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My hobby is Gardening Essay for Children and Students

February 20, 2021 by Study Mentor 9 Comments

Table of Contents

My Hobby is Gardening Essay 1

To start with, Hobby is most importantly, a passion for an improvised skill. The Hobby is an activity that helps us spend our break time. We live in an age where the individual has to stay in pace with time. A few hours of leisure, time is necessarily needed from the daily routine to relax the muscles and also to induce relaxation in the brain cells itself. A hobby provides the same level of relaxation. Hobby helps us to induce our endorphin levels. It triggers our happy hormones to such an extent that it makes us bond to whichever activity we are performing. That helps us to boost our hormones and create a level of bonding with that particular activity. Be it a regular activity for amusement. It helps us to spend our leisure time. A hobby is an exercise for pleasurable sensations as well to eliminate the stress from our bodies. It is neither for professionals nor for any pay scale benefits. Typically it includes several lively activeness towards a particular activity that demands both our time and interest.

A hobby can be anything to everything. Hobbies constitute a varied group of activities such as singing, painting, sketching, dancing, collecting stamps, craftwork, gardening, origami, adult coloring, photography, swimming, coding, and many more. It depends on our course of action and passion for choosing the right Hobby for oneself. As it is well said that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. A hobby is an excellent getaway for both a healthy mind and body to coordinate with each other. To be specific, I have many particular activities to spend my leisure time, but I am more focused on gardening.

Essay on my Hobby : My Hobby is Gardening

I belong to a farmer’s family. After settling down in the metro cities, I have noticed my family craving to spare their time for Mother Nature. Having a family background with an ample number of agricultural jobholders, I decided to devise a small garden of my own. Earlier in my penthouse, I decided to create a small rooftop garden due to lack of space. This is how gardening helped me release the amplitude amount of endorphins in my whole family after a stressful day. Gardening is the most accessible and manageable task for a human being. All it requires is enough motivation for a better yield. It is a decampment towards the serenity and beauty of nature with loads of unadulterated indulgence. Gardening has always helped me look towards a better future. It has maintained me to stay submerged with my fondness for plants and blossoms. It is a  form of recreational activity after my school hours. Springing from botanical gardens to every miniature backyard, I have visited all of them. Attending several gardens motivates me to produce a surplus of plants in my garden.

What do I do for my hobby gardening?

Gardening can be done on several types of soil and with numerous varieties of yield. Gardening can be of many types such as herb, flowers, vegetables or kitchen, rose, rock, water, and indoor gardening. According to the needs and availability of tools and garden supplies suited for the purpose, we choose the respective criteria.

Soil is the most important trait for gardening. It requires the accurate level of manure and water to flourish and drop off blooming yield. Soil is a requirement because it constitutes a certain amount of organisms that help in the conversion of plant nutrients from the putrefied subject. To harvest a beautiful garden, healthy soil is the most important necessity. In my rooftop gardens, I have utilized an inadequate amount of space to grow flowering plants and a few creepers and climbers for my mother’s kitchen. Gardening requires an ample amount of attention and time. Starting from the preparation of the soil to the composting till the blossoms are achieved, everything requires dedication. In the beginning, I started with a proper layout for an inadequate stretch. Then I had to pick among the favored and accessible varieties to start with. Obtaining good seeded plants and accessible supplies available at my home, I started my gardening tenure. To help my mom’s kitchen I even planted a few vegetable seeds such as bitter gourd, lemon, chilies, tomatoes, and a few leafy vegetables. I affirmed to keep my plants away from the weeds and pests. I took assistance from my uncle with organic manures and compost to get a better yield and prettier blossoms for every morning to wake up to. I have used unused plastic bottles to grow creepers and a few flowering and herb plants to create an aesthetic outlook for my garden. Plants such as basil, money plants, rosemary, spinach, and much more hanging houseleeks were grown from the waste bottles. The proper amount of sun and shade are required as it may inhibit adequate plant growth. Butterflies, honey bees, flower beetles are a regular visitor to my garden. A few of my houseplants are ferns, dracaena, philodendron, and aglaonema. The vegetables I have grown are placed in a sunny spot, and there’s an ample amount of water supply adjacent to it. These vegetables are used in our kitchen daily.

Health Benefits of Gardening

Gardening as a hobby comes with several benefits. Possessing a personal garden helps the family with an amplitude amount of perks.

1. Gardening eliminates weeds.

Studies have shown that unwanted plants take up the required amount of light and nutrient resources necessary for healthy plants. Weeds are the best competitors. To eliminate them, we have to pluck it out.

2. It helps to alleviate stress.

The garden creates a source of well being and reduces the level of stress after an exhausting day. It helps to burn some extra calories, and that results in increasing a surplus level of metabolism. It is much similar to working out daily. It benefits the body and mind.

3. Gardening can boost endorphin levels.

Subsequently, within 30 minutes, it results in lowering the blood pressure level by the release of endorphin levels in the bloodstream. It lifts your mood and makes you happier. It increases your patience level as it directs you to watch a living being grow.

4. Gardening is a source of Vitamin D

When the melanin of your body is exposed to the sun, it helps to obtain some levels of vitamin D.  Sun is the best source of vitamin D that helps to provide calcium to your bones for obtaining strength and bone formation.

5. It provides opportunities for pollinators.

Honey Bees, butterflies, and several other pollinators are a regular visitor to the garden. Gardening provides food as a form of pollen and nectar to maintain our food system.

6. Yields healthy food for the family.

Using homemade compost and manure helps to obtain healthy fruits and vegetables. It provides a nutritious diet and helps in reducing the expenditure of a household.

7. Gardening presents extra oxygen to the house.

Gardening provides an extra amount of oxygen, and in addition to that, it helps to remove the unnecessary carbon dioxide and helps to keep the house cool.

Gardening helps to lower the risk of respiratory disorders with a small amount of expense. It is the most productive Hobby with better yields therefore I chose Gardening as my hobby. Creating a beautiful garden is what makes me feel relaxed, and I aim to create a higher-yielding garden with beautiful blossoms. It is a way of amusement and benefits my health as well.

My Hobby is Gardening Essay 2

A hobby is something that we do for pleasure in our free time. It is different from the profession. While the profession is followed to make money, a hobby is an activity for leisure and earns us satisfaction. Different people have different hobbies.

They include activities like reading, writing, singing, dancing, gardening, cooking, stamp-collecting, etc. We can develop some of these activities into our hobbies. A hobby lifts our spirits high, when we are depressed.

There are people who, at one time or the other, followed hobbies as professions and earned for themselves name as well as fame.

my hobby gardening essay

My hobby is gardening and I have grown a beautiful garden in my house. It is divided into two parts, one of which is for flowers and herbal plants of different varieties. I look after my plants and water them daily. I keep the spot neat and clean. Colors and fragrance of flowers are source of pleasure for me.

Sometimes, I invite my friends to visit my garden. They also enjoy the beauty and smell of flowers and site relaxed. In the second half of my garden, I grow vegetables. I grow tomatoes and some seasonal vegetables in it. Daily I pluck two or three tomatoes and eat them raw,

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Good paragraph on Gardening

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Schma miss rehana bht easy ha

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December 1, 2019 at 11:19 pm

it is really good and short. it was very easy to note it down on my copy. TYSM 🙂

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December 5, 2019 at 11:27 am

You are welcome. We are always ready to help students for their better future. We are ready to write essays for students as per their request too.

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March 31, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Nicely written

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Thanks for this valuable information . Svanidhi Yojana

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January 14, 2021 at 7:58 pm

you have given really very helpful information.

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You explained very well.

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My Favorite Hobby Gardening

My Favorite Hobby Gardening

Activities which we like to do during our free time are called hobbies.  This does not come out of compulsion, it comes only by our liking and interest.  It makes our mind and body relaxed.   

I am Nithya.  My favorite hobby is gardening.  I have a small garden in front of my house.  My mother helps me in maintaining my garden.  I have flower plants like rose, lily, jasmine, red hibiscus, pink hibiscus, and some more also.  I also have medicinal plants like tulsi plants and others are tomato plants, lemon trees, neem tree, and a papaya tree.  Also, I like to plant new plants.  Every day, I water my plants in the morning and in the evening.  I will be very happy to see flowers bloom and the fruits in the plants.  I love my garden very much.  

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My Garden Essay for Class 3 Students

Here, we are going to discuss “My garden essay for Class 3” kids. A garden is an organized plot of land next to a house. It is set aside for growing new plants, shrubs, herbs, flowers, fruits, trees, etc. A garden can consist of natural as well as artificial materials. For instance, we can find artificial grass in some gardens. The garden consists of both natural and man-made materials.

Gardens are a very crucial part of the house. They provide fresh air and a natural environment. They add up to the beauty of homes. The below given 10 lines on my garden for Class 3 will aid kids in framing out sentences about their gardens. You can also download this essay on my garden in a colourful PDF format, through the download link given below.

Download “My Garden Paragraph for Class 3” PDF for Free

My garden essay in english for class 3.

My Garden Essay

  • I have a beautiful garden adjoined to my house.
  • My mother spends half an hour each day in the morning and the evening to tend to the garden.
  • My garden has a small fountain at its centre. It looks very beautiful in the night when we light up the colourful lights around the fountain.
  • My elder sister is fond of growing herbs and vegetables in our garden.
  • She grows fenugreek, mustard, coriander and garlic plants in the garden.
  • She collects plant saplings and seeds from the nurseries whenever we visit our village.
  • My mother is fond of growing flowers and decorating the garden. There are many kinds of flowers in the garden like roses, dahlia, daisies, lilies, mogra, marigold, etc.
  • My grandmother had planted a mango tree, an apple tree and a pomegranate tree three decades ago. They have all grown into huge trees and bear delicious fresh fruits.
  • The garden looks heavenly when sunlight falls on all these plants, trees, flowers and leaves early in the morning and evening.
  • We have a set of chairs placed in the garden. Almost every day, we take time to sit there and spend our time together in the lap of nature.

Loved the “My garden essay in English”? We hope that the above written my garden essay for Class 3 would prove to be helpful to your little one in understanding how to draft a simple yet impressive essay on my garden. There are lots of other essays for Class 3 which are frequently asked in examinations. My Garden paragraph is a very common topic for essays in primary classes. Hence, the above 10 lines on my garden for Class 3 will assist kids in framing fascinating sentences about their gardens.

Gardening is pursued by many people as their hobby. It gives them peace and a way to connect to nature. Growing various types of flowers, vegetables, plants, trees, etc. is an activity that is good for health and mind. You can grow and eat fresh fruits and vegetables in your own garden.

Writing essays improves the linguistic prowess of students. It boosts their confidence and enhances their sentence building skills. While writing an essay on my garden, students get a chance to ponder over the topic and pen down what they love about their gardens. My garden essay for Class 3 is our attempt to draft an essay on this topic, keeping in mind the thought process of the students.

We have a huge assemblage of learning resources for kids including intriguing worksheets, brain-tickling general knowledge questions, interesting stories, poems for children, NCERT solutions, easy trivia questions, etc. on our Kids Learning section that you can explore.

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my hobby gardening essay for class 3

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Essay On Gardening – 10 Lines, Short And Long Essay For Children

' src=

Key Points To Remember: Essay On Gardening For Lower Primary Classes

10 lines on gardening for kids, a paragraph on gardening for children, short essay on gardening in english for kids, long essay on gardening for children.

Gardening is one of the activities that can help us stay connected to nature, given our hectic and urban lifestyle. We have great joy when we do gardening because we can see the shrubs and flowers develop from their tender stage until they fully shoot and flourish into their green life. This truly makes us aware of how short life on earth is for all living things. Gardening keeps our daily lives fresh; watering, caring for plants and cleaning the plants make us feel calm and refreshed.

Essays can be a great tool to help your kids understand and appreciate gardening. We have this article to help your child with writing. This article contains an essay on gardening for classes 1, 2 and 3.

There are specific points to keep in mind when writing any essay. Given here are a few pointers to guide you with how to write an essay on gardening:

  • Essays generally follow a format that includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  • For kids, these essays can be written in the form of a single paragraph or point.
  • A good introduction and a strong conclusion are essential for a good essay.
  • Include the benefits of gardening.
  • Touch upon the healthy changes that gardening offers.

Lower primary kids feel easy in writing points for a particular topic. Here is a 10-line gardening essay for classes 1 and 2:

  • Growing, developing, planting, and caring for new plants are all a part of gardening.
  • Plants are a fundamental component of nature.
  • A lovely garden can transform a home’s overall look.
  • Without gardening, the garden would have uncontrollable growth and dense bushes, making it appear unkempt and untamed.
  • Maintaining a garden requires a lot of hard work, but it must be done frequently.
  • Gardening is much more than mere watering.
  • Where necessary, it also entails nipping, pruning, and cutting shrubs and dense foliage.
  • The beauty of the garden itself is a sign of successful gardening.
  • Having a committed and knowledgeable gardener is the first step toward having a garden.
  • Gardening gives you an opportunity to grow your own fruits and vegetables to ensure that the food on your table is healthy.

Now let us look at a paragraph on the topic of gardening. Lower primary children can use this paragraph on gardening to write essays:

Another excellent life lesson passed down through the centuries is gardening. Gardening is a great practical activity. Maintaining a beautiful kitchen garden ensures that you have wholesome, organic food on the table. Planning the garden’s layout and being knowledgeable about the many plants that flourish in diverse environments are prerequisites for gardening. Achieving all of them naturally elevates our mood and brings about mental happiness. Gardens offer a calm, refreshing and stress-free environment. No matter what your age is, gardening is an activity that you must practise. It is also known for enhancing our mental abilities as we engage with nature.

Gardening is a beautiful activity that soothes the mind and soul. This is an essay for classes 1, 2 and 3 on gardening:

The existence of plants is vital for all living beings, especially humans, to survive. Without plants, none of our essential bodily processes, including breathing, eating, and drinking, would be possible. In addition to serving as food sources, plants produce oxygen and support the water table. While many plants thrive in the wild, some plants, bushes, and shrubs are also cultivated and grown by humans in their homes or yards. It is referred to as gardening. While gardening may seem like a hobby to some, it is beneficial and significant to us. It entails physical labour on the part of the gardener to perform tasks like weeding, watering plants, mulching, trellising, and harvesting.

Additionally, gardening is a beneficial pastime. This activity enables you to cultivate your own fruits and vegetables, guaranteeing that the food on your table is wholesome. The human desire for beauty is satisfied by gardening. Working in the garden also improves problem-solving abilities. Researching the most effective gardening techniques, testing various approaches, and creating irrigation systems that work for you all help develop your creative and problem-solving skills.

Kids need to write detailed essays as they reach higher grades. This section covers an essay for class 3 children on gardening:

Gardening is a passion for many, and people treat plants and trees in their garden as their kids. People regularly water crops, spot gardens, root grasses, prepare beds, scatter seeds, and plant trees. They maintain the garden’s cleanliness by working both in the morning and at night. In the garden, taking care of pest crops is crucial. Insects might pose a threat to the crops, and they lay eggs on the fruits, flowers, and produce. Insecticides can be sprinkled on top to kill these eggs. Lime is periodically incorporated into the soil to kill bacteria and pathogens. Consequently, the soil’s fertility rises.

Advantages Of Gardening

  • Benefits To Your Health:  Gardening is a strenuous hobby. There are numerous health benefits of gardening. Further research has revealed that gardening also lowers blood pressure, stress, and depression, as well as cholesterol levels. Studies have even shown that simply gazing at a garden can positively impact one’s heart rate, blood pressure, muscles, and even brain function. It induces emotions of serenity and tranquilly and is generally quite therapeutic.
  • Environmental Advantages:  It is undeniable that humans have had a significant impact on the environment. By gardening, we can lessen and offset this effect. Plants produce fresher and cleaner air by releasing oxygen after absorbing carbon dioxide. Since plants’ root systems keep the soil in place, they help stop soil erosion. You can use rain gardens to collect rainwater and keep pollutants out of lakes and waterways. A well-planned landscape around your home can help keep your place cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, lowering your need for air conditioning by as much as 20%.
  • Increase In Property Value:  From a purely aesthetic standpoint, a well-kept garden raises your home’s curb appeal, increasing the property value. Additionally, it may prompt buyers to submit offers for the property sooner than they would for a typical house.
  • Organic Vegetable Growth:  There are two benefits of growing vegetables in your yard. One advantage is that you are confident of the pesticides and chemicals you use to help the vegetables grow, so you don’t have to worry about them. Second, making the simplest of provisions for yourself and your family gives you tremendous satisfaction.

You will learn more about gardening skills as you go ahead with gardening. As you gain more knowledge, you’ll be able to think of new options for your garden. You can benefit emotionally and physically from gardening, enabling you to put food on your table and contribute to environmental health. Although gardening takes a while to produce effects, those results are more profound and stay much longer.

1. Can Gardening Be A Hobby?

Yes. Growing plants can be a hobby, and it is a fun hobby to engage in, and can be used as a constructive pastime. People do gardening in their free time.

We hope this article helps your children write about gardening and encourages them to include gardening activities in their daily life.

Essay On Nature in English for Children My Garden Essay for Lower Primary Class Kids How to Write An Essay On Plants for Children

  • Essays for Class 1
  • Essays for Class 2
  • Essays for Class 3

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my hobby gardening essay for class 3

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My School Garden Essay in English for Class 3 Students

Essay on my school garden for class 3 students.

Essay writing is an important part of the school curriculum. It adds value to a kid’s imagination and writing skills. Essay writing is given as a part of brain exercise as it helps students to put their thoughts into words.  Here is a fantastic essay for Class 3 students on My School Garden. The School Garden is one of the most popular hangout spots for kids. The pupils are always drawn to the school garden because of its lush foliage and tranquillity.

Nature never ceases to amaze us with her splendor. We may discover everything in gardens, from beautiful flowers and plants to colourful birds and butterflies. The importance of nature and the environment is taught to children through school gardens. Kids can participate in a variety of activities, including planting a tree in their school gardens. 

My School Garden Essay

My school has a very large garden. It’s not a very big garden, but it’s one of the most special gardens I have ever seen. My school backyard is placed in front of that most important school building.

I have seen many employees and gardeners work on taking care of the garden throughout the time we have classes. They plant a variety of fruits and trees. They water them and take care of the flowers.

The garden has a big range of fruits and flowers. Thick thorny shrubs border the garden. My school backyard has flowers such as sunflowers, tulips, marigolds, daisies, roses, jasmine, etc. It also has large bushes such as neem, litchi, and a mango tree.

We are only allowed to go to the garden for the duration of our recess, and once our environmental science teacher took us there to become aware of various plants. The garden not only makes our school lovely but additionally adds some much-needed greenery. I love spending time in my school garden.

Gardening is an addicting passion for many individuals. For some, keeping their garden neat and tidy is a harsh disciplinary measure. The importance of a house's garden or surrounding grass cannot be overstated. It not only enhances the visual appeal of the area but also allows residents to live a little closer to nature. People who enjoy plants and flowers are more likely to maintain gardens; they are also more likely to be engaged in gardening and approach it as a pastime.

Gardening is a highly skilled activity that also requires the practitioner to be patient and hardworking. This is due to the fact that gardening necessitates the utmost commitment and care. For the owner, a garden is a very special location. Having one's own garden implies being able to stroll through it whenever one desires. People with gardens can cultivate their own fruits and vegetables, as well as organic and ayurvedic plants. Many individuals even use hybrid planting to get flowers and seeds with a hybrid quality.

Flowers in the garden not only make it seem beautiful and vibrant, but they also add a natural scent to the living spaces. Flowers are an important aspect of the garden and contribute to its beauty. Having a garden around the house is desirable for a variety of reasons. However, in order to get the benefits of a beautiful garden, it must be well cared for and maintained. It is for this reason that gardening is so important.

Gardening entails the cultivation of plants and flowers, as well as their maintenance and proper care. It's a delicate business, and those who haven't done it before may find it challenging at first. It is a difficult task. Plants require patience to grow. Planting seeds in the ground and watering them on a regular basis would be insufficient. Other parameters, like as soil fertility, ambient temperature, manure, and so on, must be considered.

They also require enough light for photosynthesis and nutrition. People who have a genuine passion for growing plants might take on the task of gardening on their own. Those who want a garden but aren't keen on the gardening aspect can hire a professional gardener to take care of it for them.

Gardening is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of activities. Gardening, in its broadest sense, is the act of cultivating plants in a garden. Yards are found in many houses, flats, buildings, and businesses; they come in varying sizes and rely on the amount of space available. Many individuals also enjoy cultivating a kitchen garden, which is a garden that only grows vegetables, edible plants, flowers, and herbs. Gardening is a task that should be approached with caution. The importance of accuracy cannot be overstated. A single blunder here or there can lead to the plant's complete destruction. As a result, it should be completed with sufficient time and care.

Gardeners' primary responsibilities include watering plants on a daily basis, ensuring their nutrition, adding manure and fertilizers to the soil, and planting new seeds. Plants can also be grown from saplings purchased from a nursery. Bonsais can also be improved if you are interested.

As a result, gardening is a fun activity. It does necessitate complete dedication, but the wait is well worth it. Gardening aids in the development of supple hands capable of attending to the tiniest of details. It cultivates patience and faithfulness in the gardener. Gardening also instills in the gardener a renewed enthusiasm for flora. It's an investment position that necessitates the presence of a capable and responsible individual.

FAQs on My School Garden Essay in English for Class 3 Students

1. How to write a “My School Garden” Essay in 10 lines?

An essay can be written in 10 lines-

Our school has a wonderful garden.

It's enormous and lush with vegetation.

Ramu kaka, our school's gardener, looks after it.

Every year on World Forest Day, we also plant a tree sapling in our school garden.

We also water the plants every now and again.

In our garden, we have a variety of flower and fruit plants.

The perfume of jasmine and tulips grown in our garden always refreshes and scents our school campus.

There are also various trees such as peepal, mango, and lichi.

During recess, many youngsters go to the garden to play.

Our garden is something we are really proud of.

2. How is fruit and flowers described in the Essay?

In the essay, it says, the school's garden is densely forested with trees and vines. Plants include fruits, flowers, and vegetables. In the midst of the garden, there is a well. The garden is organized into four sections, with one section devoted solely to flowering plants.

Marigold, jasmine, champak, and rose plants are among them. Fruit plants can be found in the second section. Apple, guava, papaya, banana, and coconut plants are among them.

Vegetable plants such as potato, brinjal, tomato, bottle gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd, snake-gourd, bean, and arum grow in the third section, while spinach and other vegetables grow in the fourth. We cultivate cabbage and cauliflower in the winter. Onions and garlic are also grown on the farm.

3. What is the summary of Essay My School Garden in 150-200 words?

A school garden should be present in every school. At our school, we have a lovely garden. It was created by students and instructors working collaboratively. We began working on the project last year. We learned about this from our agricultural teacher, and it piqued our interest. Inside the school, there were plenty of unoccupied areas. We approached the headmaster about it, and he was extremely pleased.

We chose a spot with a length of 25 feet and a width of 20 feet. For a small garden, that was not a small space. We provided water for three days there. We followed our agriculture teacher's advice. To work in the garden, we formed a group. We went to the local nursery to get plants once the land was ready.

We chose to plant the garden's only flowers. We went out and bought a lot of plants, which we then planted in the garden. We put in a lot of effort to provide water and keep the garden clean. It is now a very lovely garden.

4. What is a garden for class 3?

A garden is a well-kept patch of land adjacent to a home. It is designated for the growth of new plants, shrubs, herbs, flowers, fruits, and trees, among other things. A garden can be made up of both natural and man-made items. Artificial grass, for example, can be found in some gardens. Natural and man-made materials are used in the garden.

Gardens are an essential component of any home. They play a critical role in the provision of clean air and a healthy environment. They contribute to the aesthetic appeal of homes.

5. What are the tips for effective essay writing?

The tips are-

Children must write whatever they think of and make changes later

Take breaks in between while writing essays so that it doesn’t get monotonous

After the body, write the introduction and conclusion. Write the introduction and conclusion when you've decided what your essay will be about.

Children can use phrases they learned

Make changes to the initial essay draft. 

Put the essay away for a few days. This provides you with a new viewpoint on your essay, allowing you to modify it more efficiently.

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