How To Write A Resume Objective Statement (Examples Included)

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By Mike Simpson

UPDATED 5/18/2022

Resumes. We all know what they are. We all know how important having a good one is…and how much a bad one can hurt your ability to get your dream job. That’s why reviewing different resume objective examples is essential, ensuring you can create well-crafted, carefully targeted resumes for hiring managers.

So, how do you make sure your resume objective – and entire application – stands out? We’ll tell you. Come with us as we explore some resume objective statement examples, as well as tips on how to ensure yours shines.

What is a Resume Objective?

objective resume writing

“My objective? Well, that’s easy. My objective is to get the job.”

Absolutely, we couldn’t agree more. But an objective on your resume is so much more than just writing, “Hey, hire me. I’m super awesome.”

So, what is an objective for a resume?

Well, according to the Marquette University College of Business Administration , “an objective statement is a concise, position-centered statement describing the value you can add and the needs you can fulfill.”

Our friends over at take it a step further, saying: “A well-written resume objective statement can be customized for the job you’re applying for and add value to your resume that sets it apart from other applicants.”

Essentially, a resume objective is a targeted snippet that clearly outlines your career direction while simultaneously positioning you as someone who fits what the employer is looking for exactly.

Sounds pretty ingenious, right? So why don’t more people have them on their resumes?

Resume objectives can be a bit controversial. Some people think they can make you look amateurish…which, if you don’t do it correctly, is absolutely true. But that can be said for any section of your resume.

Other schools of thought think that the objectives should be taken out entirely and replaced with the more popular “ resume summary statement .”

You may be wondering, “What if I use a resume objective and the hiring manager looks at it and laughs? Are they going to throw out my resume…or worse, put it on the wall of shame?”

Now, nobody is going to laugh at your resume objective as long as you use the right approach. Additionally, if your career is moving in certain directions, using a resume objective makes more sense than the alternatives.

When Should You Use a Resume Objective?

Are you relatively new to the job search market or lack work experience?

Are you changing industries?

Are you targeting a specific job or position?

If you answered “YES” to any of these above questions, then the resume objective is potentially perfect. If you answered “NO” to all of the above questions, you might be better off with a “Resume Summary Statement.”

For those of you in the middle of a career change or who might just be starting out, a resume objective statement allows you to define your goal to a potential employer…something that your work history might not otherwise be able to do for you.

Imagine how confused a hiring manager would be if they were looking for candidates to fill an office coordinator position and you sent in a resume with ten years of experience in marketing. Without an objective statement, the hiring manager might just assume your resume has been accidentally sent to them and simply discard it.

With an objective statement, you can not only let the hiring manager know that your resume IS in the right spot but also explain that you’re making the switch and show that your skill set does align with this new career path.

If you’re targeting a specific job or position, a resume objective statement can help reinforce that idea that you know EXACTLY what you’re after. That can work in your favor, too.

Overall, and most importantly, the biggest reason to put an objective on your resume is…it’s better than having nothing. Remember, your goal is to catch the hiring manager’s eye and stand out from the rest of the paper in that pile.

Common Mistakes

There are several common mistakes job seekers can make when writing their statement with the number one being using the same objective for every job application.

1) Using the Same Objective For Every Job Application

To obtain a job within my chosen field that will challenge me and allow me to use my education, skills and past experiences in a way that is mutually beneficial to both myself and my employer and allow for future growth and advancement.

Your goal is to be the ideal candidate and that means making sure you’re exactly what the hiring manager is looking for…and unless you’re applying to a cookie cutter factory in a cookie cutter job town where every job every employer is listing is exactly the same then I guarantee you 100% that your statement will NOT be a “one size fits all” statement.

2) Making It All About You

This is a trap that many job seekers fall into, as they can’t resist to use the objective to list off all of the things that they want to get out of the position.

Hi, I’m Joe Jobseeker and I really want a job in a company where I make a ton of money doing as little as possible. Oh, and a corner office. A company car would be nice too. While we’re at it, let’s talk benefits, retirement…and the company vacation policy.

Yes, we’re being over the top with this one, but we need you to look at this and laugh…because even a slightly toned down one where you list only what YOU want is going to come off just as ridiculous to the hiring manager as the one we’ve blown out of proportion.

3) Being Too Vague

Mistake number three is being vague. Like we said, this isn’t a one size fits all so by being ambiguous in the hopes of somewhat fitting what they’re looking for is going to get your resume sent directly to the circular file. (In case you don’t know, the circular file is the trash can. It just sounds fancier but the end result is the same…no job.)

Looking for a long term full time job where I can apply my extensive skills and knowledge to the position for which I am hired.

Blah. Who is this person? All we know by reading this statement is that they have skills and knowledge…but other than that, not much else. What skills do they have? Do they really apply to the job? And what knowledge can they draw from that will benefit the company? See what we mean? It’s so generic you could literally fit anything into those blanks…it’s like Resume Mad Libs!

4) Going On… And On… And On… And On… and zzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Mistake number four is being too long. This isn’t a novel. It’s a quick little blurb to catch their attention so they can bring you in for an interview…then you can get into more detail!

Not going to put one here. Why? Because the example we were going to do was going to be so long and ridiculous that you and everyone else reading this post would just get bored and move onto another article. Just remember, it’s all about short and sweet. Anything over a sentence or two is TOO LONG. Remember that.

5) Adding Absolutely No Value

Mistake number five is probably the worst…and the easiest to fall into (outside of mistake number two, the “all about me” statement.) Mistake number five is writing a statement that basically fills space but doesn’t tell the hiring manager anything about the value you bring to the table. This can also be confused with the too vague statement…

To obtain a position within my chosen field where I can utilize my skills as a hard-working, well-educated employee in exchange for a steady market-fair paycheck.

Congratulations. You’re educated and you’re hard working and you want to make money. So what? So are 90% of the people you’re going up against. Why are YOU the ideal candidate? What makes the hiring manager want to bring YOU in over everyone else? See what we mean?


How are you going to fulfill the needs of the company?

When writing your resume objective, you should always have the intention of answering this question.

How To Write An Effective Resume Objective

So how do you write a GOOD resume objective?

One thing every one of these bad examples has in common is the fact that not a single one of them is tailored to the position you’re looking for. Any hiring manager who looks at a resume with objectives like those is going to immediately move on to the next candidate.

Because whoever those potential hires are, they’re not ideal candidates. You need to not only catch the hiring manager’s eye; you must make sure that they look at your statement and say, “Here’s the perfect fit!”

So, how do you make it happen? Well, a really good place to start is by looking at the job description. According to , “…when you include an objective that’s specific to the job role, the recruiter is more likely to dig deeper and learn more details about your professional experience.”

After that, make sure it’s tailored to not only the position but the company as well. By incorporating a few tidbits that speak to the company’s mission and values, you can take that quick statement up a notch.

Nice, right?

Additionally, focus on how you’re a benefit to the company, not how the company can benefit you. Showcase value, ensuring you point out what you bring to the table.

Keep it short and sweet, too. Skip overblown adjectives in favor of action verbs, which will help “raise the energy levels” of your objective and ensure that it is more dynamic and interesting.

If you’re someone who is changing careers, demonstrate how your past experiences relate to your future tasks. The same goes for those who are just starting out or who are relatively inexperienced.

Resume Objective Examples

In some cases, nothing makes the points above clearer quite like a few resume objective examples. Here are a handful of samples, each targeting different situations.

New to Workforce, No High School Diploma

“Diligent, dedicated individual looking to apply communication and collaboration skills in a fast-paced customer service role. A self-motivated team player with an outgoing personality who’s ready to learn the ins and outs of a new industry and provide ample value to a retail employer.”

New to Workforce, No College

“Well-organized high school honor graduate with exceptional problem-solving and collaboration skills seeking opportunities in the office administration field where strong communication, time management, and research skills can provide excellent value to an employer.”

College Student, Aspiring Intern

“Current accounting student with an emphasis on accounts payable and accounts receivable seeking developmental opportunities with a local firm. Diligent, focused, and tech-savvy, looking to provide value to a skilled team.”

Recent College Graduate

“Hard-working business administration graduate with proven leadership and organizational skills. Looking to leverage knowledge or operational processes, emerging commercial trends, and supply machine management to increase efficiency and support broader productivity goals.”

Recent College Graduate with Internship Experience

“Honor graduate with a Bachelor’s in Human Resources and one year of experience at a leading staffing firm looking to leverage a deep understanding of leading ATS solutions, modern interview techniques, and conflict resolution strategies to support the goals of an enterprise-level HR department.”

Career Change

“Ambitious professional looking to leverage 5+ years of customer service experience and exceptional communication skills in the fast-paced field of real estate. Proven ability to build lasting, long-term relationships, understand client needs, and find solutions designed to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Career Change with New Education

“Experienced accounting professional and recent college graduate with a Bachelor’s in IT looking to leverage mathematical and analytical capabilities in a data analyst role with an enterprise-level employer. Impeccable attention to detail and organizational skills, as well as strong desire to learn and grow on the job.”

Targeting Specific Role

“Skilled software developer with 7+ years of experience with Java, Python, and C++ seeking out opportunities in team-oriented environments that prioritize Agile methodologies, Lean strategies, and DevOps principles to accelerate timelines and achieve challenging goals.”

Speaking of specific roles, we thought that it might be prudent to dig deeper into a couple careers that we get the most questions about (in terms of resume objectives). Here are our deep-dive articles into Teacher Resume Objectives , Customer Service Resume Objectives and Nursing Resume Objectives . Enjoy!

Putting It All Together

So, there you have it. We’ve covered what a resume objective statement is, who should use one, and how to properly execute it. Plus, there are some handy resume objective examples that can serve as inspiration.

While some people might claim that the objective statement for a resume is outdated, if done properly, it can make a difference. Use all of the information above to your advantage. That way, you’ll be one step closer to your dream job.

FREE : Resume Objective PDF Cheat Sheet

Ok the next thing you should do is get our handy Resume Objective Cheat Sheet PDF .

In it you'll get word-for-word sample resume objectives covering a variety of scenarios you can use right away .


objective resume writing

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Co-Founder and CEO of Mike is a job interview and career expert and the head writer at His advice and insights have been shared and featured by publications such as Forbes , Entrepreneur , CNBC and more as well as educational institutions such as the University of Michigan , Penn State , Northeastern and others. Learn more about The Interview Guys on our About Us page .

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As a job seeker, you know getting a job isn’t easy. Even with the increase in salary information, thanks to new  pay transparency laws , finding a job that suits your talents is challenging.

Now it’s time to start writing your resume, which means deciding if you’ll add optional sections like an objective statement. An objective can add valuable information, but knowing when to include one is tricky. Plus, a career objective is often confused with a  resume summary .

We’ll tell you the differences between the two, and we’ll help you write an objective that highlights the best parts of your resume. Whether you’re currently  building your resume  or wondering where to start, we’ve got the answers you need to write an amazing objective. 

objective resume writing

Resume Objective in a Nutshell

Young man in front of his laptop reading his resume

First: What is a resume objective? Well, it’s basically a snapshot of your best and most relevant expertise, given the position you’re hoping to snag.  The primary purpose of your career objective  is to quickly highlight your relevant skills and alignment with the specific company’s values and/or goals.

You want to ensure that any recruiter or potential employer sees why it would be ridiculous  not  to hire you! Your objective should hook the reader, persuading them to continue reviewing your resume—and, ultimately, shoot you an email or a phone call.

How do I know the difference between a resume objective and a summary?

Don’t worry if you’re confused about whether an objective or  resume summary  is the best choice for your resume. They’re pretty similar, and their contents can overlap quite a bit depending on the applicant, so there’s no need to overthink it! Still, there are a couple of differences to keep in mind if you’re struggling to decide:

Resume objective:

If you’re either switching careers or just starting in your field, then an objective statement could be the perfect intro to let employers know you’re the right pick. Resume objectives should stay between two and three sentences and  focus on your short-term career goals and how you’re qualified to start pursuing them .

Resume summary:

A summary, which is also two or three sentences, usually best fits folks with more experience within their career. This statement summarizes a candidate’s extensive skills and work history. The  resume summary  could be your ideal option if you want to progress in a career where you’ve already experienced success.

Do I Need a Resume Objective ?

Young lady sitting at her laptop writing her resume

To start, consider whether you need an objective at all. Any stellar resume will fall at a page, and you’ll need to make every bit of space count. So, it’s essential to consider whether your objective will add value to your resume or just waste space.

An objective generally suits those who are entry-level or are changing careers. This statement summarizes a candidate’s most relevant, job-specific skills and identifies why they want to work for a target business.

Adding a resume objective could be wise if you want to break into a new career, show the employer you genuinely desire to work for their business, or resourcefully fill up a little extra white space.

Resume objectives can add value if:

  • You’re an entry-level candidate
  • Your work history is light
  • You’ve decided to make a career change

But when should you discard the objective statement entirely?

Keep in mind that, on average, hiring managers spend just over seven seconds reviewing your resume before determining whether they’ll take a closer look. That’s a narrow window, so if your resume errs on the side of generic or bland, omitting it is best.

How to Write an Objective for a Resume

A PC monitor and laptop showing well written resumes

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, especially if this is your first time writing your resume objective statement. Luckily, seeing samples of how others have handled similar obstacles can help—just remember to inject your personality and make each objective statement as unique as you are. And while comparing others’ statements to your own, ask yourself: “Which of my achievements look the most impressive?”

Plus, we’ve got a fantastic formula for you that will further uncomplicate things:

The process is as easy as X + Y + Z = Eye-catching resume objective!

X = Your characteristics and personality traits Y = Years of experience and quantified success/results Z = How these results apply to the specific job role

Keep this formula in mind, and you’ll surprise yourself with professional and engaging results like the objective below:

Project manager career objective

X =  Ambitious, adaptable, eager, self-motivated, and efficient

Y =  2 years of intern experience within the field, learned skills/experience

Z =  Technical and soft skills tie in with forging strong teams and client connections

7 ingredients to resume objective success

Not sure where to start? Check out these seven tips on how to add the maximum value to your resume objective and launch yourself into the top  20 percent of job applicants who actually get interviewed  for a single job:

Don’t worry if this is a little overwhelming at first glance! Many job seekers linearly work through their resumes, but  save your objective for last,  even though it appears first. Once you fine-tune other sections, it’ll be easier to pinpoint choice details to fill in the formula and complete your perfect objective. (And who says you have to nail your statement the first time you write it?! Go through as many iterations as you need when you  outline your resume .)

1.  Inject your personality

Bonus points if you tie your personality traits in with the company’s values through skillful word choices! No one wants to read a bland resume objective that doesn’t connect the person with the company—they want to know  who  they’re hiring.

2.  Lead with strengths

These strengths could be notable projects or extensive educational background for entry-level applicants or graduates. For anyone changing careers, include successes like past work projects that demonstrate overlapping skills/values with the role you’re currently seeking. Mention relevant certifications in your objective, too!

3.  Minimize personal pronouns and contractions

Details like these may seem inconsequential and even helpful when trying to save space, but they can make your resume too informal. Also, referring to yourself instead of your skills can make it seem like you’re only interested in what the company will do for you.

(Hint: Gauge the company’s tone in its  job description  and website. You can get away with contractions more readily with informal companies).

4.  Keep it at two or three sentences

Again, resume space is invaluable! Make the most of this real estate by ensuring your objective is long enough to provide eye-catching value but short enough that it won’t get skipped. Critique it visually, too—how does it look on the page?

5.  Talk about your relevant skills

 Revisit the job listing for crucial skills that match your expertise and leverage that in your objective statement.

6.  State why you’re interested and why you fit the role 

Other skilled applicants undoubtedly applied for this same role—so what makes you the right fit? Mentioning why you’re interested in the position and how you’re a good match will help you stand out from the crowd.

7.  Use a resume template that gives you the option to include an objective

Why reinvent the wheel? All our  free Google Docs resume templates  have space for your objective. Take advantage of a  resume template  (you can edit the one just below!) already laid out for your specific needs rather than dealing with the frustration of a template breaking because you tried to add one.

Middle School History Teacher Resume

Middle school history teacher resume example with 3 years experience

Common resume objective roadblocks

If you’re struggling, remember that starting in the wrong place is a common but avoidable pitfall: many applicants try writing their objective first, only to find they don’t know where to begin.  Lessen your stress by drafting the rest of your resume first . Writing a quality resume objective will become easier once your qualifications are laid out on the table. 

Since your objective needs to take up so little space, get selective while skimming the cream of the crop from your resume bullet points. What previous roles resulted in your most impressive contributions to a company? Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and think of what they’d want in their next hire, then write your objective based on your most dazzling selling points. 

Return to our objective samples in this post anytime you need some inspiration. You can also better prepare with a  resume outline . Planning out the arrangement of your background and skills will simplify filling out your resume when the time comes. 

Resume objective knockouts, hopefuls, and wannabes

To give you some examples of what we’ve been talking about, let’s look at a mock  job description for a data scientist  and compare three resume objective statements to see what passes muster.

Data scientist job description example:

Currently seeking a remote data scientist for Infinity Solars who is self-starting, innovative, and skilled with various data tools to design/create predictive customer behavioral models. Must be able to translate data for all levels of communication to support leadership groups, give team members actionable business insights, and lead machine-learning algorithm development. Must exhibit exceptional critical thinking skills by gauging the effectiveness and accuracy of data quality and mining techniques.

Now, let’s see how these example resume objective statements stack up:

I can definitely talk to people since I just got out of college for biology. I’m good with group projects and know a lot about computers.

Why it’s not a winner :   Leave out bland objectives like this one, which lacks the valuable info necessary to justify taking up space. What kind of job is this even for?

I love solar power and could use my background in data analysis to help your company. I’m also a big team player and have plenty of qualifying technical skills.

Why it’s just okay:  At least there’s some personality here, although it’s a little informal. This candidate should also specify skills that would benefit the specific company.

Knockout:  Check out our example!

Data scientist career objective

Why it’s great:  Nice—personality traits and skills that align with the job description! We also see years of experience with well-rounded skills that would benefit the company, presented with compelling and enthusiastic word choices.

3 Resume Objectives That Are General but Not Generic

Young man sitting behind his computer screen happily typing away

Keeping a few general (but not generic!) resume objective statements nearby enables you to customize your resume at any time quickly! Take a look at these general examples and note how to make them specific to you: 

Software engineer resume objective

Make resume objective #1 specific to you by:

  • Speaking to the exact obstacles the company mentions in its job ad
  • Mentioning the company name

Elementary teacher resume objective

Make resume objective #2 specific to you by:

  • Mentioning your relevant educational or professional background
  • Connecting your goals with the company’s

Business analyst resume objective

Make resume objective #3 specific to you by:

  • Mentioning a notable company from your extensive experience
  • Presenting your abilities as solutions to company obstacles

7 Resume Objective Examples by Career Stage

Young lady going over notes on a blackboard

The current stage of your career journey is crucial regarding the tone of your resume objective—a senior-level candidate who’s changing careers, for example, should sound different from a fresh graduate. See what we mean?

1. Entry-level resume objective

Data scientist career objective

Entry-level resume examples >>

2. No experience resume objective

Store associate career objective

3. Internship resume objective

Product manager career objective

4. Changing locations resume objective

Program manager career objective

5. Student resume objective

Recruiting assistant career objective

Graduate student resume examples >> College student resume examples >> High school student resume examples >>

6. College graduate resume objective

Marketing assistant career objective

College graduate resume examples >> MBA resume examples >>

7. Changing careers resume objective

Business analyst career objective

Career change resume examples >>

20 Resume Objective Examples Tailored to the Job Description

Now that you’ve made it this far, we’ve put together 20 more resume objectives—specific to various professions—so you can see how they exemplify our tips and tricks from earlier!

1.  Accountant resume objective

Accountant job description  key details:

  • Critical thinking and adept organizational skills, especially concerning client information and records
  • Information gathering and the ability to handle large data sets
  • Strong ethics and integrity with sensitive personal information

Accountant resume objective:

Accountant resume objective

Why this resume works

  • This candidate addresses skills emphasized in the job description while injecting personality and enthusiasm for the role. 
  • They also make up for their limited background experience by focusing on the skills that will make them great accountants while demonstrating an eagerness to learn.

Accountant resume examples >> Accountant cover letter examples >>

2. Attorney resume objective

Attorney job description  key details:

  • Ability to handle fast-paced and high-stress settings
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Logical and creative 

Attorney resume objective:

Attorney resume objective

  • Applicant leads in with necessary and location-specific qualifications and knowledge. 
  • The objective mentions compassion and determination to find justice, tying these values with the organization by name.

Attorney resume examples >> Attorney cover letter examples >>

3.  Business analyst resume objective

Business analyst job description  key details:

  • Analyze, evaluate, and improve business processes
  • Incredible communication and listening skills
  • Detail-oriented, innovative, and technically competent

Business analyst resume objective: 

Business analyst resume objective

  • This candidate uses language from the company site to exhibit relevance despite having limited professional experience. 
  • Applicant quickly provides experience and desirable skills that mirror the job description.

Business analyst resume examples >> Business analyst cover letter examples >>

4.  Customer service resume objective

Customer service job description  key details:

  • Critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving abilities
  • Flexible and adaptable 
  • Dependable team player

Customer service resume objective: 

Customer service resume objective

  • The candidate shows efficiency by quickly laying out experience and applicable skills. 
  • This resume objective responds directly to the company’s mission statement in both phrasing and qualification choices.

Customer service resume examples >> Customer service cover letter examples >>

5.  Data analyst resume objective

Data analyst job description  key details:

  • Exemplary analytical and data gathering skills
  • Ability to translate large data sets into actionable points
  • Monitor KPIs and generate reader-friendly reports

Data analyst resume objective: 

Data analyst resume objective

  • This candidate may not have traditional work experience but leverages freelance work to prove knowledge and impact. 
  • It’s a good idea to tie your qualifications to the company’s mission statements, just like this applicant shows how their skill set will benefit the organization.

Data analyst resume examples >> Data analyst cover letter examples >>

6.  Data engineer resume objective

Data engineer job description  key details:

  • Mine data via modern tools and programming languages
  • Ideas for innovative and creative solutions
  • Teamwork and strong collaboration skills

Data engineer resume objective:

Data engineer resume objective

  • Work culture and environment are casual here, so the candidate matches this tone. 
  • The candidate emphasizes teamwork and other skills emphasized in the job description.

Data engineer resume examples >> Data engineer cover letter examples >>

7.  Data scientist resume objective

Data scientist job description  key details:

  • Understanding of how to apply scientific methods to data analysis
  • Use algorithms KPIs to generate business insights 

Data scientist resume objective:

Data scientist resume objective

  • The applicant doesn’t have tons of experience, but they dive right into their educational and technical qualifications to make up for it.
  • The tone of this resume objective mirrors that of Barilla’s company culture, and it pulls in some unique phrasing from their website.

Data scientist resume examples >> Data scientist cover letter examples >>

8.  Graphic designer resume objective

Graphic designer job description  key details:

  • Creativity and technical ability
  • Strong understanding of how to captivate customers with visual media
  • Ability to think outside of the box and implement new ideas within the creative team

Graphic designer resume objective: 

Graphic designer resume objective

  • While the candidate’s field is creative, Felicity’s tone is professional, so the objective statement reflects this.
  • We see qualifications right out the gate, followed by a strong tie-in with company values.

Graphic designer resume examples >> Graphic designer cover letter examples >>

9.  Human resources (HR) resume objective

Human resources (HR) job description  key details:

  • Policy adherence, problem-solving, and conflict resolution
  • Super communication while educating employees and handling paperwork
  • Hiring and intake process 

Human resources resume objective:

Human resources resume objective

  • We immediately see language pulled from the company site and key skills from the job description. 
  • The candidate then brings in personal traits that make them an ideal fit for the role.

Human resources (HR) resume examples >> Human resources (HR) cover letter examples >>

10.  Nursing resume objective

Nursing job description  key details:

  • Checking, recording, and reporting patient vitals 
  • Compassionate and caring bedside manner
  • Resilience during long shifts and difficult situations

Nurse resume objective:

Nurse resume objective

  • This candidate covers all the key points from the job description perfectly.
  • The applicant also explicitly mentions the job setting by name.

Nursing resume examples >> Nursing cover letter examples >>

11.  Operations manager resume objective

Operations manager job description  key details:

  • Increase profits by improving efficiency 
  • Leadership and administration
  • Strategizing and problem-solving

Operations manager resume objective:

Operations manager resume objective

  • The applicant establishes a personal connection with Hilldrup and provides valuable skills.
  • This candidate may not have much experience to share, but they demonstrate specific abilities from the job description and reference the company mission statement.

Operations manager resume examples >> Operations manager cover letter examples >>

12.  Product manager resume objective

Product manager job description  key details:

  • Ensuring congruence between products and company strategy/goals
  • Ability to oversee all functions and aspects of a product’s lifecycle
  • Communication, collaboration, and facilitation 

Product manager resume objective:

Product manager resume objective

  • All the key “skill categories” are covered! This candidate sounds well-rounded and capable.
  • The applicant also references the company vision and specific nuances from the job description.

Product manager resume examples >> Product manager cover letter examples >>

13.  Program manager resume objective

Program manager job description  key details:

  • Leadership, delegation, and coordination abilities
  • Planning, guiding, and driving projects to enhance the company’s portfolio
  • Policy adherence and optimization

Program manager resume objective: 

Program manager resume objective

  • This applicant may be an intern, but they nail the ideal attitude of a confident program manager.
  • We see plenty of key terms from the job description with a little spark of personality from the company site.

Program manager resume examples >> Program manager cover letter examples >>

14.  Project manager resume objective

Project manager job description  key details:

  • Ability to work cross-functionally with multiple departments

Project manager resume objective: 

Project manager resume objective

  • Applicant makes up for limited-to-no professional experience by diving into powerful, relevant skills. 
  • Key phrasing from goals on the company site also makes an appearance.

Project manager resume examples >> Project manager cover letter examples >>

15.  Recruiter resume objective

Recruiter job description  key details:

  • Interpersonal skills and an eye for talent
  • Strong decision-making and organizational skills
  • Ability to guide new hires through onboarding

Recruiter resume objective: 

Recruiter resume objective

  • The soft skills are strong here and immediately tie in with other impressive qualifications. 
  • The candidate references the company’s name, goals, and mission statement.

Recruiter resume examples >> Recruiter cover letter examples >>

16.  Sales resume objective

Sales job description  key details:

  • Team leadership abilities and ability to self-motivate
  • Ability to research and analyze market trends
  • Familiarity with software as it applies to customer assistance and troubleshooting

Sales associate resume objective:

Sales associate resume objective

  • We see relevant personality traits, skills, and experience immediately.
  • The candidate ties personal abilities and past experience with a brand-new role and the company vision.

Sales resume examples >> Sales cover letter examples >>

17.  Scrum master resume objective

Scrum Master job description  key details:

  • Ability to serve as the point of contact for external communication
  • Results-driven personality and ability to pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Adaptability while teaching and adhering to Agile/Scrum values and empowering team members

Scrum master resume objective: 

Scrum master resume objective

  • The applicant’s personality shines through as they highlight personal skill growth.
  • The tone of this resume objective is ambitious and knowledgeable.

Scrum Master resume examples >> Scrum Master cover letter examples >>

18.  Social media manager resume objective

Social media manager job description  key details:

  • Ability to strategize, plan, and execute ad campaigns
  • Knack for keeping up with market trends
  • Increase target audience reach via analytics and targeting

Social media manager resume objective:

Social media manager resume objective

  • This candidate gets straight to the point, citing an impressive metric and relating it to the company.
  • Worthington’s company vision also makes an appearance. Nice!

Social media manager resume examples >> Social media manager cover letter examples >>

19.  Software engineer resume objective

Software engineer job description  key details:

  • Engineering mindset applied to software development
  • Analyze, enhance, and test existing software and code
  • Creativity while engineering new programming solutions

Software engineer resume objective:

Software engineer resume objective

  • The candidate mirrors the conversational, storytelling tone of the company site and pulls specific phrases from its vision statements. 
  • Technical skills and a go-getter attitude make up for a sparse professional history.

Software engineer resume examples >> Software engineer cover letter examples >>

20.  Teacher resume objective

Teacher job description  key details:

  • Fantastic communication and listening skills
  • Ability to pleasantly keep control of the room
  • Organization and record-keeping abilities 

Teacher resume objective:

Teacher resume objective

  • The applicant leads with a robust set of personal qualities that demonstrate the ideal archetype of a caring teacher. 
  • The candidate highlights  how  their skills will benefit people at the school where they apply.

Teacher resume examples >> Teacher cover letter examples >>

30 More Job-Specific Resume Objectives

While you look through these next 30 resume objective samples, imagine they’re tailored to a specific job description—and look for ways you can do the same while writing your own.

1.  Account manager resume objective

Account manager resume objective

2.  Barista resume objective

Barista resume objective

3.  Chef resume objective

Chef resume objective

4.  Computer science resume objective

Computer science resume objective

5.  Construction worker resume objective

Construction worker resume objective

6.  Consulting resume objective

Consulting resume objective

7.  Dentist resume objective

Dentist resume objective

8.  Electrician resume objective

Electrician resume objective

9.  Front desk receptionist resume objective

Front-desk receptionist career objective example

10.  Full-stack engineer resume objective

Full-stack engineer resume objective

11.  Hostess resume objective

Hostess resume objective

12.  Medical assistant resume objective

Medical assistant resume objective

13.  Network engineer resume objective

Network engineer resume objective

14.  Personal trainer resume objective

Personal trainer resume objective

15.  Pharmacist resume objective

Pharmacist resume objective

16.  Product owner resume objective

Product owner resume objective

17.  Programmer resume objective

Programmer resume objective

18.  Real estate agent resume objective

Real estate agent resume objective

19.  Truck driver resume objective

Truck driver career objective example

20.  Web developer resume objective

Career objective example for a web developer with JavaScript, PHP, and Mongo DB experience

21.  High school student resume objective

High school student career objective example for a cashier role

22.  Stay at home mom resume objective

Stay-at-home mom career objective example with 8 years of parenting

23.  Server resume objective

Career objective example for server position at Olive Garden

24.  Nanny resume objective

Nanny career objective with 5 years of experience

25.  Data entry resume objective

Career objective example for data entry clerk role with experience in improving record accessibility

26.  Marketing resume objective

Career objective example for a marketing associate role with experience in Hootsuite

27.  Teacher assistant resume objective

Career objective for a teacher assistant with 4 years of experience

28.  Caregiver resume objective

Caregiver career objective with 7 years of experience in pain management and motivation

29.  Social worker resume objective

Career objective for a social worker with success in increasing students' success rates

30.  Dental assistant resume objective

Career objective example for dental assistant with five years of experience

On a resume, your objective is your goal . Where do you want to be in your field, and what qualifying skills, personal traits, or experiences will help you get there? How does the next step in your career journey relate to the job description? How do your professional goals benefit the company you’re connecting with?

A good objective statement tells readers why you want the job and how you can contribute if you’re hired. Your objective should also forge your first link with the company by connecting over mutual values or goals. You also want to keep things concise and avoid repeating yourself later in the resume: Keep everything fresh!

Your resume objective should state that you want the job and then make your reader want to give it to you by supporting your qualifications with a few skills. Connect with the company to demonstrate thoroughness and ambition! If you have an example of how you align with the company or have overcome one of their current obstacles, include it briefly if you have room.

It’s almost always effective to open your objective with a few skills that demonstrate your understanding of the job. (“Given my background in networking and my extensive knowledge of MongoDB, . . .”).

Then, you can segue into how your skills align with the job description of the company you’re applying to. You can also open with your personal connection to the organization’s values.

Your career objective should just be a few concise, skillfully crafted sentences! You don’t want to use too much page space, and you want recruiters to get to your attention-grabbing credentials and experiences quickly. Show your written communication skills by limiting your objective to around 30 to 50 words.

The purpose of an objective is to help entry-level candidates (or others with limited experience or a career switch on the horizon) sum up how their personal professional goals align with the company’s. Your objective should express enthusiasm for the core mission of the job role and demonstrate that you’re a strong candidate with examples.

Resume Objective Takeaways and Your Next Steps

We know it’s easy to get lost amid so many details and tidbits of information: But don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. Refer to the above objective examples and take inspiration from our  1,000+ resume examples . 

And when it’s time to write your resume objective statement, take a step back and don’t forget about our easy formula: 

X + Y + Z = Eye-catching objective statement! 

X =  Your applicable personal characteristics and traits 

Y =  Years of experience and/or quantified success/results 

Z =  How these results (or other relevant and comparable qualifications) apply to the specific job role 

This formula will be your resume objective statement’s lifesaver! If you don’t have experience yet, try to balance that out with your previous achievements or character traits that align with the company and its vision—these will show you’re a desirable hire even if you haven’t had the chance to prove it just yet. 

Lastly, remember that we have plenty of other helpful tools to ensure the rest of your resume is as stunning as your objective statement! Stop by and check out our  resume builder  and handy  resume tips . You’ve got everything you need to get started—so get ready to let yourself shine!

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40+ Real-Life Resume Objective Examples in 2024 [+How-to Guide]

Background Image

You’re scrolling down your LinkedIn, mindlessly browsing through countless irrelevant job ads, when you come across something unexpected.

There it is, the Perfect Job !

You’ve been looking for it for ages.

This job will not only help you with your student loans and crippling debt but it will also help you figure out the meaning of life and even get your crush to notice you. 

There’s a small problem, though. You don’t exactly have the right experience for the job.

If only there was a way to convince the hiring manager that you’re a good fit for the job, despite this drawback.

Well, here’s some good news - there is! You can win over the HR manager with a well-written resume objective. You can show them that you make up for your lack of relevant experience with passion and enthusiasm.

In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about resume objectives, including:

  • What is a resume objective? (and why is it important?)
  • When to use a resume objective
  • How to write a convincing resume objective [w/ 5 pro tips]

Looking for inspiration? We’ll also offer 40+ practical examples for all sorts of career fields. Skip ahead if you’re interested in any of the specific sections:

  • Business & Management - marketing manager, project manager, human resources, business analyst
  • Marketing - junior SEO specialist, social media marketing manager, content creator, PPC specialist
  • Food & Service Industry - waiter/waitress, bartender, line cook, restaurant manager
  • Education - teacher, tutor
  • Sales & Customer Support - sales associate, store manager, account manager, CSR specialist, technical support specialist, cashier
  • Finance & Accounting - accountant, financial analyst, bank teller, data-entry
  • Technical resume - computer scientist, IT specialist, data analyst, engineer, data scientist
  • Medical Resume - nurse, medical assistant, dental assistant
  • Other - warehouse worker, housekeeper

This guide is part of our larger series on resumes. Want to learn everything there is to know on how to make a resume ? Start with our comprehensive guide.

What is a Resume Objective? (And Why Is It Important?)

resume objective

A resume objective is an eye-catching statement of your career intent that’s placed on top of your resume. 

The resume objective provides a 2-3 sentence snapshot of your professional experience , skills , and achievements , and explains why they make you the right candidate for the job.

When to Use a Resume Objective

Over the past few years, a resume objective has, in most cases, become optional. If you’re an experienced professional, you’re much better off sticking to a Resume Summary , as it helps describe your top skills and experiences much better.

  • You’re searching for your first job - Maybe you’re a high school graduate looking for your very first job . Or maybe, you’re a student signing up for your first internship . A resume objective will show the hiring manager that you have the desire to develop your skill-set and grow within the company.
  • You’re making a career change - Let’s say you have worked as an engineer in an app development company for the past three years and are now applying for a marketing job in a start-up. Your resume objective will highlight how your current skills are relevant to the position.

career masterclass

How to Write a Convincing Resume Objective [w/ 5 Pro Tips]

Resume objectives get a bad rep because they’re hard to write and even harder to write well. At their worst, they’re overly generic and say nothing new about the applicant. When done right, though, they can really help your resume stand out.

The resume objective is structured in three main parts: (1) Who you are (2) What you offer to the company (3) How you’ll help the company accomplish its goals.

Doesn’t sound too hard now, does it? To make this even easier, you can just follow our tried-and-tested resume objective template:


In practice, it looks something like this:

“ CPA-certified forensic accountant with demonstrated experience in financial record examination. Looking to apply my 3 years of experience at Deloitte, to help the team of XYZ improve their activity-based accounting techniques in the role of a managerial accountant. ”

If you follow the formatting, you’re already 90% ready with your resume objective. Now, all you have to do is ensure that your resume objective is in sync with the following 5 pro tips , and we’re done!

TIP 1:  Make sure to tailor your resume objective to the specific position or organization you are applying to. After all, a vague “Engineer looking for an Engineering job” doesn’t impress anyone.

TIP 2: You should include skills, knowledge, and abilities that you know will help the company achieve its goals . The resume objective isn’t about yourself or your own career - it’s about how you’re going to help the company.

TIP 3: Do not brag or use subjective language in your resume objective. Use as many facts and numbers as possible to back up your experience. It’s one thing to say “Expert at Advertising” and another to say “Facebook Marketer, experienced in managing 5-figure advertising spend.”

TIP 4: If you want to reach a career goal (usually when you have very little experience or are just starting out), make sure that it’s something related to the company you’re applying to.  

If you’re applying for a job as a Customer Support Representative , for example, you shouldn’t go on and on about your ambitions to eventually become a Professor.

TIP 5: Do not use complicated language on purpose. Don’t try to sound smart. It almost always makes a bad impression and makes you come off a bit arrogant.

Instead of “contemplate” for example, opt for “think” , or use “do” instead of “undertake” . They both mean the same thing anyway, and you want your achievements to speak more than your fancy word choices.

Job Description: 

XYZ Inc. is looking for a sales representative manager for its German branch . Minimum of 3 years of working experience in management. Daily duties: planning, directing, and overseeing the sales representative team.

“I am looking to appertain my exceptional skills in management by being part of a groundbreaking and innovative company for a few years, then eventually switching to a job in AI.”

Why it’s bad :

  • “Exceptional” is subjective. Be ready to be put to test for that claim. 
  • Why use “appertain” when you can use “apply” ? 
  • Almost every company in the world looks at themselves as “groundbreaking” or innovative, you’re not saying anything real about them. 
  • It sounds like this is more about you than them, and yet, at the same time, there’s no real information mentioned about the writer. 
  • You have just informed them you’ll be switching careers again in a few years. That’s a no-no. 

“Sales manager trained in Berlin. Looking to apply my 5+ years of management experience in XYZ Inc. by making sure the sales representative team is staffed and follows quality standards, helping XYZ increase revenue and market share in the process.”

Why it’s good:  

  • You sum up your work experience factually.
  • You mention abilities that make you stand out, like being educated and trained in Europe.
  • You understand the role and responsibilities the position requires and describe how you’ll do them successfully.
  • You include the skills and experience relevant to the management position.
  • Your language is simple, down-to-earth, and objective. You show that you genuinely care about the overall goals of the company.

Resume Objective Examples [3 Most Common Cases]

Now that you know how to write a resume objective, you’re ready to write your own. Before you get started, though, you might need some inspiration.

In this section, we’re going to cover 40+ resume objective examples for every field, as well as examples for the top 3 most common cases.

Career Change Resume Objective Example

The most common situation you’d use a resume objective for is during a career change . 

A resume objective helps the reader understand how your skillset from a previous field helps translate into the job you’re applying for.

In such a case, you can mention:

  • Your relevant skills / work experience
  • How you think your background would help you excel at the job

And here’s how this works in practice:

“Customer support rep. with 3+ years of experience in over-the-phone technical support looking to leverage communication skills as a Sales Rep. at XYZ inc. Excellent track record in delivering quality support service, having maintained a 4.6+ star “Helpful” rating over the past 1.5 years.”

No Experience / Education Resume Objective

Even if you don’t have any work experience or education, you can still use a resume objective to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

In this case, you’d want to focus on your best personal traits and skills (instead of work experience / achievements / education)

So, for example:

“Organized & hard-working employee looking to join XYZ Inc. as a marketing assistant. Looking to take advantage of my skills in Photoshop and Copywriting to help XYZ inc. with their marketing efforts.”

Internship Resume Objective Example

Looking for your first professional job ? Writing a good resume objective is a good way to stand out from the rest and land that internship.

In this case, you want to focus on:

  • Your educational achievements
  • Top skills and personal traits
  • Any relevant experience (university / personal projects, volunteering experience, industry-related competitions, etc.)

And here’s a practical example:

“Recent Graduate with a B.A. in business administration looking to start their career in Finance with an internship at XYZ Inc. Experienced in analyzing financial statements & annual reports for several university projects. Seeking to further develop my theoretical know-how with strong mentorship at XYZ Inc.”

40+ Resume Objective Examples for All Fields

Office / administrative jobs resume objective examples.

Office Manager Resume Objective

“Experienced office manager seeking to help XYZ Inc. provide a stellar customer experience & take the Portsmouth branch to the next level. Experienced in managing teams of 15+ in several different restaurants, such as Restaurant A and Restaurant B. Handled every aspect of the business, from hiring new staff to managing marketing initiatives.”

Click here for a complete office manager resume example .

Executive Assistant Resume Objective

“Freelance VA (virtual assistant) looking to transition to the position of an Executive Assistant. Worked with 5+ online businesses, helping with everything from data entry to customer support. Excellent attention to detail & organizational skills. Proficient in Excel, Photoshop. Intermediate copywriting skills.”

Click here for a complete executive assistant resume example .

Receptionist Resume Objective

“3rd-year Medical Student looking for a summer job as a receptionist at XYZ Inc. Experience in working face-to-face with customers, having worked part-time jobs as cashier and waitress. Social, positive, and hard-working.”

Click here for a complete receptionist resume example . 

Secretary Resume Objective

“Recent Communications graduate looking to apply for the role of a Secretary at XYZ inc. Extremely organized with good writing and multitasking skills. Practical experience in management gained through several university projects, which involves coordinating tasks between different team members and ensuring that everyone was in sync with the latest information.”

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

“Organized & hardworking employee looking to work at XYZ Inc. as an Administrative Assistant. Previous experience in several related fields, such as working as a Secretary for 3 years, in addition to being an Executive Assistant for 1 year. Strong organizational skills, as well as a keen eye for detail.”

Click here for a complete administrative assistant resume example . 

Business & Management Resume Objective Examples

Marketing Manager Resume Objective

“Recent graduate with a B.A. in Marketing looking to start my career in Advertising at XYZ Inc. Strong skills in copywriting and graphic design, coupled with a creative mind. Practical experience in creating social media ads (Facebook, Instagram) as a marketing intern.”

Click here for a complete marketing manager resume example . 

Project Manager Resume Objective

“Detail-oriented software engineer with 5+ years of experience in Node.js and React looking to transition into the role of an IT-focused project manager. Practical experience conducting daily scrum meetings and following agile project management methodologies.”

Click here for a complete project manager resume example . 

Human Resources Resume Objective

“Psychology graduate looking for a position in recruitment at XYZ Inc. Completed an HR internship at Recruitment Agency X. Solid entry-level experience doing recruitment work, which included pre-selecting qualified candidates and filtering them based on client needs. Looking to further develop my experience in the HR field and help XYZ Inc. go above and beyond their hiring needs.”

Business Analyst Resume Objective

“Business Student at University X seeking a summer internship as a Business Analyst at XYZ Inc. Strong business know-how, with a focus on analyzing and interpreting data. Completed 10+ real-life business consulting case studies as university projects. Skilled in financial and managerial accounting.”

Click here for a complete business analyst resume example .

Marketing Resume Objective Examples

Junior SEO Specialist

“Detail-oriented graduate with a B.A. in Business Administration looking to apply for a Junior SEO Specialist position at Digital XYZ Inc. Theoretical knowledge of SEO, including some practical experience in using Google Analytics. Seeking to further develop my online marketing skills as part of the Digital XYZ team.”

Social Media Marketing Manager

“Enthusiastic Marketing graduate with a passion for all things digital seeking an entry-level Social Media Marketing position at Digital XYZ Inc. Skilled in copywriting & basic graphic design. Personally started and grew a Facebook page to 5,000+ likes, and an Instagram page to 8,000+ followers. Looking to help Digital XYZ’s clients improve their social media marketing and establish an online presence.”

Content Creator

“Articulate graduate with a B.A. in Media and Mass Communication seeking a content creator position at XYZ Startup. Experienced in writing articles for local newspapers and online magazines. Hoping to apply my journalistic writing abilities to improve XYZ Startup’s blog on ABC Industry/Category.”

PPC Specialist

“Result-driven SEO specialist with 3+ years of experience designing and implementing SEO campaigns for e-commerce companies. Looking for a PPC specialist position at XYZ Agency to leverage strong knack for web analytics and SEM to drive traffic and increase sales.”

Food & Service Industry Resume Objective Examples

Waiter / Waitress Resume Objective

“Experienced service industry worker seeking to apply for the position of a waiter at XYZ Restaurant. Past experience includes working as a bartender, busser, and line cook. Thrives in fast-paced, high-stress environment.”

Click here for a complete server resume example . 

Line Cook Resume Objective

“Recent graduate from Houston Culinary Arts School seeking a position as a line cook at Fancy Restaurant XYZ. Looking to further develop cooking skills learned at school. Previous experience working in a high-stress environment as a part-time Sandwich Maker at Fast Food Place X.”

Restaurant Manager Resume Objective

“Seasoned Server with 10+ years of hospitality industry experience looking to help Restaurant XYZ take its business to the next level. During my time as a server, helped 3+ restaurants with hiring and training new staff, as well as coming up with promotional strategies for specific foods and drinks.”

Click here for a complete bar manager resume example . 

Education Resume Objective Examples

Teacher Resume Objective

“B.S. in Education from University XYZ with a concentration in Chemistry seeking to start my career as a teacher at XYZ High School. Passionate about teaching, both in and out of the classroom.” 

Click here for a complete teacher resume example . 

Tutor Resume Objective

“Skilled Mathematics graduate looking to apply for the position of a Math tutor at XYZ School. Worked as a part-time Linear Algebra tutor during my time at University X. Strong knowledge of Advanced Linear Algebra, Calculus I-IV, Mathematical Statistics, and Trigonometry.”

Sales and Customer Support Resume Objective Examples

Sales Associate Resume Objective

“Charismatic, communicative employee seeking an entry-level sales job at XYX Inc. Tech-savvy, with the ability to pick up product knowledge fast. Previous experience as a sales clerk at Random Retail Store X.”

Click here for a complete sales associate resume example . 

Store Manager Resume Objective

“Experienced employee looking for a job as a Store Manager at XYZ Inc. Skilled in inventory management, having worked as a warehouse manager in two separate organizations. Dependable math skills from working as a cashier at Company X.”

Account Manager Resume Objective

“Diligent graduate with a B.A. in Business Management at University Y seeking to provide excellent client service at XYZ Inc. as an account manager. Strong communication skills from my job as a Sales Manager at Company X. Outstanding project management skills, having worked on over a dozen business projects in university.”

Customer Service Specialist Resume Objective

“Multi-lingual employee looking to help XYZ Inc. provide stellar customer experience. Strong communication skills. Fluent in English, French, and Russian. Basic knowledge of CRM systems.”

Click here for a complete customer service specialist resume example . 

Technical Support Specialist Resume Objective

“Information Technology student seeking a part-time role as a Technical Support Specialist at XYZ Inc. Experienced in using help desk & CRM systems. Skilled in written communication with an intermediate knowledge in the IT-sphere.”

Cashier Resume Objective

“Enthusiastic, courteous waiter seeking the role of a Cashier at XYZ Inc. Currently working part-time at Restaurant ABC, looking to fill up the rest of my time. Strong communication skills, and a genuine love for working with people. Good at carrying out mathematical calculations.”

Click here for a complete cashier resume example . 

Finance & Accounting Resume Objective Examples

Accountant Resume Objective

“Graduate with an M.A. in Accounting and Finance seeking the position of a Junior Accountant at XYZ Inc. Highest grades in relevant courses, including Intermediate Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Advanced Finance, and more.” 

Click here for a complete accountant resume example .

Financial Analyst Resume Objective

“Finance student with 3.92 GPA seeking an entry-level Financial Analyst position at XYZ Inc. Skilled in financial data analysis, reading financial sheets, with excellent knowledge of accounting and tax legislation.”

Click here for a complete financial analyst resume example .

Bank Teller Resume Objective

“Customer Support Representative with 2+ years working client-facing roles seeking a job as a Bank Teller at XYZ Inc. Experienced in working with customers over the phone, as well as by email. Excellent math skills, having graduated high school with a specialization in Mathematics.”

Click here for a complete bank teller resume example .

Data Entry Resume Objective

“Meticulous graduate with a B.A. in business administration looking for a data entry clerk position at company XYZ Inc. Skilful typer with an average typing speed of 85 WPM. Possessing 2+ years of experience using typing tools such as Ms Word and Ms Excel for task tracking and automation.”

Click here for a complete data entry clerk resume example .

Technical Resume Objective Examples

Computer Scientist Resume Objective

“Graduate with an M.Sc. in Computer Science and Information Systems seeking a position as a Research Assistant in the computer science department of XYZ University. 2+ years of experience in designing and implementing deep convolutional neural networks with TensorFlow and Scala. Enthusiastic about furthering research conducted on the study of artificial intelligence.”

Click here for a complete computer scientist resume example .

IT Specialist Resume Objective

“Competent Support Specialist with 3+ years of experience in AWS storage cloud services. Maintained constant customer satisfaction rate at 98% while working at XYZ Agency. Currently looking for a position as an IT Specialist with a focus on cloud services at ABC Inc.”

Click here for a complete IT specialist resume example . 

Data Analyst Resume Objective

“Enthusiastic recent graduate with a B.A. in Business Administration and Mathematics seeking a Data Analyst position at Data Analysis Co.. Competent in mathematical statistics and possessing a certification in business analysis from ABC Institute. Hoping to apply my extensive knowledge of SQL databases and SQL as a querying language to help Data Analysis Co. fulfil its goals.”

Click here for a complete data analyst resume example . 

Software Engineer Resume Objective

“Result-oriented QA Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the banking and finance sector looking for a Junior Software Engineer job at XYZ Bank. Strong understanding of software engineering paradigms and testing frameworks for C++, Java, .NET (C#).”

Click here for a complete software engineer resume example .

Data Scientist Resume Objective

“Diligent Computer Science and Mathematics student with a 3.98 GPA looking for an internship at XYZ Inc. as a Junior Data Scientist. Specialized in statistical analysis and experienced with packages such as R, SQL, STATA, and Python.”

Click here for a complete data scientist resume example .

Medical Resume Objective Examples

Nurse Resume Objective

“Recent RN graduate seeking to help Hospital XYZ provide an excellent level of patient care. Experienced in working in high-stress environments. An excellent team-player who thrives under pressure. Passionate about helping people and making an impact.

Click here for a complete nurse resume example . 

Medical Assistant Resume Objective

“Certified, energetic medical assistant with volunteering experience for XYZ Hospital looking for a position as a Medical Assistant at ABC Clinic. Dedicated team player with the ability to work both day and night shifts.”

Click here for a complete medical assistant resume example .

Dental Assistant Resume Objective

“Licensed and enthusiastic dental practitioner with 1+ years of experience working at a private Dental Practice ABC seeking a Dental Assistant position at XYZ Dental Inc. Highly meticulous at carrying out dental procedures and assisting during surgeries.”

Other Resume Objective Examples

Warehouse Worker Resume Objective

“Retail worker seeking the position of a warehouse worker at XYZ Supermarket. Previous experience doing several retail jobs, including working as a stocker for produce and groceries at XYZ Family Market. Skilled in stocking, inventory replenishment / tracking, processing relevant paperwork and utilizing electrical pallet stackers / pallet jacks.”

Click here for a complete warehouse worker resume example .

Housekeeper Resume Objective

“Seasonal worker seeking a Housekeeping job at XYZ Hotel. Diligent and organized, having spent the past 3 summers working in Nantucket. Previous roles include bussing at Restaurant Y and prep cooking at Local Restaurant X.”

Key Takeaways

So, let’s go through everything we’ve learned...

  • A resume objective is a 2-3 sentence career intent summary placed at the top of your resume. You should only use a resume objective if you don’t have enough work experience in the field you are applying for or if you are switching careers .
  • When writing a resume objective, try to avoid cliches or generalizations. Don’t make it about you, tailor it to the specific organization you are applying to. Don’t use subjective or pompous language, and mention a career goal you can reach within the same organization.
  • The objective should also be backed up by the information you list in the other resume sections , such as work experience or education .

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Resume Objective Examples: A Career Objective Guide

20 min read · Updated on November 21, 2023

Ken Chase

The formula and some good examples for creating a resume objective to get you noticed

You're searching for a new (or perhaps your first) job, and you know your objective. However, do you know how to communicate it effectively on your resume? A resume objective is a great way to let employers see a snapshot of your skills and experiences and ensure that you stand out from other candidates. However, as our great resume objective examples will demonstrate, your objective matters less than the employer's needs.

In this post, we'll explain the resume objective and how it has evolved. We'll also offer insight into the differences between an objective statement and a summary statement - and how to know which one to use. Then we'll offer some tips to help you craft an objective for your resume and look at 27 great resume objective statement examples that you can customize for your own resume.

What is a resume objective?

The resume objective used to be the gold standard of resume introductions. This brief, three or four-sentence paragraph had long been used to capture employers' attention by focusing on a job seeker's skills, experiences, and achievements while also highlighting the candidate's career goals. These days, it's less common to find professional resume objective examples since most job seekers rely on a resume summary instead.

The basic components of a good resume objective statement

A good resume objective provides three kinds of information to employers:

Who you are, which is generally a statement of your current job title as well as any skills, education, or certifications relevant to the job you're after

What you will bring that's of value to that company, such as your years of experience or specific training

 How you will use your talents to help the company reach its goals

This isn't a hard and fast structure, but knowing these components can help you to create an effective career objective for your resume. This is the structure you'll see in many of the resume job objective examples included later in this post.

Resume objective vs summary statement

It's important to understand how these two career statements differ from one another. On the surface, they would seem to have much in common. After all, they're both designed to serve as introductions that summarize your main qualifications for the job. Moreover, each is intended to capture the reader's attention and inspire them to continue reading the resume .

The differences, however, can be stark. For example:

Resume summaries focus primarily on the candidate's past record of achievements; objective statements emphasize future goals

Resume summaries provide quantifiable results, using real numbers to demonstrate value; objective statements rarely do that since it is difficult to quantify goals

Resume summaries are designed to align achievements with the company's needs; objective statements have traditionally focused more on the candidate's priorities and needs

Resume summaries are great for people who have experience and achievements; objective statements can be useful for those who lack that experience

Which one should you use?

If you've been following our resume guidance in recent years, you're probably aware of the fact that we recommend the resume summary for most job seekers. And make no mistake: if you're an experienced professional who is still moving ahead in the same field and industry, the resume summary is almost certainly your best option. However, there are two situations in which you might find that a resume objective statement will serve your interests better.

If you're new to the workforce. Recent graduates will rarely have the type of real-world experience needed for an effective summary statement. In most instances, a newcomer to the working world will likely need to rely on a resume objective to highlight skills and demonstrate how their goals align with the company's vision.

When you're interested in switching careers . In most cases, you'll have the transferable skills needed to do the job, but may struggle to align your quantifiable achievements with the company's needs. If that's the case, a resume objective can help you to showcase your skills in a way that demonstrates how they can positively benefit the company.

Tips for writing your own resume objective

Because resume objectives have lost some of their luster in recent years, many job seekers may not be familiar with the best way to craft them. To assist you in that process, we've compiled some simple tips you can use to make sure that your objective statement achieves your goals.

State how you'll help the company, not just how qualified you are. While you may not have the experiences or achievements needed to directly convey that value, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't still focus on what the company needs rather than your own desires and goals.

Use specific facts, numbers, and details whenever possible, without bragging or generalizing.

Keep it simple. Don't use flowery or expansive words, as they can sometimes make you appear arrogant. Make it as easy as possible for a recruiter to quickly see you as a qualified candidate.

Review the job posting to ensure that you have the information you need to make your resume objective specific to the job and company.

Tailor your objective to the specific job, career, and industry you're applying for. This means that you should create a separate, customized resume for each application.

Expert tip: Don't make the mistake of creating an outdated resume objective centered on your own goals. Instead, incorporate the best elements of a resume summary into your objective statement by taking the time to tie your goals to the company's needs.

Great resume objective statements you can use for your resume

With all this in mind, here are some good resume  objective examples to help you create a great career objective of your own. If your job isn't listed, don't panic. While these examples don't cover every job out there, they should help you to build a strong, targeted objective for your specific needs. As we said, each objective should be tailored to a specific role - that's why you won't find any resume objective examples for multiple job types. 

1.     Resume objective examples for a new jobseeker

You might not have a ton of experience, but creating a good resume objective will absolutely help to differentiate you from other applicants in a recruiter's eyes. The trick here is to emphasize your strongest personal skills and characteristics, as well as any educational successes, since you can't provide specific work experience or accomplishments.

Here are two general resume objective examples for new jobseekers:

“Organized, fast-learning, and hard-working employee looking to join [company name] as an Administrator. Looking to take advantage of skills in Microsoft Word and QuickBooks to help [company name] meet their objectives through organization and team support.”

“Recent graduate with a B.A. in Accounting, looking to start a career in finance at [company name]. Experienced in creating annual reports and analyzing financial statements for several university activities. Seeking to combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience to help [company name] continue their strong market presence.”

2.     Resume objective examples for those looking for a career change

Your goal here is to clearly show how your skills and experience from your previous career can be effective in your next job. Do this by mentioning your talents and knowledge that are relevant to the new job and stating how your previous career background will help you to succeed and excel in the role.

“Customer Service Associate with over four years of experience in accounting technical support, looking to leverage Excel skills and Great Plains knowledge as a Staff Accountant with [company name]. Proven customer satisfaction record solving complicated technical and accounting issues while in a remote role.”

3.Resume objective examples for finance roles

“Experienced individual with solid analytical and quantitative skills and 5 years of experience seeks the job of Financial Analyst with [company name], to leverage outstanding knowledge of financial analysis and modeling to provide accurate and sound financial decision-making at all levels.”

“Experienced Junior Financial Analyst seeking role of Senior Financial Specialist with [company name]. Skills include making targeted and time-sensitive financial decisions by merging solid analytical, accounting, and quantitative skills with a strong passion for the finance industry.”

4.     Resume objective examples for Accountant roles

“Detail-oriented graduate with an AS degree, problem-solving abilities, and analytical skills seeking the role of Accounting Associate with [company name], to effectively apply exceptional knowledge of tax and accounting software for accurate budgeting and forecasting.”

“Current CPA looking to fill the role of Accounts Manager at [company name]. As well as being disciplined and self-motivated, I have extensive experience with financial reporting and modeling along with a proven knowledge of various accounting software models, all of which contribute to effective financial operations.”

5.     Resume objective examples for banking roles

“Highly talented Head Teller with 8 years of experience in the banking sector, seeking a position as a Relationship Manager with [bank name] to increase revenue by combining a banking background with excellent interpersonal and communication skills to bring in new clients, maintain relationships with existing clients, and develop effective media campaigns.”

“Seasoned banking professional seeking a Bank Manager position with [name of bank], where I can use my business and banking experience along with strong communication skills to provide effective problem-solving, customer service, and employee retention and interact with bank customers in a positive, beneficial manner.”

“Self-motivated, reliable, number-loving individual looking for a position as a Bank Teller with [bank name] to apply exceptional math and customer service skills for customers. Key traits include trustworthiness, efficiency, and willingness to learn new tasks.”

6.     Resume objective example for Computer Engineer roles

“Highly motivated individual with 7 years of solid computer engineering experience and proven leadership skills seeking the position of SharePoint Administrator at [company name] where I hope to use demonstrated SharePoint expertise, knowledge of SharePoint solutions architecture, and advanced knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server to ensure exceptional technical performance.”

7.     Resume objective example for a Network Administrator

“Experienced IT professional with BA in Computer Science and proven technical, management, and communication skills seeking the position of Network Engineer at [company name] to use proven experience in systems management and configuration to benefit both internal staff and external customers.”

8.     Resume objective example for IT professionals

“Talented Information Technology Specialist in search of a Senior IT Manager position at [company name], where proven technical and team management skills can help to improve existing processes for handling IT requests and efficiently delivering various technical projects.”

9.     Resume objective example for a Programmer

“Technical and database professional seeks the role of SQL Programmer within [company name] where I will use my excellent programming and organizational skills to enhance company market presence while also gaining a deeper understanding of the newest IT trends.”

10.  Resume objective examples for customer service roles

“Smart and creative Customer Service Representative desires similar position with [company name]. Brings strong communication abilities, proven organizational skills, and a supportive, patient personality to help the company retain and grow its customer base in both existing and new markets.”

“Experienced customer service professional seeking a position at [company name] as a Customer Support Analyst, where I can apply excellent communication and organizational skills to provide customers with effective and efficient support which ensures ongoing retention.”

“Credentialed and experienced Sales Administrator seeks the post of a Contact Center Agent at [company name] where I can provide exceptional verbal, listening, and analytical abilities to ensure clients reach their desired objectives by correctly using [company name]'s products.”

“Diligent Customer Service Agent with 5+ years of experience at a high-volume call center seeks a career move to a similar role at a company such as [company name]. I thrive in a fast-paced work environment and am committed to delivering the top-rated customer service you provide. My organization and support skills can help to meet current and future customer demand.”

11.  Resume objective examples for Engineers

“Graduate of [school name] with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and two years of work experience at ABC Company seeks a Mechanical Engineer role with [company name]. Possess excellent skills in research, data analysis, and time management. Hold patents for several innovative mechanical devices.”

“Experienced individual with 7+ years of experience managing engineering operations seeks a Civil Engineer role at [company name]. Proven ability to handle simultaneous projects with minimal supervision and bring a committed focus on health, safety, and the environment to the position.”

12.  Resume objective example for human resources positions 

“Human resource management professional looking for the opportunity to augment the overall strategic plan and market direction of [company name] as VP of Human Resources. Over nine years of experience in managing staff, handling employee relations, and deliveirng projects. Strong skills in HRIS.”

“Established, successful HR recruiter seeks a Human Resources Coordinator position with [company name] where I can use my experience and in-depth knowledge of hiring processes, negotiation, conflict resolution, and policy development for payroll and benefits.”

“Experienced and approachable Human Resources Coordinator with four years of experience seeks position as Human Resources Manager with [company name], where I can use my industry knowledge and HR experience to implement employee satisfaction policies and improvements, develop hiring protocols, and create an environment where employees feel valued and satisfied.”

“Results-driven graduate with a degree in psychology (GPA: 3.8) and a minor in business operations looking for a role as a Junior HR Recruitment Agent at [company name]. Prior experience in interviewing and providing feedback as part of college projects in business classes. I will bring well-honed soft skills and strong knowledge of workplace psychology to assist overall HR operations, while fine-tuning my skills in the recruitment process.”

13. Resume objective examples for internships

“Hard-working student (3.5/4.0 GPA) majoring in [specific area] seeks the Intern role with [company name]. Abilities include proven leadership and organizational skills and strong attention to detail. Dedicated team player who can be relied upon to help [company name] achieve its goals as I learn more about your market space.”

“Energetic, talented college student at [school name] working toward a Marketing Degree, seeks to fill the Marketing Intern role at [company name]. General experience and knowledge of PR, advertising, consumer research, and product development strategies to help build customer base in emerging markets.”

14.  Resume objective example for legal roles

“Accomplished Corporate Attorney with 8 years of direct experience, seeking a top-level Lawyer role at [name of legal firm]. Brings skills including legal drafting, arbitration, corporate affairs, and labor laws to assist clients both inside and outside the courtroom.”

“Current Public Legal Advocate seeks position as Senior Legal Researcher for [name of court district/city/legal firm]. I have two years of experience working in district and session courts in the areas of home development, land development, and commercial property development, that will allow me to take on more challenging research projects to meet client needs in these areas.”

15.  Resume objective examples for marketing positions

“Technically oriented graduate with a B.A. in Internet Marketing seeking a Junior SEO Specialist position at [company name]. Possesses a working knowledge of SEO, as well as some hands-on experience with Google Analytics. Looking to further develop online marketing skills as part of the [company name] team.”

“Certified Digital Marketer with strong content writing skills, SEO experience, and 5 years of proven online marketing experience seeking the role of Digital Marketer with [company name] to help expand customer base into new markets.”

“Enthusiastic Marketer skilled in copywriting and graphic design looking for a Social Media Marketing position at [company name]. Personally started and grew an Instagram page to 5,000+ followers and a Facebook page to 8,000+ likes. I believe my skills will help [company name]'s clients improve sales via social media marketing through a strong online presence.”

16.  Resume objective example for Physical Therapist roles

“Licensed, experienced Physical Therapist seeking similar role at [hospital or clinic name]. With 6+ years of experience in treating children and adults with physical disabilities, injuries, and illnesses, I can contribute to the healing of each person's physical challenges and help them learn to navigate them successfully.”

17.  Resume objective example for nursing roles

“Registered Nurse seeking a new career as a Neonatal Nurse Specialist at [hospital name]. Ten years of general nursing combined with a certification in neonatal nursing will allow me to provide outstanding care for both infants and their families, educating them about different health conditions and how to handle them. Working nights and weekends is not a problem.”

“Experienced Home Health Aide seeks to obtain a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at [name of home health agency] applying my course knowledge and proven healthcare skills to support and care for home-bound patients with various health needs.”

18.  Resume objective example for pharmacy role

“Licensed Pharmacy Technician with 8 years of experience, in search of a similar position at [pharmacy or hospital name]. Assists patients by successfully applying extensive experience and knowledge of pharmacy operations, technology, and drug distribution.”

19. Resume objective examples for office and administrative roles

“Former Nurse seeking a part-time job as a Receptionist at [company name]. Experience in working directly with people in nursing and for the last five years as an Avon Representative. Organized, with strong computer skills and professional presence.”

“Business-savvy office employee looking to work at [company name] as an Administrative Assistant. Experience as an Executive Assistant (1 year) and as a Department Secretary (3 years). Supported several key projects through strong organizational skills, timeliness, and solid computer abilities.”

“Freelance VA (Virtual Assistant) looking to transition to an on-site role as an Executive Assistant. Worked with 10+ online businesses, helping with everything from creating training documents to customer service and management support. Excellent organizational abilities and strong attention to detail. Proficient in Microsoft 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. Strong copywriting skills.”

20.  Resume objective example for an Office Manager position

“Experienced Office Manager seeking a leadership role to help [company name] provide outstanding customer satisfaction. Experienced in managing teams of 15+ at [current or former company names], handling responsibilities from hiring new staff to managing data input groups.”

21.  Resume objective examples for operations roles

“Experienced MBA graduate with outstanding time and project management skills and 10+ years of experience seeks the position as Director of Operations with [company name]. Can ensure the company's ongoing success through exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills and the ability to lead large multi-departmental operations.”

“Dynamic individual with exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills looking to fill the role of Manager of Clinical Operations at [company name]. I bring experience and expertise in overseeing clinical operations and managing technical and professional staff, as well 8+ years of clinical research and supervisory experience in the medical field.”

22.  Resume objective example for Project Manager positions

“Deadline-focused professional with proven experience in project administration, searching for a project management position where I can use my knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership, problem solving, team management, and budget control to help [company name] exceed targets.”

23.  Resume objective examples for real estate roles

“Real Estate Broker with a passion for organization and excellence seeks a similar role with [company name], using experience with the sale and lease of commercial and residential properties in [location]. Recurrent sales and leasing of properties to large corporations in the last 5 years allowed me to increase revenue to 12% on a year-over-year basis, significantly contributing to the growth of the company.”

“Successful Salesperson seeks high-level position as Real Estate Broker at [company name]. Recent experience handling a customer base of over 150 clients at another reputable real estate firm [or name the company]. Skill set includes creating daily and monthly sales reports and assisting the implementation of customer retention strategies for senior management.”

24.  Resume objective examples for service industry roles

“Excellent communicator and multi-tasker with experience in massage and esthetic services, interested in the position of Front Desk Wellness Sales Executive with [company name]. I bring various strengths including a professional phone manner, bookkeeping knowledge, and customer service skills that will help your front desk to run smoothly.”

“Hardworking, organized, and reliable Housekeeper looking for a janitorial position at [company name] to clean interior spaces. Possesses knowledge of efficient and safe cleaning practices, the use of cleaning equipment, and environmentally sound cleaning agents, as well as excellent customer service.”

25.  Resume objective examples for food service positions

“Entrepreneurial and highly experienced Caterer with 7+ years in the foodservice sector seeking the position of Catering Manager at [company name]. Brings proven management experience, culinary expertise, interpersonal skills, and a strong customer service approach to the role.”

“Friendly, upbeat, and detail-oriented individual looking for an entry-level, fast-paced Line Cook position at [restaurant name], where I can use my outstanding food preparation skills safely and efficiently.”

26.  Resume objective examples for education workers

“Talented Preschool Teacher with 3 years of experience seeking the role of Kindergarten Teacher at [school name]. I have excellent skills and connections with special needs students and collaborated with my Superintendent to create and implement effective teaching practices for these children that can be used throughout the district.”

“Experienced elementary school English Teacher looking to fill the role of Reading Specialist at [school name.] This position in a progressive institution like [school name] would allow me to use my sound teaching skills to assist students in reaching their full potential by helping them to become strong readers.”

“Passionate, enthusiastic and experienced Teaching Assistant seeking the position of Para-Educator at [school name]. Brings interpersonal skills and classroom experience to aid in the development of each student by interacting with them, providing support and resources, and directly supporting the Teacher's lessons in the classroom.”

27.  Resume objective examples for Writers and Editors

“Articulate recent graduate with a B.A. degree in Media and Mass Communication desires a Content Creator Role at [company name]. Hoping to use writing skills and experience in writing articles for local newspapers and online magazines to improve [company name]'s blog, expanding current industry presence.”

“Editor with extensive writing and management experience looking to fill the position of Senior Editor with [company name], using time-management skills to ensure all projects meet deadlines and supervisory experience to effectively manage a team of Writers and Editors.”

Key things to remember

As you can see from the resume objective examples that we've included throughout this post, there's a right way to create this type of professional summary. As you craft your own objective, keep these keen insights in mind:

Try to include some measurable achievements in your statement, to show how you can add value to the employer's bottom line. If you're new to the workplace, however, focus instead on highlighting the benefits that your skills can provide to that employer.

Keep it short, focused on relevant details, and packed with keywords from the job description. 

Make sure that everything you write in your objective statement is supported by the information included in your skills and work experience sections.

Always put yourself in the employer's shoes and try to imagine what kind of information they might be looking for as they review your resume.

Try to only rely on an objective statement if you have little or no real-world experience in the industry you're trying to join. If you do have experience, you'll probably be better served by a summary statement.

Wrapping it up

Once again, this is by no means a complete list of resume objective examples, but it should help you to understand the formula for creating a specific resume objective for whatever job you're after.

Take the time to do this right. Create a tailored objective for each position you want and you'll be easily found by both recruiters and applicant tracking systems searching for the keywords that are right there at the top of your resume.

The result? You'll be starting your new job well ahead of the crowd!

Still not sure about your resume objective or other aspects of your resume? Make sure that it's submission-ready with a free resume review or professional rewrite .

This article was originally written by Lisa Tynan and has been updated by Marsha Hebert and Ken Chase.

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21 Examples of Strong and Smart Resume Objectives

By Editorial Team on February 25, 2024 — 8 minutes to read

A strong and smart objective statement on your resume is a brief and concise summary of your professional goals. It’s important to create one because it’s the first impression a potential employer will have of you. A good objective statement can immediately catch their attention and encourage them to read the rest of your resume. Here are some examples and tips on how to create one.

First, let’s dive into understanding what a strong and smart objective statement means. It should be tailored to the specific job you are applying for and showcase your relevant skills and experiences. The aim is to clearly communicate your value and how you can contribute to the company’s success. For example:

To obtain a marketing manager position with (…) company, where I can apply my five years of experience in content creation, social media management, and data-driven campaigns to drive brand awareness and increase sales.

Next, let’s focus on the essential components of a strong objective statement. Use these elements to craft your own:

  • Targeted Position : Mention the job title or role you are applying for. This demonstrates that you have a clear goal in mind.
  • Relevant Skills : Highlight your skills and experiences that directly relate to the job requirements.
  • Value Addition : Explain how you can contribute to the company’s growth or success.

Now let’s examine the importance of keeping your objective statement concise. Long paragraphs or unrelated information can quickly lose the employer’s interest. Aim to keep your statement to one or two sentences, like this:

Seeking a web developer role with (…) company to utilize my expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating responsive and user-friendly websites.

Crafting a Compelling Objective Statement

Identifying your goals.

When crafting a compelling objective statement for your resume, it’s important to first identify your goals. Consider what you want to accomplish in your career and how this job can help you get there. By defining your goals, you’ll have a clear direction when tailoring your objective statement. For example, if your goal is to work in marketing, you can write:

“Creative and results-driven marketing professional seeking a position that will utilize strong communication skills and strategic thinking to drive growth and positively impact the company’s bottom line.”

Tailoring to the Job Description

Next, it’s essential to tailor your objective statement to the job description. Carefully read the job posting and note the most important requirements and qualifications. Then, craft a statement highlighting how you meet those needs. By tailoring your objective statement, you demonstrate that you’re a strong fit for the position, and the employer will be more likely to consider your application. Here’s an example for a customer service role:

“Customer-focused professional with a proven track record in providing exceptional service, seeking an opportunity to leverage strong problem-solving and communication skills to enhance the customer experience and contribute to company success.”

Incorporating Keywords

Lastly, incorporating keywords from the job description in your objective statement is a great way to catch the attention of hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS). Many companies use ATS to sort through resumes before a human even sees them, so including relevant keywords can help ensure your resume stands out. Compare the job description to your resume, and adjust your objective statement accordingly. For instance, if the job posting highlights “strong analytical skills,” you can write:

“Dedicated and highly organized professional with strong analytical skills, seeking a role that allows for collaboration and growth, while utilizing my expertise in data-driven decision-making to contribute to the company’s success.”

Examples of Effective Objective Statements

For recent graduates.

For recent graduates, it’s important to showcase your educational background and relevant skills to potential employers. Here are some examples:

  • Eager marketing graduate with a strong foundation in data analytics and social media management seeking an entry-level position to apply skills and grow professionally in an innovative company.
  • Dedicated computer science graduate with a passion for machine learning looking to apply programming and problem-solving skills in a challenging software development role.
  • Business administration graduate with excellent organizational and communication skills, ready to contribute to team success in an entry-level human resources position.

For Career Changers

If you’re changing careers, emphasize transferable skills and your motivation for joining the new industry. Take a look at these examples:

  • Detail-oriented accountant transitioning to a project management role, aiming to apply financial analysis, budgeting, and reporting expertise to improve internal processes and contribute to company growth.
  • Experienced office manager looking to enter the marketing field, utilizing exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills to expand brand messaging and improve client relationships.

For Seasoned Professionals

As a seasoned professional, focus on highlighting your experience, accomplishments, and capabilities in the given field. Here are some examples:

  • Results-driven sales professional with 10+ years of experience growing revenue and market share, seeking a managerial role to lead a high-performing sales team and expand the company’s customer base.
  • Passionate software engineer with a track record of leading successful cross-functional teams, aiming to apply technical expertise and creative problem-solving skills in a senior development position.
  • Certified public relations strategist with a history of executing successful campaigns, desiring to take on a leadership role to enhance brand identity and forge long-lasting relationships with key audiences.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Objectives

When crafting your resume objective, it’s important to find the right balance between conveying your professional goals and showing the value you can bring to a company. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when creating a strong and smart resume objective statement.

  • Be specific: Tailor your resume objective to the job you’re applying for. Instead of using a general statement, focus on the company and position you’re interested in. For example, “Seeking a graphic designer position at XYZ Company to apply my strong design skills and creativity.”
  • Show your value: Your resume objective should indicate how you can benefit the employer, not just what you want in a job. Use this opportunity to highlight your skills and experiences that make you an ideal candidate because it demonstrates your ability to contribute to the company’s success.
  • Keep it concise: Brevity is key when writing a resume objective. Aim for two to three sentences, making sure to include your job title, relevant skills, and specific goals. This will keep your resume easy to read and understand.
  • Use strong language: Optimize your resume objective with action verbs like “seeking,” “desire,” and “optimize” to show that you are proactive and results-driven, making your application more appealing to hiring managers.


  • Be too vague: Avoid using generic and cliché phrases like “looking for a challenging opportunity” or “to gain experience in a fast-paced environment.” Instead, stay focused on the specific role and company.
  • Make it all about yourself: While it’s important to express your career aspirations, employers want to see what value you can bring to their organization. Ensure that your resume objective balances your personal goals with how your skills and experiences can benefit the company.
  • Exaggerate or falsify: Always be honest about your skills, experiences, and abilities. Embellishing your resume objective can come back to haunt you during interviews and referencing checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i craft an effective resume objective as a fresher.

As a fresher, your resume objective should focus on your educational background, relevant coursework, and transferable skills. You can mention any internships, volunteer experience, or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your skills and passion for the job. For example, a student applying for an entry-level marketing position might write:

“Recent Marketing graduate with a strong academic record and experience in digital marketing, seeking an entry-level position to refine my skills and contribute to the success of a dynamic marketing team.”

What are some compelling career objective examples for experienced professionals?

For experienced professionals, your resume objective should emphasize your proven track record, expertise, and the value you can bring to the organization. Here are some examples:

  • “Results-driven project manager with over 8 years of experience in the IT industry, seeking a leadership role to leverage my expertise in managing cross-functional teams and ensuring successful project delivery.”
  • “Creative graphic designer with a strong portfolio and 5 years of experience, looking to expand my skills in a fast-paced agency environment to drive innovative design solutions for clients.”

Can you suggest some beginner-friendly resume objective examples?

Beginner-friendly resume objectives should highlight your relevant skills, achievements, and areas of interest. Some examples include:

  • “Enthusiastic customer service professional with excellent communication skills and a strong track record of delivering outstanding customer experiences, seeking an opportunity to contribute to a dynamic customer support team.”
  • “Dedicated sales specialist seeking an entry-level position to leverage my strong negotiation and networking abilities, along with a passion for helping clients find the perfect solution to meet their needs.”

How should an employee articulate their objectives within a resume?

When articulating your objectives within a resume, ensure that your statement is clear, concise, and tailored to the specific job you’re applying for. Focus on showcasing your skills, qualifications, and the value you can provide to the employer. Consider what unique traits or offerings you bring to the table and make sure they align with the job description.

Could you provide examples of strong resume objective statements for various job types?

For example:

  • Administrative Assistant: “Organized and detail-oriented administrative professional with 4 years of experience, seeking a position to utilize my strong organizational skills, time management, and problem-solving abilities in a dynamic office environment.”
  • Software Engineer: “Experienced software engineer with 6 years of experience in Java and Python development, seeking a challenging role to develop innovative solutions, improve the user experience, and contribute to the growth of a forward-thinking organization.”
  • Human Resources: “Accomplished human resources professional with over 5 years of experience in employee relations, performance management, and recruitment, seeking an opportunity to develop and implement effective HR strategies to support workforce growth and organizational success.”

What are key elements of a smart objective statement on a resume?

A smart objective statement on a resume should include the following key elements:

  • Be specific: Tailor your objective to the exact job title and requirements.
  • Focus on your skills and qualifications: Highlight what makes you a strong candidate for the job.
  • Be concise: Keep your objective statement to one or two sentences.
  • Show enthusiasm: Express your genuine interest in the position and the company.
  • Indicate the value you will bring: Illustrate how your skills and experience will benefit the organization.
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Resume Objective Examples and Writing Tips

objective resume writing

What is a Resume Objective?

When to use a resume objective, match your objective to the job.

  • How to Write a Strong Objective

Resume Objective Examples

Sample resume with an objective, other options for starting your resume.

  • How to Add an Objective or Headline

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NAN104 /

Some job seekers choose to include a resume objective in their resumes. A resume objective states your career goals. It can be as simple as stating your desired job title, or it can show where you have been and where you hope to go in your career. When should you use an objective, and when can you exclude it from your resume?

Some people say that objectives are no longer required in a resume—at best, they are unnecessary, and at worst, they are outdated. However, a resume objective that focuses on your skills and abilities can actually enhance your resume by convincing employers that you know what you want to do and that you have the skills needed for the job.

Key Takeaways

  • Some experts say that resume objectives are no longer necessary, but others feel that they can be useful. 
  • If you choose to include an objective statement in your resume, use this section to connect your skills and qualifications to the job you’re seeking.
  • Alternatives to a resume objective include a summary statement, branding statement, or resume headline.

A resume objective is a statement of your goals for employment, usually listed at the top of your resume. A resume objective is typically one or two sentences long.

The Balance 

Again, some career experts find resume objectives outdated, while others say they are valuable. However, there are times when a resume objective can be very useful. Whenever you want to emphasize that you are ambitious, that you know what you want in a career, or that you have the skills for the specific job, you could benefit from a resume objective.

A resume objective can explain why you are qualified for the job, even if you do not have a lot of related experience. For example, you might state that you are looking to use your transferrable skills in a specific position. 

Including an objective can be particularly helpful when you are changing careers.

The most effective objective is one that is tailored to the job you are applying for. It states what kind of career you are seeking and what skills and experiences you have that make you ideal for that career. A resume objective might also include where you have been and where you want to go in your career.

For example, it might state some of your past accomplishments and then move on to the kinds of accomplishments you hope to achieve in the future (ideally, accomplishments you want to achieve for the company you are applying to).

Ultimately, stating an objective is optional, but it can help convince employers that you know what you want and are familiar with the industry.

How To Write a Strong Resume Objective

If you include an objective in your resume, it's important to customize it to match the position you are applying for .

Be Specific

The more specific you are, the better chance you have of being considered for the job you are interested in. It is a good idea to write a new resume objective for each job you apply for.

When you’re crafting your resume objective, you should focus on particular skills and experiences that are directly related to the job.

Use Keywords

Another effective strategy is to include keywords from the job listing in your resume objective. Not only can this increase the chances of your resume getting picked up by a company's applicant tracking system, but it can also emphasize how your qualifications align with the job listing.

Make a Match

You should also only mention career goals that are feasible within the company. For example, if you ultimately want to become a managing editor at a magazine, but you are applying for a job at a newspaper, do not state this. Focus on how you want to grow within the company.

Focus On How You Can Add Value

One of the dangers of a resume objective is that you can focus too much on what you want in your career, and not enough on how you will add value to the company . Therefore, while your resume objective should include information on the career that you want, you also want to explain why you are an ideal candidate for the job at hand.

Briefly include any information that highlights your experience, including your years in the industry, your particular skill set, and any other relevant qualifications. Include examples of ways you could add value or even improve the company. 

For example, mention your 10 years of experience successfully reducing budgets, and state that you want to apply these skills to the organization's budget.

  • Seeking a position at XYZ Company where I can maximize my 10+ years of management, quality assurance, program development, and training experience.
  • Seeking a position as a clinical practice assistant for a health maintenance organization, utilizing my award-winning writing, research, and leadership skills.
  • Elementary education teacher looking for a position at a small independent school where I can apply my five years of teaching experience and curriculum development skills.
  • Customer service manager seeking an opportunity to use my customer service and management skills to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Looking for a position where I can integrate strategies to develop and expand existing customer sales, brand and product evolution, and media endorsement.
  • Looking for a search engine optimization position where I can use my SEO skills and experience to increase site traffic and search engine placement, applying my 15 years of IT experience.
  • Seeking a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, award-winning educational background, and ability to work well with people.

This is a resume sample with an objective. Download the resume template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or read the example below.

The Balance

Sample Resume With an Objective (Text Version)

Alex Applicant 999 Main Street New York, NY 10001 (123) 555-1234

CAREER OBJECTIVE Elementary teacher looking for a position at a small independent school, where I can apply my teaching experience, STEM-oriented instruction, technology, and curriculum development skills to support student growth and success.


  • Adept in creating positive, engaging, and supportive learning environments for students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong team building and collaborative talents, partnering easily with teachers, principals, parents, and support staff to identify student needs, address issues, and promote school spirit.
  • Willingly work after hours and during weekends to ensure student success.
  • Hold current K-8 teaching certification; active member of NAIS, AFT, ASCD, and CEC.
  • Fluent in written and spoken Spanish; well-versed in use of SmartBoard and other technologies.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE LAKESIDE ACADEMY, Stamford, CT Elementary Teacher , September 2021 - Present

Structure and implement dynamic and engaging lesson plans for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders, teaching up to 25 students in each class.

  • Played key role in improving student scores on standardized tests by 38% in literacy and 29% in math.
  • Championed introduction of new adaptive learning technologies to better serve the individual needs of students.
  • Sponsored after-school Spanish Club and prepared students for participation in Odyssey of the Mind.
  • Received “Best Teacher Award.”

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (2021); GPA 3.9 Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina Dean’s List; Graduated Summa cum Laude

Summary Statement

An alternative to using an objective on your resume is to use a resume profile , also called a resume summary statement or statement of qualifications, which is a brief summary of your skills and experiences written for a specific job opening. Unlike a resume objective, which focuses on your career objectives, a resume profile focuses directly on how you can benefit and add value to the company.

Branding Statement

Another option is to add a resume branding statement to your resume. This statement is shorter than a resume profile or objective—about 15 words—and it highlights your key successes and skills.

Finally, a third option is a resume headline , also known as a resume title. This is even shorter than a resume branding statement. It is a phrase that explains your skills and work experience.

How To Include an Objective, Headline, or Statement on a Resume

You can also include more than one of these in your resume. For example, you can include both a resume headline and a resume profile (with the headline closer to the top of your resume).

Whichever of these options you decide to use, place it towards the top of your resume, beneath your name and contact information.

Make sure you keep your information concise and use keywords from the job listing in your statement. Even with a resume objective, resume profile, branding statement, or headline, your resume should still fit on one page when possible. Finally, be sure to write a new statement for each job you apply for so that the employer can see at a glance what makes you a good fit for that specific job.

How do I write a good objective for a resume?

A resume objective should be one or two sentences that connect your qualifications to your career goal.

How do I write a resume for a career change?

When you’re changing careers, focus your resume on your transferable skills, experience, and qualifications. Carefully read the job description for the job you want and use your resume to show how your abilities make you the ideal candidate, even if you’ve never held a similar job before. 

What jobs should I list on my resume?

Your resume needs to list only your most relevant jobs. Feel free to leave off any work experience that is not related to the job for which you’re interviewing. You can also trim any older work experience that might age you or that no longer boosts your profile as a job candidate.

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14 Eye-Catching Resume Objective Examples & How To Guide for 2024

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  • What is a Resume Objective
  • Why Are Resume Objectives Important
  • What Is The Difference between A Resume Summary and Objective
  • When Should You Include A Resume Objective
  • The Pros and Cons Using Resume Objectives

How to Write An Effective Resume Objective Employers Can’t Ignore

  • Sample Resume Objective Examples
  • Alternatives To Resume Objective Statements

Applying for a job in 2024 has to be well-thought-out, targeted, and personal. That’s why resume objectives are taking prevalence in the world of job seekers and recruiters.

Today you _have _to show potential employers why you are the right candidate by intertwining your career goals, experience, and the goals of the company you’re applying for in a punchy objective statement that will hook the hiring manager.

In this article, we’ll go over everything that you’ll need to craft an effective objective statement section. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an entry-level job in an advertising agency , or you’re looking to join an organization as a business transformation expert .

CTA Resume Headline.png

What is a Resume Objective?

A resume objective sits at the top of your resume. It’s three sentences long, and it should include a proposition on how you’re going to provide value. The resume objective highlights your biggest strengths, shows your experience, and summarizes what you’re looking to achieve in your career.

The objective statement shows what you’re looking to accomplish in your career, your strengths, and your skillset . It shows employers how you’re going to contribute to their success and your own goals.

Instead of the conventional resume summary that sums up your entire work history, a resume objective focuses on your long-term goals and how you can help the potential employer you’re applying for achieve their goals.

Why are resume objectives important?

Adding an objective statement to your resume helps recruiters immediately identify why you’re applying, what drives you, and what’s your professional expertise. You must incorporate your professional goals and make them parallel with what the employer needs.

When done well, a resume objective should pique recruiters’ interest and make them want to read your resume fully. If your goals are in strong correlation with what the company is trying to achieve, and there’s a mutual interest to benefit both sides, your chances of getting called in for an interview will be higher.

What is the difference between a resume summary and objective?"?

Resume summaries and objectives are similar concepts, but the major difference between them is the length. Resume objectives tend to be short, concise statements which focus on the value a candidate can bring to a company.

In contrast, a resume summary provides more information on the skills and abilities that an applicant has. Summaries offer those with loads of experience the ability to share how those skills could apply at the position they're applying for. These are best to use when a simple paragraph won't cut it.

Here's the thing: you're probably going to write a cover letter with your resume, and you may not need a more in depth summary. A resume objective may be exactly what you need to showcase your value.

There’s just one caveat—resume objectives are optional.

They’re not always needed…

Did that throw you off?

Hold your horses – it’s only true if you have loads of work experience to show for in the first place. Very shortly, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of resume objectives. But just before that, let’s answer the question that’s probably on your mind…

When should you include a resume objective?

Unfortunately, most applicants don’t understand the real purpose behind a resume objective. Because of this, it’s very common to get it wrong.

Featuring an objective statement in your resume might be optional, but there are certain situations that you’d want to include one. Below, you can find the most common times when you should include a objective statement on your resume:

Breaking into a new job market

When you’re breaking into a new job market and making a significant change in your career job position, a resume objective can help you stand out. Use it to your advantage by lining up your past skills to your professional goals clearly and easily for recruiters to understand.

The right approach is to be specific, concise and to bring up your skills and intentions. How can you help the company close the gap between them and their goals? Are your intentions similar to their mission and values?

Let’s take a closer look.

Imagine you’re a social media marketer who’s now looking to get into a sales-related role.

Both of these roles are inversely proportional–they’re indirectly related to each other. So, in this situation, you want to talk about how the skills you’ve developed as a social media marketer will help the company get closer to accomplishing its goals by having you as part of the sales team.

Bring up your objectives, relevant qualifications, and previous achievements. All these details play a role in influencing what the prospective employer thinks about you.

In the case of social media marketing into a sales role, here’s an example of a generic resume objective example:

Proven track record of successful case studies working with several in-house marketing teams. Now seeking to deliver a higher rate of sales figures.

It’s not bad. But the language is broad, too generalized, and quite vague. Instead, a better approach would be more specific to make our goals mutually beneficial. See below for how we would go about doing that:

Our refined example shows how the correlation of our objective and what the company is looking for is made more subtle. With the way it’s been described, the recruiter will conclude that your skills make you more than capable for the role and that you’re looking to expand on your sales skills.

Take advantage of buzzwords too–these will trigger interest and spark curiosity in the reader.

In our second example, it would’ve been better if we had included the brand names we’ve worked with specifically. It would look far more credible rather than just stating “businesses” .

Possessing limited, relevant work experience

For school, college, and university graduates, crafting an effective resume objective can help you get the entry-level position you want even if you don’t have much work experience to show for.

You want to indicate how your career objective is related to the job opening.

Unless you have relevant employment history from an internship for at least a year, you may want to consider opting for a resume summary section instead.

If you don’t have much relevant work experience yet, and you want to impress the hiring manager, we’ve made some guides and templates that can help you create a resume that stands out.

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Starting an internship

Another transitional work experience where a resume objective will come in handy is when applying for internships. An internship is a time when someone new to the workplace learns directly through hands-on training, gleaning valuable insights in a potential career.

Check out the guide below which help you to craft an internship resume that will standout:

  • Intern resume

Returning to the workforce

Nowadays, a gap in the resume can be a fairly common occurrence. Whether you've taken time off to take care of little ones or you've been laid off due to an economic downturn, many people returning to the workforce are trying to find ways to make their resume standout.

If you have years of experience under your belt then you can use a resume objective to make them stand out to a potential recruiter. Drawing on quantifiable proof of your proven track record can make a future employer want to know more about you.

In fact, it can even show that you're dedicated to seeing growth in your career as you return to the workforce. Think about it like this: your objective statement can be a time for you to show a continuation in your career, that you're dedicated to picking up exactly where you left off.

The pros and cons using resume objectives

As we mentioned briefly above, including a resume objective at the top of your resume is optional. Hence why, when deciding whether to include an objective statement, you have to weigh the pros and cons of your specific case.

If you think the hiring manager will benefit from reading your career goals and aspirations, then include a resume objective. But let’s go through the full list of pros and cons.

Objective statement pros

  • Get quick recognition.

A very specific and concise resume objective statement gives recruiters an idea of the bigger picture and value you can bring to the table. It lets them quickly recognize an overview of your resume and career, as well as your skills and if you’re going to be a good overall fit.

Show willingness to learn.

You’re willing to learn. Employers can see you’re looking to branch out, learn, and expand your skills in a new area. It helps them see that you’re diverse.

Highlight keywords.

Nowadays, companies that receive a large volume of resumes will use an ATS to scan your resume to determine if you’ll make the cut. They don’t have hours to spend reading every individual resume, so by having a resume objective with keywords, the scanner algorithm can see in the hiring process that you’re a qualified candidate.

  • Emphasize your strengths.

Since this statement is just after your resume header , within the first 10 seconds the reader will get, they’ll notice your core strengths and values.

Objective statement cons

  • Talking too much about yourself.

Some candidates go off track when writing their resume objectives. They tend to make it all about themselves without relating to the company’s needs. It’s important employers can see how you’re going to bring value, so be sure you’re directly relating to what they’re looking for, and not just what you want.

  • Limited skill set.

The employers may get the impression that your skill set is limited. You’re looking to extend your boundaries with what you can do. Sometimes, the resume objective statement isn’t showing what you can do but instead, what you’re hoping to do.

The secret to crafting an effective objective statement is simply putting in the work to analyze the job position and the employer. Then it’s just a matter of incorporating your experience with the employer’s goals.

Do background research and understand the job description

Identify and take note of what the employer needs. Then, translate the words they’ve used in their job description into your resume .

Before you write a single word, you must understand the key responsibilities, duties, and skills the hiring manager will be looking for. If you skip the step of understanding your role and doing the background research, you won’t make it past their ATS.

Identify your strengths and tailor your statement accordingly.

Once you understand what the job position needs, meet their demands with your strengths. Just be sure that what you mention is tailored specifically towards the job position.

Don’t just say any skill . It needs to be something you’re genuinely good at and confident in. Don’t lie or be dishonest.

Start with a hook

Begin your objective statement by grabbing the recruiter’s interest with something compelling. You can do this by combining the previous steps, and using specific words to get them engaged .

When recruiters start reading your resume objective, they should grasp your relevant experience and career goals.

With our social media marketing example, notice how we started with “marketing professional” . Just by letting employers know who we are, it’s eye-grabbing enough to get them focused.

You want to start strong–create enough curiosity to spark their interest that makes them want to see more.

Use relevant qualifications, skills, and job titles.

Do you have any relevant job titles, skills, or qualifications that are useful?

Anything helpful that justifies how you’re going to do your job properly should be mentioned. Include on your resume anything professionally relevant from the past.

With your resume objective section, rather than only talking about what you hope to accomplish (e.g. “I’m seeking a competitive, fast-paced work environment that forces me to develop my skills”) , you should outline the relevant skills you’re confident in, and integrate it with how it’s going to help you achieve your goal through the new role you’re applying for.

If a skill is irrelevant to the job, skip out on it unless you can put it in a way that makes sense.

Follow up with a brief description of how you’re going to add value.

Some questions that are on the hiring manager’s mind are, _“How will this person benefit us?” _or_ “What value can he bring that we need and don’t have much of?”_.

Aside from the technical obvious skills and aspects, you would need, is there anything else you can add to show the level of quality value you can deliver? For example, your work ethic, previous achievements, interests, and preferences, ambitions.

Use the right formatting and positioning.

Are there any words, in particular, you want to stand out? Is the font choice and size in check and good to use and go? Also, is the design of this resume section clean and readable?

The resume objective is one of your key highlights and sections on your resume. Therefore, the contents inside are important but so is the way it’s visually presented. More importantly, it shouldn’t compromise other resume sections, but rather support them.

14 sample resume objective examples to get inspired from.".

Okay, that’s what you’re here for right? Get some inspiration for your objective statement. Well, you’re in the right place. Our resume writer did these, and he put a lot of thought into each of the following.

He’s also doing resume reviews, so if you want to be a hundred percent sure that your objective statement is good, you can find him over at our Career Counseling hub .

Data entry resume objective

Administrative data entry specialist with 5+ years of experience in the accounting industry. Inputted 500+ invoices, expenses, statements, customer details, and documents daily. Spotted and corrected data errors at a 99.8% success rate. Proficient in M.S. Office, advanced Excel, G Suite, and CRM software Hubspot and Salesforce. 10-Key Typing Speed of 12,000 KPH with 100% accuracy.

The example above is effective because of how subtle the applicant is talking about what they can do if they were to take on the role. We can see that data entry is in this candidate’s field of expertise and that he’s a “specialist with 5+ years experience“.

In terms of his resume objective, it’s clear he wants to put his skills to use and take on the data entry job opening role. What makes this resume objective effective is that this meaning is subtle – it’s being shown to us with real data and personalized details (“spotted and corrected data errors“).

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Project analyst resume objective

A certified professional Project Analyst with solid training in project management and diagramming software. Proven ability in maintaining effective systems and processes and analyzing complex software. Able to approach all projects through SCRUM and ensure performance optimization.

This time with the project analyst resume, the recruiters will recognize you as a professional candidate who knows what they’re doing. It’s clear they’re a qualified applicant because they’ve directly included relevant soft and hard skills needed for the job.

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Sales Manager Resume Objective

Advertising professional who sold $150K in SaaS products using an innovative launch campaign and strong leadership skills. Seeking a sales manager position where | can further apply my skills in motivating and training a team while increasing the company’s bottom line.

Like our social media marketing example from earlier, this example is very similar. We can see the person is transitioning from an advertising role into a sales role in which case, they include transferable skills to show why they would be a good sales manager.

Further Reading

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Sales Representative Resume Objective

A results-driven sales representative with 5 years of experience in B2B sales and a proven track record of closing multi-million deals in healthcare and finance markets is eager to join the ABC company, adhering to its highest standards for personal and team excellence.

In this sales representative objective statement example, we know the applicant is knowledgeable in the field. They’re not amateur–and they’re looking to develop their skills by “adhering to its highest standards for personal and team excellence.” It’s clear what they want to accomplish and get out of by taking on the job opening.

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medical sales resume objective

Senior Medical Device Sales Representative with 6+ years of experience in the Cardiac Rhythm Management field who specializes in new acquisition account sales. A strategic contract negotiator with 4 annual top sales awards. Seeking a position that will allow me to hone my skill set in competitive and collaborative environments.

One thing I like about this resume objective is that the applicant doesn’t just list out any generic or vague skills. Instead, the applicant is specific and the opposite of generic–“sales contract negotiator“, “new acquisition account sales“.

The candidate has clearly done the background research and personalized the description to align it to the new job position.

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Interior designer resume objective

Interior Designer with 3 years of freelance and volunteering experience. Finished 15 commercial and residential interiors with overall feedback of 9.4/10. Skilled in Adobe Suite & Sketch. A regular contributor to Architectural Digest, with articles viewed over 100 000 times.

In this resume objective, she features her experiences specifically and talks about her publications. Similar to the data entry resume objective in our first example, her career goal is subtly implicated. We can see she’s looking for a more significant, rewarding position as an interior designer since she’s honed her skills respectably.

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Assistant Manager Resume Objective

Highly-motivated college graduate with experience in sales and customer service. Strong leadership and communication skills. Coming with a Business Administration degree and knowledgeable enough in management. Seeking an assistant store manager position at Macy’s.

This is a good example for those who are recent graduates and lack work experience. To make up for it, the candidate correlates their career goals in employment with the company’s best interest to show how they can benefit.

Also, they’ve kept their skills specifically tailored for the role as an assistant manager and implicated the student mentality where they’re motivated and willing to learn.

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Executive Assistant Resume Objective

Executive Administrative Assistant with 8 years of experience working in C-level executives. Skilled in administrative support tasks, including calendar management and bookkeeping. Possess strong communication and multitasking skills. Have a B.A. in Office Administration. Looking to leverage my skills and knowledge into a new role at Allata.

The most important thing your resume objective statement should do is to be aligned with the company’s goals and interests. And in this example, the candidate does exactly that.

Instead of looking self-centered, the resume objective indicates otherwise.

This is because they go the extra mile to show their interest by including tailored examples for the job vacancy. Not only are they addressing what the company needs, but they’re showing they understand what needs to be done to alleviate those pain points.

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computer science resume objective

A recent C.S. undergraduate and a co-founder of a SavelT student finance management service with an active internship at SAP software department is eager to join an ABC development team as a software engineer.

This candidate is a recent computer science graduate with limited experience in the field. But that doesn’t stop them from applying to a career where having experience is preferred.

The reason this works is that they’ve listed their education to immediately signify to employers they have the fundamental knowledge required. Next, we notice that they do have experience as the candidate is taking part in an “active internship at SAP“.

They’ve also made it clear what they’re looking to do, so it’s easier for employers to determine if what the applicant is seeking matches what they’re looking for too.

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Pilot resume objective

Customer-focused commercial airline pilot with over 10 years of experience in the aviation industry, and a passion for modern aircraft technology. Completed 8,000+ hours of flight time: PiC: 2000, SiC: 3000, Night: 3000. CPL certified. Eager to join the Air Canada team to provide excellent service and uphold the highest safety standards.

Have you noticed why this resume objective is so effective?

Firstly, 10 years of experience leave a positive first impression in those first few seconds. Second, his accomplishments and feats that this pilot has done in the past are respectable.

It’s easy to deduce that we’re reading the resume of a skilled pilot who’s a veteran in the airspace field. And to top it off, it’s clear he’s eager because he’s directly pointed out the airline he wants to work with.

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Customer service resume objective

Dedicated customer service representative with a 15 years experience cultivating customer relationships. Upgraded my former employer's CRM system, creating a holistic approach to tracking customer satisfaction, and receiving a general customer satisfaction ranking of 95%. Seeking to apply my skills to Babylon Inc.'s customer relationship management program.

By focusing on their experience with CRM software, this applicant's objective statement focuses on the concrete way that they can apply their unique skill set. This unique detail may give them the ability to set themselves apart from the competition.

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dental assistant resume objective

Recent graduate of a dental assistant program, but who possesses 12 years experience as an X-ray technician. A dedicated worker who has a technical know-how of complicated x-ray equipment, while also possessing unique interpersonal and customer service skills in the medical industry. Interested in the dental assistant position at Healthy Smiles Dentistry.

This applicant may be switching careers, but they've made it clear that their previous work experience has given them skills to be able to succeed as a dental assistant.

Well written medical resume objectives shine light on an applicant's unique technical skills, while also showing that the applicant has strong customer service skills.

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Bank Teller Resume Objective

Detail-oriented worker with 5 years experience as a bank teller for TD bank. Primarily focused on providing a spectacular customer experience, leveraging their unique attention to detail to help clients process loans, balance their ledgers, and find deals to help them grow their investments. Anticipating building on this success as a representative of ABC National Bank.

A well written career objective delves into the extensive knowledge that an applicant possesses. In the example above, the applicant can show that they're primarily focused on helping their clients to succeed with their financial goals.

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HVAC resume objective

Recent graduate of a HVAC program with extensive construction experience. In addition to the training of diagnosing complex mechanical systems, this eager worker has 10 years of experience as a carpenter and laborer. With years on job sites, this technician can help to allow J&M Heating to reach its bottom line.

Although limited in their practical knowledge of heating and cooling systems, this applicant shows that they're the right person for the position because of their background in the trades. Having the technical mindset to know their way around a job site can set themselves apart from the competition.

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Warehouse Manager Resume Objective

Hardworking warehouse manager whose primary experience has including driving a forklift, working on the packaging line, and even in-house customer service. As a result of experiencing most of the positions in a warehouse and utilizing adept interpersonal skills, this applicant has the ability to understand the needs of the average worker. Eager to use these skills to help to add to the great company culture at AKEA Furniture Company.

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If you haven’t found your job title, don’t worry! You can find more proven resumes in your industry for your exact job position in our mega list of 530+ resume examples by clicking here .

Alternatives to resume objective statements

Just like everything around building a resume, objections can be substituted with alternatives that better fit your particular use case.

Summary statements

If you want to focus explicitly on how you can benefit the organization that you’re applying for, then including a statement of qualifications is a much smarter idea. Unlike an objective that includes your own career goals as well, a summary statement briefly summarizes how you can add value to the company.

Branding statement

Or maybe you want to cut straight to the chase. A branding statement is perfect if you want to highlight your key successes in no more than a single sentence.

Or… you can just add a title.

Headlines are short, tailored to your experience no-fuzz option that maintains the clean look of a CV.

The do's and don'ts to hone your objective statement

When you're looking to craft the perfect resume objective, follow these tips below to steer clear of statements that will fall flat and to create a poignant, eye-catching statement:

5 Things to Do

  • Keep it short, concise, and impactful.

Rather than writing an essay that’s difficult to read and consume, having fewer words but showing more value is what’s going to leave a good impression. Focus on being impactful with minimal sentences.

  • Assess your qualities.

Find your biggest strengths and include them on your resume. Keep them aligned with what employers need. We’ve made a whole list of the 300+ skills recruiters need , you can check them out for yourself.

Place your resume objective just after your resume header section.

Instead of your resume summary that contains an overview of your career, you’re replacing that description with your resume objectives. This should be placed right after your resume header, under the resume summary section.

Stick to keeping your resume length one-page long.

We advise your resume to be at a length of one-page because it instantly highlights the priority details with a high readability level. Especially if you’re using a resume builder that supports this concept, it’s easier to stand out .

  • Make your actual professional objectives subtle.

Instead of blatantly stating what you’re seeking, it’s better if you can excite the reader instead. You do this by conveying the value you can bring over, and implicitly showing your goals. Actions speak louder than words. If you can draw the bigger picture, the recruiter will get double the meaning from you showing it than just telling it.

3 things to avoid

  • Don't generalize

Although you may be handing out dozens of resumes while looking for a job, it's important to take the time to personalize each resume to catch the attention of a hiring manager. Don't add a ton of fluff, general information which might check the boxes for several companies, but focus on sharing quantifiable information which fits with the position.

  • Don't focus only on what you want

It's easy to think that a resume objective is just about the job you're applying for, but recruiters want to learn more about your career aspirations and goals. Instead of sharing what you'd like to get from the job, include details that make you a valuable employee, one that will build the reputation of the company.

  • Don't make it too long

A resume objective statement should be short, no more than four sentences. Think of it like your own personal 'elevator pitch', where you have the ability to prove your worth to a recruiter. Keep it short and sweet.

Use a three-sentence formula for your objective statements:

Sentence 1: Introduce yourself and your qualifications which make you a great candidate, including any relevant experience and degrees that you possess. Sentence 2: Mention any hard skills or soft skills which set you apart from other applicants. You can find the skills that they're looking for by checking the job description in the application. Sentence 3: Focus on the job that you're applying for and mention the company that you're applying for.

Resume Objective: Takeaways

The aim of the game is to express your professional intentions and career background in minimal detail. These need to be aligned with the company’s best interest, so they know you’ll benefit them and act as a valuable catalyst to help reach their goals!

It’s vital to entice the hiring managers the moment they pick up your resume. And, this is exactly why resume objectives are so useful.

With this guide, hopefully, we’ve answered all of your questions. But if there’s anything else you want to ask, feel free to leave a comment below. I read and respond to every message!

Also, have you tried Enhancv’s resume editor ? Our design is sophisticated yet clean and simple. We’ve put a lot of thought and know-how into creating our resume builder, ensuring that your CV will look good, read well, and most importantly–stand out.

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How to Write a Resume Objective

Get noticed in just a few words!

Lauren Hamer

Career Expert

CV template Stockholm

Recruiters have tons of resumes to go through. A study by Ladders states it takes them as little as 7.4 seconds to make a decision. So, your resume should grab their attention fast.

A good way to do this is by starting with a strong resume objective. This is a short note about what you bring to the table. It usually comes right after your contact information.

According to Forbes Magazine , many hiring professionals view the resume objective as crucial. Most of them expect to see one when reviewing applications. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an online tool or writing your resume from scratch. Knowing how to write a good resume objective is key. This guide will help you do just that.

What Is a Resume Objective?

It’s a quick intro at the start of your resume. It talks about you and what you can do for a company.

There are three main ways to start a resume: with an objective, a summary statement , or a list of skills. When done right, this part can make you look like the perfect person for the job.

Your objective should show how you can help the company. It tells them why you’re the best choice.

Take advantage of our AI-generated suggestions in our resume builder to come up with detailed ideas for your objective. 

Some people mix up the resume’s objective part with the summary statement or qualifications summary used in other resume formats . A resume objective should explain your goals for the specific role.

When to Use a Resume Objective

What to use depends on the type of resume you have. If you’ve got a lot of experience, you might start with a skills list or a summary. But if you’re looking for your first job or changing careers, an objective is a good idea.

You may use a resume objective if:

  • You’re a student looking for a part-time job or a summer job
  • You’re a fresh grad starting your career
  • You want to change careers

Objectives are especially good for students. They can share their goals and what they can bring to a job. If you’re just starting, talk about what you know, any past jobs, and why you like the company. If you’re changing careers, your objective can show how your old jobs will help in the new one.

Candidates changing careers may use an objective to explain how their previous experience will help them succeed in their new role.

How to Write a Memorable Resume Objective

Here are some key tips to craft a great resume objective. Remember, this is just the beginning. Look at our full guide about writing a resume for more advice.

Write a unique objective for every job. Match it to the job type and area you’re applying to.

Use action words when writing your resume objective. Mention how your skills and experience will help you in the new role.

Here are more tips on how to write a resume objective:

  • List your skills and show where you used them in past jobs.
  • Share what you’re good at. Like being a good listener or helping others.
  • Include keywords from the job post , as well as those common in your industry.
  • Talk about any training or awards you have related to the job.
  • Mention if you’ve done this kind of work before , especially if the new job is similar.

Keep your objective short and to the point. It should match what’s in the rest of your resume.

Common Resume Objective Mistakes

Avoid the most common mistakes when writing a resume . But remember that the objective is the first thing many recruiters see. So, get it right.

Don’t: Just talk about your goals . A Careerbuilder study says 18% of employers might skip your resume if it doesn’t fit their company’s goals.

Don’t: Use the same opening for every job . Make each one fit the job you’re applying for.

5 Resume Objective Examples

Now, let’s see some examples in action!

Note: It’s good to see many examples, but make sure you write a unique resume objective for each job and company.

Here are 5 short and interesting resume objective samples:

  • Entrusted realtor with 5 years of experience in real estate marketing, property acquisition, and sales. Exquisite customer service skills seeking to use extensive knowledge of [city] sector and outstanding communication and negotiation capabilities to grow [company name] reputation and bottom line.
  • Licensed elementary teacher with 10+ years of experience in bilingual (English-Spanish), forward-thinking classroom environments; interested in using exceptional organizational skills and dedication to enhance student experience with the use of modern technology.
  • Professional food service staff leader/waiter seeking management or supervisory position that will leverage my leadership skills to build a strong team in the hospitality sector. Strong focus on customer satisfaction programs and the overall guest/dining experience.
  • Retail assistant with 7 years of sales experience and exceptional customer service skills; interested in meshing proven floor sales strategies and detailed luxury apparel expertise to serve a proactive, fast-paced e-commerce company in their efforts to promote high-quality products to consumers.
  • Competent and empathic Registered Nurse targeting a Healthcare facility position in the pediatric sector. Excellent interpersonal skills and extensive patient care training, with a track record of providing quality, comfortable health care for children, teenagers, and adults.

Check out our online resume builder for more resume wording examples. Sign in and find great ideas for a strong resume objective to impress hiring managers.

When you’re new or changing jobs, your objective is key. It helps you show what you can do in a few words.

ResumeCoach helps job seekers make strong resume objectives. We offer expert tips and real-life examples.

CV template Munich

Struggling with Resume Writing?

Ease the process with our templates

US News & World Report -  Money

How to Write an Objective for a Resume

A resume objective statement is a few sentences stating your value to the employer, your strengths and why you are seeking the position in relation to your long-term goals.

Writing a solid objective statement can help you create a smart, tailored resume.

Do You Need a Resume Objective Statement?

Sometimes, an objective statement is not necessary, since it takes up prime real estate on your resume, where you could be selling yourself instead. In some cases, it could be repetitive. For example, if a company accepts a cover letter , you will want to use your cover letter to explain your goals and reasons for wanting the position in greater detail, making the resume objective statement unnecessary.

On the other hand, some companies are no longer asking for cover letters. In this case, using a resume objective statement is worth considering to address those items immediately on your resume.

Create a Long Version of Your Objective Statement

Narrowing your short-term goals and why you want to work for the company into a few sentences can be tough, so it's best to create a long version of your objective statement first.

Once you have written down all of your short-term goals and reasons why you want that particular position , you will be better equipped to narrow down your objective to a few sentences with only the most essential details. The long version will also help you have a good starting point to delete or add details as you continue to perfect your statement.

Include Any Important Information in Your Resume Objective Statement

Are you only looking for part-time work ? Are you applying for a remote job in another state or country? Are you relocating or changing industries ? Make sure to include those important details in your objective statement to avoid being disqualified from the hiring process.

Resume Objective Mistakes to Avoid

  • Using a cookie-cutter objective statement. Your objective statement should be tailored to each position you apply for, so it speaks directly to the company you want to work for. While your professional goals essentially don’t change, you can word them in a certain way that most appeals to each individual job position. You will also want to include specific reasons why you want to work for the company, and that will change with each job position. While some details may stay the same (recent college grad, laid off, etc.), take the extra time to personalize your resume objective statements.
  • Not clearly stating the value you provide to the company. While an objective statement should highlight your value, it's important to make the connection to the job position. Don't assume that the hiring manager will make the connection on their own. You need to do that for them. Ask yourself if your objective statement clearly shows how your value benefits the company you want to work for.
  • Forgetting to spellcheck your objective statement. Since this section is at the top of your resume, you want to make a good impression. Grammar and spelling mistakes can get your resume tossed into the trash, so it's worth spending the extra time to double-check your resume objective statement. You can also ask a friend or family member to proofread it for you.
  • Mentioning accomplishments that aren't listed on your resume. If you decide to talk about a certain accomplishment or skill in your objective statement, make sure that is also listed on your resume. The hiring manager will want to see proof of what you list on your objective statement. If you don't provide that anywhere on your resume, it will cast doubt on your entire document.

Alternatives to a Resume Objective Statement

A resume objective statement may not be the best option for your resume. In this case, you can substitute your objective statement for your branding statement . Your branding statement often makes more impact than an objective statement. An advantage of using your branding statement is that it’s already personalized and doesn’t change for each job position.

Another alternative to a resume objective statement is making good use of the summary of qualifications section on your resume. This is where you can restate your qualifications in a slightly different way than from your cover letter. This area of your resume should also be tailored to each job position. Make sure to include the keywords from the job posting that you qualify for in this section.

Another alternative is to skip this section altogether. If your experience clearly shows that you qualify for the position, you may determine that it's better to use that space to showcase your professional experience section on your resume instead of including an objective statement.

Resume Objective Statement Samples

If you're seeking inspiration before crafting your own resume objective, check out these statements:

  • I am a highly skilled, dedicated and approachable professional with more than 10 years of experience in the marketing field. I am seeking the position of marketing director to help (Company Name) get amazing stories out into the marketplace.
  • I am a friendly, hardworking chef with 12 years of experience in the midchain restaurant business. I'm currently seeking the position of head chef to bring my unique multinational flavors to (Company Name’s) table.

Resume Sample

To see where your objective statement should go on your resume, see the following sample below.

111-222-1212 | [email protected] |


I am a highly-skilled, dedicated, and approachable professional with more than 10 years of experience in the marketing field. I am seeking the position of Marketing Director to help (Company Name) get amazing stories out into the marketplace.


Analytical | Process Improvement | Dedicated Project Manager | Relationship Management | Motivational Mentor | Excellent Communication Skills | More Skills Here


Complete this section and onward as you would on a typical resume, filling in the details of past jobs, education, etc.

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12 resume objective examples and tips for writing one


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How to write a career objective for a resume

4 career objective examples for beginners

4 career objective examples for experienced professionals, 4 objective examples for student resumes, land the interview in just a few sentences.

Your resume is one of the first materials your potential employer sees from you. It needs to catch their eye and attract interest — at least enough to get you in the door for an interview . 

As a job seeker , one great way to win over employers and become a top candidate is to write a strong career statement . 

A career statement, also known as your summary or objective, is your personal elevator pitch . It’s a few brief sentences at the top of your resume clearly explaining what your career goals are and how this job will help you get there.

An objective statement is a great addition to your resume, particularly if you’re a new graduate or don’t have a lot of experience. If you aren’t sure where to begin, h ere are a few career objective examples t o get you started.

How to write a career objective for a resume 


The average recruiter only looks at a resume for about seven seconds , meaning they don’t read every bullet point in depth. You need to wow them from the beginning and encourage them to learn more about you, your experience, and your relevant skills. 

That’s where the career objective comes into play. Usually at the top of your resume, a recruiter should be able to read your statement in just a few seconds and have a clear picture of what you’d bring to the role you’re applying for. It should emphasize the unique skills, credentials, and experience that make you the ideal candidate, all in just a few seconds. 

But keep in mind that some recruiters advise against including summaries and objectives . If your work experience already speaks for itself, or you have lots of skills and certifications, it might be best to use that space for something other than an objective statement. Objectives and summaries are most helpful when you have something to say — like what kind of environment you’re looking for — that you can’t include elsewhere.

If you do want to learn how to write an objective for a resume, start by creating a custom statement for every job application. It might be tempting to write a generic objective that suits any job in your industry, especially if you’re applying for the same position with multiple companies. But saying you want to work as a “sales representative at XYZ Company” makes for a stronger statement than “seeking a sales position ” because it shows specificity and drive. And a tailored statement is more likely to catch a recruiter’s eye.

Here are a few more essential guidelines for writing your career objective:

1. Write it in third-person singular

Writing in the third person is the standard for resume objective statements. First-person pronouns like I, me, and my come across as personal and informal to a reader, and your resume should be as professional as possible. 

To avoid the first person, your statement doesn’t have to be a complete sentence. Instead of saying “I’m looking for a job in the front office,” your career objective could read, “Seeking a role as an administrative assistant with [company name].” That way, it’s more formal and you have more space to explain your career path .

2. Emphasize your strongest traits

Your resume and cover letter aim to prove that you’re a top candidate for the job. And to do this, they need to mention the strengths you bring as an employee. Do you have years of specialized experience? Exceptional communication skills ? Put those qualities front and center in your career objective. The goal is to show what makes you stand out.

If you’re unsure which traits to highlight, scan the job description and look for keywords that apply to you. If the employer asks for someone self-motivated and results-driven, use those words to describe yourself. Just make sure you aren’t stretching the truth at this stage. Start your professional relationship on the basis of trust .

3. Add a few skills

You can tell a recruiter that you’re hardworking, driven, or experienced at a job. But proving those facts with specific examples is much more effective. If you want to focus your resume objective example on your abilities, use the space to explain how you’ve used them well in the past.

Someone applying for a marketing manager position might emphasize a successful social media project with metrics that show its success. And a prospective healthcare professional might point out their certifications or knowledge of regulatory practices for their role. Remember, the best skills for your resume are specific to the job you want, so use the job posting to guide your selections.


4. Explain your goals for yourself and the company

If you’ve ever looked up sample resume objectives, you may have noticed that many start with “Seeking a position” or include “expand their skillset” as part of the sentence.

But these statements are vague and obvious. If you’re applying for a job, the recruiter or hiring manager already knows you’re looking for a job. “Seeking a position” tells the recruiter how they can help you, not how you can help them. 

Instead, tell a company what you bring to the table and how you can help them reach their goals . While it’s still fine to mention your career growth objectives — a recent grad might state that the job will launch their career in a certain field — explaining how you’ll benefit the company by working for them is even more important. 

5. Keep it brief

Your career objective needs to be short and sweet to save room for more important information. Try to limit the entire statement to two or three lines. Pack those sentences with strong action verbs and job-specific qualities, and your resume will stand out from your fellow applicants.

(D2C) BetterUp Blog - improve influence_half size_v1

Career objective statements are particularly important for beginners seeking entry-level positions . At this point in your career, you may not have enough work experience to fill out your resume, or at least not as far back as a resume should go . 

The career objective statement on your resume should highlight your strengths no matter where you are in your career, persuading the company to give you a chance. Here are a few examples:

Organized and motivated employee with superior [skill] and [skill]. Seeking to join [company] as a [position] to help enhance [function].

Certified [position] looking to join [company] as a part of the [department] team. Hardworking individual with [skill], [skill], and [skill].

Detail-oriented individual seeking to help [company] achieve its goals as a [position]. Excellent at [skill] and dedicated to delivering top-quality [function]. 

[Position] certified in [skill] and [skill], looking to help [company] increase [goal metric]. Excellent [position] who can collaborate with large teams to [achieve goal]. 

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder after years with the same company or reentering the applicant pool for a career change , seasoned employees can still use objective statements. The key is to point to your work history. Here are a few professional summary examples for resumes of workers with professional experience under their belt:

Experienced [position] looking to help [company] provide excellent customer service . Over [number] years of experience at [company], demonstrating excellent [skill], [skill], and [skill]. 

[Position] with [number] years of experience looking to help [company] improve its [function]. Diligent and detail-oriented professional with extensive experience with [hard skill]. 

Hardworking [position] with [number] years of experience at a [type of environment]. Seeking to bring [skills] and experience to benefit [company] in the [department].

Dedicated [position] with over [number] years of experience looking to move into [new field]. [Graduate degree title] from [school name]. Excellent [skill], [skill], and [skill].


Students seeking their first post-grad job may feel like their experience isn’t good enough to discuss. But as a student, you can still highlight your talent and skills with a career objective statement. 

Instead of work history, emphasize assets like your GPA, degree title and expected graduation date, and skills you’ve learned in any apprenticeships or internships . Here are a few examples:

Detail-oriented college student at [school] with [GPA]. Graduating in [year] with [degree title]. Looking to use [skills] as a [position] for [company]. 

High school student with proven [skills] looking for a [position] at [company]. Proven [skill] as [extracurricular position]. Wishing to use [skills] to [achieve goals].

Hardworking recent graduate in [degree] from [school]. Excellent [skills] and [skills]. Experienced in [function], function, and [function] at [company].

[Degree] candidate in [subject] from [school] seeking a [position] at [company]. Experience in [function]. Exceptional [skills], [skills], and [skills].

As the career objective examples above demonstrate, this statement highlights your skills and demonstrates how you’d be an asset to your potential employer’s organization. 

Whether you point to your project management experience, human resources accomplishments, or soft skills you’ve developed throughout your life, a good objective will make your resume stand out — even if the recruiter only takes a quick glance. Take your time and craft something that’s true to you. If you get it right, it could bring your next great job opportunity.

(D2C) BetterUp Blog - supercharge career_full size_v2

Elizabeth Perry

Content Marketing Manager, ACC

Choosing between two jobs to find a satisfying career

Can you get an internship after college yes, and here’s how, a guide on how to pick a new career, video interviews are here to stay: how to adapt on camera, 5 tips for reentering the workforce, changing jobs 23 things to consider when making moves, magna cum laude versus summa cum laude: what’s the difference, resume dos and don’ts: 29 tips for writing your best resume, add the best books for a career change to your reading list, similar articles, 12 ambition examples that’ll inspire your goal-setting, how to respond well to a job rejection email tips and examples, stand out to your hiring panel with a personal value statement, how to message a recruiter on linkedin: tips and examples, add your expected graduation date to your resume: how to, 7 tips to make your resume stand out and get that job, functional resume: what is it & how to write one (with examples), 10 personal achievements examples that can inspire yours, stay connected with betterup, get our newsletter, event invites, plus product insights and research..

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    Objective. Experienced graphic designer with 10 years of experience crafting eye-catching digital work using Photoshop, Figma, and Affinity Designer. Seeking a position as a graphic designer to showcase the skills that I've learned while freelancing for several Fortune 500 companies. RIGHT.

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    When writing an objective for a resume, you must mention relevant skills and experience, but it's even more important to highlight awards, honors and achievements that set you apart. For example, many job applicants for an office assistant job might focus on their knowledge of Microsoft Office. Still, the one that emphasizes a time they used ...

  19. 60+ Resume Objective Examples for All Jobs

    Model resume objective example. Dynamic and creative professional model with 3 years of experience in fashion and commercial modeling, looking for opportunities to work with major fashion brands or advertising agencies. Known for versatility, a strong work ethic and the ability to adapt to various styles and concepts.

  20. How to Write a Resume Objective

    Write a unique objective for every job. Match it to the job type and area you're applying to. Use action words when writing your resume objective. Mention how your skills and experience will help you in the new role. Here are more tips on how to write a resume objective: List your skills and show where you used them in past jobs.

  21. 60+ Resume Objective Examples [+How-to Guide]

    Resume Objective Example. An ambitious and hardworking Journalism graduate looking for my first article-writing role. Ready to apply my linguistic proficiency, interviewing and research skills, and lifelong fascination with pop culture to help the publishing team at Vanna to produce high-quality news articles and hit desired metrics.

  22. How to Write an Objective for a Resume

    A resume objective statement is a few sentences stating your value to the employer, your strengths and why you are seeking the position in relation to your long-term goals. Writing a solid ...

  23. 12 Resume Objective Examples & Tips for Writing One

    Here are a few more essential guidelines for writing your career objective: 1. Write it in third-person singular. Writing in the third person is the standard for resume objective statements. First-person pronouns like I, me, and my come across as personal and informal to a reader, and your resume should be as professional as possible.

  24. Resume Objectives (With Examples)

    A resume objective, sometimes called a career objective, is a one- or two-sentence overview of your professional goals and why you're looking for a job. It helps you show why you're the best candidate for the role. Place your objective just below your header to get the hiring manager's attention quickly and make them want to read your resume.

  25. Resume Introduction: 4 Different Ways to Open Your Resume

    Resume objective. Resume objectives (also known as career objectives) are great if you're just entering the workforce or only have 1-2 years of experience. ... 54+ Resume Objective Examples & Writing Guide . Emily Crowley. November 14, 2023. Resume Help. 40+ Professional Resume Summary Examples . Conrad Benz. February 16, 2024. Resume Help ...

  26. Career Objective Or Resume Objective Samples

    Take help from these examples to write a strong resume objective: Example 1: To secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my learnings, knowledge, and skills. Example 2: Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my training and skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of the company.

  27. Amazon Resume Examples & Writing Guide for 2024

    Resume Builder Use our builder to create a resume in 5 minutes.; Resume Templates Find the perfect resume template.; Resume Examples See perfect resume examples that get you jobs.; Resume Format Choose the right resume format for your needs.; How to Write a Resume Learn how to write a resume that lands you jobs.; Resume Help Use our expert guides to improve your resume writing.

  28. Customer Service Associate Resume Sample for 2024

    Resume Templates Find the perfect resume template.; Resume Examples See perfect resume samples that get jobs.; Resume Format Pick the right resume format for your situation.; How to Write a Resume Learn how to make a resume that gets interviews.; Resume Checker Get your resume checked and scored with one click.; Resume Help Improve your resume with help from expert guides.

  29. Top Career Objective or Resume Objective Examples for 2024!

    A career objective, or resume objective, is a concise statement highlighting your career goals, skills, and qualifications. Learn how to write a career objective for a fresher. Find out what a career objective is, why it's important, and how to craft one that stands out.