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Lpn/lvn travel nursing guide, how to find the best lpn travel assignments.

LPNs are in-demand nationwide as healthcare facilities look to fill roles amid the ongoing nurse shortage. The resources contained here will help you to identify how and where to find the LPN travel assignment that matches your personal and professional needs.

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  • Becoming an LPN
  • Getting Licensed
  • Can LPNs Travel
  • Travel Requirements
  • LPN Salaries
  • Travel vs Perm
  • Salaries By State
  • LPNs vs LVNs
  • LPN/LVN Jobs

LPN Education Requirements

In order to become a Licensed Practical Nurse you will need to complete a formal training and educational program. LPN education programs are typically offered by vocational schools, community colleges, or technical institutes and are available in various formats, including in-person and online options.

Program Length: LPN programs generally range from 12 to 24 months, depending on the specific program and institution. The duration may vary based on factors such as full-time or part-time enrollment.

Curriculum: LPN education programs cover a comprehensive range of subjects and skills to equip students with the knowledge and abilities necessary for entry-level nursing practice. The curriculum typically includes coursework in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, pediatrics, obstetrics, mental health nursing, and nursing ethics. Students also receive practical training through supervised clinical experiences in healthcare settings, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios.

Classroom Instruction: LPN programs incorporate classroom instruction to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation. In the classroom, students learn about medical terminology, nursing principles, patient care techniques, and relevant healthcare laws and regulations. They also participate in discussions, lectures, and interactive learning activities to deepen their understanding of nursing concepts.

Clinical Training: Hands-on clinical training is a crucial component of LPN education. Students are typically assigned to healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, or long-term care facilities, where they work under the supervision of experienced nurses and healthcare professionals. During this clinical training, students gain practical experience in performing nursing procedures, administering medications, taking vital signs, providing patient care, and communicating with patients and their families.

Licensing Exam: LPN education programs aim to prepare students for the licensing examination required to become licensed practical nurses. The curriculum often includes exam-specific content review and test-taking strategies to help students succeed in the licensing examination, such as the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

How To Get Licensed

Application: After completing the educational program, the next step is to submit an application for licensure to the appropriate licensing board or regulatory body. The application typically requires providing personal information, educational background, and sometimes a fee.

Background Check: Many jurisdictions require LPN candidates to undergo a criminal background check. This is to ensure the candidate does not have any disqualifying criminal history that may impact their ability to safely provide nursing care.

Licensing Exam: LPN candidates are usually required to pass a standardized licensing examination, such as the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). The exam assesses the candidate’s knowledge and competence in various areas of nursing practice. It covers topics such as patient care, pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, maternal and child health, and psychiatric nursing. The exam is typically computer-based and consists of multiple-choice questions.

State-Specific Requirements: In addition to the national licensing exam, some jurisdictions may have additional state-specific requirements. These may include additional examinations, fingerprinting, or specific documentation that needs to be submitted.

Licensure: Once the candidate has successfully completed the educational requirements and passed the licensing examination, they are granted an LPN license by the licensing board or regulatory body. This license allows them to legally practice as an LPN within the jurisdiction.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and processes for LPN licensure can differ between states or countries, so it’s essential to consult the appropriate licensing board or regulatory body in the specific jurisdiction for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Can LPNs Be Travel Nurses?

Can LPNs do travel nursing? Short answer: yes . Long answer: If you’re a recent graduate you might find it difficult to find a travel nursing agency or a facility that is willing to hire a travel LPN without any experience. More likely you’ll be required to work as a perm LPN for 1-2 years before being considered as a candidate for travel. If travel is your goal you should start the conversation with an agency now and work toward your travel nursing goal with clear expectations in mind.

What Are The Requirements For Being A Travel LPN?

Each and every state has slightly different requirements and those requirements are likely to change from year to year. All states require that you obtain your nursing license for the state in which you’ll be working. Everything that goes along with that is included such as a background check, the application process and fee, and the (sometimes) long wait to receive your license. This usually takes 6-8 weeks. Most LPN positions are with hospitals, long term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and in home health care. If you’re taking on a role within a hospital setting they will likely have their own policies and procedures that you’ll be required to follow as well. The NCLEX-PN is also required for LPNs.

How Much Do LPNs Earn?

  • Nationwide Average Hourly Rate: $28.11
  • Nationwide Median Base Salary: $51,354
  • Nationwide Average Overtime Pay: $7,750

Source: Indeed.com & U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

In the United States, the median annual wage for LPNs was around $48,820 with an average closer to $51,354. The lowest 10% of LPNs earned less than approximately $35,740, and the highest 10% earned more than about $65,510. Travel LPNs typically earn upwards of 10%-15% more than staff LPNs.

What Factors Affect LPN Salaries?

  • Location: The state you’re in and even the city where you’re working will factor into LPN/LVN Pay. Higher density population centers tend to pay more due to higher demand and increased cost of living. Likewise, more rural areas often offer lower salaries. The one exception to this is travel. Travel LPN jobs will often offer more pay, even when taking an assignment in a more remote location.
  • Facility: Each facility will offer different pay. Typically if two facilities are located near each other the pay will be similar. However, there are several factors such as demand, nursing shortages, number of beds, etc. that can affect how much a facility is willing to offer. Facility locations play a huge role in factoring LPN salary.
  • Travel vs Perm: Travel LPN Jobs will typically offer a higher base pay for LPNs and LVNs. There are additional benefits such as housing stipends, travel reimbursements, paid housing, and bonuses. Because of this, many LPNs prefer travel LPN assignment vs working in a perm position. Obviously there are pros and cons to each. But when pay is concerned, travel LPN jobs will most often pay more.

Which States Do LPNs Earn The Most?

  • Highest Paying States: Nevada, Alaska, California, Delaware, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.
  • Lowest Paying States: West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia.
  • Disclaimer: While it is generally true that the states listed above fall into their respective categories, as a travel LPN you’ll be offered pay that often exceeds the local average. In fact, in addition to your pay and bonuses, you’ll often be offered paid housing. Additionally the lowest paying states are often that way because cost of living is lower there. If you can get paid well, while living in a location with a low cost of living it can make a big difference in your quality of life.

What’s The Difference Between LPNs and LVNs?

There is, essentially, no difference except in name. Texas and California use the title Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) while the rest of the states in the US use the title Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). There are several minor distinctions with regard to duties and responsibilities. However, these differences are from state to state within the LPN distinction as well. Essentially, the state dictates what your role will be, not the title of LVN vs LPN. Regardless, LPNs and LVNs work under the supervision of RNs and physicians. Both LPNs and LVNs have to pass the NCLEX-PN.

Browse LPN/LVN Travel Nursing Jobs by State

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky

Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota

Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Find travel LPN/LVN Travel Nursing jobs nearby and in destinations all over the United States .

Frequently asked questions, find answers to your questions about lpn/lvn travel nursing jobs with medical solutions and travel nursing in general..

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lpn travel nurse assignments

LPN Travel Nursing Jobs: Expand Your Horizons and Skills

lpn travel nurse assignments

Table of Contents

Expand your practice and knowledge as a nurse by exploring LPN travel jobs. An enriching and diverse way to grow professionally and personally, these dynamic roles offer numerous opportunities for travel-loving nurses. Whether you're interested in learning about what LPN travel jobs entail or are seeking tips to secure these roles, this article provides an extensive overview. We delve into an introduction of LPN travel jobs, advantages associated with them, the process of securing these positions, understanding the role and responsibilities, and addressing potential challenges. Additionally, we provide a final reflection on the long-term career prospects and potential for growth in LPN travel jobs.

Introduction to LPN Travel Jobs

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), also known as Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) in some states, play a vital role in providing hands-on patient care in various healthcare settings. LPNs work under the supervision of Registered Nurses (RNs) and doctors, assisting with basic nursing tasks like monitoring vitals, changing dressings, and bathing patients.

LPN travel jobs allow nurses to take temporary assignments around the country while earning great pay and benefits. The high demand for LPNs makes travel nursing an attractive option.


What is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)?

LPNs are entry-level nurses who undergo 1-2 years of training to provide basic patient care. They take vital signs, change wound dressings, insert catheters, track intake and output, and help patients with activities of daily living.

LPNs must graduate from an accredited nursing program and pass the NCLEX-PN licensing exam. They work under RNs and doctors to implement care plans. With further education, LPNs can advance their careers to become RNs.

Defining LPN Travel Jobs

LPN travel nursing involves taking temporary contract assignments (usually 13 weeks) at healthcare facilities around the country. Jobs may be in hospitals, doctor's offices, nursing homes, or other settings.

Travel LPNs help fill gaps in staffing at different locations, earning premium pay while gaining experience working with diverse populations and conditions. Assignments can be extended or nurses can move to new facilities.

Benefits of Choosing LPN Travel Jobs

There are many advantages of LPN travel jobs over permanent positions:

  • Higher pay - Travel LPNs earn $1500-$3000 per week depending on the job and location.
  • Flexibility - Nurses can choose assignments in attractive locations and decline offers.
  • Adventure - Traveling for work allows nurses to explore new places around the U.S.
  • Gain experience - Working at different facilities expands clinical knowledge and skills.
  • Independence - Travel nurses live independently and make their own schedules.

With high demand nationwide, LPN travel jobs offer the chance to make great money while enjoying an exciting lifestyle.

Advantages of Being an LPN Travel Nurse

Opportunity to explore new places.

One of the best perks of LPN travel jobs is the chance to explore different cities and states across America. Nurses can hand pick assignments in locations they've always wanted to visit.

From the sunny beaches of California to the mountain ski towns of Colorado, travel nurses experience the beauty of the U.S. while getting paid. Many travel companies offer bonuses for taking less desirable locations too.

Chance to Enhance Nursing Skills

Working at multiple healthcare facilities allows LPNs to develop a wider range of clinical skills. They will encounter different types of patients, conditions, medications, equipment and procedures. This diversity makes them more adaptable nurses.

LPNs can also take on leadership roles and training opportunities at travel jobs that may not be available at permanent staff positions. This broadened knowledge enhances their nursing practice.

Improved Work/Life Balance

Travel nursing often offers more control over scheduling than staff jobs. Nurses can choose assignments with ideal shifts and blocks of time off in between contracts. This flexibility helps create a better work/life balance.

Many LPNs become travel nurses specifically for the chance to work for a period of time and then take weeks off for vacations, continuing education, or personal matters before their next assignment.

How to Secure LPN Travel Jobs

Necessary qualifications and certifications.

To qualify for LPN travel positions, nurses must:

  • Hold an active LPN license
  • Have 1+ years recent acute care experience (hospital preferred)
  • Be willing to travel to assignments across the U.S.
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Pass a background check and drug test

Having certifications like BLS/CPR, ACLS, PALS, etc. can make candidates more competitive. Some assignments require specific certs or skills like ventilator care, chemotherapy administration or dialysis experience.

Utilizing Reputable Traveling Nurse Agencies

Find the best LPN job opportunities in On Demand , our powerful web app. We have relationships with facilities nationwide.

Reputable agencies will help match nurses to ideal assignments based on their skills, experience, location preferences and benefits. They negotiate pay packages and handle credentialing, travel logistics, housing, and more.

Tips to Make Your Application Stand Out

To get hired for the top LPN travel jobs, nurses can:

  • Have an updated resume focusing on clinical skills
  • Obtain references from recent supervisors
  • Interview professionally and communicate promptly
  • Be open to different locations and shifts
  • Research the facilities and job details
  • Highlight training, certifications and flexibility

Applying early and engaging recruiters increases chances of securing the best travel nursing assignments.

LPN travel jobs provide exciting opportunities to expand nursing knowledge and earn excellent pay while experiencing the adventure of travel around the U.S. Following these tips can help secure rewarding travel nurse assignments.

The Role and Responsibilities of an LPN Travel Nurse

LPN travel nurses take on a unique and fulfilling role within the nursing profession. As a licensed practical nurse (LPN), they have completed the education programs and licensing examination required by their state's licensing board and met any specific requirements to obtain a nursing license. With this foundation, LPNs provide basic patient care under the direction of an RN or physician.

When an LPN chooses to become a travel nurse, they take on short-term nursing assignments in locations across the country. Travel nurses work through staffing agencies that connect them with medical facilities in need. Each assignment typically lasts 8-26 weeks. The temporary nature of the work allows LPN travel nurses to gain experience in diverse settings with high levels of independence and earn extra income.

Typical Work Environments and Settings

LPN travel nurses have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of healthcare settings, including:

  • Hospitals - ERs, ICUs, NICUs, pediatrics, oncology, etc.
  • Clinics - family medicine, urgent care, dialysis, etc.
  • Nursing homes and long-term care facilities
  • Assisted living facilities and group homes
  • Doctors' offices and private practices
  • Schools and community health programs

The most common facilities seeking travel LPNs are hospitals, clinics, and dialysis centers. For example, a dialysis travel LPN may be needed to fill a staffing gap and provide hemodialysis care.

Common Nursing Duties and Patient Care

As a licensed practical nurse, typical duties include:

  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Administering medications and treatments
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Assisting doctors and registered nurses with procedures
  • Educating patients on health management
  • Providing basic daily patient care

LPN travel nurses perform the same patient care duties and have a similar scope of practice to traditional staff LPNs. The main difference is adapting to a new facility's policies and procedures with each assignment.

Understanding the Temporary Nature of Travel Nursing

It's important for prospective LPN travel nurses to understand the temporary contract-based nature of the work. Each assignment at a facility will have a set start and end date, usually lasting 8-26 weeks. This allows the flexibility to experience different locations and healthcare settings. However, it requires being comfortable with frequent transitions.

Challenges and Solutions Associated with LPN Travel Jobs

While travel nursing provides exceptional experiences, there are unique challenges to consider:

Dealing with Potential Feelings of Loneliness

Frequent moves and working in new environments can lead to loneliness. Maintaining connection is key. Solutions include:

  • Arranging regular check-ins with friends and family back home
  • Joining networking groups for travel healthcare workers
  • Putting effort into creating community in each new location
  • Finding social opportunities like gyms, classes, religious services, etc.

Handling Distance from Family and Friends

Travel nurses are often distant from close family and friends. Strategies to manage this include:

  • Scheduling quality virtual visits
  • Finding creative ways to share experiences and stay involved in each other's lives
  • Planning periodic trips home when possible
  • Keeping busy and making the most of time spent apart to build independence

Managing Constant Changes and Transitions

Adapting to new environments frequently can be draining. Tips include:

  • Giving yourself grace and time to adjust with each transition
  • Creating consistent daily routines and self-care practices
  • Focusing energy on learning each new facility's policies/procedures
  • Embracing a spirit of flexibility, adventure, and growth

Final Thoughts on LPN Travel Jobs

Long-term career prospects.

The skills gained through travel nursing are invaluable for long-term career development. The experience exposes LPNs to diverse healthcare settings and builds clinical confidence. Many parlay it into permanent staff positions at facilities discovered through travel assignments.

Potential for Personal and Professional Growth

Beyond furthering a career, LPN travel nursing enables immense personal growth. The independence, adaptability, and cultural awareness developed by nurses who choose this path is unmatched. It leads to greater self-knowledge and awareness that serves in all aspects of life.


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Home Clinician Life Blog Travel Nursing How to Become a Travel LPN: Steps & Jobs to Explore

Travel Nursing

How to Become a Travel LPN: Steps & Jobs to Explore

December 19, 2023 — 5 min read

Last Updated on February 19, 2024

smiling travel lpn in blue scrubs holding backpack in hospital

You’re an LPN or LVN with a passion for adventure. You hear all about the amazing experiences of traveling, but you have one important question: Can LPNs be travel nurses?

Let’s answer this question and show you how to become a travel nurse, explore the numerous benefits, responsibilities, and lifestyle that come with the career, and highlight the best in-demand settings for LPN travel nurse jobs.

What is Travel Nursing?

Aren’t exactly sure what travel nursing is? Travel nursing is a unique, flexible career path for RNs, LVNs, and LPNs who take on temporary assignments in different facilities nationwide. These assignments typically last 13 to 26 weeks and provide opportunities for nurses to work in diverse settings, fostering newfound professional growth and skill development.

With a focus on flexibility and adventure, travel nursing gives you the flexibility to choose assignments based on your goals, explore new locations, and contribute your expertise where it’s needed most.

Can LPNs be Travel Nurses?

So, can LPNs be travel nurses? Yes ! There are many LPN travel nurse jobs available.

There’s a common misconception that travel nursing is exclusively for RNs, but LPNs (also known as LVNs) are increasingly finding unique and fulfilling opportunities on the road. LPN travel nurse jobs allow you to adventure across the country, gain new memories, and explore different healthcare environments.

How to Start Traveling as an LPN

Can LPNs be travel nurses? Yes , we now know that. Now, how can you actually become one?

Education for LPN Travel Nurse Jobs

First, you’ll need to become an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse). To do this, you’ll need to:

  • Obtain your high school diploma or GED.
  • Complete an accredited practical nursing certificate program (typically takes one year).
  • Pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).
  • Optional: Consider obtaining your Travel Nurse Compact License .

Qualifications for LPN Travel Nurse Jobs

Once you’re trained and certified, you’ll need to gain some hands-on experience. Most agencies, including CareerStaff , require nurses to have at least 1-2 years of clinical experience before becoming a travel LPN . This experience ensures you’re well-equipped to handle the challenges of various healthcare settings required as a travel nurse. However, in some cases, newer nurses can travel, too!

Application Process for LPN Travel Nurse Jobs

Navigating the application process is the next crucial step. One of the easiest ways to find LPN travel nurse jobs is to apply through a nurse staffing agency. Once you’re connected with a recruiter, they can help you find a position that meets your personal and professional goals.

Apply to become a travel nurse with one of the top staffing agencies now!

Benefits of Becoming a Travel LPN/LVN

Professional growth.

One of the most significant benefits of LPN travel nurse jobs is the immense growth you experience. Getting to work in different facilities exposes you to different practices, patient populations, medical challenges, and expert mentors, enhancing your skills and broadening your expertise.

Increased Pay

Travel nurse jobs often offer higher pay compared to traditional nurse jobs due to the urgent demand for their services. With perks like housing stipends, travel reimbursement, and bonuses, LPNs can increase their earnings by traveling for work. Be sure to consider the extra benefits and bonuses when comparing and calculating a travel nurse job offer.

Flexible Schedule

“Monotony” definitely isn’t in a travel nurse’s vocabulary. Travel LPNs enjoy the freedom to create a work-life balance that suits their preferences. With assignments ranging from a few weeks to several months, you have the flexibility to choose a schedule and location that aligns with your lifestyle.

Personal Adventure

It’s not just about the work — it’s about the experience . As a travel LPN, you’re not confined to one location. Use your downtime to explore new cities, embrace different cultures, and make lasting memories. It’s a one-of-a-kind blend of professional fulfillment and personal adventure.

Responsibilities and Lifestyle of a Travel Nursing

It’s all about adaptability and adventure.

Transitioning between healthcare environments requires a quick and seamless adjustment. Travel LPNs must be flexible and adaptive to change. Whether administering medications, coordinating patient care, or collaborating with different teams, your ability to adapt is your superpower as a travel nurse.

Dynamic Day-to-Day Tasks

While the responsibilities of a travel LPN align with those of traditional nurses, the variety of settings means each day brings new challenges and experiences. Your responsibilities will likely be similar, but the dynamic nature of travel nursing keeps your work engaging and fulfilling.

Work Hard, Play Hard

The lifestyle of a travel LPN combines work and play. On assignment, you’re fully immersed in the healthcare setting. During downtime, the world is yours to explore. It’s a lifestyle that offers the best of both worlds.

Best In-Demand Settings to Explore for LPN Travel Nurse Jobs

Skilled nursing facilities (snfs).

Dive into the benefits of long-term care jobs and build meaningful relationships with residents. SNFs offer an educational environment for LPNs to strengthen their skills in patient care and establish meaningful connections.

Psych/Behavioral Health

Make a positive impact on mental health patients in a rewarding environment. Travel LPN jobs in psych/behavioral health settings contribute to the well-being of individuals in a meaningful way.


With correctional nursing jobs, make a difference in the communities you visit. Contribute to healthcare within correctional facilities, gaining a unique perspective on healthcare delivery and playing a vital role in rehabilitation efforts.

How to Find LPN Travel Nurse Jobs

Ready to take the leap? CareerStaff specializes in helping travel nurses find assignments throughout the country that meet their career goals and support their lifestyle.

Get started by filling out a simple, quick application . It’s the first step to connecting with our experienced recruiters, who are dedicated to helping your dream travel LPN assignment. You can also search what travel nursing jobs are available below — your next adventure awaits!

Search Travel Nursing Jobs

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With all of this change and excitement, it may take some time to get comfortable in your new job and location. Don’t worry this is expected and your recruiter will be there at every step of your journey! Learn more about about travel opportunities for Nursing Professionals.

Asked Questions

01. To be eligible to travel as a licensed practical or vocational nurse you must first have all your licensing and certifications up to date. The required licenses may vary depending on the state in which you take a travel contract. And while it is not required, you’ll likely be more confident as a care giver if you have at least 6-month’s of on-the-job experience.

02. Once you’ve completed your education and have your all your certifications and licenses, choose a healthcare staffing agency you want to work with and either reach out, or apply for a job. At LRS Healthcare, our recruiters are here to help you find the best LPN or LVN travel gig that pays well and is in a city that you’ll enjoy. 

03. Pay packages vary job-to-job, and by agency. This could be before or after taxes, so what is promoted online could be different than what your take home will be. It is best to discuss the details this with your LRS Healthcare recruiter, so you know what to expect for your weekly paystub. 

04. A standard medical traveler assignment is 13 weeks; however, long-term care facilities are more willing to take some shorter contracts. It is not uncommon for an LPN to commit to an 8-week travel assignment, then extend to continue exploring the city or to perfect their new skills.

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From the LRS Healthcare Blog

The top 5 st. patrick’s day celebrations nationwide, fall in love with your healthcare travel assignment, top 5 cities for mardi gras celebrations.

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Your success is our priority. That’s why we make the traveler experience easy, so you can spend more time living your life and caring for your patients. Here are just a few more reasons to travel with us.

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Traveler First:

You’re never just a number to us. We take the time to learn about you, including your career goals and desired destinations. Your recruiter will guide you from one assignment to the next and be your advocate throughout your journey with us.

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Along with your recruiter, you’ll have access to our dedicated operations and traveler experience teams. They help take care of all the details to make your assignment the very best it can be. You won’t go it alone—you can contact us any time, 24/7/365.

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LPN/LVN-Home Health


LPN/LVN-Long Term Care







RN-Cardiac Cath Lab

RN-Cardiac ICU

RN-Case Manager-Home Visit

RN-Case Manager-Hospice




RN-Dialysis/Critical Care

RN-Dialysis/Long Term Acute Care





RN-Emergency Room


RN-Home Health

RN-Hospital Based Case Management

RN-ICU/Critical Care

RN-Interventional Radiology

RN-Labor and Delivery

RN-Long Term Care

RN-Medical ICU



RN-Mother Baby/Post Partum

RN-Neonatal ICU

RN-Neuro ICU


RN-Operating Room



RN-Pediatric ICU

RN-Pediatric Oncology


RN-Pediatrics ER

RN-Post Anesthesia Care Unit


RN-Rehab/Skilled Nursing


RN-School Nurse

RN-Surgical ICU


RN-Urgent Care

RN-Vascular Access

Technologist-Certified Sterile Processor

Technologist-Certified Surgical Technologist

Technologist-Sterile Processor

Technologist-Surgical Technologist

lpn travel nurse assignments

Featured specialties

Work with us. get what you really want..

We do this work because we care. We ask questions, listen, and work hard for the best results. Just like you do.

With RNnetwork, you get:

Be the center of our universe. Your wants, needs, and concerns have our full attention and respect. You have to feel valued to have an outstanding travel nurse experience.


We see you. You’re not like everyone else, and that’s a beautiful thing. From pay to personal preferences for communications, housing, and more, we build what’s best for you.

Support is a certainty. You feel it in our first meeting, and every step thereafter. From job search and credentialing to your assignment and return flight, we’re here for you. 

The best experience is easier than you think.

You work hard, so let’s talk about the simple things. There’s so much that makes travel nursing fun and rewarding. Here are three ways RNnetwork makes it even better — and easier.

We offer 401(k), travel reimbursement, and multiple ways to earn bonuses. We help you find tax advantages, too.

Day-one benefits

Enjoy industry-leading benefits, including health, dental, and vision insurance and more. Keep your free spirit. Add corporate coverage.

Home sweet home

Housing can make or break travel. Gather your things, pets, and people. Our experts find the perfect area and amenities for a great home.

How do travel nurses feel about their work?

“I was able to spend a few months exploring the Hawaiian islands. You help people along the way, and you get paid for it.”

–Kelly Kilcoyne, NICU travel nurse

lpn travel nurse assignments

Travel LPN Jobs

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey across America? As a travel Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), you get the chance to explore this incredible country while furthering your expertise in the healthcare field. From coast to coast, there are countless opportunities at healthcare facilities for a licensed practical nurse to make a lasting impact and gain valuable experience - no passport required! Take your professional life to the next level - explore the country, gain knowledge, and make long-lasting relationships with talented healthcare professionals and medical personnel across the nation.

1,169 LPN Travel jobs available

1,169 results

36 hrs/week

GLC Group



40 hrs/week

OneStaff Medical



Home Health LPN



Magnet Medical







Fusion Medical Staffing


Catapult Healthcare Solutions




Cariant Health Partners




Excel Medical Staffing


Travel Licensed Practical Nurse FAQ

How Much Do Travel Licensed Practical Nurses Make?

The salary of a Licensed Practical or Licensed Vocational Nurse can vary significantly depending on the experience of the nurse as well as the experience, certifications, and location they are working in.

The median annual salary for a licensed practical or licensed vocational nurse was $48,820 per year or $23.47 per hour in 2020 with most earning between $42,060 and $57,860 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics .

Entry-level LPN traveling nurse jobs or those with the lowest 10% salary earned pay rates around $35,570, while the highest 10% earned more than $65,520. Typically, a travel LPN job will provide higher hourly and weekly pay than permanent positions for healthcare professionals in the same location.

Where are the Highest Paying Jobs for LPNs and LVNs?

Alaska pays the highest average salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics with an average annual wage of $67,620 and an hourly wage of $32.51, though Alaska employs less than 350 LPNs in the state. The next highest paying states include California, which also employs the most LPNs in the country at more than 70,000. LPNs in California get paid an average salary of $64,090 per year and $30.81 per hour, followed by Massachusetts ($60,400 per year, $29.04 per hour), Washington ($59,780 per year, $28.74 per hour), Nevada ($59,700 per year, $28.70 per hour), and Rhode Island ($59,090 per year, $28.41 per hour).

An LPN seeking the highest paying travel nursing contract through a healthcare staffing agency should also be considering the cost of living in the state the position is located in. When comparing adjusted LPN/LVN assignment salaries, Illinois is the highest paying state for LPN and LVN jobs. The other states with the highest adjusted salary for LPN positions are Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona.

What Does an LPN Do?

LPNs are typically the primary caregivers in nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. They help patients with their daily activities and provide patient comfort and emotional support.

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) are invaluable healthcare professionals and typically are part of a medical team. They work with other allied health professionals and provide basic medical care to patients under the direction of registered nurses and doctors and perform a variety of tasks such as helping with daily activities like eating and bathing, taking vital signs, administering medications, wound care, collecting samples for lab testing, providing acute patient care, and provide patient education on treatments.

Typical LPN Duties:

Monitor patient health, including vital signs and overall condition

Assist doctors and registered nurses with patient care

Change dressings or insert catheters as needed

Administer medication and treatments as prescribed by a physician

Provide basic life activities such as eating, dressing, and bathing assistance to patients

Perform routine checks of patients' vital signs

Ensure that patients take their medications correctly

Provide acute patient care

Coordinate with other medical staff to provide the best possible care for patients

Answer phones and take messages

How to Become a Travel LPN?

To become a LPN travel nurse, you need to meet the qualifications of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) generalist. These qualifications include graduating from an accredited nursing program, passing the NCLEX-PN nursing license exam, completing continuing education requirements, and having recent clinical experience as an LPN.

Education & License Requirements

LPN/LVN programs can be completed in less time than RN programs, allowing individuals to quickly begin their nursing career and working as a travel LPN nurse. LPN/LVN programs are very much structured around learning how to perform the necessary skills required to take care of patients. LPNs/LVNs are generally required to practice under the supervision of a licensed nurse. An LPN travel nurse must adhere to all state regulations for practice and are required to maintain certifications such as basic life support (BLS).

Can LPNs Travel with a Compact License?

Yes, an LPN can travel with a Compact LPN License. The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) allows a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse to possess one license but practice in other participating states as long as the nurse is a resident of the home state and meets all requirements in both the home and remote states.

All NLC states recognize one another’s licenses and allow reciprocity for nurses to work temporarily in other member states without the requirement of obtaining an additional license. To conduct nursing practice in any of those NLC states, nurses have to register with the respective Board of Nursing.

Where are Travel LPN Assignments Available?

There is a growing demand for travel nursing jobs for LPNs in a variety of settings as more health care organizations are building a team nursing approach to providing care. The national nursing shortage is opening more available positions for travel LPN jobs in the hospital setting, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment of Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurses should grow by 9% from 2020 to 2030.

Facilities Needing Travel LPNs

Home Health & Home Care

Assisted Living Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Long Term Care Facilities & Nursing Homes

Memory Care Units or Facilities

Mental Health and Psychiatric Facilities

Group Homes & Residential Care Homes

Hospice Care

Critical Access, Community and Teaching Hospitals

How Do Pay Packages Work for Travel LPN Nursing Jobs?

While compensation offers can vary greatly depending on the contract or healthcare staffing agency offering, pay packages for LPN travel nursing pros typically have four major components: hourly taxable wages, meals and incidentals, housing, and travel.

Full-time nurses working at healthcare facilities receive a salary, but most LPN travel nursing employers offer hourly wage pay rates. Every pay package must include a taxable hourly wage, and the amount can vary depending on the shift, location, and specialty required of the LPN travel assignment.

Housing payments can be included in a payment from a healthcare staffing agency. This is typically offered to travel nurses in two ways. Either the company policy is to provide housing, or the traveler is taking the housing stipend. It is more beneficial for the traveler to take the housing stipend for two primary reasons. First, they will have a choice in where they stay. Everyone’s definitions of comfortable and acceptable are different. The second reason the housing stipend is more beneficial for them is that it can be given as a nontaxable amount to travel nurses.

Meals and Incidentals

Also known as per diems, meal and incidental stipends provide a daily budget for daily living expenses. These standards vary depending on the cost of living in cities and states across the country.

Travel Expenses

Travel is the last portion of the pay package. Many recruiters may not even offer travel reimbursement and instead put that money into the per diems or housing for their traveler so they are receiving the benefits over the entire contract, not just at the very beginning or end of the contract. While a travel stipend can be used to cover the cost of a flight for the traveler, it is more often than not used to subsidize the traveler’s expenses to and from most assignments. Travel expenses can be offered as a reimbursement rate per mile, though many agencies will opt to offer a flat rate to and from an assignment.

LPN/LVN Specialties


Long Term Care

Home Health


Home >> What It’s Like To Be an International Student in Moscow?

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BA Business Administration at IU International University of Applied Sciences

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Big Data using Apache Hadoop for Beginners

Bachelor Degree

apu 1

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Computer Science and Digitisation with Foundation Diploma

California State University

California State University, San Bernardino

BA in Computer Systems

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Canadian Business College Scarborough

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Canadian Business College Toronto

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Master of Arts in Educational Administration

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General Education Pathway: Environmental Sustainability

Master of Science in Environmental Sciences

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Bachelor of Arts in Physics

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What It’s Like To Be an International Student in Moscow?

  • December 4, 2021

What Its Like To Be an International Student in Moscow e1644839723168

If you have plans to study in Moscow, knowing a bit about the city can help manage your expectations. Plus, it gives you useful knowledge as an international student in the city.

You may be wondering if being a student in Moscow is any different from other Russian cities or any study destinations for that matter. To satisfy your curiosity, we listed out a couple of key things you should know.

Top-Tier STEM Programs

If you’re pursuing a STEM degree in Russia, you’re in for premium education. Big investments go into Russian Universities to support these programs with world-class facilities and research.

Apart from these facilities, faculty members are also a delight to learn from with their extensive knowledge. It’s no wonder why the country produced 31 Nobel Prize winners.

Fast and Efficient Public Transportation System

Mass transit will play a big role in your travels around Moscow. Fortunately, the city’s mass transportation system experienced transformative changes, making it more comfortable for passengers. 

You can take the metro, buses, trams, or taxis depending on where you’re going or how fast you want to get there. Study our guide to Moscow’s transportation system to learn more.

Hub of Innovation

Moscow universities alone are proof of how well-invested the Russians are in their science education. For example, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) has training simulation centers. Some medical students use these facilities for technical practice and communicating with patients.

RUDN also has a Mission Control Center for students of space technology. This center even gets the same live feed as Russia’s space agency!

Mouth-Watering Russian Cuisine

As the capital city of Russia, Moscow is brimming with places that offer delicious Russian food . There are mid-range restaurants, cafes and food parks you can visit for your mini food trips.

Some of the best dishes you can try are Pelmeni, Borscht, and Blini. You can also try street food like Pirozhki or take a bite of Shashlik, which is the Russians’ take on Kebabs.

Language Barrier Won’t Be a Problem

Most Russians don’t speak English, but in the university setting, your English skills will serve you well. Most faculty members can converse well in English.

Apart from this,  there’s also a wide selection of English-taught courses you can look into. Plus, you’ll most likely take a one-year Russian preparatory course first before your school starts.

There are Many Places to See

As an international student in Moscow, you’ll love the limitless opportunity to travel. The best part is most of these places are also budget-friendly. 

You can take a trip to the Red Square or visit Bunker 42. If you need more options, see our list of budget-friendly places in Moscow for international students.

Now that you have an idea of what it’s like to be an international student in Moscow, learn more about your study destination by checking out more articles  here at MSM Unify. You May Also like Things You Can Do in Moscow on a Budget

Budget-Friendly Places in Moscow

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    Just click & go. As America's largest travel nursing agency, and a leading allied and locums agency, we make things simple. We provide you with the opportunities, resources, technology and support you need to grow your career. Traveling with Aya is as easy as 1-2-3. Register now and complete your profile. Be as detailed as possible.

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    Featured Travel Nursing Jobs. We specialize in supporting travel nurses of all disciplines and specialties. Our travel nursing agency works quickly to place travel nurses in their preferred travel assignment destination at one of our partner healthcare facilities across the U.S. Our travel nurses get access to a highly-responsive support team ...

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    Quick Apply Search for Jobs Traveling as an LPN or LVN with LRS Healthcare. Traveling as an LPN is all about helping where you're needed most. As a healthcare worker, you make an incredible impact on the patients in your care, and as a traveler, you'll be providing staffing relief to long-term care teams and facilities you serve.

  15. Travel Nursing Jobs with RNnetwork

    View all of our travel nurse jobs across America with one click! RNnetwork is your source for all traveling nurse info. ... From job search and credentialing to your assignment and return flight, we're here for you. ... You work hard, so let's talk about the simple things. There's so much that makes travel nursing fun and rewarding. Here ...

  16. Travel LPN Jobs

    The median annual salary for a licensed practical or licensed vocational nurse was $48,820 per year or $23.47 per hour in 2020 with most earning between $42,060 and $57,860 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entry-level LPN traveling nurse jobs or those with the lowest 10% salary earned pay rates around $35,570, while the highest ...

  17. Travel LPN Assignments Jobs, Employment

    Education Upload your resume - Let employers find you Travel LPN Assignments jobs Sort by: relevance - date 4,054 jobs TRS Healthcare is seeking a Registered Nurse who is licensed to work in ID, and has Medical Surgical experience. RN Registered Nurse License/Certification. Still hiring View similar jobs with this employer

  18. Travel Nursing Agency

    The best travel nurse assignments start here. For more than 20 years, Trustaff has been a leading force in healthcare staffing. We build lasting relationships with both the talented professionals looking for their next job and the companies that need their skills to succeed, offering the best travel nurse assignments all across the country. trustaff is about more than just great jobs—it's ...

  19. LPN Travel Assignments Jobs, Employment

    2,610 LPN Travel Assignments jobs available on Indeed.com. Apply to Licensed Practical Nurse, Private Duty Nurse, Travel Lpns | $1500-$1800/week and more!

  20. Life as an International Student in Moscow

    There are Many Places to See. As an international student in Moscow, you'll love the limitless opportunity to travel. The best part is most of these places are also budget-friendly. You can take a trip to the Red Square or visit Bunker 42. If you need more options, see our list of budget-friendly places in Moscow for international students.

  21. Hospitals in Moscow

    European Medical Centre Group The EMC group is constituted of three distinct medical centers: The European Medical Center (EMC), the European Dental Center (EDC), and the Department of Assisted Fertility.

  22. Travel Nurse Assignments

    Browse available nurse positions for travel CNA, travel STNA, travel RN and travel LPN assignments with GrapeTree. Search jobs today; contact us to learn more. top of page. CONTACT US (712) 336-0800. ABOUT. About GrapeTree. Blog. News. Awards & Memberships. Joint Commission. HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS.

  23. Cosmetic Surgery in Moscow

    Address: Novy Arbat str. 34, bld. 1 | Phone: +7 (495) 205-2864. Life-Time. Medical center "Life-Time" offers all the complex of services in plastic surgery and cosmetology. Address: Leningradskoe shosse, 14 | Phone: +7 (495) 234-2981. Paracels 2001. The medical center "Paracels 2001", located in the very center of Moscow, proposes to you to use ...