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  • Income Inequality
  • Minimum Wage
  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Great Depression
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Westward Expansion
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Marijuana Legalization
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Frankenstein
  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Crucible
  • Into The Wild
  • Lord of The Flies
  • The Yellow Wallpaper
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Growth Mindset
  • Police Brutality
  • Gun Control
  • Pro Choice (Abortion)
  • Animal Testing
  • Women's Rights
  • Death Penalty
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Social Media
  • American Identity

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  • Cultural Identity
  • Globalization
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • School Uniform
  • Space Exploration
  • Teenage Pregnancy

Abortion Should Be Legal: Analysis of Arguments

The pro-life argument: the ethics and implications of abortion, a fetus is not a person: an analysis of the debate, abortion in texas: legal evolution and ongoing debate, exploring moral issues on abortion.

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Exploring Ethical Issues in Nursing on Abortion

Ethical issues in abortion: rights and autonomy, parental consent for abortion: navigating teen abortion laws, the controversy: should roe v. wade be overturned, why i love america: a land of opportunity and freedom, how to be a good american: a reflection on identity and values, american culture: the rich tapestry, what it means to be an american, exploring the essence of being an american, what is an american: defining the identity, being a good american: embracing citizenship and responsibility, america’s gift to my generation: freedom and opportunity, exploring the meaning of american identity, the important aspect of my personal identity: my cultural heritage, afrocentrism vs. eurocentrism: cultural perspectives, the influence of culture on personality development, cultural self-awareness: diversity with sensitivity, exploring the impact of culture on the self, why beauty matters: significance of aesthetic appreciation, discovering what shaped me as a person, unraveling the factors that shaped me as a person, reflecting on what shaped me as a person, the arguments for euthanasia: a critical analysis, why euthanasia should not be legal: ethical and practical reasons, for euthanasia: a moral and ethical debate, about globalization in china, is globalization good or bad: evaluating the pros and cons, intercultural encounters: dynamics and impacts, the importance of the silk road to globalization, the impact of globalization on employment, enduring issues: an examination of persistent challenges, turning challenges into opportunities: a path to growt, the role of discipline in achieving success, immigrant experience and challenges, why students should not wear uniforms: an analysis of arguments, schools uniforms: a debate on benefits and drawbacks, should public school students be required to wear uniforms, should university students wear uniforms: balancing identity and community, advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniforms, nurturing diversity: the case against school uniforms, the freedom of choice: debunking school uniforms, the case against mandatory school uniforms, are we alone in the universe exploring the search for extraterrestrial life, life on mars: an exploration of the possibility and implications, the dilemma of space exploration’s cost and value, the consequences of teen pregnancy for parents and children, teenage pregnancy: causes and preventive measures, veterans day: a reflection on honor and sacrifice, my pledge to our veterans: honoring sacrifice and commitment, why is veterans day important, what veterans day means to me, honor to veterans: a tribute to sacrifice and service, you can use our help if you:.

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Dr. Christen

Completed orders 309

Orders on English – 29

if you want a real expert here she is. Went above an beyond on my assignment on a short time notice. Delivered great quality work before it was even due. great job ! BTW she did a 8 page research paper with a work cited page!


Prof Evander

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Prof Evander wrote an outstanding paper! It was completed well before my due date. The content of the paper was exactly what I requested and the formatting was correct. I'm impressed, I recommend this writer and will hire again in the future.


Prof. Wycliffe

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Orders on Healthcare – 73

Always going above and beyond. The detail that he puts into the work as well as following all instructions accurately with no revisions needed. The turnaround time is fast; therefore, I have never asked for an update.


Dr. Sam PhD

Completed orders 1178

Orders on English – 89

She was cooperating with me and she gave the first sample and it was good but it's difficult concept for my level so I requested a revision to give another sample and she kept very simple and on my level. Thanks for her helping.



Completed orders 221

Orders on English – 21

Professor Tonny is an amazing writer he pays attention to detail and followed my instructions to the tee. I would recommend him to anyone who needs their essay written in a timely fashion.



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Perfect Writer did an excellent job following the instructions given and writing the paper to meet the grading criteria. The deadline was meet way in advance and the writer made sure I was satisfied with the paper. The paper was also of good quality.


Dr. Katherine

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Thank you for all your help! It's not that I can't do my homework on my own, I just DON'T have the bandwidth to sit down especially when I am working a lot of hours. But I do keenly review all your work and they are all exceptional! Appreciate you so much!


Completed orders 579

Orders on English – 37

He did amazing job. He followed all my directions and then label all his answers so I know which answer is for what. I definitely recommend him because I told him to write pacifically about a job that he would have to do a lot of research for and he did.

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I tried loads of services, but Gradesfixer is truly my favorite one. I like that I can chat with my writer and make different changes whenever. Once, I ordered an essay at 3 a.m. and got it in the morning. Really convenient! Basically, GradesFixer works for me whenever I need it.

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My favorite part of Grade Fixer is its grammar-checking function because it gives me peace of mind when submitting a paper without errors. They will check everything from sentence structure to punctuation which helps me get good grades without putting in too much effort.

Was looking for a shortcut on getting a hella boring essay done for my finance exams and luckily this GradesFixer site came to my attention and was chosen among other similar services. THe whole process of ordering an essay was utterly simple, there were next to none edits in the finished text, and the price was pretty reasonable. Pretty nice job all in all.

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I have been using GradeFixers for a couple of years and don't plan to stop anytime soon. However, in the rare event that my assigned writer is unavailable, I usually hear back from the customer support team within the hour with a list of available writers and a selection of prices.

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Why does provide free essays?

We strive to improve the education process for every student and make it clear and affordable to everyone. It’s always easier to study with a good example at your hand.

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Essay samples are donated to us by students and are free for any user. It’s quite likely they have been used before. You can always order a totally unique and plagiarism-free paper on any topic from our experts.

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Using free papers as examples and a source for inspiration is not considered cheating. We strongly ask you not to submit free samples as your own though.

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Submitting an essay from a free database will most likely be considered plagiarism and cheating by your professor or teacher. GradesFixer stands for academic integrity. We ask you to be honest and not to submit free papers found here as your own.

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Yes, our experts can handle any academic paper and write you a unique plagiarism-free essay that will fit your instructions.

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You should check your spam folder or simply try requesting the sample again (if it doesn't help, then make sure to contact our support team).

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No, the plagiarism checker only supports text content or uploading of a file that contains the text.

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Unfortunately, our writing service is not free. Our writers still have to eat. Using our writing service, you’re paying for quality and expertise. You’re paying to be sure your paper turns out exactly the way you need it.

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Our service offers an unlimited amount of free revisions. We will polish your paper until you find it perfect.

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Money on your account stays with you. The sum is frozen until you receive a finished paper and confirm it was written according to your instructions.

Can you find an expert for any essay subjects?

Over 200 PhD experts work with GradesFixer to provide the best expertise on any topic. You can look through the writers yourself, check their experience and reviews or even chat with them to make the right choice. Feel lost with all the offers? Our support team will gladly help you find the best writer for your paper.

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Our policy prohibits direct copying. Still, you can receive any sample via email after you specify your address.

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If you already know the word count, you can choose a specific number of pages with one page being 275 words to cover your needs. Mention it in your instructions and tell that it should be a single-spaced paper.

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