1. Disaster management A case Study: How to fight the inevitable

    disaster risk management case study

  2. Disaster management cycle.

    disaster risk management case study

  3. Theoretical framework for a holistic approach to disaster risk

    disaster risk management case study

  4. (PDF) Case Studies in Disaster Response and Emergency Management

    disaster risk management case study

  5. Disaster risk management cycle.

    disaster risk management case study

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    disaster risk management case study


  1. Understanding Risk, and Introduction to HRVC Assessment: Part-3

  2. Introduction to Risk Management| BFM CAIIB [in HIndi]

  3. Why manage risk in projects?

  4. Healthcare Risk Management Case Study #2 د/محمد أبوالسعود

  5. Risk and Vulnerability Analysis Part 1

  6. Healthcare Risk Management Case Study #1 د/محمد أبوالسعود


  1. FEMA Case Study Library

    In August 2021, FEMA conducted a grant effectiveness case study with New York City to understand how FEMA preparedness grant funding helped prepare the city's mass fatality management (MFM) system for the significant increase in deaths related to the COVID-19 pandemic. FEMA conducted this case study virtually with representatives from NYC's ...

  2. PDF When Disaster Management Agencies Create Disaster Risk: A Case Study of

    Disaster Risk: A Case Study of the US's Federal Emergency Management Agency Citation Clark-Ginsberg, Aaron, Lena C. Easton-Calabria, Sonny Patel, Jay Balagna, Leslie A. Payne. ... disaster management agencies create disaster risk for vulnerable and marginalized groups is examined, seeking to show the ways existing policies affect communities ...

  3. PDF Disaster Risk Reduction Project Case Studies

    MICE related tourism (Meetings, Incentive Groups, Conferences and Events) generates over $700 billion, and is a major industry to be impacted adversely when disaster strikes. This case study demonstrates how Crisis Management Planning promotion creates increased initiative and resilience.

  4. PDF 9

    studies capture the complexity of disaster risk and disaster situations; (ii) case studies appeal to a broad audience; and (iii) case studies should be fully utilized to provide lessons identified for DRR and DRM for adaptation to climate change (Grynszpan et al., 2011). Several projects have identified lessons from case studies (Kulling et al ...

  5. Case Studies: Red Cross Red Crescent Disaster Risk ...

    Disaster related laws and policies need to better include and protect those most at risk of disasters. This case study outlines the steps taken by the IFRC Disaster Law Programme - from global ...

  6. Impact of Disasters and Disaster Risk Management in Singapore: A Case

    Applying the approach to a case study, our research enriches the vocabulary of risk management, adding to the body of knowledge on disaster management specific to the region of Southeast Asia. Indeed, the dominant perspective in this field holds that the state must be able to exercise brute force and impose its will on the population (Lai and ...

  7. Disaster Risk Management

    The World Bank Group supported 98 countries to make disaster risk reduction a priority; and we delivered $38.6 billion in climate finance in FY23, up 22% from previous year, supporting efforts to end poverty on a livable planet. Financing for climate action in FY23 reached 41% of total World Bank financing of $95 billion.

  8. PDF ARISE Case Studies in Disaster Risk Management

    1 Disaster Risk Management Strategies X This project allows organizations from different sectors to help the early recovery of affected communities. By engaging different organizations, MEs are provided access to tools and training that can help them get back in business. 2 Investment metrics

  9. Natural Disaster Hotspots Case Studies

    PDF (316 MB) Tools. Share. Abstract: These case studies complement the earlier groundbreaking work of Natural Disaster Hotspots: A Global Risk Analysis published in April 2005. Three case studies address specific hazards: landslides, storm surges and drought. An additional, three case studies address regional multi-hazard situations in Sri ...

  10. Information on disaster risk management: case study of five ...

    Next to floods, landslides are the most frequently occurring hazard for Jamaica. Tsunami events appear to be very infrequent around the coastline of Jamaica. Events have been recorded however, in 1755 and more recently in 1907. In all, over 300,000 references on the general topic of disaster risk were found to exist.

  11. Landslide Mitigation and Disaster Risk Management

    This Collection contains Landslide Mitigation and Disaster Risk Management Case Studies and Good Practice to support humanitarian workers in their operations and interventions for the mitigation or response of a landslide disaster. Current guidance comes from leading local and global organizations and institutions: Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), ECHO, IFRC, REACH, Shelter Projects ...

  12. Nature-based solutions can help reduce the impact of natural hazards: A

    This synthesis of case studies helps to bridge the knowledge gap between scientists, policymakers, and practitioners, which can allow adopting and upscaling of NBS for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and enhance their preference in decision-making processes.

  13. Extreme Events, Resilience and Disaster Management: Lessons from Case

    4 Conclusion. The three case studies bring out the importance of building up resilience for disaster management. While the first one showed us the missing elements in terms of Warning system and Awareness building, the second showed how preparedness can go a long way in minimising damages from disasters.

  14. Disaster risk management insight on school emergency preparedness

    Disaster preparedness provides the platform for efficient, practical and organized preparation, eliminating duplication of resources, and increasing the overall effectiveness of response activities by the local inhabitants. 5 In the context of this study, preparedness is paramount for emergency school response with few important attributes e.g ...

  15. When Disaster Risk Management Systems Fail: The Case of ...

    The study found that disaster risk management legislation and institutions in Zimbabwe are weak. Cyclone Idai resulted in the loss of many human lives, loss of livelihoods, and massive damage to infrastructure. ... When Disaster Risk Management Systems Fail: The Case of Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani District, Zimbabwe. Int J Disaster Risk Sci 12 ...

  16. Case Studies & Factsheets

    Information on disaster risk management: case study of five countries: Jamaica" ... "The Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction: Case Study and Exercise Source Book" From UNEP website: "This ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaption (Eco-DRR/CCA) case study booklet is designed as a guided learning resource and ...

  17. Disaster Risk Governance and Response Management for Flood: A Case

    Disaster management studies have pointed out the importance of participation and collaboration by different stakeholders at different stages of the planning and management of disasters ... (2009) GIS and local knowledge in disaster management: a case study of flood risk mapping in Vietnam. Disasters 33(1):152-169. Article Google Scholar

  18. Public-private collaboration for disaster risk management: A case study

    The rational for collaboration with the accommodation sector stems from their potential to contribute to disaster risk reduction and improve destination resiliency (UNESCO, 2012).Hotels have been identified as a key stakeholder in coastal tourism disaster management (UNEP, 2007).First, hotels usually possess one of the strongest built structures in a coastal destination as they are constructed ...

  19. When disaster management agencies create disaster risk: a case study of

    Our case study of FEMA shows the significant role that disaster management agencies may have in shaping DRC. ... Future work should continue to engage in these organizational dimensions of disasters and disaster risk management by examining how organizational structures and processes can be reformed and improved to address risk and function ...

  20. NIDM Research & Case Studies

    A Case Study on Kotrupi Landslide 2017, Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh: 2021: NIDM: COVID-19 Third Wave Preparedness: Children's Vulnerability and Recovery: 2021: NIDM: Working Group Report: Disaster Risk Financing, Insurance and Risk Transfer: 2021: NIDM: Peri-Urban Ecosystems and Urban Resilience (Knowledge Compendium of Case Studies ...

  21. Adaptive social protection and disaster risk management: A case study

    Over the years, the country has developed a comprehensive disaster risk management (DRM) system to ensure that disaster response and recovery are as effective and efficient as possible. Japan has also created an elaborate system to provide social and economic assistance to disaster victims, including the most vulnerable.

  22. Disaster risk management, climate change adaptation and the role of

    The paper reviews the literature and planning instruments applied in the selected case studies, as well as interviews with key stakeholders and decision makers. The results confirm the hypothesis that traditional disaster management is evolving towards Disaster Risk Management, clearly recognizing that Climate Change modifies and increases threats.

  23. (PDF) Disaster Prevention and Management: A Critical ...

    Disaster Prevention and Management: A Critical Review of The. Literature. Nazaruddin Ali Basyah *, Muhamm ad Syukri, Irham Fahmi, Ismail Ali, Zulf adhli Rusli, Elva Se sioria. Putri. 1 Department ...

  24. Frontiers

    The spatial accessibility of emergency shelters, indicating the difficulty of evacuation and rescue, is crucial for disaster mitigation and emergency management. To analyze accessibility, an effective approach is to evaluate the service capacity of emergency shelters. Multifaceted factors were employed to enhance the quantitative accuracy of accessibility indicators. However, scenario-specific ...