solar Energy Production Company

The solar industry is ready to grow in Pakistan as the research shows. In the beginning, you could start developing solar energy for your local community or area by setting up a few panels. To keep costs low, only invest in a few panels and source them from China as they may be cheaper there. After you are able to sell enough of the energy produced, you can invest in more land and panels to grow the production company. Energy can be sold on a per kilowatt basis to personal residences. One thing to consider will also be how you will maintain and clean the solar panels to maximize your investment.

4. Unique Footwear Client Development Business

Footwear in Pakistan is set to take off. Although India and China are major competitors in this area, Pakistan is ripe for opportunity due to the low costs and high-quality materials the area can produce.

To help local manufacturers and other businesses in Pakistan capitalize on the potential growing footwear industry, you could help them find clients from around the world that would want their shoes produced in Pakistan. Then you could take a percentage of the revenues that the manufacturing facility would receive for the deal or a simple fee could be charged. This is a low-cost approach to using this growth to build a company. A high-cost approach would be to build the manufacturing facilities yourself.

5. Specialty Textile and Synthetic manufacturing

As online businesses become more specific about who they serve and the types of products they offer, more and more online stores will need custom clothing products that they can offer customers to differentiate their business. To set up the Specialty Textile Manufacturing company you could begin by outreaching to Shopify clothing shop owners to see if there are custom products that they want made to try and sell in their online store.

After working with them to find a custom design that can be made, you would make a deal with a local textile manufacturer to make the products that the Shopify store owner would want to buy.

6. Software Development Firm

A software development company has major potential in Pakistan as there is a lot of great local talent that can be accessed in the area. As well, there is talent from neighboring countries that can be brought in too.

The software development company would work with local businesses to develop solutions that would help them manage their business and make more money. For instance, this could be by developing a software application for a local clinic with multiple locations to share healthcare files for easier client servicing. Or you could take a more risky approach and build software programs for new startups and take a percentage of their equity as payment.

7. Simple phone manufacturing company

Another manufacturing-related industry that Pakistan is ready to see growth in is the phone manufacturing sector. This is also because the government has recently introduced new policies that make it more favorable for companies to have their phones and devices made in Pakistan. And with policy changes come great business opportunities to get contracts and manufacture smartphones.

This business idea would require more start-up capital in the beginning but could pay off in the long run. Initially, you would need to build or buy a smartphone manufacturing facility and hire workers to make the phones. However, large contracts could quickly generate lots of revenue for you and your company.

8. Mental Health Education Service

Mental health education is a growing need in Pakistan as more and more young people continue to suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and other mental illnesses. If you’re looking to help your local community in Pakistan with a business, this service would be a great one to provide.

To get started, you will want to develop a mental health program that can be taught to groups. Then you could reach out to the local city or government to see if they will supply you with a grant to get started. If not, then you will need to approach the local schools, organizations and possibly businesses to see if they will pay you to come and offer your services to the workers, students and people in the organization. There is growing research and demand for this kind of work.

9. Read and Writing Non-For-Profit Service

A major problem that has been expressed multiple times by locals in Pakistan is the need for increased literacy in the country as a whole. Illiteracy is a major issue and it needs to be addressed by the entire population so the economy can be successful.

The reading and writing non-for-profit service would help solve this problem by helping people in poor communities learn the basics of reading and writing. To make money, you may need to raise money from donations in the local community or you may be able to get a grant from the government to fund your efforts. Although it may be tricky to operate financially, it would provide a lot of long-lasting value to the community and make the area flourish with new businesses as people learn.

Tip:  Looking for problems in your country but don’t know where to start? Try searching Quora.com. It’s a great resource for finding problems that come from people in your area.

10. Solar Energy Storage Company

With the opportunity for solar production as a business idea, there is also the need for this solar energy to be stored efficiently so it can be used when necessary. The solar energy storage company would involve buying efficient electric batteries that can be hooked up to solar power plants to gather energy. The solar energy could then be transported and sold to  rural communities  that don’t have much access to power, or it could be sold to others as backups in case the power goes out.

This company could make money by selling the energy they buy from the solar plants and selling it to the communities or businesses that need it.

11. Small-Scale Water Treatment System Installation Company

The low-quality of water in some areas of Pakistan is a major issue that needs to be addressed as it causes other health-related issues down the road. The small-scale water treatment system company would work with a group of three to five households to develop a water treatment system for their local water supply. The water treatment system would be something the people could bring water to in order for it to be clean and useable.

The small-scale water treatment systems would allow you to launch this business idea with  low start-up costs  as the larger treatment systems would require larger parts and thus more money.

12. Online Air Mask Store

Environmental issues are a growing concern in Pakistan. Both noise and air pollution are becoming major issues as both Pakistan and surrounding nations have limited regulations for air pollution and thus many businesses take advantage of the limits. Ultimately causing issues for the communities.

To help address the air pollution issue, you could start an online store for all the different types of air masks. They could have cool designs or be targeted toward specific genders etc. The store could order masks wholesale from a local manufacturer and then target people using online ads or local influencers to help sell the product.

13. Plant-based meat-like food manufacturer

Plant-based meat is growing significantly in demand around the world. This manufacturing business idea would cater to this growing demand by developing plant-based meat products that could be sold to companies like Beyond Meat and their competitors.

14. New Venture Investment Fund

A major need in the Pakistani economy is more cash investments for new ventures. The people of Pakistan are very hard workers and want to launch new businesses however, the one major thing stopping some of the larger ventures from launching is start-up capital and funding. Especially since manufacturing is so popular in Pakistan.

The new venture investment fund would help solve this problem by providing funding to qualified businesses that need to be taken to the next level. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can still start this company. To do this, you would need to raise money from wealthy individuals in your community or in international countries.

15. Talent Acquisition Agency

There is a major demand for good employees in many international countries. The Talent Acquisition Agency would work with companies in Asia, Europe, and North America to provide talent from the Pakistan area as there are many skilled people that these companies want to hire. You can charge a fee to the companies and then go to schools and universities in the area to see if there are candidates that want a job overseas. You would also help them handle the international visa process if necessary.

16. Local Entrepreneurial Bootcamps

Entrepreneurship is growing in demand in Pakistan and to help this need you could develop local entrepreneurial boot camps for the youth. If you are a new and  aspiring entrepreneur  you could start by being the event planner and work with a local  entrepreneur that has the experience  to help you develop a program that you could present or get them to present for a fee. Each person who attends can pay a fee and you can generate revenue that way.

17.Car Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Business

Aftermarket parts and accessories are very profitable industries in Pakistan. When there is a very profitable industry, it is ripe for disruption that adds more value to the customer. It also means there can be great potential for growth in the industry as well.


This Car Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Business would specialize in providing automotive parts for the large transportation industry in Pakistan. You could start by sourcing parts locally or from neighboring countries and then develop contracts with local transportation companies for replacing key parts that break and need servicing.

18. Halal food manufacturing company

Halal is a growing food type that many people in Pakistan and surrounding areas love to enjoy. It can be made into many different forms and that is what people are loving. The different forms such as Halal breakfast and dessert dishes are making the food more popular than ever.

Many other businesses would love to start selling a different type of Halal to their customers but may not have the manufacturing capabilities to do so. You could set up a Halal kitchen to make these different creations upon request, operating like a bakery.

19. Social Media Advertising Agency

With all the manufacturing capabilities and other industries in Pakistan, social media marketing can play a key role in helping them reach new customers. If you have an interest in social media marketing, you could begin by offering services to local industries such as manufacturing. Helping the business owner target and stand out on the internet so they can reach more potential clients. Over time this business idea in Pakistan can grow to other industries so you can expand your clientele.

20. Custom T-shirt Printing Company

The Custom T-shirt Printing company would help serve the growing online businesses selling customized t-shirts. There is great potential for growth in the textile manufacturing industry in Pakistan and the t-shirt area is a niche that is growing. T-shirt printing shops are not very complex to set up compared to other manufacturing facilities and can be done for relatively low costs.

After the shop is ready, you can begin outreaching to as many online t-shirt company owners as you can to see if they want to change their supply chain to use your services.

21. Steel Container Home Developer

Home building and development in Pakistan is another growing area as the middle and upper classes grow because they want to increase their quality of living and standards. And a cost-effective solution, especially in an area like Pakistan would be using steel containers.

To get started, you could begin by finding a supplier for the steel containers and then build a show home in your community that you can show people. If you can find an area with a lot of foot traffic this could give you the exposure you need to land a few clients and make this a viable business.

22. Politics Rating Website

Another major problem in Pakistan is corruption within the political system. This is a major issue for the people of Pakistan as the economy is not able to flourish when there is a high level of corruption at the government level.

If you’d like to target this problem you could begin by creating a website that rates the current and upcoming politicians and ranks them on their ability to avoid corruption and work for the people. To make money you could run ads on the site and work with other local businesses to promote them.

23. Local and Personal Media Company

Online media is growing in the middle east and especially in Pakistan. With the corruption in the country, there is room for more local and personal news media companies to tell stories of the small things happening around the country.

If you have a passion for creating video content, interviewing locals, and reporting the news, this could be a very interesting business to start. To keep things low-cost in the beginning you could conduct the interviews, edit the videos and stream them onto YouTube and your website. To get viewership, you could begin by using social media marketing within your local city and area.

24. Local Tourism Company

Pakistan has the opportunity for growth within the tourism industry now that some of the political and war-related tensions in that area have calmed over the years. If the tourism industry begins to take off, this could be a great business idea to launch.

The Local Tourism Company is designed to provide a very local experience for the tourists, in exchange for a fee. You can begin by setting up a simple website that offers your services and maps out the top 5 things to do as a local in Pakistan. Then you could rent a van and take your clients on these local experiences. This could be a much more fun experience as a tourist and really get to experience the local culture.

25. Online Virtual Assistant

The Online Virtual Assistant business idea is not new but it is a great business to launch in Pakistan if you live in an area that has little support for other entrepreneurial ventures. The reason it is so great is that you get to  work from the comfort of your own home  and you can have clients from around the world.

If you’d like to start an Online Virtual Assistant business, it is recommended that you spend some time choosing a niche to enter so you can stand out and have a point of differentiation in your business. If you are looking for a low-cost business idea to launch in Pakistan, this would be the idea to start.

26. Greenhouse Set up and Maintenance Company

The weather in Pakistan makes it perfect for using greenhouses to grow a wide variety of different crops and even plant-based medicines. The heat allows for many exotic plants to flourish and the greenhouse can protect the plants from any dust storms in the area.

The Greenhouse Set Up Company would handle setting greenhouses for local residents and maintaining the greenhouse if the homeowner would like to upgrade the service. If you’d like to keep costs lower in the beginning, you could start by selling the concept to one person so you have enough money to go and buy the supplies you need to get started.

27. Franchise Assistance Business

Franchises are a popular option for new business owners in Pakistan, possibly Karachi, as they don’t have to create a brand, and procedures and conduct all the marketing by themselves. The franchise does this so they can focus on building a community and adding value through their business.

To help this group of people flourish, you could start a Franchise Assistance service. This company would be designed to help new franchise owners set up the franchise and help them get started on building a steady clientele.

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small business ideas in pakistan

Top 23 Best Business Ideas in Pakistan With Low Investment in 2023

by ahblog · Published March 4, 2021 · Updated February 16, 2023

business ideas in Pakistan

Imagine waking up at your desired time, have a scrumptious breakfast, have the flexibility and no boss to ask why you are late? Yes, that is possible only if you have been questioning business ideas. We have a list of the best business ideas in Pakistan pulled together that beginners could use as a jumping point. If you have been questioning yourself how to start a business in Pakistan, all you have to do is to be thorough and systematic.

People in Pakistan are willing to achieve optimum use of resources they can get their hands on and since COVID-19 sent the economy of the country into a tailspin, a large chunk opted to become entrepreneurs and are ready to invest in this sector thinking this can open many possibilities in the future.

List of Best Business Ideas in Pakistan in 2023:

Following is a list of some profitable business ideas with amazing investment opportunities in Pakistan, which may prove to be the most profitable businesses in the long run.

1. Restaurants and Cafes:

Restaurants & cafes - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Opening a restaurant could be appealing and interestingly it is seen as a top business idea in Pakistan, the reason why more people have nurtured a lifelong ambition of opening a restaurant. What you have to do is identify your target market, choose a service style and food concept, establish a business plan, create a catchy menu, decide location and layout, prepare funds, devise a strategy for rules and safety regulations, hire employees, advertise and enjoy food. This is one of the most profitable business ideas in Pakistan. You can visit the famous restaurants in Peshawar .

Estimated Investment: 10 to 20 lacs

2. E-Commerce Website:

E-commerce website - Business Ideas In Pakistan -Ahgroup-pk

5G is almost here in Pakistan and since the emergence of wireless mobile telecommunications technology, a major surge was seen in the e-commerce industry. This year learn how to start an e-commerce business from the scratch. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) claims that after COVID19, the shift to electronic payments would stimulate consumption and trade that will help the country’s economy by as much as 7%, reported The Express Tribune. First things first, decide what type of business you want to launch? Pick your niche; add products, set up shipping, regions, and payments), decide how you want to create your site? Publish your website and go live! You will need an office, a mobile number, a business email address, a person to run the website, and one to handle the calls. One of the amazing business idea to start.

Estimated Investment: Rs10,000 to 15,000

3. Agriculture and Farming:

Agriculture and Farming - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

According to Pakistan Economy Survey, the Agriculture sector has a vital role in the country’s economy by contributing 19.3 % to the Gross Domestic Product. There is a high demand for fresh food and originally grown farm products so this is seen as a top and profitable business in Pakistan. To start the journey of farming, you need to have practice farming tricks and a little bit of experience. In order to pursue that, you need land, a business plan that will generate great revenue, determine goals and objectives, seek the right form of financing, create a production and marketing plan, hire 3 to 5 employees and you’re good. This is one of the profitable business ideas in Pakistan.

Estimated Investment: Minimum 20,000 to 30,000

4. Real Estate Investment:

Real Estate Investment - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Real estate is a business entity that deals with the buying, selling, management, operation, or investment of land and buildings. Real Estate is enormous and has been widely seen as the most profitable business in Pakistan. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you have a lot to consider comprehensively before starting off.

Think through your goal, Pick up a name & set the seal, do extensive market research, list down names of the relevant property dealers, craft your business strategy, compare rates of real estate holders with those offering real estate services at cheaper rates. Create an eye-catchy portfolio and additional information about the history of your business and experience, launch campaigns and you are set to go. The real estate business idea is the most profitable business idea in Pakistan due to its higher returns.

Estimated Investment: minimum 15 lacs

5. Digital Marketing Services:

Digital Marketing services - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

In Pakistan, digital marketing, particularly real estate marketing , has transitioned a lot in the last few years taking us into the age of online content, social media, and Google and this shift has enormously affected how people purchase, buy and sell.

All you have to do is define your brand (promote yourself), create detailed buyer personas (recreate your work from the customer’s perspective), choose your digital marketing strategy, set your budget, brainstorm strategy, embark on a campaign, track your results, hire 1 or 2 employees, get a laptop and internet connection, and all settled. It is a top business idea in Pakistan for students.

Estimated Investment: Rs. 50,000 to 60,000

6. Photography:

Phtotgraphy - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Before you ready to put in work and jump in, research and plan your strategy as it will save you time. It is possible to earn a good living from your passion. Write down your startup cost and decide what types of photography services you can offer, establish your branding reputation, develop a business plan, structure, and a name, gather needed equipment, create a marketing strategy, and you are psyched up.  All you need is a DSLR camera, its equipment, and a professional photographer. Photography is a common business idea in Pakistan. There are a lot of beautiful places like the deserts of Pakistan , historical places, hill stations in Pakistan , and mountain ranges in Pakistan where you can travel easily and take photos.

Estimated Investment: Rs1 to 2 lacs.

7. Event Management Business:

Event Management Business - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Have you ever worked as a volunteer in an event or helped organize a few events and thought this could be your ardor? Most youngsters in Pakistan are hitting the trail and investing in the event management business and taking it as a top business idea in the country. To maximize productivity they opt to gain a larger audience. Build a plan, do market research, develop gain event planning skills, set a budget, develop a business plan, develop your networks of supplies and staffing resources, define your services, devise a marketing strategy, and ta-da!. This is the most successful small business idea in Pakistan.

Estimated Cost: Rs3 to 5 lacs

8 . Software Development Company:

Software Development Company - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

To get a deeper understanding of software development companies let’s start our talk about what a software development company does? A software company develops software, Frameworks, Develop & Maintain Mobile Applications, Specifying, Designing,

Maintaining Websites & many more components related to software for businesses & consumers. In this pandemic situation of Covid-19 software development is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan because this is the running business nowadays that can be managed remotely by home. Many software companies have switched their firms to work from home. In this era, our businesses are linked with the internet. This is the plus point of this business that a company may not get a loss.

Investment in Developing a software company minimum: 1 lac to 5 lacs.

9 . Graphic Designing:

Graphics Designing - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

When we talk about the top business ideas in Pakistan we found graphic designing one of the top leading businesses. What do graphic designers do? In an understandable phrase, it is a process of craft where graphic designers create visuals, images & content to convey their message to people. Designers use different typography, the picture’s to create an attractive view of their product. To start a graphic designing business you just need to have high-quality internet systems & knowledge of designing on different software (Corel, Adobe, etc.). Graphic Designing includes pamphlets, brochures, logos, Publications, Magazines, Catalogs, Newsletter’s vice versa. Companies always need letterhead, brochures, Business Cards & these are the things that can be made by graphic designing it is easy to learn. You can learn graphic design from online websites or YouTube. Graphic designing is in the top list of new business ideas as it’s making a wide range of effects on businesses. There is no such big investment, you just need an internet connection & a system, & here you are ready to start. 

10 . Blogging:

Blogging - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Blogging has been trending a bit lately. hence it is proved blogging is an effective & profitable & low investment business in Pakistan. Blogging refers to content, writing, photography, and other self-made media that is published online. Blogging is a way to share your opinion online with others to get to know their thoughts. You can start blogging for personal use or a business. In a business, you depend on the customers to buy your product or services. Via Blogging, you can rank your website on google & make it visible to the concerned audience & sell your product or services. You can earn easily via sponsored google ads & affiliated marketing. Blogging will pay you very well in return. Blogging also helps to generate organic traffic on your website & to get quality leads on the website. More user-friendly content, more audience, and more leads. That means blogging is an effective tool for lead generation. Blogging is also a way to show your niche & create a new brand. When you share your business niche information with others that build up trust & belief in your audience. Frequent & better blogging make your business more reliable, detailed & credible for the user which is important for your business or brand to seem long-lasting. Bloggers recommend blogging in the best business ideas in Pakistan. 

11. Travel Agency:

Travel Agency means a company or an agency that offers tourism or travel services. Services that a travel agency provides include organizing a business trip, ticket bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals, tour packages, guide books, and tourist guides. This is one of the New Business ideas in Pakistan but the development of this sector is growing fast. A travel agent is a person that knows the destination, climate, routes for traveling, and accommodation. He represents the travel agency and gets a good commission in return. Travel Agency business is the most profitable business in Pakistan nowadays. Travel Agency plays a massive role in the private tourism sector to promote tourism in the country. A Travel agency gathered all luxury services, accesses, guides, and other services and represented them to the tourist. This is the reason why Travel Agencies are considered to be the “image builder” of a country. Travel Agency is responsible for all the arrangements like tickets, rail, travel documents (passport, ID Card, Visa), and different travel-related services.

Travel Agency - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

You don’t need to get a degree related to the traveling field, any degree is acceptable. Although having a study related to travel, tourism, languages, and business study can be a plus point in this sector. If you are planning to start a travel agency then this article might be helpful for you. First, you just need to have a niche to start. Niche will help you to decide your agency name and establish your brand. We are going to mention a 7 step-by-step guide to start your business.

If the development of the travel sector will become faster in upcoming years, there are chances to become a Best business in Pakistan.

Estimated Investment required: 5 lac to 10 lac

12. Import/Export Business:

To get a deeper understanding of import-export let’s have a brief discussion. Firstly you need to know what import-export means?

“Import is a method where you need to buy products from other countries and export is a method where you need to sell your product to other countries”.

Import/Export Business - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Nowadays import-export business is growing fast and is known as one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. To gain profit in the import/export business you have to note down. We can only import or export with those countries that have diplomatic relationships with Pakistan. There are a lot of people who need to have New Business ideas. We are here to help you out.

When the question is about the Best business in Pakistan, import/export takes the first position of Most profitable business in Pakistan. This world of import/export had a complex system that handles the economic needs of the country. If you are thinking of starting an import/export business in Pakistan then you are in the right place. Below we are going to mention the 4 major things you need to have before starting import/export the Best business in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the import/export industry is becoming one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. The majority of people are adopting this business to earn money.

Estimated Investment required: 8 lac to 10 lac

13. Gym & Fitness Centers:

Gym & Fitness Centers - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Pakistan is a country where people are crazy about their fitness. They join gyms and fitness centers to lose their gained weight and look slim and smart. This is the reason the market for gym and fitness centers is developing fast. It’s proven by science to exercise and stay healthy. Still, our people prefer to join the gym as compared to exercising daily. That is a big reason for the gym and fitness market to become the Best business in Pakistan. The main purpose of gyms is to provide a secure and healthy life to people. Gyms will provide all indoor facilities and exercise halls to males and females via a professional and qualified gym instructor. The increasing population of Pakistan in major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta offers very luxurious and lucrative opportunities to open up a well-planned gym or a fitness health club. To open a gym or fitness center you have to keep an eye on the below mentioned factors.

Nowadays the market of fitness and health is becoming popular. In coming years if the development remains the same. This sector of fitness will become one of the best business ideas in Pakistan.

Estimated Investment required: 10 lac to 20 lac

14. Stationery:

Stationery - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

If the question is How to start a business in Pakistan? And become a successful business owner?

Stationery items are highly in demand in schools and colleges for study purposes. This is the most profitable business in Pakistan if the shop is at a perfect location. Many kid’s items are also offered in stationery which gives a high profit in return. But before you use this one of the best business ideas in Pakistan you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Stationery is becoming a well-known business in Pakistan due to the high demand for school items.

15. Hardware Stores:

Hardware Stores - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

In the retail industry, there is a big demand for hardware parts. Therefore in Pakistan opening, a hardware store is also listed as one of the best business ideas in Pakistan. Before starting, you need to follow a few steps. We are going to mention below the necessary steps to take.

This is all you need to keep in your mind before you start.

Estimated Investment required: 10 lac to 15 lac

16. Beauty Salon:

Beauty Salon - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Pakistan is a country where from the last few years, the fashion industry has gained popularity. Several beauty salons have initiated to offer beauty and cosmetic services to ladies and gents. These services enhance physical appearance and mental relaxation. The majority of Pakistani women consider makeup as an essential part of life to look more beautiful. The best part about this one of the best business ideas is, it can be performed at home. A person doesn’t need to have a specific place. This one of the top-rated business ideas in Pakistan requires a few things for startups. The first is selecting the right location, the second is skilled workers, and the third is proper sales promotional activity. Using quality products is always good that will allow your clients to give positive feedback.

17. Boutique:

Boutique - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

If you are a person that enjoys designing trendy and unique designs of clothes, then you must be a good designer by using your skills. Your sense of style and love towards fashion can give you a good amount in return that will benefit you to earn and transform your passion into a brand. There is no doubt the fashion industry is the most prosperous and profitable business globally because the cost of materials is not very expensive. The best part is you can even hire a tailor for stitching and designing, and the sale and marketing of clothes will be yours. For the last few years, the fashion industry has gained popularity. The reason behind this is the small business investment and experience that it needs. That is why opening a boutique is becoming one of the new business ideas. It is not required for you to be a fashion designer. Hence, there is an option to import clothes from other countries at a low price and sell them at double or triple price. It will give you a good margin.

18. Mobile Accessories Shop:

Mobile Accessories Shop - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

In this era, can you find a person who doesn’t use mobile phones? It will be hard to find. Every second person has a mobile phone. It has taken over the times of landlines and become a necessary part of life. Every mobile gets charged, needs a cover and headphones. For that purpose, people visit mobile accessories shops to buy these mandatory items. If we estimate roughly, simple headphones may cost you Rs. 300 to 450. It will show you how this can be one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. You can even hire people as salesmen to sell your products. The reason for becoming the best business in Pakistan is, you don’t need to have specific skills to start mobile accessories shops. Buying these accessories like covers, headphones, chargers, protectors, and cables at wholesale price and selling them at double or triple rate will give you a good margin.

19. General Store:

small business ideas in pakistan

In our daily routine, we went to a corner shop on the street to buy the required things. That corner shop is called the general store. All everyday life things are available here. But it’s not an effortless business, it requires your full attention and time. All essential items must be in the store, for example, soap, shampoo, rice, oil, sugar, flour, and milk. If you had a good interaction with the people nearby your general store, it could be a plus point for your business to be more successful. It is becoming one of the best business ideas in Pakistan. The reason behind this is a good return on investment. For example, you have purchased a carton of milk from a wholesale shop for 500. You can sell it in your general store at a double rate. If you are a person that can invest money and give his time to this business, then the reward will be in your hands. It doesn’t need any experience, but yeah! It needs your attention. Once people start loving the items, your business will be on the stairs of success.

20. Car Rental Business:

small business ideas in pakistan

One of the top business ideas in Pakistan is the car rental business. It is a profitable business but high-priced to set up. In Pakistan, the majority of people buy second-hand cars because the new ones are much more costly to afford, and some people rent a car when they need it. They can’t even afford a second-hand car. So, they give half of the amount to the person who owns the vehicle. But here the thing is, to afford a car for rent, you must need to buy a car. To make this a bit easier on the pocket, you can purchase second-hand vehicles and maintain them. For the maintenance, you require to hire proficient mechanics and car washers to manage your car fleet. A clean and smooth car is always the first choice to rent. Most of the people rent a car for their weddings or if they are going on a trip. So, it’s the best business in Pakistan but with a high amount to set up. At the start, you may feel it’s not very beneficial but trust us, it is a business that will never give you loss.

21. Printing Business:

Printing Business - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

A very popular  and best business idea in Pakistan, for people with low investments is the printing company. For giveaways, gifts, university projects or merchandise, for offices or projects, printing t-shirts, mugs, pens and such customizable material is very popular. The popularity of such customizable material is unimaginable. Nowadays people want something that is more unique, personal and has an emotional appeal to it. This is a relatively new business idea. 

In comparison to other types of manufacturing, opening a T-shirt printing shop is a simple process. It is also inexpensive. To do so from home, you must first clear out a space in your home that will serve as your workspace. Then you’ll need your printing supplies and equipment, and you’re ready to go.

22. YouTube Content Creator:

Youtube Content Creator - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Do you want to earn in dollars? The increasing dollar rate in Pakistan will not affect you anymore ,if you are a YouTube content creator. YouTube Content creator is one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. This business has grown so much that it is considered the best business ideas in Pakistan. With vloggers like Irfan Junejo, Morroo, Arsalan Naseer and Anushae Khan, the Pakistani YouTube industry is growing day by day. 

Many people can now earn a living from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to YouTube. As a YouTuber, you create videos and then monetize them. All you need is a one-of-a-kind idea or skill to share with the world, a proper setup, and video production and editing skills.

Being a YouTuber allows you to have fun while earning money. However, in order to achieve the status of household name, you must be dedicated and hardworking. 

Do you want to show your confidence and build an online community of fans? You can have a huge amount of people admiring your work. Makeup tutorials, Crocheting, cooking, lifestyle, and travel-related YouTube channels are very popular. 

23. Homemade Food Business:

Homemade Food Business - Business Ideas In Pakistan-Ahgroup-pk

Are you tired of cooking at home? Homemade clean and fresh food without any preservatives is always preferred in Pakistan. The multiple variety of dishes available by food bloggers and homemade food businesses has everyone ordering home made food. The food is not only made from basic ingredients but is also easily accessible and relatively cheaper for office going, university going people and even those who just do not want to cook at home. It is one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. It is also the best business idea in Pakistan for women.

Concluding Note:

While jumping on the bandwagon could be perilous, it can also turn out to be highly gratifying. Before working on any of above mention business ideas you have to make sure that you prepare thoroughly before starting a business. Take one step at a time. All you need is a bit of inspiration, a little stamina, and positivity. Always remember that research and marketing are the key elements to get going and you will be on your way to successful ownership.   

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الحیات گروپ اور پشاور ڈویلپمنٹ اتھارٹی کے درمیان ریگی ماڈل ٹاون کا گیٹ بنانے کامعاہدہ طے پاگیا۔


091 Mall peshawar

small business ideas in pakistan

When carrying out analysis on the list of small businesses running in Pakistan, analysts who are in charge of this matter, for example, technical analysts, fundamentals, economists, or expert managers, usually dedicate their time to monitor companies with the highest weight in their capitalization. More excellent media knowledge for the general public and then generate the most appropriate Small investment opportunities which can return you the fortune, for this blog.

Business Ideas in Pakistan

The different points of view, according to the vision and forecasts of these professionals, are closely linked to the short term return mostly, to achieve a rapid return on investment and successfully achieve an increase in benefits for the joy and contentment of “small and medium investors.”

This year brings many difficulties for companies of all sizes and shapes. Many business organizations suffered losses but, of course, with such a tough time, and the complex economic scenario also offers excellent opportunities for investors in many sectors.

For example, some of the best investment opportunities in the following year in the country are given below.

Table of Contents

1.Transport and supply business

An excellent way to lower costs (mainly fixed costs, which represent a large proportion of the costs of a business) is to eliminate or reduce the concepts of rent, conditioning, care of facilities, etc.

A practical form of innovative business is through the use of vehicles that are points of sale for the company. It will depend on your investment grade and the line of business, for example, adapted motorcycles with back inventory for sale, food carts, vans, or trucks equipped with kitchenettes to sell food.

You can earn money by helping importers or business owners move their goods from the port to designated locations.

Transport and Business Supply

Approximated investment required: 5 to 6 lacs

Required experience: none

Expertise: knowledge about demanding supply goods

Profit returns: high

2.Import broker

Many people are interested in importing products. However, there is little knowledge of how to do it, how much to pay, which provider to go with, what the steps to take, etc.

A business idea for specialists in foreign trade is to provide training, advice, or brokerage service for small importers. This is a profitable business because it is a business with no variable costs and high-profit margins.

Business Ideas

Import broker would assist local firms in their export and import documentation, tracking products, and performing other duties so their clients can concentrate on other work. Serving international customers could also be an opportunity as they can provide more revenue by expanding their manufacturing operations in Pakistan because of the high quality but low cost of labor.

You can also charge them according to per hour, or it can be per import or export project. By this you can make more profit.

Approximated investment required: 7 to 8 lac

Required experience: Yes

Expertise: Legal knowledge, documentation, foreign trade

Profit returns: very high

3.Development of mobile applications

A rapidly growing business is the development of applications for mobile phones, next-generation phones, on systems such as Android and Apple iPod and iPhone. The business opportunity is given, due to high demand and excessive usage of mobile applications.

You can run this business from home by just owning a good internet and laptop or personal systems.

Mobile Application Development

Approximated investment required: approximately two lacs only

Required experience: yes

Expertise: Software application development

4.Development of mobile applications in Urdu

Many people in Pakistan are illiterate; they do have mobiles but cannot understand English or any other language except their national tongue URDU. So developing an application in Urdu is another mobile-related business that can give you high profit.

Some international companies offer translations, but they are very expansive. You can also translate other applications. This business offers a high-profit margin because an infinite number of apps can be sold, without there being a cost to produce it.

Development of Mobile Application

Profit returns: moderate

5.Provision of specialized services

After retirement, many people are jobless and have no way to earn; this small business opportunity is the best option for them as they can utilize their experience to provide specialized services by owning their own company.

Although it reduces the number of interested (generic) clients, it increases the profit potential against specific clients, who were looking for that particular service, to become profitable businesses as these services are rare in number.

Business IdeaS small investment

For example, divorce-focused lawyers (exclusively), tax accountants, medical specialists in a field, language translator, Security guards, driving, welding and trade advisers with other countries, etc.

Approximated investment required: 10 lacs

Expertise: experience about exceptional service you are providing like guarding etc.

6.Mobile advertising business

We know traditional advertising, using spectacular, billboards, posts, etc. A new trend is mobile advertising, that is, a product is promoted in a vehicle that circulates in an area of ​​the city.

You can design an advertisement on your mobile vehicle or another public vehicle for the promotion and advertisement purposes

It requires high investment and application for special permits. However, it offers to be a pioneer in your city, and therefore create a mini-monopoly of a specific service.

Advertising Business

Approximated investment required: 30 to 40 lacs

Required experience: No

Expertise: designing


Due to the hustle and bustle that exists in metropolitan cities, there is an increase in the demand for more relaxing vacations, such as those offered by ecotourism.

There is a wide margin of profit in tourism. However, it must be considered that it is a seasonal business, and therefore, there will be months of low sales and months of high sales.

Tourism Ideas for Business

Approximated investment required: 20 lacs almost

Expertise: traveling

8.Clothing and fashion business

If you have a sense of style and love fashion, then you should step into clothing or fashion business. The fashion industry is indeed one of the most prosperous and profitable trades in the world. A Clothing Business will always see sales thanks to the constant change in trends.

Another reason that the fashion industry turns out to be good business is the little economic investment and time that it requires.

Besides, it is not necessary to be an expert in fashion design since there is the option of Importing Clothes from countries at low prices and selling them for double or even triple.

You can also start clothing business online, if you do not have a place and have less investment. Consider making an online boutique. Start your page on social media like Facebook and Instagram etc. Plus, the point is that you don’t even need to have experience in fashion either. You can also take clothing stock from other vendors and sell them at your online store.

Fashion Business

Expertise: none

9.Microfinance and loan business

Another business in high demand worldwide is the request for microloans or small-scale financing, which offer an amount for a material good such as jewelry, watches, technological equipment, etc.

Profit margins are handsome, but it requires covering two fundamental aspects to start the business having sufficient capital to offer loans and applying for adequate permits, due to being a financing service similar to banking.

Approximated investment required: 50 to 70 lac

10.Security services

Due to the high insecurity in Mexico, there is a high demand for security services, both for vehicles, offices, houses, people, etc.

Security Services

There is a high demand for these businesses in Pakistan. However, it must be considered that they must have trained personnel hired and establish an employment contract that includes the fact of dying in the performance of their work.

Approximated investment required: 4 to 5 lac

Expertise: security and guarding experience

11.Gyms and fitness centers

Another business in high demand is gyms. The culture of the gym has changed, from the idea of ​​male bodybuilders in the gym to families and homemakers doing aerobic exercise and getting fat reduced. It requires a small capital investment. However, the returns allow you to develop a profitable business.


Approximated investment required: 20 lac almost

Required experience: no

12.Product seller company

There are many farms in Pakistan and small towns around the country. You can earn money by going to those farms to get food, fruits, and vegetables that are in high demand, and then process and package them for resale and supply to supermarkets, grocery stores, and supermarkets.

You can also supply products in wholesale quantity to companies that manufacture juice, jam, tomato puree, and other packaged foods.

You can supply other products also at the wholesale system

Product Seller Company

Approximated investment required: 30 lac

Expertise: Market research

13.Travel Consulting

People travel in and out of Pakistan all the time. You can start your travel consulting business by joining established travel agencies or creating your travel agency from scratch.

It can help organize business trips, student excursions, as well as personal vacations. You can also offer ticket booking and hotel booking services to people traveling in and out of Pakistan. To successfully market your business, make sure you have an excellent brochure and advertise your business using all available means.

Travel Consulting

Approximated investment required: 10 lac

Expertise: traveling and information about vacation points

14.Real Estate Agency

If you don’t have too much capital to start a business, you should consider starting a real estate agency. The job would be to link corporate and individual clients with people who have properties for sale or lease. Gradually, you can grow your business to become a real estate developer yourself with various features in your name.

Real Estate Agency

Real Estate business is one of the top sectors in Pakistan. You can start your business on a small scale then expand it after it becomes a profitable venture for you like Sky Marketing .

Real estate agents can earn high commissions on selling other properties too, for example in Islamabad, Capital Smart City , Park View City even the low income housing societies such as Blue World City are providing this opportunity.

Approximated investment required: 4 lac

Expertise: Excellent communication skills

15.E-commerce websites

Internet shopping is gradually taking over. Many countries around the world and Pakistan also have accepted the idea of ​​buying things online. You can create an e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers to come together to sell their products.

E-commerce Websites

Approximated investment required: 1 lac

Expertise: software development and coding

16.Software Development Companies

A software development firm has significant potential in Pakistan since there’s a great deal of excellent local talent that may be retrieved in the region. At the same time, there’s a talent from neighboring states which may be brought in also.

The software development firm would work with local companies to build solutions that would help them handle their business and earn more money. For example, this may be by creating a software program for a neighborhood clinic with many locations to discuss health care files for more natural customer retention. Or you might have a more risky strategy and construct software applications for new startups and have a proportion of the equity as payment.

Software Development Companies

If you begin this company in Pakistan in your home also, you won’t need any type of considerable investment. But if you start this startup professionally, then you will want to organize an office for company tasks. If you install a workplace, then you need to devote some funds.

17.Recruitment and Talent Acquisition agency

Another lucrative business that you can start in Pakistan is to establish a recruitment agency to help unemployed people find work and help companies fill their vacancies like Rozee etc.

Also, you can provide services for employment to companies of international. Pakistan has many skilled and talented people but has fewer opportunities. You can launch a platform for needy and deserving people to get jobs from all around the world by linking them and international companies.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition agency

You can charge a fortune from the corporations and then go to education institutes for talent hunt and finding candidates who are interested in getting jobs in Pakistan or overseas.

Approximated investment required: 20 to 25 lac

Expertise: Job Market search

18.Cleaning Services

Cleaning services and housemaids are the demand of every house in Pakistan. You may also want to consider using commercial and residential cleaning services to help people keep their environment clean and tidy.

Cleaning Services

Approximated investment required: 2 to 3 lac

Expertise: Cleaning and household chores

Profit returns: low

19.Construction business

If you have an engineering background, especially in the civilian niche, or are merely interested in the construction business, then you may want to consider going into the construction business.

Some builders and developers work tirelessly to build resorts and hospitable places for foreigners. You can also take advantage of this business.

Construction business

Approximated investment required: 50 to 60 lac

Expertise: constructing experience and mapping skills

20.Waste disposal business

There are a lot of profits when you take advantage of the waste disposal business. There are many beaches, as well as hotels and resorts in Pakistan, where they can provide their services.  Also, Pakistan needs such service to clean roads and dumps which are present in every street but are not treated well.

Waste disposal business

You may consider starting your own waste disposal business. Be sure to follow all the guidelines set by other waste disposal companies where you want to work as an apprentice to gain experience.

Approximated investment required: 5 lac

Expertise: no

21.Technology business

The information technology business is such that it has been identified by the Pakistani government as a high priority industry. If you are an IT expert, this is an area you may want to take advantage of readily. You may consider carving a niche for yourself, especially in any area of ​​interest that may be software development, outsourcing, and contact centers.

Technology business

Expertise: IT and software

22.Agriculture and farming

Pakistan is an agricultural country. There are many things to produce in the country, especially wheat and grains. If you have a penchant for agriculture or are willing to partner with some farmers to take the business to an exceptional level and continue to serve the population, then this is the business to invest in.

Agriculture and farming

Approximated investment required: 2, 3 lacs

Expertise: growing crops and gardening

23.Animal Farming

Farming is not related to crops or agriculture only, In Pakistan, fish farming, the business of raising hens and other eatable animals is also a high demand business with short term profit gain.

There is a huge demand in Pakistan for eggs, milk, and other animal products. So, you can make a lot of money from animal farming. As for poultry, you can rear chicken, fish, cows, turkeys, and so on. Other animals you should consider include sheep and cattle. You can start this business even with very little capital. With time, the company would grow as you generate more profit.

Animal Farming

Approximated investment required: 20 lac

Expertise: feeding and take care of animals

24.Wholesale   Business

Another business opportunity is to start importing items and distribute them to retailers for sale. You can import and sell electronic products, clothing, food, and even furniture.

Wholesale  Business

25.Selling Vehicle Parts

Pakistani people also typically owned second-hand vehicles. But they need appropriate maintenance, so they are always in need of auto spare parts. So you can also earn money by serving vehicle owners. You can start an import and sale business of vehicle parts.

You can also start an auto repair business. Bringing your business to life with trending automotive services such as mobile car repair, mobile car detailing, and the like would also help.

If you have enough funds, you can start importing cars for sales as well or start a car rental service.

Pakistani people also typically owned second-hand vehicles. But they need appropriate maintenance, so they are always in need of auto spare parts.

Your foremost need is to have a shop or rent a shop to initiate auto spare parts business.

But you can also start your business online. For that, you need a kind and user-friendly eCommerce website and excellent SEO skills plus social media advertisements to flourish your business.

Selling Vehicle Parts

Approximated investment required: 40 lacs at least

Expertise: Knowledge of auto spare parts

26.Service station (oil, diesel, cooking gas and kerosene)

If you intend to build a business portfolio in the oil and gas sector, then you should consider opening your service station. Most gas stations have designated pumps for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene.

You would need to obtain a license and permit from the Oman government before you could build your service station.

It is a thriving business, especially if you set up your gas station along the highway that is prone to high vehicle traffic. You can also maximize profits by opening a convenience store at your service station.

Service station

Approximated investment required: 60 lacs at least

27.Electronics and appliances store

Electronics and appliances store is another thriving business that can start in Pakistan. If you want to maximize profits in this business, you will be advised to import the products as Pakistan is not known to manufacture electronics and electrical appliances.

Electronics and appliances store

28.Restaurant and Cafes

The restaurant and bar may not be ubiquitous in Pakistan, but it is indeed a flourishing trading company.

No matter, there are number of restaurants and cafes all over Pakistan, but they are still not enough due to high demand of food and gatherings. You need some investment for this business and can open your restaurant that will provide local dishes and fast food. But if you raise your investment, then you can offer international cuisines, for example, American, Italian, Thai or Chinese.

Home delivery or take away restaurants are also a good investment.

Restaurant and Cafes

Approximated investment required: 30 lacs

Expertise: cooking

29.Product store

It is not news that Pakistan highly dependent on imported goods, what is new is that you can get great returns on your investment if you know how to get cheap products to supply your store.

Commodity trading is a thriving business in Pakistan, mainly if it is not limited to certain products or brands. The more extensive the options people have when they shop at your store, the more customers you will attract to your store.

Product store

30.Mini supers stores

Superstores that supply multiple items like food items, household items and crockery etc are the demand of every local person. These stores are the perfect place to find all your necessities in one place.

This kind of store demands little investment but are very profitable in short time. You don’t need to worry about advertising or marketing it. Fear of loss is very less in this business.


School and stationery items are in high demand, so they guarantee good sales volumes when shops are located at strategic points and have substantial promotion and dissemination strategies.

Mini supers stores

32.Hardware stores

It is another profitable business in Pakistan, Mexico for entrepreneurs with small or medium capital. In the retail industry, materials and articles for the home and construction are among the most demanded.

Hardware stores

33.Entertainment and communication

It is a sector that includes the traditional media and, besides, different companies that are in charge of organizing concerts, plays, shows and different social events aimed at leisure and entertainment.

Entertainment and communication

34.Internet cafes or gaming zones

With a small investment you can open your own internet café, Supply of internet in Pakistan is still not enough but usage is very high, so people needs places where they can work on internet.

To build a gaming zone, is another brilliant small business idea as you can have your setup in the single room and just need equipment once, Then you can just sit there to earn profit.

gaming zones

35.Mobile business

Selling a Smart mobile phone is a successful business in Pakistan. That’s why it is included in the list of small business ideas in Pakistan.

Recently, Pakistan Advertisers Society published a report in which they state that 70% of people are using smartphones. 60% of people are using more than one cell phone. Similarly, 68% of people are using Android smartphone.

It is expected that this sector will grow. You can start your mobile phone shop in your local area. Alternatively, you can launch your own mobile phone selling website. Do good SEO and sell your mobiles online.

Mobile business

36.Social Media Advertising Agency

With all the manufacturing capacities and other sectors In Pakistan, sociable networking marketing can play an integral part in helping them attain new clients. In case you are interested in social networking marketing, you can start by supplying services to some local businesses like manufacturing.

Social Media Advertising Agency

Helping the company future goal and stick out online so that they can reach more prospective customers. Through the years this idea in Pakistan may grow to other businesses, so it is possible to enlarge your clientele.

Approximated investment required: 1 lacs

Expertise: social media and advertisement

37.Content Writing, Ghost Writing, and resume writing Services

Websites and the vast majority of these need new contents to upgrade their sites. If you have good command in English (as most sites are in English), and that means you ought to begin supplying your content writing services.

If you are an expert in writing, then promote your writing solutions. Ghostwriting is writing books, contents, and books on behalf of the others. However, in ghostwriting, you will get paid however, your name won’t be acknowledged. To generate income with ghostwriting, you want a notebook, internet and decent writing skills.

Content Writing

Numbers of graduates are searching for occupations in Pakistan. The majority of them lacks resume writing abilities. If you’re working as an HR manager and understand about CV writing plans, then you’re able to enable the job seekers in creating their great resumes so they can get their desirable jobs.

You Simply Need to offer your writing Services through outsourcing websites, or rather you can directly get site owners to propose/render your providers. You can write articles for top blog articles, and it will also allow you to construct your solid portfolio. In case your seller/employer requests you to demonstrate any writing sample, then send it. You can create your appealing & tricky LinkedIn, About.me, and Twitter profiles to draw prospective customers for writing services.

Expertise: writing

38.Tutoring Services

Tutoring services is another profitable small business thought in Pakistan. If you maintain bachelor/master levels and have a fantastic grip on some particular topics, then provide your tutoring services to students. It is also possible to instruct your students online with Skype and make money on the web.

Tutoring Services

Expertise: Knowledge and expertise about subject you are teaching

39.SEO Consultancy Business

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is a highly demanding and growing industry. The most important reason for the immense development of the industry is that nearly all site owners need to increase traffic. To increase traffic and search rankings, site owners frequently hire SEO specialists or perhaps SEO agencies to maximize their sites.

SEO Consultancy Business

This is among the best small company Thoughts in Pakistan that you’ll be able, to begin with a very low cost. In reality, it’s among those new small business tips for pupils in Pakistan. If you do not have sufficient funds to begin a workplace, do not worry. Start from your dwelling.

To Begin this Thriving little Company in Pakistan, you need to have your site and earn a portfolio to secure customers. In precisely the same, you need to upgrade your SEO knowledge and skills since its broad market.

Approximated investment required: 2 lacs

Expertise: IT and SEO

Tips on small listed companies

Before proceeding to make a certain and final financial investment decision in the markets, we must remember some concepts and circumstances such as the following:

These are some of the Business ideas which you can work on. But before any investment, always remember to research deep. Have a look at every cons and pros of business which you want to start. Also, you can get some from friends or professionals who are already in such business. You can contact us for further queries, and we can give you information for free.

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39 Best Business Ideas in Pakistan with Small Investment 2022

Posted on May 27, 2022

small investment business ideas

Amazingly, Pakistan is a country where you can earn as much as 3 to 5 thousand rupees a day with a cart of French fries in any posh area.

Its increasing population and more than 70 million middle-class consumers are the powerful agents that can turn innovative business ideas in Pakistan into a reality.

All you have to do is to kick off your business with a fantastic easy business idea. According to Entrepreneur , every business idea is fantastic if it fulfills the given criteria:

If you are someone who is not a big fan of a 9 to 5 job and wants to be his own boss, then keep on reading.

A 9 to 5 job can be really exhausting and monotonous. And honestly speaking, most of the entry-level jobs do not pay that well. You have to work for peanuts to earn a decent living for yourself.

However, to save yourself from the hassles of a boring 9 to 5 job, you can always opt for a business venture. There are million business ideas out there, each catering to a different customer segment.

All you have to do is to pick a business idea that does not require a kidney to start, especially when you are new in the business. Moreover, it should be sustainable and it should earn a good amount of money because that’s our primary goal. Right?

investment in real estate projects

The good news is that we have come up with a list of business ideas that you can start with little or no investment. How cool is that? Try to target potential customers with these business ideas. We have mentioned the best business opportunities in Pakistan.

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan 2022

Following is a list of some business investment opportunities in Pakistan , which could be considered for starting your own business.

 1. Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is one of the most popular investment opportunities in Pakistan .

People buy property, especially land, and leave it for some time. Over time, the price of the property increases. Residential and commercial areas are two common real estate investment options in Pakistan. Keep a track of the market prices and sell the property when the prices are at their peak. In this way, you will be able to reap maximum profits.

Real Estate is a safe investment option because you get total ownership of the property and most importantly, the land is an asset whose price usually increases. Also, the property can yield healthy returns. If you are confused between investment in stocks and real estate, we suggest you give a read to real estate vs stocks- where to invest in?.

On average, a property can give you 12% to 30% returns. This is almost triple to the amount you are getting in banks. If you want to know more about real estate investment , follow real estate youtube channels . Also, keep in mind that the real estate business is no rocket science.

Some of the ways by which you can invest in properties are:

Commercial Properties:

If you have some money piled up in your bank then try to invest that money into commercial properties . Book shops and office spaces in malls or shopping centers and rent out space to different retail businesses. On average, you can get 5% or more returns.

If you are residing within the vicinity of the twin cities, consider investing in the following projects:

imarat builders mall

These projects will not only provide you with a tangible asset but they will also yield a very good ROI in the future.

For secure investments and high returns, visit real estate projects to invest.

Despite the growing economic importance that the real estate sector has attributed to the development of the economy, the true potential of the industry remained concealed in Pakistan. The construction and real estate sector impacts millions of lives across the nation. Several governmental and non-governmental departments, along with actors in the public and private sector, have worked tirelessly to bring together over 50+ allied industries.

Renovate Properties:

People usually buy old properties at a low price, renovate them and sell them on a profit. For instance, you can buy an old house, revamp its infrastructure and exterior and sell it at a margin.

Rent your House:

If you have a single storey house then consider it your future investment. Invest your money in your own house, construct another storey and rent it out. You can earn handsome amounts every month, that too by sitting in your home.

If you are looking for a house for sale in Islamabad or a house for rent in Rawalpindi , consider these listings.

If you do not have enough money on hand, consider loans from the bank. Even the government gives you home loans and renovation loans on low interest. Consider these options and earn money. Get to know How to earn money at home in Pakistan ?

Farmhouse or Vacation Spot:

Vacation properties, especially in the hilly areas, yield high returns. Invest in such properties and upload the properties on online property portals such as Graana.com , Pakistan’s smartest property portal.

Properties in Murree, Swat, Nathiagali and vice versa earn good returns. During the vacation season, you can rent out each room starting from Rs.5000 and even more.

Lodging Sites:

If you have a spare room in your house then make use of it. Upload the property on lodging sites like Airbnb and earn passive income every month. To get more money, you can also offer additional services like a bed and breakfast and laundry services.

One drawback of this investment is that the returns might take time to mature and if you are looking for a short-term investment, then this option may not be feasible for you.

2. Poultry Farming

  Some Facts  

The poultry business contains four major sectors:

Now, if you’re confident that you can handle all four domains – both administratively and financially – good luck from us! And if not, you may better trust yourself and jump into any one of these stages.

W0hen you have decided your area of interest, you should focus on what type of bird you should choose. It is suggested that a maximum of two or three types of birds are enough for a starter. In Pakistan, we generally lay hands-on domestic chickens for broilers and layers. Other available options include turkey, duck, and goose.

Methods of Poultry Farming

  Different methods of poultry farming are being used in Pakistan. Earlier, it was the intensive poultry farming method where the farmer/housekeepers would take extreme care of the chicks and produce poultry throughout the year.

Today, in commercial poultry farming, we use land, labor, feed and a number of other resources to get good results. Two major types of commercial farming include layer poultry farming and broiler poultry farming.

What skills are required?

  When you deal with livestock, you must be aware of the animals’ feed, the environment they live in, their behaviours and most importantly, the diseases they are likely to get in different seasons of the year and appropriate vaccinations.

So it’s better to do proper research or hire someone who could manage things for you.

Poultry Farming Business Plan

No matter how great a business plan is, financial affordability and technical feasibility decide whether you should go for it or not.

Now, since you know your budget and your area of interest – hatching, egg production or meat production – prepare a comprehensive report that should take care of every detail, including required area, investment, birds, equipment, resources, marketing, and clientele, etc.

3. Coffee Shop

According to Business Insider, coffee is the most in-demand commodity in the world after crude oil. In Pakistan, the business has grown triple in size over the last decade, and interestingly, the core of the business no more remains only in the hands of expensive and popular brands. The foodservice industry is constantly evolving. If you are looking for the best business in Pakistan with 20 lakhs this could be an option with some limits.

Coffee Shop Business in Pakistan

Business Plan  

Major points to be considered in the business plan:

Market Research

Market research is extremely necessary for all businesses generally, but particularly for the coffee shop business.

What should you research?

Concentrate on Takeaway Customers

There’s no need to state how important your takeaway customers are. They pay the same but do not cost you occupancy expenses. Do the following for them:

Marketing Strategy

To ensure that you make customers fast and keep them too, you should

Investing in shopping malls is also a beneficial investment.

 4. Digital Marketing Services

In today’s world, who doesn’t want to be promoted? Due to excessive social media use, social media platforms come up to be the first options for widespread digital promotion.

Therefore, starting a small digital marketing firm is a wonderful idea.

Business Plan

It is a low investment business in Pakistan.

If you are promoting real estate projects there are excellent ways to do real estate project marketing through Facebook.

You can offer a variety of services:

 5. Day Care Centre

If you love kids to an extent that their care makes you comfortable, this is a tremendous investment opportunity for you.

Every office-going woman in Pakistan is concerned about her kids’ care, as no good and affordable daycares are available even in the major cities. So why not grab the opportunity?

Interestingly, this business requires less investment, but more passion and interest. These is the most successful small business ideas in Pakistan but can grow to large level as well.

Day care business in Pakistan

Before you start, look for the following things in the available daycare centers of the area:

Your business plan should take care of the following things:

Safety Plan 

Good Budget, Good Start 

Your investment includes:

Tuition Charges

 6. Girls Hostel

Quite like office-going women, female students to have many problems. Finding a reliable and accessible hostel is, of course, one of them.

Since we have very few reputable places in our cities where women could stay for their educational system , the business of girls’ hostelling has experienced quite a rise in demand over the last few years.

Girls Hostel Business in Pakistan

 7. Fish Farming

Fish Farming in Pakistan

Business plan

It is one of the best business in karachi.

 8. Solar Energy

You would agree with me that investment in the energy sector of Pakistan has become an intimidating adventure for modest investors. The oil and gas business is so volatile and monopolized that it generally discourages new investors who intend to try their luck here.

Why not shift to solar energy?

I strongly recommend investing in the solar energy sector because of two major reasons: it requires a small space and limited infrastructure, and machinery and equipment are easily available at a very reasonable budget.

Solar energy business in pakistan

We have recently observed that solar energy has managed to shape itself into a small industry in KPK and Southern regions of Punjab.

 9. Organic Farming

Thanks to electronic and social media, we are now aware of the despicable face of traditional agriculture that uses unconventional and hazardous methods to increase production.

Over the past few years, we have seen a radical shift in organic agriculture. A report says that almost 33% of the farmers have already adapted to organic agriculture across the country.

Organic farming business in pakistan

 10. Beauty Salon

Nothing stands more scalable than businesses like food, clothing and beauty and skincare. We’ve witnessed such small business ideas growing very fast over the last few decades. The more personal care becomes a huge concern out there for everyone, the more momentum such business activities attain.

To start it as a business activity, you need to take care of certain things: choosing the best location for the salon, talented staff (probably the best in the town), interior, price plan, and lastly, the best marketing strategy.

Salon business in Pakistan

Beauty Salon Business Plan

  Salons are cash-consuming start-ups initially, which require a comprehensive plan. The business plan should include what services you can afford to offer (technically and financially), who your target customers are, what price plan can be realistic, what gender you could serve, what age group is your specialty, procurement of equipment, beauty products, the size of your salon and other utilities.

Work permit for the salon

It is wise to ensure that a work permit has already been obtained from relevant authorities before the salon gets a formal start. Followed by formalities, there must be a very attractive name to your beauty salon, as it is again your major tool to impress clients.

There is a variety of services your salon could offer – hairstyling, beauty and skincare, manicure and pedicure, a variety of makeups, and personal grooming.

Two things that will decide the range of services you are offering:

 11. EBook Publishing

Have you ever thought about changing your habit into a business idea ? If you are someone who has good writing skills and you love books then this is the business for you. EBooks are an excellent source of income.

There are many sites out there that allow you to publish your eBook for free , including amazon . You can earn around $500 per month, depending on the quality of your content. You can earn through royalties and collaborations as well.

ebook publishing

 12. Online Tutoring

The mode of education is changing by leaps and bounds. Today, you can learn about anything from home. You don’t have to invest hundreds of rupees just to study graphic designing or photography. With the advancements in IT, you can now learn languages, you can learn basic accounting, finance, sociology, and the list goes on.

If you are an expert in any skill or you hold a college degree, start spreading that knowledge. Be it science, math, sociology, sewing, public speaking, IT. Many websites such as Udemy, Teachable, and Podia will allow you to earn a handsome amount of money from our home.

You can easily earn $10k to $50k per month.

online tutoring

 13. Graphic Designing

Logos, brochures, letterheads, and business cards are some of the many products that can be made through graphic designing and companies are always in need of these products. If you are someone who loves to play with colors and shapes then graphics designing maybe your happy place.

You can easily learn graphic designing from online websites such as Coursera, udemy, youtube , and vice versa, that too, free of cost. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you are good to go.

graphic designing

 14. E-commerce Site

Traditional retail businesses are now converting into e-commerce sites . The convenience, low inventory costs, and broad scope make it an excellent business option.

You can target lots of potential customers by sitting at home. All you need is a website, a good marketing strategy and an exceptional product/service. People are selling millions of products and services through their e-commerce sites. Some of the examples are: apparel, shoes, jewelry, books, electronic s and the list continues.

People are earning monthly revenue of around $150,000 by selling things online. If you cannot afford a website at the moment, try using Instagram and Facebook to sell things online.

 15. Blogging

Oh, so you want to tell the world about your recent shopping haul? Are you excited to put forward your opinion about that new movie? Are you looking for a medium to share your thoughts with people?

Worry not because a blog is a platform where you can express your viewpoints with the world. And the best part about blogging? It can pay you really well. You can earn through sponsored content, Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. You can get an idea of how to manage content, how creative you can go from top real estate blogs .


 16. Boutique

The clothing business is very profitable in Pakistan because the costs of fabrics are low. If you love creating trendy apparel for yourself then try converting your passion into your brand.

You can also hire a tailor for stitching and designing students to design clothes for you. You can either sell your clothes online or you can set up a shop. The price range for a pret piece starts from Rs. 1000 and above.


 17. Catering

If you are a foodie like me who loves cooking then catering is an excellent business opportunity. If you are a newbie, try starting from small events like get-togethers and birthday parties and then diversify by targeting bigger events. Set your menu and rate list and share it with your friends and family members.


 18. Photography

This is such an awesome and creative way to earn good bucks. All you need is a DSLR camera and a knack for art and creativity. Take your camera, go out for a walk, take loads of high-quality pictures and start your photography page.

Make your portfolio and share your rates and services with everyone around you. You can also cover events like birthday parties, graduation shoots, bridal showers, and weddings.

If you are committed to this profession and you deliver top-notch pictures, then photography will make me well off for sure.


 19. Food Trucks

Food trucks are the talk of the town. You can start your food truck with an initial investment of $10,000. Keep the menu simple and hygienic. The location should be excellent because it will increase your sales and customer base.

People love to eat, relax and enjoy a calm place. Yummy food and great ambience will help you earn a good amount of money in a short duration of time. You can earn around $5000 to $20000 easily in a month. It is one of the new businesses in Pakistan.

For instance, if you want to verify your driving license by sitting at home, read how to apply for a driving license in Pakistan.

food truck

 20. Freelance Writing

If you know how to play with words and you can jot down catchy content then you are truly blessed. There are many websites out there such as Freelancer , Upwork and Fiverr that pay you for your writing services. You can write website content, blog posts, newsletters, newspaper articles, and whatnot.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, take your laptop and start earning today. Try to build a client base and hire more writers to start your very own content writing firm. A freelance writer can earn up to 0.80 to $1 per word which is great.

 21. Mushroom farming

Another business idea that is becoming extremely popular among the masses is mushroom farming. With little money and equipment, you can earn a good return every month. All you need is a spare piece of land, training about mushroom farming and some basic supplies.

People grow and sell mushrooms to hotel chains, eateries, and residential areas. You can also sell them in weekly farmer’s markets.

If you have a spare piece of land, then start your mushroom farming today. One kilo of mushrooms are usually sold at around Rs.1500 to Rs.1700 and mushroom takes around 35 days to grow. This means you can earn more than Rs.50,000 with mushroom farming in Pakistan.

With the start of the CPEC , many foreigners are also coming to Pakistan. For these foreigners, mushrooms are considered a staple. This means the scope of mushroom farming as the top business in Pakistan will increase in the future.

If you are a student or a housewife who wants to start their own business with low capital, consider mushroom farming today.

 22. Bee Farming

Bee farming is one of the most economical businesses in recent times. Apart from being economical, bee farming is also very beneficial for crop pollination as the bees will help the crops to grow in nearby areas.

Bee farming is also a well-known business in Pakistan . People start their own bee farming business in Pakistan and sell royal jelly, bee wax and honey at a high price.

All you need is an open space with different kinds of flowers to attract the honey bees. You can start the business even in your backyard. You need wooden beehives and you are good to go. Read books about bee farming and cover online courses to get more insights about the whole process.

Bee farming in Pakistan is a successful business because Pakistan is full of lush green plains and meadows, making it a perfect location for bee farming.

bee farming business

 23. Invest in Startups

Another great way to invest in a growing economy like Pakistan’s is startups.

A startup is “An entrepreneurial venture in its early stages of operations typically aimed at resolving a real-life issue with an innovative product or service. These ventures are typically small in nature, new, and funded by either to founding entrepreneur or a group of investors who believe in the founder or company concept.”

There are many startups in the pipeline in Pakistan. If you have extra cash on you, you can invest it in different startups. The startup will use the seed money to establish their business and in return, they will give you good returns. It is one of the best entrepreneur ideas.

You can check out different incubation centers in your area to know more about startups and how to invest in them.

 24. Invest in Collectibles and Antique Items

Sometimes old worn out pieces in your attic can earn you good money. IBIS World’s statistic shows that as of 2020 the market size of the Online Antiques & Collectibles Sales industry is $1.5billion with an increase of 4.31% from 2018.

You can list your antique items and collectibles on listing sites such as Amazon and OLX.

Some of the collectibles that yield enormous returns are:

So, if you have Pokémon cards stacked inside your cupboard, it’s high time to go through them. You never know, there might be a gem hidden among those cards. Good luck!

business idea of investing in antiques

 25. Retirement Plans

If you are looking for a long term investment option then consider a retirement plan. In a typical retirement plan , you put a certain amount aside every month and earn a profit on it. There are many banks and organizational institutes that are offering retirement plans for the people.

The expected annual return may range from 5% to 10%. For instance, if you invest Rs.5, 000 each month in your pension fund for the next 35 years, the amount that you would have invested during this period would be Rs. 2,100,000 and your savings would be worth Rs. 10,712,838 (based on the expected rate of return of 8% p.a.)

This is an excellent option if you are a salaried person. You can use this money to meet your needs after retirement. You can also use this money to fund other small business ideas. So, it is a win-win situation for you.

 26. Learn a Skill

Skill development is also a lifelong investment. Invest your time and resources to earn a good skill. You can use the earned skill to reap a good amount of money throughout your life.

Some of the skills that you can learn today are:

Consider these skills an investment opportunity and start earning from them. Nowadays social media marketing is getting very popular.  You can either use these skills to get a job or you can also use these skills to complete freelance projects.

 27. Translator

If you are bilingual and speak multiple languages, you are lucky! Several companies seek people who can translate languages for them, making the communication process easier for them.

Thanks to globalization and the rise of remote jobs, the demand for translators is increasing by leaps and bounds.

In Pakistan, due to CPEC, the demand for Chinese to Urdu translators is also increasing. The best thing about this business is that you do not require any prior experience or special equipment.

The average salary for a Translator is around Rs.30, 000 per month in Pakistan.

If you are interested in learning new languages, you can do short courses in different languages from universities like NUML (National University of modern languages) or you can learn the language online as well.

 28. Personal chef

The concept of a personal chef is getting popular day by day. People who have busy schedules and cannot cook all the food by themselves always prefer personal chefs.

If you are someone who loves cooking, this is your dream job for sure. Start your online page, spread the word about your business, decide a menu and…BANG… you are in business!

If you want to step up your game, try making speciality dishes e.g. your secret home recipes or any provincial recipe that you love. You can easily earn Rs.40,000 by working 3-4 hours a day.

chef business in pakistan

Are you a fitness enthusiast?

Do you love exercising and staying fit?

You can convert your hobby into business very easily. With a small capital, you can start your very own home gym. If you have a spacious room in your house, convert it into a gym. You can easily get gym equipment at affordable prices from different vendors.

Spread the word, ask your neighbours and friends to join your gym . If you want to earn some extra bucks, you can also offer healthy meals and drinks to the clients. Charge a monthly subscription fee from every member and you are good to go.


 30. Vacation host

If you live at a place that is famous among tourists, congratulations because you have got a jackpot right there!

National and international tourists are always in search of a place that is neat, homely, and provides good food. Pakistan is loaded with excellent yet inexpensive family vacation spots. There are many countries that offer visa-free entry for Pakistan .

If you have a spare space in your home, try to utilize it to the fullest. Register your property on online sites such as Airbnb, add your description and services, and voila! You are good to go.

You can also provide laundry services, bread and breakfast, and transportation services to earn more cash.

 31. Mobile Accessories

This is the era of science and technology. Mobiles have taken over landlines and have become a necessity. A simple mobile cover may cost you around Rs.250 to Rs.300. The demand for mobile accessories is also increasing, which means your business may thrive.

This is one of the most common investment ideas in Pakistan where you do not require any specialized skill.

Buy mobile accessories such as mobile covers, screen protectors and headphones in a bulk and resell them with a margin. You can also manufacture such accessories and start your small manufacturing business in pakistan.


 32. Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a perfect way to show affection towards your loved ones. A decorated basket filled up with treats can make your day in no time. If you are creative and know how to present gifts, this job is for you.

There are many people out there who are earning handsome amounts from this business.

Some of the gift baskets that you can start are:

You can also start your own gift basket subscription service for the people who want to send out a token of love and appreciation to their loved ones.


33. House Cleaning Service

Another great business that you can start with little capital is a house cleaning service . There are a lot of people around you who work 9 to 6 and do not get time to clean their house.

Hire house help, get cleaning supplies and you are good to go. To attract potential customers, spread the word through social media and friends. You can set an hourly rate and charge the client accordingly.

If you want to expand your business, you can also make an application where people can come and book the cleaning services. This is one of the most profitable business ideas in Pakistan due to its higher returns. 

However, you should also keep in mind the safety factor. Hire people who you trust and know personally. 

house cleaning service small business idea

34. Craft Classes

Are you good at arts and crafts?

If yes, then you are already in business.

If you are blessed with artistic abilities, make use of them and turn your skill into a business. 

Some of the craft classes you can conduct are:

Teach people these skills and earn handsome income in a short duration of time. You can conduct inhouse courses and you can also go for online courses related to art and crafts. 

craft service business idea

35. Soap Making

People are crazy about handmade soaps, especially organic and cruelty free soaps. Every handmade soap can be sold at a fair price ranging from Rs.400 to Rs.1000 and sometimes even more.

And the best part is that you need minimal equipment to start your soap making business. You can play with different flavors, scents, and ingredients, hence the business totally depends on your artistic abilities. 

Some of the basic things you need to make soap are:

Make soaps, pack them up in cute packaging, and sell them to your friends and family members. You can also sell your products online, it totally depends on your personal preference and scope of your business. 

small business idea

36. Candle Making

Like soap making , candle making is an excellent way to earn good money. The scented candles business is booming at a fast pace. You can easily sell one candle for Rs.800 to Rs.1000.

Candle making is a very interesting and diverse Play with different scents, shapes, and colors. You can even introduce your signature scented candles. 

Things needed to make candles are:

Make the candle, get glass jars in bulk to cut the costs, fill the jars with candles, and sell them off at a good price. 

You can use different platforms to sell your candles including Facebook, Instagram, blog, and website. 

small investment business idea

37. Touring Company

If you are an adventurer or a globetrotter who loves travelling , then turn your passion into your business. Pakistan is a tourist country with rich culture and hundreds of tourist spots. So, touring businesses do really well in Pakistan. It is top business ideas in pakistan for students .

Research on tourist spots in Pakistan, see which spots are popular among the tourists, book staying options, arrange transport, spread the word around the trip, and take tours to local destinations. 

The key to success in the tourism business is networking. Make sure you know local people. They will help you find affordable options. 

38. Cake Business

Cake business is one of the most common business ideas in Pakistan and it is highly popular among women. 

If you receive compliments for your baking skills, then make use of this yumilicious skill and earn through it. You can take orders for birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, and small events. 

Simply start an Instagram account, upload pictures, set a menu, and tell your friends and family about your venture. 

The cake business is good for people who want a side hustle that sells throughout the year. 

small investment business idea

39. Event Management

If you are an organized person who loves throwing parties at a budget, buckle up and get ready for your event management business . If you are a pro at decoration, catering, and managing things under pressure, you can become a successful event planner.

You can even specialize in events. For instance, you can arrange bridal showers only or you can arrange birthday parties. 

Create a database of suppliers and distributors, decide plans and packages that you can offer to clients, set budgets, create a portfolio and you are good to go.

A final word

Pakistan abounds with the best business ideas and investment opportunities in every sector – accessible both by low and high-income groups or individuals. This was a comprehensive and informative blog post about business ideas with little investment. You can easily start a business of your own if you invest in proper research and have a good marketing strategy. Small trading business is also gaining popularity.

Small investments need small capital. Small capital is easy to manage and calculate. However, if you want to accurately calculate the capital amount, we suggest you read Converting Millions, Billions, and Trillions into Lakh, Crore and Arab.

Give these business ideas a read and let us know about your views. We would love to know about your ideas. If you need any further information, give us a knock.

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small business ideas in pakistan 2023

39 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan to Start in 2023

Home » Lifestyle » 39 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan to Start in 2023

Having a secondary source of income is always a good way to manage your finances. Depending on your expenses, it may also help you increase your saving, giving you greater freedom to follow your dreams. So, if you are also on the hunt for a doable side hustle to increase your income without quitting your day job, this blog is for you.  Here we have rounded up 39 business ideas in Pakistan that are best suitable for small-scale investors.

39 Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan to Start in 2023

Now, without further ado, let’s begin with our list of the best startup ideas for 2023. 

Real Estate Investment

real estate investment idea

Real estate market is touted as one of the most lucrative investment avenues in Pakistan — and rightly so. The value of properties in many major cities across the city has sky-rocketed in recent years. Those who have invested in credible and well-located projects have already set their eyes on short-term and long-term capital gains. 

Expected Returns on Lucrative Real Estate Projects

Keeping in view the upward price trends, real estate investors can enjoy up to 60-70% capital gains and a rental yield of around 7-8%. If you want to learn more about the ROI and rental yield in real estate , check out these blogs.

Technically, it is not one of those business ideas in Pakistan that require small investment, but with a few tricks, you can increase its affordability factor. Wondering how? Keep reading to find out.

Tips to Make an Affordable Real Estate Investment

Have a limited amount to invest in one go? Don’t worry! Here are some interesting tips and affordable property investment options for you to explore.

Go for Properties with Easy and Flexible Payment Plans

You’d be surprised to know that you can invest in some under-development property projects for as low as PKR 10,000 a month. In such projects, you can book your desired property with a down payment of around PKR 100,000-150,000. However, it is important to only invest in real estate projects. They might cost you a little more, but your investment will definitely be in safe hands.

Zameen.com’s New Projects portal has plenty of interesting options available for property investors. All you have to do is to select your desired city and start exploring lucrative investment opportunities around you. Also, projects marketed and sold by Zameen.com ensure reliability and profitability to both short-term and long-term investors.

Search for a Low-Cost House for Sale

Buying a newly constructed house with a limited budget is still possible. Yes, you read it right. So, to help you find some budget-friendly property options, the experts of Zameen.com have compiled listings of low-cost houses available in major cities across Pakistan, including Karachi , Lahore and Islamabad . Investing in a low-priced residential unit is probably the best way to make an affordable real estate investment. 

Buy and Renovate/Remodel an Old House

If the structure of the property has deteriorated, it might’ve already lost a good chunk of its real estate value. Depending on your interest, you can invest in such properties and restore them to earn profit. Buy a property that is in bad shape, renovate or remodel it, according to its condition, structure and market demand. 

Narrow down your search to old and small-sized houses to make your property hunt easier. Keep a budget of around PKR 30-40 lakh in mind. Make sure to avoid these renovation mistakes while working on your project. 


Can you start dropshipping in Pakistan? Well, the answer to this question is a definitive yes. In fact, it is one of the best low-cost business ideas in Pakistan that doesn’t require large up-front capital. You can easily run and manage a dropshipping business in your spare time. 

Here’s How Dropshipping Business Works

With a dropshipping business model, you can easily run your entire business from your laptop. The only thing that needs a lot of research is identifying the top-selling products.

Everything becomes easy once you are done with that step. You can fetch the required products, use affiliate marketing to promote your products, ship orders, and offer customer support. You can manage all these business operations while sitting on your couch.

Now, let’s find out how to set up a dropshipping business in Pakistan.

Step-By-Step Process to Start Dropshipping in Pakistan

In recent years, dropshipping has become a popular option for start-ups. The business model requires small capital to get up and running. Also, setting it up is also easy. Here, we’ll elaborate on the entire process in a few simple steps, take a look!

To set up your e-commerce store, you have to get a third party involved. You’ll come across many dropshipping platforms in Pakistan suitable for small businesses. Some of the most popular ones include

Shopify : an easy-to-use platform for setting up online stores. The portal is famous around the world. Using Shopify, you can make use of different themes and templates to build your online store.

Daraz : It’s a name that needs no introduction. You can easily start your dropshipping business in Pakistan with this popular portal. You’ll be keeping the profit on your product while paying its wholesale price to Daraz. The entire process is automated.

AliExpress : AliExpress dropshipping follows the same traditional dropshipping business model, which makes it quite convenient for new businesses. Copying the product from the AliExpress market, deciding on your own markup/profit margin and shipping it to your customers directly from your store. 

Amazon : Another option to consider for aspiring dropshippers in Pakistan. However, setting up an Amazon store isn’t easy. Owing to the questionable track record of many Pakistani sellers, Amazon has put stricter policies in place for local dropshippers. It could immediately block your account upon negative feedback. Dropshipping at Amazon is highly popular around the world, but since it has very strong customer-centric policies, running an Amazon e-store from Pakistan is currently a bit too risky.

Do market research to decide on the supplies for your dropshipping store. Get in touch with a suitable supplier of your desired products. Once you’ve selected your supplies, you can simply post the products on your store with your own offer price. 

Social media platforms are a good way to market your dropshipping business nowadays. You can promote your products/services on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn, depending on the nature of your business. Target your audience online for a higher conversion rate. With the latest metrics, make sure to reach out to the relevant audience to convert your visitors into leads and eventually, customers.

Increase Your Dropshipping Knowledge

Before you jump into the field and start handling things practically, equip yourself with as much dropshipping knowledge as possible. You can also Hire an expert to run your business for you, but it wouldn’t be a long-term solution. Also, if you don’t know the functionalities involved in drop shipping, you’d always depend on others to guide you. 

From developing and designing your e-commerce platform to marketing it, you should know at least a little about everything. Of course, you won’t be able to do everything yourself, but having technical know-how about every aspect of your business would make a lot of difference.

Investing Money in a Dropshipping Business in Pakistan

Thinking of starting your own business venture with a small amount of money? Dropshipping would be a great option for you. The minimum amount of money you’ll need to invest in dropshipping in Pakistan is around PKR 100,000. It would be enough to put your product/services on the market. 

Restaurant/Coffee Shop

coffee shop idea

Pakistan is a country of foodies. In many cities around the country, the best outing spots for families are usually local restaurants and coffee shops. It is not necessary to open a fancy eatery or cafe to make it successful. 

The very first thing you can do is to reach out to other people running similar businesses. They may be in your social circle or professional network. If not, then you can use Facebook groups and communities to post your questions/queries to fetch relevant information. 

How to Set Up a Restaurant or a Coffee Shop

Opening a coffee shop is one of the most feasible small business ideas in Pakistan. Here’s how to get started

Business Plan: Are you willing to skip your business plan because you think “it’s too much work”? Don’t do that. Having a business plan in place is crucial for each stage of setting up and running your coffee shop or small restaurant business in Pakistan.

Select a Suitable Location: Go for popular business locations in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other major cities in Pakistan. Keep a monthly rent expense of around PKR 30,000-100,000 in mind, depending on your location. 

Required Staff: Wondering how many staff members you’d need for your coffee shop business? Ideally, there should be around 5 workers assigned different tasks. 

Business Hours: Most people like having their coffee before going to work early in the morning. So, try to open your shop at 8 am in the morning and close it at around 10.30 to 11 pm. The closing time for your business may also depend on its location and permission from authorities.

Supplies and Equipment: You cannot run your coffee shop without these two elements. Reach out to coffee wholesale suppliers. They may offer you fine-quality coffee at reasonable prices. Also, use your friend circle or groups on social media to look for people selling slightly used coffee shop equipment. It would be a good way to save some money.

Deciding the Menu: Come up with an interesting coffee shop menu. Offer different types of freshly brewed coffee, such as Espresso, Mocha, Cappuccino, Latte, Cold Coffee, etc. Also, add an interesting variety of sides to your menu like doughnuts, sandwiches, pastries, and cookies. Try to buy these confectionaries from a high-end bakery in bulk quantities. You can also collaborate with them to use their brand name. They may offer you their products in bulk quantities at wholesale rates. Make sure your menu is visible to people passing by. It is a good way to attract customers.

Market Your Coffee Shop: Once you have set up everything, your next goal is to grow your business. Use different types of conventional and online marketing tactics. You can also collaborate with food delivery companies like FoodPanda, Careem and Bykea. 

Coffee Shop Investment in Pakistan

Here’s a breakdown of the investment required for starting a coffee shop business in Pakistan.

You need to set aside a budget of up to 10 lacs for starting your venture. This amount covers your initial rental expenses, security, renovation/remodelling, equipment, advertising budget and backup plans, among other expenses. 

For a more detailed breakdown, refer to the table below:

Print-On-Demand T-Shirts

sell customized t shirts

If you are looking for a low-cost startup idea in 2023, then get started with the print-on-demand t-shirt business. It is another form of dropshipping business model. However, in this business, your focus should be on customizing products as per your customers’ requests. 

Along with t-shirts, you can also sell caps, smartphone cases, hoodies, tote bags, and other types of accessories. Using memes and witty slogans on your products would be a good way to attract new customers, especially teenagers.

How to Start Your Print-On-Demand T-Shirt Business in Pakistan

Fish Farming

According to a recent survey, fish farming is among the fast-growing food production segments in the world. As the name suggests, it is the process of breeding and raising marine animals commercially. Let’s show you how this business model works.

How to Start Fish Farming in Pakistan

Urban Farming

urban farming business

Urban farming is a great low-investment business in Pakistan. You can set up an urban farm in your backyard, lawn or terrace or any other outdoor space. Once you’ve grown your own fruits and vegetables, you can eat them or sell them at a local store. With consistent farming habits, you can turn it into a profitable business, specializing in any particular local produce. 

How to Set Up an Urban Farm in Pakistan

Poultry Farming

Counted among the most popular small business ideas in Pakistan, poultry farming is an integral part of our agriculture sector. It employs more than 1.5 million people in the country. A poultry farming business can be about chicken breeding/hatchery or meat production. However, setting up a hatchery business is more convenient than meat production. 

Poultry Farming Investment in Pakistan

A lot of sources on the internet quote that starting a poultry farm business in Pakistan requires a large investment. Well, we’d like to say otherwise in this regard. Don’t buy a large piece of land, it’s the most common mistake people make. Many investors assume starting big would yield more profit.

Everyone knows the volatility of the agricultural sector these days in terms of prices. It would be wise to begin your venture with a small investment. You can set up a small-scale hatchery business by investing PKR 100,000 at first. 

Once your operations are streamlined, your livestock is performing well and you are making profits, you can go for expanding it by putting in more capital. 

How to Start a Poultry Farming Business in Pakistan

Beauty Salon

salon business idea

Setting up a beauty salon requires more capital than many other startup ideas in Pakistan. To make your salon business a profitable stream of income, you should have good beautician and communication skills. Hire experienced staff members. Train them, if necessary. Depending on your PR, you can also ask online influencers and internet celebrities to market your salon. In return, you can offer them free services.

Things You Need to Set Up a Beauty Salon

Publish an E-boo k

If you have good creative writing and research skills, you can use them to publish your very own eBook. It is far easier and cheaper than publishing a physical copy. It is also among the best online business ideas in Pakistan. 

E-Books are now a part of a rapidly growing industry where people are making a lot of money. You’ll come across a large audience of avid readers who prefer digital publications because they are cheaper and more easily accessible. 

The reason we have included eBook publication in small business ideas in Pakistan is pretty obvious. The production and distribution costs of ebooks are quite lower than the physical ones. So, it is an easy place for aspiring writers to get started.

As an ebook writer, you can use tools like Visme, Jasper AI and Canva to begin your venture. Most of these tools offer free basic plans to help you start things off. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to publish and distribute your eBook. 

How to Publish Your E-Book in Pakistan

E-book publishing has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. You can also benefit from it while living in Pakistan. The process is very simple and elaborated below:

Offer Online Courses

online tutoring business

Do you have skills and expertise in any particular field? If yes, then all you need is online tutoring skills to start earning money. You can use platforms like Skype, Google Meets or any other similar live chat portals to offer online classes. For notes and other course materials, you can create files in PDF format. 

How to Start Online Tutoring Business in Pakistan

Graphic Designing

With some knowledge of art and the internet, you can easily learn graphic designing. There are many free and paid courses available these days. For free courses, you can simply check YouTube. Channels like GFXMentor would be a great source of learning for you.

On the other hand, with paid courses, you can easily get certifications upon completion. It would be a plus, but you need to have really good skills. Once you have attracted a few clients, you can turn it into a fully-fledged business by hiring more resources. It is one of the best online business ideas in Pakistan with a small investment.

To upload your portfolio online, you can use world-famous platforms like Behance and Dribble for free. Having a good portfolio would be a great way to start things for a graphic artist and designer.

E-commerce Website

e-commerce business

Do you want to run your own store but don’t have the resources and budget to set it up physically? Don’t worry. Everything is possible in the online world. There are many e-commerce websites nowadays that are earning well. You can set it up too. 

The only major investment in the entire business model would be the creation of a website. However, you can manage your stock in the later phase as per the demand.

How to Start an E-commerce Business in Pakistan

It is another great online business idea for people with good writing skills. There are many different online blogging platforms like WordPress.org or Google’s Blogger. Using such online portals will help you get started for free. Many bloggers these days are using affiliate marketing tactics to earn money. 

Useful Tips to Start Blogging 

Vlogging is another form of blogging. The only difference is that you’ll be using videos instead of text to reach out to your desired audience. Vlogging needs more skills and effort. You need to be good at making video scripts, capturing videos and editing them later. The more interesting your video is, the more it’ll attract viewers.

The most popular platform used by vloggers today is YouTube. It is free to use and you can post any content you want, in line with YouTube policies for published content. Make sure not to copy videos from other channels or repost them. The last thing you would want on your YouTube channel is a copyright strike. If your channel is running successfully on YouTube, you can earn between $750-1500 a month. 

Food catering is also one of the most popular business models in Pakistan. The main thing that works in the catering business is public relations. You can start by serving in private gatherings and small events. 

Once your venture has established a good reputation, you can extend your services to catering corporate parties and popular events. To market your business, you can use platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Word of mouth would also make a big difference in terms of promoting your catering services.

How to Start Catering Business in Pakistan



Photography is probably the best business idea in Pakistan for people with photography and editing skills. This business also works best for those with good PR. However, you can always create and upload a portfolio on social media and relevant websites. This will help you showcase your work to your potential clients. 

How to Start Photography Business in Pakistan 

Don’t have a budget to open a restaurant? Fret not. You can go for the option of a food cart or a food truck. The most basic type of business model in this regard is a fries cart. However, in recent years, the concept of street food and food carts has become very popular. 

Food kiosks and trucks have become an important part of street culture around the world. Even in Pakistan, you’ll see them in popular markets and commercial districts of big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. So, setting up a food cart is a thriving business idea, if properly executed. 


freelancing in pakistan

Ever since the emergence of high-speed internet and mobile technologies, freelancing in Pakistan is booming. If you want to be a freelancer and work for your clients remotely, you should develop a certain set of skills. For example, you can be a writer, graphic designer, web developer or digital marketing expert. 

Now let’s talk facts about the freelance industry in Pakistan and its exponential growth. As a country of youth, Pakistan is rubbing shoulders with many other countries in terms of increasing global competition for remote workers. If we take a look at stats from FY 2021-22, the local remote working sector reportedly made a staggering $400 million dollars at an unprecedented growth rate. 

Considering the market’s rapid growth, freelancing is one of the best small business ideas in Pakistan. Want to start off your remote working journey on the right foot? Follow these steps. 

How to Start Freelancing Business in Pakistan

Travel Agent

Are you passionate about travelling? Becoming a travel agent would be a great low-risk business idea for you. You can help people with ticketing processes, visa applications and tours. Having knowledge and expertise about travelling to different countries would be a major plus. 

Travel agencies in Pakistan also offer Haj and Umrah packages and guidance. You can also become an affiliate of an immigration consultancy. The scope of this business is pretty vast in the country.

How to Set Up a Travel Agency Business in Pakistan

Organic Beauty Products

organic beauty products business

If you have an interest in dermatology and skin care items, then selling organic beauty products would be an ideal side hustle for you. To start off as an organic skincare entrepreneur on the right foot, make sure to do your research thoroughly. Learn about the skincare and dermatological problems of your target audience, so you can offer them products accordingly.

It is important for you to hone your organic formulation skills. Do product testing to find out more about their potential outcomes before offering them to your customer. To make your venture a success, spread the word. Try to grow your following on social media organically and via marketing. You can also collaborate with internet celebrities and influencers to promote your business. 

Set Up a Co-working Space

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world around us. It has significantly impacted our work-life balance. Remote working has become a common thing and many companies are now hiring employees who work for them remotely. 

This has made setting up a co-working space a pretty lucrative business idea in Pakistan. You can either buy or rent out a commercial unit to set up a co-working space. Even if you have a few spare workstations in your office, you can turn them into a co-working space. 

How to Open a Co-working Space in Pakistan

Collect Antique Items

collect antique items

Many people have a passion for gathering antique handicrafts and artefacts and storing them as a collection. If you also have a similar passion, you can transform it into a profitable business. Antique collectibles may be worth a lot of money because they are a part of human history. 

You can buy or collect antique items and sell them to enthusiasts at higher prices. It is one of the most feasible low-cost business ideas in Pakistan. Once you have figured out a way to find the right items, you can also start an antique store. 

By selling a single unique artefact to the right buyer, you can easily make thousands of rupees. It could be a very lucrative business for people with the know-how of antiques. Use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to get the attention of a wider audience.

Online Clothing Store

Selling apparel is one of the most popular eCommerce niches. In fact, it is also among the best low-investment business ideas in Pakistan. Depending on your budget, you can create your own label or go selling items from other popular clothing brands. 

There is also an ever-growing demand for used imported clothes or export items that are rejected due to minor defects. Make sure to pick only the products that are in good shape. Take examples of brands like Khazanay.pk and Export Leftovers (shortened as Elo). Places like Lunda Bazaar (Light House Market) and Shershah Godowns in Karachi are where you can easily find imported clothing items and accessories in bulk at wholesale rates. 

Here are some of the basics you should know before setting up your online clothing business.

How to Start Online Clothing Business in Pakistan

Sell Mobile Accessories

mobile accessories business

Moblie accessories are among the most selling items on the internet these days. To set up an online mobile accessory store, no hefty investment is required. You can sell them on different marketplaces like the ones available on OLX.com and Facebook.com. Make sure the accessories you are selling at your store are in demand if you want to generate profit. 

How to Start Online Mobile Accessory Business in Pakistan

Set up a Co-living Space

With constantly increasing property rents, the concept of co-living spaces is also on the rise in Pakistan. These accommodations are ideal for students, expats and working professionals. Co-living spaces usually offer separate and shared accommodations. An ideal co-living space should include all basic facilities.

To set up a co-living space, find a property located in business centres and commercial districts. Such areas usually have educational institutions and corporate enclaves, which means more potential walk-in customers. For the convenience of the residents, you can also offer add-on amenities like a WiFi connection, activity area, gymnasium, etc.

Car Pooling

car pooling business

When your car is a 5- or  7-seater vehicle, why go to the office alone? Why not start generating profit from your driving skills? In this era of mobile devices, carpooling has become more convenient than ever before. 

Amid rising inflation, fuel saving has become crucial and carpooling is the best way to do it, not for you but also for others around you. You can also start a pick-and-drop service if you have spare time, helping people with their commuting needs. It would be a good source of a second income.

How to Start Car Pooling Business in Pakistan

Become an Online Fitness Trainer/Instructor

If you know how to take care of your health and have a lean body, become a fitness trainer. Of course, it is that easy in today’s world. No, you won’t need to buy any physical space to offer your services, you can simply offer them online. Let’s find out how you can get to your goals and start earning money.

How to Become an Online Fitness Instructor

Vacation rentals

vacation rental

Ever wonder how to invest in a vacation property? You can not only use it for your own leisure but also make money from it, especially during the tourist season. Pick a suitable location for your investment property. You can even look for a summer home located in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Your vacation property near a famous tourism spot can generate a rental yield of up to 8%. It may also enjoy high real estate appreciation down the road. If your vacation rental business thrives, you can also consider diversifying your property portfolio.

How to Start Earning Money from Vacation Rentals in Pakistan

In today’s world, the biggest source for reaching out to people is the internet. With the availability of world-leading platforms like OLX.com.pk and Airbnb in Pakistan , you can easily list your vacation property to attract renters. 

How to List Your Vacation Property on Airbnb in Pakistan

Here’s how to list your vacation property on OLX.com.pk

The process of creating a listing on Airbnb involves a few steps elaborated below.

Sell Handicrafts

handicraft business

If you have carving, beading or calligraphy skills, you can earn money from them by selling your handicrafts. Handicrafts of Pakistan are famous all around the world. To start your handicraft business, you don’t have to set up a shop or something like that. Instead, you can simply start from an e-commerce platform.

How to Sell Handicrafts Online in Pakistan

Babysitting Services

If you can take good care of infants, toddlers and young children, you can start offering babysitting services. You need to spread the word about the services you offer among your contacts or social circle. 

While taking care of the little ones, you can also offer them tutoring services and charge for them separately. It would be a good side hustle, especially for students to take care of their basic expenses. Nannies and babysitters in Pakistan usually earn around PKR 35,000 a month on average.

Yoga classes

Woman meditating during yoga class

People who are good at self-care, self-regulation and meditation skills can easily start offering yoga classes. It is among the most popular low-investment business ideas in Pakistan for students and young professionals alike.

You don’t have to quit your day job to offer yoga classes. Instead, you can set your schedule in the after-hours or early in the morning. Don’t have a budget to set up a studio? Fret not. You can easily start your wellness venture online on YouTube, Facebook or any other free online broadcasting media.

How to Start Yoga Classes

Virtual Event Planner

If you have good organisation, networking and management skills, you can utilise them in event management. Yes, event management can now also be done virtually, thanks in part to advanced technology. 

After the Covid-19 pandemic, hosting events online has become pretty common around the world. Virtual event planners manage webinars, online conferences, virtual trade shows, podcasts, and other similar events. Successful virtual event management can let you earn up to $1,000 a week.

Become a Real Estate Agent

Become a real estate agent

Becoming a real estate agent is also a lucrative business idea in Pakistan with small investment. You can either set up an agency or offer your services individually. However, the best way to multiply your income as a real estate agent in Pakistan is by becoming a Zameen Affiliate.

By marketing high-end projects, you’ll get a chance to diversify your portfolio. Associated with Pakistan’s No.1 property website, Zameen Affiliates have the opportunity to represent top-notch investment opportunities. Currently, 34,000+ affiliates around the world are using the Propforce website and application and are earning hefty commissions.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Pakistan

Local Grocery Store

Setting up a local grocery store is also among the most popular cheap business ideas in Pakistan. You need to have basic accountancy and public dealing skills to manage a shop. You can either buy a shop or look for a rental space for your business.

If you are going for a larger setup, look for a location with high foot traffic. You can also offer your products on online marketplaces. It will allow you to have more than one stream of revenue for your business. Also, try to offer free delivery on large orders to facilitate your customers.

Retail Kiosk at a Shopping Mall

mall kiosk

Want to start a retail setup on a small scale but looking for high exposure? Consider setting up a kiosk in a shopping mall or a commercial centre. Such places have a high footfall usually all year round. Investing in a kiosk or a cart is usually cheaper than buying or renting an entire retail outlet. You can start selling anything you want or have expertise in. For example, handicrafts, antique items, clothing items, mobile accessories, etc. 

How to Set Up a Mall Kiosk

Logistics Company 

Long gone are the days when you have to put in a heavy investment to start your own logistics company. With the presence of the latest technology, you can start your shipment business with limited resources.

There are many e-commerce ventures these days that rely on delivery services to keep their operations running. You can reach out to them and tell them about your business. Make sure to offer special discounts and promotions when starting your business.

How to Set Up a Logistics Business in Pakistan

Website and App Development

The scope of website and app development is increasing day by day. In fact, it has become one of the most thriving business ideas in Pakistan. Many tech enthusiasts are earning well by offering these services on-site or remotely. 

Learning such skills is not easy because the competition is high. However, if you have a passion to learn and improve, you could get a hang of things with time. For people having the right skills and experience, the field is very lucrative. A running website and app development business can earn thousands of dollars a month.

There you have it — our comprehensive guide on 39 low-cost business ideas in Pakistan.

For more informative lifestyle and property pieces, stay tuned to Zameen Blog. If you have any queries or feedback, reach out to us at [email protected] .

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41 Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan – Low Investment!

Low investment business/investment opportunities in pakistan (guide).

Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan - Low Investment!

As Pakistan is at a lower edge these days in regards to employment thus most of our youth tend to move towards entrepreneurship. So here are 41  Low Investment, Small Business Ideas To Go For In Pakistan which may prove to be the most profitable businesses in the long run! 

41 Low Investment, Small Business Ideas in Pakistan 2021

1. content writing – zero investment business idea.

content writing

All you need for it is a laptop along with internet access or simply a pen and paper. Couple with your skill in writing! It is a Zero Investment business . It may be adopted as a Part-Time or full-time job .

The progress is gradual in this kind of business but proves to be profitable in the long run! Pakistani women have been taking up this kind of business seriously lately as they can support their family from the comfort of their home in this way.

Furthermore, you can also work on different global freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. It can lead you to great success as there are a number of employers on these platforms that can pay you a hefty reward for your work.

2. Editing And Proof Reading – Innovative Business Idea

low investment business idea

It is a simpler job than content writing as it involves no self-innovation but rechecking of what has already been written. So if you are a good reader and have strong command of language then you should go for this Zero Investment business.

This job is comprised of editing which focuses on making your material more accessible by evaluating clarity, style, and citations, whereas proofreading focuses on removing faults in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting.

3. Ghost Writing – Small Business Ideas

low investment business

It is the same as content writing but the name of the writer does not appear. The writing is published or used by the name of the employer. It can be viewed as a small business idea for students who need a part-time job to support themselves.

Ghostwriting is a prevalent practice, albeit one that is rarely acknowledged. When someone wants to develop new content for a website, they may employ a ghostwriter to rewrite the existing content. Writing advertisements or company copy, or providing new or updated material for personal or professional use, are all excellent methods to earn money as a ghost writer.

4. Blogging – Best Online Business in Pakistan


Blogging has been trending lately. And it has proved to be a very profitable, low investment business in Pakistan. Whether it be a beauty blog or a fashion blog, health blog or technology blog it always attracts corresponding companies and firms to benefit from.

In addition to that, if you have some hobby and you are deeply involved in it then blogging on it can really make a difference as it can attract a plethora of readers because of the intricacies you wrote in your blog.

5. Freelancing

small business ideas in pakistan

Freelancing is working on a contract basis for a variety of companies, as opposed to working as an employee for a single company. Freelancers are often considered to be self-employed and have the freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies they would like to be associated with. It has proved to be the Most Profitable Small Investment Business In Pakistan Lately. Specially help in Women’s Empowerment and employment.

6. Social Media/ Online Marketing:

top low investm ent business ideas

At 6th in our list of small business ideas in Pakistan, we kept the Online Marketing which truly is booming currently. Else than the basic accessories i.e: Laptop or Mobile Phone and Internet connection this type of zero investment business does not even require a lot of skill . You should just know the basic use of Social Media and has to promote or advertise any small or large business over it.

Furthermore, Social media not only makes it possible for businesses to connect with customers in ways that were not possible previously, but it also offers a staggering array of channels through which to reach target audiences, from content platforms like YouTube and social media sites like Facebook to microblogging services (like Twitter).

7. Photography:

best low investment business idea

Of the increasing trend of photography, now it is not only confined to weddings. People tend to go for a formal photographer on childbirth or a family get-together. A one-time around 1-lac rupees investment in a DSLR Camera will surely result in profitable outcomes. Photography is an innovative business idea to opt for in Pakistan. Whether it be Wedding or event photography or modeling it will be fruitful if you have the skill to do it.

Free and paid photography courses are available throughout Pakistan and also online to get trained for becoming a professional.

8. Home-Based Cooking:

low investment idea to work

With the increasing awareness of healthy eating among Pakistanis, homemade food is always preferred. Thus such a small business with a low investment of preparing homemade food and making it available to those who are away from home can prove to be a very highly profitable business idea to go on within Pakistan.

Lahore, for instance, is where people from all over the nation tend to come for various purposes. So, a small business in Lahore of a Home-Based Cooking setup will be a highly profitable business idea.

9. Makeup Artist:

business with no investment

Investment in makeup today is one that will pay off for sure. As makeup is considered to be the most essential element of the lives of Pakistani women.

Though it may come under the category of 1 lac rupees investment business in Pakistan . As not only the high-end, good-quality makeup products are costly but learning the skill professionally is very essential and requires time, dedication and investment.

But not in vain, Makeup Artists today are making a great fortune even from their homes and have gained popularity and access to commercial platforms after self-teaching and blogging!

10. Art And Craft:

low investment ideas

A handicraft is any of a wide range of types of work where functional and decorative objects are entirely made by one’s hand or by using only simple, non-automated related tools like scissors, carving implements, or hooks. This type of work is sometimes more specifically referred to as artisanal handicraft or handmade.

Now is the right time to invest in such a small-scale, low-investment business in Pakistan . All you need is innovative business ideas and the skill of your hand !

11. Mehandi Artist:

Mehandi Business in Pakistan

Wedding, Eid or any other traditional special occasion, Mehandi is something we never want to miss as a Pakistani! Why not avail this small investment opportunity in Pakistan then? Mostly Mehandi Artists are self-taught and do not require some special professional training.

It can be classified as a No Investment Business in Pakistan . Which proves to be a very profitable one .

12. Customized Shirts And Mugs:

low investment idea

In an era of self-obsession and provoked sentiments, customized items have become a trend. Cash these emotions by availing this innovative business idea for Pakistan and earn great profits out of it . You can start this business under 1 lac in Pakistan.

13. Online Book Publishing:

online book publishing as investment idea

Traditional book publishing was confined to a place or a region but now if you are capable enough then this No Investment business in Pakistan will earn you great fortune. As you can write books online and publish them online for the Global Village to access them and you can cash profits out of it!

14. Wedding Planners:

wedding planner as investment idea

Pakistani weddings can prove to be a lot of burdens. Due to the over-extended events and extravagance. Why not become an adding factor to it yet reducing the burden at the same time?

Start your business without any investment in Pakistan by availing of this innovative and most profitable business idea of 2021 . All you have to do is plan out other weddings for them!

15. Travel Agency:

travel agency

If not anywhere, then Pakistanis are surely going to their religious centers i.e: Saudia Arabia And Iran, etc. Seems a little unrighteous but why not cash from this profitable business opportunity in Pakistan ?

It may come under the category of 5 lac rupees investment in Pakistan but will prove to be the best business of 2021 to invest in, in Pakistan.

16. Tourism Agency:

tourism agency as low investment idea

With Pakistan opening its new doors towards tourism. This small investment, a profitable business may prove to be the best of 2021  as Pak-China Corridor will increase the ratio of tourism tremendously and the tourists will surely require guides to accompany them due to the language barrier. Thus it is the right time to invest in this kind of small investment business in Pakistan.

17. Mobile And Accessories:

low investment business plans

Sadly one may skip a meal to afford a Mobile Phone today is not fiction nowadays. Thus almost every citizen of Pakistan irrespective of the class they belong to owns a mobile phone. And the age limit for which is also dropping day by day. Investing in a Mobile Phone Business today can prove to be the best business in Pakistan for 2022. Although it may come under the category of approximately around 500,000 rupees investment business in Pakistan , it will surely pay off.

18. Personal Training:

zero investment business idea

If you have a skill in something or a professional at doing something. Cash it! Be a personal Gym Trainer, Dietitian, Chief, Karate Master, anything you find yourself expert at and can train someone personally for it. It sure is a No Investment business in Pakistan.

19. Driving Centre:

low investment business plan

With a decreasing trend of dependency in Pakistan. Driving a vehicle themselves is something that every person now needs rather than relying on some other factor to travel. Thus investing in a driving centre will prove to be profitable. All you need is to own a car with insurance and skill to drive!

20. Home Tutoring:

zero investment ideas

Pakistan still follows a trend of traditional education modes. Due to which demand for after-school tutors and home tutors is high. It is a profitable and no investment business for Pakistan . As it requires mandatory education and teaching skills.

21. Academy:

Low investment idea

It is around 1 lac rupees investment business to go for in Pakistan but can be said to be the most profitable business of 2021 and for several years. As academy culture of Pakistan is at its peak. Whether it be Matric, FA/Fsc, O Levels, A-Levels, MCAT, SAT, CSS or any other academic field students in Pakistan mainly rely on academies. So it is a golden opportunity to cash!

22. Agricultural Business:

small business ideas in pakistan

It is a very profitable and vast field to invest in thus, provides a wide range of investment opportunities in Pakistan . Either you can start a business of crop distribution, cultivation, packing etc. Each can prove to be equally profitable.

A business plan for beginners can be that they may begin with a small investment setup and then expand it gradually from the profit generated over time.

23. Renting:

low investment business ideas

If u have a spare house or a floor or even a room why not consider renting it out? Having a property in commercial areas may prove to be highly profitable . As a profitable business in Lahore and Karachi can be to rent off buildings for commercial use and sit back, relax and make money!

A successful business plan for beginners is to re-invest the rent received into purchasing a new property and renting it out again. For an expanded and much more profitable business.

24. Property Dealing:

low investment plans

It can be said to be the Best Low Investment Business in Pakistan for 2019 . Property dealing is an art of creating links and communicating. All you need to do is create a link between the buyer and the seller with cashing in fair commissions for yourself. Thus proves to be an almost no investment business idea in Pakistan .

25. Home-Based Gym:

low investment ideas

The community you live in requires certain facilities not always available in Pakistan in a suitable form. For example, gather a group of ladies in your neighbourhood and invest in making a gym in a spare room of your house. The females of Pakistan tend not to trust unknown places thus they will be pleased to go to such a place which they know and trust and you can earn out of it. It may cost you an investment of around 1 lac rupees to purchase all the modern machinery but will prove to be a profitable source of earning in Pakistan .

26. Renting Vehicles To Careem And Uber:

zero investment ideas

This low-investment, side-business will help you generate moderate profits without investing your time in it. All you need is own a vehicle or multiple vehicles; rickshaw, motorbike or cars and lend them to drivers working for Uber and Careem. And you can have your share from it.

27. Second-hand Mobile Sale-Purchase:

business with little investment

Sale-purchase of second-hand mobile phones is a very demanding and risky business due to DIRBS and other illegal activities happening in it one needs to be extra careful in purchasing mobile phones. It is important to firstly have a complete record of the seller, including a copy of their CNIC and contact information, secondly, telly the phone’s IMEI with PTA, to confirm that it is registered by dialling *8484# and then entering the IMEI of one or two sim slots of the mobile phone.

Related Article: Second-hand Mobile Sale-Purchase Business Complete Guide

28. YouTubing:

youtubing as low investment idea

YouTube has developed into a platform to earn a handsome around. All you need is a unique idea or skills to share with the world, a proper set-up and video making and editing skills. You may require a proper set of teams to evolve your YouTubing to a proper business set-up and earn.

29. Poultry Farming:

poultry business

Food businesses, irrespective of type and scale, always work in Pakistan. Food businesses prove to be the best investment opportunities in Pakistan. It can be a backyard poultry farm to deal in eggs and chicken or can be a fully established hen poultry farm. The demand for poultry is always high in the Pakistani market.

30. Fish Farming:

low investment plan

Fish farming can also prove to be a highly profitable business in Pakistan. Popular, seasonal fish breeds like Rahu, trout, tuna, Baam, are not only high-in-demand but also are sold at very high prices and thus help generate huge profits. Moreover, finger-fish, shrimps, prawns and other such fish varieties are in-demand for the whole year.

31. Pet Export

low investment business ideas

Not a very favourable business idea right now due to the coronavirus prevailing but otherwise pet export is a very vast and profitable business to go with. It can be started at a very small-scale and then expanded gradually. Pet export can be of birds, parrots, dogs, cats etc. As the trend of pets in Pakistan is at a very initial stage so take it easy, go with the flow.

For example if you buy a pair of german shepherds (puppies) it will cost you about 15,000-25,000 each. It will then take 5-6 months for them to fully grow and be able to reproduce after which you will get 7-8 puppies from breeding once. I will leave the maths to you now 😉

32. Gaming Arena

low investment idea

How often have I mentioned the increasing gaming trend in Pakistan in my blogs?- VERY OFTEN! Gaming arenas are something Pakistan literally lacks and is in dire need of. The video game from our childhood got replaced by computer games but the video game centres seized to exist at all. A classy, online gaming arena can prove to be a very profitable business idea for 2021 in Pakistan and may add a token to the entertainment slot which Pakistan lacks a lot.

33. Customer Care Services

little investment business idea

When I talk about customer care services I have a very broad perspective in mind. To elaborate it as precisely as possible, foreign embassies, companies, corporates tend to set-up their call centres or customer care centres in other countries due to the low cost they have to offer. Pakistan is one such country. If you ought to establish a foreign-based customer care service centre in Pakistan it will cost you very less but will prove to be very profitable indeed.

34. Instagram/TikTok Influencer

no investment business

Is there anything in the world left that doesn’t involve social media popularity in it? Well if you have got the looks and style or you have something worth admiring in you. You can become an Instagram or TikTok influencer. By only displaying you skills on these platforms you will be able to receive PR packages from different high-end companies, you may get a chance to model for them or simply get paid to upload a sponsored post by them! isn’t that easy?

35. Event Planners

zero investment business plan

You do know how everything now demands a celebration in Pakistan. Don’t get me started on criticising this increasing trend but whatever it is as a business mindset you have got to avail all the possible opportunities. So, whether it be bridal showers, baby showers, birthday, haqeeq ceremony, eid-millan party, or any such celebration if you opt to be an event planner company you will be much needed after time to time. It includes all from the decoration to the food and photographer and the entertainments and stuff. As much as you expand this business you will increase your potential profit!

36. Web Design  

investment idea

Are you a smart designer on the web? You can set up a business by doing web designing for other people. You can increase your credibility by having a website or blog and you will be able to reach a wide client base.  

37. Graphic Design  

business idea with no investment

If you’re an IT student or art design major, graphics must be good for you. One of the start-ups that you should consider is graphics services while still in the university. A lot of people are looking for graphic designers in all phases of life. But in advertising your services, you have to be proactive because there’s a lot of competition out there. If you’re great at what you’re doing, you could even do it. You might keep permanent  clients who will provide a constant flow of income.   

38. Computers and Mobile Phones Repair  

computer and phone repairs

For students, these small business ideas really might work. Well, it’s the 21st century, and who in college does not have a mobile phone? Most students actually have computers and these devices stop working once in a while. You should be willing to provide people with your repair services and generate income with technical skills in mobile phones and computer hardware.  

39. Food Truck

best low investment busiuness ideas of 2022

Dreamt to own a restaurant but are not ready to take the plunge? Use a food truck to test the ideas. It’s a great way to get to know your state’s food and restaurant licensing, see what people like and don’t like, and build a ravenous follower before you ever open or invest in a brick-and-mortar location.

40) Web Development:

web development as a low investment business

One another great business with little investment is to start a full-stack web development agency. You can hire experts in python, react, front end, and back end developers then seek clients who want web development solutions. You can start by hiring one expert in each domain and start your business. It is a great investment as web development is in very high demand these days.

41) Software Testing Expert:

low investment business ideas and plans

The software testing business is also trending these days. All you have to do is to hire a quality assurance or software testing team that will test any software through a number of processes. For this, you will have to hire a team and then find a client and start your work!


If you plan to start your own business but you lack large sums of investment, you still can. All of the small business ideas mentioned above need time, dedication, and hard work in the beginning to succeed.

We hope you liked the article, also please do share it as we spent hours researching and crafting this guide for you.

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List of 35 Best Business Ideas in Pakistan in 2023

business ideas in Pakistan

Working a 9-to-5 work may be quite taxing. This is especially true if the job is tedious and routine, and you are paid insufficiently for the effort you put in. In this Blog we will discuss about profitable business ideas in Pakistan.

Working from home is an appealing option, whether you’re starting a new business or looking for a way to supplement your income. Working from home has several advantages, including the ability to save time and money. Especially during the pandemic, the offices shifted to work from home. You save time and money going to and from work by reducing the amount of time you spend on useless things at work.

Every time its comes in your mind that what are the benefits of starting your own business? There are many benefits of starting your own business. Business ideas matter a lot and it also depends on the kind of business you want to start.

If you like, you may work in your pyjamas. You don’t have to deal with the headaches of commuting. On a frigid morning, you don’t need to summon a great deal of confidence to get out of bed and face the day.

Real estate is considered as Profitable Property Investment in Pakistan but there are many other options available as well , you can checkout these options below.

Here are some Best Business Ideas in Pakistan in 2023 :

1. online virtual assistant.

How to Find and Hire a Virtual Assistant

If you want to establish a business as an Online Virtual Assistant, it’s ideal to pick a field in which you can specialize and grow.

2. YouTube content creator

YouTube could be the place for you if you’re comfortable in front of the camera, have a location where you requires a can needs business option that does not necessitate any investment. Now all you have to do is produce some entertaining films.

After your YouTube channel has a high number of viewers and subscribers, you may generate money in a variety of ways. You may start generating money by becoming a YouTube partner or selling things on your YouTube channel.

3. Solar Energy Production Company

Top 10 Solar Energy Companies in the World 2019 | Solary Thermal & Solar Photovoltaic Energy Market

To keep expenses down, buy a few panels and get the rest from anywhere that you find cheap, where they may be cheaper. After you’ve sold enough energy, you may expand your production firm by investing in more land and panels. The target audience of solar companies are normal persons who want to install it in their homes.

If you want to sell your solar panels in Karachi then checkout some of the Top areas for buying Houses in Karachi where people can be your potential customers.

Personal dwellings can buy energy on a per-kilowatt basis. To get the most out of your investment, think about how you’ll maintain and clean the solar panels.

4. Software Development Firm

The 8 Must-Know Tips To Start A Software Development Company - CEOWORLD magazine

Local companies would cooperate with the software development company to create solutions that would help them manage their operations and generate more money.

Also Software development is in huge demand in real estate sectors of Pakistan there are many real estate companies in Pakistan that are looking for software development firms, Checkout some of the Best Real Estate Companies in Peshawar from where you can get projects in future.

For example, establishing a software application for a local clinic with different locations to exchange healthcare files for faster client servicing may be one way to do this. Also it is the best online business in Pakistan.

You may even take a more hazardous route and develop software for emerging firms in exchange for a part of their ownership. This is amongst the new business ideas ready to transform the software development firm and also one of the best business ideas in Pakistan.

5. Real estate business

This is something that can be done on a part-time basis. All you have to do is keep an eye out for prospective real estate investment possibilities in your area. Then you may create a marketplace where buyers and vendors can meet.

Real Estate - Industry Overview, Types of Real Estate, Careers

You get paid a commission on any sale made via you or your platform. This is a really easy and stress-free method to make money. If you have plans in real estate then checkout some of the best Real Estate Marketing Ideas in Pakistan and then proceed further.

As your firm grows, you may be able to hire staff that choose to work remotely.

Real estate is a secure investment since you own the property outright and, more significantly, the land is an asset whose value often rises. In addition, the property has the potential to generate a significant profit. It is one of the best businesses in Pakistan. Also read our blog on how to make profitable property investment .

One more difficult thing in real estate is getting proper knowledge of Plot Size Conversions in Pakistan  , so you need to get proper info of this before entering in real estate market.

6. Online Air Mask Store

Online Air Mask Store business ideas

Both noise and air pollution are becoming big issues since Pakistan and its neighboring countries have lax air pollution restrictions, which many enterprises take advantage of. In the end, this causes problems for the communities.

You may open an online business selling several types of air masks to deal with the problem of air pollution. They might have cool designs or be aimed towards certain genders, for example. To help sell the goods, the business may acquire masks in bulk from a local manufacturer and then target consumers with internet marketing or local influencers.

It is the best business idea and new business idea in Pakistan.

7. Commercial Properties:

If you have money in your bank account, consider to invest in commercial areas like malls or shopping complexes, book stores and office spaces are rented out to various retail enterprises. On average, you may expect a return of 5% or more.

Despite the increasing economic importance that the real estate sector has been given to the economy’s development, Pakistan’s genuine potential for the industry has remained hidden. Millions of people are affected by the building and real estate industries around the country.

Commercial Properties

Government and non-government agencies, as well as public and private sector players, have worked relentlessly to bring together more than 50 associated industries.

Apart from this , If you want to invest in commercial properties then checkout some Shopping Malls in Islamabad where you can invest and get some good returns.

8. Home-made food production

How to Start an Online Food Business (Step-by-Step)

The home-made production businesses are gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Pakistanis enjoy home-cooked meals.

If you’re looking for low-cost business ideas, consider producing homemade food and selling it to those who are away from home. This might be a highly successful business venture to pursue in Pakistan.

You may open a kitchen to specialise in a certain style of food that is popular in Pakistan.

What Is Ecommerce? [Definition, How to, & More]

Just get some products that are relevant to your work and sell them on your website. You do not need a physical store for that. So your investment will also be less as compared to other businesses.

10. Photography

11. event management business.

The 5 C's of Event Management That Everyone Should Know About

12. Import/Export Business

International Trade Management & Import-Export Procedures with Documentation - Lahore - Pakistan Institute of Management

To acquire benefits in the import/export business, you need to note that we can only sell or purchase with those nations that have diplomatic associations with Pakistan. Whenever the inquiry is about the Best business in Pakistan, import/export takes the main place of Most beneficial business in Pakistan. This universe of import/export had a complicated framework that handles the financial necessities of the country.

13. Mobile Accessories Shop

Mobile Accessories Shop business idea

14. Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services - APOTAC

Currently, digital marketing is the only field that has taken the proper initiative to revolutionize Pakistan’s IT industry. Digital marketing has transitioned a lot in the last few years bringing us into the era of online marketing, content creation, social media, and Google. Honestly, this shift has significantly influenced how people purchase, buy and sell their products or services. There is no rocket science or a tough job to do. It is one of the best online business in Pakistan now a days. It is best business ideas in Pakistan with small investment opportunities in Pakistan .

All you need to do is specify your brand, upgrade yourself, build detailed customer personas, recreate your work from the client’s viewpoint, select your digital marketing plan, set up an ideal budget, brainstorm techniques, launch a campaign, keep a track of your outcomes, hire 1 or 2 employees, get a laptop, and get a fast speed internet connection. Here you go, everything is settled. It has become one of the small business ideas in Pakistan, particularly for students, because it’s less in amount but greater in learning.

15. Gym & Fitness Centers

Health & Fitness Center | Prince William Sound College

Nowadays, can you able to find a single person who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit? It will be hard because everyone loves to look physically and mentally perfect. And it is not a bad thing. Fitness is the only thing that can make you look beautiful, at the same time, mentally strong. Over here, in Pakistan, people are crazy about their fitness. They usually join gyms and fitness centers to get rid of their gained weight and look slim and stylish.

We can say that is the cause why the market of gym and fitness has developed so fast and plays a massive role in our daily lives. People are becoming conscious about their appearance, health, and wellness. On the other side, it is stated by science, to stay healthy and workout daily. Still, we prefer to join the gyms, neglecting to exercise every day.

That is a big cause for the gyms and fitness market to become the leading business in Pakistan. You must be wondering what are the purposes of gyms? Let us help you, the primary purpose of the gym is to deliver a secure and healthy life. Gyms deliver all indoor facilities and exercise halls to males and females through a professional and qualified gym instructor. To start a gym or fitness center as a business you have to keep an eye on the below-mentioned characteristics.

Pick a suitable location Select quality kinds of machinery Hired a professional and technical person/proprietor who knows about services being offered by the gym. Hired a skilled instructor or a physician Preserve the hygienic and cleaned atmosphere Deliver quality of products

We can say that in the coming years, gym and fitness are going to be the best business in Pakistan.

16. Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon Interior Design - Start Beauty Salon Business With A Little $$$ - YouTube

Are you one of those who visit the salon after every 15 or 20 days? If yes, then you might understand how profitable a business it is. It comes under the umbrella of the fashion industry. A beautician must have a diploma or relevant experience in skin care as it is a sensitive work specialization. Initially, you must spend at least 02 lacs to buy/rent a shop in a prime location, then purchase salons, furniture and cosmetics. It’s a small investment opportunity but generates a high ROI.

17. Online tutoring

How to Set Up an Online Tutoring Business? - Educationnn

Have you ever gone for tuition? This trend has changed because of the significant development in the IT sector, and after the pandemic, Covid-19 majority of teachers/tutors shifted their classes online via several videos calling apps such as Zoom , Google Meet , and Microsoft Team. It has also made the lives of teachers and children easier as you can take classes online in your comfort zone. It is not wrong to say you can learn about anything from home. You don’t have to invest hundreds of rupees studying marketing, photography, or graphic design. With the progress in IT, you can now learn languages, basic accounting, finance, and much more. The best part about this online business in Pakistan is you don’t need to spend a lot of money; maximum, it will cost you 50k to 60k to buy a supportive laptop/PC and set up an internet connection, and you are ready to give classes.

18. Blogging

5 Steps to Take to Start Your Small Business Blog Today

Blogging is a thing you are reading currently. Yes, writing blogs, news, guest postings, and copywriting comes under blogging. It doesn’t need any specific content to be written. You can even write about your personal experience in a shopping mall or any marketing strategy. Let us tell you one more thing, it can pay you well. You can earn via sponsored content, Google AdSense, and affiliate marketing channels. You can go from top real estate blogs to get an idea of how to write and manage your content and how to write catchy and readable content. You only need good writing skills, a laptop, and a stable internet connection and are ready to write a blog.

19. Bee Farming

How to Start a Beekeeping Business - Small Business Trends

Bee Farming is one of the trendy business ideas in Pakistan these days. It is economical and beneficial for crop pollination because bees help the crow grow in areas. Bee Farming is a pretty profit-making business, and an investor can earn handsome revenue with an average investment of 5 to 6 lacs.

People interested in farming can farm bees in an open space and plant different flowers to attract honey bees. The bees help to produce different types of honey, royal jelly, and bee wax. All of these products are sold at pretty high prices in Pakistan.

The best thing about bee farming is that you can even start in your backyard as few items are required. All you need is an open space, some flowers planted in the garden to attract bees, and wooden beehives.

You can read books on bee farming and cover the basics from online courses for more productive results. Background knowledge or an experienced partner can help to grow this small business idea into the successful venture of your life.

Bee Farming is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan with a small investment in lush green meadows and plains, as they make it a perfect location for farming.

20. Fish Farming

Many people love to keep colorful fish in their aquariums. According to the studies, fish positively affect their surroundings and leave a calming effect on people’s minds. Fish farming has emerged as one of the top business ideas in Pakistan in the last few decades. Even if you are not good at fishing, you can still start up the exciting business of fish farming. Statistics show that fish farming is more profitable than crop farming in some areas of Pakistan.

Fish Farming can be started with a minimum budget of 1 lac to 1.5 Lac, and you can grow the business gradually. To start the business, one will be needed a suitable place for a pond; if you do not have such a place or start from scratch, then tubs, big containers, and tubes can be used.

Apart from ponds or tubs, it would be best to have complete gadgets for handling and breeding fish. Books on fish farming and free online courses can provide the basic knowledge for the respective small business idea in Pakistan.

21. Antique Business:

Antique shop - Wikipedia

Antique Items business is also one of the most profitable business ideas in Pakistan. If you own something valuable and old in your attic you can earn good money with it. According to international statistics, the online antique and collectibles business is generating remarkable revenue and the industry has seen a 4.31% surge in sales from just 2018 to 2020.

You can open an antique shop or list your items on sites like OLX and Amazon. Things like old cars, and stamps. Coins and trading cards are valuable items that can be sold as antiques.

22. Coffee/Tea Shop:

Coffee & tea shop on Behance

Tea and coffee are the favorite drinks of Pakistanis and if you are good at them, then try your luck. In Pakistan, the business of coffee has been tripled in a mere decade and still booming day by day. The food business is evolving in Pakistan and coffee has become one of the most selling drinks in the country. You can start your business with 15 to 20 Lacs only.

23. Day Care Centre:

Gallery of Arreletes Day Care Centre / Vilalta Studio - 4

The daycare business has proved to be an incredible idea for the business in Pakistan. With the growing trend of working parents, people look for a safe and comfortable place for their toddlers while they work. If you love kids and have some space in your home you can use it as Day Care Center and earn money.

Day Care Center business does not need much investment and with space in your house, the business can be started with as low as 1 lac rupees.

24. Catering Services:

Home - Safari Catering & Party Decorator Bahria Town Investment

With the growing trend of celebrating events outdoors, the catering service business is emerging as a profitable business in Pakistan. The catering business is ideal for those who love to cook and manage events at their home.

As a startup, you can take initiative by organizing small events or preferably family functions and then target big. The business can be started with investments as low as 5 Lacs.

25. Tourism Company:

5 Bright Ideas for Promoting Travel and Tourism Companies Online - FlipHTML5

Pakistan is one of the beautiful countries with lots of tourist points. With recent efforts to develop tourism in Pakistan, more and more people are visiting stunning areas for vacations. The business is rapidly growing and it has become one of the top business ideas in Pakistan.

If you love to travel and have been to places, the tourism business suits you best. Research and learn about more spots and take tours to their favorite destinations. The tourism venture needs networking and moderate investment to start.

26. Poultry Business:

Govt sets target of over 1.997 million tons for poultry products in FY 2021-22 -

The poultry business in Pakistan is one of the popular business ideas. The sector generates income for more than 1.5 million people. The industry has organized branches throughout Pakistan and offers per year growth of 10 to 12 %. The sector is divided into four main categories that include:

If you are interested in the poultry business and handle all these domains or any two or three both financially and administratively – then good luck; you can make riches from it. The poultry business idea is also considered one of the business ideas in Pakistan with low investment. It is because you can start from your home and gradually grow it.

27. Food Truck:

Starting a food truck business in the UK

Food business ideas in Pakistan never fail if started with proper strategy. Food trucks are a new trend these days. You can start with 3 to 4 Lacs and keep the menu simple. Make sure you are choosing the location wisely and the menu accordingly.

For instance, if you plan to start it in front of government offices, the menu should be desi and cheap so the employees can easily afford it and enjoy it. On the other hand, if you are planning to choose the front of some educational institute, the menu should be tasty and full of variety, including fast food or healthy items.

Food trucks are the talk of the town, and you can gradually earn a handsome amount regularly with a good plan and tasty and hygienic food.

28. Mushroom Farming:

How to Start a Mushroom Farm - Small Business Trends

It is one of the business ideas in Pakistan with low investment options. Mushrooms are healthy food items that are used in various dishes. You can earn a good monthly revenue with low investment and minimum equipment.

To start the mushroom farming business, you will need comprehensive knowledge, little training, a small area of land, and basic supplies. You can sell the mushrooms in farmer markets or to hotel chains and food businesses to generate profit.

29. Organic Farming:

The Plastic Problem in Organic Farming - Giving Compass

Thanks to technology, we all now know that hazardous methods are used in agriculture to increase production. These methods speed up the process of vegetable and fruit production but are harmful to health.

Therefore a radical shift has been seen in organic farming, and now around 33% of farmers worldwide have adopted organic farming methods. You can turn it into business and generate revenue if you are also interested in growing veggies and fruits.

Knowledge, training, small spare land, and essential tools are enough to start organic farming, and you can gradually earn a remarkable amount every month.

30. Boutique:

Down to Earth Boutique – Down to Earth Boutique

Clothing business like boutique is considered the most profitable business in Pakistan. The cost of fabrics used in Pakistan is lower than worldwide and trendy apparel can be prepared with a small investment. If you are passionate about turning an ordinary material into a stylish dress, you can turn it into business.

Design it yourself and hire a tailor to stitch it accordingly. The dresses can be sold online, or you can set up a stylish boutique. Boutique businesses can provide handsome revenue every month.

31. E-book publishing:

Have you ever published your stories or writings online? Have you ever thought of turning your writing passion into a business? If you have good writing skills and are passionate about earning money, e-book publishing can be an excellent source of income.

Many websites on the internet allow you to publish your writings for free (including Amazon). You can earn around 500 USD monthly, depending on your content quality and efforts. Moreover, there are options available to make through collaborations and royalties as well.

32. Translator:

Any skill these days can earn lots of money. It all depends on your interests and the opportunities you seek. If you are bilingual and speak more than one foreign language as an expert, you are lucky! Many companies hire people as a translator to make communication easier with natives.

Globalization and the increase in remote jobs have also increased the demand for translators by remarkable numbers. There is always a high demand for translators from Chinese to Urdu in Pakistan. A translator can start earning from 30 thousand PKR in Pakistan.

33. Host vacation houses:

Pakistan is blessed with tourist points from Kashmir to Baluchistan; there are many places where people come from all over the world. If you live in northern areas of Pakistan or anywhere near tourist points, congratulations because you can turn your house into a vacation house and earn a lot. Vacation houses are one of the attractive business ideas in Pakistan.

Many national and international tourists prefer to live in a homely, neat, clean environment and provide good food. You can register your property online and turn the area into Airbnb if you have free space in your house.

Provide services like laundry, bread & breakfast, transport service to the tourist point and guide services if possible to get some more cash and make your business a success.

34. Soap-Making Business:

Organic products and natural items for beauty are getting popular these days. People are crazy about homemade cosmetics and soaps, especially cruelty-free and organic soaps. It is one of the business ideas in Pakistan, with small investments that can lead to success. A good handmade soap can be sold from 500 to 1500 these days in Pakistan.

Soap making is not complicated; you will need minimum equipment such as a few flavors, natural herbs and scents, and then it depends on your artistic skills. You can watch easy YouTube videos to take a start, make soaps and pack them in cute packaging.

To sell, you can also promote your soaps online on social media and give free samples to loved ones for reviews.

35. Candle Making:

Candles are a great way to illuminate the room and enhance the décor and interiors of the house. Different aromatic candles are also famous for aromatic therapies and completely change the place’s atmosphere.

Candle making is as easy as soap making and can earn quite remarkable revenue. So if you are interested in making candles, all you need is simple ingredients and artistic skills to mold them creatively. The candles can be quickly sold online on social media platforms.

1. Which business is best in Pakistan? The real estate business is considered the best business in Pakistan. It can be started with less investment and competent research & knowledge of the market.

2. Which business is most profitable in Pakistan? IT businesses are considered the most profitable business in Pakistan.

3. How to start an online business in Pakistan? There are various methods to start an online business. As a newbie, you can start with freelancing, hone your skills and create an authentic online presence to start an online business successfully.

4. How to start a business in Pakistan? To start any business in Pakistan you should have competent knowledge of the work you are interested to work in, create a business plan, and should have a minimum investment amount. A business without a plan, interest or amount required hardly reaches success.

Summing Up:

In every area, Pakistan has the greatest business ideas and investment prospects, which are available to both low- and high-income groups or people. This was a detailed and interesting blog post regarding low-cost company ideas. If you do your homework and have a decent marketing plan, you can simply start your own business. Small-scale trade is likewise becoming more prevalent. It is the top business in Pakistan. For more related news and blogs keep reading realtorspk blog .

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20 Online Business Ideas in Pakistan with Little or No Investment in 2023

small business ideas in pakistan

Online earning opportunities exist in Pakistan, just like in any other country. And many companies have made it big despite tough competition. Two popular food chains, Burger Lab and Broadway Pizza, are intriguing case studies on how to start an online business in Pakistan.

It is interesting to find how they turned the tide against international fast-food giants by growing an idea into a great startup. It would be an exciting tale for people who want to start an online store in Pakistan.

Burger Lab and Broadway Pizza have around 20 and 54 branches, respectively. However, creating a reputation is not easy as US-based fast-food restaurants heavily dominate the fast-food market. 

These brands made their mark by offering a great ambience and consistently working on growing their online presence. Thanks to their contribution, fast food has remained one of Pakistan's most successful online business ideas during the last two decades.

"You can't wait for customers to come to you. You must figure out where they are, go there and bring them back to your store" - Paul Graham, American Scientist and Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Y Combinator - Seed Capital Firm. 

The beauty of online businesses is that they can attract virtually everyone, even if they are genuinely interested in buying a product. Take the example of the burger and pizza chains mentioned above. They use engaging visuals to invoke hunger, and a large section of the target audience often orders from these restaurants.

What would be your answer if I asked you what is the most profitable business in Pakistan? After going through this post, I hope you will be in a better position to answer this question and have some great ideas for online shopping that attract people and convert them into customers.

Why Online Business in the First Place?

"If you're competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering." - Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

Like in any other country, online earning opportunities exist in Pakistan. Information about online business ideas in Pakistan without investment is perhaps one of the most-searched topics on the Internet. Starting small businesses is also viable, as discussed in this LinkedIn group . While a minimum amount is required in some cases, you can earn through affiliate sales or blog writing without initial investment. And that's the reason why people look for online small business ideas in Pakistan, which can help them make a good start. 

The list of profitable businesses in Pakistan is large enough to accommodate several good ideas that are successful worldwide. You may think that growing inflation and a worldwide economic downturn can lead to another recession. That's one reason why people usually want to go for safe ideas. Most businessmen don’t want to experiment much in these testing times and go for limited business ideas. 

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Online Business Ideas for Females 

Cheap internet connectivity and smartphones have made it easier for everyone to connect to the online world and start earning. There is virtually no business that a male can do and a female can't. That's why online business ideas in Pakistan for females are the same for males. In some cases, women have fared better in dealing with some businesses. 

A prime example is Sehat Kahani , a roaring success helmed by Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram, the co-founder and chief executive officer. Sehat Kahani is a Pakistan-based telemedicine company. The key to its success, and many others, is taking calculated risks and conducting detailed research on market dynamics and product/service sourcing for the best results. 

What Type of Investment Should we Keep in Mind?

The most common type of investment is monetary. This is considered a critical aspect because funding is the lifeblood of startups and small businesses.

Technical and professional expertise is not required to start an online business or store in Pakistan. The good thing about this investment class is that you can always hire experts to understand the challenge and implement a solution.

You should always research the investment required to execute an online business idea. To help you start, I've compiled the following list of the top 20 online businesses you can start in Pakistan that can be a huge success in 2023. 

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Best Online Businesses to Start in Pakistan in 2023

1. online virtual assistants.

small business ideas in pakistan

Virtual Assistants are valuable members of the team whom they provide support and smoothen business operations. From small retail stores hosted on ecommerce store builders such as Webx Ecommerce to large businesses, Virtual Assistants are a way to manage communication, data research, and even digital marketing. 

small business ideas in pakistan

2. Daraz Shops

small business ideas in pakistan

You can create four accounts on Daraz - Daraz Mall seller, Local Seller, Global Seller, and Digital Sahulat. Although the requirements for these accounts vary, the best part is that you need to pay a commission only when you sell a product. Hence, setting up a business with a few products is easy, and you can grow by leaps and bounds with good marketing. 

3. Custom Gift Items Printing

small business ideas in pakistan

Related Read: 15 Customer Appreciation and Gift Ideas 

In this niche, unique business ideas in Pakistan allow you to tap into market segments which you may think are not profitable or viable. For instance, customized t-shirt printing is a popular niche. Not only do companies order t-shirt printing for various events, but you can also print custom shirts to take advantage of sports events and local festivals.

If you can tap in, the potential is immense. In the current circumstances, it could easily be among the best online business ideas in Pakistan in 2023. Thousands of individuals and companies are already engaged in the printing of promotional materials on, not just on t-shirts but also on stationery, mugs, caps, etc. 

4. Graphics and Web Designing

small business ideas in pakistan

The role of a graphic/web designer isn't limited to just creating web pages. Additional tasks could include designing logos, books, and packaging. In addition, graphic designers could grow their businesses by learning new technologies and becoming motion artists or concept artists. Graphic design businesses have excellent scope for talented individuals shortlisting the best small online business ideas in Pakistan.

5. Photography

small business ideas in pakistan

Stock images are readily available on several websites, and thus there is no uniqueness in using them on websites. However, original photos offer a fresh perspective for website visitors.

Amateurs Can Also Earn a Good Income

From birthdays to weddings and corporate events, the role of a photographer is central, which is why this can be a great online business idea. The initial investment is a good camera and related equipment. This is one online business in Pakistan that anybody can quickly start with minimal investment and a passion for photography.

Students with a knack for photography and quality images can start taking advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. There are unlimited possibilities for anyone with an eye for detail related to photography. Images are vital for any business as can showcase products aptly with the help of a person who knows how to creatively present images and elevate them to the next level.

6. Real Estate Agent/Realtor

small business ideas in pakistan

A handsome commission and later setting up your own real estate firm are just two of the many opportunities available to real estate agents. So, suppose you are interested in starting an online business in Pakistan. In that case, you could start as a freelance realtor. The good thing is that you don't need much investment because you can conduct most of the business over the phone.  

7. Tourism and Hospitality Industry

small business ideas in pakistan

Getting clients is all about marketing through social media channels, making it a great online business in Pakistan for students as there are opportunities for them in many related fields. From the position of a receptionist to customer service and restaurant positions, there are many entry-level jobs in this industry that students can get easily. 

What’s in for the Students?

The hospitality industry is closely related to the tourism industry. The tourism industry is now operating at pre-pandemic levels, and you can combine both as one of the best online business ideas in Pakistan. New entrants in the market can start with marketing services related to both these industries. 

You can also connect to people on Airbnb abroad or with people in the hospitality industry in Pakistan to create a network that can grow exponentially.

8. Digital Marketing

small business ideas in pakistan

Opportunities for the Females

Many people start small with social media marketing campaigns and nurture the clients into repeat customers. This is the story behind some of the famous digital marketing agencies. For many people, digital marketing is one of Pakistan's best online business ideas. In particular, for females, offering digital marketing services is one of Pakistan's more exciting business ideas. 

You must have gone through Facebook and Instagram pages where women sell different goods and services. Social media platforms are accessible for everyone, and setting up a small business is one way for females to work from home and establish a business without a physical presence. 

Furthermore, online marketing and sales opportunities exist for females as jobs related to call centers, email marketing, and social media marketing are available. Women can find a job related to their education and experience and earn a handsome salary from the comfort of their homes. 

9. Launch a Dropshipping Store

small business ideas in pakistan

Dropshipping is one of the great ideas for online shopping businesses you can start with minimal investment and then grow as you add more products and target additional markets. Thanks to the COVID pandemic, dropshipping has become a significant player in the e-commerce industry. 

10. Develop or Sell a Niche Product

small business ideas in pakistan

Suppose you can find the investment and have the required technical expertise. In that case, you can create a niche product that solves problems and simplifies a business challenge. This allows you to target some unique business ideas in Pakistan and build products you can take to global markets. 

Examples include eco-friendly products and products related to health and wellness. The latter is gaining momentum as the market reached 3.31 trillion in 2020 . But still, for the Pakistani market, these products fall in the niche category. Sehat Kahani is one example that I discussed earlier. Apart from that, there are examples like pharmacies like Dvago, Ehad, MedznMore, etc., which are making a mark for themselves. 

11. Sell Home Cooked Food Online 

small business ideas in pakistan

It is one of the best online business ideas in Pakistan for females as they can earn a respectable income. Home food is considered hygienic by the majority of people, and they prefer it over small roadside stalls and fast-food outlets. Initially, don't expect huge profits, but with time, the profit margin can substantially increase once you have loyal customers. 

This is amongst the best online-selling business ideas in Pakistan, as people with good knowledge of local and international cuisine can quickly start a home-cooked food online business. 

12. Online Teaching and Coaching 

small business ideas in pakistan

Business Ideas for Students 

One of the best online business ideas for students in Pakistan is offering online coaching and teaching for students looking for a part-time job. And it is not difficult for anyone to start such a business. Let me discuss this aspect further. 

Starting online teaching or coaching doesn't require much investment, as anyone can do it through a smartphone, tablet or PC. Your teaching skills are more important than anything else. And once your online teaching or coaching becomes popular, it can get attention from students in Pakistan and worldwide. 

Students can start web designing and development along with app development while studying. They can use online platforms like Fiverr to find people interested in their work. They can earn a handsome income and can even start a small business. 

13. YouTube Channel 

small business ideas in pakistan

According to Sprout Social , short-form videos, live videos, gaming/toys/consumer electronic reviews are among the most popular genres. To qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, you must fulfil their policy of 4000 hours of watch time within 12 months, with at least 1000 subscribers. 

Try asking about the top 10 ways of earning money online without minimal effort; every list will indeed include YouTube. Thus, it is one of the few online business ideas in Pakistan that is relatable to every segment of society, as videos garner interest for everyone. 

14. Social Media Management

small business ideas in pakistan

From posting pictures on a business's Instagram page to running a Facebook page of a fine-dine restaurant, the possibilities are endless. There are opportunities for anyone who knows how to create social media accounts and run them successfully. Every company, regardless of the size and nature of the business, needs a prominent social media presence for the best results. 

Operating such a business is also very easy on the pocket as it doesn't cost much to use a smartphone and use Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Surely one of the better online business ideas for beginners in Pakistan that can quickly yield good results. 

15. Content Writing 

small business ideas in pakistan

Unlike most other business ideas discussed here, content writing is technical. In other words, not everyone can offer their support to people looking for unique content. But suppose you know your way with words. In that case, you can earn a handsome amount by working from home. It is one of the few online business ideas in Pakistan without investment. Just your skill in content writing will work miracles for you. 

Starting a blog is easy; you can speak out on any topic. People interested in the topic you are discussing will start patronizing your page, and you can start getting ads as the traffic on your portal increase steadily. An activity that looks like a hobby can be turned into a money-making stream without investing a fortune. 

16. Startup Advisor 

small business ideas in pakistan

Startups need to figure out what is a suitable business model for success. As a startup advisor, you can give an expert opinion on how a person can start a business with the right product or service. With ample knowledge about the market dynamics and what the future holds, you can help out aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs looking to make a mark for themselves. 

17. Podcasts 

small business ideas in pakistan

TED Talks Daily is the best example of a podcast. They are trendy, available anytime and anywhere at no cost. So, how are you going to earn revenue through a podcast? The popularity of your podcast will carve a niche for yourself so that you will have domain authority. Everyone will recognize that you are the authority on a specific subject, and anyone can benefit from watching or listening to your podcast. 

While podcasts may be peculiar, unlike a YouTube video or a social media post, they reach a target audience that will be interested in more podcasts from you. Slowly, you can build a loyal following that can be fruitful in the future. 

18. Freelancing 

small business ideas in pakistan

Like a podcast or YouTube channel that can take some time to materialize, a freelancing business can also take its own sweet time, but it is worth the effort. The best is that you are working from the comfort of your home, thus saving lots of cost in commuting, fuel and most importantly, time. Time is money as you can do so much in the time when you will be stuck in morning or evening rush-hour traffic. 

Advantages of Freelancing 

Freelancers are also known as independent contractors. You can choose your timings and get people onboard for your business based on their skill set rather than looking for their degrees or experience. There are many high-paying gigs that you can start, and also some that are fun, like voice-over, composing background music, and writing jingles for ads. 

Websites like Fiverr, Guru and Freelancer offer excellent platforms for anyone looking for small jobs or something that can be materialized as a business later on. Pakistanis are using the platforms mentioned above very smartly, and hundreds and thousands of freelancers are earning good incomes from these platforms. These platforms work well for anyone looking for the best online-selling business ideas in Pakistan. 

19. Online Fitness Training 

small business ideas in pakistan

Fitness trainers or people with ample health and nutrition knowledge can start a business within a few days. It is just like setting up a website with information about what people would like to know about fitness. From weight training to yoga and simple exercises to remain fit, there are options for people with expert knowledge that they can use to monetize. 

20. Gift Shops 

small business ideas in pakistan

Gift shops can carve a niche for themselves very quickly. With honesty and dedication in serving your customers, you can quickly establish a business online that can be rewarding. It is one of the most popular online business ideas for beginners in Pakistan. Gift shop ideas are popular as they provide options for shoppers for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. 

Over to You

No blog is complete and can be successful without getting the nod from its target audience. That’s why it is time for you to give your feedback. Let us help you explore unique business ideas in Pakistan. You can contribute by actively participating in the comments section. 

I hope you found a couple of ideas that you could explore further or want to know more about it. Please let me know or ask any questions you may have. 

Also, if I missed an exciting business idea, please don't be shy and mention it in the comments section below. 

What online business can I start in Pakistan?

There are numerous online businesses that you can start in Pakistan. Popular options include social media assistance, custom gift items printing, becoming an affiliate partner, developing a mobile app or software, etc.

How can I earn money online?

Earning money online is not very difficult, but you need to be in the right business. A famous saying is to choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Choose a career or business you like, and you will automatically find ways to make money. For example, you can start a graphics design business if you're good at digital art.

Which online business is profitable in Pakistan?

Many online businesses offer decent ROI. For example, you can start a dropshipping store and earn a good profit. You can print customized gift items as the profit margin is good. You must select an idea and work diligently to excel and make a profit.

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12 home business ideas in Pakistan for 2021

12 home business ideas in Pakistan for 2021

Working a 9 to 5 job can be pretty exhausting. This is especially so if the job is boring, monotonous, and you receive a paycheck that does not reflect the effort you put into your work.

Working from home is an attractive alternative, whether you are launching a new business or trying to make extra cash. One of the perks of working from home is the fact that it saves you time and money. You save on the time you spend on mindless tasks at work, and you also save on the money you spend commuting to and from work.

Other advantages of having a home business include:

After reading all these benefits, I bet you're more excited about the idea of setting up a home business. As an entrepreneur, there are numerous opportunities to own a Pakistani business. There are also several profitable small business ideas in Pakistan for 2021 , and you can do most of them from the comfort of your home.

If you want to start a home business in Pakistan in 2021, and need the best business ideas, here are 12 great ideas to get you started.

Table of Contents

General Business Climate in Pakistan

Is 2021 a good time to start a home business, 12 home business ideas in pakistan for 2021, how to find buyers for your home business.

There are many talented and skilled professionals in Pakistan and Asian countries in general. The country also boasts an astonishingly large supply and variety of raw materials and goods.

In Pakistan, there are almost 3 million SMEs. 1 These small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for about 30 percent of the country’s GDP. However, these small businesses face various challenges. They struggle with securing loans from banks, commercial disputes, and taxation issues. Also, many Pakistani entrepreneurs are unable to access essential business training. Due to these various issues, most SMEs won’t ever hire more than five people.

Despite these challenges, you can become a successful entrepreneur in Pakistan with the right skills, business ideas, and knowledge. Lucky for you, that’s the essence of this article.

If you are still wondering whether 2021 is an excellent time to start a profitable business at home, then you are way behind schedule. The best time to have commenced a business at home was last year. The next best time is today.

The COVID-19 lockdown period in 2020 created a lot of remote jobs. Many industries changed the way they operated. They had to find ways of retaining productivity with the staff working from home.

The pandemic brought about many business ideas in 2021. With so many profitable business ideas, it can be hard to figure out which are worth pursuing. Some of these ideas aren't new but grew in popularity quite recently because of the pandemic. Others have been popular for a long time, which means that they are more competitive but less risky.

Despite this, the ideas we have listed here allow you to create an income from home. And thankfully, with advances in technology, it is easier and more affordable to launch any business of your choice from home. With that settled, let's look at these fantastic home business ideas.

#1: Poultry farming

Poultry farming is a profitable venture that requires very little capital. Additionally, the Pakistani market has a consistent and high demand for poultry. All you need to start up is some space for your chicken hutch and a small amount of money to get the chicks and feed.

#2: Online virtual assistant

Becoming an Online Virtual Assistant is in no way a new business idea. It is a great business to launch in Pakistan if you intend to stay home full time. You have access to clientele from all around the world, and all you need is power, a suitable device, and an internet data connection.

Do you live in a place with little to no support for most enterprises? Or are you in an area where the competition is high because of the various entrepreneurial ventures? If so, then becoming a virtual assistant is just perfect for you.

If you want to start a business as an Online Virtual Assistant, it is best to choose a niche that you can focus on and develop yourself in. This will afford you the opportunity to stand out and make a difference.

#3: Custom T-shirt Printing

The textile manufacturing industry in Pakistan is growing and has the potential to be an income-generating venture. Printing customized t-shirts can be a good business idea as long as you have the requisite skills. Thanks to online courses and DIY videos, you can learn these skills easily and at very little cost. With time and practice, the skills will get better and better.

Custom T-shirt Printing will not just serve individuals, but it will also serve growing online businesses that specialize in selling customized t-shirts.

The process of setting up a T-shirt printing shop is easy, compared to other manufacturing facilities. It also costs little. To do so from home, you need to clear up a part of your house that will be your workspace. Then you need your printing materials and equipment, and voila, you're good to go.

Once your printing shop/space is ready, you can showcase your products on different online platforms like Alibaba.com. You can also reach out to as many online t-shirt company owners as you can, and let them see your work. You may then offer them a proposal that includes reasons why they should change their supply chain to use your services.

contact with alibaba.com

#4: YouTube content creator

YouTube has provided a platform for many people to earn handsomely from their homes. As a YouTuber, you make videos and then make money from those videos. All you need to have is a unique idea or skill that you want to share with the world, a proper set-up, and then video making and editing skills.

Being a YouTuber is a great way to have fun while making money. However, you have to be committed and hard-working to get to the place where you become a household name. Dedication is key.

You may need to invest in several personal development courses, and have a chosen area of interest that you specialize in. YouTube channels that deal with areas like crocheting, cooking, lifestyle, and travel have lots of following. Have a plan that helps you stay on track and consistently follow your YouTube channel's goals.

#5: Makeup artist

Many people are not courageous enough to take up a career in the makeup artistry. But while it may seem like a tough path to take, it is possible to have a successful career as a makeup artist — even from home. You don’t need to have a beauty salon.

Many Pakistani women consider makeup to be an essential part of their lives. No matter where you are situated, there is an opportunity to succeed if you just put your heart into it.

You must practice continuously (friends and family are available for this reason!). Be sure to be in the loop on social media. Study existing makeup trends.

Quality makeup products can be expensive and you may have to learn the skill professionally. But once that is done, you can earn a good income from your home. You can boost your business reach by putting your work online, blogging, or getting a website.

#6: Photography

Photography is a perfect skill to have if you want to work from home. When you are not having individual photo sessions with clients or covering events, you have the rest of your time to do as you please.

Photographers are needed in every event. From birthdays to baby showers to bridal showers to weddings, funerals, and even corporate dinners, photographers are an important part of most events.

Once you acquire the skill, all you need to invest in is a good camera. There are free and paid photography courses in Pakistan. You can also develop your skills through online training. As with other skills, more practice will make you a better photographer.

Create a portfolio, do a couple of volunteer photography for a wedding or a corporate event and distribute your photographer’s business cards. You are ready to start a photography business.

#7: Freelancing

Freelancing means working as an independent service provider rather than as an employee of a company. Freelancers are often considered to be self-employed. They have the freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies that they would like to be associated with. They are often referred to as independent contractors.

In recent years, freelancing has become one of the most profitable small investment businesses in Pakistan. Although it is not the easiest thing to do (there’s often a lot of competition), once you have a personal brand, you can carve out a niche for yourself and stand out in your chosen field. Just ensure that you are exceptional at what you do.

#8: Graphic Designing

A graphic designer takes information from a person and turns it into alluring visual content. Graphic designers are responsible for creating many things that you see and use every day. This includes branding, books, magazines, apps, adverts, packaging, logos, badges, maps, and websites.

As a graphic designer, you’re not just limited to designing logos, books, and brand packaging. You could be an artist, a motion designer or a concept artist. These are skills that can be learned online for free or for a fee.

If you are working from home, you can be a freelance graphic designer. You’ll work with some amazing, creative people while having the desired flexibility in your career. As a self-employed graphic designer in Pakistan, you must be flexible. You can offer your services on different freelance platforms and work remotely.

#9: Tourism agency

More and more, Pakistan is opening its doors towards tourism. This profitable business is sure to become even more profitable as more tourists find their way into Pakistan. The country has the opportunity for growth within the tourism industry as some of its local political and war-related tensions have calmed over the years.

Tourists will need guides because of the language barrier. The local tourism agency is designed to provide a rounded local experience for the tourists, in exchange for a fee. You can start this business by setting up a simple website that offers your tourism services. Then go on and map out the top 5 things that tourists must do to get a good feel of Pakistan.

Then you could rent a van and take your clients on these local experiences. A unique perk to this business is that you get to meet different people and have exciting experiences while you're on the job.

#10: Real estate business

This can be done on a part-time basis. All you need to do is to keep an eye on potential opportunities for real estate investment around you. Then you can have a platform where buyers and sellers get to connect. You get a commission for whatever sale is carried out through you or your platform. This is a very convenient and stress-free way of earning money.

With time, you may even be able to bring on employees as your business expands, who may also choose to work remotely.

#11: Home-made food production

Pakistanis prefer homemade food. If you need low investment business ideas, try preparing homemade food and making it available to those who are away from home. This can prove to be a very profitable business idea to go on within Pakistan.

You may choose to set up a kitchen to specialize in a particular type of food that is loved by a large number of people in Pakistan. An example is Halal. Halal refers to food material, ingredients, and production process, which is permissible for Muslims to consume.

Pakistan is the second largest Muslim country in the world. As a result, Halal breakfast and dessert dishes are more popular than ever. You could set up a Halal kitchen to make different creations of various meals upon request.

#12: Social media/online marketing

Social media and online marketing are currently booming in Pakistan. The basic things to have to start a social media or online marketing business are a laptop or a mobile phone, power, and internet connection.

This type of zero investment business does not require a lot of skill. All you need is to understand the basic use of social media and how to promote or advertise any small or large business on various platforms.

Social media marketing is a key tool to help manufacturing companies and industries in Pakistan reach new customers. If you are interested in social media marketing, you can start your business by offering your services to a local business such as a Halal food vendor or maker of herbal medicines.

Help the business owner reach their target customers and potential clients, and they will pay you handsomely for your services. If you are good at what you do, you will stand out. Your business in Pakistan can grow to other industries with time and thus expand your clientele.

Before you set up your home business in Pakistan, here are some helpful tips you want to consider:

Some of the businesses we looked at above are easier to start than others. Some will generate more income. But ALL of them will allow you to work from anywhere you’d like.

When you have successfully set up your home business in Pakistan, then what? You need clients. How do you go about finding them?

Alibaba.com provides you with a global platform where you can meet buyers who are interested in what you do. Alibaba.com is the leading online marketplace for businesses from all over the world. Whether you are offering products or providing services, Alibaba.com can help you reach millions of B2B buyers and clients globally.

No matter which home business you choose to start, you can have an online store where you can post your products and sell to millions of B2B buyers on Alibaba.com.

Want to learn more? Click here to learn how Alibaba.com works for global sellers.

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small business ideas in pakistan

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small business ideas in pakistan

small business ideas in pakistan

Top 40 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

Are you looking for small business ideas in Pakistan? Do you want to start a business in Pakistan with low investment? Do you want to know what are the profitable investment opportunities in Pakistan? Here in this article we have analyzed the present socio-economic status of the country and compiled the top profitable small business ideas in Pakistan for new entrepreneurs.

The small business sector in Pakistan has the highest potential opportunity for self-employment among the educated youth of the country.

As per industry experts, Pakistan’s GDP is expected to reach around 292.00 USD Billion in 2022 and is projected to touch 310.00 USD Billion in 2023. The growth momentum is broad-based, as all sectors namely agriculture, industry, and services have supported economic growth.

Find below a list of the best small business opportunities in Pakistan industry-wise:

40 Business Ideas in Pakistan with Small Investment

The agriculture sector in Pakistan accounts for 20.9 percent of the GDP and 43.5 percent of employment, the sector has strong backward and forward linkages. The agriculture sector has four sub-sectors including crops, livestock, fisheries, and forestry.

Agro-Based Business Opportunities in Pakistan 

#1. bee keeping.

The beekeeping business demands day-to-day monitoring with close supervision of the bees. With increasing awareness about health, the demand for honey is growing globally. Beekeeping for selling honey and other products like wax is a profitable venture to start with less startup investment. Read More…

#2. Certified Seed Production

Seed certification is a quality assurance system whereby seed intended for marketing is subject to official control and inspection. At its simplest, the system certifies that a sack, packet, or box of seed contains what it says on the label. Additionally, it ensures the seed production method, inspection, and grading are in accordance with the requirements of a Certification Scheme. To initiate this business you don’t have any requirement of land, just start the venture by contract farming. Read More…

#3. Fish Farming

The commercial fish farming business is a lucrative investment that can spin money at any time of the year continuously. With the implementation of modern techniques and having owned space, an entrepreneur can start this business with moderate capital investment. Fish farming is one of the most profitable business ideas in Pakistan.  Read More…

#4. Mushroom Farming 

A mushroom farming business can fetch a big profit in just a few weeks with a considerably low start-up capital investment to start a business. A person who has a little bit of idea in the science & technology of mushroom growing and has their own building for having the farm – mushroom farming business will be the perfect option for him to start. Read More…

#5. Organic Farm Green House

An organic farm greenhouse business has a high potential to grow and succeed because steadily the demand for organically grown farm products has grown considerably. The organic farm greenhouse business was normally done on small, family-run farms. But since the demand for organically grown food products is now increasing, people are investing in land for organic farming. Read More…

#6. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming practice has transformed into a techno-commercial industry from the status of backyard farming for three decades. Nowadays, poultry farming is the fastest-growing sector in the agriculture and farming business. The annual growth rate is 8-10% in eggs and 12-15% in the broiler industry. Read More…

#7. Sugarcane Farming

Sugarcane is an important cash crop in Pakistan. Sugar cane is used for sweetening purposes. It is the most important and cheapest source of refined sugar. Gur, Alcohol, and Desi Shakkar are also prepared from Sugarcane. The left-out stalk fibers (bagasse) are used in the paper industries as fuel and cattle food.

Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Pakistan 

The industrial sector contributes 20.30 percent of the GDP. It is also a major source of tax revenues for the government of Pakistan. Manufacturing is the most important sub-sector of the industrial sector comprising a 65.4 percent share in the overall industrial sector.

#8. Detergent Powder Manufacturing

Detergent powders are also known as synthetic detergents and these are surfactants. One can start this project with a small startup capital investment. There are a number of varieties of detergent available in the market depending upon the different percentages of active ingredients and other components.

The process of manufacturing is very simple and it involves simply mixing different ingredients in the right formula.

#9. Garment Manufacturing

Garment manufacturing business opportunity demands know-how about process technology and adequate knowledge in textile marketing. The readymade garment manufacturing business in today’s world is a multi-billion dollar industry. People have become more style and outfit-conscious. This has provided a lot of scope for the garment manufacturing business globally. Read More…

#10. Leather Garment Making

An aspiring garment fashion designing professional having experience working with leather items can start a leather garment-making business. Leather has developed a reputation in the fashion garment industry for both men or women and young and old.

#11. Matchstick Manufacturing

Matchstick manufacturing business can be initiated on a small scale by maintaining safety measures strictly. Matchsticks are consumer durable products and the demand is growing day by day. An entrepreneur having knowledge of channel distribution can start this business with moderate capital investment.

#12. Nylon Production

The demand for nylon products is very extensive globally and it requires on a daily basis. Choosing the right product and identifying the market are the most crucial issues in getting success in nylon production. Read More…

#13. Toothpaste Manufacturing

Toothpaste is a consumer durable product. In today’s world, we find different varieties of types of toothpaste available on the market. The production process is simple and can be initiated on a small-scale basis. Selecting the right product and crafting the right marketing strategy is crucial to getting success in this business.

#14. T-Shirt Printing

The T-shirt printing business is now a multi-billion rupee industry, and it can be relatively inexpensive to start a small-scale venture.  The attractive T-shirt design and catchy phrases attract customers. There are many ways to print T-shirts and prospective entrepreneurs must first investigate the market before investing in a print method. Read More…

#15. Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

Hand sanitizers have become the most sought-after product during the coronavirus outbreak. Making hand sanitizers is surely going to be a profitable manufacturing business during the pandemic crisis in Pakistan.

#16. Become a Halal Food Manufacturer in Pakistan

There is an increasing demand for halal food is on the rise across Pakistan. Hala food and confectionaries are prepared as per strict guidelines from Islamic dietary law. As per industry experts, the global halal food industry is projected to reach $9.71 trillion by the year 2025. Since the religion of the majority population in Pakistan is Muslim, halal food and snack production can be a highly profitable business in this part of the world.

#17. Battery Reconditioning Business

The battery reconditioning business is providing the service of restoring energy-less batteries to their full original capacity. Actually, you can do this by adding some chemicals and using some simple methods. As the vehicle population is growing and consumers are becoming more cost-conscious the potential of increasing this business is obvious. Read More…

Retail Business Opportunities in Pakistan 

Basically, the growing urbanization, the younger generation, and middle-class consumers are the major reasons for the growth in the retail industry in Pakistan. Improvement in the per capita income of local consumers also played a vital role in generating volume sales of store-based and non-store retailers.

Modern retail formats such as supermarkets became quite popular among urban consumers for grocery shopping.

#18. Beauty Salon

A beauty salon or beauty parlor provides products and services that enhance the client’s physical appearance and mental relaxation. This is one of the most trending beauty business ideas in the retail segment. Selecting the right location, efficient manpower, and proper sales promotional activity is required in starting this business. Read More…

#19. Coffee Shop

Over the past decade, the coffee shop industry is increasing rapidly. An entrepreneur passionate and talented about coffee can initiate a coffee shop business with substantial capital investment. Furthermore, the coffee shop actually treated as a third place outside of work and home to relax. The coffee shop business is one of the best ways to turn your love for coffee into a profit-making business. Read More…

#20. Diagnostic Center

An individual having experience in laboratory science can initiate a diagnostic center business with substantial capital investment. The diagnostic center with pathology is one of the most profitable businesses in the medical and pharma industry.

Heightened physician awareness and the increasing patient requirement to avail of high-quality care have increased the demand for a good-quality diagnostic center. Read More…

#21. Electronics Shop

The sales of smartphones and other electronic gadgets and appliances have seen a huge growth in the recent few years. With people having a good retail space in a city area with the capacity of investing a good amount of money, opening an electronics store is surely one of the most lucrative retail-based business ideas in Pakistan.

#22. Kids Store

If you live in a city with a high population density with a young crowd, a retail kid’s store business is perfect to start. An entrepreneur having knowledge of the retail industry can initiate a retail kid’s store business by focusing target niche. The size of the kid population is growing and there is no shortage of potential consumers in this industry ever. Read More…

#23. Medical Store

The medical store business opportunity is perfect for those who are a chemist or has years of experience as a pharmacist. In this business, there are so many types of commercial options available apart from only medicine selling. Every year, the medical industry is growing and the growth rate is 18% per annum in India. It is only for increasing demand for medicine and related health care products and supplements. Read More…

Service Business Opportunities in Pakistan 

The share of the services sector has reached 58.8 percent in 2014-15. The services sector contains six sub-sectors. The major revenue-earning sectors are Transport, Storage and Communication, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Finance and Insurance, Housing Services, etc.

The Services sector has witnessed a growth rate of 4.95 percent as compared to 4.37 percent last year. The growth performance in the service sector is broad-based, and all components contributed positively to the growth.

#24. Content Writing

If you have a passion for writing and looking for making money from the comfort of your home investing no money, content writing in Pakistan can be an ideal career for them. There are many free freelance job marketplaces that offer content writing job opportunities.

#25. Computer Training Institute

The computer training institute is an ideal business opportunity for aspiring computer-savvy professionals. Running a computer training institute with some other value-added services can be a profitable and self-rewarding business. The only criteria are you have to be knowledgeable enough about computers and the internet. Read More…

#26. Consulting Business 

Managers and professionals from various different industry look for profitable consulting business ideas to do something different, enjoy more job flexibility, and make more money. Consulting is not a new phenomenon.

It has been around for years. The consulting trend is continuing to build as companies are staying as lean as possible in tough economic times. Read More…

#27. Greeting Card Making

The greeting card-making business is perfect for those who enjoy creativity and want to turn their creative minds into successful ventures. A greeting card is an illustrated piece of card or high-quality paper featuring an expression of friendship or another sentiment.

Greeting cards are a billion-dollar industry now. People need it for plenty of reasons like birthdays, anniversaries, and as well as for business reasons. Read More…

#28. Internet Marketing Consulting

Internet retailing in Pakistan recorded strong double-digit current value growth in 2015. This was driven by the young urban population. Basically, this crowd has a greater awareness of this channel and was more willing to experiment with it.

A lot of technical and branding issues are there to creating a website as an effective marketing tool. Here you can work successfully as an internet marketing consultant. This is one of the most profitable advertising business ideas. Read More…

#29. Mobile Car Wash

Running a mobile car wash business is a smart way to make a lot of money without taking much risk of capital investment. The business also eliminates the requirement for a retail business location. Most busy people prefer to get their car washed in their places like parking, garage, or home location. Read More…

#30. Waste Disposal

It is without saying, waste control is a big problem in almost all cities and towns in Pakistan. One can think of starting a waste disposal business with little money and making a good profit.

#31. Music School

The music school business is perfect for those who are passionate about music and wants to turn their love of music into a profession. If you are music inclined, have specialization in some specific instrument or vocal performance, and want to teach others, then the possibilities of making it a successful venture are much higher. Read More…

#32. Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry includes the operation of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products. Though the industry demands large-scale operation, there are segments that offer oil and gas business ideas like the small and medium scale with comparatively low startup capital. Read More…

#33. Public Relations Agency

In starting public relations agency business you will need to work with both print and electronic media. The main area where public relations professionals work is to get their client’s stories into the media. A degree or certificate in public relations is a plus but not an absolute necessity. Read More…

#34. Adventure Tourism

The adventure tourism business opportunity is perfect for those aspiring entrepreneurs who own outdoor tourism hobbies themselves and want to turn this into a profit-making venture. As per geography, there is a huge potential for the adventure tourism business globally. Adventure tourism generally takes place in strange, exotic locations where thrill-seeking travelers always expect unexpected happenings. Read More…

#35. Start a Transport Business in Pakistan

Pakistan’s total road network is around 263,942 km which carries over 96 percent of inland freight and 92 percent of passenger traffic. Transportation is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan.

Over recent years, globalization ensured intense new demands on the transportation and supply chain sector. The success of transportation and logistics companies depends decisively on the quality and qualifications of their employees.

Read:   Top Transportation Business Ideas

#36. Start an Online Business in Pakistan

The internet is opening up new business opportunities all across the world. It holds the same in Pakistan. There are plenty of online business opportunities that one can start from home or with little investment. Check this article to know more about the multiple online businesses that can fetch high profits with limited investment.

#37. Create Mobile Apps in Urdu

The use of mobile phones is on the rise in Pakistan like never before. Asa result, there is a growing demand for new and innovative mobile applications for android and other devices. If you have the required skills, it is the perfect time to create useful mobile apps and make good money.

It is a fact that the demand is more for mobile apps that are helpful for Urdu-speaking local people. There is a greater chance of success if you can create Urdu-based mobile apps.

#38. Start a Security Service Business in Pakistan

There has been significant growth in the demand for security services in Pakistan. If you have some experience in the industry and have an investment capacity of around 5 to 10 Lacs, starting a security-related business here in this part of the world can be highly profit-making.

#39. Ecommerce Business

Experts predict that the eCommerce market in Pakistan is expected to grow by 8.49% during 2022-2027. There is a wide range of eCommerce business opportunities one can start depending on the investment capacity. However, it is extremely important to select the right product niche for overall success in Ecommerce-related business.

#40. Construction Business

Due to more and more urbanization, the construction industry is poised for good growth in Pakistan. If you have an engineering background and reasonable investment capacity, starting a construction business can fetch high returns here in this part of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the most profitable businesses to start in pakistan.

What business can I start with 50000 rupees in Pakistan?

The top 5 businesses one can start under Rs. 50K in Pakistan?

Is Pakistan a good place to start a business?

It is without any doubt, Pakistan is a good place to start a business in Pakistan. The main reasons are the availability of a wide range of minerals and raw materials, cheap labor, and a low cost of living. One can produce goods at a lower price than most countries worldwide. However, it is a matter of fact that corruption stills loom large in the country.

In order to build momentum and accelerate the progress in the small business sectors in Pakistan, the Govt. has taken several initiatives. We hope, this industry-wise list of 30 small business ideas in Pakistan will definitely help young entrepreneurs to take a decision in their startup operation.

We hope, this industry-wise list of lucrative small business ideas in Pakistan will definitely help young entrepreneurs to take a decision in launching their own business venture.

About the Author: 99businessideas.com led by Rupak Chakrabarty is committed to helping beginners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in starting, managing, and growing their business. Our aim is to educate the entrepreneur on the various stages of entrepreneurship.


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