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Statistics Tutoring with PhD & MBA Tutors

We provide statistics tutoring for a variety of statistics courses including Managerial Statistics , Statistics for Managers, Data Analysis & Statistics, Statistics Concepts & Methods, etc . Read on to find out how our statistics tutors can assist you with live online one-on-one statistics tutoring so you truly understand statistics and data analysis.

Common topics covered by our statistics tutors

Our statistics tutors provide live statistics tutoring in the statistics topics covered in an MBA, CPA or CFA program including:

Statistics Text book: Statistics for Business and Economics Anderson, Williams, Sweeney, Freeman and Shoesmith

  • Using Microsoft Excel for data analysis
  • Graphing and describing data in tables and charts
  • Descriptive measures
  • Probability and business decisions
  • Probability distributions (discrete probability distributions & continuous probability distributions)
  • Time series forecasting
  • Decision making
  • Confidence interval estimation (with known and unknown standard deviations)
  • Hypothesis testing (with the z test approach, t test approach, p value approach, one tail test, two tail test, etc.)
  • Two sample tests
  • Analysis of variance or ANOVA
  • Chi Square tests and other non parametric tests
  • Simple linear regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Regression model building

This is a sample list only. We will be happy to provide you statistics tutoring in the topics you need assistance with.

Textbooks used by our statistics tutoring team

Our statistics tutors are well-versed in statistics and can tutor students using any statistics and data analysis textbook. In our experience, the most popular tutoring requests have been for:

Statistics for managers Levine Berenson Krehbiel Stephan

  • Albright, Winston and Zappe’s Data Analysis and Decision Making with Microsoft Excel
  • Anderson, Sweeney, Williams and Freeman’s Statistics for Business and Economics
  • Levine, Stephan, Krehbiel and Berenson’s  Business Statistics: A First Course
  • Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Camm and Martin’s Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Bowerman & O’Connell’s Business Statistics in Practice
  • Bertsimas and Freund’s Data, Models, and Decisions: The Fundamentals of Management Science
  • Schleifer and Bell’s Data Analysis, Regression, and Forecasting
  • Groebner, Shannon, Fry, and Smith, A Course in Business Statistic
  • McClave, Benson, and Sincich, Statistics for Business and Economics
  • Golnick and Smith, The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

This is only a sample list of the statistics textbooks our statistics tutoring team has used to tutor students . Your statistics tutor will use the textbook prescribed in your statistics course or your professor’s notes to assist you.

Backgrounds & qualifications of our statistics tutors

Our statistics tutors are PhDs, MBAs and CPAs.  Our tutors are typically working professionals in various organizations and so prefer not to post their profiles online. We will be happy to provide you your statistics tutor’s background before you are tutored by GraduateTutor.com.

Statistics courses come in “different shapes, sizes and styles”

All universities and business programs teach statistics.  However, they set different standards, focus on different topics and use a wide variety of course names.  A list of common courses / titles is provided below:

Data Analysis and Decision Making by Christian Albright, Wayne Winston and Christopher Zappe

  • Data Analysis & Statistics
  • Statistics Concepts & Methods
  • Business Statistics
  • Statistics and Management
  • Principles of Statistics & Measurements
  • Managerial Statistics
  • Statistics for Managers

We will be happy to assist you with statistics tutoring for your statistics course whatever be its name!

Statistics courses we have provided statistics tutoring in

A sample list of courses we have tutored students in include:

Statistics for Business and Economics by Anderson, Williams and Sweeney

  • MBAA 603: Business Statistics, Loyola Maryland University
  • 6N:216 Data and Decisions University of Iowa
  • ITOM Business Statistics Cox School of Business
  • EXP 420 – Managerial Decision Analysis, Simon Graduate School, Rochester
  • BA 575: Statistics For Business, Schiller International University
  • BUS 550E: Decision Analysis, Emory
  • B6014 Managerial statistics, Columbia
  • DG7820 Statistical reasoning, Fordham
  • Statistics for management, Cornell MBA
  • OMS503 Statistical methods, Cleveland
  • Managerial decision making, Cornell MBA
  • BUS 550Y Data/decision analytics, Emory
  • GM533 Applied Managerial Statistics, Keller
  • B8899 Applied Regression Analysis, Columbia GSB MBB & EMBA
  • Managerial Decision Making, Chicago Booth
  • Managerial Statistics, Chicago Booth
  • GM530 Managerial Decision Making, Keller
  • B7014 Managerial Statistics, Columbia
  • B01 Statistics and Data Analysis, NYU Stern
  • 465: Quantitative Methods for Managers
  • B90 Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis, NYU-Stern, New York City
  • 463: Data Analysis and Management Decisions under Uncertainty,  UCLA
  • B90 Forecasting Time Series Data, NYU – Stern
  • 15.060 Data, Models, and Decisions, MIT
  • B90 Mathematics of Investment, NYU-Stern
  • C22 Statistics for Business Control EMBA
  • Data Analysis, Statistics & Decision Making
  • B90.3302 Statistical Inference and Regression Analysis, NYU-Stern

This is only a sample list of statistics courses we have covered in the recent past. We will be happy to provide you statistics tutoring for your specific statistics class.

Email or call us or simply fill out the sign-up form below to start live one-on-one statistics tutoring.

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🥇 statistics tutoring online or in person 💻 71,583 statistics tutors available 💸 secure payments 🔒 verified reviews, the top statistics tutors near me.

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Experienced teacher for secondary education math, gets results! online learning at it's best!

  • 1 st lesson free
  • 5 (124 reviews)

Need help in math and/or statistics (spss, statcrunch etc.)? please message me! i can help you! i've been tutoring for more than 10 years. i am so patient and i am willing to give my best to help you

  • 5 (30 reviews)

Phd in biophysics, can tutor mathematics, physics, matlab. $36/h for undergrad level and below math, physics and statistics. $55/h for advance math, physics and statistics

  • 4.9 (21 reviews)

Making mathematics fun and understandable. flexible scheduling and engaging teaching style. grow in confidence as you elevate your math skills.

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Professional engineer with advanced degree tutors introductory statistics, an area he has used much and tutored much. also, can tutor algebra 1,2, etc., trigonometry, pre-calc, calculus 1,2, and phy

  • 4.9 (13 reviews)

B.s. applied mathematics & a.s. physics graduate, former division 1 athlete, and a community service member. k-12 & college level math, physics, statistics, and chess in huntington beach.


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Dynamic mathematics tutor with 12+ years’ experience teaching geometry, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, physics, sat, and act

  • 4.9 (16 reviews)

Experienced physics & math tutor with a passion for fostering deep understanding and academic growth. proven track record in guiding students of all levels to success

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Phd in statistics from berkeley: analytics development, exam preparation, project guidance, dissertation assistance and general skill enhancement

Matias ignacio

  • 4.9 (8 reviews)

Statistics and associated software and techniques: r, spss, excel and other software on demand

Mit graduate teaching math. focused on geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus. passionate about empowering the next generation..

Dr. mary (professional expert tutor)

  • 5 (103 reviews)

Ph.d. holder in engineering with over 16 years of experience teaching all courses of math, algebra, statistics& probability, physics, mechanics, calculus, ap, ib, etc. at all levels&years;flexible pri

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Our former students review their Statistics tutors

Statistics tutor

Ahsan is very dedicated and always prepared for the class. He welcome suggestions to better adjust on my sons, needs. Thank you for your help! Fatima

Fatima , 2 days ago

This guy is good! really clarifying tutoring session and worth the price. Helped a ton with understanding the subject matter.

Varvara , 2 days ago

I’ve had only ONE class so far with Ahsan and the experience was amazing . Ahsan has a lot of knowledge with Statistics and has a very pleasant attitude while working with him . I would definitely recommend him to any college students who are...

Marquee , 2 days ago

I wish I could rate Cassandre better than excellent. She is PHENOMENAL! I could not have gotten through Statistics at the Doctoral level without her. I am so thankful for her help! A God-send!

Claudia , 3 days ago

I really appreciate Yannik's responsiveness and professionalism. He always helps me understand the most difficult material in my math classes and I seem to really understand the material better. This is probably because he doesn't rush and explains...

Lora , 4 days ago

Fantastic. Down to earth, friendly. My son is doing well in math, but is entering high school in a few months-and we just wanted to reinforce concepts and start preparing him for his high school math. It has gone better than I could have possibly...

David , 4 days ago

The average price of Statistics  lessons is $14.

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To become a statistician, you typically need a strong educational background in mathematics and statistics, as well as relevant experience. Here are some of the qualifications and skills that are typically required:

Education: A bachelor's degree in statistics, mathematics, or a related field is typically required to become a statistician. However, many positions may require a master's or doctoral degree in statistics, data science or a related field.

Strong Mathematical and Analytical Skills: Statisticians must have a solid foundation in mathematics and analytical thinking. They must be able to apply mathematical and statistical techniques to real-world problems and data.

Knowledge of Statistics Software: Statisticians should be familiar with software packages that are commonly used in the field, such as R, SAS, or Python.

Strong communication skills: Statisticians must be able to communicate complex statistical concepts and findings to non-experts.

Attention to detail: Statisticians must be detail-oriented, as small errors can lead to incorrect results.

Industry-specific knowledge: Statisticians may need to have knowledge of specific industries, such as healthcare, finance, or environmental science, in order to understand and analyze the data relevant to those fields.

Professional certification: Professional certifications such as the Certified Statistician (CStat) offered by the Royal Statistical Society or the Accredited Professional Statistician (PStat) offered by the American Statistical Association may be beneficial in demonstrating expertise and advancing one's career in the field.

On Superprof, many of our Statistics tutors offer online tuition.

To find online courses, just select the webcam filter in the search engine to see the available tutors offering online courses in your desired subject. 

71,583 tutors are currently available to give Statistics lessons near you.

You can browse the different tutor profiles to find one that suits you best.

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You can view tutor ratings by  consulting the reviews page .

Gain the statistical skills employers seek. Join our Statistics tutoring classes now!

Statistics for success in business, academia, and beyond with the help of a Stats tutor

Ready to conquer statistics? Our Statistics math class make it easy and fun!

From beginners to experts, our statistics tutors have something for everyone, learn statistics in the us.

The United States is home to some of the world's largest corporations. Its economic state causes a ripple effect throughout the global market. This is why a large number of students in the country are so drawn to business studies.

One of the crucial subjects taught in business school is statistics. Statistics helps businesses evaluate their finances and make data-driven decisions. Unfortunately, the subject can be perplexing for most, as the plethora of charts and figures can be especially daunting to look at.

Fortunately, there are reliable learning platforms like Superprof providing a range of proficient statistic tutors for business students and learners.

How Do Statistics Affect Our Daily Life?

Considering the complexities of statistics, many people wonder why they are studying the subject and what benefits it would bring to their careers. To prove the importance of statistics in daily life, here is a list of job scopes you can secure by studying statistics.

Statistics in Economics

Statistics teaches you to compile, disseminate, process, and analyze data efficiently. This enables the government and other important sectors of the country to make decisions based on statistical evidence. Moreover, since economics plays a crucial role in our daily lives, statistics are also vital in our everyday operations.

Statistics in Nursing

Some may find it hard to believe, but nurses and other paramedical staff rely heavily on statistics. Having a strong grasp on the manipulation and calculation of data helps the medical staff to identify the pattern of diseases and asses the sign and symptoms. Moreover, it helps medical attendants to keep track of their patient's medication and other records.

Statistics in Psychology

It might be hard for some to digest, but statistics are helpful in psychology. Pie charts, bar graphs, and other statistical tools help psychologists visualize their jobs' abstract elements. For instance, by making scatterplots, psychologists can identify their clientele's progress. Furthermore, they can also determine the right approach for the client by looking at the graphical representation of their exhibited pattern.

Statistics in Cryptocurrency

Many businesses have invested in cryptocurrency due to the concept of decentralized money. However, while cryptocurrency intrigues firms, it also makes them skeptical. This is because anything can go wrong with the investment. For example, the value of cryptocurrency can plummet unexpectedly. Considering the situation, cryptocurrency investment relies on a statistical operation. By applying statistical methods, individuals can foresee a downfall of a cryptocurrency.

Statistics in Education

Statistics is a crucial part of our education system. Aside from helping teachers keep everything on record and analyze their students' progress, statistics also enable them to tailor their techniques for each student.

Since intelligence, mental capacity, and academic proclivity differ greatly from child to child, teachers should comprehend and provide guidance based on each student's ability. Statistics are extremely useful in this regard because they allow teachers to see which of their teaching techniques apply to which student.

Why Do We Need Statistics?

Statistics is all about compiling and analyzing. As data collection is required in all research, statistics are essential in every organization. Having said that, unscrupulous data analysis is the death of institutions. It can cause them to draw erroneous conclusions and make reckless decisions. This is where statistics come to the rescue. It helps businesses to draw accurate conclusions and make informed decisions.

Learn Statistics with Superprof

Statistics, in a nutshell, is a study of numbers and their analysis. It helps people and organizations achieve their goals and avoid making unwarranted conclusions. So educate yourself in statistics and pave your way to great career choices.

Superprof offers an array of qualified statistic tutors who can help you practice and learn statistics online and in person. So wait no more and get onboard!

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My son was failing Algebra on all levels. He began working with one of the VT 1-on-1 a month ago. He now has an overall grade of 91%!
Varsity Tutors really helped me understand the concepts during my Calculus 2 class. My tutor has such amazing patience and is open to many questions! Lastly, was always on time and very prompt. Highly suggest Varsity Tutors.


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Found me a great Python, C Programming, and MatLab tutor for a Engineering Computation course.

— Charles C

We've had the BEST experience with VT! Our tutor has helped my middle schoolers math grades come up from a D to an A for our 8th grader. and from a D to a B for my 6th grader. I'm beyond pleased with how she connected with my boys.

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Top College Statistics Tutors

Online College Statistics tutor named Brianna

...have continued to carry my passion for working with children and have developed my skills in making successful and individualized learning fun. Math, science and test prep are the subjects I'm particularly passionate about tutoring, as I've always loved those subjects myself. Additionally, I've worked extensively with adults on business skills, marketing and social media. Read more

Can also tutor: Foundations for College Mathematics , Algebra 2 , 9th Grade Math and 217 more subjects.

  • University of Richmond - Current Undergrad, Business Administration and Management

Test Scores

  • ACT Math: 33
  • ACT Science: 34
  • SAT Math: 770

Online College Statistics tutor named Elijah

...(attributed to psychologist Lev Vygotsky) often. This approach often relies on asking pertinent questions which help tutees find errors or realize what the next step is. It may entail doing an example problem that is similar and then having the tutee learn and try on their actual problem. Scaffolding is one of the approaches I... Read more

Can also tutor: AP Calculus AB , Algebra , Pre-Algebra and 21 more subjects.

  • University of Northwestern St Paul - Bachelor of Science, Mathematics Teacher Education

Online College Statistics tutor named Alexander

...mathematical reasoning by thinking aloud as I work through problems, discussing things such as which features of the problem stand out and indicate possible solution methods. In order to help my students try to imitate my cognitive processes, I organize my problem solving methods around a series of questions that I ask myself about the... Read more

Can also tutor: Pre-Calculus , Algebra 2 , Calculus and 20 more subjects.

  • Texas State University-San Marcos - Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
  • Texas State University-San Marcos - Bachelor of Science, Physics
  • Texas State University-San Marcos - Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics

Online College Statistics tutor named Jenna

...with a Master's degree in Quantitative Methods, and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I have 3 years of experience tutoring psychology statistics, and 2 years of experience as a Graduate TA for research methods. I am to the core a research nerd, and feel excited about completing my PhD and conducting education research to inform... Read more

Can also tutor: Statistics Graduate Level , Elementary Statistics , Statistics and 7 more subjects.

  • The University of Texas at San Antonio - Bachelor of Science, Psychology
  • The University of Texas at Austin - Masters in Education, Educational Psychology

Online College Statistics tutor named Vikrant

...am always looking for new ways to make learning mathematics fun and enjoyable. I am committed to helping my students reach their fullest potential in mathematics and beyond. I approach tutoring students with patience, consistency and diligence. I like to start by getting to know my student and developing a rapport with them. This helps me... Read more

Can also tutor: Trigonometry , Geometry , Algebra and 37 more subjects.

  • De Monte University - Bachelor in Business Administration, Business Administration and Management
  • The University of Texas at Dallas - Master of Science, Management Information Systems

Online College Statistics tutor named Qingtian

...a tutor and mentor, I have found that the best way to help students learn is to tailor my approach to their individual needs and learning styles. Whether you are struggling with a specific concept or need help developing a study plan, I am committed to working with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses... Read more

Can also tutor: Statistics Graduate Level , Statistics , Financial Accounting and 40 more subjects.

  • The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics - Bachelor of Science, International Business
  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities - Master of Science, Applied Economics

Online College Statistics tutor named Andrew

...clinical psychologist/researcher/teacher by training and profession. I have 20 years experience teaching at the college/university level and specialize in a wide range of tutoring including multiple topics in Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics for Social/Behavioral Sciences and Elementary French. I am an enthusiastic and student-focused instructor. Special skills/experience with students with learning challenges, e.g., SLD, ADHD,... Read more

Can also tutor: Quantitative Reasoning , AP Statistics , Statistics and 25 more subjects.

  • University of Georgia - Bachelor in Business Administration, International Business
  • Georgia State University - Doctor of Philosophy, Counseling Psychology

Online College Statistics tutor named Spencer

...various urban topics such as school quality, demographics, occupations, housing, and economic development. During this time, I also tutored college students in subjects such as economics, statistics, geography, and providing mentoring and career advice. I am passionate about solving complex problems facing society today through the use of sound data and information! In my spare... Read more

Can also tutor: Elementary Statistics , Data Management , AP Statistics and 57 more subjects.

  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Bachelor in Arts, Geography
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Master of Science, City, Community, and Regional Planning

Online College Statistics tutor named Peter

I graduated from Wake Forest with a Masters of Science in Business Analytics. I graduated from App State with a Bachelor's of Science in Accounting. I have worked as a business analyst for four years. My best subjects are probably Excel, SQL, and R. I'm also quite proficient in SAS, Tableau, VBA, and general Business... Read more

Can also tutor: Statistics , Pre-Algebra , College Algebra and 34 more subjects.

  • Appalachian State University - Bachelor in Business Administration, Accounting
  • Wake Forest University - Master of Science, Business Statistics

Online College Statistics tutor named Hyrum

...am a college student at BYU-Idaho graduating in a year with a degree in financial economics. Teaching has always been a passion of mine because I love to see others grow in their understanding of how the world works. Some of my favorite subjects to tutor are undergrad-level probability and statistics, economics, English, Spanish, and... Read more

Can also tutor: Honors Algebra , Pre-Calculus , Statistics and 60 more subjects.

  • Brigham Young University-Idaho - Bachelor in Arts, Economics
  • ACT Reading: 32

Online College Statistics tutor named Joshua

...I received my B.S. in Applied physics and my M.S. in Engineering Physics with a focus in Laboratory Automation. I worked as a TA for intro physics and electronics labs and am currently teaching math courses for an after-school program for accelerated students. My passion for math and physics has led to me greatly enjoying... Read more

Can also tutor: Elementary Statistics , Pre-Calculus , Calculus and 43 more subjects.

  • Appalachian State University - Bachelor of Science, Applied Physics
  • Appalachian State University - Master of Science, Systems Science and Theory

Online College Statistics tutor named Maria R

...ground and a strong education, you can always research, study and learn new things, and develop you own strategies to allow you to respond favorably to a variety of topics and tasks. My favorite one has been teaching, and among all topics I have taught, STATISTICS is the one that I enjoyed the most. I... Read more

Can also tutor: Statistics , Ecology , Languages and 26 more subjects.

  • State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry - Bachelor, Forestry and Natural Resources Management
  • State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry - Master's/Graduate, Silviculture
  • University of Puerto Rico - Master's/Graduate, Soil Sciences

Online College Statistics tutor named Haani

...and securing my Master's just a year later, I'm well versed in navigating the education system and getting the most from it. Since high school, I've been tutoring. Friends, family, personally, and professionally, I've run the gamut. While I have tutored almost every subject, I specialize in STEM and Standardized Testing. In my view, building... Read more

Can also tutor: AP Calculus AB , Pre-Algebra , Algebra 2 and 117 more subjects.

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Bachelor in Arts, Economics
  • North Carolina State University at Raleigh - Master of Science, Statistics
  • SAT Composite (1600 scale): 1550
  • SAT Math: 730
  • SAT Verbal: 770

Online College Statistics tutor named Shuvethan

...Actuary Minor. I currently attend the University of Florida and am passionate about the subjects I teach and teaching them properly to achieve every students maximum potential! During my high school years, I was a national merit scholar and earned a full ride Benaquisto Scholarship for spectacular PSAT and SAT performance and would gladly love... Read more

Can also tutor: Calculus , AP Statistics , Statistics and 16 more subjects.

  • University of Florida - Bachelor in Arts, Statistics
  • ACT Composite: 31
  • ACT Math: 32

Online College Statistics tutor named Nathan

...for helping students tackle difficult subjects and concepts in low-stakes, personalized ways. Since then, I have tutored college level Physics and Statistics, studied learning theories in depth, and created my own online course teaching English literature terms. Additionally, I am learning how to program, so I know just how difficult, fun, and rewarding it can... Read more

Can also tutor: Statistics , Algebra , French 1 and 26 more subjects.

  • Huntington University - Bachelor in Arts, Psychology

Online College Statistics tutor named Zahi

...to help others understand and become experts in what I struggled to understand while I was a student. I know exactly the difficulties a student can face in each of the undergraduate level courses, I have 12 years of experience tutoring 1 on 1 and teaching large classes. I have taught all the undergraduate level... Read more

Can also tutor: College Math (in French) , AP Statistics , Math (in French) and 42 more subjects.

  • American University of Beirut - Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
  • The University of Texas at El Paso - Master of Science, Mathematics
  • New Mexico State University-Main Campus - Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics

Online College Statistics tutor named Jasmine

I am a motivated scholar of Business Administration. With a B.B.A., Accounting, M.I.B., I have been able to achieve my goal of being a Ph.D. Business Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership Candidate. Read more

Can also tutor: Probability , Quantitative Reasoning , AP Statistics and 43 more subjects.

  • Georgia Southern University - Bachelor in Business Administration, Accounting
  • Florida International University - Masters in Business Administration, International Business

Online College Statistics tutor named Camille

...I received a BA in Public Policy. I also minored in Psychology and French Studies. While in college, I tutored and mentored students in refugee communities mainly in Math, English, and Science. I have a total of 8+ years of tutoring experience; I'm really passionate about supporting learners using a growth mindset. I feel that... Read more

Can also tutor: Middle School Math , AP Calculus BC , Geometry and 25 more subjects.

  • Duke University - Bachelor in Arts, Public Policy Analysis

Online College Statistics tutor named Amna

I am a third year medical student at NYITCOM. I am excited to help you succeed in whatever topic you put your mind to. Looking forward to working with you! Read more

Can also tutor: Grade 11 Math , Grade 9 Mathematics , Algebra and 85 more subjects.

  • Adelphi University - Bachelor of Science, Biology, General
  • New York Institute of Technology - Doctor of Medicine, Premedicine

Online College Statistics tutor named Bruce

...to take every opportunity to exceed student expectations, while advancing their understanding of curriculum. My teaching philosophy is derived from my lifelong love of learning, my goal of sharing that love with my students, and my desire to help students answer the question "why" in the subjects of finance, accounting and management. Answering the important... Read more

Can also tutor: College Algebra , Statistics , Business Enterprise and 21 more subjects.

  • University of Maryland-College Park - Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

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PhD in Statistics

Program description.

The Ph.D. program in statistics prepares students for a career pursuing research in either academia or industry.  The program provides rigorous classroom training in the theory, methodology, and application of statistics, and provides the opportunity to work with faculty on advanced research topics over a wide range of theory and application areas. To enter, students need a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, or a closely related discipline. Students graduating with a PhD in Statistics are expected to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding the core principles of Probability Theory, Estimation Theory, and Statistical Methods.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct original research in statistics.
  • Demonstrate the ability to present research-level statistics in a formal lecture

Requirements for the Ph.D. (Statistics Track)

Course Work A Ph.D. student in our department must complete sixteen courses for the Ph.D. At most, four of these courses may be transferred from another institution. If the Ph.D. student is admitted to the program at the post-Master’s level, then eight courses are usually required.

Qualifying Examinations First, all Ph.D. students in the statistics track must take the following two-semester sequences: MA779 and MA780 (Probability Theory I and II), MA781 (Estimation Theory) and MA782 (Hypothesis Testing), and MA750 and MA751 (Advanced Statistical Methods I and II). Then, to qualify a student to begin work on a PhD dissertation, they must pass two of the following three exams at the PhD level: probability, mathematical statistics, and applied statistics. The probability and mathematical statistics exams are offered every September and the applied statistics exam is offered every April.

  • PhD Exam in Probability: This exam covers the material covered in MA779 and MA780 (Probability Theory I and II).
  • PhD Exam in Mathematical Statistics: This exam covers material covered in MA781 (Estimation Theory) and MA782 (Hypothesis Testing).
  • PhD Exam in Applied Statistics: This exam covers the same material as the M.A. Applied exam and is offered at the same time, except that in order to pass it at the PhD level a student must correctly solve all four problems.

Note: Students concentrating in probability may choose to do so either through the statistics track or through the mathematics track. If a student wishes to do so through the mathematics track, the course and exam requirements are different. Details are available here .

Dissertation The dissertation is the major requirement for a Ph.D. student. After the student has completed all course work, the Director of Graduate Studies, in consultation with the student, selects a three-member dissertation committee. One member of this committee is designated by the Director of Graduate Studies as the Major Advisor for the student. Once completed, the dissertation must be defended in an oral examination conducted by at least five members of the Department.

The Dissertation and Final Oral Examination follows the   GRS General Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree .

Satisfactory Progress Toward the Degree Upon entering the graduate program, each student should consult the Director of Graduate Studies (Prof. David Rohrlich) and the Associate Director of the Program in Statistics (Prof. Konstantinos Spiliopoulos). Initially, the Associate Director of the Program in Statistics will serve as the default advisor to the student. Eventually the student’s advisor will be determined in conjunction with their dissertation research. The Associate Director of the Program in Statistics, who will be able to guide the student through the course selection and possible directed study, should be consulted often, as should the Director of Graduate Studies. Indeed, the Department considers it important that each student progress in a timely manner toward the degree. Each M.A. student must have completed the examination by the end of their second year in the program, while a Ph.D. student must have completed the qualifying examination by the third year. Students entering the Ph.D. program with an M.A. degree must have completed the qualifying examination by October of the second year. Failure to meet these deadlines may jeopardize financial aid. Some flexibility in the deadlines is possible upon petition to the graduate committee in cases of inadequate preparation.

Students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) are expected to adhere to a number of policies at the university, college, and departmental levels. View the policies on the Academic Bulletin and GRS website .

Residency Post-BA students must complete all of the requirements for a Ph.D. within seven years of enrolling in the program and post-MA students must complete all requirements within five years. This total time limit is set by the Graduate School. Students needing extra time must petition the Graduate School. Also, financial aid is not guaranteed after the student’s fifth year in the program.

Financial Aid

As with all Ph.D. students in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the main source of financial aid for graduate students studying statistics is a Teaching Fellowship. These awards carry a stipend as well as tuition remission for six courses per year. Teaching Fellows are required to assist a faculty member who is teaching a course, usually a large lecture section of an introductory statistics course. Generally, the Teaching Fellow is responsible for conducting a number of discussion sections consisting of approximately twenty-five students each, as well as for holding office hours and assisting with grading. The Teaching Fellowship usually entails about twenty hours of work per week. For that reason, Teaching Fellows enroll in at most three courses per semester. A Teaching Fellow Seminar is conducted to help new Teaching Fellows develop as instructors and to promote the continuing development of experienced Teaching Fellows.

Other sources of financial aid include University Fellowships and Research Assistantships. The University Fellowships are one-year awards for outstanding students and are service-free. They carry stipends plus full tuition remission. Students do not need to apply for these fellowships. Research Assistantships are linked to research done with individual faculty, and are paid for through those faculty members’ grants. As a result, except on rare occasions, Research Assistantships typically are awarded to students in their second year and beyond, after student and faculty have had sufficient time to determine mutuality of their research interests.

Regular reviews of the performance of Teaching Fellows and Research Assistants in their duties as well as their course work are conducted by members of the Department’s Graduate Committee.

Ph.D. Program Milestones

The department considers it essential that each student progress in a timely manner toward completion of the degree. The following are the deadlines for achieving the milestones described in the Degree Requirements and constitute the basis for evaluating satisfactory progress towards the Ph.D. These deadlines are not to be construed as expected times to complete the various milestones, but rather as upper bounds. In other words,   a student in good standing expecting to complete   the degree within the five years of guaranteed funding will meet these milestones by the much e arlier target dates indicated below.   Failure to achieve these milestones in a timely manner may affect financial aid.

  • Target: April of Year 1
  • Deadline: April of Year 2
  • Target: Spring of Year 2 post-BA/Spring of Year 1 post-MA
  • Deadline: End of Year 3 post-BA/Fall of Year 2 post-MA
  • Target: Spring of Year 2
  • Deadline: End of Year 3
  • Target: Spring of Year 2 or Fall of Year 3 post-BA/October of Year 2 post-MA
  • Deadline: End of Year 3 post-BA/October of Year 2 post-MA
  • Target: end of Year 3
  • Deadline: End of Year 4
  • Target: End of Year 5
  • Deadline: End of Year 6

If you have any questions regarding our PhD program in Statistics, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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Before applying to medical school, I successfully conquered undergraduate admissions, transfer admissions, and graduate school admissions - every time securing an offer for admission to my top choice program on my first round of... See Arielle's full profile

Arielle took me from scoring in the 50th percentile to the 97th percentile on the MCAT psych/soc section. She was able to help me find my weak points and change my perspective on test taking for this part of the exam. She is extre... read the full review - Alex , 26 lessons with Arielle

Christal-Joy T. Dallas, TX, available for online & in-person tutoring

Patient Virtual tutor that specializes in Statistics & College Essays

I have a PhD in Educational Psychology, I teach methodology at the university level for both graduate and undergraduate students, and I have been tutoring this subject for well over 5 years. See Christal-Joy's full profile

Not only did she really have a strong mastery of the material, but she presented and organized the lesson in a way that was very helpful. Lots of people know this stuff, but not everyone can share that knowledge in a way that mak... read the full review - Kristen , 12 lessons with Christal-Joy

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Succeed in Organic Chemistry with an Experienced OChem Professor!

I realized my passion for teaching during my undergraduate degree when I became involved in both one-on-one and group tutoring for general and organic chemistry. I continued this passion into my graduate and post doctoral teaching positions... See Anna's full profile

Anna is extremely gifted at explaining a variety of different topics in different ways that make sense. She can look at my work and guide me through to the next step with patience and understanding. My confidence has increased be... read the full review - Hilary , 7 lessons with Anna

Omar I. El Paso, TX, available for online & in-person tutoring

Clever Programmer: Frontend Mastery Bootcamp Graduate

Prior to completing Clever Programmer's bootcamp for frontend mastery, I had taught CSS in the classroom setting for 5 years. I know how to use flex-box, grid, and media-queries for creating responsive web content. I know how to use hexadecimal,... See Omar's full profile

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PhD Graduate and Former Adjunct Professor in Psych and Stats

Hello! My name is Lynn Baker, I am a recent PhD Graduate from the University of Delaware where I earned my Doctorate in Psychological and Brain Sciences. While earning my degree, I taught Statistics and Cognitive Psychology at the... See Lynn's full profile

Dr. Anthon S. New York, NY, available for online & in-person tutoring

PhD with 20+ Years of Math and Physics Tutoring Experience

Everything around us can somehow be traced back to the laws of Physics, which I think is very fascinating. I have tutored Physics for over 15 years, including at Georgia Tech where I graduated from. Both high school and college Physics 1... See Dr. Anthon's full profile

Dr. Anthon is the man. I went from failing quiz grades to passing in just one session. I know that with a few more sessions, the "A" will be within easy reach. I look forward to working with him again. ... read the full review - Sam , 4 lessons with Dr. Anthon

Wei C. Pasadena, CA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Experienced Math/Physics PhD with Patience and Humor

I was born in China and grew up there until college graduation . It is my mother tongue and I possess excellent writing skills in Chinese too. my wife is from Beijing so I still speak Mandarin on a daily basis. Though I'm a math and... See Wei's full profile

I am extremely proud to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Wei C, who became my AP Calculus BC tutor since late August 2012. Without a doubt, Dr. Wei is one of the best teachers and mentors I have humbled to learn from in... read the full review - Christine

Dr. Beth S. Newnan, GA, available for online & in-person tutoring

PhD in Music

I am a Conservatory of Music Graduate . Wrote the AP Music Theory Curriculum for State of California. I teach music and composition for Virtual School. State Certified music educator. See Dr. Beth's full profile

Dr. Beth has been the most patient and kind tutor I've ever worked with. I'm currently a first year in music school and with everything being online I quickly fell behind in my theory class. Theory was a nightmare I didn't even wa... read the full review - Shoshanah , 18 lessons with Dr. Beth

Anne D. Little Rock, AR, available for online & in-person tutoring

Patient and Flexible PhD Grad for Chemistry Tutoring

I recently graduated from TCU with my PhD in chemistry.  I spent 6 semesters TAing general chemistry and quantitative analysis, and several semesters tutoring undergraduates as well.  I earned several awards during this time for my... See Anne's full profile

Anne helped through gen chem 2 this summer and was absolutely amazing! Anne was very friendly and helped explain concepts and problems in a way that I could easily understand. On top of that, she was very patient when I was confus... read the full review - Emily , 15 lessons with Anne

Justin W. Austin, TX, available for online & in-person tutoring

Engineering graduate with 10+ years of experience teaching Algebra.

I have a BS in Aerospace Engineering with more than 10 years of experience teaching all High School math subjects, including Algebra 1. See Justin's full profile

Justin really gives teaching math his all! We feel so lucky to have found him!! I think my son didn’t even realize how much better he could grasp the concepts until he spent some time with a good tutor!... read the full review - Jenny , 30 lessons with Justin

Kaytie I. Philadelphia, PA, available for online & in-person tutoring

PhD in Molecular Biology with 6+ years biochemistry tutoring experienc

I have a BS in biochemistry and molecular biology, and a PhD in molecular biology. I have taught biochemistry to undergraduates for 2-3 years and to graduate students for 6+ years. I am CRLA Level 2 certified, with all my experience for... See Kaytie's full profile

She was very helpful! I had only used a tutor once or twice before and had not had a great experience but Kaytie changed that! Biochem is hard and I'm personally not a fan, it was a daunting subject. However, Kaytie made the mater... read the full review - Morgan , 36 lessons with Kaytie

Jean Yves H. Chicago, IL, available for online & in-person tutoring

Experienced tutor specializing in computer science.

computer science graduate , currently software developer at the Haitian American museum of Chicago See Jean Yves's full profile

Frank S. Columbia, SC, available for online & in-person tutoring

M.Div in Biblical Studies with over 15 Years of Pastoring

I am proficient in Biblical languages - Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin. I was graduated from Southern Evangelical Seminary which is a school dedicated to apologetics, both Biblical and cultural. I have taken all required theology,... See Frank's full profile

Frank knows his subjects like no one we have seen. He is a much better teacher than those for Honors and AP English than at our expensive private school. He is very patient and takes the student seriously, working with them from t... read the full review - Steve , 8 lessons with Frank

Anna C. Charlotte, NC, available for online & in-person tutoring

SAT/ACT Prep Expert. 10 Years Experience. 99th Percentile Scorers

Lessons with me are fun and engaging, and your student will become well acquainted with the feeling of success after the very first lesson. I am currently a licensed attorney and a 2017 graduate of BYU's J. Reuben Clark School of Law.... See Anna's full profile

My son started working with Anna in advance of the April ACT. They met twice a week, sometimes once a week, and she assigned weekly homework for him to do. I could tell that they hit it off because he never complained about the ... read the full review - Bojan , 10 lessons with Anna

Adam M. Rock Hill, SC, available for online & in-person tutoring

TEFL-Certified ESL Tutor and Experienced Editor

I graduated from a 3-year Bible College, Christ for the Nations Institute, with straight A's. I have co-led a weekly Bible study since early 2008. I maintain an online blog with an increasing number of Bible studies, and teachings on... See Adam's full profile

Adam knows what he is doing when it comes to proofreading, grammar, and writing. He did such a great job on my paper, I passed. I definitely recommend him. He’s one of the best. Thank you, Adam. ... read the full review - Chia , 2 lessons with Adam

Rohan B. Framingham, MA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Northeastern CS Undergraduate: SAT Math Specialist

I am an experienced and highly qualified tutor with a strong educational background and a genuine passion for helping students succeed. I graduated from Boston University Academy, a prestigious private high school, where I received a... See Rohan's full profile

Adrien L. Riverside, CA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Univ Prof Coaching Writing, Research, and Public Speaking

As a Writing Center Director during that time, I have had the joy of working with students (from all fields of study and all skill levels) develop their academic projects as well as their college entrance essays, resumes, graduate research... See Adrien's full profile

I contacted Adrien for help with graduate application essays. She is talented in many areas, such English, Writing, Grammar, Career Development, and Public Speaking. As she has had past experience in journalism and has taught vari... read the full review - Diya , 5 lessons with Adrien

John S. Los Angeles, CA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Composition Tutor - Berklee College Graduate

I graduated from Berklee College of Music with scholarships, honors and awards and I have more that 10 years of experience in composition! I studied classical, jazz and contemporary composition at Berklee College! See John's full profile

John is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Our first lesson we talked about my goals and worked through crucial exercises. I would recommend John to a friend. ... read the full review - Spencer , 3 lessons with John

Thaddeus R. Utica, NY, available for online & in-person tutoring

Spanish and French 1, 2 and 3. Test prep, grammar help, homework help.

Me llamo Tadeo. Me gustarĂ­a mucho ayudarle con la mejor lengua del mundo. I have a Spanish degree from Suny Fredonia where I graduated at the top of my class and worked as a tutor with students of all levels. See Thaddeus's full profile

I had the pleasure of working with an outstanding Spanish tutor recently, and I cannot express how valuable the experience has been for my daughter's language-learning journey. The tutor, Thaddeus, possesses a rare combination of... read the full review - Brian , 3 lessons with Thaddeus

Nathan A. Los Angeles, CA, available for online tutoring

English tutor and PhD w/ 3+ years experience in college essay coaching

Since 2017, I've helped students write the essays that have gained them admission to the colleges and graduate schools of their dreams. I can help at any stage in the process, from brainstorming ideas to revising early drafts to... See Nathan's full profile

Nathan is wonderful! He helped my son tremendously with his college application essays. From the Common App personal statement to the supplemental essays for the Ivies to the safety schools, Nathan provided expert guidance with br... read the full review - Kathryn , 10 lessons with Nathan

Bryanna B. Nampa, ID, available for online & in-person tutoring

Biology Graduate Student with BS in Biology and Zoology emphasis

My bachelor's degree is in Biology with a Zoology emphasis, so I have an extensive experience with biology and zoology classes at both a high school and college level. Zoology as a subject is a passion of mine and I enjoy teaching others about it.... See Bryanna's full profile

Can’t believe how great she teaches!! She’s very knowledgeable, but dumbs it down for me. I am so happy with finally finding a tutor when so many people were just not the right fit. She was patient, she watched my facial expressio... read the full review - Tiffany , 15 lessons with Bryanna

Sharon T. Chicago, IL, available for online tutoring

Research Scientist, 14 years of experience

...presentation. As a published author I can also provide support for individuals who are working on research projects intended for graduate program or journal submission. ... See Sharon's full profile

Nathaniel W. Boyds, MD, available for online & in-person tutoring

Professional chess tutor, seasoned tournament player

I studied social sciences in college and during graduate school, where I earned an M.A. in International Relations. I have experience tutoring children of all ages by volunteer mentoring, teaching afterschool programs, and serving as a... See Nathaniel's full profile

Nathaniel W. is an amazing tutor and is very good at chess and is patient. He shows me a lot and he enjoys the time and work. He’s teaching for the fun and to help others learn to be great at chess... read the full review - Paula , 5 lessons with Nathaniel

Kevin M. Colorado Springs, CO, available for online & in-person tutoring

Experienced, patient chemistry tutor - AP, IB, college-level, general

I hold a bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology from Colorado State University, with minors in biochemistry and microbiology. I graduated in the top 1% of my class of over 3,000 and was fortunate enough to intern with the Centers for... See Kevin's full profile

Kevin did a great job helping my daughter who was struggling in AP Chemistry. Although she has a fantastic instructor at school, my daughter needed more individual assistance and extra practice beyond what we could expect any clas... read the full review - Jill , 22 lessons with Kevin

Teagan L. Austin, TX, available for online & in-person tutoring

Harvard Graduate with Extensive College Counseling Experience

I have counseled many highly competitive high school students on the best strategies to refine their college essays, interviews, and overall applications. Personally, I was accepted to Harvard, Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and other private... See Teagan's full profile

Teagan has been helping my daughter with her college essays and counseling and has been exceptional! He has been patient, always positive and brings out the best in her. He clearly understands what various colleges need and guides... read the full review - Varadan , 8 lessons with Teagan

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PhD in Statistics

Phd in statistics program.

The PhD in Statistics prepares students professional leadership in statistical research, teaching and collaboration as faculty at colleges and universities and as researchers at government institutions or in the private sector.


Coursework Requirements

MS in Statistics

MS in Statistics


Qualifying, Prelim, and Final Exams

Review and Advisory

Review and Advisory

Travel Funding

Travel Funding Policy


PhD Student Handbook


Statistics Tutors

phd statistics tutor

Our statistics tutors from UCL , Cambridge, Oxford, and St. Andrews, to name a few, can help you with your University admissions, lessons, exams, assignments, coursework, dissertations, theses and research proposals.

To avoid conflict of interest, tutors from your university will not be contacted., our statistics tutors are uk university lecturers, examiners, academics and certified professionals who teach, mark and supervise ug, pg and phd students..

The popular areas within statistics taught by our tutors are listed below.

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Yes they are. All our tutors are UK University lecturers, examiners and academics. They teach, mark and supervise UG, PG and PhD students and hence are experts in all major areas within the subject. They are currently helping students in all major areas within this subject. These include areas currently taught and researched in the UK, in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. In between them, our 1000+ tutors teach more than 50,000 areas of study within the major subjects taught internationally. So, we are quite certain our tutors can definitely help you. The quickest way to enquire is to ‘request a tutor’ using the link below. Please provide us as much details as possible regarding your requirements and deadlines.

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  • Bioinformatics
  • Biostatistics
  • Business analytics
  • Business statistics
  • Cartography
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Chemometrics
  • Chi-squared distribution ANOVA
  • Clinical trials / studies
  • Cluster analysis
  • Continuous Random Variables
  • Correlation (bivariate, partial, distances)
  • Crime statistics
  • Descriptive ratio statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Engineering statistics
  • Environmental statistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Epidemiology statistics
  • Factor analysis
  • Geo statistics
  • Geographic information system
  • Hypothesis Testing

M – V

  • Mathematical statistics
  • Medical statistics
  • Methods engineering
  • National accounts
  • Nonparametric tests
  • Official statistics
  • Operations research (or Operational Research)
  • Poisson and Normal Distributions
  • Population ecology
  • Posteriori probability
  • Probabilistic design
  • Process / quality control
  • Psychometrics
  • Quality control
  • Quantitative psychology
  • Regression Analysis
  • Reliability
  • Social statistics
  • Spatial statistics
  • SPSS Software
  • Statistical finance
  • Statistical mechanics
  • Statistical physics
  • Statistical thermodynamics
  • Statistics for Psychology
  • System identification
  • Variance and Mean

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Florida State University

FSU | Department of Statistics

Department of Statistics

  • Graduate Program

PhD Degrees

Doctor of philosophy degrees.

The Department of Statistics at FSU offers a PhD in statistics and a PhD in biostatistics. Course programs and exact degree requirements are determined individually for students through consultation with their supervisory committee. General requirements for the PhD degree are in the FSU Graduate Bulletin. See the FSU Graduate Bulletin for the University's degree requirements, requirements for residence, time limits for the degree, and minimum dissertation hours.

Requirements for All Doctoral Students

Required course for all PhD students.

The course STA5910: Supervised Research, "Faculty Research Presentations," must be taken by all PhD students.

Qualifying Examination

This written examination is offered at the beginning of each spring and fall semester, usually shortly before the start of classes. It is normally taken at the beginning of the spring semester of the second academic year of work in the department. The examination is prepared, administered and graded by the graduate student awards and exams committee. This committee forwards student performance on the examination to the graduate director and department chair to be used in the student’s annual evaluation.

The examination will be graded as passed or failed. Students pursuing the PhD who receive a grade of “failed” may retake the examination at a later time. However, FSU allows the examination to be taken only two times. A second failure on the qualifying exam makes the student ineligible to continue in the doctoral program.

Students intending to take this exam must register for STA 8964 during the semester they take the exam. Students retaking the exam must also register for STA 8964 during the semester they retake the exam.

Students must pass the PhD qualifying exam before they can advance to doctoral candidacy and register for dissertation hours. Students receiving department financial support must pass the exam by January of their third academic year.

The PhD qualifying exam is oriented toward problem solving. The exam consists of a list of questions grouped by topic. The materials covered on the exam for the PhD in Statistics and Biostatistics are taken from the courses listed in Table 10. Copies of past qualifying exams are available.

Careful readers will note that the qualifying exam for Statistics includes material from STA 5106 and not STA 5198, whereas the qualifying exam for Biostatistics covers STA 5198 and not STA 5106. A student passing the qualifying exam in one program only will achieve candidacy in that program. A student successfully completing the questions from both sets of required material will be recognized as having passed the qualifying exams for both Statistics and Biostatistics.

Table 10: Courses covering the material included on the PhD Qualifying Exam.

x Statistics Majors only

y Biostatistics Majors only

Essay Examination

After successful completion of the PhD qualifying examination, the student must begin to consider a suitable topic for a dissertation. As an intermediate step between the qualifying examination and the dissertation, PhD students are required to submit an essay that doubles as a proposal for a dissertation topic.

After consultation with the major professor, the student selects a topic and begins initial investigation of the topic to determine whether a thesis in the area is desired. Following this preliminary investigation, the student writes an essay that should contain

  • A literature review of the problem, stating what is known about it to date;
  • Some preliminary research results;
  • A plan for future research.

Additionally, all PhD students will take an exam based on their essay. This examination is conducted in two parts.

  • A 40-50 minute oral presentation of the student's essay open to the entire Department of Statistics.
  • An oral examination by the student's supervisory committee. This part of the examination will immediately follow the seminar presentation. It is "closed door" and is conducted orally by the student's supervisory committee to determine success in formulating a research area and ability to do research in that area.

The essay should be written with these goals in mind. A copy of the essay should be sent to the department academic assistant and provided to the supervisory committee members at least three weeks before the essay examination.

Dissertation Defense

The dissertation defense is the last department examination for a PhD candidate. This defense follows the same two-part procedure as the essay examination:

  • A 40-50 minute oral presentation of the student's dissertation open to the entire Department of Statistics. All members of the university's graduate faculty are invited to attend the seminar.
  • An oral examination. This closed-door part of the thesis defense immediately follows the presentation and is administered by the student's supervisory committee.

Academic courtesy requires that the dissertation be submitted to each member of the supervisory committee and to the department chair at least four weeks prior to the date of the oral examination. Individual committee members may have their own requirements or policies regarding timing and it is the student's responsibility to ensure that each committee member's requirements are met and that each member has an adequate opportunity to read the dissertation. A copy of the dissertation should also be sent to the department academic assistant at least four weeks prior to the defense. Faculty interested in the topic may obtain a copy of the dissertation from the department academic assistant before the defense.

The defense must be completed at least four weeks prior to the date on which the degree is to be conferred. Consult the registrar's office or webpage for deadline dates. Students must enroll in STA 8985 during the term in which they defend their dissertation.

Other Requirements

During the final semester of doctoral work, each PhD candidate must comply with a variety of university administrative requirements prior to obtaining the degree. The university also has specific requirements regarding the format for dissertations and abstracts. These requirements are issued by the Graduate School. Each candidate should become familiar with these requirements well in advance of their final semester's work.

All PhD students must take the department courses required for their degree, either the PhD in Statistics or the PhD in Biostatistics.

PhD students must take at least one course each semester for the first three years of study. Beyond the third year and after the departments required coursework has been completed, additional course work other than dissertation research will be determined by the student with the approval of their major professor and their dissertation committee.

All required coursework (as provided in the table of required courses for the degree being sought) except dissertation hours must be taken for a letter grade.

PhD students must demonstrate active involvement in the scholarly community through interaction with faculty and peers. This requirement may be met through participating in various scholarly activities including enrollment in courses, attendance at colloquium, utilization of the library, utilization of university computational facilities, engaging in collaborative study and research beyond the university campus, and attendance and presentations at professional conferences. Note: It is the students responsibility to document this involvement every year as part of their annual review.

Interdisciplinary Option

Students in either PhD program (Statistics or Biostatistics) may choose to pursue research in an interdisciplinary field of study. A student following the interdisciplinary option (IO) will typically take three graduate courses in an outside area related to the student's research area. No more than one of the three IO courses may be a DIS given by another department in the IO area of specialization.

Graduation Requirements

While engaged in dissertation research, students must register for the number of hours of dissertation (STA6980) determined jointly with their major professor (not less than three semester hours) for at least two of the three semesters of the academic year. Students are required to take a minimum of two semester hours of dissertation every semester until they graduate.

In their final semester, students must apply for degree clearance in the first two weeks of the term. Clearance is contingent upon successful completion of your program of study, as filed with the department. Therefore, the program should at all times accurately reflect the coursework taken. The student will be required to account for any discrepancies.

Students not enrolled in the PhD program who plan to continue working towards a PhD degree after earning a masters must contact the academic program specialist in the department to discuss moving into the PhD program. Students already admitted into the PhD program but who would like to apply for the masters degree must also contact the academic program specialist in the department to have the degree program added to their record.

There are many graduation requirements set by the university. Consult the FSU Graduate Bulletin for a comprehensive list.

Transferring Credits from Another University, Waiving Required Classes

The department follows the University's criteria for allowing transfer credits:

"Transfer of courses not counted toward a previous degree from another regionally accredited graduate school (or comparable international institution) is limited to six semester hours, and transfer of courses not counted toward a previous degree within Florida State University is limited to twelve semester hours, except when the departmental course requirement exceeds the thirty-two hour University-wide minimum requirement. In the latter case, additional transfer credit may be allowed to the extent of the additional required hours."

The complete University criteria may be found on the FSU Graduate Bulletin.

For those wishing to use courses from another university to meet the department's courses requirement, the student must obtain approval of the waiver from the instructor in our department who teaches the required course and the graduate director.

A form for applying for the waiver may be obtained from the Department Office.

PhD Degree in Statistics

Students in the PhD in Statistics degree program tailor their academic programs to be consistent with their individual career objectives. Programs can be designed to prepare graduates for careers in research and/or teaching, for careers emphasizing the application of statistics or for careers requiring the development of new statistical methodology.

Required courses for all students seeking the PhD in Statistics are given in Table 11.

Table 11: Required courses for the PhD in Statistics. All courses are three credit hours.

The department requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework for the PhD in Statistics. All required courses must be taken for a letter grade, but up to 6 credit hours of other coursework can be taken S/U.

Students entering the program with equivalent work (as determined by the faculty) from other institutions will not be required to repeat it. However, in preparing a course program, students should keep in mind that they are required to pass the PhD qualifying examination as one step towards the degree. Students entering the graduate program without any prior graduate work in statistics typically begin course work by studying toward the MS degree in mathematical statistics. Students are responsible for the material normally covered in the core course work of the MS in mathematical statistics degree.

Students are strongly encouraged to register for STA 6468, Advanced Topics in Probability and Statistics, whenever topics to be covered are related to the student’s areas of concentration. The final selection of courses will be determined by the student and major professor and supervisory committee.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biostatistics

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Biostatistics prepares students for specialized careers in academia, industry, and government. Program graduates will find themselves sought after by employers in such varied areas as biotechnology, public health, pharmaceuticals, AIDS research, epidemiology, insurance, food sciences, and agribusiness. With an aging US population, the development of new drugs, and advances in the understanding of biological functions at the level of individual genes and proteins, the need for more people trained to design studies and analyze data from these research areas continues to increase.

Required courses for PhD in Biostatistics are presented in Table 12.

Table 12: Required courses for the PhD in Biostatistics. All courses are three credit hours.

The department requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework for the PhD in Biostatistics. All required courses must be taken for a letter grade, but up to 6 credit hours of other coursework can be taken S/U. Flexibility is allowed in selecting the additional coursework for the Biostatistics PhD. The final selection of courses will be determined by the student and major professor and supervisory committee.

Financial Support

The department provides financial support for many of its graduate students. The two main ways in which students are funded are through teaching assistantships and research assistantships.

Types of Support

Teaching assistantships are the most common type of support in the department. These are halftime appointments. Students are paid a salary in return for 20 hours of work each week during the fall and spring semesters. Limited teaching assistantships are available each summer. Teaching assistants may be called upon to perform a combination of the following duties:

  • Lecture in lower division statistics courses (STA 1XXX, 2XXX).
  • Teach recitation sections of low-level statistics courses.
  • Grade homework, projects, and exams for lower and upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses.
  • Assist FSU students at the Strozier Library statistics help desk.
  • Assist faculty with course-related tasks.
  • Assist faculty in the Statistical Consulting Center.

Assignment of graduate students to differing duties is based on department need and when possible, student preference.

There are several university requirements that must be met before a graduate student may teach. These requirements are set forth in the document, "University-wide Standards for Teaching Assistants at Florida State University." This document is maintained by and available from the Office of Graduate Studies. Additionally, a TA must pass the departmental course "Teaching in the Discipline" before teaching.

Research assistantships are supported with funds from research contracts or grants, generally from agencies outside the university, held by department faculty. Students receiving such support assist faculty members with their research programs. Usually a student combines duties under this assistantship with their dissertation work, but the exact duties are established by the faculty member providing support.

In recognition of the differing degrees of responsibility of the above tasks, the amount of stipend provided to a student depends on the duties assigned. There are three levels of stipend in the department. The highest pay is reserved for students lecturing their own courses. The medium level is attained by those who teach recitation sections or work in the Statistical Consulting Center, and the third level is for the remaining students. Research assistant pay is determined by the faculty member supplying the salary.

Other avenues of support include competitive assistantships and fellowships available through the University. More general types of support include loans and grants and are administered through the University's Office of Student Financial Aid. Additionally, opportunities for employment in other university units are often available.

Restrictions on Support

Recipients of federal fellowships or traineeships or university fellowships must abide by the conditions of these awards. International graduate students must observe employment restrictions associated with visas issued. These regulations usually confine employment to appointments supportive of their field of study. Graduate students holding assistantships in the department or other units of the university must obtain permission for additional employment from the director of the project providing the assistantship, the faculty advisor or dissertation director, and the department chair. Any outside employment unrelated to the discipline or deemed to substantially lengthen the time to completion of the degree program may not be approved.

Holders of assistantships are required to register for at least nine hours each semester. Students are advised to consult the FSU Graduate Bulletin for the university policy regarding minimum enrollment requirements for assistantship holders and university residence requirements. Note that students not receiving support must also register for a minimum number of hours each term to meet University requirements.

The department expects all students to apply for the in-state residency tuition classification.

Requirements for Continued Department Support

Students receiving department financial support must complete the following to continue to receive it:

1. Master’s degree students who have not been accepted for continuing to the PhD degree will not receive financial support beyond their second year. 2. To be eligible to receive department financial support as a teaching assistant, PhD students must:

(a) Complete both PIE Day 1 and PIE Day 2 training in the first year. (b) Complete the Teaching-in-the Discipline training workshop in the first year. (c) Pass the PhD written qualifying exam by January of their third academic year. (d) Students whose primary language is not English must take and pass the FSU SPEAK exam with a score at least 50 by the end of the spring semester of their second academic year.

3. Financial support as a TA stops at the end of the fifth academic year.

4. For PhD students who have passed their qualifying exam, their financial support will be terminated if they receive two “Unsatisfactory” grades from their advisor in their dissertation study. Students who do not meet these milestones may continue toward their degree, but with no department financial support. The department chair makes the final decision on matters of continued support.

Tutoring for Payment

The Department receives numerous requests for tutors in statistics. Graduate students in statistics may tutor for payment subject to the following policies and procedures:

Under no circumstances is anyone to tutor, for payment, a student taking a course he or she is teaching or assisting with. For example, a graduate student currently teaching STA2023 may NOT tutor any student currently taking STA2023, even if that student is in another section. The graduate student may tutor, however, a student in STA 2122.

Students may engage in tutoring only insofar that it does not detract from their graduate studies. Students on academic probation are not to tutor. Questions regarding these policies may be addressed to the chair.

Students wishing to tutor are requested to submit the following information to the department secretary: a list of courses they wish to tutor and where or how they can be contacted. The department will maintain a file on tutors giving the above information. When requests are received, the caller will be given the information in the tutor file. The department does not make recommendations.

Please remember that tutoring is suggested as a last resort for students having difficulties in their course work. All graduate student instructors in the department are expected to make sufficient time available for office hours for student help.

Advisors and Committee Formation

The advisor provides academic counsel to the student, advises the student in the preparation of a program of study (see below), and approves the program of study. At no time will a student be without a department advisor. Master's students and students who have not yet been admitted to PhD candidacy will be advised by the graduate director.

Students who have passed the PhD qualifying examination should choose a faculty member to direct their dissertation. This selection of a major professor is a decision based upon mutual research interests of the students and their major professors. The department web-page contains faculty information and indicates research interests. Students should indicate their interests to the faculty member with whom they wish to work. Assuming the faculty member agrees, the student then forms a new supervisory committee to replace the one formed during their first term at FSU. Members of the doctoral supervisory committee are selected in consultation with the major professor subject to certain constraints. In addition to the major professor, the supervisory committee must have at least three other members: two other faculty members from the department and a tenured faculty from outside the department. All committee members must have graduate faculty status. The composition of the committee should reflect the student's research interests and areas of concentration. The composition of the committee is flexible and may be altered at the discretion of the student. Approval of the doctoral supervisory committee by the department chair is required.

The doctoral supervisory committee assumes responsibility for the student's academic advisement. It advises the student in the preparation of a doctoral program of study (see below) and must approve it.

Each year an assessment of the progress of the student is made by the student's advisor. The entire committee conducts the PhD essay examination and the dissertation defense.

Program of Study

A student must have on file with the department an approved program of study at all times. This document represents an agreement between the student and department delineating the course requirements the student must satisfy for a degree. The program of study may be amended at any time with the mutual consent of the student and their advisor. In preparing a program of study, the student must be aware of the degree and residence requirements established by the department and by the university. These forms are available from the department secretary and the department webpage. The forms should be typed and signed by the student's committee members and by the department chair. The original is placed in the student's file in the department office. A copy is made for the major professor who uses it in future course advising. The student is responsible for updating this document annually.

Annual Review

Each year a graduate student progress evaluation is conducted. This is a review of the academic performance of each graduate student. Students are informed whether or not their progress is satisfactory and are expected to remedy any deficiencies noted. The review is used by the department chair in decisions pertaining to the continuation of students in the program. Students not making timely and satisfactory progress toward their intended degree will not be continued in the department. The review is performed by the graduate director or, for students admitted to PhD candidacy, their dissertation director.

The department chair makes the final decision on matters of continuance in the department's degree programs.

The Student Advisory Committee

The Department of Statistics, through the Student Advisory Committee (SAC), participates in the university-wide program which promotes active involvement of students in academic decision making. The SAC consists of one representative each from the first and second year classes, two advanced representatives, and two officers.

The main function of the committee is to act as a liaison between faculty and students. By making themselves available for comments from both groups, the committee promotes effective communications and student awareness of department policies. A member of the SAC attends department faculty meetings. Some past inputs from SAC to the faculty have been to request new courses and invite specific guest speakers to department colloquia.

In addition, the SAC sponsors social/recreational events and enters teams in various intramural programs available on campus.

SAC members are elected each spring term by the graduate students. A representative of the incoming is class chosen at the beginning of the following fall term.

Statistical Consulting Center

As a service to the university, the department operates the Statistical Consulting Center (SCC).

Department members associated with the SCC offer assistance to faculty and students in the university who require statistical help with their research. Occasional assistance is provided to state agencies or to other community members.

Department Colloquia

The department colloquium is a lecture-discussion series on research and applications in topics of interest to members of the department. Colloquia are presented by faculty members, graduate students and visitors to the department.

Attendance at colloquium is expected of all faculty and graduate students in the department. Suggestions for colloquium presentations are always welcomed, and should be passed to the faculty though the SAC.

The department has an annual speaker competition for graduate students, the Anna and Yongyuan Li presentation award. The student who is judged by the faculty of the awards committee to have made the best presentation for the academic year is given the award.

30 Best universities for Psychology in Moscow, Russia

Updated: February 29, 2024

  • Art & Design
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • Mathematics

Below is a list of best universities in Moscow ranked based on their research performance in Psychology. A graph of 406K citations received by 66.7K academic papers made by 30 universities in Moscow was used to calculate publications' ratings, which then were adjusted for release dates and added to final scores.

We don't distinguish between undergraduate and graduate programs nor do we adjust for current majors offered. You can find information about granted degrees on a university page but always double-check with the university website.

1. Moscow State University

For Psychology

Moscow State University logo

2. National Research University Higher School of Economics

National Research University Higher School of Economics logo

3. Moscow Medical Academy

Moscow Medical Academy logo

4. Russian National Research Medical University

Russian National Research Medical University logo

5. RUDN University

RUDN University logo

6. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology logo

7. National Research Nuclear University MEPI

National Research Nuclear University MEPI logo

8. Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration logo

9. Moscow State Pedagogical University

Moscow State Pedagogical University logo

10. Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation

Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation logo

11. Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Bauman Moscow State Technical University logo

12. Moscow State Institute of International Relations

Moscow State Institute of International Relations logo

13. N.R.U. Moscow Power Engineering Institute

N.R.U. Moscow Power Engineering Institute logo

14. Moscow Aviation Institute

Moscow Aviation Institute logo

15. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics logo

16. Russian State University for the Humanities

Russian State University for the Humanities logo

17. State University of Management

State University of Management logo

18. Russian State Social University

Russian State Social University logo

19. National University of Science and Technology "MISIS"

National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" logo

20. Moscow State Linguistic University

Moscow State Linguistic University logo

21. New Economic School

New Economic School logo

22. Russian State University of Oil and Gas

23. mendeleev university of chemical technology of russia.

Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia logo

24. Moscow Polytech

Moscow Polytech logo

25. Moscow State University of Railway Engineering

Moscow State University of Railway Engineering logo

26. National Research University of Electronic Technology

National Research University of Electronic Technology logo

27. Moscow State Technological University "Stankin"

Moscow State Technological University "Stankin" logo

28. Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute logo

29. Russian State Agricultural University

Russian State Agricultural University logo

30. Moscow International University

Moscow International University logo

Universities for Psychology near Moscow

Psychology subfields in moscow.


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    Common topics covered by our statistics tutors. Our statistics tutors provide live statistics tutoring in the statistics topics covered in an MBA, CPA or CFA program including: Collecting and Analyzing data. Using Microsoft Excel for data analysis. Graphing and describing data in tables and charts. Descriptive measures.

  4. Award-Winning Statistics Graduate Level Tutors

    Graduate statistics tutoring can provide you with a platform to address any outstanding confusion from past coursework and to develop specific skills and strategies for tackling complex, higher-level statistics concepts. Statistics tutors understand that the learning style of each student is unique. To this end, your tutor will provide private ...

  5. Statistics tutors near me

    First lesson free. For all levels (AP statistics tutoring available). Find a statistics tutor near me 🥇 Statistics tutoring online or in person 💻 71,532 statistics tutors available 💸 Secure payments ... Phd in biophysics, can tutor mathematics, physics, matlab. $36/h for undergrad level and below math, physics and statistics. $55/h for ...

  6. Online Graduate Statistics Lab

    The Online Graduate Statistics Lab supports graduate students from any discipline who are learning or applying statistics or research skills. Three types of support provided include: How to pass your statistics coursework. How to conduct your research. How to get help (tutoring, consulting, and workshops)

  7. Online Statistics Tutors: Get Help with Statistics Online

    PhD, tutor with 22 years experience ... Working with an online statistics tutor is a great way to develop your understanding of the subject, whether you're a beginner or already at an advanced level. Preply allows you to find a statistics tutor at the right level for you and with expertise in relevant areas, so you can find someone experienced ...

  8. Top 20 Online College Statistics Tutors Near Me

    Can also tutor: Statistics, Ecology, Languages and 26 more subjects. Education. State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry - Bachelor, Forestry and Natural Resources Management. State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry - Master's/Graduate, Silviculture.

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    Get 24/7 statistics help—no appointment needed. Our statistics tutors are online now. *Based on 2016 survey of students of Princeton Review/Tutor.com. Find Your Statistics Tutor. Get statistics help in seconds. Our statistics tutors are online 24/7 to help whenever you have a stats homework question. Try it for free!

  10. PhD in Statistics

    Mathematical Statistics I: STAT 6202: Mathematical Statistics II: STAT 8257: Probability: STAT 8263: Advanced Statistical Theory I: B. An examination to determine the student's readiness to carry out the proposed dissertation research: A dissertation demonstrating the candidate's ability to do original research in one area of probability or ...

  11. 25 Highest Rated Research Methods Tutors

    Stats, Science, Math, Research Methods, MCAT, GRE, Test-Taking Expert. Areas of Expertise: Statistics (high school, college, master's and PhD level) Research methods and clinical research methods, dissertation and thesis consultation Math (elementary through university (pre-algebra, algebra,... See Caramy's full profile.

  12. PhD in Statistics

    The Ph.D. program in statistics prepares students for a career pursuing research in either academia or industry. The program provides rigorous classroom training in the theory, methodology, and application of statistics, and provides the opportunity to work with faculty on advanced research topics over a wide range of theory and application areas.

  13. The Best Statistics Tutoring

    Hello! I am an Advanced Statistics Tutor, Online Academic Coach and former college statistics professor specializing in helping students taking statistics courses or working on statistical analysis projects. During my 6,000+ hours of online tutoring, I have mainly helped PhD, DNP, MBA, MSN and MPH students as well as undergraduate psychology, nursing and business students.

  14. PhD in Statistics

    A total of 72 credits is required for the PhD. Passing the PhD preliminary exam, usually given in the summer prior to the second year of graduate study. STAT 2631, Theory of Statistics 1; STAT 2641, Asymptotic Methods in Statistics; STAT 2661, Linear Models Theory 1; STAT 2711, Probability Theory 1; STAT 2712, Probability Theory 2; or their ...

  15. 25 Highest Rated Graduate Tutors

    Patient Virtual tutor that specializes in Statistics & College Essays. I have a PhD in Educational Psychology, I teach methodology at the university level for both graduate and undergraduate students, and I have been tutoring this subject for well over 5 years. See Christal-Joy's full profile. 4.9 (244) 65 /hour.

  16. PhD in Statistics

    Statistics Tutoring; Student Groups; Statistics Convocation; PhD in Statistics Program. The PhD in Statistics prepares students professional leadership in statistical research, teaching and collaboration as faculty at colleges and universities and as researchers at government institutions or in the private sector.

  17. Statistics Tutoring By PhD Tutors in Boulder, CO // Tutors.com

    Statistics Tutoring By PhD Tutors. 5.0 Exceptional (8 reviews) Offers online services. Offers online services. About Photos Reviews FAQs Services About. I am a very patient, kind, and positive tutor. I am passionate about statistics and love making understandable what is otherwise a very challenging topic for most students. My approach to ...

  18. Statistics Tutors: Private tuitions from UK University Lecturers

    Our statistics tutors are UK University Lecturers, Examiners, academics and certified professionals who teach, mark and supervise UG, PG and PhD students. The popular areas within statistics taught by our tutors are listed below. The FAQs below will give you a clearer idea about the support provided by our tutors, the costs, timelines and our ...

  19. PhD Degrees

    The Department receives numerous requests for tutors in statistics. Graduate students in statistics may tutor for payment subject to the following policies and procedures: Under no circumstances is anyone to tutor, for payment, a student taking a course he or she is teaching or assisting with. For example, a graduate student currently teaching ...

  20. Study PhD Programmes in Moscow, Russia

    Moscow has long, cold winters usually lasting from November to the end of March. Temperatures can fluctuate between the city centre and the suburbs between 5-10°C (41-50°F). Heat waves may occur during summer. Average low temperatures are -10°C (15°F) in February, while average highs reach 24°C (76°F) in July.

  21. 30 Best Psychology universities in Moscow, Russia [Rankings]

    Moscow 30. Saint Petersburg 17. Omsk 6. Tomsk 6. Below is the list of 30 best universities for Psychology in Moscow, Russia ranked based on their research performance: a graph of 406K citations received by 66.7K academic papers made by these universities was used to calculate ratings and create the top.

  22. Doctoral School of Economics

    About the School. The Economics PhD programme is designed to prepare professionals in economic research and education of the highest academic calibre in Russia, as well as the global academia. The Doctoral School of Economics offers training in the following fields: Economic Theory. Mathematical, Statistical and Instrumental Methods of Economics.

  23. Moscow City

    The Mayor of Moscow City: Sobjanin Sergej Semenovich Chairman of the Moscow City Duma: Shaposhnikov Aleksey Valerjevich Capital of the Region, thousand persons: Moscow - 12500.1 (on the 1st of Jan. 2018) The Distance to Moscow, km: 0 Urban Population, %: 98.69 (2017) Population, thousand persons: 12,506 (on the 1st of Jan. 2018) Population Density, persons per sq. km: 4,810.18 (on the 1st of ...