Work Plan

Work Plan Template

Define the milestones of a project and create a detailed plan to achieve your goals.

About the Work Plan Template

What is a work plan.

A work plan is essentially a roadmap for a project. It articulates the steps you must take to achieve the desired goal, sets demonstrable objectives, and establishes measurable deliverables. An effective work plan guides you throughout the project lifecycle, allowing you to realize an outcome by collaborating with your team.

Lean Six Sigma is an approach to streamlining business processes that originated in the manufacturing industry. It aims to reduce waste, improve quality, and increase efficiency and product value. The work plan is a tool that can help you plan projects according to the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

4 components of a work plan

To make a proper work plan, you’ll need each of the following components:

The goals are the ultimate aim of your project: what you want your team to accomplish. This can be something very specific or a broader aim.

2. Strategy

Your strategy is the big picture approach for your project plan that you will implement to achieve your goals. This includes laying out what your resources are, what your constraints are, and how to take advantage of your strengths. 

Tactics are the smaller decisions, techniques, and action steps that you will employ to achieve your broader strategy. This includes: defining tasks, identifying which people you want on specific tasks, giving instructions on how to complete them, and more.

4. Deliverables

Deliverables are the specific, time-bound results you want to achieve from specific tasks, as defined by your overall strategy. These are how you know you’re on track for achieving your goals. 

How to use the Work Plan Template 

Now that you know all the separate components of a work plan, here’s how you put them all together. Use this Work Plan Template to get started and do the following steps:

1. Meet with stakeholders

Perhaps the most important part of a work plan is ensuring that you have inputs from all the right people and that you’re not missing information. Bring in all the team members,  stakeholders  and project sponsors, and use the meeting to brainstorm, figure out your timeline, and identify constraints. 

2. I dentify goals, strategy, tactics, and deliverables

After you’ve hashed out the process with your project stakeholders, it’s time to identify the goals, strategies, tactics, and deliverables of your plan. This is the meat of the work plan, so the bulk of your time should be put into this. 

3. Create a work map

A work map is an actionable outline drawn from your plan, complete with due dates and an overall timeline for the achievement of your project goals. 

Of course, it’s normal for things to change throughout the course of a project (especially for large projects). Your work plan cannot be all-encompassing – nor should it be. List as many of your goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics as you can and add dates for specific tasks, but don’t worry if you need to make adjustments later. Project management software can be useful in helping you keep track of dates, tasks, and assignments. 

When do you use a work plan?

You can use a work plan at the beginning of a project for strategic planning purposes, to scope the project and continue to update the plan as the project progresses with actual data.   Set a cadence of regular meetings so you can go over the plan, ensure you’re staying on track, and adjust as necessary. Work plans are especially helpful if you’re juggling many complex projects, managing multiple stakeholders, or working in tandem with cross-functional partners.

What are the components of a work plan?

The components of a work plan are: goals, strategy, tactics, and deliverables.

How do you write a work plan?

Write a work plan by identifying each of the above components for your project, then creating specific tasks to accord with them, assigning them out to individuals with due dates, and then identifying clear deliverables for each worker.

Get started with this template right now.

Lean Coffee Thumbnail

Lean Coffee Template

Works best for:.

Agile Methodology, Product Management, Meetings

What makes a great meeting (other than donuts)? It’s appreciating everyone’s skills, resources, and time by making the very best use of them. That’s what the Lean Coffee approach is designed to do. Great for team brainstorms and retrospectives, Lean Coffee breaks the meeting into three basic stages: what to discuss, what’s being discussed, and what’s been discussed. This template makes it easy for you to collect sticky notes and to update the columns as you go from topic to topic.


Communications Plan Template

Marketing, Project Management, Project Planning

You saw the opportunity. You developed the product. Now comes an important step: Find your audience and speak to them in a way that’s clear, memorable, and inspiring. You need a communications plan—a strategy for controlling your narrative at every stage of your business—and this template will help you create a good one. No need to build a new strategy every time you have something to communicate. Here, you can simplify the process, streamline your messaging, and empower you to communicate in ways that grow with your business.


DevOps Roadmap Template

Documentation, Product Management, Software Development

DevOps teams are constantly creating code, iterating, and pushing it live. Against this backdrop of continuous development, it can be hard to stay abreast of your projects. Use this DevOps Roadmap template to get a granular view of the product development process and how it fits into your organization's product strategy. The DevOps Roadmap lays out the development and operations initiatives you have planned in the short term, including milestones and dependencies. This easy-to-use format is easily digestible for audiences such as product, development, and IT ops.

Stakeholder Analysis Thumbnail

Stakeholder Analysis Template

Project Management, Strategic Planning, Project Planning

Managing stakeholders is integral to completing a project on time and meeting expectations, so here’s how to use a stakeholder analysis to help. A stakeholder analysis empowers you to meet expectations and complete projects on time by identifying individuals, groups, and organizations with a vested interest in a program or process. In a typical stakeholder analysis, you’ll prioritize stakeholders based on their influence on a project and seek to understand how best to interface with them throughout the course of the project.

RICE Thumbnail

RICE Prioritization Template

Project Management, Strategic Planning, Prioritization

Teams use the RICE framework to prioritize the best course of action for their business. Using the model, you assign a RICE score to different ideas and tasks. This score tells you whether that item is something to prioritize. As a result, you make better-informed decisions about growing your business.

Design Brief Thumbnail

Design Brief Template

Design, Marketing, UX Design

For a design to be successful, let alone to be great, design agencies and teams have to know the project’s goals, timelines, budget, and scope. In other words, design takes a strategic process—and that starts with a design brief. This helpful template will empower you to create a brief that builds alignment and clear communication between your business and your design agency. It’s the foundation of any creative project, and a single source of truth that teams can refer to all along the way.

Get your free

Work Plan Template

Get your Work Plan Template for Word or open it in ProjectManager, the best way to manage your projects online.

A work plan can be sparse or thorough, but either way, they are essential to staying organized. A work plan can set the goals and processes that help teams do their job as well as dive into greater detail, such as outlining tasks, schedules, resources and budgets. Download our free work plan template for Word and give your project team the framework they need to succeed.

But, if you open the work plan template in ProjectManager instead, you’ll be able to manage your work plan with more than a Word doc, you’ll be able to use five different project planning views: Gantt, kanban board, task list, calendar and sheet. Plus, you can collaborate with your team in real time, and track progress in the software with live dashboards and instant status reports. Get started for free with ProjectManager and build a better work plan.

A screenshot of a gantt chart in ProjectManager

What Is a Work Plan?

A work plan is used to organize, visualize and provide a context for the project they’re about to embark on. It lays out why the project exists and what it hopes to accomplish. It also details tasks that lead to the final deliverable and defines the roles and responsibilities of the team.

The structure of a work plan can vary. You can set one up on a Gantt chart if you’re looking for a visual representation. But our template opts for the narrative variety, with expandable cells to capture the project and articulate its finer points.

A work plan is valuable because it provides everyone on the project team with a guiding document that helps them achieve the desired outcome of the project.

ProjectManager's free work plan template

Why You Need This Work Plan Template

This work plan template helps everyone on the team do their job more efficiently. The team knows what their role is in the larger project and what they need to do in order for the project to achieve those goals and objectives.

It also gives the project manager a document that they only need to fill in the blanks to complete. Of course, those blanks will be different from project to project, but just having a guide of what information you need to collect puts you ahead of the game. Once a project is complete, the template can be used as historical data.

Our work plan template saves time by showing the tasks that are needed, the resources to support those tasks and the timeline to follow, among other things in the project plan . Going through these details before you start the project allows you to understand what success looks like and how to attain it.

Once the project starts, however, project management software will give you more control over all those moving parts. ProjectManager takes your work plan and puts it into action. Our online Gantt chart adds milestones, links dependencies and filters the critical path and gives you real-time data to monitor progress and performance to keep your project on schedule. Once your plan is built, track everything with our real-time dashboard. Try it free today.

ProjectManager's dashboard view

When to Use a Work Plan Template

Use a work plan template during the planning phase to organize your project. This is a process that occurs at the beginning of your work. It is at this point that the project manager uses a work breakdown structure to list every task in the project. They’re also starting to get the team together, work on the budget and determine resources that will be needed to make everything run smoothly.

Our work plan template is another tool to employ at this point in the project. Unlike other techniques that help with estimating budget, resources, etc., the work plan template is where you collect this information. It’s a way to sort all the disparate elements involved in your project.

Who Manages the Work Plan Template?

The project manager is typically the person who both creates and keeps the work plan template updated. Their job touches on all the aspects related to the work plan, so it only makes sense.

However, depending on the size of the project and the organization of the company running it, there can be others who manage the day-to-day on a work plan template. Some larger projects have several project managers and under them assistants who deal with most of the administrative duties.

Whoever is tasked with managing the work plan template on a project, it is almost always the project manager with whom the ultimate responsibility lies. Even so, it’s a shared document that keeps everyone on the project team aware of their place in the larger project.

How to Use This Template

Our work plan template for Work is a thorough overview of your project. It gives everyone a frame in which to picture their work. The template can be customized if you want to remove some fields or add something unique to your project.

How ProjectManager Makes Your Work Plan Actionable

To take your work plan to the next level, use ProjectManager. Our award-winning project planning software organizes all your tasks, teams and even multiple projects to help you work more productively.

The work plan template gathers all the various parts of your project and our tool puts them into action. Build your schedule out on our online Gantt chart. You can use the visual timeline of a Gantt or switch to the sheet view for just the grid.

ProjectManager's Gantt chart showing a construction project

Our cloud-based software lets you monitor progress in real time but also gives teams the collaborative tools they need to work better together. They can comment on the task, get emails and in-app notifications when tasks are updated and attach files and images to the task.

a screenshot of the gantt chart with a file attachment popup activated

Your team isn’t the only people in the project who need the work plan. Stakeholders want to know how the project is performing. Keeping them updated is made easy with one-click reports. Get deep data, filter it to show only what the stakeholders want to see, then share it as a PDF or give them view-only access to the tool. We turn your work plan into a project management super-tool.

a screenshot of the status report screen in ProjectManager

Other Templates to Help with Your Work Plan

If you’re not ready to upgrade to project management software, we offer more templates to help you put together a more complete work plan template. We have dozens of free project management templates to choose from. Here are a few.

Work Breakdown Structure Template

You don’t want to forget any tasks as you collect them for your work plan. Using our free work breakdown structure template keeps you from neglecting any crucial steps. The tree diagram puts your final deliverable on top and all the tasks leading to it as captured in branches.

Project Timeline Template

The schedule is another key component of the work plan template. To capture all the milestones in your project use our free project timeline template. Once you have all your tasks from the work breakdown structure, add them to this template and get a visual representation of your whole project in one place.

Work Schedule Template

When you’re ready to get your team to work, use our free work schedule template to know when your team is working on a project or a task. You can also use this template to note the pay rates and hours spent completing their tasks. Use the work schedule template to organize your team.

Other Resources

There are more than free templates on our website. We publish several blog posts a week and have tutorial videos, guidebooks and more resources. If you’re looking to learn more about anything related to project management, we’re your online destination. Here are some articles that relate to the work plan template.

ProjectManager is more than your online resource for all things project management. We’re the only tool you need to take your project from conception to completion. You get live data to make better decisions and features that manage your budget, schedule and keep your stakeholders updated. Join organizations as varied as NASA, the Bank of America and Ralph Lauren and the tens of thousands of teams using our tool to work more efficiently. Sign up for our software for free today.

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Blog Graphic Design

30+ Project Plan Templates & Examples to Visualize Your Strategy

By Bronwyn Kienapple , Feb 01, 2023

30+ Project Plan Templates & Examples to Visualize Your Strategy Blog Header

Before you embark on any project, it’s a good idea to start with a plan. Specifically, a project plan. It’s even more important if you’re trying to better communicate with managers, clients, employees and more.

Why not just make a roadmap in Excel or Word and call it a day? Well, you could, but the end result will be pretty lackluster.

Not sure where to start? This guide will offer you tips for designing an engaging project plan and a bunch of creative project plan templates to help you along the way.


Project plan templates (click to jump ahead):

Project plan design best practices

Project plan FAQs

1. project plan templates for pdf and powerpoint.

Need a simple project plan template you can export as a PDF? Look no more. Here’s an example of a project plan mind map template you can export as a PDF document:

simple project planning mind map


Just so you know, some of our templates are free to use and some require a small monthly fee. Sign up is always free, as is access to Venngage’s online drag-and-drop editor.

Venngage’s project planning templates are easy to customize using the drag-and-drop editor, and once you’ve finished your design — just download the project plan as a PDF or Interactive PDF (for clickable links).

Note that download capability is available in paid plans only. As a free user, you can share your project plan designs using a public link!

If you want to present your project plan in PowerPoint or Google Slides — you can do that with a Venngage template too! Customize a project plan presentation template like this one:

blue tech project plan presentation template

Or this one:

commercial development project plan presentation

And once you’ve done, just click on the Download icon and choose Powerpoint as your export option:

Venngage powerpoint download

And voilà! Now you have project plan presentation slides that you can use on PowerPoint, Google Slides or any other platforms that accept PPTX files.

Return to Table of Contents

2. Use a project timeline template to visualize your deadlines

When you’re first outlining your project timeline, it can be pretty overwhelming. A visual timeline helps stakeholders get a better sense of what needs to be done, and by when .

A project timeline template is a versatile way to visualize milestones processes, and goals. In fact, a clear timeline is the backbone of a solid project plan. Confusion relating to deadlines, and what is required for those deadlines, is a common problem many teams face while working on a project.

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First off, though, you want to identify your project goals. Use a simple mind map like the one below to categorize tasks according to your goals.

Project Management Plan Mind Map Template


Now you’re ready to start planning your project.

Project plan timeline infographic template

project plan templates


This project timeline template uses different colors to categorize tasks for each week. It’s a compact and creative way to present a project plan. In fact, horizontal timeline layouts are popular because they’re easy to slot into a presentation.

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That said, horizontal timelines can be harder to fit onto letter-sized pages. If you plan to do so, use less than seven points and keep your descriptions for each point brief.

Planning process project timeline template

5 Stage Planning Process Hospital Timeline Infographic Template

This snake timeline layout like the one above is great for timelines with lots of points and not much text. They’re very space efficient. Only use them when you want to focus on the visuals, perhaps when you’re presenting a high-level overview to a boss or client.

Monthly project milestones timeline

Monthly Project Milestones Timeline Infographic Template

When it comes to designing project reports and charts, color is particularly effective for categorizing information.

You can use color to categorize tasks by type, week, the team involved etc. This project timeline template uses alternate colors for the rows (black and orange) to keep the reader’s eye engaged.

It’s also important to break your projects down into smaller tasks with staggered deadlines. The project timeline template above includes specific dates for tasks to complete within each month.

Nonprofit fundraising project timeline template 

Nonprofit Project Timeline Template


This project timeline template would also work well on a presentation slide thanks to its size and the fact that’s it’s a high-level overview.

Its unique design and bright colors would be great for pitching potential investors, whether it’s for a new business idea or to raise funds for your nonprofit.

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Creative design process project timeline template

project plan template

Project timeline templates can help you step back and create a big picture overview, especially when you’re in the initial stages of planning a project.

The above project timeline template provides an overview of all the steps involved in a particular project. It also uses icons to add visual interest and easily identify different stages.

You could insert this project timeline into a client pitch deck, business plan or proposal.

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3. Use a simple project plan template to keep things in perspective

When your team is working on a large project it’s sometimes hard to keep everything in perspective. You may have been working on a certain part for so long that you forget what came before it. Or what tasks come after that you need to be aware of.

Without all of this information, mistakes will be made and delays are guaranteed. That’s why it’s a great idea to use a simple project plan template that includes critical information like scope and timeframes.

Simple project plan template

project plan templates

This simple project plan template uses icons to help communicate what’s part of the scope of work, and as bullet points. Simple to edit (and clean and modern to look at), it also covers all the bases.

Setting out a timeframe with actionable short-term and long-term goals is key, as well as outlining how you plan to evaluate and monitor your progress.

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Your project plan should be the source of truth as the project progresses, so it’s important to have the scope, timeframe, budget and evaluation processes set out from the beginning.

Basic project plan template

 Basic Project Plan Template

Use a basic project plan template when all you need to do is outline key milestones and tasks. You can use it as a simple roadmap for your team to refer to to help keep them organized and on track.

This basic template would also work well as a presentation slide if you’re presenting to stakeholders.

Pro Tip : Learn how to use Venngage templates with PowerPoint in our guide How to Make Better Infographics for PowerPoint .

Simple project communication plan template

Simple Project Management Communication Plan Template


Nothing is more critical to the success of a project than effective communication, according to a research paper for the Project Management Institute. In fact, the negative effects of bad communication on cost and timelines increase as the project progresses.

That’s why from the outset of a project you should have a project communication plan, such as the one above. The plan should include what formats are appropriate for communicating types of content (email updates vs. a formal report, for example), to who and when.

Simple roadmap project plan template

Project Plan Examples10

A Next, Now, Later plan can also really help your team out. The simple project roadmap template above keeps each of the steps extremely simple and easy to follow.

Plus, it clearly states exactly what this team is working towards with each of their releases.

Also, since most project plans aren’t set in stone–they’re agile documents that will probably have to be adjusted along the way–sometimes a much simpler project plan template is the best way to go. It’s easier to edit and therefore more flexible.

 Simple multi-page project plan template

Green Stripes Project Plan Template

If you need a multi-page project plan, you can still keep it simple and easy to understand by organizing your information in an engaging way using illustrations, big headers and lots of white space, like in the template above.

4. Use a project schedule template to outline a roadmap towards completion

Sometimes you’re going to have to present a project plan to people outside the company. These days it might be an investor, a new client or a potential hire.

You should probably create a simple project schedule (or roadmap ) in these instances. And be sure to have it ready whenever you go into a meeting.

This type of project plan helps boil down complicated internal processes into something accessible.

Simple project schedule template

Simple Project Plan Roadmap Template


This project schedule template quickly communicates what teams are responsible for what tasks over certain periods of time. Very easy to grasp.

You can also categorize your tasks by priority. Simply pick a corresponding color for each level of priority, like in the monthly project schedule template below.

project plan template

Pro Tip:  Use Venngage’s simple Roadmap Maker tool to create roadmaps in minutes. No design know-how required.

Modern project schedule template

Modern Project Schedule Template


A vertical infographic is a creative way to present the tasks and timeline required to execute on a project. Big icons help the reader better understand each step. Plus, the milestones are broken out and easy to skim.

Timeline project schedule template

Client Project Schedule Template

Not looking for a roadmap? You can also use a timeline infographic to plan out your schedule. Not only can you add tasks but also any risks, dependencies and constraints at each stage which might throw off the expected completion date.

Pro Tip:  Once you’ve customized your project plan template, you can download it  in Venngage’s online editor as a PDF, Interactive PDF or PNG.

5. A project checklist template offers a high-level overview of key deliverables

While a project checklist can be incredibly detailed, it can also provide a more generalized, bird’s eye view of a lengthy process.

Onboarding project checklist template



Onboarding new employees is a project that practically begs for a checklist. It’s a simple and easy-to-reference way to documenting the onboarding process. You’ll keep both trainer and trainee motivated and on track.

In the project checklist template above, a supervisor can easily glance at their company’s extensive onboarding process and keep track of their responsibilities pertaining to new hires in their first day, week, month, even year.

Simple project checklist template

Simple Project Checklist Template


Want a way to quickly add and delete items in your checklist? The above project plan checklist is a smart template, meaning you just need to press Add or Delete to add or remove rows.

HR project checklist template

This project checklist template is for onboarding, but you can customize it for any project and divide the tasks by milestones.

Send the checklist to your team so they know exactly what’s required of them.

Pro Tip : Not a designer? No problem. Use Venngage’s Checklist Maker to create free checklists online today.

6. Use a project status report template to track your progress visually

Once your team dives into working on a project, there will almost certainly be changes that need to be made to the project plan. Unforeseen obstacles come up, certain tasks take longer to complete than expected, and other snags happen.

That’s why it’s important to not only set your goals, but to also report on your progress throughout the process. Creating a project status report will help you keep track of your progress, while also communicating it effectively with other parties.

Monthly project status report template

project status report template

Your report doesn’t need to be complicated. This project status report template provides a simple one-page snapshot that stakeholders can understand at a glance. The status of each item and any issues are easy to skim.

Simple project status report template

Simple Project Status Progress Report Template

This project status report template features a cool “project completion” bar so everyone can know at a glance the current status. This template goes beyond issues to highlight any risks, variables or assumptions that might interfere with meeting the next milestone or closing out the project.

Project management status report templates

project status report template

If you’re submitting a status update to your stakeholders, however, you may want to include more context. That’s where a multi-page project status report template may be necessary.

When creating a multi-page project plan, be sure to include a summary. This will help make your project plan more reader-friendly and easier to scan.

Pink project plan template

Pro Tip : With highly collaborative project plans, it’s important to make them easily accessible to all team members. Real-Time Collaboration lets teams work together to design plans, provide feedback, and make edits in real-time.  Learn about Real-Time Collaboration here.

7. Work plan template

Want a simpler solution to creating a work schedule? Try a work plan template. Simply add your text to fill out the plan for each day. Or use our calendar maker tool to browse schedule templates and customize them for free.

Sales action work plan template

Gradient Sales Work Plan Template

This sales work plan template goes beyond planning. It also helps managers assess the quality of the work and if the employees in question were able to meet their deadlines. Which is a great asset come performance review time.

Simple work plan template

Simple Work Plan Template

Project execution depends on properly mapping out all the tasks and activities first. Then, once you get going, you can monitor progress based on your roadmap. Continual monitoring is key and be prepared to revise your goals and your roadmap as the project progresses.

This simple work plan template clearly outlines which team is responsible for what, and when, so you can keep everyone aligned as work is carried out.

8. Use a process map template to communicate across teams

Communicating across teams can be a nightmare sometimes, especially as your company continues to grow. It’s common for different people to call a certain thing many names, and that can cause unneeded confusion. Like how people in call a soft drink: “soda”, “coke” or “pop”, but it means exactly the same thing.

So assigning common titles for each step of the process in your project plan can make communication a bit easier.

In the process map template below, they used eight simple keywords for each step of their project.

Project Plan Examples11

The common words and phrases in this simple project planner template will make communication a lot smoother. Now the product team will know exactly what you mean when you say you’re working on the “Sketch” step.

4 Steps To Post a Job Admin Project Process Infographic Template

Further Reading : Our guide to creating process infographics , with templates.

9. Marketing project plan templates

The success of a marketing plan relies on setting clear goals–including specific metrics and outlining the steps your team will take to get there.

Content marketing project plan template

This marketing project plan template is incredibly detailed, with sections for goals, competitor analysis , workflow and more. Click on the template image for a full preview.

Content Marketing Project Plan Template


Project management marketing plan template

That said, sometimes you need a simple project marketing plan to help pitch your agency and provide a high-level overview, like this template does.

Project Marketing Plan Template

Further Reading : Our guide to marketing plans , including formatting tips, how to visualize data creatively (and easily) and templates to get started.

10. Nonprofit strategic plan templates

Nonprofit strategy and planning are two different animals–planning is implementing a strategy, says sgENGAGE . To get started, you’ll want to do a SWOT analysis  to fully understand your nonprofit’s unique strengths.

You can also build out a full strategic plan to identify priorities, goals, key stakeholders and more. This infographic lays out best practices for this process; click the image to see the full visual.

Nonprofit Strategic Plan Infographic Template

Here we’ll look at specific aspects of the planning process in nonprofits.

Nonprofit fundraising plan template

A fundraising timeline can be critical to your campaign–from start to finish. Include it in your fundraising plan to illustrate targets.

Then, add it to your internal reports as the campaign progresses to show the amount raised to date. You can also release it to your donors to motivate them to contribute as you inch closer to your goal.

Nonprofit Fundraising Timeline Template

You can also include a fundraising timeline in your final report to your nonprofit’s donors to show what they achieved. It’s the perfect way to say thank you and it’s also a great way to engage donors and encourage repeat donations.

End of Year Fundraising Campaign Planning Timeline Infographic Template

Nonprofit communications plan template

A communications plan should prepare your organization for key events or dates, but be flexible enough to adapt to changing times, advises the Council of Nonprofits .

It’s important to nail out your goals, who your audience is ( personas ) and what channels and stories will be most effective for said audience. This template addresses all these areas.

Simple Nonprofit Communications Plan Template

Also think about including a timeline of key events and special days such as World Mental Health Day.

Further Reading : Our complete guide to nonprofit marketing  or nonprofit communications .

11. Process mapping in healthcare

Using project process maps in healthcare help stakeholders understand an entire process, without resorting to confusing documentation. Visuals help with comprehension, especially regarding the sequence a project will follow.

These visuals can take the form of timelines, flowcharts, step-by-step infographics and more. This planning process timeline is a high-level overview of building a new hospital, from service offerings to architectural plans.

Process Mapping in Healthcare Timeline Infographic Template

Process mapping in healthcare also helps with outlining an existing system and then analyzing how that system can be improved.

Learn more: Venngage for Healthcare Organizations 

Medical Process Mapping Infographic Template

Further Reading : Our post on branding guidelines , including a template specific to the healthcare industry.

12. Marketing strategy plan templates for financial services

Financial services have typically relied on referrals for new customers. That said, millennials and Gen X prefer to do their own research online , making newer marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, content and email marketing essential.

Our  guide to marketing plans has in-depth templates to help you plan what strategies will work for you. Here we’ll focus on infographics and diagrams for high-level marketing strategy planning for financial services.

This layer infographic can be edited to visualize key parts of a marketing plan such as local SEO or video marketing.

Marketing Strategy for Financial Services Infographic Template

You can also use a mind map to plan out your entire marketing strategy, from outreach to content to inbound, like in this template.

Marketing Strategy for Financial Services Template

Further Reading : Our post on case study examples , with templates that work across industries.

1. Illustrate steps in a process with icons

Colorful Marketing Timeline Project Plan

Multiple studies have found that people tend to remember images better than words . With that in mind, look for ways to incorporate visual memory-prompters in your project plan design.

Icons are one type of visual that can be used to make information more memorable. Pair an icon with an important piece of text to help it stand out and stick in the reader’s mind.

For example, this project timeline template uses an icon to illustrate each step in the process. This helps reinforce the information, and gives readers a visual to refer back to:

project plan template

2. Use a timeline to show an overview of your project plan

While your project plan should include the details of your project, offering a visual summary will help keep your team on track .

Use a project timeline template that offers an overview of your project’s phases, as well as the expected beginning and completion dates. Your team will be able to refer back to the timeline quickly, without needing to read through a bunch of text.

For example, this project timeline template outlines that tasks and milestones for each month in a year:

project plan template

3. Incorporate the theme of your project into your design

Donut Monthly Project Plan

While your priority when designing your project plan should be function, finding ways to make your design engaging is still important.

After all, your project plan will help inspire confidence in your team–and the people who will be funding your project. Especially if you can inject some of your branding into the design .

Adding surprising design elements will help engage and excite readers. An easy way to do this is to include icons and images that reflect the theme of your project.

For example, this project planning template for a baking company incorporates a donut into the design:

project plan template

4. Use a chart to track your project’s process

Creative Agency Product Plan Template

Certain phases of your project may end up taking more or less time than anticipated. That’s why it’s valuable to track your progress, so you can adjust your goals. Tracking your progress will also help you make informed decisions when planning future projects.

You can track your project using a flexible chart that’s easy to update, like the chart templates offered by Venngage. Our process infographic templates  can also come in handy here, if you want to visualize the phases in a project. 

For example, this project planning template uses a simple bar graph to track the duration of each phase. The updates are tracked in the top right corner:

project plan template

With Venngage, you can create multiple copies of a design. If you’re updating a chart or timeline, it’s a good idea to keep a copy of past iterations.

5. Use a project schedule template to keep track of tasks or events

Event Timeline Project Plan Template

Are there specific dates that certain tasks needs to be completed on? You may want to create a calendar that specifies what should be done on what day.

For example, if your team is executing on an event like a conference, then a calendar is necessary for keeping events for specific dates organized.

In this project schedule template , for example, the events are color-coded by type, making it easier to scan:

project plan template

6. Rate your process using an icon chart

Project Status Project Plan Template

An icon chart uses (you guessed it) icons to represent units of measurement. When coming up with ways to embellish your project plan design, look for opportunities to visualize information that you want to emphasize. An icon chart is a creative and effective way to do that.

For example, this project status report template uses check mark icons to rate the success of three different aspects of the project:

project plan template

7. Illustrate how each project is connected with a flowchart infographic

Mind Map Project Plan Template

At Venngage we really love using flowchart infographics  in all facets of our planning. These graphics are a solid way to show how a project should progress and how each part is connected to each other.

And when your team is working on a complicated process, a visual representation can help you keep it all organized.

Project Plan Examples3

In the project plan example above, they used a flowchart infographic to work through their productivity plan.

This approach allowed the designers to show how each step was related, and how it affected the other steps. If they would have just listed all of that information, the relationships between all of it would be lost.

We would recommend using a flowchart to help explain how a single part works, not for an entire project plan.

With Venngage, you can make flowcharts  that are functional and look great.

Project plan examples from the business world 

If you need a little more inspiration for your project plans, be sure to check out some of the examples we found below.

Project management checklist

When it comes time to launch your project or product accurately tracking what needs to get done is essential.

For a smaller company, it’s easy to keep track of what everyone is working on. But as your brand grows this becomes almost an impossible task. Especially as employees start breaking into smaller teams to tackle a project.

Now a simple project management checklist like the example below can help you ensure everything gets done on time:

Project Plan Examples5

In this project plan example, they use a wide range of colors to break tasks down by teams. This approach will help the managers quickly see what needs to be done next.

Plus checking off tasks like this will help each team feel like they are working towards a common goal. You could even print this example off and hang it up in your office so everyone knows exactly what’s going on.

Project plan example using multiple visuals

As you have seen in this article, there’s not one project plan example that fits every company perfectly. Some simple projects may only need a flow chart , but others could need diverse visuals across a multipage marketing plan .

That’s why your project plan should use a mix of different visuals to efficiently explain the process. Or in some cases, many processes, like in the beautiful project plan below:

Project Plan Examples4

This project plan example is almost a work of art, but it still gets their point across very effectively.

Featuring a flowchart to illustrate their ideation process:

Project Plan Examples6

A timeline project plan to break down the release schedule:

Project Plan Examples1

And even this unique bubble chart:

Project Plan Examples9

Overall, it’s one of the most unique project plans we have ever seen.

Project plan example that focuses on deliverables

At Venngage we try to make sure that at the end of each step in our project we have a deliverable to show for it. Otherwise, we are just spinning our wheels and working on things that don’t really matter at that step.

If you weren’t aware, a deliverable is something tangible that you can show to the rest of the team. Like in this simple project planner template, they include deliverables like a report or a presentation :

Project Plan Examples12

A lot of the time, simple project plans fail because they don’t list deliverables or the ones they do are too vague.

For example, a good deliverable is very descriptive and has a due date. A bad one is open and never really has an end date in mind.

Just remember to be realistic when planning your project, and you will be set.

Project plan example that breaks down tools and processes

Sometimes telling your team to just go do something is not the best course of action. Especially when there’s is an approaching due date that needs to be met. It’s safe to say that a lot of time will be wasted as they try to figure out where to start.

However, a great planner will actually give these team members the tools they need to succeed. Just like they did in this project plan sample for a startup weekend:

Project Plan Examples2

At the bottom of this bold project plan, there are a handful of tools and processes that should be followed at each step.

Now, these people can hit the ground running and get their tasks done on time. Instead of wasting half the time searching for the solution.

Infographic project plan example

Good design work is consistent, it’s as simple as that. You want each of your graphics to feel and look the same throughout. Otherwise, people are going to focus on the random design elements, instead of your important content.

Think about how much a simple misspelling distracted you in an email or presentation. Inconsistent design choices are kinda like typos in the design world.

Additionally, this consistency can help you quickly distill info to a reader. Design elements like color, shapes, and icons can add a ton of context to any complex project plan.

Project Plan Examples13

In this project plan infographic, they use colored lines to indicate the answer to a question. Then they added simple flat icons to give each question some supporting info. And a single shape to illustrate the deliverables for each process.

This may not be the most traditional project plan example, but it does get the point across with its many visual elements.

What is a project plan template?

A project plan is an essential document for keeping a project on track. In your project plan, you identify the scope, goals, deliverables and deadlines of your project.

Here’s one example of a project plan in a timeline format:

project plan template

How do you plan a project from start to finish?

Actually starting the process is one of the hardest parts of project planning. This is because there’s so much potential, you might not know what to begin with.

Your team may have so many ideas, that it becomes overwhelming and unorganized in a manner of minutes.

So if you’re not sure where to start, use one of these charts to get the creative juices flowing.

With this simple process map template, you can kick off the planning in a more structured way.

Project Plan Examples7

Each step will help you define goals , future plans and a ton of other metrics without getting distracted and lead you through planning a project from start to finish. This simple project plan chart has the same objective.

Simple Project Planning Process Infographic Template

What are the key elements of a project plan?

A project plan should answer these questions:

The problem is, people dive into writing a project plan without understanding its purpose or the importance of its various sections.

Your project plan needs to be organized, focused, readable and engaging enough to hold the attention of your team.

This is especially important if you’re including your project plan in a company newsletter, Slack channel or presentation (whether internal or to external stakeholders)–anywhere people need to understand a project at a glance.

How do I use Venngage to create a project plan?

It’s simple to modify the project planning templates in this blog post with our drag-and-drop online editor.

Here’s a sneak peek at how our editor works, including the text editing bar, icon and stock photo library (free), photo upload function and more.

project plan template

Here’s how to get started:

project plan template

With these foundational tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating an impressive — and effective! — project plan. Remember, a well-executed project begins with a solid plan.

Not a designer? No problem. Create an engaging project plan with Venngage, the simple design tool for business communication.

500+ Free business plan examples

500+ Free Sample Business Plans

Need help writing your business plan? Explore over 500 free real-world business plan examples from a wide variety of industries to guide you through writing your own plan. If you're looking for an intuitive tool that walks you through the plan writing process, we recommend LivePlan . It includes many of these same SBA-approved business plan examples and is especially useful when applying for a bank loan or outside investment.

Find your business plan

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Example business plan format

Before you start exploring our library of business plan examples, it's worth taking the time to understand the traditional business plan format . You'll find that the plans in this library and most investor-approved business plans will include the following sections:

Executive summary

The executive summary is an overview of your business and your plans. It comes first in your plan and is ideally only one to two pages. You should also plan to write this section last after you've written your full business plan.

Your executive summary should include a summary of the problem you are solving, a description of your product or service, an overview of your target market, a brief description of your team, a summary of your financials, and your funding requirements (if you are raising money).

Products & services

The products & services chapter of your business plan is where the real meat of your plan lives. It includes information about the problem that you're solving, your solution, and how your product or service fits into the existing competitive landscape.

Describe the problem you're solving, how your offering solves the problem, and who your potential competitors are. You'll want to outline your competitive advantages and the milestones you have in mind to successfully start and grow your business.

Market analysis

Conducting a market analysis ensures that you fully understand the market that you're entering and who you'll be selling to. This section is where you will showcase all of the information about your potential customers. You'll cover your target market as well as information about the growth of your market and your industry. Focus on outlining why the market you're entering is viable and creating a realistic persona for your ideal customer base.

Marketing & sales

The marketing and sales plan section of your business plan details how you plan to reach your target market segments. You'll address how you plan on selling to those target markets, what your pricing plan is, and what types of activities and partnerships you need to make your business a success.

Organization & management

Use this section to describe your current team and who you need to hire. If you intend to pursue funding, you'll need to highlight the relevant experience of your team members. Basically, this is where you prove that this is the right team to successfully start and grow the business. You will also need to provide a quick overview of your legal structure, location, and history if you're already up and running.

Financial projections

Your financial plan should include a sales and revenue forecast, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and a balance sheet. You may not have established financials of any kind at this stage. Not to worry, rather than getting all of the details ironed out, focus on making projections and strategic forecasts for your business. You can always update your financial statements as you begin operations and start bringing in actual accounting data.

Now, if you intend to pitch to investors or submit a loan application, you'll also need a "use of funds" report in this section. This outlines how you intend to leverage any funding for your business and how much you're looking to acquire. Like the rest of your financials, this can always be updated later on.

The appendix isn't a required element of your business plan. However, it is a useful place to add any charts, tables, definitions, legal notes, or other critical information that supports your plan. These are often lengthier or our-of-place information that simply didn't work naturally into the structure of your plan. You'll notice that in these business plan examples, the appendix mainly includes extended financial statements.

Types of business plans explained

While all business plans cover similar categories, the style and function fully depend on how you intend to use your plan. To get the most out of your plan, it's best to find a format that suits your needs. Here are a few common business plan types worth considering.

Traditional business plan

The tried-and-true traditional business plan is a formal document meant to be used for external purposes. Typically this is the type of plan you'll need when applying for funding or pitching to investors. It can also be used when training or hiring employees, working with vendors, or any other situation where the full details of your business must be understood by another individual.

Business model canvas

The business model canvas is a one-page template designed to demystify the business planning process. It removes the need for a traditional, copy-heavy business plan, in favor of a single-page outline that can help you and outside parties better explore your business idea.

The structure ditches a linear format in favor of a cell-based template. It encourages you to build connections between every element of your business. It's faster to write out and update, and much easier for you, your team, and anyone else to visualize your business operations.

One-page business plan

The true middle ground between the business model canvas and a traditional business plan is the one-page business plan . This format is a simplified version of the traditional plan that focuses on the core aspects of your business.

By starting with a one-page plan, you give yourself a minimal document to build from. You'll typically stick with bullet points and single sentences making it much easier to elaborate or expand sections into a longer-form business plan.

The Lean Plan is less of a specific document type and more of a methodology. It takes the simplicity and styling of the one-page business plan and turns it into a process for you to continuously plan, test, review, refine, and take action based on performance.

It holds all of the benefits of the single-page plan, including the potential to complete it in as little as 27-minutes . However, it's even easier to convert into a full plan thanks to how heavily it's tied to your financials. The overall goal of Lean Planning isn't to just produce documents that you use once and shelve. Instead, the Lean Planning process helps you build a healthier company that thrives in times of growth and remain stable through times of crisis.

It's faster, keeps your plan concise, and ensures that your plan is always up-to-date.

Download a free sample business plan template

Ready to start writing your own plan but aren't sure where to start? Download our free business plan template that's been updated for 2022.

This simple, modern, investor-approved business plan template is designed to make planning easy. It's a proven format that has helped over 1 million businesses write business plans for bank loans, funding pitches, business expansion, and even business sales. It includes additional instructions for how to write each section and is formatted to be SBA-lender approved. All you need to do is fill in the blanks.

How to use an example business plan to help you write your own

Wistia video thumbnail for video id e929pxw2b2

How do you know what elements need to be included in your business plan, especially if you've never written one before? Looking at examples can help you visualize what a full, traditional plan looks like, so you know what you're aiming for before you get started. Here's how to get the most out of a sample business plan.

Choose a business plan example from a similar type of company

You don't need to find an example business plan that's an exact fit for your business. Your business location, target market, and even your particular product or service may not match up exactly with the plans in our gallery. But, you don't need an exact match for it to be helpful. Instead, look for a plan that's related to the type of business you're starting.

For example, if you want to start a vegetarian restaurant, a plan for a steakhouse can be a great match. While the specifics of your actual startup will differ, the elements you'd want to include in your restaurant's business plan are likely to be very similar.

Use a business plan example as a guide

Every startup and small business is unique, so you'll want to avoid copying an example business plan word for word. It just won't be as helpful, since each business is unique. You want your plan to be a useful tool for starting a business —and getting funding if you need it.

One of the key benefits of writing a business plan is simply going through the process. When you sit down to write, you'll naturally think through important pieces, like your startup costs, your target market , and any market analysis or research you'll need to do to be successful.

You'll also look at where you stand among your competition (and everyone has competition ), and lay out your goals and the milestones you'll need to meet. Looking at an example business plan's financials section can be helpful because you can see what should be included, but take them with a grain of salt. Don't assume that financial projections for a sample company will fit your own small business.

If you're looking for more resources to help you get started, this guide on how to write a business plan is a good place to start. You can also download our free business plan template , or get started right away with LivePlan .

Think of business planning as a process, instead of a document

Think about business planning as something you do often , rather than a document you create once and never look at again. If you take the time to write a plan that really fits your own company, it will be a better, more useful tool to grow your business. It should also make it easier to share your vision and strategy so everyone on your team is on the same page.

Adjust your plan regularly to use it as a business management tool

Keep in mind that businesses that use their plan as a management tool to help run their business grow 30 percent faster than those businesses that don't. For that to be true for your company, you'll think of a part of your business planning process as tracking your actual results against your financial forecast on a regular basis.

If things are going well, your plan will help you think about how you can re-invest in your business. If you find that you're not meeting goals, you might need to adjust your budgets or your sales forecast. Either way, tracking your progress compared to your plan can help you adjust quickly when you identify challenges and opportunities—it's one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your business.

Prepare to pitch your business

If you're planning to pitch your business to investors or seek out any funding, you'll need a pitch deck to accompany your business plan. A pitch deck is designed to inform people about your business. You want your pitch deck to be short and easy to follow, so it's best to keep your presentation under 20 slides.

Your pitch deck and pitch presentation are likely some of the first things that an investor will see to learn more about your company. So, you need to be informative and pique their interest. Luckily, just like you can leverage an example business plan template to write your plan, we also have a gallery of over 50 pitch decks for you to reference.

With this gallery, you have the option to view specific industry pitches or get inspired by real-world pitch deck examples. Or for a modern pitch solution that helps you create a business plan and pitch deck side-by-side, you may want to check out LivePlan . It will help you build everything needed for outside investment and to better manage your business.

Get LivePlan in your classroom

Are you an educator looking for real-world business plan examples for your students? With LivePlan, you give your students access to industry-best business plans and help them set goals and track metrics with spreadsheet-free financial forecasts. All of this within a single tool that includes additional instructional resources that work seamlessly alongside your current classroom setup.

With LivePlan, it's not just a classroom project. It's your students planning for their futures. Click here to learn more about business planning for students .

Ready to get started?

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work plan sample for business

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Achieve your business funding goals with a proven plan format.

work plan sample for business

Home Blog Business Best Workplan Templates to Organize your Tasks

Best Workplan Templates to Organize your Tasks

Work Plan Template Examples

A work plan is created  to manage a project and ensure that it is completed efficiently. It helps managers and team members utilize their time, efforts, and company resources effectively. The assigned project manager and team members can benchmark their progress  against the planned timeframe and evaluate if deadlines will be met. In this article,  the definition of work plan is presented, its types, components, a work plan template, and how you can be used to document and present your roadmap. Finally, we  share the best workplan templates offered by SlideModel that you can use for presenting  a good work plan.

What is a Work Plan?

Work plans are created to have a planned visual reference for a project. It defines the project purpose, goal, and objectives to be achieved. 

The work plan definition by the Oxford Dictionary is ‘the suggested strategy, schedule and road map of a specific project”. The plan has a breakdown of tasks assigned to team members, so they know what they are responsible for. Team members are updated on the progress and status of the project via the work plan, which ensures that the whole project is streamlined and the deadlines are met.

Components of a Work Plan Template

Components of a Work Plan Template

The necessary elements of a work plan includes:

Goals and objectives to accomplish

Every project or business as usual activities exists because there are goals and objectives to achieve.

Establishing budget and cost analysis

Every endeavor requires resources (materials, people, services, etc.). To create a work plan, it is necessary to set a budget and costs of doing, in order to estimate required resources. This assumptions will be used to take approval/rejections decisions over the plan and its execution.

Identifying team member responsibilities

In order to set accountability over execution, is essential to set responsibilities over tasks.

Defining project timelines

Once task efforts are estimated, and resources allocated, managers can create timelines with tasks durations, in order to estimate milestones dates. Using this mechanism, project dates can be estimated, monitored and updated according to reality.

How to Create A Work Plan?

1. define goals, objectives, and action steps.

When developing a work plan, the first step is to set clear goals and objectives. When identifying the project’s main goal, focus on the big picture and specify the actions needed to achieve the goal. The objectives you define in your work plan should be precise, specific, and tangible. 

How to Create A Work Plan?

An example of a goal would be to launch a new marketing campaign to drive sales and generate 10% more revenue than the last quarter. 

The objective would be to launch social media ads to promote the brand and generate online sales. 

The action steps would be assigned to each team member, such as writing ad copies, creating ad graphics, and displaying ads on different social media sites. 

For reference of professional techniques for goals settings you can check our articles on SMART Goals and OKR framework .

2. Assign Task Responsibilities

After defining the objectives and action steps in your work plan, assign a project team leader and designate task responsibilities to team members that can help achieve the individual actions with efficiency.

For reference of professional methods for assigning responsibilities, you can check our article on RACI Matrix .

3. Prepare Timeline for Completion

Estimate each tasks duration based on the resources allocated. Setting project timelines for completing the project is essential to keep the workflow streamlined and ensure all team members complete tasks within the project’s time frame.

5. Evaluate Constraints and Limitation

After establishing the budget in the work plan of the project, evaluate any possible constraints and limitations. This way, you would have an action plan in case any unexpected situation happens.

6. Discuss Risks From Different Perspectives

At last, identify the potential risks from multiple perspectives, such as project delays, budget issues, and errors that could occur. Ask team members about the potential risks and discuss how you can mitigate them if the project faces any contingencies.

For reference of professional risk analysis techniques check our article on Risk Analysis .

Types of Work Plans

Bellow we present a list of real life workplan types:

Work Plan for Corporate Employees

Corporate employees are often required to develop or follow a work plan for  projects or business as usual activities Their work plan are built over action steps typically including the following:

Enterprise Resource Planning activities requires to establish yearly estimations of the corporations activities and investment. Workplans are created by every area of the organization before the end of the fiscal year to plan ahead the following year and evaluate required resources. In an iterative fashion, every quarter the master workplan used for yearly planning is updated and drilled down into neat future activities. This new workplans are executed by each area and evaluated the following quarter for validation and correction.

Work Plan Example for Corporate Employees

The marketing department of a company can create a work plan for launching a new ad campaign. The goal would be specific, such as increasing conversion by 10%. The marketing team would classify the objectives of the work plan and list the action steps for each team member. The assigned employees will then proceed to complete their tasks, and the team leader can keep track to ensure that the campaign is set to finish on the projected timeline.

Work Plan for Business Owners

Businesses of SME (small and medium enterprises) scale require a good work plan for focusing on quarterly or annual goals; or for developing a new product or services. 

The work plan template would be similar to a business plan.  It contains activities related to market research, long-term budget projections, revenue-generating goals, and key people involved in the business. It would require the following:

Work Plan Example for Business Owners

The owner of a fashion brand may create a work plan for increasing annual revenue and profits by 20%. The specific objectives would list the sales target for each quarter, the sales team would be assigned sales targets, and the marketing department could have a specific budget to promote brand awareness and online sales. 

Work Plan for Project Managers

A work plan for project managers is an extension of the work plan for corporate employees. It will have a broader scope and will have a whole team or department involved to achieve the goal and objectives. 

This plan would discuss who is responsible for which part of the project and would focus on the steps needed to complete each task. This type of work plan would typically include:

Work Plan Example for Project Managers

An example of a Work Plans for project manager could be to develop an online website and application for an eCommerce store. The objectives could be to design the website and application with proper navigation, good visual design, responsiveness, and user-friendliness. 

Team members would be assigned their respective tasks based on their skills, and the project manager will ensure the project is completed within the timeframe and within budget. 

How to Present a Work Plan?

A work plan can be presented in a PowerPoint Presentation to A work plan can be presented in a PowerPoint Presentation or via a video presentation . You can create your own work plan template in  PowerPoint by using different elements, tables, and animations. 

It can be time-consuming to create your own work plan template from scratch. 

This is where you can benefit from our 100% editable PowerPoint Presentations that you can easily use to create a professional and visually appealing work plan in no time. 

Best PowerPoint Work Plan Templates By SlideModel

PowerPoint work plan templates by SlideModel can be used to create visually appealing work plans that define all objectives, tasks, and timelines for the team. 

1. Work Plan Template as a Flat Gantt Chart

Flat Weekly Gannt Chart Work Plan

By definition of a Gantt Chart (tasks, duration, resource allocations ) is a natural representation of a workplan. This simple work plan template provides charts created with PowerPoint Shapes and linked through PowerPoint connectors. Easy to edit and display. It provides three levels of granularity; 1- Monthly, 2- Weekly and 3- Daily. Ideal for Corporate Employees Work Plans and Business Owners Work Plans.

Use This Template

2. High Level Roadmap Work Plan Template

Quarterly Roadmap with Dot Milestones Work Plan

For Business Owners Work Plans or Corporate Employees Work Plans we suggest the Quarterly Timeline Template for PowerPoint. It is designed to show case high level milestones, broken down by Quarter. Under this design the presenter can show High Level objectives for a full year plan. Ideal for Corporate Planning or Enterprise planning, where executives and managers need to build a yearly plan.

3. Work Plan Template 30-60-90 Days

30-60-90 Day Work Plan Template

30-60-90 Day Plans are popular for new hires in corporate environments. It is a good practice, as part of the onboarding process, to create a work plan that shows the objectives and job to be done in the first 90 days in the position. With this work plan template, presenters can transmit to the audience the activities and how they will be executed to achieve the roles objectives.

4. Work Plan Timeline With Statistics

Animated Charts PowerPoint Business

Use a traditional roadmap template to explain the milestones of a work plan. The present template provides a stylish linear design, with statistics placeholders in each milestone, ideal to drill down into details. The work plan template is complemented with professional animations, to make the presentation more appealing and keep your audience engaged.

5. Work Plan Template for Project Managers

Data Driven Work Plan Template

In most of the usage scenarios of workplans, project management end up creating a Gantt Chart, which is the preferred visualization of tasks, durations and resource allocations. In this template the Project Manager can create Daily, Weekly and Monthly work plans, and present them in a visual appealing way. Particularly this template is 100% created with PowerPoint shapes, making it very simple to edit with just simple drags and drops.

6. Quarterly Work Plan Template for Business Owners

Q1 and Q2 Work Plan Template

Business Owners of SME’s need to have the big picture of the initiatives, projects and BAU activities. Generally a Quarterly Workplan can help to visualize the endeavors the organization is involved. The Quarter Roadmap Plan PowerPoint Template is ideal to list activities in a quarterly timeline. With 2 slides, each one containing 2 quarters, the user has plenty of room to list activities under the desired quarter, and prioritize them by position or color.

7. Work Plan Template featuring Swim Lanes

Swim Lane Gantt Chart Work Plan

During corporate planning activates, it is useful to present the high level workplan of the organization in a way that several areas can be compared along at the same time. For this purpose we provide workplan template created with Gantt Charts and a Swim lane design. This template is broken down into horizontal panel. Each of them represent a group of tasks. This could be used to present the yearly work plan of each business unit in the same slide.

8. Work Plan Template for the Day to Day Activities

Weekly Planner Work Plan Template

Sometimes, a useful work plan is a simple list of the activities in the short term. With the Weekly Planner PowerPoint Template the user can create a simple work plan involving the week objectives and the tasks to reach them. It is a good self time management practice to create weekly objectives, aligned with your longer term objectives. Modern executives concerned about their performance, share with their collaborators their weekly work plan with their collaborators, and explain how are they aligned with the organizations strategy. In this way, they can set the example and create a culture around long/short terms goals.

9. Work Plan Template for Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio Work Plan Template

In Organizations driven by their products portfolio, work plans are created around each product objectives. The Product Portfolio Timeline Template is ideal to create high level work plans, and present the roadmap of each product in a visual fashion. The template provides two horizontal panels per slide; two product roadmaps can be compared side by side.

10. Weekly Work Plan Template

Weekly Work Plan Gantt Chart Template

The Weekly Work Plan Template is designed to show progress of weekly tasks. This template is ideal for agile team, which monitor weekly progress of their activities. Create with PowerPoint shapes, it is very easy to edit and add new elements. Using color codes the user can discriminate between estimated duration and actual progress.

11. Annual Work Plan Template for PowerPoint

Quarters Timeline Work Plan PPT Template

For high level planning, the presenter can use the slides of the  Annual Work Plan Template for PowerPoint . The slides shows in each row a feature of the task (responsible, progress and goal) while in the columns the execution Quarter is displayed.

12. Project Work Plan Template

work plan sample for business

13. Goals Based Strategic Planning PowerPoint Templates

work plan sample for business

14. Work Plan Slide Template for PowerPoint

work plan sample for business

15. Issue & Work Plan Slide Template for PowerPoint

work plan sample for business

16. 30 60 90 Day Work Plan Template Design for PowerPoint

work plan sample for business

17. RAG Dashboard Work Plan Template

work plan sample for business

18. Free Business Analysis Work Plan Template

work plan sample for business

19. Work Plan Slides PowerPoint Templates

work plan sample for business

20. Action Plan PowerPoint Diagram

work plan sample for business

Free Work Plan Template

Develop your Work Plan in a professional way with our Free Action Plan Template. In this template you will be able to develop each of the objectives of your project and establish tasks, assign roles, deadlines and priorities.

Free action plan template

Creating a Work Plan requires time and effort. A lot of information is needed to have a good work plan for streamlining any project.  Using a professionally designed work plan template will save the user time and effort. Just replacing placeholders with real data will be enough to achieve a professional and executive work plan.

work plan sample for business

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work plan sample for business logo

A guide for setting demonstrable objectives and a measurable deliverables plan

A work plan represents the formal road map for a project. It should clearly articulate the required steps to achieve a stated goal by setting demonstrable objectives and measurable deliverables that can be transformed into concrete actions. An effective plan serves as a guiding document, enabling the realization of an outcome through efficient team collaboration.

Strategy defines the broad strokes that will help achieve that goal. For example, one strategy to make a company more profitable might be to improve the efficiency of marketing dollars. Another might be to reduce costs or enhance the product offering to increase total addressable market.

Develop your work plan in an intuitive way!

Objectives are the measurable deliverables defined against strategies. For example, an objective for improving the efficiency of marketing dollars might be defined as achieving a 20% reduction in cost per acquisition. Setting clear measurable and realistic objectives can help prioritize and track the progress of the operational plan.

The final goal is to create a step-by-step worksheet. Prior to creating a detailed plan, the preliminary stages might involve a meeting of key stakeholders and project sponsors. The first step is to establish a goal and determine some strategic ideas. This will facilitate the development of a broad general outline, identify some of the larger strategic considerations, and help define scope constraints. Brainstorming can often identify individual strategies and tactics to support the key objectives.

It’s important to establish clear strategic goals with measurable deliverables

Planning activities can be accomplished by working backward from the final goal with core initiatives arranged hierarchically. Developing the plan can be achieved through iterative refinements of strategy, objectives and the underlying tactics. Gating factors should be accounted for in the development of a straw man outline. The main objectives and summary checklist should be included as the first step of the process.

Once the project outline is complete, it’s important to define clear realistic deliverables as part of the action plan. Milestones allow progress to be tracked against deliverables within a results-oriented framework. A timeline can be instrumental in identifying what needs to happen and when.

Objectives should be realistic and relevant to the stated goals. A good plan will often fan out from goal to tactic. For example, a single goal might be supported by a small number of strategies, each with a single or a small number of objectives. Objectives will often contain many tactics which should comprise the concrete actions to be accomplished within an achievable time frame. The more granular the tactical plan, the easier it will be to follow. Tasks can often be broken down into sub-tasks which represent individual units of work resulting in identifiable deliverables. As the project commences, it's important to track against the agreed-upon deliverables.

Work Plan Template

work plan image

Planning activities can be accomplished by working backwards from the final goal.

A clear definition of responsibilities and roles should be reflected in the project work plan. Allocating responsibilities among designated stakeholders with clearly assigned tasks is a key component of the operation plan. That way, all members of the team can function according to the team charter. The final action plan represents a living document with all the required steps, deliverables and deadlines detailed. When the project commences, it’s important to monitor performance and periodically review the objectives stated in the tactical plan. Incremental progress can be tracked against objective indicators on a step by step worksheet. A low-tech solution could be implemented with an Excel template or Google sheets; however, this can be more effectively accomplished within the framework of formal project management software which often includes team collaboration features as well as various pre-built templates.

workplan's work operating system provides the perfect blend of simplicity and ease of use with strong team collaboration features that are suitable for any project . An example of this can be visualized in a logical framework on the worksheet above. Each column in the sheet can represent a person, timeline, deliverable or status. Each row can represent an individual tactical item in the project plan. Groups allow for the hierarchical structuring of tactics into objectives to support the strategy. An entire board can represent the goal , or for more complex executions, individual strategies . The task management platform allows for easy status updates and team messaging across tasks with the use of color providing visualization of project status across the entire enterprise, making it easy to communicate progress to all team members at a glance.


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