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  1. 04.06 Foreign Policy: Assessment by claudia n

    Thailand's government is attempting to decrease human trafficking by putting awareness around the streets. Just like in Thailand, most other countries help spread awareness about the problem of human trafficking. Every country should make strong rule for the control about the human trafficking issue. As individuals we should express the hurt of ...

  2. Assignment: 04.06 Foreign Policy by Maria Pizarro

    Assignment: 04.06 Foreign Policy Responses: Evaluation Origins: The efforts that the policies enacted by the governments and international organizations did work off because now in Thailand there is a Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act, which criminally prohibits all forms of

  3. US GOV UNIT 4

    04 Foreign Policy. Domestic vs. Foreign Policy · Domestic: decisions, laws, and programs that address issues within a country o Health, Economy, Environment, Education, Immigration · Foreign: affect relations with other countries o Terrorism, Global Economy, Global Environment, Disease, Human Rights o Goals: Spreading democracy · Benefits for those countries · Better trade and diplomatic ...

  4. 04.06 Foreign Policy by Dannica Melgar

    04.06 Foreign Policy By: Dannica Melgar Works Cited Question: How did the human rights issue come about? Who does it affect and how? How does it affect human rights? The efforts and policies enacted by the governments and international organizations are somewhat successful.

  5. 4.06 Foreign Policy by Kaela Marie Strelec

    4.06 Foreign Policy Responses The United States has not dealt with Thailand's trafficking issues. The prime minister of Thailand decided to create an "anti-trafficking movement", now there is a National Policy Strategy. The prime minister also said, "that the government needed to

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    04 Foreign Policy: Assessment The human rights issue I chose to research is human trafficking. Many people around the world experience human trafficking and are forced into labor and sexually exploited. Human trafficking infringes on peoples rights because they are treated like property and merchandise.