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Kerala Food Essay – List of Cuisines in Kerala

In this essay on Kerala food, you will know about various cuisine in Kerala. Below we have also provided the list of delicious food list. Students and children can take help from this essay for their exam and projects.

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Kerala Food Essay (1000+ words)

Food implies food, which is one of the primary prerequisites for the whole living on Earth , which is fundamental for each life one who is conceived in this world. In this manner, we ought not to squander food yet regard it. 

There are numerous kinds of food which are made in various manners all over like the way of life of that place. That culture makes their sorts of food flavor of that food as per that type. 

In any case, this nature accomplishes crafted by giving food to this entire life story. At that point, whether it is a vegetable, or a natural product, or rice, wheat crop; all that we get is because of the idea of this world. 

Encircled by the ocean, Kerala is celebrated worldwide for the way of life , conventions, and alluring excellence, just as its nearby food. Different desserts and non-veggie lover dishes can likewise be delighted in Kerala, aside from idli, dosa. Customary Kerala foods and tasty desserts are made during different celebrations and merriments. 

Rice, fish, and coconut are basic elements of practically all the acclaimed food in Kerala, and the flavors are upgraded with bean stew, curry leaves, mustard, turmeric, tamarind, dark pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and asafoetida.

The variety of providing food in Kerala is as indicated by its geological, verifiable, and ecological. Coincidentally, it is essentially isolated into two sections, first the Masanori and the subsequent veggie lover.

While there is a great deal of utilization of flavors in non-vegan food, the assortment of vegetables with gentle flavors is found in veggie lover food.

The most significant thing in Kerala food is the utilization of coconut. Coconut oil, its water, and helpless three things are utilized around there. The formula is cooked in coconut oil, its sauce is made, and coconut is likewise utilized in dishes.

Sambhar is viewed as the character of Kerala. Sambhar vada, idli dosa, and other South Indian food are popular everywhere in the world, yet what is in the customary food here is no place else.

Kerala, known as God’s Own Country, is a famous vacationer location known for its flavors and non-vegan dishes and fish.

Karamani Fry

Karamani Fry is one of the customary dishes of Kerala. Karaman or Pearl Spot fish is exceptionally regular in Kerala backwaters, and this dish is set up with the assistance of a similar fish.

This dish is handily found anyplace in Kerala, even though you can feel a distinction in its taste, starting with one spot then onto the next. It is customarily a Syrian Christian dish; however, occasions in Kerala are viewed as inadequate without this dish.  

Malabari Parotta 


Whenever said in basic words, Malabari Parrotus will be the fluffiest paratha you will taste. Numerous layers of this paratha are made while making this paratha. With each layer, it gets considerably more delicate and delicious.

Coincidentally, you will get the chance to taste this Malabari parotta in various conditions of the nation; however, its actual taste can be discovered distinctly in Kerala. To make this parotta significantly softer, you can fill it with various stuffing.


Even though you may have tasted the flavor of espresso commonly, yet the Kerala duplicate is no answer. It is a sort of channel espresso, which is handily found at pretty much every café in Kerala. Kappi is popular with local people. You, too, should appreciate this espresso once.

Sago Payasam

If sweet is your shortcoming, remember to taste the payasam in Kerala. It is a pastry-like kheer, which is set up with the assistance of broken rice, vermicelli, saffron, cardamom, and the absolute best flavors.

It might resemble a kheer; however, its taste is unique, and even a spoonful of it takes you to an alternate world.

Puttu pazhavum

Puttu likes to eat as a nibble in Kerala. Putu implies separating in Malayalam. It is set up with rice and coconut assistance and is regularly loaded up with sweet or pungent inside. It is delicate to such an extent that it breaks up when set in the mouth. You probably won’t have to bite it. 

Appam served with Coconut Milk in Tamil Nadu

Appam made of rice flour can be had at lunch, supper, and breakfast whenever. It very well may be eaten with any veg and non-veg vegetable with sauce. 

kerala food essay in english


This is the most loved food of the individuals of Malabar, northern area of Kerala. It is produced using rice, which resembles a hotcake. It tends to be eaten with any sauce vegetable. 

Idiyappam and egg curry 

Idiyappam aka Noolappam Kerala DSC

Idiyappam is noodles made of rice. Keralites eat them with egg curry with incredible intensity. A few people like to eat Idiyappam by plunging it in coconut milk. A few people additionally call it Nul Putu.

Malabar Chicken

Malabar chicken biriyani

Biryani is the most loved of Malayali individuals Malabar Chicken Biryani. The flavor of this biryani made with Malabar’s extraordinary flavors has now gotten acclaimed in the entire nation. You can eat it with raita and chutney.


Avial is a customary food arranged at each wedding and celebration in Kerala. This dish, which is made by blending various kinds of vegetables, is likewise called ‘Sadya.’ It is accepted this was first made by Bhima during his obscure living arrangement. 

Banana chips

Kerala banana chips Upperi varuthath

Kerala and banana chips resemble the heart and its pulse. Chips of Kerala Food are such bites that are loved by pretty much every Indian. They are effectively found in each shop, truck, café, and even inns there. 


This dish made of banana is made by filling coconut and jaggery inside. You can likewise consider it a stuffed banana. This is the most loved food of the individuals there. 

Porotta hamburger 

Parotta is feathery bread, which is eaten with meat with incredible intensity. There is no deficiency of its scent and its test darlings around the world. 

Kappa Kuzhachatu 

It is one of the primary dishes of Kerala. It is made by bubbling Tapioca and adding a few masalas to it. Individuals like to eat it with fish, hot chutney, and meat.

Pazam Pori 

Pazhampori kerala

This dish is made by browning bananas. Banana pakoras are the most loved tee-time nibble there. 

Kerala Veg Stew

It is a simple dish in Kerala; veg ashtu or stew is made by cooking coconut milk on low warmth. You can appreciate it with Idiyappam and Appam. 

10 lines on Kerala Food

  • Rice is the staple food of Kerala. Malayali likes to eat rice blended in with vegetables made of greens, fish, meat, eggs, and so on 
  • Kerala Food is commonly impactful and fragrant. 
  • The act of eating banana leaves has been going on since old occasions. 
  • Kerala has numerous food-related traditions. There is a unique kind of food served here.
  • Coconut is utilized in an exceptionally high amount in Kerala food. 
  • Kovalam seashore is well known around the world. The territory of Kerala is separated into 14 locales. Each state has its significance.
  • Kerala has the most elevated education rate in India, and baby mortality is one of the least in the nation, and ladies have a higher populace than men. 
  • Black pepper is the principal item in flavors, and Kerala is its biggest maker and exporter.
  • Cardamom and ginger are additionally sent out from Kerala. 
  • Rice is the primary harvest and staple food of Kerala. 

In the end, we can say that Kerala Foods are so healthy and delicious. In contrast to its neighbors, Kerala offers its not insignificant rundown of non-veggie lover food. On the off chance that you are partial to food alongside strolling, at that point, you should visit this state and taste the well-known neighborhood food of Kerala. 

To think about the famous and heavenly Kerala cooking, you should peruse this total article of our own. We have arranged for you a rundown of delectable Kerala food things that will doubtlessly grab your eye.

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  1. Kerala Food Essay

    November 8, 2020 by ReadingJunction. In this essay on Kerala food, you will know about various cuisine in Kerala. Below we have also provided the list of delicious food list. Students and children can take help from this essay for their exam and projects.