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9 Best Resume Writing Services for Hire in 2024

Emily Robin

  • 9 Best Freelance Resume Writers for Hire
  • Perfect your resume. A professional resume writer can rewrite your resume or create a new one from scratch with the layout and keywords recruiters look for.
  • Make a cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile. Resume writers for hire also often offer cover letter and LinkedIn optimization services. If you want, you can get a complete package from the same professional writer, meaning everything will flow nicely.
  • Land more interviews. With an optimized resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, you’ll have a much better chance of impressing recruiters and making it to the interview stage.

1. John I. – Expert Resume Writing Delivered in 24 Hours

John I.'s resume service project on Upwork

2. Bcpatchesco – ATS-compliant Resumes from a Communications Expert

Bcpatchesco's resume writing service gig on Fiverr

3. Artbyritzy – Get a Resume in 1 Day For Just $5

Artbyritzy's resume writing service gig on Fiverr

4. Sabina A. – Pro Resume Writing & Review From a Marketing Expert

Artbyritzy's resume writing service gig on Fiverr

5. Mayam_writes95 – Professional CEO Resume for Just $10

Mayam_writes95's resume writing service gig on Fiverr

6. Harvardcv – Get a Professional CV in Under 24 Hours

Harvardcv's resume writing service gig on Fiverr

7. Trixie Shane M. – Affordable Business and Legal Resumes

9 Best Resume Writing Services for Hire - Emily Sircoloumb

8. Robynneresumes – Resume, Cover Letter, & a LinkedIn Profile From a Professional Writer

Robynneresumes' resume writing service gig on Fiverr

9. Microsoftly – Tech Resume Writing From a Software Engineer

Microsoftly's resume writing service gig on Fiverr

  • How to Hire a Freelance Resume Writer on Fiverr

navigating to the resume writing category on Fiverr

  • What to Look For in a Freelance Resume Writer
  • Writing an ATS-compliant resume. Big companies use ATS (applicant tracking system) software to filter out resumes that don’t have the right format or use keywords that match the job description. Hiring a resume service ensures your resume will stand out from the crowd and reach the recruiter’s hands.
  • Designing a custom resume template. Formatting is key to making your resume look professional and easy-to-read. On average, recruiters look at a resume for 6-7 seconds (which isn’t long at all!), so you want your key skills and experiences to stand out cleanly.
  • Writing a cover letter. Not every job application requires a cover letter, but you will certainly improve your chances of getting hired by including one. A well-written cover letter can impress recruiters and put you ahead of the competition.
  • LinkedIn optimization. Some of the resume writers I picked offer LinkedIn optimization services, too. Optimizing your profile will put you in the searchlights of companies looking to hire, widening your net and giving you more opportunities to connect.
  • Pro Writing and/or Industry Experience. You need an experienced writer who comprehends the secrets of crafting an effective resume in any field. However, a resume writer who has held a position in your industry has not only successfully secured a job there but also possesses the knowledge to assist you.
  • Are You a Freelance Resume Writer Looking to Sell Your Services?

creating an account on Fiverr

  • Land Your Dream Job With a Professional Resume Writer

How to hire a resume writer?

Is it worth hiring a resume writer, what’s the best resume writer service.

freelance resume writers websites

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Freelance Resume

Freelance resume (ultimate guide for proofreaders and more).

Writing a freelance resume is akin to navigating a maze. There’s no one format that fits every freelance job seeker’s situation, and navigating the endless amount of samples and resume advice online can be stressful!

So, to help you find your way, we’ve compiled this step-by-step guide to help you choose the best resume format to showcase your unique experiences in a way that highlights your qualities and potential—and of course, attracts lucrative clients.

How to Create a Freelance Resume

How to create a freelance resume

Freelance job posts can attract hundreds to thousands of applicants. So, the best way to make your resume stand out from the crowd and make clients say “wow” is not by writing a long list of hot words like “great communicator” and “quick project turn-around time.”

Instead, we advise working with one of three formats to elevate your experiences and let them shine for themselves. This way, your resume clearly communicates to clients how you’ve put your skills to use and where your qualities as a freelancer have shown up in past job experiences.

Here are the basics you’ll need to follow to get started from scratch:

  • Choose a professional resume template: Create your own using Word, Google Docs, or Canva and download as a pdf. Or, pick from a myriad of easy-to-use software— Enhancv , Resume Genius , Zety , Zippia , and Resume Builder are some of our favorites. Overall, your final resume should be ATS-friendly (more on this later).
  • Pick a suitable resume body format: So you’ve picked a template and are ready to start filling in your resume. But, should you highlight your past work positions as a freelancer, or the skills you’ve cultivated through freelance experiences… or both? It all comes down to the traditional (work-focused) format, functional (skills-focused), or combination resume formats. Below, we’ll cover exactly what these formats entail, how they differ, and which approach is right for you.
  • Fill in your resume: No matter which format you choose, your freelance resume should include your work experience, achievements, certifications, skills, contact info, a link to your online portfolio, and a brief objective written at the top to summarize the highlights. You may need to slightly tweak the certifications, keywords, or freelance projects on your CV to match the job you’re applying for.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread! No matter how out-of-this-world your resume is, a single typo or grammar mistake can turn off potential clients and leave you looking at a pile of rejection letters. Luckily, Grammar Lion’s course offers a great refresher on fundamental grammar rules. Additionally, you should seek a second opinion from someone you trust.

Best Freelance Resume Formats

Best freelance resume formats

To effectively showcase your qualifications in your resume, the key is selecting a format that aligns with your distinct career journey, allowing your skills and attributes to shine independently.

There are three primary resume formats to consider: skill-centric, work-focused, or a blend of both. Discover how to choose the most suitable format for your circumstances, along with valuable resume tips to create attention-grabbing resumes when pursuing freelance opportunities in proofreading, editing, content writing, and legal work.

Traditional Resume (Work-Focused Resume)

This resume prioritizes your work experience above everything else and is generally written in reverse chronological order (most recent job at the top). However, as a freelance job seeker, you may choose to organize by theme or put the experiences most relevant to the job description at the beginning.

Whether you choose chronological or themed ordering, each freelance experience on the traditional resume should be titled with the position, such as “consultant,” “contractor,” or “freelancer,” and followed by the specific role or skill, like “freelance writer” or “freelance scopist.”

Each experience title should also include the date the position began (and the finished date if applicable). Then, follow each position or experience with a detailed summary of what the work involved.

A work-focused approach is suitable for:

  • People who have a few years of experience under their belts.
  • Professional, formal freelance roles such as scoping, court reporting, or transcript proofreading.

If you’re looking for a legal freelancing role, you might find these template examples helpful:

  • Court reporter resume template
  • Legal proofreader or scopist template

A freelance legal resume should also include:

  • Professional colors and graphics: Ensure your design puts your experience in focus. Suitable colors include dark shades of gray, purple, brown, and green.
  • Authoritative action verbs: These paint you as reputable and trustworthy—highly important traits when working in the legal field. For example, instead of using “responsible for,” describe your work using words such as “analyzed” or “devised.”
  • A section dedicated to education and relevant qualifications : Include certifications relevant to the requirements outlined in the job you’re applying for.

Functional Resume (Skill-Focused)

This resume puts a stronger emphasis on your transferable skills over your work experience. Instead of a focus on employment history, the functional resume format is organized by soft skills, hard skills, and accomplishments relevant to the job role.

For example, you could mention how being a business owner has taught you key skills like time management, problem-solving, and financial literacy.

Additionally, you should mention the positive end results of any freelance projects you have worked on (and the skills you used for this outcome to happen). For example, you could mention that your blog posts increased the client’s monthly website visitor count by X amount.

The skill-focused resume is a great approach for:

  • People who are just starting out, transferring careers, or have minimal work experience in the field.
  • People with gaps in their employment history or have had multiple short-term positions.
  • Freelance proofreaders or editors who have honed their skills through online courses (and earned certifications).

If you’re looking for a role in proofreading or editing, make sure your freelance resume showcases the values applicable to this role. It should be digestible, polished, and void of mistakes.

Here are our top freelance resume samples for general proofreading and editing jobs:

  • Resume builder’s proofreader resume formats and examples
  • Job Hero’s freelance editor template

Overall, a resume for a freelance proofreader or editor job should include:

  • Quantifiable numbers or percentages: Back up your work experiences for prospective clients by including tangible numbers and percentages, such as the average amount of articles you edit daily, how many clients you have worked with in the industry, or grades achieved through online proofreading courses.
  • Style manuals you’re familiar with: Chicago, APA, MLA, AP—be sure to mention all the ones you’ve used. Showing you already know the ins and outs of the style guide used by prospective clients can make you stand out from other applicants!

Combination Resume

This resume is a happy medium between both approaches, with work experience and relevant hard and soft skills receiving equal priority. It starts off with an overview of your skills, just like the functional resume, but is then followed by a much more detailed breakdown of your work experiences, akin to a traditional resume. In short, neither section “outweighs” the other!

A combination approach can work for a wide variety of clients, but it’s particularly ideal for:

  • Freelancers with less than three years of experience.
  • People who work part-time or have only worked with a small number of clients.
  • Content writers, especially those who have self-taught themselves related skills like SEO tools.

Content writing is all about tapping into your creative side and conveying information in a clear, attention-hooking style while honoring the client’s values and goals. Resumes for positions as freelance content writers should be eye-catching and written to match the prospective client’s writing style (spoiler alert: your freelance resume will be treated as a content writing sample!).

Here are a few online templates we feel work great:

  • Enhancv template
  • Zippia content writer templates

A freelance content writer’s resume should include:

  • A link to your professional portfolio: We recommend using a portfolio builder website to showcase your work samples. If you have the time, you can even set up your own freelance website (which will also show off your digital skills, something prospective clients are sure to see as a huge bonus).
  • Attention-grabbing colors: Using content colorslike blue, orange, yellow, and green give your resume a creative yet formal touch. Look for ways to include colors that align with your prospective client’s values—a happy medium between flashy and formal is what you’re after.

What to Include on a Freelance Resume

freelance resume writers websites

People who hire freelancers typically scan the resumes they receive for specific information related to the job description, such as previous work experience, keywords that match up with the job criteria, and evidence of positive project outcomes.

Here’s what you should and shouldn’t include on a freelance resume to make yours stand out from the rest:

  • Contact information: The best location for your contact info is the top left. Include your full name, email address, phone number, and portfolio link.
  • Clear, concise objective: Think of your resume objective as a newspaper article lead; in as few words as possible, introduce yourself, why you qualify for the job, and your relevant career aspirations. Use AI tools like Jasper AI for inspiration!
  • Certifications and training: List training and certifications applicable to the specific job you’re applying for.
  • Testimonials: Mention the names of companies or clients you’ve worked for. These can be written in a specific testimonial section at the end of your resume for multiple quotes from previous clients, or mentioned in the descriptions following experiences.
  • F r eelance or full-time work experiences relevant to the job role: If you lack professional experience, use a functional resume approach and highlight what skills you’ve currently developed and how they can transfer over to the freelance position.
  • Hard and soft skills: Include only those relevant to the job you’re applying for, and use keywords specified in the job description where applicable.
  • Awards and professional memberships: Include those that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. These can go in a separate section or mentioned in the descriptions following related experiences.

Don’t forget to include relevant courses taken through PA in the certifications and qualifications section!

  • Online proofreading course certificate from Proofread Anywhere: Include on resumes for jobs including proofreading skills.
  • 7-day intro to transcript proofreading course certificate from Proofread Anywhere: Include on resumes for transcript proofreading jobs.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t overload your resume with absolutely every experience, skill, or achievement throughout your life. Just those most relevant to the job!
  • Don’t include confidential client information, especially if you have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • Don’t use the same resume for every application! It’s important to tweak your resume for every job you apply for. A total rewrite isn’t needed, but you should tailor the content to the job description’s keywords and required certifications or achievements.

Should I Create a Freelance Cover Letter?

Should I create a freelance cover letter?

A freelance cover letter (also called a freelance CV) gives you the power to showcase your full potential without the typical restraints of a resume format. You should make it your custom to always include one unless otherwise advised in the job application.

A cover letter essentially functions as a longer, more detailed version of the objective or mission statement included on your resume. It showcases exactly who you are, what you do, and how you have the skills and experience necessary to meet their expectations—all factors that can help foster a personal connection between you and the client.

Most importantly, it allows you to discuss unique strengths that there may not have been space on the resume to include. For example, you could highlight that a shared contact referred you to the job or that you just finished a specific course that the job requires you to have! This is sure to make you stand out to the employer.

Here are some handy resources to help take your freelance cover letter to the next level:

  • Professional freelance cover letter sample
  • Cover letter template for Upwork
  • How to write a cover letter with no experience

Including Freelance Work on Your Resume

If you’re applying for a traditional 9-5 job, you may be unsure whether to mention your side hustle or freelance experience on your resume and which freelance projects to include that will transfer well to a full-time or employment position.

In most circumstances, freelance experiences show potential employers you have a diverse skill set, a self-starter attitude, and exceptional time management skills — all highly sought-after qualities in employees, no matter the industry.

However, you may decide to leave freelance experiences off your resume if the jobs do not include any transferable skills to the position you’re applying for. For example, you probably don’t want to mention your freelance magician phase if you’re applying for a full-time legal role!

Here are some ways to incorporate freelance projects on your resume for an employment position:

  • Include your freelance work alongside former full-time work experience : If you’ve worked on multiple, small projects over the years, lump them together into a single job listing (reverse chronological order usually works best as it allows you to clearly showcase your career growth).
  • Include notable freelance projects in your skills section : This approach is ideal if your freelancing is a side hustle.
  • Include notable freelance projects in the achievements section: Make sure to put astrong emphasis on your results. For example: “created 25+ SEO-optimized articles for my client’s blog, with 90% ranking for Google’s top 5 search results.”

While narrowing down which freelance projects to mention on your resume can be a challenge, we have a few simple tips that can help:

  • Don’t include freelance projects that span less than three months.
  • Do stick to freelance projects that are related to the client’s field.
  • Do choose freelance projects in which you cultivated skills also mentioned on the job you’re applying for.

Freelance Resume Tips

Your resume is the first impression clients have of you and your work—that’s why it’s so crucial to ensure your resume clearly communicates to potential clients your experience, skills, and achievements.

We hope our tips above help you craft a killer freelance resume that attracts lucrative clients (or lands you that 9-5 role). But, before you get busy on your keyboard, take note of these final touches:

  • Keep margins between 0.5 to 1 inch: A larger margin can make your resume look sparse and unprofessional, while smaller looks cramped and messy.
  • Break down chunks of text: You can use bullet points, separate sections, and bold headers to make your resume readable.
  • Don’t use “stylized” fonts: Ensure fonts are legible and don’t distract from the actual content. Ideal font styles include Arial, Calibri, Robot, and Helvetica.
  • Include links to your business website and social media accounts: This helps build credibility and also gives you another opportunity to show off your freelance experience, personality, and services.
  • Ensure your freelance resume is ATS-friendly (applicant tracking software). Most employers use ATS software to filter resumes, so it’s important to format your resume with good ATS practices in mind. Indeed has a helpful, in-depth guide on how to conquer the bots .

If you loved our freelance resume tips, then you may also like the additional resources below. Some have been curated by our team at Proofread Anywhere, while others are from reputable figures or popular job-seeking sites like Indeed.

  • 5 Resume Mistakes You MUST Avoid – Jeff Su
  • Keeping Your Confidence Up During A Lengthy Job Search – HBR
  • Writing a Freelance Graphic Designer Resume – Indeed
  • The Ultimate Freelancer Tax Guide – Proofread Anywhere
  • Remote Business Mastery – Caitlin Pyle
  • 13 Side Hustles That Pay Weekly – Proofread Anywhere
  • Manage Your Finances As A Freelance Proofreader – Proofread Anywhere
  • How Much Do Proofreaders Make – Proofread Anywhere

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Become a Writer Today

19 Best Freelance Writing Sites: Earn More This Year

In a rush?   Writers Work is one of the best freelance writing sites . This article round-ups some of the best freelance writing sites for finding paid work fast

Freelance writing is an unpredictable profession. It’s hard to break into the industry when starting out, as many clients require writers with experience and testimonials. But how can you get either if you’re new to a niche?

Even after becoming a freelance writer , figuring out how you will earn each month is hard. Even if you earn $10000 this month, there’s no guarantee you’ll make the same amount next month. Often freelance writers spend weeks working with a client only to find they’ve no work lined up after that contract ends. It’s a real writing challenge . This can cause a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights.

But luckily, countless websites are offering thousands of freelancing gigs, and all you have to do is pitch them. Some of these sites are free, while others require paying a small monthly subscription. Obviously, the free sites take more time to use.

Whatever your budget, these sites can help when you need extra money, or you’re trying to meet a monthly income goal. So, what are the best freelance writing sites to pitch if you’re a new freelance writer and need quick cash? And which sites should you use if you’re looking to build ongoing writing opportunities? Let’s find out!

Where Do Beginners Get Writing Jobs?

1. writers work, 2. blogging pro, 3. freelance writing job board, 4. contently, 7. problogger job board, 8. people per hour, 12. craigslist, 13. flexjobs, 14. linkedin, 15. mediabistro, 16. freelancer.com, 17. writer access, 18. glassdoor, 19. indeed.com, final word on best freelance writing sites, what is the best way of pitching a freelance writing gig, how much should i charge for a freelance job when starting out, how do i start my own freelance writing website.

Writers Work contains freelance writing opportunities for writers who want to start their career

Writers Work

New writers land gigs through their personal or professional network or by using entry-level freelance writing websites like Fiverr or UpWork. Starting on these sites can help beginners land experience, and get paid to write and launch their careers.

The big benefit of freelance writing sites is that you can pitch thousands of jobs. No need to gather email addresses of potential clients and cold email them or create a content marketing strategy to bring in leads.

Although both these strategies are essential for making a living as a freelance writer, they are time-consuming, and sometimes you need money immediately. And that’s where freelance writing sites can make your search much easier.

Some might criticize freelance writing sites as a place where employers look to get the cheapest possible deal. While this can be true, some writing gems are on these sites, especially when you specialize in a specific field like computers, marketing, and personal finance.

Writers Work job search

Writers Work is a jobs board and also a site full of resources and tools for freelancers. Writers Work aggregates writing gigs from across the web in one place and surfaces them on a single dashboard so you can apply for suitable opportunities and manage submissions.

We found freelance writing gigs in areas like copywriting, ghostwriting, content writing, journalism and more. You’ll need to pay a monthly or annual fee to use it. It’s a good time-saver for new freelance writers and the fee is nominal. However, you can always cancel once you’ve found enough relevant job opportunities.

Blogging Pro

Unlike other freelance writing sites on this list, Blogging Pro is a job board with more than just content writing jobs on offer. People are looking for;

  • Copywriting
  • And magazine writing.

This makes it a great option if you’re looking to expand from content writing into another field. Niches that are popular on the Blogging Pro job board include;

  • Social media content writing
  • Stock market writing
  • Poker news writing
  • And celeb writing.

And if you’re a busy freelance writer with many clients, this job site is perfect since they’ll let you know 24 to 48 hours after you’ve applied if you’re approved. They also have a blog where they help freelance writers with everything from getting more clients, writing articles , and asking for referrals from existing clients. So if you’re new in the freelance writing industry, Blogging Pro is super helpful.

  • Interesting writing gigs
  • Ads indicate rate-per-word
  • Focuses on the lower end of the market

Freelance Writing job board

This freelance writing website is one of the older on this list. It’s been in existence since 1997! What I love about the Freelance Writing job board is that it has advanced search and navigation options that make it easy to look for jobs in your niche. After a cursory search, we found jobs for copywriters, movie and TV freelancers and e-commerce writers.

This job board is different from others because it contains jobs on other listing sites like Indeed and LinkedIn. However, if you don’t feel like going to other sites to apply for jobs, you can choose to filter out listings that aren’t on Freelance Writing.

  • Ideal for freelancers
  • Great search
  • Established
  • Contains resources for freelancers
  • US-focused (may not be a con for US-based users)


Contently isn’t your typical freelance writing site since they actively help writers join with big-name international companies like Coca-Cola, GM, Walmart, and Google. It is great since you’re earning more by working with these big brands, and you get to put their name on your portfolio website, which can bring in more clients in the future.

The con about Contently is that you can’t pitch your writing services directly to these companies. Contently has talent scouts that look through writer’s portfolios and see which writer fits best with which brand. Once Contently has selected you, you negotiate a rate and they’ll forward you everything you need to get started.

But Contently isn’t a website for beginner freelancers since they’re looking for an in-depth writing portfolio. But once you’ve got a few gigs under your belt, feel free to give Contently a try.

  • Features high-paying clients
  • Specialist content writing gigs available
  • Not for beginners
  • Free to use


iWriter is a convenient way for writers of all experience levels to earn some extra cash. All you need to do is create content that clients love and deliver it on or before the agreed-upon deadline.

Unlike other sites, clients on iWriter are specific with what they want since they are required to specify details like keywords, layout, and special requests. This makes it difficult to deliver content that’s not up to scratch since it feels like you’re just filling in blanks.

They also have an extra feature that allows clients to tip you if you’ve delivered great work. And you can receive this money along with your usual rate via PayPal. You choose how often you feel like getting paid, for example, once a week or twice a week.

If you use iWriter, you’ll need to level up from standard to premium, elite and elite plus to access higher-paying gigs. This requires landing good average ratings from your clients and frequently writing for the service.

  • Easy to join
  • Pay relatively good for new writers
  • Many niches on offer
  • Mixed reviews for users
  • Not all jobs open to application
  • Not suitable for once-off gigs


Contena is a freelance writing site that compresses the best gigs from all around the web. This can save you a lot of time if you don’t have much time to look for quality gigs and pitch them.

Contena also has an academy where they teach you how to get more writing clients, write better pitches, get more referrals, and manage your clients better. This isn’t only great for beginners but advanced writers who’re looking to get higher quality clients and simplify their writing process. 

The only con to Contena is that it’s quite expensive. It’s one of the few paid job boards on this list, costing $497 for a one-year membership and $997 for a two-year membership. This can easily throw the other pros out the window since you can get the same benefits at no cost with other job boards.

  • Good writing opportunities
  • Reduces time spent applying for writing jobs
  • Mixed user reviews

Problogger Job Board

ProBlogger is a website that offers a writing job board that hosts remote gigs which freelancers can pitch. I feel like the freelance writing work posted on this site is of far better quality than other job boards since employers must pay $75 to post a job. The drawback to this is that there isn’t so much volume on ProBlogger. And if you write in a niche like gaming, you’ll have to wait a few days before a job pops up.

But what I love about ProBlogger is that the job site is easy and simple. The website never lags, and the process of pitching for a writing job is straightforward. You must register as a candidate before creating a resume and applying for a gig.

Darren Rowse, the founder of ProBlogger, also runs a blog and email newsletter that provides helpful and in-depth tips, tricks, and tutorials on increasing blog traffic, writing higher-quality posts, and making money writing about what you love. 

  • Lots of gigs with small companies
  • Ease to use
  • Job quality can vary
  • Less popular with brands

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a micro gig economy website offering thousands of jobs to freelancers. Writing gigs are popular on People Per Hour since most businesses need to communicate their value to their audience. Interestingly, one of the few websites here featured job ads for writers who can translate content. It also includes other exceptional opportunities like research writing gigs and proofreading.

If you have other skills like graphic design, video editing, or voiceovers, businesses are also looking for those services. Over 7 million businesses, to be exact.

And the process of getting jobs on this site couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply go to their website and sign up for an account as a freelancer. Next, search for the type of job you want, for example, “freelance writing” and pitch your services to whatever business needs your writing.

  • Lots of smaller writing gigs
  • Good for beginners
  • Not specifically focused on writing


Upwork is a helpful site for freelance writers who’re just starting and would like to get their feet wet. There are many things to consider, like designing a freelance website and promoting your services. But with Upwork, all you have to worry about is landing clients.

Upwork’s commissions start at 20% until you’ve earned $500, and it goes down to 10%. Once you’ve earned over $10000 with the platform, you only pay a 5% commission. It also has an advance payment protection fee, so if you’ve completed a project and a client refuses to pay, Upwork will transfer the amount to your account.

UpWork is a good choice for writers looking for new clients or testimonials. But I suggest you only stay on Upwork for as long as you need to since your freelance career can stagnate, and you have to pay a cut to UpWork. Once you start making money, invest in inbound leads since you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. At Become a Writer Today, we’ve regularly sourced freelance writers on this site, as have many entrepreneurs running content publishing businesses.

  • Ideal for entry-level and mid-level gigs
  • Ideal for freelancers without a website or profile
  • UpWork takes a cut of your fees
  • Locks you into the platform


Fiverr is a global online marketplace where buyers and sellers of various services come together and trade. Services that you’ll find on Fiverr include;

  • Content writing
  • Video editing
  • Proofreading

Obviously, this is all low-paying work. The biggest benefit of Fiverr is the volume of work available on their platform. Almost every company uses Fiverr to outsource tasks, including freelance writing jobs. Simply sign up for an account and create a gig. Once a client finds your work compelling, they’ll hire you, and you’re good to go.

But just like with Upwork, I suggest not staying on Fiverr for long. It’s a good choice for beginners looking for experience and testimonials. When you’re done, transition to high-paying methods of attracting clients like inbound marketing.

  • Ideal for entry-level gigs
  • Lots of work
  • Less suitable for established freelancers


Guru is another micro-gig economy site like Upwork and Fiverr with its own set of unique strengths and weaknesses.  Setting up your profile is easy, head over to its website and sign up for a free account. From there you can find countless writing projects available for you to bid on. 

You can also get paid per milestone, hour, or task. Unlike other micro-gig economy websites, Guru requires employees to fund their projects before they start. And their methods of payment include:

  • Direct transfer for US banks
  • Wire Transfer for banks outside the US

When starting, I suggest using Guru alongside similar websites like Fiverr and Upwork since it’ll give you access to the highest number of jobs possible.

  • Free to use and or low fees
  • Fewer jobs than other listings


Craigslist is one of the biggest userbases in the world, with over ten million users. But when you think of Craigslist, you probably think of scams and other shady dealings.

And although the user experience leaves much to be desired, there are some writing gems if you’re prepared to look. Unfortunately, depending on your location, this may take a lot of time and effort.

If you live in a big city, finding clients on Craigslist is easier. Typically, these are US-focused and have a low bar regarding a writer’s experience level. Keep an eye out for scams and don’t give out personal information or click on unsolicited links. Still, it’s free.

  • Lousy user interface


The FlexJobs freelance platform is geared toward people looking to work from home, like freelancers and part-time workers.

Signing up for FlexJobs only takes a few minutes, and they have over 60 categories and subcategories for every type of job like content writing, editing , copywriting, and more. You’ll need to pay a monthly subscription though.

FlexJobs also has tests freelancers can take; if you pass, they’ll display that to potential employers looking for a freelancer. This makes it easy to stand out amongst your peers. Like many sites here, you can set up job alerts, so you don’t miss an opportunity while offline or working on another project. It’s a good choice for new and more experienced freelance writers. To learn more, read our Flexjobs review .

  • Wide variety of gigs
  • Ideal for home workers
  • Emphasis on US jobs only


LinkedIn contains opportunities for freelance writers comfortable with applications and pitching.

Chances are you already use LinkedIn for building out your professional network. But it’s also an excellent choice for freelance writers working in the business-to-business (B2B) space. That’s because many companies are looking for full-time and part-time writers to produce content for their sites and advertise job listings directly here.

Don’t always expect job ads to feature the word “freelance writer” or “freelance writing gig”. Instead, a good LinkedIn ad for content writers typically uses job titles like:”

  • Content writer
  • Content manager
  • Content strategist
  • Content marketer

All of these new jobs involve various forms of writing, albeit in a business context. The terms are often negotiable too. So apply, and you may land yourself a lucrative ongoing gig. Alternatively, you could contact people in your professional network and pitch your services.

When tailoring your freelance writing profile on LinkedIn, include skills that B2B companies look for, like search engine optimization (SEO). For more, read our guide to social media marketing for beginners .

  • Ideal for freelancers in B2B
  • Easy to apply
  • Great for outreach
  • Less suitable for once-off gigs
  • LinkedIn InMail not free


If you want to work as a freelancer for media companies, check out MediaBistro. MediaBistro focuses on job opportunities with well-known digital media brands like the Daily Mail, NBC Universal, Bloomberg, CNN and others. Considering its focus on media companies, it’s also a good place for landing journalism jobs.

That said, finding freelance writing gigs on this site involves paying a monthly subscription. Membership unlocks valuable tools for freelancers like resources for pitching editors and discounts for industry events and resources. You can always cancel once you’ve landed enough clients to pay the bills.

  • Interesting jobs with media companies
  • Good for aspiring journalists and PR professionals
  • Limited amount of jobs (perhaps due to its focus)
  • Jobs board only, no other resources for freelancers


Freelancer.com is a similar jobs board to UpWork, built for freelancers. On Freelancer , you can create a profile, apply for a job and then place a bid. Employers can accept then review your work and accept a bid.

Here, employers also post a project, invite multiple freelancers to apply, and hire the best one. As a freelance writer, expect to pay a fee on hours and projects: currently 10%.

Like UpWork, it includes a mobile app and live chat for users. It’s a good choice for more experienced freelancers. This site offers freelance writing gigs in these areas:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Article writing

We’d also recommend checking out the other categories including SEO and digital marketing as these often relate to the work of a good freelance writer.

  • Wide variety of work
  • Many high-profile clients
  • Freelancer takes a cut of your fees
  • Only 8 free bids allowed per month

Writer Access

Writer Access is an established writing platform with 40,000 clients and thousands of freelance writers. Founded in 2000, Writer Access is a premier content creation platform used by large companies, agencies and small business owners. Tens of thousands of experienced writers work for this platform across a variety of niches and with varying levels of expertise.

Rates range from three-four cents per word to more than ten cents, depending on the topic and expertise required. It’s a great place to find long-term clients you want to work with as many place repeat orders. You’ll need to apply, provide a high-quality writing sample, and demonstrate competence before being accepted. Writer Access also takes a cut of your freelance writing fees.

  • Covers a wide variety of niches
  • Lots of paying work
  • Rate vary widely
  • Writers must apply


If you’re looking to land a freelance or part-time writing big with a company or well-known brand, it’s a good idea to research them on Glassdoor . You can search and filter by job type and industry.

This website features hundreds of reviews and testimonials from current and past employees with well-known companies. That way, you can gauge what the work culture is like and if they’re a suitable fit for your skills.

It also provides information about how much companies pay across various teams, departments and experience levels. This type of information is a gold mine for setting freelance writing rates .

Glassdoor also often provides links to suitable writing gigs on sites, so it can save you time applying for jobs. To use it, you’ll need to create a profile via your email or Facebook profile. Then you must post an anonymous review of a well-known employer you worked for.

  • Ideal for client research
  • Provides salary/pay rates
  • Tailored towards well-known brands
  • You must write a review to use it
  • Less suitable for smaller gigs


As freelancer sites go, Indeed is a popular search engine for jobs that often features writing gigs. It’s also good if you’re tired of using UpWork or LinkedIn for finding work. Small businesses, content publishers, and even media companies increasingly advertise writing gigs here too. The jobs advertised on Indeed often appear on the other premium websites featured here.

Bear in mind that many of these jobs are full-time rather than freelance but apply anyway and see if you negotiate terms for yourself.

You can search by job type and industry. As noted previously, search for terms like “content writer,” “SEO writer”, “content manager”, “content marketer”, and so on. That way, you can cast a wider net of jobs to apply for.

I also like this site as it provides a pay range for jobs, saving time figuring out what to apply for. Even if you’re not doing to apply here, you can. Use this site to set your rates for an industry or niche.

  • Lots of writing opportunities
  • Stiff competition
  • Requires some work to use

Freelancing is an unpredictable profession since you never know how much you’re going to earn in any given month. But by pitching on freelance writing sites regularly, you’ll bring in more clients, build lasting writing opportunities and earn a more predictable income.

FAQs About The Best Freelance Writing Sites

The best way to stand out is to attach a link to an article similar to what your client wants. This gives them peace of mind knowing you’re familiar with the industry and know how to write a compelling article.

New freelancer writers typically charge three to four cents per word. You shouldn’t care about making money on your first freelance job. You have no experience, and your client has little reason to hire you, so the only thing you should care about is getting better. Once you’ve become an above-average writer, you can focus on charging more for your work.

To start your freelance writing website, create a WordPress site around your niche or personal brand. Populate it with testimonials from happy clients and employers. Post examples of your work and case studies if you have permission. Create a page detailing what niche you work in and your pricing or services. Finally, promote your website on social media, via email and after pitching a client.

Where to find easy part-time jobs

Where to find writing jobs

The best side hustle ideas for creatives

Top freelance job ideas

freelance resume writers websites

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The 15 Best Freelance Writing Sites

In Freelance Jobs , All Posts by Jay Clouse November 22, 2020 Leave a Comment

best freelance writing sites

Freelance writers will often ask me for the best freelance writing sites to find paid work online.

And while there are a ton of sites that can help you find freelance work generally, you’re better served looking to freelance writing sites specifically.

Instead of playing the networking game, waiting for referrals, or playing the content creation game and hoping something comes through eventually, these freelance writing sites put thousands of online writing jobs at your fingertips today.

So let’s jump into my favorites!

Table of Contents

The 15 best freelance sites for writers

freelance copywriting jobs Contena homepage

Contena is a premium freelance writing website that aims to be more than “just another job board.”

It’s one of my best recommendations for freelance writing sites.

First, they have what they call their “writing job finder” that automatically collects the best freelance writing gigs from around the web.

Then you can search and sort through them to find the best opportunities – whether that’s a $10,000 a month full time eBook writing gig or a one off blog post in the sports niche.

That saves you a ton of time trying to go to a bunch of different sites to find jobs.

But their Alerts emails, sent to your inbox daily, save you even more time by showing you just the jobs that meet your criteria, like rates and niche.

Some of the other features that makes this one of the best freelance writing websites for beginners and veterans alike:

  • Courses – learn how to get started freelance writing in a weekend, and continue to grow afterwards
  • Coaching – access to pro help in leveling up your freelance writing career
  • Pro Rates – shows you the average rates writers earn so you can price your work accordingly
  • Publish – lets you build your portfolio with their beautiful and easy to use tools

Even though you need to apply and pay for their platform, they provide such high-quality work that it easily pays for itself.

  • Writing job finder that collects the best available from around the web
  • Comes with other helpful tools and courses to get started and grow your freelancing
  • Application required
  • Paid service

Check Out Contena

creative writing jobs upwork page

Back in the old days of online freelancing (aka circa 2015) two of the largest freelance job sites at the time, oDesk and Elance, joined forces.

The result was Upwork , which is now home to over 12 million freelancers, 5 million clients, and 3 million freelance job listings per year.

While the marketplace features freelance jobs of all sorts, there are plenty of freelance writing jobs available – from blogging to resume writing, website copywriting to technical documentation.

They offer short-term contracts, long-term contracts, hourly work, or project-based payments.

If you’re just starting your journey as a freelance writer, you’ll have more of an uphill climb to build a portfolio and your reputation on the site (experienced freelancers can just add their existing portfolio items to get jobs and reviews more quickly).

But the availability of jobs on the site means you’ll always be able to find work if you’re willing to put in the effort to submit proposals.

The biggest downside here is the 20% fee Upwork charges for the first $500 you make with any client. You must also pay up to $0.90 per proposal that you weren’t specifically invited to apply for. So if you’re just getting started, you may have to pay-to-play in order to build your portfolio

  • A seemingly bottomless supply of leads
  • Payment management
  • Highest fees for freelance writing sites
  • Can take a while to build your reputation on the platform

Check Out Upwork

freelance writing opportunities FlexJobs page

3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is an online jobs marketplace both for freelancers and people looking for flexible full-time employment positions.

The biggest difference from the competition?

FlexJobs screens and verifies all their jobs so you won’t find any scams or low-paying gigs.

This is great for more experienced freelance writers since you won’t waste your time filtering through junk. But if you’re just starting out and need to build a portfolio, you’ll have a harder time finding jobs for that purpose.

FlexJobs also makes it easy to find the perfect gig for you with their custom job search.

This lets you select the categories of work (there are several kinds of “writing” jobs available), your preferred work schedule, experience level, and so on so you can see and apply for just the jobs you’re actually interested in.

To get access to the freelance writing jobs available on FlexJobs, you’ll have to sign up for a subscription.

Flexjobs is typically priced at $14.95/month or $49.95 for the year.

But you can try it out with our link for less than $7 .

  • Job postings are screened for quality
  • Jobs are remote-friendly
  • Subscription membership means lower competition
  • Exclusive member discounts and deals
  • Requires a subscription
  • Not as useful for building a portfolio

Click here to check out FlexJobs

freelancewritinggigs freelance writing jobs board

4. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ) , previously Freelance Writing Gigs (hence the URL) is basically a well-curated job board for writers.

Updated Monday through Friday with gigs from around the web, they’ll save you some of the time and stress of filtering through tons of options (some of which will be bogus) on other freelance writing sites.

That being said, you’ll still need to do your own due diligence when looking to get hired.

And it’s not a platform like FlexJobs or Upwork, so the exact process for applying, landing, and getting paid for a job will vary depending on the specific opportunity.

But they offer an awesome archive of posts offering tips for beginner and expert freelance writers and are definitely worth adding to your “places to find writing jobs” checklist.

  • Freelance job board specific to writing
  • Includes jobs from around the web as well as their board
  • Not a platform – no universal way to submit applications/get hired
  • Not as many opportunities as other freelance writing websites

Check Out Freelance Writing Jobs

blog writing jobs textbroker page

5. Textbroker

Textbroker is a freelance writing website that operates sort of like a large scale agency.

They vet freelance writers (like you) for quality, then give you access to the tons of product descriptions, press releases, web copy, blogs, and other writing jobs their customers post (they claim they deliver on over 100,000 content orders a month).

Signing up as a writer is completely free – just verify your U.S. citizenship and submit a writing sample. They’ll give you a 2-5 star rating and it’s off to the races!

You can get work by jumping into an open order (first come, first serve) which is nice because you don’t have to “sell” a client on hiring you first.

You can also get placed on a team of other writers to be hired together or have clients send you work directly – all while Textbroker does the heavy lifting of managing payments and project workflows.

All of this is great for beginners, though the relatively low pay means more experienced writers will probably want to look elsewhere.

  • Easy to get started – just need a writing sample and you can get freelance writing jobs
  • Great for building a portfolio when getting started
  • Work doesn’t pay as well as other freelance writing sites
  • Write up front model means you may do work without getting paid

Check Out Textbroker

writing sites contently freelancer page

6. Contently

Contently is another agency-style freelance writing site that connects freelancers with bigger brands they might otherwise have a hard time landing gigs with.

To do this, they work hard to screen new freelancers who join their platform and select the right freelancers to invite to the various job opportunities.

What does that mean?

You really have to have a solid portfolio to get started, and you won’t be able to have as active a role in searching for work as you can be on other platforms.

BUT that tradeoff comes with the opportunity to work with big brands on high paying projects.

Which means this freelance writing website is best for experienced writers looking to supplement their other work-finding efforts.

  • Access to projects with big brands like Microsoft and Coca Cola
  • Projects tend to pay well
  • Have to wait to receive job opportunities
  • Requires a solid portfolio of existing work to be approved

Check Out Contently

get paid to write online mediabistro page

7. MediaBistro

MediaBistro is a solid freelance writing job board for those looking to work specifically with media companies.

Think TV channels like HBO, digital media sites like VeryWell, and old school papers like the Daily Mail.

And they offer a membership that gets you access to online courses to hone your skills, tools to help you pitch editors and showcase your work, and perks like discounts to industry events and a free LinkedIn profile evaluation.

Downsides here are that there aren’t as many freelance writing gigs as other sites because they’re so industry focused.

And because it’s more of a job board for big brands rather than a freelance writing site, you’ll have to do a lot of “resume sending” rather than making connections with clients and relying on the strength of your portfolio.

  • Access to freelance writing jobs with big brands like HBO and PBS
  • Focuses specifically on gigs in the PR and journalism space
  • More traditional job board – “submit your resume” rather than have a killer portfolio
  • Just a job board – no platform to help with landing jobs/getting payments

Check Out MediaBistro

ProBlogger Jobs board

8. ProBlogger

With the ProBlogger job board , created by blogging veteran Darren Rowse, you know two things going in: the jobs are probably solid, and they’ll likely be focused on blogging.

When you dig in, you’ll find that largely to be the case…though there are a few copywriting jobs sprinkled in the mix.

The board itself is pretty straight forward – it’s free to browse and apply for jobs as a writer.

No sign up needed, just find a job you’re interested in and apply. But if you want, they have a Candidate dashboard you can join (for free) to add your resume, manage applications and get job alerts.

Downsides here are there aren’t a ton of jobs available. I found 2-6 jobs a day when I was checking, but this is a well known site in the blogosphere so it’s a fairly competitive spot.

And the jobs aren’t screened, so you’ll have to do your own due diligence (though they have tips for that right in the applications).

  • Well-known brand that attracts some solid clients
  • Free to use, no sign up necessary
  • Competitive (it’s a well known stop for new and veteran freelance writers)
  • No screening

Check Out ProBlogger

get paid for writing Freelancer page

9. Freelancer.com

er.com is an online jobs marketplace very similar to Upwork.

That means you’ll create a profile, apply to jobs, get hired and paid through their platform, rinse, and repeat.

There are thousands of jobs available at any given time (including online writing jobs), both by the hour and fixed project rate.

Freelancer also offers a third “Contest” option where clients post their job needs, freelancers create the requested content, and the client chooses and pays for their favorite(s).

This might not be very attractive for seasoned freelancers who can rely on their existing portfolios, testimonials, and sales skills. But it’s great for new freelance writers as you can build your portfolio while having a shot at getting paid – without needing a ton of experience!

The downsides here are in the fees: you’ll have to pay to apply to jobs after your first 8 bids each month.

And you’ll have to pay 10% for all the hours and project fees you bill through them.

  • Fees are cheaper than Upwork
  • Contests offer an interesting way to build a portfolio
  • Only get 8 free bids/month
  • Have to pay fees on all the work you find/bill through them

Check Out Freelancer

Freelance Writing Jobs Constant Content

10. Constant Content

Constant Content is a content creation service that’s helped over 50,000 businesses find freelance writers to create all sorts of web content: from social media posts and product pages to blog posts and ebooks.

To get freelance writing jobs through Constant Content, you’ll need to create a profile to showcase your experience and skills, take a quiz, and submit a 100-250 word writing sample.

If you’re approved, you’ll be able to apply to projects that interest you, work by yourself or on a team, and build up a reputation to get clients asking to work with you!

Overall this is a great place to get started and get a baseline amount of work for yourself.

But Constant Content doesn’t allow you to contact the companies you work with at all outside of their platform. So you won’t be able to build your own relationship with clients to expand your role or get referrals.

  • Potential for ongoing work with big brands like Uber and Zulily
  • Build up your reputation to get clients requesting to work with you
  • You must be approved to join
  • Can’t contact clients outside their platform to build your own relationship

Check Out Constant Content

Writing Freelance Jobs Online Guru

11. Guru.com

Guru.com is another one of the big freelance job marketplaces. You create a profile, apply to jobs, land work, and get paid through the platform just like Upwork and Freelancer.

Unique features here include their “Guru Work Rooms” to help you manage communications on all your projects and their daily job matches so you can spend less time searching for potential jobs and more time applying to, winning, and working on projects.

Guru also offers the most free bids I’ve seen on one of these platforms (10 per month) and the lowest fees on money billed through them (9%).

But, you’re still paying for the privilege of using their platform to land clients and of the big three freelancing jobs platforms (Freelancer and Upwork included), they had the fewest freelance writing gigs available when I checked.

  • Daily Job Match makes it easier to find the right projects to apply to
  • Lowest fees/most free matches of the big freelancer jobs marketplaces
  • …still have to pay fees for all your work found/billed through them
  • Fewest jobs for writers available among the big three freelancing websites

Check Out Guru

freelance blogger WriterAccess page

12. Writer Access

Writer Access is another one of the content creation services that offers writers access to online freelance jobs.

Companies join their platform and commission content of all sorts, from lead magnets to case studies, blog posts and direct mail letters.

To join as a freelance writer, you’ll have to live in one of the following countries:

  • United States
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom

If that’s you, you’ll start by creating a profile and taking a writing test, which the Writer Access team will then check and give you a star rating from 2-6.

This star rating determines what kind of projects you can work on and how much you can earn through their platform, with 2-star orders paying 2 cents a word and 6-star orders paying 7 cents at minimum (up to $2).

If you don’t start with the star-rating you wanted, you’ll be able to improve it over time by doing great work that gets you great ratings from clients.

The biggest benefit here is access to steady work from big brands like Lids, Carmax, and Microsoft, but even their highest paying projects are on the low end of what you could potentially earn as a freelance writer.

Which is why I’d say this is a great place to find freelance writing jobs online for beginners, but more experienced writers will probably want to look elsewhere.

  • Steady work from big brands like Lids and Carmax
  • Can work your way up through their star system to earn more as you improve
  • Have to be accepted onto their platform
  • Lower end of the pay scale (most projects offer $25-50 for a 1000 word article)

Check Out Writer Access

part time writing jobs craigslist homepage

13. Craigslist

OK, I know that Craigslist might not be the first place you’d think of when looking for the best freelance writing sites. It’s moreso the place you went in college to get that cheap (free?) dusty old couch grandma was giving away.

And I wouldn’t say it’s the highest quality source of freelance writing jobs, either.

BUT with some patience and perseverance, you can find some solid clients here by filtering through the lower-paying jobs and scams.

Or at the very least, this can be a good start if you’re looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners to get your portfolio going.

Definitely recommend searching in bigger cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, etc for more opportunities than may be available in your local area.

  • Very easy to search/apply for jobs
  • Familiar user interface
  • More junk jobs to filter through
  • Have to search city by city instead of just in one place

Check Out Craigslist

work from home writing jobs BloggingPro job board

14. BloggingPro

The BloggingPro is another free online job board – it’s free to browse for jobs you’re interested in based on the type of job (content writing, copywriting, etc) and type of contract (full time, freelance, etc). and apply to them.

Unlike sites like FlexJobs, there’s no client screening process, though, so you’ll have to be careful to avoid scams. And you’ll apply with potential clients directly so there’s no single process to get hired. Some might ask for a resume, some for portfolio examples, some might have a form, or ask you to email them.

As the name implies, a lot of what you’ll find here are blogging-related gigs, but there are other opportunities as well so it’s worth including on your “to check list” even if blogging isn’t what gets you going.

  • Free to use, no need to sign up necessary
  • Includes jobs from around the web as well as those posted to their board
  • Not a platform so there’s no universal way to submit applications/get hired
  • No screening of posted jobs – some might be scams

Check Out Blogging Pro

Freelance Writing Jobs FreelanceWriting

15. FreelanceWriting.com

Founded in 1997, the FreelanceWriting.com job board features journalism, content, copywriting, and blogging gigs from around the web including sites like Indeed, Craigslist, and BloggingPro!

There’s no signup needed, just browse through their handpicked list of available jobs and filter by source, skills needed, location (including remote freelance writing jobs), keyword, and date added.

One other cool thing about Freelance Writing’s site is that they also have a list of writing contests around the web

These are great for beginners wondering how to get started in freelance writing as you can build your portfolio by creating pieces for these contents. You might even win and earn some real cash doing it!

At the end of the day, the only real drawback is one you’ll find with just about any writing job board: there’s not a streamlined process for submitting an application, getting hired, and getting paid.

  • Free to use and no need to sign up
  • Saves you time digging for writing jobs on other job boards
  • It’s a popular site so you’ll likely face a good bit of competition for jobs
  • It’s just a job board – you must figure out the application and getting hired process on your own.

Check Out Freelance Writing

Tips for finding freelance writing jobs online

jobs for writers searching woman binoculars

Obviously I couldn’t cover every last place to find freelance writing gigs in this post, but even this list of the 15 best freelance writing sites give you the sense that there are a lot of options out there.

How do you know which ones are legit or worth investing your time in?

What does it take to find success (or more success) as a freelance writer?

There’s a lot to say, but here are a few key tips.

1. Pitch and apply every day

This is especially important when you’re getting started, but I really recommend even the most experienced freelancers keep a steady schedule of submitting pitches or applications for new work.

Especially when you’re just getting starting, you’re just going to have to play the numbers game to some extent. Even the best writers in the world won’t have a perfect success rate of turning applications to jobs into work.

The more you pitch, the more the numbers are going to work in your favor, and the more you’ll build the resilience and confidence you need to keep going.

And even when you do have some client work, keep pitching and keep applying.

New jobs are posted every day, and at some point your projects will end or your clients might not need help anymore.

The more practiced you are at pitching, the more used to it you are, the better prepared you’ll be.

2. Niches can be great, but you don’t need one to start

Lots of “how to become a freelance writer” advice you’ll find online will mention picking a niche.

Do you want to write about technology or are you more interested in finance?

Do you want to write blog posts or website copy?

Niches are great, and those are good questions to ask and answer for yourself – they’ll help you sort out which jobs to apply for and where you can find the right clients.

But you don’t necessarily need to pick one to get work, and getting too specific too fast may limit the jobs you’re applying for.

For example, there are a lot of topics you could write blog posts on, and in many cases you can learn what you need to know through research – no background knowledge necessary.

By writing lots of blog posts on a variety of subjects, you might find you don’t really like blog writing but you do like writing for the medical industry.

Now you can look for other kinds of writing projects in that industry, and you have some experience to help you land jobs.

If you start by deciding you want to write email campaigns for law firms that specialize in class action lawsuits for mesothelioma sufferers…

You might find out that there just aren’t any of those jobs available, you picked too small of a niche, and are that much more likely to give up in frustration.

3. “Experience” isn’t necessarily a number of years

If you’re a new freelance writer with no experience at all, you’ll be particularly keen to notice many jobs will include some sort of “experience” criteria, often times in the form of “x years of experience required.”

If you just started freelancing two days ago, there’s no way you could get that job that requires four years of experience right?

There are a few corporate HR departments that will have strict hiring requirements where four years of experience needed literally means you better have four years or you’re not at all qualified.

Most of the time, years of experience just means “we need someone who:”

  • Doesn’t need to know much about what they’re doing (“no experience necessary”)
  • Needs to know something (“1-2 years”)
  • Needs to know a good bit (“3-4 years”)
  • Has to know a lot (“5+ years”)

The key phrases here being “needs to know” and “what they’re doing.”

If you know how to write well and can demonstrate that with portfolio pieces and, even better portfolio pieces with testimonials from past clients, you should absolutely apply for the job if you want it.

4. Freelance sites that let you create a profile are worth joining

Some of the best freelance writing sites on our list are just job boards – places you’ll find jobs you can apply to, with no signup required.

These are definitely great to have on your list of places to look for work as they’re easy to use and give you that much more opportunity to find a perfect fit.

But freelance writing sites like FlexJobs and Contena that let you create a profile are worth joining, too, for a couple of reasons.

In the case of FlexJobs, in addition to giving you access to more exclusive freelance writing jobs, you’ll also be able to build a reputation within their platform so that potential clients can find you and reach out to you specifically and directly.

Other sites like Contena do the same, and can also serve as an online home for your portfolio so you can easily share your past work with clients you find on other writer jobs sites.

5. Don’t forget about good ol’ fashioned networking

These freelance writing websites, job boards, and platforms are a great place to start (and continue) to find online writing jobs – but it’s important to also build up other channels throughout your journey!

These days, networking obviously includes social media on top of the old standard, in-person “shake hands and exchange business cards” events.

In the world of freelancing, you’ll also find forums like Reddit’s r/freelance or Freelancing School’s own community can be invaluable resources for you.

Sometimes for finding online freelance jobs, sometimes to make connections with fellow freelancers who you can collaborate with, and sometimes to just share your successes and frustrations along the way.

Freelance writing websites FAQ

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What is freelance writing?

A freelance writer is someone who earns an income by writing and is paid as a 1099 misc contractor, rather than a W2 employee.

As a freelancer, you’re a self-employed independent business owner, responsible for finding clients who need help, selling them on your services, completing the work, and ensuring you and your client end the project satisfied.

Check out my what is freelancing post for more info on freelancing as a profession!

What types of freelance writing jobs are there?

Writing is probably one of the most “freelance-able” skills around.

While some companies prefer to hire full time employees, all kinds of writing are also done by freelancers.

A few examples of freelance writing jobs you can find online for inspiration:

  • Blog writing: creating content for business blogs
  • Copywriting: creating sales pages, landing pages, product pages, or emails designed to sell products and services
  • Content writing: creating content for white papers and ebooks; overlaps with blog writing and social media writing
  • SEO writing: creating blog posts and website copy focused on ranking in search engines like Google
  • Web content: writing for website pages; overlaps with blog writing, copywriting, and SEO writing
  • Social media writing:  creating written content to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Video script writing:  creating scripts for videos
  • Email writing:  creating email newsletters and sales emails

What are the highest paying freelance writing jobs?

The amount you’ll earn depends on a few factors like:

  • Where you’re finding the writing job
  • What type of freelance writing job you’re applying for
  • What industry your potential client is in
  • How much revenue your potential client’s business generates
  • Your level of writing skill
  • The quality of your portfolio and testimonials
  • Your sales skills

That being said, I took a look through Upwork to get you some more concrete numbers.

Here are a few ranges I’d estimate for the most popular kinds of online writing jobs:

  • Landing/Sales page writing: $100 – $1,000 per page
  • Website content writing: $50 – $250 per page
  • Blog Post writing: $25 – $250
  • Ebook/white paper writing: $100 – $1,000 each
  • Email writing: $25 – $250 each
  • Social media writing: $1 to $10 per post

Which sites have the best freelance writing jobs for beginners?

The most important thing for beginners looking to land freelance writing jobs is to know that it’s a numbers game. You’ll have to apply to a lot of jobs before you land one, and after that it’s still going to take a lot of work.

As a reference point, you’re absolutely crushing it if you get a response to 3 out of every 10 applications you send. And if 1 of those 10 turns into a freelance writing gig, that’s a win.

It takes time and persistence to get started and keep going as a freelance writer.

While all of the freelance writing websites I included above are worth checking out, I’d most recommend:

  • Contena – the additional support and resources you get on top of their online writing job board (the coaching, courses, rates tool, etc) are super valuable to help you get your freelancing legs under you.
  • Textbroker – you won’t be able to earn a lot in the grand scheme of things through this site, but it can be a good place to earn your first few freelance writing dollars while you start to build a portfolio you can use to get better/higher paying work.
  • Upwork – I have a few friends who have had a lot of success with this platform, even though the fees aren’t great. They’re the biggest freelancing marketplace which means there’s always plenty of work available, and the fact that you can get testimonials to build up your credibility and eventually have clients find and reach out to you is super valuable.
  • FlexJobs – This is a fantastic, vetted alternative to Upwork. And the subscription will cost you less in the long-run than the cost of applying for projects. These jobs are high-quality and flexible.

How do I start freelance writing if I have no experience?

Check out my how to start freelancing article for the complete 9-step plan I recommend (tons of actionable details in there for you.

Some particular tips for how to become a freelance writer :

  • Your portfolio and testimonials are two of the most important tools you’ll have for getting online writing jobs. Create a few samples for the kind of writing work you want to do, then use them to land more work. Always ask your clients for a testimonial!
  • You’re going to have to pitch a lot, no matter which freelance writing website you use. Set a goal to send so many applications/proposals out every day and stick to it. Only scale back when you start to run out of time to actually do project work.
  • Blog writing is probably the best/easiest type of freelance writing to start with. Plenty of people want to pay freelancers for them, they’re relatively small projects (so there’s less risk for your clients if things don’t work out – that makes them easier to sell), and they’re a good stepping stone to start client relationships, and branch off into other kinds of online writing.
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20 Best Freelance Writing Sites for Serious Writers

  • 16 min read

Tips to Land Writing Gigs on Freelance Websites

  • best freelance writing sites in 2023

As a freelance writer, finding the right platform to showcase your skills and connect with potential clients can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to know which sites are worth your time and effort.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your client base, we’ve rounded up the 20 best freelance writing sites for serious writers. From job boards to content marketplaces, these platforms offer a range of opportunities for writers to find high-quality, paying gigs. So, grab your laptop and get ready to take your writing career to the next level!

Certain platforms will be easier than others to jump into and begin making money, as some are more competitive than others or have a more rigorous vetting process for freelancers. Here are some tips to help you land writing gigs as you get started:

  • Create a strong profile. Your profile is often the first thing potential clients will see, so make sure it showcases your skills and experience. Include a clear and concise bio, relevant writing samples, and any relevant certifications or education.
  • Be selective with the freelance jobs you apply for. It’s important to apply for gigs that align with your skills and interests. Don’t waste your time on low-paying or irrelevant jobs. Instead, focus on applying for gigs that you're qualified for and genuinely interested in.
  • Customize your proposals. Don't send the same generic proposal to every job. Take the time to read the job description and tailor your proposal to the specific project and client. Show that you’ve done your research and understand what the client needs.
  • Highlight your unique selling points. What sets you apart from other writers? Maybe you specialize in a specific niche, have extensive experience in a certain industry, or have won writing awards. Whatever it is, make sure to highlight it in your proposals and on your profile.
  • Follow up. Don't be afraid to follow up on proposals or applications. A polite email or message can show that you’re serious about the job and can help you stand out from other candidates.
  • Deliver quality work. Once you land a gig, make sure to deliver high-quality work that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations. This can lead to repeat business and positive reviews, which can help you land more gigs in the future.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of landing high-quality writing gigs on the best freelance writing sites. Remember to stay patient and persistent, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there!

20 best freelance writing sites in 2023

It’s possible to create a full-time income with freelance writing if you’re dedicated to creating high-quality work and willing to put in some upfront work. Our advice is to get started with one or two platforms to feel out which ones will work best for you, and don’t get discouraged if any particular platform or project doesn’t work out.

Here are our picks for the best freelance writing sites in 2023:

Upwork freelance writing jobs

Upwork is a marketplace that connects freelancers with companies and individuals looking for freelance talent. From writing and translation to design and creative, there are many types of jobs available for hire. You simply bid on the jobs you’re interested in working on, complete with a proposal where you describe why you’re the best person for the job and set your desired rate. If you’re selected, you then complete the work according to the client’s specifications and get paid through the platform.

To get started on Upwork, create a profile where you highlight your skills, your portfolio of work, and your ideal pay rate. Search for jobs in the Talent Marketplace, submit proposals, get a contract on winning bids, and check off the steps to complete the work. Clients may choose to pay you for reaching certain milestones during the course of the project, or they pay you when the job is done. They can also submit feedback, which helps you secure future jobs and build lasting relationships with new clients. A word of advice as you get started: Get your feet wet with a few simple jobs where you earn positive feedback before demanding higher rates, as Upwork is a highly competitive platform with thousands of skilled writers and other professionals.

  • Pricing: It’s free to join Upwork, build a profile, search for work, and post your own projects. Upwork charges a service fee based on your earnings, with a sliding scale that rewards long-term client relationships. The Freelancer Plus upgrade gives you more advanced tools to market your services and submit attention-grabbing proposals.

2. Best Writing

Best Writing freelance writing jobs

A relatively new platform, Best Writing got its start in 2020 when two friends decided writers needed a better way to find great work. Subscribe to the Best Writing newsletter, and you’ll receive weekly emails packed with hand-picked writing opportunities. The site aggregates writing jobs from online job portals, social media, newsletters, and selected partners, serving up everything from remote freelance gigs to full-time positions.

Best Writing is also a talent marketplace; for a small fee, you can gain access to a daily newsletter with the latest writing jobs and create a public writer profile. If you’re looking to be more proactive and make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity, the Writer Membership might be the way to go. Because Best Writing is a newer platform, there may be less competition, although that could change as the platform grows — so get in while the getting’s good.

  • Pricing: Free to subscribe to the weekly newsletter, browse jobs, and apply on external sites; Writer Membership is $9 per month or $90 annually.

3. Superpath Jobs

Superpath Jobs

Another larger platform with thousands of writers, Superpath Jobs is an online jobs aggregator that caters to content strategists, creators, editors, and freelance writers. Browse jobs by category, location, company, and more — and apply externally to any positions of interest.

While Superpath may look like just another job site, there’s more to it: Not only are you only seeing jobs in your desired field, but the platform also has a Slack community to which writers can apply to join. Once approved, you can connect with other like-minded creators, share tips and tricks, and support one another on your writing journeys. Additional tools like a blog, a podcast, and a regularly updated salary report keep you in the know.

  • Pricing: Free to create a profile and post your resume. You decide whether to make your profile visible to employers.

Draft freelance writing jobs

Draft offers clients quality content writers on demand; for you as a freelancer, it offers you unlimited work that matches your interests, availability, and skills. Once you’re approved to write for Draft, you can view available projects on your dashboard, claim anything you want to work on, complete the work, and upload it onto the project portal. Clients can then submit feedback or request revisions, as well as set people as preferred writers if they like their work (this is what you want, so you can get first dibs on projects).

To get started as a writer, you’ll need to apply on the Draft site and complete a test writing project. If you pass, you’ll have access to the project dashboard, where you can not only claim projects but also track any projects you’ve claimed and completed. Writers get paid weekly via direct deposit and can track their payments through the platform.

  • Pricing: Free to join as a writer once you’re approved; Draft charges a small payment processing fee that gets subtracted from your weekly payment.

5. ProBlogger

ProBlogger freelance writing jobs

Over 300,000 bloggers rely on ProBlogger as their go-to resource for blogging education and resources, from blog posts and podcasts to courses in blog creation and growth. Blogger Darren Rowse launched the site after turning his blogging hobby into a paying profession, and now he’s paying it forward in an effort to help other bloggers make money doing what they love.

If you’re serious about starting a blog and turning it into a money maker, ProBlogger is the place to go for blogging advice, trends, and in-depth tutorials. There’s also a Facebook community where you can connect with fellow bloggers. To get started with ProBlogger, add your email to their subscriber list to receive blogging hacks right in your inbox.

  • Pricing: Free to join; only pay for additional courses and other resources you want.

6. Textbroker

Textbroker freelance writing jobs

Like Draft, Textbroker provides quality, SEO-driven content of all kinds, including blog articles, product descriptions, advertising copy, translation services, and more. Clients include small businesses, e-commerce websites, publishing houses, publicly traded companies, and more. As a writer, you’ll be part of an established community connecting authors and clients where you can showcase your talents and expertise in your niche. You choose when and how much to write based on your interests and needs.

It’s free to register as an author on Textbroker, and you can earn more on projects based on the quality of your work, and the helpful Textbroker team provides feedback to help you hone your skills. Weekly payouts make it easy to access your earnings. To get started, complete your author registration and activate your account; you will then need to submit a short writing sample and connect your payment method.

  • Pricing: Free to register

Contena freelance writing jobs

Contena is an invite-only online program and a suite of job-search tools aimed at helping budding writers land freelance writing and remote work. The site says that its self-paced program has helped its members earn millions from remote writing. Yes, it’s a membership, so the program isn’t free; pricing isn’t readily available on the site, but this review — based on the writer’s experience in trying out the onboarding process — states that membership costs $497 for one year or $997 for two years.

While there are many positive reviews of Contena, the same writer above states these reviews are driven by affiliate income. However, the site offers a 30-day guarantee that should put your mind at ease, and the online course could be worthwhile if you’re just getting started with freelance writing. Our best advice? Do some thorough vetting before shelling out any money, but don’t be afraid to invest in your education if the material is worthwhile.

  • Pricing: Reportedly $497 per year

8. LinkedIn

Freelance writing jobs on LinkedIn

You may be familiar with LinkedIn as a place to create a professional profile and connect with colleagues in your industry. However, it’s also a job marketplace where you can upload your resume and browse job listings. As you apply to roles of interest, LinkedIn may recommend adding certain skills to your profile, such as search engine optimization or WordPress. You can also take quizzes to have skills badges added to your profile, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Having your resume ready to send can be helpful when you’re applying to multiple jobs at once; jobs marked as “EasyApply” let you apply directly on the platform. Be sure to build out your LinkedIn profile to highlight your achievements, request recommendations from people you know, and showcase your best professional self.

  • Pricing: Free; Premium membership starts at $29.99 per month, with access to more advanced career tools.

9. Writer Access

Writer Access freelance writing jobs

More than 40,000 brands use Writer Access to connect with freelancers and scale their content marketing. That means as a writer, you have access to a vast array of companies looking for quality content of all kinds, from technical writing to presentations and white papers.

When you apply to write for Writer Access, expect a thorough vetting, as the site hand-reviews your work and experience and only invites the best freelancers to move through the screening process. Once you’re approved, you’ll go through an onboarding program in which you’ll develop your CV and profile alongside the Writer Access team. From there, you can start taking advantage of cool perks like free stock images, portfolio promotion, content marketing tools, and a ticket to their annual content marketing conference.

  • Pricing: Free to apply

10. FlexJobs

Freelance content writing jobs on FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a jobs marketplace aimed at helping people find flexible work that aligns with their lives. If you’re seeking a work-from-home role, flexible working hours, or the ability to dictate your own schedule, this site can help you find such jobs and apply. You can also utilize skills tests, expert content, checklists, and courses to uplevel your search.

While there are many job sites out there, FlexJobs appears to be one of the most helpful as far as weeding out any scams. The site offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and helpful customer support reps, ensuring you’ll have a great user experience. Be sure to check out the career coaching services, webinars, and other resources to put your best foot forward with potential employers.

  • Pricing: $9.95 for a week; $59.95 for a year.

11. Compose.ly

Compose.ly freelance writing jobs

Compose.ly touts itself as being one of the highest-paying platforms in the market, with writers averaging 10 to 14 cents per word. With no membership fees, a sleek user interface, consistent payments, and a supportive writer community at your fingertips, Compose.ly can be a great source of regular income. Work as much or as little as you like, and only choose projects that sound like a great fit.

Compose.ly’s rigorous selection process could mean you will have less competition for jobs. However, you’ll need to pass the application process, which includes a brief assessment, to begin accepting jobs on the platform. Compose.ly pays bimonthly, so while not as regular as some of the other platforms on our list, it’s still a great source of income. To get started, create an account and apply to be a writer.

  • Pricing: Free

12. Scribly

Scribly freelance writing jobs

Founded by ex-copywriters, Scribly is a content marketing agency whose team knows what it’s like to work as freelancers. That’s why they’ve created a platform designed to empower freelancers to do the work they love while getting paid fairly and on time. Clients pay a monthly fee to tap into content creation, content strategy, and social media management services from a pool of quality, native-English writers.

To get started as a writer, you’ll need to send a message to the Scribly team telling them a little about yourself. Once you take that step, you’ll get a message letting you know they’ve received your message — so you may not have the instant gratification of knowing where you stand with Scribly. However, should you make it through the initial hiring steps, you’ll have access to flexible, scalable income you can earn whenever and wherever you want.

  • Pricing: No pricing information is listed but appears to be free for freelancers.

13. Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro freelance writing jobs

Blogging Pro features a job board that’s updated daily with new blogging jobs, freelance writing jobs, and other writing positions. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get jobs delivered to your inbox weekly. In a nutshell, Blogging Pro does the heavy lifting to locate hand-picked writing opportunities that let you work how and where you want. Search for remote, freelance, part-time, full-time, and contract opportunities, and apply externally to any jobs of interest.

If you’re looking for aggregated job opportunities with a side of blogging tips and advice, Blogging Pro could be a useful resource. The site has been around since 2006, making it one of the longest-standing resources for bloggers. The site also has an array of educational articles to help you get up and running as a blogger and hone your craft.

14. The Urban Writers

Write for The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers platform connects authors with high-quality writers and editors capable of working on a variety of writing projects, including e-books, fiction and nonfiction books, SEO articles, content translation, and more. There’s something for every kind of writer, editor, illustrator, and designer on the platform, making it one of the most versatile freelance opportunities on our list.

You can apply to be a writer or editor on the platform, and should you make it through the selection process, you will then complete an assessment to determine if you’re a good fit. The Urban Writers then allows approved creatives to submit proposals on posted jobs. If you’re new to the platform, it could be more challenging to get assignments; however, the platform is supportive and includes a Slack community where you can pick up tips and advice from seasoned writers.

15. Crowd Content

Crowd Content freelance writing jobs

If you’re a native English speaker from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, you can create an account on Crowd Content and seek out a variety of writing and editing roles. Clients seek content marketing at all skill levels, so whether you’re a full-time freelancer looking for more work or a novice getting started, you’re likely to find roles that are a good fit. You choose the jobs you want and work at your own pace on a variety of assignments.

As you work with clients, you have a chance to earn feedback and get added to their list of favorite writers, leading to more future assignments. Easy access to the Crowd Content staff and a user forum ensures you always can get answers to your questions and tap into additional resources like coaching and exposure to managed services clients. To get started, create a Crowd Content account, pass the writing assessment, start applying for jobs, and do great work to access higher-paying projects. Payments go out twice a week.

16. iWriter

iWriter freelance writing jobs

Clients pay iWriter for quality content at different tiers, from AI-driven to expert-level content with native-English writers. Once approved as a writer, you can earn up to $40 per 500 words as you produce high-quality work and promote up the ranks. You can write as much or as little as you want, build a client base, and choose the topics that best fit your background and interests.

To get started on iWriter, complete the writer application, which includes writing prompts that ask you to write a brief writing assignment. If you pass the assessment, you’ll get an email with next steps within five to seven business days. As with any similar platforms, patience, persistence, and attention to detail will get you far.

17. Freelancer

Freelancer freelance writing jobs

Freelancer aggregates a wide range of writing jobs, including content writing, brand development, copywriting, and script writing. The platform allows writers to bid on jobs that clients post and set their rates, giving them control over how much they earn. It also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create a writer profile and navigate and find jobs that match your skills and interests.

Freelancer.com offers a secure payment system that ensures writers get paid for their work, providing peace of mind and financial security. Overall, Freelancer.com is a great option for freelance writers looking for a flexible and reliable platform to find writing jobs at the rates you want. To get started, create a freelancer account, set up your profile, and start bidding away. As with Upwork, keep in mind that you may find a hefty amount of competition; stick with it and try to get those first few jobs under your belt.

18. People Per Hour

People Per Hour freelance writing jobs

Over 1 million businesses worldwide use People Per Hour to access freelancers in a variety of categories, including content writing, SEO, website development, and more. Clients can build relationships with trusted, expert-level freelancers who deliver quality work on demand. As a freelancer, you can create a profile and set your rates and areas of expertise, then work with the clients that best match your requirements.

Once you create an account, you can browse jobs and submit proposals. Take your time as you create proposals to make yourself stand out and start accessing the work you want to do, whenever you want. People Per Hour handles the logistics like payment processing and managing communications, so you can focus on doing what you do best: creating great content.

Fiverr freelance writing jobs

Similar to People Per Hour and some of the other platforms on our list, Fiverr connects clients with freelancers in all different disciplines. You can create a writer profile, set your rates, and start selling your services and bidding on writing jobs. With work ranging from blog posts to product descriptions, you’re able to find work that best matches your skills and interests. The platform is easy to use and allows writers to set their own rates, work on their own terms, and get paid as soon as you complete a job.

Fiverr.com provides a secure payment system that ensures writers get paid for their work. It’s a large and active community, providing opportunities for writers to network, collaborate, and develop their skills. The more projects you complete and great feedback you earn, the easier it is to get new jobs.

20. Writers Work

Writers Work freelance writing jobs

Writers Work connects writers with the companies that need them the most, with thousands of writing jobs available on the platform. You can also access training, tools, and support to help you land the writing jobs you want, set your own hours, and work remotely on your schedule. From general content such as website content to copywriting and blog writing, there’s something for everyone on the platform.

The Writers Work platform is designed to help freelancers succeed, with built-in writing tools that check your documents for grammar and spelling. Even writers with no experience can join, as Writers Work will train you via live support, video training, and course. Earn $20 to $65 per hour, and continue building your skills to earn money as a writer. To get started, create an account and get up and running within 30 minutes.

  • Pricing: Free to create an account

As you can see, there are numerous freelance writing websites available for serious writers to find high-quality and lucrative gigs — and we think the 20 freelance writing sites above are an excellent place to get started. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your client base, these platforms offer a range of opportunities for writers to showcase their skills and connect with potential clients. Remember to create a strong profile, be selective with the jobs you apply for, customize your proposals, highlight your unique selling points, follow up, and deliver quality work.

With these tips in mind, you can maximize your chances of landing great writing gigs and building a successful freelance writing career. As you get up and running, be sure to create a Copilot account to access all the tools you need to run your business like a pro, complete with a professional-looking client portal to manage tickets, messages, payment processing, and more. It’s free for 14 days, with paid plans starting at just $29 per month. The platform grows with you, so as you scale, you can access even more advanced tools and dedicated expertise.

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17 Websites That Look For Freelance Writers (Byline Included)

Posted: December 30, 2023 | Last updated: December 30, 2023

There are many sites you can do ghost writing for, and this is fine if you have bills you need to get taken care of. But a reader mentioned to me the other day that she is really interested in advancing her writing career, and to do this she'd like to find more places to write for that will pay her while  also  giving her full credit for her work.

Pretty much all of the revenue-sharing sites will give you a byline, but unfortunately the money from these sites usually isn't enough to cover many bills -- especially in the beginning.

So I did some research and find places you can write for that will pay you a flat fee for your work while also giving you credit for it.

What is a byline?

If you're pretty new to the writing world, you may be wondering, "What is a byline anyway?"

Basically, this is just a a paragraph, or a few lines, of information about you that appears on articles you write. It gives you credit for the content, and ultimately makes it so you can use your articles in your portfolio since you are credited.

Ghostwriters  do not get bylines, and many, many content sites (particularly those lower-paying ones that use writers for SEO and link-building purposes) will not put your name on the content you create.

And this is fine if you're OK with that. But it won't help you grow your writing portfolio.

When you're writing out your byline, you'll want to be sure to include your name, a link to your website or social media profiles, and some interesting tidbits about yourself.

Don't  make it overly long -- it needs to be just long enough to catch someone's attention, but at the same time you need to realize it will probably get skimmed over if it's a huge block of text.

17 Writing Sites That Pay AND Provide a Byline

1 -  Listverse  - Read  Listverse Review  - Pays $100 for lists, and you will get an author byline if your list is accepted.

2 -  Ranker  - Read  Ranker Review  - Another list-type site that is frequently looking for authors to write interesting content. Every article published by you will include your name at the top with a clickable link. When the link is clicked, it takes the reader to a page with info about you, plus links to your past work on Ranker.

3 - Bustle - Always on the lookout for interesting content. If your work is published, your name will appear at the top of your article in a clickable link. When clicked, the link takes the reader to a page with your photo and some info about you, and your past work.

4 -  Cracked  - They will pay $100 for your first accepted article, plus you will get a byline. They get a lot of traffic, so you would also get a lot of exposure.

5 -  How Stuff Works  - If you are accepted as a contributor for How Stuff Works (not easy to do!), your name will go on your articles and you will have a short bio listed on their author page.

6 -  Medium  - You can write articles on just about any topic for Medium and get a byline! Many bloggers and authors looking to build up their portfolios and online presences do use Medium for those purposes. Medium will also pay you for your content, although this takes a while to add up.

7 -  iWorkWell  - From the website, "Do a handful and we'll post your bio on the  iWorkwell Experts  page — linked to every article you co-author, and optimized so you'll be easily found on search engines and get your name out there as an expert."

8 -  Wanderful  - This is a women's travel website that will pay you $50 per post, plus publish your name on any accepted content. They are looking for well-written content on destinations and itineraries, travel tips, global issues, and women to watch.

9 -  LovetoKnow  - Every article you write has your name at the top. Clicking your name leads to your detailed "About Me" page.

10 -  Matador Network  - This is mostly travel-related content. All your articles will have your name along with a short bio at the end as well as a link to your other Matador content. You'll have to keep tabs on their "opportunities" page to find the writing work when it is available.

11 -  Salon  - This site publishes content on a variety of topics, and they accept submissions from freelancers. You will be paid and credited for your work if your submission is accepted.

12 -  Skyword  - Your name goes on all the articles you write for any of Skyword's properties.

13 -  The Escapist  - Online magazine paying $250 an article.

14 -  Mental Floss  - Mental Floss is usually looking for writers to contribute lists and/or short features across a wide variety of different categories including entertainment, history, science, and more. They do give you a bio and pay you for accepted content ($125 to $150 starting rates).

15 -  Wow! Women On Writing  - This magazine accepts freelance submissions. You will receive an author bio and you will be paid between $50 and $150 (depending on the type of article you submit) if your work is accepted and published.

16 -  Writer's Weekly  - If you have freelance writing experience and you can write about, Writer's Weekly may be interested in publishing some of your work. They also accept success stories. Pay is between $40 and $60, and you will get an author bio on your published articles.

17 -  Freelance Mom  - Accepts guest post submissions between 900 and 1,500 words. Pay is $75 to $100 via Paypal, with monthly bonuses available if your article is the most shared.

Good luck if you sign up to write for any of the above sites!

There are many sites you can do ghost writing for, and this is fine if you have bills you need to get taken care of. But

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21 Freelance Writing Websites That Pay Well! (2023 Update)

By: Author Aisha Preece

Are you looking for freelance writing websites for beginners or content writing sites for beginners?

I remember when I began my freelance writing journey, I wanted to get paid to write but I didn’t have a journalism degree, nor did I have writing experience.

I’m not going to lie, the fear and doubt was there when I first started because I had no idea where to find the jobs!

Nevertheless, I still went on to become a full-time freelance writer and travel the world.

If I can do it, you can too!

In this article, I will share all the places that advertise freelance writing jobs for beginners, the 3 best FREE sites to promote your freelance writer portfolio , plus tips to increase your rates. 

best freelance writing sites for beginners

Freelance Writing Websites To Get Paid (For Beginners)

  • Freelance Writing
  • Blogging Pro
  • PRO Blogger
  • All Freelance Writing
  • Journalism Jobs
  • Media Bistro
  • Morning Coffee Newsletter
  •   Flexjobs
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Writer Access
  • Online Writing Jobs
  •   Verblio
  •   Constant Content
  •   Great Content
  •   Hire Writers
  •   Word Gigs

Disclosure : This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Thank you for your support 🙂

If you are having trouble knowing how to apply to freelance writing websites and how to come across as more experienced, so you can get paid higher.

I can recommend a super-duper freelance writing course I took, which helped me land 3 new clients in 3 weeks .


I spent ages googling FREE information and googling articles (like you are doing now). I needed to keep my costs down as I wasn’t being paid for my writing just yet.

But I got sick of reading conflicting or confusing information and took the freelance writing course . It taught me how to pitch to new clients and come across as experienced. Just look at this review:

WriteTo1k-Write-Your-Way-to-Your-First-1k-Elna Cain review

I also learned how to set up a freelance writing website, where to find jobs, and what to charge.

The  Write to $1K course has a 30-day template you just need to follow to get to your first $1k from writing.

If you are ever going to invest in one writing course – please let it be this one . It’s the most useful thing you can do if you want to know how to be a freelance writer with no experience.

There is no way you will finish the 30 days and not win a new client. Her training is THAT good. And I am not making this up, because I took the course myself.

1. Freelance Writing

freelance writing websites

Known as one of the top best freelance writing websites, especially for its ease of use, and was established over 2 decades ago!

On this platform, you can find freelance writing jobs online for beginners and also hire freelance writers.

You can refine your search to only include certain locations or job types.

Plus, this is one of the best content writing websites for beginners. 

Why? This is because you will also find written resources to succeed as a freelance blog writer , creative writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, and other types of writing!

freelance writing websites

It even allows you to participate in writing contests to improve your writing while earning money, and a Free E-book to become a better writer and author.


2. Blogging Pro

freelance writing websites

Also considered one of the best freelance writing sites for beginners, this website is ideal for bloggers and freelance writers looking for work.

Blogging Pro advertises blog writing jobs that are perfect for freelance writing beginners. Blog posts are easy to write and can earn you decent money. Many are aware of this fact and turn to content writing for beginners to start generating extra income.

A lot of my writing income comes from blog writing.

7 FREE Writing Tools That Will Help You Make More Money!

Download the free guide.

freelance resume writers websites

We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time.

3. Pro Blogger

PRO Blogger is great. One of the best freelance writing websites out there.

I have found a few jobs through them. You can filter down to the niche you are in and it has a good variety of jobs. Oh, it is also one of the free article writing websites. you do not have to pay anything to find jobs on this platform.

The key is to apply early every morning, but having said that, I have applied and heard back from clients sometimes 2 months later.

In addition, this is one of the best article websites to use for FREE. You just have to look for the writing jobs on your job board and voila!

freelance writing websites

4. All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing posts fresh new writing jobs in the last 30 days and it is one of the most widely used article writing sites. I really like how they also advertise the rate you will be paid.

So you can scan the niche and pay and decide which freelance writing jobs for beginners best suits you, to save you time.

Freelance writing jobs for beginners

5. Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs is a great place to find freelance writing jobs if you want to be a journalist or copywriter. Just create an article writing account and start browsing!

You’ll find job posts, which describe the company, type of job, geographic location, and time commitment of the freelance article writing job.

One of the best freelance writing websites if you are looking got journalism specific jobs.

Freelance writing jobs for beginners

6. Media Bistro

Media Bistro curates online writing jobs and there is a big range of jobs on content writing for website there.

It is one of the best content writing websites to find jobs in online magazines, news sites, and big content publications. 

For example, I just looked and it is advertising for a sports writer, women’s lifestyle writer, and gossip column writer. Random eh?

Freelance writing jobs for beginners

7. Morning Coffee Newsletter

Morning Coffee Newsletter is great and it is among the best online writing sites because you can subscribe for free and writing jobs are sent to your inbox every morning.

I have secured a few jobs using this newsletter.

Freelance writing jobs for beginners

Considered one of the most widely known freelance platforms, Upwork is undoubtedly one of the best article writing sites where you can find different types of freelance jobs including writing.

It is free to register as a freelance and you can filter jobs based on:

  • Client rating
  • Clients spent
  • Verified payment
  • Level of expertise
  • Skill category
  • Job Type (Fixed or hourly paid)

For example, you can see here different types of entry-level freelance writing jobs , including an interesting gig about creating funny slogans for t-shirts for $200. 

freelance writing websites

9. Flexjobs

freelance writing websites

Flexjobs stands out as a freelance job site that offers verified jobs to prevent scams, this gives freelancers the confidence to apply for legit jobs. You will find multiple posts on articles writers for hire on this platform.

Registration is paid, it is a membership-based job site starting from $14.95 per month. 

However, Flexjobs is labelled as an excellent site to get freelance scam-free jobs and has membership benefits such as discounts for Career Coaching or a Resume Review. 

10. PeoplePerHour

freelance writing websites

Peopleperhour is a similar website to Upwork to get freelance jobs for beginners, so it is a good site to check out for article writing jobs or other types of writing. 

You can find jobs from proofreading, to investigative writer, cool for a beginner writing gig, right? 

11. Contena

freelance writing websites

Among the best article websites is Contena . It is a paid membership site starting at $497 for a 1-year membership and $997 for a 2-year membership . 

So, though it is not cheap, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and offers good paid freelance article writing jobs, even for beginners. Despite the price tag, many freelancers engage with this platform, which shows that this is one of the best writing websites.

Freelance Writing Content Mills To Get Paid For Beginners

freelance writing websites

So above are 11 freelance writing websites that advertise freelance writing jobs for beginners.

But let’s say, you tried applying and received no response or you want to get some experience and you are sick of writing for free?

As a last resort, it might be worth looking into content mills.

Writing content mills don’t pay that well but the level of expertise required won’t be high. Also, if you are doing content writing for websites for free anyway, you might as well get paid and get some experience.

Having said that, make sure you move on to better-paying jobs once you have experience writing for content mills. Don’t get stuck on lower-paid jobs, but instead, use content mills to get some writing experience.

Sometimes content mills will advertise,  ‘freelance writing jobs no experience’

Here is a list of freelance writing websites which are content mills you can apply to:

12 . iwriter

Freelance writing websites

This is one of the essential sites you have to head to if you want to land article writing jobs in content mills.

You can register for free, then you need to complete a form and a 250-word writing test. Based on these results, you will be accepted to work on article writing jobs in iwriter.

How much you will earn will be based on the level you are, starting from Standard, then Premium, Elite, and the highest rank Elite Plus. 

All of this will depend on the writing skills in each job and your rating as a writer.

Rates start from approx. $3 for 500 words at the starter level and $30 for 500 words at the Elite plus level. 

It may not be much but as a beginner, this platform is one of the good online writing sites that pay.

13. Writer Access

Writer Access is another one of the sought-after online writing websites for business owners that want to hire content writers.

So, this is a great content mill if you want to grab some writing experience and get paid for it! 

Plus, they offer benefits for their writers such as:

  • Access to 250M stock images
  • Content strategy certification
  • Content marketing tools
  • Portfolio gallery promotion
  • A ticket to their annual content marketing conference and the recordings from the last 4 years.

You can apply for free, however, some things Writer Access will ask you to do is:

  • Choose a niche you want to write about or consider yourself an expert in that field 
  • Provide at least 2 public web pages to analyse your work experience and skills. Can be your Linkedin profile, blog, or portfolio site. 

Also, it is worth mentioning they have a web page where you can look for the different types of freelancers Writer Access are looking for . 

Freelance writing websites

These gigs are high paying, as they are looking for people with experience in that field. So even if you are a beginner but have experience in comedy or type fast and accurately you could have a chance to get hired! 

14. Online Writing Jobs

best content writing websites

Online Writing Jobs is a content mill that only offers freelance writing jobs for United States of America residents and you get paid weekly, through PayPal 

To apply as a freelance writer you need to:

  • Complete the writer application form
  • Submit a custom writing sample 
  • Submit a completed W9 tax form
  • Submit a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID as proof of U.S. residency (e.g. driver’s license, passport, non-driver ID card, etc.)

15. WriterBay

Freelance writing websites

Among the best freelance writing sites is Writer Bay. 

Here you will find a wide variety of freelance writing fields of interest such as:

  • Sports 
  • Music 

One of the most important requirements to work in this content mill is to have a bachelor’s degree. 

To apply you just need to follow 4 simple steps, which are:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Pass their grammar test 
  • Write a short prompt and upload an essay sample
  • Upload a photo of your CV as well as your academic certificate.

Here is a current example of what they are paying and looking for:

Freelance writing jobs

16. Textbroker

best content writing websites

Textbroker is a content mill that accepts writers from different countries, it is one of the best freelance writing websites for beginners .

To sign up you need to submit a 200-word writing sample , which will determine your writing skills. 

As for how the platform works, it is rating-based, from 2 stars to 5 stars. You can request payment any time of the week, as long as your earnings are equal to or more than $10. 

Here is an example of how much you can earn based on your rating:

best freelance writing sites for beginners

Other freelance content mill websites to consider are:

17. Verblio

18. Constant Content  

19. Great Content  

20. Hire Writers

21. Word Gigs 

Plus, SEO is not as difficult as some gurus make it sound, and you don’t have to pay TONS of money to learn it. 

I have extensive SEO experience managing 4 blogs, and with this knowledge, I have created this affordable SEO Masterclass where you will learn the foundations of SEO to skyrocket your blog or client’s blog traffic!


Freelance Portfolio Sites For Freelance Writers 

If you don’t have a website, or would like to increase the exposure of your writing expertise, creating a portfolio is key to displaying your writing abilities and skills. 

Some of the best FREE writing portfolio websites to show your writing work are:

  • The freelancer by Contently
  • Clippings.me
  • Journo Portfolio

Want to get inspired? Here are some examples of freelance writing profiles on each site:

  • Contently profile example 
  • Clippings.me profile example
  • Journo Portfolio profile example  

FAQs on Freelance Writing Websites

best content writing websites

What Is The Best Website For Freelance Writers?

One of the online writing websites for freelance writers is Freelance Writing , in this website you can find jobs with rates and divided by level of expertise. 

However, other good alternatives are:

All the best articles websites mentioned above are ideal for you to look for a freelance writer job for beginners!

How Do I Start Freelance Writing If I Have No Experience?  

If you don’t have writing experience, some pro tips to get online writing jobs are: 

  • Decide on the type of writing you want to offer.
  • Create writing samples 
  • Create a portfolio and ask for recommendations.
  • Create a professional profile on LinkedIn . 
  • Take writing courses to upskill and learn the best tactics to attract clients. 

What Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs Are There?

There are different types of freelance writing jobs, some examples are:

  • Blog writer
  • Email writer
  • Copywriters
  •  Sales page writer
  •  Ghostwriter
  •  E-book writer
  • Social media content creation
  •  Article writing
  •  SEO writing

If you want to find out the most profitable types of freelance writing niches, check out my article: 21 Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches (In 2021)

freelance writing websites

What Are The Best Freelance Writing Websites That Don’t Charge A Subscription? 

The best freelance writing sites for beginners that don’t charge a subscription are:

How Do I Get Clients To Visit My Site And Place Orders?

To attract clients to your freelance writer website one of the most important things to master is:

  • Content promotion 
  • Having client testimonials on your site
  • A clear package of services 

Note: If you are eager to start your freelance writing career or are looking to find a freelance job as a beginner check out my masterclasses: 

  • How To Become A Freelance Writer (In 60 Days)
  • Finding Freelance Jobs (For Beginners)

Plus, you will get FREE bonuses such as pitch templates and pro tips to land jobs in Upwork from an expert!

What Do You Charge?

Sometimes when you go on freelance writing websites and apply for freelance writing jobs, the client will ask you ‘ what is your rate?’

When I was a freelance writing beginner, I didn’t know what to charge, but I took that online writing course and it guided me on what the going rate was.

The writing course recommends at last USD0.10 per word but at the beginning, I think I charged USD0.05 per word and increased it with every new client and as I became more confident.

Where Can I Practice Freelance Writing?

  • Copyblogger
  • Become A Writer Today
  • Online Courses

1. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a content writing site for beginners that has been educating individuals on how to produce top-notch written content since January 2006. 

Copyblogger began as a straightforward one-man blog. It grew into a highly lucrative business with 8 figures in yearly sales because of the helpful material, clever copywriting, and leading services.

If you need help figuring out where to start, look into their articles feature and check their useful resources such as the ones below:

  • How to Start Writing: Zap Your Reaction to Criticism and Grow from ‘Good Enough’
  • Writing Voice 101: Add Color and Richness … Without Making Us Want to Barf
  • 3 Critical Tips for Beginner Writers Who Don’t Have an Audience Yet

freelance writing websites

2. Become A Writer Today

This site has got everything covered when it comes to article writing for beginners.

From courses to writing apps, writing tips, and even writing jobs, Become A Writer Today helps budding writers set the tone for their writing careers. 

freelance writing websites

3. Online Courses

Online classes are another excellent technique to educate yourself on how to write better content. You can select from a wide variety of content writing courses that are offered online. 

Regardless of where you are at with your writing journey, there is something for everyone. 

Websites like Udemy offers a ton of useful guide on how to start writing, the trick and trips to keep in mind, and mistakes to avoid when writing. Start with these videos to ease your way into becoming a better writer. 

  • Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro
  • Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer
  • Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery

Can I Make 1000 A Month Freelance Writing?

Yes, you can make $1000 a month with online article writing. 

There is a tonne of get-rich-quick programs on the internet that claim it’s simple to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year writing.

Despite the fact that a small number of extremely wealthy writers exist, what the internet fails to show is the work it takes to earn such an amount. A decent starting point that is both practical and doable is $1000 per month.

Earning $1000 per month demonstrates that you have gained significant proficiency in writing. 

Query Hunter

How To Write Articles For Beginners?

Master good research skills, focus on the content, have content ideas at hand, get rid of distractions.

Let’s face it, it is difficult to write an article that is both intriguing and interesting. Regardless of how some writers may portray it, to make a piece of article stand out, extensive research is required.

Extensive research requires time and effort. 

There are numerous techniques to carry out research for articles. While some writers prefer to conduct their own research, others use keywords to discover information online. 

Choosing whether to write a long-form piece or a series of shorter postings is the first step in guaranteeing that your article is thoroughly researched.

Longform articles demand more time researching and assembling information into a gripping story with a solid ending that is both educational and enjoyable.

However, bear in mind that it is simple to get caught up in the trap of doing too much research instead of typing the words out to form the article.

One of the things you could do during your research is to try and be as detailed as you can in your search keywords if you’re seeking data or statistics to back up your claim.

This way, you already have a goal for the type of content you would like to produce. 

The process of writing articles for search engines like Google’s first page is known as SEO writing. This is accomplished by conducting keyword research on key terms and producing optimized content that addresses the user’s purpose.

For example, say you are searching on how to solo travel in Bangkok , the articles that pop up on the first page are articles that have been optimized to give you the exact results you are looking for. 

You may ask – Aisha, why is it important for me to write content that appears on the first page?

According to a study , when an article is on the first page of a search engine, it has a much higher chance of being clicked and read compared to articles that are not

More than 28% of users who conduct searches click on the first link on the first page. The percentages decrease after that first outcome for each placement on the page.

Writing for SEO is crucial since it is an advertising strategy that works as long as your website does. Having an article that is on the first page means more views, and more views mean more advertising revenue. 

As a freelancer, it is your job to deliver content that will bring in revenue to your clients. By having sufficient SEO knowledge, you can help them boost their ranking and increase their revenue.

You can browse through as many online writing sites as you want, but if there is one skill that can help you stand out amongst other writers, it is SEO knowledge. Here are some resources to help you get started.

  • SEO Success For Beginners

It is a typical assumption that excellent grammar and punctuation equate to outstanding writing. In actuality, the content is what matters most in good writing.

All the jobs posted on these article writing websites have one thing in common, it is to find a writer who can produce content that is interesting, entertaining, and educational.

You could get sidetracked from the writing process if you’re always looking for errors, and your thoughts might grow stagnant as a result.

You will also note that it is challenging to put out fresh content when your full attention is constantly on finding errors.

freelance writing websites

The appearance of writer’s block is unpredictable and let me tell you that it can be the most frustrating feeling in the world especially if you have deadlines to catch!

Keeping a list of topics for prospective news pieces or short articles that could be developed into long-form content is important for this reason. Write down ideas as soon as you have them in a notebook or Google Doc. 

This way, once you have landed a job from any one of the freelance writing websites that pay, you can whip up content ideas to impress your client!

This may be a no-brainer but get rid of the distractions.

You did not spend your precious time scrolling through multiple content writing sites and landing a job only to fail at producing the articles because you are distracted. 

Many states that multitasking helps them operate more effectively.  However, when writing a whole piece of article in a short period of time, you will need to be laser-focused to produce the best outcome.

Turn off the television and notifications of any social media account before you write your first line so that you can concentrate completely on producing the piece. I personally like the Pomodoro technique in staying focused, perhaps you can give that a shot too.

How Do You Increase Your Rate?

freelance writing websites

Want to increase your rate as a freelance writer?  Check the following tips:

1. Niche Down 

To get the best paying freelance writing jobs, the best tactic is to upskill and niche down. For example, you can be an expert in a type of writing such as email writing or in a topic like SAAS.

By being an expert you will know the ins and outs of a topic. 

So, your writing will be of better quality which your audience and clients will immediately notice and therefore be more valuable!

2. Go The Extra Mile!

By going the extra mile, your client will notice that you care for their business and value their success, this will make you a valuable asset for them and keep coming back for your writing services.

3. Writing Testimonials 

Showing your writing clients testimonials on your website will increase your credibility and authority, this helps you demand a higher paying rate because clients see you are trustworthy. 

4. Offer Free Photos 

Speaking from personal experience, you can increase your rate by mentioning that you can include some free photos to accommodate the article.

You can source FREE images from these websites:

  • Gratisography
  • Offer SEO optimized articles

5. Offer SEO Services 

Also, I recently learned about SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

I read some free articles and bought a book on it and straight away my rate increased when I went on freelance writing websites and said:

‘I can offer SEO optimized articles.’

This just means I can use a free keyword tool (Ubersuggest) to find good keywords and place them in the appropriate places in the article.

If you are looking for a list of best SEO practices to include in your article, get in touch and I will send it to you.

I use it every time I write SEO optimized articles for a client.

If you found this article useful, save it and pin it!

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    Community Jobs Companies Salaries For Employers Search Sign In Skip to main content freelance resume writer Search For You Search Create job alert Easy Apply only Company rating 80 Freelance resume writer jobs in United States Most relevant Desert Publications, Inc. 2.6 Senior Editor Palm Springs, CA $50K - $55K (Employer est.) Easy Apply

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    Best Freelance Websites for Writers. The below list is a collection of the best websites to find and hire freelance writers. We've tested dozens of freelance platforms, content writing services, and writing agencies. Here are our favorite freelance websites for hiring writers. 1. Panda Copy. Best for hiring for ongoing content needs

  16. 20 Best Freelance Writing Sites for Serious Writers

    Pricing: Free to create a profile and post your resume. You decide whether to make your profile visible to employers. 4. Draft. Draft offers clients quality content writers on demand; for you as a freelancer, it offers you unlimited work that matches your interests, availability, and skills.

  17. Freelance Writer Resume (Sample & How to Write)

    Phone: (123) 456-7891 Address: Street, City, State LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/yourprofile Resume Summary Dynamic and creative freelance writer with 5+ years of experience writing SEO-optimized content for sport, healthcare, fashion, news website, and digital marketing niches.

  18. 17 Websites That Look For Freelance Writers (Byline Included)

    16 - Writer's Weekly - If you have freelance writing experience and you can write about, Writer's Weekly may be interested in publishing some of your work. They also accept success stories. Pay is ...

  19. 21 Freelance Writing Websites That Pay Well! (2023 Update)

    21 Freelance Writing Websites That Pay Well! (2023 Update) By: Aisha Preece Are you looking for freelance writing websites for beginners or content writing sites for beginners? I remember when I began my freelance writing journey, I wanted to get paid to write but I didn't have a journalism degree, nor did I have writing experience.

  20. 55 Online Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay Weekly

    Following are some work-from-home jobs you can do online that often pay weekly. For the most up-to-date information from Indeed, please click on the salary link for each job title below. 1. Customer service representative. National average salary: $19,406 per year.

  21. Maria Timina

    Freelance Oct 2019 - Dec 2022 3 years 3 months ... Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences with prizes for young scholars and college students for the best academic writing in the field of ...

  22. Dr Elena K.

    I have been teaching English & German since 2011 in various environments and settings including university, high school, private language school, teacher training centers etc.<br>‌<br>I am also a CELTA, Delta Module 1 & 3 and a CELT-S tutor who also worked as a methodologist, ADOS and DOS for Russian and foreign centers and schools in 2017−2023.<br>‌<br>‌I'm a life-long learner who ...

  23. Rut Elikan

    Freelance Copywriter and Scriptwriter Freelance 2015 - Present 8 years. Moscow, Moscow City, Russia Freelance Social Media Manager ... - Script writing Education IKRA - Creative School Digital Management/Digital Production. 2014 - 2015. Touro College Judaic Studies. 2010 - 2012. Institute of World Economy and Informatization ...

  24. Professeur de design et d'infographie

    A creative means - good for anything to do with imagination and concepts: with an experience in fashion business from design to commercial, event industry - creating and organizing various type of events for different groups and nationalities, to social marketing and web design, slowly discovering the 3D world and it's new systems. Open for work and collaboration in various creative fields ...