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An opinion essay about fast food.

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Is fast food popular in your country? Do you think it causes health problems or any other kinds of problems?

essay of fast food

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Causes and Effects of Fast Food: Essay Example

Essay about fast food: introduction, causes of fast food: essay body paragraph, effects of fast food: essay body paragraph, fast food causes and effects: conclusion, reference list.

Food is an integral part of any culture and society around the globe. Until the last century, most people used to eat fresh, home-cooked food. Eating was a process that required specific preparations. However, now, we see that they prefer to eat fast food such as pizza, hamburgers, or fried chicken.

These fast-food restaurants have become common on our streets, and people of all ages visit them. The popularity of these restaurants has increased internationally. There are many reasons why fast food has become popular, and fast food also has some serious effects on humans and society.

The basic question is, what made fast food so popular this last century? One answer would be that the change in lifestyle compared to before is a cause for this. It pushes workers or people to eat fast food than cook food themselves.

For instance, two working parents are a good example of this. Due to their jobs, they do not have time to cook for their children or even themselves. As a consequence, they find it easier to order from these fast food restaurants rather than cook. That is why they favor fast food over their own cooked food.

Another cause of fast food usage is long working hours, which may also lead people to eat outside the home. There are many fast-food businesses in our cities. Some are McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc. We can make a long list with hundreds of names from these restaurants.

During the last couple of years, we saw a lot of advertisements and promotions for those restaurants. Nevertheless, there still remains a question of why they spend to promote ineffective food. What are the reasons for this? The answer is that fast food is easy to cook. It does not take long to cook, and it is readily available. The shareholders of these businesses have their own goals, that of the profits they get from these restaurants.

Above, we have seen the causes that may have led to the flourishing of the fast-food industry. However, what is more important, is its effects on society and human beings. The primary effect that fast food has on human beings is that it can get your health in danger status. First, fast food can cause vitamin deficiencies that may, in turn, help to cause diseases.

Obesity is one of the consequences of fast food on the human body. Obesity comes because fast food is the factor that enriches the body with fats. So people will become less healthy, less effective, and less productive, and this is the conclusion of obesity (Adams, 2007, pp. 155).

Another serious effect of the popularity of fast food presences is the loss of the family tradition of eating together. The family used to eat together, and thus they had the opportunity to talk with each other about daily problems.

Fast food also affects the income of the family. The conclusion is that fast food is more expensive than the food you cook for yourself.

In conclusion, it can be said that fast food has been born out of the modern way of living in our societies. Unfortunately, its effects on the human body and health are unfavorable. It also has other adverse effects on the income of a family. It would be best to avoid eating fast foods as much as possible.

Adams, C., 2007. Reframing the obesity debate: McDonald’s role may surprise you. Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, no. 35: pp. 154-157.

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essay of fast food

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Writing Essays About Fast Food

Essay paper writing

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essay of fast food

It is not a secret that the fast food sphere has come a long way from the convenience product cafe in the outskirts of Southern California to the multi-billion-dollar industry today. Since multiple studies show that cardiovascular and obesity problems of Americans in most cases are linked with overconsumption of foods filled with fats, salts, and carbs, careful exploration of the fast food market is highly demanded today. This demand inevitably brings every student to write essays about fast food. While this is quite a mouthwatering topic to write about, we should consider all the details for crafting an A+ essay. This article can be your guide in writing essays on fast food step by step.

Facts about the fast food industry are inexorable and striking. Let’s consider some of them: 

  • The highest death rates connected with junk food consumption and consequent weight-related complications have been reported in Nairobi, Kenya - that was nearly 2.8 million people each year.
  • In more than 160,000 fast food locations in the US, more than 50 million Americans eat burgers daily.
  • A third of children eat fast food on a daily basis.
  • McDonald’s is more recognized than the Christian Cross.

We could continue with shocking facts and statistics even further, but what is crucial to understand that fortunately, the problem of eating too much junk meals is largely addressed by scholars from all around the world. As a result, multiple studies of recent years are available for you both on the Internet and in academic libraries. That might be exactly the reason why writing on this subject could be difficult, especially for students that are unfamiliar with professional essay writing. Why? Because it’s not that easy to gather all the overflow of the evidence and group it all into persuasive arguments, flowing through the pages of your academic assignment smoothly and in a scientifically correct way.

Whether you are writing a rationally constructed fast food argumentative essay or another type of paper requiring more opinion judgments, you should apply the same highly specific principles of academic writing. In addition to that, it’s also crucially important not to be too prejudiced about fast food. If you start your argument straight from the judgmental view of street meals as products that possess incontrovertible danger for human health, by doing this, you also start from the point of broken informational balance. Instead of taking the negative approach as an axiom, try to think like a scientist and explore any of fast food argumentative essay topics without the influence of your own point of view.

Nevertheless, fast food is a hot topic that might fuel some of the fiercest battles in your class, that’s why writing on this theme is especially interesting for a student of every faculty. So let’s get this show down the road and start our step by step guide of how to write an essay on what role does fast food play in our life and culture.

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 1

Fast food and obesity essay

The studies conducted at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington clearly show that unhealthy eating habits are being the second biggest threat of early death worldwide, right next to the dangers of smoking. The risk factor here is a high body mass index, which signifies obesity and is a sign of increased cholesterol level. The high cholesterol level, high blood glucose level, along with high blood pressure, are all the consequences of obesity that is typically caused by regular consumption of fast food. Moreover, this problem also has an economic nature. This means that, when you are writing an unhealthy eating habits essay, it’s also useful to seek the roots of this issue in the economy field. By doing this, you will be able to propose a valid solution to the problem.

While we mentioned only one of the approaches above, when crafting your fast food and obesity essay, you could employ different techniques as far as your university professor considers it acceptable. Anyway, you need to start with the basics. First thing first, you have to find a proper topic. It is best if it will sound somewhat challenging and provocative because you have a chance to uncover the new approach and propose ideas that have never been addressed before by other students. Meanwhile, the general topic like a junk food and obesity essay could give you also more freedom in choosing the argument line, which you can shape after you perform extensive research on this theme. Some students come up with ideas for their titles after they do all the research and group their evidence by type and strength. While the other ones prefer to go with the flow, to apply their creativity and opinion right from the start by creating a compelling title in the first place, and then do all the most difficult parts. You can try both tactics and then choose whichever suits best for your pace, schedule, and style of writing.

Nevertheless, the research part is often being the key to crafting successful fast food is unhealthy essay. So what you do is begin to look for the evidence that supports the notion that any burger is a potential reason for one of five deaths in the world. Objectively speaking, eating one burger might not cause immediate and irreversible health problems. But the regular consumption of foods with low nutritional value, the high fat, calorie, and sodium content makes these meals potentially hazardous for health. As you can see now, whether writing an essay or a speech on fast food, it is crucial to employ an all-round approach to the exploration of this topic. This will help you sound rather professional than biased.

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 2

The good idea for your essay is to provide medical studies that prove the link between overconsumption of fast food and health as the first argument. You can find tons of information about this subject in scholarly articles on obesity and fast food from all around the world. For example, the Guardian research indicates that in 2011 alone, the number of people suffering from diabetes worldwide has increased nearly twice since 1980, and that was 153 million to 350 million people. This fact could be linked to junk foods available at any convenience store or shopping mall nearby, but this could be rather indirect evidence. Instead, it is much more relevant to look for specific studies on the topic that you are writing about.

Nevertheless, it is also worth noticing in a good persuasive essay on how fast food contributes to obesity about the hazards of obesity and the reason why we should talk about it more. According to recent studies, obesity rates have doubled in 2008 since 1980. The US, unfortunately, continues being an epicenter of this problem, where 2 of 3 Americans are clinically overweight. In addition to that, 500 million people were recorded in 2011 as obese with body mass indexes greater than 30, while 1.4 billion were clinically overweight with body mass indexes exceeding 25. A good opening phrase for effects of fast food essay could be based on the study that suggests that obesity kills more people than car crashes.

But if we return to specific studies about fast food and obesity relation, another research that you can highlight in your essay about junk food shows that fast food diminishes our basic instinct, which is the sensory-specific satiety. This instinct is responsible for feeling full after you eat your meal. You’ve probably noticed how soon you want to eat after visiting fast food restaurant. That’s the catch to mention in fast food essays. After experiments done on rats in e School of Medical Sciences at Australia’s University of New South Wales, it was proved that so-called junk food alters our brains’ motivational control and reward behavior. To put it simply, when someone stops eating traditional meals, they know when it’s enough. However, this trigger doesn’t work with fast food, which provokes overeating and results in health implications like mitochondrial dysfunction, weight gain, and tissue inflammation.

Finally, one of the studies shows that regular fast food consumption doubles the risk of insulin resistance being one of the reasons for the development of type 2 diabetes. They also point out that not only fast food affects obesity, including diabetes overweight, but also it increases cases of hospitalization with coronary diseases.

You could also mention in any of your future essays on junk food the marketing side of this problem. One of the reasons why people are overeating at fast food restaurants is the high number of them located in places where people usually work, live, and recreate. The Canadian Journal of Public Health researchers at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Ontario, Canada, published the results of their findings indicating that the density of fast food places increases the chances of eating too much junk food. Another research from the University of South Australia supported this information indicating in their European Journal of Epidemiology that in 2010, each 10% rise of the fast food locations resulted in 1.39 times more deaths from cardiovascular conditions. Similarly, the University of California, Berkeley, scholars found in 2009 that people living nearby fast food restaurants have a 5.2 percent greater risk of obesity.

In this regard, it is also valid to point out the reasons for eating too much fast food. Try to think about why people of different ages and backgrounds prefer eating at fast food diners rather than healthy food restaurants. Of course, one of the reasons for this is an attractive marketing image. First of all, eating something tasty is an essential part of how young people like to go out and socialize. In addition to that, specific chemicals and technology of production of junk food ingredients imply that they perform kind of a sensory attack to our receptors being enormously delicious, while also turning off the sensory satisfaction instinct and leaving us craving for more even when we are full. Make sure you don’t forget about this argument when writing an essay about what is really in fast food. Fast foods are also convenient for a variety of reasons for different people. Some of them don’t like cooking at home, so they go the easiest way and buy fast food. Also, people working in the office are also prone to eat at fast food restaurants. Such a meal is simply cheap, tasty, and convenient on the go.

Burgers and chips, chocolate bars and brightly colored candies, soda and ice-cream are also being an affordable treat for children from low-income families. It could appear as your central argument for a fast food and childhood obesity essay. Unfortunately, fast food is a highly desirable meal, especially for children. Various promotional offers and toy cartoon characters in the kit are another marketing trick that targets children to crave those burger menus. In many schools in the US, junk food is a part of the menu that any child can eat daily, which is also worth mentioning in a fast food in America essay. While in Mumbai, India, fast food is already totally prohibited for from selling in schools and next to their territories. We will talk more about this a couple sections below, so keep reading to know more about what you could write about the fast food industry with regard to the increasing worldwide childhood obesity rates of recent years.

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 3

Effects of fast food on health essay

In the section above, we have briefly touched upon the areas of research that could be relevant when writing the effects of fast food on health essay. The causation of regular fast food consumption is also strongly related to a wider variety of health issues. An essay on harmful effect of junk food is one of the most popular assignments to cover the topic of adverse effect of fast food on health. Even though the issue is rather serious, don’t overload it with negative assumptions and attempts to prove it in the most horrific way. Instead, keep things clear, reasonable, and rational. Try to dig into the roots and causes of the problem. Investigate the exact way of how fast food becomes hazardous for the health of children and adult people. You simply need to find that borderline that makes a tasty treat and turns it into a dangerous habit.

You may also alter the approach, creating something like eating at home vs eating out essay. Here, you have an opportunity to include all the pros and cons of healthier food, which one can easily cook at home. Moreover, this is also a good title for an argumentative essay because this type of academic assignment essentially needs to contain a counter-argument to your thesis statement, even if it’s quite common like a fast food kills argumentative essay. Further, you can examine things that stand in the way of cooking at home. For example, that could be the lack of knowledge of how to cook tasty and simple meals or the false assumption that home-cooked dinner is more expensive than eating out. People might also think that cooking at home takes a considerable amount of time.

Fast food and health problems have been widely discussed by academics from the leading universities around the world. Many famous dietologists also emphasize the incredible harm of junk food. While the most popular question to talk about is the threat of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems when writing the fast food and physical health essay, you also might want to mention that regular fast food consumption has proved to cause real brain damage and might even lead to a mental meltdown. The thing is that our brains just don’t get enough nutrients and vitamins with fast food, that’s why our bodies keep asking for more when being hungry shortly after you eat that French fries.

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 4

If you are writing the effects of consuming too much fast food essay, the great approach to choose to fascinate your professor and class is to go deeper into the chemistry of its ingredients. By carefully examining what fast food is made of and how nutrients work, you can find answers to your thesis statement proposed questions in order to resolve your argument and prove your point. You may look for ready answers as there are a lot of researches that have been performed to let people know what hides inside junk food. Meanwhile, it could also be much more interesting to propose your own ideas about the researched topic. As we already mentioned above, you may compare home-cooked meals with fast food in relation to its price, affordability, easiness, and the after-effects on the human body; this info will be especially relevant for a processed food essay. You might also explain how processed food is made, how to read nutrition labels, what foods are safe to buy, and what you should avoid. Your fast food informative speech will only benefit from that on the way to your A+ grade. Luckily, it is relatively easy to monitor what you eat thanks to the nutrition labels that fast food places and pre-packed food makers are obliged to make. You may enlist some especially dangerous elements so that the readers of your fast food warning labels essay will be aware of their harm.

The easiest way to know what you are buying is to read nutrition labels. A quick guide on them might be useful for you, but for shaping a persuasive essay about junk food, this information is obviously not enough. Our advice is to look for evidence to support your ideas in academic sources while also performing your own junk food research in restaurants and convenience stores. Due to the fact that the variety of food labels give too much specific information, try to start from simple steps. For example, you want to watch for a color-coding. To buy something healthier, look for more green ones (low fat, sugar, salt), than amber (medium fat, sugar, salt), or red (high amount of fat, sugar, salt). You also want to mention which amount of those ingredients plus energy (kJ/kcal), saturated fat carbohydrate, sugars, protein, and salt, is mentioned on the pack. These facts are great to explore in the essay on junk food a silent killer.

If too many students write about the current hazards of fast food relating to our physical health, and you don’t want to repeat the same ideas over and over again in one more essay, there is an alternative way to go. By choosing a slightly different topic, you can reserve yourself the highest grade of them all for sure. You will stand out from the crowd and be noticed by your professor. The only problem is that you will have to perform much more profound research to deliver your ideas in an academically proper way. So by now, you might be wondering, what are those mysterious alternative topics?

Well, for example, you can go for the history of fast food essay and examine the root cause of the whole problem that has got so globally large and important nowadays. How the burger culture went all the way from small and convenient products at the gas stations and suburbs diners to the leading worldwide industry that develops so well in almost every country? By watching its development, you might also propose the same approach for tackling the obesity problem. For instance, if promotion and smart marketing campaigns you consider as key factors to the overall fast food business success, then most likely, it is also the potentially most successful way to target the same audience and to promote healthier food choices.

However, if you want to go even further in your creativity, you may choose such a controversial topic as the benefits of fast food essay. Here, you will need to think out of the box. What benefits could have something so widely regarded as hazardous? Well, we have a few tips on what you could propose in such an essay. First of all, as we mentioned before, all food manufacturers and restaurants have calorie counts and nutrition labels on their foods. So in any renowned fast-food restaurant, you will get the portion that doesn’t exceed the recommended value of fats, sugars, salts, sodium, calories, etc. The good advice is just to eat one burger and say no to the second one in case if you want more.

Another benefit of fast food is that you can also pick healthier options in restaurants like the oatmeal for breakfast and the summer salad with grilled chicken for lunch. They also have a wide variety of affordable offers. You can try the best of Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and Middle-East food just for a few dollars.

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 5

Argumentative essay about junk food in schools

While fast food topic is quite popular today, still, writing an academic research paper, you shouldn’t let your emotions getting away with you. Your personal opinion and emotional approach are good for another kind of essay, which we will be talking about in the following sections. Meanwhile, it’s time to discuss what is so special about writing an argumentative essay about junk food in schools, and what you should do to make it the most appealing for a professor.

First and foremost, you should remember to maintain a rational approach to your subject. It is extremely important to keep the informational balance of both your arguments and counter-arguments; otherwise, it’s quite simple to get blown away by the most popular notion that fast food is simply unhealthy and then continue writing your essay based on that argument as an axiom that doesn’t need proving. However, simply a negative view of this topic cannot be considered the ultimate truth. When you are writing an academic assignment, you are acting as a scientist that explores the nature of things and makes their own conclusions on the basis of all the data and knowledge. All the info stated above might sound difficult at first, but when you look at this technique more closely, you will notice that performing this kind of research along with gathering the documentation as a proof of your assumptions from the trusted academic sources actually sounds like a very interesting way to work on an argumentative essay on fast food consumption.

When outlining your argumentative essay, you should also remember to put forth the strongest argument right in the first body paragraph. As you move on through your topic, keep uncovering the details about the ideas that you want to discuss in your paper, such as should junk food be banned in schools essay. According to the academic rules that define what an argumentative essay is, it should necessarily contain a tension of the argument. What do we mean by this? You can simply put together the opposing views right after another and discuss what evidence overweight the argument, thus making a point that proves your thesis statement. For example, the opposing view on the subject due to the previously stated example topic could be the essay about why schools should serve fast food options.

As you can clearly see now, here, you can explore both benefits and hazards of fast food being sold in schools. It would be extremely relevant to support your opinion on one or another argument by discussing the real examples. What happened to the schools that have already banned fast foods? Do they have statistics about the health of pupils learning in those schools? Do they run the promotional campaigns of encouraging kids to maintain a healthy diet, and if yes, do they work? See, here you can find a whole large field of investigation that is engaging and relevant for every student.

While writing about fast food selling in schools, it would also be valid to explore the topic in order to write children and fast food essay because particularly the younger generation is targeted by global brands marketing campaigns of junk food. The famous TV presenter, blogger, and cook Jamie Oliver runs a whole social media campaign against that tendency, which is called #IAdEnough, which you might also want to mention in your paper. It’s important to mention, though, that Jamie Oliver doesn’t argue against fast food promotional campaigns in general; he only insists that they should not be targeted at children and teenagers since they are more vulnerable and prone to copying the behavior shown in the advertisement.

Having said that, your thesis statement of a good argumentative essay could also focus on the questions that you could explore in an essay on effects of fast food on our new generation. Picture the societal advantages and challenges of our times and how they affect the choice of food for the younger audience. Of course, the global development of pocket-size smart devices, the Internet, and social media affects modern culture greatly. The overflow of various unfiltered information going through all of these sources makes it even harder for modern kids to make conscious decisions about what they want and what they really need. 

When looking at all these social tendencies globally, you may shape the argument of essay writing on fast food towards finding the root cause for the problem of the overly high popularity of fast food in the market of the younger generation. You might also propose solutions to this problem. For example, why not making healthy food also cheap and quick to cook, as well as incredibly tasty and visually appealing? 

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 6

Research paper on fast food

While an argumentative essay on any topic requires putting together two opposing points of view and make your own reasonable conclusions as a result of that exploration and comparison, when you are writing a research paper on fast food, you want to apply a slightly different approach. The main point to remember here is that the research paper doesn’t concentrate on the single one point of an argument, nor does it consider only one polarity view to be ultimately outweighing another. When writing this kind of an academic assignment, you want to focus on analyzing the problem that you pose in your thesis statement from various points of view, considering different facts and evidence along the way. The aim of the research paper is rather rationalizing on a particular subject than trying to convince or to discern certain ideas.

The first thing that you need to do while working on a fast food and obesity research paper is to carefully gather all the possible references on your topic that you can find. We know it is the most comfortable to look for them online, but at the same time, try to do something that’ll make you stand out of the crowd. For example, go to your university or public library. You will be surprised how much useful information is presented in the sources you find there.

However, if you are still looking for some fast food research paper topics, it is not necessarily to look among research papers that you see all around on the Internet. In order to sound original, try to look for scientific articles on fast food, as well as some popular media resources that cover the topic of junk food consumption effects. Often, these articles contain a lot of useful information given in quite a short form. When you know all the thesis sentences and claims that it covers, you can note them and then develop these ideas and use the given data throughout your research paper.

After you have collected all the data that will support your train of thought, you need to organize your facts and quotes by certain criteria. You decide what criteria will be the most significant for you. Anyway, it should reveal the idea of your thesis statement. You could also make notes along the way that will appear useful when you will write the body paragraphs. After you’ve done all that, it’s time to plan and write down the fast food research paper outline. This could be a simple topic phrase outline or a more advanced annotated outline with whole topic sentences. Whether you should choose the first or the second one, it depends on your academic level and requirements of the teacher.

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 7

Research essay about fast food

Another kind of academic assignment that you might be asked to write is a research essay about fast food. You might be wondering how this is different from all the other kinds of academic papers. Well, the specific requirements really differ from one university, college, or school to another. To know exactly what rules and norms of formatting, what style and scientific approach you should abide by, ask your professor. And of course, don’t forget to visit lectures on a regular basis.

Moreover, a research essay is different from, for example, a persuasive essay on why fast food is bad in the way that you want to prove and explain your thesis statement. In the first case, you perform extensive research of various credible sources on your topic and then analyze it in a rational and logical kind of way. Of course, all these principles you also apply in your persuasive essay about fast food, but that is slightly different. In the last case, you apply more of the emotional and moral evidence. Persuasive essays are pushier; they are designed to convince your audience to agree with your point of view on the subject that you are talking about.

Persuasive essays that require less of a logical approach and designed to assess mostly your ability for critical thinking are also called something like the opinion essay about fast food. When writing this, don’t forget that you shouldn’t be blown away by your emotions. Your ideas also shouldn’t be left without the support of relevant references in case you have a more advanced academic level. Yes, this is all about your opinion, but it also suggests that you have carefully researched the given topic before writing about it and not just reflected on something you know little or nothing about. The same goes for the fast food discussion essay. Here, you want to discuss various, often controversial points of view on the given subject, not relying much on your personal opinion.

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 8

Fast food essay outline

In order to get the best grade, you might start your work on the essay, looking for the catchy essay titles for the topic of the popularity of fast food restaurants. However, this approach might not always be the best idea to employ for writing an academic assignment. First off, what the excellent student really wants is crafting a relevant, strong, and persuasive fast food thesis statement that will lead them all along the way of writing the paper. A perfectly posed question can do miracles with your assignment. It will be so easy to write down paragraph by paragraph if you know for sure how you are going to deploy your topic.

You might not want to spend some considerable amount of time on shaping the perfect thesis statement, but you got to trust us, it’s definitely worth the hassle. Don’t be afraid to alter it on the way, for example, as you do your research, you get to know more and more important data and evidence about the subject. When you feel that you’ve done all these things right, it’s time to move on to the next step. And that is writing the fast food essay outline. You may be wondering how the perfect outline actually looks like. If you type in the search engine of your browser when starting to work on your fast food argumentative essay sample, the sample essays that you find might contain some advanced and long outlines. It looks professional, maybe even too much. Your task is creating a short and concise outline that can be accepted by your professor.

However, even the outline doesn’t have as much influence on your eventual grade as the fast food essay introduction. This part is the first page or two that the professor will read, and of course, he or she will memorize it the most at the end of the day when going through dozens of similar essays like yours. It may also be the main reference point if you have to stand out in front of the class and defend your point discussed in your essay. By the way, one more tip for you: competitive and engaging fast food essay hook makes the perfect introduction. It might take some time to think about mainly because the topic of junk food is largely addressed.

To find a perfectly new and fresh attention grabber for essays on effects of fast food persuasive essay, we recommend you look up the popular social activists and bloggers forums, websites, and groups in social media. This might not be the most reliable source of information to state in a reference page, but you need it for other reasons. Namely, for finding the newest and the most accurate information to hook the audience of your fast food persuasive essay. For example, one of the recent blog posts of the healthy diet community claimed that obesity kills more people annually than dictators and political regimes in the times of World War II. Does it sound shocking and attention-grabbing? For sure! And that is exactly what you are looking for when thinking how to write a persuasive essay introduction on fast food linked to obesity. After you have found this perfectly challenging hook statement and shaped your thesis statement in the proper way, don’t rush to finish your introduction right away. Wait for a few hours and even days so you can go back to it with fresh ideas and maybe alter it to perfection.

What is no less important for a good essay grade apart from the introduction is also a conclusion for a fast food essay. The first thing that you need to remember is that rephrasing all the arguments from your essay is not simply rewriting it. Strive for pointing out all the major turning points while thinking of your thesis statement as a proven fact. Thus, your conclusion will sound strong and persuasive. The next thing that you definitely want to do is finish your essay with a persuasive clincher phrase that encourages the further exploration of your essay topic.

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 9

Fast food essay topics

Given that writing about fast food consumption and its long-term effects on human health became a common thing to do for students at most of the universities across the world, it is fair to say that most of these essays include almost the same information. The facts about the link between fast-food restaurants density and health issues of people living nearby, the consequences of overconsumption of trans fats, sodium, and salts in fast food - all these data and statistics are surely known by your professors since they might have read it thousand times before. So, what should you do to really stand out and to gain the best grade in your class? We have the right answer! What you need to think of in the first place is picking some fresh and new topics for fast food essay. Do you think that there is not much place for creativity? We will prove to you in this section that there are lots of areas in the fast-food exploration field that haven’t been largely discussed by the scholar audience.

As we already mentioned in the previous sections, a good way in which you could start your exploration is the essay about how fast food places use kids to market their brand. Indeed, this is a global problem that requires spreading the carefully researched data and academic knowledge. As a result, you might contribute to the healthier development of our younger generations. Just think about all those toys in the food kits and children menu options in the fast-food restaurants that you know. The imagery that they use are is highly appealing to the younger audience. Meanwhile, due to the tremendous amounts of information that appears online and in advertising (oftentimes hidden in social media context), the unfiltered advertising portions process through our brains without much resistance. We almost subconsciously assume, without even giving it a second thought or doubt that a highly sweetened carbonated beverage is associated with happiness while chilling with your friends and family. We associate burgers with socializing and having a good time. Thus, the advertising is targeted directly at young and unprotected by media literacy and awareness minds.

The next paper you may want to work on is the causes and effects of the popularity of fast food restaurants essay. Here, you should employ a classic academic structure of the paper that requires a binary approach, i.e., you have to look both at causes of this problem and its direct consequences, also known as effects. In this regard, you should watch carefully to maintain a perfectly logical order and reasoning. To be completely sure about the links between certain facts and data and your comments on its consequences, look through the list of the most common logical fallacies in order to stay away from things like wrong reasoning or the ‘straw man’ effect. The cause and effect essay can have a few different kinds of structure to begin with. The first and most common type is the chain of causes and effects. In cases when you are working on one little write-up like an addiction to fast food essay, you can use only one to three causes and effects. For example, the regular habit of eating out causes the risk of obesity. The chain of causes and effects would look like a more expanded view of this general cause and effect link: the regular consumption of fast food delivers too many calories and too little nutrition, which causes an unsatisfied desire to eat more, and overeating, in its turn, provokes bad digestion and obesity as a result of it. That would be the chain of causes and effects.

The next type of causation and consequences linkage could also be deployed in a why is fast food bad for us and we keep going back essay. You could have a structure like this. Either there could be one cause and many effects, or it could be many causes that lead to one effect. Basically, here you can find a lot of similar features with the induction and deduction processes. If talking about examples, regular eating out at fast-food restaurants could be the one cause that provokes many long-term effects associated with health risks like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and so on. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the latest researches in this field to possess the newest information that hasn’t been disproved by scholars recently.

Fast Food Essays Writing Guide 10

The next structure that we are going to talk about is many causes that lead to one effect. For example, you are writing a should fast food be served with warning labels essay. You can include here many causes that lead to the overconsumption of fast food. That could be the lack of attention to the nutrition labels, the lack of knowledge about what those labels mean or how to count your daily calories, and which amount could be considered the optimal if thinking individually. There are many causes why we don’t care about what is written on those labels. There is also a number of reasons why they could be considered ineffective for reducing the health risks linked with fast food consumption. The labels might contain deceptive or improperly stated information, or they could be confused with advertising labels (like low-calorie, eco, natural, no gluten labels that potentially hide lots of sugars and other chemicals in the same product).

You can also go in the opposite direction in your research. Instead of focusing on the fast food hazards, explore why it became so popular and why so many people from various societal groups prefer eating fast food over other healthier options at full-serving restaurants. This could be examined in a convenience of fast food essay. Similarly, you can also explore both short-term and long-term consequences that the fast-food culture has for people of your country or in the world. You can also discuss the medical and health issues as a direct consequence of the regular fast food consumption and think about how the fast-food culture affects people regarding other social spheres in the effects fast food has on society essay.

Another interesting field for exploration is a comparison of opposing phenomena. They are easy to find in a topic that you are currently working on. Fast food is largely regarded as the opposite of a healthy diet. It is also being polarized to homemade meals. You could discuss the relations between one or a few of these opposing subjects in the fast food vs home cooked meals contrast and comparison essay. Just remember not to paint the fast food all black because this contrast could not be as obvious as you could think at first. For instance, I personally know a few families that cooked their meals only at home. They had lots of fried foods with an enormous amount of fats and carcinogens. Of course, as a result, all the family had an obesity problem, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

Since the consumption of fast food has a huge impact on society in general, many students and professors tend to look at it from a political point of view. They try to assume and explore whether it would be effective to solve the problem on a governmental level. As a result, questions like the tax regulation of fast-food brands often arise these days. If you like to think of politics, you could pick a “should the government regulate fast food” essay topic. Remember to maintain a balanced approach and to discuss opposing points of view with a rational critical thinking attitude. It would be easier, if you know how to write a critical thinking essay. For example, you may tell about soda tax, which is a tax designed to reduce the consumption of drinks with added sugar. This tax became a matter of public debate in many countries, and beverage producers like Coca-Cola often oppose it.

Often, if you write a persuasive essay, you would be interested in what are people talking about fast food in advertising, political speeches, editorials, newspapers, forums, and blogs. This is exactly the reason why professors and teachers choose contemporary topics for you to discuss, like the dark side of fast food essay. To write this kind of a persuasive essay the best way possible, try to think of yourself as a journalist or a lawyer that fights for a certain opinion to be widely considered. Pick the side you wish to advocate and stand for at all means. The next essential thing to know is your audience. Are they opposing your viewpoint, inclined to favor your side, or still undecided? Depending on that, you would structure your essay.

We could talk for hours about the various ideas for fast food essay topics, but your creativity could do this job even better. The most important thing to do when writing an academic essay is to show your personal approach to the topic and the ability to think critically. Of course, your essay should be adjusted to all the rules and norms of the university formatting, but that is not the main thing that professors usually assess when deciding on what grade to give to some particular essay writing.

So now you know how to approach such a broad and burning topic. We really hope that with the help of our guidelines, you will get the best mark possible. Good luck!

essay of fast food

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essay of fast food

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essay of fast food

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Essay on Fast Food

Students are often asked to write an essay on Fast Food in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Fast Food


Fast food is a type of meal that people often eat because it’s quick, convenient, and tasty. These meals are usually served at restaurants, drive-thrus, or take-outs.

Popularity of Fast Food

Fast food is popular worldwide. It’s often the go-to option when people are busy or don’t have time to cook. Fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC are famous globally.

Health Implications

Despite its popularity, fast food is often unhealthy. It’s typically high in fats, sugars, and salts which can lead to health problems like obesity and heart disease if consumed regularly.

While fast food is convenient and tasty, it’s important to eat it in moderation due to its potential health risks.

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250 Words Essay on Fast Food

Fast food, a term that has become synonymous with contemporary urban lifestyle, is a phenomenon born out of our fast-paced lives. It refers to food that is prepared and served quickly, often in a packaged form for take-out.

The Allure of Fast Food

Fast food chains, with their convenience and affordability, have become a ubiquitous part of our global landscape. The allure lies in their ability to cater to our increasingly time-pressed lives, providing quick, tasty meals at the click of a button or a short queue at the drive-thru.

However, this convenience comes with a price. Fast food is often high in calories, saturated fats, sugar, and salt, leading to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related diseases. The ease of accessibility and the addictive taste of fast food can lead to overconsumption, creating a vicious cycle of poor dietary habits and health problems.

Environmental Impact

Fast food’s environmental footprint is another concern. The industry contributes significantly to deforestation, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions due to its high demand for animal products and reliance on single-use packaging.

In conclusion, while fast food provides a convenient solution to our fast-paced lives, it is essential to be mindful of its health and environmental implications. Striking a balance between convenience and health, and making sustainable choices, is the way forward in our relationship with fast food.

500 Words Essay on Fast Food

The rise of fast food.

Fast food has become an integral part of modern society, with its influence stretching across the globe. The fast food industry originated in the United States during the early 20th century, with the advent of assembly line production methods. This revolutionized the food industry, making it possible to serve large quantities of food quickly and efficiently.

The Appeal of Fast Food

Fast food’s appeal lies in its convenience, affordability, and taste. In our fast-paced society, many people opt for fast food as it saves time that would otherwise be spent preparing meals. It also provides a low-cost option for those on a tight budget. Moreover, the taste of fast food, often high in fat, sugar, and salt, is designed to stimulate our palates and keep us coming back for more.

The Impact on Health

Despite its convenience and affordability, fast food has a profound impact on public health. It is often high in calories, unhealthy fats, sugar, and salt, contributing to a range of health issues including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. The World Health Organization has recognized the consumption of fast food as a major factor in the global obesity epidemic.

Societal Implications

Fast food also has broader societal implications. It has reshaped our eating habits, contributing to a culture of convenience that often prioritizes speed and ease over nutrition and health. This has implications for our relationship with food, our health, and even our social interactions. Fast food restaurants, for instance, have become common gathering places, influencing our social dynamics.

The Environmental Impact

Fast food’s environmental impact is another area of concern. Fast food chains are major contributors to deforestation due to their demand for beef and palm oil. They also contribute to pollution through their excessive use of packaging and energy consumption.

The Future of Fast Food

The future of fast food is uncertain. On one hand, the industry continues to grow, driven by increasing demand in developing countries. On the other hand, there is a growing awareness of the health and environmental impacts of fast food, leading to calls for change. Many fast food chains are now offering healthier options and making efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

In conclusion, fast food has undeniably shaped our society and our lifestyles. While it offers convenience and affordability, its health and environmental impacts cannot be ignored. As consumers, we have a role to play in shaping the future of this industry, through our choices and our demand for healthier, more sustainable options.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

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Home — Essay Samples — Nursing & Health — Fast Food — Fast Food Consumption and Its Impact on Today’s Generation


Fast Food Consumption and Its Impact on Today's Generation

  • Categories: Fast Food Junk Food

About this sample


Words: 836 |

Published: Mar 28, 2019

Words: 836 | Pages: 2 | 5 min read

Fast Food Essay: Hook Examples

  • A Startling Statistic: Did you know that the average American consumes fast food more than twice a week? Join me as we explore the implications of this alarming trend on the health and habits of today's generation.
  • An Alarming Trend: The fast-food industry has grown exponentially, paralleling the rise in obesity rates and health issues. Let's unravel the connection between the popularity of fast food and the health crisis facing today's generation.
  • A Personal Revelation: As I stood in line at a fast-food restaurant, I couldn't help but question the choices we make and the impact they have on our well-being. Join me as I share my own awakening to the consequences of fast food consumption.
  • A Cultural Analysis: Fast food isn't just about convenience; it reflects our evolving culture. Explore with me the sociological and psychological factors that drive today's generation to choose fast food over healthier alternatives.
  • An Urgent Wake-Up Call: Albert Einstein once said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." In the face of growing health challenges, it's time to rethink our approach to fast food and its impact on the health and habits of today's generation.

Fast Food Essay Example

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Fast Food Consumption and Its Impact on Today's Generation Essay

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Oliver, J. (2010, February). Teach every child about food. TED. Retrieved from Publishers.

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In recent decades, the prevalence of obesity has reached alarming levels globally, with significant health and socioeconomic implications. One of the key contributing factors to this epidemic is the consumption of fast food. In [...]

The film SuperSize Me documents Morgan Spurlock going through with an experiment to diet only on McDonald’s for thirty days. The purpose of Spurlock’s experiment was to show people that eating unhealthy, junk food such as [...]

Are fast food companies the only reason for America being the fattest nation in the world? This question is challenged in the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ (2004). Director Morgan Spurlock attempts a social experiment to prove that [...]

Supersize me by Morgan Spurlock follows him in a journey to see what fast food such as McDonalds would do to his body. In his documentary he shares the statistic in obesity and how much is has doubled since 1988. Spurlock states [...]

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essay of fast food

Study Paragraphs

Persuasive Essay About Fast Food

Table of Contents

Fast food is a popular option for many people due to its convenience and affordability. However, consuming fast food on a regular basis can have a negative impact on our health and well-being. In this essay, I will argue that fast food should be consumed in moderation or avoided altogether.

Short Persuasive Essay on Fast Food

Firstly, fast food is typically high in calories, fat, and sodium. This can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and other health problems. In addition, fast food is often low in nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which are important for maintaining good health. Consuming fast food on a regular basis can also lead to unhealthy eating habits and a decreased desire for more nutritious foods.

Secondly, the production of fast food has a negative impact on the environment. The livestock industry, which is responsible for producing many fast food products, is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. In addition, fast food packaging contributes to the accumulation of waste in landfills and oceans.

Finally, the consumption of fast food has a negative impact on local communities. Many fast-food chains are owned by large corporations, which often pay low wages and do not provide benefits to their employees. This can lead to economic inequality and a decrease in the quality of life for workers and their families.

In conclusion, while fast food may be convenient and affordable, it is important to be mindful of its negative impact on our health, the environment, and local communities. By consuming fast food in moderation or avoiding it altogether, we can make a positive impact on our own well-being and the world around us. Instead, we can focus on consuming a balanced diet that includes whole, nutritious foods and supporting local businesses that prioritize sustainability and fair labor practices.

Paragraph Writing

Hello! Welcome to my Blog My name is Angelina. I am a college professor. I love reading writing for kids students. This blog is full with valuable knowledge for all class students. Thank you for reading my articles.

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Essays About Food: Top 5 Examples and 6 Writing Prompts

Food is one of the greatest joys of life; it is both necessary to live and able to lift our spirits. If you are writing essays about food, read our guide.

Many people live and die by food. While its primary purpose is to provide us with the necessary nutrients to carry out bodily functions, the satisfaction food can give a person is beyond compare. For people of many occupations, such as chefs, waiters, bakers, and food critics, food has become a way of life.

Why do so many people enjoy food? It can provide us with the sensory pleasure we need to escape from the trials of daily life. From the moist tenderness of a good-quality steak to the sweet, rich decadence of a hot fudge sundae, food is truly magical. Instead of eating to stay alive, many even joke that they “live to eat.” In good food, every bite is like heaven.

5 Top Essay Examples

1. food essay by evelin tapia, 2. why japanese home cooking makes healthy feel effortless by kaki okumura, 3. why i love food by shuge luo.

  • 4.  My Favorite Food by Jayasurya Mayilsamy 
  • 5. ​​Osteria Francescana: does the world’s best restaurant live up to the hype? by Tanya Gold

6 Prompts for Essays About Food

1. what is your favorite dish, 2. what is your favorite cuisine, 3. is a vegan diet sustainable, 4. the dangers of fast food, 5. a special food memory, 6. the food of your home country.

“Food has so many things in them such as calories and fat. Eating healthy is important for everyone to live a healthy life. You can eat it, but eating it daily is bad for you stay healthy and eat the right foods. Deep fried foods hurt your health in many ways. Eat healthy and exercise to reduce the chances of any health problems.”

In this essay, Tapia writes about deep-fried foods and their effects on people’s health. She says they are high in trans fat, which is detrimental to one’s health. On the other hand, she notes reasons why people still eat foods such as potato chips and french fries, including exercise and simply “making the most of life.” Despite this, Tapia asserts her position that these foods should not be eaten in excess and can lead to a variety of health issues. She encourages people to live healthy lives by enjoying food but not overeating. 

“Because while a goal of many vegetables a day is admirable, in the beginning it’s much more sustainable to start with something as little as two. I learned that with an approach of two-vegetable dishes at a time, I would be a lot more consistent, and over time a large variety would become very natural. In fact, now following that framework and cooking a few simple dishes a day, I often find that it’s almost difficult to not reach at least several kinds of vegetables a day.”

Okumura discusses simple, healthy cooking in the Japanese tradition. While many tend to include as many vegetables as possible in their dishes for “health,” Okumura writes that just a few vegetables are necessary to make healthy but delicious dishes. With the help of Japanese pantry staples like miso and soy sauce, she makes a variety of traditional Japanese side dishes. She shows the wonders of food, even when executed in its simplest form. 

“I make pesto out of kale stems, toast the squash seeds for salad and repurpose my leftovers into brand new dishes. I love cooking because it’s an exercise in play. Cooking is forgiving in improvisation, and it can often surprise you. For example, did you know that adding ginger juice to your fried rice adds a surprisingly refreshing flavor that whets your appetite? Neither did I, until my housemate showed me their experiment.”

In her essay, Luo writes about her love for food and cooking, specifically how she can combine different ingredients from different cuisines to make delicious dishes. She recalls experiences with her native Chinese food and Italian, Singaporean, and Japanese Cuisine. The beauty of food, she says, is the way one can improvise a dish and create something magical. 

4.   My Favorite Food by Jayasurya Mayilsamy 

“There is no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap. My love for Pizza is very high. I am always hungry for pizza, be it any time of the day. Cheese is the secret ingredient of any food it makes any food taste yummy. Nearly any ingredient can be put on pizza. Those diced vegetables, jalapenos, tomato sauce, cheese and mushrooms make me eat more and more like a unique work of art.”

Mayilsamy writes about pizza, a food he can’t get enough of, and why he enjoys it as much as he does. He explains the different elements of a good pizza, such as cheese, tomato sauce, other toppings, and the crust. He also briefly discusses the different types of pizzas, such as thin crust and deep dish. Finally, he gives readers an excellent description of a mouthwatering pizza, reminding them of the feeling of eating their favorite food. 

5. ​​ Osteria Francescana: does the world’s best restaurant live up to the hype? by Tanya Gold

“After three hours, I am exhausted from eating Bottura’s dreams, and perhaps that is the point. If some of it is delicious, it is also consuming. That is the shadow cast by the award in the hallway, next to the one of a man strangled by food. I do not know if this is the best restaurant on Earth, or even if such a claim is possible. I suspect such lists are designed largely for marketing purposes: when else does Restaurant magazine, which runs the competition, get global coverage for itself and its sponsors?”

Gold reviews the dishes at Osteria Francescana, which is regarded by many as the #1 restaurant in the world. She describes the calm, formal ambiance and the polished interiors of the restaurants. Most importantly, she goes course by course, describing each dish in detail, from risotto inspired by the lake to parmesan cheese in different textures and temperatures. Gold concludes that while a good experience, a meal at the restaurant is time-consuming, and her experience is inconclusive as to whether or not this is the best restaurant in the world. 

Essays About Food: What is your favorite dish?

Everyone has a favorite food; in your essay, write about a dish you enjoy. You can discuss the recipe’s history by researching where it comes from, the famous chefs who created it, or which restaurants specialize in this dish. Provide your readers with an ingredients list, and describe how each ingredient is used in the recipe. Conclude your essay with a review of your experience recreating this recipe at home, discuss how challenging the recipe is, and if you enjoyed the experience.

Aside from a favorite dish, everyone prefers one type of cuisine. Discuss your favorite cuisine and give examples of typical dishes, preparations for food, and factors that influence your chosen cuisine. For example, you could choose Italian cuisine and discuss pasta, pizza, gelato, and other famous food items typically associated with Italian food.

Many people choose to adopt a vegan diet that consists of only plant-based food. For your essay, you can discuss this diet and explain why some people choose it. Then, research the sustainability of a plant-based diet and if a person can maintain a vegan diet while remaining healthy and energized. Provide as much evidence as possible by conducting interviews, referencing online sources, and including survey data. 

Essays About Food: The dangers of fast food

Fast food is a staple part of diets worldwide; children are often raised on salty bites of chicken, fries, and burgers. However, it has been linked to many health complications, including cancer and obesity . Research the dangers of fast food, describe each in your essay, and give examples of how it can affect you mentally and physically. 

Is there a memory involving food that you treasure? Perhaps it could be a holiday celebration, a birthday, or a regular day when went to a restaurant. Reflect on this memory, retelling your story in detail, and describe the meal you ate and why you remember it so fondly.

Every country has a rich culture, a big component of which is food. Research the history of food in your native country, writing about common native dishes and ingredients used in cooking. If there are religious influences on your country’s cuisine, note them as well. Share a few of these recipes in your essay for an engaging piece of writing.

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

For help picking your next essay topic, check out the best essay topics about social media .

essay of fast food

Martin is an avid writer specializing in editing and proofreading. He also enjoys literary analysis and writing about food and travel.

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Impact of Fast Food on Human Body Essay

There are three major issues connected to the nature of fast food, its distribution, and consumption. Firstly, it is the economics of fast food – fast food is the cheapest food on the market in terms of a calorie per dollar. 1 This is a significant advantage for many people, especially for those from lower socio-economic strata. For many, fast food is the only type of food they can afford to eat three times per day. The solution to this issue may involve government regulations – the prices of healthier food may be subsidized, at the same time, a higher tax rate may be imposed on the fast-food producers.

Secondly, lobbying is a significant issue for the food industry in general. Lobbying slows down any initiatives aimed at regulating the fast-food industry. One of the ideas voiced in the video may be the only way of dealing with lobbying – initiating massive changes in the election law to reduce corporations’ influence on politicians. 1 For instance, the law on super PACs may be essential in solving the lobbying issue.

Finally, there is an issue of education and ignorance of people. According to Al Jazeera’s report, there are vast areas of “food deserts” in the US – the districts with no fresh food supply. 1 People in such places do not have any habits of using fresh food for cooking, and they are used to mainly consuming fast or processed food. Moreover, school education does not fully cover healthy eating; thus, children do not have information about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of food. This issue can be solved on different levels; firstly, more healthy lifestyle courses can be added into schools’ curricula; secondly, the government can launch massive healthy eating media campaigns to educate the population.

Al Jazeera English. Fast food, fast profits: Obesity in America. YouTube. 2010. Web.

  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2022, October 26). Impact of Fast Food on Human Body.

"Impact of Fast Food on Human Body." IvyPanda , 26 Oct. 2022,

IvyPanda . (2022) 'Impact of Fast Food on Human Body'. 26 October.

IvyPanda . 2022. "Impact of Fast Food on Human Body." October 26, 2022.

1. IvyPanda . "Impact of Fast Food on Human Body." October 26, 2022.


IvyPanda . "Impact of Fast Food on Human Body." October 26, 2022.

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  • Communication Studies: Al Jazeera
  • PAC Resources, Inc: SWOT Analysis
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  • “Viewing and avoidance of Al Jazeera 24 hour satellite television channel” by Jamal, A., & Melkot, S. R.
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IELTS Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food: Tips to Write

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Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study abroad expert.

Mrinal Mandal

Want to practice the IELTS essay on advantages and disadvantages of fast food? This is one of the common topics for the IELTS essay. Do not devote more than forty minutes to this assignment. You should maintain a minimum word count of 250 words. There is no upper limit, but that does not mean that you go overboard and write a few thousand words! Stick to a logical and coherent essay that crisply articulates your opinion.

Table of Contents

Popular study abroad destinations, ielts essay on advantages and disadvantages of fast food- samples.

Question-  The advantages and disadvantages of fast food . 

Essay 1- 

Fast food has steadily become an intrinsic component of our daily lives, and while it keeps attaining popularity, there is a need to review its advantages and disadvantages. 

We cannot deny that fast food ushers in lifestyle ailments and health problems for its consumers and society. Fast food contains lipids in excessive amounts, which are harmful chemical substances that people should ideally stay away from. With the growing consumption of fast food, people keep adding more lipids to their bodies, leading to obesity and a lower inclination towards exercising and physical activities. Eating excessive fast food also increases blood cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol) and causes major ailments like heart disease. 

While it has its clear disadvantages, fast food has still attained more popularity owing to its widespread benefits. In modern times, with hectic schedules to meet, most people lack the time and energy to prepare home-cooked meals. They consume fast food conveniently at competitive prices, offering sufficient nourishment and energy to sustain long working hours. At the same time, fast food has a unique and compelling taste that stimulates food lovers to indulge it. Fast food is also prepared hygienically in most cases while being a blessing for busy working people who barely have time to sit down and eat their meals, let alone prepare them! Studies have also shown that consuming fast food in smaller amounts periodically can boost immunity and enhance the appetite of individuals. Many fast foods also incorporate healthier items, including vegetables, herbs and even salads, which ensure some minerals and vitamins in the daily diet. 

Thus, it can be concluded that fast food has its own set of advantages and disadvantages though the onus to regulate consumption rests with consumers. While fast food offers great taste and convenience, it does bring health issues in the long run. Hence, regulating consumption and adopting a balanced approach is the best solution in this regard. (317 words)

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Essay 2- 

Fast-food consumption has increased exponentially in recent years. Many people encourage fast food consumption, stating that it offers better taste, enhances the appetite, and comes with certain healthy ingredients. At the same time, another cross-section warns of the impending health issues sparked by excessive consumption of fast food, including higher blood cholesterol, obesity, and heart disease. It is important to discuss both arguments objectively to conclude. 

There are numerous advantages of fast food that cannot be ignored. Firstly, fast food can be consumed easily since it is prepared quickly and sold almost everywhere. Secondly, many people do not have sufficient time to prepare meals at home. They depend on readily available and pocket-friendly fast food for their daily dose of energy and nutrition. At the same time, it is not always the case that fast food companies use only unhealthy ingredients. Many fast food items make use of healthy vegetables, organic elements, herbs, and other ingredients at times. Thirdly, fast food consumers vouch for the riot of flavours that enrich their taste buds, thereby increasing their appetite and inculcating a love for food in their minds. 

However, the disadvantages of fast food cannot be ignored. Fast food is often prepared with unhealthy lipids and fats, which we unknowingly keep adding to our bodies. Fast food can make us overweight or obese while leading to issues with blood cholesterol, heart ailments and more. Fast food can sometimes impact the liver as well. It has also led to the slow death of many home-cooked recipes that have been consumed traditionally across households. 

To sum up the argument, fast food has its drawbacks and advantages. The best way out is to consume fast food in limited amounts every month for starters and emphasize on preparing healthy home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients. The Government and other authorities can also consider implementing minimum health standards to make fast food less harmful from a long-term perspective. (320 words) 

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IELTS Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

Smruti Das

Updated On Nov 06, 2023

IELTS Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

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  • 1.1 Nowadays people have greater access to fast food. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?
  • 1.2.1 Essay Type
  • 1.2.2 Introduction
  • 1.2.4 Conclusion 
  • 1.3 Sample Answer 1 
  • 1.4 Vocabulary
  • 1.5 Sample Answer 2 (320 words)
  • 1.6 Vocabulary
  • 1.7 Also, check:

Task 2 of IELTS Writing is similar for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General. In this task, you will be expected to write an essay on a given topic. Different types of essays are given in the exam, advantages and disadvantages essay being one of them. Here, we will go through a sample answer of the IELTS essay on advantages and disadvantages of fast food.

Before proceeding to the sample answer, it is best to learn some ways to achieve a band score of 8 for Writing Task 2 that will help you write your own essay on the topic.

Here is a step-by-step guide to write such essays in Writing Task -1.

  • Understand the Prompt: Read the essay prompt carefully and ensure you comprehend the topic. Identify whether you are required to discuss advantages, disadvantages, or both.
  • Brainstorm Ideas: Spend a few minutes brainstorming points for each aspect (advantages and disadvantages) of the topic. Jot down key ideas and examples that support your arguments.
  • Plan Your Essay: Create a rough outline for your essay. Decide on the structure, including how many paragraphs you’ll have and the main points for each section.
  • Write the Introduction: Start with a clear and concise introduction. Mention that you will discuss both advantages and disadvantages in your essay. Provide a brief overview of your main points.
  • Develop the Body Paragraphs: Dedicate one or two paragraphs to each aspect (advantages and disadvantages). Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the main point. Follow with supporting details, examples, and explanations.
  • Address Each Point: Balance your discussion of advantages and disadvantages, giving roughly equal attention to both unless the prompt specifies otherwise.
  • Write a Conclusion: Summarize the main points discussed in the body paragraphs. Restate your position on whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa. Provide a final thought or recommendation, if appropriate.
  • Proofread and Edit: Carefully review your essay for grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling errors. Ensure that your sentences are clear and concise. Check that your essay meets the word count requirement.

Now, let us learn how to frame an essay using the above-mentioned steps.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task .

Write at least 250 words.

Nowadays people have greater access to fast food. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Advantages – Disadvantages Essay


Paraphrase the topic of the essay and mention that the essay will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages.

Paragraph 1: Advantages of access to fast food

Paragraph 2: Disadvantages of access to fast food


Clearly restate points covered in the essay.

Sample Answer 1 

The traction towards fast food has been on the rise for the past few years. As a result, fast-food outlets have mushroomed in every corner of the world. This essay will discuss both sides of this inclination and highlight how the disadvantages of the rampant availability of fast foods outweigh the advantages.

On the bright side, the availability of fast food is a boon to the working population as well as people who live alone away from home. Nowadays, it is quite common for spouses to go outside to work. Consequently, the easy access to these foods makes life easier for them as they juggle their office and home chores . Moreover, these convenience foods are economical and delectable if bought from appropriate places. Therefore, they are the best alternatives for healthy food, which is sometimes exorbitant .

However, unbridled accessibility and consumption of fast foods have an array of adverse effects. Firstly, it affects the health of the consumer and raises the risk of cardiovascular diseases, dental problems, etc. Obesity is one of the major side effects of these foods. Secondly, the innumerable ways of obtaining fast food is making people sluggish . For example, due to online delivery options like Zomato, Swiggy, etc., people do not have to go out to eat. This makes them dependent on these apps and gradually, they give up cooking and become torpid . Lastly, overconsumption of fast foods can lead to mental issues like depression and anxiety, as argued by many scientific researchers. They claim as people are more inclined towards eating fast foods, they do not maintain a healthy lifestyle, which contributes to these issues.

In the end, even though fast foods are easy to cook, inexpensive and readily available, greater access to them certainly has more pitfalls than gains.

  • Traction (noun)

Meaning: the extent to which something new becomes popular

E.g: His debut album gained a lot of traction.

  • Mushroomed (verb)

Meaning: increase, spread, or develop rapidly

E.g: Beauty salons have mushroomed in our village in the past two years.

  • Rampant (adjective)

Meaning: happening a lot or becoming worse, usually in a way that is out of control

E.g: The rampant poaching of animals and birds has led to biodiversity loss in many places.

  • Boon (noun)

Meaning: a thing that is helpful or beneficial

E.g: The construction of the dam is a boon to the nearby villages.

  • Chores (noun)

Meaning: a job or piece of work that needs to be done regularly

E.g: I divide the chores equally among all members of the household.

  • Exorbitant (adjective)

Meaning: much more than is reasonable

E.g: The supermarket charges an exorbitant price for most items it sells.

  • Unbridled (adjective)

Meaning: unrestrained

E.g: Letting the tiger roam unbridled in the forest can be dangerous to the nearby villages.

  • Sluggish (adjective)

Meaning: lacking in energy; lazy

E.g: My son has become sluggish.

  • Torpid (adjective)

Meaning: not active

E.g: Most students in our high school are torpid.

  • Pitfall (noun)

Meaning: problem that is likely to happen

E.g: There are pitfalls of using cars on these roads.

Looking for expert advice to ace IELTS? Worry no more. Check out our guide on IELTS Exam Preparation tips .

Sample Answer 2 (320 words)

In today’s fast-paced world, access to fast food has become more convenient than ever before. This essay will explore both the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

One of the primary advantages of greater access to fast food is convenience. Fast food restaurants are widely available, often 24/7, allowing people to grab a quick meal on their way to work or when they have a busy schedule.

Another advantage is the affordability of fast food. In comparison to dining at traditional restaurants, fast food is usually more budget-friendly. Families on a tight budget often find it economical to choose fast food as an occasional dining option.

Furthermore, fast food establishments often offer a variety of menu choices. This allows consumers to select from a range of options, catering to diverse tastes and dietary preferences.

On the flip side, greater access to fast food can lead to health-related problems. Many fast food items are high in calories, unhealthy fats, and sugar, which can contribute to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Excessive consumption of fast food has been linked to various health issues, making it a concerning aspect of this accessibility.

Another disadvantage is the environmental impact of the fast food industry. The production and distribution of fast food contribute to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and excessive waste generation. This has a detrimental effect on the environment and contributes to climate change.

Moreover, the convenience of fast food may lead to a decline in home-cooked meals. As more people opt for the ease of fast food, traditional cooking skills may erode, resulting in a loss of cultural culinary traditions and diminished family bonding over meals.

In conclusion, while greater access to fast food offers convenience, affordability, and menu diversity, it also presents significant disadvantages such as health concerns, environmental issues, and a potential decline in home cooking. Whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages largely depends on an individual’s choices and lifestyle.

  • Convenience (Noun)

Meaning: Suitable for one’s needs; making life easier.

Eg: The convenience of online shopping has revolutionized the way we shop.

  • Budget-friendly (Adjective)

Meaning: Cost-effective; not expensive.

Eg: The local farmer’s market offers budget-friendly organic produce.

  • Diverse (Adjective)

Meaning: Showing a great deal of variety; different.

Eg: The city’s cultural festival showcased diverse traditions from around the world.

  • Obesity (Noun)

Meaning: Excessive body weight often associated with health issues.

Eg: Childhood obesity is a growing concern in many developed countries.

  • Deforestation (Noun)

Meaning: The action of clearing forests, often for agricultural purposes.

Eg: Deforestation has led to the loss of many endangered species’ habitats.

  • Culinary (Adjective)

Meaning: Relating to the practice or skills of cooking.

Eg: The culinary school offers a wide range of cooking courses.

  • Erode (Verb)

Meaning: Gradually destroy or diminish something over time.

Eg: The constant exposure to water eroded the coastline.

  • Cultural Traditions (Phrase)

Meaning: The customs, beliefs, and practices passed down within a society.

Eg: Preserving cultural traditions is essential for maintaining a sense of identity.

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Smruti Das

Smruti is a passionate and highly skilled content writer working in this field for the past 2 years. She is known for her ability to craft compelling and engaging content. With a keen eye for detail and a deep love for words, Smruti has expertized herself with the latest industry trends. Her commitment to producing high-quality content that resonates with audiences is highly valued.

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"The McDonald's Complaints Dilemma: More Than Just Fast Food.", Dec 28, 2023. Accessed January 3, 2024.

"The McDonald's Complaints Dilemma: More Than Just Fast Food," , 28-Dec-2023. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 3-Jan-2024] (2023). The McDonald's Complaints Dilemma: More Than Just Fast Food . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 3-Jan-2024]

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