How to Present PowerPoint Slides in Microsoft Teams

Ready to elevate your virtual presentations in Microsoft Teams? Discover three distinct methods to deliver flawless PowerPoint presentations.

A successful PowerPoint presentation extends beyond just the content—its delivery is just as important, especially in a virtual space like Microsoft Teams.

In Microsoft Teams, you can choose to present your slide deck by sharing your entire screen, PowerPoint window, or using the Microsoft Teams' PowerPoint Live feature. Let's explore how you can use each of these three methods and discuss their pros and cons.

Method 1: Share Screen

Sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams is pretty easy and straightforward. It's best to minimize or close unnecessary tabs before joining the Microsoft Teams meeting to avoid exposing sensitive information. Once you're confident in your screen's content, follow the steps below:

  • A red border appears around your desktop, indicating you're sharing your screen.
  • Present your PowerPoint slideshow.

Sharing your screen is a straightforward method, especially when you want to present other documents besides your PowerPoint slideshow. However, the downside is that you may accidentally reveal sensitive information.

Method 2: Share PowerPoint Window

If you want only to present your PowerPoint slide deck, it's best to share just that window. Here's how:

  • A red border will appear around your PowerPoint window, indicating you're sharing just that window.
  • Launch your slides in slideshow mode and start presenting.
  • Open the Microsoft Teams window and click Stop sharing when you're done presenting.

Sharing just your PowerPoint window prevents accidental display of sensitive desktop content. Even if you switch windows, viewers only see the PowerPoint presentation.

However, this method also has its limitations. One of the main limits is that you can't view your PowerPoint speaker notes without the audience seeing them as well. You also can't access Microsoft Teams features like the chat and reactions during your presentation.

Additionally, If your network connection has low bandwidth or slow upload speed , sharing your screen can result in a blurry and stuttering presentation for the audience. Thankfully, the PowerPoint Live feature provides the solution to these issues.

Method 3: Use PowerPoint Live

Presenting with the PowerPoint Live feature is easy and provides additional benefits. Your audience only sees the slides, while you get to see all the extra controls that come with the presenter view. When using the presenter view in your presentation, you have a few helpful tools at your disposal:

  • You can easily adjust the font size of your slide notes to make them more readable.
  • To navigate between slides, simply click on the corresponding thumbnail.
  • You can use the laser pointer, pen, or highlighter tools to draw attention to specific areas of a slide.
  • Use the Standout layout to place your camera feed on the slide without the background.
  • Use the Cameo layout to insert yourself into the slide, provided you've set up Cameo to record customized camera feeds .

Here's how you can use PowerPoint Live to share your presentation:

  • When it's your turn to present, click Share .
  • When you're done presenting, click Stop sharing in the top toolbar.

The PowerPoint Live feature tackles the limitations of sharing your entire screen or PowerPoint window. It also comes with really cool features like co-presenting and allowing attendees to click on links in the presentation.

Your Audience's View When Using PowerPoint Live

In addition to the main slide view, your audience also has access to the slide navigation, grid, and more options controls (the three dots icon below the slides).

This means they can navigate the slides at their own pace and change specific slide settings to suit their preference without affecting your view and that of others. If you find this non-ideal for delivering an engaging presentation , you can disable the audience's navigation control. To do so, enable Private view in the top toolbar.

By default, each meeting attendee joins as a presenter. This means they can share their own content or control someone else's presentation. If that's not what you want, you can change each person's meeting roles in Microsoft Teams to prevent it.

Deliver a Seamless Presentation Experience in Microsoft Teams

Presenting your PowerPoint slides in Microsoft Teams might seem tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake. Practice makes perfect. So before your next Teams presentation, familiarize yourself with your chosen method to ensure an effective delivery.

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How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation on Microsoft Teams

How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation on Microsoft Teams

In recent years many remote meeting tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become the norm for regular remote meetings. If you’re new to Microsoft Teams, the chances are you are still finding your way around various options. One of the most common questions a Microsoft Teams newbie might ask is how to share PowerPoint on Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a messaging app by Microsoft for online collaboration and remote meetings that comes integrated with Microsoft 365. It provides a real-time workspace where end users can collaborate via chat, Teams Channels, Live calls, etc. Microsoft Teams also integrates with other Microsoft products like PowerPoint and OneDrive, enabling instant file sharing via the cloud.

Why use Microsoft Teams to Present Your PowerPoint Presentations?

Many organizations use Microsoft Teams for online collaboration and remote meetings. Organizations with integrated Microsoft products like its Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, and Azure Active Directory prefer Teams as the primary internal and external communication app. Organizations use Microsoft Teams to provide secure accounts to employees, with two-factor authentication and data encryption. These accounts are integrated into the Active Directory, providing scalability and control for IT administrators to offer people within an organization an online collaboration platform that can be securely used within the limits of the organization’s data protection policies.

While there are many alternatives to Microsoft teams, such as Zoom and Google Meet, the integration of teams with other Microsoft products, such as Azure, Microsoft Office apps, and OneDrive, makes it attractive within a secure enterprise environment.

How to Present PowerPoint in Teams?

How to present your PowerPoint slides on Microsoft Teams, let us tell you there are at least two methods for sharing presentations. This includes sharing a PowerPoint file directly and presenting your slide deck before one or more meeting participants, or perhaps PowerPoint templates or Google Slides templates to help a colleague design a slide deck.

How to Attach and Share Your PowerPoint Slides on Teams

To share a PowerPoint file on teams, go to an ongoing conversation or meeting window and click Attach files . This will provide you with the option to either fetch a file via OneDrive or from your device. This option can be used for sharing PowerPoint files and other types of files, such as documents, spreadsheets, videos, compressed files, etc.

Upload a PowerPoint file to a Microsoft Teams chat

When sharing a file, you can add a message optionally before hitting Send .

Sharing a PowerPoint presentation to Microsoft Teams via chat

The recipient and the sender can download the file, open it in a browser, or copy the file link for further sharing.

Opening a shared PowerPoint file via Microsoft Teams chat

How to Present Your PowerPoint Slides on Teams

Method #1: use the share button in powerpoint.

You can also directly present your slide deck via Microsoft Teams by sharing your screen to start a Live presentation during a remote meeting instantly. Suppose your organization uses Microsoft Teams regularly. In that case, the chances are you will be using it for presentations during remote meetings; therefore, it’s essential to know how to use the screen-sharing option to present online.

Locating the share screen button for Microsoft Teams videocalls

Method #2: Share Screen to Present a PowerPoint Presentation

Another way to present a PowerPoint presentation on Teams is by sharing the screen with your audience. If you share your screen, this will show the audience whatever is visible on the entire screen on your device.

Sharing a Screen in Microsoft Teams call to show a PowerPoint presentation

Pros of sharing your screen with the audience to present a presentation:

  • It is easier to activate
  • You can easily switch to other windows besides the PowerPoint presentation and also share them with the audience

Cons of sharing your entire screen on Teams for presenting:

  • If you have confidential data in other windows, you may want to avoid switching the windows and keep only the Slideshow window in front.
  • You may accidentally switch to other windows, and your audience can lose focus of the presentation.

Method #3: Share PowerPoint Window to Present Your Slides

If you intend to hide parts of your screen, you can simply share the relevant PowerPoint window so that your audience can only view the presentation. During a Live call, click the Share button and select your screen or window to share.

Selecting window to share in Microsoft Teams

5 Features to Make the Most from Your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Sharing in Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a wide array of features that make it a robust remote meeting and online collaboration app since it leverages the full force of Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft products.

1. Translate Slides into a Different Language

This is a private feature that individuals can use to translate slides in their language instantly. As a presenter, you can ask your audience to use this feature if they deem it convenient to help bridge a gap that might exist due to a language barrier.

Slides can be viewed in a different language via More actions > Translate Slides . From the drop-down list, you can pick a preferred language.

Translating PowerPoint slides from English to Spanish during a Microsoft Teams call

2. Use Live Captions

Microsoft Teams supports Live Captions / Closed Captions (CC) to help persons with disabilities, including those suffering from hearing impairment. Closed Captions can also be helpful for people to translate or view text in a preferred language.

Turn on Live Captions: To enable Live Captions on Teams, go to More options > Turn on live captions . Translate Spoken Language: To translate Live Captions, go to Captions settings > Change spoken language .

Turning on Live Captions in Microsoft Teams call

Turn Off Live Captions: You can turn off Live captions anytime via More actions > Turn off live captions .

Turning off Live Captions during Microsoft Teams call

3. View Slides in High Contrast

Viewing slides in high contrast on Teams can have several benefits. For example, it helps you focus on the content and is also helpful for people with visual impairment. To configure your slides to appear in high contrast, follow the steps below:

1. Launch your PowerPoint presentation.

2. Click on the Present tab at the top of the window.3. Go to More action > View slides in high contrast .

High Contrast mode in Microsoft Teams

4. Annotate your Slides in Real Time

Like any standard remote meeting app, Microsoft Teams also provides a number of handy annotation options to help you make the most out of your PowerPoint presentations. You can click on Start annotation when sharing your full screen during presentations to start annotating slides.

Powered by Microsoft Whiteboard, this powerful feature enables one or more meeting participants or the presenter to annotate presentations. It can also be a helpful feature when you’re looking to collaborate online during a Live presentation.

5. Pop Out the Window

You can separate the presentation window from the Teams window to make it easier to work with the two. This feature can be handy when working with multiple monitors or separating the two windows from uncluttering your screen. You can use this option by clicking on the Pop-out option from the toolbar during a screen-sharing session.

Pop-out windows mode in Microsoft Teams

How to Stop Presenting on Teams

When presenting your slide deck, you can also present your PowerPoint presentation using any view, be it as a SlideShow or in Normal view. Once you’re done presenting, click Stop Presenting to conclude your session. Furthermore, you can also choose to enable or disable your camera and computer sound when presenting your slides.

How to share a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft Teams using PowerPoint web edition

To turn off screen sharing during a remote meeting, you can click Stop Sharing .

Locating the Stop Sharing button in Microsoft Teams

Present in Teams Button in PowerPoint is Missing. How to Fix it?

Some users might have used the Present in Teams option to share a PowerPoint presentation during a meeting. Suppose you are wondering why the Present in Teams button in PowerPoint Presentations is missing. In that case, this option isn’t available for anyone using the free version of Teams, as only users with a paid subscription, such as a Business Standard or Business Premium Plan. Furthermore, you must share your PowerPoint presentation with OneDrive to use this option. To use the Present in Teams option, upload your PowerPoint presentation to OneDrive. You can do this via File > Save As > OneDrive .

Upload a presentation to OneDrive via PowerPoint

Once done, the Present in Teams button will become available to instantly launch your presentation for sharing during a Teams call.

Present in Teams button available in PowerPoint

5 Tips to Make your Presentation a Success on Microsoft Teams

Presenting PowerPoint in Teams can require being mindful of a number of things. This includes accounting for brevity to ensure your presentation does not take more than its designated time, using slides that are suitable for remote meetings. Below is a list of 5 tips to make your presentation successful using Microsoft Teams.

1. Check Your Audio and Video Settings

One of the most annoying problems faced during remote meetings is technical failures such as no or low audio quality. This becomes even more annoying when the meeting organizer or a presenter during their session faces the issue, wasting precious time. This is why you must check your audio and video settings beforehand to ensure everything works correctly. If you need to play a video during your session, make a test call with a colleague and get feedback if the sound and video quality are up to the mark.

2. Make Sure Your Slides are Clear and Concise

Presentations delivered via Microsoft Teams will often take place during scheduled remote meetings. This means that you will have to account for the designated time given for your session, which is why you must ensure that your slides are clear and concise.

3. Use Animations and Transitions Sparingly

Since remote meetings will be attended by participants using different types of computers and mobile devices, some animations and transitions might not be suitable. This is because they can cause Teams to slow down, or the slides might not display appropriately via screen sharing. For example, 3D animations , GIF animations , and objects with elaborate PowerPoint animated sequences might cause issues when displayed via Teams. 

4. Keep Your Slides on Topic

One of the banes of remote meetings is how a discussion can go off-topic very quickly. This is why it’s best to ensure that your slides remain focused on the topic and additional discussions are discouraged during the presentation session.

5. Use Team Members’ Names Sparingly to Call Out Specific Points

Calling out team members for their opinion or advice during a remote meeting can quickly lead to a very lengthy and off-topic discussion. This is why it’s best to call out team members’ sparingly. If you have been using Teams or other remote meeting apps long enough, you would have learned by now that for some topics, it’s best to ask participants to schedule a separate meeting so that the ongoing discussion remains on track.

Other Issues to Troubleshoot while presenting a PowerPoint presentation on Microsoft Teams

Someone has already set up Teams for your organization’s error

If you’re using a premium subscription for Microsoft Teams managed by your organization’s IT team, you might get an error when logging in to Teams. In such a case, you might get the following error:

“Someone has already set up Teams for your organization.”  

If you see the error message mentioned above, this means that your account isn’t ready yet, and you need to contact your organization’s IT team to ask when your account might be ready for use.

We’re sorry–we’ve run into an issue error.

Another prevalent issue is when the following error message appears:

“We’re sorry–we’ve run into an issue.”

This is a generic message, and usually, it can be resolved by clicking the Restart button that appears below the error. In case the issue isn’t resolved after restarting the Teams app, ensure your Internet connection is working. More often than not, the issue is associated with the Internet connection. If the issue persists, you can clear your cache , reinstall Teams or contact your IT support team. The error can also occur if there is an outage affecting Microsoft products or if there is a configuration issue for Microsoft 365 accounts associated with your organization.

Final Words

Using Microsoft Teams to share a presentation file is easy enough. However, when presenting a PowerPoint presentation in Teams, you must decide how to present your slide deck. If you need to switch back and forth between your slides and another document, spreadsheet, or browser window, it might be best to share your entire screen. However, if you wish to focus only on the slide deck, sharing your Window can help you avoid sharing the rest of your screen with the audience.

presentation on ms teams

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presentation on ms teams

presentation on ms teams

Microsoft Teams Presentation Tips

  • January 25, 2024

Dani Jones

So, you have a big Microsoft Teams presentation coming up and are looking for some tips to make it sparkle? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re in Marketing, Product or Sales, you want to engage and inform, (while maybe entertaining at the same time!), we’ll run through some top tips on how to use the Microsoft Teams app to really enhance your presentation while also sharing some great tips in creating an overall engaging presentation for any platform.

How to Prepare an Engaging Presentation?

Prepping for a Teams presentation, or any presentation for that matter, isn’t just about having snazzy slides and a meme thrown in (although, we do love them). A good presentation is a mix of storytelling, design, and a little bit of magic (okay, not real magic, but close enough).

First, you need to know your audience – are they super engaged, nit-picky or just starting at their iPhone wondering when they can grab some lunch? Whoever they are make sure to tailor your content to keep them engaged and interested.

Think of how different people take in information and ensure that you provide a range of materials to engage each one. There’s auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

So for the visual people use visuals that pop off their laptop scream.

For audiophiles make sure that each slide has a succinct and intriguing explanation you can present with it (and please don’t just read the slides!!!!).

Finally for kinaesthetic, well that’s where interactive elements come into play. Engage your kinesthetic audience by incorporating activities where they can participate or contribute. This could be through live polls, Q&A sessions, or even quick hands-on exercises if appropriate.

Thankfully Microsoft Teams has features that can facilitate these interactive elements seamlessly.

What Technical Setups are Needed?

The golden rule of presentations is that before you do the presentation check to make sure your tech setup doesn’t betray you. Does your microphone work? Do you have a stable internet connection? Do you know where your slides are? Have you cleared your desktop of anything that shouldn’t be visible? Also, make sure to use a quality webcam, and no, the one from 2005 won’t cut it. Position yourself in a well-lit room, where the only shadow is the looming deadline of your presentation.

How to Troubleshoot Common Issues?

If something can go wrong in your presentation, it probably will – it’s Murphy’s Law. Make sure to prepare for the unexpected and while that doesn’t mean a unicorn charging through your office door, it does mean have a backup plan. Think a pre-recorded version of your presentation, and don’t forget about your mute button. Both savior and gremlin, know where it is and how to use it!

Here are just a few ideas of how you can handle most common technical gLitCh3s that can happen during a presentation.

Internet Connectivity One of the most common issues is unstable internet connectivity. Always have a wired connection as a backup if you typically use Wi-Fi. This can significantly reduce the chances of connectivity issues. If a wired connection isn’t possible, ensure you are in a location with a strong Wi-Fi signal. Also, consider having a mobile hotspot ready as a last resort. Rule of thumb, don’t be giving presentations when you’re in a tunnel or under the sea.

Audio and Video Quality Test your microphone and camera before the presentation. Poor audio can derail even the most well-prepared presentation. If you’re using external devices, make sure they’re properly connected and configured. For video, check the lighting and camera angle in advance. If possible, have a backup microphone and camera.

Software Glitches Microsoft Teams, like any software, can experience glitches. Familiarize yourself with basic troubleshooting steps like restarting the app or your computer. Ensure your Teams app is updated to the latest version before starting. Sometimes there will be things you cannot control, but make sure that it’s a glitch and not a user error (ahem, that would never happen… honest) in the first instance. Presentation File Issues Nothing worse than the document you have ready to show everybody doesn’t open or is telling you to download some sort of brand new PDF viewer. Try and have multiple formats of your presentation ready. Apart from the primary format, save a PDF version or have your slides uploaded to a cloud storage platform for quick access. This helps if there’s an issue with the original file.

Backup Plan for Power Outages In case of a power outage, ensure your laptop is fully charged. Additionally, having a power bank can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re presenting from a tablet or smartphone. While this may seem wild if you’re working from your home office, for those digital nomads and those who like to work on the go this can happen more often than you think!

Handling Interruptions Gracefully Working remotely unexpected interruptions can happen – a sudden noise, someone walking into the room, etc. Plan how to handle these situations gracefully without getting flustered. A simple, “Excuse me for a moment,” can suffice while you manage the interruption. And most people don’t mind a cameo by a cute dog or cat during any presentation.

Managing Participant Issues Sometimes, participants might face issues like not being able to hear you or see your screen. Prepare a quick troubleshooting guide to assist them, like checking their volume settings or ensuring they’re viewing the correct screen in Teams.

How to Keep Your Audience Engaged?

Engaging your audience in a virtual presentation is like trying to get a cat’s attention – tricky but not impossible. Ask questions, use polls, and throw in a joke or two (keep it work-appropriate, though). Make them feel involved, like they’re part of the presentation, not just onlookers. Eye contact is key – look into the camera, not at the screen. It creates a connection, even through the digital abyss.

What Features of Microsoft Teams Enhance Presentations?

Even though you’ll be doing most of the heavy lifting in your presentation Microsoft Teams does have your back with a lot of built-in features that can enhance presentations, making them more interactive, engaging, and effective.

Screen Sharing and Whiteboard Sometimes you just have to show people what your talking about. With its screen-sharing feature, you can quite literally share your entire screen or specific applications, ensuring clarity. The native digital whiteboard is an excellent tool for brainstorming, illustrating complex concepts, drawing terrible cat pictures and generally engaging the audience in real-time collaboration.

Live Reactions and Polls Teams enables live reactions from participants, allowing them to express feedback instantly. Polls can be used to gather real-time responses, making the presentation interactive and gauging audience understanding.

Breakout Rooms For workshops or training sessions, breakout rooms can divide participants into smaller groups for discussions or activities, fostering collaboration and deeper engagement with the content.

Custom Backgrounds and Visual Effects The ability to customize backgrounds adds a professional touch while keeping the focus on the presenter. Visual effects can emphasize key points and make the presentation more visually appealing.

Meeting Recording Teams allows recording of meetings and presentations, enabling participants to revisit the content later, which is particularly useful for detailed or technical presentations. However it’s only available on the paid-for version of Teams. Thankfully there are other options for this, such as tl;dv, which have more functionality, search functions and better collaboration opportunities… why not click the below and give it a try for FREE .

These features transform presentations from one-way communication into dynamic, interactive sessions. By leveraging these tools, presenters can create an engaging and memorable experience for their audience.

So you are now well on your way to becoming a Teams presentation guru. Confidence is key, preparation is paramount, and a little humor goes a long way.

Happy woman works on tablet in business environment

How to master MEDDPICC / MEDDICC / MEDDIC sales processes (including GPT prompts)

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Sales psychology

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presentation on ms teams

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presentation on ms teams

Engaging new presentation features in Microsoft Teams

March 02, 2021.

By Microsoft Education Team

presentation on ms teams

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Keeping students focused on learning can start with an engaging presentation. Today, we’re kicking off Microsoft Ignite, an annual event held virtually this year, with some exciting new Microsoft Teams features to help presenters deliver impactful presentations and provide meeting participants with dynamic experiences to keep them engaged.

Dynamic view intelligently and dynamically arranges the contents and participants in your meeting for a better viewing experience. In addition, the participant gallery automatically adjusts when the meeting window is resized.

The new Presenter mode empowers presenters to customize how their video feed and content appears for the audience. Our first mode, Standout , shows the speaker’s video feed in front of the shared content. Next, Reporter mode will show content as a visual aid above the speaker’s shoulder just like during a news segment. Third, Side-by-side mode will show the presenter’s video feed alongside their content as they present.

Educators will have the ability to disable video for students, either for individual students or for the entire class. This will help protect synchronous classes from unwanted disruptions and help keep students focused.

presentation on ms teams

Educators will have the new option to download Attendance Reports after a class meeting is over in the meeting chat and channel thread. Only the meeting organizer has access to the Attendance Report, which will cover Join Time and Leave Time, Email Addresses, along with the class Duration so educators can more easily track student attendance and engagement.

Learn more about all these awesome new capabilities coming soon to Teams and if you’re not already using Teams, sign up for free to get started today.

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New LMS integrations offer seamless learning experiences

Education has evolved significantly over the past three years, and so have the needs of educators, students, and institutions. Educators need time-saving workflows, students need access to classroom content wherever they are, and institutions need the seamless integration of these LMS experiences.

presentation on ms teams

Top tips to get the most out of Microsoft classroom tools

As teachers continue to embrace the lesson plans and teaching methods of education’s digital age, finding new ways to make the most of technology can help simplify workflows, engage students, and improve outcomes in all learning environments, whether in person, remote, or hybrid. We created our new YouTube series, How to with Microsoft EDU, with this purpose in mind.

presentation on ms teams

How one district is improving literacy with Reading Progress

Here’s how Microsoft’s Reading Progress helped students at Sarasota County Schools catch up and embrace reading—and how the tool can help other students, too.


presentation on ms teams

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PPT font defaulting to Calibri when being viewed via Teams meeting in presentation mode

Hello We are having an issue with our company font ( Graphik ) not viewing correctly in PPT.

The fonts can be seen in the PPT file, and view correctly when viewed in the native PPT doc, it's only when we have a Teams meeting and the PPT doc is in presentation mode that the Graphik fonts all change to Calibri.

Most frustrating as different font weights view in different sizes and look sketchy. We've had our IT person look at this – attempting to replicate the issue from outside the company with two of my colleagues dialing in on the Teams meeting, but oddly enough they can't replicate the issue. The fonts look fine.

Could it be when there are multiple attendees on the Teams meeting, excess of 12 or so?

Any ideas - gratefully received.

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Dear A1exxa,

Good day! Thank you for posting your query in our community.

Based on your description, you are experiencing an issue with your company font not displaying correctly in PowerPoint during Teams meeting.

To narrow down the scope of the issue, could you please provide more information for us?

Is the Graphik font embedded in the PowerPoint presentation via File > Options > Save and the 'Embed fonts in the file' option?

Does all the meeting attendees have the Graphik font installed on their devices?

You mentioned two of your colleagues doesn't have the problem, may I confirm if these two colleagues encountered this issue while participating in a 12 person meeting?

Appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Jazlyn | Microsoft Community Moderator

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5 ways college students can use Copilot for Microsoft 365, starting next month


One of the biggest fears regarding generative AI is how it can negatively impact students' education by facilitating cheating. However, when used properly, generative AI can be a powerful tool that can promote learning, understanding, and retention of material -- and Microsoft is sharing some ways students can take advantage of these benefits. 

Also: The best AI chatbots of 2024: ChatGPT and alternatives

On Wednesday, Microsoft held its worldwide digital event, Reimagine Education , which focused on the innovative ways schools are using technology. Much of the event concentrated on the hot trend of generative AI. Microsoft even took the opportunity to share that, starting April 1, it will make Copilot for Microsoft 365 available for purchase by higher education institutions as an addon for their students aged 18+.

To help prepare educators and students to make the best use of generative AI, Microsoft shared a Microsoft Education AI Toolkit , an AI in Education Report , and a selection of ways students can leverage AI within their Microsoft 365 workflows. You can find the roundup below.  

1. Don't miss a thing in Microsoft Teams

With Copilot in Microsoft Teams, students can get quick summaries of chats, remote classes, meetings, or calls they are part of. This capability makes it easier for students to stay up to date, revisit important information, and divert their attention to other more important tasks. They can also get assistance in composing replies, which can save students time and help them communicate their thoughts more effectively with peers and faculty.

Also: How ChatGPT (and other AI chatbots) can help you write an essay

2. Access writing assistance in Microsoft Word 

Even though Copilot in Microsoft Word can generate text from scratch , its value for students lies beyond that capability. Students can boost their comprehension of documents by highlighting the sections they do not understand. Then, Copilot can provide further insights about the section, generate a summary, or convert it to a visual element, such as a table. Copilot can also edit text more thoroughly than traditional spellchecks, editing for syntax, conciseness, and more. 

3. Never miss an email in Outlook

As a student, checking your inbox can suck up a lot of time that could be better allocated to other tasks, such as studying, doing assignments, or reviewing materials. That's where Copilot in Outlook can provide a boon, helping to summarize long email threads into short summaries. Copilot can also help students create and edit emails, so written messages take less time and are better communicated.

4. Create presentations from a prompt in Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentations can be daunting for students because speaking in front of people isn't everyone's cup of tea. Therefore, the best way students can prepare is by familiarizing themselves with the material and rehearsing what they plan on saying to their audience. However, time that could be used to practice is often spent creating a slide deck to include visually pleasing text and images. With Copilot in PowerPoint, creating a slide deck is easier than ever. Copilot can draft an entire presentation from a single prompt. It can also restructure your presentation into different sections for a better flow. 

Also: OpenAI robots and MWC tech lead ZDNET's Innovation Index

5. Interact with data with Copilot in Excel

Working with Microsoft Excel is a skill gained with time and lots of practice. Copilot in Excel helps close that skills gap by identifying insights, visualizing data, and answering questions. A student building an Excel spreadsheet can also access Copilot for help sorting, filtering, and creating data, which helps them spend less time formatting and more time understanding. 

Artificial Intelligence

I've tried vision pro and other top xr headsets and here's the one most people should buy, the best ai image generators to try right now, the best tvs of 2024: expert tested.

presentation on ms teams

Here are all the new features Microsoft added to Teams in February 2024

Microsoft introduced a bunch of new features to Teams last month, including an updated Copilot experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Teams users can now enjoy an updated Copilot experience with improved prompts and access to the Copilot Lab for browsing prompts.
  • Teams Rooms on Android now offer advanced meeting protection features like end-to-end encryption and sensitivity labels with a Teams Premium license.
  • Teams admins can configure private lines for select users, and various devices have been made compatible with SIP Gateway for added flexibility.

Microsoft Teams frequently gets new features, with the Redmond tech firm capitalizing on the online collaboration and communication tool's popularity in this era of hybrid work. Microsoft regularly publishes a recap of all the capabilities it added to Teams at the end of each month too, and now, it has done the same for February 2024 . Teams received 37 features last month, with the headliner being an updated Copilot experience.

What's new in chat, collaboration, and meetings?

If you work in an organization which has paid for Copilot licenses, you should see a Copilot app above your chats. Microsoft says that this piece of software offers more advantages over Microsoft 365 Chat, including improved prompts tailored to your content, the ability to view chat history, and access to the Copilot Lab where you can browse a library of prompts.

When it comes to the activity feed, items can be removed and notification settings can be modified, allowing you to focus on the content you care the most about. Additionally, there's a new layout for Together Mode too where all the participants are shown in a horizontal pane at the bottom of the video with a shared background.

What improvements have been made to Teams hardware experiences?

Teams Rooms on Android customers can now leverage advanced meeting protection capabilities such as end-to-end encrypted meetings and sensitivity labels. However, you need to have a Teams Premium license in order to access these features. The same Teams SKU also has a new calendar view showing you schedules for today and tomorrow, along with customizable meeting views, and configurable daily maintenance restart windows. You can use a Windows PC to control Teams Rooms too and take advantage of all the features made available for Teams Room on Android 2024 Update 1 release .

Notably, the following devices are now Teams-certified:

  • AudioCodes RXV81B10
  • Teams Biamp Devio SCX
  • Yealink BH70

Teams Phone customers haven't been left out in the cold either. Teams admins can now configure a private line to bypass certain restrictions for select users, distinguished by a unique notification and ringtone. Moreover, the following devices have also been made compatible with SIP Gateway:

  • Snom D735 IP Phone
  • Snom D717 IP Phone

What's new for webinars, town halls, and mobile?

Over on the Teams webinars and town halls side of the fence, organizers can configure meeting options via an inline window in the scheduling form for Teams. In the same vein, the fields in the registration form for webinars can now be reordered according to the organizer's preferences. Meanwhile, mobile customers can enjoy official support for Android Auto, sensitivity labels for Teams meetings, and pin Teams apps shortcuts on their Android home screen.

What can I expect when it comes to Teams apps and software solutions?

The following vendor apps are now available directly in Teams as of February 2024:

  • Bigtincan for Microsoft Teams
  • Culture Amp
  • EY Catalyst Connect
  • SAP Sales and Service Cloud
  • Smart Connect for Jira
  • Teladoc Health Condition Management
  • Zoho CRM for team collaboration

Meanwhile, admins managing frontline worker solutions on Teams can deploy operational hierarchies via the Teams admin center and configure automated targeted announcements based on frontline roles. Finally, the Microsoft Graph API can now be used to program SMS notifications in virtual appointments in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. However, if you want to find out more details about this implementation along with all the aforementioned features, do check out Microsoft's dedicated blog post here .

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Introducing Microsoft Copilot for Finance – the newest Copilot offering in Microsoft 365 designed to transform modern finance

Feb 29, 2024 | Charles Lamanna - CVP, Business Applications and Platform

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Woman giving office presentation

Today we’re announcing the public preview of Microsoft Copilot for Finance , the newest Copilot offering designed for business functions that extends Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 and revolutionizes how finance teams approach their daily work. Copilot for Finance joins Copilot for Sales and Copilot for Service, now generally available , to provide AI-powered, role-based workflow automation, recommendations and guided actions in the flow of work.

Finance departments are critical partners in strategic decisions impacting the direction of a company. Eighty percent of finance leaders and teams face challenges to take on more strategic work outside the operational portions of their roles [1] . However, 62% of finance professionals say they are stuck in the drudgery of data entry and review cycles [2] . Copilot for Finance can help free up time for finance to play more of a strategic role in delivering counsel and insights to the business by streamlining financial tasks, automating workflows and providing insights in the flow of work.

Copilot for Finance includes Copilot for Microsoft 365, which means it supercharges Excel, Outlook and other widely used productivity apps with workflow and data-specific insights for the finance professional. Copilot for Finance draws on essential context from your existing financial data sources, including traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP, and the Microsoft Graph.

In public preview today, Copilot for Finance introduces several key features to enhance financial operations:

  • Helps financial analysts quickly conduct a variance analysis in Excel using natural language prompts to review data sets for anomalies, risks and unmatched values. This type of analysis helps finance provide strategic insights to business leaders about where it is meeting, exceeding or falling short of planned financial outcomes and why.
  • Simplifies the reconciliation process in Excel with automated data structure comparisons and guided troubleshooting to help move from insight to action, which helps ensure the reliability and accuracy of financial records.
  • Provides a complete summary of relevant customer account details in Outlook , such as balance statements and invoices, to expedite the collections process.
  • Enables customers to turn raw data in Excel into presentation-ready visuals and reports ready to be shared across Outlook and Teams.

Customers transforming business operations with Microsoft Copilot

The Copilot offerings designed for business functions help workers tackle a common problem: getting from insights to impact – with the relevant data and workflows specific to their roles. The latest Work Trend Index survey revealed that people are drowning in data. Roughly a quarter of their day is spent searching for information – roughly 50% of the information they consume each day is deemed necessary for their job, and a recent survey found roles like sales, finance and supply chain have role-specific needs from their data.

Copilot helps break down information and application silos while actively deriving insights, recommendations and guidance from a variety of data sources — all in accordance with Microsoft’s responsible AI principles . With Microsoft Copilot Studio , businesses can further customize Copilot for business processes inside of Copilot for Microsoft 365 and its role-based extensions.

Copilot for Sales is already helping sellers at more than 30,000 organizations. Companies including dentsu, Lumen Technologies, Northern Trust, Schneider Electric, Visa and hundreds more are empowering their employees with Copilot across their sales, service and finance departments.

Here is what a few of the companies had to say:

  • “Artificial intelligence is transforming the way businesses operate and thrive. At dentsu, we are constantly searching for ways to bring the power of generative AI to all our employees with a framework defined on ethical and responsible AI principles. Building on the existing use cases we’ve defined to empower our workforce with Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Copilot for Sales, we are excited to participate in the preview of Microsoft Copilot for Finance. We see potential for Copilot for Finance to accelerate the impact of our finance professionals by optimizing routine processes, and we anticipate efficiency gains will free up finance capacity to focus on performance across our organization.” – Carolyn Isaacs, Global Director Finance Services, dentsu
  • “Northern Trust’s digital workplace transformation is rooted in empowering our employees with technology that enhances and optimizes the services that they provide our clients. Deploying Microsoft Copilot for Service is a milestone in this transformation journey and we are excited for the potential of this AI-powered solution to help modernize our client relations organization, streamline processes for our employees, and elevate our client experience.” – Shaelyn Otikor SVP, Head of Global Digital Workplace Strategy, Asset Servicing, Northern Trust
  • “Building on our 30-year history of embracing AI, Visa is on a journey to roll out generative AI across our entire company to empower our employees and develop new solutions to serve and protect our cardholders, merchants and the broader ecosystem. We’ve seen our employees embrace the broad rollout of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, and we’re excited to continue to bring employees new ways to take advantage of the technology, transforming the ways in which we work and how we service our clients.” – Don Hobson, Chief Information Officer, Visa

At Microsoft, we are also an AI-powered organization, leveraging Copilot for Sales and Copilot for Service to improve seller and agent workflows and transform customer experiences:

  • “We have seen firsthand that an AI-powered sales organization is a more successful sales organization. Not only has Copilot for Sales helped our global sales team simplify tasks and save time, but it has also strengthened our customer relationships with AI-supported insights and recommendations that are personalized and tailored to each customer.” – Judson Althoff, Microsoft EVP and Chief Commercial Officer
  • “Generative AI has been a game-changer for our own contact center at Microsoft. Agents spend less time searching for information, allowing them to focus more time on helping customers solve complex challenges. Moreover, newer agents experience significant benefits, feeling more confident and capable in their roles. This has led to reduced onboarding times and increased job satisfaction.” – Mala Anand, Microsoft CVP Customer Experience & Success
  • “Our finance organization is just like any other – looking for technology to help us do our work in a more efficient and impactful way – and we’re excited to track our journey as customer zero of Microsoft Copilot for Finance” – Cory Hrncirik, Modern Finance Lead, Microsoft

Companies of all sizes are moving beyond AI experimentation and embracing Microsoft Copilot to strategically empower those closest to their customer interactions and critical operations to create new business value. To get started with the new Copilot for Finance, visit: .

[1] Future of Finance Trends | Microsoft Dynamics 365

[2] Metric of the Month: Time Allocation in Finance | CFO

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  • Draft and add content
  • Rewrite text
  • Chat with Copilot
  • Create a summary
  • Copilot in Word on mobile devices
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Create a new presentation
  • Add a slide or image
  • Summarize your presentation
  • Organize your presentation
  • Use your organization's branding
  • Copilot in PowerPoint for mobile devices
  • Draft an Outlook email message
  • Summarize an email thread
  • Suggested drafts in Outlook
  • Email coaching
  • Get started with Copilot in Excel
  • Identify insights
  • Highlight, sort, and filter your data
  • Generate formula columns
  • Summarize your OneNote notes
  • Create a to-do list and tasks
  • Create project plans in OneNote

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Frequently Asked Questions about Copilot in PowerPoint

Copilot in PowerPoint elevates your presentations with efficiency and creativity - create, summarize, ask questions, and refine your work. Copilot in PowerPoint can help you draft content, transform a Word file into a presentation, generate summaries, ask questions about your document, and get ideas about specific topics.

Select a heading for more information.

What can Copilot in PowerPoint do?

Copilot in PowerPoint combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with PowerPoint functionality to draft new content, summarize content, and chat with Copilot capabilities in real-time to help you stay in the flow of ideas and be more productive.

What are Copilot in PowerPoint's intended uses?

Generate a presentation by asking Copilot what you want to write about, with no files referenced.

Generate a presentation based on the content of an existing Word document, with support for one file at a time. This is only available to users licensed with Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Provide a summary of a presentation through a chat interface.

Provide answers to your questions based on the content in a presentation through a chat interface.

Create text content through a chat interface.

Why is the Copilot button in the ribbon grayed out, inactive, or not there?

Copilot in PowerPoint can only be used with PowerPoint files (.ppt, .pptx) and needs an internet connection.  

Copilot for Microsoft 365 has specific requirements for app version, license, network, and privacy settings. If you don't have Copilot available in the ribbon and you think you should have it, verify that you meet the Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 Requirements .

What are the limitations of creating a presentation from a file?

Creating a presentation from a file is not currently available to Copilot Pro users.

For users licensed with Copilot for Microsoft 365, we only support creating a presentation based off a single Word file, which can be referenced by typing “/” in the Copilot compose box and picking the file you want to use. For more information, see  Create a new presentation .

Will Copilot use my company’s branding?

Using your organization’s branding is only available to users licensed with Copilot for Microsoft 365.

You can use any PowerPoint presentation or template file with your corporate brand as a template. You can create a new presentation from your corporate template or save a copy of your presentation with your corporate branding to create a new presentation with Copilot.

To experience the best results with Copilot, follow the guidance at Use your organization's branding with Copilot in PowerPoint . You may need help from your template creators and IT admin to modify corporate templates and publish them in your Organization Asset Library (OAL).

Does Copilot understand any languages other than English?

English, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, and Chinese Simplified are supported in Copilot scenarios. The quality is expected to be highest in English, while in other languages the quality is expected to be improved over time. More languages and locales will be added in the future. Find more information at Microsoft Copilot supported languages .

The suggestions from Copilot in PowerPoint are from AI, and we highly recommend users to review the suggestions before accepting them.

How was Copilot in PowerPoint evaluated?

Copilot in PowerPoint was evaluated through extensive manual and automatic testing on top of Microsoft internal usage and public data. More evaluation was performed over custom datasets for offensive and malicious prompts (user questions) and responses. In addition, Copilot in PowerPoint is continuously evaluated with user online feedback.

What operational factors and settings allow for effective and responsible use of Copilot in PowerPoint?

Copilot in PowerPoint has been reviewed by our Responsible AI (RAI) team. We follow RAI principles and have implemented:

Responsible AI handling pipeline to mitigate the risks, like harmful, inappropriate content.

In-product user feedback with which users can report offensive content back to Microsoft.

What should I do if I see unexpected or offensive output when using Copilot in PowerPoint?

Copilot in PowerPoint includes filters to block offensive language in the prompts and to avoid synthesizing suggestions in sensitive contexts. We continue to work on improving the filter system to more intelligently detect and remove offensive outputs. If you see offensive outputs including images, please submit feedback in PowerPoint using the thumbs up/thumbs down feedback in the Copilot UI so that we can improve our safeguards. Microsoft takes this challenge very seriously, and we are committed to addressing it.

Can I trust what Copilot in PowerPoint creates?

Copilot in PowerPoint gives you a head start in crafting your presentation, but the content it generates can be inaccurate or inappropriate. It can’t understand meaning or evaluate accuracy, so be sure to read over what it writes, and use your judgment.

While these features work to avoid sharing unexpected offensive content in results and take steps to prevent displaying potentially harmful topics, you may still see unexpected results. We’re constantly working to improve our technology to proactively address issues in line with our responsible AI principles.

As with any AI-generated content, it's a great tool to get started, but it's important that you review, edit, and verify anything it creates for you.

Is the content original?

Copilot in PowerPoint generates the content on slides based on language patterns it has found throughout the internet. Sometimes its results will be very similar to existing internet content, or Copilot might generate the same or very similar content for multiple people who are prompting Copilot in the same way.

For example, anyone who instructs Copilot to “ add a slide about banana ice cream " is likely to wind up with identical or nearly identical content.

Where do the images come from?

Copilot in PowerPoint pulls images that are licensed for Microsoft within the PowerPoint context. To learn more, see  What am I allowed to use premium creative content for?

Does Copilot train on my data, and where can I learn more about privacy?

Copilot and Microsoft 365 are built on Microsoft's comprehensive approach to security, compliance, and privacy.

For more information about privacy, see the following information:

If you’re using Copilot for Microsoft 365 in your organization (with your work or school account), see Data, Privacy, and Security for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 .

If you're using Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps at home as part of Copilot Pro (with your personal Microsoft account), see Copilot Pro: Microsoft 365 apps and your privacy .

Welcome to Copilot in PowerPoint

Microsoft Copilot help & learning

Where can I get Microsoft Copilot?


Need more help?

Want more options.

Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

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Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

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