Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment In Urdu

Today we are going to share Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment In Urdu that will help you even if you are a student, worker, or household lady. SMEDA is a Govt. organization that facilitates and encourages small business ideas in Pakistan. Most of the businesses that are opened in rural and underdeveloped areas are covered under this authority. This authority defines rules and regulations for the small ad medium industries that are working in Pakistan.  The small and medium enterprises development authority SMEDA is the authority that is working for the development and encouragement of small-scale industries. In this article, we shared Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment In Urdu, especially for women.

Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment

Having one own business is better than employment this is the reason that we are giving you the Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment In Urdu to help you to be an entrepreneur and start your own business and work as you want to. Here we are giving you the tricks and ideas that you can use to start a small-scale business and make your own business. Small home business ideas in Pakistan are defined here as a tutorial to tell you about how you can start a home-based business in Pakistan with a small investment. And what options are available for small businesses in Pakistan?

In the above images, we shared small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment In Urdu so you can start your business with a low budget. Small home business ideas in Pakistan are defined here as a tutorial to tell you about how you can start a home-based business in Pakistan with a small investment. And what options are available for small businesses in Pakistan? First of all, you have to know what is a small-scale or home-based business setup. A small home business is a business that starts with an idea and is implemented with the resources easily available at home. This is a tutorial that will tell you what options you have and what business you will be able to start. All the options and ideas for small home-based businesses are available here on this page.

Small Home Business Ideas In Pakistan:

People who are willing to start a business can check the list of Small Home Business Ideas in Pakistan which is given in below side. These Businesses are best for females who want to work and don’t want to go outside can start a business.

Food Delivery Business from Home:

The food delivery business is one of the best businesses from the list of Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment In Urdu This is an idea with minimum effort and investment. If you are a good chef and want to open a small-scale business then Food Delivery Business From home option will be best for you. It all starts with an idea. You have to call all your friends at the party and give them a good meal and tell them your idea and next time when they will come to you, they will pay for your meal.

Marriage Bureau Or Match Making:

This is also a good idea for people that have good networking with people. Most marriages in Pakistan are arranged for certain societies. If you are living in such a society then you will be able to start a business marriage bureau or match making.

Knitting Quilting and Embroidery:

This is the best small home-based business idea in Pakistan for females. Usually, women of Pakistan are well aware of knitting, quilting, and embroidery. So, this business is not so difficult to start and you have no need for a big investment for it. If you know to run a sewing machine and embroidery then you are ready to start your own business.

Backing and Cooking Classes:

Backing and cooking classes are a business that can be used because if you cook good food and can teach others how to do it then you can also open cooking classes at home. This is the easiest and cheapest home-based business that you can execute in your house.

Online Home-Based Works:

In the new age of advancement of technology, the online home-based business is the best idea for students. There are different ideas of online home-based jobs for students at home without investment available. you can deliver your services and in returns companies give you a good amount.

You can also visit  Online Jobs For Students .

Pickling and Jam Making:

You can make pickles of different fruits and vegetables and jams of different fruits at home and sell them to the market. This is also a good business to start at home. All you have to do is to learn how you can make pickles as well as jam and then you will be able to work with making jam and pickles.

Small Grocery Stores:

This is a most common business that is prevailing and increasing in the society of Pakistan. This is the best idea for a small-scale business that could start in Pakistan at a small scale.

So these are the different Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment In Urdu. you can choose any small business in Pakistan without investment in which business you have expertise. you can share more small investment business ideas with others through the comments box below this box.

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small business ideas in pakistan urdu

When carrying out analysis on the list of small businesses running in Pakistan, analysts who are in charge of this matter, for example, technical analysts, fundamentals, economists, or expert managers, usually dedicate their time to monitor companies with the highest weight in their capitalization. More excellent media knowledge for the general public and then generate the most appropriate Small investment opportunities which can return you the fortune, for this blog.

Business Ideas in Pakistan

The different points of view, according to the vision and forecasts of these professionals, are closely linked to the short term return mostly, to achieve a rapid return on investment and successfully achieve an increase in benefits for the joy and contentment of “small and medium investors.”

This year brings many difficulties for companies of all sizes and shapes. Many business organizations suffered losses but, of course, with such a tough time, and the complex economic scenario also offers excellent opportunities for investors in many sectors.

For example, some of the best investment opportunities in the following year in the country are given below.

Table of Contents

1.Transport and supply business

An excellent way to lower costs (mainly fixed costs, which represent a large proportion of the costs of a business) is to eliminate or reduce the concepts of rent, conditioning, care of facilities, etc.

A practical form of innovative business is through the use of vehicles that are points of sale for the company. It will depend on your investment grade and the line of business, for example, adapted motorcycles with back inventory for sale, food carts, vans, or trucks equipped with kitchenettes to sell food.

You can earn money by helping importers or business owners move their goods from the port to designated locations.

Transport and Business Supply

Approximated investment required: 5 to 6 lacs

Required experience: none

Expertise: knowledge about demanding supply goods

Profit returns: high

2.Import broker

Many people are interested in importing products. However, there is little knowledge of how to do it, how much to pay, which provider to go with, what the steps to take, etc.

A business idea for specialists in foreign trade is to provide training, advice, or brokerage service for small importers. This is a profitable business because it is a business with no variable costs and high-profit margins.

Business Ideas

Import broker would assist local firms in their export and import documentation, tracking products, and performing other duties so their clients can concentrate on other work. Serving international customers could also be an opportunity as they can provide more revenue by expanding their manufacturing operations in Pakistan because of the high quality but low cost of labor.

You can also charge them according to per hour, or it can be per import or export project. By this you can make more profit.

Approximated investment required: 7 to 8 lac

Required experience: Yes

Expertise: Legal knowledge, documentation, foreign trade

Profit returns: very high

3.Development of mobile applications

A rapidly growing business is the development of applications for mobile phones, next-generation phones, on systems such as Android and Apple iPod and iPhone. The business opportunity is given, due to high demand and excessive usage of mobile applications.

You can run this business from home by just owning a good internet and laptop or personal systems.

Mobile Application Development

Approximated investment required: approximately two lacs only

Required experience: yes

Expertise: Software application development

4.Development of mobile applications in Urdu

Many people in Pakistan are illiterate; they do have mobiles but cannot understand English or any other language except their national tongue URDU. So developing an application in Urdu is another mobile-related business that can give you high profit.

Some international companies offer translations, but they are very expansive. You can also translate other applications. This business offers a high-profit margin because an infinite number of apps can be sold, without there being a cost to produce it.

Development of Mobile Application

Profit returns: moderate

5.Provision of specialized services

After retirement, many people are jobless and have no way to earn; this small business opportunity is the best option for them as they can utilize their experience to provide specialized services by owning their own company.

Although it reduces the number of interested (generic) clients, it increases the profit potential against specific clients, who were looking for that particular service, to become profitable businesses as these services are rare in number.

Business IdeaS small investment

For example, divorce-focused lawyers (exclusively), tax accountants, medical specialists in a field, language translator, Security guards, driving, welding and trade advisers with other countries, etc.

Approximated investment required: 10 lacs

Expertise: experience about exceptional service you are providing like guarding etc.

6.Mobile advertising business

We know traditional advertising, using spectacular, billboards, posts, etc. A new trend is mobile advertising, that is, a product is promoted in a vehicle that circulates in an area of ​​the city.

You can design an advertisement on your mobile vehicle or another public vehicle for the promotion and advertisement purposes

It requires high investment and application for special permits. However, it offers to be a pioneer in your city, and therefore create a mini-monopoly of a specific service.

Advertising Business

Approximated investment required: 30 to 40 lacs

Required experience: No

Expertise: designing


Due to the hustle and bustle that exists in metropolitan cities, there is an increase in the demand for more relaxing vacations, such as those offered by ecotourism.

There is a wide margin of profit in tourism. However, it must be considered that it is a seasonal business, and therefore, there will be months of low sales and months of high sales.

Tourism Ideas for Business

Approximated investment required: 20 lacs almost

Expertise: traveling

8.Clothing and fashion business

If you have a sense of style and love fashion, then you should step into clothing or fashion business. The fashion industry is indeed one of the most prosperous and profitable trades in the world. A Clothing Business will always see sales thanks to the constant change in trends.

Another reason that the fashion industry turns out to be good business is the little economic investment and time that it requires.

Besides, it is not necessary to be an expert in fashion design since there is the option of Importing Clothes from countries at low prices and selling them for double or even triple.

You can also start clothing business online, if you do not have a place and have less investment. Consider making an online boutique. Start your page on social media like Facebook and Instagram etc. Plus, the point is that you don’t even need to have experience in fashion either. You can also take clothing stock from other vendors and sell them at your online store.

Fashion Business

Expertise: none

9.Microfinance and loan business

Another business in high demand worldwide is the request for microloans or small-scale financing, which offer an amount for a material good such as jewelry, watches, technological equipment, etc.

Profit margins are handsome, but it requires covering two fundamental aspects to start the business having sufficient capital to offer loans and applying for adequate permits, due to being a financing service similar to banking.

Approximated investment required: 50 to 70 lac

10.Security services

Due to the high insecurity in Mexico, there is a high demand for security services, both for vehicles, offices, houses, people, etc.

Security Services

There is a high demand for these businesses in Pakistan. However, it must be considered that they must have trained personnel hired and establish an employment contract that includes the fact of dying in the performance of their work.

Approximated investment required: 4 to 5 lac

Expertise: security and guarding experience

11.Gyms and fitness centers

Another business in high demand is gyms. The culture of the gym has changed, from the idea of ​​male bodybuilders in the gym to families and homemakers doing aerobic exercise and getting fat reduced. It requires a small capital investment. However, the returns allow you to develop a profitable business.


Approximated investment required: 20 lac almost

Required experience: no

12.Product seller company

There are many farms in Pakistan and small towns around the country. You can earn money by going to those farms to get food, fruits, and vegetables that are in high demand, and then process and package them for resale and supply to supermarkets, grocery stores, and supermarkets.

You can also supply products in wholesale quantity to companies that manufacture juice, jam, tomato puree, and other packaged foods.

You can supply other products also at the wholesale system

Product Seller Company

Approximated investment required: 30 lac

Expertise: Market research

13.Travel Consulting

People travel in and out of Pakistan all the time. You can start your travel consulting business by joining established travel agencies or creating your travel agency from scratch.

It can help organize business trips, student excursions, as well as personal vacations. You can also offer ticket booking and hotel booking services to people traveling in and out of Pakistan. To successfully market your business, make sure you have an excellent brochure and advertise your business using all available means.

Travel Consulting

Approximated investment required: 10 lac

Expertise: traveling and information about vacation points

14.Real Estate Agency

If you don’t have too much capital to start a business, you should consider starting a real estate agency. The job would be to link corporate and individual clients with people who have properties for sale or lease. Gradually, you can grow your business to become a real estate developer yourself with various features in your name.

Real Estate Agency

Real Estate business is one of the top sectors in Pakistan. You can start your business on a small scale then expand it after it becomes a profitable venture for you like Sky Marketing .

Real estate agents can earn high commissions on selling other properties too, for example in Islamabad, Capital Smart City , Park View City even the low income housing societies such as Blue World City are providing this opportunity.

Approximated investment required: 4 lac

Expertise: Excellent communication skills

15.E-commerce websites

Internet shopping is gradually taking over. Many countries around the world and Pakistan also have accepted the idea of ​​buying things online. You can create an e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers to come together to sell their products.

E-commerce Websites

Approximated investment required: 1 lac

Expertise: software development and coding

16.Software Development Companies

A software development firm has significant potential in Pakistan since there’s a great deal of excellent local talent that may be retrieved in the region. At the same time, there’s a talent from neighboring states which may be brought in also.

The software development firm would work with local companies to build solutions that would help them handle their business and earn more money. For example, this may be by creating a software program for a neighborhood clinic with many locations to discuss health care files for more natural customer retention. Or you might have a more risky strategy and construct software applications for new startups and have a proportion of the equity as payment.

Software Development Companies

If you begin this company in Pakistan in your home also, you won’t need any type of considerable investment. But if you start this startup professionally, then you will want to organize an office for company tasks. If you install a workplace, then you need to devote some funds.

17.Recruitment and Talent Acquisition agency

Another lucrative business that you can start in Pakistan is to establish a recruitment agency to help unemployed people find work and help companies fill their vacancies like Rozee etc.

Also, you can provide services for employment to companies of international. Pakistan has many skilled and talented people but has fewer opportunities. You can launch a platform for needy and deserving people to get jobs from all around the world by linking them and international companies.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition agency

You can charge a fortune from the corporations and then go to education institutes for talent hunt and finding candidates who are interested in getting jobs in Pakistan or overseas.

Approximated investment required: 20 to 25 lac

Expertise: Job Market search

18.Cleaning Services

Cleaning services and housemaids are the demand of every house in Pakistan. You may also want to consider using commercial and residential cleaning services to help people keep their environment clean and tidy.

Cleaning Services

Approximated investment required: 2 to 3 lac

Expertise: Cleaning and household chores

Profit returns: low

19.Construction business

If you have an engineering background, especially in the civilian niche, or are merely interested in the construction business, then you may want to consider going into the construction business.

Some builders and developers work tirelessly to build resorts and hospitable places for foreigners. You can also take advantage of this business.

Construction business

Approximated investment required: 50 to 60 lac

Expertise: constructing experience and mapping skills

20.Waste disposal business

There are a lot of profits when you take advantage of the waste disposal business. There are many beaches, as well as hotels and resorts in Pakistan, where they can provide their services.  Also, Pakistan needs such service to clean roads and dumps which are present in every street but are not treated well.

Waste disposal business

You may consider starting your own waste disposal business. Be sure to follow all the guidelines set by other waste disposal companies where you want to work as an apprentice to gain experience.

Approximated investment required: 5 lac

Expertise: no

21.Technology business

The information technology business is such that it has been identified by the Pakistani government as a high priority industry. If you are an IT expert, this is an area you may want to take advantage of readily. You may consider carving a niche for yourself, especially in any area of ​​interest that may be software development, outsourcing, and contact centers.

Technology business

Expertise: IT and software

22.Agriculture and farming

Pakistan is an agricultural country. There are many things to produce in the country, especially wheat and grains. If you have a penchant for agriculture or are willing to partner with some farmers to take the business to an exceptional level and continue to serve the population, then this is the business to invest in.

Agriculture and farming

Approximated investment required: 2, 3 lacs

Expertise: growing crops and gardening

23.Animal Farming

Farming is not related to crops or agriculture only, In Pakistan, fish farming, the business of raising hens and other eatable animals is also a high demand business with short term profit gain.

There is a huge demand in Pakistan for eggs, milk, and other animal products. So, you can make a lot of money from animal farming. As for poultry, you can rear chicken, fish, cows, turkeys, and so on. Other animals you should consider include sheep and cattle. You can start this business even with very little capital. With time, the company would grow as you generate more profit.

Animal Farming

Approximated investment required: 20 lac

Expertise: feeding and take care of animals

24.Wholesale   Business

Another business opportunity is to start importing items and distribute them to retailers for sale. You can import and sell electronic products, clothing, food, and even furniture.

Wholesale  Business

25.Selling Vehicle Parts

Pakistani people also typically owned second-hand vehicles. But they need appropriate maintenance, so they are always in need of auto spare parts. So you can also earn money by serving vehicle owners. You can start an import and sale business of vehicle parts.

You can also start an auto repair business. Bringing your business to life with trending automotive services such as mobile car repair, mobile car detailing, and the like would also help.

If you have enough funds, you can start importing cars for sales as well or start a car rental service.

Pakistani people also typically owned second-hand vehicles. But they need appropriate maintenance, so they are always in need of auto spare parts.

Your foremost need is to have a shop or rent a shop to initiate auto spare parts business.

But you can also start your business online. For that, you need a kind and user-friendly eCommerce website and excellent SEO skills plus social media advertisements to flourish your business.

Selling Vehicle Parts

Approximated investment required: 40 lacs at least

Expertise: Knowledge of auto spare parts

26.Service station (oil, diesel, cooking gas and kerosene)

If you intend to build a business portfolio in the oil and gas sector, then you should consider opening your service station. Most gas stations have designated pumps for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene.

You would need to obtain a license and permit from the Oman government before you could build your service station.

It is a thriving business, especially if you set up your gas station along the highway that is prone to high vehicle traffic. You can also maximize profits by opening a convenience store at your service station.

Service station

Approximated investment required: 60 lacs at least

27.Electronics and appliances store

Electronics and appliances store is another thriving business that can start in Pakistan. If you want to maximize profits in this business, you will be advised to import the products as Pakistan is not known to manufacture electronics and electrical appliances.

Electronics and appliances store

28.Restaurant and Cafes

The restaurant and bar may not be ubiquitous in Pakistan, but it is indeed a flourishing trading company.

No matter, there are number of restaurants and cafes all over Pakistan, but they are still not enough due to high demand of food and gatherings. You need some investment for this business and can open your restaurant that will provide local dishes and fast food. But if you raise your investment, then you can offer international cuisines, for example, American, Italian, Thai or Chinese.

Home delivery or take away restaurants are also a good investment.

Restaurant and Cafes

Approximated investment required: 30 lacs

Expertise: cooking

29.Product store

It is not news that Pakistan highly dependent on imported goods, what is new is that you can get great returns on your investment if you know how to get cheap products to supply your store.

Commodity trading is a thriving business in Pakistan, mainly if it is not limited to certain products or brands. The more extensive the options people have when they shop at your store, the more customers you will attract to your store.

Product store

30.Mini supers stores

Superstores that supply multiple items like food items, household items and crockery etc are the demand of every local person. These stores are the perfect place to find all your necessities in one place.

This kind of store demands little investment but are very profitable in short time. You don’t need to worry about advertising or marketing it. Fear of loss is very less in this business.


School and stationery items are in high demand, so they guarantee good sales volumes when shops are located at strategic points and have substantial promotion and dissemination strategies.

Mini supers stores

32.Hardware stores

It is another profitable business in Pakistan, Mexico for entrepreneurs with small or medium capital. In the retail industry, materials and articles for the home and construction are among the most demanded.

Hardware stores

33.Entertainment and communication

It is a sector that includes the traditional media and, besides, different companies that are in charge of organizing concerts, plays, shows and different social events aimed at leisure and entertainment.

Entertainment and communication

34.Internet cafes or gaming zones

With a small investment you can open your own internet café, Supply of internet in Pakistan is still not enough but usage is very high, so people needs places where they can work on internet.

To build a gaming zone, is another brilliant small business idea as you can have your setup in the single room and just need equipment once, Then you can just sit there to earn profit.

gaming zones

35.Mobile business

Selling a Smart mobile phone is a successful business in Pakistan. That’s why it is included in the list of small business ideas in Pakistan.

Recently, Pakistan Advertisers Society published a report in which they state that 70% of people are using smartphones. 60% of people are using more than one cell phone. Similarly, 68% of people are using Android smartphone.

It is expected that this sector will grow. You can start your mobile phone shop in your local area. Alternatively, you can launch your own mobile phone selling website. Do good SEO and sell your mobiles online.

Mobile business

36.Social Media Advertising Agency

With all the manufacturing capacities and other sectors In Pakistan, sociable networking marketing can play an integral part in helping them attain new clients. In case you are interested in social networking marketing, you can start by supplying services to some local businesses like manufacturing.

Social Media Advertising Agency

Helping the company future goal and stick out online so that they can reach more prospective customers. Through the years this idea in Pakistan may grow to other businesses, so it is possible to enlarge your clientele.

Approximated investment required: 1 lacs

Expertise: social media and advertisement

37.Content Writing, Ghost Writing, and resume writing Services

Websites and the vast majority of these need new contents to upgrade their sites. If you have good command in English (as most sites are in English), and that means you ought to begin supplying your content writing services.

If you are an expert in writing, then promote your writing solutions. Ghostwriting is writing books, contents, and books on behalf of the others. However, in ghostwriting, you will get paid however, your name won’t be acknowledged. To generate income with ghostwriting, you want a notebook, internet and decent writing skills.

Content Writing

Numbers of graduates are searching for occupations in Pakistan. The majority of them lacks resume writing abilities. If you’re working as an HR manager and understand about CV writing plans, then you’re able to enable the job seekers in creating their great resumes so they can get their desirable jobs.

You Simply Need to offer your writing Services through outsourcing websites, or rather you can directly get site owners to propose/render your providers. You can write articles for top blog articles, and it will also allow you to construct your solid portfolio. In case your seller/employer requests you to demonstrate any writing sample, then send it. You can create your appealing & tricky LinkedIn,, and Twitter profiles to draw prospective customers for writing services.

Expertise: writing

38.Tutoring Services

Tutoring services is another profitable small business thought in Pakistan. If you maintain bachelor/master levels and have a fantastic grip on some particular topics, then provide your tutoring services to students. It is also possible to instruct your students online with Skype and make money on the web.

Tutoring Services

Expertise: Knowledge and expertise about subject you are teaching

39.SEO Consultancy Business

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is a highly demanding and growing industry. The most important reason for the immense development of the industry is that nearly all site owners need to increase traffic. To increase traffic and search rankings, site owners frequently hire SEO specialists or perhaps SEO agencies to maximize their sites.

SEO Consultancy Business

This is among the best small company Thoughts in Pakistan that you’ll be able, to begin with a very low cost. In reality, it’s among those new small business tips for pupils in Pakistan. If you do not have sufficient funds to begin a workplace, do not worry. Start from your dwelling.

To Begin this Thriving little Company in Pakistan, you need to have your site and earn a portfolio to secure customers. In precisely the same, you need to upgrade your SEO knowledge and skills since its broad market.

Approximated investment required: 2 lacs

Expertise: IT and SEO

Tips on small listed companies

Before proceeding to make a certain and final financial investment decision in the markets, we must remember some concepts and circumstances such as the following:

These are some of the Business ideas which you can work on. But before any investment, always remember to research deep. Have a look at every cons and pros of business which you want to start. Also, you can get some from friends or professionals who are already in such business. You can contact us for further queries, and we can give you information for free.

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Profitable Small Business Ideas In Pakistan

small business ideas in Pakistan

Small Business Ideas in Pakistan With Low Investment

Click Any Heading To Read

Small Business Ideas In Pakistan

Pakistan has a diverse, young and rapidly growing population. With such vast resources at hand, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs are coming up with new ideas to make the country great again. However, Pakistan also has many hurdles to overcome before actual development occurs. This blog post will explore some small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment and how they can help contribute to the Pakistani economy and society and provide jobs for citizens of the country. 

Some of our discussed businesses cost zero investment to start , and some require a little to high investment to set up the business.

According to the new foreign policy of Pakistan, there are many things regarding business that has changed. There is a high potential for large and small businesses, and all types of businesses now have many opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and business starters.

Below is an extensive list of viable businesses that can be started on a large or low scale depending on our available budget.

 You can read, start one of these businesses, and grow with your consistent hard work.

We also try to provide all possible available resources (e.g. contact numbers of suppliers or wholesalers, video, motivation, how to start a business, etc.  

You can contact them and start a business with them in the comfort of your own home.

Before starting a new business, we need to know some essential factors as a business starter.

Comprehensive market research and feasibility report

Once you have all these things into consideration, you can now start your business.

The list of small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment is right here.

Top Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment

1. dairy business.

We all love fresh and pure milk and meat. The dairy business in Pakistan is one of the most profitable and evergreen businesses. You can start with a few cows and then grow simultaneously by increasing the number of cows from your profit.

There are many types of dairy farms in Pakistan that you can start from home with less investment. People, especially residents in rural areas, can create a dairy business very quickly. But People in urban areas will have to find a good site for their dairy farm.

Following are the types of the dairy business in Pakistan:

small business ideas in pakistan urdu

2. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a great business that can return your profit real quick.

First, you will determine whether you want to produce meat or eggs?

Second, you have to arrange a location wide enough to grow your flock.

Third, You have to have some reasonable investment in your hand to start working.

Poultry farming refers to the raising various kinds of domestic birds to produce meat and eggs.

3. Goat Farming

If you can invest for a few months, then goat trading and goat farming are good options for profits.

Is a goat farm profitable? Image result for goat farming The fact of the matter is that farming meat goats can be and is very profitable. In fact, meat goats are far more profitable than either sheep or cattle. Remembering that goats can be worth up to $20 per pound on average, whereas cattle goes for much less.

4. Fish Farming

Small Business Ideas In Pakistan with low investment in urdu

If you have some space in your home or fields, you can start fish farming.

5. LPG Gas Home Delivery

Small Business Ideas In Pakistan with low investment in urdu

LPG small unit doesn’t cost much to start. You can start this business with the following two steps.

People will contact you whenever they run out of gas.

6. Online Cloth Business

Online cloth business is another one of Pakistan’s best small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment. I have personal experience with this business as I’ve started this business only in 5800 PKR only. You can read my story here.

To start an online cloth business, you don’t need to rent a shop. You can start this business from your home. Get some excellent cloth collection and stream live on youtube or Facebook.

You can also use Facebook groups and pages to promote your clothes instantly. People will see your designs, stuff and then they will order you to send them as a COD. Use any courier service to deliver their orders.

7. Toy Selling Business

 The toy store is also a profitable small business in Pakistan. Children always force their parents to purchase the toy if they see any interesting thing in stores.

8. Transportation Business

If you have a bike, rikshaw, Bolan, high-roof or something like that, you can successfully start a transportation business in your city.

9. Chicken Biryani Business

The chicken biryani business in Pakistan is a great business idea with a little investment in Pakistan. It’s an excellent and profitable business for starters. You can rent a shop or start a little stall in front of any shop by getting their permission.

10. Shawarma Point

Shawarma business is a very running business, especially in the evening time. It’s not that difficult to start your shawarma stall under 50,000 Rupees.

11. Burger Point

The burger is a four-season fast food. A simple burger stall can generate handsome money for you.

12. Goal Gappy Cart

 Goal gappy business cart is the best idea if you don’t have much money.

13. Samosa And Pakora Business

Small Business Ideas In Pakistan with low investment in urdu

Samosa and Pakora is the cultural part of our food. You can find a lot of shops and carts selling samosa and Pakora. You can too start this business. You need to know some related skills before starting this business.

14. Home Tuition Business

If you can deliver lectures, the home tuition business idea is excellent for you.

15. Academy

If you can arrange the building and teachers, you should open an academy for students. It’s a great profession as well as a profitable business.

16. Tea Stall Business

A tea stall is a tremendous and evergreen business in Pakistan. People are making thousands of money with the help of this business. If you can provide quality tea, you can earn thousands of rupees each day.

17. Morning Paratha Business

Paratha service in the morning is a short and profitable business idea if you have a low investment.

18. Chawal Choly Business

You might see a crowd of people surrounding Nan Chany carts or shops in the morning. Chawal Choly or Nan Choly ( Nan Channy) business is a very successful business idea in Pakistan with low investment. People doing this business are making thousands of rupees per day.

19. Car Wash Business

Small Business Ideas In Pakistan with low investment in urdu

Were you looking for small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment ? Just open a car wash shop anywhere in the read to give a car wash service. It can be started under 200,000 Rupees and can generate a full-time income.

20. Bike Maintenance and Puncture Service

Here in Pakistan, 7,500+ new bikes hit roads daily. In other words, 7,500 bikes are sold daily. These bikes run on the road and often get broken, punctured and need maintenance. So, If you are a mechanic or can arrange a good mechanic, this bike maintenance and puncture service idea is best for you.

21. Grocery Home Delivery Service

You can start this fantastic profitable service if you have a very low investment. You need to print some brochures and visiting cards and then distribute them to all homes in your city. Soon, You will start getting calls to deliver various kinds of things.

Watch Grocery Home Delivery Service Business Idea In Urdu

22. Motorcycle GPS and Security Device

There are thousands of motorcycles in each city. Almost every mature person has a motorbike. You can sell this security device to motorcycle owners to secure their bikes. so, this is also one of the best Small Business Ideas In Pakistan.

The following are some benefits if they buy this security device for their vehicles. 

23. Catering Service

you can start your catering service business.

24. Marriage Planner

You can become a marriage planner. People with some creativity can do this business, and it is one of those businesses that can start with low investment. You need to provide your visiting card to the people to contact you in the time of need.

25. Property Dealing

Property dealing business is one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan that can be started with a single table and chair only. You will contact the people who want to buy or sell their homes, plots or property and bring them clients willing to buy.

26. Welding Business

A small welding unit can bring you a lot of clients every day. The welding machine is available under PKR 10,000 in Pakistan. You can rent a shop or start a home delivery maintenance service.

27. Pakwan Center

If you are a good cook and taste your recipes, the Pakwan Center business is probably for you.

28. Ice-Cream Business

Ice-cream business is a 4 season business idea. It sells a lot in the Summer season but also keeps getting customers in the Winter season.

29. Hair Salon

A hair salon for men is best for you if you are a skilled hairdresser.

30. Laundry Business

You can also start a laundry business in your city. You can use your domestic washing machine to wash and iron the clothes initially.

31. Mobile Repairing and Accessories

Small Business Ideas In Pakistan with low investment in urdu

If you have some capital and have good knowledge of the mobiles, you should set up a mobile accessories/repairing shop.

32. House Rent

If you have a spare house or a spare room in your home, you can rent it out to the outsiders and make a reasonable monthly income.

33. Chicken Shop

Chicken is a need of every home. The chicken shop is the best idea to start a small business in Pakistan. You can start it by purchasing a few hens and then scale it by the time.

34. Battery Reconditioning Business

There are some battery reconditioning services in Pakistan out there. You can start your battery reconditioning service. A powder or liquid is available to pour into the battery cells to extend the battery’s life for many more months.

(To Be Continued)

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Small Business Ideas In Pakistan

Have you ever thought of treating yourself with a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag, but your typical 9 to 5 job does not allow you to have that luxury? Perhaps to have that luxury, you need to start a business that can help you fulfill your leisure.

All you have to do is to start your business with a brilliant business idea. The business experts suggest that all the business ideas are brilliant if they have the following criteria:

There are tuns of business ideas to start your adventure with. Now, all you have to do is invest some effort in figuring out the business idea that suits you the best. Keep in mind that your business should be sustainable. It should also earn you the maximum income.

This article comprises a list of small business ideas that you can start with little to no investment.

One dish cafe

Pakistanis are food lovers as long as the food tastes good. Select a dish that you are expert in and start your luck with that. The dish could be very simple but try to put some extra effort and flavors in it to make it a bit different from others. You can sell a sandwich, a burger, or any drink. Open a small cafe, and you will earn a handsome income out of it.

Online business

An online business can be the best option for selling your product. You literally just need a computer, internet, and the product that you will sell. It requires very little investment. Its a low budget idea that you can start from your bedroom.

You need to have a Facebook page or any social media account where you can promote your product to the customer. Upload and showcase your product with all of its features. You can sell products like clothing, kids stuff, makeup products, etc.


The freelance business has shown to be very famous, particularly in Asian countries. Different International companies hire freelancers for their projects. You need to have a good command of the skill that you are selling. You can make huge money if you work genuinely.

Coffee or tea shop

Coffee or tea is the favorite drink of Pakistanis. A coffee or tea shop is considered a home to relax outside of work. If you are passionate and have the talent to make a great coffee or tea, then go for it. It is one of the best ways to turn your love for coffee and tea into a profit-making business.


Suppose you are someone who loves taking photos and shooting videos, then you can cash your interest. Different websites pay you handsome money for your photographs. You need to buy a good quality camera initially. Once you start earning some amount, you can then add more equipment as well. Also, if you enjoy traveling, you can make traveling vlogs as YouTubers do.

Teaching services

It has always been one of the popular ways of earning money in Pakistan. If you think you are educated enough and also you have some excellent communication skills, you can start teaching the students. Nowadays, you also have the opportunity to teach online. Just pick a suitable site and go for it.

Medical store

You can start a medical store if you are a chemist or pharmacist, it will be one of the best business ideas for you. The pharmaceutical industry is growing every year. Companies require medical stores for their products to sell. The demand for medicines and other health care products is increasing day by day. You can choose an area near a hospital or any health care facility. It can help you grow your business.

Hostel for students/working individuals

If you have a property like a house, you can use it as a hostel. You can also use a single room in your home (if you have a spare room) for this purpose. You just need to invest some efforts in its maintenance and security. This way, you will not have to go anywhere or do anything, and every month you will earn a handsome amount.

Driving instructor

In a country like Pakistan, where most of the women don’t drive, but they want to, they will also prefer a woman driving instructor. So if you know driving and also have a driving license, you can start selling your skill.

Small business ideas in Pakistan

What are some of the most successful small businesses?

Most successful small businesses include:

What is the best business to start in Pakistan?

Best businesses to start in Pakistan are:

Latest Comments

Real estate is a business entity that deals with the buying, selling, management, operation, or investment of land and buildings. Real Estate is enormous and has been widely seen as the most profitable business in Pakistan. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you have a lot to consider comprehensively before starting off.

By: Humayoun on 08-03-2021


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39 Best Business Ideas in Pakistan with Small Investment 2022

Posted on May 27, 2022

small investment business ideas

Amazingly, Pakistan is a country where you can earn as much as 3 to 5 thousand rupees a day with a cart of French fries in any posh area.

Its increasing population and more than 70 million middle-class consumers are the powerful agents that can turn innovative business ideas in Pakistan into a reality.

All you have to do is to kick off your business with a fantastic easy business idea. According to Entrepreneur , every business idea is fantastic if it fulfills the given criteria:

If you are someone who is not a big fan of a 9 to 5 job and wants to be his own boss, then keep on reading.

A 9 to 5 job can be really exhausting and monotonous. And honestly speaking, most of the entry-level jobs do not pay that well. You have to work for peanuts to earn a decent living for yourself.

However, to save yourself from the hassles of a boring 9 to 5 job, you can always opt for a business venture. There are million business ideas out there, each catering to a different customer segment.

All you have to do is to pick a business idea that does not require a kidney to start, especially when you are new in the business. Moreover, it should be sustainable and it should earn a good amount of money because that’s our primary goal. Right?

investment in real estate projects

The good news is that we have come up with a list of business ideas that you can start with little or no investment. How cool is that? Try to target potential customers with these business ideas. We have mentioned the best business opportunities in Pakistan.

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan 2022

Following is a list of some business investment opportunities in Pakistan , which could be considered for starting your own business.

 1. Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is one of the most popular investment opportunities in Pakistan .

People buy property, especially land, and leave it for some time. Over time, the price of the property increases. Residential and commercial areas are two common real estate investment options in Pakistan. Keep a track of the market prices and sell the property when the prices are at their peak. In this way, you will be able to reap maximum profits.

Real Estate is a safe investment option because you get total ownership of the property and most importantly, the land is an asset whose price usually increases. Also, the property can yield healthy returns. If you are confused between investment in stocks and real estate, we suggest you give a read to real estate vs stocks- where to invest in?.

On average, a property can give you 12% to 30% returns. This is almost triple to the amount you are getting in banks. If you want to know more about real estate investment , follow real estate youtube channels . Also, keep in mind that the real estate business is no rocket science.

Some of the ways by which you can invest in properties are:

Commercial Properties:

If you have some money piled up in your bank then try to invest that money into commercial properties . Book shops and office spaces in malls or shopping centers and rent out space to different retail businesses. On average, you can get 5% or more returns.

If you are residing within the vicinity of the twin cities, consider investing in the following projects:

imarat builders mall

These projects will not only provide you with a tangible asset but they will also yield a very good ROI in the future.

For secure investments and high returns, visit real estate projects to invest.

Despite the growing economic importance that the real estate sector has attributed to the development of the economy, the true potential of the industry remained concealed in Pakistan. The construction and real estate sector impacts millions of lives across the nation. Several governmental and non-governmental departments, along with actors in the public and private sector, have worked tirelessly to bring together over 50+ allied industries.

Renovate Properties:

People usually buy old properties at a low price, renovate them and sell them on a profit. For instance, you can buy an old house, revamp its infrastructure and exterior and sell it at a margin.

Rent your House:

If you have a single storey house then consider it your future investment. Invest your money in your own house, construct another storey and rent it out. You can earn handsome amounts every month, that too by sitting in your home.

If you are looking for a house for sale in Islamabad or a house for rent in Rawalpindi , consider these listings.

If you do not have enough money on hand, consider loans from the bank. Even the government gives you home loans and renovation loans on low interest. Consider these options and earn money. Get to know How to earn money at home in Pakistan ?

Farmhouse or Vacation Spot:

Vacation properties, especially in the hilly areas, yield high returns. Invest in such properties and upload the properties on online property portals such as , Pakistan’s smartest property portal.

Properties in Murree, Swat, Nathiagali and vice versa earn good returns. During the vacation season, you can rent out each room starting from Rs.5000 and even more.

Lodging Sites:

If you have a spare room in your house then make use of it. Upload the property on lodging sites like Airbnb and earn passive income every month. To get more money, you can also offer additional services like a bed and breakfast and laundry services.

One drawback of this investment is that the returns might take time to mature and if you are looking for a short-term investment, then this option may not be feasible for you.

2. Poultry Farming

  Some Facts  

The poultry business contains four major sectors:

Now, if you’re confident that you can handle all four domains – both administratively and financially – good luck from us! And if not, you may better trust yourself and jump into any one of these stages.

W0hen you have decided your area of interest, you should focus on what type of bird you should choose. It is suggested that a maximum of two or three types of birds are enough for a starter. In Pakistan, we generally lay hands-on domestic chickens for broilers and layers. Other available options include turkey, duck, and goose.

Methods of Poultry Farming

  Different methods of poultry farming are being used in Pakistan. Earlier, it was the intensive poultry farming method where the farmer/housekeepers would take extreme care of the chicks and produce poultry throughout the year.

Today, in commercial poultry farming, we use land, labor, feed and a number of other resources to get good results. Two major types of commercial farming include layer poultry farming and broiler poultry farming.

What skills are required?

  When you deal with livestock, you must be aware of the animals’ feed, the environment they live in, their behaviours and most importantly, the diseases they are likely to get in different seasons of the year and appropriate vaccinations.

So it’s better to do proper research or hire someone who could manage things for you.

Poultry Farming Business Plan

No matter how great a business plan is, financial affordability and technical feasibility decide whether you should go for it or not.

Now, since you know your budget and your area of interest – hatching, egg production or meat production – prepare a comprehensive report that should take care of every detail, including required area, investment, birds, equipment, resources, marketing, and clientele, etc.

3. Coffee Shop

According to Business Insider, coffee is the most in-demand commodity in the world after crude oil. In Pakistan, the business has grown triple in size over the last decade, and interestingly, the core of the business no more remains only in the hands of expensive and popular brands. The foodservice industry is constantly evolving. If you are looking for the best business in Pakistan with 20 lakhs this could be an option with some limits.

Coffee Shop Business in Pakistan

Business Plan  

Major points to be considered in the business plan:

Market Research

Market research is extremely necessary for all businesses generally, but particularly for the coffee shop business.

What should you research?

Concentrate on Takeaway Customers

There’s no need to state how important your takeaway customers are. They pay the same but do not cost you occupancy expenses. Do the following for them:

Marketing Strategy

To ensure that you make customers fast and keep them too, you should

Investing in shopping malls is also a beneficial investment.

 4. Digital Marketing Services

In today’s world, who doesn’t want to be promoted? Due to excessive social media use, social media platforms come up to be the first options for widespread digital promotion.

Therefore, starting a small digital marketing firm is a wonderful idea.

Business Plan

It is a low investment business in Pakistan.

If you are promoting real estate projects there are excellent ways to do real estate project marketing through Facebook.

You can offer a variety of services:

 5. Day Care Centre

If you love kids to an extent that their care makes you comfortable, this is a tremendous investment opportunity for you.

Every office-going woman in Pakistan is concerned about her kids’ care, as no good and affordable daycares are available even in the major cities. So why not grab the opportunity?

Interestingly, this business requires less investment, but more passion and interest. These is the most successful small business ideas in Pakistan but can grow to large level as well.

Day care business in Pakistan

Before you start, look for the following things in the available daycare centers of the area:

Your business plan should take care of the following things:

Safety Plan 

Good Budget, Good Start 

Your investment includes:

Tuition Charges

 6. Girls Hostel

Quite like office-going women, female students to have many problems. Finding a reliable and accessible hostel is, of course, one of them.

Since we have very few reputable places in our cities where women could stay for their educational system , the business of girls’ hostelling has experienced quite a rise in demand over the last few years.

Girls Hostel Business in Pakistan

 7. Fish Farming

Fish Farming in Pakistan

Business plan

It is one of the best business in karachi.

 8. Solar Energy

You would agree with me that investment in the energy sector of Pakistan has become an intimidating adventure for modest investors. The oil and gas business is so volatile and monopolized that it generally discourages new investors who intend to try their luck here.

Why not shift to solar energy?

I strongly recommend investing in the solar energy sector because of two major reasons: it requires a small space and limited infrastructure, and machinery and equipment are easily available at a very reasonable budget.

Solar energy business in pakistan

We have recently observed that solar energy has managed to shape itself into a small industry in KPK and Southern regions of Punjab.

 9. Organic Farming

Thanks to electronic and social media, we are now aware of the despicable face of traditional agriculture that uses unconventional and hazardous methods to increase production.

Over the past few years, we have seen a radical shift in organic agriculture. A report says that almost 33% of the farmers have already adapted to organic agriculture across the country.

Organic farming business in pakistan

 10. Beauty Salon

Nothing stands more scalable than businesses like food, clothing and beauty and skincare. We’ve witnessed such small business ideas growing very fast over the last few decades. The more personal care becomes a huge concern out there for everyone, the more momentum such business activities attain.

To start it as a business activity, you need to take care of certain things: choosing the best location for the salon, talented staff (probably the best in the town), interior, price plan, and lastly, the best marketing strategy.

Salon business in Pakistan

Beauty Salon Business Plan

  Salons are cash-consuming start-ups initially, which require a comprehensive plan. The business plan should include what services you can afford to offer (technically and financially), who your target customers are, what price plan can be realistic, what gender you could serve, what age group is your specialty, procurement of equipment, beauty products, the size of your salon and other utilities.

Work permit for the salon

It is wise to ensure that a work permit has already been obtained from relevant authorities before the salon gets a formal start. Followed by formalities, there must be a very attractive name to your beauty salon, as it is again your major tool to impress clients.

There is a variety of services your salon could offer – hairstyling, beauty and skincare, manicure and pedicure, a variety of makeups, and personal grooming.

Two things that will decide the range of services you are offering:

 11. EBook Publishing

Have you ever thought about changing your habit into a business idea ? If you are someone who has good writing skills and you love books then this is the business for you. EBooks are an excellent source of income.

There are many sites out there that allow you to publish your eBook for free , including amazon . You can earn around $500 per month, depending on the quality of your content. You can earn through royalties and collaborations as well.

ebook publishing

 12. Online Tutoring

The mode of education is changing by leaps and bounds. Today, you can learn about anything from home. You don’t have to invest hundreds of rupees just to study graphic designing or photography. With the advancements in IT, you can now learn languages, you can learn basic accounting, finance, sociology, and the list goes on.

If you are an expert in any skill or you hold a college degree, start spreading that knowledge. Be it science, math, sociology, sewing, public speaking, IT. Many websites such as Udemy, Teachable, and Podia will allow you to earn a handsome amount of money from our home.

You can easily earn $10k to $50k per month.

online tutoring

 13. Graphic Designing

Logos, brochures, letterheads, and business cards are some of the many products that can be made through graphic designing and companies are always in need of these products. If you are someone who loves to play with colors and shapes then graphics designing maybe your happy place.

You can easily learn graphic designing from online websites such as Coursera, udemy, youtube , and vice versa, that too, free of cost. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you are good to go.

graphic designing

 14. E-commerce Site

Traditional retail businesses are now converting into e-commerce sites . The convenience, low inventory costs, and broad scope make it an excellent business option.

You can target lots of potential customers by sitting at home. All you need is a website, a good marketing strategy and an exceptional product/service. People are selling millions of products and services through their e-commerce sites. Some of the examples are: apparel, shoes, jewelry, books, electronic s and the list continues.

People are earning monthly revenue of around $150,000 by selling things online. If you cannot afford a website at the moment, try using Instagram and Facebook to sell things online.

 15. Blogging

Oh, so you want to tell the world about your recent shopping haul? Are you excited to put forward your opinion about that new movie? Are you looking for a medium to share your thoughts with people?

Worry not because a blog is a platform where you can express your viewpoints with the world. And the best part about blogging? It can pay you really well. You can earn through sponsored content, Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. You can get an idea of how to manage content, how creative you can go from top real estate blogs .


 16. Boutique

The clothing business is very profitable in Pakistan because the costs of fabrics are low. If you love creating trendy apparel for yourself then try converting your passion into your brand.

You can also hire a tailor for stitching and designing students to design clothes for you. You can either sell your clothes online or you can set up a shop. The price range for a pret piece starts from Rs. 1000 and above.


 17. Catering

If you are a foodie like me who loves cooking then catering is an excellent business opportunity. If you are a newbie, try starting from small events like get-togethers and birthday parties and then diversify by targeting bigger events. Set your menu and rate list and share it with your friends and family members.


 18. Photography

This is such an awesome and creative way to earn good bucks. All you need is a DSLR camera and a knack for art and creativity. Take your camera, go out for a walk, take loads of high-quality pictures and start your photography page.

Make your portfolio and share your rates and services with everyone around you. You can also cover events like birthday parties, graduation shoots, bridal showers, and weddings.

If you are committed to this profession and you deliver top-notch pictures, then photography will make me well off for sure.


 19. Food Trucks

Food trucks are the talk of the town. You can start your food truck with an initial investment of $10,000. Keep the menu simple and hygienic. The location should be excellent because it will increase your sales and customer base.

People love to eat, relax and enjoy a calm place. Yummy food and great ambience will help you earn a good amount of money in a short duration of time. You can earn around $5000 to $20000 easily in a month. It is one of the new businesses in Pakistan.

For instance, if you want to verify your driving license by sitting at home, read how to apply for a driving license in Pakistan.

food truck

 20. Freelance Writing

If you know how to play with words and you can jot down catchy content then you are truly blessed. There are many websites out there such as Freelancer , Upwork and Fiverr that pay you for your writing services. You can write website content, blog posts, newsletters, newspaper articles, and whatnot.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, take your laptop and start earning today. Try to build a client base and hire more writers to start your very own content writing firm. A freelance writer can earn up to 0.80 to $1 per word which is great.

 21. Mushroom farming

Another business idea that is becoming extremely popular among the masses is mushroom farming. With little money and equipment, you can earn a good return every month. All you need is a spare piece of land, training about mushroom farming and some basic supplies.

People grow and sell mushrooms to hotel chains, eateries, and residential areas. You can also sell them in weekly farmer’s markets.

If you have a spare piece of land, then start your mushroom farming today. One kilo of mushrooms are usually sold at around Rs.1500 to Rs.1700 and mushroom takes around 35 days to grow. This means you can earn more than Rs.50,000 with mushroom farming in Pakistan.

With the start of the CPEC , many foreigners are also coming to Pakistan. For these foreigners, mushrooms are considered a staple. This means the scope of mushroom farming as the top business in Pakistan will increase in the future.

If you are a student or a housewife who wants to start their own business with low capital, consider mushroom farming today.

 22. Bee Farming

Bee farming is one of the most economical businesses in recent times. Apart from being economical, bee farming is also very beneficial for crop pollination as the bees will help the crops to grow in nearby areas.

Bee farming is also a well-known business in Pakistan . People start their own bee farming business in Pakistan and sell royal jelly, bee wax and honey at a high price.

All you need is an open space with different kinds of flowers to attract the honey bees. You can start the business even in your backyard. You need wooden beehives and you are good to go. Read books about bee farming and cover online courses to get more insights about the whole process.

Bee farming in Pakistan is a successful business because Pakistan is full of lush green plains and meadows, making it a perfect location for bee farming.

bee farming business

 23. Invest in Startups

Another great way to invest in a growing economy like Pakistan’s is startups.

A startup is “An entrepreneurial venture in its early stages of operations typically aimed at resolving a real-life issue with an innovative product or service. These ventures are typically small in nature, new, and funded by either to founding entrepreneur or a group of investors who believe in the founder or company concept.”

There are many startups in the pipeline in Pakistan. If you have extra cash on you, you can invest it in different startups. The startup will use the seed money to establish their business and in return, they will give you good returns. It is one of the best entrepreneur ideas.

You can check out different incubation centers in your area to know more about startups and how to invest in them.

 24. Invest in Collectibles and Antique Items

Sometimes old worn out pieces in your attic can earn you good money. IBIS World’s statistic shows that as of 2020 the market size of the Online Antiques & Collectibles Sales industry is $1.5billion with an increase of 4.31% from 2018.

You can list your antique items and collectibles on listing sites such as Amazon and OLX.

Some of the collectibles that yield enormous returns are:

So, if you have Pokémon cards stacked inside your cupboard, it’s high time to go through them. You never know, there might be a gem hidden among those cards. Good luck!

business idea of investing in antiques

 25. Retirement Plans

If you are looking for a long term investment option then consider a retirement plan. In a typical retirement plan , you put a certain amount aside every month and earn a profit on it. There are many banks and organizational institutes that are offering retirement plans for the people.

The expected annual return may range from 5% to 10%. For instance, if you invest Rs.5, 000 each month in your pension fund for the next 35 years, the amount that you would have invested during this period would be Rs. 2,100,000 and your savings would be worth Rs. 10,712,838 (based on the expected rate of return of 8% p.a.)

This is an excellent option if you are a salaried person. You can use this money to meet your needs after retirement. You can also use this money to fund other small business ideas. So, it is a win-win situation for you.

 26. Learn a Skill

Skill development is also a lifelong investment. Invest your time and resources to earn a good skill. You can use the earned skill to reap a good amount of money throughout your life.

Some of the skills that you can learn today are:

Consider these skills an investment opportunity and start earning from them. Nowadays social media marketing is getting very popular.  You can either use these skills to get a job or you can also use these skills to complete freelance projects.

 27. Translator

If you are bilingual and speak multiple languages, you are lucky! Several companies seek people who can translate languages for them, making the communication process easier for them.

Thanks to globalization and the rise of remote jobs, the demand for translators is increasing by leaps and bounds.

In Pakistan, due to CPEC, the demand for Chinese to Urdu translators is also increasing. The best thing about this business is that you do not require any prior experience or special equipment.

The average salary for a Translator is around Rs.30, 000 per month in Pakistan.

If you are interested in learning new languages, you can do short courses in different languages from universities like NUML (National University of modern languages) or you can learn the language online as well.

 28. Personal chef

The concept of a personal chef is getting popular day by day. People who have busy schedules and cannot cook all the food by themselves always prefer personal chefs.

If you are someone who loves cooking, this is your dream job for sure. Start your online page, spread the word about your business, decide a menu and…BANG… you are in business!

If you want to step up your game, try making speciality dishes e.g. your secret home recipes or any provincial recipe that you love. You can easily earn Rs.40,000 by working 3-4 hours a day.

chef business in pakistan

Are you a fitness enthusiast?

Do you love exercising and staying fit?

You can convert your hobby into business very easily. With a small capital, you can start your very own home gym. If you have a spacious room in your house, convert it into a gym. You can easily get gym equipment at affordable prices from different vendors.

Spread the word, ask your neighbours and friends to join your gym . If you want to earn some extra bucks, you can also offer healthy meals and drinks to the clients. Charge a monthly subscription fee from every member and you are good to go.


 30. Vacation host

If you live at a place that is famous among tourists, congratulations because you have got a jackpot right there!

National and international tourists are always in search of a place that is neat, homely, and provides good food. Pakistan is loaded with excellent yet inexpensive family vacation spots. There are many countries that offer visa-free entry for Pakistan .

If you have a spare space in your home, try to utilize it to the fullest. Register your property on online sites such as Airbnb, add your description and services, and voila! You are good to go.

You can also provide laundry services, bread and breakfast, and transportation services to earn more cash.

 31. Mobile Accessories

This is the era of science and technology. Mobiles have taken over landlines and have become a necessity. A simple mobile cover may cost you around Rs.250 to Rs.300. The demand for mobile accessories is also increasing, which means your business may thrive.

This is one of the most common investment ideas in Pakistan where you do not require any specialized skill.

Buy mobile accessories such as mobile covers, screen protectors and headphones in a bulk and resell them with a margin. You can also manufacture such accessories and start your small manufacturing business in pakistan.


 32. Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a perfect way to show affection towards your loved ones. A decorated basket filled up with treats can make your day in no time. If you are creative and know how to present gifts, this job is for you.

There are many people out there who are earning handsome amounts from this business.

Some of the gift baskets that you can start are:

You can also start your own gift basket subscription service for the people who want to send out a token of love and appreciation to their loved ones.


33. House Cleaning Service

Another great business that you can start with little capital is a house cleaning service . There are a lot of people around you who work 9 to 6 and do not get time to clean their house.

Hire house help, get cleaning supplies and you are good to go. To attract potential customers, spread the word through social media and friends. You can set an hourly rate and charge the client accordingly.

If you want to expand your business, you can also make an application where people can come and book the cleaning services. This is one of the most profitable business ideas in Pakistan due to its higher returns. 

However, you should also keep in mind the safety factor. Hire people who you trust and know personally. 

house cleaning service small business idea

34. Craft Classes

Are you good at arts and crafts?

If yes, then you are already in business.

If you are blessed with artistic abilities, make use of them and turn your skill into a business. 

Some of the craft classes you can conduct are:

Teach people these skills and earn handsome income in a short duration of time. You can conduct inhouse courses and you can also go for online courses related to art and crafts. 

craft service business idea

35. Soap Making

People are crazy about handmade soaps, especially organic and cruelty free soaps. Every handmade soap can be sold at a fair price ranging from Rs.400 to Rs.1000 and sometimes even more.

And the best part is that you need minimal equipment to start your soap making business. You can play with different flavors, scents, and ingredients, hence the business totally depends on your artistic abilities. 

Some of the basic things you need to make soap are:

Make soaps, pack them up in cute packaging, and sell them to your friends and family members. You can also sell your products online, it totally depends on your personal preference and scope of your business. 

small business idea

36. Candle Making

Like soap making , candle making is an excellent way to earn good money. The scented candles business is booming at a fast pace. You can easily sell one candle for Rs.800 to Rs.1000.

Candle making is a very interesting and diverse Play with different scents, shapes, and colors. You can even introduce your signature scented candles. 

Things needed to make candles are:

Make the candle, get glass jars in bulk to cut the costs, fill the jars with candles, and sell them off at a good price. 

You can use different platforms to sell your candles including Facebook, Instagram, blog, and website. 

small investment business idea

37. Touring Company

If you are an adventurer or a globetrotter who loves travelling , then turn your passion into your business. Pakistan is a tourist country with rich culture and hundreds of tourist spots. So, touring businesses do really well in Pakistan. It is top business ideas in pakistan for students .

Research on tourist spots in Pakistan, see which spots are popular among the tourists, book staying options, arrange transport, spread the word around the trip, and take tours to local destinations. 

The key to success in the tourism business is networking. Make sure you know local people. They will help you find affordable options. 

38. Cake Business

Cake business is one of the most common business ideas in Pakistan and it is highly popular among women. 

If you receive compliments for your baking skills, then make use of this yumilicious skill and earn through it. You can take orders for birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, and small events. 

Simply start an Instagram account, upload pictures, set a menu, and tell your friends and family about your venture. 

The cake business is good for people who want a side hustle that sells throughout the year. 

small investment business idea

39. Event Management

If you are an organized person who loves throwing parties at a budget, buckle up and get ready for your event management business . If you are a pro at decoration, catering, and managing things under pressure, you can become a successful event planner.

You can even specialize in events. For instance, you can arrange bridal showers only or you can arrange birthday parties. 

Create a database of suppliers and distributors, decide plans and packages that you can offer to clients, set budgets, create a portfolio and you are good to go.

A final word

Pakistan abounds with the best business ideas and investment opportunities in every sector – accessible both by low and high-income groups or individuals. This was a comprehensive and informative blog post about business ideas with little investment. You can easily start a business of your own if you invest in proper research and have a good marketing strategy. Small trading business is also gaining popularity.

Small investments need small capital. Small capital is easy to manage and calculate. However, if you want to accurately calculate the capital amount, we suggest you read Converting Millions, Billions, and Trillions into Lakh, Crore and Arab.

Give these business ideas a read and let us know about your views. We would love to know about your ideas. If you need any further information, give us a knock.

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