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277 Top Leadership Research Topics for Your Thesis

leadership research topics

For most students, working on leadership research topics is a fascinating task. That’s because this subject spans different disciplines, including education, management, sociology, politics, and psychology. For this reason, many learners choose these topics when writing college and university papers.

In most cases, educators do not specify the topic for learners. That means every learner must choose or develop a topic for their academic paper. Consequently, learners look for leadership areas that interest them and then pick their leadership paper topics.

Here are pointers for selecting a topic for your leadership essay or paper:

Start by choosing a subject area Narrow down your subject area Focus on leadership, not management Bear the educator’s instructions in mind Aim to answer a question in your subject area

If interested in this subject, here is a list of leadership topics you consider for your papers.

Interesting Dissertation Topics in Educational Leadership

When pursuing a course in educational leadership, educators require learners to complete a dissertation by employing their new learning and professional knowledge. When writing this paper, a learner should demonstrate organization, transformative leadership, and the ability to initiate community change. Here are sample topics in this category.

  • Interrelation between poor school results and poor leadership
  • How social media affects educational leadership
  • Impacts of technology on educational leadership
  • How leadership in mediocre schools can simulate top performing learning institutions
  • Effects of the leadership culture on running educational institutions
  • How to blend strategic teaching methods with efficient organization
  • How educational leadership affects society
  • How educational leadership influence researchers and literature
  • Educational leadership and success path
  • Educational leadership and social transformation
  • Educational leadership’s role in society
  • Can education leadership bring about change?
  • How to include the community in education leadership
  • Effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams in the running of the middle schools
  • Women role in education leadership
  • How cultural organization affects educational institutions
  • Diluting racist habits in accredited universities
  • How to seamlessly pass teachers’ excellence to students
  • How educational institutions can offer exceptional leadership by thinking outside the box
  • How to evaluate negative traits of instructors teaching similar subjects
  • How fighting for leadership positions affect schools and students
  • How to compassionately develop students with dyslexia
  • How to strategically blend teaching methods with efficient organization
  • How culture influences educational institutions’ leadership
  • How effective educational leadership helps learners achieve academic goals
  • How educational leadership affect how learners think about their future and intellectual abilities
  • How teachers can encourage learners to take exams and testing more seriously
  • Do teachers have adequate training on how to be influential leaders?
  • Should learning institutions evaluate teachers depending on their leadership abilities?
  • What changes in training opportunities can encourage teachers to exercise leadership strategies?

Pick any of these educational leadership research topics and investigate them extensively to develop a brilliant dissertation.

Hot Leadership Training Topics

Leadership training is crucial for future and current leaders. Anybody that wants to become a supervisor, manager, or leader at any capacity should undergo some training to cultivate and nurture their skills. Here are some of the best leadership topics to write about in this category.

  • How organizational leaders can enhance productivity
  • How company leaders can retain the best employees
  • How to improve decision making in an organization
  • How to implement effective leadership styles
  • How leaders can support succession in their organizations
  • How to delegate and empower employees
  • Role of organizational leaders in conflict resolution
  • How to change management and executive leadership
  • How leaders can command respect without issuing commands
  • How leaders can motivate and engage employees
  • How corporate leaders can enhance interpersonal relationships
  • How decision skills can streamline organizations and nurture confidence
  • How leaders can train employees on energy and time management
  • How leaders can train employees about self-awareness
  • Practical communication skills for organizational leaders
  • How leaders can encourage peer-to-peer training
  • The role of leadership in organizational development
  • How to design helpful leadership training modules
  • How to automate corporate learning paths
  • How to measure results in leadership training
  • Importance of leadership training
  • How leaders can deal with organizational change
  • How leaders can use coaching to enhance employee performance
  • Qualities of practical leadership training and mentorship programs
  • How leaders can create a learning culture in an organization
  • How a company employee can benefit from a leadership course
  • Which leadership strategies can enhance a team’s performance?
  • Describe different leadership styles with examples
  • What leadership training means for a business
  • Can leadership training affect organizational success?

Any of these topics can be the basis of an excellent paper. However, take your time to research your preferred idea to come up with a high-quality paper.

Trendy Leadership Development Topics for Research

Leadership development entails expanding individuals’ capacity to perform their leadership roles in organizations. Here are topic ideas to consider in this category.

  • When is leadership coaching necessary?
  • Who should provide leadership coaching?
  • Which are the best leadership development opportunities?
  • How emotional intelligence can enhance leadership development
  • Describe executive development
  • How innovation can enhance leadership development
  • Mentorship for leadership development- How does it work?
  • Can leaders act as teachers?
  • Why strategic planning matters when it comes to leadership development
  • Role of leadership development in team building
  • How coaching can enhance leadership development
  • Can leadership development enhance accountability?
  • Why change management coaching should be part of a leadership development program
  • How leadership development can turn leaders into negotiators and influencers
  • How communication skills can enhance leadership development
  • How organizational leaders can develop creativity
  • Essential skills to acquire from a leadership development program

Pick any of these topic ideas and then develop them via research to develop a winning paper. Use different information sources to gather relevant information before writing your essay.

Organizational Leadership Dissertation Topics

Organizational leadership is an exciting research field. What’s more, you can use a topic in this category to impact a difference in an organization. And this can enhance your employability when seeking a job. Depending on your dissertation requirements, you can pick and work with any of these topics.

  • How blended-learning techniques can enhance the critical thinking of organizational leaders
  • Essential administrative services that hospitality industry leaders should provide
  • Qualities of charismatic and prevention-oriented leaders for the success of medium-sized enterprises
  • How leadership behaviors affect the corporate culture
  • How leadership practices influence the success of an organization
  • How organizational leadership and culture affect the success of a small enterprise
  • Why executive leadership is essential in developing countries
  • Organizational leadership’s role in a multicultural environment
  • Investigating variations in conventional organizational leadership and charismatic leadership
  • How leadership quality and training can improve organizational performance
  • How corporate culture can influence the leadership decisions to try a new business strategy
  • How a country can produce the organizational leaders it requires
  • How managers can provide leadership aspirations to subordinates
  • How global company leaders can influence their overall cultures
  • How corporate culture impacts a company’s leadership
  • How assumption-based planning can save money for an organization
  • How organizational leadership differs from management
  • How differentiating leadership from management can enhance the achievement of organizational goals
  • How to evaluate the effects of administration on the organizational performance
  • How to examine leadership effects and vision clarity on business organizations
  • How leadership affects organizational performance
  • How a corporate leader can devise work teams in a company
  • Impacts of leadership skills on employees performance

Any of these organizational leadership topics can be the basis of a brilliant paper. However, you must research the idea extensively to include relevant information in your writing. That way, your educator and organizational leaders will find your essay worth reading.

Fantastic Women’s Leadership Topics

It’s no secret that studies about women in leadership topics have increased over the years. Perhaps, that’s because women’s status in workplaces has improved recently. Here are brilliant ideas to explore if interested in writing a research paper in this category.

  • The role of women personality in leadership
  • What are the primary barriers to women’s leadership?
  • Society stereotypes that threaten women leadership
  • How the responsibilities of women differ from those of their counterpart males
  • How the personality of women leaders differ from that of men
  • How women’s leadership style differs from that of men
  • How family responsibilities affect female leaders
  • Do current male leaders resist female leaders?
  • Must women leaders outperform their male counterparts to be considered adequate?
  • How lack of sufficient household support affects women leaders
  • How women leaders can help in unlocking the full economic potential of a country
  • How influential women leaders juggle between family and work
  • How powerful women leaders define work and success
  • How gender stereotypes affect female leaders
  • How modern female leaders balance careers and family
  • How stereotypes shape women leaders’ performance and intellectual identity
  • Family business success- What is the role of women?
  • Gender, sex, and leadership
  • How women can change organizational leadership
  • How great women leaders can inspire people to take action

Take any of these topics and develop them into an excellent paper through research. The internet is awash with resources that cover women and leadership issues. That means you won’t have a hard time finding relevant information for your topic.

Interesting Leadership Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for an exciting topic for your research paper or essay. In that case, here are some of the best ideas to explore.

  • A case study of Bill Gates’ leadership
  • Motivation and leadership- What’s the difference?
  • What are the key characteristics of transformational leadership?
  • Investigating leadership and management across culture
  • Characteristics and distinctions of management and leadership
  • Explain radical leadership with examples
  • Discuss different leadership and management styles
  • Ethical leadership theories and models
  • Othello and Machiavelli’s leadership skills
  • Leadership concepts, according to Kentucky Fried Chicke
  • Moral and cultural contingencies of leadership
  • An investigation into team leadership
  • Discuss the hospitality industry’s leadership and management
  • How diversity affects the leadership effectiveness
  • Which are the best leadership practices
  • Socrates and organizational leadership
  • Aspects of leadership and team behavior
  • Leadership and management in business- How they relate
  • What is ethical leadership?
  • Leadership as a strategy in human resource and company policies
  • Leadership and organizational behavior- How they relate
  • Why is strategic leadership essential in the business environment?
  • How gender difference affects leadership styles
  • What is systematic leadership?
  • Why is civic leadership important?
  • How negative leadership affects an organization
  • Leadership role in an organization’s transformational
  • Classifications of different leadership theories
  • Theoretical perspectives of organizational leadership
  • Human resource planning and leadership development
  • Leadership contingency theories
  • Military leadership style and coaching combination
  • Benefits, roles, and limitations of leadership
  • Supervising and leadership influence on human services
  • Leadership theories and effective organization change
  • Discuss various leadership style concepts
  • Governance and leadership- What’s the difference?
  • Troubled companies and their leadership
  • Participative and situational leadership theories
  • Analyzing the authoritative leadership style
  • Effective management and leadership strategies
  • Why strong leadership is crucial in a business organization
  • Integrating different leadership styles
  • Leadership and education role modeling
  • How effective leadership can enhance employees productivity
  • How managers can motivate employees by serving as their leaders
  • How political leadership can affect an organization
  • Leadership role in solving organizational challenges
  • A critical perspective on leadership and management
  • Evaluation of John Kennedy and Bill Clinton’s political leadership
  • An analysis of the most influential leader in the world
  • Effective leadership learning processes in an organization
  • Servant and followership leadership
  • Leadership principles of effective teachers
  • Analyzing Ciulla Joanne’s The Ethics of Leadership
  • Is servant leadership effective in school administration?
  • Creativity and leadership revision
  • Leadership and motivation theories
  • The role of leadership in a multinational company
  • Participative approach versus autocratic leadership
  • How ethical leadership can influence decision-making
  • How a company’s leadership can manage change effectively
  • Innovation and leadership in a business
  • How transformational leadership can benefit women
  • Describe the role of leadership in a medical facility
  • Variations in ethical leadership
  • Scientific methods for studying leadership
  • Strategy as leadership and practice
  • Leadership and service quality
  • How school governance affects school leadership
  • How leadership and power relate
  • Investigating leadership through a behavioral approach
  • Effective styles for strategic leadership
  • Strategic leadership- A critical examination
  • Describe how contingency leadership works
  • Discuss theorists and theories on leadership
  • How to develop a leadership strategy in an organization
  • Why leadership models are valuable
  • Leadership strategies as success factors
  • Qualities of effective leadership strategies

These are exciting leadership topics for discussion in an academic paper or essay. Pick an issue in this category and then research it extensively to develop a brilliant piece.

Nursing Leadership Paper Topics

Do you want to write a research paper or essay about nursing leadership? If yes, pick any of these brilliant nursing leadership paper topics.

  • Strategies for developing nurse leaders
  • How concept-based learning techniques affect nurse leaders
  • What are the qualities of the best nurse leaders?
  • How a nurse leader can manage stress
  • Criteria for being considered a nurse leader’s mentor
  • Essential nursing leadership areas to study
  • Qualities of a practical nursing leadership program
  • Why nursing leadership is vital in healthcare management
  • A review of ethical nursing leadership and practice
  • What are the values of ethical nursing leadership and training?
  • How to balance nursing leadership and service quality
  • Nursing leadership fundamentals
  • The global status of nurse leaders
  • Practice experience that every nurse leader should exhibit
  • Nursing leadership from a patient’s perspective
  • How to apply nursing leadership in a nursing home
  • A comparison of nursing leadership in an adult ward and a pediatric ward
  • Vital skills for a nurse leader during an emergency
  • Challenges facing nursing leaders
  • What leadership means to nurses
  • Leadership from a nurse perspective- What does it mean?
  • Disadvantages of being a nurse leader
  • What are the inherent nurse leaders’ values?
  • The role of nurse leaders in public hospitals
  • Nursing leadership status in private hospitals
  • How nursing leadership differs in private and public hospitals
  • Trends in nursing leadership
  • Assessing nursing leadership in third-world countries
  • Long and short-term goals for nurse leaders
  • Activities for enhancing nursing leadership.

Any of these nursing leadership topics can be a great idea for research. However, prepare to investigate your preferred issue to develop an excellent paper. Nevertheless, you can even seek professional assistance if you love the topic but lack adequate time to write about it.

Leadership Speech Topics

Perhaps, you want to write a speech to present to your class or during a business meeting. In that case, this category comprises some of the best leadership presentation topics.

  • How to be a transformative leader
  • What makes a strategic leader?
  • Why organizations need moral leaders
  • How to lead with inclusion and integrity
  • Leadership and dissent- Doing the right versus doing something right
  • Practicing leadership in an inter-agency context
  • How to make a difference using leadership
  • Transactional or transformational leadership- What works?
  • How effective leadership looks like
  • How to practice effective leadership
  • How to become a leader
  • How to lead with compassion
  • Qualities that every great leader should exhibit
  • The power of effective leadership
  • How a leadership vision can propel an organization forward
  • How to understand and work with followers as a leader
  • How a leader can adapt and listen to changes in an organization
  • How consistent efforts make great leaders
  • Qualities that made great leaders in history
  • The golden rule of outstanding leadership

These are brilliant leadership discussion topics. However, prepare to research your preferred idea before you write a speech about it. That way, you will come up with a presentation that will move your audience.

Leadership Topics for Managers

Perhaps, you want to write about a leadership issue that managers will find interesting to read. In that case, these leadership research paper topics will interest you.

  • How managers can develop performance standards and goals
  • How managers can promote effective discipline
  • How a manager can improve work habits
  • How company managements can manage complaints
  • How a manager can provide performance feedback
  • Effective conflict resolution techniques for company managers
  • How a manager can support change in a company
  • Effective ways for managers to delegate tasks
  • How to effectively communicate with the upper management
  • How a manager can train or coach others
  • Essential leadership skills for managers
  • How managers can create trust and transparency in their organizations
  • How managers can encourage individual employees to find personal motivation
  • How managers can encourage innovation and initiative
  • How a manager can build self-confidence
  • Practical time management skills that every manager should have
  • Body language and public speaking for managers
  • How company managers can minimize employee complaints
  • How managers can lower stress among employees
  • Why training is essential for new managers
  • Why every manager should know industry-specific regulations
  • How managers can create an inclusive workforce
  • How managers can nurture talents and ensure employee retention
  • What training methods can managers use to empower employees?
  • Firing and hiring- What should know managers know about these responsibilities?
  • Which skills should managers cultivate to support company employees?

These are brilliant leadership essay topics for managers. However, you need time to research any of these topics to write a winning paper.

Having an Issue Completing Your Leadership Dissertation?

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Leadership Dissertation Topics

Published by Grace Graffin at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On August 15, 2023

Leadership is an attribute of leading and guiding subordinates for collective wellness. Many people aspire to become leaders, but only a few succeed. It is because leadership and management are two relatively different concepts. A manager is not always a leader, and a leader cannot always be a manager. So a leader knows how to manage a group without having distinguished power.

That said, leadership is an exciting discipline to explore and study. If you have aimed to write your dissertation about leadership and direly looking for some exceptional leadership research topics, do not worry; we have got your back. Find out the most relevant and striking list of leadership topics for the research.

You can start your leadership dissertation by requesting a brief research proposal  from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an  introduction  to the problem,  research question , aim and objectives,  literature review , along with the proposed methodology  of research to be conducted. Let us know if you need any help in getting started.

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2022 Leadership Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: a comparative analysis of the impact of transformational and servant leadership style on employee satisfaction and performance..

Research Aim: The research aims to conduct a comparative analysis of the impact of transformational and servant leadership styles on customer satisfaction.


  • To analyse the factors impacting employee satisfaction and performance.
  • To determine the similarities and differences among transformational and servant leaders.
  • To conduct a comparative analysis of the impact of transformational and servant leadership styles on customer satisfaction.

Topic 2: Investigate the suitable leadership attributes for handling crises and the financial stability of the business.

Research Aim: The research aims to investigate the suitable leadership attributes for handling crises and the financial stability of the business.

  • To analyse the leadership attributes ideal for handling crises and unpredictable situations.
  • To evaluate the factors impacting the financial stability of businesses.
  • To investigate the suitable leadership attributes for handling crises and the financial stability of the business.

Topic 3: Analysis of the medical leadership response in the NHS during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.

Research Aim: The research aims to analyze the medical leadership response in the NHS during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.

  • To analyse the impact of medical leadership on staff morale and the quality of patient care.
  • To determine the medical leadership in the NHS and its impact on staff productivity and efficiency.
  • To investigate the medical leadership response in the NHS during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.

Topic 4: How does poor leadership impact the overall organisational revenue and culture?

Research Aim: The research aims to analyse how poor leadership impacts the overall organisational revenue and culture.

  • To analyse the ramifications of poor leadership in organisations.
  • To evaluate the factors contributing to organisational revenue generation and shaping the organisational culture.
  • To analyse the impact of poor leadership on overall organisational revenue and culture.

Topic 5: Analysis of the potential use of AI for enhancing leadership performance and decision making.

Research Aim: The research aims to analyse the potential use of AI for enhancing leadership performance and decision making.

  • To analyse how AI contributes to leadership decision making.
  • To identify the factors impacting leadership performance and the role of technology.
  • To analyse the potential use of AI for enhancing leadership performance and decision making.

Topic no.1: Significance of leadership in business

Research Aim: In times like the present, when there is wavering financial stability, it is imperative for businesses to become as strong as they could be. Only good leaders in a company can help make the right and timely decisions for making it successful. The research will deeply analyze and study the importance of leadership in a business. It will figure out the challenges posed to business due to poor or absence of good leadership.

Topic no.2: Leadership and management

Research Aim: Leadership and management are two different things, but they go hand in hand. But it is significant to understand in what premises and situations leadership becomes more crucial than management and vice versa. It is also significant to find whether or not one is independent of the other. The main of the research will be to find out the answers to all of the aforementioned questions.

Topic no.3: political leadership; the ramifications of poor leadership

Research Aim: The aim of the research would be to analyze and evaluate political leadership and study the consequences of poor leadership. The researcher can study different political leaders and tehriu model of leadership and their repercussions on the citizens of their state.

Topic no.4: Role of women in educational leadership

Research Aim: Women are no less than men in any field, especially leadership. In fact, women leaders have proved themselves over and over again throughout history. The aim of the research would be to identify and analyze women’s role in educational leadership. It will find out the women who played a centrifugal role in the sector of educational leadership.

Topic no.5: Climate leadership

Research Aim: Fairly a new avenue of leadership, climate leadership is one of the most needed and prospering kinds of leadership. When it comes to saving the earth, many are raising their voices, and some are taking crucial actions. The research would aim to explore the nature of leadership predominating for climate preservation, who are the key leaders at the forefront, what approaches are they using for inhibiting global warming, and what would be the recommendations in that regard.

Topic no.6: Impact of leadership style on the performance of employees

Research Aim: The aim of the research would be to understand the interrelation of leadership style and the performance of employees. The researcher will evaluate the performance of employees under different types of leadership styles, i.e., authoritative leadership, participative leadership, delegation leadership, transactional leadership, and transformational leadership. It will evaluate the psychological and behavioural traits of employees under each specified type of leadership.

Topic no.7: Traits of good corporate leadership

Research Aim: The aim of the research is to identify the features and characteristics of good corporate leadership and design a model that can be followed to achieve business goals.

Also Read : How to Write Dissertation Aims and Objectives?

Topic no.8: leadership responses during the pandemic

Research Aim: The aim of the research is to study the role of leaders in crisis management, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research will study the leadership responses of different countries and evaluate their measures and their repercussion in response to the outbreak.

Topic no.9: Leadership and economy

Research Aim: The economy of a country depends largely on how the leaders are amending the bogus policies and creating effective, updated ones for economic growth. In essence, it is the leaders whose policies lead to a thriving economy. The aim of the research is to find the relationship between leadership and the economy and how good leaders lead to a better economy.

Topic no.10: how leaders are leveraging AI for their optimal performance

Research Aim: The aim of the research is to find out how(if) global leaders are using technology to improve their performances in their respective fields. There are many leaders, apart from technological leaders, who are using different forms of technology to boost their performance and interact with their subordinates.

How Can ResearchProspect Help?

ResearchProspect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service !

Topic no.11: Digital leaders of the future

Research Aim: The aim of the research would be to understand and analyze how digital leaders use information and technology to help an organization become more receptive to customer needs and changing business requirements.

Topic no.12: Leadership culture

Research Aim: The leadership culture is how leaders interact and communicate with the group of people they are commanding. The aim of the research is to study and evaluate the leadership culture prevalent in our society versus how it should ideally be.

Topic no.13: Leadership and managing adversity

Research Aim: The prime aim of the research would be to understand the art of managing adversity and adversaries that leaders employ to swipe off the obstructions that hinder their goals. In order to become a good leader, it is eminent to get familiar with the strategies to get rid of the oppositions that cause damage to the goals.

Topic no.14: Leadership and emotional intelligence:

Research Aim: Emotional intelligence is more important than IQ, and for leaders, it is more than important to hold their nerves to pass the testing times. The aim of the research is to identify and explore the importance of emotional intelligence in leaders and how they use it strategically to cope up with difficult times.

Topic no.15: Women's leadership styles vs men's leadership style

Research Aim: Leaders are leaders, and they have nothing to do with gender, but it is said that there are a bit differences between women’s leadership and men’s leadership. The aim of the research would be to analyze each one’s leadership styles and determine their differences.

Topic no.16: Leadership and ethical paradigms

Research Aim: The aim of the research would be to analyze leadership in the context of five ethical paradigms. It will understand and evaluate how leaders company different levels of ethics during their period of management.

Topic no.17: A case study of Jacinda Ardern's leadership

Research Aim: Newzealand was the first county to swipe off the covid 19 cases from the first wave. It was attributed to the policies of state and leadership for impressive achievement. The main aim of the research is to study and analyze the role of Jacinda Ardern in crisis management.

Topic no.18: A case study of Margret thatcher- the iron lady

Research Aim: Probably no one would be unaware of the first woman prime minister of Britain, Margret Thatcher. The aim of the research is to analyze and evaluate her leadership style that earned he the title of Iron lady.

Topic no.19: Leadership and education

Research Aim: Leadership in the education sector is as important as in any other field. The aim of the research is to study the inclusive or exclusive relationship between leadership and education. It will also provide suggestions about how to improve leadership approaches in education.

Topic no.20: transformational and transactional leadership; the right approach to lead a business

Research Aim: Two main types of leadership include transformational and transactional leadership styles. The aim of the research would be to analyze and evaluate both styles and suggest the benefits and downsides of each style and determine which approach is the best.

Conducting research on leadership and related topics can be very useful and exciting, but when it comes to writing, students become dreadful. But do not worry, we have got your back. Whether you want a section of the dissertation to be written impeccably or the whole of it, we are here. Don’t wait; click here.

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How to find leadership dissertation topics.

For leadership dissertation topics:

  • Analyze leadership challenges.
  • Explore industry or context.
  • Study effective leaders.
  • Examine leadership theories.
  • Consider organizational issues.
  • Select a topic resonating with your passion and research goals.

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Leadership Dissertation Topics

Leadership is a fascinating topic that spans many disciplines, including Management, Politics, Sociology, and Psychology. This makes it a very popular dissertation choice for undergraduates and postgraduates alike.

If you’re thinking of writing a dissertation on leadership then it’s important to choose an interesting and engaging topic. Most importantly, you should choose a topic that allows you to critically engage with the existing literature. That said, the following sections will highlight some of the key issues and debates within the field of leadership, including issues related to ethics, culture, COVID-19, and digital innovation.

Styles of Leadership

Culture and gender differences in leadership, leadership and organisational culture, change management and leadership in the wake of covid-19, leadership, sustainability, and the climate crisis, digital transformations and leadership.

There are many theories of leadership, some of which favour an impersonal style (transactional) and some of which favour a visionary and emotional style (transformational). Many leadership dissertations tend to identify a particular ‘style’ of leadership and then evaluate its relationship to another variable, such as organisational performance. This could be a good option if you are looking for a tried-and-tested dissertation topic. More recently, theorists have begun to consider what it means to be an ‘Ethical’ leader, and the extent to which decision making is based on moral factors. This could an interesting option if you are looking for an up-to-date leadership dissertation topic for 2021. Example titles are provided below:

  • Does leadership style (transformational, transactional, authoritarian) influence employee satisfaction?
  • What is the link between transformational leadership, innovation, and organisational performance?
  • Is servant leadership an effective form of leadership in the not-for-profit sector? A case study approach.
  • Are leaders born or made? Evaluating the trait approach to Leadership
  • To what extent does the sector determine the style of leadership needed? A comparison between primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.
  • Recruiting, selecting, and retaining ethical leaders: Searching for a ‘best practice’ approach.
  • Are psychometric tests capable of selecting ethical leaders?
  • What is the link between transformational leadership and creativity?
  • Is transformational leadership always effective? A critical approach.
  • Do leaders make decisions rationally or intuitively? A review of the existing literature.
  • What are the antecedents of moral decision making in the workplace?

Now that we are living in an increasingly globalised and diverse world, it is necessary to consider how culture and gender might interact with theories of leadership. Here are some title suggestions to get you started:

  • Is leadership diplomacy linked to employee satisfaction? A cross-cultural analysis of Canada vs. the Netherlands.
  • Analysing the effectiveness of servant leadership in China’s public sector.
  • Is directive leadership more common in ‘masculine’ (Hofstede) countries?
  • Analysing the differences between Chinese and Western leadership styles: Is globalisation bringing us closer together or not?
  • Exploring the role of gender differences in leadership, what is the significance of ‘social confidence’?
  • Are women more likely to be ethical leaders? A qualitative approach
  • Exploring the challenges faced by expatriate leaders in South East Asia: A qualitative approach.

One of the key debates in the Management literature relates to whether (and to what extent) leaders are able to influence organisational culture. If you are looking for a topic fit for 2021, then this could be a great debate to get your teeth into. Here are some title suggestions:

  • Do ethical leaders have a positive ‘trickle-down’ effect on organisational culture?
  • Could servant leadership foster a positive work culture?
  • Exploring the relationship between organisational culture, leadership behaviour, and job satisfaction.
  • Do formalised performance reviews inspire employee motivation? A qualitative approach.
  • How do leaders in the Healthcare sector foster employee motivation and a positive organisational culture?

According to a recent article by People Management, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot about leadership and opened up new possibilities for this field of study. Notably, we’ve seen examples of highly ethical leadership (e.g., New Zealand MPs taking a voluntary pay cut), but we have also witnessed ethical misdemeanours (e.g., leaders refusing to compensate staff adequately). We have also witnessed the strength of community leadership as people have come together to support each other in their time of need, thereby problematising the idea that a leader is just a single person. So, why not impress your tutor with an up-to-the-minute leadership dissertation related to COVID-19? Here are some suggestions:

  • Analysing the leadership response to the COVID-19 pandemic: A case study of the UK government.
  • Using Kottler’s 8-step change model to analyse Deliveroo’s response to COVID-19.
  • How important is leaders’ communication style during times of a crisis? A discourse analysis.
  • Analysing community leadership responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Unethical leadership in times of crisis: Analysing Tim Martin’s (JD Wetherspoon’s) response to the pandemic.
  • Leading teams from behind the screen: How have managers in the corporate sector adapted to remote working?

Leadership lends itself perfectly to topical debates surrounding climate change and sustainability. Here are just a few suggestions for your dissertation:

  • Exploring the links between sustainability, innovation, and organisational performance.
  • How does Syngenta’s leadership team normalise the use of neonicotinoid pesticides? A discourse analysis.
  • Mapping the rise of vegan culture: Who are the leaders and how do they lead?
  • Analysing the ethical leadership failure at Starbucks/Amazon
  • The climate change debate: Analysing political leaders’ rhetoric

Finally, there’s no denying the awe-inspiring digital transformations we have witnessed over the last decade. The rise in AI and robotics, for example, has transformed the way we communicate and consume. In the leadership literature, there is a need to understand how leaders are adapting to these digital innovations. Moreover, within the HRM literature, there is a need to understand how to recruit and retain the most promising ‘digital leaders’ in 2021 and beyond. That said, here are some topic suggestions you could choose for your leadership dissertation:

  • Is leadership theory keeping pace with technological innovation?
  • How do gig economy organisations use digital innovations to lead their workers?
  • How are leaders using AI to enhance organisational performance in the fashion and retail sectors?
  • Recruiting and retaining ‘digital leaders’ in 2021 and beyond.

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Leadership Dissertation Topics


  • Updated on  
  • Jan 10, 2023

Leadership Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is a lengthy essay that is based on the independent research of the author. In the final semester of UG , PG , and PhD courses, it is submitted. The dissertation requires a lot of research and written documentation, so it usually takes 1-2 years to finish. The purpose of a dissertation is to evaluate a student’s capacity for research. Through this, students can improve their research , problem-solving , project management , and numerical skills. Students learn how to present their evidence-based conclusions to the thesis they selected while writing a dissertation.

This Blog Includes:

Leadership dissertations, leadership and organisational culture, negative leadership and its effects on the organization, how employee productivity can lead to effective leadership, how decision making can make an influence ethical leadership, how organisational challenges can be solved through a leadership role, additional leadership dissertation topics, skills required, organize your time first, leave the introduction until the conclusion, don’t wait until the very last minute to ask your boss for feedback.

Leading and guiding subordinates for group well-being is a quality of leadership . Few people actually succeed in achieving their dream of becoming a leader. It’s because management and leadership are two very dissimilar ideas. Neither a manager nor a leader can be both at the same time. Consequently, a leader is capable of managing a team without having formal authority.

Having said that, exploring and studying the field of leadership is fascinating. If you want to write a dissertation on leadership and are in desperate need of some outstanding leadership research topics , don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Find the most interesting and pertinent list of leadership research topics.

Below mentioned is a suitable list of leadership dissertation topics to guide you as a potential researcher.

To analyse how leaders can help in improving the culture of the organization.

To check how negative leadership can affect the organization.

To examine how the productivity of employees can turn out in leadership quality.

To analyse how effective decision-making can make ethical leadership.

To analyse how leaders can be helpful in sorting out organisational challenges.

Check out the additional leadership dissertation topics mentioned below:

  • How Leadership & Sustainability can lead to Climate Crisis
  • Transformations and leadership
  • How emotional intelligence can enhance leadership development
  • Team Behavior and Aspects of Leadership
  • Effective leadership learning processes in an organisation
  • How do your innovation strategy and leadership create a business?
  • A closer look at leadership in evidence-based management
  • How can communication skills enhance leadership development?
  • How do leadership and management relations build up a business?
  • Analysis of leadership style on the performance of employees
  • Exploring the link between poor leadership and organizational culture?
  • A critical analysis of social and leadership skills for new Entrepreneurs

No matter what kind of dissertation you write or what subject you choose, you must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Defining and outlining a research topic with a particular issue: determining the most significant issues.
  • Getting the required information: Taking its reliability and validity into account.
  • Considering the evidence from both sides of a debate to reach a well-informed decision
  • putting your study’s results into a coherent, engrossing, and persuasive presentation while adhering to all formatting requirements.

Effective Dissertation Writing Tips

Some of the main writing tips to write a dissertation are as follows:

Create a schedule for the day and specify your deadlines. Determine how long a section or chapter will take to write. Select the time and begin working on it. You’ll be able to finish this within the allotted time if you do it in this manner.

Keep in mind that the first draught of your essay is not the finished product. Verify your writing several times for errors. This will force you to be more specific when describing your augmentations.

To give yourself time to collect your thoughts, try to write the main body first. As you have been working on the introduction for a while, you will be able to present it clearly in this way.

Try to share your research work more frequently and much earlier than the deadline to give yourself plenty of time to correct any mistakes. You might be able to avoid having to rewrite several chapters and sections.

Use a reference manager to save time and make it simpler for you to cite sources.

To get a sense of how to organise your dissertation, look at our example. Here is a guide that will walk you through the process of writing a dissertation.

One challenging quality for leadership skills is “Self-Awareness”.

It represents a study of theories, approaches to its development, and styles of leadership.

Becoming an effective leader depends on the leader’s leadership style. Successful leaders have vision and charisma, also Leaders should have an ongoing personality, and be talkative, careful and self-disciplined.

These were some popular leadership dissertation topics common for recruitment and admission processes. Hopefully, this blog has given you a better insight into leadership. For further assistance on how to prepare an application to universities abroad, seek help from the Leverage Edu experts to make your dream come true. Our mentors will help you draft a perfect application and guide you with other admission-related rounds. 

' src=

Heena Pahuja

Heena Pahuja is a versatile professional who combines the roles of a Content Writer and a Mental Health Practitioner. With her unique blend of skills and expertise, she is committed to creating impactful content while also providing support and guidance in the field of mental health. By combining her skills as a Content Writer and Mental Health Practitioner, she is uniquely positioned to create informative and empathetic content on mental health-related topics. Additionally she raise awareness, reduce stigma, and offer practical guidance for individuals seeking support or information. With a strong foundation in both content creation and mental health support, she is passionate about utilizing words to inspire positive change and promote holistic well-being.

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Home > SBPS > Organizational Leadership > Organizational Leadership Theses

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Theses

Theses from 2023 2023.

Depolarizing Leaders – A Peacebuilding Approach to Healing the Divide , Suzanne Damberg

Leaders Need Spiritual Intelligence , Susan L. Fairchild

Online Public Denunciation: A Preliminary Inquiry on the Experience of those who Call-Out on Social Media , Margaret I. Montgomery

Theses from 2022 2022

Working Through Ideological Conflict: Utility of Authentic Leadership to Build Community , Jennifer J. McMurray

Theses from 2021 2021

Advancing Pay Equity in Nonprofits through Feminist Leaders , Emily Anderson

Tibetan American Women Leaders: Constructing their own cultural paradigms for leadership , Tenzin Lhamo Banari

‘One of the Guys’: Women Leaders and Tokenism in Male-Dominated Environments , Beth Duyvejonck

Leading with Stage Fright: Female-Identifying Leaders Navigating Imposter Feelings in the For-Profit Sector , Keeley Norton

Factors that Impact Career Development in Virtual Environments , Elena Procaccini

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Minnesota Hospice Industry , Anna Lee Roberts

The Toxic Triangle: A Qualitative Study of Destructive Leadership in Public Higher Education Institutions , Carrie S. Schneider

Off the Mat, Into the Office: How a Regular Yoga Practice Transformed Eight Corporate Leaders and their Leadership , Pamela Kay Smith

“I Know Who I Am”: Asian American Women Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector on the Quest Toward Authenticity , Amanda Steepleton

“Of the Utmost Importance” A Study of Followers and Followership , Jennifer L. Thorson

Theses from 2020 2020

Best Practices for Women Seeking Sponsorship in Corporations , Kimberly Hayman

Women Beyond Tea: Fostering Tibetan Women Leaders of Tomorrow , Tenzin Nordon

Mentoring and its Impact on Young Adults in Church Congregations , Linnae Stole

Theses from 2019 2019

The Value of Sabbaticals to Revitalize and Retain Nurse Leaders in a Hospital Setting , Deborah Ann Scott

Theses from 2018 2018

Navigating Perceptions and Stereotypes of Leaders who Identify as Non-Religious in the U.S.: A Qualitative Thesis Examining How Individuals who Identify as Non-Religious Navigate Stereotypes and Perceptions of their Identity to Establish Themselves as Credible Leaders , Sarah Kruger Hilger

Childfree Women: Navigating Perceptions and Developing a Leadership Identity , Stephanie McCluskey

Leader Perspectives on Factors that Shape Their Change Leadership Practice , Michelle A. Shields

Theses from 2017 2017

Stranger than Fiction: A Qualitative Thesis Examining Leaders, Followers and the Distribution of Power in the 2016 United States Presidential Election , Shannon L. Casey

Theses from 2016 2016

Female Executive Worldviews that Support Professional Endurance , Rebecca Taylor Kipp

Theses from 2015 2015

Employee Contributions to Organizational Decision-Making Processes and Outcomes , Melissa A. Bearth

Providing Culturally Appropriate Physical Therapy to Somali Refugees in Minnesota , Jessica J. Scholl

Theses from 2014 2014

Coworker Discretionary Support: Developing and Exploring a Construct , Margaret M. Collins

Corporate Responsibility, Ethics, and Animal Welfare , Elizabeth A. Gray

Creating Economic and Social Impact: Leadership Decision-making in the Context of Shared Value , Nicole Hines

Ranked Choice Voting in Minneapolis 2013 Elections , Erica L. Mauter

Theses from 2013 2013

Guiding Leadership in the Development and Management of Organizational Culture A Case Study of an Organizational Culture Change Effort , Sarah A. Calkins

The Convergence of Hierarchical Management and Project Management and How it Impacts Organizational Outcomes , Lisa J. Dahle

Promoting Library Leadership: How to Develop Leaders through Multidisciplinary Post-Graduate Coursework at St. Catherine University , Laura M. Deshler

A Pilot Study to Explore the Results from Learning a Self-empowered Energy Healing Technique as an Emotional Regulation Tool Intended to Improve Service Industry Leaders' Affect, Well-being, and Performance , Carolyn Dunow

Nothing to Remember Except the Story: How the Ethical Will Inspires Authentic Leadership , Andrew J. McIlree

Theses from 2012 2012

LinkedIn: Key Principles and Best Practices for Online Networking & Advocacy by Nonprofit Organizations , Andrew M. Calkins

Effective Processes for Dealing With Destructive Managers , Mary Featherston

The Pursuit of Personal Development Preparing for a Holistic Mentoring Relationship , Mary Forseth

Best Practices in Creating a Healthy School Lunch Program , Connie Hakanson

To Clamp or to Delay the Clamp: Implement Best Practice , Kimberly Kay Popp

The Collective Wisdom of Female Entrepreneurs: Success Factors That Contribute to Positive Financial Growth for Entrepreneurial Companies , Melanie Jean Tillander Shirley

Theses from 2011 2011

Blind Spots in Corporate Evolution: The 21st Century Organizational Assessment , Christine Capra

The Employee as the Customer: Leading the Development of Services by Utilizing Marketing Management Practices , Stephanie Anne Gieseke

Employer Use of Facebook as a Tool in Pre-Employment Screening of Applicants: Benefits and Ethical, Legal, and Privacy Implications , Beth E.H. Lory

Exit Strategies for "Leaving Well" , Patricia J. McDonald

Running up the Curve: Adult Learning Styles and Employee Onboarding , Jolynn M. Nelson

How Leaders Leverage Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Data: A Guide for the North American Residential Window Industry , Annie Perkins

Successful Boundary Management Strategies for Optimal Fit and Minimal Role Strain , Brianne K. Sampson

The Creation of an Inclusive Culture: A Case Study of the Midwestern Region of a Large Retail Banking Organization , Katherine T. Sherlock

Theses from 2010 2010

Application of Leadership Principles in Theatrical Direction , Rebecca L. Rizzio

Advancing Sustainable Food Systems in Minnesota: Strategic Planning Recommendations for Local Businesses , Mia L. Taney

Theses from 2009 2009

Global Leadership Values in Practice: A Case Study of Cargill , Jill Bryan Ehr

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Home > Communities > College of Education & Human Development > Educational Leadership > EL-GRAD

Educational Leadership Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Integrating Environmental Education Into Teacher Preparation Programs , Jenny Bladow

Need For Vertical Alignment In English Classes Between K-12 And Higher Education Institutions , Kelsey Buchholz

Transforming Educational Landscapes: How Student Choice Influences Achievement, Engagement, And Instructional Objectives , Alissa Kaye Carter

Mental Health And Youth Sports: The Importance Of Adding A Smartphone App To Improve Awareness, Education, And Resources For Youth Athletes , Kelli Gast

The Effects Of Covid-19 On School Attendance: Examining Explanations For Chronically Absent Students , Samantha Kaloustian

Educator Perceptions On Equity And Inclusion In The Classroom , Brittany N. Melfi

Building A Better Teacher Evaluation System , Amanda Melsby

Survey Of National Junior College Athletic Directors On The Top Things They Wish They Knew During Their First Year: First-Year Athletic Director Manual For Success , Jayden Olson

Teachers' Perspectives On Transformational Leadership , Kelsey Rae Peltier

Trauma Education In Social Work Curricula: An Innovative Approach To The Teaching Of Trauma-Informed Care , Jennifer M. Schlinger

Faculty Experiences Of Implementing Co-Teaching Strategies , Krystie Lynn Seese

The Experiences Of Black Male Teachers In International Schools In East And Southeast Asia , Myson Jonathan Sheppard

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Helping Students From Refugee Backgrounds Succeed In Higher Education Through Support Systems , Arinola Adebayo

The Z Factor: Generation Z And The Perspectives Of Recruitment Professionals On Sustaining Small Private Liberal Arts Institutions During A Decade Of Expected Decline In Higher Education Enrollment , Shawn Adkins

Examining Relationships Between Wellness And Student Success: Recommendations For Integration Of Wellness At A Community College , Heather Dewaard-Flickinger

Comparative Analysis Of Instructional Strategies To Improve Student Engagement In An Online Introductory Undergraduate French Course , Rachel Beth Dwyer

Development Of The Share Your Story Program: Understanding How Self-Stigma And Mental Health Storytelling Influence Mental Health Experiences On College Campuses , Kyle Cromer Elliott

Instructional Coach Professional Learning: Developing Reflective Practices, Cultural Competence, And Self-Efficacy In An Asynchronous Course , Mena Hill

The Importance Of Inclusive Classrooms For Students With Disabilities: Research Leading To The Creation Of A Needs Assessment To Support Inclusive Classrooms , Tara Jensen

Physical Therapists' Decision To Practice In Vestibular Rehabilitation And Concussion Management: A Qualitative Study Of Influences , Michelle Lea Keller

Rural States’ Use Of Federal Government Terminology Related To Federal Student Aid And Postsecondary Accreditation: A Toolkit To Support Information Access And Use For Rural Students , Valerie Lefor

To Stay Or Leave: Commitment Decisions Of Early-Career Faculty , Kevin Moberg

Vertical Transfer Student Integration At A Technical University: A Case Study Of A Large, Urban, Private Institution , Eric Michael Pope

Internet Training Modules Targeting Home-Based Parent Involvement With Students In Early Childhood Special Education , Nicole Marie Reybok

Better Together: Building Supportive Teacher-Student Relationships With Adolescents Using Alternative School Practices As A Model , Michelle Salyer

A Survey Of Research Administrators To Identify Areas Of Administrative Burden In Federal Research Grant Management , Jessica Lynn Schiller

Increasing Implementation Fidelity Of Behavior Intervention Plans In Public Schools Following Delivery Of Remote Behavior Skills Training For Staff , Shayna Kia Shriver

The Key Actions Of School Leaders That Contribute To Effective Implementation Of Restorative Practice , Amy L. Starzecki

Restorative Justice Practices In Middle School Settings In North Dakota , Carly Theis

Multinomial Logistic And Negative Binomial Regressions Of Campus Instructional Modes, Institutional Characteristics, And Covid-19 Case Counts In Fall 2020 In The Midwest , Katherine Marian Tyler

Effective Differentiation Strategies For Engaging English Language Learners In The General Education Classroom: An Implementation Study , Renee Ullom

Beyond The Brick And Mortar: Examining Internal Selection Of Principals , Brittany Upton

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys Curriculum Series Longitudinal Effects On Grade 4 Student Reading Scores , Daniel Warcken

Voice Of The Voiceless: Alumni Of A Rural North Dakota School Respond To Traditional Urban Solutions For Rural Education , Thomas Warman

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

North Dakota Administrators' And Teachers' Perception On School Calendars: Academic And Social-Emotional Learning , Jacqueline Gaye Bye

Educators’ Perceptions Of Youth Behavioral Health Training In Schools Across North Dakota , Elisa Laura Diederich

North Dakota Elementary School Counseling Programs: Implications For Policy And Practice , Holly Larson

Bridging The Transition Gap: Student Perceptions Of Middle To High School Transition Practices And School Connectedness , Amanda Quintus

Fulfilling The Purpose Of Education: Voices Of North Dakota Graduates Pertaining To Curriculum And Graduation Requirements , Sarah Jean Ricks

Participatory Action Research: Managing Smartphones In The Secondary Classroom , Andrea Simon

Creating And Designing Collaborative Learning Spaces In A Secondary School Setting , Darin Walters

Characteristics Of School Success As Identified By School Leaders , Dave Wheeler

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

A Critical Race Examination Of The Lived Experiences Of Persistent African American Students At A Predominantly White Community College , Elena Favela Naca

Change Theory And Perceptions Of Innovation From Educators Within K-12 Schools In The State Of North Dakota , Ryan P. Lyson

Elementary And Secondary Teachers’ Perceptions Of Native American Students’ Academic Performances In North Dakota , Andrew Younkam Mangwa

The Role Of A Principal In Creating A School Climate In Which New American Students Thrive: An Ethnographic Case Study Of A Midwest Magnet School , Attia Noor

Student Athlete Perceptions On Coaches' Relationships Impacting Continued Participation In High School Athletics , Mark Allen Rerick

Montana Coaches' Perceptions On Including Transgender Athletes In High School Interscholastic Sports And Its Effect On Team Chemistry , David L. Woods Ii

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Principals' Perceptions Of Implementation Levels Of Innovative Education In North Dakota Schools , Timothy Godfrey

Integrating Best Practice Into Fieldwork: A Narrative Inquiry Into The Level II Experiences Of Occupational Therapy Students , Cherie Graves

Empathetic Student-Centric Decisional Mindset: A Grounded Theory Study Of Teachers' Judgment Experiences , Joshua Sean Grover

An Examination On The Progression Of Students Assigned To Developmental Or College Level Math At A Tribal Community College , Rhonda Blanche Gustafson

Narrative Portraiture Of American Indian Men Who Persist To Completion Of Doctoral Degrees , Shawn F. Holz

Prestige, Status, And Esteem And The Teacher Shortage , Scott G. Klimek

Impact Of A Billing Strategy On Degree Completion Rates At A North Dakota Tribal College , Wanda Lee Laducer

Principals' Perspectives Regarding Grades 9-12 Black, Asian, And Latino Males In North Dakota Public Schools , Maggie Harrison Lowery

Exploring K-12 Superintendent Turnover: Career Advancement Or Dissatisfaction Realized? , Francis Arthur Schill

The Impact Of Support Areas On The Academic Success Of International Students In Community Colleges , Taiwo Olubusoye Soetan

A Presidential Leadership Process For Higher Education In Small, Rural Institutions And Settings , Teresa Caplinger Spaeth

Competing By Tweeting: A Content Analysis Of University Presidents' Tweets , Susan Balcom Walton

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Female Faculty Perspectives On Blended Learning At Universities In Saudi Arabia , Hind Hamed B Alghanmi

Educational Leadership Development In Saudi Arabia: Experiences Of Participants Of The Saudi Oxford Program For Educational Leaders , Azizah Fhad Alogali

A Tapestry Of Educational Technology Women Leaders In Higher Education: A Qualitative Study , Jane Braaten Overmoe

Examining The Effects Of Breakthrough Coaching On Instructional Leadership , Kevin Neil Clace

Examining Teacher Perceptions On Change In Secondary School Libraries To Promote Informational Literacy , Sarah Crary

Intergenerational Perspectives On Leadership By Men Of The Three Affiliated Tribes , Chad Beldon Dahlen

International Freshmen Student Satisfaction With Campus Environments At U. S. Institutions Through The Lens Of The National Survey Of Student Engagement (NSSE) , Ludmi Herath

Exploring Student Perspectives On Elementary To Middle School Transition Practices , Erin Spies

The Role Of A Principal In Establishing And Maintaining Positive Behavioral Interventions And Supports (pbis): An Ethnographic Case Study , Angela Wanzek

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

A Midwest School District’s Implementation Process Of A New Teacher Evaluation Model , Kristopher G. Arason G. Arason

Attitudes And Beliefs Of North Dakota Early Childhood Educators Toward Gender Constructs , Janelle Jean Ferderer

What Is Teacher Effectiveness? A Case Study Of Educator Perceptions In A Midwest Elementary School , Christine Lynn Job

"A Degree Is A Part Of The Puzzle, But Only A Piece.” Understanding How Employers Determine The Value Of Academic Credentials , Brenda Kaspari

Working And Providing Care: Increasing Student Engagement For Part-Time Community College Students , Daniel Leingang

Teacher Perspectives On The Impact Of High-Stakes Testing On Students With Disabilities: A Grounded Theroy Study , Tammy Mayer

Academic Interventions in Secondary Schools: Examining Teachers' Perceptions of Implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Support , Shannon Mortrud

Faculty Experiences with Instructional Innovations: A Phenomenological Study of Faculty Use of Instructional Video , Timothy Patrick ONeal

The Long-Term Impacts Of Study Abroad On Oxford Eurospring Alumni: A Phenomenological Study , Karmen Pfeiffer Sorenson

Teacher perspectives on the impact of high-stakes testing on students with disabilities : a grounded theory study , Tammy Marie Taylor

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Lived Experiences Of Freshman Students In Their First Semester Of College , Lisa Marie Burger

Spirituality And Student Engagement At A Small, Church-Related Private College , Hal Henry Haynes

Applying The Kano Model To Higher Education: Moving Beyond Measuring Student Satisfaction , Melissa P. Mcdowall

Parent Understanding Of K-6 Student Mathematics Performance Using Standards-Based Compared To Traditional Report Cards , Jill Ann Olson

Passing On The Legacy: How Rural Community College Senior Officers Prepare The Next Generation Of Leaders , Linda Thompson Thompson

A Dual-Level Approach To Enrollment Management , Jason Trainer

Academia Meeting The Needs Of Industry: A Case Study Of Developing A New Degree Program For Petroleum Engineering , Rosemary Vogt

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Roles, Responsibilities, And Experiences Of Rural Superintendent-Principals , Chad Clark

Student Perceptions Of Digital Resources And Digital Technology In A Flipped Classroom , Larry S. Guggisberg

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Of Graduate Students' Experiences Of Plagiarism By Their Professors , Kimberly Dawn (Hanson) Becker

Regional Education Associations In North Dakota: Perceptions Of REA Directors And School Superintendents , Jeffery E. Lind

College Students Who Abstain From Alcohol: Those Who Choose Not To Use , Sandra Jean Luck

Is MOOC Madness Here To Stay? An Institutional Legitimacy Study Of Employers , Alyssa R. Martin

Turn That Frown Upside Down: The Experience Of Higher Education Faculty Moving From Disillusionment To Vitality , Robert J. Martin

Exploring The Impact And Benefits Of A Health Education Program At Turtle Mountain , Shane Michael Martin

Instrumental Music Participation and the Differences in Academic Performances for Students in Poverty , Shawn A. Oban

How Shared Experiences Impact Teachers Who Remain In American Indian Elementary Schools More Than Five Years , Rae Marie Wilkie-Villebrun

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

The Influence Of Priming On College Students' Financial Valuation Of Art , Lenetta Choate

Grade Level Retention: A Comparative Study Of Beliefs And Practices In North Dakota And Surrey , Kim Englund

Perceptions Of School Leaders In Western North Dakota Regarding The Effects Of Rapid Population Growth On Pk-12 Educational Organizations , Scott Faul

Understanding Somali Women Refugee Students' Lives And Program Decisions At Two-Year Colleges: A Narrative Approach , Mary Fontes

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Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research Theses

Theses and specialist projects from 2024 2024.









Theses and Specialist projects from 2023 2023

The Role of Leaders in Implementing Effective Leadership Strategies Towards the Educational Barriers of US-based Refugee Students: A Qualitative Case Study of Congolese Refugee Students , Faustin Busane

Using Improvement Science to Address Early Elementary Teacher Efficacy and Competency When Addressing Trauma-Induced Behavior , Laura Hayes

Internationalization of Higher Education: Leadership Roles and Challenges Senior International Officers Face in Their Efforts to Internationalize Regional Comprehensive Universities in the United States , Ibrahima Yaro

Theses and Specialist projects from 2022 2022

Anxiety Patterns in Gifted Adolescents from Parents' Perspectives , Felicia Moreschi

The Impact of Teacher Perception of Gifted Individuals on the Instruction of Gifted Students , Justin Moreschi

Theses and Specialist projects from 2010 2010

Characteristics of Local Dual Credit Programs That Promote Sustained Enrollment and High School Achievement , Karl William Olive

Theses and Specialist projects from 2009 2009

How Do Teachers Learn New Skills for Reading Instruction and Transfer Their Learning into the Classroom? , Patricia Ann Sharp

Theses and Specialist projects from 2008 2008

Principals and Teacher Leaders Co-Constructing Theories in Practice: Empowerment and Accountability Exchanged Through School Leadership , Janet Hurt

Theses and Specialist projects from 2007 2007

The Long-Term Effects of a Preschool Program , Kerry Holloman

Theses and Specialist projects from 2005 2005

The Residual Effect of Novice Primary Teachers on Reading Achievement Scores , Connie Mayo

Principal and Teacher Flow of Influence in High-Achieving, High Poverty Schools , Lisa Murley

Reading Achievement: The Impact of America's Choice in Kentucky's Schools , Brent VanMeter

Theses and Specialist projects from 1999 1999

A Comparison of the Transition of Special Needs Students to Regular Education Students , Anita Burnette

Theses and Specialist projects from 1998 1998

Assessment of the Academic Needs of Students Enrolled by the Bowling Green Community College & the Development of a Learning Assistance Model Which Will Maximize Their Probability of Success , Elizabeth Riggs

Theses and Specialist projects from 1996 1996

Assessing Variables Related to Participant Knowledge Retention at General Project Management Training for New Trio Personnel , Charlene Manco

Assessing the Persistence to Graduation of Students Joining Fraternities at Western Kentucky University , Charles Pride

Theses and Specialist projects from 1994 1994

A Comparison of the Tests of Adult Basic Education and the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test in Predicting Academic Success in Practical Nursing Programs , Sally Crenshaw

Assessing the Efficacy of the Training Opportunities Program for Undiscovered Potential (TOP UP) Dropout Prevention Program at Western Kentucky University for At-Risk High School Students , Kaye Foust

Theses and Specialist projects from 1993 1993

Attendance at a University Residential Summer Camp & Students’ Subsequent Enrollment at that University , Mae Guinn

Theses and Specialist projects from 1992 1992

A Study of an Academic Enrichment Program at Western Kentucky University , Huda Melky

Effect of a Summer Camp on the Self-Concept & Wilderness Anxiety of Fifth & Sixth Grade Campers , Mazen Melky

The Relationship Between Meaning in Life & the Occurrence of Drug Abuse: An Epidemiological Retrospective Study , Thomas Nicholson

Teacher Influence in Site-Based Decision Making: A Descriptive Study , Keith Restine

Theses and Specialist projects from 1991 1991

An Analysis of Kentucky’s Principals: Perceptions and Preparedness to Assume the Role of School Based Management , Byron D. Jeffries

Theses and Specialist projects from 1990 1990

Public Relations: Its Importance in the Public School System , Lawrence Crittenden Hunter

A Comparison of the Frequencies of Selected Teaching Behaviors of Trained and Untrained Teachers , Raymonde Antonia Frances Joseph

Stress Indicators of Kentucky Elementary Principals , Helen Kirby

Site-Based Management, Knowledge Base of Kentucky Superintendents , Alan Reed

An Analysis of Attitudes of Administrators Towards Higher-Level Thinking Skills , Janet Zipprich

Theses and Specialist projects from 1989 1989

Peer Coaching & Change Implementation , Jolene Black

Premenstrual Syndrome-Related Personality & Cognitive Processing Alterations as Indicated by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator , Linda Scariot

An Analysis of Selected Demographic Variables Concerning Kentucky School Supervisors , Margaret Sims

An Analysis of Administrative Computer Use by Secondary Principals in Kentucky , Darrell Witten

Using Collegial Leadership in a Design to Improve Instruction: The Curriculum & Instructional Leader Program , Cora Wood

Theses and Specialist projects from 1988 1988

Special Ideas , Marlene Ashby

Management Guide for Early Childhood Programs , Cathy S. Jording

A Survey of Factors Affecting Enrollment in Mathematics Teacher Education Programs , Rebecca Miller

Theses and Specialist projects from 1987 1987

Comparative Instructor Attitudes Toward College Level English and Mathematics Experiences for Gifted High School Students , Bruce Vickers

A Study of the Educational Needs of Business & Industrial Employees & a Proposed Industrial Education Degree , Palisa Williams

Theses and Specialist projects from 1985 1985

Factors Affecting Successful Use of Amplification in the Elderly Population , Joseph Etienne

The Effects of Various Kinds of Background Music on the I.Q. Scores of Ninth-Grade Students , L.C. Bud Johnston

Impact of the Educational & Life Planning Course on Undecided Students: An Evaluation Model , Diana Shores

Theses and Specialist projects from 1983 1983

An Evaluation of the Guidance & Counseling Program of the Bishop David Memorial High School , Richard Staples

Theses and Specialist projects from 1982 1982

The Development & Study of a Competency-Based Vocational Education Drafting Program , Kenneth Mussnug

Theses and Specialist projects from 1981 1981

A Model for Use in Planning an In-Service Training Program at Naval Air Technical Training Center, Lakehurst, New Jersey , Martha Gantt

The Effect of Summer Recess on the Reading Achievement of Title I Students at L.C. Curry School, Bowling Green, Kentucky , Virginia Scheider

A Survey to Assess the Awareness of the Bowling Green Community in Regard to the International Student Community at Western Kentucky University , Susan Tesseneer

A Study of the Holding Power and Follow-Up of North Bullitt High School Students (Classes of 1978, 1979 and 1980) , Robert Wagoner

Theses and Specialist projects from 1980 1980

A Study of Grade Retention & Social Promotion in the McLean County, Kentucky School District , John Settle Jr.

A Descriptive Study of the Problems Reported by Selected Students on Academic Probation at Western Kentucky University , James Somers Jr.

A Comparison of the Admission Criteria of Kentucky's Junior Colleges , Janet Walters

A Study of Factors Related to Low General Technical Scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery as Identified by Members of the Second Squadron, Seventeenth Cavalry, Fort Campbell, Kentucky , David Yates

Theses and Specialist projects from 1979 1979

A Comparison of Traditional Grass-Twist Backstops to One of Corrugated Cardboard Design Use on Indoor Ranges , Charles T. Crume Jr.

The Relationship of Sex-role Classifications, Measured Vocational Interests and Expressed Vocational Interests of Selected College Women , SallyAnn McLeod Koenig

A Comparison of Role Performance & Role Expectation of Supervisors in Selected Public School Districts in Kentucky , Mae Mefford

Alienation and the Associate Degree Student within the College of Business and Public Affairs of Western Kentucky University , Leonard Schira

Theses and Specialist projects from 1978 1978

The Perceived Role of the University Residence Hall Director , Jan Akers

A Survey of the Work-Study Programs in the State Universities of Kentucky , Glen Knight

A Comparative Study of the Expenditures of the Robertson County, Tennessee, Pupil Transportation System , James Talley Sr.

Theses and Specialist projects from 1977 1977

ocial Factors & Perceived Problems as Predictions of Success in Basic Combat Training , James Georgoulakis

Theses and Specialist projects from 1975 1975

A Descriptive Study of Ninth Grade Reading Programs in Schools of the Second Education District of Kentucky , Eloyse Jean Groves

Theses and Specialist projects from 1974 1974

A Position Paper of Environmental Education for Nelson County , Geneva B. Hunt

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60+ Amazing Research Topics for Educational Leadership

dissertation topics educational leadership

A dissertation or thesis is a document presented for one to be awarded a degree or professional qualification. It involves research on a given topic.

Educational leadership, on the other hand, involves identifying and nurturing talents in a school set up to meet the objectives of education.

Now let’s merge the two and see the meaning.

A dissertation topic in educational leadership is, therefore, a thesis on how pupils, teachers, and parents will work towards achieving a common goal.

Leadership dissertation topics are common nowadays attributed to the growing number of institutions, and schools were also incorporated. Education dissertation topics are hence being researched daily due to the emerging challenges in running schools.

Dissertation topics in higher education leadership are vast because of the various tertiary institutions available; vocational training institutions, colleges, and universities. Enough of the explanations, and now let’s delve into the course meal. So sit tight and belt up, this is going to be one fantastic flight you’ve ever had.

60 Research Paper Topics in Educational Leadership

  • The Effects of Religion on Educational Leadership
  • Analyzing Long Term and Short Term Educational Leadership Goals
  • How to pass teacher’s excellence to students easily
  • The role of Leadership Summits on Educational Leadership
  • The Impact of leadership Training Institutions on Educational Leadership
  • How To Improve Education Leadership in the Society Today
  • How effective is the Youth than the Elderly in Educational Leadership?
  • Evaluating Different structures of Organizational Leadership
  • How Education Leadership Varies with Different Continental Settings
  • The Effects of Teacher-Parent-Student Ratio in Educational Leadership
  • How Public and Private Institutions Vary in Education Leadership
  • Policies in Educational Leadership and Their Impact
  • Analyzing Higher Education Leadership Characteristics
  • Leadership in Higher Education Frames Analysis
  • The Impact of Higher Education Programs Leadership Development
  • The Higher education Leadership Indigenous Perspective
  • Distance Education Programs and Transformational Leadership Characteristics in Higher Education
  • How to Plan For an American Higher Education Leadership Crisis
  • Preparing of Educational Leadership Personnel
  • Evaluating Better Schools With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership
  • How is Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
  • Understanding What a Masters in Educational Leadership Entails
  • How Educational Leadership is Financed
  • Evaluating Differences in Educational Leadership Between Profit and Non-Profit Organizations
  • The Need for Effective Leadership in Education
  • Analyzing Globalization in Educational Leadership
  • Understanding the Different Education Leadership Styles
  • When To Start Teaching Education Leadership and The Impact
  • Impact of Online Courses on Educational Leadership Graduates
  • How Innovative Strategies Impact Educational Leadership
  • Evaluating Trends in Educational Leadership
  • How Educational Leadership Contributes to Discrimination
  • Analyzing Technical Terms in Educational Leadership
  • What is the Impact of Subordinate Staff on Educational Leadership
  • How Can we Merge Student Leadership with the Administration
  • The Need to Simplify Educational Leadership
  • Innovative Solutions to Educational Leadership Challenges
  • Ensuring Sustainable Student-Parent-Teacher Relationship
  • Demystifying Myths About Educational Leadership
  • How To Initiate a Re-Birth in Educational Leadership

Also, here are additional dissertation topics for custom dissertation writing on educational leadership:

1. Understanding The Role of Women in Educational Leadership

Ladies, first am being a gentleman here. It has been one of the most researched educational leadership topics.

2. How Cultural Organizations Influence School Institutions

A set way of life defines every Society in any part of the world. These cultural aspects also imply educational leadership.

3. The Influence of Educational Leadership on Transformation

This form of organizational leadership dissertation aims to establish the impact of educational leadership in Society. For instance, how has the Society grown or depreciated as a result of the educational leadership?

4. What Role Does Educational Leadership Serve in Society?

The values and morals set by an education institution determine how the Society will be in the future. A valuable educational leadership system will thus pass on responsible, and reliable people to Society.

5. The Role of Education Leadership on the Success of the Society

Success is critical in any undertaking. If not, why engage with it in the first place? This dissertation topic, therefore, seeks to unveil how education leadership can contribute to the success of the Society.

6. The Impact of Educational Leadership in Research and Literature

Educational leadership determines decisions such as the number of resources invested in research. Thus, it will major on how various forms of educational leadership either contribute to or against study and literature.

7. How Social Media Affects Educational Leadership

The digital era has immensely contributed to the organization of various forms of leadership. Social media can either be positively or negatively impacting educational leadership. Therefore, such a dissertation topic will bring this out.

8. How Poor Leadership and Poor Results in Schools Relate

Decisions made by the parents, teacher, or the students themselves will have an impact on their results.

9. The Role of Technology in Educational Leadership

Has it improved or depreciated the value of educational leadership?

10. The Impact of the Community on Educational Leadership

It focuses on how to incorporate the community into the educational leadership and the subsequent results.

11. How Racism Impacts Educational Leadership

This leadership dissertation topic focuses on institutions with mixed races. Does this affect the running of institutions?

12. The Impact of Interdisciplinary Teams in Running of Schools

Are they effective? And if so, to what extent?

13. The Comparison between Top and Lower Performing Schools

How are the two institutions managed? Are the educational leadership systems the same?

14. How to Intertwine Certain Teaching Methods with an Efficient Organization

Can specific strategic teaching methods be incorporated into educational leadership?

15. How Leadership Wrangles Affect Students

Teachers and parents fighting for different positions in the administration can affect student performance.

16. Analyzing Characteristics of Various Teachers Handling a Certain Subject

The traits of various instructors can either have a positive or negative impact on their mode of delivery.

17. How can Students be incorporated into the Educational Leadership

Ways in which students can adequately represent in the school leadership.

18. Government Regulations on Educational Leadership

Do Government regulations promote or inhibit educational leadership?

19. How Can Special Groups Be Represented Effectively

Persons with disabilities also have an equal right in administration.

20. Evaluating the Impact of the Politics of a Country to Educational Leadership

Do politicians have a say in the running of school institutions?

Use Our Topics And Get A+ Grade

These dissertation topics will properly groom you in writing your next thesis. Ask our professional team of writers to get help in writing more leadership dissertation topics.

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UKnowledge > College of Education > Educational Leadership Studies > Theses & Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations--Educational Leadership Studies

Theses/dissertations from 2024 2024.


MC Means Mentor the Child: Examining School-Based Hip-Hop Clubs for Youth Empowerment, Leadership Development, and Capacity for Change , Daniel Wolford

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

An Exploration of Effective District Practices For Enculturating and Retaining Kentucky's Newest Teachers in the Profession , Cari Lea Boyd

Principals as Instructional Leaders: Building Knowledge of Applied Learning to Confidently Lead Implementation , Janell Lynn McClure



Investigating the Relationship Between Empowerment and Secondary Science Teachers’ Technology Integration Knowledge , Jane Elizabeth Walsh

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Impacting Website Visitor Engagement Through Information Provision , Will Buntin

Using Communities of Practice to Support At-Home Gospel Learning from a Release Time Seminary Classroom , Nicholas A. Davis


The Power of Connections: An Online Doctoral Program's Use of Strategic Onboarding to Enhance the Doctoral Experience , Jeri Heileman


Meeting Transfer Students Where They Are: A New Organizational Approach to Transfer Student Communication, Support, and Recruitment , Daniel Wright

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021


Action Research as Professional Development: Creating Effective Professional Development in Every Classroom , Lori A. Cambareri

Fostering A Sense of Community Among Teachers Via A Community of Practice: A Mixed-Methods Action Research Study , Apryl Clark Moore


A Constructive Approach to Managing Faculty Conflict: An Action Research Study , Natasha L. Davis



Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020


A Personalized Approach to Professional Development Through a Community of Practice , Kelly I. Cua

Responding to Students Experiencing Emotional Distress: An Action Research Study of Professional Learning Experiences for Faculty and Staff , Christopher Taylor Lakes

Instructional Coaching: Developing Efficacy for Project-Based Learning , Klista L. Rader

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019


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Dissertations / Theses on the topic 'Innovative Leadership'

Create a spot-on reference in apa, mla, chicago, harvard, and other styles.

Consult the top 50 dissertations / theses for your research on the topic 'Innovative Leadership.'

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Westesson, Måns, and Magnus Pettersson. "Leadership and Innovation : The relationship between leadership in a company and the company’s ability to be innovative." Thesis, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Institutionen för industriell ekonomi, 2016.

Koroleva, Polina, and Dmitry Moiseev. "Power of innovative culture." Thesis, Linnéuniversitetet, Ekonomihögskolan, ELNU, 2012.

Weintraub, P. "Leadership of health innovation : building an innovative health organisation (a mixed-methods study)." Thesis, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (University of London), 2018.

Dulaney, Weston P., Sinthea Reynolds, and Jill Channing. "Tennessee’s Innovative State-Wide Initiatives." Digital Commons @ East Tennessee State University, 2019.

Juergens, Jason M. "CPO leadership unique and innovative leadership characteristics of senior enlisted that sustain Naval operations /." Thesis, Monterey, California : Naval Postgraduate School, 2010.

Sweeney, Stacy L. "How innovative strategies can impact fiscal strength| Supporting a culture of innovation in small colleges." Thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 2015.

Innovation in postsecondary education has become an important element of the landscape in order for institutions to remain competitive and, for some, as a means to survive (Selingo, 2013, p. 58). Small colleges and universities have experienced a more significant impact than most higher education institutions in attempting to remain competitive and promote innovation as they continue to deal with the aftermath of the 2001 and 2008 recessions and keep pace with the challenges of enrollment and finance. If small colleges are faced with the inability to create new and innovative delivery and business models, there is a danger that many of these small colleges will cease to exist (Crow, 2010; Rivard, 2013).

The primary purpose of this study was to explore how two small colleges adopted innovative strategies that maintained or improved their fiscal strength during a time when most small colleges were experiencing financial decline. How these innovative cultures have been supported at these small colleges, and their relation to the strategies employed, is also explored in this study. The overarching research question for this study was, “To what extent can small colleges develop a culture that supports innovation and positively influences the financial stability of the institutions?

The findings of this study include innovative strategies used at each institution to impact fiscal strength, and elements that have been established to support a culture of innovation in addition to the way in which innovation has improved the student experience. Ultimately, the examples of innovative strategies implemented at these institutions, such as responding to student and market demands, having an innovative mission and vision and ensuring innovative individuals are leading the institution, could turn into sustainable solutions for other small colleges that may be struggling with student enrollment and revenue decline. The elements of innovative cultures that were discovered in this study could be used as a “best practices” list for other small colleges in their quest to develop and sustain an innovative culture.

Al, Afifi Maan Nadeem Ali. "Leadership best practice for sustaining business excellence in innovative organisations." Thesis, Sheffield Hallam University, 2015.

Abbas, Wasim, and Imran Asghar. "The Role of Leadership In Organizatinal Change : Relating the successful Organizational Change with Visionary and Innovative Leadership." Thesis, University of Gävle, Department of Industrial Development, IT and Land Management, 2010.

The globalization has converted the world into a small global village; a village in which there is an ever high stream of contentions and competitions between organizations. In this scenario the most effective and beneficial maneuver for any organization is to create innovative ways in conducting business. This thesis deals with the role of leadership in the phenomena of organizational change and innovation. The leader as a person in charge or as a change agent can manage an organization or the process of organizational change more effectively and successfully if h/she is capable and competent. Rapid technological advancements, high expectations of customers, and ever changing market situations have compelled organizations to incessantly reassess and reevaluate how they work and to understand, adopt and implement changes in their business model in response of changing trends. Organizational change is a demand of the day, and needed for organizations to survive. Organizations now a days, well understand the importance of the matter, and are serious to prepare themselves not only the current, but also for the future trends to get the level of sustainable success, but Along with all of its implications and importance the process of organizational change is also a very complex and challenging.  Research shows that 70 percent of organizational changes fail to get their goals. As leadership has a central role in evolution and cultivating an organization, the process of organizational change demands a very effective and highly competent leadership that is well capable to perceive the most desirable shape of an organization and address the issue of organizational change in most appropriate way. The analysis of literature reviewed and the results of real life cases of organizations which are studied for this thesis shows, that a leadership with the competencies of “Vision” and “Innovative Approach” along with other characteristics can prove more effective to conclude the complex phenomena of organizational change with success. Further the successful organizational change can leads to innovation for organization, which is the key of long term success and sustainability. This thesis as a result proposed a model which is derived from the leadership competencies, organizational change, and sustainable success and innovation literature. This model expresses relationship between successful organizational change and leadership on the basis of h/her characteristics, which are ‘Vision” and “Innovative Approach”. With the help of proposed model this relationship can be viewed graphically.

Tong, Kwok-pan, and 湯國斌. "Conditions and constraints on innovative pedagogical practices: challenges to educational leadership." Thesis, The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong), 2003.

Wallace, Juanita Swenson. "Leadership as healing : developing an innovative partnership model in healthcare education /." Access restricted to users with UT Austin EID, 2001.

Hill, LoBasso Gina. "Exploring innovative opportunity identification in transforming organizational leadership| Exploratory qualitative inquiry." Thesis, Capella University, 2014.

The problem addressed in this study was to understand processes and mechanisms that provide value-creating experiences in support of organizational innovation. There was a gap in the literature about factors affecting innovative opportunity identification. The research was guided by systems theory, which allowed for recognition of the organizations' ability to recreate their futures and the contention innovation is an organizational journey that can be systemized. Innovation demands all aspects of an organization be challenged and examined, and critical constraints identified. Critical constraints serve as the boundaries for innovational processes that are unique to the organization. The research questions was: How can leaders of participating nonprofit organizations improve value creation during community development organization training program (CDOTP) workshop sessions to support innovative opportunity identification? An exploratory qualitative inquiry which allowed access to the personal experiences of 20 management workshop participants from three participant groups; nonprofit (NP) organizational leaders, workshop creators/presenters and workshop training participants, ages 18 and over. Overall the findings were consistent with the literature reviewed for this study. Results strongly indicated acknowledgement of a leadership gap that keeps individuals and organizations stuck in the status quo. The data analysis revealed factors impeding adaptive capacity building, knowledge sharing, transfer of new learning, motivation, and empowerment were driven by lack of leadership commitment to experiment with new processes and behaviors. The results reinforce a sense of urgency for leaders to challenge the rigidness of the NP culture and explore with new possibilities that recognize value creating experiences and support both organizational innovation and organizational sustainability.

Sedgmore, Lynne. "Fostering innovative organisational cultures and high performance through explicit spiritual leadership." Thesis, University of Winchester, 2014.

Scott, Pamela H., Virginia P. Foley, and Eric Glover. "Innovative Strategies for Balancing Academic Knowledge and Relevant Experience in Principal Preparation." Digital Commons @ East Tennessee State University, 2008.

Morrow, Lucy. "An innovative, disruptive & radical mission : leadership & change in Welsh higher education." Thesis, Cardiff University, 2015.

Massu, Justine. "Thinking outside the boss : understanding managers' engagement in creative actions." Thesis, Sorbonne Paris Cité, 2017.

Pienaar, Yandri. "Preparing for the fourth industrial revolution: Investigating the relationship between leadership 4.0, innovative management practices and organisational performance capabilities." Master's thesis, Faculty of Commerce, 2020.

Brooks, Billy, David Blackley, Paula Masters, Robert Pack, Stephen May, and Gary Mayes. "Developing an Academic Health Department in Northeast Tennessee: An Innovative Approach Through Student Leadership." Digital Commons @ East Tennessee State University, 2013.

Beekwilder, Sam, and Jacobus Johannes Endlich. "Participative Leadership and Employee Innovative Behaviour : Moderated by pro-active and risk-taking work climate." Thesis, Högskolan Kristianstad, Fakulteten för ekonomi, 2019.

Maladzhi, Wilson Rendani. "Analysis of innovative leadership and sustainability of SMEs in the Western Cape Province, South Africa." Thesis, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2012.

Lambert, Rushnique. "The relationship between change leadership and individual innovative work behaviour in the context of crisis." Diss., University of Pretoria, 2020.

Williams, Maryshannon. "Assessing the Impact of an Innovative Community of Practice on Teacher Efficacy, Leadership and Practice." Thesis, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2017.

The purpose of this study was to assess the nature of participation in a hybrid Community of Practice; exploring how teacher efficacy influenced participation; and how participation impacted both technology teacher leadership and technology integration practice. The researcher addressed the following research questions: What is the nature and frequency of the activities and interactions evidenced by participation in a hybrid CoP? What types of knowledge capital were found in a hybrid CoP? Does teacher efficacy influence participation in the online component of a hybrid CoP? How does participation in a hybrid CoP impact teachers’ technology integration and the development of their technology leadership ability? Participants included 31 teachers enrolled in an Innovative Teacher Leaders (ITL) program. The researcher implemented a mixed methods comparative case study, collecting data via participant observations, monthly self-reports, and semi-structured interviews. A survey instrument was administered to collect data on Teacher Efficacy and Teacher Leadership. Frequency data were collected based on interaction logs and face-to-face training observations of the CoP. Findings of this study pointed to the need for time to practice, implementation support, and peer coaching/discourse as necessary factors for successful professional development. Participation in this hybrid CoP was found to have a positive impact on teacher technology integration and technology leadership ability.

Storch, Jacob. "Systemic thinking, lived redescription, and ironic leadership : creating and sustaining a company of innovative organisational consulting practices." Thesis, University of Bedfordshire, 2011.

Watkins, Sharon E. "Thinking Outside a Shifting Box: The Lived Experiences of Innovative Public High School Principals in an Era of High Stakes Accountability." The Ohio State University, 2016.

Cal, Anita Marie. "Innovative Pedagogy| What Are the Best Practices of Professors in STEM, Leadership, or Professional Programs Who Integrate Literature?" Thesis, Pepperdine University, 2017.

This phenomenological study examines innovative pedagogy and the integration of literature by professors in STEM, leadership, and professional programs to foster leadership. The study probes university professors’ personal experiences integrating literature, focusing on pedagogical strategies and practices. Many studies exist on the use of literature to develop empathy, analytical, or critical thinking in higher education. However, there is virtually no published research on the integration of literature in STEM, leadership, and professional programs to foster leadership skills. Existing theories on utilizing literature in the humanities also apply to its integration into STEM, leadership, and professional programs. Therefore, professors integrating literature have well-defined research on how literature fosters storytelling abilities, critical thinking, decision-making and other dimensions of leadership. Purposive sampling was used to select professors with expertise integrating literature. Individual phone and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 14 participants regarding the integration of literature. As a result, 636 coded passages were bracketed into 32 themes. The top three themes of the study included: (a) fosters leadership skills, (b) pedagogic strategies, and (c) Socratic Method. Two keys findings emerged. Finding 1, the integration of compelling literature developed leadership skills in next generation STEM, leadership, or professional students. Finding 2, the effective integration of literature required use of pedagogical strategies, which included: planning courses with a theoretical foundation, using guided questions for reading, and employing Socratic Method. Professors should select compelling highly regarded/relatable literary works with protagonists that make decisions and pair these literary works with other powerful autobiographies, theatrical or documentary movies/clips of the same subject matter. Recommendations include STEM, leadership, and professional programs add leadership through literature courses. These findings can be used for professional development training that center on fostering leadership skills. This study provides researchers and professors with strategies for utilizing literature to foster leadership.

Morgan, Allan Robert. "The principal in a process of school revitalisation: a metastrategic role." University of Southern Queensland, Faculty of Education, 2008.

Lu, Ming Chieh, and 呂明潔. "A Study of Supervisors' Innovative Behavior, Paternalistic Leadership, Knowledge Sharing Willingness, and Team’s Innovation Performance." Thesis, 2012.

Wu, Wanru, and 吳宛儒. "Project Manager’s Leadership Style, Leadership-Member Exchange and Members Innovative Behavior of Project Team Research." Thesis, 2012.

洪啟華. "Leadership Innovative Thinking and Development Path of Cultural Creative Hotels." Thesis, 2015.

Wu, Chun-zhu, and 吳春助. "A Study on Relationships among Principal’s Knowledge Leadership , Technology Leadership, and Innovative Management in Elementary Schools." Thesis, 2009.

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Wallace, Juanita Swenson 1947. "Leadership as healing : developing an innovative partnership model in healthcare education." 2001.

Wu, Shan-Yu, and 吳繕宇. "Transformational Leadership and Innovative Behavior:The Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing intentions." Thesis, 2016.

Ho, Pi-Jung, and 何品融. "The Influence on Employee Innovative Behavior from Innovative Culture、Shared leadership─ to Positive Psychology Capital asa Mediation Variable." Thesis, 2015.

Lin, Li-li, and 林俐利. "The Effects of Leadership Style and Task Uncertainty on Employees' Innovative Performance." Thesis, 2013.

Orapeleng, Shathani Rejoyce. "Innovative leadership in managing conflict at selected senior secondary schools in Botswana." Thesis, 2017.

Tseng, Hsiao-Chen, and 曾筱珍. "Transformational leadership and innovative work behavior:exploring the mediating effects of psychological empowerment." Thesis, 2009.

HSIAO, YI-HAN, and 蕭憶涵. "The Influence of Supervisors’ Empowering Leadership and Innovation Climate on Employees' Adaptive Performance: The Mediating Effect of Innovative Behavior." Thesis, 2019.

Lee, Ying-Lan, and 李映嵐. "Principal’s Technology Leadership and School Innovative Management of Elementary Schools in Yunlin County." Thesis, 2011.

SU, PEI-TING, and 蘇珮婷. "The Relationship among Mindfulness, Authentic Leadership, Psychological Empowerment, Self-Efficacy, and Innovative Behavior." Thesis, 2018.

Chu, Chin-Hua, and 祝敬華. "Effect of Job Characteristics to Innovative Behavior: The Moderating Effects of Paternalistic Leadership." Thesis, 2009.

Wei, Liau Shie, and 廖學蔚. "A Study of the Relationship Among Principals’Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership and School Innovative Management in Elementary Schools in Pingtung County." Thesis, 2007.

Jung, Huang Yen, and 黃嬿蓉. "Investigation of relationship between transformational leadership and team climate on innovative nursing team performance." Thesis, 2011.

Chen, Chao-wen, and 陳昭文. "A Study of Relationship among Principal Transformational Leadership, Organizational Learning and Innovative of Elementary." Thesis, 2015.

Yeh, Chia-Chen, and 葉佳蓁. "The Effects of Authoritarian Leadership, Psychological Empowerment, and Positive Affectivity on Employee Innovative Behavior." Thesis, 2018.

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Khaola, Phomane Peter. "Fostering innovative behaviours through leadership and fairness: commitment and citizenship behaviours as successive mediators." Thesis, 2018.

Chun-YingLin and 林君英. "Cognitive Styles, Team Cohesion and Team Creativity: Moderating by Transformational Leadership and Innovative Climate." Thesis, 2018.

Chen, Tzu-Chen, and 陳紫宸. "The Influence of Leadership style and Empowerment on Innovative behavior - Non-Life Insurance Industry." Thesis, 2011.

LIAO, CHUN-CHEN, and 廖瑾辰. "A Study of the Relationship between Innovative Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness:The Mediating Effects of Employee Knowledge Sharing and Employee Knowledge-Innovation." Thesis, 2019.

Chen, Chun-tsung, and 陳群聰. "The Study of Innovative Behavior of R&D Personnel: The Joint Effect of Subordinate Personality Traits and Leadership Styles on Innovative Behavior." Thesis, 2005.

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Home > Colleges and Departments > CGPS > Education > Educational Leadership Dissertations

Educational Leadership Dissertations

Candidates for a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) at UNE complete a culminating dissertation employing their professional knowledge and new learning in order to demonstrate transformative leadership, organization, and community change.

Dissertations from 2021 2021

Exploring Sense Of Belonging As A Factor Of Well-Being Among Home Care Aides , Anonymous UNE Author

A Data Analysis Of Emotional Intelligence Interventions With Third Year Medical Students , Frank Bailey

Exploring Public, Primary School Educators’ Perceptions Of Adverse Childhood Experiences , Jessica Berry

Re-Defining Leadership: Exploring Women’s Roles As Successful Leaders In Online Higher Education , Kristen Card

Teachers’ Perceptions Of Restorative Practices In K–8 Classrooms , Jamie Elizabeth Coady

The Impact Of Student-Centered Coaching On Teacher Self-Efficacy: An Exploratory Case Study , Dustin L. Collins

Dual Enrollment Programs: Advising Policies And Practices For High School Students In Post-Secondary Institutions , Devin V. Cribb

Faculty Perceptions Of Self Efficacy In Interprofessional Healthcare Education , Rose M. DeFeo

Computer-Mediated Communication Of History Museums In The Midwestern United States: A Web Content Analysis , Heather Lynn DiAlfredi

The Lived Experience Of New Physical Therapy Graduates Working In The Early Intervention Setting: Perceptions Of Preparation , Michelle L. Donahue

Role Of Health Professions Faculty Leadership In Student Success: Exploring Student And Faculty Views , Kim Emery

First-Generation College Students: Making Sense Of Academic Advising And Advisor Leadership For Student Success , Andrew Martin Frazier

Compassion Fatigue Among Help Me Grow Care Coordinators: A Case Study , Alexandra Goldberg

Exploring The Roles, Responsibilities, And Leadership Styles Of Rural School Principals , John L. Hewitt III

The Influences On And Experiences Of Underrepresented Minority Females In One Southeastern United States Medical School , Brianne Holmes

Creating The Conditions For Deeper Learning: Leadership Practices For Reframing 21st Century Education Systems , Caryn M. Lewis

Experiences Of Successful African American And Hispanic Non-Traditional Single Mothers At An Urban Community College , Gerald Maitre

Childhood Factors Influencing Elder Never-Married Women’s Avoidance Of Economic Vulnerability , Kimberley J. (Mendall) Mondoñedo

Rural Teachers’ Perceptions Of School Principals’ Leadership Behaviors Affecting Motivation To Improve Professional Practice. , Zeljko Micevic

Value Perceptions Of Basic Clinical Laboratory Assistant Training With Certification , George Noll

People Manager Mindset Perceptional Influence On Culture At A Large Technology Company , Robert Patterson

Women C-Suite Executives In Cybersecurity: Transformational Experiences And Gender Barriers On Their Leadership Journeys , Toni C. Plato

Professional Advisor Practices For Student Identity Development , Brittany Potter

The Impact Of Administrative Support For Dental Hygiene And Nursing Online Faculty , Margarita Rivera

Rural Elementary Teachers And The Impact Of Professional Development On Mathematics Instruction , Heather Rockwell

The Influence Of Concept-Based Instruction On Student Academic Engagement , Amanda Romey

Measuring Faculty Motivation And Engagement Through An Institutionally Supported Faculty Development Program At An Academic Healthcare Center , Elizabeth S. Rose

1:1 Chromebooks In High School Classrooms: Teacher Perceptions Of Integration Efforts , Jason Saltmarsh

Transformative Leadership In Nature-Based Preschool Education , Stanley F. Sampson III

Attitudes Related To Trauma-Informed Care In The Educational Setting: An Exploratory Case Study , Natalie Lynne Smith

Urban Teachers Program: Culturally Responsive Middle School Teachers Describe Their Competencies , Kristina Sterling

The Benefits And Barriers To Arts Integration: Arts Accessibility In Public Montessori , Heather Teems

How African American College Graduates Who Attended An Early College Describe The Benefits , Reginald L. Towns

Organizational Change In The Legal Education Environment: Institutional And Individual Responses To Times Of Crisis , Mary E. Wilson

Leadership Style And Subordinate Work Stress , Jennifer Yoho

Dissertations from 2020 2020

The Effect Of School Discipline Processes On Student Perceptions Of Personal Safety In Rural Middle Schools , Jaslene Atwal

Educator Perceptions Of Social-Emotional Learning Embedded In Academic Instruction To Improve Student Outcomes , Christopher T. Basta

Nontraditional University President: From Candidate To President , Mark J. Braun

Exploring The Sport Identity Of Female NCAA Division I Assistant Women’s Soccer Coaches , Kristin M. Cannon

Surviving Higher Education: Retention & Persistence Through The Lens Of Psychological Survivorship , David R. Cartwright

Relationship Of Procedural Justice And Public Satisfaction In A Sub-Urban Maine Community , Kevin J. Chabot

Implementing The SIOP Model To Support English Language Learners , Pamela T. Chandler

Examining The Relationship Between Teacher Stress And Disruptive Student Behavior , Sidney Crudup II

The Effectiveness Of Read 180 At A Cooperative High School In New England (CHSNE) , Michael E. Daboul

Program Director Support For Adjunct Faculty In The Promotion Of Student Success , Nicholas Anthony DeJosia

COVID-19: Descriptive Case Study Of A K-8 School District’s Abrupt Transition To Remote Learning From A Traditional In-Person Model , Matthew C. Ferreira

Teachers’ Perceptions Of The Observation, Coaching, And Feedback Cycle , Susan B. Ficke

Soft-Skill Development In Co-Curricular Programs: An Evaluation Of A Community College Student Leadership Program , Michael James Fischer

First-Generation College Students: Examining The Perceived Impact Of Roommate Pairings , Jodie Ruth Hurley Gay

Understanding The Importance Of Formative Assessment Programs In Undergraduate Medical Education , Matthew Gentile

A Comparative Analysis Of Tardiness Policies Of Elementary Schools , Diana J. Goodwin

Ethical Considerations For Outpatient Behavioral Healthcare In North Texas , Carolyn B. Guillory

American Registry Of Radiologic Technologists Exam Preparation: A Case Study , Sarah E. Harradon

Building Student Development Through Creative Writing Workshops , Kerry C. Hoey

CLEW’d In: Exploring The Lived Experiences Of Leaders Performing Clinical Learning Environment Walks (CLEWs) , Lisa Ingram Hutcherson

Stop-Out Factors For Nontraditional Students In Online Competency-Based Education Programs , Henry T. James

Designing Student Services: A Case Study Of Design Thinking At A University , Sukhwant S. Jhaj

Equal Access To Educational Opportunities In Texas: An Analysis Of English Language Learner Programs , Edna E. Johnson

Avoiding Cultural Calamities: Exploring The Influence Of Culture In Intercultural PLCs At An International School , Eric K. Johnson

Middle School Teachers’ Perceptions Of Homework Assignments Effective At Increasing Student Homework Completion , Jennifer E. Keck

A Brain-Based Approach To Educational Pedagogy , Troy M. Kennett

Cultivating Leaders: Professional Development Needs Of Community College Chairs , Heidi Kirkman

Competency-Based Education In A Postsecondary Setting: An Analysis Of Leadership Perception , Thomas D. Lescarbeau

The Influence Of Fraternity Membership On The Leadership Identity Development Of Latino Men Attending Primarily White Institutions (PWIs) , Francisco M. Lugo

The Tesol 6 Principles Of Exemplary Teaching Of English Learners: Perceived Effectiveness In The Community College Esl Classroom , Stephanie N. Marcotte

Motivation, Practice, And Self-Efficacy And Their Impact On The Development Of Musical Abilities , Eli Marcus

Occupational Therapy Student Preparedness For Clinical Fieldwork , Jean A. McCaffery

Barriers And Opportunities For Provision Of Specialized Programming For Rural, Low-Incidence Students , Eric McGough

Evaluating Leadership Development Through Experiential Learning In A Virtual Environment , Paul J. McKenney

A Phenomenological Study Of Emotion Amid Significant Organizational Change , Ian Menchini

An Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of The Higher Education Anatomy Educational Software Mastering Anatomy & Physiology , Jason L. Moir

Androgynous Leadership: A Gender Balanced Approach To School Administration , Kristie Morin

The Student Placement Decision-Making Process: A Study Of Administrator Considerations , Jonathan Roland Normand

Physical Therapists’ Perceptions Of Leadership Orientations: An Exploratory Case Study , Theresa O'Neil

Health Science Faculty Retention At Small And Mid-Sized Sized Private Universities , Thomas Pahnke

Students’ Perceptions And Experiences: African American Students In Band And Orchestra Programs , Sharese Pearson-Bush

Latinx Student Development At An Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution In The Midwest , Gilberto Pérez Jr.

Parent Perception Of The Parent And Placement Team Process , Deborah Perry

Student Leadership Development: Accreditation Considerations For PharmD Programs , Cyndi Porter Fraser

Investigating Early Childhood Educators’ Experiences In Teaching Phonological Awareness: A Case Study , Kristine Reilly

Wellness Programming For Adults With Disabilities: A Qualitative Inquiry Of Stakeholders’ Perspectives , Courtney Roca

Knowledge And Access: An Investigation Into Course Material Models At The Collegiate Level , Jonathan David Sadhoo

Brain-Targeted Teaching As A Tool To Facilitate Implementing Mind Brain And Education Science Into Community College Pedagogy , Adrienne Seegers

The Value Of Food: A Small Rural School Cafeteria Budget Case Study , Rosie Rochelle Slentz

Examining The Challenges And Benefits Of Inclusion In Urban Secondary Schools , Jeff James Spaletta

Examining The Communication Strategies Utilized During An Organizational Change Within Universities’ Branch Campuses , Portia R. Stallworth

Promoting A Successful Transition To A Professional Career For Vocal Studies Graduates , David C. Strobbe

Curriculum Developers’ Experiences Adopting Assistive Technology In An Educator Preparation Program , Keisha Tipton

The Connection Of Academic Advising To College Student Identity Development , Kaela Urquhart

Student Perceptions Of Mathematical Mindset Influences , Jaclyn S. Vitale

International School Leadership: A Phenomenological Study Of Climate And Culture , Richard Webster

Exploring A New Path For School Climate & Safety Assessment , Skip Wilhoit

Former High School Music Students’ Motivation To Persist Through Yearly Adjudicated Music Festivals , Edward D. Wilkin

Military Leadership Strategies In A Higher Educational Setting , Lori A. Wilkin

Assessment Of Working Relationships Between Athletic Training Program Faculty And Clinical Preceptors , Kathleen Williams

New Jersey Overdose Prevention Act: Police Officers’ Experiences At A Drug Overdose Scene , Michael Ziarnowski

Dissertations from 2019 2019

How Private International School Leaders Meet The National Education Transformation Agenda In Dubai , Marie-Pascale Addison

A Phenomenological Study Into Niche Marketing In Higher Education , Scott W.H. Barton

The Visiting Team: Research On The Engagement Of Urban, Commuter Student-Athletes , Corey Christine Berg

How Ideology And Pedagogy Impact Technology Adoption In The Classroom, A Causal-Comparative Study , Christopher J. Bernard

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Educational Leadership and Management Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

A model for assessment leadership: A systematic document analysis in the development of an assessment leadership experience questionnaire , Alixander Haban Escote

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Case Studies of Three Successful Family-Owned Higher Educational Institutions , Maria Luz T. Macasinag

A mixed-method study on the exercise of personal power by schools division superintendents in the Philippines , Glaiza Mama

Towards an understanding of seminary leadership in mainland China , Shejun Ma

Embodying the Marist values in education: A grounded theory approach , Nino Mayor Pizarro

Exploring instructional leadership practices in selected centers of excellence – Colleges of nursing in the Philippines: A multicase study design , Mary Nellie T. Roa

Being a school leader in Filipino-Chinese basic education schools in Metro Manila during COVID-19: A phenomenological study , Angeline K. Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Teachers at the forefront of educational change: A mixed methods study of academic track teachers undergoing a career transition to senior high school in the Philippines , Elizabeth R. Enverga

Defining a Catholic teacher leader: Cultivating the seeds of Catholic school charism , Argel I. Hipol

Actualizing self-autonomy: A grounded theory on the Aetas' understanding of higher education , Michael Anthony B. Lapid

Case studies of three successful family-owned higher educational institutions , Maria Luz T. Macasinag

Achieving the Desired: A Grounded Theory of Visionary Leadership among higher Educational Institutions in the Philippines , Kimberley Mendoza Migallos

Toward a Conceptual Framework of Filipino Leadership among educational leaders in selected Philippine Higher educational institutions using multi-grounded theory , Lorelie Paraiso

Shared strategic leading: A substantive grounded theory of the leadership of academic deans of Centers of Excellence in higher education institutions in the Philippines , Nelson C. Tantoco

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Modeling Leadership: A Grounded Theory on becoming educational leaders , Montano Agudilla Jr.

Development of a transition management framework: Multiple case studies of Catholic basic education institutions in the Philippines , Joseph B. Azarcon

Understanding knowledge management in the implementation of outcomes-based education in Malayan Colleges Laguna , Dodjie S. Maestrecampo

Understanding the instructional leadership practices of exemplar secondary school principals in Kerala, India: A multiple case study , Bijumon Thomas

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  1. 277 Engaging Leadership Research Topics And Ideas

    277 Top Leadership Research Topics for Your Thesis. For most students, working on leadership research topics is a fascinating task. That's because this subject spans different disciplines, including education, management, sociology, politics, and psychology. For this reason, many learners choose these topics when writing college and ...

  2. Leadership Dissertation Topics & Ideas

    Leadership Dissertation Topics. Published by Grace Graffin at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On August 15, 2023. Leadership is an attribute of leading and guiding subordinates for collective wellness. Many people aspire to become leaders, but only a few succeed. It is because leadership and management are two relatively different concepts.

  3. Thesis Title: Examples and Suggestions from a PhD Grad

    Master's thesis title examples. Creation of an autonomous impulse response measurement system for rooms and transducers with different methods. Guy-Bart Stan, 2000 - Bioengineering - Imperial Professor - direct link to Guy-Bart's bioengineering academic CV. Segmentation of Nerve Bundles and Ganglia in Spine MRI using Particle Filters.

  4. PDF Thesis Transformational Leadership, Engagement, and Performance: a New

    Transformational Leadership Burns (1978) created the concept of transformational leadership as a description of political leaders who transform the values of their followers, but Bass (1985, 1990) later expanded the scope to include leadership within organizational settings. Since then,

  5. The Impact of Transformational Leadership Style on the Success of

    leadership effectiveness in virtual team environments (Mawanda, 2012). Moreover, other predictor variables, such as diversity and team longevity predict employee job satisfaction and leadership effectiveness (Mawanda, 2012, p. 157). I explored the impact of leadership on the success of GVTs, their motivation, and

  6. Effective School Leadership Practices in Schools With Positive Climates

    author's school leadership journey. Additional acknowledgment goes to Drs. Betty LaPointe and Abby Cameron-Standerford for serving as members of the author's thesis committee. Their insight and suggestions improved the quality of this work. This thesis follows the format prescribed by the APA Style Manual and the Department of Education.

  7. Leadership Dissertation Topics for FREE

    Recruiting and retaining 'digital leaders' in 2021 and beyond. Leadership Dissertation Topics - over 40 free, excellent Master & Bachelor dissertation topics will help you get started with your proposal or dissertation.

  8. Leadership Dissertation Topics

    Leadership Dissertation Topics. A dissertation is a lengthy essay that is based on the independent research of the author. In the final semester of UG, PG, and PhD courses, it is submitted. The dissertation requires a lot of research and written documentation, so it usually takes 1-2 years to finish. The purpose of a dissertation is to evaluate ...

  9. Leadership development and its effects on organizational performance

    The program uses the Four Capabilities Model as a leadership theory, focusing on the tasks and capabilities needed of leaders. I administered two surveys to the Sloan Fellows Class 2011. Surveys results suggest some of the benefits the program provides to individuals and organizations. Among these findings, my evidence shows that a higher ...

  10. Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Theses

    Leader Perspectives on Factors that Shape Their Change Leadership Practice, Michelle A. Shields. Theses from 2017 PDF. Stranger than Fiction: A Qualitative Thesis Examining Leaders, Followers and the Distribution of Power in the 2016 United States Presidential Election, Shannon L. Casey. Theses from 2016 PDF

  11. Educational Leadership Theses and Dissertations

    A Presidential Leadership Process For Higher Education In Small, Rural Institutions And Settings, Teresa Caplinger Spaeth. PDF. Competing By Tweeting: A Content Analysis Of University Presidents' Tweets, Susan Balcom Walton. Theses/Dissertations from 2018 PDF

  12. (PDF) The Effect of Leadership on Organizational Performance

    Abstract The effect of leadership on organizational performance was examined in. this meta-analysis study. A total of 598 research studies were collected as a result of. the review, out of which ...

  13. Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research Theses

    The Role of Leaders in Implementing Effective Leadership Strategies Towards the Educational Barriers of US-based Refugee Students: A Qualitative Case Study of Congolese Refugee Students, Faustin Busane. PDF. Using Improvement Science to Address Early Elementary Teacher Efficacy and Competency When Addressing Trauma-Induced Behavior, Laura Hayes ...

  14. PDF Thesis the Combined Effects of Leadership Style and Organizational

    leadership behavior is the willingness of followers to work hard in support of organizational objectives. This impact is supported through several meta-analyses (Judge & Piccolo, 2004; Lowe, Kroeck, & Sivasubramaniam, 1996) which highlight the effectiveness of transformational leadership using both subjective and objective performance criteria.


    It also discusses the external factors that affect leadership styles. This thesis focuses on organizational performance and the factors that affect employees' performance. It enumerates the factors such as job stress, motivation and communication. It also ascertains the theo-ries of leadership such as great man, trait and contingency theory.

  16. PDF PhD Final Thesis Attributes & Qualities Desirable in a Leader

    Abstract of Thesis 2. Understanding Leadership 3. Styles of Leadership 4. Attributes Qualities Desirable in a Leader - A Ten point Guide ... The thesis is divided into a few chapters and the first of the chapter's deals with trying to understand the topic of Leadership. It's an often repeated word but does

  17. 60 Amazing Research Topics for Educational Leadership

    Social media can either be positively or negatively impacting educational leadership. Therefore, such a dissertation topic will bring this out. 8. How Poor Leadership and Poor Results in Schools Relate. Decisions made by the parents, teacher, or the students themselves will have an impact on their results. 9.

  18. Theses and Dissertations--Educational Leadership Studies

    MC Means Mentor the Child: Examining School-Based Hip-Hop Clubs for Youth Empowerment, Leadership Development, and Capacity for Change, Daniel Wolford. Theses/Dissertations from 2023 PDF. An Exploration of Effective District Practices For Enculturating and Retaining Kentucky's Newest Teachers in the Profession, Cari Lea Boyd. PDF


    Bachelor ˇs Thesis in International Business 30 pages, 2 pages of appendices Spring 2013 ABSTRACT This thesis studies and discusses the impact leadership management has on employee creativity and output. In order to bring out the best in an employee, the role job satisfaction and performance appraisal play can ˇtbe underestimated in

  20. Dissertations / Theses: 'Innovative Leadership'

    Consult the top 50 dissertations / theses for your research on the topic 'Innovative Leadership.'. Next to every source in the list of references, there is an 'Add to bibliography' button. Press on it, and we will generate automatically the bibliographic reference to the chosen work in the citation style you need: APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago ...

  21. Prize-Winning Thesis and Dissertation Examples

    Award: 2018 Charles A. Beard Senior Thesis Prize. Title: "A Starving Man Helping Another Starving Man": UNRRA, India, and the Genesis of Global Relief, 1943-1947. University: University College London. Faculty: Geography. Author: Anna Knowles-Smith. Award: 2017 Royal Geographical Society Undergraduate Dissertation Prize. Title: Refugees and ...

  22. Educational Leadership Dissertations

    Educational Leadership Dissertations. Candidates for a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) at UNE complete a culminating dissertation employing their professional knowledge and new learning in order to demonstrate transformative leadership, organization, and community change. Follow.

  23. Educational Leadership and Management Dissertations

    Follow. Theses/Dissertations from 2023 PDF. A model for assessment leadership: A systematic document analysis in the development of an assessment leadership experience questionnaire, Alixander Haban Escote. Theses/Dissertations from 2022 Case Studies of Three Successful Family-Owned Higher Educational Institutions, Maria Luz T. Macasinag. PDF